1. 2022 Acura ILX / Review and Test Drive
  2. 2019 Acura ILX A-Spec – The Dual Clutch Civic Si?
  3. 2019 Acura ILX A-Spec Review – Entry Level Luxury
  4. Acura ILX Review // Least expensive premium car!
  5. 2016 Acura ILX Review: Breaking Good
  6. Is the 2020 Acura ILX A-Spec a REAL performance sport sedan?
  7. 2013 Acura ILX Technology Review, Walkaround, Exhaust, & Test Drive

2022 Acura ILX / Review and Test Drive

premium compact sedans is really where,the market is going and theres a lot of,rivals you have your bmw 2 series you,have your mercedes-benz a-class you have,your audi a3 today regal acura presents,the 2022,acura ilx premium in platinum white the,premium is over the base so in the,interior better materials youll receive,leather instead of leatherette on the,exterior upgraded wheels from the,standard 15 inch but the best part is,the savings that you get with the acura,can go all the way up to eight thousand,dollars when youre comparing it against,the rivals im anthony from hawkeye,rides were going to go over all the,spectrum details starting now,[Music],when you get into the luxury sedan,market you really have to think what are,you getting with value right out of the,box were going to start off with the,pentagram grill youre going to get the,gloss black inserts and around it is,going to be the chrome trim and i like,how the bumper just gives a more sport,heritage that goes into these jewel led,headlamps it is a four led outer lamp,for normal lighting three led inner,lamps for your high beams going down the,bumper its going to be a non-functional,vent here but i do like that they put,the gloss black chrome thats going to,surround it and even on the lower trim,youre going to get the matte black,which i wish this was a gloss black or,maybe just put the chrome trim the,clearance is still good at 5.3 inches,which makes it a little bit better than,the mercedes-benz a220 its not going to,be the widest at 70.6 inches however it,does have a nice stance to it the,proportion layouts the height is going,to be 55.6 inches and the aerodynamics,on the hood just flow into the jewel,lights and the fenders thats going to,encase these 17 inch multi-spoke alloy,wheels which again the base is 15 inch,flared out fenders with the disc reading,at 12.3 inches the front is ventilated,11.1 inches is going to be a solid a,mcpherson strut front suspension,multi-link rear suspension both the,front and the rear will have your,anti-roll bars amplitude reactive,dampers the sports car styling would,come a little bit more into play when,you get the a spec version however with,the premium you still get the sculpted,lines which gives that aggressive,styling its going to be the largest,amongst the rivals at 182.2 inches the,wheelbase however mercedes benz will be,longer and this is at 105.1 inches a 67,37 weight distribution so the dynamics,is going to be more for luxury derived,than sport i do like that they keep the,chrome thats going to surround the,window trims because this really does,illustrate that its more of a luxury,than sports car because you do have some,nice aerodynamic lines that go down i,like that the side view mirror caps is,the same color as the body i wish that,the center here was a gloss black only,because the matte black does tend to get,a little bit faded in hotter,environments but comparing it to the bmw,the mercedes-benz or the audi i think,the stance is pretty much right on point,with it and theyre doing a good job,with it the shark fan antenna the same,color as the body no spoiler lips so,that keeps that luxury styling but the,led tail lamps and youre gonna get a,bit of a chrome look over it so i do,like that we keep that styling profile,from the front all the way to the rear,so all four corners stressing a compact,luxury vehicle and the way the rear,bumpers sit it looks a little bit more,up in aggressive styling youre gonna,get the side seal that will have your,reflector because this is not the a spec,only a single exhaust outlet but you do,have a massive diffuser that pretty much,runs across the whole lower lip in the,matte black yet again i kind of wish,that they did a two tone to this maybe,put the gloss over it or add a little,bit of chrome or something just to,offset it you do have your reverse,camera and your parking sensors going,inside your cargo is the best in class,at 12.4 cubic feet storage underneath,the floor the rear bench splits down,flat that will maximize the cargo space,even though this is not necessarily,derived for performance i still want to,hear that exhaust note,[Music],all acura ilx will have the same,powertrain the specs will just add to,the aesthetics for the exterior and,interior and better materials so if you,do go to the a-spec its going to look,more sporty however theyre all going to,be back with a 2.4 liter v-tech,naturally aspirated inline four-cylinder,producing 201 horsepower and 180,pound-feet of torque thats paired to an,eight-speed dual-clutch transmission,achieving 24 to 34 mpgs and its a blend,between the best and not necessarily the,worst for your mpgs 0-60 at 6.6 seconds,which is going to be a touch less than,the rivals with a quarter mile at 15.2,seconds so you still do get the speed,you still get the styling all blended in,when you compare to the rivals the,discount that you get is anywhere from,six to nearly eight thousand dollars so,you really have to take these things in,consideration because if youre just,wanting to get your feet wet and trying,to get into luxury to see how it is this,is definitely a great alternative let me,know in the comments what you think,about the 2022 acura ilx premium as we,go into the interior go over the tech,and take this for our test run entering,inside the acura ilx youre going to,receive 38 inches of headroom 42.3,inches of legroom which is the best in,class its one and a half inches almost,more than the audi just to give you some,specs to that the seats in the front are,going to be sports derived we have the,leather a-spec you can get the milano,premium leather with the ultra suede,inserts this one has the contrast,stitching in the piping theyre heated,front seats 10-way power adjustment for,the driver four-way for the passenger,that is something when were comparing,it to the rivals i like that were,getting 10-way power adjustment however,they seem to always give a little bit,less for the passenger the dashboard is,going to be ready for a refresh however,it does still look pretty decent you,have a two infotainment screen thats,stacked and youre gonna have a two,different look so you have a chrome and,a silver and then the matte black over,the top going over your infotainment,theres no touch screen in the top as,youre seeing and use the roller knob it,is a 7-inch on-demand multi-use display,the touch screen is the lower displace,hit your source so that way you can see,everything we have apple carplay android,auto but you do have some shortcuts that,you can go through on here a standard,audio system with dual climate control,settings switch to reverse youll be on,the top screen you do have trajectory,its pretty clean screen and i mean its,pretty large for the most part and this,one has the seven speakers you can get,an els studio sound which would have 10,speakers and that also adds the noise,cancellation,leather is going to be around your gear,lever and you have a little storage,right here and also some leather on your,park brake cup holders you can easily,fit a 16.9 ounce water bottle i would,say a 20 is pretty sufficient for the,most part open up in here and youre,going to have a usb a 12 volt and its,pretty decent size storage i mean its a,luxury car at the end of the day elbows,are going to be more sport derived three,spoke leather wrap steering wheel,multi-function paddle shifters the gauge,cluster you do have a variety of,settings that you can go through and the,best part about it is again youre,saving anywhere from six to eight,thousand dollars so take these things in,consideration door panel harder,materials are gonna be on the top youre,gonna have the memory for the driver one,touch up and down no dual pane windows,youll have the contrast stitching with,the leather red storage here is going to,lack a little bit when youre comparing,it to the rivals you can really only fit,about two 16.9 ounce water bottles so,you can fit a little bit more there but,i mean for the most part i

2019 Acura ILX A-Spec – The Dual Clutch Civic Si?

when the Acura ILX was introduced back,in 2013 it really pleased a lot of Acura,faithful because it marked the return of,a civic based entry-level car to Acuras,us lineup now over the years American,luxury car buyers tastes have certainly,changed which is why Acura was forced to,make some pretty significant changes to,the ILX for 2019 complete with the new,diamond Pentagon face and a pretty,substantial $2000 price cuts so if you,guys are actually looking for an entry,level compact sedan is the 2019 LX worth,a look thats what were here to find,out,[Music],so two years ago acura was on a mission,to completely change the face of all of,their US vehicles and the ILX was,technically the last of their mainstream,models the NSX of course still has the,old face but thats kind of a unique,model on its own now for 2019 you can,see the ILX is surprisingly still,handsome despite the fact this is still,based on the ninth-generation Civic,Platform you guys if you followed me for,a while youll know that I actually,bought one of these with a manual back,in 2013 so six years on the market and,its still riding on the same platform,what was accurate kind of thinking but,lets take a look at all the changes you,can see jewel eye LED headlights are,gonna be standard you actually have LED,turn signals you have this new design to,the LED headlights and then of course,that new diamond Pentagon grilled it,actually looks surprisingly handsome a,lot of you have actually told me from,Instagram and Facebook that you think,this looks better than the current Civic,sedan and Civic hatchback this,particular one here is the a spectrum,thinking that is kind of like a Sport,Package it adds the blacked-out finish,and the grille the blacked-out finish,down here are the actual LED fog lights,so it is a significant upgrade versus,the first refresh dialects which is,shown back in 2016 I think this looks,much more handsome especially when you,compare it to that particular model the,hood has also been increased in terms of,the bulges here it definitely has that,new look that they first showed us on,the Acura TLX now riding on the old,Civic Platform youre gonna notice the,ILX looks considerably smaller than the,old Civic and thats because it is its,wheelbase is about an inch shorter than,this in the new Civic at 105 and they,actually increased the length of this,model for 2019 at 182 inches long its,about a half inch shorter than the,current civics today and now being the a,spectrum youre gonna of course see the,a spec badge here which reminds you a,lot of the TLX you have these unique,shark gray 18-inch wheels riding on to,2540 our seat our r18 Michelin tires,its definitely a nice looking wheel,much better looking versus the 2018,model that had a different wheel for the,a spectrum and then if you look at the,rest of the profile it definitely has,that kind of subcompact look to it it,definite doesnt look as large as the,Civic for sure and it really looks a lot,smaller than Acura Zone TLX this a spec,model has a nice sunroof that standard,and then the red leather that looks,really good with this white pearl,exterior color it out the rear again,Acura also made some pretty extensive,changes for 2019,you have LED,nation rear taillights and a spec badge,this nice little subtle black colored,rear lip spoiler and then that exhaust,is literally like a tribute to civics,from the 90s how its a single eyelet,its a little bit small it does come on,the a spec models Im glad Acura has,returned to actual exposed exhaust but I,kind of wish they went with a dual,exhaust setup now the trunk capacity of,the ILX is also a weak point because,this is based on the old Civic youre,looking at around 12 cubic feet of cargo,space basically with the seats up you,can fold those down in one piece this is,about three cubic feet less than what,youre gonna get in the new Civic sedan,and then underneath here Acura doesnt,actually give you a temporary spare,instead you just have a fixed up flat,kit which is kind of a downgrade versus,the earlier models since I believe mine,actually had a spare tire so while the,outside of the 2019 ILX may look,entirely new lets hop into the interior,and see some of the changes that acura,has made for 2019 now first off here is,the key fob for the vehicle Acuras,intelligent access smart entry key with,push button start comes standard as you,can see this is the current acura key,fob its a really heavy sturdy feeling,key feels better than what you get in,the Honda products but as you can see no,remote start on the actual key fob so as,you approach the vehicle like every,other car just keep the key fob in your,pocket theres a button here on the,outside the door handle just touch that,button itll lock the doors to unlock it,to touch the back of the handle and then,that will unlock the door for you now,looking at the inside of this ace spec,model you can see the red leather is the,first thing thatll grab your attention,this is a new color option for 2019 you,can only get it on certain color,combinations this white exterior with,the red looks fantastic the seats I,think look great,Acura has updated them theyre still,only heated they dont offer cooled,seats they do offer a 10-way power,adjustment now with a 2-person memory I,remember my ILX only had like an 8 way,power seat with no lumbar so and no,memory seats back here is kind of,updated that I also skin see lots of,red stitching on the steering wheel on,the shifter so thats all very nice now,stepping into the interior you can see,it has that still low step in height,remember Acura tries to market this as,an entry-level sports it in and then,when you shut the door,you know it definitely doesnt sound,quite as solid as it used to its the,new Civic on its new platform has a much,more solid sounding door but when you,want to start the vehicle up just put,your foot on the brake as you can see,theres a button here to fire up the,engine and the gauges havent really,changed much in the you know six years,that this car has been on the market,only one engine is available now that,2.4 liter direct injection 4-cylinder,[Music],its that very nice typical Honda VTEC,engine its a 4 cylinder high revving,naturally aspirated so if you guys dont,want that turbo and CVT in the Civic,this is definitely a good option for you,now taking a look at the rest of the,interior you can see apple carplay and,android auto is now included on this,particular one you have to at least go,for the Premium Package to get this to,screen layout if you guys go for the,base model which is like $26,000 youll,just get that 7 inch display or 5 inch,display that my 2013 model had without,the apple carplay now in terms of the,materials you can see its the same its,the same soft touch material on the,upper dashboard hasnt really changed,they did upgrade this material here or,not really upgrade just update its this,silver painted or Im sorry this gray,painted plastic with the chrome trim the,door panels are also soft touch the same,thing thats on the dash you have a,silver accented door handle the window,controls these are one touch up down for,just the front windows not the back you,can see here 2-person memory which is,nice its nice and padded right here,with some nice red leather from the,seats this part down here is all hard to,touch plastic then you have a little,storage area over there staring well you,can see this steering wall is definitely,old this was first introduced on the,fourth generation Acura TL but you can,see good buttons here you have the Acura,watch which is standard equipment just,like you get on the Civic which Honda,calls Honda sensing instead the steering,wheel itself is also manual tilt,telescoping with a good amount of,adjustability again wasnt expecting too,much,frakkers you know entry-level model the,gauges as you can see theres a little 7,inch display arent Im sorry its a,three-and-a-half inch display where you,can change the different views this is,slightly different

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2019 Acura ILX A-Spec Review – Entry Level Luxury

[Music],Im Jake Im here were going for a,drive,[Music],2019 Acura ILX Tech a spec top-trim an a,spec is the only way you can get this,red interior yeah thats probably one of,the first things youve noticed while,watching us in here so this is the last,accurate of the lineup to get the new,look its got the new grille the new,headlights different tail lights and,different bumper thats right boy youre,getting excited about looks lets talk,about horsepower first hit me with the,numbers 201 horsepower and 180 pound,feet of torque saw the numbers pretty,good numbers and this is the entry-level,acura so it is the ILX the smallest one,that they make its decent its a 2.4,liter naturally aspirated no turbo which,is nice to have these days because,everythings got a turbo so its nice to,experience something a little bit,different its definitely not the,fastest but its decent its more than,youll ever need but youll want more,and that engine is mated to an 8-speed,dual-clutch I really like this,transmission does it shift quick when,you click the paddle yeah thats all I,ever want from a transmission I like,when you can see the needle go – yeah,exactly,ok hit me with some downshift downshift,downshift downshift almost instant and,we also do have the additional sport,mode down here so you can leave in an,auto itll shift a little bit faster for,you we should probably mention why were,driving this oh yeah okay so Acura flew,us out to Columbus Ohio yeah we took a,couple burnt and lime scooter rides,around the town,Columbus its gorgeous,hit the notification bell I gotta hit,the notification bell now yes we did but,enough about those lets talk about why,were here we went to the facility where,they actually build the NSX which is,pretty cool yes because the 2019 has,some updates yes we got to sample a lot,of super handling all-wheel drive,spoiler alert the NSX is wild yeah as we,know,because we droves a 20-18 but today,weve got the drive up to 2019 so,quickly as such on that its orange its,got a color matched front bumper thing,instead of Chrome yep,couple handling editions different tires,to make it stick here yeah it was cool,to just see everything how it was built,in a nice very clean facility with lots,of robots I was kind of surprised by,that I dont know why but I just really,liked seeing that came back to this new,ILX okay right so handling for this ILX,it handles okay my biggest problem is,probably the steering its so loose you,call something in a spec you kind of,expect a little bit more to get a little,bit more handling out of it but like,its just very loose dance it may feel,loose but it probably gets you right,through everything just fine this is,front wheel drive so it will not pull,you through corners as much as a super,handling all-wheel drive car would just,like the TLX the suspension is overall,very comfortable though like super,comfortable over potholes I did notice,that it was kind of loud in here just a,little bit yeah theres definitely some,road noise that translates in yeah but,the overall suspension comfort wise its,very very good we do not have adaptive,suspension so the standard suspension is,just very good you wont be sending this,into corners that much but if you did,youd be okay well this is like entry,level Acura exactly which is like entry,level Honda luxury thats right even,though some Hondas are very luxurious,like the Accord yeah and you buy,entry-level luxury cars for how they,look mostly and the interiors I think,and sending it through cliche Ohio,corner oh its its decent,its definitely decent show no cliche,Ohio corner now we should talk about,looks because I kind of veered off into,the stuff that I like okay main thing it,doesnt have that like silver front,grille thing anymore yeah exactly,Id like this new grille a lot of people,dont but I think a lot more do like it,yeah I agree its way better than the,old one its like way more aggressive it,just looks nice in general and they were,showing us that theyre basing all their,future stuff off this concept yeah,the precision concept I believe so,theres a precision concept exterior,look and a precision concept cockpit yes,the interior yes,so the cockpit refers to their new,infotainment thats in the RDX so,theyre telling us that the RDX is peak,concept reached this doesnt have that,yet not yet none of the other actors,have that infotainment because theyre,all getting like mid-cycle refresh is,not major refreshes yeah so from the,grille lets move on to the headlights,all right they are changed up they do,match everything else it is like a,Wilder look like it definitely looks,like a more fun acura yeah and I noticed,that they use white on the LEDs for this,model for the running lights whereas,some of their other ones they use amber,I think I like the white amber is,different but the white just looks,better to me do you like all the,triangles and stuff on the bumper I,didnt think I would but I keep looking,at it and it does look good overall I,think the whole accurate lineup has a,very cool look right now the thing that,looks a little East Acura right now is,the NSX yeah actually you really cuz,think about it the Acura NSX was built,before they started doing their new,stuff before the concept but they cant,really fully refresh the NSX right now,because its pretty fresh yeah and,thats why they had to paint that,because that was old accurate I think,when the NSX gets upgraded its gonna,look to this look unreal wicked but I,think they should add lambo doors yeah,for sure,for sure I fully endorse Lambo door,scissor doors up doors accurate product,planning guys who weve been hanging out,with yeah please do it also make that,one louder too if you hadnt at least an,optional valve exhaust yes back to this,car okay so rear bumper looks cool,because theres a nice diffuser my,biggest complaint is that theyre single,chrome exhaust tip I would like,yeah dual or maybe like a single dual,but it does look nice and wraps around,pool its got a cool front shape,do you like the taillights theyve got a,nice outline there theyre smoother,there the whole new accurate look and we,also have an integrated a little Trump,spoiler thing it does look pretty nice,too,overall the whole car looks good and I,like that they added a spec different,wheels now so overall it dont look the,looks done with the handling I think you,should drive talk about the interior and,maybe a little bit of your handling,yeah the powers not the best yeah its,not send it into this next cliche Ohio,corner and tell me how the handling is,here we go relatively fun relatively fun,is a good way to put it I had this car,and I wanted to have a little bit of fun,it would have been happy if fun would be,had so lets get to the nitty gritty,about the interior very very very,comfortable nice red leather seats,yeah the seats are very very comfortable,the driver has adjustable lumbar but the,passenger is not there are power seats,though yeah I can go up and down but,this seat here cant and it feels very,high the passenger seat does feel higher,than the drivers seat but these are,like 10 out of 10 for comfort oh yeah,for sure,and weve got cool red on the door,panels on the side so it actually feels,like youre in a red cacoon cacoon it,actually feels like a red cocoon of,interior yeah it does cocoon and you do,know that Im a sucker for red in tears,right sucker sold so the rest of the,interior very nice there are some cheap,plastics here and there but everything,looks really nice however the best,feature no gloss black gloss grey I,think thats fine I think its fine too,because you cant see fingerprints as,well what I like is that we actually,have a manual ear break which is pretty,cool yeah and a big old shifter and its,normal but theres a funny thing with,the shifter oh yes there is,dick lick it into gear you need to like,do a weird thing to click up on it you,dont just press it you flip it up why I,dont get it with the cup holders pass a,small cup of coffee test I t

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Acura ILX Review // Least expensive premium car!

[Music],today Im looking at a car that a,regular viewer wanted me to cover and,good timing because for 2019 the Acura,ILX gets some major updates get some,cosmetic updates and get some interior,updates and its still a fantastic car,to drive now why should you consider the,ILX,well here it is it is the least,expensive premium car sold in the,Canadian marketplace this vehicle starts,at just under $30,000 it comes with all,kinds of tech safety features and a,great handling vehicle for just under,$30,000 so Im gonna walk through the,outside well sit inside show you the new,features and take it for a drive its a,great driving car and a great everyday,companion so for 2019 the ILX gets a new,front design basically from the,windshield forward is all-new so what,you notice is the acura diamond Pentagon,grille and framing it on either side or,the 7 element Acura jewel ID LED,headlamps and new for 2019 are LED tail,lamps so the whole front of the car has,been reworked with a sleeker look nice,sharp creases on the hood and a more,mature overall stance when you get this,ace back the standard wheel is 17 inches,you move up to 18 inch wheels on this,model that have the gray finish youll,notice on the a spec models you get a,different air diffuser on the lower,front end of the spoiler around the back,you get a diffuser with a polished,exhaust tip you also get a piano black,rear deck spoiler that makes it stand,out so in terms of styling I think Acura,is hitting its stride it is certainly,noticeable in terms of sales when Acura,makes a vehicle available with a spec it,certainly sells better weve seen that,with other models and with this ILX it,personally may be the one that I choose,so those are the exterior updates for,2019 so lets get in Ill show you,around well take it for a drive and,then Ill go through the pricing at the,end you can tell them in the a spec,right away because they get the brand,new sport seat,now theyre available with ebony or the,red but both come with the black ultra,suede inserts in them and you get the,deviated stitching so that really is a,nice eye pop for people to get in and my,wife got in this car and she goes why I,really like the interior of this car,so Acura is a premium brand and you,certainly notice that when you get in,also a spec models get the piano black,trim across the dash with chrome inserts,also theres a speck on the steering,wheel and you get the aluminum pedals as,well these are nice features that are,just a few thousand dollars more than,the base model Ill get into the pricing,in just a moment now whats the big,thing that everybodys looking for these,days connectivity with their car so yes,this has the traditional Acura layout,with the split screen the lower one is 7,inches and thats the one you use for,touch sensitive features and the good,news is Acura claims this has been,improved the speed of it by 30% I like,the layout its been simplified as well,and I didnt notice using the radio it,is easier to use one big thing for me,was being able to search radio stations,now you can do direct tune and I really,appreciate that so its faster its,simplified the upper screen is mostly,for readout now what do you need in 2019,you need apple carplay and android auto,and thats basically on every ILX the,base model doesnt get it but one up,does now the inverse is true for onboard,navigation its the top ILX ace back,with the technology package the one Im,driving here gets the onboard navigation,but the great thing about Android auto,and apple carplay is you can use the,smartphone features to get that on the,screen so pretty much everybodys,covered there one thing I appreciate,theres a proper handbrake thats,disappearing in the industry so its,nice to see that leather wrap steering,wheel same with the shifter now one,great thing about the ILX is the seating,position you get a great seating,position sitting low enough that the car,feels sporty and I have to say with,these updates it does feel premium soft,touch materials on the doors and the,tops are the doors the dash as well so,thats thats well done now this is a,compact car so the back seat isnt as,large as other Acura products but this,is perfect for somebody thats single,maybe a couple empty nesters its a lot,of value and a lot of fun and thats one,thing I like about this car is that they,have a tried and proven,under here that does a great job all,right lets get into whats powering,this ILX and this for me is the,strongest part of this car,I love tried and proven technology and,this car uses a 2.4 liter 4 cylinder,engine with 201 horsepower and 180 pound,feet of torque and this engine has been,in the Acura family for many years and,it does a wonderful job especially in,this small car I have been driving this,car for over a week and Ive got to tell,you the more I drive it the more Im,taken with it its just the perfect,everyday companion so the transmission,is another big part of this so you can,leave it in Drive you can put it down,into sport which is how I like to drive,it you dont have to you can leave it,like that or you can then start to use,the paddle shifters if you choose so 3,ways to interact with the car this isnt,any transmission this is an 8-speed,dual-clutch transmission 201 horsepower,8-speed dual-clutch transmission is,stuff you typically find from much more,expensive German imports and it comes,standard with every ILX and the engine,has a nice sound to it as well,when you push down on the throttle this,is a really nice little car this car is,small its got a great feel to the,steering its got independent suspension,in the front and the back and really is,a great everyday companion now lets,address this yes it is based on the,previous generation Honda Civic but the,difference between a car that they have,an airline up now with 200 horsepower,the SI is only available to manual,transmission so you get the same kind of,Drive as that but you get a dual clutch,and the dual clutch is very quick here,Ill give you an example accelerating,away accelerate,its a fun little car trust me it really,is and I love the engine as I said that,really is for me the star of the show,now this car also comes standard on,every model with a cura wash thats the,advanced safety suite from acura that,covers pretty much everything youre,looking for with advanced safety these,days you get collision mitigation,braking forward collision warning lane,keep assist adaptive cruise control Road,departure mitigation and lane departure,warning thats all under the umbrella of,Acura watch this setup with a 2.4 liter,and the 8-speed dual-clutch gets good,fuel economy 29.9 liters per 100,kilometers in the city and just seven,liters on the highway no it has been a,couple of years since Ive driven the,ILX and its been a pleasant surprise to,get back into it and the nice thing,about getting a car after a few years is,you have to do some research on it again,and I started digging around and I,quickly came to realize this car really,doesnt have any direct competitors you,want to find a premium car of this price,point with these features it doesnt,exist you look at the Germans much more,expensive competitors from Japan more,expensive domestic premium brands there,really isnt a direct competitor to the,ILX,so it has its own little sweet spot in,the marketplace which is a perfect car,for somebody that wants to drive,something fun trust me on that nice on,the inside very nice you can see for,yourself its nice in here and a car,that has more from the manufacturer,right out of the gate thats the Acura,ILX so if you think about this car on,price starts just under 30,000 top model,the one I have here is just over $35,000,you get a lot of mainline cars that are,in this price point but this is a,premium badge the extra one year of,warranty certainly is worth something,and the fact that you have tried and,proven technology in this ILX the 2.4,liter engine is a gem the dual clutch,transmission works as advertised it has,a great

2016 Acura ILX Review: Breaking Good

howdy folks nathan adlan here with the,fastlane car and im in lovely not so,sunny northern california with the 2016,acura ilx and we have an opportunity to,take it on the road even though its wet,and do a proper review and i got to tell,you right off the bat this is a,substantially,different car than the one it replaces,and thats coming up next,so you may consider this vehicle to be,related to the honda civic and indeed,you would be right however they have,made a lot of changes on it underneath,but right now in terms of styling there,are some major changes the front end has,been revised including the beak which is,much smoother than it used to be plus,they have the jewel like headlights up,front okay now on top of that if you,look youre going to see a section that,sort of does a dog bone in the front and,in the back it matches each other,theyre actually complementing each,other not many car makers do that,anymore,also the tail lights have been revised,so they are also somewhat jewel like and,they have leds now speaking of leds,up front,this section right here,this lights up as a turn signal leds,right above there and then of course you,have your daytime running lights down,here,works out pretty good on top of that you,have,a slightly sleeker overall look because,they managed to put on these absolutely,fantastic 18-inch wheels which are,optional and at least on the a-spec look,really good,the interior is not all new its just,has some updates which are great,including a lane departure warning,system which is part of a technology,package which we tested on the mdx a,while ago,this is the a spec,version of this car the a spec is,sportier and as such it has these,leather seats with the suede inserts and,theyre quite nice theyre very very,comfortable my large american ass fits,nicely and,theres just enough room for my back to,get pretty comfortable and im held in,place on these corners,yet i dont feel like im being squeezed,but when i sit in the car i like to sit,kind of closer to the steering wheel i,cant do that in this car because,my head hits up here,so i have to lean the seat back a little,bit,this is the brand new heart this is what,its all about this is a 201 horsepower,180 pound feet of torque four-cylinder,engine direct injected and its hooked,up to an eight-speed automatic,transmission its basically a dual,clutch with a torque converter one of,the smoothest transmissions ive ever,sampled in a car like this its front,wheel drive just like it has been before,but think about it i mean you used to,put out 150 horsepower this is 201,horsepower significant increase and,despite all that despite everything,it actually gets one mile per gallon,better than the old engine,ride is pretty damn good because theres,no adjustable suspension you basically,just get it right,but because the chassis has been so,tightened suspension works a little bit,more but the muted sounds coming through,the cabin and onto the highway its been,very nice now,combined mpg bet youre wondering,its 29 miles per gallon combined,right now im averaging about 20 miles,per gallon but im also going through,canyons and driving hard,overall utility is about the same as a,honda civic because they do share a lot,of components including basically the,size of the trunk but theres something,you should know,its a little bit of a pain in the neck,to open the trunk,from the back because theres a tiny,little button which is big enough for,one finger next to the reverse camera so,if its raining like it is now and,youre trying to get into the trunk,you got to find that thing real quickly,just fyi little tiny pad not a giant pad,where,its easier but,from the back there is something that,you should know this nice little chrome,strip,is actually new and its only for the,a-spec model,on the regular version you get 17 inch,wheels which are pretty decent but you,have thicker rubber here which changes,the ride on the a-spec version you can,get these nifty little 18-inch wheels,and theres a couple different patterns,you can get you get thinner rubber but,you also get more aggressive rubber and,it really does make a difference when,cornering,my favorite part of the car performance,this is a great car for driving in these,twisties and acura knew it which is why,during this trip theyve sent us through,the hills going around napa and,calistoga and what have you beautiful,ribbons of highway but ive also taken,it on to some roads that are well shall,we say rough and it did well there too,the chassis tuning is fantastic theyve,really tightened it up and the,suspension is dead on finally it no,longer sounds teeny like it used to it,sounds like a solid car easily,comparable to the germans,now the engine note some of you guys,dont like hearing an engine but most of,the people who buy a car like this want,a little bit of performance meaning they,also want to hear whats going on with,the engine,think about the competition for a second,because its an interesting batch of,cars the audi a3 the base model with the,front wheel drive,the bmw 2 series,the mercedes cla,these are all vehicles that to a lesser,extent compete for the same audience as,this vehicle however the 2016 acura ilx,will be going to younger customers,some of the youngest customers that are,looking for entry level luxury are,buying this vehicle,including people who are 16 to 36 years,old which is like the golden part of the,market because thats entry level that,means that those buyers will be buying,this car and then maybe later on buying,a larger more powerful acura,even though for some unusual reason,theyve hidden the exhaust pipes in the,back which is weird but,at least you can hear the exhaust and,its not modified they didnt put a,special tube in there that you could,hear no you can actually just hear,whats going on and it sounds glorious,i have here the moroni for the 2016,acura ilx plus a spec so this is the,fully loaded package support everything,that you can possibly get and its base,price is thirty four thousand eight,hundred and ninety dollars as equipped,it comes up to thirty five thousand,eight hundred and ten dollars now before,you start freaking out say thats a lot,of money yes its around the same price,as vehicles like the cla,like the a3,like a lot of vehicles in that entry,level luxury class however this car,really does give you a lot for the money,and,hondas managed to really make it a much,better car with that awesome engine and,fantastic transmission one of my,favorite automatic transmissions out,there yes i know people call it a dual,clutch,now its raining so im gonna have to,get back inside the car and enjoy this,highway a little bit more so im gonna,leave you here with this good car,steering inputs are,superb,the weight of the steering theres no,adjustment buttons no gimmicks like that,it just works and it works well,so you are able to figure out what the,front end is doing youre able to,modulate your speed through a corner,based on what the front wheels are doing,and the brakes are good as well,for the fastlane car this is nathan,adlan dont forget to go to tflcar.com,for news views and real world reviews,and dont forget to look for our,colorado review of the acura ciao,when it comes to acceleration,you would think,well its got to be a little bit faster,wrong,its a lot faster,let me give you one example,just in this particular spot right here,okay im in sport mode always go into,sport mode and itll hold gears longer,and away we go,hear that glorious yes,all the way to red line,all the way to red line,oh,its beautiful and,im downshifting using the paddle,shifters instantaneous,thats me,oh,yes its beautiful around here,but thats better that sound that,feeling,it doesnt really push on your chest,its not turbocharged no its a normally,aspirated engine however 201 horsepower,for this car is just right,very very well done acura

Is the 2020 Acura ILX A-Spec a REAL performance sport sedan?

[Music],hey guys whats up is Joe ready for,Metis rides Im back here at mosh occur,in North Tampa Florida because guess,what we have it this is a 2020 ILX a,spec edition but before we dive into,this small sporty sedan lets talk a,little bit about whats going on with,Acura Acura is in a wonderful,Renaissance you know theyve been around,since 1986 that premium brand of Honda,its all about precision performance and,youre starting to see that more and,more not only with of course the NSX but,with the upcoming total redesign of the,TLX,and the return of the type s but with,this LX a spec it really highlights that,smaller size vehicle and Acuras lineup,but really brings sporty feel and a,blending of wonderful acura reliability,and luxury so lets go ahead dive into,this ILX a spec Edition and see is it,the best small sporty sedan that you,should be parking in your garage right,off the bat love the color as we go into,the styling youll notice the LED,signature daytime running lamps,beautiful design they call that the,chicane design really spot-on you have,your multi jewel LED headlight design,really sleek and then overall the,headlight housing the height of it not,very tall and really blends nicely into,the fender and front fascia as we drop,down you do get a bit of gloss black now,you do have lower fog lamps that are,that same jewel style LED lighting but I,am gonna Zonk this honeycomb fake design,what I do like though is the black,chrome on the a spectrum youre getting,specific black chrome trim and,especially with that headlight housing,just looks really aggressive and sharp,now coming across the front of the ILX,this really showcases that whole,precision performance you have the Accra,logo right there in the center but look,at how the grille is kind of floating,away even though its not moving its,showing movement and I really like that,design element on the a speck youre,getting full black chrome treatment both,on the corners and around the grille we,dropped down gloss,black nice large honeycomb opening for,all that cooling I really like the way,they left this color match they brought,some gloss black the rest of its color,match really shows a lot of definition,and helps it stand out but super super,sporty from the front now when we get up,onto the hood look at how the rise,starts on the front fascia goes into the,hood and all the way towards the,windshield one of my favorite body lines,is how accurate takes this nice,boomerang curve design on both sides of,the hood the great news is is from,behind the wheel it allows you to see,the top of this peak here and give you a,great visual reference point now as we,come around the bend with this ILX what,are we working with wheel and tire setup,these are specific to the a spec thats,a 18 inch wheel multi-spoke they call,that color shark gray I love the design,of it and I think the shark gray with,the color of this particular ILX really,pops out you have fully ventilated,brakes and super clean overall look the,design really I think they hit the nail,on the head,its a 225 on the width and a 40 series,sidewall going into the side fender you,can see youre a spec badge,very classy badge nothing too bold,nothing too outrageous but it really,knocks home what this car is bringing,sport wise a Zonk that I am gonna give,it is that why do we have this chrome,trim this should either be blacked out,chrome to match the front or just gloss,black I think that would have fit it a,little bit more in the sporty sense,color matched on the mirror caps those,lower sills down there that is a spec,specific so the wheels the front fascia,and that side sill are all elements of,the a spectrum you do get a sunroof,I love the way the window comes right,into a nice triangle in the corner,window here all part of the door the way,that Acura takes their body lines really,shows a nice flared out fender look and,then when we get to the tail end in the,business on the a spec you get a nice,aggressive trunklid spoiler the,taillights really mimic the headlights,very nicely and then as we drop down you,are gonna get a single stainless steel,tip exhaust just on one side I wish they,would have gave us two,or at least have it as an option I think,it would just balance out the rear a,little bit more so thats going to be a,Zonk to exhaust would make it look that,much better the gloss black rear,diffuser is clean,I do like on the back of the trunk the,way it kind of curves up like that,really gives it a wonderful flow but,while we go ahead lets pop the hood and,see whats powering this ILX,all right guys we got the hub popped you,do have a prop rod and I am gonna Zonk,the position of it its kind of almost,right in the middle of the engine,compartment underneath the hood of this,ILX a spec I hope you like naturally,aspirated power because thats what,youre getting thats a 2.4 liter,inline-4 naturally aspirated engine 201,horsepower 180 pound feet of torque it,is front-wheel drive but you are mated,to an 8-speed DCT transmission thats a,dual clutch transmission the car weighs,around 3100 pounds,0 to 60 in about six point six seconds,quarter-mile in 15 two it has a top,speed of a hundred and thirty miles an,hour MPGs thats where youre gonna be,really happy 24 in the city 34 on the,highway you know I think popping the,hood a lot of people are pleasantly,surprised to get that naturally,aspirated reliable power out of this,Acra ILX but while we go ahead lets,start it up and hear what it sounds like,hi guys were inside the 20/20 ILX a,SPECT I know youre at that point you,like Joe this is a sporty car I like it,I like the idea of having that naturally,aspirated horsepower how much is it MSRP,is right around $33,000 lets see what,you get for the money – the door panels,love the soft touch material across the,whole top you have the nice leather,material with the white contrast,stitching it flows onto the armrest very,nicely you do have a small door pocket,though you might be able to get a bottle,of milk maybe two Twinkies I think three,Twinkies youll be squirting cream,everywhere so dont stuff your Twinkies,now as you come to the – this is the,older design setup very interesting and,unique AC vent location the wonderful,news is this is this feels like a nerf,football super soft material,youre gonna definitely get plenty of,cold or hot air on you on the,passengers side with the placement of,the AC vents you do get this smoke gray,metallic trim which is nice the chrome,doesnt match it should be that dark,chrome like you find on the grill just,to make it match all the way older style,design on your infotainment system so,you have the larger screen up top thats,for your navigation and your backup,camera so there we are with our,trajectory nice and clean its a little,grainy but the trajectory is gonna help,you in those tight situations Ive put,it back in the park you drop down you do,have your radio controls AC though is in,a different location you do have a,volume knob which is nice your,start/stop button this is your direct,drive controller for your navigation you,toggle down heres your AC control so,youre gonna get dual climate control,really easy to access a nice little door,and I like the way this is all flat,black you open this up you could put,some Jolly Ranchers in there nicely done,heated seats no ventilated seats love,the baseball style stitching on the,shift knob here really nice good action,a little bit of brushed aluminum good,old fashioned ebrake here is your ILX,key fob usual nice classy key fob its,got a good way to it a little bit more,brushed aluminum and then we open this,up USB aux jack and,12 oh and you could easily put about I,would say 12 payday bars in there so if,you got a payday,you could put 12 of them in there or if,youre getting paid you could put your,money in there leather this the piping,is exquisite a little bit of Alcantara,the stitch work is great of course full,electric assist for the passenger and,the driver and speaking of the driver

2013 Acura ILX Technology Review, Walkaround, Exhaust, & Test Drive

the acura ilx get used to this car,because it has officially taken the role,as the entry-level model into the acura,brand the tsx has officially be been,confirmed that it will be discontinued,next year and the tlx will essentially,take the parole or take the place of the,tsx and the tl now ive shown you guys,an ilx before in fact i showed you guys,this car when it first came out,but today lets take a look at the the 2,liter model more in depth,now the 2.4 thats in our long term,fleet is actually in at the dealership,due for its first service which is at,about 6 500 miles now one of the,benefits of owning a luxury brand is the,fact that you can go to the dealership,get service done and theyll usually,give you a loaner car free of charge,depending on if you just bought the,vehicle from them or how new it is etc,but um its one of the benefits of or,the perks of having a luxury car you,just cant do this at your local honda,dealership or if you bought a toyota,toyotas dont usually give you a loaner,cars but anyways on to uh what i have,here this is a 2013 ilx 2.0 with the,premium package you can see it basically,looks just like the 2.4 that we have on,our long-term fleet this color is the,polished metal metallic um it has the,same 17-inch alloy wheels that,essentially comes on the premium and the,technology package you get the hid,headlights the fog lights uh it kind of,looks a little bit bland in the polished,metal color for me,now when you look at the interior this,is again the polished metal on the black,interior its nothing really different,from the 2.4 that we have im not going,to go too much in debt with it,you can see this particular one,is a loaner car so its rather,i dont want to say abused but its its,seen some hard work in its life now it,does have the push button start again so,basically just keep that same accurate,key in your pocket or your purse and,then push the button to start the engine,and ill mostly just be touching bases,on the differences in the interior,between the tech package and the premium,package and then the,2.4 and the 2-liter now you can see the,gauges here are white the 2.4 has the,red gauges personally i prefer the red,gauges i think they look much better,this kind of just looks a little bit,bland you can see it has a little gear,indicator right below there which the,2.4 did not but this is basically what i,love about the tech package i actually,really like acuras technology package,that eight inch screen is a big,improvement over the five inch screen,thats in the premium package im hoping,acura will just make that eight inch,screen standard on every ilx so you,dont have to get the tech package you,can see theres a navigation system its,a pretty good navigation system this is,acuras newer,this is acuras newer map graphics in,terms of the display um honestly,other luxury brands have better looking,maps like for example audi with their,gorgeous google maps bmw has the,gorgeous renderings infinity even looks,better but um acura system is still,pretty good um you use this little,controller knob here just to scroll,around the map and then you have,essentially the same,honda acura interface that theyve been,using for a while now to enter a,destination you kind of push destination,around and then you use a little,scrolling wheel to choose what you want,it does also have the voice commands,acuras voice command system is pretty,good as well the premium package does,not give you this for example i have the,temperature set at 70 degrees if i push,this button here,how would you like to set your,temperature 72 degrees,driver temperature 72 degrees,and you can see its pretty accurate in,its voice commands acuras voice command,system is pretty good with the tech,package you also roll in the els audio,this is their 410 watt 10 speaker els,surround sound audio i like this much,better than the seven speaker just acura,premium sound system when you also put,in reverse you get a much more elaborate,screen for the backup camera with the,with the different views you have your,top down you have your wide view and,then you have your normal view this is,just a much better screen more befitting,of a luxury car and it helps to amass,the fact that this is just a civic now,the 2-liter model comes with only a,5-speed automatic with a sport mode it,doesnt have a slap shift gate over here,but you do get paddle shifters on the,wheel,its a decent transmission its,definitely behind the times but it does,get the power down well most people who,arent car enthusiasts wont really care,you still got duals on automatic climate,control um you have a center console,here with your usb or im sorry your,power outlet is in there and then your,aux port the usb actually lives in here,which i kind of think acura should have,put it in there um looking at the glove,compartment its the same large size,its damp and then the materials are the,same stuff soft touch materials its,nicely differentiated from a civic soft,touch on the door panels as well i mean,honestly the only thing that reminds me,of a civic maybe is just those vents but,everything else in here is purely,accurate you have the same steering,wheel off of the tl uh nice red push to,start button and then nicely,nicely different contrast here and there,in the interior overall its a nice,place to spend time definitely feels,like an acura to me now the backseat of,the ilx is actually not bad for the,class surprisingly youll find more seat,room back here or more legroom versus,the larger tsx so it was kind of a,strange gap in acuras lineup there was,a little bit of a contrast here which is,why accurate distance the tsx you get a,perforated leather you got an armrest,back here its an overall decent place,to spend time the only thing thats,really going to bother you are taller,drivers may hit their head on the roof,because of that sloping roofline,the trunk capacity of the ilx is on the,smaller side the seat only folds down in,one piece but you do get a liner the,hinges do crush your cargo but acura,does put some kind of a cover here to,cover up the exposed wiring and such,like that overall the trunk of the ilex,could use some work for me,and then of course going under the hood,of the volume engine uh this is acuras,two liter iv tech four cylinder engine,its essentially a board and stroke,version of the 1.8 liter and the honda,civic uh it makes 150 horsepower and 140,pound-feet of torque it runs on premium,but acura says that its only,recommended you can put regular in it,mpg is 24-35 running through that,five-speed automatic with front-wheel,drive this is basically just the,garden variety commuter car style,vehicle or style engine the 2.4 is,definitely the one to go for enthusiasts,but lets take a look at how this,2-liter goes about doing its business,now lets face it most people dont,really know how to drive a stick shift,and then those who do prefer not to,drive it every day so where does this,leave the 2-liter ilex this is the,volume engine this is the one that acura,says that most people are going to buy,thats why they only pair it with a,five-speed automatic how does it drive,well,the real honest truth is for most people,this engine is going to drive just fine,the 2-liter has the same characteristic,honda rev happiness its very smooth,its actually a little bit smoother than,the 1.8 liter in the civic i do notice,it does feel a little bit faster its,got more torque it revs a little bit,quicker its more refined sounding than,the one point in the civic the,five-speed automatic goes about doing,shifting the same way a honda civic does,i like the sport mode it does hold gears,much better the paddle shifters that are,on this one,work pretty well,i mean you cant get this kind of sport,mode or paddle shifters in the honda,civic at all and in terms of the ride,and handling the ilx is still very nice,its got a very comfortable compliant,ride i do notice compared to the 2.4 the,steering feels a little bit lighter in,this car

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