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AIRELOOM MATTRESS REVIEW – Aireloom preferred M2 + Plush luxe top plush mattress 2021 New models

whats up everyone richard the mattress,pro here and we are going to be talking,about heirloom mattresses today,whats heirloom have you heard of it i,dont know but now youre going to know,everything you need to know about nerlu,mattress so heirloom mattresses are some,of the most high-end mattresses you,could purchase today,in my opinion theyre the best of the,best mattress out doing tempur-pedic,even beautyrest serta these big name,brands theyve been around for over 70,years and heirloom is was officially,though the white house mattress,in the ronald reagan administration,every room in the in the white house was,an heirloom mattress and he would always,ask his guests how they slept because he,knew it was amazing,so heirloom mattresses most importantly,feel different than any other mattress,on the market today,thats partially due to the natural,ingredients that they use in their,patented heirloom lift but that patented,heirloom lift is youll notice all these,mattresses are all hand tufted you have,these little ropes,going throughout the whole mattress and,what that is is that holds everything,together without having to use any kind,of glues,when you add glues in a mattress in it,it interferes how the way uh the,mattress conforms to your body with you,know with the the comfort layers but,also the coils inside it doesnt get to,do its job properly but when you use,these hand tufts you dont have to use,any of these harmful glues,you just have these little ropes holding,the mattress together now a lot of,mattresses are tufted but heirloom uses,49 tufts in their queen size mattress,and youll notice the way they do it,its called a patented heirloom lift no,one else can copy this,these little these little ropes are,holding the whole thing together what,they do is they compress all these,luxurious materials in this mattress,then they release it the mattress,springs up so it always feels like,youre sleeping on the most supportive,cloud,you can even go a little bit softer than,you normally would with an heirloom,mattress and this one is one of the most,high-end mattresses you can get this,model is part of the new 2021 edition,its the uh,this one is the m2,plus,plush,now notice this is the night stars,collection however you can get this,mattress in a few different borders,around the side theres a white as like,a white color you have a silver,different stores have different,heirlooms made for them but ultimately,this is the most,luxurious model and,ill put names down below that cross,compared to other stores,this one here youre gonna get a tencel,panel so on this top layer,you have the its the this is the m2,plush its the lux top you have this top,layer has tencel its a tensile fiber,which comes from a eucalyptus tree its,going to keep you at a nice regulated,temperature,this,this year theyre focusing all on phase,change material and keeping you at a,nice regulated temperature because no,one likes sleeping hot uh you have silk,and wool fibers in this quilt too,um underneath that youre gonna have a,graphite visco which is a three three,and a half pound its a carbon infused,foam which is going to keep you at a,nice regulated temperature throughout,the night and it excels and conforming,to your body and excellent pressure,relief youre going to have natural,talalay latex which is infused with,celsium another phase change material,which is even cooler than the already,cool natural latex that youll get,on the market today,you have,thousands of micro coils in this,mattress so in the top of the line,heirlooms uh thousands of micro coils,and what those thousands of micro coils,do i always liken it too,if youre at a say youre at a concert,right and you stage dive into the,audience and you got you got eight,people holding you up theres eight,hands what happens is youre gonna feel,those eight hands that pressure now,imagine if you were to jump in and you,feel thousands of hands youre not gonna,feel a thing its like youre sleeping,on a cloud and thats exactly what you,get in this heirloom super heavy but,dont worry its one-sided you dont,have to flip it over to the other side,you have eight pounds of organic cotton,in these mattresses just like last year,and what thats going to do again,support your body really nicely,if youre going to sleep nice and cool,because nobody likes sleeping hot,thats a no-no so with this mattress,its gonna sleep cool,be super comfortable and last,15 to 20 years,now i guarantee the best price on all my,heirlooms at mattress pros culver city,you can text me richard the mattress pro,818-720-6743 were in culver city we,ship anywhere you need an heirloom well,get it to you,i also wanted to mention,that these mattresses also have a topper,that you can add on top of this mattress,i think the m2 plush feels incredible,and you dont even need the topper but,if you want the most luxurious,experience,you could purchase,this luxury pad,this is a its a external topper you can,add it on to any one of these heirloom,mattresses and it has little rings where,you can connect it to the,mattress itself it makes it super easy,to do so and what thats going to do is,thats going to add another layer of,that plush luxurious feel its going to,take your mattress to the next level,when you add this topper onto any one of,these heirloom mattresses in my opinion,the only mattresses that compare,youre going to have to spend 20 30 40,50 000,on a mattress maybe even more believe me,they exist,so if you guys want to check out the,heirlooms if you want to lie down in my,store or any other store let me know,free consultations give me a call at,eight one eight seven two zero six seven,four three its rich for the matches pro,and we are out

Aireloom Mattress bad reviews ??? The Truth. Educational Video

whats up guys,richard the mattress pro,and,ive been getting a lot of questions,and this comes up and im sure if you,found this video you have asked this,question,yourself whats up with the bad heirloom,mattress reviews,like you look online right and you see a,few reviews about heirloom and youre,like,theres a bad review here battery there,richard the mattress pro saying is,saying its awesome,the salesperson at this other store is,saying its awesome but i cant you know,im finding better views whats going on,im here to answer that question,so the first thing,that comes to my mind when people are,leaving reviews about mattresses is i,get it right,the bed in the box industry,has tons of tons of mattress reviews,and,my response to that is,you know its on their website right and,you could you could manipulate anything,on any website you could you can have,tons of fake reviews im not trying to,slander any company uh this is my,opinion but you can have a ton of fake,reviews you know 50 000 fake reviews and,you really think theyre going to leave,a bunch of negative reviews on their,service or on their website,uh you know i i have tons of customers,coming in telling me about their bad,experiences about you know say a certain,mattress company and we look online and,theyre the highest rated mattress,company with over fifty thousand hundred,thousand five star reviews how does that,happen now you look at heirloom a,luxurious brand,you know thousands of dollars and then,youre like,i see these bad reviews and i dont see,thousands of good reviews ill tell you,the reason,heirloom doesnt put up fake reviews,plus,the bad reviews usually when people are,happy ask yourself something,when youre happy with the mattress are,you gonna go home and write about how,happy you are about your mattress and,write it on,some website maybe the heirloom website,or any other website are you going to,say how happy you are at the website no,usually sometimes hopefully if you had a,good experience at the store you write a,good review about the store but youre,never going to write about how happy you,are,with this mattress and usually you know,if if youre really unhappy then you,might be motivated to write a bad review,but even then you probably arent,so,thats the first thing two,heirlooms they have tons of different,mattresses out there now they make for,department stores they have less,expensive mattresses like for macys you,see heirlooms on there for 1500 bucks,you know,1300 thats not even my wholesale cost,on some of these so,youll see them on there but theyll,originally say its five thousand,dollars so you think youre getting,something like this right you think,youre getting that five thousand dollar,matches but what actually happens is,youre getting you know a seven eight,hundred dollar mattress that theyre,pricing at fifteen sixteen hundred,dollars,and then when they do that your ex you,know the heirloom holds a high value,with that name so you get the heirloom,and then the mattress starts dipping and,sagging now i did some research being,you know richard the mattress pro i did,some research on these macys mattresses,or department stores mattresses and,youll notice they dont use latex a lot,of them,they dont you know they dont use micro,coils if they do use the latex but the,more important thing is their support,system all these mattresses in the,preferred line have over 840,solid coil support system the macys one,has less than half of that a lot of them,have 400 coils its crazy so what do you,do whats going to happen of course its,going to sink of course its going to,dip in zag,youre not getting that 5 000 mattress,that you think it is so thats the thing,you know you oh heirloom has so many,different types of mattresses and then,they have lesser quality ones and then,people get those and then theyre,unhappy they write reviews about it and,then its a bad review so that bad,review on that mattress isnt the you,know isnt a review on this mattress the,preferred line which is their best line,so thats thats one thing right,then,people that are buying the preferred,line the best of the best usually you,know theyre busy individuals theyre,working hard because you work hard you,deserve something like this you deserve,a five six thousand dollar mattress but,when you work hard that usually comes,with a lot of time and your time is,valuable and you dont have the time to,write an awesome review of this mattress,but you also dont have a time to write,a negative review about this mattress,youre probably not going to write any,review about it,and it goes back to my story of when,youre happy typically youre not,writing reviews,so,i sell heirloom mattresses obviously if,you see my videos i sell them,and you can text me directly im the,owner and i will give you the best deal,out there and ill ship it anywhere in,the united states,my number is 818-720-6743,and dont hesitate to text me or call me,anytime i would love to help you answer,more questions about heirlooms and help,fit you perfectly for these heirloom,mattresses all of them come with 10-year,warranties that we back in here for you,any kind of dipping and sagging over an,inch over the course of 10 years well,replace it i also give you a six month,trial period,so,let me know let me be your heirloom,mattress expert,eight one eight seven two zero six seven,four three richard the mattress pro and,were out guys have a great rest of your,day

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Aireloom M1 Luxetop Firm mattress Review

whats up guys my name is Richard the,mattress Pro were doing a brand new,video today were going to be doing a,mattress review on the heirloom M1 Lux,top firm and by far since Ive opened up,my store this has been the number one,selling heirloom that we have now what I,really like about this M1 Lux top firm,is you have a nice Firm support coil,were starting out out at the very base,that support coil is a 13.75 gauge coil,and it is super strong this coil is,going to be used in their premium,preferred collection beds its going to,be used as their firmer base coil but,with this mattress you have so many,different Comfort layers that youre,going to have that nice comfortable top,but that nice firm coil down below,this mattress works great for couples,where someone wants maybe a little bit,firmer but you also want a little bit of,that cushiness maybe you and your,partner are two different sizes its,going to accommodate both sleepers,really nicely and with that really,strong support quilt its going to last,for many years you can expect 12 to 15,years of longevity out of these,mattresses before they start dipping and,sagging what I love about heirloom the,most is they use their you know theyre,theyre all hand tufted which is great,the king size has 64 Tufts the queen,size is 49 Tufts and these Tufts here,hold everything together and what,heirloom does differently than any other,mattresses when they they put all this,organic material together they compress,the mattresses down they put these Tufts,through then they release it thats,going to do two things it creates a,natural air chamber within the mattress,itself which is known as their patented,heirloom left and what thats going to,do is it makes you feel like youre,floating on a cloud or it gives the,mattress a very unique feel of like,softness and comfort with with still,being supportive also its going to help,ensure that your mattress lasts a long,Time by making sure the materials arent,shifting around inside which is,excellent,as youll notice this is the night Stars,collection so it is going to have this,black border you do have these nice,shells on the side which looks really,elegant and beautiful but theres,different styles of heirlooms I only,have this collection,now,you have in this mattress youre going,to have that natural organic latex latex,comes from the sap of a rubber tree its,going to keep you at a nice regulated,temperature but its also going to give,you that buoyant feeling so youre,sleeping on top of it versus a memory,foam mattress where you sink inside and,its kind of hard to move around at,night this one youre gonna have that,nice latex it also keeps you nice and,cool that top cover is also going to,have 10 cell inside tencel comes from,the eucalyptus tree its going to keep,it a nice regulated temperature this,mattress is focused on keeping you nice,and cool,youre going to have thousands of micro,coils so in this mattress its called,the M1 that M will that m stands for,micro coils so youre going to have,thousands of microphones you have 2 400,in the king and you have 2 000 on the,queen size those micro coils are going,to support your body its going to give,your body that feeling of youre gonna,have that feeling of sleeping on top of,the mattress versus sinking inside but,also its going to feel nice and,supportive,you have eight pounds of organic cotton,which is standard with the all the,preferred collection models which was,great youre gonna have even more latex,heres those coils we were talking about,thats that 13 gauge coil you have on,the center and then youre also going to,have the soy based foam encased Edge on,the side of the mattress too which is,going to give you nice Edge support when,youre sleeping on the side or if youre,sitting on the side these mattresses are,adjustable base friendly which is great,so we definitely recommend pairing them,with an adjustable base,lets try it out see how it feels,its been a long day,were going to do is were going to lie,down,feels great on my back,Im a back sleeper my hips are sinking,in a little bit as my hips sinking its,conforming nicely to my lower back,I have a six one about 210 pounds,and feels great,you can you know if youre if youre a,big athlete you know you you weigh three,four hundred pounds this mattress will,support you as well or if youre a,little bit more petite this mattress is,going to feel great too because it does,have that nice Comfort layer on your,side,mattress my shoulder is able to sink in,but it doesnt feel too firm hips sink,in bodys nice and straight you got the,nice final alignment I feel it,absolutely no pressure points,its that perfect medium firm feel,so I highly recommend this mattress I,think its awesome incredible,and if youre looking for this mattress,I would love to help you out so shoot me,a text at,818-720-6743 thats my personal cell,phone number and Ill make sure to help,you out and give you the absolute best,service when helping me out with this,mattress here even its,818-720-6743 with heirloom you can only,expect the best and with me you can only,expect the best service text me anytime,Im so happy to help you out I can say,heirloom M1 Lux top firm shoot me a text,at,818-720-6743 and were out

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5 Best Mattresses 2022

hi there this is jerry thomas from,boulevard home and i am here to show you,the top five mattresses of course my top,five mattresses for 2022 and its not,going to be the least expensive,mattresses out there nor the most,expensive but its going to be the,mattresses that you need if you want a,better nights sleep in 2022.,all right here we are at number five on,jerrys list is the purple mattress this,mattress is amazing were going to talk,specifically about purples number one,selling mattress but i got to tell you,all the purple mattresses are amazing,all the way from the original purple all,the way up to the hybrid number four all,amazing mattresses really what makes,them unique is the gel grid right up on,the top its the only mattress out there,thats going to give you a firm support,when youre lying on your back yet,amazing pressure relief when youre,lying on your side it is the only,mattress in the industry that i know of,that can be firm and soft at the exact,same time so the check out the purple,mattresses it really does give you a,unique feel with extreme durability all,right number four king coil extended,life mattress theres really nothing,else in the industry like it out there,and the fact that this mattress has a 25,year warranty to only a half inch,impression thats that much and the,reason why they can do that is they use,graphite infused latex on top of a,wrapped coil to give you amazing support,but that graphite infused latex is does,two things ones it gives you really,good pressure relief but most,importantly it will totally eliminate,any body impressions so if youve had a,mattress where youve hated it because,of all these big body impressions or,king crown or all that kind of stuff the,king coil extended life is the mattress,for you 25 year warranty prorated after,15 years so say you have a mattress for,14 years and it gets a body impression,of more than a half inch youre going to,get a brand new mattress thats why king,coil extended life is number four on my,list for 2022. all right number three on,jerrys 2022 list the serta arctic,mattress this is a brand new mattress,out in the industry so its going to be,very very popular in 2022 not only in,jerrys list but in all kinds of,peoples lists if youre looking for a,cooling mattress this is where you need,to look it is now the coolest mattress,and its not just fonzy cool its cool,okay if youre looking for a cold,mattress thatll help you stay cool all,night and most importantly on this list,is help you sleep better in 2022,this is going to be a great mattress for,you i put it as number three on my list,because for overall not everybodys,looking for a cool mattress but for,anybody who is looking for a cooling,mattress this might be number one but,for right now were gonna go with number,three on 2022 jerrys list is the serta,arctic it comes in medium and plush and,again this is going to be a mattress,that stays cool all night long exactly,what you need for that great night sleep,all right were ready for number two the,heirloom m1 plush this is an amazing,mattress this happens to be the mattress,i sleep on so,obviously i think its an awesome,mattress unique thing about the heirloom,m1 plush is its not heirlooms most,expensive mattress but at the same time,it gives the pressure relief that every,single person out there needs and its,like sleeping on a cloud it really is it,uses latex talalay latex that really,kind of gives you almost a buoyant,feeling so you almost feel like youre,floating on the bed but at the same time,its got a pocketed coil inner spring,thats going to give you amazing support,its awesome for an adjustable base this,is the type of mattress you need if,youre that person who has a shoulder,pain hip pain this mattress is going to,solve it and its going to do what its,going to give you a better nights sleep,in 2022. all right were on jerrys list,of top mattresses for 2022 and were to,number one number one mattress for 2022,the tempur-pedic breeze and specifically,im gonna suggest the tempur-pedic luxe,breeze soft it is an amazing,tempur-pedic mattress that again like,the arctic mattress that was at number,three is going to give you amazing,cooling its again one of the only,mattresses out there that will give you,cooling all night long not just when you,go to sleep but all night long it uses,phase change material that really tries,to keep your body temperature low and,keeps you in that deep rem sleep i love,the soft version because it really does,great pressure relief on top of the,cooling so you get the best of both,worlds amazing tempur-pedic quality,pressure relief with the breeze cooling,really cant go bad with any,tempur-pedic mattress but that is going,to be jerrys number one mattress on the,list of best mattresses for 20 22. okay,were going to give you one more hot tip,for 2022,youve got to finish your mattress dont,just buy a mattress you need pillows,that make your sleeping surface perfect,and if you really want to make any of,these five mattresses even better you,need an adjustable base get a base that,has the head up the foot up maybe a,little bit of massage something thats,really going to cradle you and make even,the best mattress better all right check,out all the great videos on boulevard,home youtube channel but this is going,to be the best one if youre looking for,that great night sleep,sleep well my friend,[Music],you

Stearns & Foster mattress vs Aireloom Mattress which is better ?

whats up guys my name is richard the,mattress pro,today were going to be doing a video,comparing stearns and foster versus,heirloom mattress and which one you,should get now as you know my my youtube,channel is based around heirloom,mattress reviews,i specialize in airloom mattresses but,what you might not know is that ive,sold sterns and foster mattresses for,many years,but you know when i first got into the,industry i know a lot about them i know,customer experiences with them and i,know the differences between them and,heirloom,so,the first thing uh getting started with,this is,the tops,tufts are so important when it comes to,making a mattress especially when,purchasing a luxury mattress you want it,to last a long time and tufts are going,to do just that with heirlooms in the,king size youre going to have 63 tufts,and what this is going to do is its,going to hold everything together,without having to use adhesives,spray on glues and stuff thats going to,shift around but it also changes the way,it feels with that patented heirloom,lift youll see in my,videos i talk about that a lot it feels,different than any other mattress in the,world,now the sterns and foster,you could argue that they have tufts too,now this is true they do have about 12,tufts in their king size mattress,however,those 12 tufts arent really functional,its just sitting there maybe its going,to hold a little bit of the mattress,together but those are heavy mattresses,and i i dont think those 12 cups do,enough and its not going to change the,way the mattress feels its more,decorative and just to fit in with all,the other uh you know manufacturers that,are using tops,another thing that you know im not the,biggest fan of uh with stearns and,foster is yes theyve been around for,over 150 years and they used to make an,amazing product thats why they built,their name up to to who they are today,however they got bought out by sealy and,sealy you know mass you know they,mass-produce mattresses they have tons,of mattresses out there but what theyll,do,is they they add some of their sealy,products into those sterns and fosters,and,im not the biggest fan of that you know,they theyre not what they once were,back in the day and whats sad is people,expect so much from these sterns and,fosters because it lasted,you know 20 25 years but now theyre,getting that sterns and foster and its,maybe lasting four five years maybe,eight years but its not what it once,was theyre not the tanks that they once,were,whereas heirloom you know they make,their own coils they have the best of,the best products these are going to,last you 15 to 20 years,another thing is the materials used in,the mattress so,heirlooms theyre going to use,six you know six pounds of organic,cotton theyre going to use its 8,pounds of organic cotton theyre going,to use latex natural latex theyre going,to use micro coils,theyre their strongest support coils,theyre gonna use tencel whereas friends,and foster theyre gonna use a strong,coil but theyre also gonna use a ton of,memory foam so if you like a more memory,foam feeling mattress then youre,probably gonna like the sterns and,foster but at that point what i did when,i sold sterns and foster is i just,showed people the tempurpedics because,if you like memory foam why get one of,those traditional,looking and supposedly traditional,feeling mattresses so,if youre more into memory foam id say,probably go with the sterns and foster,but odds are you want something thats,not gonna feel like a memory foam,mattress,we touched on this earlier but a big,thing is longevity,ive experienced when i sold sterns and,foster i would have customers come you,know come in after sleeping on it for,you know a year two years even when they,first got it some sizing was off it just,wasnt right handles would come off,i would experience that all the time so,we had some customers who had bad,experiences when they first got the,mattress or maybe the mattress started,dipping and sagging quicker than it,should have and every time i sold a,sterns and foster i wanted my customers,to have the best experience but,i didnt know if they were going to get,a good batch and i think thats down to,the mattresses not really being handmade,anymore its more just mass produced,kind of like that sealy product,so thats one of my takes there,now,in terms of,you know the heirloom versus sterns and,foster theyre in two different price,categories,you know stearns and foster does have,mattresses at around two grand,so does heirloom but i think heirloom,sweet spot youre gonna be looking at,like you know three to five thousand i,think those are the some of the better,options they do have models that are,more expensive which are awesome too and,i think sterns and foster when you get,up to those more expensive mattresses,youre just getting a ton of memory foam,and its taking away from that awesome,feeling and plus i think theyre a,little overpriced for what they are,so im going to say heirloom is the,number one product if you want to get an,heirloom,shoot me a text message id love to help,you out my numbers eight one eight,seven two zero six seven four three i,also do know a ton about the,tempur-pedic lines and the sterns and,phosphorus if you wanna talk to me and,ask me questions about those id love to,help you out thank you so much richard,the mattress pro were out

What Mattress does the San Fransisco Ritz-Carlton use ?

whats up guys my name is richard the,mattress pro doing a brand new video,today,were gonna figure out what mattress the,ritz carlton in san francisco uses now,you can also use this video to figure,out what mattress your favorite hotel,mattress uses or your favorite hotel,uses so lets get to it so most hotels,are going to use beautyrest mattresses,they have a certain,deal with beautyrest beautyrest makes a,fine mattress and this one in particular,is one of the top of the line beautyrest,mattresses and good news for you this,isnt just an exclusive for ritz carlton,or an exclusive for a hotel the good,news is i can order the same style of,mattress its so easy and i can ship,anywhere in the united states,so check this out,this is the beautyrest black now this,one is a couple of years old they dont,make the exact same style this is more,from like the 2011,2012 era however theyve only made them,better and theyve stayed true to the,name,so with these beautyrest blocks they use,a triple braided pocketed coil,its a super firm support system so when,you lie down,this is a its called a luxury plush,model,which is more like just a uh just a,plush now but they use a triple braided,pocketed coil so when you lie down,its has a nice firm base but you do,have that plush top,i would say one out of 10 10 being the,firmness this is going to be like a nice,6.5,to 7,and it is ultra comfortable its going,to suit most sleepers,when you lie down,your hips sink in a little bit,as your hips sink in the mattress,conforms nicely to your lower back,relieving pressure when you turn to your,side its going to work well for a side,sleeper and these mattresses are made to,last a really long time because of that,triple braided pocketed coil were going,to start emphasizing our beautyrest,videos and also too im gonna put my,number uh on top of the video and you,could text me i can get you a mattress,anywhere in the united states the,beautyrest mattress will ship it out for,free white glove delivery,my cell phone is eight one eight seven,two zero,three so were sharing this with the,world youre going to speak directly,with me and im going to make sure to,take care of you also,this is how youre going to find out,what mattress the hotels use sometimes,this could be difficult because a lot of,companies a lot of hotels they put,mattress encasements around the mattress,so usually theyre fully enclosed but we,saw the beautyrest black but to actually,know this the model and the style,were gonna move the mattress here,and as we do this were going to lift up,they usually have like a little,protector,and youre going to see a tag here this,is where the tags located,and what were going to do,see look at this so this is going to,tell us whats inside but what you need,is,this here,so this is telling you its a beautyrest,black,tight top this ones called a napa,and you have the luxury plush which now,its just a plush,1050 tells you its a queen size but you,can also see that by looking at the,dimensions here,this just tells you its made by the,serta simmons manufacturing certificates,bedding tells you where it comes from,they have a plant you know northern,california they have a plant in southern,california and all over the united,states,so this is it guys this is,the ritz carlton mattress,san francisco shoot me a text message,818-720-6743 i would love to help you,out and were out guys

What is inside of an Aireloom Mattress ? Aireloom Video HD

whats up guys my name is richard the,mattress pro,were back again doing a brand new video,today were going to be asked asking the,question,answering the question whats inside of,an heirloom mattress,now i know i talk about this in most of,my videos however,i got this really cool demonstration,from heirloom they were kind enough to,send me this,its called pop,you know point of sale presentation,anyways kind of to send me this so i,could show you guys whats inside of an,heirloom mattress,first off notice these tufts this is,what i always talk about,so this is going to hold everything,together without having to use any glues,youll see it on this mattress here,and then youll see it on this little,demonstration now this goes usually,throughout the whole mattress holding,everything together however,in this little example they want to show,you what it looks like on the bottom end,you see how its holding everything in,there,now whats it holding,great question,you have latex latex is going to be the,primary comfort layer latex its a,natural tally latex this comes from the,sap of a rubber tree and what its made,to do is its advanced pressure,relieving material its made to give you,pressure relief but also support latex,itself,it comes in the sap of a rubber tree so,its really buoyant like rubber so,youre going to sleep on top of it,versus sinking inside of it,now,youre also going to have,two layers of micro coils this is the m2,plus,model so two layers of micro coils,youre going to see you have the micro,coil air here and then you have a small,micro coil layer here now what thats,going to do is thats going to aid in,you know for one pressure relief two,its going to give you that cloud like,feeling i like to describe it like if,you were at a rock concert or a rave and,you jump off in the audience you stage,dive everyones holding you say have,eight hands holding you youre gonna,feel those eight hands but if you have,thousands of hands holding you,its gonna feel like youre weightless,now this one has over four thousand,eight hundred coils its pretty amazing,so you get the picture youre not going,to feel any pressure points,also eight pounds of organic cotton this,is going to act almost like a spring but,its also going to be temperature,regulating,and also a cool material just like the,latex and the tensile fiber that that,mattress is you know thats wrapping,around that mattress here,youre also going to have additional,layers of latex so tons of latex in here,which is an expensive material but also,lasts a long time keeping you nice and,cool thats what youre going to have in,here,getting to the support system heirloom,makes their own coils and their coils,are made to last a really long time so,with heirloom,unlike any other company where these,other companies theyre just buying,their coils from another manufacturer,heirlooms making their own coils so,they can regulate,you know how much quality,is going into these products and they,want to make sure theyre using the,absolute best in their mattresses so,thats what youre getting youre only,getting the best,surrounding those coils you have a nice,soy based foam encasement now what this,is going to do is its going to give you,excellent edge support so when you or,your partner is sleeping close to the,edge you dont feel like youre falling,off and you get to enjoy the whole,mattress versus just a portion of it,guys you know i could ship these,anywhere in the united states and id,love to help you out my phone number is,818-720-6743,thats my personal cell phone number and,im crazy enough to give it to everyone,in the united states so text me,call my bluff on it and id love to get,you the best price on an heirloom,mattress guaranteed richard the mattress,pro and were out baby

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