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After Yang Showtime Movie Review

now we just had colin farrell looking,unrecognizable as the penguin in the,batman now hes in the futuristic family,drama after yang now i get to see this,at sundance and its now coming to,showtime but is it worth the watch,[Applause],when yang a lifelike artificially,intelligent android that jay can carry,by as a companion for their adopted,daughter abruptly stops functioning jake,just wants him repaired quickly and,cheaply but having purchased yang,certified refurbished from a now defunct,store hes led to different specialists,who discover that yang was actually,recording memories turning jakes quest,into one of existential introspection,now this runs the risk of being style,over substance with a high number of,beautiful shots and the quiet scenes and,it certainly sits more in that art house,drama genre than anything youre gonna,find blowing up at imax colin farrell is,wonderful as he both grieves and,obsesses over the loss of their,life-like android child now theres a,good amount of ceremony shown here i,mean even without explanation feral owns,this tea shop so we see many scenes of,him just preparing the tea and he does,it with such great care theres even a,compelling dialogue about tea but really,it gives way more insight into farrells,character than really having to do with,the t itself i mean it also speaks to,his relationship with yang showing the,emotional connection that was shared,between the characters now the aspect,ratios change in order to give us visual,clues of how certain scenes are being,carried out normally the film is,presented in a letterbox format but,because this is like a near future story,the characters do some sort of video,chat and then the perspective changes to,almost a one-to-one ratio now the film,doesnt explain how the video chats work,because they dont look like theyre,actually talking on a screen and its a,very immersive experience because the,characters then just speak directly to,the camera i mean it makes them look,like they are right speaking right to us,as the audience the score is orchestral,and its calm almost melancholy threw a,lot of it now it fits with the overall,tone and the pace really well i think,the whole movie is pretty somber too and,farrells performance its reserved,which then keeps right in line with the,rest of the tone of the movie now i love,the cinematography,theres this muted hue to the colors,which also are more earthy and drab but,i still think theyre wonderful to watch,that sounds weird to say but the color,palette actually matches the quietness,of the story im not sure if that really,makes sense or if thats the best way to,describe it but theres just a calming,effect that the visuals have that then,work together with the score and the,pace and its quiet slow maybe even,repetitive as do we just watch memories,relived and re-watched this doesnt make,it boring but it does make the time,progress slowly now its 96 minutes long,but you feel the time for at least the,first half of the film and the crux of,the story really comes about halfway,through meaning that you have to watch,without much payoff or explanation and,then it will finally begin to build,something compelling i like the journey,farrells character undertakes as he,dives more into yangs memories and its,a good surprise what is uncovered in,that journey now theres a story there,that i didnt expect or and didnt see,coming the special effects look great as,theres this visualization of memories,in this virtual space and it looks,similar to a solar system but with the,stars arranged in neatly organized rows,so that they can be accessed easily the,story begins to ask deep questions about,like what makes someone human or it,examines about what living truly means,when this started out i wasnt really,clicking with the story but as it went,along and i got more sucked into the,emotional journey that we watched play,out for feral i then found myself,captivated and this isnt flashy or big,but the subtle and quiet storytelling,can be very entrancing if you let it now,i didnt love the beginning and i,actually struggled to get connected to,the narrative after yang turns out to be,a beautifully told story of love the way,memories are utilized for the,storytelling creates an engaging and,touching tale of family and while the,presentation combined with the slower,story threatened to be more style over,substance if you stick with this art,house emotional character journey there,is a satisfying payoff overall theres,no sex nudity or violence but there is a,little bit of profanity i give after,yang three and a half out of five,couches are there any near future movies,that have really grabbed you i think,always back to robot and frank i just,love that relationship but let me know,what you think in the comments below if,you enjoyed this review please give it a,like also dont forget to share and,subscribe im chris this is movies and,munchies thanks for couching

After Yang movie review — Breakfast All Day

hey everybody welcome to breakfast all,day christy and alonzo in theaters and,on showtime today is uh the latest film,from a24 premiered at can last year uh,just screened at sundance and is now,available to you and that is,after yang,come on yank,what are you doing,come on,after yangs this incredibly beautiful,sci-fi drama it takes place in the near,future,is about a family um colin farrell its,colin farrell week between this and the,batman you can actually tell this is,colin farrell though uh colin farrell,and jody turner smith are a married,couple living in the near future they,have a little girl a young chinese girl,that they adopted several years ago,played by malia emma jandrawi jaya,and they have,gotten for her an older sibling who was,also of chinese descent but hes a robot,or what they call a technology,and um hes played by justin h min and,so its about what happens when,all of a sudden this crucial member of,their family you know hes not just a,device thats not like an ipod or,something its like a person um,sort of stops working just kind of shuts,down and its how they deal with that,and its really more about,the nature of memory and connectedness,and love and it explores the notion that,so much interesting sci-fi does,about you know,can machines love you know can ai feel,and we saw that in like blade runner and,her this reminds me a lot of her,in that it is,a grounded and recognizable kind of,suburbia that houses this really cool,like mid-century modern home um and you,know they have neighbors and they have,friends and um they do this awesome,thing that youll see in the opening,credits which you may have seen on,twitter if you follow a24 on twitter,they posted,the title sequence is just this,electrifying,dance sequence it is so fun and so,infectious and it sort of sets the tone,for,heres how people interact with each,other in the future and its,recognizable as like a family fun game,but also theres something kind of,different and unsettling about it,um so its about how they interact with,each other in the midst of this great,phlox and kokonada does hear what he did,with columbus and i dont know how he,pulls this off but the tone,is simultaneously kind of light and,ethereal and also deeply emotionally,profound,about the nature of the way people,connect with each other or dont,and yet the the look of it benjamin loeb,shot this who also shot mandy,the,the gory gnarly nicholas cage mandy as,well as pieces of a woman and the look,of the film,kind of reminds me a bit of what um is,going on in,the batman in that its this really,interesting combination of like its,light and kind of gauzy and kind of,dream like but theres also substance to,it theres you know theres like an,otherness to it but recognizability,about it so i just really loved it and,it stuck with me emotionally for quite a,bit afterward,yeah its a beautiful film i think,coconutta kind of operates in that sort,of ozu mode where its like,uh its very personal and very subdued,but,there are things happening between the,pauses or or or,lines that seem kind of,you know day-to-day but are sort of,loaded with this other portent that the,actors are kind of bringing to it then,like this is definitely the kind of,movie that i think rewards you know like,really close attention um but yeah i it,is this is the kind of sci-fi i like,where its where the world is fairly,recognizable but weve moved ahead just,the tiniest bit and were were sort of,dealing with these quandaries that that,we are already facing and well be,facing more as we we head down the road,um theres a whole kind of look to this,world its very um,you know id say very japanese influence,like the the way that people dress the,fact that that colin farrell like runs a,tea shop um you know,most meals seem to be some version of,ramen um you know which im fine with,that uh,but yeah,its its its really kind of haunting,and and and subtle i love the way that,its acted um and and you know,this is a movie that im probably going,to need to see at least one more time i,think to fully unlock everywhere where,its going but um i like the places that,it took me i love that were having like,a sarita chowdhury moment at the at the,moment shes so good in it shes great,in this she was one of the best things,about uh and just like that on hbo max,the the sex and the city sequel uh,criterion just announced theyre putting,out mississippi masala so its like you,know but a lot of im glad shes getting,her due because ive always thought she,was terrific so yeah i this is really,great and i i hope people check it out,its an interesting supporting cast,besides sarita chowdhury clifton collins,jr is in it haley lou richardson who,starred in columbus is in it and um,its a mystery but its not like a,intensely churning kind of gaining,momentum mystery its sort of like you,sort of float along with it and you see,where its going youre youre hooked,always and youre interested in who,these people are to each other and,whats really happening here um but,theres like a a gentle kind of tugging,about it i would say youre being gently,tugged along to to see whats going to,happen next theres a fantastic speech,that colin farrell gives about tea,i want an entire movie just about colin,farrells tea shop,especially if it includes colin,farrells werner herzog impersonation oh,that was good yes yes which it turns out,i looked it up there is a 2007,documentary called all in this tea,and werner herzog is in it and i think,thats the movie that that colin farrell,is referencing theres also a reference,to a 2001 indie film called all about,lily shushu uh which is about a pop,singer and theres a theres a scene,that we return to over and over again,where someone is wearing a lily shoe,shoe t-shirt oh yes yes yes yes i wonder,what that was so thank you for,clarifying yes um yeah so this its,again a movie youve got to watch again,to get the details i know its playing,on showtime if you feel comfortable,going to a theater to see it oh yeah,you want to really be subsumed in this,but you know like,turn off your phone turn off the lights,you know throw it up on show time and,youll be you its still great and,youll really dig it i think yeah you,this is not a movie that you want to,like fold laundry to no theres a movie,you want to submerge yourself in yeah,absolutely so im saying 9.4 its one of,my favorites of the year wow im,realizing in this conversation that i,have been i went too low so im gonna,say i win,im gonna say 8.2 so that brings us to,an 8.8 it is absolutely uh i think a,film ill be thinking about for the rest,of this year and beyond that uh and yeah,you should check it out so um thanks for,watching uh like this video subscribe to,our youtube channel follow us at be fast,all day on twitter instagram and,facebook and check out our patreon at,patreon.com be fast all day a lot of,amazing stuff going over there you get,to watch these videos no commercial,interruption you get extra content,including our tv recaps and other,reviews and um yeah its uh its really,awesome you should be a subscriber,patreon.com slash be fast all day we,will be back on tuesday uh with an,update on news because stuffs always,happening uh and well be is that when,were talking about barbed wire were,gonna review barbed wire,ive never seen barbed wire and this,episode of pam and tommys the is the,one where barbed wire comes out and they,think its gonna catapult her to,international greatness,spoiler it did not,uh yeah so a lot of fun stuff coming up,so thank you for being here we,appreciate it have a great weekend take,care of yourselves and each other and we,will see you next time,you

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After Yang Explained II Sci-fi Movie II Directed by- Kogonada II sundance film festival 2022

hello friends,we are going to tell you the plot of the,movie after yang,the the movie is based on a short story,saying goodbye to yang by alexander,weinstein,unlike other sci-fi movies we experience,future events in the present in our,known surrounding,all the frames music silence like,designs acting emotions way of,storytelling make it a poetry itself,undoubtedly a masterpiece of kaganada,the director of the film,as the movie starts we find yang,capturing a family photo with his old,camera,after setting the camera to self-timer,mode yang joins,kiran,mika,mika is jack and kiras adopted daughter,in the next scene a woman appears asking,for crystallized tea in jacks tea shop,and jack lets her know he does not carry,t crystals,the lady being disappointed leaves the,shop,then jack appears sitting idle in his,shop he looks very worried and,frustrated,mika asks kira that when jack her father,will come home,kira tells that jack is busy in dealing,with the huge rush of customer,cara looks very worried as well,then we find them all four at the dinner,table kira complains jack that they,should give mika more time,then the family appears dancing together,yang the robot malfunctions during the,dance,the warranty is invalid since they,purchased yang certified refurbished,mika becomes very upset at yangs,absence,george their neighbor suggests to taking,to russ a mechanic known to him,yang is a techno sapiens an android he,is a companion to mika who can assists,around the house learn new habits and,make mika their adopted child familiar,to her culture,with that hope jake and kyra purchased,yang more than just a babysitter to,young mika,yang is a part of the family,jack and mika rushes to a brothers and,sisters certified mechanic,he lets him know that there is a core,interior issue with yang and they are,not allowed to tamper with the interior,however opening the core is against the,law,he offers jack one thousand dollars,discount on a new model if he decides to,give yang for recycling before he starts,decompose,jack decides to go for a second opinion,he goes to ross and rush opines the same,that yang has a core problem and he may,open the core to fix it if jack permits,jack returns home leaving yang to russ,they all are very attached to yang,emotionally,kira says if they fail to fix yang then,they have to buy another sibling for,micah but they can hardly afford that,so they have to get more involved with,mika in raising her rather than,depending on another techno sapiens,then there is a flashback in which we,see yang spending time with mika,russ informs jack that there is a,spyware camera within yang for spying on,his family,jack wants to see all the data yang,recorded,russ sends jack to another person who,can help him in this regard,the person is cleo a curator of a museum,that focuses on techno sapiens,she informs jake it was not a spyware,but a memory bank,cleo explains that yang contained,technology designed not to spy on his,owners but to capture brief snapshots of,what an artificial intelligence would,determine to be an important memory,the designers were experimenting with a,technology wherein the androids could,record a few seconds at a time whatever,they considered important,cleo requests jake to give yang and his,memory to that museum for better,understanding of techno sapiens and asks,him about the price,cleo hands over the memory to jack along,with all necessary codes and pins to,open it,returning home jake unlocks the memory,bank to review it,a young lady appears again and again in,yangs memory,jake experiences a poetic montage of,moments of the past,yang recorded his moments with mika his,moments in the house snapshots of nature,and captured some sounds as well,jake keeps on seeing the old moments,stored in yangs memory bank,he starts searching for the young lady,jake comes to know that the lady is ada,and she is a clone,ada visited their home couple of times,jake reveals the fact to kira kira tell,him they should focus on mika,she is very much upset as absence of,yang is too much for her aydah visits,jacks house and she tells jake that,they were in love,she is from yangs early life with his,previous owner,kira calls jake saying that he need to,pick up mika from her school,mika is showing a drastic change in her,behavior,jake and aydah takes her to the museum,to see yang once,on the way back home aydah and jake,keeps on conversing on yang who seems to,be more sensible than human being kira,memorizes yang showing his collection of,butterflies,yang starts raising philosophical,questions on afterlife what is after the,ending,yang hasnt been programmed to believe,in anything,he says theres no something without,nothing,is life the something following by the,nothing,an enigmatic question of existence,he seems to quote of lao zoo what the,caterpillar calls the end the rest of,the world calls a butterfly,kira the human being fails to feel the,depth of yangs words,in one of the crucial jake memories yang,asks jake how he got into the business,of selling tea,jake tells him he doesnt even like the,flavor but the experience the steeping,the smell the process,yang knows all the facts there are to,know about the history of tea but he,cant be programmed with what or how,jake feels about it,jake visits yangs previous owner and,comes to know that they also bought him,refurbished,jake starts again to peep into yang,stored memory of his previous owners his,moments with ada ada died young,after aydahs death yang captures the,emptiness created by her absence,emotionally and artistically reviewing,yangs stored memories jake realizes the,loopholes in his relationships with mika,and aydah he begins to bring back the,warmth of their relationship,being unable to sleep we see mika,entering yangs room in the middle of,night and starts talking with yangs,empty bed,she seems to accept yangs absence and,tells jake that she want to say goodbye,to yang,the ends with the song in mikas voice i,want to be just like melodies just like,simple sound just like melodies,if you like the video please like,comment and share,dont forget to subscribe our channel,and press the bell icon to get the,notification of latest videos

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After Yang – Movie Review

koganatas first feature columbus is one,of my favorite films of all time i first,watched it at the perfect time in my,life as i like the films main character,casey was facing conflicting emotions,about my future,i was unsure if i wanted to go across,the country for film school or stay,close to those who love me most the,films quiet gentle style that evoked,master filmmakers like edward yang and,yasujiro ozu really spoke to me,and from that point forward i knew,koganata was going to be someone i,needed to keep my eyes on,and now after five long years koganata,has finally returned with after yang a,lo-fi beautifully rendered science,fiction film about a family forced to,confront ideas of grief love and the,meaning of life when their ai companion,yang malfunctions like columbus cogonada,isnt working with some grand intricate,narrative here rather he seeks to,deliver a meditative character-driven,tale that relishes in its simplicity,this isnt what you would normally find,in science fiction films today because,koganata isnt concerned with convoluted,world building or boring technobabble he,instead grounds the film to a point,where the emotions on display and what,these characters are experiencing are,relatable regardless of how distant this,future may be,the film touches on humanitys,relationship with technology looking at,the ways in which we as a society have,grown increasingly reliant on it but the,thing is koganata is never condemning,you for placing importance on such,things because he understands the,comfort that it can provide and that,these conversations are far more nuanced,than technology good technology bad,cognata also uses this futuristic,landscape to observe grief and memory,ruminating on the impermanence of life,and how losing someone close to you,forces you to re-evaluate everything,around you you begin to dwell on those,lost memories and yearn for more of,those quiet little moments with someone,you love,but interestingly enough after yang asks,what happens when you reach beyond the,limitations of your own memories of,someone and have the ability to extract,their most internal intimate moments and,truly get to understand them for who,they were,understand their insecurities their,desires their pain and colin farrells,character in this film battles this,exact dilemma he asks himself is looking,inwardly on this ais memory far too,intrusive or is this the only way to,truly understand yang in his state of,being this all easily could have felt,far too emotionally detached or cold as,on the surface this concept can seem,pretty far out there,but koganata never veers from our,understanding of existence and because,of that we get a film that is grounded,and achingly human i do think though,that some will be turned off by the,films languid pacing and existential,musings but if you know koganottas work,this shouldnt come as a surprise at all,as he allows his narratives to breathe,and flow naturally providing the viewer,with moments of deep contemplation that,never interrupt that natural flow the,film also has some of the most sumptuous,and striking compositions ive ever seen,similar to columbus kogenada doesnt use,a lot of close-ups or move the camera a,lot here,he instead opts for a still patient,camera that works almost exclusively in,medium to long shots,he utilizes nearly every bit of power,that wide compositions can offer as we,were able to see the subtle movements of,his characters and learn so much about,them from their posture or the way they,inhabit certain spaces,i think a lot of filmmakers that try to,use these same techniques easily make it,all feel incredibly stilted but kogonada,shows that he has an adept understanding,of the power of composition and knows,how stylistic restraint can convey so,much information and emotion,i think of filmmakers like edward yang,siming long and hausho shin when i see,how koganata utilizes the camera and,theres truly no other contemporary,filmmaker out there in which i can say,that same thing i also cant forget to,mention the sublime performances from,everyone involved here,each actor is so perfectly in step with,the quietude of koganottas filmmaking,but this is undoubtedly a showcase for,colin farrell he delivers an understated,performance that captures the strange,feelings of grief oh so effectively,you can see within him that there are,always emotions hidden underneath the,surface and feral only allows fragments,of those burrowed emotions to rise to,the surface every now and again in the,hands of a less brilliant actor i think,we could have seen a performance that,was either far too inexpressive or far,too melodramatic but farrell gracefully,toes the line between those two for a,performance that is so true to life i,think koganada just has this way of,pushing out beautifully nuanced and,authentic performances from his actors,and i think thats an appreciated aspect,of his work,overall though its safe to say that i,loved after yang and found it to be,something truly special,its a film that will make you cry a ton,but youll also find yourself pondering,on its themes weeks after you watch it,and is one of those rare films that from,top to bottom is simply flawless,i just know its going to stay with me,for a long long time and i think like,columbus will be a movie i go to to feel,comforted and have a good cry i hope you,all watch this film and end up being,just as moved by it as i was and now,lets just hope we dont have to wait,another five years for coconut his next,masterpiece,thank you all so much for watching this,video,if you enjoy what im doing here please,like the video and subscribe it helps me,grow this channel and it would mean a,lot but thats it stay safe out there,and hopefully see you next time,[Music],you

“After Yang” Review — Is This A24 Movie Worth Watching?

after yang is the second feature filmed,by koganata the korean director with a,lot of promise is this movie any good,would i watch it again let me tell you,what i think coming up next,[Music],after yang is kogonadas second feature,film his first one in 2017 columbus was,an ode to modernist architecture a lot,of people loved this movie it was really,great to look at so i was excited to see,his second feature this science fiction,film,involving colin farrell and androids now,coconut is establishing himself as sort,of an ozu plus malek director he really,loves forms he loves cinematography he,loves great shots and great music and,hes got a story based movie here so the,question is whether he can integrate his,great aesthetic tastes with his stories,of course he wrote and directed this,movie and so that will be a challenge,for him i think in the future is to have,a great story combined with great,aesthetics im not sure that this movie,blended both very well i think some of,its story is is in tension a little bit,with the aesthetics but this is a very,good movie to look at and i should,mention this is an a24 movie as well to,describe the story we have colin farrell,and jody turner smith as a couple here,white man black woman with an asian,child were told i think that shes,chinese they have an android also called,in the movie a techno sapien thats,their turn for android in the movie,although i will use the word android,very quickly the android is,dysfunctional they have to go in and,diagnose him and see whats wrong with,him hes not functioning properly this,causes a lot of lament because the young,daughter who is a little bit lonely,would like her android back well as the,father named jake played by colin,farrell investigates whats wrong with,the android he comes across the,androids memory bank it shouldnt have,a memory bank this is unusual supposedly,in the movie world and he starts to,investigate these memories that this,android has along with that theres a,mystery woman who shows up when we,wonder who she is but somehow shes,connected to this android or techno,sapien theres a few mysteries to be,unveiled and i suppose the viewer will,really have to work here to one keep,attention and two really think,pretty hard about this movie and whats,going on with it if youre not in the,mood for doing that i would not,at all recommend this movie it is a lot,like columbus if youve seen that its,very very slow meditative takes its time,and i would describe a movie like this i,think this is what coconada is up to is,more like a lyric poem,than it is a story,or a narrative poem or something like,that if i think about it as a lyric poem,this movie works pretty well for me if i,think of it as anything else as sort of,a rich complex story not so much as a,lyric about this family that looks,pretty good they look like theyve got,it put together and those are the,opening shots of the movie the nuclear,family in a photograph also theyre,doing a choreographed dance together but,the problems creep up clearly theyre,not as close,as it would appear that they are and,each of them has their own interests and,wants i think those are explored a tiny,bit in the movie at least through the,shot making i believe if you watch this,movie as a story youll probably have,some problems with it but i think as a,science fiction work its not too bad it,gestures to a much wider world with rich,deep complications one question i had,was who or what is this young girl in,the family at in the beginning of the,movie she has problems with her,schoolmates because she seems to be of a,different race as both her mother and,father has she been adopted exactly how,have they you know gotten her as a child,well there are more possibilities than,just adopting a biological child in this,movie world and im wondering if this,movie is gesturing towards other,possibilities for her im not sure its,in the movie but certainly the viewer,can try to pull that out and then that,would open this movie up a little bit to,think about what this or who or what,this little girl is of course this is a,major theme in blade runner thats why,this movie is being compared to it,because who or what is an android or,what is a techno sapient in this movie i,think you can make all kinds of guesses,about these characters whether human or,not human and that may be of interest to,those who want to explore this movie a,little bit farther i think as well this,story could have been written in the,1930s its got classic science fiction,bare bones theyve been making these,kinds of stories and written science,fiction for a long long time trying to,explore what it means to be human what a,post-human world is when we integrate,ourselves with technology or we develop,techno sapiens like are depicted here in,the movie will we care or not about them,and of course yang in this movie is sort,of in one sense hes a device but in the,sense hes a family member and so the,movie sort of plays with that which,which is he into the tech or service,industry or to the museum in the movie i,think hes kind of a device to be,displayed or to be probed whereas to the,family especially the little girl in,jake he is more than just a device and,that opens up questions about why humans,do that for things that arent really,alive so called for their devices for,things that are part of their family,that are not really biological humans,this movie i think is discussing that,somewhat im not convinced that this,movie coheres that well i did find it to,be a bit slow even with an 85 minute run,time nevertheless i do like looking at,koganatas work i think theres a touch,of ozu in here theres certainly a lot,more malek in here and other sorts of,directors like that so he is aware,of great movie art and i think hes,thinking about that with this movie in,particular so i would suggest you first,watch columbus i think thats a little,bit better although a lot slower than,this but if those are interested in,science fiction you might actually like,this movie although i dont think this,will will be one that will please a wide,berth of people although im gonna give,this three to three and a half stars,its above average i might watch it,again that doesnt mean its really,great its pretty good and so what do,you think of this movie im really,interested in your thoughts about it,please let us know in the comments thank,you have a great day and please,subscribe

After Yang (2021) Film Review

[Music],after yang is a slow distant meditation,on memory remembrance and the very,familiar sci-fi question of what does it,mean to be alive or human its a,beautifully shot sophomore film from,director coconada but it feels like its,in service to ideas and themes that are,underbaked without an overarching thesis,to tie it all together,[Music],in an unspecified future colin farrell,plays jake and jody turner smith plays,kyra a married couple with an adopted,chinese daughter named mika they have a,techno-sapien robot named yang who is,brought into the family to educate the,daughter on her chinese heritage one day,yang malfunctions and jake needs to find,out whats wrong with him and either fix,him or come to terms with retiring him,the film often gives time to the,discussion of some of the classic,domains of science fiction namely,philosophical ideas of death identity,and grief but more often it feels too,willing to live moment to moment without,a guiding idea to unify everything these,individual scenes can work specifically,theres a scene where yang uses the,analogy of a tree graft in order to,teach the young daughter about how to,accept her adopted family but the other,scenes feel tired and without enough,interesting perspective or style to,differentiate it from the ideas explored,in other science fiction works for,example yang in a memory says that hes,comfortable with the idea of there being,nothing after death because he was,programmed to feel that way probably,contrasting with the mother in one of,her only dedicated scenes who says she,feels that humans are programmed to feel,that there is something after death i,hope you enjoyed that discussion and,idea because thats really all we get,from it other than a pensive shot of the,mother afterwards we can assume that,this moment changes kyras perspective,on what to do about yang but theres,really no discussion about it or direct,influence on her actions in the film,likewise in another memory where colin,farrell talks to yang about tea yang,expresses his desire to be able to,experience the complexity of human,senses and memory to enjoy tea drinking,in an artistic spiritual way this type,of discussion is again not really a new,one for science fiction particularly,ones that deal with robots or artificial,intelligence however the lack of,uniqueness isnt really a problem for me,its that there isnt any larger idea,thats being built upon here similar to,kairas memory we can surmise that,jakes perspective on what to do with,yang is influenced by this memory his,desire to be human means that he should,be grieved as such but they really dont,talk about it in the film the film does,use a really neat device during these,memories where characters will sometimes,repeat a line with a different,intonation or pacing these memories,almost being rewritten to better fit,compared to the recordings of yang that,are described as memories but are,basically just video this narrative,device and the overall plot point of,exploring yangs memory files are the,only ones that hint towards an,overarching idea memory and perspective,there are mentions given to other very,timely and interesting ideas for example,the right to repair,cloning data collection corporate spying,but again none of these are handled with,more than a terse acknowledgement before,being dismissed for rumination on memory,and how we will remember our loved ones,there are discoveries made in exploring,yangs memories that feel revelatory in,fact the music kind of swells and,characters display some emotion about it,but were never really let in on why,its significant as an example that kind,of ties in a couple of points ive made,its made clear very early on that jake,does not like clones for some reason his,neighbors daughters are clones and we,find out later in the film that a,character close to yang is a clone as,well and,thats about all we get about clones and,jake theres no further discussion,really other than the daughter of jakes,neighbor confirming hey you dont like,clones it doesnt really loop back into,character development or propel the,story in any meaningful way i dont have,issues normally with films that present,a collage of imagery music and,disconnected dialogue to build up to a,greater whole for example terence malik,films but this left me unsatisfying how,it insisted on not settling for anything,larger to say about anything in,particular i was waiting the whole time,for there to be some binding thesis to,tie everything together and there really,wasnt one part of this is due,unfortunately to just how understated,everything is well get musical cues,that tell us that certain memories and,moments are emotional but it doesnt,really show in the characters and their,actions compare how this film handles,understated acting and reaction to,someone like kelly reichardt and the,difference becomes much clearer,reichardts characters are still,emotional and reactive to moments even,when theres nothing being said and no,musical cues colin farrell is a great,actor but his stoicism here does him,really no favors one element i would,feel remiss not to bring up is that,kokonadas future is diverse yet still,leans into the tired,techno-orientalism which feels odd,especially when combined with two of the,chinese characters in the film one the,daughter who doesnt know anything about,her heritage and the other is a robot,merely programmed to be chinese while,writing this out this idea of defining,culture and heritage is actually,interesting especially when the main,character is a career tea enthusiast and,purveyor as a white man it feels like a,chance to make a statement about or,acknowledge the tired sci-fi trope of,technical orientalism or reframe it with,two characters struggling with identity,amidst cultural delusion and,dissemination or at the very least,expand on the idea that yang is,physically chinese and programmed to be,so but what does it mean to be chinese,or what does it mean to have a cultural,heritage but the film whether it intends,to or not ask these questions without,providing any other prompts insight or,purpose this is a film whose synopsis,was an easy sell for me a style-centric,auteur a slow burn drama and sci-fi,humanism in practice though it doesnt,do enough new to stand out nor is it,focused enough on any particular idea to,make a meaningful statement or,observation about them style-wise,coconada excels as he did in his,previous film columbus but while,columbus had a wonderful couple at its,center and an overarching theme in the,dressings of modernism in the 21st,century this feels unrealized,science fiction can provide a great,domain to explore philosophy,socioeconomic issues and the very nature,of humanity itself but it can also be a,trap where its easy to lose focus and,unfortunately it feels like coconutta,fell into that trap,[Music],[Music]

After Yang – Movie Review

[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],whats going on everyone welcome to,movie emporias movie review of after,yang the newest phone from director,kaganata now before we begin if you like,this channel awesome hit the subscribe,button to join movie emporium hit that,notification bell top the front is,coming next if you like this video,awesome hit that like button as well as,commenting below on avh watch including,this one so taking place several decades,in the future far enough in the future,that we we dont have this technology,yet but close enough that were getting,close to like classes with alternate,reality ar technology and synthetic life,forms uh we have this family who are,played by of course colin farrell and of,course jody turner smith they have a,young daughter named micah and they also,have a synthetic life form named yang,which is you know as the title of the,movie yang is an individual that is a,second,second natured uh,synthetic life form hes a pass down,hes someone that you know these this,family has bought a second-rate store,and in the process of everything yang,has basically raised micah whos very,close to this uh synthetic life form,named yang and basically what ends up,happening is yang starts to break down,because hes very old hes like a,hand-me-down in a lot of aspects but,what the real catch of this movie is is,as they find out that yang is almost,basically uh unfixable in a lot of,aspects it causes this character played,by colin farrell to basically you know,research the memories of yang to kind of,gather what he knows because he seems to,be coming more and more humanistic in,his approach and it leads down a road,that colin farrells character is not,expecting and so this film premiered at,the cam film festival in july of last,year of 2021 it garnered pretty,favorable reviews picked up by 824 was,given a sundance film premiere type,situation which a lot of people got to,see and really love this film so it was,a very emotional journey colin farrell,is really good in it so that,automatically makes me want to see it,colin farrell was already amazing in the,batman in 2021 or 2022 and here he is,with another film coming out he actually,has two more films with two big,directors coming out later on so this,might be the year of colin farrell i,dont know so i was able to finally get,a chance to see this movie and uh yeah,if the the trajectory keeps going this,is the year colin farrell because hes,absolutely riveting in this movie but,this movie is also fantastic its a,movie very emotional very heartwarming,but very melancholy in its nature,because its a movie about our existence,as humans how we look at our life how we,are so focused on one situation that we,never kind of focus on the the the life,that we lead and the people we leave,behind and how we kind of introduce,ourselves to that situation and its a,movie about a synthetic robot that sees,more in life than the actual humans that,are living in that world and its just,such an emotional journey for 95 minutes,that youre just completely enthralled,by the situation the director that is,kaganata and his cinematographer,benjamin loeb who actually did mandy,create this world that is very kind of,its soft and its,very strange but its also very just,kind of beautiful to look at the,landscapes are gorgeous the world is,gorgeous but the thing about this movie,that is really telling is how colin,farrell views this world how it takes,somebody like yang whos a synthetic,life form to kind of open his eyes to,his family you know he wears he puts on,glasses which look like reading glasses,which are ar visual glasses and he once,yang breaks down and hes having to go,through the situation of his daughter,not liking the fact that yang cant be,brought back to life and the fact that,they have they want to put him into a,museum or they just cant bring him back,so they want to study him i guess you,could say when he puts on the glasses,and he starts seeing the memories of,yang it really opens his eyes to the,world around him and the beauty and the,nature and just how we just dont see,the world as it is were too focused on,something that doesnt even matter and,looking at the wider picture is a much,more important situation and then on top,of that you have haley richardson who,plays uh abba or aydah or something of,that nature and shes an individual that,this yang character is very focused on,and you see a lot of her videos in these,memories that colin farrell is watching,and you realize that,im not gonna spoil it for you but,theres a reason for that particular,reason theres a reason why yang is so,focused on her but it just its a very,beautiful and very mesmerizing just a,very heartwarming film but its so,melancholy in its nature on the simple,fact of you know lifes short you know,we get older we start to break down,things that we remember are stuck in our,memories and thats all we have when we,eventually go eventually pass away and,to watch colin farrells character who,is a very despondent t salesman go from,that to his eventual conclusion where he,opens up and realizes whats more,important,its an absolutely fantastic film it,like actually made me tear up a little,bit because of just how emotional you,became while watching this movie yes the,music by oscar in this movie is you know,its meant to kind of enhance that but,its just a very beautiful,you know very beautiful melody of just,filmmaking and just shots and how,everything plays out how quiet colin,farrell is playing the character and how,you know mesmerizing jody turner smiths,character is and of course mika which i,apologize she has like a really long,last name that ken fortune cant,pronounce but just the way she feels,like very connected to yang more than,she is to the family and how important,that kind of idea and concept really,plays into the film and like i said its,only 95 minutes long so its really,short but its really impactful it,really does a nice job of just telling,the story and making you feel heartfelt,as well as a little sad in the process,but thats the whole reason for this,movie is just to look at the wider,picture and not be so enclosed in the,space that you kind of find yourselves,in because we can get a little uh little,tunnel vision in our life and when we,open it up its actually surprising how,emotional it can become so this movie is,just its a symphony of just emotions,its a symphony of cinematography and,direction and it has great performances,and once again colin farrell just knocks,out the park his his transition from,what he did in the penguin to what hes,doing here is so dramatically different,its pretty impressive and i was trying,to find some like problems with this,film and i really couldnt find any,problems i think the major problem of,this film is the fact that we didnt get,a hour and a half uh,montage of that dance sequence that,plays as the intro its one of the best,intros ive ever seen its amazing it is,kinetic it is fun it is colorful it is,emboldened and just has a great tempo to,it its just its really its really,fantastic you definitely if you watch,anything from this movie if you get,anything out of this movie its just the,fun energetic and complete,control that kaganata has as a director,in directing this film and that intro is,just absolutely astounding so i can,watch that for an hour and a half and,just be fine with this maybe and give it,you know an a-plus but with that said,after yang is an emotionally resonant,film its an emotionally charged film,but its also a passionate film with a,lot of things to say about human life,and culture and how we have to look at,the view of the world as a very,beautiful but very melancholy place as,it you know as it starts to close down,as our life comes to that eventual,conclusion so with that said highly,recommended definitely check out it does,premiere on showtime and limited,theatrical run when it comes out but,otherwise definitely give it a look at,it so anyways

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