1. I Saw This Super-Hit Indian Movie & It’s Absolutely Bonkers | Akhanda Review | Nandamuri Balakrishna
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I Saw This Super-Hit Indian Movie & It’s Absolutely Bonkers | Akhanda Review | Nandamuri Balakrishna

[Music],if you have been an ardent viewer on,this channel you know that ive had a,long relationship with nandamuri,balakrishna he has often featured in the,matlab koji series on this channel for,his over-the-top sequences in films and,recently the rather creepy social,context in the widening age gap with his,female heroines the fascinating part,about balaya is that he has a really,loyal and huge fan following that will,stick with the actor and his content,through thick and thin no matter how,preposterous it gets i could not watch,his film akanda in theaters but had to,do my due diligence by watching it on,disney plus hot star as now i have an,irreplaceable bond with the star meme,aura and legend that is balaya i,remember as everyone sang praises of,sarfata parambara i was told by many,tamil film fans to watch balas naan,kaduwal and agori chosen to end the,wickedness and sins committed by man not,only was the treatment sensible,thought-provoking and impactful but it,boasted of a real purpose akanda on the,other hand is on similar lines with,respect to themes its just that its,more loud obnoxious and caters to the,aura of nandamuri balakrishna the film,focuses on the birth of twins a god man,wants the father of the children that,one has been sent for the purpose of,this earth and the other the one that he,should abandon will cause absolute,destruction this then is followed by a,jump in the timeline where the parts of,both the brothers one who is a,celebrated farmer and the other the,embodiment of lord shiv somehow coincide,as they make an attempt in ending the,destruction being caused to the,environment and its people by a,notorious criminal im not going to,fully praise this film or bash it as it,is much more deeper than that so getting,right into it heres me telling you the,good and bad aspects of the film so that,you guys can ultimately decide whether,to watch it on disney plus hot star or,not balakrishna fans dream this movie,almost every frame of it is catered to,the aura and idea of what represents,nandamuri balakrishna he plays a farmer,who is responsible for ending factional,wars in his community but the makers go,out of their way to extend his,capability as a human this man murali,krishna has no blemishes he provides for,the underprivileged he provides,hospitals he gives out loans he beats up,bad guys with ease he lands the most,attractive girl in the movies universe,it all works perfectly for the man and,well he is perfect this film,wholeheartedly more than its content,celebrates the man in every shape and,form so for a balakrishna fan this movie,is going to be an absolute dream,whenever balia walks the wind blows and,the leaves ruffle and that is what the,film fans want every step movement and,dialogue be delivered with thummins,background score and slow motion shots,so that they can whistle cheer for the,man they adore a little bit of the same,is fine but to endure two hours and 47,minutes of the same can be absolutely,exhausting love affair and age,difference this is just another addition,to stars who have been in the industry,for years as they get older and older,their love interests get younger and,younger tell me whether im wrong or not,but is there a fatisization of,fair-skinned women in tamil and telugu,commercial cinema a number of times even,in this film beauty is immediately,equated to the complexion of the womans,skin has had years of actresses being,cast that do not speak a word of the,native language dont look like the,majority of women in that state and have,this obsession with fair women who are,definitely out of the actors league and,the men just look like the masses of the,state rajya jaiswal and her immediate,fascination for balayage just made me,scratch my head like many of his other,films where the most attractive women,just phone over him as if he is brad,pitt the 30-year age difference between,the actors is loud and clear and it was,quite uncomfortable to see the actor,barely being able to move as he dances,to jail balia let me know your thoughts,regarding the same in the comments below,the background score if you told me that,this movie is directed by tarman i,wouldnt bat an eyelid as essentially he,can easily be credited as the assistant,director or co-director of this film,because he is everywhere in this movie i,was hearing that there were warning,signs being put outside of cinema halls,giving audiences trigger warnings of the,loud background score that will assist,the storyline there is not a single,moment i can think of in this movie,where tarmans background score is not,present characters dont speak to one,another in this film they shout at one,another while tarmans background score,plays and makes its present felt loud,and clear this is all not that bad as he,complements the action sequences of this,film with great precision and i think,the creators know exactly what they are,doing as essentially this film is meant,for a theater experience and thaman hits,every right node to give you a mild,panic attack and heart palpitations if,youve been a part of this channel then,you know my biggest pet peeve is how,every sequence is assisted by a bgm this,at one point of time just gets plain,annoying but i cant blame the creators,for this is as they know what leads to,the maximum impact especially with the,mass telugu audience that immediately,gravitates towards such cinema its not,my cup of tea but each to their own,everyone shouting and hilarious action,the trigger warning is important to give,you again as the movie genuinely,represents everyone shouting at one,another there is no calm dialogue,between people and if you have a home,theater and watch this film i can assure,you that there will be noise complaints,from the neighbors because it will,genuinely sound like people fighting,with one another i definitely had to,take a break and step into the living,room for a breather because the assault,of the senses is very clear while the,action sequences involving the character,wakanda makes sense as he represents all,the strengths of the elements and is,superhuman in nature it is with murali,krishnas character that the action,sequences become full meri junk the one,man army set max rerun style bali are,still walking in slow motion as villains,just keep on rotating in the air the,mass set pieces are self-aware and,apparent but at one point of time it,just becomes hilarious the intention and,lessons more than the intensity of balya,that helps in elevating the overall,impact of this movie it is the writing,through the character of akanda that the,story makes its intention clear the,destruction of the environment is caused,by man with little to no immediate,repercussions but little does he know,that his selfish ways will have the,elements reply with their boundless,wrath something beyond mans control the,film provides a commentary on our,capitalist ways and how we are treading,on a path beyond repair the film aims at,educating on sanatana and the virtues,one must follow in being a responsible,individual on earth the purpose of,temples and what they represent the,presence of god and the respect one,should have for this gift provided by a,physical specimen that may not be,physically there in front of us but is,within each of our souls this is,communicated as akanda reprimands men,killing them left right and center,sometimes even innocent bystanders,because he has just had enough the,purpose that it wants to convey about,god the earth virtues and religion are,commendable but you cannot just give a,pass to a film because its messaging,solely is something you connect with the,film holistically has to work and it is,only in the last 30 minutes or so where,it truly shapes up to becoming cohesive,and impactful what i generally think is,that a mini series in the form of a,cartoon or a graphic novel with the,character of akanda will do wonders for,children as it will provide education,about every single topic that this movie,aims to shed l

Akhanda Movie Genuine Public Talk | Balakrishna | Boyapati Srinu | Manastars

इलेक्शन टिकट प्रिंस के लड्डू,अश्लील का डिब्बा हैव ओपनली पिछड़ों,पार्टी पिछले,बम भ्रम और एक्स्ट्रा रख यह तमन म्यूजिक,अधिकतम सीमा शर्मा शो मोर,कि विजेंद्र घाट बैंक 20182,कि अ नमक आलू चमकदार अविश्वसनीय होटल,आफ्टर लोज और कुचलें अंदर गुड अलग-अलग चली,गई पर लुटेरों ने मेरे पास आकर बहुत,मुबारक बात,हेलो फ्रेंड्स बहनें नंबर वॉल्व ऑफिसर,मान-सम्मान,मातरम,इंपोर्टेंट,बैकग्राउंड म्यूजिक को,यह आप में से एक है वह दाणा सेओ रा दाणा,सेओ रा दाणा ओ,कि सिनेमा म्यूजिक सुपरहिट गाना म्यूजिक,की के बालाजी बाबा क्षणों एलबम,[संगीत],प्ले करो,188 ऋतु फल पोस्टेड मार्च पास्ट सेंट्रल,इंस्टीट्यूट माहौल पैदा शीट लगी डॉक्टर,महाराज युधिष्ठिर वड़े,श्रीकांत,सुपरहिट सांग ओ,कि मनरेगा बड़े-बड़े कान बंद कैमरों के,वड़ों मजबुत राधे राधे राधे राधे राधे मां,[प्रशंसा],[संगीत],सुधीर व गलियों से कि हटा इलेक्ट्रिक का,लक्षण एलिवेशन कर अधिक रिपोर्ट है फाइट्स,उन्हें अमली 2030 महेश भट्ट को मैंने आपको,एडमिन चौखट में जो कि डंडे क्लाइमैक्स,फ्लाइट पाठशाला बांधेंगे विल बी सुपर-डूपर,हिट मूवी अब तक कि जब 12 बाबू अब तक की,सबसे बड़ी हार,बीबीबीबी,3155 वाली व्हाट्सएप इस,अस्तर को,टिकट रोटी ली,कि चौपडा टीचर हो म्यूजिक प्लेयर चाणक्य,डौ पापा आधे इंच के पुत्र समाधान अधिकांश,घंटे,या तो,की कोशिशों पर चलकर आने नो बंदूक चला पाया,आ गया जब,लुटेरों ने,हैं अब मैंने हिमांचल पति धर्म गाड़ी पर,पूरा-पूरा धानुका पर पानी की ब्रह्मा,विष्णु,परिहार उत्पन्न,लुटेरी दुल्हन की,सेटिंग,को,शो करें,पहले टो तमिल संगीत,अमलोह प्रभु लो आदि आदि मुद्दों पर ध्यान,दें 24 घंटा बात करनी आ,प्रखंड प्रमुख व पूर्व रेलवे चीज की,तुनक-तुनक

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Akhanda Movie Review In Hindi | Nandamuri Balakrishna | By Crazy 4 Movie

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Akhanda Telugu Movie Review By Hriday Ranjan | Not A Tolly Review | Boyapati Srinu

for all the latest reviews interviews,and everything entertainment in tamil,kannada malayalam and telugu subscribe,to film companions out now,breaking news,says that the purpose of true art is,nothing but its own existence he says,that the music of bhatt does not aim to,explain anything it is its own,explanation akanda balayas latest film,is like that,trying to analyze the movie is like,trying to explore the sun while holding,a candle,like a fish trying to understand what a,mountain looks like it is beyond the,comprehension of mere mortals like you,and me hello and welcome to film,companions out there watching a toilet,review my name is radharanjan this,weeks release is akanda starring balaya,babu pragya jaiswal and zero gravity the,film is directed by the one and only,boyapatistrino muruli krishna lives in,anandapur he runs free hospitals he,takes care of the local population and,he asks people to maintain peace and,harmony basically he is satya sai baba,pragya jaiswal is saranya the collector,of anantupu district she falls in love,with balaya and marries him basically,the collector is collecting memories,meanwhile there is a baba who is corning,people and is running a mine on the side,and his accomplice played by srikant has,discovered uranium in his minds like,wakanda this is akanda forever also in,the caves there is an ascetic named,akanda who prays to lord shiva and is an,expert at handling the trishul he,believes in protecting temples and,upholding indian traditions if all of,the above seem like one liners of five,different movies well welcome to akanda,akandas story is hard to explain and,even harder to review we are told that a,script needs to have ebbs and flows boy,but sri no however subverts this rule,there are no laws in this movie only,highs and greater highs every balaya,scene is like an introduction scene with,every scene written like a climax after,a climax the film ends up suffering from,erectile dysfunction in fact the hardest,working people on the film are stuntman,ram and lakshman and stunt shiva,the fight sequences keep coming at you,one after the other,elon musk is looking for life on mars,but if he sees this movie and the,villains flying in akanda he will come,and settle down in anandapur akanda,means whole or unbroken but going by the,number of bones broken in this movie it,should have been named khandakhanda the,film also suffers from a lack of editing,also ss tamans background score is so,loud it becomes the foreground score,newton had said that every action has an,equal and opposite reaction here every,action leads to another action sequence,followed by yet another action sequence,having said that if you are a fan of,balaya babu you will get more than your,moneys worth,balaya babu is seen in a double role one,as a kind-hearted gentleman,and,as the fearsome rishi who chops through,rows after rows of villains in fact,indias population might have dipped by,a few percentage points after this film,was made also within the double role,there are many fractals of other roles,hes a farmer and a reformer hes a man,hes a god hes a killer hes also a,healer bringing back not one but two,people from the dead,foreign,is probably the last of the great,superstars of telugu cinema i doubt,there will be other stars who will,invoke as much passion and craze as he,does among his fans watching the film at,the first day first show is more than,just watching a movie it is a cultural,experience that one needs to savor bala,krishna makes a number of points in this,film,on the loss of culture the importance of,preserving temples and rituals on the,corruption of society in the sort of,role that nobody else could pull off it,is hard to objectively review the film,pragya jaiswal constantly frowns simpers,and weeps its like shes featuring in,an ad for crossing jaguar also features,in the movie this time in a black beard,instead of playing a gangster he plays a,rishi this time proving that balaya,babus movies exist in a parallel,universe all together here physics,electromagnetism and gravity do not,follow regular laws,hi im dr shalini im a gravitational,scientist now favorite movie called,gravity now what is gravity,if you drop something because of the,earths gravitational pull it directly,falls on the ground,[Applause],you ever know,bob ready,start camera,action,watch akhanda if youre a huge fan or,watch it in a single screen theater if,you wish to partake in a truly cultural,experience if youre looking for logic,and a story however you might have to,look elsewhere akanda truly fits into,its own unique genre,the baboi genre which has balaya and,boya party where every scene makes you,go amubaboy thank you so much for,watching our review of the film wakanda,please remember to press the bell icon,and subscribe to our channel if you,subscribe to our channel an indian will,become the ceo of pawnhub,[Music],you

Akhanda Review | New Telugu Movie In Theaters | Nandamuri Balakrishna | Boyapati Srinu | Mr. B

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Akhanda Movie Top 6 Pluses | Balakrishna | Akhanda Movie Review | Akhanda Movie Rating | RTV Telugu

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Akhanda Review By Sandeep | Akhanda Movie Public Talk | #Akhanda | #Balakrishna | Eagle Media Works

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