1. Aera Diffuser Review – Do you really need a $200 smart diffuser?
  3. Pura vs Aera – Which one is cheaper, has better scents and better coverage? Our Ultimate Comparison
  4. Aera Home Smart Diffuser: 3.0 vs 2.0 noise comparison
  5. Aera Smart Home Fragrance Review | Room Freshener
  7. Aroma 360 Hotel Collection Scent Diffuser unboxing, set up and review. NOT sponsored.

Aera Diffuser Review – Do you really need a $200 smart diffuser?

Hi, Welcome back to We Tried It. Im Jessica and today I want to tell you,about the Aera Smart Diffuser… this cool new device really caught my eye,because we love candles in our house we are always burning a candle Capri blue,is some of my favorite candles sexually from their holiday collection its the,spiced cider candle but it smells delicious very gritty but the only,problem with candles is this has a burn time of 80 hours and so for 30 dollars a,burn time of 80 hours if you are home a lot like us that we go through them in,about a week until its a very expensive habit burn candles and so we were kind,of looking for another way to make our house smell yummy without the huge,expense of buying candles all the time and here enters the eras sort diffuser,you can actually get both a smart diffuser and a touch diffuser the,difference is that the smart diffuser actually connects to an app on your,phone and so you can control it both from the buttons on the top here,and then also from the app on your phone you actually take one of these little,fragrance pods here this ones hot Tottie,and you can actually switch them out really easily so if we had another one,we could just plug that one in we actually just ordered sugar and spice,which is supposed to be old but you just push it in like this give it a little,bit of a push and it goes down and then to turn it on or off you can just push,this button like this I will be quiet for a second though and,let you listen to the noise thats one of the things that we dont love about,the smart fuser you hear that it almost sounds like your dishwasher is running,maybe a little bit quieter than in dishwater dishwasher running on but it,does emit some white noise so if youre a person who is absolutely driven crazy,by white noise device might not be for you but if you can overlook that and,usually we have our two toddlers running around a house and it is very noisy and,that is the absolute least of our worries if that little hum in the,background so if you can overlook that it is a great diffuser,okay so the Harris Market user comes with an app and the app allows you to,personalize both your playtime so you can actually select when you want it to,turn on when you want it to turn off and intensities so the cool thing about that,is we actually have it set to a level ten out of ten for a few minutes before,we typically get up in the morning and then when we get up it goes down to a,level three and so it kind of just bursts out like a nice scent in the,morning and when you come down the kitchen smells super yummy,but then you can decrease it so that during the day its out more of just,like a level that is comfortable for remaining I guess for the rest of the,day and so this is actually how that works you can you know click plus or,minus for the different intensity levels and you can add a whole schedule in here,you can also put different aridif users in the same app so if you have one in,your living room you have one in your kitchen you have on your office they can,all be on different schedules and different intensities and you can even,have different scents in each of them as well so a little bit about the price on,the arrow smart diffuser the arrow smart diffuser costs $200 the touch diffuser,cost 150 we actually have a great coupon code for you where you can take $50 off,so you basically get the smart diffuser upgrade for free so thats an initial,investment of one hundred and fifty dollars then for the smart diffuser then,each capsule that you purchase each one of these little guys is fifty-five,dollars and some fifty five dollars you get to pick your scent and each scent,lasts 800 hours and so that is a very very long time of life I probably think,Ill get sick of the sentence before 800 hours but I try to pick some pretty you,know benign sense that I could probably like for 800 hours but basically if you,look at the value proposition here Capri blue handle $30 for 80 hours of,burn time versus the era smart diffuser $150 upfront investment and then $55 for,each of the capsules but these councils last 800 hours and so youre getting 10,times the cent with this capsule that youre getting out of the candle so if,youre going through you know eight candles a year you can quickly pay this,off in your investment so thats kind of why we decided to give this a whirl save,a little bit of money on candles I still love my candles but maybe save them for,more of a special occasion and just kind of have this running in the background,almost days the tough thing about reviewing the air smart diffuser though,is that its a scent and scents are very personal and you cant jump in the,screen and smell whats going on over here,and its also hard to buy a scent online because you know sometimes you see,different fragrances listed together anything oh I like those and then maybe,you received that scent and its nothing like you thought it would be the hot,toddy I will say is a little bit more perfumey than we thought it would be I,know we thought it would smell a little bit more like food and I would say that,it smells a little bit more like perfume and I typically go for more like I think,food scented smells it basically smells like youre cooking something really,good which so maybe thats why I like those ones but you know there is an,option to select five fragrances for $20 that you can actually demo in your house,you can try them out and then you can select which sense you want from there I,would probably suggest doing that up front,we actually just ordered the sugar and spice scent so Im excited to see that,one but I also have a list of cents Id like to try like the vanilla scent the,citrus scent and any of the aromatherapy to see if if thats all its cracked up,to be so I would suggest maybe trying the sample sense even though its an,additional $20 because I think it could be worth it so you dont end up with a,pod for $55 and 80 hours of playtime that you are not enjoying overall though,we are really enjoying our era smart diffuser we are an Alexa house so we,have Alexas in almost every room and you can even tell Alexa to turn it on or,turn it up or turn it down so its its a fun thing to add to our smart home and,we are really enjoying it and we do think that the value proposition is,there so I really hope that youll give it a try,um I think it would make an amazing gift this Christmas I think either of our,mothers would absolutely love to have one of these and so if youre looking,for a gift for maybe someone not a little bit harder to buy for someone who,has everything I dont have this quite yet because its,brand-new and it would be a great thing to surprise them with on Christmas thank,you so much for tuning in to we tried it dont forget to hit subscribe and also,push the bell so you can be notified when we do more videos and please let us,know if theres anything that you want us to review in the comments below,thanks so much have a great day


hey guys welcome back to my channel,today ill be reviewing uh the era,diffusers,they are smart diffusers,that have,fragrance cartridges that,diffuse fragrance all over your,home and the smell stays,smelling great and amazing,and i can say this because i have had,them in my house for,lets see i got them,ive had them for probably like four,months,three months,its been three months,and i love them so much they just had a,huge sale for cyber monday black friday,and i got more,anyway um,[Music],in the video i talk about two different,kinds of,era diffusers theres the,smart diffuser,and there used to be a manual diffuser,so if i make any comment about a manual,diffuser in the video,just know that i have not seen the,manual diffuser offered on their website,anymore since i purchased,ours,which is probably a good thing because,the smart diffuser is so much more,awesome because you can control it,through your through the app,anyway,uh,yeah,lets get started,alright so these are the little,cartridges,they call them fragrance capsules,[Applause],thats what they look,like you can get samples of all the,smells,um i think you could get five per pack,okay so then this is the actual,fragrance machine,[Music],oh thats so cute,and,[Music],save,me what is this,okay,its the cord,oh they have samples,all right,and then lets see what these samples,are,this one is white tea,which is funny because thats,the exact one,that i got,and then this one is,linen,so lets see how we have to,set this up,okay so theres no oh here it is okay,so we are going to put this,[Music],so that is basically whats going to go,in here it looks like,lets plug that in,just plug it in,so,oh theres a top plug,oh this was the top oh,oh wow,[Music],okay dont stand right above it because,thats a lot of smell oh man,okay so it looks like this is how we,control how much comes out,you can set a timer,this,is oh,thats nice,thats to take it out,oh wow,thats beautiful,all right,so im going to set these both up,in two separate areas in my house and,ill come back in a couple days,to let you guys know,how well it works we have a very um,we have this whole area here that needs,to be,i was thinking of placing one up there,so that the air,kind of falls to this area,and then,the other one,i was thinking of placing,down here,um,i dont know i think ill have to get,like a little table or a bookshelf or,something to put here,so that then the air from that one comes,up as well because our front door is,right there so it would be really nice,to have,the smell just greet everyone,okay so for now im just putting it on,this ledge because i dont have,like anything anywhere to put it up here,so itll just be,here and theres the front,door so,im hoping the smell will,travel down and then if we open and,close the door with the,with the breeze that comes from the door,itll also,help up here,okay so now that i know how to put this,on i can just,stick it on here and again i hope to get,a shelf or something for it,later on,but for now,[Music],we will just,put it here,and,all right im going to lower this,i dont really come down here that much,so i dont want it to be,wasting too much because these,cartridges are like 50 bucks each so,trying to get the most life out of them,okay guys so its been a while now since,i installed our new era,air fresheners and,during that time of trying it out and,testing seeing what its like,they also released a,plug-in that goes right into the wall,and its small,and so you know i had to get those too,because i really was loving and enjoying,um,the full-size ones so im gonna show you,the full-size ones first,and,ill show you the one i have upstairs it,i have it right up,here,which,is kind of uh,a weird place for it but the reason i,have it there is so that when,it blows,um,when it blows,sent out it goes straight down as well,so it really like gets,the whole,uh house,full of air or scent,now im going to take you to where i,have one of my plugins,so the plugins are meant to be for,smaller areas,because they dont have such a large,cartridge its a much smaller cartridge,and,it,its just for small areas right,so i decided to put,my,wow the lighting just gets really crazy,huh i decided to put my,era,mini,in my mud room,so that,let me turn the light on in here,wow its dark,so heres our mini,as you can see it plugs right in,this is in relation to my hand,and,it does have a little night light at the,bottom which is really nice,and so it operates pretty much like the,one upstairs that i have the large one,you can change the intensity this just,pops out,when youre wanting to change the scent,and like i said i just i got the same,for my whole house i like it all to,smell the same,um,the cool thing about this one is that,you can actually,also add it to your app,and,you can control it and schedule it uh,all through your app same thing with the,one the,so with all of these i have two of the,regular sized ones the smart ones and,two minis and,i so the smart ones you can connect to,the app,so that you can,control it,through the app set schedules and,control it all through your phone which,is really amazing especially when youre,out and you spontaneously invite someone,over you can turn it on real quick and,your house will smell amazing,by the time you guys get home,ill show you guys,the app,you the mini connects to the app the,smart aerosmart,also connects to the app theres also an,error manual,and that one does not connect to the app,all right so,this is the app,and as you can see heres my one,upstairs i have one in the basement,the mudroom,and then i put one in my master bathroom,as well and you can turn them on,and off as often as you want,you can also,have schedules,so i have schedule set for mine you can,change,everything on it from your,uh the days that you,the days that you wanted to do it,and the time,the intensity,fine and here it also tells you,what fragrance you are using,what model you have,and i thought there was,oh yeah right here,it shows you how much is left of your,fragrance so if you,are getting low you can,shop for one right directly through,their app which i think is amazing it,makes it super easy,and it takes you right to the one that,youre already using,but you can also,pick other,scents,let me see other fragrances,so these are their new limited edition,fragrance sets for the holidays i,am trying so hard to be strong and not,get them,but,i dont know i might end up getting them,anyway,uh,so yeah you can oh you can also get,samples which i found really helpful,when i was trying to figure out what,scent,i wanted to get,you can get five sand uh,five samples,and they send them to you in these,little,spray container things this little these,little spray bottles,so you can order five at a time,just to test them out see if youll like,it,so thats my review on,the era diffusers,i personally have really enjoyed it ive,enjoyed having it in my house i dont,have to worry about filling refilling,those little plug-ins that go in the,wall,every month um and you saw in my,phone it said theres still 70,of the scent,that i got,back in,it was its been two months actually,its been two months,and it still has 70 of the scent which i,think is amazing,um,the startup cost is a little bit on the,pricier side just because the units,themselves are pretty pricey um,and then the,cartridges are also,a little bit more than i was,used to paying like,up front the cost seemed like a lot,but thinking about it now and looking,back and thinking about how many times i,would have had to refill the,little plug-in,uh air fresheners,its probably a lot cheaper this way,um maybe i should do the math and figure,that out but,i really dont feel like doing math,right now,so um,its been really easy really simple,if i unplug it after ive connected it,to my wifi if i unplug it and then move,it and plug it somewhere else,its still connected which is awesome,and the,the app was actually different when i,first got them,so in just the two months that ive had,i

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Pura vs Aera – Which one is cheaper, has better scents and better coverage? Our Ultimate Comparison

[Music],pura verse era if youve done any,shopping for any fragrances online,theres no doubt youve come across one,of these two if not both,smart diffusers so what are they they,are,what the name says theyre smart,diffusers theyre a way to spread,wonderful scents throughout your home so,heres the basics,the pura smart diffuser is 44. it has,well-known popular scents like capri,blue and nast a unique night light,and holds two cents the era has two,versions,they have a two hundred dollar smart,version and a hundred fifty dollar touch,version,they create their own sense it only,holds one cent,at a time so,what were we looking for in our quest,for a smart,diffuser well the first thing was we,wanted to spend less money on candles,when something safer than candles and we,wanted to fill,our first floor with wonderful scents,now one thing that we didnt think about,that is kind of surprising,in retrospect is what the heck does,pink pepper smell like or bergmont i,dont know,do you but you know what a capri blue,volcano scandal smells like,for era its a little bit more difficult,well dive into this more,in just a second but era also has a,great option,if you dont know what some of these,things smell like you can order some,samples so lets dive in a little bit,more,which is cheaper well sounds easy but,its not that easy,the pure diffuser is 44. be sure to use,our special promo code to save you more,it holds 2 cents each cent is about 15,bucks a piece,they each last about 300 hours well,talk about that more in a second,for a total of about 74 to get started,for 600 hours,if my math is correct thats about 12,and a half cents per,hour now lets compare that to,the era smart diffuser now the smart,version,of the error diffuser is 200 bucks,it holds one cent each cent costs about,50 bucks or so it says it lasts about,800 hours which equals 250 bucks,if my math is correct that equals about,31 cents,an hour for your first purchase it gets,a little bit closer when it comes to,refills,so for pura once again remember it has,two cents,so about 15 bucks a piece 30 per refill,works out to be about five cents an hour,for the era fifty dollars per refill,because it onlys got one cent holds one,capsule there about 50 bucks,works out to be about six cents an hour,just to put that into perspective for,you just in case youre wondering what,that does a candle,cost it costs about 35 cents an hour i,was actually surprised it was so,expensive so which ones cheaper buy a,long shot its pure right here,now the next question which i alluded to,the very beginning,is which one has better sense now,you know the sense that youre getting,with pura,youve got capri blue volcano we,actually use capri blue,havana vanilla quite a bit its got nest,fragrances its got a lot of fragrances,that youve seen and are able to,purchase at other places,well it gets a little bit more,complicated when youre talking about,the,era diffuser now the only way i can,describe eras,sense is perfumey and they all are very,perfumey and they also have a very,floral smell to them which is okay,if you like that sort of thing but once,again its really tough to know what,does pink pepper smell like or even,bergamot,we have tried them all every new scent,that comes out every new email that we,get,from era we think oh this is going to be,the scent that we like were going gonna,love,happy green were gonna love mandarin,mint and moss,were gonna love vibrance weve tried,them all,literally you can see how many weve,tried and,we dont frankly like any of them we are,still using our era which,youll be a little surprised about where,were using it and ill show it to you,here in just a second,the scents are really hard to guess what,youre going to like and what youre,going to not like,as i mentioned before era does have a,great way where you can test their,fragrances through some samples,which if youre considering spending 200,on the smart diffuser,we highly recommend you do so for us,which one has better sense,its really easy here its pura they are,the,far and away winner especially for us so,which one,has better coverage pure covers about,five hundred thousand square feet what,their website says,era covers about a thousand square feet,thats what their website says,but you have to deal with this with era,now did you hear that thats the sound,of their fan which distributes what they,call micro droplets you can hear,here a little bit more when i put,another capsule back in,and theres when its off our floor is a,kind of open first floor as you can see,in these pictures the air does a great,job spreading out the scent throughout,the entire first floor,so which one has better coverage its,era,by a pretty decent shot so,the next thing that we wanted to look at,was what has better overall,setup and operation this is where things,are a little bit different with both the,devices whether its not really apples,to apples,so the era for example it has alexa,voice control,the pura it doesnt work with lexa the,pira has geofencing it knows where you,are and can turn ascent or turn off,ascent when youre not home,uh the era doesnt have that the,pura does have a night light and the era,doesnt which,we didnt think that was really that big,of a deal we dont really need a,nightlight but it looks really cool and,you can program it to be all sorts of,different colors,turn on all the time turn on different,times or just when its dark out which,we thought was,was pretty cool the pura also has two,different fragrances that weve,mentioned before,you can have them turn on every hour or,switch every hour or have them on all,day,the scheduling on it is just a little,bit wonky but thats really no big deal,im sure theyre working on a software,update to make that a little bit easier,to handle,but for overall setup and operation the,winner is,pura well that leads us to our final,verdict here,which is better pura or era,and the winner is,pura now if youre just paying attention,really the only place,where era outperformed pura was,in the scent dispersion category if you,will,and era does a really great job it makes,a little bit of noise,to get that scent out but it does a much,better job,spreading the scent throughout a large,area we had a party,on a saturday and our garbage comes on,friday so all of our garbage had to,stick,in the garage and stunk for almost an,entire week,we werent using the era because frankly,its its too strong and and we didnt,really like the smells,and so i thought you know what im just,going to put this in the garage,and thats where the era is today they,have a whole line,of home hygienic fragrances which are,perfect,for removing odor like in your garage,i know it seems crazy to spend 200 to,remove fragrances from your from your,garage,but it works and it works really well,a couple other things that i would i,want you to know about just before you,you pull the trigger on either one,the pura does not last the 350 hours,that,they say on their website at least for,us we live in colorado its a very dry,climate,we never tested the era to the 800 hours,because frankly we didnt like any,smells that much theres something about,a candle that we still use,every so often the pure is going all the,time we switch out between volcano,and havana vanilla but every now and,then we have to light a candle because,it just,gives that little extra boost of of,scent that,a diffuser cant if you were on the,fence before about pura versus era we,hope this gave you some clarity,once again you cannot go wrong with pure,its a great value,it works really really well and we love,it,were happy to give it our we tried it,seal of approval,if you have any questions or comments,please put them below did you like this,video too give us a thumbs up make sure,you subscribe,we hope to see you again real soon you,can check out our full review,of both era and pira using these links,and just a little disclaimer we got the,era first,and we really liked it at first frankly,we got the vanilla th

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Aera Home Smart Diffuser: 3.0 vs 2.0 noise comparison

this is a quick comparison of the noise,and sound levels,from three different era center,diffusers,um two of them are the previous,2.0 models these two here and here,and what is the newer 3.0 model uh this,is a newer um 2.0 model,which ive owned for less time this is,a older 2.0 model that ive just owned,for a longer period of time so its just,been,running for longer and this is the newer,3.0 model,so here is the newest 2.0 model,which is the quietest of all of them,its not too bad at all,here is my older model 2.0 as well,doesnt sound bad at first but wait,starts getting louder louder,louder the motor is pretty loud,the pumps pretty loud,so thats pretty loud and distracting,but it doesnt vibrate very much so it,doesnt you know,shake the entire surface that its on,doesnt vibrate very much so its not,too distracting its just a little,annoying,and this is something that has developed,over time because this unit,pretty much sounded like this unit when,i first got it,so to compare these two again lets,listen to this,and,lets listen to this which is what that,unit sounded like when i first got it,you cant hear the pump or the motor,its very subtle,again,i could definitely hear that,but its not nearly as bad as the newest,model from era which is,whats going to replace all of these,and thats this one they are 3.0,now this entire unit is so loud the,entire,unit vibrates you can feel it it shakes,any,surfaces on you can feel the vibration,and this is pretty loud you can hear it,from pretty far away,compared to,doesnt have that lower frequency,component,this is the era 2.0 smart diffuser,its been running for about a month,and compared to a newer era 2.0 that has,been only running for a few days,which is very quiet,so even if an area 2.0 which is this,unit,degrades eventually to,this,unless it degrades even further and,sounds even noisier,its still far better than the newest,redesign which is this,which disperses the micro droplets much,further much,quicker but at the cost of much more,noise,and also the cost of another issue which,is,anyone near the unit when the unit is,dispersing its droplets,gets far too much of a concentrated,whiff of the smell,when its dispersing or as opposed to,the era 2.0 units,which disperses smells more evenly,solely over time,compared to the newest design

Aera Smart Home Fragrance Review | Room Freshener

lets talk on fragrance today I wanted,to share with you the era smart home,fragrance device because Ive been using,it and loving it give this video a big,thumbs up and lets get started,leave a comment right now and let me,know how you sent your home I am so,curious lets get into some of the specs,and details of the era device its,adjustable in strength it has a,consistent character pure fragrance and,full controllability I love the clean,modern design of this product and I,adore that it has smart technology the,device comes with a power cord which is,sleek and hidden in the back of the,device and it also comes with a,fragrance capsule I already had a,fragrance capsule in but Ill show you,how to insert the new capsule into the,device today were going to be using the,scent mosaic which has notes of pink,grapefruit ginger and amber once you,unpackage the fragrance capsule all you,have to do is unplug the top and bottom,and gently insert it into the air device,once you finish this step you can start,to use your device now I suggest going,to the App Store and downloading the app,so that you can use the smart technology,the app allows you to dial your,fragrance up or dial it down whatever is,specific to your liking you can also,turn it on and off and schedule it so,that you can have your fragrance running,at certain times of the day,if you have more than one error device,you can control it from the same app,which is pretty cool and it also tells,you how much fragrance you have left so,youll never be without the fragrance,you love so lets talk about the pros,and cons welcome back to my channel,everyone so lets talk about the pros,first pros is that I love the way that,this fragrance smells this is probably,one of the first times that Ive ever,smelled home fragrance that smelled,really high-end so that is a pro another,thing that I like about this system is,that actual perfumers create be scent so,it doesnt smell generic like something,that I can get off the shelf,smells very high-end really like that I,love that I can control it from my,iPhone I am team iPhone Im teen,technology I felt like era had meat in,mind when they created this system I,love the sleek design I love that they,have different collections a woody,floral citrus collection all those,things are really really great just in,case you were wondering if this system,has a sound Ill play it right now so,you can hear it lets see if the mic,picks it up,not too bad,the only real downside that I could see,to having this system is the price which,it is quite steep Im not even gonna lie,it is $1.99 for the device and you get,the fragrance you get a fragrance of,your choice its expensive but for,someone who loves technology like me and,adores fragrance it is a must-have like,lets be for real also I feel like it,would make an incredible gift for,someone who you know loves fragrance,this is awesome if youre at all curious,how long the capsules the fragrance,capsules lasts they stay that a capsule,last can last up to 60 days and 1400,hours of fragrance,thats Aloha okay so maybe it is kind of,cost-effective when you think about it,in that regard I dont know sound off in,the comments below I hope you enjoyed,this sort of video because I want to,create more of these to come this was,something that was really requested on,this channel I love fragrance you love,fragrance you just dont like perfume we,like their homes to smell really good,too,dont forget to leave a comment below,and let me know how you sent your home,I am super curious love you forever and,Ill catch you in the next one bye,Ive been rocking cat ears for the past,week and everyone is looking at me crazy,but I dont care because I am crazy,Craig


[Music],hi,um today i got,the pura air,freshener,um,so i did a video a few months ago about,the um,my era,so i did a video a few months ago about,my era humidifier,wow,um,so i did a video a few months ago about,my,era,air fresheners,um,and,a couple people commented about pura,and so i got curious,and decided to buy,one,just one because i really do love my era,like a lot,but i got curious and i wanted to,i wanted to see what,this is like as well so,lets see,okay,so this is it comes with this,pamphlet,and i got,this is the air freshener,so i have to download an app,and then these are the two cents that i,got i got the disney princess moana,and the becky owens atmosphere,i dont know what these smell like and i,did not see anywhere on their website,that i could,um order samples,so,hopefully it smells good,but lets see what this,okay,so basically i have to download an app,create an account,okay,and then,oh so this has a nightlight thats cute,okay i see it right there right i think,thats where it is,[Music],thats cute that you can actually,control the color of the night light you,can swap between fragrances,i wonder how long they say that,these fragrances will last though,um,become an ambassador okay,and,okay,how long does each fragrance last they,should last between 15 to 21 days,so 15 to 21 days thats,like two weeks,oh my gosh two weeks,on a medium scent intensity that is,not very long compared to my other ones,okay so download the app follow the,instructions before plugging in,because,okay dont let device tip over,files will leak and ruin device,that,sounds a lot like,my wall flower ones that i had from,[Music],it sounds a lot like my flat wall flower,ones that i have,um,bath and body works,okay,i really do love the packaging this is,very beautiful,okay so this is the moana,scent,lets see what this,this is very small,wow,okay let me see what this smells like,hmm it smells,kind of fruity,kind of tropical,smells pretty good,all right so this goes in here,and then,we have,this becky owens,i dont know who becky owens is,i dont really keep up,but,lets see it says its the smell is,atmosphere,so lets see what this smells like,okay this has a much softer smell its,like,um,like,its very soft and subtle,i dont,know,it smells like,no offense to anyone but it kind of,smells like,old lady,not a huge fan i do like the moana one,so i am going to put this,in my,guest,okay thats pretty simple to just put,back on,im gonna put this in my guest bathroom,because,in not the guest bathroom in the powder,room that we have in the hallway,because we do get,a lot of,we get a lot of,use out of that bathroom and ill be,able to really,um,keep track of it,every day,um so see i have this wallflower one in,here just because,the era mini is too big,to fit in here,so i dont have one of those in here,but this this should be good,okay so,okay this is cool save 30 with the,subscription,thats something that,era does not have okay so done,have a diffuser connect diffuser,to get started plug in your diffuser,okay so lets,out,okay so lets do this,okay i,hope,it fits please fit,[Music],okay,it fits,it fits,super tight,but it fits,all right,this might be a good option for this,room,so,im going to select up oh,okay its upright,continue,yes,okay,okay im gonna connect to my wi-fi,one eternity later,wow this is this is actually taking,quite a while,there we go okay its connected at,fragrance,okay,scan qr oh man i already put it on,okay,so lets see,scan it,okay,save and continue,so well put that one back in,and then we scan the other one,okay,save and continue and then it just,guides you just says take the cap off,and,insert it into the,okay,now i can select,what room,i guess well just,i really dont see myself buying more of,these as of right now so,okay,no i dont like,[Music],okay,so thats that i will,ill play around with it more later my,kids are being very loud,okay its been like six weeks since i,first installed the pura air freshener,i dont i dont know how i feel the its,when its on it smells really good,especially the moana scent and i can,smell it,even out of my,powder room the only thing is that the,app,the night light i was not able to get it,to work properly,multiple times,the app,was not responsive a lot of the time,also i was not,trying to,do things with the app like every day so,it could just be that the times that i,was trying it just was not,wanting to cooperate with me,um,the smell,is completely depleted now,it did start,telling me that the smell was low like,the fragrance was low,within a couple weeks of using it,and i set schedules i set the same,schedules that i have on my,other air fresheners in my house,and,the same levels all just like around a,medium,low medium,level intensity,but um,overall its okay,i do not,think i will buy another,i will probably keep that one and just,refill it,every once in a while,and maybe set a different schedule for,it thats not the same as my other ones,because it just runs out,way too quick with that schedule,um,but yeah if,if it comes down to it what is better,pura or era,i would say definitely era is better,the cartridges are much bigger,the,app,has always worked,very well for me,and um,you can get samples of the fragrances,before you purchase them which i think,is a big plus i dont like to just waste,my money and then,not know if im gonna like what it,smells like or not,so,pures okay,era is a little bit better,thats my final verdict,anyway thanks for watching please like,comment share,and ill see you next time bye,[Music],you

Aroma 360 Hotel Collection Scent Diffuser unboxing, set up and review. NOT sponsored.

im too lazy to get my tripod out so im,going to talk fast and go through this,quickly,aroma 360 diffuser,its actually the same as the hotel,collection diffuser its the same,company its a sister company i had no,idea i actually ordered from the hotel,company online and then i realized roma,360 was a sister company and they,actually have a showroom in miami im,about 20 minutes from miami so i decided,to go down there,i asked them to return the hotel,collection,order because i just ordered it last,night hasnt shipped yet so they were,able to return it i was able to buy it,in store which is actually really great,for me,it does come with two options ones the,remote and one is an app,i would have preferred the app but she,said the app is not very responsive and,it doesnt work very well and that she,recommends going with the remote versus,the app,i dont know well see i didnt want to,get one that i couldnt use so i decided,to go ahead and do the remote,i got the silver they didnt have the,black with the remote they only had uh,the black with the app and i didnt want,to risk it not working so im going to,set this thing up and get it started,and ill be back,all right so,first thing first um when i went in,today i kind of realized that there are,different sizes obviously theres,different sizes of the,fluids here the oils um,this is the 50,milliliter i think is the one it is and,then theres a 120 all the videos that i,saw was a much bigger bottle so i think,thats why i was expecting that because,these are not marked at all this is not,marked um so if you want the bigger one,that is the 120 this is the 50. i think,this is a good start for me personally i,did get the my way this is the one at,the one hotel in miami which,i love that hotel we go to that rooftop,bar all the time its really beautiful,very spa-like,not too sweet um didnt smell super,strong in the showroom but the showroom,in miami is like overwhelming as far as,all the scents go so its kind of hard,actually did a bunch of different um,test strips and then i went outside to,smell them because theres no way you,can smell them inside,theres about six that i really enjoyed,i do not like sweet smells i dont like,vanilla so,im hoping that this is a good start but,i actually kind of like the fact that,the 50 milliliter is smaller um i will,say that its kind of dumb because the,120 is only 10 more so if you know you,like a smell just get the 120 for 10,bucks more its double the size double,plus so im going to set this thing up,[Music],supposedly,yeah so i dont know,if thats the 120 im guessing thats,the 120 i dont know,that doesnt make sense to me this,doesnt look like 120 this looks like,oh yeah maybe it is maybe it is okay,well that gives you kind of an idea i,did not realize that that was so much of,a difference um they said that these 50s,typically last about,two to three weeks only and they did say,that youre not only youre only,supposed to run this thing for about,four hours a day i saw a lot of people,saying they were running it for eight,hours a day um they said thatll burn,out the motor just fyi,oh,also,this is made in china on the inside um,whatever its fine with me but i will,tell you you can actually buy this exact,same unit,for 120,on aliexpress now it does take you know,a while for aliexpress products to get,to the us usually about 30 days or so,sometimes even 60 if theres supply,chain issues but if you dont want to,order the diffuser from,either one of these companies you can,actually buy it on aliexpress i wanted,to get it locally it wasnt that much,more i think it was ends up they had 100,off when you do the subscription which i,did and then i also got a welcome 20 off,discount so it wasnt terribly expensive,just around 200 bucks,um i am using puras you cant see its,just out of the frame ironically i use,pure diffusers and i really enjoy them,but they are just not built for big,rooms,and,my house,has these big vaulted ceilings and so,the puris oh gosh cats going to get in,on this the puras um dont really work,that well you cant really smell them,very strongly and my house does have,kind of like that get out of here that,old house smell,so um im hoping that this works really,well they do say that this is only for,400 square feet my living room is,probably around 600 square feet plus the,air volume is probably more because the,vaulted ceilings so,i dont know were going to see how this,works but the next one,up,was 600,or free with a subscription,and if you do the subscription the cents,are 89 a month and i did that and i was,like over the and its a 36 year like,contract kind of thing,um,and it was like three thousand dollars,so i was like um lets start with the,little one and see if this thing works,so,i should probably not do this over the,rug,i did ask um i have a lot of rare house,plants,and i also have cats so obviously being,[Music],safe for all that is important to me,its also really important that theres,no residual,like the oil doesnt like you know,fall out,what the,okay well thats not gonna work,okay,okay well that did not go in very easy,because the little,this little absorber,its kind of kinked,um i dont know well have to see,how that goes maybe,i better read the instructions,maybe they want you to pour that into,here so that way it doesnt kink that,hose because that hose i dont know if,you can see it,it is kind of kinked its not like,to the point where its not gonna work,but,um i dont know,and these arent heavy theyre metal,theyre not plastic theyre,super,everybody seems to have a hard time,getting it in okay,all right,im gonna plug it in,and see how it goes,all right so i plugged it in and,immediately the smell was really strong,so thats promising um its very quiet,oh my ac just kicked off so im gonna,set the phone right next to it see if,you guys can hear it,yeah its pretty quiet um does that like,a slight vibration it is nice that its,metal its not as,topsy if it was uh if it was plastic it,would be a little bit easier to knock,over guarantee my cats gonna rub on,this um,it says 3000 hours in the brochure,theres some general instructions on,what to do and then the remote,instructions,and i guess if you press the green,button thats going to work 24 7 which,im going to probably just use their,recommendations and just kind of keep it,on the four hours the little lights will,flash which is kind of nice so you know,that its actually,understanding what the remotes trying,to tell it to do um but it looks pretty,basic im not gonna,get too into depth in that you guys can,figure that out,so far so good it is unusual though,i can feel air coming out however the,ones in,the,showroom it was the larger units they,had like a visible airstream this does,not have a visible airstream unless,mines not working correctly i can smell,it um,yeah i can definitely smell it,especially if i like kind of point it,towards myself it smells good the my way,is very nice very light but it does have,like a tiny bit of a baby powder smell,to me which im not really um in love,with the london calling was,really nice like that one a lot i should,have got that one it was definitely my,top choice along with the my way but the,my way was very popular so you know i,went with that of course,but i will uh put in the comments maybe,in two weeks ill um,kind of give you guys a idea on how much,it actually went through i definitely,smell it its,not super strong but i actually think,its probably the scent that i chose is,not super strong it is definitely one of,the lighter scents so well have to see,kind of how that goes the london calling,which is the one i want to get next it,will definitely uh be stronger im sure,because it it smelled stronger just on a,little paper stick almost had tasted,dont do that anyways,so far so good at least its working the,remotes working so thats good keep you,guys updated,all right guys we used the diffuser as,an excuse to go out to dinner and i,wanted to leave the house for a few,hours and the

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