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  5. Adele – 30 | Album Review
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hi everyone nail thingy bite tiano here,the internets busiest music nerd and,its time for a review of the new adele,record 30. this is a brand new lp from,uk songwriter and vocalist adele who is,just on her fourth full-length lp now,which i think is pretty significant,considering that she hit us with her,full-length debut way back in 2008 and,personally shes undergone a lot of,change over that course of time look no,further than early cuts like first love,and then fast forward to the fact that,30 is essentially a divorce record,detailing the emotional turmoil of her,recent separation from simon kaneki now,30 is far from the first breakup record,or divorce record out there on the,market for sure but when one of the,greatest voices of this generation,is working that angle on a new lp its,still cause for commotion and even,without that narrative adele gets people,in their feelings uh pretty quickly so i,imagine thats going to be even more so,the case for 30. thats certainly what i,was expecting especially considering the,elegance,beauty and emotional intensity of the,first teaser to this thing easy on me,which showed a lot of power in,simplicity with just the vocals and the,piano taking center stage of course but,you dont need much else when your voice,is that good i also love the lyrics on,this track too they come across super,detailed without,reading as cluttered or just like,stammering to get a bunch of stuff out,theres a genuine anguish and regret in,adeles words over how things played out,making mention of these two people being,stuck in their ways having good,intentions but at this point uh that not,even showing or you know being apparent,reading into this track is pretty,interesting because for a song thats,about separation it doesnt really come,across as a bitter toward the other,person or angry more just disappointed,at um,the the circumstances of the situation,overall i thought it was a gorgeous,track a great first taste of this lp but,listening to the rest of the project,its very apparent that adele isnt just,making this for our entertainment but,also for herself too and when i say that,i mean,its like shes kind of using this album,or the process of making this album to,sort of figure this whole situation out,and make heads or tails of it see it as,creativity as therapy in a way cause,theres a lot of self-assurance on this,project a lot of self-affirmation,indulgence as well and this leads to a,lot of interesting but also difficult,moments like my little love for example,which i read as more of a meditation,than a song as adele weaves beautiful,vocal passages between beds of strings,and audio diaries of her talking through,the recent changes that are going on in,her life not just by herself but with,her son too which in a way does make the,track a little padded out,structurally kind of lopsided but i do,have to admit it does bring a certain,emotional intensity to the whole thing,then theres also cry your heart out,which i saw as one of the strangest,instrumental combos on the entire thing,you have the soul-inspired lead vocals,background harmonies that read as,something thats kind of lifted from a,vintage girl group record very rich,piano chords as well and a laid-back,beat that for the whole first leg of the,track seems to be kind of flirting with,a reggae thing but then,around the midpoint it goes like full,throttle into that direction each,element of the track respectively sounds,pretty good but whether or not it comes,together in a way that is a cohesive um,i dont know after listening to it,multiple times i i have to say no in my,opinion these are some kind of odd,tracks to kick the first leg of your,record off with but thankfully things,get a bit more sensible around the,midpoint theres oh my god which i,thought was a pretty uh solid adele cut,one of her better cuts in a while pop,wise the driving beats and the,interesting background vocal chops are,pretty great chile pre-chorus fiery hook,the whole thing builds up in this,classic gradual rolling in the deep type,structure though the song can i get it,doesnt have nearly as much consistency,or follow-through the whole thing starts,as an acoustic cut with adele singing,very dramatically about begging,borrowing stealing and dangerous roads,figuratively of course,for the first portion it has the makings,of a great country crossover but i,couldnt have imagined a worse,transition into the hook we suddenly get,this plucky royalty-free set of guitar,chords then a rap beat looped and uh,a soaring whistle over the chorus like,its a goddamn peter bjorn and john song,why did this happen it had so much,promise and ended up in somewhat of a,goofy spot like this instrumental,doesnt really reflect the elegance that,i typically expect from an adele record,though i thought the track i drink wine,was a massive improvement instrumentally,and vocally much more what i was,expecting from this lp overall its a,soulful ballad with a great vocal,performance fantastic and tasteful,instrumentation and a lot of lyrics that,see adele pondering on what has brought,her to this point how can one become so,bounded by choices that somebody else,makes how come weve both become a,version of a person we dont even like,theres a lot of aspirations on this,track as well for adele to kind of get,over herself and and stop trying to be,somebody else or something for another,person that she feels kind of unnatural,acting as like an imposter its an,assuring song for sure and the kind of,gospel undertones within the style of,the track i think helps a lot as theres,something somewhat spiritual about this,journey that shes on here the all-night,parking interlude with all of the errol,garner jazz piano samples throughout it,i thought was okay kind of a flirty,playful jazzy oasis in the midst of the,tracklist to kind of give the audience a,breather before adele hits us with some,of the emotionally,heaviest uh cuts on the entire project,on the last leg and yes for the last,several tracks adele really pulls out uh,the lengthy cuts the big emotional guns,a lot of moments running over six,minutes in length and,emotionally these cuts are very frank,they are very intense and theyre very,unfiltered which is also the case for,some of the instrumentation here like on,hold on adeles voice on this one sounds,so damn raw and the instrumentation uh,just sounds like it was uh just captured,live the drummer and the bassist lock in,a killer groove the crescendo the string,crescendo that elevates with adeles,voice on the chorus could not sound um i,i guess just more in the moment more,lightning in a bottle even the,background vocalists dont sound super,touched up and and that is uh certainly,refreshing because again the whole thing,just sounds like this really amazing,natural swell of instrumentation in the,midst of a live performance theres so,much unfiltered raw talent on this track,vocally and instrumentally when that,chorus when that rush of instrumentation,hits its this amazing emotional burst,this feeling of uh i guess uh uh,emotional pain but also catharsis so,yeah again while this track is six,minutes it does have a somewhat patient,progression there is a massive payoff to,it too to be loved was another high,definition piano ballad with adeles,voice sounding pristine the piano comes,off so rich its like im sitting on top,of it the lyrics on this one are very,much about moving on and owning past,mistakes talking about how she needs a,change and she cant continue living a,lie its a serious tearjerker that comes,to an incredible finish like when she,hits,those high notes and really pushes the,volume as shes singing let it be known,that i tried like at this moment on the,track i feel like adele is,sort of flirting with whitney houston,levels of vocal super saiyan power then,the finisher loves a game is a very,theatrical commentary on love itself,love is a game for fools to play,aesthetically and instrumentally it is,kind of a throwback soul cut wit

Inside Adeles Messy 30 Era

known as an artist to follow more,traditional standards from the music,itself to the lengthy album breaks of,pops yesteryear adele has marked her,territory as a quiet reserved anomaly in,todays music industry,after years of silence and anticipation,she dropped 30 which was met with,universal acclaim with praises for its,introspective lyrics and,well-constructed music being labeled her,most ambitious work to date although,arguably not her best,adele is an artist that isnt as reliant,on a consistently huge and long-winded,promotional campaign,and when you have the best-selling album,of the century alongside two of your,albums being credited with saving,physical cells that type of understated,approach is expected to some degree,its not really necessary for adult to,release 10 singles one after the next,because the album is expected to sell,either way,adele is a deliberately stripped music,artist so it aligns more with her brand,21 is the album for adele that had smash,hit after smash hit,while the rest of her albums seem to,have one huge smash and then normal hits,but with adeles 30 it seems like she,completely relied on front loaded,anticipation more than ever,although adele tends to be a rather,simple and likable person the dirty,error showcased just how messy things,could get when it comes to her,in october of 2021,easy on me was released and it exists in,the same world as the rest of her music,although being a bit more bare stripped,and not as generally appealing as the,typical adele song it is still a good,song,but listening to it within the context,of the album it doesnt sound like an,obviously single choice,nonetheless this song was destined to be,a smash hit even if she never lifted a,finger to promote it before we get this,video underway this video is sponsored,by atlas vpn,as a video creator and super fan of,music and pop culture,it is not uncommon to have to dig for,articles and videos online,an atlas vpn helps you keep protected,online and secure your information,especially if youre ever in public,spaces and have to use public wi-fi,it also allows access to shows and,movies that might otherwise be blocked,in addition atlas vpn also blocks,ill-intended links and trackers and it,protects all of your devices with one,single subscription,and they are gracious enough to supply,everyone with a great deal you will get,86 off their premium subscription just,by following the link on the screen or,clicking the link in the description to,get access to atlas vpn its easy,now lets get into the video,the public the mr,her previous record also had massive,success selling over 20 million copies,worldwide and shattering records she,lives a relatively private life but it,was known that she had gone through a,divorce,so 30 was undoubtedly a highly,anticipated return,she also would be seen out at public,events but people hadnt heard new music,from her in years,easy on me of course became a global,smash and much like her 25 album the,rollout was very understated there was,not a long lead up the actual album,release followed the lead single in just,a little over a month,of course the album is released to,astronomical cells and became the,best-selling album of 2021 which is very,impressive considering how drastically,the music industry has changed,especially ever since shes released 21,and 25. the music industry is far more,geared towards streaming now so the fact,that she could still pull big numbers,after two diamond albums in a row one of,which is the best-selling album of the,century,is nothing to scoff at,and shows that adele still has her pool,but what seems to be an amicable return,will result in what is probably the,biggest pr scandal that has ever been,associated with a doe,naturally there was a lot of hype,surrounding her return,and what better way to get more engaged,with fans than live performances,she even did a special with oprah titled,one night only which was a combination,of interviews and live performances and,it was a major success,drawing in over 10.3 million viewers and,becoming the most watched television,special since the 93rd academy awards,to build upon this hype adele was said,to have her own vegas residency,with her pay being alleged to be as high,as 1 million dollars a night it,coincided perfectly with her album the,residency is called a weekend with adele,its sold out and is expected to be the,most lucrative residency in las vegas,history,the only problem is adele doesnt,necessarily have a great track record,when it comes to finishing tours or just,a tour going on without a hitch and even,though the vegas residency isnt a tour,it has the same premise shes far away,from home live performances consistently,and it is a long-term obligation just,like a tour but once again her history,with these type of obligations is,extremely fraught before adele was to,make a superstar we know today,in 2008 adele embarked on a tour in,support of her debut album 19.,but she cancelled the tour to spend time,with her then boyfriend which is just a,bit ridiculous but she later expressed,regret for it i was drinking far too,much and that was kind of the basis of,my relationship with this boy,i couldnt bear to be without him so i,was like well okay ill cancel my stuff,then she added we refer to that period,as elc,my early life crisis now im sober im,like i cant believe i did that it seems,so ungrateful,but that wouldnt be the last time she,had troubles with committing to her life,performance obligations,her tour that came off the back of 21,simply titled adele live was cancelled,due to vocal problems which ultimately,resulted in her having surgery and years,later while promoting her 25 album she,expressed that she doesnt know shell,ever tour again,touring is a peculiar thing it doesnt,suit me particularly well,she continued im a real homebody and i,get so much joy in the small things plus,im dramatic and have a terrible history,of touring until now that is,ive done 119 shows these last four will,take me up to 123.,it has been hard and an absolute thrill,and pleasure to have done i only ever,did this tour for you and to hopefully,have an impact on you the same way some,of my favorite artists have had on me,live,and i wanted my final shows to be in,london because i dont know if ill ever,tour again and so i want my last time to,be at home,the tour simply titled adele live 2016,and 2017,went off almost without a hitch until,she had to cancel her last two days due,to vocal problems once again,adele clearly does not like touring and,has her history of unprofessionalism,alongside issues with upkeeping her,voice with it so it should be no,surprise that this would reoccur again,in some form but her most recent,postponement was more explosive than her,previous for a number of reasons,adele had confirmed the residency,shortly after 30.,billboard estimated that adele earned,more than 50 million dollars in ticket,sales,averaging more than 2 million dollars,per show,in january of 2022 adele announced the,postponement of the show,just one day before the opening was set,to take place,she posted a video and claimed the main,reason is several covet positive cases,on her team,the postponement was met with fierce,backlash from fans and rightfully so,i dont think her postponing was,necessarily the issue but how it was,done last minute,most of the people coming to see her,likely arent living in vegas so they,have to pay for hotels plane tickets or,car rentals and so on,sure they could probably get a refund,for adeles tickets but they could not,get a refund for all the other expenses,gone into the trip and they would hit,even worse for people whose entire,purpose of going to vegas was to see,adele there are people who travel to,vegas exclusively for her,and these are everyday people who might,have saved their hard-earned money,during the pandemic and dont have the,ample opportunity to travel whenever,they want,so yes the last minute postponement was,ridiculous and highly unprofess

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What critics and fans are saying about Adeles new album, ‘30’ l GMA

we are going to turn now to our gma,cover story adeles 30 dropping,overnight and she is not going easy on,us with this emotional roller coaster of,an album juju is here with all the,details and what the critics and the,fans are saying what are they saying,juju oh theyre saying a lot cecilia and,you know no one sings about heartbreak,with a more heartbreaking voice than,adele and this latest album is a tour de,force of loneliness and self-examination,and as one critic wrote its as if she,is reading my diary but actually shes,reading from hers,[Music],overnight adeles highly anticipated,album 30 dropping tackling touchy issues,like divorce and drinking away despair,far from going easy on us her muscular,musicality only matched by her raw and,complex emotions,the superstars first album released in,six years critics already raving hailing,30 as her best album ever adele is one,of those singers who feels like,as as the old roberta flack soul song,goes where it sounds like shes taking,your diary and reading each page out,loud,so in each song theres a different,emotion that shes bringing all the way,to life the songs capturing the searing,emotions behind her recent split with,ex-husband simon kaneki,throughout my little love adele sharing,poignant voice notes conversations with,her nine-year-old son,angelo at all in an interview with vogue,last month adele revealing that the,voice notes were suggested by her,therapist as a way to heal,her new album holding nothing back,adele sitting down with oprah earlier,this week for an intimate one-on-one,nothing is as scary as,what ive been through over the last two,three years behind closed doors,[Music],the singer performing her soul-searching,new song to be loved for her 45 million,instagram followers,adele leaving nothing unsaid and fans,are raving reacting to the album on,twitter overnight every song has a over,share moment where its like oh adele,did you mean to say that clearly what,makes her feel brave is the presence of,these listeners who she knows are with,her all the way and its a beautiful,case,of an artist and her audience lifting,each other up higher,the song hold on diving into her,struggles post-divorce and becoming a,single parent so this is a song that,sounds like a late night,secret doubt and fear moment you,wouldnt even tell your best friends,about and yet adele knows that everybody,around the world will be singing this,song by the millions,all weekend long,it infects the brain for sure you know,30 refers to her age and yet clearly,this album is her way of explaining,divorce to her nine-year-old son angelo,she admits to feeling confused and,guilty but ultimately better off and,dare we say happier for ending an,unhappy marriage and guys theres a,reason why she sells 90 million albums,and counting so much going on there,thats a lot of voice though wow,well hey there gma fans robin roberts,here thanks for checking out our youtube,channel lots of great stuff here so go,on click the subscribe button right over,right over here to get more of awesome,videos and content from gma every day,anytime we thank you for watching and,well see you in the morning on gma

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Adele – I Drink Wine (Official Video)

(light music),(gentle music),♪ How can one become so bounded ♪,♪ By choices that somebody else makes ♪,♪ How come weve both become a version ♪,♪ Of a person we dont even like ♪,♪ Were in love with the world ♪,♪ But the world just wants to bring us down ♪,♪ By putting ideas in our heads ♪,♪ That corrupt our hearts somehow ♪,♪ When I was a child ♪,♪ Every single thing could blow my mind ♪,♪ Soaking it all up for fun ♪,♪ But now I only soak up wine ♪,♪ They say to play hard, you work hard ♪,♪ Find balance in the sacrifice ♪,♪ Yet I dont know anybody ♪,♪ Whos truly satisfied ♪,♪ You better believe Im trying ♪,♪ To keep climbing ♪,♪ But the higher we climb ♪,♪ Feels like were both none the wiser, ah ♪,♪ So I hope I learn to get over myself ♪,♪ Stop trying to be somebody else ♪,♪ So we can love each other for free ♪,♪ Everybody wants something ♪,♪ You just want me ♪,♪ Why am I obsessing ♪,♪ About the things I cant control ♪,♪ Why am I seeking approval ♪,♪ From people I dont even know ♪,♪ In these crazy times I hope to find ♪,♪ Something I can cling on to ♪,♪ Cause I need some substance in my life ♪,♪ Something real, something that feels true ♪,♪ You better believe for you Ive cried ♪,♪ High tides ♪,♪ Cause I want you so bad ♪,♪ But you cant fight fire with fire ♪,♪ Oh, so I hope I learn to get over myself ♪,♪ And stop trying to be somebody else ♪,♪ Oh, I just want to love you ♪,♪ Love you for free, yeah ♪,♪ Everybody wants something from me ♪,♪ You just want me ♪,♪ Listen, I know how low I can go ♪,♪ I give as good as I get ♪,♪ You get the brunt of it all ♪,♪ Cause youre all Ive got left ♪,♪ Oh, I hope in time ♪,♪ We both will find peace of mind ♪,♪ Sometimes the road less traveled ♪,♪ Is a road best left behind ♪,♪ Well, I hope I learn to get over myself ♪,♪ Stop trying to be somebody else ♪,♪ Oh, I just want to love you ♪,♪ Love you for free, yeah ♪,♪ Cause everybody wants something from me ♪,♪ You just want me ♪,♪ You better believe Im trying ♪,♪ To keep climbing ♪,♪ But the higher we climb ♪,♪ Feels like were both none the wiser ♪,(gentle music),- [Adele] The only regret I have…,I wish that it was just at a different time,,a most turbulent period of my life,,why would I put that on you?,Thats just like a very heavy thing to have to talk about.,But because of that period of time,,even though it was so much fun,,I didnt get to go on and make new memories with him.,There was just memories in a big storm.,(light music),(soft somber music),(birds squawking and chirping),(insects chirping)

Adele – 30 | Album Review

[Music],hey neighbor welcome back to the event,of the century my name is john and its,time for a review of the album that is,said event its the fourth studio album,by adele the balladeer the,singer-songwriter the performer known,for her towering pipes this record is,called 30 and its of course the,numerical follow-up to 19 21 and 25.,adeles putting out a new album you know,theres going to be ungodly amounts of,buzz surrounding this release because,adele putting out an album it doesnt,happen every year every other year or,even every three or four its been six,years since 25. singers songwriter,ballad territory is not always my cup of,tea but i really did enjoy adeles first,three albums with 21 probably being the,crown jewel she has this line between,pop and r b and more soulful,affectations that just really hit a,sweet spot adele of course doesnt even,need this introduction from me you more,than likely are very familiar with her,at least the singles because theyre,unavoidable and for good reason most of,them are fantastic when she broke out,surrounding the release of 21 her,worldwide breakthrough i did get caught,up and i guess the hype train for adele,and in a way at first i found it,off-putting but then it was hard to not,be on board by the time we arrived at 25,and now six years later at 30 it feels,like everyone is tripping over her every,word and im worried that just because,this is such a big event an album,release of the century in an era where,albums arent exactly celebrated anymore,are we more excited about the fact that,its out or are we willing to look at it,a little bit under a microscope just to,see whats here i know mr critic is,rolling into town hes gonna rain on,your parade thats not what were here,to do but i do want to give a fair,assessment and review of the music that,im hearing easy on me dropped is the,lead single as a piano led ballad that,delivers the goods as a very palatable,track with enough emotion to make it,work but its by no means mind-blowing,but adele does know her demographic of,course and this plays it safe to that,degree but again theres a heartbeat,here that made this one grow on me so i,still found myself looking forward and,feeling curious about what 30 would,offer that was the only official studio,track we got before the album that and a,live performance of i drank one so,expectations were tempered because she,was talking about the idea of doing some,poppier stuff along with the more,soulful and a mode of ballads so what,did we get on 30. unfortunately 30 is a,pretty uneven experience and its also,adeles longest album to date by a full,10 minutes and you really start to feel,that drag by the time we hit the,interlude five of the songs run for more,than six minutes and im just gonna go,out on a limb here and say it i dont,think the majority of those tracks,needed to be longer than six minutes,they could have been shocked before,because the remaining run time just,doesnt add much at all to the,experience whiplash might not be the,right term to use in terms of pacing on,the record in fact its hard to point a,finger at a singular thing thats like,thats thats whats wrong with this,album its more so that you get caught,up in the ordinary in the mundane to the,point where it starts to drag the record,down adeles every woman appeal is what,made her a star its where the magic,lies we want her to bankrupt our tears,for years to put her heart on the line,and i just dont necessarily see that,cropping up as often on 30 with the,exception of tracks like to be loved my,little love love is a game im just,realizing theres a lot of songs with,love in the title grading whimsical,production on the pop year cuts like oh,my god make it sound like it was a,leftover from an ellie golding album and,cry your heart out as one that beats its,pitch shifted hook down for a bad fit,between the verse decors transition pop,has sounded good on adele in the past,with hits like set fire to the rain and,even the more recent sin my love to your,new lover really getting the job done,its just that this album doesnt do,that as often it can feel clunky messy,and downright uneven to the point where,certain parts of a song like oh my god,will work namely the actual chorus of,the track which is very sticky and also,that powering bridge its just that,other parts start to fall into the,cracks in between and thats where we,lose a cut like can i get it into,monotony and boring tried and true,territory can i get it is definitely one,of the worst cuts here it sounds,borderline tacky especially once they,work in those car commercial whistles,that sound like bits trying to sell me a,nissan adele has been through a lot in,recent years and she opens up about her,divorce about becoming a parent but the,effects are felt way more on an indirect,confession like the deer jerker my,little love which is a great song more,than the muted repetition of say the,five minute woman like me that just,starts to run in circles it feels like,were lost in the wilderness the,interlude is weird its sort of a,reprise of tracks that came before it,but it also takes time out to reflect on,this long distance romance that just,never fully worked out the kinks much,like this song itself because theres a,lot going on here and most of it just,does not work for me it has these piano,samples from the late errol garner who,was like a jazz pianist passed away back,in the 1970s i believe and its built,off of that and also some rather,unfortunate trap leading percussion,which makes this song just feel like it,doesnt know what it wants to be and,after that point like i said thats,where the album kinda starts to feel,tedious i genuinely do feel that to be,loved and love is a game are fantastic,closing moments to this album maybe they,run on just slightly too long with both,being six and a half minutes but its,the fact that she actually gets there,with her voice on leashes and shows what,a seasoned veteran artist is capable of,that makes those stand out so high and,the other moments that kind of fall down,stand out as like oh we waited a long,time for this to be a little bit more,mediocre maybe im being overly harsh or,cynical but it just doesnt feel like,most people are willing to look at adele,with the same critical eye that they do,your typical singer-songwriter balladeer,whatever it may be this is an album that,definitely has its strengths and again,you can see that she is a pro at what,she does and the vocal moments that,really do shine it showcases some of her,best vocals to date but this is an,inconsistent uneven album that has me,thinking that 30 is an album that leaves,a lot to be desired and im going to,give it a 3 out of 5. thanks for,watching my review of 30 please hit that,like button and keep in mind that this,is all just my opinion i would love to,know what you think in the comments down,below if you want to see my more,positive thoughts on her album 25 then,you can watch my review of that right,here or tap here for another recent,album review all of my socials including,my patreon can be found linked in the,description down below ill be back soon,with more right here on ar tv

Adele gets Spotify to stop album shuffle: BBC News Review

Singer-songwriter Adele persuades Spotify,to change the shuffle option on albums.,Hello, this is News Review. Im Rob,and this is coming to you from BBC Learning English.,And joining me today is Neil. Hi Neil.,Hello Rob and hello everyone.,If you want to test yourself on the vocabulary you hear in this programme,,theres a quiz on our website: bbclearningenglish.com.,Lets find out some more about that story, about Spotify and Adele,,from this BBC News bulletin:,So, the British singer-songwriter Adele has released a new album, called 30,,and she has asked Spotify for them to remove the shuffle function –,for that to appear automatically – shes asked for that to be removed,because she, like a lot of musical artists,,say they put a lot of time and effort,into deciding the running order – the list –,the order that the songs come in.,They think its part of the artistic process,and that the shuffle ruins that.,Shes asked Spotify to change it and they have.,Good. And youve picked three words and expressions,from newspaper headlines about this story, havent you?,What are they?,I have. We have default,,bows to and obliged.,Thats default, bows to and obliged.,OK. Lets have a look at your first newspaper headline please.,Sure. The headline comes from the Times,,which is a British newspaper, and it reads:,Thats default – standard; first option.,Yeah. Now, Rob, you know when you get a new mobile phone?,Yeah.,Is it set up in exactly the way you like to use it?,No. No, never. It comes with default factory settings.,Its how the company want it set up.,Yeah, thats right. Thats the way that its set up,and if you want to change it to the way you like,,what do you have to do?,Yeah, I personalise the settings. So, I set it up in a way that…,or the way I want to use it – not the default settings, as you say.,Yeah. So, you personalise – or customise we often say as well – the settings.,The default settings are the ones that… that come as standard.,And sometimes we see this word with by at the beginning: by default.,Yes. Right, and thats slightly different.,When we say that something has happened by default,,that means that there has been or there is no other option.,So, what we are left with is as a result of there being no choice.,No options, yeah – a bit like our BBC Learning English football match.,Something happened by default there, didnt it?,Yes. We… we got together a BBC Learning English football team.,Nobody wanted to go in goal but Rob, being the kind of guy that he is –,he volunteered to be the goalkeeper,,so he kind of became the keeper by default.,It wasnt really anybodys choice.,Didnt work out very well, did it, Rob?,No. Well, Im not the best goalie in the world and I let in ten goals,,but thats what happens when I become goalie by default of course.,It was a disaster.,Yes, yes. Ten – Nil.,Yes, if something happens by default, its not always the best result,because, as we said, its something that happened,through a lack of choice and option.,And theres a verb form of this word – is that right?,Yes, the verb to default. We default on something.,So, you can default on a loan, for example, in financial terms:,it means that you didnt pay something that you were supposed to pay.,OK. Great. Thanks for that.,Lets have a summary of that word:,Now, many people think that Adele has a beautiful voice.,She sings really well, but apparently you dont have to sing in tune.,Well, thats according to a discussion with Georgina and Neil,on 6 Minute English and you can hear that discussion by… how, Neil?,Youve just got to click on the link. Click on the link,to hear about singing even if you have a really bad voice.,Down – yeah, down below. Thank you.,Right, lets have a look at your next headline please.,Yes. The next headline comes from the Bangkok Post and it reads:,Thats bows to – agrees to someones demands.,Yes, bows to – a phrasal verb there –,as you say, agrees to someones demands.,Now, its useful to break this up.,The first part is bows or bow and if you bow, Rob, what do you do?,Yes. Well, I move from a higher position to a lower position: a bit like this.,I might do it if I bump into the Queen, for example.,If the Queen is out, walking out and about,,I am traditionally supposed to bow to her,because shes in a, sort of… a higher position of authority.,She has more power than me.,Yes, thats right. So, in a lot of cultures,where bowing takes place, its a sign of respect:,you lower yourself to show that the other person is in some way superior,,sometimes just out of politeness.,But, used in this headline, in this expression, bow to something,,it means to allow the other party, the other person,,to display their power over you.,Could we say were giving in? Were giving in to the other power –,the other… the higher authority.,Yeah… another way of saying it is to give in–,that means you let somebody else impose their demands on you.,So, Spotify bowed, figuratively, to Adele.,It means that Adele had greater power in this situation.,And its quite a formal phrase.,I mean, would I bow to your demands –,if you asked me to make a cup of tea, would I bow to you?,It would sound very over-the-top, very formal.,Its not really for little incidents like that.,You might use it ironically, to make it sound more important than it was.,OK. Thanks for that. Well, lets have a summary of that phrase:,So, that was bows to – a phrasal verb –,and we have a whole programme about phrasal verbs.,Its English Class and you can watch that… well, tell us how, Neil.,Click the link below.,Down below. Thank you.,Right, lets have a look at your next newspaper headline please.,OK. The next headline comes from NPR,,the American radio station, and it reads:,So thats obliged – agreed or forced to do something.,Yeah, its basically: do what somebody asks you to do.,And in this expression, in this headline,,it means that Adele asked for this thing,and Spotify did what she asked:,they obliged, as a verb there.,And that comes from a noun word: an obligation –,when you have to do something.,Yes. So, obligation is the noun that describes this kind of situation.,So, for example, Rob,,you and I work for BBC Learning English,and therefore it is our obligation to do News Review.,Indeed. Indeed. Yeah, it means we have to do it.,We could also say, could we, that we feel obliged to do it,,as an adjective form – is that right?,Feel obliged to do something –,yes, it means that you feel that you have to do something.,You feel that its your responsibility to do something.,And we also have this expression much obliged.,Yes, its got a… an old-fashioned expression, isnt it?,Tell us more about that.,Yeah, well, thats slightly different.,That is basically another way of saying thank you.,So, if somebody does a favour for you, or does something for you,,and you feel obliged, you feel thanks towards them,,we can say: Much obliged.,Like if you help me out with my biscuit shortage,and you provided your biscuits,,Id go: Much obliged, Neil.,Exactly, Rob. Exactly.,Thats a brilliant example, as ever.,Right. Well, much obliged Neil.,Lets have a summary of that word:,OK. Neil, could you recap the vocabulary,that weve been talking about today please?,Yes. We had default – standard; first option.,Bows to – is persuaded to do something.,And obliged – agreed or forced to do something.,Thank you. And dont forget you can test yourself,on these words and expressions in a quiz thats on our website,at bbclearningenglish.com.,And dont forget – you can check us out on all the main social media platforms.,Well, thats all for today. Thanks for watching us.,See you again next time. Bye bye.,Goodbye.


hi everyone no makeup here the,Internets busiest music nerd and its,time for a review of the new Adele,record 25 UK soul and pop singing,sensation miss Adele,with her long-awaited follow-up to her,fantastic breakout album 21 came out,about several years ago at this point,the album saw unforeseen success and,continued success as it went on to sell,millions and millions and millions of,copies and Adele and her label really,squeezed every last drop out of this,hype with some live material interviews,and magazine covers but eventually Adele,slinked away into the shadows to kind of,live her life have a child and,presumably create this new record now,there was not a whole lot of PR hubbub,leading up to the release of this new,album over here we had a debut single,hello with a music video and just like,about a month later were getting this,record and I respect that I respect that,lack of BS it says to me that del in her,label in a way they trust the fans to,try the record to listen to the record,to have faith that the record will be,good itll be decent we dont need to be,mercilessly teased to the release of the,album,just give us a track let us know that,ones coming out for give us album but,Adele and her label are also trusting,music listeners to not stream this,record because it is not on any,streaming platforms it is only available,for sale make that money so I myself,bought this thing right away,had to hear it and so lets get into the,credits if youre at all familiar with,some of the producers some of the coast,songwriters on Adeles last record there,are some familiar faces here like Ryan,Tedder and Paul Epworth and we also see,co-writing appearances from a lot of,different artists like Tobias jesso jr.,who seems to have been having a really,great year Bruno Mars and even Greg,Kurstin of the burden the B who has been,writing more and more often with a,myriad of different pop singers and we,even have Max Martin making an,appearance on this record who,is behind the success of tons of,different pop sensations of the 2000s,really kind of reaching back into the,past on that appearance a lot of the,co-writers also have producer credits on,this thing but one producer credit that,stuck out to me was that Danger Mouse,appears on this record which is is,pretty crazy whatever Im digressing,lets just get into the music the song,hello the lead single from this record,actually kicks the album off and if you,didnt know I already did a review of,this track but in summation I thought,the lyrics on the song were cool they,definitely told an interesting story of,heartbreak and kind of missing someone,longing for someone I loved Adeles,vocals I like the tune on this track but,I think the ball was kind of dropped on,the production side of things the,instrumentation just seemed way too,glamorous and glitzy it didnt really,support Adeles vocals especially on the,hook which I think could have just,blossomed or exploded with a bit more,intensity so honestly even though I,didnt go into this album expecting any,lack of vocal talent from Adele I was,worried that the production might end up,being subpar and the song send my love,doesnt exactly alleviate this,production problem theres some very,hopeful piano chords on saying vocally,Adele kills it the verses are emotional,nuanced and just as memorable and catchy,and sticky as the choruses where of,course its memorable but what really,makes the choruses win for me is not,just a really great melody but Adeles,singing where shes really digging down,and her voice gets a little raspy shes,reaching into her upper range shes just,digging into that vocal diamond mine and,just throwing Jens up and I I think the,lyrics might have you grabbing for a,Kleenex or two if um you know youre,missing that special someone a little,later we have Ill be you remedy I love,this track its simple its intimate,vocals piano for an artist as tenly,todays Adele you dont need much more,its a great ballad its a great,performance and in this simple,instrumental setup Adele can really let,loose vocally and show to the listener,what it is that makes her unique and,make,sir interesting as an artist lyrically,there are a lot of metaphors on this,track in other tracks too that seemed,like you know very tried and true from,older pop and vocal and soul music stuff,like singing about the rain and hearts,being cut and the night and lights and,and rivers sadly that organic fluid,intimate feel to the instrumentation,drifts away for another few tracks like,on the song water under the bridge where,I think its a winning chorus I think,the chorus is the only salvageable,moment of this song but the instrumental,we get this really tight galloping beat,these diddling guitars that are just so,tight its almost militaristic and sucks,the soul from the song entirely,thankfully the song rivarly takes a bit,of an older approach the instrumental,here sounds like something just vintage,just pulled down from New Orleans or,something really nice organ on this,track some twang guitars as well and as,the song develops a really large and in,charge string section it sounds like the,whole thing is being performed at once,in a huge grand concert hall or,something and I cant really shake the,idea that Im getting a little bit of,like a Stevie Nicks vibe from this track,as well I think the song love and the,dark is equally as powerful but its,really the subtle moments on this record,that win me over the most like on the,song million years ago which is this,wonderful quiet sad and just so close,vocal piece backed up with beautifully,picked guitar its like this very dimly,lit just candlelit dance with depression,or a dance with a broken heart the,lyrics on this track detail a ton of,regret coming from Adele and obsession,with being with this person who she,cant be with the song all I ask,right after is equally is heartbreaking,but what kind of uh I dont know it,ruins the vibe of the record for me is,really the closer which to me is a the,combo breaker to the continual sadness,of this album sweet devotion is very,much an uplifting song and and not only,does it kind of kill the mood the very,sad mood,a little bit but its almost as if like,I was saying earlier the songs have been,building up a bit of a narrative or a,story that I was slowly starting to,piece together as the album was,progressing but all of a sudden oh were,getting sweet devotion and things are,things are cool now this track,essentially smashes the sadness sand,castle,thats been built up to this point and,its like heres some feel-good emotions,stick that in your pipe and smoke it,I still like the record though I think,its a very good record in summation,hear my thoughts it was enjoyable the,vocals were great the songs for the most,part were great as well there were some,moments where I had my reservations with,the production where it just felt a,little bland,a little flat a little too tight and,commercial to really just let Adeles,vocals do the work I dont think its a,disappointment or anything like that but,it definitely does not surpass 21 but it,feels to me that Adele didnt even,really feel any sort of pressure to top,21 this record has tunes it has lyrics,it has great performances it has,fantastic singing it has musical and,stylistic variety as well and Im,feeling a DS its a strong seven on this,thing transition,have you given this album a listen if,you have what did you think of it did,you love it did you hate it why what do,you think I should review next and,thats it,Anthony Fantana Adele forever

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