1. The Faith of Desmond Doss
  2. Entrevue à Bill Knott, rédacteur en chef dAdventist Review, Adventist World
  3. “The Judging Process” | Sabbath School Panel by 3ABN – Lesson 13 Q4 2022
  4. Believe a Lie – Feature Film [HD] | ARTV
  5. Breaking the Curse – Full Documentary
  6. Ted Wilsons re-election interview by Bill Knott
  7. Featurette from the Adventist Review

The Faith of Desmond Doss

I find myself wondering, Jonathan, at a place like this why something as tragic,and painful as war is so frequently memorialized by beauty, by water,,by light, by symbols that seem so far away.,Does that ever strike you as an irony?,Well, it does and I think what soldiers who serve,seek is the peace that you see in these kind of environments.,Soldiers and service-members see the war as a necessary evil,,but they seek the peace.,For you, as you think about the figure that,pretty much the whole world is thinking about, this coming weekend,,with the release of “Hacksaw Ridge”,,what are the qualities in Dosss life that you as a chaplain,see worth us focusing on?,Well, as chaplains, we work in a secular setting.,Part of what I see in society is this real fragmentation of human beings,,that what you do at work, and what you do in your private life is separate,,and so, human beings are more fragmented in our society today.,And what Desmond Doss does is show his wholeness–,- Okay. – his wholeness, his body, mind,,his heart and his spirit is one.,And I think it just gives us all a great opportunity to have a God talk with people.,Whats the difference God makes in your life?,As the stories unfold about how Dosss comrades looked to him,,maybe some of them thought of him like a good luck charm,,others genuinely seemed to respect his faith,,and didnt want to be in conflict if he wasnt there,,because they saw him as somehow a…,I dont know, a spiritual force in the moment.,Then I do think that you could say there was a supernatural sense of what occurred,,because if you look at what happened at Okinawa,,of his company of a hundred and thirty people,,only thirty of them were pushed off, a hundred were left up on top.,And he stayed there, and as they depict it in the movie–,and weve seen it in his documentaries–,he just asked, “Lord, give me one more.”,A living reminder, some would call it,,of how we might expect Jesus to act in that situation.,That, yes, the unconcern about himself,,the concern for other people who are in difficult, desperate moments.,Doss has a certain ability to resist the pressures around him,to conform to what everyone else is doing, even when it comes to his own safety.,Talk to me for a moment about that value as an Adventist value.,Our view of where we are in history, is often underlying the importance of,being distinctive, differentiating ourselves from the culture.,Doss seemed to do that in a remarkable way.,He did it while he stayed in the culture.,I think part of what we miss is, he was as good a soldier as anyone else.,The skills you needed on the battlefield– he understood, and thats how he operated.,But what I see with Doss is, our focus of creation.,That God created us in the image of God.,And as Adventists, we take that seriously in many ways.,I recently heard a sermon on Matthew 14, about Peter,walking on the water when Christ called him,,and Christ asks Peter, “Why did you doubt me?” when he began to sink.,He trusted the power of the waves over the power of Christ, and he began–,and I think with Doss, we find a human being, that what he did on that ridge,,he totally trusted Christs power.,But I see something there, the heroes and the saints through history,,they have somehow already achieved the sense of peace about their own circumstances,,and thus act with what looks like fearlessness to the rest of us.,That is right. Whether they survive or not, theres this sense of selflessness,,but also I think with Desmond, when you look at it–,to pull seventy-five to a hundred people off a battlefield–,there was this clear sense that he had no doubt that God would use him.,Recognizing that theres somebody out there, wounded, hurting,,whos really in need of help at a moment–,we dont even know who they are just yet.,- Thats right. – And this is Dosss commitment,,not just to buddies, but to anyone whos out there.,Thats right.

Entrevue à Bill Knott, rédacteur en chef dAdventist Review, Adventist World

foreign,[Music],the chef editor editor of the Adventist,review and Adventist World Ministries he,is actually but you are the responsible,of the Adventist review Ministries you,have Adventure review on Adventist world,but you have also other multiple other,Ministries that have grown up around it,its more like a media house okay so,explain us just in a few words but in,addition to other print products like,kids view a product for children yeah,thats being launched as a television,site yeah joining Adventist review TV,which has grown into a very large,on-demand platform with 1500 titles and,material all over the place we also have,Adventist media lab which is where we,work at creating Innovative products to,help the church,everything from augmented reality to,Virtual Reality to gamification uh to,looking at how to enhance the churchs,decision making about product,development,it none of this I can claim I saw coming,you know some people want to say you had,this Grand no I didnt have any Grand,Vision I was watching people God brought,to us and simply saying you can do that,that sounds like something we ought to,be doing lets try that and,for a person as steeped in Tradition as,I have been Im story and I love the,past it doesnt get up and move around,you know,it was the awkwardness of being the one,who had to make the transition to the,digital age yep uh to from someone who,loves the feel the pages in my hand to,be the one who had to say wait we have,to reinvent ourselves we have to imagine,this ministry as digital first,when it isnt my natural platform yeah,and to bring the people who arent,digital Natives and who thrive in that,environment and to say come work here be,part of this team,it has been a reinvention process in,fact we use this phrase a lot in the,ministry Reinventing the plane while,flying it yeah you still have to keep,moving but youre constantly,trying to reinvent the processes,reinvent the imagination we also have a,media not only media lab but we have an,audio segment of Adventist review we put,out a little item called Grace nuts yes,this weekend has 300 000 views on,Facebook and uh,gets translated into multiple languages,and goes viral all over the world and,what we have come to realize,and I guess I it hit me a few years ago,God wants to do some things,and he has to find willing people,even more than talented people he has to,find willing people,he provides the skill sets he brings the,people he brings the assets what we have,to do is to bring a set of sensibilities,I will not be stunning where I was I,will learn to flex I will listen to,people I dont agree with I will try to,build here A Safe Community for,creativity and Innovation those are,things I didnt come by naturally thats,not my history,but its part of what Ive learned on,the job I have to say one thing,Adventist review is the oldest,Adventist Institute Institution in the,world even older than the Seventh-day,Adventist Church 14 years older which,which I remind the leadership of fairly,often because by the way is the only,Ministry that was,commanded ordained by Jesus himself yes,yes you know I keep reminding some in,leadership be very careful what you do,with this this ministry goes immediately,back to Ellen Whites 1848 Vision she,said I saw that my husband should,publish a little paper it took James,eight months to get there but he did it,and from that moment,we have seen her prediction that it,would go like streams of light clear,around the world how much better to,describe the digital age than streams of,light circling the world literally at,the speed of light watching a Ministry,that began with a few print pages now in,millions of applications around the,world read by people we have no idea of,who are Way Beyond any target audience,so that thats the main that makes me,think that he these very scary,to be the last name so far on a line,that you can track app to James White,its very interesting and now its very,intimidating to think wow we need to,innovate digital that all the the,digital area came up with you,it its kind of I I think I always that,thats ironic for someone who as I said,loves print and paper and but,the other piece of it is recognizing,that,when you go back and look at the story,of James White,this man is profoundly and innovator a,creative,we have put him in dark clothes in a,beard when he was much older and we have,made him seem like the symbol of,solemnity he was nothing at all solemn,this is a man whos constantly looking,for better equipment newer methodologies,better design hes constantly in that,frame of improving his product I have,used the expression thus that the,Adventist review is the oldest startup,in the church its always in that,process of reinvention our particular,stage was in the digital age to begin,imagining not only that we would add,digital but that we would make digital,first,thats still an ambition not fully,realized because there are so many ways,we need to grow but its immensely,satisfying to discover that there are,hundreds of thousands of people who have,never experienced our products as print,yep who are now,part of the family of the review,um now we know that the Adventist review,has many additions in different,languages all over the world one is ours,in France that is was published for the,first time in 1893 yes so its uh quite,old yes almost the oldest yeah no no,so and uh it happens I am now at the,last name on the list,but but I would love to be to to to ask,you about the Adventist World review,which is a kind of the side review why,Adventist world besides Adventist review,2004,Elder John Paulson General Conference,president,um decides he brings in my predecessor,Bill Johnson and urges him go Global yep,lets not just focus on those areas that,we are already comfortable and,established in,design a magazine for the entire world,Church,I got to be part of that startup because,we had to begin imagining what to do how,to finance this how to distribute it,there are huge logistical issues when,youre trying to move a magazine out to,millions of people,and,then thinking about,how do you develop content the great,danger is that a bunch of North,Americans get together and produce,something that sounds like North America,which means it will be dead on arrival,in most other places so I I began,coaching our staff early on and then,when I became editor regularly saying,we have to imagine that we are working,from some place lets say on the coast,of Africa we have to dislocate ourselves,and and go to a different place and,think,And Thus Weve recruited to that team,people who have lived and worked in more,than 25 nations of the world are the,heritage of our good working group,is,multi-ethnic multinational and,multiracial and thats exactly what,weve tried to do you cant represent an,International Church by getting a group,of well-intentioned people together and,say we will try to imagine what people,in Toulouse believe no you cant do it,that way you have to ask you have to,consult and one of the things we have,loved doing is partnering with regional,additions to say,wait a minute were not here to take the,place of review of review Adventist,were here to to support to encourage to,add more content that can enhance your,ministry if we come in with a mindset,that we are the big ship and everyone,else is the tugboat we will be ignored,we will lose our mission so our our job,as weve discovered is to ask the,questions how can we do something that,benefits your field makes your readers,feel theyre getting value from their,World Church,it looks different in every place and in,fact your addition is the most different,looking one because of the simple way it,will be printed it its an Innovative,way to show difference and distinction,and yet togetherness yes in other places,our magazine is inserted inside of,others in others its attached side by,side in others most of the content is,delivered but some of it is local in our,Swahili Edition which is all di

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“The Judging Process” | Sabbath School Panel by 3ABN – Lesson 13 Q4 2022

hello Im Shelley Quinn and we are so,glad you are joining us for 3ab and,Sabbath School panel we are students of,the Bible we study so we can share with,you you are what its all about today we,will be looking at the judging process,let me introduce you to the three ABN,family sitting at the table with me,brother James Rafferty good to be here,Shelly I have Mondays lesson which is,the pre-advent Judgment amen and amen,and brother John dinzi thank you its a,blessing to be here I have Tuesday the,millennial judgment that sounds great,nice Ryan day I have Wednesdays lesson,entitled The Executive judgment oh this,is going to be good and my precious,sister Jill Marconi thank you Shelly Im,excited about this lesson Thursday is,the second death oh its going to be a,beautiful study thank you for joining us,I hope you have your pen your paper and,your Bible but lets start with prayer,and James would you like to open it sure,would Father in Heaven just thank you,for our audience thank you for the gift,the promise of your holy spirit thank,you for your word were studying a very,important subject all the aspects of the,judgment and the final,decree of the second death we just pray,that you will give us words to share and,that youll touch the hearts of each one,thats listening we pray in Jesus name,amen amen and amen okay lesson 13 the,judging process and our memory text is,from second Corinthians 5 and verse 10.,second Corinthians 5 10 for we must all,appear before the Judgment seat of,Christ so that each of us may receive,what is to us for the things done while,in the body,whether good or bad,you know the Bible told us tells us and,we looked at it last week in Hebrews 9,27 it is appointed for men to die once,yes and then the Judgment goddess love,God is righteous thats his character,and because he is a righteous and loving,God he has a system of justice it is a,perfect system of justice and it is so,lacking in our world but the Bible is,clear both in the Old Testament and the,New Testament that we are saved by grace,through faith but we are judged,by God in accordance with what weve,done while were in the body so,Ecclesiastes 12 14 says God will bring,every work into judgment,including every secret thing whether,good or bad,Jeremiah 17 10 this is the Lord speaking,he said I the Lord search the heart I,test the mind even to give every man,according to his ways according to the,fruit of his doings,did you know that we cant run we cant,hide from God he is everywhere present,and hes not only Transcendent above and,beyond our Physical Realm but hes an up,close and personal God he his imminent,presence is with us at all times listen,to this Psalm 139 David wrote this and,its such a beautiful Psalm I encourage,you to read verses one through seven we,wont take the time to read that all now,but listen how he begins,oh Lord you have searched me and known,me you know my actions you understand my,thoughts you know my words and then in,verse 7 Psalm 139 verse 7. he says where,can I go from your spirit where can I,flee from your presence God knows,everything about us he even knows what,were thinking afar off before it even,comes to our mind so he knows the life,of every individual and I have to tell,you he doesnt have to review our cases,for judgment God already knows what the,judgment is all about is to accommodate,the Curiosity of his other created,beings those in Heaven and Earth who,need to understand the history of,Lucifers Rebellion how it spread to all,the world and theres three main phases,of Gods judgment there is a pre-advert,judgment and thats obvious even in,Genesis there is the millennial judgment,and then there is an executive judgment,so the process,of judgment,is,it is let me put it this way,it is well for us who are in Christ the,process of judgment ends with,Vindication thats right of those who,are in Christ but it ends with the,second death of the wicked so lets look,at Sundays lesson the final judgment,it has a result of judgment before we,begin let me just say this lets,remember were saved by grace through,faith Ephesians 2 8-10 says not of works,that any of us can boast theres nothing,you and I can do to save ourselves the,Bible tells us we are just about,justified by faith we know that Abraham,was justified by faith thats Genesis 15,6 and then Romans 5 1 Paul repeats that,and says just as he was so are you,justified by faith but we are judged,very clearly by God appraising our works,why works are the external evidence of a,true experience of Salvation when God,converts us when we are born again when,we have his holy spirit into our killing,us were going to be motivated to love,the Lord and motivated to walk in,obedience to our god so when God,executes his Justice,in judgment,judgment is a,two-sided coin,the judgment will bring condemnation on,those who never repented or turned to,God thats one side of judgment thats,the scary side,but on the flip side judgment brings,Vindication yes Vindication to those who,are made righteous by faith so First,Kings 8 32 is talking about God judging,his servants,condemning the wicked bringing his way,on his head get that,its the wicked who hath determined what,happens to them in judgment,what happens is it brings his way on his,head and justifying the righteous by,giving him according to his,righteousness,I guess my favorite,text on all of all the Judgment texts is,Daniel 7 21 and 22. thats my favorite,when Daniel says I was watching until,the Ancient of Days came and a judgment,was made,in favor of the Saints of the most high,if youre in Christ Jesus you dont have,to fear judgment he says and then the,time came for the Saints to possess the,Kingdom so lets consider Matthew 25 we,dont have time to read the entire,passage but its Matthew 25,31-46 you might want to note that and,what we see here this is not a parable,but Jesus is describing the judgment and,figurative language hes talking about,the condemnation and the Vindication for,those who did to the least of these or,did not do to the least of these,essentially the figurative language that,he uses to describe humanity is sheep,and the goats the Sheep are the,Righteous the goats are the unrighteous,the wicked,so this is a literal description of,whats going to happen at his second,coming the son of man the King has,already made his investigative judgment,his before his second coming the,pre-advent Judgment Christ has made and,hes ready to separate the sheep and the,goats based on how they treated the,least of these he says that if weve,walked in the humility of love,with a commitment to Jesus and were,compassionate,toward the least of these providing them,food or drink or shelter clothing the,naked visiting them while they were sick,or in prison he says,that you did unto me now the goats the,unrighteous,ignored the needs of these brothers they,walked in Wicked selfishness and pride,and Jesus says in verse 40.,this is Matthew 25 verse 40. and the,King speaks and he says assuredly I say,to you in as much as you did not do it,as in as much as you did it to one of,the least of these you did it to me but,in contrast if we ignore,the needs of others Jesus says were,ignoring him,isnt that scary,when we turn a blind eye to the needs of,people Jesus says were turning a blind,eye toward him so he says in verse 46,that the goats will go into Everlasting,punishment but the righteous into,eternal life so John 3 18.,Jesus said that he who believes in him,and by the way,believing in Jesus means to be living in,Jesus thats good he says that he who,believes in Him is not condemned but he,who does not believe,is condemned already because hes not,believed in the name of the only,begotten son of God,and then he tells us in John 5 24 most,assuredly I say to you he who hears my,word and believes in him who sent me,has ever lasting Life by the way here,means to put it into practice,and then he says these shall not come,into judgment but have passed from death,into life,so what is that say

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Believe a Lie – Feature Film [HD] | ARTV

on todays show were going to take a,little deeper into the subject of,deception what is real and what is fake,and is it possible that even now youre,being deceived what is the long-term,effect of too much information if youre,sitting in and youre thinking its the,gospel is it just me or does it seem,like its hard to trust anyone these,days our country is under siege from a,media carpet bombing campaign we put up,this facade we all know its not real,cant you tell when somebodys telling,you a big lie you yeah,its unnerving to wake up each morning,and not know who is telling the truth,alternative facts it wasnt lying if,alternate about the epidemic of,malicious fake news fake news fake news,story by the fake this this is fake news,represents fake news,this idea of fake news manipulating the,trending news section we take down and,block 450,000 suspicious logins every,day to tell people what they can or,cannot read or further what they can or,cannot believe deep down I just want to,believe in something something that is,true do you all want to know the truth,are you ready for the truth to continue,on the subject we have a very special,guest here today one that many would,credit for coining the term fake news,Donald Trump the President of the United,States,mr. president thank you for being you,thank you youre very active on social,media you know my Twitter following is I,guess between Facebook Twitter its at 2,we have 22 million people but I will,tell you theres a lot of emotion on,that issue,weve already had an african-american,president we almost had a female do you,think well see a woman president soon,were gonna have a woman president,absolutely probably wont be very long,but I think thats all we need,[Music],all right people hey thanks man,um I still dont think its a good idea,okay,people just want to be entertained they,dont really want the truth where is,your pitch its at home sleeping with my,paycheck unless you stand for something,youll fall for anything surprise the,BBC is reporting fake news well at least,there is no dude what I like with so,much fake news I dont know whats real,and whats not,I dont know what to believe anymore,youre not alone everybody wants to,believe in something its the core of,humanity,please Global Forum that you did some,research recently and they found that,84% of the world are religious at the,core of understanding what truth is its,really a question of doom and what do I,trust how do you even decide who or what,to even trust you know theres an,interesting report by Edelman which has,maybe two decades of research on trust,theyve found for example that media as,a global institution is the least,trusted entity right now the first time,in is nearly two decades of research,they found that nearly seven in ten,people worried about fake news being,used as a weapon as we physically,interact theyre accused we take from,each other but think about this what,about online there are no physical cues,when a large part of communication ISM,is nonverbal,in other words us assessing each other,online that doesnt exist anymore and so,distinguishing between what is true in,force now becomes a problem of,information and knowledge and thats,where if you pair that together with,like-minded groups it becomes even more,difficult now with the group mentality,with a peer pressure approach to,actually distinguish and make the right,decision between borders,what is force so its social media to,blame for all the fake news out there,social media by itself is honestly,dangerous but its how it can be used,that can cause a lot of difficulties lot,of problems there are over two billion,users on Facebook alone is 1 billion,users in YouTube that accounts for a,third of Internet news and with the,manipulation of images or video this,disinformation can spread like wildfire,information overload can actually cause,and create make us vulnerable to,manipulation,so can you expand on this idea of,Conformity a little more theres a,classic social psychology study,undertaken by Solomon Asch in 1951 which,set in motion research around the idea,of conformity the experiment youll be,taking part in today involves the,perception of lengths of lines and on,each card there are several lines your,task is a very simple one youre to look,at the line on the left and determine,which of the three lines on the right is,equal to it in length only one of the,people in the group is a real subject a,fifth person with a white t-shirt,the others are Confederates of the,experimenter and have been told to give,wrong answers on some of the trials,to,to the subject denies the evidence of,his own eyes and yields to group,influence to to,- I know theyre wrong but what should I,make waves – in this case the subject,knows he is right but goes along to,avoid the discomfort of disagree with,people winningly conformed to an idea,even though it was clearly and blatantly,incorrect because of peer pressure,because the other participants were,actually agreeing with something that,was incorrect,take for example image manipulation,right you do this on a regular basis Im,sure,do you take selfies you take pictures,you put it through an app maybe you want,to lighten something maybe its too dark,in some areas those are acceptable forms,we want to get the best looking image,that we can so we can share with friends,with family and so on but image,manipulation itself can actually fall,into a dangerous category in the wrong,hands it can actually be use of the seed,other really egregious example of,manipulation is the Los Angeles Times,photo from 2003 where a photographer,took two photos they were both quite,dramatic there was a British soldier in,the photo and there was an Iraqi,civilian in one photo he liked the way,the soldier looked and in the other,photo he liked the way the civilian look,so he decided to just combine the two,photos in Photoshop it was actually,printed all over the world photo,manipulation is as old as photography,itself take this photo of President,Lincoln its actually Lincolns head on,Senator John Calvins body weve had,faked photos for decades this hugely,damaging image of John Kerry supposedly,sharing a stage with Vietnam protester,Jane Fonda was actually a composite of,two images an image manipulation is just,the beginning think about audio now so,as you can see we have the audio,waveform above it and we have the text,down there and I kiss my dogs and my,wife so suppose my Cokie want to send,this audio to his wife so he actually,wants his wife to go before the dogs so,and and I kiss my wife and my dogs wait,heres more his more we can actually,type something thats not here is we can,actually type two small phrases so lets,say okay so we remove those words and we,do three time and play back and I kissed,or three times think about video now you,have an opportunity to attack all the,senses deep fake technology their,ability to survive on eight dollars an,hour in New York City this is the,ability to deceive you and I on a level,that is unprecedented,its essentially off-the-shelf,technology that you and I can easy,access and we can not only when they,played a photo but can actually,manipulate videos some extent Walker,that is for the census I think its real,important here we go President Barack,Obama,when you giving a speech make sure you,use you and I Im gonna find it very,difficult if not only and nine possible,to actually tell the difference between,what is real and what its not really,once you have an opportune to you now to,deceive people on a global scale,[Music],[Music],the error of the fake video begins,people believe in ghosts and spirits,fake news threatens democracy how do you,know this what connects the dots turn,off the recorder do you believe the,devil exists I know who you are I know,that you believe that everything is good,that youve got all the things that you,need to satisfy your life the home the,car the friends the social media the,money the power the drugs that youre,usi

Breaking the Curse – Full Documentary

The powers back.,Oh, good.,Yeah, this is not,how my dad taught me to do mechanics.,Jason says that the belt for the air conditioner seized up.,Or the compressor seized up.,I dont know anything about what that means,,but it causes problems.,Since that belt looks like it only goes to that,,and thats causing problems,,I just cut it off.,And, since we dont have an air conditioner,,we dont have an air conditioner.,This is pretty much real life in Africa.,Alright.,See you later. (Maggie) See you.,ARTV PRESENTS,BREAKING THE CURSE,We had this sense of call,,the Lord just kept calling us to mission.,Its very interesting because we wanted to go and serve somewhere,,and it was kind of general.,I had been in Tanzania, for three years,,and I loved it.,That was the place the Lord put me, I was created to live and work in Africa.,So,,I just wanted to go back, even when I left Tanzania to go to Norway,,I always wanted to go back.,We joined AFM as what they call “missionaries in training”,,and then we launched,,came to Benin in 2011.,So its been about four and a half years.,We knew the project had been going on for a long time,,but we chose to come to this one.,I spent eight months in an Adventist hospital,,in Rwanda,,and there,,I fell in love with Africa.,Its been 17 years now.,When I first went with AFM to Benin,,I had a two-year term,,but in those two years, something grew, and I knew,,I want to stay here.,I want to continue working here with these people.,I want to continue working for God.,Were between the coast,of the Atlantic Ocean, the coast of the Sahara Desert,,they call it the Sahel region.,A lot of mud huts,,a lot of thatched roof huts, especially the villagers.,People just living on the land,,theres a lot of agriculture.,The people are very friendly,,happy, hard-working, strong people.,We live in a city of about a hundred thousand people.,Theres three banks in town,,we have a post office,,two different markets.,We like it, I think I prefer this to living on a mission station in many ways.,We have normal neighbors,,and we get to see how our Christianity holds up in a real world setting,,and not just surrounded by other Christians.,(Interviewer) Whos Maggie?,Maggies my wife,,and her real name is Magnhild.,Shes Norweigan.,We met in Tanzania, she came with a group,,and we got a Bible school going together with that group,,and I stayed in Tanzania teaching this Bible school,,but we started writing letters.,For 14 months we didnt see each other, but we wrote tons of letters,,I wrote her whole books– Id fill a book just by hand.,And so she just won my heart,,and so I followed her to Norway, and ended up spending nine years there.,Maggies the most wonderful woman in the world,,to answer your question succinctly.,This is Natitingou.,This is the town we live in,,and its my first time to live in a town.,So I was a little hesitant before we came here,,but I really like it.,I think its really pretty,,with the mountains on either side,,or the hills on either side of the town.,And theres always people out and about.,In most villages,,theres predominantly one tribe or another.,So this is kind of a special situation that in this town,,theyve all gathered together,,and they get along peacefully.,So, this is actually a good place to learn French,,because even if they all have their local languages,,they speak French together.,Benin has challenges because there are sicknesses that kill,,like malaria,,typhoid,,cholera can come sometimes.,So its been a challenge trying to make sure we eat healthy and plain food,that doesnt get us sick.,We live a very different lifestyle from those around us,,when theres no fetish altar in our courtyard,,we dont do sacrifices on the altar,when the children get sick.,We dont eat whatever else people eat.,Its a very physical difference,,between our lives and the lives of those around us.,When a missionary goes into a country,,theyre asked to,,for the first one, two, three years,,only live with the people.,Observe the people.,Study the language, study the culture, study the tradition,,the religion of the people.,When you have the knowledge of the people,,and their culture and their tradition,,you can find out the way to touch their hearts with the gospel, the best way.,Its like youre looking for a specific key for a specific lock.,What you see here,,is a talisman of some sort that theyve put up when they planted the field,,so that people wont come and steal anything,,or it might also be to protect against evil spirits or to give a good harvest,,Im not exactly sure.,But we see a lot of these kind of things when theyve just planted their fields.,These people are animists, and theyre deeply rooted in the animist religion.,Animism means that everything that is surrounding us,,has a soul.,Not only humans, or animals, but also nature.,Rocks, a specific place.,If it is that someones dying, or being born,,or success,,or failure in school,,a good or a bad harvest,,anything is caused by something in the spiritual world.,This was the celebration for a funeral.,The person was buried years ago– could be ten years ago–,and now theyre finally– theyve gathered enough money to have the celebration,,so theres a lot of alcohol in there, people laying flat on the ground,,a lot of dancing,,theyre just dancing around, and around, and around under the mango tree,,the dancers are drunk, the people around are drunk,,people are going around,begging for money from each other, trying to find money for anther drink.,And, this is their way of honoring a dead person, years afterwards.,In Animism,,there is a great god.,In the language of the Ottamari people, this god is called Kuye.,Everybody knows that Kuye exists,,he is the creator,,he is the leader of history,,but,,man has no right to address god by himself.,He needs a middleman, and who is this middle man?,Its not Jesus Christ,,its the spirits of the ancestors.,So they need to pray to the ancestors,,and then the ancestors will take their request,,to bring it to god now.,If they ask for something,,they have to bring a sacrifice.,So in some ways, theyre manipulating god, they think,,but in reality,,people are manipulated by the spirits.,My name in Hyacinthe Tianati.,I am of the Ottamari tribe.,Before I became an evangelist,,I worked with my father as a medium,,worshiping the spirits.,I started feeling an unknown presence inside of me.,At times,,this presence made me weep.,So I went to a church with some people from my village.,They were prophesying.,People were falling, and rolling on the floor,,and yelling.,They started calling out names.,They called one girls name, and say to her,,”God told us you had several abortions.,That is forbidden.,God will burn you.”,Then they pointed their fingers at me and said,,”Hyacinthe, oh Hyacinthe,,God is calling you to come to him.,If you dont come, you will become blind.”,I said, “Ah, this is not what Im looking for.,A god who turns people blind?”,This did not fill my heart with joy.,I went back home and kept on searching.,Now, there was a road where some people were building,a Seventh-day Adventist church.,And people made up a rumor:,When you die, these people cut off one of your body parts.,Your head, your arm, your foot.,So as students,,wed run whenever we passed by that church.,But one day I woke up, and a voice told me,,”Go to that church and ask questions.”,I wanted to ask questions to understand if they take off heads,,and why they go to church on Saturdays?,I went with reservations. I stood on the door step thinking,,”If these people start chopping members off, Im ready to storm out.”,When it was my turn to speak, I asked them,,”Why do you go to church on Saturday?”,Someone showed me a Bible.,He explained to me and gave me verses to study.,When I read it,,I understood that there was some truth in this church.,Though I was afraid at first,,I enjoyed going there,,and kept going back because when I asked questions, I got answers.,That is how the gospel penetrated my heart.,I bec

Ted Wilsons re-election interview by Bill Knott

elder wilson first of all,congratulations um it has been a long,day im sure youll forgive a historian,for noting this but its been almost 50,years,since,the adventist church has invited a,leader to a third term what is that,what does that feel like for you,in terms of the opportunity to help make,an impact over time,well its certainly a humbling,experience,it does not embolden,me necessarily in any way,um i do recognize that,we need to maintain,as much focus on what god has assigned,his remnant church to do and that is,the proclamation of the three angels,messages,showing christ in all of his beauty and,his righteousness,and turning people back to the true,worship of god through the holy spirits,power,and that has to be redoubled in our,efforts rather than,slack off,so i hope to focus,even more greatly on helping our church,members,realize their responsibility and also,to help church leaders,local as well as through the ranks of,administration to recognize that we are,coming to the end and things need to be,so focused on what god intends for this,church to do because he has called it,for a special purpose,so im,re-animated rejuvenated in that sense,uh,and hope to focus heavily,on helping people truly understand,thats our role,and,we cant shirk that responsibility we,have to focus on it,with every,power we have,is there anything specifically that you,say,you had in your back of your mind and,you say well we havent tackled this we,havent addressed this because of you,know lack of time lack of resources,and said well now now is the time now,maybe we can do it,is there anything uh many of the things,that were doing right now and,emphasizing were going to be redoubling,on,revival and reformation should never go,away its what we need every day,comprehensive health ministry we now are,focusing on,comprehensive health ministry 2.0 which,is going to,involve every emphasis on the right arm,of the gospel the kind of work jesus did,luke chapter 4,the the emphasis that christ gives in,matthew 25 when he talks to those who,have who have helped helped him when he,was without clothes whether he was,thirsty when he was in prison etc these,things are a natural outgrowth of our,relationship with the lord uh its not,the social gospel its actually doing,the gospel in a practical manner,so these kinds of things were going to,be emphasizing an even greater way in,connection to the three angels messages,because were told in the spirit of,prophecy that the third angels message,is vitally connected to,medical missionary work or comprehensive,health ministry,and uh the third angels message is a,message and so the,medical missionary work is not the,message but it is the right arm so were,going to emphasize that mission to the,cities that weve been doing i mean we,havent run out of cities to work in and,ill tell you thats one of the greatest,challenges i think we face in putting,together the spirit of prophecy model,for working the cities,and we still have a lot of work to do,but i dont think we have much time,because i think the lords coming very,soon and i think one of course total,member involvement our strategic plans,which continue now through the rest of,this quinquennium because it began in,2020 to 2025 reach the the world i will,go and i will go has just caught on,so magnificently it was,coined by,young people in south america,uh in argentina,at our university there,and its just caught on all over the,world because its so personal and its,so,focused on mission even the cyclist,even the cyclist i will go bike you know,and then giving out uh you know great,controversy and all of that your bible,and you as they were it was a great,experience for them,i think the one thing that im going to,be focusing on even in a stronger way,is,the pleading,of the latter reign of the holy spirit,because we can continue to,you know,cycle through,to use a metaphor or just talking about,the cyclist but cycle through,programs good programs good emphasis and,almost all those programs have their,origin,in the spirit of prophecy which of,course,comes from the bible as well,but,the,the pleading with,the holy spirit to come in the latter,rain because thats what we need,if i can use this term kickstart,the last final,movement the loud cry,because,you know we dont and we see all around,us the emphasis,in the world,that things really are unraveling and,coming apart and adventists should not,be surprised were shocked were,saddened,were grief-filled when we see violence,and we see death and,horrible killings and shootings and all,kinds of things,but we shouldnt be surprised because we,know that this,is just another sign of the lords soon,return thats why we need to redouble,our efforts,to pray for the latter reign of the holy,spirit there are all kinds of metaphors,in addition to the title of the role you,hold as the president of the general,conference,one of them is kind of curious in this,place because this is where coaches,talked to teams,pick up that metaphor for a moment and,tell me,what do you think that means for the,role youve just accepted again,well it certainly means that we have to,do this in a team effort all right so,lets tie that in,uh,you cannot,you cannot just pull a few strings and,expect everything to happen,and especially within the church,structure which is basically basically a,voluntary organization people are part,of it because they love the lord,and you you have to,give people a focus and a goal and the,goal of course is to,by gods grace and through his,righteousness be prepared for his soon,coming and a lot of other people with it,and thats what we call total member,involvement everybody doing something,for jesus and you cant do it on your,own its not something i can sit in an,office and,you know pull a few strings and send a,few emails and everything no it has to,be,it has to be caught,in the hearts,of,leaders and members alike,that we are part of something much,grander,than simply an earthly endeavor this is,a movement led by god so i,i would say that talking to the team,which is a large team almost 22 million,members of the team,is something very important and with,todays opportunities of,communication as you well know,its easier in one sense to get the,message out,in other ways its uh more challenging,because there are a lot of other,messages out there so were called to a,very special purpose and i think i would,encourage our team our wonderful church,members,to focus on where we are in earths,history and realize,every person has a job and place that,god has given to them,many people say that one of the key,roles you feel is helping to develop,people to be leaders in other segments,tens of thousands of adventist pastors,hundreds of conference presidents 160,some union presidents,think tonight about that group of people,in leadership what is it you want to say,to them,each leader has to,find his or her own,way of relating to this,magnificent call that god has given to,us as a church,but they cant shy away from that call,they cant change the dynamic,of what it is to be a seventh-day,adventist,some people i think would like to,turn that into some other,definition but,the pillars that the church is built on,biblical pillars and thats the only,way that we can have a church its built,on,scriptural injunction that christ,himself has issued to us,that has to remain and it has to,be internalized by administrators and,leaders,and recognize that,this mighty movement,born of god,is something that they have to invest in,with everything they have,in order to help,move it along through gods power now,its interesting that you should mention,leadership because,we have in the works,something that were calling general,conference leadership development,program,and this program has not been,officially voted necessarily although we,have taken steps to,put it into,an arena where leaders have looked at it,weve explained it theyre excited,we will be,voting it in in a more dynamic way,where we wil

Featurette from the Adventist Review

this vote for Britain to leave the,European Union its going to have huge,ramifications which we cant really,predict or foresee some weekend but many,become but at the moment its hard to,see these many different countries with,their very different histories including,histories of enmity to each other very,hard to see them being able to cleave,together the European Union whose origin,is of course in world war two this,extraordinary catastrophe a generation,of people Europeans who say we cannot do,this again there was an understanding,that if you want to preserve peace you,need to have some kind of economic,system that doesnt cause hatred wasnt,caused rivalry many people wont,understand or know that religion was,actually a very important ingredient in,the establishment of the European,Economic Community there is still a,religious element to much of the debate,in the European Union in the early 2000s,then President of the European,Commission Romano Prodi actually,published a book it was in Italian but,the translated title means an idea of,Europe and he said what can hold these,many different countries its not enough,for the elites to propose a political,union there has to be something cultural,and he said but one thing that all,Europeans have in common,one thing that combined us all together,is loyalty to the church but he was,Italian what did he meant he meant the,Roman Catholic Church thats the story,of people trying to make Europe into a,powerhouse and yet failing again and,again think about Napoleon everything,looked perfect and yet a decade and it,fell think about Hitler it failed as a,European I grew up with the questioning,powders Europe fit into into Bible,prophecy Daniel chapter 2 the King has a,dream Nebuchadnezzar has a dream and in,that dream he sees a huge statue a,beautiful statue different metals are,used to indicate different kingdoms he,starts off as the head the golden head,Babylon medo-persia the Greek Empire and,then finally the strength of the Roman,Empire,there is something else there are toes,and feet that are made up of mixed clay,and iron and Daniel somehow he says they,will not stick together some strong,summers weak and that seems to be the,story of Europe especially given recent,circumstances situation in Greece Spain,Italy Cyprus where the core EU countries,the northern EU countries are seen as,oppressive as meddling in peoples,affairs at the same time we have to say,all kinds of ethnic and nationalist,hatreds that seem to have died in the,ruins of world war ii and have not been,seen for 70 years are somehow magically,and disturbingly reappeared so given all,these strains that are on the European,Union for one of the three biggest,economies the chief contributed to a,common defense and foreign policy to,leave this is just going to create a,vacuum at the heart prophecy is not just,something interesting we study you know,in history books or in Bible classes we,can get our bearings the great direction,the big picture from prophecy scripture,tells us that there will not be another,united Europe it will be weak and strong,and we can see that but thats not where,the story ends Daniel chapter 2 doesnt,end with a statue and the feet of mixed,clay and iron theres a rock its small,at first at that rock smashes the entire,statue that little rock that becomes a,huge rock is Jesus Christ and New,Kingdom Gods came

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