1. 2021 Acura TLX Review // Don’t Buy That Mercedes, Yet.
  2. 2021 Acura TLX | Review & Road Test
  3. The ALL NEW 2021 Acura TLX A-Spec Review
  4. Sport sedan skirmish | 2021 Acura TLX Type S vs 2021 Lexus IS 350 F SPORT
  5. The 2021 Acura TLX A-Spec is an Impressive New Japanese Luxury Sedan
  6. 2019 Acura TLX – Review & Road Test
  7. 2022 Acura TLX Type S | Back From the Dead

2021 Acura TLX Review // Don’t Buy That Mercedes, Yet.

all right let me put it this way thomas,pretend youre an executive,okay its time to get something,befitting yeah what about this,all right honda record yes has a problem,though,oh its blue no its front-wheel drive,okay right theres another option yes,this,is the hyundai sonata inline,like a sonata right but more peppy right,also has a problem looks like a catfish,no its front wheel drive right okay,okay,that leaves you with this yes the new,acura tlx and,this is front-wheel drive,no this no,youre watching throttle house im,thomas and im james,and this is the acura tlx,[Music],and today this one is all,will drive thomas oh and for 2021 its,seen a complete,redesign longer lower,wider stiffer,heavier yeah coming in at 4 000 pounds,and 52 000 canadian this super handling,all-wheel drive version in its premium,elite trim,is fully decked out before the type s,comes anyway,four cylinders a turbo 272 horsepower,double wishbone front suspension and a,battery now moved to the trunk,like a bmw for better weight,distribution,so we know it beats its german,counterparts in price,and with all this new stuff can it,actually go toe-to-toe with them,and if the accord is already so good,why spend the extra on just a fancier,version of one,if youre new we do car reviews,track tests and quite a lot of messing,around,so subscribe and hit the bell,[Music],okay acura tlx four cylinders,but we get the 10 speed from the accord,which is a tried and tested and proven,thing on throttle house,as a winner on the drag strip so were,starting off at a good point,but more importantly even though were,on the track,this isnt quite what the car is meant,for so if i drop it down,into comfort mode and i put it in normal,drive,then suddenly it becomes a really,nicely damped calm vehicle,that still drives incredibly well very,light steering in comfort mode which is,what you want,no aggressive,piped in engine sounds it doesnt sound,good,but it sounds like a four cylinder,thats turbocharged its honest,and its just really easy to get along,with now it is worth saying that in this,mode,when you slam it down not much happens,and then its turbo lagged and then,youre in the threshold and then it,it kind of goes but then an audi a4,suffers from the same thing,so its not alone in that but we are on,the race track,so i am going to put it in sport mode,and suddenly theres more pipes in,engine sound but the steering gets,heavier,the car just becomes tight like a toyguy,okay the engine is very turbocharged,no matter how you look at it and it come,comes on a little bit sluggishly,the shifts though are half decent,remember this is not a sports car and,im on a race track right now,but the first thing that ive noticed,about this car,is really sharp turn in and the front,does grip the steering ratio is fast and,im on winter tires right now,and the big news is obviously this has,sh all-wheel drive which is an active,torque vectoring rear differential,its actually a very good system i will,say though its not doing,sh all-wheel drive things very much if i,come through here,with the traction control off and i,stomp on the throttle,at the very most it neutrals out it,doesnt,kind of push the rear end out like ive,experienced sh all-wheel drive to do,before,but i imagine the snow will be able to,do that the thing is though is that,after driving it out here ive realized,that theres a really good,car in here somewhere a good chassis,and i think that if you push it i might,experience something kind of,exciting here shifting manually,driving a little bit quicker now,turn in yeah on the throttle it neutrals,out nicely,and traction control completely off,coming through here,oh put the traction controls off it,its one of those systems that lies to,you,i was determined to see if the systems,were holding the chassis back,because the car feels like it has,potential so i popped the hood and,pulled the fuse for the abs and traction,control,okay fuse is out what ive done is,broken the car completely,um every single light is on the,dashboard um power steering still works,thats important,but the traction control in the abs,should be completely off now,so that means if i come through here now,and i go to a neutral throttle,the rear starts to go and it neutrals,out very very well,the front grips it doesnt understeer,thats what im looking for in a sporty,car,theres something good in here there is,i cant,wait for the type s the new 3 series,is better dynamically than this and you,can turn the traction control all the,way off without breaking the car,but its not quite as playful,as im feeling in this car this reminds,me of a type r more than it does a,luxury sedan actually,its kind of got that like dirty front,end feel,ah thats great thats great the new 3,series doesnt really have that,this is a fun car to drive,and there is actually plenty of power,you can complain that 272 horsepower is,not enough,but i think that would be fully because,its more than you could ever need and,weve again,its the same as the accord engine this,is obviously a little bit heavier,but you get all-wheel drive now so if,you do decide to drive,like a maniac its a car that looks,after you,you cant really get into trouble and,everythings,predictable brakes confidently,turns in sharply nice steering ratio,is a julium sharper yes,but if you want that light japanese vibe,and you just want,the elevated fancy version of it with,all-wheel drive,its a bit of a no-brainer and its not,just the ride its the insulation,on the highway at 100 kilometers an hour,you can whisper to your passenger,thats kind of the extra stuff that,comes with going for the accurate you,know going for the lexus over the toyota,going for the acura over the honda,theres merit to it sometimes you just,want to be calm,and this can be a very calm car to drive,and just in case you dont feel like,this is enough power theres an incoming,type s,and if it if you know with this chassis,and this transmission,i think thats really something to look,forward to,oh you know what i want to say im,pleasantly surprised,yeah but im not because im pleasantly,its like it meets my expectations i i,thought it would be a gussied up,executive luxury all-wheel drive accord,no but it is that though,thats what i mean im just pleasantly,im not surprised okay yes exactly,no it it is exactly what you just said,it is like an all-wheel drive,in my opinion better looking accord but,like i think that,it drives honestly better a little bit,better than i expected it to,yes the turnings sharp the tourist,power feels,transmissions great yeah it just it,just is a bit turbo lag,it definitely has that no question im,not sure i agree with you on the looks,though i mean this is in black so its,kind of,its kind of dulled down but like you,know you saw the blue concept come out,it looked wicked this kind of looks a,bit,inoffensive its not exciting i guess a,little bit but i mean like cars rarely,look like their concepts anyway no the,concept becomes irrelevant right its a,push towards the design language but i,just i just think it kind of looks a bit,long,in a way that doesnt work is a bit long,it is long its actually quite a long,vehicle but like heres heres what i,like this front end other than this,abomination right here on the front i,think thats the most idiotic thing its,like just as bad as what,who is it that does this uh genesis,genesis,yeah i think this proportionally in,terms of the size of the headlights the,size of the girl,is better than the accord its just for,not very much more money,you get a car that is stylistically,superior the tough thing though is these,all enter into the julia segment,and the julias just everyone loses so,pretty yeah and the g23 series i think,is a bit long but anyway this is all,subjective,yes the proportions are fine more,interesting then is the inside because,thats kind of where you get a,completely different experience to the,accord,massive and to the germans yes,okay nice kind of hump on the clothe

2021 Acura TLX | Review & Road Test

the acura tlx is now in its second,generation,lets talk about what works and what,doesnt,one thing that works at least for me is,its style the latest tlx is not showing,instead it has a tasteful shape,with just enough visual interest to look,special,more than that the low wide stance,implies sporting potential,and im pleased to announce that,implication is true the tlx has a,spirited side,waiting to be unlocked from a power,perspective,the base turbocharged 2-liter engine has,plenty of chutzpah,choose the type s and the numbers look,even better but power is only part of,the equation,what really works for me is the steering,it feels slow on center,but the further you turn it the quicker,it steers,the result is a car thats both stable,and playful,ride quality is also outstanding,especially in our advanced model test,car with its adaptive dampers,meanwhile the 10-speed automatic,transmission does a fine job delivering,smooth shifts,while responding quickly to driver,inputs if i have a dynamic,complaint its the brake pedal i like,the firm feel,but changes in pressure dont lead to,fully predictable changes in,deceleration,unlike many of its rear drive luxury car,competitors the tlx comes standard with,front wheel drive,however acuras super handling all-wheel,drive system,is available for two thousand dollars,that system can send up to 70,of the engines power to the rear tires,and 100 of that power,to either the right side or the left by,overdriving the outside rear tire,super handling all-wheel drive can help,the tlx rotate and where cars are,concerned,rotation often equals fun,and if youre curious here are some fuel,economy numbers,a base tlx runs about 38 and a half,thousand dollars,including destination charges thats a,big jump versus the previous tlx,but it is a much better car and that,some includes a moon roof,heated power front seats dual zone,automatic climate control,keyless access with push button start,led lighting various drive modes,and a largely inoffensive automatic,engine start stop system,that saves fuel when the vehicle isnt,moving also standard is acura watch,a suite of safety and convenience tech,including full speed adaptive cruise,control,lane keeping assist and automatic,emergency braking,here i am on the freeway lets see how,well the tlx can keep itself,in its own lane,by the way you should have your hands on,the steering wheel but im merely,demonstrating and ready to intervene,yeah nice good distance from the car,ahead,no issues its not dirty back and forth,on the other hand heres the lane,keeping assist system deactivating,without warning around a corner,a handy reminder that when driving the,price for safety,is perpetual vigilance and now lets,take a moment to appreciate the tlxs,cabin,which channels elements from acuras nsx,supercar,the center stack and hooded gauge,cluster jump out first,but its the nsx style steering wheel i,love the most the ergonomics when held,in the correct,nine and three position are almost,perfect,the steering wheel is shaped to be,gripped by fingers that sounds like a,basic steering wheel requirement but,many car makers get this part wrong,elsewhere the interior matches the,exteriors understated initial,impression,but the more time you spend inside the,more the tlx charms,it also feels more luxurious than the,previous tlx thanks to things like open,core wood,higher quality materials and just a,generally more evocative design,ill also praise the seats theyre firm,and supportive but with a pleasing layer,of cush on top,they also offer excellent lateral,support without needlessly huge side,bolsters that impede the drivers arm,movements,heads up our advanced trim has 16 wave,front seats with adjustable side,bolsters and thigh extensions one last,interior note,spongy well-positioned armrests rank,high on the mike and muzio elbow comfort,index,howdy squirrel dimensionally speaking,the front seat is perfectly,accommodating for my 5 foot 10 inch body,i also fit fine and back though,clearances are more adequate than,generous,meanwhile trunk space lands at a,middling 13.5 cubic feet,though a wide pass-through and simple to,drop rear seats make it easy to carry,larger loads,glance at the instrument panel and,youll find super intuitive climate and,seat controls,you might also recall that acuras,previous two screen infotainment,solution,is gone now theres a single 10.2 inch,screen controlled by acuras,true touchpad interface in simplest,terms,where you touch on the pad here,correlates with whats being highlighted,here,upper right here upper right there,upper left upper left if youve used,competitive cursor style touch pads,this is going to take some getting used,to especially since that true,touch pad philosophy doesnt apply to,apple carplay,which you navigate like a traditional,cursor just know,if this seems odd at first time will,help,plus its got a beefy hand rest for,comfortable inputs,hooray another tlx ergonomic win oh and,one,weird observation the systems page swap,sound effect,reminds me of a shaker sample from a,1980s casio keyboard,if youd like the fanciest of fancy,tlxs thatll cost you roughly fifty,thousand dollars but youll enjoy,leather seating,blind spot monitoring a 360 degree,camera system,natural wood trim heated rear seats and,a 17 speaker els audio system,that some folks love but to my ears just,sounds okay,theres also an ace back package which,imparts the tlx with racy vibes,inside and out obvious alternatives to,the acura tlx include the bmw 3 series,audi a4 and mercedes-benz c-class,though that genesis g70 is awfully,tempting but with its slight price,advantage and rear drive chassis,even so the tlx has a lot going for it,composed road manners,compelling value strong resale figures,and a new found spirit of excitement,you know among luxury cars there are,plenty of predictable choices,that can help tell the world that youve,quote unquote made it,the acura tlx is different its a,subtler version of luxury,and the longer i live the better that,sounds,[Music],you

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The ALL NEW 2021 Acura TLX A-Spec Review

got me stoned,[Music],2021 acura tlx a spec without launch,control,thats not bad,horsepower and torque 272 horsepower 280,pound-feet of torque from a 2-liter vtec,turbo,4-cylinder this is not the type s tlx,yet,yeah thats coming in spring 2021. and,thats going to have a 3-liter v6 with,the turbo however this is designed after,the type s concept,yes the whole design for both of them,basically so lets start with the looks,i think this looks really good overall,but lets start with the front pretty,much the exact same front end as last,years however,where it changes is in the corner weve,got a lot of cool overlaps of body,yeah and the headlights look really good,pretty much like the concept,and when youre looking at it top down,thats the most where it looks like the,concept,besides that the rest of the car the,only part that looks like a concept is,like they had to slap the concept parts,onto the existing body and it looks kind,of like a kit car,version of the concept to me i think,this grille also looks really good,considering the size of it,yeah and its exactly like last years,grille pretty much so moving around to,the side what do you think of these,wheels,theyre dark and they dont really stand,out and theyre a little bit small,yeah theyre part of the a-spec package,which makes them grey basically and what,would be the continental recommended,tire,the extreme contact dws-06 and the,viking contact 7 because you should,probably be thinking about winter tires,at this point yeah make sure you have,them on by november because one snowfall,and you wont be able to get anywhere,you need to go,unless you live in the south where you,dont need winter tires and youre gonna,leave a comment telling us that yeah we,we get it weve been to arizona so what,about the overall side profile,you get a little bit of molding along,the rocker to shrink the middle of it i,guess like,hourglass shape it which is a little bit,like the concept but not as much as it,should be,and if we look towards the back the hips,of the car kind of match the concept as,well theyve got like a lot of cool,shapes to it and like you can actually,see the lines,yeah and especially in this red paint if,you hit the sun at the right angle which,weve been doing all the time,because were awesome at shooting cars,it does look a lot more like it but like,overall,its just not good enough and we love,cars that are exactly like the concepts,like we like the lc500,yeah we like this yellow one that i own,well you do but we should probably move,to the back end yes i think this thing,overall looks really good like i keep,saying and the back end also looks good,except the taillights are kind of weird,theyre like good but also bad,they kind of remind me of the new bmw 3,series yes i see that as well but then,the part where it looks weird is when,theyre lit up they kind of look sad,yeah i really like the way the yellow,and red play off of it when youre on,the brakes and have the signal on,and what do you think of these exhaust,tips not as good as,the last years tlx i like the big,rounder ones a lot more,on the a-spec specifically yes i think,these are pretty good but yeah i agree,the circular ones just kind of work,better but these arent bad for what,they are and lets hear what those,exhaust tips,sound like,and the back is also a little awkward,because its just not as good,as the type s concept looked well,nothings ever pretty much as good as,the concept except for those two cars,that were talking about,pretty much almost but yeah this is,really good as an actual production car,and overall i just think its not quite,where it should be and if you like us,reviewing more accessible cars like this,instead of just supercars all the time,maybe consider subscribing i mean this,is still a luxury car but its an,entry-level luxury car thats what im,saying like compared to a lot of the,cars we drive like an x5 and bmw like,this is very reasonable i agree i said,accessible i didnt say,cheap i agree so with the looks out of,the way performance,wow wow that was slow to downshift,and kind of seamless upshift but wow,okay that was in drive let me try that,in sport,so lets try that again better,but definitely not that good okay how do,you like using the paddles i feel like,theyre so slow to react to everything,they are and this 10 speed auto is new,for this year we used to have a nine,speed in the previous generations i feel,like they should have just used the zf8,speed downshift,it takes like two to three seconds to,move the needle to where it should be,its definitely not a sporty feeling as,other sporty sedans,oh and speaking of sporty sedans in the,press footage they showed the type s,thats coming up,drifting and we back up this new engine,with,all the hardware befitting of a pinnacle,acura sports sedan,yeah you cant drift this yeah it was a,totally fake e-brake one you can tell,because you can see the smoke coming off,and they probably had a hydraulic,e-brake because this e-brake doesnt,work that way,but we should probably test how this,actually handles because it does have,the shoud,yes it shout aka super handling,all-wheel drive which we have loved in,many different acuras,so lets see how it feels here so im,going to downshift and its going to,take a while but lets see,okay tires are screaming like absolutely,screaming but,taking the tires aside it actually kind,of feels like its going to grip but it,also feels like its totally,disconnected from the back end,in terms of the front end what the,wheels are doing it kind of feels like,im driving a worm or a snake,i know a lot of people say the front is,disconnected from the back ive said,that multiple times,but this is the only time that ive like,really felt that it feels like youre on,trace slides on the front,and the back on ice but it still does,pull you through everything,pretty easily its just like an awkward,feeling exactly because like theres a,lot of body roll to it too and like the,steerings kind of delayed almost its,its a weird feeling where its not that,good but i also know its quite,capable but it would be interesting to,see how this handles with like a super,high performance and the shoud system,yes now this is the a-spec so youd,expect some more performance however,thats not the case here we dont have,any adaptive suspension,thats only on the upper trim and its,going to be coming on the tlx type s,as well so unfortunately no adaptive,suspension we do have a couple drive,modes,i feel like they dont really make a,difference other than the throttle input,but the suspension itself,is really comfortable over regular bumps,and stuff like that its just the,handling where it kind of feels wormy,okay theres a lot of stuff i dont like,about this car but one of the things i,really love,is when you put the drive mode into,sport you get the coolest,anime style animation ever whoever did,that is the best,that is really cool then when you got,comfort individual and normal its kind,of all right animations but like,sports so lets put this into sport just,kidding im already in sport and floor,it again,okay power is actually pretty good and,sound is a little bit weird where i feel,like theyre trying to simulate,a v6 but power itself is actually decent,like once the turbo spools up,i like it because you can also hear some,of the turbo blow hot fast theres still,a lot to talk about lets get you into,the drivers seat,okay but first apple carplay had an,update,ios 14. it cant say jacob w again you,want to hear it,call jakub w,did you mean yarko tzapovsky,no call jacob w,i dont see a jacob w in your contacts,who would you like to call,yakub w,i dont see a jacob w who would you like,to call it literally,is the exact spelling of the yakub w,thats in my phone this is trash,this is awful apple is trash guys you,knew we were gonna do this test,can you fix this so when we do the,actual comparison we dont fail on this,side and it also didnt actually work,on carplay you have to disconnect your,phon

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Sport sedan skirmish | 2021 Acura TLX Type S vs 2021 Lexus IS 350 F SPORT

You want a sports sedan.,Youve got about 50 to 60 grand to spend and you want a six cylinder engine, not a four.,That makes at least three hundred horsepower.,Well, these are just two of your choices.,The brand new twenty twenty one Acura telex type S with a turbo six or the refreshed twenty,twenty one Lexus,is three fifty F four.,They both got all wheel drive costs about fifty four thousand dollars with a lot of,nice performance hardware and luxury Acura says its precision crafted performance.,Alexa says that if you buy an ELLs youll experience amazing.,So lets see if the hype on these cars is real.,This is Palmer Motorsports Park in Palmer, Massachusetts.,Its one of the best private courses in the Northeast.,And best of all, theres no traffic, no people tailgating you out of the grocery store.,No speed limits.,Ive driven slower versions of each car within the past year.,So what do we have here?,The first Turbo V six ever in a normal Acura shares two things with the twin Turbo V six,and the insects.,The metal used for the crankshaft and reliability of all the things a car engineer working on,a high performance engine would rank.,Reliability wouldnt make the top three, but not an Acura.,A track like Parmer, which are at right now in Massachusetts, is pretty technical.,Theres not a lot of runoff.,Theres this one straight right here that Im on.,And then youre turning and the street isnt even all that straight.,So what it really does is it puts a car suspension and chassis to the test.,It doesnt matter what youre driving.,And weve driven a lot of different cars on this track.,Its been great.,You get elevation change, you get hills, you get blind, turns accurate, doesnt sell the,telex type as as a track car, the position, the Civic type of the Honda.,More along that vein.,Thats a front wheel drive car.,Ive driven that car has a lot of fun.,But the added boost of this B6, they spent a lot of time developing it because the peak,talk comes on at fourteen hundred RPM, which is right off the line.,So when youre on the road, you can just get up and go.,Just like that.,In a type, as you get an accurate exclusive engine, its a three leaders single Turbo,V six.,Now its got three hundred fifty five horsepower and three hundred fifty four pound feet of,talk and not another Honda is going to use it,. Honda, Acura, share a lot of parts.,The Acura has promised us that this is going to remain true to this brand.,Theyre trying to elevate it.,Increase the performance, the exclusivity, the same engine is also going to be available,in a big SUV, the MDX type s.,So if you dont want a sedan.,You can bring the whole family along on vacation and do this.,The all wheel drive has a lot of traction, but what helps is the rotation, thats what,makes you feel like youre in a rear wheel drive car with more balance.,Its like an enter this turn, push it, push it, push it.,The inner there is essentially changing the trajectory of the car, tightening the line,,making it feel more balanced, making you feel more accurate.,And they do that mechanically.,A lot of cars these days are using brakes.,So itll break a wheel to slow it down.,Accurate?,Doesnt use that.,It does it the old fashioned way.,Its a more expensive system.,And theyve developed it for years, really since the mid 2000s.,And you can really feel it operates very transparent, doesnt get in the way.,And it definitely elevates a sport sedan like the TLCs.,On the tape s theres an exclusive sport plus mode on the regular telex, it only goes up,to sport.,Now, that does a few things.,It definitely makes the throttle a bit sharper.,The adaptive dampers are a little firmer, and theres an active exhaust with the baffles,that always stay open.,That is my kind of jam.,The way this 10 speed automatic is programed, its excellent.,Im using the panel scepters because I just want to hear the engine breathe a little bit,more.,But the programing is excellent.,Ratios are really well spaced.,In the snap of the uplift, its great.,It really is.,Definitely like the brake feel on this car.,They are certainly upgraded and brakes, I cant stress enough how much it matters, not,just on a track, but on the road, because in a panic stop situation.,You want the most you can get in a car like this.,Yeah, they look pretty, but they do a really good job.,Yeah, really nice balance to those Ss right there.,Were going into a decreasing left turn radius is getting a little sharper.,Give it a little bit more.,A little bit more.,Excellent.,Now its clear this is not a totally fair fight because this 350 sport doesnt have,the track handling package that would give the adaptive dampers and bring it more up,to speed with this car, but you cant have everything.,We also dont have the Iast five hundred at this time which might beat this car.,I dont really know even what that Veidt versus this Turbo six.,Were going to have to let you guys tell us once you start test driving and maybe buying,some of them.,And you can definitely tell that the engineers spent a lot of time on a race track because,it is very balanced.,Its just I keep using that word because it is Cardus feels super stable.,Little bit of swirly thats there.,But the tires are getting hotter, still very predictable.,Thats what you want in a sports sedan.,You dont want things to be on one way and then the next turn you spun out.,Thats not how this one goes, though.,They really accurate.,I got to say, its been a long time developing this car, promising that we were going to,get an excellent sports sedan.,Its right up there.,It really is.,Is it the absolute best out there?,Well, its certainly among the top five.,Id say theres not as many sports.,It sounds like there used to be a versus.,That is an dynamically kicks it in the pants.,This is not the Iast 500 hundred with the five liter V8 making over four hundred seventy,horsepower.,Its not the Iast 350 sport with the sport handling package.,Sorry.,Deal with it.,This is what we have.,I know its not a completely fair fight, but Lexus did put a lot of reengineering into,the chassis, and thats on every year, 350, regardless of what is going on, the tires,or the adaptive dampers, both of which,we dont have regular all seasons.,We dont have the sport plus or a limited slip deth.,So all those things really would make a much bigger difference, I think.,However, Ive already driven the is three hundred.,Ive driven this.,I have 350 on the road.,And the chasey is pretty good.,Its sorted.,Now its smaller than the telex.,It certainly feels less wide when Im in here.,The wheelbase, everything.,I dont have the exact measurements right off the top of my head.,But just getting in this car, I feel like its more snug.,And that just helps me feel more, you know.,Oh, gosh, yeah.,Now, its not going to be able to push this car like the type.,Certainly not with these all seasons.,I think you could do a lot more with the handling package.,Its just hard to find one.,And heres the other thing that bugs me about the sport, because you dont get as high Besse,,which comes one way.,The only option is summer tires.,With the sport, you have to not only check the box for the handling package, but you,have to get the rear wheel drive version to get the limited slip differential and the,eight speed automatic.,This one, even if it had the handling package, a six speed, its like who uses six feet automatics,anymore?,That might not seem like a big deal.,But the gaps in the gears are just so noticeable and the accurate, its just firing off one,,two, three, four or five, it goes all the way to 10.,The spacing is so much tighter, which means it reacts quicker.,This thing is just like a much older automatic.,And it does sound good.,Its a three and a half liter V six making three hundred eleven horsepower and two hundred,eighty four pounds a torque.,But it doesnt quite have the same immediacy as an accurate Turbos six.,It just doesnt.,Its just a shame that even though this is a significantly refreshed car.,Lexus

The 2021 Acura TLX A-Spec is an Impressive New Japanese Luxury Sedan

[Music],about six years ago acura took the,beloved tsx and tl name plates to,combine them into,one vehicle called the tlx the tlx was,designed to combine the larger,proportions and dimensions of the tl,with the sportier smaller driving,dynamics of the tsx now back then,acura wasnt very successful with,harmoniously combining the two vehicles,into a better car,which brings me to the all-new second,generation of the tlx it now rides on a,bespoke acura exclusive platform,its still available with either front,or super handling all-wheel drive and,underneath the hood,acura has replaced the old naturally,aspirated engines in favor of,turbocharged,units the base engine is now a two liter,turbo four and,in the spring of next year a hotter type,s version is going to debut,with a twin turbocharged v6 thats the,one that enthusiasts,are really excited to drive now this,vehicle right next to me is the all new,2021 tlx a spec,the sportier sport package that acura,has been offering over the years and the,big question i want answered with its,new styling new platform new powertrains,and all new interior,has acura successfully created a,japanese alternative to all the european,luxury sedans thats were here to find,out,[Music],now a couple years ago acura debuted the,type s concept and as you can see that,concept models,lines basically have carried over into,the full production version of this tlx,they first unveiled the full production,model,a couple months ago online because of,the coronavirus pandemic and as you can,see,finally seeing the car in person photos,dont really do it justice because this,car is seriously,low and wide and thats the main reason,for,acura moving this to an all-new platform,because they wanted this car to look,distinctively wide and it certainly does,as you can see the a-spec model,takes it up even further with black,accents its own unique front fascia the,grille especially,acura has been struggling over the years,with their grille designs they went from,that beak to the diamond pentagon now,and i think the diamond pentagon on this,car,is the best interpretation yet i really,like the inside of the diamond pentagon,what i dont particularly love is the,large radar sensor thats right behind,or thats right in front of the acura,logo i think acura could have made it a,little bit smaller,but with this white exterior and the,black accents it looks fantastic i also,love the new headlight designs,these are the next generation of acuras,july leds it has a chicane,led daytime running light with led turn,signals the a spec and up trims will,also include,led fog lights so a lot of you have been,complaining that manufacturers are,getting rid of fog lights acura,thankfully has kept them here,on this tlx especially if you guys go,for the sport package model now this,white on,red interior with the black accents is,definitely going with todays,current theme of color color,combinations and i really,noticed just how much lower and wider,this car is when you look at it from the,side profile in fact acura has,made this car substantially larger for,the 2021 model year its about the same,size as the fourth generation tl now,at 194 inches long in the overall length,its four inches longer,its wheelbase has been stretched to 113,inches long so again thats also four,inches longer than the old tlx and,at 75 and a half inches wide this thing,is about two and a half inches wider,than the old tlx which makes it one of,the biggest,and widest cars in the segment this is,more akin to something like a bmw 5,series a mercedes-benz e-class,versus a 3-series or mercedes-benz,c-class so if youre wanting something,thats kind of a tweener vehicle,this is now one of the vehicles to do,that and because acura had got rid of,the,rlx this year thats why the tlx is much,larger this is now,the companys flagship sedan now looking,at the wheel options 18 inch wheels are,going to be standard this a-spec model,includes these,shark gray finished five-spoke 19-inch,wheels theyre wrapped in pretty fat,tires two 55-40 width tires now thats,about 20 millimeters wider,versus what you get on the base tlx and,this is a wide tire so its really going,to give this thing,nice proportions the type s model will,actually include a 20-inch wheel which i,think the body lines could,definitely go with a 20-inch wheel itll,make it look even more aggressive now,again theres a subtle little a-spec,badge here to show that this has the,sport package,i like the black mirrors that you get on,this package what i dont love however,is the fact that acura does not offer a,pano sunroof on this car,i dont understand acura they would i,think this would have been a great,opportunity,to give us a panel sunroof you can get,something like that on like a camry so i,dont know why they dont do that a,black painted roof would also look,really great,to contrast this thing so i think acura,should consider offering that,in the future now around the rear,profile again you can really see the low,and wide proportions and these tail,lights these full led tail lights,kind of mimic the shape that you get for,the front headlights i like the,subtle black painted rear spoiler that,you get with the a-spec model and then,down here the a-spec also gets a,slightly unique looking,rear diffuser with these dual exhaust,tips um the type s model will debut,quad outlet exhaust so thats the one,youre going to want to wait for if you,guys are looking for,you know the ultimate tlx and opening up,the trunk capacity,you can see the trunk actually got a,little bit smaller this year,surprisingly this measures around 13 and,a half cubic feet of space which is,actually,pretty competitive for the segment but,if youre thinking this larger tlx,has proportions that rival the accord,you might be mistaken especially when we,look at the interior,so while acura has done a really good,job with the exterior of the all new,2021 tlx what about the interior this is,where luxury buyers are going to spend,all of your time and as you can see,aside from my shirt matching the,red leather of my specific tester its,an interior that will feel familiar if,you guys have,been inside the new acura rdx but you,can clearly see that acura is ready to,take the brand to another level,especially when you guys go for this,color combination on this a spec trim,now at a glance you can see the inside,very much mimics the design language,that we first saw on the new,rdx youve got this new 10 and a quarter,inch acura link infotainment system here,which is again very tablet like it is,not a touch screen however the steering,wheel,is unique to the a spec its got a flat,bottom design this is actually probably,going to be the same steering wheel,thats on the type s,but the type s will say type s on the,bottom there as opposed to a spec and i,also really like the,door panel design youve got some real,aluminum trim youve got some stitch,leather with contrasting stitching the,red,the els 17 speaker studio 3d sound,system,sounds incredible it has like 800 watts,of power it rivals the best that you get,from,bang olufsen burmester and harman kardon,from all its european competitors when i,shut the door,the door has a really nice solid,sounding thunk remember this,is now based off of a bespoke platform,that is unique to the tlx this does not,share anything,with the current generation accord now,heres the key fob for the vehicle,you can see its acuras current key fob,it doesnt include remote start on the,fob i believe the advanced models give,that to you or you may be able to go,into acura link,to activate the remote start from your,smartphone this key fob,i think acura should look into replacing,it soon its a nice key,but its also getting you know five or,six years old the start stop button is,down here which,illuminates pretty nicely when you put,your foot on the brake,and again the gauges are a direct copy,of what you find in the,rdx especially the a spec model unlike,competitors acura doesnt go with a,fully,

2019 Acura TLX – Review & Road Test

The Acura TLX is an entry luxury sedan,that competes with the BMW 3-Series,,Audi A4 and the Mercedes Benz C-Class,among others. The Germans get a lot of,attention, but quietly the Acura TLX is a,strong seller. Why did I do this on a,hill?,Well, its connection to corporate parent,Honda doesnt hurt. While some luxury,sedans have finicky reputations, the TLX,is the Honda Accord of luxury sedans, and,I mean literally the Honda Accord. The,TLX and Accord have similar,underpinnings. You might think that,commonality diminishes the TLXs,premium image, but there are benefits. I,mean which would you bet is more,reliable a Honda or a Mercedes? The TLXs,Honda root also show in the simple,usability of its steering wheel and seat,controls. That said, not all elements are,instantly intuitive. Take the,infotainment system please! Thats good,shtick. With two displays theres,more visual real estate, touch controls,are close at hand and critical,information is placed near the driver,sight line. On the other hand, some,functions require excess attention from,the driver, and it takes a little time to,figure out which screen does what. Ill,also point out that while I love the,standard inclusion of Apple Carplay and,Android Auto putting it on the top,screen means I cant touch the buttons.,Instead I have to use this rotary knob,to make selections and then push this,button here instead of using the,interface that is expressly designed to,be touched.,Amazingly, this imperfect solution does,get easier with time, so does the,push-button transmission included on V6,models. Even though you have to visually,confirm your selection rather than,relying on touch. In similar fashion the,position and shape of the drive mode,selector makes it difficult to select by,feel alone. So, youll probably have to,take your eyes off the road if you want,to select between econ, norma,l Sport, and,Sport Plus modes. Incidentally, each,offers the steering and powertrain,behaviors youd expect. Regardless of,mode, the TLX pleases with linear,steering, a compliant ride and an,insulated cabin that keeps the madness,of the world outside, at least the parts,you can hear. For the TLX, front-wheel,drive comes standard. No surprises there,,but so does Acuras P-AWS or PAWS rear-,wheel steering system, which improves,both stability and agility, and you know,its true because it rhymes. Nonetheless,,front-drive TL Xs cant top the,inherent sportiness found in the 3-Series,or Infiniti Q50. A base TLX runs,about $34,000 including destination,charges. It comes with a sunroof, heated,power front seats, dual zone automatic,climate control, keyless access with,push-button start,,LED lighting, and a 2.4-liter four-cylinder,engine. The four-cylinder is adequately,powerful and comes paired with an,eight-speed dual-clutch transmission.,Interestingly the four-cylinder is only,slightly more efficient than the,optional 3.5-liter V6. Credit for that,minor efficiency gap goes to the V6s,ability to selectively deactivate,cylinders. In a world increasingly,dominated by four cylinders, we like the,V6 its strong and sounds brawny-er than,the base engine.,Thats nice. If the V6 has a downside,its the nine-speed automatic transmission,its partnered with. Some members of our,test team noted occasional hesitation,and a vexing tendency to select the,highest gear possible, improving fuel,economy but sapping fun from the driving,experience. For most drivers the nine-speed,is just fine, but it doesnt hurt to try,before you buy.,Buy the V6 and you can add Acura super,handling all-wheel drive for $2,000.,Choose it and youll lose the all-wheel,steering found on front-drive versions,,but youll gain traction, and not dumb,traction, intelligent traction. The,systems torque vectoring abilities,allow it to overdrive the outside rear,tire for nimbler cornering. FYI,heres the button to deactivate the,automatic engine start/stop system that,comes on the V6. You might need that.,Fans of not crashing will love the,standard Acura Watch suite of safety and,convenience technologies. Whether talking,about adaptive cruise control, lane,keeping assist, or automatic emergency,braking, each system works in helpful,predictable fashion. In particular the,forward collision warning system uses,orange flashes in the gauge cluster and,reflected on the windscreen to alert you,to danger. The warnings are obvious but,not distracting, which is nice, so you,dont turn a bad situation into a really,bad situation. See if I can get it to do it.,Worked like a charm.,I meant to do that. When not skirting,disaster, take a moment to appreciate the,TLXs cabin. In the entry-luxury space,there are more dazzling interiors. Oh,,look, the C-Class and that S60 is awfully,nice, but the TLX still exudes quality.,Soft touch points, a commanding and yet,relaxed driving position, and welcoming,seats make this a lovely place to burn,through your commute. Rear seat legroom,could be more generous, but my,middle-of-the-road five-foot 10-inch frame,fits well enough. Meanwhile trunk space,lands at 14.3-cubic feet, a healthy,number for the category. Adding,much-needed dynamism to the TLX,is the A-Spec package. Offered with,either the four-cylinder or V6, the A-Spec,package doesnt add horsepower but,it does boast a sport-tuned suspension,,19-inch wheels, and more assertive,styling inside and out. Raid the TL Xs,various option packages and you can add,leather seating, blind spot monitoring,,front and rear parking sensors, a,360-degree camera system, navigation and,a 10-speaker ELS audio system. Spare no,expense and a loaded all-wheel-drive,Acura TLX V6 Peaks around $46,000.,With competitive prices, a generous,equipment list, and healthy residual,numbers, the Acura TLX represents a,strong value compared to its peers.,Luxury goods tend to trade in flash and,emotion. Theyre about dazzling the,senses, and who knows, maybe validating,ones station in life. In the entry level,space there are plenty of recognizable,desirable cars thatll get the job done,,but if practicality enters the equation,might be wise to expand your search.,The Acura TLX is not the most emotional,luxury car you can buy, but it is,comfortable and competent. If youre,willing to swap a little bit of emotion,for superior value and reliability the,TLX,is a smart buy.

2022 Acura TLX Type S | Back From the Dead

[Music],the acura tlx type s,this has been a long time coming this,wont be a cookie cutter video,were going to discuss the engineering,the changes and the mindset behind,the creation of this so get yourself,[Music],ready,[Music],many have waited a long time for the new,type ss arrival,the tlx brings it back in great form,its rare that we discuss the exterior,styling of a car,especially a sedan the front and the,rear have been,slightly altered it has such an amazing,road presence,from the blacked out elements this has,to be one of the best blue paint colors,you will ever find on any car,at least in an affordable price range so,on the interior cabin this is a mix of,what we talked about on the,tlx advanced the mdx and,basically all the new acura products,carry over a lot of this design,from the steering wheel the center stack,the screen,the door panels all of that is unified,now across,all of the updated and new acura,products,ergonomically its amazing the comfort,and usability is good,speaking of that take a look at the door,panels theres an interesting use of,different textures which,acura has great marketing lingo for i,can,fit a huge bottle in the door its easy,to grab the doors dont open so far that,i,have a rotator cuff tear trying to close,the door the speaker grills are a nice,touch,overall youll notice all of those,little pieces of attention to detail,without making it gimmicky now in terms,of technology there isnt much thats,been updated you still have an,infotainment using a,touchpad that uses a forked version of,android in the meantime,the audio system is an els 3d setup,and it is amazing ill talk about that,during the final thoughts,but you might want to know whats,different with the type s,well you have this mix between the a,spec,with the seats that have adjustable,bolsters you can get these so tight if,youre a larger person it will literally,pop your kidneys out,they it has such great support and if,you want to back it off and go into more,of a touring car mode,you can in terms of the other parts of,the interior space youre never going to,forget that youre driving a type s,because there are so many types badges,plaster all over the place from the door,sills to the headrest to the outside,you know what it is speaking of which,what other neat little things that they,do here,the gauge cluster is a throwback to,their older acura products,you have a digi analog setup here they,look like analog gauges for,tachometer and speedometer and they use,a very subtle center screen for all your,multi-function indicator stuff,other than that really there is not much,here that you,havent seen already and were gonna now,crush your mind with all of the,technical information,about the type s that you probably want,to know,we are underneath the brand new type s,jack,before we get started with the technical,discussion,we need to cover what is type s so it,was taking a regular sedan,injecting a little bit of personality,performance while still giving you that,luxury car,feel and a lot of value type s does not,equate type r,correct they actually have three core,pillars from a marketing perspective,type s means it improves stop go,and turn and if you yeah its,its hard to swallow and if you look at,a lot of the marketing for the vehicle,itself,you have it going around laguna sega,drifting around corners and about,10 seconds behind the wheel of this,thing you realize this is not a,substitute,for a type r vehicle this is not a track,car they designed this to compete,as a value proposition the segment that,is the,non-amg amg c-class the audi,s4 and the bmw m340i,which this undercuts incre in price,dramatically and they do that by adding,a whole bunch of standard features,that you dont get on those cars you,have to pay a significant amount more,like,heated and cooled seats here a true,torque vectoring differential a,mechanical unit,you also get premium audio you get all,of the adaptive dampers here,so all this is baked in at around 53 000,to start so to get that in those,competitors youre spending quite a bit,more than that,that is why youre buying this so back,to what you said,the marketing the launch event theyre,trying to show we designed this on the,track and it is track capable,im going to just flat out say it you,have to put that on your mind,that is not what this car is about nor,are you going to take it there,and its not going to be a car that,youre going to drive like that this is,a pure,street car with a little bit of edge and,a little bit of performance and its,pretty damn fun to drive much like its,competitors an s4,a m340i those vehicles are not track,cars correct lets talk about what this,is this is,largely based from a body structure and,suspension standpoint,on the regular tlx it is the same it is,identical,and the reason why is they built the tlx,at the start,knowing they were going to make a type s,yes so everything was over built,everything was overbuilt from the start,so when they did a type s,they didnt have to change control arms,knuckles,some of the main things that this car,has so thats just ready to go but they,have had to make some improvements so,youre going to detail a lot of that,so there are some exterior changes which,im going to talk about very quickly the,front and rear fascias are,entirely different and the front grille,is far larger to,basically help with the cooling and,airflow required for this,single turbo v6 so when it comes to the,suspension tuning in the front,one of the things i will bring up when,is compared to something in audi s4 or,the bmw equivalents,not all of this is aluminum when it,comes to body improvements,from the regular tlx and here well,throw up this chart here,what they did is they added rigidity by,adding the x brace,and the rear trunk area behind the rear,seats and added strut,tower bracing up in the front so this,thing is like i believe about 13,more torsionally rigid than the regular,tlx,and theres a couple other reinforcement,pieces but really what theyre trying to,do is reinforce bulkheads,yes and because youre putting so much,extra power and torque through the car,makes a lot of sense the other thing,that they changed up front,is the front subframe is different and,that is just because of the engine,they couldnt reuse the same subframe,for the 4-popper versus the v6 that was,not there for light performance,when it comes to the suspension tuning,it is entirely different,so your front spring rate is,dramatically higher things like,30 or 40 percent stiffer in the front,your front sway bar is nine percent,stiffer with the rear sway bar and like,the,31 range and your dampers are also,entirely re-tuned to be stiffer and more,capable than the,regular adaptive dampers found on the,tlx advanced and these are also done by,zf,you also have different brakes and,steering so this has a i believe a four,piston brembo setup and unlike the,brembos found,in the type r it is not a two-piece,rotor design,correct and you go up from the regular,4-popper tlx with the 2-liter,they have just 13-inch traditional,traditional rotors and calipers this is,a four piston unit,so youre gaining an extra inch in,overall rotor diameter but theyre also,thicker so theres more thermal capacity,there for braking,the other part is the steering in this,car the eps unit which is a belt driven,unit has been revised to be,more direct and give you a faster ratio,and it is still a,variable ratio as well the rack is the,same that you get in the tlx,advance pack variable gear ratio the,difference here is,its quicker so when you get to this,point,it speeds up versus you have to give it,a little bit more steering input on the,regular tlx,and its overall ratio is quicker so it,just makes it feel like it wants to,respond or turn in quicker it gives a,far more,nimble perception behind this automobile,and this still has,sh all-wheel drive so it is a torque,vectoring,front-wheel drive bias all-wheel drive,system so it will send up to,70 of the torque to th

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