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BEFORE YOU BUY Acqua di Gio by Giorgio Armani | Jeremy Fragrance

before you buy georgia Imani aqua dijo,this is the most sold mens fragrance on,the market so we already start with this,phone you wont smell unique with this,fragrance you will smell like the,ex-boyfriend like the uncle like the,father of your next or current,girlfriend simply because of its own,success so its a great fragrance but,its so popular everybody knows this DNA,you wont smell unique second thing,before buying this fragrance the,performance is terrible,the longevity and projection of this,fragrance is very bad it has flankers,there are other fragrances you can,substitute with but this particular,superstar aqua dijo its performance is,simply not good you have to know guys,obviously fresh fragrances have always a,harder time in longer-lasting than a,sweet dense oriental spicy fragrance the,because of the molecule structure but,still its no excuse there are fresh,fragrances that last super long and this,simply doesnt last long so before,buying be aware the performance of aqua,dijo is bad third thing,there are many substitutes and Im not,only talking about all these clones,which I dont like to advertise I dont,like to give credit to brands or,fragrances that copy successful,fragrances but there are many that do it,better than the actual original with,better performance half the price and,stuff but there are also much more,better substitutes there are more modern,smelling cheaper and better in,performance so be aware there are better,substitutes for thing a bit of a history,background it was one of the first,fragrances that used Cologne,with the sea and Kelowna ladies and,gentlemen is the aquatic note this note,alone is a synthetic molecule and it,makes everything smell like the fresh,ocean breeze thats the vibe of Kelowna,and it was one of the first fragrances,that integrated this fragrance and that,was pretty very good craftsmanship so,this is cool it was one of the first,ones with it aquatic Kelowna note fifth,and last thing its a must by now you,think menu Bosch this fragrance a little,bit but yes I do feel just like 1,million although I dont wear it anymore,although I dont recommend it anymore is,a must buy although I feel jumbo Gucci,Lamar is a must buy everybody must have,it so is aqua dijo and must buy this is,like the magic trio and this is the,sweet and seductive this is the fresh,and clean both from the same 90s H and,this is like the new-age super-sweet,Paco Rabanne vibe so I do feel its a,must buy so for that I suggest you to,look around on the internet get it cheap,and have fun with it because its a,piece of fragrance history and thats it,five things before buying aqua dijo by,Giorgio Armani the most sold mens,fragrance on the market thank you bye,[Music]

GIORGIO ARMANI ACQUA DI GIO line | Woman Rates Mens Fragrances

today ive got a review of the aqua djio,line and i know theres quite a lot of,fragrances so i thought i would do a,little roundup of which ones i think are,the most,just amazing for a guy to buy to wear,and im going to pick my favorites and,let you know which ones i really dont,like so stay tuned and subscribe to this,channel if you havent already and here,i talk about fragrances for men i love,fragrances for men its my passion so if,you want to smell great then subscribe,and lets get to the line of aqua dji,fragrances,ive got a comparison here for you,between aqua djio auditored aqua,geoprofon,profumo,theres quite a lot of them so thats,why the names can be confusing theres,also aqua digio absolu but for me like,just smelling it it wasnt anything,impressive and also ive been told that,it might be getting discontinued and,yesterday we went to two stores and they,didnt have it and they said that it has,been discontinued in their stores so it,might be a discontinued fragrance and,therefore really hard to get also there,is a new fragrance that is coming out,aquatic geo or the perform which hasnt,come out in the uk yet but if you want,to see a review of that one let me know,in the comments ill for sure review it,as soon as it comes out okay lets jump,into lets start with auditorium first,because i think most of us,know it it was like the first figures,and a funny story actually i think that,this fragrance smells like my dad,because he used to wear it um matey my,husband he thinks it smells like his dad,and his brother and a assistant at a,boutique recently she was like yeah,actually i i think its a dad smell as,well so theres nothing wrong with it,its an amazing fragrance but it does,give of dad vibes i think if youre a,dad,embrace it its a great smelling,fragrance its amazing but it has got,that nostalgic feel to so many people,because it was popular so so so popular,when it came out so,you might just have that memory with it,if you want a blank slate of a fragrance,that doesnt have a memory associated,with it maybe dont go for this one but,ill say its an amazing fragrance if i,didnt know this was aquatic geo,then id be like wow amazing,fresh fragrance perfect for the summer,so to me as a scent its 8 out of 10 but,with,just so much memories and so much,just everybody wears it to me this goes,to about a six so if you love it embrace,it like,dont care its a great fragrance but,personally i would say this is not my,top out of these now profumo because,this is a fragrance that i own and,personally i think this is,addictive these fragrances sometimes,come into this room with all these,fragrances and just spray,i love the depth of it it really that,patchouli in here,makes this fragrance kind of earthy and,fresh at the same time so its super,fresh like aquatic super nice but also,quite deep and earthy and has got that,you know,it just has that,addictive hypnotizing,vibe it also lasts a very long amount of,time and it projects greatly so this is,a great freshly because with freshies,its hard to find a freshie that smells,great it doesnt smell cheap and also,performs well and this one i get why,people love it i love it as well some,people think it may smell a bit dated,just because of the association of,similarity to aqua dji or toilet but to,me,i dont care this is just different,enough and addictive i would say this,fragrance is a 9 out of 10 for me,such a good fragrance and so signature,you can really make it your signature,scent now lets go to and more of that,fragrance that is not as popular and,definitely if you want a fresh fragrance,that has got the aqua geo vibe,but its not sold everywhere its rarely,available and ill link it for you down,below,but this is more of an exclusive,fragrance its called profondo lights,and this is a real younger brother of,this line this is,just fun,just youthful,its fruity its got more of that,playful vibe it has got some depth but,not as much as profondo definitely it is,just a nice simple freshie it has got a,tad bit of that aqua geo dna but not too,much so it doesnt smell,old or dad like like the auto toilet,will nothing wrong with the toilet but i,mean if,that is a problem for you this one its,youthful i would say teenager can wear,it,it is very different and i think i just,love it for that because it lasts great,but it is just,more fruity and more fun its just a fun,fragrance so i love this one as well,this one would be,a 9 out of 10 as well for me personally,and the last one i want to talk about is,the prefonda one that many people,absolutely love and i get why to me,the profondo,is very deep to me i dont know if,profondo means like,deep but i think it does it literally,smells like you took your aqua dj of,perfomo and,it its just deeper its like the depths,of the sea you can really get more,woodiness in this fragrance not only,that aquatic vibe but you really get,that woodiness that truly a bit of like,i even smell like instancy a bit of that,heaviness so its still a fresh,fragrance but its so much darker and,heavier than,any of the other ones,so i get why people love it i think its,great,but to me the addictiveness and the,scent of patchouli in their aquatic,geoproofumo just tops it a bit of a,fondo but if you are tired of refonda if,you think it smells very dated to you,go for,prof profumo then go for profonda,because this one has got that depth has,got that character its an amazing,fragrance i just have a bit of nostalgia,and i just love this one a bit more okay,let me try to put them in like uh which,one is best which one is worse for me,for me the worst is,sorry then i would say,acqua di gio profondo lights that one is,second from the bottom then i would go,for profunda yes profunda got it,and top is profumo for me personally i,just think its addictive,its got enough freshness it is,distinctive its well through its sexy,its just everything ill link for you,some good deals on these fragrances down,below in the description bar if you want,to get them and let me know which is,your favorite im really interested,which one would win in my comments down,below so vote for your favorite,and ill see you guys all again very,soon bye guys,[Music],you

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Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gio BUYING GUIDE – Which ADG Is Best For You?

hey friends ash here with jensens hope,you guys are doing well its time for,another fragrance buying guide and today,were taking a look at one of the most,popular fragrance lines of all time one,thats very near and dear to my heart,aqua dijo so what im gonna do is im,going to run through each fragrance in,the aqua dejo line chronologically so,were going to start with the first one,and work our way down the line ill give,you guys a breakdown of each fragrance,and let you know which ones i like the,most and ill let you know which,fragrances should work best for which,types of situations and which people,there are also discontinued fragrances,in the line but i wont be going over,those because theyre really hard to,find unless you want to pay a big jacked,up price on ebay so awkward to show,essenza joe blue edition aqua dejo,profumo special blend those arent going,to be covered in this video but even,with taking those discontinued ones out,we still have seven fragrances to go,over so lets jump into it and lets,break down the aqua dijo line,[Applause],were kicking things off the only way,that we can with the original giorgio,armani aquadujo that was released in,1996.,which is as of this video the best,selling mens fragrance,of all time so that means of course that,you should have at some point smelled,this fragrance even if you werent aware,that it was awkward,you picked it up on somebody that walked,by you or somebody that you know its a,very fresh fragrance very smooth it has,citrus floral nuances throughout you can,pick those up at the beginning through,the mid into the dry down its a,fragrance that has almost a sunny,feeling to it like it reminds you of,spring reminds you of summer time it has,a clean salty marine accord which is,part of that aqua dijo dna that youre,going to find spread throughout the line,of fragrances then it has a clean musky,lightly woody dry down the fragrance is,iconic like i said most popular,fragrance best-selling fragrance of all,time for men and this fragrance right,here aqua dejo edt,was my signature scent for years back in,the day when i worked at the local mall,at the local arcade inside the local,mall aqua dejo was my go-to i ran,through bottles of this stuff like,nobodys business because the amount of,compliments the amount of attention that,this fragrance pulled back then,was insane like i really cant overstate,it almost everybody that came into,contact with me it felt like was paying,me compliments because of how good this,stuff smelled and the fragrance works,just as well today as it did back then,but,there will be some people that think,that aqua dejo the original smells dated,you know its its been played out so,many people have worn it like i said,best seller of all time so if you talk,about something that has been worn to,death there is no fragrance on this,planet from men that has been worn to,death more than aqua dejo the original,and so thats where maybe you want to,get into these flankers the fragrances,that came out after the original that,still maintain that aqua digital dna but,give it a twist make it more interesting,and make it something where you maybe,youd rather reach for it you know it,comes across a little more modern so the,first flanker were going to talk about,is aqua dejo profumo this one came out,in 2015. as far as the aqua dejo,flankers go this one is the one thats,gotten the most attention this is the,one thats gotten hyped the most not,that other ones havent gotten hype,because they have its just profumos,hype was on another level now one thing,youre going to notice with this,fragrance and some of the others in the,line is the note breakdown is very,simplified when you compare it to the,original aqua dujo now im not going to,read off the notes for every one of the,fragrances that we go through here today,ill highlight some things that are,maybe important that you want to focus,on as far as the no breakdowns goes but,in this one circumstance i will go ahead,and break down the full note breakdown,just so you can see the differences and,how things have been simplified as time,has gone on so with the original aqua,dijo this one had a top of lime bergamot,mandarin orange lemon and jasmine a mid,of cyclamen freesia hyacinth coriander,c-notes peach rose and violet with the,base of amber oakmoss musk patchouli and,cedar and depending on where you look,you may be able to find a couple more,nodes to go ahead and throw into that,note breakdown so you got a lot going on,there aqua dejo profumo bergamot and,c-notes in the top geranium sage,rosemary in the mid patchouli incense in,the base so as you can see there,a lot less going on no breakdown wise so,this one does still maintain that,freshness from the original it still has,that aqua diso dna so when you smell,aqua dijo profumo you know immediately,this is an aqua dijo fragrance you can,easily tie it in with the original but,that floral freshness from the original,has been stripped away here and instead,youre given an incense in the base,which is going to give it a little more,versatility in cooler weather the,incense is not heavy-handed but it does,give a nice light smokiness to the,fragrance which i think really opens,things up it also has a little bit of a,warm spiciness that you pick up in the,opening and that helps meld together,with the incense again to give it that,little better versatility for cool,weather it has a slight aromatic tinge,from the rosemary and the sage and it,also has ramped up performance compared,to the original so for me between,profumo and the original even though the,original is near and dear to my heart,and i wore the heck out of it id rather,wear profumo the next flanker were,going to talk about is aqua dejo,absolute and this one came out in 2018.,now aqua dijo absolu and the one that,came after this which well talk about,in a moment stand apart a little bit,from all the other flankers in the line,because they dont really smell all that,close to the original aqua dujo theres,a big difference between the original,and absolute whereas perfumo you smell,that you know right away its awkward as,joe even if youre blindfolded you can,tell when you smell aqua dejo absolute,if youre blindfolded and you dont know,this fragrance you probably wouldnt be,able to place it as an awkward show it,actually smells a little bit more,similar to something like paco rabannes,invictus aqua with a bubble gummy sort,of sweetness to it so this one is more,of a sweet fresh and mildly woody,aquatic fragrance at its heart the,woodiness here even though it is subtle,is very much needed because it does help,stop that bubble gummy sweetness from,going full bore hardcore youthful and,potentially headache inducingly,glowingly sweet it helps rain that in a,little bit and from all the fragrances,were going to talk about aqua dejo,absolute is the one that gets the most,hate from the fragrance community but in,spite of that in terms of just,compliments like if thats the only,thing that matters to you awkward to,show absolute is a compliment monster,people absolutely love the fragrance,its got great versatility you can use,it in all kinds of different situations,you could really nearly use it year,round and even though that woodiness,does help balance the sweetness here a,little bit it still does lean toward the,youthful side of things so older guys,may not really appreciate aqua dejo,absolute all that much but some of the,ones upcoming they may so after that in,2019 we had aqua dijo absolute instinct,a flinker of a flanker so awkward is oh,absolute is a flanker of aqua dejo and,then awkward show absolute instinct is,the flanker of aqua dejo absolute i know,it starts to get confusing kind of like,inception so this is going to be more,similar to aqua dijo absolute than it is,the original aqua dejo but i will say,there are actually pretty big,differences between absolute and,absolute instinct this one is not as,bubble gummy sweet its actually a,little bit darker

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The NEW Acqua di Gio EAU DE PARFUM

guys im impressed,by this new release guys,im impressed i wore it yesterday,the new awkward,puffer,and i got a compliment,a friend said,you smell so like fresh,freshly showered you smell so freshly,showered,about 10 seconds after i got into the,car or 27 seconds,and im also impressed for another,reason for this fragrance,yesterday,i compared the performance of this,against the superstar acqua di gio,profumo,so,obviously this one the eau de parfum is,stronger than the original ode toilet,but it was equally long-lasting to the,profumo after one testing i will,do i will do another test,and,now first this is the sample,let me do this now the fourth time or,third time im smelling it,it smells watery fresh fantastic,just like the original and now for the,real freaks out there i will tell you,something akwa joe a sensa was not so,much of a success although it was a more,improved version in the sense it was,more dense and more longer lasting to,the original aquarium but it has a,little bit of that metallic irony,bloody type of a fragrance note in it,which some people put off and weigh i,think they possibly discontinued that,one but this one,smells,just like the original,and its really good,and its longer lasting than the,original for these people already you,can buy it,but can it kick off,aqua digio profumo from that strong,i still like this one more because its,more masculine,but,man if this will last again one more,time than this,while being fresher the acqua joe or the,puffer,i will recommend this from now as the,best awkward armani fragrance but we,will have to see guys all right so,the new armani fragrance is fantastic,finally,after being the about,13 flanker they got something really,good in their hands i like it guys,so thats also mad everyone,[Music],wow its super strong its not like a,businessman its perfect for the office,no worries this is super,[Music],i mean its amazing again thank you wow,thats nice its a cross between david,hasselhoff and heaven

so i have done a full review on just about all of  the aqua dijo fragrances profumo profando absolute  ,absolute instinct uh profondo lights all of  those have been covered here on the channel  ,so that way theyre at your disposal if you want  some information on them you can look those up  ,theres one that im missing though and this one  is uh kind of a big deal its the original aqua  ,dejo porom came out in 1996 and what makes this  so absolutely special and insane is that this  ,is like only the number one best-selling most  popular mens cologne out there yeah i know  ,not a big deal right that is a big deal and people  still look this one up people still purchase it  ,people still wear it theres still a lot of love  for this original fragrance as there should be  ,so i figured now would be a good time to finally  get a full review out there just so its out there  ,if you want to grab this for yourself it will  be linked up down below so you can purchase  ,it for yourself you guys know i have a lot  of love for this entire fragrance line so  ,im excited to dive into this one im going to  tell you how it smells which im sure you know  ,how it performs and just when you can wear just  the general run down so when you first spray this  ,one on it opens up incredibly fresh and bright  you get a whole bunch of uh top notes in here a  ,lot of citrus orange lime lemon bergamot mandarin  orange theres two types of orange in here up top  ,a whole bunch of stuff so its incredibly bright  vibrant fresh citrusy summery right off the top  ,big attention grabber here off the opening  every time i smell the opening of this one  ,its just like wow that is really nice i love how  the orange mixes with everything else going on  ,the orange in here is giving it a bit of a  creaminess in combination with that super  ,bright fresh punch that you get off the top one  thing that you do pick up on in the base a ton  ,and that even comes through in the opening  is the musk you get a good amount of a nice  ,masculine cleaned musk that starts off in the  beginning and carries through to the entirety  ,of the scent that musk really helps to make  up the base of this scent and of course one  ,of the main players of this one is the c notes  the aquatic notes the watery notes whatever you  ,want to call it yeah that plays a big part in  the scent thats giving it this watery fresh  ,summery sea breeze type of smell so if you didnt  know this already yeah this is an aquatic scent  ,it may not seem like it right off the bat when  theres only one aquatic note and then a whole  ,bunch of other citrus and woods and musk and  everything else and florals but thats kind of  ,the main focus behind this one this has completely  revolutionized mens fragrances it has just come  ,in and completely changed how we do things i mean  this really kicked off the uh mens aquatic genre  ,and since then we have had a whole bunch of other  aquatic fragrances none of them quite lived up and  ,matched the success of this one but there were  a lot more released after this one was so kind  ,of took one fragrance and one fragrance brand to  put this out and it got everyone else wanting to  ,get some of that and of course it has spawned a  whole bunch of other flankers on the line as well  ,all of which are really good so this is easily a  signature set one that can be worn any time of the  ,year spring summer fall winter doesnt matter  given the note breakdown a lot of times people  ,are going to be gravitating to wear it in the  summertime spring and summer in the warmer months  ,and thats going to be a really good time to wear  it but you can also wear it in the fall as well  ,because it can be one that can be worn for not  only any time of the year but any situation as  ,well a lot of times in the fall at least in the  beginning of fall you still have a lot of warm  ,days sure the lows will be lower but sometimes  at least here where we live the high temperatures  ,will still get into you know 75 80 degrees and if  the suns out thats pretty warm thats a little  ,bit too warm to wear something thats going to be  a warm spicy scent you know something with a whole  ,bunch of other heavier notes so in times like that  you would still want something fresher and so you  ,can wear this one into fall as well itll carry  you through the entire year this is good for the  ,type of person who just wants one cologne you know  one thing that they can wear for any situation so  ,this has never been a beast mode scent people  talk all the time about how its changed over  ,the years and all of that but for me with this  bottle here which is a new bottle i get six seven  ,hours longevity i dont think thats terrible  sometimes you may get a bit more sometimes you  ,might get a bit less it just depends on your skin  chemistry but for me for a fresh aquatic scent  ,i really cant complain i find it to be a pretty  moderate scent in terms of its projection as well  ,in the heat in the hottest summer days it will  push out even more so thats a positive but on  ,days where maybe it is a bit cooler it will sit  a little bit closer to your skin not a skin scent  ,but its for me more of a personal bubble scent  one that people have to get closer to you for them  ,to pick up on it anymore for me thats what i like  i really dont like to be the person who projects  ,and fills up a room im kind of taking on the role  of the cologne guy because thats not appropriate  ,in all situations and in some situations people  will be like oh man look at that you know he  ,smells great i can smell from over here in other  situations its like oh yeah look at that thats  ,thats awesome for me its just not really my  thing i mostly wear fragrance for myself believe  ,it or not that is the thing i like to smell  good i like to know that i smell good because  ,it makes me feel better so thats why i do it so  having something with more moderate projection is  ,something i look for these days so performance all  around for me is pretty good and i cant complain  ,all in all this is an ultra iconic mens fragrance  that just about everyone has smelled and i cant  ,imagine how many bottles of this are sitting on  peoples bathroom sinks something i think about  ,all the time because as someone with a collection  obviously you and i know not to store your  ,fragrances in a bathroom and most likely we have  a designated spot to store our fragrances but for  ,just your regular user they probably dont they  dont think of these things and so it probably  ,is in their bathroom because when they get out of  the shower they apply it just imagine that think  ,about that maybe its weird to think about other  peoples bathrooms but every time i see a best  ,seller like this im like man this is probably  sitting in a lot of peoples bathrooms and it  ,probably has been for years or not probably i know  it has been for years legendary iconic stuff that  ,definitely deserved its own video here on the  channel its awkward to show come on alrighty  ,guys thats going to do it for me that was my  full review on aqua dejo by giorgio armani the  ,iconic legendary mens fragrance it lives up to  the hype it lives up to the uh the the community  ,and the the title that is earned around over the  years i mean this stuff it deserves it it deserves  ,a success so if you have tried this before kind  of a long shot i dont know if everyones tried  ,it but if youve tried it let me know what you  think down below thats going to do it for me  ,remember if you want to shop this for yourself  pick up a bottle the link will be down below thank  ,you so much for watching stay safe stay healthy  well see you tomorrow with another one take care

Armani Acqua di Gio Eau de Parfum Review ???? Acqua di Gio EDP VS Profondo ????CurlyFragrance

hello my handsome and sexy dirty,bastards welcome back to my channel so,today we are going to do a review about,the new aqua geo eau de parfum from arma,ani okay so a lot of you guys asked me,to do this review because you want to,know my take on it i havent smelled,this fragrance so were gonna do a blind,sniff and im gonna let it dry down on,my skin for two hours,and were also gonna yeah review the dry,down,alright gentlemen now grab yourselves a,cup of coffee and put your balls in a,good position and lets get into it,[Music],alright so,the only aquatic geo that i like is the,original but it doesnt perform,i have the profondo and i dont have,other aqua geos so were gonna see what,i think of this one,get out of here all right so this,is how the box looks simple simple,simple,simple oh this fragrance is uh is,refillable,giorgio armani is committed to reducing,its impact on the environment your,fragrance bottle is designed to last,refillable and recyclable refills sold,separately okay just all the platform,and its a refill,now lets see,how the bottle looks,okay so other perfume this is how the,bottle looks,has it the magnetic cap no unfortunately,it doesnt,but its a its a woody cap everything,feels nice and good okay well lets see,what i think of this one lets pray on,the tits of madonna,and see what i think of it,okay it reminds me of profando,with more fatty fare,i think thats 55 im gonna spray,profando also on my arm wait a minute,almost straight pen fell okay,profondo on this side,this one is stronger okay so,both,are a eau de parfum actually so were,also going to see which one is better,from now this one is stronger when i,smell it but for now i like this one,more let me put it like this so you know,which one im smelling they do smell,different but theyre also very similar,like they are 70 similar and then it has,some different edges on it okay so i,have it now for five minutes on my arm,and this one,smells more metallic-ish with flowers,this one is much more citrusy i like,citruses a bit more but this one is also,very good actually this one is stronger,still from now okay so what im gonna do,is im gonna let both dry down on my,skin,and were gonna see what i think of it,um yeah in a dry down so be right back,in two hours for you in a second,two hours later alright guys and we are,back with the dry down okay and now,lets get to the notes of this fragrance,so in the top we get c notes and green,mandarin in the middle notes we get,clary sage geranium and lavender and in,the base notes we get mineral notes,vetiver and patchouli yeah,okay,well,the c notes in the green mandarin you do,get that,also,clary sage geranium,lavender the flowery notes you also get,that thats what i said with when i,compare the two profondo then you really,get the floweriness in this one actually,all the notes that stand right here you,do get that really good in this,fragrance so in on this arm i have the,edp and on this one i have the profound,though just so you know so now actually,they smell,close to each other like,70 or 80 they smell the same but the edp,has some other notes to it like some,something like some green tea ish and,you really get the metallic notes in the,edp more than in profondo like to the,profando you get a more greenish,undertone with more woodsy notes and,more metallic note in it while profano,is more focused on the citruses and the,aquaticness and profondo is also more,youthful and sweeter like this one is,more grown up more classier and more,manly but again its just a 20 to 30,percent difference now i must say,im not blown away by the edp but it is,a very likable very easy to wear and it,projects really good so for a fresh,fragrance this is a very good fragrance,and im still happy with my purchase now,im also going to show you something so,like,the straw that is in here i dont know,how this thing is called but the straw,it is like see-through and with the,profondo you can see the straw in there,but with the aqua geo edp you cant see,the straw it has a different name but i,have no idea how do you call that,focus on me yes focus so im also,going to show you the sprayer so the,sprayer of profondo looks like this,so like that as little sprays compared,to this this has a bigger sprayer,you see,its bigger more mist,freshness in my room,the projection of both of them is the,same so i also think theres a heavy,dose of ambroxan in the edp and well,this is now two hours later so i cant,really say how long it lasts but i know,how long this one lasts and it is 8 to,10 hours and i also think that this one,is going to last 8 to 10 hours so,alright guys this was my review of today,hope you enjoyed it all of you really,wanted to know what i think of this it,is good it is curly approved and if i,would give this a rating i would give,this a solid eight but still my favorite,of the aquatic geo line is profondo this,one hasnt beaten,this one but still it is,it is good alright guys so hope you,enjoyed this review let me know in,comments down below which fragrance you,want me to review next and i will do it,and see you in the next video,bye-bye,[Music],[Applause],[Music],oh,[Music],[Applause],you,[Music],you

Dior Sauvage vs Acqua di Gio Best mens Fragrance Battle

yeah you will manage that hi ladies and,gentlemen Jeremy here in New York City,first of all I want to say thank you,very much my lovely subscribers the,lovely camera woman for taking me so far,in this journey four and a half years,now over eight hundred thousand,subscribers this started as a hobby now,its my full-time job my passion my,lifetime journey and today Im going to,talk about aqua dijo by Giorgio Armani,versus the current tops elements for,against your Sahaj Im saying current,top seller fragrance tio Sahaj because,this one always used to be the number,one mens fragrance on the market and,still to this day I believe personally,that this has caught the biggest revenue,in history for one single mens,fragrance this is an absolute beast so,Im going to talk about my own brand in,a second but lets first talk about,these two right here which one is better,is your Sahaj better is aqua dijo better,in my eyes your Sahaj is better why it,is more modern and it is longer-lasting,price-wise they are both similar so both,premium designer brands but performance,is better with this and its more modern,and it also gave me more compliments but,that can be because of the fact that,its strong a longer lasting and people,obviously notice you more if people,dont know that you smell good,they can tell you that you smell good,and so even though the smells gorgeous,one of the best openings on the planet,or I dont want to jump from this and,its not funny to say that but the,watery aquatic ah its this gorgeous it,used it was one of the first in grief,fragrances that use it an ingredient,called Kelowna this is by master,perfumer I bet to Marias the king of,fresh fragrances superstar this is by,the in-house performer of Dior francois,de mushy so as far as I remember,somebody told me from a very good source,Alberta Marias met Giorgio Armani in,his place in Sicily Italy and they,wanted to capture the Mediterranean vibe,of the water perfectly done with this,fragrance I cant hold the pressure,anymore can you quickly show my pants I,cant hold the pressure anymore Im I,wanted to place my my fragrance down but,I was afraid that she shows my pants so,now the truth is out okay now lets talk,about Georgia Omari equity Joe we got it,its an aquatic fragrance smells like,the water now we keep talking about your,swash lets spread it on the right hand,this is very one-dimensional and citrusy,everything that you get on the top is a,mix of citruses and citrus is a category,ladies and gentlemen citrus does not,mean lemon does not mean lime does not,mean bergamot citrus is the general term,for citruses just like warts is the,general term for woods so you say,sandalwood cedar wood,those are all woods so here you have a,bunch of citruses inside nothing clear I,would say a little bit leaning towards,the lemon vibe although clearly if you,have too much lemon it becomes a bit of,a toilet cleaner or floor cleaner but if,you have too much of lemon I hope the,camera is still still thats important,so you have the very nice,zesty fruity opening and then a very,long lasting molecule based base thats,all it what you smell at the top is what,you smell at the ending thats also cool,especially with this one usually,fragrances turned very sweet with time,so this one does not turn sweet with,time it stays fresh from start to finish,well-deserved top seller now to finish,off again,Georgia Vash is the king of the two its,longer-lasting its more modern better,complement factor great I want to engage,you to subscribe to my youtube channel,this ladies in general is the channel,all about fragrances whatever you need,how to apply where to spray I got my own,brand right now Im taking it fully,serious this is all Im dedicated to you,and so Im doing a little product,placement about my first brand which is,definitely also in the realm of the,fresh fragrance my brand is called,fragrance one and the first release is,called office for men meaning I see a,person and man wearing this fragrance in,the office so it by the way is also by I,pair to Marias the man who made Giorgio,Armanis aqua dye job so if youre,interested in that you find the link to,this product also in the video,description and on the pin comment up on,the comment section thank you very much,ladies and gentlemen,beautiful New York City right here this,is the Hudson River where the legendary,pilot man,land it on water you have a few,battleships right here if we can turn,around we can see the Hudson Yards this,is a new district in New York City like,the Soho like the Wall Street its a new,district its up-and-coming its just,next year so thank you very much,watching love your ladies and gentlemen,buy my product subscribe to the channel,bye,[Music]

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