1. CHEAT SHEET: What To Know About LSU 23 Signing Class
  2. Is LSUs Quiet Portal Year a Concern?
  3. LSU NSD Preview: Everything You Need to Know Before Signing Day
  4. Why Saints Should Reunite with QB Teddy Bridgewater
  5. Saints Sweep Falcons | FULL RECAP AND REACTION
  6. Sean Payton Addresses Latest Coaching Rumors
  7. Could Sean Payton End Up in L.A. After All…..With the RAMS?!?!

CHEAT SHEET: What To Know About LSU 23 Signing Class

you found it your home for the best,content on your favorite team to fight,Tigers of LSU do us a favor subscribe to,the channel leave your comments below be,sure smash that like,[Music],the early signing period which opened,today runs through Friday,so theyre not done more players can,still sign between now and Friday,uh Brian Kelly also said they will not,announce the transfer portal editions,until Friday so there is still more work,here to be done and more news to come to,be sure,uh there are 25 signees,as a part of LSUs class right now 25,that have sent in their letter of intent,they will be LSU Tigers coming into,today there were really three players,that we were keeping an eye on,uh first was dalen Austin so dalen,Austin cornerback who had been a long,time LSU commit and had been rumored of,late that he was a flip risk and,ultimately Dale and Austin did in fact,do what he was it was anticipated he,would do and he flipped to Oregon so,Dale and Austin cornerback four star,that had been a longtime LSU commit,flips to Oregon today,but LSU did a little flipping of their,own as the Tigers did in fact land the,Vanderbilt tight end uh commit uh,kimorian pimpton who today flipped to,LSU and Senate of his letter of intent,six six 227 pounds out of the state of,Texas uh here was Brian Kelly today,talking about what he liked so much,about uh kimorian pimpton and why they,went so hard to flip him from Vanderbilt,I dont know that Ive had somebody with,his uh raw athletic ability and,certainly theres work to be done as it,relates to the physicality of the,position and whether hes going to be an,inline we want to develop our tight ends,as complete tight ends where they can do,everything where theyre not just a guy,that you can you know,split out you know we want them to be,able to get in there and and be part of,a you know a blocking scheme as well so,and hes committed to that you know and,thats the one thing that you know as,you know we talk about developing tight,ends my background in developing coach,dembrock is is incredible in the number,of tight ends that hes developed we,wanted that for him and and that,resonated with him and then obviously,the other skills that he brings,um you just cant teach right I mean as,you mentioned its catch radius his,ability to win in one-on-one matchups,um is going to be exciting to be able to,develop so uh dalen Austin out Kamar and,pimpton in which is why you settle at 25,today the other player that LSU was in,on was uh safety Isaac Smith out of the,state of Mississippi he was on LSUs,campus last week it was in LSU,Mississippi State battle he chose to,stay home so hell play in Starkville,for the Bulldog so LSU at 25 right now,um a couple more thoughts from Brian,Kelly but first this is interesting,because on top of pimpton,you also sign Mac markway of course the,the high four-star tight end out of the,St Louis area and last week we talked,about when LSU got the commitment from,um from the third tight end in this,class,um who who was a a late ad in uh Jackson,McGowan who uh said in his letter this,morning so LSUs got three,three tight ends in this class,on top of Mason Taylor returning and,theyre still going to be looking in the,portal potentially for some veteran,Presence at that position but it is,pretty incredible for this staff to be,able to get three tight ends in the same,class which speaks to Brian Kelly and,Mike denbrock in their ability,willingness and and proof in their,history of playing multiple Titans,listen Brian Kelly at Rotary before this,past season was asked about that hes,like hey how are you going to play two,tight ends when you dont have two tight,ends heres what he said we have to be,able to recruit some depth at that,position I have a preference to have a,deeper tight end you know depth chart,and we just dont have that right now so,its going to take us a recruiting cycle,but we have guys on board that are going,to fill in at that position we wont,have the ability to be as multiple as I,would like at that position this year,but well well manage well be creative,and youll see a tight end on the field,probably every snap and and I like to,keep a tight end on the field that was,Brian Kelly in August well he said,theyd have to recruit to it they did,theyve got three in this class and they,may not be done because they could be,looking at the portal as well uh Brian,Kelly this was sort of his oh I should,have probably started with this but this,was Brian Kellys overarching thoughts,on the day in the class the 25 that we,signed we are super excited about and I,know personally Ive gotten a chance to,spend a lot of time with each one of,them and again as I said earlier and,have said consistently since Ive taken,the job weve got to pull our base and,uh you know 10 of them are from the,state of Louisiana theyre also part of,a very talented group of players from,this state I think uh when we when we,look at it I think of the top players,eight of them are you know top 15,players here in the state of Louisiana,and we stayed in an SEC footprint for,the most part you know 21 of the 25,signees are from SEC from the SEC,footprint we did move nationally because,of our brand and recognition were in,Maryland Minnesota Nevada and Ohio but,again this is an SEC footprint,speaking of so SEC footprint yes the,other thing thats obviously of note is,when you look at this class Shelton,Sampson from Catholic High Caleb Jackson,uh from from Zachary youre talking,about getting,guys who are Kyle and Jackson from,Zachary Caleb Jackson from uh from from,Liberty you were able to recruit uh,Ricky Collins from Woodlawn got a,handful of guys that are from within a,15 mile radius of your campus and Brian,Kelly was asked about that too about the,importance and one of the reasons he,took the job was was the the abundance,of local talent which he spoke to today,yeah its unmistakable in in a sense,that you know first of all,um that theyre,so committed to LSU right they grew up,LSU fans uh that doesnt mean you cant,recruit you shouldnt recruit them as,hard as everybody else matter of fact I,think weve recruited them as well if,not better because of that we wanted to,make sure that there was,um no stone unturned with our our local,players as well that we did as well as,if you were from Texas or Ohio,but theres such a you know as the,flagship University theres such a,passion for LSU and and its and its,seen by such uh Strong high school,football in this particular area so you,stayed local you casted a national net,where you needed to and theyre still,not done uh here was Brian Kelly on the,remaining positions of need in this,class heavy influence on the defensive,line,um I think youll see defensive line,defensive backfield,um as the particular regular areas that,we still need to address as we move,forward so on the defensive side again,youre looking at DBS youre going to,have to go get cornerbacks right and,youre still again Thursdays a big day,because Desmond Ricks is going to,announce and if the top uncommitted,Corner in the country picks you thats a,potential Plug and Play guy when youre,playing Florida State in Orlando next,year in the opener so that would be huge,you got toviano in there as well so,youve gotten some some guys in that,defensive backfield but theyre going to,add more now as far as,right he was asked about the number of,early enrollees,um and whats interesting about this,isnt just the number of early enrollees,its what he leads with its when he,talks about the transfers at the end and,how many more are going to be on campus,than they already have so 15 of them,will be in early enrollees and and I,chose not to include him in the bowl,practice because,I think it really would have detracted,from our preparation it would have been,much more of a,Public Relation show more so than truly,getting them ready,so,were staying away from that but but we,have a number of guys as you mentioned,15 of them that will come in early not,to mention,

Is LSUs Quiet Portal Year a Concern?

you found it your home for the best,content on your favorite team to fight,Tigers of LSU do us a favor subscribe to,the channel leave your comments below be,sure smash that like,[Music],so tomorrow is Signing Day still feels a,bit odd and we became so accustomed to,so many years of uh The Bash that,Wednesday in February adults taking a,day off of work hanging all their hopes,on where an 18 year old would sign to,play college football,Muse and I were in the hall a little bit,ago and I said hey whatever happened to,Marcel Brooks remember him five star,Marcel Brooks yeah,yeah he spent one year at LSU went to,TCU converted the wide receiver called,five passes,converted back to linebacker made three,tackles this year,ah the dredges of signing day uh a,necessary evil as Ive always termed it,but,uh,I got asked earlier today if I was,concerned that LSU hasnt been more,successful in the portal as of right now,uh and just as a quick catch up here on,the eve of Signing Day LSU has won,transfer commitment,of course its Aaron Anderson the wide,receiver we talked about him five star,from Edna Carr was a one-time LSU commit,when they fired at ogeron he immediately,decommitted ultimately signed with Bama,was there this year injured played just,one game against Austin P hit the portal,now hes gonna sign with LSU on,Wednesday awesome position a need game,breaking deep threat Elite Speed gonna,be able to help in the return game,immediately love it,but hes the only one,and,I was asked this question if I was,concerned that its really been quiet,that LSU hasnt had more success getting,commits out of the portal and,my answer was no,quite the opposite actually,and heres the reason why,so you could look at any scouting,service right,and you can look at their list of,prospects of course recruits from high,school and now portal,and,on three has their transfer portal,rankings right so they rank the top 300,players in the transfer portal right now,the number one player in the portal is,Travis Hunter former five star of course,you went to Jackson State hes going to,go to Colorado we all know it uh,fentrell Cyprus whos leaving Virginia,to go to Ohio State a Johnny Cornelius I,was transferring from Rhode Island to,either Ohio State or Tennessee Devin,Leary the uh the quarterback from NC,State whos projected to go to Kentucky,on and on Braden Fisk a defensive,lineman who LSU has offered,um anyway you can go on the list theres,there are,300 players ranked here by on three the,top 300 in the portal,guess how many,are LSU players in the portal,want to guess when you apply to guess,take a guess how many LS LSUs got 13,players in the portal,on three Sports ranks the top 300,players in the portal take a guess how,many LSU players on the list in the top,300.,Ill say two okay Paulie,Ill go three okay you want to guess,youre both wrong by the way its one,one in the top three and I want to guess,who it is Jack Besh let me guess who it,is,that would have been my guess its,demarius McGee number 250 overall they,rank Jack Besh as the,62nd best receiver,in the portal,we love Jack Besh dont we the LSU fans,love jackpot,60-second best receiver in the portal,for perspective,so Besh out Aaron Anderson in thats an,upgrade I love Jack bash you upgraded,receiver,look at where you were a year ago,look at where you were a year ago,Elias Ricks was the eighth best player,in the portal,Dwight McLaughlin was the 56th best,player in the portal Max Johnson was the,65th best player in the portal youre,youre two starting cornerbacks and your,starting quarterback,all three in the top 65. a year before,that Eric Gilbert was number one Ray,Thornton was 59 apuaika was 62.,in the last two years,youve had each year three players in,the top 65 leaving you in the portal,this year you got one in the top 300.,Brian Kelly has stabilized the rosterio,thats the lesson here,you know last year,every day we were celebrating,portal editions we were celebrating Joe,Fouche Greg Brooks jark Bernard Converse,I mean every day there was another one,Jayden Daniels Noah Kane Kyron Lacey,Makai Garner you all know the list now,because we saw them all play this year,Colby Fields West weeks but they added,19 transfer players because they had to,the roster was in disarray you had 39,players available for the bowl game I,mean weve all said the number a,thousand times we know it,but Brian Kelly went so heavy into the,portal last year out of necessity do you,know how many players Georgia took out,of the portal you should know this this,has been talked about a lot do you,youre defending national champ a year,ago do you know how many players they,took out of the portal zero none not one,not a single player why because they,keep turning out top recruiting classes,year after year after year and even with,attrition,their players are still better than who,they get out of the portal now if you,have the opportunity to add someone you,have the opportunity to add Aaron,Anderson of course you do,of course you do,and LSU is not done they need players,theyre going to get players out of the,portal theyre going to they need to,theyre going to get a veteran tied in,theyre going to get defensive linemen,theyre going to get defensive backs,plural theyre going to do it because,theyre not yet to the point where they,can completely ignore it they still have,to build up some depth there,but hes getting close look how,dramatically different the conversation,is today,with respect to the portal as opposed to,a year ago do you realize yall tomorrow,Brian Kelly is going to be with the,media at two oclock,a year ago on Signing Day Brian Kelly,didnt even meet with the media thats,how snowed in he was,trying to rebuild this roster coaching,staff a program in utter disarray,theyre just much more stable than they,go right now than they were you dont,need the portal like you did last year,youre gonna youre gonna use it and I,want to remind you as well the portal,doesnt close tomorrow okay,the portal stays open until January the,18th,and then the deadline to declare for the,draft is January the 20th and then,remember theres another portal window,after Spring football so you have guys,this is what happened with Joe burrow,guys go through Spring football they,realize theyre further down the depth,chart than they thought and they,transfer out so it may not even be that,LSU ads more portal guys now it probably,will theres some guys they like the,defensive end from Oregon who was here,this past weekend defensive lineman from,Arizona those guys they like and they,may add in the short term but you may,even add more after Spring football the,rosters far from being done theres,just far less work to do now than there,was a year ago so dont be dismayed by,the lack of of transfer portal,commitments be encouraged by the fact,that you dont need a dozen transfer,portal commitments right now like you,did a year ago just to be able to field,a team for spring they did 15 yall they,did 15 mid-year enrollees last year,if they didnt they probably couldnt,have Spring ball,dramatic difference hat tip to Brian,Kelly the fact that this conversation is,so different today than a year ago is a,great illustration of just how far they,have come from One calendar year hey,thanks so much for watching please leave,your comments I love to interact and be,sure to hit the red subscribe button,below,[Music],okay,thank you

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LSU NSD Preview: Everything You Need to Know Before Signing Day

you found it your home for the best,content on your favorite team to fight,Tigers of LSU do us a favor subscribe to,the channel leave your comments below be,sure smash that like,[Music],I mean its gonna be its gonna be in,the mid to high 30s so I think I think,within a calendar year you know we could,be close to turning over 70 scholarships,uh incredible as Brian Kelly on Saturday,I kind of give it a little primer for,signing day Shay Dixon on three the,Bengal tiger joins us now here for,everything we need to know before the,early signing period opens up on,Wednesday Shay thanks as always man how,are you,yes all the things that Brian Kellys,not allowed to talk about probably,I can do it I love it okay so currently,uh 25 commits for LSU and then the one,transfer and Aaron Anderson,um how many commits is LSU expecting to,sign on Wednesday,well heres the thing Isaac Smith is a,big Target for them uh out of,Mississippi out of italamba its JP hes,down to LSU and state really,um thatll be on Wednesday uh kimori and,Kimpton is committed to vanderbilters,and tight ends but LSU is going to make,Texas is in the mix,um you know there could be a chance they,pull off a late flip there and then,guess and hes on Wednesday and then,Desmond Ricks the five-star quarterback,is on Thursday so the signing day window,runs Wednesday to Friday uh those are,the three announcements were kind of,really watching in terms of guys theyre,still after uh and then you want to make,sure you get everybody to finish on that,they mention they have 25 commits the,one guy who has said hes not going to,sign the morrow is Dale and Austin out,of California a corner uh now theres,Buzz that he might sign tomorrow but,actually it might be Oregon if you,actually peel back all the layers here,hes taking a ton of visits hes been to,Oregon a bunch uh visits to a number of,different schools uh and hes from,California and thats tough to hold on,to so thats been brewing is one,everybody was watching to see hey look,maybe he signs of LSU maybe he doesnt,maybe he waits till February but,everything looks good with the other 24,commits which is what you want nobody,wants to go into Signing Day Matt,hinging the hopes of their class on a,bunch of kids announcing for them so uh,the bulk of the work is done and they,can kind of just focus on a handful of,guys so maybe they come away with,you know 25 or six when the dust settles,on everything which is about what,everybody expected so 25 commitments,lets assume Austin does not sign that,would be 24 and then maybe if you land,one or two of the of the ones you,mentioned there were Smith and then a,potential tight end flip um let me ask,you a follow-up on dalen Austin,um what what is so weve heard a little,bit of those Romans whats going on,there,um why he might defect from this class,well its not for lack of playing time,and hes pretty good so its not that,um I just think look at the track record,and California kids have not often gone,to LSU and the staff did a good job of,getting it committed out of a big school,at Long Beach but USC and UCLA all those,schools were going to be after and his,brother plays at Oregon State,um one of his former coaches is on staff,at Oregon hes got some buddies that go,to Oregon and play football there so I,think theres the reality that hes,looking at a school like Oregon and they,have become a real Potential Threat to,flipping because theyre closer to home,he was more familiar with a lot of,people in the program hes got a coach,that used to be at Long Beach Poly on,that staff at Oregon so I think just,kind of kind of combine a number of,those things and you can understand why,distance would probably play in and look,he may well Sonics LSU hes a great,player they need corners but,um its fair to go into Signing Day with,uh expectations set in you know rooted,in reality and the reality is that if he,does sign on Wednesday it looks like,Oregons making a move and heres the,other thing Matt theres two signing,days hes been committed since the,summer but hes been saying Im not,going to sign until February well why,not if youre committed then you would,sign and be done with it so clearly in,his mind he has still been going through,options uh for the past few months,despite being committed so well see,what happens she if Austin does not sign,where does that leave LSU with,cornerback numbers for what they would,like in this class,well look they only have two on scholar,or scholarship right,um who are who are we down to now,she was seven Banks Thats it man,um okay so you gotta have more than that,just to even field a team uh so theyve,added look they had Galen Austin,submitted and having committed currently,Jeremiah Hughes out of Gorman a massive,School totally indicate out of Bishop,Gorman in Vegas and get him to stick is,another theyve got a number of,defensive backs who I would say are,versatile enough to play either spot,like Ashley stamps out of rummels played,corner and safety tobiano played Safety,but it being recruited at Corners so you,can see that theyre trying to get some,versatility in there to be able to fill,those needs but look Thursday Thursday,night Desmond Ricks five-star Corner,announces and thats the one you want to,go ahead and finish with the bang and,and kind of begin as Brian Kelly said to,start their rebuild and develop that,room through high school science and,like theyll go into the portal and grab,a guy or maybe two uh and you have to,this is a multi-yearly build and get,that but,customer Rick should go a long way,towards getting back to hey lets sign,the best high school of religion,development do they still feel Shay good,at that that Desmond Ricks is going to,end up a tiger like would it on Thursday,when that decision comes if its if its,not Desmond Ricks rate rate your level,of surprise,if Desmond Ricks does not go to LSU my,level of surprise yeah,um like an eight or a nine okay a high,level of surprise I I I expect them to,get Desmond bricks I think theyve done,everything theyve needed to do I think,hes had very real interest it was,always going to come down to kind of,what happened between he had three final,official visits in Florida it was bam it,was LSU,um and going head-to-head with Bama we,know it its tough uh and theyre about,to clean up again and probably finish,with the number one class but I think,LSU is going to win this one I think,theyre going to be Bamba heads up as,well as an in-state school in Florida,and and get rich I feel good about it,and look thats a big step towards as I,said rebuilding a room thats in dire,need of help right now and in terms of,both depth and guys who can play next,year Jay are there any other portal,targets that could end up uh like I,think its worth clarifying you can only,sign one letter of intent in your career,so its not necessarily that someone,would saw a transfer would sign tomorrow,but you know what I mean would would,announce a transfer or whatever enroll,um or any uh portal targets uh likely to,Pop tomorrow or in this early signing,period,yes uh the answer is yes and look at,look at you knowing the rules so the,portal guys all signed great its not,like you redo the whole,um,hardship you know initial thing like you,would with a uh a national letter of in,Kent so,I do think theyll have news tomorrow,and okay look Jalen Lee a kid out of,Live Oak who a number of years back was,committed to LSU right uh remember in,the prior staff certain part in ways we,dont have to revisit all that well hes,been in Florida now for a few years and,hes a DT and he hits the portal and,Brian Kellys made it clear theyd like,do we saw with Aaron Anderson go after,guys that are Louisiana natives that,they feel could help them I think the,jail and Lee can help them Beyond if,were presuming to grow in really good,as Pro their defensive tackle situation,is basically,what Jason Smith coming off injury so,hes fully expected to be healthy,type and then Jacobian Guillory and the,only other

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Why Saints Should Reunite with QB Teddy Bridgewater

welcome to the AFR Saints Channel where,we provide you daily content on your,favorite team the New Orleans Saints do,us a favor and hit that subscribe button,be sure to leave your comments below and,smash that like button,feel if,the Saints brought back Teddy,Bridgewater,I bring this up because,uh Bill Barnwell over at espn.com has a,feature up right now and its its,essentially every quarterback needy team,in the NFL,and what their uh situation is like,basically,um,so right now this is what the Saints are,looking at,of course Andy Daltons the starter they,just beat Atlanta and Dalton had a had a,nice day 11 of 17 for 151 and two scores,didnt set the world on fire but but a,nice day,um,Dalton is a free agent after this season,and,the Saints are most certainly going to,cut Jameis Winston can we all agree on,that like theyve made it to this point,in the season James has not regained his,starting job,they would owe him some 15 million,dollars next year theyre going to cut,him and he would Im sorry hed be owed,12.8 million,um next season by cutting him theyll,save about four and a half million bucks,against the cap so I think we can all,agree theyre gonna cut Jameis Winston,right if they had any intention of,retaining him and seeing what they,thought might be there they would be,playing him right now theyre not going,to I think were all there so if youre,going to cut Jameis,Daltons a free agent,taysom Hill is still under contract but,the taysom hill is a franchise,quarterback ship also has sailed,so now you look at okay,you dont have a,a top draft pick,so youre not yeah you traded away,otherwise youd be picking in the top,likely in the top five top ten some more,and youd have an opportunity to get one,of the best quarterbacks in the draft,youre not going to have that option,this year,so,you start to look at the class of free,agents,Theres Tom Brady,Baker Mayfield,Sam darnold,Jimmy Garoppolo,Teddy Bridgewater,I mean look follow the list with me Paul,if you want to pull this up you can I,mean heres heres the list of free,agents I mean this is your list of free,agent quarterbacks so if youre the,Saints,and youre picking a free agent Brady,Baker darnold Jimmy G Teddy B Daniel,Jones who it seems like will probably be,back in New York now uh Case Keenum,Mason Rudolph Jacoby Brissette Geno,Smith Joe Flacco the aforementioned Andy,Dalton Mike White with the Jets CJ,beathard Kyle Allen Taylor heinecke,Lamar Jackson Blaine gabbard uh thats,the name I was trying to remember last,week the long-haired quarterback from,Missouri uh Chase Daniel Chad Henny Nick,Mullins Drew lock Brandon Allen Josh,Johnson Nate sudfeld Nathan Peterman,Cooper Rush,make it happen uh Brett rip and Tyler,Huntley John Wolford Philip Walker Trace,McSorley Jared Stidham Bryce Perkins,Easton stick,Garner minshu,and Shane buechel,thats your crop of free agent,quarterbacks for this season pipe dream,maybe Baltimore decides to let a former,MVP walk and you sign Lamar Jackson and,you make the money work however you,structure it in a long-term deal,whatever,some may say well what about Jimmy G,Jimmy Garoppolo and Teddy Bridgewater,are the same player do you realize this,if youre like I I did this exercise,today and looked at them side by side,theyre the same guy,Jimmy G has played in 74 games Teddy,Bridgewater has played in 77 games,Jimmy Garoppolo has thrown for 14 000,yards Teddy Bridgewater stone for 14 900,yards,Jimmy g87 touchdowns Teddy 74 Jimmy G 42,picks Teddy 46. they are the same,freaking guy theyre the same guy,yes,Garoppolo has had more team success in,San Francisco,hes also played for a really good team,with great defenses well coached good,skill around him all that sort of stuff,so situation matters,its the same guy,so if youre the Saints youre looking,at this off season like okay,youre probably,I still maintain that youve got to,draft a quarterback and Im Im guessing,you probably agree with me on that and I,I know the majority of saints fans we,have these conversations is hey do you,think Hendon hooker would be available,at the top around too I think so and I,hope so if youre like Im a Hendon,hooker fan I like the fact that he came,back to school I like that hes mature I,love the touch and accuracy he has on,the Deep ball I think he was the best,player in college football this year and,should have won the Heisman Trophy but,voters are cowards and they basically,abide by these stupid Unwritten rules,where its like if you get hurt and,dont play the last game then youre out,which is stupid but thats how it is,in any event if Hendon hookers there at,the top around two whenever the Saints,pick and they take him Id be over the,moon I also dont want to go into next,season with only Hendon hooker or,whomever you draft as your option at,quarterback youd love to have the,opportunity to have that guy compete,with a veteran and if the rookie wins it,awesome and if not youve got a veteran,whos played a lot of football and you,can bring the rookie along slowly,essentially what Atlanta did this year,Marcus Mariota Desmond Ritter thats the,thats the example like thats the,analogy veteran whos been around,started before won some games lost some,games never gonna be a franchise,quarterback again,young guy who youre youre hoping,develops and you and you and you hit the,Way Seattle hit on rust in round three,uh Kirk Cousins in round four DAC and,round four you know the list by now,thats thats the Hope Jalen hurts in,round two,thats the hope,and so the Saints are gonna have to,bring in a veteran,to go along with whoever the rookie is,that they bring in this year that they,draft because Im assuming they will,do you want Andy Dalton back,I mean you could look at Andy and say,well at least hes got experience in,this organization in this system with,these coaches and maybe thats the,answer that that theyll arrive at it,most certainly isnt going to be James I,think we know that by now theyre going,to cut him theyre going to save the,money and theyll move on but the,question is would you rather,35 going to 36 year old Annie Dalton or,30 year old,Teddy Bridgewater,who was such a core part of the Saints,in 2018 and 2019 when Breeze got hurt,was was Beloved the whole bike life,dance uh personality notwithstanding,which which is fantastic I mean hes,such a likable guy and has been his,whole career as a,a a quarterback,hes probably a better option in that he,is younger than Andy Dalton but will,deliver essentially the same thing so,maybe its just sort of a a mixed bag a,hodgepodge of of the same style of,average if youre talking about 35 year,old Andy Dalton 30 year old Teddy,Bridgewater 31 year old Jimmy G whatever,it may be like youre talking about,basically the same guy thats played a,lot of football is never going to be a,top 10 quarterback or franchise,quarterback but could be a good,stopgapper bridge to the younger guy,um,and thats probably the Saints best,option unless,unless they decide were gonna go all in,and make Lamar Jackson an offer he cant,refuse to come be our franchise,quarterback,and I dont know that the Saints are are,have arrived at that decision what I do,know,is a year ago,boy they took a really heavy swing at,DeSean Watson they they entered into,those sweepstakes,so they are they they were on the list,for us like they have been in these,conversations to land a franchise,quarterback and the only one on the list,of free agents this year that would,actually qualify as a guy in Lamar,Jackson thats been an MVP but if Lamar,ends up staying in Baltimore then your,options are you bring in a veteran as a,bridge to whoever it is that you draft,this year likely in round two,and if you gave me my options I would,take Teddy Bridgewater I would take,Teddy Bridgewater over Andy Dalton over,Jimmy Garoppolo over any list uh anybody,on that list we just read off to you,but whats clear is the Saints future,their franchise is not on the roster now,we all know that and the sincere hope is,you get it in the draft a

Saints Sweep Falcons | FULL RECAP AND REACTION

welcome to the AFR Saints Channel where,we provide you daily content on your,favorite team the New Orleans Saints do,us a favor and hit that subscribe button,be sure to leave your comments below and,smash that like button,were gonna enjoy this got about 24,hours to kind of soak it in a little bit,and then you know we got a short week to,get ready to go up to Cleveland so yeah,it was a good win our guys dont deserve,a lot of credit for battling the way,that they they really theyve battled,all year long and and uh they came out,ready to play today and and we made,enough plays to win I said it week one,when the saints rallied to beat Atlanta,as ugly as that was,um youre damn right you enjoyed it is,hard to win in the NFL so however you,can get a win in the NFL you take it you,make no apologies for it and yes you,enjoy it,um I know for the Saints this has not,been the season that many of us thought,theyd have or or hoped or have become,accustomed to given the success theyve,had over the last two decades and its,very disappointing and there are some,very real questions that this,organizations gonna have to face when,the seasons over what are what is your,path going to be at quarterback up you,know are you going to go into free,agency are you going to draft a,quarterback theres some veteran players,that as you make some really difficult,cap decisions youre going to part ways,with and some guys that have been been,cornerstones of of this organization so,youve got some really tough decisions,coming and and what will be a likely,very bumpy off-season and you have the,uncertainty surrounding Dennis Allen as,well,but your um youre five and nine you,managed to win a game in the NFL on a,Sunday and if you dont think thats,difficult ask the Indianapolis Colts who,just blew the biggest lead in the,history of the NFL on Saturday in a loss,A shocking loss at Minnesota so yes you,won you beat your your rival you won a,division game all of that matters and,you should absolutely enjoy it um I was,not really able to enjoy the first,quarter of the game like for example,when um when this happened,he will throw it,and hes going to take a deep shot and,hes gone from,taysom Hill to the rookie touchdown,Saints awesome uh Adam Amin our buddy,Adam Amin on the call for Fox didnt get,to see that no I was listening to Mike,Haas and Deuce on the radio because uh,the Antiquated technology that I,subscribed to decided to behave like an,Antiquated technology,um this was the message that I had on my,on my television screen in the den it it,was did anybody else have this happen,yesterday,uh apparently and I dont know if this,was a an issue with Fox it cant be with,Fox but it was either or with Cox,Communication or with the local Fox,affiliate wgmb but apparently they got,overwhelmed with World Cup coverage or,viewership and they went kaput,the,the Fox channel was not available at,kickoff of the game,so I got this black box that said please,try again having some trouble on our end,this channel isnt currently available,so I didnt get to watch the first,quarter of the Saints game,I was just listening on the radio like,it was you know,1946 not like the NFL today with every,freaking game and you know whats gonna,happen,and a lot of you did message me on,Twitter and said Matt cable really cable,I got,youll have to take that up with Mrs,scone because she is the one whos,married herself to Antiquated technology,and continues to uh to overpay for said,Antiquated technology every single month,despite my my,um,many many many requests that we cut the,court but no we got cable and for that,reason did anybody this happened to,anybody else,anybody else Paul do you have cable are,you a cord cutter,we have cable do you have Cox yeah did,you get the beginning of the game I did,I saw the whole thing you have Cox yes,okay Muse you dont we talked about this,earlier no no dont dont hunt that down,who else had this happen it was the only,is literally the only Channel,the only Channel,was Cox at the beginning of the of the,game yesterday but then again like were,also the fair we just got a landline,like people laugh about Im like you,dont laugh at me laugh at my wife shes,the one who insists on having a landline,pay like three bucks a month for it or,whatever it is she wants the landline I,dont know wow whatever have your,landline I dont care,Saints games then we got a prop yeah you,know what I mean,anyway,um,so I didnt I didnt get to see it so,Ill tell you my impressions of the,beginning of this game without having,actually seen it but having seen it,Through The Eyes of uh of Mike Haas,um really nice opening drive for the,Saints to go down and score to get up,seven nothing uh the touchdown pass to,uh Juwan Johnson on third nine was,fantastic another reviewed it and scored,saw it later but um uh very nice to get,on the board early and then came the,touchdown pass to uh to Rasheed Shaheed,uh the 68 yarder from um from taysom,Hill,a few observations great to go up 20 or,14 nothing you get the ball back and it,looks like youre going to put together,a drive to go up 21 nothing and,considering youre facing a rookie,quarterback making his first start a,21-0 hole might have been too much for,him to dig out of as it proved to be,because Atlanta only scored 18 points in,the ball game you have a second in,inches they actually measured you had,second in inches Caesar Ruiz whiffs,they blow up the play Camara loses three,yards and then you have a procedure,penalty which now makes a third nine you,dont convert so you went from second in,inches to 39 you dont convert punt,Atlanta would kick a field goal to make,it 14-3 then you get the ball back and,you have a beautiful drive going and,youre in the red zone and David Johnson,fumbles in the Red Zone when you really,probably could have put the ball of the,game away right there but thats the the,nature of a bad football team thats,what happens when you have these types,of inconsistencies you dont make,winning plays so despite the fact that,you go up 14 nothing and you had a,chance to shove a dagger in their heart,early you couldnt do it you went punt,fumble punt end to half and then you,score it on your first drive of the,second half answering Atlantas,touchdown drive so youre up 21-10 and,the Saints would manage to hold on but,even then it became a almost a circus,act like youre trying to run out the,clock,and taysom Hill cant get the first down,so now youve got a fourth down play,and you put taysom Hill under center now,listen Im the guy who screams stop,going out of the shotgun in short,yardage situations put your quarterback,under Center he knows the snap count,pick the Gap and just lean forward,but when taysom Hill is always in the,shotgun now youre asking him to do,something he doesnt do which is take a,quarterback Center exchange under Center,and of course he fumbled it and you,recovered it but you turn it over on,downs and you gave Atlanta at least a,breath a last gasp there but,Desmond Ritter ended up not realizing,the clock ran out of bounds and the,Saints would hold on to win but thats,just I tweeted it yesterday just this,season cant end soon enough uh every,Sunday is just an exercise in futility,its theyre a bad football team that,theyre poorly LED they dont make,winning plays and its just its just a,shame so,um,Im glad they won Ill never cheer for,my team to lose I mean it would take a,an ice cube in Hell type scenario,that probably doesnt make any sense,um,theres not an Ice Cubes chance in hell,that I would cheer against my team,thats what I meant to say but the only,scenario would be something like the,Jets a few years ago if you remember the,Jets in Jacksonville were competing for,the worst record in the NFL the Jets won,a game late in the season ultimately,Jacksonville got the first pick which,was Trevor Lawrence and the Jets end up,taking Zach Wilson well when you think,of it in those terms What mattered more,winning that game or drafting your,franchise quar

Sean Payton Addresses Latest Coaching Rumors

welcome to the AFR Saints Channel where,we provide you daily content on your,favorite team the New Orleans Saints do,us a favor and hit that subscribe button,be sure to leave your comments below and,smash that like button,so where Sean Payton coaches next year,is one of the most interesting questions,around the NFL right now,uh we are all all assuming Sean Payton,is,is going to coach next year,uh where though is the big question that,obviously became even more front and,center here this week after Jeff,Duncans column where he essentially,hinted at the possibility of Sean Payton,and the New Orleans Saints orchestrating,a reunion theres a lot of things that,have to a lot of dominoes that have to,fall before that could happen namely the,Saints face planning over the final four,weeks and Dennis Allen getting fired but,it at least remains a possibility well,on the priscillo pod,Sean Payton was asked about seeing his,name pop up in basically every Rumor for,every job its nice to be wanted or feel,as though youre someone that a number,of people would like to hire that feels,good all right however the one challenge,for me I think is that man so many of,these coaches I know really well and,Ive always been sensitive to are linked,to some degree as marketed Black Monday,theres a part of me that doesnt like,that element of it because these guys,are currently working they currently,have jobs its different if a program,goes such as Carolina or a program such,as the Colts those two teams have moved,on from their head coach but in the case,of so many of these other teams theyre,head coaches in place there where,families and assistants and so I just,Im sensitive to that because Ive Ive,been on the other side of it I havent,tried to pay much attention to it,because Im kind of die diving into this,job at Fox sure Ive made it known that,Ill coach again and that I want to,coach again now whether thats this,season or next season hopefully its,within the next couple Seasons well go,from there,so,um,this season or next season or the next,couple of Seasons he throws out that it,could be more than a year I think we all,certainly expect him to be back but you,can understand the sensitivity part of,that right whenever if someone asked,Sean Paytons about a specific job its,hard to comment on that job because,theres a coach currently employed there,so hes sensitive to that,um but you can start to deduce some of,the answers and this was an interesting,one,because a couple of things that have,sort of just been understood are Sean,Payton people said wants to be Coastal,he was living in LA right now Rams,Chargers uh Cardinals potentially Miami,I dont think the Dolphins jobs coming,open but he was linked there last year,with Brady they made a play for him so,Coastal and then he wants to go,somewhere that they have a quarterback,an established quarterback Chargers,Justin Herbert perfect right,um New Orleans not so much so Russillo,asked him how important is quarterback,to his next stop look I read some of,these things where this is what he has,to and its like its nonsense the,quarterback is important but the,functionality from front office to,ownership is everything and and so it,wont be because a club is not in,position with the current franchise,quarterback I mean that those jobs dont,come open I mean if the quarterbacks a,franchise players are probably winning,but its going to be a lot more,dependent on the leadership in the front,office and and the ownership,and that,is exactly what Jeff Duncan wrote and,what Jeff Duncan said on this show,on Monday,which is that Sean Payton isnt looking,for a spot necessarily because he he,believes in his ability to evaluate,quarterback talent and develop the job,he took in New Orleans in 2006 certainly,wasnt a good quarterback situation and,they were able to bring in Drew Brees,and make beautiful music together for 15,years so,I believe him and that also lends,Credence to Jeff Duncans report that he,was pretty much on target with what he,was saying there on on Monday in his,column on Sunday with respect to what,Sean Payton might be looking for so stay,tuned Sean Payton sweepstakes are going,to heat up over the next month the,Saints just might be involved in it hey,thanks so much for watching please leave,your comments I love to interact and be,sure to hit the red subscribe button,below,[Music],thank you

Could Sean Payton End Up in L.A. After All…..With the RAMS?!?!

welcome to the AFR Saints Channel where,we provide you daily content on your,favorite team the New Orleans Saints do,us a favor and hit that subscribe button,be sure to leave your comments below and,smash that like button,if you watch Monday Night Football,uh last night the Packers emerged,Victorious over the Rams 24-12 uh Baker,Mayfield couldnt work as magic two,weeks in a row so the Packers keep their,playoff hopes alive meanwhile the,defending Super Bowl champion Los,Angeles Rams have officially been,eliminated from postseason contention,um all of this does have a very local,angle which I will explain here,momentarily but first heres what Sean,McVay had to say after losing to Green,Bay and being eliminated from the,postseason one year after winning the,Super Bowl this is the reality that,were in and uh this is where were at,theres a lot of things that when you,look at it especially when you get a,chance to step back after the seasons,over right how do we try to avoid some,of these things my job is to focus on,lets finish up the season you know with,the right competitive spirit with the,mindset and mentality thats reflective,of who those guys are in the locker room,and who those coaches are and thats,what well do but theres been a lot of,things that Ive kind of thought about,you know that I think you know you can,make sense of why youve gotten here but,it still doesnt make it any easier and,its a very humbling season for sure,um there is certainly reason to believe,that um,that Sean McVay will uh will take that,feeling and use this fuel the feeling of,that failure used as fuel uh to come,back next season even stronger and,theres a lot of reason to believe they,will like Matthew Stafford was injured,Cooper cup was injured they just had a,lot you know Andrew Whitworth retired,the offensive line was not good this,year you uh you lost some some key,offensive weapons who were integral,parts of what you did a year ago Odell,obviously got hurt in the Super Bowl and,was gone so,Von Miller left in free agency to,Buffalo so there were pieces of that,Super Bowl team that werent back and a,lot of that when some injuries,compounded LED that thing to unravel a,little bit on on the Rams,um,but I dont believe Sean McVeigh is,going to be back,so weve asked the question a lot over,this off season you know whats over,this season whats going to happen with,Sean Payton,and,uh,what we know about Sean Payton is his,preference would be to to stay in Los,Angeles hes working for Fox right now,we know Sean Payton has said he wants to,coach again hes made that known on the,record he wants to coach again he wants,to coach next year and we all sort of,know that he wants to coach in La that,would be his preference he and his wife,live in LA where he works for Fox Sports,they would prefer to stay in La well,theres two teams in LA the Chargers and,the Rams and a lot of us had been,assuming that the Chargers job would,come open and that would be a perfect,spot,for Peyton,you got Justin Herbert young franchise,quarterback youre there in LA all that,stuff,well,the charges have sort of,nudged their way back into the playoff,conversation,and meanwhile the Rams are eliminated we,might have been talking about the wrong,La Team all along,and Ill remind you that a year ago at,this time,Sean McVay passed on what was reported,to be a 100,million dollar contract offer,from Amazon,five years 100 million thats what,Amazon was offering Sean McVay to do TV,when McVeigh turned it down he said,quote,just the timing and everything that,surrounded it its very flattering Im,humbled by it to say that down the line,that broadcasting is not something Im,very intrigued by would not be accurate,but Im totally committed to coaching,end quote,so McVeigh became the youngest coach to,win the Super Bowl at 36 years old he,was pursued by Amazon who offered him a,five-year 100 million dollar contract to,leave coaching and to go to TV he passed,he comes back into coaching and he had,what he described his words as a,humbling year,McVay has on the record said he cannot,see himself coaching at age 60. so he is,a guy who by his own admission is not,going to be a lifer hes newly married,hes won a Super Bowl he had a nine,figure television offer which you better,believe if Amazon wanted to run it back,with him theyd have the opportunity to,do,so,wouldnt it be even easier for the Rams,to digest that decision if Sean Payton,were sitting right there ready to walk,in and the other thing,that we certainly talked about at times,is Sean Paytons desire to have a,quarterback now Payton has said on the,record he was doing um which podcast was,it last week do you remember was it,Russillo,it was the Russillo so on the Russillo,pod last week,Sean Payton Im paraphrasing here,said unless you can find that I dont,know if you can find that real quick for,me,um but Sean Payton was asked by Russillo,about the whole quarterback because the,the Assumption has been he wanted to be,one of the coasts and wanted to go,somewhere that had a good quarterback,situation and what Peyton said was look,teams that have good quarterbacks those,jobs arent open generally uh and and,one of the things Jeff Duncan said in,his speech you have it yeah this was,Peyton on resilopod thank you look I,read some of these things where this is,what he has to and its like its,nonsense the quarterback is important,but the functionality from front office,to ownership is everything and and so it,wont be because a club is not in,position with the current franchise,quarterback I mean that those jobs dont,come open I mean if the quarterbacks a,franchise players are probably winning,but its going to be a lot more,dependent on the leadership in the front,office and and the ownership thats,exactly what Jeff Duncan wrote in his,piece,which is why we thought hey look New,Orleans would make sense if it were,available,because he knows hes tight with Mickey,Loomis and he knows the structure there,but in La hed have everything he needs,to win as well,and hed have his quarterback uh Matthew,Stafford there had been some if you,missed it Matthew Stafford hes been,shut down for the rest of the season,hes got a spinal cord contusion so,there had been some conversation about,Stafford retiring well Matthew,Staffords wife uh Kelly Stafford has a,podcast called the morning after podcast,hosted by Kelly staff,okay,um and Matthew Stafford was a guest of,his wife Kelly staffords on her podcast,where they talked openly about if he was,going to retire a lot of people are,asking this which I already know the,answer to but retirement are you,retiring oh no okay thank you sorry I I,figure like I say it but no one listens,to me,I mean,that aint a Tom and Gisele thing where,theyre arguing about it she asked him,he says oh no shes like thank you oh,shes like thank you for saying it on,the record,so Staffords going to be back Cooper,cup is going to be back a lot of the,things that caused do you realize the,Rams offense this year is literally dead,last in the NFL in total offense,theyre literally debt theyre 32nd out,of 32. in in total offense in yards per,game theyre the worst offense in,football,but you get Stafford back you get Cooper,cut back you you insert Sean Payton into,that it makes sense and I if I had the,guest today and Ill go on the record,and say,I think Sean Payton is going to coach,the Rams next year,I may be dead wrong if I am please come,back and laugh at me well bookmark the,tape I got nothing to hide its out,there for the world to see I think Sean,McVeigh is going to go into TV I think,Sean Payton is going to step in coach,the Rams and um and Matthew Stafford I,think thats where Sean Payton will be,next year in LA but not with the,Chargers with the Rams,okay,now when Im wrong,hey thanks so much for watching please,leave your comments I love to interact,and be sure to hit the red subscribe,button below,one two three,[Music]

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