1. Aelfric Eden Review and Try-On Haul | Are They Legit?
  2. Aelfric Eden unwrapping: vlogmas #19
  3. The Cheap Techwear Cargos EVERYONE Sells…Why?
  4. So I Bought Aelfric Eden Shoes…(Better Than DUNKS!!!!!????)
  5. BEST Upcoming Streetwear Brands! Part 1 | Aelfric Eden Try-On Haul 2021
  6. Aelfric Eden Review & Haul
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Aelfric Eden Review and Try-On Haul | Are They Legit?

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Aelfric Eden unwrapping: vlogmas #19

hello,welcome back to my channel my dog is,harassing us so if you see us doing this,its because our dog anyway,all right so anyway today is a fashion,video today i,believe im not going to say who i got,this from yet because i dont want to,say the wrong company yeah so im just,going to open it and see who this is,from and then ill go set my camera up,out there okay look at that,yeah yeah lets do it,ready one two three yeah,lets see who this is from because,i have a good feeling i dont want to,sound down,good ass tape on that,damn,oh,,this wasnt who i thought it was coming,from but hey,okay so this brand is the alf alfred,indian african hindu,that is the brand and boy oh boy are,they fantastic lets start off shall we,so the first thing,oh its this oversized hoodie,this says player club player camp player,camp its just gray and brown holy,shmoly that is gonna be cute as i,already know shes gonna love that all,right next,can you already tell why i love this one,oh my god,its so soft oh my god,i already know shes going to want to,steal this from me,holy shmoley thats soft damn skis next,i dont have anything pink i just dont,i dont want to be one of those girls,like oh my god pink ugh im so like,tomboy but like at the same time like,i just dont feel like i look good in,pink but you know what i said, it i like pink,its so cute and i want to look good in,it so im gonna make it look good so i,got,oh my god holy we got one more baby,this is bad but im like so excited,[Music],oh but the back is banging bro in the,sleeves,dude dude im so excited,wow,thank you so much alfred alfred,thank you so much im like,all right lets try these bad boys on,shall we okay so this is the first,outfit i obviously had to wear this,first,oh i feel at home i paired it with these,corduroy bottoms from cotton on and then,with my,dupes of docks that actually a friend,from a place i used to work at gave them,for me i dont i gave them to me i dont,really know where theyre from this is,my dads old beanie necklaces that i,never take off anywho let me go set up,my camera and get caras reaction so one,second,hey,[Applause],skulls come on come on come on come on,[Applause],[Music],since that was outfit number one and it,was very edgy i kind of want to do this,one next because like,low-key almost a complete opposite,except its still still skeletal related,so dont know what the im gonna,wear with pants for those maybe just,some jean action i dont know anyway,give me a second okay so this is out for,number two i absolutely love,this,sweater holy this is the outfit,that i paired it with ive never worn,this skirt out lets go get karas,reaction,i love this one i love that ive never,seen you in a skirt or in pink yeah or,pink oh my baby this was outfit number,two now lets move on to the dress okay,so since this outfit was so like femme i,was thinking the next outfit could be,like more on like the mask side so i,think im gonna do that hoodie theres,somewhere like really,girly stuff like shes like shes never,seen me mascara okay so this is outfit,number three i pick,what i did this i dont know alfred eden,hoodie its got like a little slit right,there which i actually really like its,got these little brown shoulder crabs,brown hood threw on this fanny as a,little satchel i got this gray hoodie,that i got from platos closet one day i,got on some,baggy,dad jeans or some from,cotton on when i got my blazers,lets go show her this outfit hey,you look like a celebrity, yeah dont talk to me,i love that oh my god the hoodies ah,thats cute,player camp i love that,im not a player anyway thats,high quality who do you write i only,have one more outfit i thought it was,five i have one more,[Applause],oh,okay so outfit number three was a,success apparently i look like a,celebrity i feel like i look like adam,sandler anyway,this is like the kind of clothes i,constantly feel comfortable in that last,outfit with the skirt and all,that like yeah its cute would,i ever actually wear that no,absolutely not now when i pair that with,some banging ripped up jeans or like,some sweatpants i just dont do skirts i,just dont feel like they look right,were not going into this right now,we need to move on to the fourth outfit,im really excited about this one saved,the best for last you know me okay this,is the last outfit this is out for,number four lets get into it,this is the cardigans that they sent me,yeah thats so good let me drop,this for ya my mom got me these,pants from kohls and then i got this,gray i got this from i got this from,ross for sure no yes 100 ross i said,this previously but i got these boots,from a friend at work shes giving them,away and i was like,for real oh and then this purse i also,got from ross in like 2013. and this is,going to be great with me so lets go,show kara all right,last one,no,i,this is my favorite one i think this,looks more you,yeah and the skeleton one,we can take pictures in all the fits,tomorrow yeah thats gonna be fun and,right in time for christmas you better,believe it im wearing this,im gonna be like,yeah straight up on the porch,we love you so much alfred alfred london,um albrecht london alfred indian,eden eden,yeah so sorry we just suck at,pronouncing we suck at pronouncing it,but thank you thank you thank you thank,you thank you tanzanian for being so,generous and sending us four fleet four,four pleases of your clothing four,pieces of your clothing guys if you want,to spend money on actual good quality, this this brand right here this,brand yeah yeah damn i was here you can,feel it ready ah,you see so soft cashmere,do you want wingstop,[Music],should we get wing shop comment down,below well be a little too late by then,though,are you new here,[Music],im hungry,i just ordered us some freaking wingstop,okay that was the youtube video,[Music],that was the youtube video for today,were going to go eat now thank you so,much african for sending me all these,pieces i am in love with them ive,already got all of them on my coat rack,right there ready to go outfits,for the week already planned i cant,wait to post about them on tiktok and,instagram i cant wait to go stuff my,face with some wing and macaroni and,fries,possibly later some ice cream and hot,cheetos lots to eat today no i shouldnt,but whatever so,thanks for watching see you tomorrow,happy vlogmas im definitely gonna wear,this on christmas

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The Cheap Techwear Cargos EVERYONE Sells…Why?

hey whats up this is afrobeat here,techware is known for its high-end,luxury clothing,but theres also a whole host of very,cheap often drop shipped goods,designed to imitate those kinds of looks,or at the very least,give people some ability to get the,techware clothing look,at a much lower cost and if youve been,browsing many of these,techwear dropshippers or other kinds of,dodgy retailers you may well have come,across a pair,that look like this almost all of them,will carry some variants of these and if,they look familiar,yes its because i also bought a pair of,these a while ago and ended up being,shipped,essentially a fake version that didnt,really look like how they were supposed,to in the pictures,well were back and at a cost of,approximately 30 dollars so a little bit,more than the last pair,i actually managed to get myself the,legit version,of these tegua cargo pants the ones in,so many different retailer sites and so,many different google image searches,yep these are the real ones they say,land combat group on them and not,whatever text was on the last pair,so i got these from a retailer called,elfric eden,now they have their own website but if,you go on their,official taobao shop they sell exactly,the same stuff they carry the same stock,but it is way cheaper you can see here,they do say elfric eden in a couple of,key places but aside from that these are,exactly the same product that you will,find,at all kinds of retailers well take a,close look at these i feel like i kind,of got a thirty dollar pair of pants for,my thirty dollars,you know theyre not particularly good,but theyre also pretty cheap theyre,kind of on par with those h,m things that we looked at before um,these are better in some areas,worse than others what i take issue with,though is brand selling this exact,product,at a much bigger markup because people,who are new to techware may be new to,fashion in general,spending 60 to 80 on a pair of pants,might actually be quite an investment a,bit of an outlay and that gives people,an expectation,that theyre gonna get you know a more,technical pant something thats better,something thats cooler than the things,that they might typically have access to,or what you might buy,from fast fashion retailers but then,something like this shows up,and ultimately youre probably going to,be disappointed if you pay a large,amount of money for these and,it might even put you off this kind of,style in general,all right lets get these on and see,what were looking at our stick model,and up at the side there so we can have,a look i think the first thing that,youll notice,is they are pretty striking,aesthetically and they have a very clear,visual style,its an aggressive shape thanks to those,tight cuffs at the bottom there which,gives them a very different look,to your standard bdu pair of cargos,but then youve got a little bit more,space up in the thigh area so,they dont look like a skinny pair of,chinos or jeans or whatever either,if you combine that with of course the,techwear approved,cargo pockets asymmetric detailing one,bigger,and two smaller ones on the other side,and youve got these paratrooper style,straps which come underneath the leg too,that element in particular is really key,to the technical aesthetic these things,are clearly going for because you would,never find that on a regular pair of,cargos,their reference point for these is,aviation gear where a strap like this,would normally be used to secure the,contents of cargo pockets so when youre,doing some sick barrel rolls and stuff,you dont get all your cigarettes and,whatever else you might be carrying,falling out all over the cockpit combine,that with the all-black finish the logo,on one pocket the text on the other,there are enough little signifiers here,to clearly show that this is an,urban technical piece of clothing if you,dont have much frame of reference maybe,youre not too experienced with,all of these different kinds of things,um this might be something that youve,never really seen before,you probably wont find stuff like this,at fast fashion retailers or even very,cheap brands,to give my opinion on the general,aesthetic of this stuff though i think,while they certainly look better than,the fake versions,the jogger cuff is a little bit of a,lazy way of achieving that kind of,tapered silhouette,um a decent quality pair of performance,or,cool techwear cargos like this the,actual shape of the pant itself,will be tapered in this nice shape you,dont have to style them into joggers to,do that to make them kind of grip the,ankle,um i dont think thats a particularly,good look to be honest and now that ive,seen,so many different kinds of pants with,different pocket designs and all these,kinds of things,like how basic these really are is very,apparent to me,and it kind of feels like you know the,little pocket everythings a bit kind of,stuck on it doesnt feel,very integrated and i think the look of,them,while maybe a first glance appear like,oh theyve got things on them theyre,very technical,they actually kind of look very basic i,think the downsides of these start to,reveal themselves,quite quickly after putting them on,first of these is with the material,now i definitely complained about the,material of the fake ones they were,these like,its made of this horrible kind of,starched cotton it really did not feel,very nice,this is very different this is a kind of,water resistant,nylon which sounds great in theory yeah,weve got technical performance,these are indeed uh water resistant you,can pour water on these,its going to run right off however,something that is quite common,with cheap technical clothing like this,which claims water resistance,youve heard it before of course,breathability really not good and that,is definitely the case here it doesnt,take very long wearing these,for you to really notice how warm these,are and,they feel quite cloying quite stifling,and to actually wear which is not,really great especially if you have to,wear these for a long time youre,wearing these in a warmer weather,particularly with that tight cuff,at the bottom it really feels like it,seals in the flavor and,not in a good way they also lack any,space or articulation in the knees,thats the same with the crotch as well,which means that they dont feel that,great to move around and what youll,probably find if you make any,exaggerated maneuvers,sitting down walking upstairs high jump,kick stuff like that,youll find that these start riding up,and because that jogger cuff is very,tight,theyll kind of stay there like up your,shin a little bit,making them look too short which is not,really great you dont want to feel like,you have to spend all day,pulling these back down because theyve,written up what youll find in more,considered designs more kind of,reputable brands,is they will use a little bit of extra,space or gusseting of the crotch,as well as more space or these material,darts at the knees which help the pant,move with you when youre walking around,youll see that not just in kind of,high-end techware products,uh the acronym p10 is of course the best,example,of highly articulated knees even kind of,outdoor brands and hiking stuff,where movement is really important,youll see that kind of detail used as,well,even cheaper brands will do this as well,and youll find those kinds of,articulation details in quite a few of,the pants,back in that affordable techwear cargos,video that i did a few weeks ago,these things alone make them kind of,annoying to wear frankly and i certainly,wouldnt want to recommend anything,that it feels like you have to make a,sacrifice just by putting them on that,kind of,well they look kind of cool but im,going to be kind of uncomfortable in,them potentially all day,and thats certainly not a great quality,to have when were talking urban,technical performance gear i know a lot,of people do take the view that well im,not really interested in the performance,side of techware im just intereste

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So I Bought Aelfric Eden Shoes…(Better Than DUNKS!!!!!????)

why are you,doing yeah,[Music],whats good YouTube its just Garrett,with The Carrot Top,just,[Music],hey look man hey I told you I was going,to start back vlogging and stuff you,know what Im saying so here I am so one,of the ideas that I had for the channels,you know what Im saying doing unboxing,videos you know what Im saying because,hey Ill be buying clothes a lot yall,see my wardrobe collection Im gonna,give yall a big sneaker collection,video too you know saying in the coming,months but anyway you know Im saying,one of my packages just came in now as,you all know,I love fashion you know Im saying I,love clothes I love shoes so you know,Im saying I dont know if yall heard,of a brand but they they called I think,its called Alfred eating or something,like that so you know what Im saying,Ill order some shoes from them now it,took me a month to get these shoes like,like I literally just woke up from a nap,in my school told me like like they had,got a package for me in the mail so Im,not something okay that must be it like,its literally been like a whole month,what is it November 7th right now I,ordered these August October 8th so you,know what Im saying,Im never ordering his clothes or shoes,from overseas again but we gonna Let It,Rock so yeah I aint gonna waste too,much of your time were just gonna get,right into it as yall can see I already,opened the package in your like I,already seen the shoe,you know what Im saying but I didnt,really,I didnt really analyze this so let,me just go into it right quick so you,know Im saying they gave they gave me a,real chat a little chain dont attack,I cant I cant even focus in on another,program but this is Dice one supreme,quality and then it says it on the back,too so you know what Im saying a little,housewarming gift from me and then you,got this right here,Im not Im not cutting or editing,nothing out either this is all its all,gonna be in one case I could get this,video over with but,yeah am I bad at my voice you know Im,saying sounds a little money I just came,off of,um,I just came off an illness like a few,days ago so yeah,so they they gave us a little you know,saying a little bag you know Im saying,to go with this stuff okay Im Im like,Im really liking the um,um the hospitality and you know Im,saying the extra little gifts that they,give us and the packaging I respect that,I mess with that what it said right here,its a its a card right here,[Music],they gave us they gave us the bag we,went to the shoes,[Music],all right so this one we all knew,here is the,the left shoe I forgot what these shoes,even called but you know what Im saying,Hey low top shoes are starting to grow,on me and I am rocking with you know Im,saying the Brown vintage shoe look so,you know Im saying I had to get these,and I had a discount on these too so,yeah what would it say it said it said,oh,it says watson right there,you know what Im saying I I dont know,what this says Im not even gonna lie,but what did this look like it say oh,but hey,hey man Im really liking these so far I,hope if they look like they fit and you,know Im saying hopefully they do,obviously Im gonna adjust you know Im,saying the laces and stuff like that,and then here is the right shoe,you know says the same thing you know,Im saying does the same stuff you know,what Im saying they both say Watson on,this so yeah,thats thats everything in the package,Im gonna do it on foot in three two all,right so here they are on foot obviously,I didnt you know Im saying tie the,laser these are double legs,yeah,I I think I could pull off a lot of fits,with these you know what Im saying,because you know Im saying Brown gold,or anything,if yall know me on campus or whatever,yall gonna see me wearing these more,often and,yeah Im really rock with him I aint,gonna make this video too long you know,saying its just a pair of shoes Im not,a sneaker YouTuber so yeah this is what,it is,so yeah thats the end of the shoe video,if I want to rate these out of 10.,Ill probably give it a nod only reason,Im giving it a nine and out of 10,because they took so long to get,here bro but yeah hope you all enjoyed,this video make sure you like comment,subscribe like comment subscribe share,it turn on post notifications all that,let me know how yall feel about the,shoes and yeah care top gang we out Im,going go so Im going goes Im going,goes,she missed a romance,you know Im going

BEST Upcoming Streetwear Brands! Part 1 | Aelfric Eden Try-On Haul 2021

[Music],hey yo whats good family welcome back,to astronory for another video today we,actually have a crazy care package from,the homies over at al farah eden they,have some bangers over there like im,not only just saying this like right now,im not even supposed to be filming and,i want to film this [ __ ] just because,im on some curious george [ __ ] like im,trying to get into this package but i,want my raw reaction in the video so if,you guys do end up enjoying this video,man go ahead and slap a fat like on it,down below subscribe to the channel if,youre new and would enjoy more this,type of content i know in these past few,videos ive been kind of playing with,the lighting thats because honestly,like i still havent figured this [ __ ],out just keep watching i have a lot of,bangers coming for you guys if youre,doing up enjoying you already know what,to do subscribe leave a like and without,any further ado lets go ahead and get,straight to it so in here we have the,magical care package,come on so it says alferic eden please,enjoy your pieces though i love the fact,that they have this packaging all these,items will be in the description for you,guys to go ahead and check out i feel,like they go so hard and i havent even,seen it in person yet but im really,excited first detail is the bag off the,rip has alfa rick eaton on the front and,it is a zip bag which is clean i love,when they do this because it just gives,you that extra little touch right here,we have the first piece this is one that,i thought was so sick it has like this,drawstring growing throughout it i got,to show you all the little details this,[ __ ] is so hard as drawstring over the,top and on the back fire bruh and then,the shoe string just hangs down like,this [ __ ] is so hard has the little,rubber patch on the side as well this is,clean this blue colorway and then it has,like a silk lining on the inside lets,go ahead and try this on honestly this,one looks like a banger i dont know,what i would wear this with this [ __ ] is,hard it has like a panel right here,please go ahead and check out alfa eric,eden shoelaces on the back bro come on,this [ __ ] is sick first piece was this,jacket right here i dont really,remember the name of it its gonna be in,the description for yall right here we,actually have another piece and it comes,in that same bag and this one is a,hoodie in the cream color it has like,these really clean graphics on it almost,looks like anime and i think that is so,clean has nothing on the back but its,just a nice little everyday hoodie i,love the materials on this as well you,can tell that they take their time with,these pieces so this hoodie right here,doesnt really have any pockets on it,its just a simple little chill hoodie,in the cream definitely solid i love the,fact that its cream in general because,theres a lot of sneakers that have been,having like that vintage feel to it,which have the cream color on it so i,feel like this would be solid with that,layer this with a little jacket over on,top and you good bro this is definitely,a hard piece for number two this hoodie,right here was definitely hard next up,we had this jacket once again alfa eric,eating on the front right there lets go,ahead and take this out this is clean,bro again another jacket this ones like,a varsity jacket with like this,rubberized patch on the front says you,went on the side and on the back you got,that green with the yellow definitely,solid jacket in my opinion i feel like,its an everyday piece that you can just,freak you feel me definitely solid i got,this in an xl because i would want to,wear a little hoodie under it this [ __ ],is hard for sure like this is a fire,piece i feel like you can pull this off,with like some some cargo pants in the,winter time this [ __ ] will go hard for,sure it has that satin lining as well,great quality pieces im trying to tell,yall these will be linked in the,description this jacket is hard for sure,i love the embroidery on the back i know,this is being filmed on a whole,different day but i couldnt forget to,put this jacket in there this ones,actually amazing bro i love this jacket,has the embroidery right there in that,red color its almost like this camo and,it has that peace sign right there as,you can see is super clean i definitely,love this jacket i feel like this is,probably one of my favorite pieces that,i got in this video cuffs on this jacket,go crazy everything is just up to par,with this one right here tag right there,that embroidery on the front with that,give piece a chance definitely trying to,pull this off for the winter time then,you got this patch on the back as well,super clean this is actually one of my,favorite pieces im really excited to go,ahead and try this on i got this in a,size large so it might not fit but i,have hopes bro i really do have hopes,this was my favorite piece on the,website this is the one that loki made,me want to be like oh i need something,from there like this is fire bro like,tell me this sweater isnt [ __ ] hard,bro like this [ __ ] is sick bro,come on stop playing with me this [ __ ],go crazy like kill him softly with this,[ __ ] like this [ __ ] goes so hard,definitely check out alfred eden bro i,think they they might be one of the best,ones doing it this knitted sweater and,that blue jacket go crazy bro all the,other pieces go hard too like these are,pieces that i could honestly see myself,wearing in the long run like its,something that more like a classic style,to it that blue jacket goes so hard with,the shoelaces that should go crazy so on,the front of this one it basically says,future then it says space background on,it as well i definitely think that this,is a clean piece and it actually feels,really good really soft to the touch to,be honest then it has this embroidered,little patch right there as well but the,best part on this piece definitely has,to be the back it has this like huge ass,print on it with like this lime green,and blue tone this is basically the same,[ __ ] that was on the front but on the,back of this piece and i love the way,that its blasted on there but its,still kind of subtle like if youre just,walking by you feel me a little subtle,blue hoodie soft chilling vibes you feel,me i did actually get this one in a size,xl because i wanted that oversized fit,on this one and i definitely feel like i,get that vibe from it i love the way,that the actual materials are once again,with their materials their a1 steak,sauce its like a lightweight thick,cotton if that makes sense i dont know,what that is but it definitely does feel,really comfortable its solid bro let me,know what yall think,go ahead throw the jacket on one more,time with a little hoodie i want to see,how this looks for the winter time i,would honestly wear this jacket with a,cream hoodie under but it definitely,does look solid i love these pieces im,not gonna lie to yall and last but not,least we do have this beautiful ass,jacket right here this is almost,comparable to the shoelace jacket,alferic eden on the front,and lets go ahead and pull this baby,out this for easter like spring comes,with a little rubber tag as well i love,the way that this looks but its not,about the tag its about the jacket oh,my goodness this is so hard bro you have,that heart right there and like this,plush ooh with that corduroy behind it,this feels like jean almost canvas,material then on the back you also do,have this rubber patch definitely solid,on the back theres no more branding but,you dont need anything else this like,teal sleeve lets go ahead and throw,this one on let me know your honest,opinions tell me this jacket isnt hard,you got the cargo pockets right there on,the front everything thats in this,cream color is in corduroy bro like,straight corduroy so sick theres a,corduroy embroidery on here like bro,stop playing with them this [ __ ] is so,clean i love the cut on this pocket,right here its like asymmetric which i,definitely do feel like is

Aelfric Eden Review & Haul

[Music],[Music],hey everyone welcome back to my channel,so as you read by the title today im,going to be showing you some pieces from,albert eden,so alfred eden,sent me a very lovely package of,six pieces that im going to share with,you all today and to give you some,outfit inspiration and just tell you a,little bit about their brand and these,pieces,so alfred eden is a vintage streetwear,brand that has been around since 2014,and was founded in california their,mission is to,provide items for people to openly,express themselves and their unique,lifestyles,and they want to make that as easy as,possible by providing,an immense amount of different products,such as accessories tops bottoms jackets,sweaters,anything you could think of they have it,before we get started i will have a link,in my description to their website,if you want to check it out they have,incredible pieces,that you can look for and i also have a,discount code listed down below and,right here on the screen sarah25 for 25,off your order after i show you all the,pieces im going to show you a montage,of all these pieces with a variety of,different outfits,so lets get started this first piece,let me read it off what it says for you,is alfred eden vintage musical note,plaid,sweater this is what it looks like,it is incredibly soft it is a super,super soft material,they have two different colors for this,piece i chose the one,that has more neutral tones of gray and,this really really pretty aqua teal,color,its a mix of like blue and green it has,little buttons,on the top that are like a compass it,says north south east and west,it has this really nice color at the top,which adds a lot of dynamic,i think to the piece and i got this in a,size,medium i like my sweaters to be,oversized so thats why i got it in a,medium,okay so we have another sweater that i,am also obsessed with it is,this rainbow colored squiggly doodles,pullover sweater crew neck type thing,it is absolutely adorable i also got it,in a medium because like medium because,like i said i like my sweaters to be,oversized,it has a range of colors like red blue,green orange,its the whole rainbow um it is again,super super soft its a great material,really thick material too so you know,that they put some quality into their,pieces,so yeah i cant wait to see this piece,with different outfits,and i am so excited to wear this one it,is so,soft this next piece is not a sweater,surprise surprise,it is a distressed,long sleeve with a butterfly,on it its more of a distressed tee,because you can see in the,in the the neckline its a little,distressed,and frayed which i love its like a,very very thick material which i really,like,i absolutely love butterflies and so i,loved the artwork on this piece with the,way that they did the butterfly with two,different tones and,two different styles i absolutely love,it and i cannot wait to piece this,together with,different outfits okay this next piece,is also a sweater but this is the,last sweater i promise but i did want to,get pieces that were perfect for the,fall and winter weather,so thats exactly what i did it is this,black and teal flame,sweater i absolutely love it again,it is the perfect sweater material its,thick just like the other ones very very,good quality very good material,the colors are so vibrant on all of,these pieces that it really,pops with any outfit you just have a,staple piece and its just a big pop of,color so i love,that this has the flames at the bottom,and i love that it extends to the,sleeves as well,so this next piece im super super,excited about because i love,layering pieces and ive always wanted a,denim piece that i can layer with but i,can never find one that i really liked,or fit me the right way so this denim,jean jacket first of all i love the the,light wash,of denim not only is it just a regular,jean jacket it has,things on the sleeve what other pieces,do you see,in stores that have something like this,the sleeves,have art pieces on the side so you have,a sunflower,you have a portrait and you have more,flowers and it is,oversized so you can size smaller if you,want i got a size small in this because,i wanted it to be oversized but not,too oversized i love art and i love,that this they really elevated this,piece they could have just come out with,a regular jean jacket and people would,have bought it but they elevated it and,put art pieces on the side which make it,10 times better,and we are down to the last piece,this last piece was is not a top its,actually a bottom,um i have bought bottoms from alfred,eden before,it was the patchwork pants that i did a,video on back in march,uh they are medium wash jeans with some,distressed,holes in it but again they elevated,their pieces,to make it more street wear and just,more unique,to the company and to the individual,person so they have little patches,underneath some of the rips that are,orange which are again a pop of color,that i love to have on pieces,so this one says caution wet floor,danger keep away please,line up which i think is just kind of,funny to have on clothes,its just another staple denim to have,in your closet but its a little,elevated because of the rips and the,unique,colors and patches that i put on there,[Music],know,[Music],ill be,[Music],lord knows i aint seen that in a while,but its your style so something must be,up keeping you down,you a queen that must be heavenson pray,my soul i must repent for not telling,you what i meant and how i felt,honestly im used to throwing wishes in,a well my conscience tells me that i,could have helped without fail,actions speak louder than words and,thats a lesson that i learned all by,[Music],[Music],myself,[Music],to,[Music],feel the baby stresses all around us,these high ceilings and dont need it,baby pressure it make diamonds i wont,steal it baby silent baby hurts to see,you crying know you trying,aint no lying baby when i say i need,you greedy if i have to share you it was,me that all along,did you wrong thinking that i made you,beautiful and strong,i want to give a huge huge huge huge,thank you to alfred eden for sponsoring,this video,never did i think eight months ago when,i uploaded a video,about pants i bought did i think that,the brand would eventually reach out to,me and ask,to send me clothes for a video this is,my very first ever sponsor so i am,overjoyed that this is happening right,now thank you so much,alfred eden for sponsoring this video if,you guys want a discount code,ill put one on the screen right now,sarah 25 for 25 off your order,the link in my description will take you,to their website and they have,hundreds and hundreds of amazing pieces,that you should totally check out,i hope you guys enjoyed this video and,ill see you next time bye

AELFRIC EDEN spring & winter haul

ah,were recording,look at all this,hey guys hi guys hi everyone im back,again in todays video im doing a huge,winter haul from alfred eden if you,dont know what alfred keaton is alfred,eden is an online vintage streetwear,brand the clothing is oversized,comfortable and unisex you can use my,code gavin for 25 off your order today,at alfreden.com,link in description thank you so much to,alfred eden for sponsoring todays video,they were kind enough to send me all,this stuff and now i get to show you,guys and im so excited i just love,everything that they sent me and im so,excited to like unbox it,unbag it like lets lets get into this,okay so i got to pick out eight things,from alfred eden everything thats,mentioned in this haul will be linked in,the description so feel free to click on,any of those links to shop any of the,things i show you guys today i dont,know where to start okay,im gonna start off with one of the,sweaters that i got so from the front it,looks pretty simple just a pretty like,subtle black sweater but then when you,see the back look at this,this is sick you cannot tell me this,isnt one of like the coolest butterfly,i am obsessed with this sweater the,detail on this is insane okay the next,item is another sweater also they all,come with these like cool keychain tags,it says alfred eden on it and its like,kind of see-through and its actually,really cool im not gonna lie i did,already open this sweater and i wore it,to school the other day,and because i knew i was gonna film this,video i kept a compliment count,i swear im not lying when i say i got,11 compliments on this sweater just like,from random people saying hey gavin i,like your sweater like i would i was,flattered okay look at this that is so,cool im a big fan of the mountains i,love the blues blue is like one of my,favorite colors and it has like almost,the same thing on the back i also love,that it continues onto the sleeves too i,think thats a really cool design,feature i also want to talk about the,material of alfred eden sweaters they,are so soft and so warm you definitely,can get a little itchy just as long as,youre wearing a shirt under it its,fine i just put on a regular like white,undershirt and its not itchy at all but,they keep me so warm like i was,overheating in school,i know what im gonna do next one thing,that ive seen like on pinterest so much,and that ive saved to my pinterest,boards like very very often are sweater,vests i have never owned a sweater vest,myself which is why im super excited i,got two sweater vests this is the first,one it is brown and it has these like,cool like stripes of color through it,im a big fan of brown and i think that,like i just i love brown i really love,it another thing about the material of,the sweater as i wore that mountain,sweater the other day at school it had,absolutely no pull i guess i can do the,next sweater vest while were on that,topic i mentioned earlier i really like,blue this is just another like color,blocky type of thing it has like two,different blues and then like a creamish,white its more white than cream,actually,i love all these clothes so much oh my,gosh im super excited to show you guys,this next item it is a barfy jacket one,of my other favorite colors is green so,this one was perfect for me it has like,a b,and it has like bones i think the b is,supposed to like stand for bones but,look at these the bones are like,embroidered on the leather sleeves it,looks so sick okay this is the one other,thing that i did open just because i was,so excited and could not wait to film,this video i wore it today i posted an,instagram picture in it i also got a,handful of compliments i will say it did,smell a little weird when i got it in,the packaging i just sat it out for like,an hour and it and it like went away but,im pretty sure that was just because of,the packaging okay we have three more,things to go we got this the next thing,is a t-shirt i really love the design on,this t-shirt it says vintage and it has,like blue and gray like tie dye-ish type,things as you can tell i love blue i,really like the thickness of this,t-shirt i think its a good quality its,a little wrinkled right now but we can,work that out so i would recommend their,t-shirts our last two things are a zip,up hoodie and a sweater lets start with,the zip up hoodie this is dope guys its,embroidered white be fearless and then,it has like a tie-dye like reflection of,it it dips like right through the be,fearless which i think is super cool but,the one special thing about this zip up,lets open it up i dont know how well,the camera will pick this up but the,inside is like,i dont even know how to describe this,material but its the material that like,if you like kind of like draw your,finger,through it like you can like,i sound so yum this is so warm you have,to wear this on a cold day because it is,actually so warm i love it so much last,but definitely not least we have this i,cant tell is this white is it green but,i love this it kind of gives like ugly,sweater vibe but its just not its not,an ugly sweater like it actually looks,so good and i also ski so this was,perfect for me itll definitely be good,to wear during the christmas time but i,think its a pretty casual wear anyway i,dont think i can only wear it during,the christmas season im going skiing,tomorrow maybe ill wear it,and again i want to emphasize the,material it is so nice one more big,shout out to alfred eden for sponsoring,this video thank you so much for sending,me these clothes i am obsessed with,everything so much please go down and,like and comment that actually means so,much to me when you take the time to do,that and of course subscribe turn on,those post notifications so you will see,me next time i post im so excited for,oh,its february,may or may not have filmed this february,1st and then decided to take february,off so im posting it march 1st good,night good morning good day have a good,rest your day,[Music]

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