1. Is Acre Gold Legit???
  2. Acre Gold‼️ Honest Review
  3. Is Acre Gold Legit? A follow up video!
  4. Acre Gold review!
  5. Thoughtable Acre Gold Bar Unboxing
  6. Locals, beware: That gold you bought could be fake
  7. Why You Shouldnt Buy Physical Gold And Silver

Is Acre Gold Legit???

all right hello youtube and welcome back,to great lakes silver stacking uh today,were going to be talking about the acre,gold,subscription service you may have seen,these guys online on facebook or social,media,we are going to go over things i like,and do not like about the company,full disclaimer i do have an affiliate,link so if you are planning on,going through with this id greatly,appreciate it if you use the affiliate,link in the description below,it does help the channel grow so,starting off,this is what the two and a half gram bar,looks like,they now just recently added a five gram,bar,which is pretty cool again this is a,subscription service,the two and a half gram can be had for,a thirty dollar a month charge and a,fifty dollar a month charge,the five grand bar is a one hundred,dollar a month,credit card charge uh unfortunately,thirty dollars and fifty dollars is the,only option for the two and a half gram,and one hundred dollars is the only,option for the five gram,uh when i first uh subscribed to this,i thought i could just double up on,payments for one bar,however if you select more than one you,will be getting more than one,subscription,another thing i dont really like is the,packaging,although it is very cool i do think it,is kind of wasteful,and i would definitely prefer a more,minimalist,packaging if the end consumer saved a,couple bucks,unfortunately at the time my account,reached the two and a half gram price,gold was pretty high it was around 19 52,in 19 cents for a total of 63 dollars,a gram and,for two two and a half gram bars,i paid a total of 404.82,if you look at gold now its about a,hundred dollars,less an ounce its about,uh 1850 at the time of filming this,video,and it looks like the going rate for two,and a half grams,is about 175 bucks that is including the,um premium and then the going rate for,a five grand bar is about 330 to 335,bucks again with an,eighteen hundred and fifty dollar uh,gold spot price uh the,this company is all online,at the time im filming this video i do,not think they have an actual phone,number you can call,so if you do have problems or need help,you can get in touch with them,on instagram and facebook they are very,responsive which is nice,uh i do wish the company had a little,bit better update system,so your credit card is charged uh once a,month,starting on the date you start your,subscription,and when you get an email notification,updating you on your progress,there is no dollar amount associated,with the status update it is just a,picture of the gold bar,filled in with where you have,accomplished or where youve reached,so it took me about i think four months,to get uh,five grams again i did buy it at a,pretty,uh pretty high gold price i think the,total i paid about 404.82,again for uh five grams,and i think every time i bought,the hundred dollar uh charge,i was actually charged about six dollars,in tax,so if you are gonna do a two and a half,gram bar,but you can afford to put more money at,it the more bars you have,the more you actually save on shipping,and,because this is a credit card based,accrual system,uh you are not going to get the cash,price so in my opinion i think,404 82 was probably a a,decent price for this i know its not,great,um maybe not what you can get at your,local coin shop,but again this is more for people that,dont want to part with a bunch of money,all at once,and they just kind of want to accrue it,over time and itll get shipped to your,house,uh which i mean i guess the reason i did,is i just wanted to try it see,uh how it works overall i think its,actually a pretty cool service,i would definitely recommend just giving,it a shot,you can cancel at any time once your,subscription,reaches the current ask price,for a two and a half or five gram bar,uh you will be sent out a shipping,confirmation email,and theyll actually give you the exact,carry forward balance your account,has so it took me again four months to,get this,but my account had almost a ninety,dollar i think it was like 89,19 carry forward balance which i then,rolled into a five grand bar i was,already spending 100,a month uh i figured if im already,spending 100,a month i may as well just get the,bigger bar it doesnt really change my,um,you know outlay per month so,overall you know i would recommend,giving them a try if thats something,that youre interested in,uh if you dont want to part with a lot,of cash all at once,and you would prefer to go on a credit,card this is definitely the way,the way for you i dont like the,fancy packaging again i would go with,more minimalist packaging if it saved me,money,and i wish they had a little bit better,uh website and transparency but again,uh this is acre gold it definitely is,legit as you can see,i do have the product in hand,theres all the information on the back,i didnt see,any video reviews really online,and their facebook page is kind of a,mixed bag so thats why i did this video,so thanks for watching uh please,subscribe to the channel for,more content i know its been a little,bit few and far between lately,i do have a update video on the stacking,progress in the near future,so thanks a lot and have a great day,you

Acre Gold‼️ Honest Review

all right so whats good everybody so,its your favorite director dont pull,it up in the building again country fun,man and um i just wanted to come to,yall today because i just ive had a,great opportunity to try something out,and i just kind of figured that maybe,yall like this and greatly appreciate,this right so maybe about a year ago,before all of this uh this coveted and,stuff like that started going off i felt,like covert put us all in a position,where we had to get our life together,and um i was talking to people about,like growing your assets and just pretty,much just trying to you know get,yourself together uh for the near future,and um i was like man um i wanted to,purchase gold right so you know for for,people who dont know gold is the next,closest thing to currency right so i,wanted to invest into gold so that i can,increase my value now and increase my,value later on so i was on just,scrolling on the ground but then all of,a sudden these gold companies started,popping up and i ran into this company,called erica gold and now i was a little,bit skeptical when i you know tried when,i decided i wanted to purchase it,because it just seemed weird to be,buying gold off of instagram but you,know thats the time that were in right,now and uh everything is pretty much,going online so its just like hey and,then on top of that i never owned gold,before in my life so i was kind of,figuring that maybe you know i should um,i should just give it a shot man and if,its not right then its not right so um,i i decided to go through with it and,what acre gold did was they gave me the,opportunity to buy in on gold at a very,cheap cheap cheap cheap,where i dont want to stay cheap but it,gave me the opportunity to buy in on,gold at a very affordable price,i was paying for maybe maybe um 2.5,grams of gold 50 a month and uh there,was this gold bar on the website that,every time i paid every single month you,know my uh my gold bar,it would it would increase so it would,fill up so once that gold bar filled up,they would send me my 2.5 grams of gold,so i finally got my gold and um i was,like oh man im happy im happy because,it came in this very very nice nice,package,and um with this package it said acre,gold on it 999.9,gold which is supposed to be pure gold,and then i started to reinvest into it,again because of the packaging was nice,but then i thought to myself man what if,i could be buying fake gold so then i,said you know what im going to buy some,stuff to kind of test this situation out,so thats what youre about to get ready,to see youre about to get ready to see,a gold tested video so i hope that you,guys enjoyed this video just as much as,i enjoyed this video and only this video,influenced you to either buy gold or not,buy gold let me know what you think,were about to do a gold scratch test,and pretty much these are all the,different solutions so if we test the 22,karat gold solution and it does react,then it means that its less than 22,karat gold and if it dont react enemy,is either 22 karat gold or more,and then if,thats the same for the other,three carrots as well so if we do the,10k,and it reacts then it means that its,less than 10k if it dont react and that,means more than 10k and so on all right,so lets get started on our first one,excuse,all right,it dont look like its dissolving,that is silver it did not dissolve,[Music],okay it looks like,a gold has passed the silver test,all right so now were going to try,the 10k,kerrygold,assets,lets see what,echo acre gold does with that,[Music],still not dissolving now oh oh okay,gold is kind of,legit look like,do you see anything changing,i dont see no changes still the same,okay,all right so that was 10k,so now were going to try 14k,all right,all right here we go 14 karat gold yall,its not changing,its not changing it looks like you want,to touch wow,okay,so so far it looks like were pretty,good,i dont see a change,i dont see a change,[Music],all right so that was with 14k,so now were going up to,18 karat gold,hmm,still dont see no change yall,still dont see no change yall,thats amazing aint gold im really,impressed,im really impressed it looks a little,crazy on that side because we just put,that neutralizer in there but it gold is,looking pretty good,okay now,lets see,so apparently,its,lets see all right lets hear this,99.99 gold is legit we go this is 24,karat gold,all right so this is 22 if it passes 22,then of course it got to be very much so,pure so lets go for it and then thats,a good line too,all right here we go here we go,wow,wow,acre gold,acre gold,acre gold,is,legit,wow,fifty dollars a month,for 2.5 grams of gold,get you some acre gold,anchor gold,[Music],wow,you

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Is Acre Gold Legit? A follow up video!

all right uh welcome back to the great,lakes,silver stacking youtube channel uh today,i want to do a quick little update on,the,uh acre gold subscription service,as you may see i no longer have,any acre gold i actually went to my,local,coin show and i traded in all of my,uh fractional acre gold that i had,for this half ounce,uh canada 1982 constitution,i think this is three nines fine gold,im not as pure as as these guys,but a lot of people on my other video,had commented,asking if if it was uh fake,if its a scam uh they did test it at,the,coin show they dont really like people,filming in there so i did not,film it but they put it on this little,machine and,it came back and it passed so i picked,this guy up with it,i think right now with everything going,on and,how much money has been printed within,the last year,in the current administration wanting to,absolutely blow out the spending i think,its a very,very good time to consider purchasing,more gold and silver,with gold prices and silver prices set,to explode here,in 2021 and on acre gold i believe,is going to be a pretty decent option,for a lot of people out there,i know right now this is about 900 bucks,to get and this is almost 1900 with the,premium,so if you can manage to scrape together,you know what is it 30 50 or 100 bucks a,month,you will be able to get either a two and,a half gram,or five gram gold bar,the reason i traded my,fractional in for this guy was because,unfortunately acre does not have a half,ounce or ounce option yet uh once they,do have that ill probably just go that,route but again with all the inflation,and everything,hitting very soon i think its just very,smart,to kind of diversify and,with acre gold you are going to,pay slightly higher than just buying it,outright,i think actually with acre gold its,very similar to their credit card price,on like app max or jm bullion or sd,bullion,its its very close but i just kind of,wanted to make this video as an,update to the whole acre gold uh at the,time of filming this video i think im,one more payment away from yet another,uh five gram gold bar so,subscribe to the youtube channel if you,want to see more of that i will be,showing that off in another update video,but if you do decide to go with the acre,gold,i would greatly appreciate it if you,would use the,link in the description it does help out,the channel a little bit,and it uh makes me able to,purchase a little bit more physical gold,and silver,so if you enjoyed the video please,consider giving me a like and share,um this video is gonna go live uh,sometime before,may 1st 2021. uh if you are watching,this before then,uh go over to reddit and,join the wall street silver subreddit,they are launching a campaign to,purchase as much silver as you possibly,can,on may 1 2021,huge growing community of like-minded,individuals,so if thats something that interests,you consider going over there,and joining that subreddit thanks for,watching and have a great day

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Acre Gold review!

whats up guys as promised video number,two,of the day here we go talking my latest,investment,gold acre gold to be exact,acre gold is a subscription-based,way to purchase gold i signed up,to buy two bars at once back in july,50 bucks a bar a month,and five simple payments right,over the course of five months and i got,my bars in november,uh im finally opening them up and,showing you guys,uh it was super simple process uh,they respond to their emails super quick,their support teams amazing,uh they offer subscriptions for thirty,dollars a month fifty dollars a month a,hundred dollars a month,and you can subscribe for as many bars,as you like,um its,minted in switzerland uh they operate,out of california i believe,um theres a one-time 12,uh member fee theres a 3.34 cent,charge i believe per bar uh processing,fee,uh nothing too crazy um honestly this,packaging,i love it um but here im gonna,open the bar up and show you in fine,detail,what they look like,now buying gold is such a,old school thing but acres taking it to,the future,making it subscription based um,its almost like a debit card i mean,their,instagram and facebook pictures and,videos,show people like storing it in their,wallet why i would want to carry,2.5 grams of gold in my wallet i dont,know but,thats thats what they advertise um,i think its awesome you know its like,i said in in in my other video,uh i wanted to get into investing and,the price of gold,has tripled since the year 2000 so,this is hardcore pure gold its 0.999,each each bar is,certified i dont its not i dont know,this front-facing camera is not all that,great,but their package very nicely,the price of gold like i said tripled,since the year 2000,um as easy and,hassle-free as the subscription,subscription was,and their instant replies via email,like i said their support team is,awesome um,i highly recommend anyone whos looking,to put some money down on gold,this is a affordable way to invest,in gold and its a monthly base,subscription,every 30 days they charge your card or,whatever payment you set up,um because of shipping delays i probably,would have got this,in late october but,because of the state of the world i got,it,probably two three weeks late but they,mentioned that in an email,they reached out and said expect,shipping delays so i wasnt too worried,about it being,not trustworthy or anything like that i,i read,i read a lot of reviews um,and people had a lot of good things to,say about them so i,back in july like i said i uh decided to,do it,and it worked out got my two bars not,gonna keep my wallet though,um but yeah cold,were invested in gold now so,i mean if you ever have a rainy if i,have a rainy day,and need to go sell this at a,ponce pawn shop or another,gold place that buys gold i mean,this is this is 400 worth of gold,as of the day they shipped it but like,because,the price of things are volatile and,they move up and they move down this,could be worth,a thousand bucks next year who knows you,know,as it is with any stock or thats just,the way things,work as they move up and down thanks for,watching subscribe like and share hope,you liked the video,thanks guys

Thoughtable Acre Gold Bar Unboxing

okay everybody hello this is jay,hamilton from the thoughtable discord,server,and this is our first unboxing and its,going to be for the i believe im,pronouncing it correctly,acree or acre gold bar,now i believe that this is a 2.5 gram,bar were going to be unboxing i got it,directly from them,im not going to be going into specifics,regarding price things like that,that will be a separate uh review video,but this is simply just going to be an,unboxing so,uh lets just get into it as you can see,ive already opened the exterior box,comes like this and for some odd reason,it comes from,underground designs,even though its supposed to be the bar,itself is made in switzerland its swiss,gold,according to acre gold,lets get this going,so this is as is how you receive it,oh look at this,lets pull this gem out,and uh before we take a look at it,anything else in the box,i do not believe so as you can tell this,is the first time ive done an unboxing,backwards so,dont mind me and,thats all she wrote,thats all we got nothing else no,paperwork,no thank you for your subscription,not a damn thing but who knows maybe,its inside the other box,all right,time for the goodies,lets take a look at this right now,we got a 2.5 gram,fine gold 999.9,gold bar,and this is the box its a white box has,saran wrap cellophane whatever youd,like to call it,not opened yet still sealed you got a,little seal on the bottom here for,protection i guess to,prove that it has not been open so lets,break that,and get this ball rolling,okay,looks like,were doing good,i am pretty excited for this ive never,gotten a gold bar in my life ive never,done an unboxing video and this is for,my first so far pretty good server i,mean we have a great community remember,look for the thoughtable discord server,im going to drop the link down in the,description below,oh and here it is,heres a gold bar as you can see,no further paperwork,in the box but is it really needed when,youve got this shiny f,right here,lets see how do you take it out,oh it comes right out,cardboard little uh,thing here,and here is the piece of gold the gold,bar,i will debate on whether i will be,taking it out or not i wont be doing it,in this video but if i do,youll be the first ones to see and,probably only wants to see me do it,so heres the front of the bar,and lets just read it off 2.5 gram,too small for me to read the rest of it,on the front the back of it is just a,texturized back detailed its similar to,the logo the aeger local acre logo,pardon me on the back,of the card,and this says it is a limited edition,mint number one i did not order that so,i dont know how legitimate that is or,if thats just a marketing tool,on the back certificate number,metal,fineness,really,metal weight,certified assayer,and then theres signatures,on the bottom im not familiar with this,like i said my first gold bar so,this is probably common theres many,gold bar subscription plans from,different people,uh spoiler alert,i cancelled this one after i got my,first gold bar,that will be discussed and uh,detailed under the review video for the,subscription service,and uh yeah,so heres the acre gold bar,i mean,including this,its not very heavy you wouldnt,anticipate it being very heavy,you look at this box,and im sure that some people are going,to think that this sticker right here is,the actual bar and theres no need to,open this box but,it could be a little bit deceiving,but in fact youre looking for a 2.5,gram bar gold bar,this is what you got,hope i didnt disappoint folks dont,want to make the video too long remember,thoughtable server,acree or acre gold,2.5 gram gold bar unboxing,uh,if i decide to open it up and take the,actual bar out,youll be the first ones to see it,thoughtable discord thanks for joining,jay hamilton peace

Locals, beware: That gold you bought could be fake

but 5:30 we have a consumer alert about,faint gold for sale many people invest,in gold for retirement and be careful or,Dan Tilton here with the warning about,if the gold youre buying is real Dan,right a local man learn the hard way and,he now owns bogus gold it came in a,sealed package I never opened it when,writing my safe deposit box,bruce warner says he bought this one,ounce gold bar from Liberty Coin in,Beaverton three years ago the receipt,shows he paid twelve hundred five,dollars when he recently went back to,redeemed the value so he took it out the,package and tested it and they told me,its fake so I was pretty upset weve,tried several times to interview the,owner of Liberty Coin on camera but he,told us because Bruce has filed a small,claims suit against him he would only,talk by phone the owner tells me,whenever he buys gold from an individual,or another broker he tests it to make,sure its real,as far as Bruce Warner is concerned he,says hes sold in the gold three years,ago he has no idea what happened to it,between then and now I met him face to,face and asked him to take,responsibility for their for their,mistake and he refused basically accused,me of lying saying I either bought it,somewhere else which I didnt or that,somehow I swapped the real one out for a,fake its fine yeah thats correct,perfect we took Bruce and his gold to,bob swirling 1550 of estate jewelry in,downtown portland thank you very much,you can test this for us yes uh-huh he,showed us how a real bar should test on,the machine he bought after he got,ripped off by customers selling fake,gold its inside the parenthesis there,and that tells us that its within the,parameters and that its good,we had him examine Bruces gold so the,weight is exactly right because Ive,weighed it maybe a little bit like you,say brassy in color but and on the,machine no matter how we do it Jeff well,outside the range heres where we want,it to be and heres where it is outside,the parenthesis so what do you think,this is made out of,I dont know not gold it can be tough to,know what youre buying if you look at,Bruces receipt theres no identifying,information about the bar he bought like,a serial number if you look at Bruces,bar theres no serial number to be had,were told thats the way it is with,most gold and counterfeiters are hard at,work and they could test the coin right,in front of you and so youd be,absolutely sure that youre getting what,you paid for that warning is something,the owner of Liberty coin told us he,agrees with to protect the customer and,business you know its very upsetting to,have them not take responsibility and to,question my honesty,so Bruce Warner and Liberty coin they,have their Dayton small claims court,coming up on June 29th and the owner of,Liberty coin tells me he will honor,whatever the judge decide I have so many,questions about this I would think when,you buy a little thing gold like that,the little 1 ounce bar that theres a,serial number with it and everything,then you say no thats what I thought,thats standard no no serial number so,wheres the fatal coming from we dont,know for sure but both my experts while,both the Liberty coin people have sold,it and Bob were to look at it say,jewelry theyre hearing stories of,coming from China that they are making,duplicates there actually may be taking,coins apart filling the inside with,something thats not gold and then,shipping it here incredible yeah well,keep us updated or saw ways post them on,coin calm

Why You Shouldnt Buy Physical Gold And Silver

and what i found out was that the golden,metal shop that i bought this bar from,they knew what this was they knew it was,worth less but because i was in there,asking questions trying to learn trying,to get educated by people who i thought,were experts that were on my side,well they basically took advantage of me,hey welcome back its nola mathias and,today im going to tell you about,the stupidest and probably the coolest,investment,i ever made but before we get into it do,me that favor hit that subscribe button,hit that notification bell and please,hit that like button so more people like,you can see this video,okay so lets get into it what is the,stupidest investment that ive ever made,and quite frankly also the coolest,investment i have ever made,well its this its buying physical gold,and silver this is honestly one of the,coolest things being able to sit here,and hold basically in this pile alone,five thousand dollars worth of silver,and having a little bit of gold kicking,around as well,this is really cool and this is an,investment that started for me back in,2014,as silver prices were starting to come,down as the fear from the financial,crisis was coming out of the market,and as there was starting to become more,and more deals on buying physical,silver and gold and this was nothing,that i ever expected that i would invest,in myself,but it came about as a result of an,investment newsletter that i was,subscribed to that was all based around,value investing and value investing is,the type of investing that warren,buffett does,so finding companies that are worth a,lot that are undervalued and investing,in those,and that investment strategy is where,the,similarities to warren buffett ended,because they also got into,the piece about having precious metals,as a hedge,against inflation and currency,devaluation,and also holding it physically rather,than,in certificates or in etfs,so that if anything ever happened in a,country that you lived in and you wanted,to bug out to,a different country much like the jewish,people had to do,in nazi germany during the world war ii,well,physical gold and silver was the best,means of doing that now,um physical gold may have been a good,means of being able to transport money,over borders which by the way im not,recommending,uh but physical silver certainly isnt,you know this is about five thousand,dollars worth of physical silver,and it is heavy as hell i think theres,about 160 ounces here so about 10 pounds,i wouldnt want to be carrying this on,an airplane to go to europe or,some other country right now but it was,interesting because that value investing,newsletter got me hooked on whats,called stacking in the gold and silver,world,and stacking is exactly what it sounds,like its taking physical gold and,silver,and collecting as much as you can of it,of it over,a certain amount of years and basically,creating a hedge,against inflation and currency,devaluation as a result of having,physical metal,and this is something that is just,absolutely,unnecessary as far as im concerned its,something that i did for a while it was,fun,but there are far better ways for me to,invest in silver and gold and that is by,using my,bmw investor line or my questrate,account in order to purchase mining,companies,or if i really really want to,certificates,in physical gold and silver but you know,it was interesting because,this investment was definitely an,investment i learned a lot about,because when you learn how the system,works obviously,people who are buying gold are paying,less for it than the people who are,selling gold because,typically you have to sell dealers and,theyre obviously getting a better deal,from you than youre getting from them,the other thing i realized was that,theres a lot to know,about buying physical gold and silver,and its really easy to get screwed and,ill use this bar,as an example because this is the very,first bar of silver that i ever bought,its a 10 ounce ntr metals bar,i bought it from the exact same company,that i bought this bar from,which is a sunshine 10 ounce silver bar,i paid about two dollars difference,between this bar and this bar this one i,think i paid about 245 dollars for,and this one about 247 dollars for and,again bought them from the exact same,gold and silver shop,um and i paid pretty much the same price,now what was interesting was a few years,later,when i went to sell this bar the ntr bar,back to that same gold and silver shop,they basically told me that it was worth,fifteen percent less than this one so,in todays terms this bar is worth about,three hundred and thirty dollars this,one is worth two hundred and eighty,dollars so theres about a fifteen,percent or a fifty dollar difference,between these two,bars even though theyre supposed to be,exactly the same thing and,what i found out was that the gold and,metal shop that i bought this bar from,they knew what this was they knew it was,worth less but because i was in there,asking questions trying to learn trying,to get educated by people who i thought,were experts that were on my side,well they basically took advantage of me,and they had these two bars sitting,beside each other and instead of picking,up this one they picked up this one,handed it to me and charged me,significantly more than what it was,worth,and what i realized was that when youre,dealing in,gold and silver the margins are so,freaking thin,that the companies that do business in,this in this,realm are basically uh incentivized to,screw you if they can and ive heard,lots of stories now of people buying,fake gold and silver thinking that what,they were getting was real,and ultimately getting stuff that,absolutely was not,so this is definitely a situation where,its buyer beware now as an alternative,i could have bought the exact same,amount of silver that i own right here,i could have bought it in my bmw,investor line account in a certificate,or i could have bought an etf,and i could have been 100 certain that,the silver i was buying was real because,an expert on the other side was taken,care of making sure that it was real,and that i wasnt going to lose 15,percent of my investment,just because i was an idiot the other,thing that i realized about this,product was i have to physically store,this in a bank safety deposit,box or i have to take the risk of,storing it at home,having extra insurance and risking,having a fire or getting stolen,and that all sucks and that all adds to,the cost of owning this investment,and at the end of the day there was a,whole bunch of reasons why they,suggested physical silver or gold,first was that it was cool the second,was that if you ever needed to,leave a country uh and go to a different,country with it you could basically hide,it and smuggle it into another country,again,dont endorse that but that was a big,reason and in 2020,that reason is nowhere close to as valid,as it was,in 2014 because in todays day and age,if i wanted to go to a different country,and take over 10 000,with me which is the amount that you,legally have to declare,uh by the way i dont suggest doing that,but lets say it was,1945 nazi germany and i need to get out,of the country with a bunch of money,well,im not doing it with a bunch of gold,coins anymore im probably taking a usb,drive,that has bitcoin or some other,cryptocurrency on it so,you know all the reasons for holding,this stuff um,basically dont make any sense and the,only reason that somebody really becomes,a stacker in todays day and age in my,opinion,is if theyre conspiracy theorists if,they think that this is better than,cash or better than holding an,investment in a,online investment portfolio,and therefore you know they think that,the world one day will come to an end,and this is whats going to be able to,save them and you know what,i dont think that this is whats going,to save somebody from basically,not having any money any money or having,any sort of,ability to buy things if the economy,goes to,you know hell in a

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