1. What Microsoft doesn’t want you to know about Microsoft Office
  2. The App Store opening up is just the start
  3. It’s Time to Pay Attention to A.I. (ChatGPT and Beyond)
  4. Microsoft Made an Arm-based Mac mini
  5. Eben Upton Interview: Raspberry Pi Availability & More!
  6. What Your Boss Can TRACK About YOU with Microsoft Teams
  7. Microsoft OneDrive | OneDrive Sync Explained

What Microsoft doesn’t want you to know about Microsoft Office

stop paying the microsoft office,subscription fee every year you just,keep paying microsoft to use microsoft,offers but you really dont need to,firstly are you even aware that theres,another paid for version of office that,doesnt require you to pay every year so,lets start with that and then im going,to show you some free options as well,remember the olden days where you just,walked into a shop you paid for,something and you didnt have to enter,into this lifelong relationship of a,subscription fee well microsoft kind of,wants you to forget about those days too,as they want you to pay every single,year to be part of their microsoft 365,program but you dont need to microsoft,actually has an option to buy offers for,a once-off fee instead of renting it on,a yearly basis if you just need word,excel powerpoint and you dont need,outlook and onenote and publisher and,access then this is a great option,especially if you dont intend on,installing offers on multiple computers,phones and tablets i will have a link to,this in the description below so you can,pay a one selfie rather than renting it,on a yearly basis so thats the paid for,version what about the free options well,lets start with the obvious one but one,that really isnt being used for some,reason that is,office.com which is microsoft equivalent,of google docs head over to office.com,log in with your microsoft account and,you have access to programs like word,excel and powerpoint as well as a whole,bunch of others all for free and you can,even share your docs with others as you,can with google docs the nice thing is,that this works on mobile 2 with either,a dedicated office apps or through a,regular browser now whilst the,cloud-based apps are pretty nice and,convenient they obviously are a,stripped-down version of the full apps,so what if you want the full power of,office for free in an installable app on,your computer well then you have options,you need to look at free productivity,suites like libreoffice openoffers wps,and a whole bunch more but lets address,the three biggest misconceptions that,are out there the first misconception is,that these apps only run on linux the,second misconception is that these are,free therefore they must be crap or at,least full of ads and the third is that,there is an issue with microsoft office,and having compatible files only one of,these is partially correct the rest,are not so lets start with where you,can actually install these so because,these are all free you can try a whole,bunch for example heres libreoffice.org,simply click on the download and you can,see thats available on linux as well as,mac os and windows click the download,follow the installation process the same,applies to openoffice.org weve got wps,wps.com,and click on the download and again now,you have a whole bunch of options so,misconception number one thats only,available for linux is clearly busted,lets move on to the next misconception,that is full of ads and its pretty crap,because its free well you have a look,at this and you tell me right this is,the libreoffice setup that i have on the,left hand side youre able to create,your documents and im gonna go show you,a couple of little features in here this,is librewriter i mean come on tell me,this doesnt look exactly like word down,to the contextually changing menus in,the rivet everything looks and feel,exactly as youre accustomed to,therefore this is a very very easy,transition including the ability to,personalize and customize your entire,environment just like the way that you,want it to work so lets move on to,excel version which is called calc and,in here you can see again things like,that you used to right click on the cell,you can choose format the cells make it,into currency you can run your formulas,as you did before very very easy to get,used to same goes for the presentation,if you create lots of presentation well,youve got a tool for that here as well,and again it includes all the features i,mean even the fonts and the clipart,looks exactly the same as what youre,used to on the microsoft office,equivalent but this is free and as you,can clearly see there are no ads so i,dont know where that little theory came,from but if you just use it for two,minutes you can clearly see there are no,ads okay what about compatibility issue,okay well this one is kind of partially,correct microsoft uses propriety fonts,images and sometimes even styles that,dont really translate well when you,open up in something like libreoffice,right so this is a resume template that,i went and i found using the normal,microsoft word template im going to,make some changes to this i dont know,like dont forget to subscribe,hint all right now lets save this,little template and then lets open this,up in libreoffice so open file there is,the duck x file i didnt have to change,the extension simply open it and voila,there it is the only thing ive noticed,is theres a couple of spaces which are,different between this document and the,original look ive never had a case,where i couldnt open a file however i,have had cases where the file formatting,was a little bit off so clearly this is,something you need to be aware of,especially if youre working in teams,where youre constantly sharing,documents and of course this isnt,really a big deal if all youre doing is,creating documents for yourself right so,a pro tip that ive learned in whatever,productivity suite you happen to choose,make sure you set up calibri font as the,default font as that is the font that,offers users and make sure that you save,the default file saving to be office,file format this way youre not going to,have much issue when you share these,documents with people and now that,youre exploring the path to free apps,what about trying out linux for free,without removing windows or check out,this video over here that youtube thinks,you should watch hit the head here to,subscribe and ill see you in this video,or this video and ill see you in both,lets go

The App Store opening up is just the start

hey happy Friday this week we have new,folding phones from Oppo the chip Wars,heated up to some pretty unhealthy,levels and the EU started forcing Apple,to open up its walled Gardens welcome to,the fight at checkout,[Music],this video was sponsored by hover okay,the brief this week starts with the,xiaomi 13 series which was launched in,China featuring the new Qualcomm,Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 and the same Leica,camera from the 12s Ultra in the 13 Pro,again the whole series is set to launch,globally as well in just a few months,then the first Android 13 beta just came,out for the nothing phone and to explain,why nothing is so late to the party the,companys CEO Carl pay went on a press,tour this week telling funny stories,about how hard it is to hire people,thats a somewhat workable excuse I,guess now something different this week,was Microsoft buying a fiber optic cable,company called luminicity which has,hollow cores in its cables that carried,laser light using air versus the,transmission via silica glass in cables,that we use today light apparently,travels 47 faster in air than in glass,according to luminicity so thats pretty,massive for latency if it really works,now nice next up free speech absolutist,Elon Musk once again decided that he,only likes Free Speech as long as its,not talking about him when Twitter,suspended that the account that tracked,Elon musks private jet this week very,cool and finally Samsung was reported to,be creating a new independent team for,Designing its exynos chips instead of,using the Samsung LSI team that,previously designed exynos chips,together with some 900 other products,including image sensors modems drivers,and more for both Samsung and others,this new dedicated exynos chip unit is,apparently going to be part of Samsungs,smartphone Division and should therefore,be better able to focus on catching up,on the high end if everything goes well,and thats a big if of course okay,thats it for the brief and my first,story of the week is going to be all the,new stuff coming out of oppos inner Day,event starting with their brand new,foldable smartphones there are two,models this year called defined N2,undefined N2 flip the find and two now,comes with better and brighter screens,than its predecessor it is thinner and,down to just 233 grams which is about,the weight of a normal big phone which,is great and it comes with the second,generation of oppos flexion hinge that,results in a smaller display crease the,find M2 would be really good competition,for Samsungs Galaxy fold 4 but no word,on a global release yet and in China,this device starts at about,1150 what is apparently Going Global,though is the find N2 flip a new,clamshell style foldable which most,importantly has this gigantic vertically,oriented outer screen that looks really,nice together with a big 4 300 milliamp,hour battery and Flagship specs sounds,super intriguing and the base model,starts at just 860 dollars in China as,well with a full launch apparently,happening sometime next year Id love to,try out either of these devices and Ive,actually asked for review units but its,really difficult go to get them here,especially in Germany because Oppo is,still completely banned so maybe not,other than that oppos in the day this,year also unveiled a few more bits one,of those was oppos second piece of,custom silicon called the Mary silicon Y,which is a Bluetooth audio SOC which,claims to have higher quality audio,through higher bit rates and its really,interesting that the company is slowly,designing more and more of its chips,in-house another product of Interest was,the Next Generation Oppo air glass 2 its,latest assisted reality glasses with the,big selling point is supposedly that,they have the worlds first resin srg,defractive waveguide lengths whatever,that might mean while still remaining,light and relatively Compact and finally,Oppo also launched the oh Health brand,signaling that they want to take the,health category more seriously and their,first product is the oh Health H1 family,health monitor a concept device that you,simply hold your finger on for measure,measurement it contracts six Health,points across family and one device,including measurements of blood oxygen,ECG heart rate and more yeah that Health,product seems like a bit of a weirdo but,Im really excited about the foldables,and opal making more silicon is,interesting as well okay on my second,story of the week is going to be the,chip worth getting more and more brutal,with five six new headlines coming out,just this week about the U.S,increasingly cutting China off from more,and more of its chip suppliers just look,at the headlines this week Japan and the,Netherlands agreed to join the US in,tightening controls over the export of,advanced chip making Machinery to China,meaning a near total blockade of Chinas,ability to buy the necessary equipment,to make both Leading Edge chips and even,older nodes then the US is to add,Chinas most important memory chip maker,ymtc to trade blacklists as early as,this week throwing that company into a,difficult place too then the US got,concerned even over China not building,up its capacities for making older chips,which means that even the ancient 28,nanometer Technologies might be,pressured soon too and on the other hand,China tried to push back on U.S chip,sanctions by launching a WTO case and by,readying a 143 billion dollar package,for chip firms to fund its domestic,companies further while we also saw that,a Chinese chip company that stole IP,from asml Recently raised 140 million,dollars and thats just from this week I,mean any of these stories on their own,would be a huge deal but apparently the,US is gearing up to make sure that China,just doesnt have access to any advanced,chip Manufacturing tech at all as kind,of unprecedented okay and my third story,of the week is going to be apple,planning to open up its wall Garden in,the EU in the most amazing kind of,U-turn ever reports via Bloomberg,claimed that apple is preparing for the,following changes iOS and iPad OS will,allow alternative app stores and side,loading while the company also plans to,open up the NFC system and the camera,system of their iPhones and iPads and,the find my network for Rivals of the,air tag and a whole lot more what is,happening is that apple is preparing to,comply with the new European law called,the digital markets act that takes,effect on the 2nd of May and next year,with companies having until 2024 to,comply Ive talked about this law on my,channel in the past as being focused on,a big companies like apple called,Gatekeepers which under the new law will,need to allow third parties to use their,services the current reports are about,Apple but others like Google Microsoft,meta and Amazon will also be Gatekeepers,which means that they will be forced to,open up as well and we might see similar,effects on Googles ecosystem as well as,meta being forced to open up WhatsApp,and a whole lot more in that last video,I said that this legislation is just,pretty wild I mean it fundamentally,changes how the entire Tech landscape,works if it really passes and the rumors,are thats the cats out of the bag at,least apple is preparing to comply so,yeah kind of got interesting what will,be fascinating to watch is whether Apple,will actually fully support things like,side loading as soon as iOS 17 as is,reported or whether they will come up,with some creative roadblocks like they,and Google as well have done with the,rulings in the past and the question is,also whether these companies having to,open up their systems in the EU will,also mean that they will eventually have,to do the same in the rest of the world,too Id actually weirdly be a lot more,interested in an iPhone and the Apple,ecosystem in general if things were,forced to be more open so thats just my,two cents but I guess the EU Regulators,must be feeling pretty smug right about,now if this really does go through now,depending on where you stand on th

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It’s Time to Pay Attention to A.I. (ChatGPT and Beyond)

foreign,of cold fusion,chatbots weve all heard of them right,they suck and theyre a joke but what if,they actually worked and could,understand and answer anything you asked,of it imagine having a program that can,give you investment research generate,and debug code create a Twitter bot for,you when you have no knowledge of coding,create a weight loss plan be a personal,assistant mental health support,marketing SEO strategist write movie,scripts essays and much more,this is now a reality thanks to chat GPT,a program released on the 30th of,November 2022 long story short chat GPT,has the potential to turn the work of,one man into the productivity of 10 men,what does this mean for the world and,society as a whole in this episode well,dive deep into all of that and also give,some wild examples of how this AI is,being used today,if youre a budding entrepreneur,wondering what the next big thing is you,might want to stick around for this one,because open AI CEO has some pretty,interesting insight into the future of,all industry,you are watching cool Fusion TV,[Music],chat GPT is a large language model,created by open AI since the companys,Inception in 2015 weve covered many,achievements by them the latest of which,was the image generator Dali 2. in 2019,open AI raised one billion from,Microsoft and currently have a valuation,of 20 billion,since its release chat GPT has become an,internet phenomena in just five days it,crossed 1 million users,for comparison Netflix took 41 months,Facebook 10 months Instagram 2.5 months,its very clear that the ability to ask,open-ended questions about any topic and,receiving a response that isnt,hand-coded has a clear Market with,virtually unlimited demand,Ive covered how open ais previous,language model gpt3 functioned in a,previous episode so Im not going to get,into it here but in summary its trained,on billions of words all over the,Internet and when generating text it,tries to predict what the next word is,in a given sentence by drawing on what,its seen in its massive internet data,set the end result is the mimicking of,human writing,chat GPT is an improved version of gpt3,which open AI is calling GPT 3.5 the,main difference is that theyve added,human feedback in the training process,this is called supervised reinforcement,learning,in essence during the training multiple,versions of responses by the AI were,ranked by quality from best to worst by,the humans and the AI is digitally,rewarded when it improves,the model is then fine-tuned and the,process is repeated a few times,this method ends up producing an AI,language model thats a hundred times,smaller than gpt3 but still performs,better there are other steps but thats,the long and short of it the real,breakthrough it was involving human,hands on time during the training,process and when you think about it it,makes a lot of sense humans know what,humans like better than AI are trying to,guess blindly,although it has a limited knowledge up,to 2021 and cant browse the web live as,far as Im aware the results are still,impressive Im going to show you some,examples and let you be the judge,the following is an example of someone,who mentors an individual with poor,literacy skills he created a GPT powered,Gmail account that could essentially,turn his clients poor writing into a,professional interaction,original text,Sally I am starts work at yours Monday,from Dave business version dear Sally I,hope this email finds you well Im,writing to let you know that I will be,starting work with you on Monday Im,really looking forward to getting,started if you have any questions or,need any help with anything please dont,hesitate to get in touch best wishes,Dave,one user was testing how well it would,work for mental health support he noted,that it worked better than any other,mental health chat hed ever used,Im not feeling well Im sorry to hear,that is there anything I can do to help,you feel better do you need any,medication or medical attention its,important to take care of your health,and well-being let me know if theres,anything I can do to assist you Im just,feeling sad and dont know what to do,its completely normal to feel sad at,times especially during difficult times,its important to take care of yourself,and practice self-care in order to feel,better this can include engaging in,activities that bring you Joy talking to,a trusted friend or family member or,seeking professional help if needed,remember that its okay to not be okay,and to reach out for support another,user would use it to dispute a parking,fire where he accidentally typed the,wrong number plate and it worked the,council wrote him back saying the,penalty had been withdrawn,on the topic of not paying fines a new,startup called do not pay is about to be,released and is built on top of chat GPT,their creators call it the worlds first,robot lawyer it automatically helps,customers file complaints cancel,subscriptions and more,aside from eliminating countless hours,of research chat GPT can form opinions,on very specific topics at a users,request this is something that no search,engine can do,but thats just the beginning its much,more than that theres a bountiful,amount of reports from around the web of,people using chat GPT to cheat on exams,from statistics to history and I,personally know people that are using it,to write code for their computer science,assignments in just minutes it raises an,interesting question concerning our,education system the old adage that,schooling is largely a test for memory,and not intelligence comes to mind,as AI systems infiltrate Society perhaps,critical thinking will be more valued,if its any consolation Robert Hansen an,economics professor at George Matson,University ran an interesting test he,blindly graded a group of Economics,essays one of which was the raw output,from chat GPT,how did it do well using the AI to write,your essay will give you a grade tied to,the bottom 20 students in his class so,not a plus work but that is still,amazing a largely General AI system is,as good as a poor University student,as Ive said so many times AI progress,is exponential so in two years the,situation may look completely different,coding however seems to be a different,story,chat GPT is fairly good at it this small,aspect may be a revolution unto itself,here are a few more fascinating uses,[Music],finally,[Music],thank you,[Music],this baby,[Music],you can kind of see the future already,these little AI helpers that multiply,the productivity of any one worker but,also future versions could be like,talking to an expert in any given field,but in the current day there are,improvements that are needed but more on,this later,so if youre an everyday person that,doesnt care about the intricate details,of knowledge this next example should,make it clear why this technology can be,useful to everyone,a user effectively asks this AI to be,his personal trainer given his weight,and age it calculated his total daily,energy expenditure and gave an,explanation he then asked it What,calorie deficit he would need to lose 15,pounds in three months it then created a,meal plan recipes on how to cook it a,table of the weekly meal plan and a,grocery list of ingredients,and of course people are using it to,craft interactions for online dating,[Music],foreign,[Music],is begging to be asked why cant we have,this in all of our smartphones right now,well its a matter of cost according to,an alphabet employee who attended a,Google internal talk about large,language models these systems in their,current state take a lot of compute,power it works on a small scale of,perhaps a few million people but to,scale it up to the size of billions of,daily user requests doesnt make,economic sense yet the servers would be,too expensive and the latency would be,too high,currently one AI answer costs 10 to 100,times more than a regular Google web,search,according to Sam Altman the CEO of,openai the cost of a single response is,in the single digi

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Microsoft Made an Arm-based Mac mini

this is an arm-based mini computer made,by Apple and this is an arm-based mini,computer made by,Microsoft,it has now been over two years since,this Mac Mini and the M1 MacBook Air the,first Apple silicon based computers,shipped to the public going into 2023,Apple users view them as old hat,outpaced by M2 and soon to be M3,computers using a chip too dated for,even an iPad but lets rewind because,this 5 nanometer eight core big little,design chip was inarguably,groundbreaking upon its release never,before had someone achieved the same,performance in such a narrow power,envelope it surpassed comparable,offerings from Intel and AMD in both,single core and multi-core performance,in addition to graphics performance all,the while using less energy and,producing less heat than the incumbents,and that ignores the fact that Apple,sold the M1 as its entry-level chip,meaning that if you could even find a,better dollar per dollar performance you,certainly couldnt do it in the same,form factor as these Ultra tiny machines,but that was over two years ago and the,rest of the consumer Market has been,desirous to catch up so could this box,codenamed project Volterra be the fruit,of their efforts is it something that,Apple needs to watch out for speaking of,watching out todays sponsor the 70 my,dashcam Omni will watch out for dangers,on the road and be your reliable,security guard in the parking lot,founded in 2016 70 my is an,industry-leading auto intelligence,company specializing in dash cams and,the Omni is the industrys first 360,degree full view dash camera but what,does that actually mean well beyond,doing what you would expect a dash cam,to do face forward its 140 degree field,of view and 340 degree rotating swivel,allows it to intelligently look out for,your vehicle when parked robberies,vandalism or the innocent fender bender,will be captured precisely 70 mys AI,motion detection triggers recording by,analyzing Behavior not just present,which helps produce false positives and,when it detects suspicious behaviors it,will activate a warning light and start,emergency recording towards that,direction whats more motion sensors,detect Collision which immediately turns,the camera to the rotational position of,the event and then it records emergency,footage when driving or away from the,vehicle all dash cams can capture,accidents but some dont have the visual,Fidelity to reliably grab plate,information if the guilty party decides,to flee omnis improved sensor and 60fps,recording work to sharpen license platex,and reduce motion blur respectively and,at night where many dash cams fall apart,the Omni thrives thanks to its large F,1.5 aperture and new purecell plus shdr,Tech youll get Best in Class dynamic,range and low light performance this is,particularly useful when changing,conditions like exiting a tunnel last,there are a lot of smart functions like,voice control which you can tell the,dash cam to take a photo or shoot,emergency footage and theres also Adas,which adds Advanced functionality to,your average car like pedestrian and,cyclist notifications Lane departure and,more best yet it is very affordable,relative to Market leaders so visit the,link below to purchase yours today this,is Project Volterra an arm-powered,Windows device made by Microsoft but,its not intended for me or for any,other consumer because like the Apple,developer transition kit remember that,weirdo Mac Mini that used an iPad chip,inside of it before the M1 was announced,yeah well this too is strictly intended,for developers to develop compile and,test apps forearm on arm the difference,however between the windows dev kit and,the apple dtk is that well anyone can,buy this and I did for 599 dollars I,dont have to give it back either and I,didnt have to sign an NDA at least I,dont think so so that obvious easily,means that Im going to have to open it,and luckily so doing is quite easy four,visible hex screws hold the bottom of,the case in place and then removing them,allows us to just easily pop off the,cover the only thing on the back cover,itself is a pad to transfer thermal,energy from our tiny 20 to 30 sized SSD,as for the other half this thing is uh,well its weird the first,[Music],what that you notice is that many of the,connectors on this board have not been,landed and I suspect it is because this,is the exact same motherboard found,inside the Surface Pro 9 tablet this,suspicion is further cemented in fact,given that the dev kit has two USBC,poking out the side of the device which,is kind of weird and with the same,spacing as the Surface Pro tablet so,yeah this is the same board but where,this kit deviates from the surface is,expanded rear i o this is handled,through a daughter board and a weird one,at that the i o selection in general is,strange youve got three USB a gigabit,Ethernet over USB and for your monitor,should you not elect to use DisplayPort,over USBC a single old Mini DisplayPort,which actually needs to even be used for,bios configuration and a couple other,things like that its its weird another,Oddity is well the fact that theres,room sufficient for a much much more,common 2280 sized SSD but theres no,standoff to accommodate one theyve used,the same smaller more expensive 20 to 30,sized SSD found inside the surface,laptops now another big area where this,machine has deviated from Microsofts,portable consumer devices is memory this,kit ships with 32 gigs of RAM as,standard thats quite a lot but its,designed to again accommodate workloads,like running simulators and VMS,compiling in the background Etc so given,the hardware one would have to assume,that Microsoft has at least gotten,Windows to a point of usability where,development could be possible correct,well yeah mostly look windows for arm,isnt new versions have existed in one,iteration or another since RT an arm,specific version of Windows 8 designed,for the original Microsoft Surface yes I,forgot too but the first surface device,ran an arm-based Nvidia Tegra 3 not an,x86 chip from Intel or AMD now despite,this Microsoft itself neglected arm,development and even upon the launch of,the Service Pro X in 2019 there was a,shocking number of crucial system apps,that just straight up lacked arm,binaries well that is no longer the case,with Windows 11 virtually every Stock,app is arm capable to boot this is,fantastic unfortunately support Beyond,first party is quite Grim now there are,a handful of third-party apps that,support arm that have been updated,recently a beta version of Spotify,adobes Photoshop zoom and select few,others additionally Progressive web apps,are also supported within the edge,browser which is native to Windows so,Instagram Netflix and Twitter they all,run natively even if its just a fancy,web wrapper then theres a bunch of apps,from the RT days having gone years and,years without updates but thats still,typically function and most of these are,frankly games,so this is unfortunate but its not,unprecedented even two years later a few,popular Mac apps have still not made the,transition to arm and in those instances,well the Mac just falls back on Rosetta,its x64 to arm translation layer and as,of last year Microsoft also offers x64,emulation in Windows and despite the,rumors its actually not that dissimilar,from Rosetta 2. it is quite capable of,both ahead of time and just in time,compilation and in our testing well we,experienced that running in an emulated,mode we were getting 50 to 80 percent of,the performance of the Native versions,should they exist which is actually its,its honestly not that much worse than,Rosetta Rosetta averages about 70 to 90,percent of native efficiency on the Mac,so that sounds pretty good but where we,did notice a large discrepancy and I,mean a big one is compatibility Ive run,into just one app that didnt translate,well using rosetta in the last two and a,half years after just a few hours with,Microsofts emulation layer we,experienced a number of crashes and,failures Dolphin Emul

Eben Upton Interview: Raspberry Pi Availability & More!

foreign,[Music],welcome to another video from explaining,computers.com,for some time the supply of Raspberry Pi,single board computers has been limited,and earlier this week Raspberry Pi put,out its latest news release about the,situation,a few days ago I also spoke to Evan,Upton Raspberry Pi Creator and chief,executive of Raspberry Pi trading about,the future supply of our favorite single,board computers,although guess what we moved on to other,matters and had a fairly wide raging,discussion about the Raspberry Pi,greetings happen and thanks for joining,us here on the explaining computers,YouTube channel,well thank you for having me its uh,its weve both been part of this,wonderful world of pipe for so many so,many years and we finally meet at least,here in video,yeah well its lovely to me I mean even,even in video its lovely after the,couple of years weve had its lovely to,meet people indeed indeed so were,mainly here to talk about the supply of,of the Raspberry Pi and I know you put a,release out this week and well come on,to the good news in that in a second but,I thought itd be good if you could just,give the viewers here some idea of why,there have been so many supply issues,with the raspberry pi over the past few,years,sure um I guess were about 18 months,now into what I would consider to be,constrained availability of Raspberry Pi,um the first the first quarter of last,year the first quarter quarter of um,2021 I started to lose track of what,year were in I think an effect of the,pandemic has been that I I either a year,ahead or a year behind but the first,quarter 2021 was okay,um at some point in the second quarter,of last year we started to see sporadic,shortages of some products and then by,the end of by the end of last year we,were we were then fairly fairly,thoroughly uh constrained across our,entire product line,um I guess we like a lot of other people,have suffered from the the global,semiconductor shortage,um this is really the result I guess of,a you can see theres a kind of a sort,of from an electrical engineering point,of view its kind of a ringing artifact,that what happened was,um I guess at the start of 2020,um the Assumption was that there would,be a large recession associated with the,pandemic,um you had people uh responding to that,the way they usually do which is to stop,ordering product,um and um and run down their inventory,to try to protect their businesses now,what actually happened was there was an,increase in demand for electronic,products because of course people wanted,to work from home or people were on,furlough schemes so they had their,income protected they werent able to,buy Services they werent able to go out,to uh to restaurants uh they werent,able to go on holiday and so there was a,displacement of constant income,um there was a displacement of a,purchasing behavior from services to,goods and in particular to durable goods,to electronic goods and so what you saw,was and it took a little while for,people thats included to notice that,actually demand had gone up not down and,then when you suddenly then that when,those two things you know you cant that,cant get back the Fab capacity that,wasnt used in 2020 and so the,combination of that negative going,Supply shock and positive going demand,shock,um generated a shortage,um that shortage persists,um the the semiconductor Supply chains,in any case very tight anyway there was,not an enormous amount of spare capacity,um so it generates a uh a mismatch or,shortage situation which was hard to get,out of of course one of the problems is,we found out in other ways with you know,toilet paper and hand sanitizer during,the pandemic is once the impression,takes hold that there is a shortage um,the shortage becomes self-reinforcing,and you start to see hoarding Behavior,you start to see peoples uh purchasing,Behavior change in the anticipation of,shortages and that makes the shortages,worse so thats kind of whats happened,across the whole semiconductor supply,chain,um its affected some consumer some,consumers of semiconductors more than,others obviously the car companies are,probably the uh the the kind of the,wildest example of a world in which you,know a twenty thousand pound piece of,metal uh and plastic,um can be immobilized in a parking lot,for one for for one of a one dollar,engine management,um I see so youve seen a lot of that,its affected us a little bit and weve,worked hard to to get around it,um uh but,um I guess the kind of the good news is,we are starting to see the light at the,end of the tunnel and I would say we,have probably an 80 certainty that its,not an Express train uh that it really,is the it really is the end of the,tunnel yeah and,the the release you you put out this,week gave us quite a lot of good news so,could you sort of summarize the the,positive things that are going on sure,um I guess the biggest positive thing,thats happened all the way through this,is weve been able to sustain our OEM,customers so one of the interesting,things thats happened with Raspberry Pi,you know we are a hobbyist or you know,if you think about still think about the,orientation how we think about ourselves,uh you know the hobbyist and education,the Enthusiast and education Community,is still really really important to us,but as a share of our overall production,um several years ago uh industrial and,embedded customers came to dominate,um our our customer base by volume,um what um when we when we talk about,embedded and Industrial,um I think people think were talking,about a huge great multinational,companies so its industry industry you,know um but in fact often were not our,customer base is notable our industrial,customer base,um its not notable for being very wide,and very flat so we have an enormous,number of hundred unit customers,thousand unit customers quite a few ten,ten thousand customers we have very few,hundred thousand year to year customers,and what that means is that,um you know we are these are often mom,and pop companies they are they are,small organizations theyre small,organizations that have invested in,Raspberry Pi that have put their faith,in Raspberry Pi and that will go out of,business without access to the Raspberry,Pi product so to the extent that theres,sort of uh good news about whats,happened over the last 18 months its,that weve been able to find ways quite,labor intensive ways often actually uh,to sustain those customers and therefore,we are not in a position where we feel,that the shortages of Raspberry Pis are,putting people out of business then,there are people who cant pay their,mortgages because we cant get them,Raspberry Pis um weve been able to do,that and I guess the good news is we,continue to be able to do it we expect,to be able to continue to do that over,probably the three to six months of,remaining sort of material shortage,environment so thats thats good news,from my point of view um whats been the,bad news over the last 18 months is that,we have ended up having to de-prioritize,the uh enthusiastic educational customer,base which is kind of still the heart of,the raspberries where the energy is is,when excitement is in Raspberry Pi and,we tried to find other things you know,Pico of course is a real bright spot for,us you know we make our own silicon that,hasnt been in short supply for the last,year so we have had interesting new,things to give that Community but to the,extent that members of that Community,have want to say be able to buy,Raspberry Pi 4 they havent been able to,so easily I mean you can if you get a,waiting list but you know we dont want,people to have to get our waiting list,we want people to wake up in the morning,what the Raspberry Pi and get one at 9am,the next day,um so so thats been kind of the bad,news I guess you know so the good news,from from Mondays release the good news,from the release that we did the other,day is that we how we are starting to be,able to adjust that dial in particular,weve been able t

What Your Boss Can TRACK About YOU with Microsoft Teams

Many of us are working remotely using Microsoft Teams.,Did you ever wonder what your boss can track,about your working day?,For example, how much time you actually spent working.,Lets find out.,(upbeat music),Okay, so Ive logged into the Microsoft 365 admin center.,Here Im going to show you the type of information,your admin has access to,,and what they can extract from the system.,So Teams has its own dedicated admin center.,Lets get to it by going to show all,,and going to the Teams admin center.,Now lets take a look at the different reports,that are available to them.,So under analytics and reports,,we have different reports available here.,So for example, apps usage.,Lets go with the last 30 days, and run the report.,So here we can see the different types of apps,that are used within Teams.,In this case, there are four Microsoft apps,,and two third-party apps.,Now, this information is not by user, its in general.,So we can see theyre two active users,that use Trello, there four active users that use Teams,,and so on.,But we cant see which user used this application here.,Lets go back to our reports.,If your company has calling plans in place,,you can get information about the number of minutes,that users spent in calls,and also the cost of the calls, by running these reports.,Under Teams device usage,,you get to see what type of device theyre using,to get to Teams.,Whether its Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and so on.,What about Teams usage?,Lets go and run this report,and see what we get.,So here we have the list of the different Teams,and we get to see how many messages were posted,within a Team, how many replies there were,,urgent messages, reactions, mentions,and meetings that were organized in the Team.,Now if you click on a Team here,,you get to see all the members of the Team,and if you click on a specific member,,you can find out a bit more about their activity in Teams.,For example, this person was in two meetings,and one call.,Under call history, you get to see all the calls,that this person was in.,You can also see the duration of the call,and the participants.,So for example, on this one, if I just click on it,,I get to see who this meeting was with,,the duration of the call is here,,and I have more technical information,about the devices they used for connection,and also the IP address and so on.,Now lets go back to the usage reports,and see what we have under the Teams user activity.,When I run the report here,,I get an overview of the total number of channel messages,,reply messages and so on,,but here I have the display name of the people,and their activity in Teams.,So how many channel messages each person sent.,Reply messages, post messages, chat messages,,total meetings.,So here its by user and not global anymore.,So how many one-on-one calls there was,,the total audio time, total video time,,even screen sharing time,,and their last activity.,It doesnt have a time stamp,,it just have the date of their last activity.,Okay, so this is the information they can see by user.,Now what we looked at here is for Teams only.,But what about the other apps?,Do we get more information by person?,Well, lets go back to the Microsoft 365 admin center.,Lets take a look at reports.,Here we have the productivity score.,Now, this is on organization level only.,So here it says, scores are not provided,at the individual user level.,This way you get to compare your organization,to a peer benchmark.,It breaks it down into different categories as well,,but all of this is on organizational level.,Now lets go to usage and see what we get here.,These reports show how people in the business,are using 365 services.,If I scroll down I can see how many active users,are using Microsoft 365 services,and I can see this by service.,Then I get to see the Microsoft 365 apps,,but again this is general.,So this is on organization level,,I cant exactly see here which active user,is using this app.,I can also see email activity,and Microsoft Teams activity.,But lets take a closer look at this report here,,so lets go to view more, and lets scroll down.,Here I get to see all the user names,,and I can see their last activities for certain services.,So here when was the last time the user read,or sent an email?,When was the last time they did something in OneDrive,,or they did something in SharePoint, in Skype?,Then we have Yammer here,,and the last activity in Microsoft Teams.,Okay, so this is the information we get on user level.,The other information is all available,on organizational level.,So this is what can be currently tracked,with Microsoft Teams.,In my experience, working with a remote team,,its always better to assign tasks and objectives.,For example, using Planner,,rather than micro-managing each person,and tracking their working hours.,If you want to find out more about Planner,,check out this video,which is going to give you a complete introduction.,I hope you found this video useful,,if you did, dont forget to hit that thumbs up,,and do subscribe to this channel,,in case you arent subscribed already.,Thank you for watching,and Ill see you in the next video.,(upbeat music)

Microsoft OneDrive | OneDrive Sync Explained

Hello, its Matt. Welcome to Collaboration Coach.,This time I want to talk about OneDrive file synchronisation.,So a lot of my customers right now have moved into Teams,and are starting to get curious about OneDrive and SharePoint.,Im getting a lot of questions on this subject so I thought Id do some videos to help answer them.,In this video Im going to explain what syncing is, why youd use it…,…and then Ill show you how to set it up for OneDrive and SharePoint.,To explain what synchronisation is Im going to go to the Whiteboard.,Now, when you use Office 365 all your files are stored in Microsofts cloud.,To open and edit your files, say in Word or Excel,,your device connects to the cloud and opens up the file,and then all the changes you make are saved into the cloud.,Microsofts OneDrive and SharePoint work this way,and so do other apps like Dropbox and Google drive and many others.,To synchronise a file is to make a copy of that cloud version onto your device,,so you have one version in the cloud and one on your device,,so when a change is made to one version,,the change is copied to the other so the files are always kept in sync.,Note that only the changes are synchronised,,so for example if you add a sentence to a Word document and save it,,only that new sentence is sent to the other version,,not the whole document.,With OneDrive and SharePoint synchronisation, syncing happens in the background,,so as you make the changes theyre synced automatically,and you dont have to worry about it.,Okay so thats what syncing is, but why would you want to do that?,I think there are two main reasons.,The first is if you want an offline copy of your files.,Say you were traveling on a long flight and there was no wi-fi,,while all your files are in the cloud you cant get to them without the internet.,Because syncing has made a copy of your files onto your device,,you can work on them without the internet ,and with OneDrive sync,,the changes that you make to your files offline are automatically synced to the cloud, when you have access to the internet again.,The second reason is if you prefer to use Windows explorer or Finder on a Mac…,…to manage your files instead of a browser.,If youre an old geezer like me, youve spent most of your life using Windows explorer and Finder,and youve got used to working that way and just find it easier.,As Ill show you soon, syncing files means that there is a version of your file…,…that you can use in explorer or Finder,,so you can drag it around, right click it and copy it with a keyboard,and do all those other things that youre used to.,So these are the main reasons and I know there are more,,so if you have any ideas and you want to share them then please let us know in the comments.,And if you like what youve seen so far then please subscribe to the channel,because were posting videos like this every week.,So thats the “what” and the “why”. Heres the “how”,,and Im going to show you how to sync from OneDrive and SharePoint.,Almost wherever you go in OneDrive and SharePoint ,youre going to see this sync button.,The sync button is all you need to choose to start syncing.,The OneDrive sync is an app thats part of Windows 10,,so if youre using an up-to-date version of Windows 10,you dont need to install anything to start syncing.,If youre using a Mac however, you will probably have to install OneDrive,and you can get that from the app store -,just search for OneDrive and its a quick and easy install.,And I recommend you do that before you follow the next steps.,Lets start syncing OneDrive, and were going to do this on Windows 10.,Now before I start syncing I just want to show you what Windows explorer looks like now.,You can see theres already a link to OneDrive in the left-hand panel,but there are no files in it,and in a moment well see what it looks like after we sync.,So to sync I just open up OneDrive from the app launcher,and I press the “sync” button.,This window appears and in the background OneDrive will start,and I have to run through the setup because its the first time that Im using it.,It will ask you if its okay to start it – and just check the “always allow” box here,,and then open Microsoft OneDrive.,Then you have to sign in and it should pick up your username,and add it in here for you like its done for me.,But in some cases you may have to type it in.,Then you choose “sign in” and the next question is where to sync the files to.,You get to choose but I recommend that you leave it as the default location.,So just choose “next” here.,It may ask you if you want to backup your folders.,These are the desktop documents and pictures folders that are already on your windows computer.,This is a good idea too – so keep those checked,,but remember if you have a lot of files in those folders,it will take longer to sync for the first time.,Then you can choose to continue to finish the setup,and then click through the messages until you get to the “open my onedrive” folder.,This will open explorer,and now you can see the OneDrive link has all your files and folders listed.,You can see its renamed the OneDrive link to “OneDrive – Collaboration Coach”.,Now I can use my OneDrive files just like any other.,I can drag it into other folders. Right click it to get to the menu,and I can use ctrl c and v to cut and paste.,To show you sync working I can snap explorer to this side of my desktop and OneDrive to the other,and if you see this PowerPoint file here called “Collaboration Coach”…,…I can rename it in OneDrive over here,,and that change will sync immediately in explorer over here.,And if i delete it, it gets removed immediately,and the same applies for any other changes that I make.,Now lets look at syncing SharePoint.,You can sync any library or folder from SharePoint in the same way as you can with OneDrive,and the good news is that if youve already set up OneDrive ,then a lot of the work is done.,So to demonstrate this,,Im on the home page of my Design SharePoint site here,,and if I move to the Assets library I can see the sync button up here.,This will sync the whole library to my Windows 10 computer,then whats happening in the background now is that SharePoint is syncing the files in the library.,If I go to Windows explorer,,I can now see a link called “Collaboration Coach”,,and thats where all my SharePoint libraries and folders will be synced to.,And inside of Collaboration Coach you can see my Design – Assets folder,so thats the site name and then the library name together,and if I snap explorer and the browser side by side,you can see they both have exactly the same files and folders.,So thats a quick overview of OneDrive sync.,Thank you so much for watching and see you next time,[Music]

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