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The Adam Project – Movie Review

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for sponsoring,this video i do appreciate it now we,talk about the movie that everyone is,talking about totally its just all the,online chatter,this movie its not its,thats me trying to talk it up i would,be baffled if this video gets a hundred,thousand views when i watched the movie,and i was like that is video worthy im,gonna talk about,[Music],so the adam project is directed by sean,levy stars ryan reynolds of course it,does like director sean levy was like,right you remembered scorsese and,dicaprio in the mid to late 2000s,me and ryan reynolds hes my guy it,starts out briefly in the year 2050 i,believe and ryan reynolds has stolen a,jet that apparently can go through time,goes back to the year 2022 accidentally,he didnt mean to go to the year 2022,but here he is hes trying to stop,something from happening and so he teams,up with his younger self,and now theyre on their adventure also,surprisingly enjoyable and a thing where,this is kind of a buddy movie of a kid,and his older self or older person and,his kid version of the cell theyre all,teaming up to go on an adventure i gotta,say the pairing of the kid and the adult,to be the same person was actually,really good young ryan reynolds,character and ryan reynolds who i would,call ryan reynolds character but its,ryan reynolds you take a ryan reynolds,character from the past 10 years its,gonna be this guy but the pairing was,great the kid felt like young ryan,reynolds ryan reynolds is [ __ ] talky,self and this kid is younger [ __ ],talking self hes gonna become ryan,reynolds so ryan reynolds gets to,lecture him because we would all do that,whether it be five years ago 10 years,ago 20 30 years if you could have a,conversation with your younger self to,tell that younger self chill the [ __ ],out stop that thing stop doing that in,those situations we would all do it so i,enjoyed seeing that in this movie if you,cant do it in real life its fun to,vicariously have that fulfillment,through entertainment its kind of what,its there for sometimes because their,dad,its really confusing ill say the kid,version of the character his dad died a,couple years prior i think a year and a,half is what they say in the movie brian,reynolds is like how youre acting,youre gonna regret this for the next 30,years just be nice to your mom shes,trying i enjoyed that you know if youre,gonna have a movie thats just like oh,yeah time traveling adventure you know,like weve seen it all at this point,this is gonna break new ground im,always pleasantly surprised when they,can bring in a really nice family,dynamic of reconciliation where i could,be like hey i didnt get behind that,thats nice also funny enough the dad,played by mark ruffalo the mom played by,jennifer garner i know what youre,thinking youre like oh elektra was,married to the incredible hulk and had,deadpool as a kid no where im going,with this this might very well be the,unofficial sequel to 13 going on 30.,thats right theyre not all comic book,references on my channel sometimes its,13 going on 30. as for the action in,this movie the action was fine you got,ryan reynolds has brought some future,tech from his time hes fighting some,futuristic stormtroopers at d cloak,right in front of him so he has a,lightsaber but not lightsaber which is,funny because the action is very visual,effects heavy and sometimes i was like,oh that looks really good and theres a,d aging thing that happens with one of,the characters i was like well its,thats right they dont have that mcu,budget in that very same scene one of,the characters was standing on the green,screen i was like whoa that that looks,like my green screen you can see the,green right its doing that man that,green screen around the hair that was,happening i was surprised at the fun i,had with this movie i think if youre,looking for an enjoyable fun sci-fi,movie with a good family dynamic and,family lesson you and the kids might,want to sit down and watch it was like,late 90s early 2000s early to mid 2000s,adventure also i feel like i should,mention its i always say oh fun family,adventure theres more cursing in here,is pg-13 be mindful of that,not like i dont get [ __ ] its not for,me though its for informing parents i,try to be mindful of that because im an,uncle now and thats how uncle jeremy is,thats right being an uncles made me,soft whatever already made my 13 going,on 30 reference theres no one doing,this in terms of ryan reynolds being his,ryan reynolds self in the comments,section of my videos i could feel like,people are like yeah im kind of done,with that until deadpool 3 because,deadpools one of those characters one,of those movies was like yeah,thats fine directed by sean levy,director of this movie so you know,because theyre the team yeah in the end,i think its an enjoyable time fun time,no alcohol required its a movie for,youth doesnt treat kids like theyre,stupid all right so the adam project,have you seen it what did you think,about it or whats your favorite family,adventure that you still get into as an,adult whatever it is whatever you think,comment below let me know and as always,if you like what youve seen here and,you want to see more click right here to,see more,[Music],you

The Adam Project Review

[Music],youre me,that once was the atom project is like a,leap into the past a film that revels in,the sci-fi nerdiness of the 80s while,packing epic adventure and heartfelt,life lessons into a fun time traveling,yarn ryan reynolds stars as adam reed a,fighter pilot from the future whos,stolen a time jet in order to jump back,into the past and save the woman he,loves its a neat simple concept that,becomes something greater when he runs,into his younger self whos the only one,who can help get him back on track,[Music],walker scobel co-stars with reynolds as,young adam whos suitably freaked out,upon meeting his older self at least at,first thankfully its not long before,the two atoms are trading verbal blows,with reynolds in top form spitting out,quips like theyre going out of fashion,but its not just more of the same from,the deadpool actor instead theres a,subtle wariness to future adam and while,reynolds plays his usual sarcastic stick,for laughs he balances that out with a,pensive more restrained performance that,draws out the real story that real story,is that its all about their dad played,by the ever charismatic mark ruffalo the,atom project is as much about,reconciling adams own past as it is,about saving the future a neat touch,that elevates this beyond a simple time,travel story and gives the film a lot,more depth scobel is an absolute,revelation as well the young newcomer,really digs into what makes young adam,tick piloting his favorite video game,like an ace while getting the crap,kicked out of him at school best of all,the chemistry between young and future,adam is just about perfect their back,and forth is truly inspired giving the,film a humorous edge as future adam,rediscovers what a dork he used to be,why are you here i also class classified,are you in the air force,when i say classified what is your brain,here chocolate scobel holds his own,opposite reynolds matching his trademark,acerbic wit pound for pound that clash,of personalities extends to the atom,projects design choices too as director,sean levy walks an interesting line,between ultra futuristic and comfortably,retro its perhaps to be expected from a,filmmaker who has brought us both,stranger things and free guy but the,marrying of two different styles works,incredibly well its also packed with,impressive action sequences with fight,scenes that are furiously simple yet,beautifully effective,you can feel a certain chemistry between,reynolds and his director with levy,getting the absolute best out of his,leading man a triumphant sweeping score,from rob simonson completes the,retro-futuristic feel punctuating this,feel-good adventure with epic crescendos,and highlighting the mounting lit by,flashlight tension with classic 80s,synth vibes on the surface the atom,project is another attempt to hook us,with nostalgia the action-packed sci-fi,adventure is straight out of many of our,childhoods and it will definitely,resonate with viewers of a certain age,thankfully its a lot deeper than that,the adam project also tells a story,about reconciling our past and really,coming to terms with the life weve led,and the choices weve made,[Music],the atom project is back to the future,meets the last starfighter with a slew,of wonderful performances in a,thoughtful witty mashup ryan reynolds is,in top form as adam while walker scobel,matches him punch for punch with a great,debut performance the atom project is a,love letter to the family sci-fi flicks,of the 70s and 80s packed full of,amblin-like charm for more movie reviews,check out what we thought of turning red,and the batman for everything else stick,with ign but you get to be so dumb,lets try

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Watching *THE ADAM PROJECT* because Netflix told me to

hello troublemakers and welcome to,another movie commentary Monday are you,subscribed because if youre not youre,missing out on the fact that I upload,movie commentaries every single Monday,every single Monday 52 weeks out of the,Year happens every week subscribe to,find out if thats true the item project,Im assuming uh wait what why are you,not blasting this in my face thats what,shes oh thats what she said no its,not here the Adam Pro I was expecting it,to be here Adam the Adam Pro yeah Ryan,Reynolds the reason I know about this,movie is because they had a Super Bowl,commercial so that means they spent five,plus million dollars promoting this,movie just one time all just so that I,would come here to watch it and I dont,mean I is in like the average consumer I,mean Netflix specifically advertised,during the Super Bowl to get to me that,is my theory they wanted me to make a,movie commentary on this so bad they,advertised during the one time I ever,watched television which is during,football Im here to tell you Netflix,too you could have just paid me directly,I just it looked good during the,commercial pretty sure a guy travels,back meets his past itself its a sky,dance film its not a Wattpad film so,the quality is probably not gonna be as,great you know Wattpad its like up here,skydance I imagine is like kind of down,here last week we watched 17 again and,there was a lot of,um,theres no other way to say it theres a,lot of insectual overtones and this oh,you know what he travels back in time,his adult form is probably gonna meet,his mom in the past oh no oh were not,going that route again are we time,travel exists you just dont know it yet,okay oh so were in the future right now,I imagine your tracking system is about,to crash,okay so no one got through to chase him,interesting idea though to start with a,scene from the future actually,huh why oh what a badass kid he just ate,that punch he didnt Buckle at all watch,him just absorb this Punch Yeah I dont,know if Ive ever been more impressed,with the kid right now Julia,boom just eats it goes oh and thats it,as soon as a fist makes contact to my,jaw I just tears immediately a waterfall,like that did you order like a bully,starter kit on Amazon or something do,you even hear yourself Chuck,asthma what a loser,because what its,been here since we lost his father wait,they lost his father,and they cant find him everyone is,twice my size Ive seen babies bigger,than me I dont understand you dad would,well hes lost okay I dont know if Im,gonna like the kid hes a little too,witty theyre like doing like very adult,Ryan Reynolds with and this is like a,child and I dont know if it just it,doesnt work as well like children,arent as self-aware,hey because you dont have a dad its,okay I dont have a dad at least I have,a net his names Derek we work together,youre going on a date why am I going on,a date can we please stop saying date,now thanks I uh I dont want to pick on,kids I will I have in the past I dont,have a qualm with it I dont like to but,I will go there again sometimes children,deserve it are we ready for that,conversation I need Ryan Reynolds to,come set the tone hes the guy with the,wits and then you can get like little,glimpses of it with the kid but the kid,is going full ride rental its a little,too much got a nice house I wonder what,the dad did what the mom does maybe,shes in Technologies because thats a,really nice house its like in the woods,so its privates a lot of glass,its very impressive okay so now we have,the meeting of the two Reynolds,what the f is,a dog that,ever,yeah its interesting that they dont,start with this they started with the,scene in the future so we saw the,Wormhole thing right so we we understand,and believe it fully take it easy see if,you start the movie I guess maybe if,youre doing this big promo for it,anyways it doesnt matter because people,know the plot going in but if you didnt,see him actually time traveling then,were basically operating with the same,information the kid has like oh we just,find a man randomly in our shed bleeding,and theres Intrigue to that but because,you let the audience know ahead of time,it just changes how the the a viewer,would interact with the story right or,how the viewer would interpret things,bullet you were shot yeah no actually I,was stabbed with a bullet what do you,think you [ __ ] you can trust me thats,easy for you to say Im the one who ends,up in the therapist office telling them,about where the bad man touched me yeah,see what maybe Im underestimating 12,year olds maybe I think all 12 year olds,are idiots but at this point in my life,I dont think Ive ever been impressed,by a 12 year old so I dont I think Im,estimating them properly it just its,overhanded let Ryan Reynolds at the,adult form do all the sarcasm and,weediness let the child actor do the,cute stuff that all the parents go oh,still cute kid I dont need the witty,kid to be witty because its beyond his,mental capabilities he knew how to get,into my dads garage you knew how close,the fridge you know how to close the,fridge you know most people struggle,with fridges I cant tell you how many,spoiled groceries in a year there are in,the United States just because of people,who dont know how to operate fridges,theyre pretty complex machines theyre,supposed to land here on statement for,2018. who are you trying to save in,2018. really your dad dummy all right,here we go we still dont know the,mission hes trapped here he needs to,get back to 2018.,Ive isolated the damage relays ship,should be able to start repairing itself,how long will that take thats,convenient I was just thinking in my,head like hmm I wonder how long repairs,are going to take but its not going to,take any time at all or at least it,wont take any screen time because it,just does it itself thats super,convenient this is happening to me,youre wasting your time it already,happened to you right it works more like,a Multiverse wallpapers theyre about to,explain now the time Paradox if there is,one theyre gonna try to explain their,way out of it lets lets listen the,prevailing wisdom my memory our memories,May reform they reconcile theres only,one place in time where you belong its,your fixed time okay I guess I dont,care Im too stupid to understand half,the stuff anyways I was like I was,keeping up for about 50 of it and then,my brain just went uh,foreign,Im surprised youre still up thats,what she said,will you be seeing him again no no I,dont think so well you work with him so,I imagine you will be,hi oh,a gang,nope nope nope that is a goatee this man,has some Italian lineage I can see it,somewhere actually I dont know the,markers of Italian people but I know,that this man may be in a gang and he,may be near the top but not at the top,hes not top he doesnt have a face for,a top,that sounded not,hes in a gang okay thats what I want,to say you have a wonderful mouth mullet,and you must be very proud oh my gosh,Adam see you soon unlikely but Ill be,sure to put a good word for you Derek,okay what you can be a real jerk,sometimes,you know that thats your 12 year old,son you didnt even like him anyways,hes in a gang you dont want to get,caught up in that life you had a bad,date with him your son was maybe a,little bit sarcastic to him who cares,youre gonna like admonish yourself oh,Jennifer Jennifer youre really planting,the seeds of my distaste,for you,oh youre so rich maybe shes involved,with the gang she has a lot of money,thats not real they do the uh the old,reflection,perfect its like this is the,of the window thats reflective,Ruffalo I,oh yeah,keeps like pushing promotional material,for this film and Ive seen him do,interviews and stuff for this he wakes,up every morning with a broken heart and,a closet full of his closing gets,nothing from you but a fist full of crap,not even like 10 seconds of genuine,empathy yeah you little jerk you can be,a real jerk sometimes can we just take a,break from the ass kicking I have

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The Funniest Bloopers from The Adam Project | Netflix

I just got to stop bleeding long enough,to prevent a nasty infection, and then Ill,be on my merry– doh!,Argghh!,And we all died.,[UPBEAT MUSIC],[CLAPPERBOARD CLAP],Great!,Now well die.,And Ill never lose fudge and crap–,this is PG-13 so I cant say bad words.,Can you at least tell me how you got here?,Ill show you.,What the [BLEEP] was that?,Uck.,[CHUCKLES],It is not on me.,Oh.,Uh, hold on one sec–,[PUNCH SOUND],Ow!,Im so sorry.,Keep going.,Keep going. Keep–,[GIGGLES],Uh, dont– dont– dont take that bite.,Put it back.,[LAUGHTER],Good.,Nice.,Are we going to smoke this banana?,I said– Play ball!,[LAUGHTER],Dad!,Cut!,Are you OK?,Just making sure I wasnt getting mugged.,(WHISPERS) Maybe I am.,Oh, my gosh.,What the hell?,Im not supposed to do this, but if you go near Adam again,,Ill know.,And I will find you, Ray.,Its a real streamer.,Its like Netflix down there.,OK, get yourself home.,Clean yourself up.,Go on.,I forgot the line.,Whats the line?,3, 2, 1.,No. Wait.,Wait. Wait.,I–,Oh!,Just wait!,Fix it in post.,No!,Adam!,[LAUGHS],This is not a good idea.,This is not a good idea.,For you, [BLEEP] ninja.,[LAUGHTER],[UPBEAT MUSIC],[CRASH],Oh!,Everythings OK, guys.,I was looking so cool.,Just do it slower.,Its OK, youre doing it great.,I just need to forget everything I just remembered.,Yeah.,Dads partner?,She was always so nice to me.,Yeah, shes no friend of yours.,Ooh!,Are you OK?,Its my first time using a stool.,[LAUGHTER],OK, it looks like weve limbed up all the superfluous,spangledonners, and this bird is ready to eject,into the outermost stratosphere, atmosphere and stratosphere.,Theyre the same thing.,[ENGINE STALLS],[BLEEP],Cut!,Things happen to you, to us.,Thats water.,Remember to hold that.,Just give us a minute of face, Ryan.,Lets get Netflix what they asked for.,[SCOFFS],…hold on sir,Pretty sure they asked for the Rock.,OK.,[LAUGHTER],[YELLING],Oh, crap.,That messed up really bad.

Everything Wrong With The Adam Project in 17 Minutes or Less

[Music],43 seconds of glow goes sci-fi movie,opens by panning down from a shot of the,stars cliche we wont play it but the,movie opens with give me some love in by,the spencer davis group which i think is,one of the best songs of all time but,given the gratuitous use of jets in this,movie it also seems like a cheap attempt,to capitalize on the success of 1986s,iron eagle movie begins by smugly,calling me ignorant and to add injury to,insult does it by making me read also,this may have been true if you just,displayed both lines at the same time,but since you told me time travel exists,before you told me i didnt know it yet,i actually knew it existed prior to the,accusation of me not knowing it exists,yeah but you know that i know that so,one of us doesnt know something else,right allow me to follow this logic here,so because she knows that you know,something means that either you or her,dont know something different than the,things you know did i get this finely,crafted piece of conversational logic,correct but wouldnt it be safe to,assume everyone has something different,they dont know even if they didnt know,that you knew the original thing that,you knew movie thinks that technology in,2050 will require all this switch,flicking knob squeaking foreplay just to,get it started how do i know this is,wrong you ask well you dont know it yet,but time travel exists also i saw,similar rocker switches on a boat in,2022 and im pretty sure it was from the,past who talks like that did you order,like a bully starter kit on amazon or,something so weve got baby ryan,reynolds and actual ryan reynolds in,this movie and id just like to go ahead,and add 10 sins for both of them being,so excellent at cinemasins this entire,film will try to get away with things by,snarking itself to death and we just,cant allow that absolution its barely,been a year since we lost his father,remember you spell it principal because,they are your pal you used the beginning,of your movie to sneak in some forced,exposition at least i think thats how,the mnemonic device goes you better,start caring because the future is,coming this foreshadowing is,heavy-handed even for a movie that,opened with time travel exists this,doofus will just leave his ball glove,out in the yard unprotected from the,elements and then not close the door,when he comes inside you wonder why we,have so many kids since can we please,stop saying date now kid is killing his,ryan reynolds impression but the problem,with roles like this where the younger,actor mimics the older one is that it,makes it seem like personalities are,constant throughout life as opposed to,something we develop over time then id,like to think it took more than just a,few years of bullying to turn reynolds,into a sarcasm no ovens no answering the,door no video games this is just a setup,so we can immediately cut to this little,prick playing video games but honestly,what kind of parent tells a middle,school age kid no video games in 2022,this is just a recipe for all sorts of,internet rabbit holes that lead to your,child either becoming a porn addict a,racist or even a youtuber let the boy,play video games for gods sake also,showing this as a precursor to adam,becoming a pilot makes a good point that,some video games can help you learn,certain skills hi on the other hand and,what you get when your mom and dad think,nintendo is the devils sudoku and,movies are safer bet continuing to walk,into a forest that appears to be raining,fire,im not trying to start a conspiracy,theory or anything but have you ever,noticed that kids in movies have a much,higher percentage chance of having,asthma than kids in the real world is it,something in the la water there has to,be another explanation other than its a,cheap and easy shortcut to tension and,easy character development doesnt there,hey dont dont call anyone okay put the,phone im not gonna hurt you the fact,that the movie doesnt end right here,means that ellie is a terrible parent,even at 12 this kid should know that,finding someone in your home with a,gunshot wound is an immediate call to,the police situation and not to wait and,see if its your older self who has,traveled back in time on a mission to,save his wife and restore continuity to,the timeline situation and the director,said hey ryan when you open the fridge,first thing grab an apple yeah ive,played sarcastic my whole life,i know how to choose the right fruit,bullet you were shot yeah no actually no,no i was stabbed with a bullet what do,you think you adam the old thinks,taking his younger selfs question which,was obviously based on the surprise of,seeing his first gunshot wound out of,context makes him clever who even does,that seriously whats with the,lightsaber its not a lightsaber,thinking if you say it enough disney,wont sue you,no one calls jinx how do you know my,dogs name because i named him why tell,him who you are at all though what,purpose does it serve other than getting,him more worked up than he already is,even if you were going to tell him why,wait until now i mean other than the,obvious reason that you wanted to string,the audience along who by the way have,known what was going on here from the,beginning anyway,thats classified but yes is ryan not at,all concerned about changing history at,this point if hes studied as doc brown,hes got to be a little bit nervous,right now right because im injured,ah the jet wont even clear me to fly,which means i cant even get in there to,fix her well that makes no sense,unless your goal is to strand in the,past every pilot that gets hurt on the,job but then again why does time travel,require planes to begin with oh yeah,because the story i cant even get in,there to fix her gendering your jets but,guess who can,[Music],so your fancy future technology can tell,youre injured when reading your dna but,not that you were all of the sudden 12,years old not securing your body while,riding a wobbly hoverboard 50 feet into,the air with the child version of,yourself he found the perfect number and,size of trees to prop up this plane and,keep it perfectly level im gonna go out,on a limb and say trees dont work like,this i dont know what that is but when,is a flashing red light ever good well,when my air fryers finished reheating,my waffle fries just for one example,also the red flashing light quite,obviously says critical damage detected,and those are three words i would hope,someone knows before flying a normal,plane never mind a time plane also also,the second exclamation point after,detected is just redundant overkill an,alternative kind of wallpapers the sin,is that the movie has to provide this,answer because weve all been programmed,to ask the question my god we watched,too many movies thinking you can watch,too many movies okay the prevailing,wisdom,is that when i go back to my fixed time,my memory our memories,they reform they reconcile okay thanks,we will keep all that in mind but quick,question what if you change something,not related to your memories you know,the whole butterfly thing well if you,make a decision that radically alters,the future in a way that cant be,reconciled and more importantly what,happens when more than one person is,jumping through time does your mind,reconcile their changes too my point is,as always time travel movies suck im,kidding im kidding im not kidding,im kidding ricky gervais what the hell,is wrong with you future are you trying,to make pictures worse im sure we are,all hoping for a day when technology,will allow us to see our pictures washed,out with a constant blue shading and,with everything behind the transparent,display mixed into them the literal,polaroid from the 1960s is more advanced,than this you have a wonderful mouth,mullet you must be very proud nothing,about this says party not the front not,the back and not the side to side in all,the ways that matter this is not a,mullet shouldnt you be at work,yeah i need to pay the insurance on the,house today holy is t

The Adam Project (2022) Netflix Movie Review

you know ryan reynolds is typically very,funny and his movies usually are,wonderful but his last two outings from,netflix havent been as stellar as they,really could have been but hes back,again with his free guide director in,the new netflix sci-fi action movie the,atom project so should this one be the,one that you add to your watch list,[Music],a time traveling pilot teams up with his,younger self and his late father to come,to terms with his past while saving the,future casting this is pretty stacked i,mean not only do we have ryan reynolds,but theres also zoe saldana mark,ruffalo catherine keener and jennifer,garner and we also get to see the young,actor walker scobel in his first feature,so first off the premise is that ryan,reynolds plays adam a pilot from 2050,who goes back in time and lands in 2022,where his 12 year old self is now future,adam is trying to solve a problem but,hes also in danger from someone in his,own time and we learn all of this within,like the first couple minutes of the,movie both future and present adam come,into contact and then i was blown away,by walker scovels performance his,acting was very natural but what stood,out to me was how closely he mimics ryan,reynolds the timing tone of voice,sarcastic delivery i mean even along,with the facial expressions and body,language really do make it feel like,were watching the younger version of,this future atom now because this is a,sci-fi action movie and portions have to,do with the future we get to see some,fuchsia technology and the special,effects i think look pretty cool now,because reynolds recently teamed up with,sean levy on free guy we know that he,can handle a lightsaber because we saw,that epic,in this that scale comes in handy with,this really cool staff that future adam,has now chasing adam are some soldiers,that come from the future they look like,theyre wearing shiny hockey pads over,their tights but when they die thats,when the effect is pretty cool there are,also some great chase sequences within,this where the excitement is tense and,its urgent and i love how the camera,chases along with the characters but,then puts us right into the vehicle as,all of its happening around us now the,action i mean is so much fun when its,there but this isnt non-stop action but,when it is present it is engaging now,because this had to do with time travel,there are some complex ideas that are,discussed and theyre broken down to an,understandable level that doesnt tack,down to the audience but also just isnt,going to confuse us also some of the,time travel problems that are always,raised in movies are addressed here and,this one makes even more sense than some,of the more recent dealings with that,same subject now the movies an hour and,46 minutes but some of the story feels,surprisingly thin the concept of the,plot is simple which i think is fine but,most of the characters outside of future,and present atom dont have a lot of,development to them zoie zeldana is a,driving force in future adams life but,she comes on the screen quickly and then,she has a really fun action sequence and,then disappears from the story for quite,a while jennifer garner is sweet for,what her role is but theres not much,here for her actually to do now i like,catherine keener and her role can be fun,but theres just something missing from,the equation her motivations seem weak,once theyre fully explored now she gets,to play the antagonist and she can be,menacing and ruthless but there are,moments where she just comes across as,stiff plus theres a de-aging technique,used with some wonky cgi that looks,close to being believable but its also,so unsettling that it was hard to buy it,and thats not the fault of keener i,mean it just happens to be her face that,we see that just doesnt look quite,right and what we get is closer to,chelsea peretti than catherine keener,also wanted her motivations to be,loftier to have more weight to why she,was doing what she was and its not like,we cant understand what shes doing the,motives are easy to understand and,theyre not shrouded at all but they,just dont feel original or even,something that we should really care,about mark ruffalo has a big impact on,the story even though his screen time is,fairly minimal and hes got good comedic,timing that works really well off of,reynolds and he can be very very funny,and he comes across as naturally,charming and charismatic but what i,appreciated most of his performance is,the heart of his character theres a,moment where hes talking to future adam,and he just keeps repeating phrases and,from a parent-child standpoint it is,incredibly moving and its filled with,so much emotion that i found it hard not,to get choked up while watching and,thats where this movie really succeeds,the emotional journey is very touching,and effective in building out a story,that more than makes up for any of those,other story deficiencies not only do we,watch future adam come to terms with a,ton of his issues but he also has some,really moving conversations with his,younger self as well as with his dad and,even when there is the sarcastic comedy,in the middle theres still a sweetness,that comes through and maintains that,emotional pull i love the relationships,that are showcased during the story,while sometimes theyre biting they also,feel very true with the massive amount,of concern thats shared between our,characters i was really enjoying a lot,of the cinematography in this scenes are,shot to give us good sense of intimacy,which then help to highlight the growing,relationships and the wisdom thats,being shared between the characters the,score and soundtrack are also really,enjoyable i mean the music is a bunch of,throwbacks that create a great,atmosphere and then the score has this,repeating theme its soft and orchestral,and while it is kind of a dramatic sound,it also has this hopefulness to it there,are a couple of nods in this to other,ryan reynolds films now some are in the,way that scenes are carried out and,others are shown through character,actions and one in particular made me,just totally laugh so overall the atom,project is a fun action sci-fi with a,simple story that is made tremendously,better by the sweetness of the message,not all of the characters have the,deepest storylines or are fleshed out,totally well but the comedy works and,the banter between ryan reynolds walker,scoble and mark ruffalo is funny with,great timing and the scene stealer in,the movie is the newcomer walker scoble,he captures the mannerisms cadence and,affectations of ryan reynolds very,convincingly and its going to be great,to see what else he does the special,effects are also impressive as are the,score in the cinematography and what,saves us from being a rote and,forgettable film is the satisfyingly,emotional storyline thats filled with,love and hope theres no sex or nudity,but there is some profanity and a bunch,of violence i give the adam project four,out of five couches whats your favorite,movie or show about time travel now okay,dark absolutely the number one but i,also love how primer melts my mind every,time i watch it but let me know yours in,the comments below if you enjoyed this,review please give it a like also dont,forget to share and subscribe im chris,this is movies and munchies thanks for,couching with me

The Adam Project – Review!

[Music],this review is brought to you by peloton,visit,onepeleton.com to find out about all the,newest additions to pelotons library of,workouts including boxing and stay tuned,right after the review for more,information,hello everybody and welcome to my review,for the atom project which is the latest,netflix original the atom project has,actually been in development for about a,decade tom cruise was attached to star,at one point this iteration the one that,made it to the screen is a combination,of drafts that were done in the past by,t.s nolan jennifer flackett and mark,levin writer jonathan troppett who,created the tv series warrior and wrote,2014s this is where i leave you,collaborated with levy and reynolds on,the final draft of the script walker,scobel in his acting debut plays adam a,young boy grieving the death of his,father and struggling with being bullied,at school his mother played by jennifer,garner faces the challenges of raising a,child alone and trying to reintroduce,herself to the world one night adam,comes face to face with a future version,of himself played by ryan reynolds who,has come back in time to stop an evil,executive played by catherine keener,from destroying the future both adams,set out on an adventure through time to,find their father played by mark ruffalo,and set the timeline right zoe saldana,also stars as laura one of future adams,closest allies who also has a key role,to play in the battle to save the world,director sean levy and star ryan,reynolds have made no secret of the fact,that they were heavily inspired by the,amblin films of the 1980s your back to,the futures your e.t the,extraterrestrials when it comes to,making this film i also caught a feel,that was a lot like the disney,live-action films in the 1980s,especially flight of the navigator which,was one of my favorites when i was a kid,this movie feels like all of those films,but its not a pastiche its not just a,kind of sloppily sewn together patchwork,quilt from all these different parts the,story of the atom project doesnt exist,just to serve its influences its less,of an homage and more of a throwback to,those kinds of films ive made no secret,of the fact that i am a fan of ryan,reynolds and i think that he actually,gives one of his best performances ever,in this movie and its largely because,the role of the ryan reynolds character,instead goes to the young actor walker,scobel whos making his film debut his,acting debut and he pulls off the role,impressively well especially considering,that he is doing a younger version of a,personality with ryan reynolds that we,all know very well but it doesnt seem,like an imitation it seems very natural,and you can actually see this kid,growing up to be the ryan reynolds that,we all know reynolds is more of an older,angrier more world weary version of the,personality that we know and the younger,version of adam has more of a role to,play than just the cute kid the two,characters share a lot of great scenes,together my favorite i think in the,whole movie is one where future adam,sort of is bemoaning his childhood and,the absence of his father and painting,it out to be a certain way and the young,version of adam kind of calls him out on,his bs and says like wait a minute,youre remembering events from your past,which is basically my present and im,telling you its not that way youre,basically rewriting your own history to,fit the feelings that you already have,and this is how you do character work it,could have just been like oh look its a,cute young me but these two actually,have something to learn from each other,and most impressively future adam has,more to learn from his younger self than,the other way around sentimentality,often gets a bad rap in movies and ive,said it before i think that sentiment is,fine cheap sentiment is what really can,drive a movie into the ground and there,are lots of different issues that are,broached in this movie dads death dead,dads that have been done a million,different ways but the atom project,makes sure youre invested in the,characters first letting the emotion,flow through them instead of asking for,cheap unearned sympathy and i think the,result is a sweet sometimes,heartbreaking story of a split family,thats trying to put itself back,together across time jennifer garner,makes the most of her screen time as she,struggles to keep young adam on the,right path while trying to deal with her,own grief and as the child of a single,mom i really related to both young adam,and jennifer garners characters because,i have seen how difficult that can be,and its true you dont really,appreciate that until youre much older,and thats something that plays into,future adams point of view when hes,talking to his younger self the fact,that a lot of people dont really seem,to appreciate most of what their parents,do for them until for some of them its,too late mark ruffalo also casts a,shadow over the film before he even,makes an appearance and his character,balances the distance of an academic,consumed with world-changing research,and the intimacy required of a father,raising a young son and the conflict,between those two also plays into the,story this is a character that doesnt,enter the film early on and yet he feels,like hes part of the entire movie,because i think that the script is,pretty well written the fact that there,were so many drafts done over so many,different years over a decade of,development the fact that it feels,mostly like a cohesive story is a credit,to,the creative team behind the final,version of this film because it doesnt,seem like a story thats sort of a,frankensteins monster of so many,different peoples work over the years,even though there are four credited,writers the heart of this movie is the,family and i think the biggest flaw with,the film is that it comes at the expense,of the supporting characters in the,movie catherine keener has a role as,basically a mustache twirling villain,but she also has to play aside a younger,version of herself and that younger,version is done with what i think is,some very unfortunate de-aging,technology its gotten better than it,used to be but i still dont think were,quite there yet and about 80 of what,ive seen uh really just takes me out of,the film so i dont think that that was,the best choice if you cant pull it off,technologically and its not very,convincing for me technologically so,that was a barrier a little bit when we,had a younger version of catherine,keener in these scenes zoe saldanas,character laura is also good in the film,but i wish that she had more of a,central role to play in the main story,as it is she feels like almost sort of a,side quest that we visit before,continuing on to the main storyline i,dont know if that is the product of so,many different revisions being done to,the script she exists as motivation for,future adam because shes somebody that,he knows as part of that future world,but she doesnt really feel fully,integrated into the story until close to,the end i understand the function of her,character and i liked her character i,just wish that theyd been able to make,her feel more central to the movie the,preview screening i attended last night,was at cinemark select cinemark theaters,and they had a live q a that was live,streamed to all the audiences nationwide,afterwards and one of the things that,ryan reynolds brought up and i really,dont want to gloss over it when im,talking about this in my review is the,fact that he and sean levy one of the,reasons that theyre drawn to working,together is that they have a commitment,to making new intellectual property and,he even said it like i love the,intellectual property thats around,there but how can you have more great,stories if nobodys making news stories,and i think you have here with this,actor director combo two consecutive,really strong films in free guy and now,the adam project that are yes rooted in,things that we know but are their own,stories and invent new

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