1. My HORRIBLE Experience with AIMOVIG – New Anti-CGRP Migraine Medication Review
  2. Aimovig Month 4 Review
  3. How to Choose the Best CGRP Injectable for YOUR Migraines
  4. Did Aimovig Cure My Headaches? | Month 2 Aimovig Injection Review | My Health Journey
  5. Does Aimovig Work? | Aimovig vs Emgality, Nurtec, Nerve Block Shots | Review On Migraine Medication
  6. Final Reviw on Aimovig (9 Months Use)
  7. Lessons on the side effects of CGRP antibodies in migraine

My HORRIBLE Experience with AIMOVIG – New Anti-CGRP Migraine Medication Review

whats up guys GRC here I know I havent,posted in a few months and I do,apologize for that to be honest I just,havent been feeling like doing it the,past month has actually been pretty,rough for me five weeks ago from this,past Saturday December 1st I actually,tried one of the new anti CG RP migraine,medications a movig and to put it mildly,my experience with the drug was [ __ ] it,was pretty awful for about two and a,half weeks my quality of life was I,dont want to say at an all-time low,because I have suffered worse but its,pretty close the real [ __ ] of the drug,is that its a monthly injection so side,effects are gonna last most likely for,at least two weeks thats actually one,thing I didnt account for when trying,the other medications you know if I have,a bad reaction or if its making me feel,like [ __ ] I can just stop it and the,symptoms go away within a day or two but,with this its its not the same and I,think thats part of my my experience,with it was so terrible thankfully there,are other there are two other cGMP,medications out at the time of this,video theres one more coming by alder,pharmaceuticals but I dont think thats,scheduled to be released for quite some,time if you dont know anything about,these new medications CGR P stands for,calcitonin gene related peptide I have,no idea what that means I just like to,sound smart so I memorized the the,acronym but I believe its a molecule,thats responsible for a lot of the,painful symptoms during a migraine so,these new medications are there actually,biologics what they do is so mo big,targets the C GRP receptor in the body,and the other two M gala tea and a Jovi,target the actual molecule C GRP so,thankfully,even though a movig was a terrible,experience I still do have at least two,other options to try which I will be,doing soon once I fully recover from,this god-awful drug now I didnt have,any serious or at least immediately,serious life-threatening reactions to,the drug it didnt put me in the,hospital or anything like that but it,did make me feel so bad that I was,suicidal for a short period of time the,main thing that kind of kept me going,and helped me push through was knowing,that what I was feeling and that the,side effects were just temporary and,that they were gonna wear off and,thankfully around the end of the,three-week mark I started to see that,but it seemed like the drug exacerbated,all my medical problems my headaches,increased in frequency and were more,severe my IBS which is for the most part,pretty much under control through,digestive enzymes and the fodmap diet I,follow it made that worse it reduced my,appetite and made me feel a little more,nauseous than usual,basically it felt like I had a slightly,upset stomach for about the first two,weeks not only that but my energy levels,were abysmal I couldnt focus or enjoy,much of anything even videogames,overwatch which I love to play I was,operating at maybe thirty forty percent,of the speed I usually am and I have to,attribute that to the increased pain,when youre in pain whether its your,head your arm your leg whatever it is it,can be very difficult to focus so,negatives with the drug you got worse,headaches worse stomach and worse energy,levels positives it was easy to use it,is a subcutaneous auto-injector its,fairly idiot-proof and my insurance also,thankfully covered it there was still a,$50 copay per month so it could have,been better could have been worse,without insurance Ive read it can cost,up to seven thousand dollars a year but,this is just my personal opinion and,review of the drug I know that everyone,is different,particularly when it comes to migraine,and what drugs will work for them so,feel free to take this review with a,grain of salt if I could go back in time,though I would completely skip a movig,and definitely try M Gala tea or a Jovi,first anyway guys this gonna do it for,this video I know it was a little,different than what you were probably,expecting but I felt like it was,something that I needed to get off my,chest I do have plans to do a mouse,review for my next video it will be on,the gigabyte horas m3 Gaming Mouse which,Ive used for about the past six eight,weeks now and spoiler alert it is my new,favourite at least in terms of shape so,if you have a hand size thats similar,to mine 20 by 10 centimeters youll want,to stay tuned for that,thanks for watching and Ill see you,guys in the next one peace

Aimovig Month 4 Review

so um I posted on Instagram the other,day a review on am a big Im currently,at for four months of being on am a,vague um lets see theres pros and cons,to it it is theres only four medicines,out there just dedicated for people who,suffer with migraines and Amba Vick is,one of them and I happened to be on am a,vague how I got everything I actually,had to apply on their pharmaceutical,what page and I ended up getting it for,free for one year but I just doctor,yesterday and I been updated to two,injections per month two injections per,month so Im no longer on 70 milligrams,Im going to be on 140 lets see I did,not have any migraines for three about,four months about March account I did,inject enlarge so no I had Ive had no,zero absolute zero migraines and if I,did have a migraine it was just like a,headache it wasnt even like a migraine,um yes this does work it works amazingly,if you cant get it go through the,pharma school company I dont know if,they still have a program going and if,they dont I think your doctor can,provide it for you so anyway so I,started I went to the doctors I got two,injections per month because for me um,70 milligrams stopped working because,the whole month of March and now Ive,had a migraine every day continuously so,I went up to 140 so lets talk about,some of the side effects for me I get,constipation the first week I inject,which is mainly everybody gets,constipation thats like the number ones,like side effects um a lot of people,theres its only that theres no anyway,printed side effects given yet a lot of,people experience mood swings and their,hair falls out but your hair only starts,falling out once you get to 140,milligrams so theres only two doses of,dosages 70 and 140 so Im going to go on,to 140 people lose their hair and clumps,like chemo because what the medicine,does is just restricts blood flow to the,brain so once since medicine does that,youll have hair follicles so since,theres not a lot of blood going to your,brain your hair follicles will start,shrinking and your hair will fall out,basically so Im not too worried about,that Ive said that to my friends in my,family and my boyfriend since I started,the am a big hair doesnt define you,hair grows back theres wigs good rock,being bald,theres a bunch like if youre confident,that youre confident or not youre not,um I personally think that am a big,works amazingly I do not have to take,any more other medicine preventative on,animate because there is people who take,and a big and something else on top of,it but for me I just take am a big its,really up to how you react if youre if,youre going to decide to ask for it,its everyone is reacts differently to,medicine but for me and with a from from,early on it worked,fanatically fantastically I was shocked,Ive never felt so amazing in my life,until I was on this jar like I was,amazing like I highly recommend asking,our doctor Frank,for now I will go now a whole new year,just of two injections so Im no longer,on one injection Im on two now and,well see where that goes,um I know theres a badge a with an S,now and theres another one theres four,dedicated my green medicines out there,right now um but this is just my four,months of review on it so the fourth,month for me the medicine stopped,working and Im back to square one but,on Thursday I will now inject with two,injections so Im excited to see the,results on that um,Im not scared of my hair falling out,like I said yeah I mean I dont think my,review is all that well put out but it,was kind of short and simple but I just,this is my review on how my body reacted,to Amma vague you might be different and,might not even work for you so yeah okay

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How to Choose the Best CGRP Injectable for YOUR Migraines

Aimovig, Ajovy and Emgality. Three amazing new migraine prevention,treatment options that I call the CGRP injectables. Theyre transforming the,lives of people living with migraine and with three options to choose from so,many people are asking “Which CGRP is right for me?”,On this episode of The Headache Channel,Welcome to the headache vlog Im dr. Alexander krob Im a full time,board-certified headache medicine doctor and Ive helped thousands of people,living with headache live better I created the headache vlog,to provide a space for information that you can use to live better too before we,proceed with todays episode a few important notes first of all the,headache vlog is for information and entertainment purposes only,it is not medical advice if you need medical advice please see your doctor so,the C GRP injectables aim of aghh a Jo V and M gala tr3 amazing new preventive,options that are really transforming the lives of people living with migraine,they are part of the most important thing that someone living with migraine,can do and that is to practice prevention now prevention is not what,you do when you get a migraine preventive things tend to be things that,you do on a regular basis whether or not you have a migraine headache and the,goals of prevention are to reduce the number of days that you experience a,migraine to make the attacks less severe and to make them respond better to the,treatments that you take when you do get a migraine you should think about and,talk to your doctor about prevention if you are having four or more days of,migraine in any given month or if you are missing work or school or leaving,early two or more days a month prevention can take many forms often,starting with lifestyle changes including avoiding caffeine and getting,regular sleep prevention can also involve vitamins herbs and other,nutritional supplements but for many people migraine prevention involves,taking one or more preventive medications the traditional migraine,preventive medications are what I call the platform treatments and they are,propranolol amitriptyline,divalproex or depakote and topiramate also called topamax theres also trow,candy and other variations of topiramate all of these medications are pills,theyve been around for years they were not really created for headache,diagnosis they were created for other problems but used over the years and,actually found to be helpful and theyve helped many people even Botox was,created for cosmetic purposes and only accidentally found to be helpful for,migraine but what if youve tried these and youre still not getting to your,goal of fewer migraines thats where these see GRP injectables come in these,are really exciting new treatments for the first time in the history of forever,we have migraine treatments that werent just found accidentally they were,created with an understanding of how migraines happen in the brain so we have,these three exciting new treatments how do you tell which one is best for you,when youre deciding about a medicine theres really four types of decision,factors the first is effectiveness the second one is side-effects or safety,third we always think a little bit about cost and fourth are various other,factors your doctor and you will have a conversation regarding the effectiveness,and side-effects of the sea GRP injectable medications this will be a,short conversation because on the good side these medications have very few,side effects which we will get into later and on the bad side none of these,medications has been compared against any of the others and so no one knows,which medication is best for any particular person or situation I will,say that again no one knows which one of these drugs is the best things like cost,and various other factors are probably more personal decisions that you will,make on your own with that in mind lets look at which of these factors the C GRP,injectables havent and where there are differences that,could be important for your decision first lets talk about similarities that,all of these see GRP treatments have in common to begin with these are all,injections that you do yourself the needles involved are all small and the,injections are skin deep injection techniques are similar you inject into,healthy skin which means no tattoos stretch marks scars veins or other,abnormal skin youre going to use clean hands and clean the area with an alcohol,swab before injecting also all of these medicines can be injected once a month,there is an exception that Ill talk about later they all share similar,injection sites either the front of the thigh or the tummy some of the medicines,have other injection sites that you can also use all of these medicines have to,be refrigerated when you pick them up from the pharmacy they should be cool to,the touch and if they arent start asking questions treat them like milk,dont put them next to the rotisserie chicken keep them with the cool things,and when you get home put them in the fridge in their original box when you,are ready to use them take them out of the fridge and let them come to room,temperature naturally for 30 minutes dont use hot water a microwave or a,hairdryer these medicines also have no interactions with any other medications,so if you take medications for headache or other conditions interactions should,not be an issue and you should not have to stop other treatments this means that,the C GRP injectables are very different from the platform drugs where,side-effects and drug interactions were fairly common unfortunately all of these,medicines are very expensive they can be 500 or 600 dollars a month if you pay,full retail price but they all come with some form of savings program that can,reduce your cost if youre commercially insured to about 5 dollars a month or,less at least for the first year or so all of,these medicines can work really fast often with results starting in the first,month and they all have demonstrated dramatic results in many cases some,people are reporting fifty seventy-five or even one hundred percent reduction in,their migraine attacks these medications also share similar side effects but the,overall number of side effects is actually quite few especially compared,to the platform prevention treatments the more common side effect that they,all share is what is called an injection site reaction and this happens somewhere,around ten to thirty percent of the time most people have had some kind of,injection site reaction because most of us have had a flu shot injection site,reactions include things like feeling the needle or getting a drop of blood or,a bruise or an itchy or sore or red lump or spot at or close to the injection,site far less common are more serious side effects and for the C GRP,injectable drugs there are really two one is sort of a milder allergic,reaction like a rash and a more severe one is angioedema which is swelling of,the lips or tongue or even of the throat now I have not seen any of these more,serious reactions but they have been reported to happen another thing these,treatments have in common is that we know nothing about their safety either,good or bad when it comes to pregnancy or breastfeeding so you shouldnt use,them if you are pregnant or breastfeeding and because these,medicines can stay in your body for five months after your last dose you should,stop them five or six months before becoming pregnant weve now talked about,features that all three see GRP injectables have in common now lets,talk about some differences a movig was the first C GRP injectable,on the market it is available as either a 70 or 100 40 milligram dose that you,will take once a month you take a movig using the auto injector which most,people find very easy to use and not that uncomfortable the important thing,to understand about a movig is that in addition to the two side effects that I,mentioned that all of the SI GRP injectables share aim of egg has an,additional two side effects so

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Did Aimovig Cure My Headaches? | Month 2 Aimovig Injection Review | My Health Journey

hi guys welcome back to my health,journey um as you guys,know i just recently started my,treatment for aimovig,last month and um it was actually my,first dose if you havent watched that,and you guys want to watch it so that,you guys can follow me on this journey,im gonna leave a link down right here,for you guys so you guys can check it,out and then this is my second doe,so im really excited and yeah lets see,how it goes,hi guys welcome back to my channel for,todays video im going to be showing,you guys,the process of my second dose of a mavic,its finally been,a month since ive gotten my first one,and i didnt feel,any difference from my first stills like,i mentioned in my last video,um it is gonna take maybe two or no im,sorry like three to four doses before i,start feeling anything,however the only thing i did feel from,the first,dose the first couple of days after i,got it i felt the relief,or thats like the best way to put it i,usually feel like some pressure on this,side of my head when i have headaches,but,when i got the dose like couple days,after that i started feeling like a,relief,um right now i do feel the pressure,again but i think its because you know,its,its more off or maybe its just you,know my bodys barely getting used to it,but yeah this is my second dose and im,really excited im hoping that you know,within time after maybe three or four,doses ill start feeling a lot better,i dont have migraines but i do have a,lot of similar symptoms to migraines and,thats why i decided to try emovig,if you do have chronic migraines though,definitely look into it because i know a,lot i personally know a lot of people,whove tried it,and i know one of my friends from high,school shes actually on it and i,she said she got really good results,from it and then i know a couple of,other people who have tried it and it,does help them out so if you do have,chronic migraines definitely look into,that,i dont have migraines but im you know,im giving it my all and im having so,much positivity towards the medication,or the treatment hoping that you know it,does,help me out and i dont have so many,headaches throughout the week because,usually i have about five to six,headaches during the week,and its not like an hour or two its,literally like ill wake up with the,headache and then i,fall asleep with the headache so its,like an entire day thing so even though,it might not take the headache away at,least im just hoping that itll reduce,the headaches that i have,thatll be great but yeah im going to,show you guys the process to it and how,i do it i dont personally do it on my,own my husband does help me do it,because i am scared of needles,and its just easier for me i was told,you can choose three different spots in,your own body to get the,injection which is your thigh your arm,or your stomach,and i chose my stomach just like you,guys saw last time because,i felt like it was gonna be less painful,since its easier,to grip and i have more fat there but,im not gonna lie it did hurt and it,bruised up really bad,im just sensitive like that i bruised,up really easily so if i hit my arm on,anything or my leg ill start getting a,really bad bruise,but my stomach did bruise up really bad,and i did it was swollen for a few days,um but you know after maybe like a week,or two,the room started going away so dont get,scared if you do get it and you bruise,up really bad because i,was told its gonna happen anyways but,yeah lets get into it and then ill,show you guys how it goes,all right guys so here we have my second,dose of avavig,im actually really excited and im not,as nervous i was as i was last time,flashback oh my god im gonna die,and a flashback everything is pretty,much the same,if you like i said if you havent,watched my first video you can,definitely go watch it so you guys can,see and get a little bit more,information on how the injection works,but um yeah its the same dosage,and same pan so im going to do it on my,stomach while im going to have my,husband do it on my stomach just because,its easier for me and,i feel like you know my thigh on my arm,its going to hurt a lot more,but yeah lets get into the shot and,lets see how this goes remember last,time i did actually bleed so im hoping,and praying that this,time i dont bleed because i did bleed a,lot last time yeah lets get into it,all right guys so i am getting ready to,get my shot,my husband is getting everything ready,for me um,im a little nervous now actually just,because i see the gloves and i see the,alcohol pads and its like i know its,good i know its serious now,but um i do have a mickey band-aid so,thats the only thing that makes me feel,a little good about myself so cute,but i am going to get it right here,just because this is where i have more,fat and you can actually,grab it so yeah lets get into,it oh my god,oh no right here on this area,oh my god oh i had a tanning lotion so,it might be orange,i look like a carrot you guys,dont come for me in my little little,fat oh my god thats a three shot,yeah oh no last time you fooled me,though,if you guys see the first video you guys,are gonna see that he went on two,instead of three and i was,freaking out after oh my god,okay thats what she said,okay yeah you can alright oh my god wait,go oh,ah this hurts,i cannot be the only one thats scared,of needles and shots,but oh look i actually didnt beat this,time did it go,i felt that yeah i felt that i thought,you pinched me,what the heck,my bodys rejecting it did you ruin my,shot i cant get another one,okay oh i have to do it roughly oh,i guess ah,oh my god i hurt so,bad oh my god i feel so dizzy oh,i i see stars,oh that hurts so bad,i want to cry why are you laughing,youre evil,because youre over here pretending like,you got a shot when the needle didnt,even enjoy it it did i felt it thats,why i was like hell yeah this one does,not hurt,this this one this one hurts,so much i got a boo-boo,look at that,that hurts so bad oh my god you guys,that was so painful like like really,really,really painful worse than last one yeah,way worse,not as bloody and nasty thats what she,said,this hurts it hurts when i sit actually,yeah its things really really really,bad you guys,well that was my second dose and that,didnt go that well,i really thought that the first time,that he injected,that it was a shot and i was so happy,because i just felt a little pinched and,it was nothing like,the second time that hurt really bad oh,my god,but then again im a chicken so you know,you guys might have a higher tolerance,pain or pain tolerance because i dont,but yeah that was my second dose you,guys and i,hope that it works and i hope that i,feel a lot better now that i have a,second dose rather than the first one,but yeah i will see you guys on my next,video,and i will also keep you guys updated,and ill let you guys know how it goes,if you guys want to see more of this or,if you guys you know want to know more,leave a comment down below and dont,forget to like and subscribe to my,channel,and i will see you guys in the next time,[Music]

Does Aimovig Work? | Aimovig vs Emgality, Nurtec, Nerve Block Shots | Review On Migraine Medication

oh my god im gonna die you guys,hi guys welcome back to another video um,todays video is going to be,very different than any of my videos im,actually going to bring you guys along,with,through the process of this new,prescription that i just got today and,im very excited to try it,because as you guys know i normally get,nerf block shots to my head,every three to like six weeks but this,time,i actually get to do the shot myself and,its not in my head thank god,um i forgot how i heard about it um i,could have sworn somebody mentioned it,before,but my doctor had told me about it,recently and i was like you know what i,want to try it out i dont have,migraines this actually is a product for,migraines and my,my headaches are not migraines but i do,have very similar symptoms,so i was like you know what let me try,it out maybe it might not take the pain,away but it might ease the pain,so yeah im really excited and you know,i hope it does work because,for 640 each dose it better do some type,of magic in there but yeah so im,actually going to give this shot,on my stomach you can do it either on,your arm,your leg and your stomach but im going,to choose my stomach because thats,where i have the most fat,and i hope it doesnt hurt i mean it,cant hurt as bad as the ones in my head,because,those hurt like those are so painful so,yeah im really really excited,hopefully fingers crossed it somehow,eases the pain because its been,very bad so yeah lets see how this,works ive never tried it before this is,my first time trying it out,and im gonna start with i told my,doctor i wanted to start with the small,dosage,theres like a 70 milligram which is the,one that i have,and then theres uh 140 i believe or,like 150 140 i believe this other one,but yeah i was like i want to try small,because you know you never know what if,i get a different reaction or i mean a,bad reaction or whatever it doesnt work,out so i was like you know what lets,just go small first and yeah so,hopefully,fingers crossed that it works if it,works in,any way shape or form for me even if,its just like a little bit i will let,you guys know because i do know a lot of,people that have migraines and you know,it,sucks i i dont have migraines but like,i said being in pain every day with a,headache,its the worst so if you do have um,migraines definitely look into it if it,does help me out ill let you guys know,the product or the thing is called aim,of it i think,yeah aim of it so yeah hopefully this,works so lets get into it and ill show,you guys how were supposed to do it,because it is my first time doing it on,my own so im going to have my hat,my husband help me out because i am a,little nervous im not going to lie,but yeah lets get into it okay so this,is a product right here like i mentioned,it is a 70 milligram there is a bigger,dosage but you know im,very freaked out about these things so,were gonna do the small one,and this is what it looks like these are,the instructions my doctor,already went over the instructions with,me earlier today,but this is oh this is actually pretty,cool so this is what it looks like,and as you guys can see theres like,some fluid in there,and then you dont remove the white cap,i think until you are ready to go,for my understanding and yeah this is,actually pretty cool,and this is the instructions let me move,this to the side so ill show you guys,im actually super excited because i,hate going to the doctor and getting,shots,so i was like you know what if i can do,it at home and if it can just ease the,pain,a bit i am good to go because i hate,taking prescription medication thats if,you know me on a personal level you know,i,hate hate taking pills thats like my,biggest,no-no so were gonna do the pinch method,today which is this one,and pretty much im supposed to remove,the white cap he told me,and then press it into my stomach and,then i will press,i dont know what little button it is,and once it turns yellow im good to go,but yeah so this is what it looks like,and yeah so hopefully,this helps me out because i dont know,what else to try,im seriously like losing hope on,everything so,yeah lets get into it and hopefully it,helps me out,okay so we are going to get started i,couldnt find the alcohol so im just,gonna use that,dont come for me in my fat cup because,you know it cant work out even if i,wanted to,careful because it hurts still,youve got to be nice and gentle all,right so the first step you guys are,going to do,is shes going to pinch this and,just make sure can i see it make sure,this is very,clear if its yellow or its broken that,means its been used and thats a big,no-no so,is it good did you check yeah youre,good okay so youre going to pinch or,you want me to pinch you do,all right so im going to pinch but,dont pinch it too hard im going to,move this white thing,and i do it at a 90 degree angle dont,stab me,push all the way in and once its all,the way in,im going to go ahead and press this,this is going to auto inject the needle,for 15 seconds and its its a needle,so theres going to be blood and stuff,so dont be scared and all that so you,just,mean dont be scared now if i die,if i die okay so you can do you can do,the stretch method,and do that but i think the long hair,wont hurt as much,and then cool you ready no not really,im terrified,oh my god please be gentle okay,so when you guys remove this it has to,be straight,oh jesus oh my god ow oh my god oh my,god oh my god,like that cool the needles in there,all right see,the needle so take that straight out,and oh my god right here,right there oh my god so are you gonna,do this wait wait wait let me breathe,hold on hold on hold on,im scared im really scared,all right well you dont want this to,dry out okay coco right here,you wanna zoom in so you can see it all,right,so im gonna push all the way in so i,gotta breathe in,no like nothings happening yet oh my,god okay,you want the count of one oh that hurts,youre pinching me,if youre pinching me too hard because,youre so skinny,youre not like you actually had fat fat,look i have like really big they did it,on me itd be no problem,all right slowly baby okay dont pinch,my heart,the count of three no okay yes,i dont know so im gonna do one okay,two three,my thing right okay you good you need to,breathe,i am nervous,okay im back i have taken about five,minutes because i started panicking i,hate needles like i,oh my god im so scared all right,okay guys we decided were gonna do it,on the count of three okay,okay yes hold on oh my god one,oh baby im scared ready yes one,uh-huh were gonna do one two three shot,yes yes all right,one,[Music],im gonna die you guys,so remember we said hold on not,to pat to rub were gonna pat oh my god,thats a lot of blood,dude yeah youre good youre good oh,youre a gangster you dug youre,gorgeous youre beautiful youre,precious,your,and my doctor told me that,this first dose is not even gonna count,i have to do a second dose for,me to start seeing any difference so,its a little bandage i got her oh,i got a mickey and minnie ill make her,feel good,okay okay i want to clean it more youre,good,i think im okay oh my god,there it is,all right guys so that was the first,dose,so whatever its called so,hopefully after i get my second one,itll itll work and i will feel a lot,better because im,sick and tired of having and like i,mentioned i dont like taking pills,thats just so yeah,i will keep you guys updated and i will,let you guys know how i feel,after i get the second one or if i see,or if i feel any differences,difference after this one ill let you,guys know because like i said i know a,lot of people that have,migraine and hopefully if it eases my,pain then i know for sure its going to,help you guys i have migraines so ill,keep you guys posted,and well see how this goes,alright guys so its been a little over,an hour that i got the shaw,and i feel fine right now i dont have,any side effects but then again they,could kick in a little bit after a,little bit longer

Final Reviw on Aimovig (9 Months Use)

so,this video is going to be on my last,final review,you on you could see it emma vig,am a vic my nine month,review also a little warning it is,thundering and lightning outside and,raining and youre going to hear my dog,bark a little bit because,hes scared of the thunder so anyways,so a couple months ago i made a four,month review which clearly i was really,wrong because,theres nine nine months,worth of boxes here so,anyways um this is my nine month review,um lets see lets go,back to when i was able to,obtain a ammo vig,in my hand oh this this one doesnt have,it,i want to show you guys what the what 40,milligrams,but 70 milligrams,looks like because i dont,know i threw out the injections okay,all right i cant show you that but,um i first started off with 70,milligrams,for roughly seven months,at the beginning it was like literally a,miracle drug,okay when i was able to obtain it in my,hand,i literally solved in my boyfriends arm,so i was like,so happy because it was such a long,process to get it with,fighting my insurance fighting with the,doctors but like the assistance,like i go to a new doctor now which im,really pleased and happy that i switched,but,at the time i was also fighting with the,stupid i dont know,theyre not stupid but theyre not the,brightest people,and youll know what i mean if you go to,the doctors a lot the girls that set the,desk,take care of your insurance i had to,fight,them the insurance,because they didnt believe that i tried,enough medicine to be on amavik but ive,had chronic migraines since i was like,in sixth grade,so ive been roughly on like 200 meds so,i think i,i qualify but it was me but anyways,so it was a long process and then i,finally obtained it,i finally had in my hand i went to the,pharmacy,i gave the pharmacy tech the little car,that amavi gives you for like a free,month a free year of,amit and i was set,i said i vividly remember that day like,it was yesterday i did my makeup all,like hot and [ __ ] like that day im like,hey,but um i vividly remember crying my eyes,out because i was like so,happy that i finally was able to obtain,it but anyways lets get into it,so i inject it on the fourth,of each month so you inject it once a,month,and some injection youre doing your,thighs,i think you could do it in your arms,ive never done it in my arms,i did it on my thigh the first time,around,and then all the other times ive done,it right here oh you could do it in your,belly fat,your thighs and your belly fat but i,seem to like it back here because,its like painless,so first three four months miracle,miracle miracle,five months comes around im still doing,pretty good i have like,basically no migraines like i could,leave the house without,my like abortive medicine thats like,how,amazing it was okay um,lets talk about side effects so um for,roughly,five months out of the nine months ive,been on amfig,every single time i injected the first,week i would experience constipate,constant constipation constipation,um extreme muscle spasms my period was,completely irregular,basically i was late like all the time,and i was like oh my god,but um oh and for some,the first like three months um,my vocal cords like the vocal cords and,like or whatever the box in your throat,the blood i dont even know if thats,really boxing,anyways that i wouldnt be able to talk,for more than like 10 minutes without my,throat,like hurting like my voice box was like,tired,so im assuming that was like part of,the muscle spasms so i didnt just get,them in my legs and feet i also got them,in my throat,which is bizarre um and my hair thinned,out it still falls out,um it falls out a lot in the shower,basically because your hair is wearing,all the heavy weight just,helps your hair fall out basically um,so those were like my main side effects,and then the first two months of,injecting,i drink on my medicine i dont know,if youre gonna follow it to the t you,probably,wont drink all the time on your,medicine but for me it doesnt really,affect me,but only the first month or two months,that i injected and if i drink i would,break into like a body rash,that was only if i drank like the first,two months,as time went on that didnt occur,anymore so i was like able to,just drink like im back in college,but um i guys i i,didnt go to college i mean i did i did,a semester,im technically an ekg technician,but um yeah i could drink like normal,person my age and i wont get the rash,anymore,so follow up um lets say i roughly at,six months thats when i started to,notice that my headaches were creeping,back,up and um thats also when i noticed,that i needed to switch,doctors because i just could not take,the purse the doctor i was with,i mean she didnt have the greatest,reviews on google,or like the webmd doctors things,but she was doable for the time that i,was with her,ill give her that but there came a,point that i finally just took,control of my own health and i didnt,have my mom walk in with me anymore,and she just didnt want to listen to,what i wanted to do with my,own health just because ive been in,this for a long time its not like,ive only been suffering with chronic,migraines for three years ive been,suffering chronic migraines i want to,say for like,17 years now which is a long time,so when i wanted to start am a vig she,had like a connection fred she wanted to,put me on top of max for like,for seven months straight and i was like,no like no ive read,everywhere that like topo max is awful,for you,um anyway so i end up switching doctors,and um,you know what i might actually recommend,them i dont know ill,ill debate on it ill if i recommend,them ill leave a link in the,description,if you have headaches and if you live in,new jersey,um,yes so at like six months they cropped,creeped up and by seven months,um i think by like the sixth to sixth,month going to seventh month,i ended up having such a bad migraines i,feel like i went to the hospital two,times,out of like in a short period time and,thats when i knew i was like okay i,need to switch medicines because,its not good its not good guys its,not good anyways,um so i switched doctors,she was like oh my god lets start you,on um 140 milligrams,of ammo vague and i was like thank you,the gods have spoken to me,and this is what the 140 milligrams of,amiv looks like,its completely different to um,completely oh is it upside down it,doesnt it is completely different,from the um 70 milligrams looks,completely different it has like whole,new color scheme and going,going on and um the needle is,definitely thicker than thicker than,the um 70 milligrams thats what i,definitely notice and its honestly a,little bit more painful,but um and the clicks are longer so like,you could just,tell its like bigger and why not,i dont know if you could see the needle,yeah you can see it kind of,um so i did 140 milligrams for,three months i think i just dont have,the other box,oh i did it for three months i threw out,some of the boxes,during my journey my three months,um i it was before 140 just one,injection came out so i had to,double it up so i have two extra boxes,of regular 70 milligrams in here,but um so i gave that three months i,surpassed what the pharmaceutical,companies want you to be on the medicine,for,they tell you give it seven months to,see a fully affected,effect but unfortunately for me this is,my,end to amivig and i will be switching,over to a new medicine,which im going to create like a little,series playlist on my channel im going,to do like,month by month review of the medicine,that i am,soon to be taking and thats going to,just be a new series a part of from like,my normal craft that i upload,too bye guys,so my heartbeat sound,we fell in love

Lessons on the side effects of CGRP antibodies in migraine

[Music],well cgrp,evolutionarily has been there for,450 million years since the cambrian,period,fish have cgrp reptiles,so,one thing is if evolution deems cgrp so,crucial in every organ system,we we cant ignore,evolution we ignore it at our peril,and looking head to toe cgrp does some,bad things like for migraine,creates inflammation,but it does a whole lot of good things,and,blocking it leads to side effects that,weve seen constipation,anxiety,joint pains and muscle pains,many serious ones such as stroke or,what we call rcvs ive seen in my my,clinic,uh the area posterima syndrome with,severe severe nausea and vomiting,and weight loss,or weight gain and hair loss,and depression,so theres been a smattering of others,uh,right now as of um,three years after these came out,we have almost 50 000 reports to the fda,now those are adverse events,so were not completely sure,that their adverse effects which is from,the drug,and we have almost 7 000 serious side,effects serious is hospitalization or,life-threatening,and only one to seven percent of serious,side effects are actually reported to,the fda,tom moore is an expert,on,adverse effects in clinical trials and,new drugs he edits this terrific online,journal quarter watch which goes over,all the new drugs and the side effects,and,in quarter watch he states that only one,to seven percent of serious ones we have,no idea how many non-serious are not,its a its a tiny fraction are actually,reported,so 50 000 in three years thats about,the same number as on a botulinum toxin,or botox,but in 29 years,so in 25 years of using botox every day,weve seen almost nothing almost no well,weve seen no serious side effects,and in my tiny practice just in,three years weve had four or five,serious side effects uh adverse effects,which were sure are from the drug,to the cgrp monoclonals,so,theres a number of reasons why,the studies miss the side effects,and one of those is that they dont use,a checklist,of,they just people come in and how are you,doing any problems any side effects how,you feeling and not much more than that,in the studies so we did a checklist,study where we looked at about 120,patients,and asked them,from a checklist of 18,common side effects that we saw from,cgrps,and we went over it with them and to be,an adverse effect,versus an adverse event i dont even,know why they,include adverse events and studies,because theyre just anything that can,happen on that drug,but we dont,care about anything that can happen,such as upper respiratory infection or,headache if its not related,what we really care about is whats from,that drug,so we did this study where we present we,asked them in the usual way first how,you doing any side effects,and then we presented the checklist and,went over each carefully defined,constipation,uh depression,joint pains,and,about two-thirds of the patients had at,least one more,adverse effect than just asking them in,the usual way,and some had two or three or four more,adverse effects so we should be,collecting,adverse effects,the studies also the phase three studies,are underpowered for,adverse effects they need another few,thousand patients,and theyre underpowered for time we we,really would need three years four years,and were just talking about short-term,side effects here,were not talking about long term long,term theres a lot of,scary possibilities to blocking,cgrps now i use these drugs,but i position them more as a last,resort,and im seeing because the pis are clean,we see,patients i had a patient in yesterday,who hadnt tried any preventives and the,neurologist had put,her on irenya nab,and she had side effects,so,i think that what happens in the studies,is,the side effects get,what we call disaggregated where,i might say im tired the next person,said they have melees,the next person somnolent,and theyre all two or three percent,and they come under the radar but when,we look,the actual,uh incidence of tiredness in that,population is six or seven percent but,it doesnt get listed,so disaggregations a problem the,underpowering the lack of a checklist,and the patients,really in the studies tend to be a,little milder,they dont have nearly as many,comorbidities,so we end up with a pi thats clean with,no side effects,and two or three years later,tons of side effects and,thats happened with a number of,monoclonal antibodies,and other drugs,so what are we supposed to do to,parse together the true adverse,event,adverse effect profile,we have to wait till it comes out,and then,nine months later a year later put,together multiple lines of evidence,which ive done,and those lines include all the case,reports that have come out since,and,uh studies our own experience,im on chat boards with 500 headache,providers so i get their feeling,and very importantly we monitor some,patient chat boards theres 70 000,people contributing,about cgrps,we went we actually went over,uh almost 3 000,uh,comments on patient chat boards and,parsed it down to,about,500,highly believable comments from the,patients,and we put those in our,database along with these others,and what happens is and we also look at,very importantly the fda website the fda,f-a-e-r-s website,which isnt perfect but,its the best we have so all these lines,of evidence sort of line up with these,cgrps,uh those side effects that i mentioned,constipation is the number one,theres already a black box warning,about,hypertension i believe,cgrp does a lot of good things and one,is a vasodilator and it prevents cons,hypertension,and weve seen the onset of hypertension,in some patients,theres a warning,uh also about constipation,it does a lot in the gi system,protecting from ulcers,wounds and skin healing,are crucial,are dependent upon cgrp and none of this,was studied in studies uh hormonal,effects we have no idea about,ive asked the companies and to date,they havent published,on hormonal effects and and some young,people a lot of young people are,starting to take these and theyre,looking at them in adolescence theyre,not officially approved yet,uh theres,many other possible,effects on bone healing and bone,metabolism we need cgrp,so in young people,or in older people is this going to be a,problem after age 70 our cgrp goes down,[Music],and blocking it whats the effect,theres a lot of older folks,on these,on these drugs are we going to have,worse strokes worse heart attacks,we dont really know yet,and again im just talking about,short-term side effects long-term,you know i always say use new drugs a,lot while theyre still safe because we,never know and,we would have to wait five ten years,to see some of the long-term effects,they do have some uh,amgen does have some five-year data and,thats nice,but really we we really dont know,and theres a lot of other effects of,cgrp,uh with sepsis you need it,uh under stress it hasnt been checked,or tested,blocking cgrp,um so the heart and stroke etc so,there are areas of the brain that these,big molecules can penetrate because,theyre not well protected from the,blood-brain barrier,such as part of the hypothalamus and the,pituitary,and the area post dreama so,because ive published a lot on this,i seem to get emails from patients from,doctors about serious adverse effects,from these,and this is typical doctor emailed me,about his wife,who was severely nauseous after taking a,cgrp,monoclonal,for three months in a row she was,severely nauseous two gi workups were,negative,and i said youre going to have to stop,it its probably the area post-screaming,syndrome with severe nausea,um,and he said well nothings on the pi and,the company,said they didnt know anything about it,and thats the problem,is if the company is not uh doesnt know,anything and the pi doesnt reveal,patients are minimized in their side,effects they go in and they say doctor i,am losing my hair,since being honest ive gained weight,doctor says well it cant possibly from,the be from the injection from the cgrp,monoclonal,and theyre minimized theyre dismissed,a

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