1. Adult Friend Finder Review [A Girl’s Perspective]
  2. Adult Friend Finder Review 2022: The Unvarnished Truth [MUST KNOW]
  3. Is Adult Friend Finder A SCAM? New Updated Info 2022!
  4. Is Adult Friend Finder Legit?
  5. ???? Adult friend finder review – Is Adult friend finder a scam or legit?
  6. Adult Friend Finder Review – Is It Legit Or A Scam?
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Adult Friend Finder Review [A Girl’s Perspective]

is adult friend finder worth it for,women lets find out hey welcome to,online for love your number one resource,for dating by the numbers,today were going to be reviewing adult,friend finder and finding out if its,actually worth it for women,before we dive into the video though you,have to take our free online dating app,quiz which will pair you with your,perfect online dating site,maybe its adult friend finder maybe,its something different but if you,click the link in the description,its going to take you right to our quiz,which is free easy fun and quick and,itll pair you with your perfect online,dating site so go ahead and make sure to,click that link take our quiz before,watching the rest of this video and,comment below what your results are,because im really curious to know if,adult friend finder is actually your,perfect dating site,also be sure to check out our deals page,we here at online for love are always,getting amazing deals for all sorts of,different dating apps and,why spend full price if you dont have,to so might as well save some money go,to the link below,check out our deals page and see what,kind of deals you can get but yes now,lets dive into this review of adult,friend finder and ive actually,split up this review into five key,sections that you have to know about,before deciding to use the site,were going to talk about the user,demographics the site layout and design,the features the cost and the success,rates of adult friend finder,lets get started with number one which,is the user demographics of the site,which is hands down one of the most,important aspects,when deciding to use this site or not,you have to know whos on there,something to note is that adult friend,finder is most prominent among people,who are looking for casual relationships,so that means things from hookups to,swingers,one night stands anything on the casual,end of the spectrum when it comes to,relationships so obviously if youre,looking for something more long-term or,serious or even monogamous,this might not be the best place for you,so adult friend finder is the 119th most,popular,site in the united states it also gets,over 62 million visits every month which,is much more than a lot of the other,prominent dating sites,this site is really popular among,english-speaking countries and is,actually most popular,in united in the united states because,most of its members are based,there next up is canada and then the uk,actually 75,of users are from the us as far as,gender distribution goes adult friend,finder does have 60,men to 40 women which is actually pretty,much average,as far as um casual dating sites like,this go as far as the age distribution,the largest percentile of users are,among the ages between 25 to 34,next up would be between the ages of 35,and 44 which is again pretty typical of,a site like this,be careful though when you are browsing,this site it is not safe for work there,is a bunch of nudity so just keep that,in mind before you open this while,youre at your desktop,if youre enjoying this review so far,please make sure to hit the like button,and subscribe,it actually helps out our channel so,much when you hit the thumbs up because,it shows youtube that people are,enjoying our content,so then it pushes our content out for,more people to see so we really,appreciate your thumbs up and your,subscriptions,so now lets talk about the site layout,and design of adult friend finder,so im sure when you go on to the site,youll notice right away that it,definitely presents itself as an adult,site it does not beat around the bush,its pretty clear about its intentions,and it it shows that right off the bat,what youll notice right away about the,site layout is its definitely laden,with a lot of pictures its definitely,heavily picture oriented so youll see,tons of pictures,of the top members on the site it pretty,much only displays women,so if you are a woman looking to use the,site that is something to take note of,it advertises itself heavily towards,men specifically that being said it is,pretty simple to use its got an easy to,understand layout even if youre new to,the online dating scene,this is a really huge site for the,casual dating market so you can tell,that they have actually invested in,their site layout to make it really easy,for people to sign up and to start using,their site as quick as possible when you,sign up as a member you can actually,sign up as a,man or woman or you can sign up as a,couple then youll just talk about who,youre interested,in meeting youll talk about your,birthday your country your zip code etc,you just input your basic info and you,can start to,go ahead and get registered and make,your profile its got both an online,website and its got a app for both,android and apple so its pretty easy to,use no matter what medium you choose,just keep in mind now if you do want to,sign up for this site or if youre,thinking of any side always make sure to,check out our deals page,link is in the description because why,spend more money if you dont have to,always check out our online for love,deals for different online dating sites,so dont forget to check that out,but anyway lets move on and talk about,the features of adult friend finder,the good thing is adult friend finder,has tons of different,features so lets dive into them the,advanced search section lets you look,for,a man a woman a group or couples etc,you can set your age range your distance,whether they are showing photos or,videos,whether they are a verified member their,ethnicity body type sexual orientation,etc etc theres a lot of features here,you can choose from,so there are a few different sections on,the site that you can choose to go on to,when youre onto the site so,you can go to the home page you can,browse different profiles you can go to,the hookup section there are,even dating forums and a live chat and,of course you can go have help if you,need it,the dating forum is pretty interesting,as far as the sections go,there is an adult friend fighter dating,blog adult friend finder communities,there are erotic stories theres even a,magazine and there are member blogs,there is a live chat section as well,where you can see live model shows and,member chats,even for the live cams theres a ton of,search features within that so you can,find really specific type of person,that youre wanting to watch on live i,mean seriously its even down to hair,color thats how intense the search,features are for the live cams,if you are a member of the site you can,actually choose to make your own live,show as well you can broadcast yourself,and you can even make money off of tips,that are given through the website,if you are actually interested in online,dating though and something,actual like a relationship with somebody,i wouldnt spend too much time in this,section because,youll just be giving money to other,people or if you are a woman or a man,who wants to have your own broadcast,um its unlikely youll necessarily meet,an actual relationship from the camp,section so just the thing to keep in,mind,this website also offers a whats hot,section where,uh the most attractive members of the,site will be um,you know promoted for you to check out,if you so choose,and the most hot photo albums etc you,can actually play a hot or not game with,the members on the site moving on to the,profile features,you actually have really extensive,features on this site to deck out your,profile you can upload tons of photos,and videos and info about yourself,in your profile youll also be able to,see all the people youve added to your,hot list,who you sent flirts to who your friends,are who your top fans are as well as,access,and managing your messaging section your,profile is also where youre going to be,able to,set your specific search features your,profile is also where you can put really,specific info about yourself like even,down to your hair color,body type etc if you so choose to put,that there,as far as messaging

Adult Friend Finder Review 2022: The Unvarnished Truth [MUST KNOW]

hey guys steve jabber here now this is a,review of the popular hookup dating app,adult friend finder and im going to,give you a very quick pracy an overview,of how good adult friend finder is so if,you dont want to hot watch the whole,video you can work out if its worth,signing up by watching the introduction,so overall adult friend fine is the,number one hook-up dating site in the,world over 60 million members in total,25 million active members per month and,just for comparisons sake another huge,dating site eharmony has only four,million active members per month so,adult friend finder is enormous so if,you are a guy an average kind of guy,looking for a hookup in your local area,adult friend finder is number one,by far now ive teamed up with this,dating site if you want to give it a try,theres a free trial link in the,description box below this video and you,can also get a discount if you decide to,upgrade using that link in the,description below now lets talk about,the membership base on adult friend,finder so the average age of women on,adult friend finder is between 26 all,the way up to about 55 or 60 so it,trends a bit older than tinder but,basically it caters for every guy so if,youre a younger guy looking for an,attractive young woman youll find that,on adult friend finder if youre a guy,looking for a cougar a milf or even a,gill for a woman in their 50s and 60s,you can also find that on adult friend,finder if youre looking for threesomes,you will find that there too with a such,a huge membership base it caters for,every kind of sexual proclivity you,might have no matter how bizarre and,with all those members like i say you,can find women in your local area to,hook up with without much effort now you,might be thinking to yourself why not,just use tinder why use adult friend,finder to hook up well the reason is,twofold tinder is basically an app for,the better looking guys guys that are an,eight plus in looks if youve tried,tinder and youre an average looking guy,or maybe youre a bit chubby or maybe,youve even got a slightly busted face,you will find that you dont get results,on there you swipe and swipe and swipe,nobody swipes you back you dont get,matches if you do they often dont,message back and its very rare that you,can actually get a hookup adult friend,finder is a lot more forgiving for the,average guy its such a huge membership,base it caters to every need so if,youre just as average looking guy or,youve got a slightly busted face or,youre overweight you will find that you,can get hookups with women using this,dating app whereas you cant do on,tinder and so how easy is it to get laid,on adult friend finder the site is very,clear about what its about so when,women sign up to the site they know what,theyre going to get they know they are,going to be speaking to guys that want,to hook up they themselves are looking,for a hookup so you can get straight to,the point send a few messages and start,meeting women its good for casual,encounters its good for threesomes its,good for just one night stands and if,youre looking for a friend with,benefits youll find that on adult,friend finder too so my overall rating,for adult friend finder as a hookup,dating site is nine out of ten its,basically the number one the premium,hookup dating site in the world and it,caters for every single guy hence such a,high rating no matter what youre,looking for youre going to be able to,find it on adult friend finder and it,passes the smell test too basically all,you want to know is am i going to meet,women can i make the women in my local,area and am i going to be able to hook,up an adult friend finder answers yes to,all three criteria so use the link in,the description below get a free trial,for adult friend finder and a discount,if you decide to upgrade and ill see,you in the next review video

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Is Adult Friend Finder A SCAM? New Updated Info 2022!

so Adult Friend Finder is probably the,most famous hookup dating app in the,world but is it any good and is it a,scam now I dont want to waste your time,Im going to give you the answer,straight away Adult FriendFinder is,definitely not a scam hookup dating site,but it just isnt very good and there,are far better Alternatives right now,now the better alternative Im talking,about is Ashley Madison probably the,number one hookup dating app in the,world for a bunch of reasons and if you,want to get started straight away,theres a 25 lifetime discounted Link in,the description below this video and,itll start you with a free trial so,lets talk about the first reason why,Adult FriendFinder just isnt very good,and that is because of the demographics,the women on this site to be frank the,women on Adult FriendFinder just arent,particularly appealing to a guy with,some taste it has a lot of old slappers,on there but not many young attractive,good-looking women and Im talking about,in the United States where where about,70 percent of Adult Friend Finders are,signed up on now to figure out why this,might be just think about what adult,friend finder is all about its a hookup,dating site its a sex app basically men,and women sign up to this site because,theyre looking for no holds bars animal,rutting sex and its about the way that,the site is portrayed and marketed too,if you go to the home page and just,scroll through the site youll see some,relatively pornographic images and,videos everywhere its a site that,appeals to men more than women think,about a good looking attractive woman in,the United States now think about the,obesity rate in the United States and,think about how high value an attractive,slim young woman is in the United States,basically all she needs to do is go out,of the house and shes gonna have a,parade of slobbering Geeks with their,dicks in their hands wanting to get with,her wanting to take her out spend money,on it and so on because shes so high,value so think about it why would a,woman like that need to sign up to a,site like Adult FriendFinder and enjoy,all of those pornographic images she,really wouldnt she has so many chances,in her day-to-day life or in a bar in a,nightclub shes not going to bother to,sign up to a site like Adult Friend,Finder think about how women want to,meet men at least theyre really,attractive women they just want to meet,them in their day-to-day lives they,dont want to have to go out with a,rando from a hookup site they want to,see the guy in real life see what he,looks like see how he interacts with,other people is he socially calibrated,does he get on with people is he a bit,off is this something Dharma like about,him Jeffrey Dahmer like he bit of a,weirdo they want to see all of this they,want to see the kind of places that you,go and get a real good feel for what,youre all about much harder to do on an,online dating site so these really,attractive women have all these options,they dont need to be signing up to a,site like Adult Friend art finder with,so many disadvantages instead they end,up going to sites like Ashley Madison so,why does Ashley Madison work as a hookup,dating site whereas Adult Friend Finder,is declining well Ashley Madison was,first marketed as an infidelity site so,this is a site where women that are,maybe in a relationship are looking for,something on the side theyre looking to,put some spark back into their life that,spark thats gone from their normal,relationship now Ashley Madison makes a,huge deal out of being really discreet,some of the women have masks,superimposed over their face so you,cant see their entire face and so on,and so its all about being discreet on,the side a bit of a thrill for the,ladies but its not just about hooking,up and rotting like an animal sex and,the site isnt littered with,pornographic images and videos so its,much more appealing to women Im going,to be frank with you can get laid on,Adult Friend Finder if you have,absolutely no standard at all and youll,rut with anything but if youre a man,that likes a woman to have the basic,anatomical features in place not gray,hair not sagging boobs not a snot an old,slap or an old munter if you want an,attractive woman Ashley Madison is by,far the best hookup dating app youre,going to find now because theyre,looking for a bit of a thrill you need,to stand out to these women so you cant,just upload pictures of you with your,beer belly hanging out with a bit of egg,on your shirt and so on you need to put,some good pictures up there pictures of,you with friends having a good time,showing your socially calibrated,pictures of you in a cool restaurant or,a bar or nightclub something like that,showing that you have friends and you go,out you have a good time and you can,afford to go to these kind of places and,if you can muster it up some pictures of,you in exotic locations somewhere youve,traveled to and indeed pictures of you,with a woman that youve been intimate,with Im not talking about the old,cringe Pua trick of you with a hover,hand around a woman in a bar that youve,only just met everybody can see that a,mile off even a bloke like me so if a,woman can sure as hell spot it no this,needs to be a woman youve actually been,intimate with so the photo looks,authentic so come across as that,appealing guy on the side guys you can,get that spark back with and youre,going to do very well on Ashley Madison,but there are other reasons too the,demographics on this site are very,favorable too on Tinder for example its,about six guys for every woman what,chance do you have when youre competing,with Chad but on Ashley Madison its,about 60 women 40 men moreover Ashley,Madison is growing at a fantastic rate,since the pandemic its been going at,about 15 000 new users per day and about,60 of these are women so a constant new,influx of women that you can try your,hand with and try and get a date with so,I tried all of these dating apps and Id,recommend it to a bunch of people and,the feedback on Ashley Madison has been,positive there are a few drawbacks there,are some scammers on there but basically,dont send any money over the internet,and youre going to be just fine so no,Adult Friend Finder is not a scam it,just isnt very good give Ashley Madison,a go with your lifetime 25,discount and the free trial get back to,me in the comments and Ill see you guys,in the next video

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Is Adult Friend Finder Legit?

hello everybody steve here from,dudehawk.com and today were going to be,talking about whether or not,adult friend finder is legit,so maybe youve been thinking for a,little while about joining a site like,adult friend finder,but youre wondering whether or not it,is legit and you should spend your,hard-earned money,well look if you are wondering if adult,friend finder is legit,look i can kind of cut to the chase now,and tell you that it is,so whether youre looking for fun a,fling or,anything else starting with f in my,opinion at least adult friend finder is,probably the,best place to do it but look before we,dive deep into that guys just a quick,reminder my name is steve im the owner,of dudehack.com,which is a website covering everything,online dating so if that interests you,go,and check it out and if by the end of,this video youre still unsure whether,adult friend fighter is going to be the,right dating up for you,i do highly suggest that you go and take,my quiz which will tell you exactly what,dating app would suit you better ill,put a link down in the description for,that,and if at any time throughout this video,you do want to try,adult friend finder for yourself ive,put my own signup link down below as,well,a lot of the time people will get a free,trial and whatnot when they do use that,link so click on that link at any point,throughout this video if you want to,check the prices in your area currently,but you were here to find out first,whether or not it is legit,like i said i do believe it is but lets,get into the actual data,and look at what adult friend finder is,actually about,so we can give you a nice in-depth,answer but yes,again to reiterate adult friend finder,is legit its not some scammy website,like you get a little pop-up and its,talking about singles in your area,seems a little bit fishy its not really,one of those websites,guys its been running for over 26 years,and,i imagine in that time has helped hook,up many,many people but look i dont friend find,it isnt just for singles it does have,quite a big community,around say swingers and group funds so,if youre in a couple or you want to get,involved,in some group stuff guys get on adult,friend finder now some of you hearing,this might be thinking oh my gosh you,know,swingers and group fun and whatnot guys,were in the 21st century its 2021.,if somebody wants to try that as long as,theyre being healthy and safe and,whatnot,not hurting anyone cool you do you so on,that note if you were somebody whos,ever even thought about trying some of,these things,adult friend friday is probably the most,welcoming place to try it out now where,i feel i get a lot of these questions,asking whether or not it is legit is,because of the fact that it really is a,paid,dating site look you cant get too much,out of it without paying,you will need to pay to message people,and whatnot but on that note people get,a little bit worried when they cant,actually try out the app and start,messaging people,without spending some money first and,they think hmm,is this just a skin well like i said,before no i dont believe it,is and if anything i do think that,payment gateway sort of standing in your,way is actually,kind of a good thing now of course some,of you are going to roll your eyes at,that but hear me out,if youre looking for a platform which,is specifically dedicated to,finding some fun online a fling whatever,that might be,and you want to get around people that,are serious and looking for that as well,guys people that are paying money to be,on there paying around about that 20 25,bucks a month to do so,you can kind of bet on the fact that,they are probably going to take it just,a tad more serious,than somebody thats just jumping on to,see what its all about,now in my opinion that is one of the,biggest things that does make it,successful its community online,and what you can find is when you do go,on the free site,have a look around at all the users blog,posts and their profiles and whatnot you,can see all of that for free,and that will just give you a really,good insight to its community and look,if youre just not in the position to,spend money,by all means you can jump on there have,a look around see if any users do catch,your eye before you do want to actually,spend some money,or if youre just not in the position at,all then go on one of the free dating,apps and use that instead,like tinder or bumble now look if you,needed any more proof of adult frame,finders legitimacy the last thing ill,leave you with there is the fact that it,has won,many many awards over the last 26 years,it has been an operation,for example one of those being the xbiz,best adult dating site award,so even just hearing that the fact that,people are throwing awards at adult,friend finder,it works now before i do jump into,whether or not i believe adult friend,finder is worth,the cost guys just one thing that i do,need to acknowledge is on,every single dating site out there there,is going to be some fake profiles,it does happen but look just be on your,toes if you notice anything,fishy or anything sort of too good to be,true chances are that it,is to just have your wits about you its,the exact same as any other dating app,out there but the good news is on adult,friend finder at least from the times,that i have used it youre not inundated,by what,seems like fake profiles now lets jump,into whether or not i do believe adult,friend find it is worth it but before we,get to that if you are enjoying this i,would really appreciate if you did like,the video,and even subscribed if you do like this,kind of content but moving on,so look adult friend finders worth its,not the,cheapest out there but at the same token,it isnt the most expensive,when youve got dating apps like tinder,platinum coming out which are costing,us aussies around about 65 dollars a,month,adult friend finder really doesnt seem,too bad as it comes in at about a,third of that at around about 20 to 25,dollars per month,it does completely differ based on your,location and a few other factors,so in my opinion is that worth it yes,absolutely but a big if,if you are somebody who just wants to,see,what its about maybe hook up with some,people,youre not that serious about it dont,waste your time,go just use tinder hinge bumble some,free stuff and just,get on there when you want if you are,somebody that does take it very very,seriously,finding some online fun youre a very,sexually liberated person which,great its 2021 you like i said you do,you,go have fun go do whatever you want so,if you are one of those people that does,want to just have fun and be surrounded,by like-minded people that are,looking for the same thing then 20 25,bucks a month,for that absolutely in my opinion its,its more than worth it,where adult friend founder is probably,the best is if you are in,a couple or a group and you do want to,have some fun,in that sort of arena look that would be,the best when i went on there i was hit,up by a lot of couples so if youre a,couple that does want to get involved,with other couples groups singles then i,think that that would probably be the,best platform for plus if when it comes,to sex for you youre not the most,vanilla out there lets just say look on,tinder,sure you can get a hookup but openly,discussing your,kinks and what your fantasies are and,what not,youre probably gonna get unmatched,pretty quick if you start throwing that,right out there but on adult friend,finder if anything,its encouraged now finally a question i,do get a lot around this dating site is,is adult friend finder safe now look,just with,any other form of online dating when it,does come to potentially meeting,somebody,in person you do have to have your wits,about you and just be,a little bit extra safe now look when it,does finally come time to,meeting somebody in person just like any,other dating up out there regardless of,the nature,it is important that you are careful,when meeting somebody in person and just,tr

???? Adult friend finder review – Is Adult friend finder a scam or legit?

hi welcome to online for love im tyler,your online dating expert and today we,are going to review,adultfriendfinder.com,[Music],if youve been wondering does adult,friend find your work or is a dolphin,finder a scam then youve come to the,right place and were gonna answer that,question for you today before we jump,into this though are you sure this is,the right website for you,luckily online for love has a great,online dating website quiz that you can,take,right now in the description down below,is it bumble is it okay cupid is it,tinder who knows but if you jump in the,link below you can take the quiz for,yourself,for free and find out i do also want to,mention that this video is,actually based off of an article which,you can find on online for love and in,our description down below,the reason im saying this is because,any information that i may mention is,only true at the time of me recording,this video,any statistics or demographics may,change since then but on the article,its constantly updated so all the most,up-to-date information you can find on,there in order to review adult,friendfinder.com were going to go over,these five categories,those five categories are the user base,the site layout and design,the features the cost and the success,rate hands down the most important,statistic on any website is the type of,members that it has,and how many members it has as well,adult friend finder is most likely the,most prominent website for hookups,casual dating and,anything along those lines years ago,adult friend finder lost a lot of its,good reputation,as a lot of fake profiles were popping,up on the website,but as of today adult friend finder has,really tried to tackle this issue,and thats something that ill start to,get into a little bit later adult friend,finder is also the 119th most popular,website in the united states,this is huge they also get over 63,million visits every month which is,substantially more than most other,dating websites most users are located,in the united states,the united kingdom and canada and its,pretty clear that the english language,is what dominates the entire website and,therefore english countries as well,if youre in the united states youre,going to have the best chances most,users,75 to be exact are located within the us,as far as the male to female ratio goes,sixty percent of users are male and,forty percent of users are female which,is pretty typical of a dating website of,this nature the largest percentile of,users are between the ages of,25 and 34 and the second largest are,between,35 and 44 which again is pretty typical,of dating websites,ive been using adult friend finder for,over a month now and most of the users,that i come across are,very attractive ive also been finding,other users who are not so much my type,but that being said the amount of people,that are on the website is huge,so youre going to get a bunch of,different types of people that youre,going to come across,as im sure you can see on the screen,right now you can see the types of users,that im coming across personally,i also have to blur a lot of images on,this website because you will see a lot,of explicit stuff,youll see more nudity on this website,compared to most other websites that we,review here on online for love one of,the greatest things about adult friend,finder is that there seems to be an,endless amount of women to choose from i,constantly see new members joining the,website all the time which is something,that i myself really take value in now,that we talked about the user base lets,talk about the site layout and design,overall i would say the site layout and,design of adult friend finder is pretty,clean,but in comparison to other websites it,might take you a little bit longer than,usual to get used to the interface,this is merely the price that one would,have to pay in order to be able to take,advantage of all the features that adult,print finder offers,if trying to find potential matches on,the go is your thing luckily adult,friend finder has a great application,for both,apple and android users before we jump,into this next section though id like,to ask you to hit like if youre,enjoying the video and to subscribe to,make sure you dont miss out on any more,online dating tips from,online for love so now that we talked,about the site layout lets jump into,the features and see what they have to,offer,and im gonna have to ask you to take a,deep breath for this one because adult,friend finder does,offer a ton of features for you to,utilize so adult friend finder does,offer some search and filter features,which is really important for almost any,dating website to have,the main features for searching are,whos online whos on instant messenger,new matches members near me advanced,searches,kink search and browse out of all of the,search features my favorites are whos,online,advanced search and browse the whos,online search can be used if youre,trying to find a quick,hookup this would be great if youre,trying to find something for that night,the advanced search section,allows you to look for a man a woman a,group one sex or both,couples and a few others you can set,your age range,distance whether they are showing photos,or videos whether they are a verified,member,their ethnicity their body type their,sexual orientation,and even their cup size for women in,their home size for men,which i found really humorous but also,really useful at the same time,as you can see the search and filter,capabilities are seemingly endless as to,what you can explore the browsing,feature on a doll front finder is used,to find people who are within your area,and under your certain search criteria,by that i mean if youre a man seeking a,woman or a man seeking a couple or,something along the lines of that itll,only list,other people who are looking for the,same thing another feature in adult,friend finder is their live camp feature,and this is something that isnt really,geared towards dating but geared towards,watching other members live,on webcam as a member of the website if,youre feeling confident enough you can,broadcast yourself,on a webcam and other members can,actually send you money through tips,overall if youre just interested in,dating i would say stay away from this,section otherwise youre just going to,be sending money to people on videos and,i dont really think thats the end game,that people are looking for,another feature they have is the whats,hot section and in this section,it filters out who has the hottest,photos the hottest videos the hottest,albums and who are top members overall,they also have a hot or not feature,where you can say a user is hot or not,and honestly here is a great place to go,if youre looking for the cream of the,crop of the website so lets jump into,what you can actually do,on your adult friend finder profile and,it is pretty extensive you can add,photos and videos and you can even,update a status,in your profile you can also find all,the people youve added to your hot list,who youve sent flirts to who your,friends are who your top fans are,and you can access and manage your,messaging section also from your profile,you can set your standard search and,filter settings which means that,whatever you set here will be set,site-wide for you if youre only a man,looking for a woman,and thats all you want then that will,apply that everywhere on the website,if you do want to try and get paid via,live webcam it would be really helpful,if your profile was completely filled,out so that other members can see all,the stuff that you have to offer,in the physical information section you,can put your height your body type and,other physical aspects like,your manhood size if you understand what,im saying or your breast measurements,as a woman i personally thought this was,crack very funny but honestly a lot of,people on the website are,looking for that information,straightforward and to be able to put,that on your website is pretty intuitive,adul

Adult Friend Finder Review – Is It Legit Or A Scam?

hello steve here from dudehack.com today,were going to be talking about,adult friend finder,so yes you heard that right today we are,going to be reviewing,adult friend finder were going to be,doing the deepest of dives,right into exactly how it works and,reviewing each and every part of it but,first,guys just a bit of housekeeping my name,is steve morley i am the owner of,dudehuck.com,which is your online dating resource for,dudes and dudettes,covering everything online dating so if,you are interested in online dating go,ahead and check it out,now yesterday is all about adult friend,finder but if,at any point throughout this video you,think you know what i,i think i maybe want to try a different,dating app maybe,what adult friend finder is all about,isnt for me then,i highly suggest you go and take my free,quiz over at dudehack.com,and that quiz will tell you exactly what,dating app would suit you better so if,you do want to find out if there,is a better dating app for you go down,to the description below,and last thing if at any point,throughout this video you think you know,what i just want to try,adult friend finder for myself i have,included a free sign up link down below,in the description so go ahead and click,that if at any point throughout this,video,you want to try it yourself but enough,about that you are here to dive into the,full deep dive review onto adult friend,finder so lets get into it now if you,havent watched,any of my reviews before look im not,like the other guys on any of those,other channels that give you a little,bit of a,glazing overview of how the app works we,are going to be doing,the deepest of dives this is going to be,long so strap in get a glass of wine,whatever sort of tickles your fancy,because were going to be going through,quite a lot of information today what i,want from these videos is for you to,know every single,little tiny part that you would ever,possibly need to know when it does,come to adult friend finder or any,dating out for that matter before you go,ahead and jump in the way that today is,going to work is were going to be,running through a total of 12,different points different aspects of,adult friend finder,im going to review each and every one,of them individually and giving you,a score out of ten after that obviously,i,am going to give you my overall score to,what i think adult friend finder,is out of ten on top of that throughout,this whole video i,am going to be answering questions that,people do have around,adult friend finder a lot of the time,for example is,it legit and just how it actually works,but the 12 points that we are going to,be running through are as follows,the user overview the sign up process,making your own profile other peoples,profiles,the top fans function which will explain,in a bit more detail,messaging other profiles the app,its free version its cost and value,its membership features its real life,success and reviews,and finally its customer care and,remember after all of that,i will give you my final overall rating,for adult friend vinyl but enough dilly,dallying lets get straight into,the adult friend finder review now look,chances are if you are watching this,video you have,heard about adult friend founder and,youre just wondering what its all,about and,if you should go and give it a go but,look if youre not,entirely sure what adult friend finder,is basically it is the,largest sex positive website on the web,the largest sex positive dating website,i should say,it started in 1996 and since then has,connected plenty of,singles groups and even swingers looking,for casual fun,and look lets be real guys sex is a,major part of the modern dating scene,so lets talk about it there is no point,acting like it is a taboo topic,at the end of the day people hook up,online all the time,so if youre thinking adult friend,finder might just be a little bit,too sort of cringy or something like,that for you at this point in time but,you want to hook up,get that thinking out of your head right,now because at the end of the day adult,friend finder is,marketed for you to get laid so all the,people on there are basically looking,for something similar,lets get over this stigma guys now one,last thing before we do jump into it,just a quick reminder guys if you,havent,picked it up by now adult friend finder,is,very not safe for work so look heed my,warning,if youre literally at work do not look,at this website and on that note if you,are somebody who is uncomfortable,with nudity and things like that then,its probably best that you just,completely stay away from this website,altogether so next how does adult friend,finder actually,work before we dive into the review now,adult friend finder just like many,other dating apps and sites out there is,a location,based dating site it suggests compatible,people to yourself based,on its algorithm that does take into,location and other factors such as what,youre looking for,and look if you havent picked up on it,by now really what adult friend find it,is all about is removing some of the,shame,or the stigma when it does come to,finding sex or finding a hook up,online so the way it works is once you,do find somebody that you are,interested in or youve been suggested,to you can,reach out to them to start a,conversation you dont have to be,matched with someone prior to sending,them a message so its a little bit more,of a sort of free,open market type thing this chat that,you have started if it is reciprocated,will be private where you can send,messages,videos and photos you can probably just,imagine some of the photos and videos,that have been sent,on this website before on top of just,being able to browse through any,profiles and make,contact with basically anybody you will,also be suggested compatible matches,through its cupid match program,essentially thats just this algorithm,which does hopefully match you with,like-minded compatible people,now last question before we do jump into,the review,is adult friend finder legit well what i,can tell you,is adult friend finder has been around,for 25 years,and in that time it has certainly proven,that it is legit in fact in 2010 they,were voted the best adult dating site by,the xbiz,awards on top of that outdoor,friendfinder has built a loyal customer,base that loves the anti-shaming,aspect of adult friend finder when it,does come to finding,online fun if you ask these die hard,fans that have had plenty and plenty of,fun,from using adult friend finder im,confident they would,tell you the same thing that adult,friend finder is certainly,legit one thing i do need to raise at,this point though is adult friend,fighter has been slammed in the past,when it does come to actually having,bot profiles online basically what i,mean there is having fake profiles,online to make it seem like it has a lot,more users than it does,although this has been counted in the,last few years with the introduction of,verified profiles,so because of that reports of fake,profiles has steadily been,on the decline now you can just imagine,with the nature of this website just,like,really any other dating app yeah there,might be some scammers and whatnot on,there,like i said that happens everywhere with,the verification now you can just be a,little,bit extra vigilant and making sure that,if that person is verified,you know that you are talking to who,they say they are now look enough about,all of those questions guys,lets get into the actual review now for,the rest of this review im going to go,ahead and,assume that you are somebody that is,looking for a fling online,whether thats some single one-on-one,fun some swinging action,or some group fun thats completely up,to you,but i am going to assume that you are,open to one of if not,all of those the reason i say that is,because if you are somebody who,isnt looking for fun or you are,somebody that does,want something a bit more serious and,long term,adult friend finder probably isnt for,you and you can prob

Adult Friend Finder Review : STILL The Best Hookup Site?

so his adult friend finder any good and,does it meet the needs of the modern man,whos looking for a hookup now I know,some of you are impatient so Im going,to give you the headline facts straight,away Adult FriendFinder is still the,number one hookup or sex dating app in,the world for guys that just want casual,sex or a hookup and were going to go,through three main reasons why this is,the case but if you want to get started,on Adult Friend Finder straight away,theres a free trial link in the,description below this video and click,on that link and you also get a big 25,discount so the first main reason why,Adult Friend Finder is still the number,one hookup dating site is because it has,an enormous membership base 65 million,active users on this dating site now of,those 65 million users 60 of those users,are women so unlike something like an,app like Tinder where its Five Guys for,every girl so youve got this massive,uphill battle if you want to meet a girl,well an Adult FriendFinder the majority,of users are women so its much easier,based on that fact alone to get a girl,out on a date and hook up with her now,65 million users the majority of those,users are in the west in the United,States United Kingdom Canada Australia,and so on and especially in the US if,you live in the US youre going to find,no matter where you live in the United,States you will find women horny women,looking for a hookup on Adult Friend,Finder and what sort of age range do you,see on Adult Friend Finder and this is,really important Adult Friend Finder is,mostly suited for guys under 40. so its,basically just a hookup app like weve,said but if youre looking for a,relationship you wont find it on Adult,Friend Finder but the women are looking,for guys under the age of about 40.,thats the prime age for hooking up and,casual sex so if youre a guy over 40,there are probably better apps to try,but if youre under 40 Adult Friend,Finder is number one and the majority of,female users on Adult Friend finder are,under the age of 35. Now how hot are the,girls an adult friend finder I mean,theres no point signing up to a hookup,site if the women are all munters if,theyre all ugly well check out the,picture on the screen right now Im,scrolling through some membership,profiles on Adult FriendFinder you can,see there are some very attractive women,but I must be honest there are some,women that are not so hot too but this,is a good sign it means that theyre not,all Spam profiles are ripped off the,internet just to lure you in and take,your money these are real user female,profiles so you can be sure that the,site is not a scam so Adult Friend,Finder 65 million users 60 women lots of,female profiles why is it so good for,hooking up then for younger guys well,another reason is is because Adult,Friend Finder has no pretenses theres,no illusions on this site when women,sign up to adult friend finder from the,moment they land on the home page they,know they are signing up for a hookup,site a sex site so when you sign up as a,guy and chatting to a girl unlike most,dating sites the women are not gonna act,offended and play psychological games,and tactics and techniques when you try,and get them out on a date and when you,God forbid mention a hookup theyll be,quite straightforward with you its,pretty easy to get a girl for a hookup,on Adult Friend Finder because everybody,knows why theyre signed up to the site,and in terms of cost Adult Friend Finder,is very reasonable indeed its about,thirty dollars one month membership and,even cheaper if you sign up for three to,six months works out to about twenty,dollars a month and you can send as many,messages as you like in that period so,what are some tips for Success an adult,friend finder really you need to do,three things the first thing is whatever,you do dont just upload photos of your,body and your nether regions the naughty,bits without face photos without photos,showing what kind of person you are you,need to demonstrate a nice lifestyle,show some pictures of you in bars and,clubs maybe on a beach and also show,that youre quite a complex person if,youve got pictures of you with an,animal or a small child looking after it,show that as well show pictures of you,with friends show that youre a normal,guy you can have a conversation the,women an adult friend finder are still,women theyre looking for a hookup but,they need to be emotionally massaged a,little bit at least they need to know,youre not a psycho a weirdo and they,need to see what you look like they,cant just see a picture of your knob,and get to know what kind of person you,are so you need to display some normal,photos on there equally dont make the,mistake of writing nothing in your,description write a bit about yourself,what you like what you dont like what,youve traveled to and just try and,summarize what kind of person you are,and give a few hints about your,personality so of all the dating sites,you can try out there Adult Friend,Finder has the highest chance of hooking,up probably 9 out of ten for comparison,Tinder is about five or six out of ten,mainly because there are just so many,good looking guys on Tinder Adult Friend,Finder will find the competition is much,less and to be frank most of the guys,are clueless say upload pictures of,their nether regions of their naughty,bits and so on they dont talk about,themselves they dont talk to the women,they dont get to know them at all and,theyre mostly unsuccessful so if you,rock up there with some decent profile,decent peripheral pictures and a written,description you talk to the girls you,treat them like a human being you will,stand out an adult friend finder and,have no problem meeting girls for a,hookup so with such a large membership,base loads of women on there all looking,for a hookup Adult Friend Finder is the,number one hook updating app in the,world if you want to give it a go use,the link in the description below the,video you get a free trial and a big 25,discount using that link well worth the,shot enjoy Adult Friend Finder and Ill,see you guys in the next video

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