1. Im sorry, but AFTER LIFE is a terrible show…
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  3. After Life by Ricky Gervais is a total DISASTER
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Im sorry, but AFTER LIFE is a terrible show…

[Music],i was so hoping id love this show get,in,eat in front of the computer go to the,pub eat in front of the quiz machine go,home eat in front of the telly the,concept sounded good it has tons of rave,reviews i was hoping this might be ricky,gervais back to his best go to bed i,assume you eat in bed well ive emerged,and she snacks nearby yeah unfortunately,theres a lot of worrying messages in,this show and,im sorry i very rarely make negative,videos about tv or phil and im hoping,to make a meaningful point beyond just i,dont like this show but all the same i,know a lot of people love afterlife,however personally its really not a,show for me if for some bizarre reason,you dont know what afterlife is its a,netflix show written and starring ricky,gervais about a man called tony whose,wife passed away tony is,understandably struggling with the grief,life feels very empty for him and,the show is his journey to try and move,forwards were talking about season one,today maybe ill discuss the rest some,other time but id need to finish,watching it first we see tony as a man,whos decided not to care basically hes,lost everything he cares about and he,argues that not caring about anything is,a superpower if i become an [ __ ] and,i do and say what the [ __ ] i want for as,long as i want and then when it all gets,too much i can always kill myself ricky,gervais is a complicated person in my,eyes i think the office was a,masterful show,extras i have not seen much of but have,been meaning to for years his xfm days,and podcasts with stephen merchant and,carl pilkington which then became the,animated ricky gervais show for a long,time thats been my go-to show when i,want to watch or listen to something,simple but i dont know why it quite,possibly may be my favorite show of all,time the xfm shows in general were such,a wonderful shambles of half innocent,half pathetic just nonsense of free good,friends ricky stand up was in barely any,of so its not fair for me to judge it,um derek was a show with its heart in,the right place but perhaps not the best,execution which i guess stands true for,afterlife too ricky was trying to create,something with a very heartfelt positive,life-affirming sentiment and i cant,begrudge him that its just the,execution sends things in a different,direction were going to start however,with the more technical points and talk,about character in the show and the,issues it raises,[Music],principally talk about how there isnt,much character um,i accept season two and season three,should naturally develop the characters,further and expand on things i dont,know i havent seen it yet but the first,season of the show should be able to,stand on its own merit you know and the,first thing i wrote in my notes when,watching this show was who is tony,because i genuinely have no idea i,thought the first episode did a bad job,of really establishing who he was beyond,this thing about his wife dying but we,dont really learn much more the whole,season and hes clearly someone quite,bitter and sarcastic were told he is a,great writer but were never shown any,of it nor any of the curiosity you might,expect of a writer or a sense about any,passion there where it came from you,know whilst it makes sense hes fallen,out of love of his job theres no sense,of why he does the job he does or where,his passion first came from we dont see,any friends that might help him let his,hair out and show more personality in,fact i dont know if he has any friends,so we dont know what his interests are,um sure hes a man who very much loves,his wife and played a seemingly endless,amount of pranks on her,[Laughter],devoting,endless hours to filming her i dont,know where he finds her time i dont,know if hes a youtuber but the point is,a person isnt defined entirely by their,significant other what hobbies does tony,have himself,who are his friends how does he relax in,an evening you know we see clips of him,being sad in his home in an evening but,you can be sad and still try to do,something to pass the time even if he,lacks the motivation to really get into,anything itd still be nice to see him,try to show a bit of what the things are,he used to love and so because we dont,get much,complexity to his character what were,left with is just shots of him walking,places with a very picturesque camera,and some sort of emotional song playing,over the top that happens quite a lot,because it feels like they dont know,what other situations to put tony in,because they havent developed enough of,a character for him to do other things,although because he does walk a lot,perhaps walking is one of his interests,i dont think its ever really said or,mentioned but ill give him that the,point is theres not enough personality,to see him doing anything else really,except outsmarting people lots of scenes,of someone saying something stupid or,absurd or petty solely as a setup so he,can outwit and ridicule them over it and,ill get to that in a bit even in scenes,with his dad who seems to have dementia,i think um this should be moments in,their dialogue despite his dads failing,memory where stuff from tonys childhood,may get brought up and maybe we get an,insight into the younger tony heres,some of the stuff he cares about or,troubles he used to have you know what,was tonys dad like to him when he was,young did they get on was he strict were,there certain things they used to always,do together like go fishing or something,or even just the experience of your,dads,losing his memory is,heartbreaking anyone whos had a family,member suffering with dementia knows,what its like theres so much emotion,to explore in that experience but,theres none of that really explored,here and its the same with tonys,brother-in-law i think the big thing we,get to learn about him is that hes,having relationship difficulties with,his wife but we discover that right at,the end of the show and weve never seen,his wife weve barely seen him interact,with his son were told nothing at all,about these difficulties and no,resolution to them at the end of the,series and youve got kathy who says,slightly banal things so that tony has,spaced out with her and ridiculous,someone boring the photographer likes,eating solely so tony can make pretty,horrible and repetitive,barrage of fat jokes against him you,know this guy is made so much a,stereotype of someone fat that he shits,himself on the way to an interview dont,come out this fact and shut himself from,the newspaper the stereotypes arent,even the right word i dont think there,is a stereotype of overweight people i,dont know what thats about exactly,at its worst its offensive but its,ricky gervais so i think you expect that,from his stuff um at best its a,character without any character beyond,surface level appearance who exists for,the sake of endlessly repetitive fat,jokes the best character i think is a,hundred percent seans mum because shes,the only one who is given the power to,have any impact on tony as a person,everyone else just seems to make flawed,straw man arguments against his way of,living that he can easily batter side,and outwit them over and the therapist,even we see no emotional depth to tonys,grief explored of his therapist just a,man who for the life of me i failed to,grasp a,how he ever qualified as a therapist and,b,why tony keeps going to see him why,would you keep going back to a therapist,who ignores what youre saying to focus,on a twitter run hes embroiled in who,goes off on some very questionable,monologues i guess to,let you know youre not the only one,only what well the only mental case out,there why would you go back to him but,she at least gradually has some kind of,impact on tony some of the scenes are,quite touching how she becomes something,of a mother figure who doesnt entirely,scold tony for his outlook but tenderly,encourages him to move forwards and see,beyond his dark cloud i wish theyd done,some more with that and that said the,impact does feel a little bit f

After Life (Non Spoiler) Review

afterlife,uh we watched like like the first series,to and la that says [ __ ] [ __ ],some um,theres a,a drug addict guy,who is addicted i think to drugs,and like um,he buys drugs and a brown paper bag,remember me saying that before he bought,like drugs,like somebody arrives at the door and,hes like out wreckage of aces so what,were the [ __ ] characters,who says,hes like oh,who are you i was just getting drugs,neptune who gets drugs,calls them drugs,i dont think,and in a brown paper [ __ ] bag,like its like um,some 80s [ __ ] film set in new york,and its a you know a guy with a bottle,of [ __ ] whiskey and a brown paper,[ __ ] bag,is that not the point no i think its,[ __ ],heroin would be better,a brown paper bag what [ __ ] drug deal,on gazette drugs,and brown paper [ __ ] bags like its,its legal as long as you sort of cover,up a brown paper bag you know it sort of,gets her in the king of law,you know like to drink in public but if,youre covering a brown paper bag you,see,its just [ __ ] metal,and its just so shy and you keep seeing,where like flashbacks and videos hes,watching hes um,um his,uh deed wife because thats kind of,whats about,and shes always smiling and theyve,always had such a good time and shes,always smiling and she was always such a,laugh no said such a [ __ ] laugh and,always had such a [ __ ] laugh and,shes always smiling shes always like,oh you gave me a freight though without,water oh you,again and again and again and again,and i cant even remember what happened,to the second series if i even [ __ ],finished watching it but watch the,beginning of the third series for a,laugh to,to hate it,and uh,and hes so miserable again because hes,like is that ashley is ashley jensen,this mad [ __ ] [ __ ] and,and like seeming that in the office that,he walks the way its all lit,is this pure studio look you know,everythings on something you know nice,back light you know its all perfectly,lit,its all kind of fake looking and,i like a kind of studio look i like a,kind of fake sort of look in a way but,it just gives it for me it gives it this,pure,scripted,tight,almost done by a [ __ ] machine,thing and thats with the whole thing,that whole series feels like that i felt,that way just watching bits of derrick,its like,hes went what did what kind of [ __ ],pig swell,did the masses,like,i see the officer first series at office,i [ __ ] loved it,and if i watched it again i would love,it again,i loved it,and hes sitting way hot its like right,so he sits we haul talking to the you,know next to the graves and then they,became the,philosophical [ __ ] chat about death,he goes in his we meets people and you,know hes a kind of journalist for some,sort of local,paper and hes got like almost ill be,catchphrased like take a photo or,something like that you know like that,its pure [ __ ] [ __ ],and,its as,incredible,because,im like,has stephen merchant done anything,outside of the office thats in any,decent his wreckage of his i didnt like,extras in particular a late elite some,celebrities,hello ladies outlaws right ive never,seen it ive never seen it right,but any of that but see honestly the,first series of [ __ ] office i just,thought this is,so well observed so,just tiny wee bit some last [ __ ],magic weve seen anything like that,ever or for ages,at the time which is what was that 2000,or something [ __ ] loved it,loved it,um and then,oh hes got a new thing called extras,and i started watching it and i was like,doesnt he feel doesnt he feel as good,doesnt he feel as good,and then like i watched a bit of [ __ ],derrick,and i was like is this a [ __ ] wind-up,is this a wind-up,is he just going like that lets see,what shape,that what watch this watch this,is its a private joke,has it has he got like a canopy in a,circle up um,people that he says um watch this,im going to give them,the sort of [ __ ] that these [ __ ],idiots lap up,watch,its like a [ __ ] experiment,and then afterlife,its just the same bastard and [ __ ],thing with every bastard and [ __ ],episode,its,im like is this the same [ __ ],who [ __ ] wrote the office,albeit with steve merchant,is it,i dont i dont get it,its weird,and the,and the,the way that he [ __ ] shoehorns im an,atheist right but the way he [ __ ],shoehorns,atheism,um,and he like three or four separate,things hes been in,like an extras he kind of goes up he,goes he says to somebody i know but the,the burden of proof is on you he says to,some religious person or something i,know but the burden of proof is on you,im like,am i hearing the burden of proof is on,you in a [ __ ],and a sitcom,am i hearing,atheists sort of,like thats [ __ ] mad,this might be you know a giggle,mr chamfer thanks to tiny bits its an,experiment like that,get up and put together as a joke with,some no way no way,was that a joke,morrow snot thanks to sub,thank you very much that sort of leaves,children children thanks to tournaments,[ __ ] cgi was meant to be a sentimental,moment,swimming a lake see this swimming in the,lake thing,see that let me show you this,thats,all saying it is not cgi,theyre saying it was actually filmed on,a phone,and its just the kind of lighting,hold on,afterlife lake,swimming,i wish our worship was just there,honestly shes swimming and shes sort,of like looking up like that,because she sort of got hit above what,like that,i think its because shes directly,looking like that,something to do with the light on it,um makes it look cgi it was [ __ ] mad,you just missed it i dont think i did,i dont think i did,you just missed it callum t russell calm,tears so well down,which one one two three,keep going lets go past that one,one two three four,its genuinely there all right calum,which one is it something to scroll past,this i dont think,which one is it,there which one calm,a woman,or that with this here i,is this a here this hydrotherapy thing,thats absolutely nothing to do with it,is that is it there,carla lets thats the deal,uh calm says is that is that it no haha,sorry bad me there you go,im not just looking for anybody in,water,im looking for any woman swimming in,water,its a specific one from the program im,talking,about old redhead mr chamfer thanks to,subs a bit thanks again thanks again,just pure [ __ ] oh was this,right thank you very much i look at that,i agree to all,this,thats nice to be advil,support us no just watch your adverts,it honestly is lets see this okay see,after life it is this,constantly he walks a bit,same clays on all the [ __ ] time,horns in his jacket pockets,this kind of moping about you know this,sort of thing,that that this is like,this could be first series,second series the new third series it,could be any one of them hes walking,about like this all the [ __ ] time man,and then oh and then theres a happy,moment and we get a we smile at him,oh hes getting healed,hes getting healed is that a big grief,i know but for [ __ ] sake,three [ __ ] series and man,hear that music,hear that,no empathy you [ __ ] stupid pastor who,said that no for praying no empathy,[ __ ] three series then its a lot of,[ __ ],this is not [ __ ] real,lets see that music thats right the,music tells them how to feel,like saying that [ __ ] music,[Music],this is rickys music,choice,for this moment,oh youll be back like theyll look me,back late,look at that,[Laughter],at that hes hes thinking back by the,way,its [ __ ] horrific,she is like forget about i mean,thats plastered on smile,apparently,what he said,is it is not cgi,they havent just taken her face and put,it on somebody whos swimming it was,just it was filmed on a phone,and that was honestly the lighting on,her,[Music],face thats just a lighting on her face,its just shes looking up,for free no i dont want to,said um isnt he,so this i mean look how [ __ ],she is like that,she is like that,and these flashbacks and videos that,hes got,throughout the whole bastard and [ __ ],series,just constantly smiling just an absolute,joy they had such a great [ __ ] time,its so [ __ ] shite,its

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After Life by Ricky Gervais is a total DISASTER

this is going to sound extremely,blasphemous coming from a brits a big,epic brit from the epic britain country,but i dont find ricky gervais very,funny,hes got some wit about him dont get me,wrong and obviously i appreciate that,the office revolutionized tv comedy that,show alongside extras and his golden,globe speeches are all pretty great,other than that though i honestly dont,think there are too many things i can,praise about him maybe his shows just,arent for me most of the time i dont,know just to be clear theres nothing,wrong with liking him of course i,honestly wish i admired him as much as i,used to because as a person he seems,like a really fun and affable guy that,being said theres a lot of total [ __ ],in rickys catalogue special,correspondence god that was [ __ ],awful im not the biggest fan of his,stand-up specials either an afterlife,the main topic of todays video is among,the worst afterlife by ricky gervais is,boring repugnant awful hot garbage but,describing why is actually more,difficult than you might think im,thinking the easiest way to get through,this video is to split the show into its,constituent parts and explain step by,step why it fails on every level,[Music],the biggest issue with this show is,without a doubt its structure episodes,are structured confusingly and,repetitively reaching near scooby-doo,levels of formulaic for the first two,seasons especially every episode is the,same thing obviously theres nothing,wrong with limited locations i mean [ __ ],me the office is literally just well an,office like all the time but its a very,difficult task to pull off and something,you start to notice is that half of,afterlife is actually just the office,but worse in every way i mean you can,tell that certain characters like the,manager guy are clearly supposed to be,sketches of characters like gareth,keenan but the clever writing is totally,absent so its not humorously awkward,its just repugnantly boring [ __ ] it,heres every episode of afterlife ever,tony watches dead wife and is sad [ __ ],[ __ ] funny newspaper interview its time,for [ __ ] tony commits a [ __ ] crime,tony youre such a good guy look at that,fat person,wait hang on whats the time thats,right its [ __ ] time oh wait ive just,realized um,live laugh love in it i need to be nice,in that acoustic song to end the episode,the majority of the shows scenes drag,out for way too long,a potentially funny scene is totally,ruined by just how long they go on for i,dreaded so much of my afterlife,experience because of just how [ __ ],boring it was ive never had to question,myself so much watching a show what the,[ __ ] is the point of this scene why is,everything so awful these are questions,im forced to ask myself every second of,the shows progression this show is,surprisingly american but not the good,type of american like always sunny the,bad kind of american like the first,season of the us office its very,difficult to believe that this was,written and directed by the man who,crafted the original office one reason,for this is that nothing the characters,do actually seems to matter like a,saturday morning cartoon and its really,sad because at one point ricky was the,quintessential example of british humor,a dryness that im particularly fond of,if anything the american office is the,sitcom ricky and steve never wanted to,make theres a scene from the unaided,test pilot in which gareth is trying to,speak to david after hearing about the,redundancies in the office however,people keep entering the room after also,hearing the news and ruin what gareth,hoped would be a private meeting as team,leader oh this is pathetic,all right ive called this meeting,thanks thanks for coming ive i,personally thought this scene was quite,funny but for ricky and steve it was a,step too far when we look back at the,pilot it just felt a bit too much like,it had become a sitcom with a beginning,middle and an end i was genuinely,panicked wasnt it,it was the sitcom that we always said we,wouldnt make they wanted to keep every,scenario grounded enough for it to be,realistic and on top of that respect the,idea of it being a documentary now lets,take that mentality and compare it to,this scene in afterlife,[Music],dont over water it,[ __ ] where tony throws a potted plant,through a car window calls the driver a,[ __ ] and then the scene ends and rather,than the driving yelling or beating the,[ __ ] out of him like a normal person he,just stands there silently then the show,continues no charges are pressed nothing,comes from the scene no details,insurance no calls are made it might as,well have not even been there this joke,would have worked a lot better if there,was some sort of consequence for this,action what if there was a hard cut from,ricky standing on the road to him in,some other location tending to his,broken nose,there could have been a humorous,contrast between his uptight and smug,attitude to his oh my god i just got,beaten the [ __ ] out of and now my nose,is bleeding profusely attitude i mean,even if you dont think my version was,particularly great it would have been a,lot better than whatever the [ __ ],happens here i think the only reason the,joke didnt go there was because of,rickys weird ego where he doesnt want,to show this character heavily based on,himself losing in any kind of way,possible and we will get to this ego,later because [ __ ] me is it its its,its its its so untotally annoying and,what about that weird part where tony,intentionally encourages a drug addict,assisted suicide and in a roundabout way,pretty much [ __ ] kills him and,nothing happens i would say that a,majority of afterlife is just an,amalgamation of these random scenes that,have no bearing on the story whatsoever,this obviously wouldnt be a problem if,the jokes were good and the scenes were,funny but the jokes are usually,something like the postman being called,pat whats your name,your law trust me,its pac,postman pat thats really clever that,one or an overweight guy being,overweight or a gay guy being,offensively camp because arent gay,people funny lets all laugh at this gay,person having aids,majors high risk with aids as well,thats because i liked it at the arse,my choice,[Laughter],my choice,[Laughter],ricky seems to think that if he doesnt,know how to write a character he can,just throw the word [ __ ] in there and,the audience will laugh but when your,only punchlines are a couple of four,letter words you end up writing humor,with similar depth to that fred guy from,like 10 years ago,afterlife is a character driven show on,paper at least i mean its supposed to,be a drama so i suppose so in any case,it would help to have characters who are,fun to watch interact with each other in,a dramatic setting and if thats what,youre looking for go watch marriage,story or something because afterlife,doesnt have any of that i cant think,of a single character who had any sort,of motivation or objective throughout,the entire series now tony gets his own,segment in this video at the end because,there is so much i need to say about him,and i want to end the video with a punch,my least favorite character aside from,tony is definitely the incompetent,therapist who is almost impressive in,how awful and annoying and boring he is,his scenes essentially consist of him,verbally abusing his clients for roughly,200 seconds there is zero charm zero wit,zero nuance to this character and i,despise the trope of the inappropriate,therapist it takes a total [ __ ] on the,years and years of training and,experience that therapists need to,endure to secure their position this,show is supposed to be based in reality,yeah then why is this even here how does,he have this job why do his clients,continue to attend and why is like five,minutes of every [ __ ] episode from,the first 12 dedicated to this complete,disgrace of a character much of my very,very very very extremely non-existent,minimal enjoyment from the third season,is rooted upon the abs

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The Life Review That Happens AFTER Death

hey everyone its matt frazier the,psychic medium and i am live on youtube,right now and first of all i want to,thank you guys for subscribing to my,channel i want to thank you guys for all,the love all the comments and more,importantly for following me on this,amazing journey i want to talk to you,guys today about the life review and now,this is something okay that a lot of,psychics and mediums dont talk about,and that is what happens when we go to,the other side because youve heard in,my past videos that when we first make,our transition into heaven there are,loved ones that are there that are,waiting for us theyre our friends,theyre our family members there are,pets that have passed on you know a lot,of things happen when we first pass on,we meet our spirit guide we meet our,guardian angel we find out about the,ways that they were helping us through,life and what the purpose of our life,was,but something really really really,important happens when we first die and,thats called the life review so what is,the life review the life review,is when we first pass on,we have to go back and look at every,single thing that has happened in our,life you know whats so amazing is here,in this world we forget a lot of things,we forget about you know what happened,when we were first born we dont,remember,you know taking our first breath here in,this world we dont remember taking our,first steps here in this world we dont,remember you know learning how to ride a,bike we dont remember you know some of,the some of the people we went to school,with in first grade second grade third,grade we dont remember the teacher that,we had some of us do but a lot of these,a lot of these details of our life are,forgotten imagine being able to remember,every single thing that has happened to,you,imagine being able to relive your life,and see all the things that youve,missed all right how many of you,have watched a television program or,watched a good movie and then when you,watch it a second time youre like oh my,god i totally missed this or i totally,missed that or especially if youre if,youre like me,and you love those psychological,thrillers and your whats the,psychological thriller like the sixth,sense my favorite movie and literally,the whole time i dont want to i dont,want to spoil the movie for those of you,who havent seen it but for the whole,movie you know youre watching it one,way and then until you find out the,ending you go back and you see things,that you totally missed that you didnt,pick up and youre like boom youre mind,blown youre like how the hell did that,happen well thats what happens with all,of us when we die we go through a life,review during this life review the,spirit world tells me that were able to,see every detail of our life,every single stop sign that we stopped,at every single footstep that we took,here in this world every conversation,that we that we had whether it was,meaningful or not for example you might,pass somebody on the side of the road,you might say you know hey am i going,the right way to such a such a place and,they might say yes and you keep going,you forget about that conversation you,forget about you did that but during the,life of you youre able to see,everything in your life in an instant,but whats so amazing is that with this,life review this is something that we,all have to go through and when we go,through this life re right life review,were also able to see,how our actions and how our life,decisions impacted the world and also,impacted other people,you know when you go to the other side,youre able to see a lot of things,youre able to see the moment you were,born youre able to see the way that,your parents loved you youre able to,see the people that loved you youre,able to see the people that have hurt,you the people that misled you youre,able to see the people that were,genuinely friends of yours the people,that were not genuine friends and then,youre able to see,you as a person youre able to see the,people that youve helped the people,that you made an impact on their life,the people that you hurt the people that,you left a scar on and the people that,you lifted up,and what youre also able to see is how,your life actions have affected you,and those around you now this is so,important,so important because a lot of you asked,me the question that do our loved ones,change on the other side do our loved,ones change and you know uh are they the,same person what does that mean what,what does the change mean for our loved,ones in heaven,well your loved ones dont change the,person that they are but when they go,through this life review a lot of things,happen so remember when we transition,onto the other side its a transition we,leave our physical body behind and we,also leave behind the pain the illness,the suffering the addictions that we had,the disabilities that we had the mental,illness that we had all of those things,are left behind and when we transition,onto the other side our soul becomes,pure your soul goes back to being thats,almost like that same soul that were,born here into this world in when were,born here in this world our soul is pure,you ever see a baby a baby doesnt know,hey a baby doesnt know jealousy a baby,doesnt know anger a baby only knows,love,and you know later on growing up in this,world we learn all these things we learn,how to lie how to cheat how to steal how,to do all these bad things you know and,we have to we have to learn right from,wrong here in this world,well during that life review you leave,behind all that pain suffering and,illness but also you have to review all,the life,all the life decisions decisions and,choices that you made here in this world,so when you transition onto the other,side this is why the life review is,important you know when i talk about,people letting letting go of their,addictions their pain their suffering,that doesnt just happen you know you,dont just go the other side its like,oh free youre free and clear youre,good to go you know you make that,decision you make that choice to let go,of those things,and whats so interesting about all of,this okay is that ive had so many,readings where souls have gone through,that life review process and theyve,truly truly felt sorry for the things,that theyve done here in this world,im going to give you an example you,know there was a soul that came through,during a reading and he was this womans,father,and its actually funny because i,remember this i was at a live event,and the moment i looked out into the,crowd there was this man in spirit and,he was standing behind this woman in the,audience and he said to me matt go over,to her thats my thats my daughter,thats my daughter but he prepared me he,told me in my ear he goes matt my,daughter is not going to know,that its me shes shes not when youre,going to tell her her father her father,passes shes going to say no i didnt,have a father,and its funny because i went up to her,and i said to her i said no no let me,let me nip this in the butt right away,go listen before i say im like i have,to come over to you and shes like me,and im like yes you im like your,fathers here im like before you even,say anything he said to me matt he says,thats my daughter but shes gonna shes,gonna you know deny the fact that im,her dad and right away she was like,oh my god i cant believe it shes like,you know i cant believe youre telling,me this im like yes and the reason why,was because her dad left her when she,was just a little girl she was only you,know not even two years old at the time,and her dad had an alcohol problem,he left the house he left the mom he,took the money he went and lived his own,his own life,and literally he went on a separate way,and you know never bothered with with,her again there were times in her life,where she tried to reach out to him,there were times when her mom tried to,reach out to him you know her mom had,tried to invite him back into their life,had to try to try to invite him to

Afterlife review season 2: I still didnt like it

hi everyone and welcome to my review of,season two of afterlife,ive already covered season one and its,safe to say,i was not a fan and that has not changed,for season two,uh the the thing i find most bizarre is,that everyone seems to love it,uh critics and audience its really,highly rated on,imdb and raw tomatoes but i just cant,understand why,theres so much to talk about here i,dont know where to start or how to,structure this review,so i think what ill do is ill run,through the plot,and then ill talk about my problems,with the show,as they appear before i do that though,ill just bring up to speed with what,happens in season one,uh tonys wife dies uh now that youre,up to speed ill just run through that,no im im kidding im kidding theres,uh theres more to it than that,uh tonys wife dies and hes upset so he,tries to kill himself but he cant,because of his dog,tony insults people what he is not a fat,hairy nosey [ __ ] sucker tony fights off,street use,[ __ ] off okay,just [ __ ] off tony fights off,youbs thieving on a moped,tony helps a junkie kill himself but,dont worry hes never mentioned again,theres an element of the show that i,think might spark conversation which is,tony sort of kills a man halfway through,the show,effectively um well whats your read on,that,well its a little grey i i dont think,he does okay,i dont think he does tony threatens a,child with a hammer but dont worry its,never mentioned again,tony asks out the nurse who was looking,after his dad who has dementia,now you are brought up to speed the new,season starts off with tony watching a,video of his dead wife,and then it cuts to the rest of the cast,going about their,households in a montage style i thought,id mention these because,they happen quite a lot as you will see,tony says he wants to be more,zen and then we are introduced to the,first [ __ ] of the show,im gonna try be more zen,im not gonna let [ __ ] wind me up,plenty more of these to come,also a side note here something funny i,found when i was editing this part,listen to this part of the trailer im,not gonna let [ __ ] find me out,try anymore now listen to this part in,this show,im gonna try to be more zen,im not gonna let [ __ ] wind me up now,listen to the trailer again,can you hear how poorly that sentence,was put together post-production,i promise thats not me you can actually,go to the trailer on youtube and listen,for yourself,sorry i just found that funny but it,does actually tie to a point i have,later on about the,production budget of this show we then,find out that tony and the nurse are now,just friends which means the only,progression from,season one has been eradicated,immediately,uh the reason for this is because she,thinks tony is not over lisa,i dont know what gives her that,impression,tony and lenny go and visit the oldest,woman in tambury who has just turned a,hundred,so they can write a story about it and,the joke here,is that shes old and frail but she says,things you wouldnt expect,and she swears a lot and uh thats the,the joke,you see because you wouldnt expect that,bollocks,now when me and your granddad were,trying for your mum,used to come straight home from work,straight upstairs,no foreplay or anything like that wham,bam thank you mum,do his bit and then afterwards hed help,me stand on my head by holding my legs,so she says some [ __ ],and then they leave also side note what,is lennys job exactly,tony tonys a reporter so why is lenny,here,this happens throughout the series and,lenny comes along,and he takes one solitary photo and,thats it,take a picture yeah,a smile uh can we take a quick picture,oh yeah great,is that it take away jenny,take a picture yeah,yeah oh yeah i need a piss yeah all,right come on,oh okay got it great i mean surely tony,could do this,if theres ever a scenario later on when,the paper has to make budget cuts,i could think of some savings anyway im,probably just nitpicking here,we find out that matt has been kicked,out the house by his wife,so lenny offers him his flat in exchange,for his girlfriends son,doing some work experience then tony,tells matt,that he is trying to be more zen so matt,invites him to a meditation class,tony goes to visit his dad and we meet,the antagonist,wow hes not really the antagonist he,only appears about three times i dont,really know what the point of him is,i just enjoy the fact hes a walking,cliche,tony has a chat to the woman on the,bench we are reintroduced to the,psychiatrist who plays the role of kev,from derek,a guy that says horrendous stuff i was,bleeding from the anus for a month last,year and i never went to the doctor,but this time matt is going because of,the problems he has with his wife,tony watches another clip of his dead,wife and goes to the meditation class,we are introduced to the meditation,class teacher who,is also a walking cliche illness is a,state of mind,i dont want to feel ill i dont want to,feel pain,then tony shouts him during the middle,of the class because he was sipping tea,too loudly and clearing his throat,youre not wrong [ __ ] snot curdling,[ __ ] which,i think is something that ricky might,find annoying in real life,uh but im not sure because uh ive,never heard him mention it,um eating that annoys me so im fuming,im looking,theyre eating loudly or theyre just,chumming on their bread right but in a,restaurant,i dont know how people even waiters,ive,brought that and theyve gone i think,what the [ __ ] are you doing,yeah did no one ever tell you that is,[ __ ] disgusting,do people go to the theater these days,to clear their throat yeah,and their nose yeah because i was,surrounded by people,going which i find absolutely disgusting,i even that even annoyed me doing it and,i apologize people at home listening,even,even the waiter annoys me anything,sniffing sniffing it really annoys me,but someone next to me eating loudly why,do you look like,i want to go oh what is wrong with you,why has no one ever told you that,charming sniffing this oh you pig,youre absolutely pig what is that i,dont know,people do that they chew their mouth,open uh a lovely restaurant right so,nice and quiet id eat about 6 p.m so,its nice and quiet,and uh the way it came over and um every,time he sort of walked,back and forth he just went,because it puts me off im like a right,little fascist i cant stand anyone,talking or,no ice in the dream no because it,rattles its annoying me all right,someone could be eating soup although,were moving you know noises,anythings like noisy eaters eaters,oh [ __ ] how give me that,[ __ ] fat [ __ ] eating like a [ __ ],slug jesus listen to that,good [ __ ] hippo,oh its driving me mental,tony watches another clip of his dead,wife then cries,end episode 1 start episode 2,and tony is watching a video clip of his,dead wife,tonys in the office talking to matt and,this happens,do you believe in all that,what the proven fact that is evolution,yeah thats just the problem isnt it,your science only deals with facts,im a more open-minded type oh good love,anything paranormal do you,past lives telepathic when did you give,up trying to sort of say,uh explain it all because i mean you can,do it well i dont know if i have given,up,i i just try and do it within the work,now as opposed to,you know in the paper or on twitter you,know now i do it in the work,my work is almost explaining it it comes,with,it comes with a little explanation i,think you know and so ive tried,ive tried to put the put the small,print in the gags,yeah so this is great its great thats,what i think this is my best show ever,because of that,i go out and confront all these myths,and legends and this nonsense and this,this you know i i i i even discuss the,fact that,you know people dont respect facts,anymore um,yes very subtle well done ricky tonys,philosophical [ __ ] to the woman on,the bench,do you know the fable of the frog and,the scorpion,hmm well this he wants to get across the,river,so he asks the frog if youre going to,live on his back and for

After Life Netflix Review

I thought this is gonna be a comedy man,and it its bad what is up with fans and,welcome back to my channel I had many,people in my comments section say Austin,you have to watch the brand new Netflix,show called afterlife I got one show out,of the way in the order and now I have,the afterlife over with the beauty of it,is its only six episodes only about 30,minutes apiece so its a very brisk,runtime but I have officially watched it,and today were going to talk about it I,need you guys to get down in the,comments section below let me know did,you like it did you not like it what,other Netflix movie or television show,dropped this week in that you want me to,review kind of stuck between two right,now theres a show called I believe,immortal or immortals and then shadow I,dont know which one to watch because I,dont know if Im going to have enough,time to watch both get down in the,comments section below let me know which,show you would like me to review and I,will do that for you guys but first we,have to talk about afterlife and lets,get into it,so after Tonys wife dies unexpectedly,his nice guy persona is altered into an,impulsive devil-may-care attitude taking,his old world by storm,like I said six episodes superfast show,to get through I looked up the critic,ratings after I watch the show on Rotten,Tomatoes and theyre not as high as I,anticipated especially with a premise,like this I thought they would be better,this show seems to be divisive in that,respect but for me I looked at it as,okay Im going into this believing its,a comedy and I was hit with so many,elements just in case you guys dont,know I didnt watch a trailer,all I knew Ricky Gervais sand its,classified as a comedy so I expected,really on brand humor for him on the,nose and honestly kind of offensive if,youre not into that kind of stuff then,you probably dont like Ricky Gervais,because thats what he is known for I,did not anticipate the level of heart,that was going to go into the show and,at the end of the day looking back on it,I was very surprised with how much I,enjoyed this I was very surprised with,how emotionally engaged I was in the,character and very surprised I keep,saying that on how it hit on mental,illness and how it hit on certain,aspects of peoples life that you dont,see everyday in a show like this,especially on Netflix because a lot of,Netflix shows theyre more genre,classified you have shows like Kingdom,and then the last Kingdom and stranger,things and all these sci-fi shows and,movies coming out its not every day you,get an emotional gut punch like this,with really solid aspects of comedy,starring a guy that you just dont,expect to do something this serious now,I know Ricky Gervais scan do serious,because weve seen it before but on this,level dealing with the subject as kind,of touchy in a way as suicide and I,thought they handled it super well,because it is a hard thing to balance I,read the premise and I said oh this,shows about suicide but I looked at the,genre on IMDB and it did say comedy I,did not see drama I did not see anything,that made me think it was going to be,this emotional so I was very hesitant,going in but then I read some of the,reviews from audience members and Im,like okay people are really seeming to,enjoy this and I said maybe Ill give it,a watch and the first episode it takes a,tad bit to get through its a little,slow but you are learning about his,character and what went down with his,wife and why hes feeling the way that,hes feeling and you start to understand,that he just really he feels as if he,has no reason yet to live even though,hes holding on by this small little,thread people in his life continued to,tell him its okay you got this things,will get better for him they dont get,better at first and its really tough to,watch the struggle that hes going,through and I liked how serious Gervase,took this role of course he directed a,lot of episodes he wrote the entire show,so I knew he would handle this in a good,way but have you seen the guy hes a,very controversial person he offends a,lot of people a lot of people love him,theyre like Ricky Gervais is the best,comedian of all time I try to stay,impartial when Im watching a performer,in a show or a movie regardless of what,theyre doing in real life unless of,course disgusting or illegal but if,somebodys controversial Im like okay,thats the person but how do they do in,the movie I think Ricky Gervais is very,funny the British version of The Office,is a very good show with a massive fan,base its the reason we have the US,version of the office and I thought that,would be the style of humor that would,transfer over into a show like this but,you know after life its very its,natural its human the way that they go,about their conversations and the,dialogue its all about what happened in,this guys past and how this is,affecting his outlook on life and when,you think about it it really is very sad,to look at how he is living and a little,bit of it is a cry for help he goes,overboard sometimes saying oh Im,feeling suicidal Im going to kill,myself sometimes hes seeking attention,in the show but then other times you can,truly feel that this man loved his wife,with everything in him you can see that,from the performance and I have to give,kudos to Gervase just bringing it man he,brought it in the role the humors there,this is a very comedic show at times but,the emotional aspects in the drama is,really the reason why I gravitate,towards the show like this afterlife was,a pleasant surprise and I would,recommend it to anyone who wants to see,a good emotional show who wants to get a,good laugh or every now and then now,its not the style of laugh and I think,you anticipate its very dry British,humor which a lot of British humor is,dry but Ricky Gervais see always manages,to take it over the top but it never,went over the top the tone and the,pacing of the entire show stayed very,consistent and that was one thing I was,really worried about especially after,that first episode I said this first,episode is a tad bit slow but once we,moved on into the second and we started,to dig deep into the story and we got,introduced to people in his life people,that keep him steady and allow him to,stay sane through this entire situation,and really keep him from doing the thing,that he wants to do throughout a lot of,the beginning of the show now Im not,going to tell you guys where this ends,or where it goes I will say my issues,with the show all come back to the fact,that it is very predictable I predicted,certain plot points some of the beats,are like alright hes gonna do this,thats gonna happen and these,relationships are going to end in this,manner boom boom boom all of that,happens and by the end of the season you,can see where its going especially when,you get into Episode three and four a,lot of the plot points are predictable I,think this entire show and premise is,predictable but thats not me saying,its bad I think the fact that this did,go in the direction that I wanted it to,go is a good thing because of that I was,able to gravitate towards his character,and see the relationships fleshed out,before my eyes and have a smile on my,face the entire time now sometimes it,was a sad smile because Im sitting here,and this show does choke you up at times,it will get you to that point to where,youre starting to get like this little,tear and youre eyeing her like oh my,gosh there is a moment towards the end,with he and his father and guys this,moment was absolutely my favorite part,of the show some of the best emotion I,have watched on Netflix all year and it,will 1000% get you choked up even if,youre not enjoying the series and,youll probably still be watching at,that point because its a very fast 6,episode series so even if youre not,liking youre like all right Im on,episode 3 I might as well finish it go,all the way until the end that moment,will get you it definitely got me really,Gervase is the only actor in here of,no

Afterlife Season 3 Review: Tony – Creatively Utilising Negative Tendencies

hi everyone and welcome to my review of,season three of afterlife,uh lets just come to the chase once,again i didnt really like it,ive been a fan of most of ricky,gervaiss previous tv work,uh not derek obviously,but i really cant stand this show,i was really debating whether to bother,doing this video because i thought,whats the point,season three is not dissimilar to season,two or one,in fact they are very very similar i,thought whats the point in doing,another video where im going to talk,about the same thing again i love the,same criticisms,but i did actually get quite a few,messages asking for a season 3 review,which kind of blew my mind because,as i said in my other videos i literally,thought these videos would get about two,views so cheers for them,so what i thought i would do is run,through my points from season two and,see if they appear in this season and,also i will add some criticisms and talk,about some of them more,insane,elements of the show,with some closing thoughts of the show,as a whole,if anyone cares,no,well im gonna do anyway,she was one hell of a woman sexually i,said in my season two for you that all,characters are completely,one-dimensional and that still feels the,case characters have one quirk that,defines them and and thats it there are,never discernible features,this also applies to the new characters,introduced one character in particular,that annoyed me is the new guy in the,care home aka,tonys dads replacement i just thought,whats the point hes the exact same so,is it just to get some easy laughs out,of a man that suffers from memory loss,its a really bizarre choice for a,character,some people think that oh oh you know,they describe it as like uh an ensemble,cast of of strange losers and misfits,and i think now thats what thats what,englands like because they you know,theyre used to watching er when,everyone looks like george clooney and,brad better no no no no most people look,like me and brian gittins we dont look,like johnny depp thats normal i dont,think that is the criticism no one cares,about their looks its about their,personalities they are all losers and,misfits and i would say most people in,britain are relatively normal in terms,of personality they they certainly,arent all like this uh this is colleen,uh the new intern shes sandys,replacements tony youre right,no not really,here we go hello you [ __ ] [ __ ],were here with the family gazette bang,bang im a taxi driver,i drive through the night picking up who,i like bang bang im a taxi driver,be knowledgeable about your job,if your hearts not in it maybe you,shouldnt be here,im on minimum wage mate,work harder at school mate testing,testing testing my testing courses,my testicles all over oh my god theyre,so full,whoops,have you got parkinsons,crack crack crack right in a [ __ ],movie she was on oh thanks darling i,needed it,here dont worry about that i mean if,you had a show where all the characters,were completely normal then obviously it,would be pretty boring but these,characters are so exaggerated that its,really difficult to take them seriously,and it really sort of muddies the water,between whether this is a comedy however,this is something thats meant to be,taken seriously because it tries to be,both and i think in doing so it really,struggles with identity look we all love,our foibles but they dont define us as,people,take for example jay from the,in-betweeners we know him mostly for his,constant exaggerations and wildly,unbelievable stories but that isnt all,there is to him and even in a show like,the in-betweeners we get insight into,why jay is like how he is because of a,relationship with his dad and the reason,i make this comparison,is because the in-betweeners isnt a,show that is meant to be focusing on any,sort of serious topics like grief or,mental health its a comedy aimed mostly,at gcse students and sixth formers but,it still has better written characters,than afterlife does,lets look closer to home at rickys,previous work the office and lets look,at tim he starts off as a guy whos,quite laid back but you can tell hes,aware of his situation and he realizes,that it isnt going to go anywhere,then when he reaches his 30th birthday,in episode 3 you see him gradually start,to come to terms with his situation and,he starts thinking more seriously about,how to change it,during a pointless and largely,bureaucratic training day he breaks in,his moment of madness he asks out dawn,as he wasnt yet aware that herself and,lee had got back together so he is met,with rejection,he decides after this that he wants to,quit anyway and study psychology and a,few days after there is awkwardness,between tim and dawn is in this time,that he realizes that he cant leave,although the show never explicitly says,this you can pretty much pinpoint the,moment he has this re-evaluation,its because he cant leave dawn and,david offering tim the position of,senior sales clerk at the end of season,one allows him to make that decision,after this you can see clear change in,tims character i think part of him,slightly resents dawn for making him,choose to stay so he tries to act,professional and he tries to distance,himself from that but then again in,doing so he realizes how that affects,her and the guilt gets the better of him,a new character is introduced during the,merger who takes a liking to tim this is,where you see dawns attitude towards,tim change perhaps the sudden form of,unavailability for the backup option but,its also her losing a friend as also in,this episode dawn starts to realize she,isnt exactly happy with her situation,either,accelerating her decision to move to,america tim and rachel start to become,more serious when rachel tells tim that,shes agreed for her and tim to meet her,parents,this commitment scares him and his love,for dawn is becoming more evident,he decides to break up with rachel only,to find out dawn is leaving to live in,florida prompting him to ask her out,again,to which she is once again met with,rejection and this is how series two,finishes,its not until a year later in the,christmas specials we get a resolution,and well we all know how that ends,now,that was quite a long summary but that,was about the shortest i could make it,because the characters go through an arc,there is a change in their circumstances,which therefore affects their thoughts,feelings actions and how they interact,with one another crashing back down to,afterlife whats the difference between,say lenny in season one to lenny at the,end of season three or the postman from,season one to season three or matt or,sandy or roxy,but,oh no wait sorry those those characters,just disappear and,are explained away in,barely one line of dialogue and also i,get that these characters their,circumstances change in the show but,they never seem to grow theres no,progression because the characters were,caricatures in the first place and look,i know the show focuses on tony but,does tony really change,at the end of the final episode theres,a part where tony claims he realizes,that kindness is a superpower i thought,not caring was a superpower i was wrong,caring about stuff,thats what really matters,kindness making,other people feel good but he says,almost the exact same thing at the end,of season one,at first i thought it was like a like a,superpower,you cant not care about things you,actually care about,its worth,sticking around to maybe,make my,little corner of the world a slightly,better place,what does he forget in that time or is,it just more likely the fact that this,show was only meant to be one season and,you can tell that as you watch it there,is never any long-term payoff for,characters because ricky wrote scripts,that wrapped up the story at the end of,each season the decision to recommission,was based on the popularity of the show,so how are you ever meant to plan for,the long term,and kaffs character is absolutely all,over the place in this season initially,shes introduced as a st

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