1. Alani Witches Brew and Rocket Pop Energy Drink Review
  2. Taste Testing EVERY SINGLE Alani Nu Energy Drink! (Including the BRAND NEW BREEZEBERRY FLAVOR!!)
  3. Alani Nu Breezeberry Energy Drink Product Review. Whats a Breezeberry?
  4. Healthy Energy Drink Product Review. Alani Nu Energy by Personal Trainer Katy Hearn
  5. BEST ENERGY DRINK REVIEW | Bang Energy vs. GHOST vs. Alani Nu vs. Guru
  7. ????Alani Nu Energy Drink Review!????

Alani Witches Brew and Rocket Pop Energy Drink Review

today well be trying out a witchs brew,and a rocket pop,[Music],YouTube Welcome to the channel my name,is Jason here on this channel I do food,and product reviews today were checking,out energy drinks from Milani Ive not,tried this brand yet I was at the,Vitamin Shop I saw these cans I was like,they look interesting Im gonna try,these out so we have witchs brew,and Rocket pop now I know these have,been about I think this one comes out,you know obviously Halloween time I,dont know if this is the second year,its been out again Ive not tried any,of these drinks from this brand so this,is new to me well see how do these,compare to other energy drinks out there,you know if you watch this channel Ive,done monsters Red Bulls,um rise is one of my new favorite brands,with the Sunny D the Kool-Aid and the,Ring Pop flavors those are amazing so,well see how these ones compare to,those Brands I can tell you just by,looking at the cans right now its,comparable to Ghost and um rise those,both have 200 milligrams of caffeine,thats what this one does and so does,this one although these are smaller cans,in those ones so its probably a little,more potent because youre getting less,with the same amount of caffeine in,there naturally flavored so which is,Brew we got candy apples on there is,this going to be like a green apple,flavor,um 15 calories so decent you know a lot,of these ones either have no calories or,very low 15 calories thats fine no fat,170 milligrams of sodium,um five carbs zero sugar,and you got lots of vitamins and stuff,in there too,so comparable to some of those other,brands,again smaller cans less these are only,12 ounces I think most of those other,ones that ghost and revive revive rise,our 16 ounce cans but well see lets go,ahead and do the rocket pop,decent I mean when I say decent Im,talking about the rocket pop the ice,cream you know the popsicle,I mean weve all had them,I dont think Ive had one in a long,time so well see if this flavor Sparks,anything just checking Im its clear,didnt know if these are gonna be,colored or not,doesnt well,does have I wasnt smaller there when,Im smelling it here it does have a,candy,smell to it first time trying Aulani,and you and Lani new,that is,that is a rocket pop wow that is,actually pretty good,yeah,straight up that tastes exactly,like a rocket pop,that is really good wow,okay like I said this first time and I,have some others that Im not gonna do,in this video Ill do a separate one,some snow cone flavors and I think I got,two snow cone flavors another one Ill,do a video on that so keep an eye out,for that coming up,really impressed with this if you,havent tried the rocket pop,I mean I would say its my go-to,popsicle I havent had a popsicle a long,time but I mean,it is good this is a really good energy,drink try this one out if you havent,um I got these at like the Vitamin Shop,I was in there I saw these I know Target,carries Aulani and probably some other,stores Meyer Walmart I dont know so,just look around I dont know if theyll,have these ones if not if you have a,local vitamin shop theyll have them,there,really good wow flavor wise 10 out of,10. that is rocket pop,good,really good this could be I dont know,my fridge is full of Rise energy drinks,right now and some ghosts and a few,monsters,these aulanis might start popping up in,my fridge these are actually really good,okay which is Brew,Im Im guessing,green apple,even though they have a caramel apple on,there,I am getting the Apple smell okay this,ones,kind of a brownish,compared to the,which I guess this color does kind of,like melted ice in your mouth,keep going back to it thats really good,Im almost looks like a what a ginger,ale maybe I dont know,I dont think Im gonna like this one as,much as that one,its,its caramel apple,wow I mean its exactly what it shows on,there,I didnt think I would like this holy,crap that I if you would have told me,hey get the witchs broom its caramel,apple flavor Id be like how how are you,gonna make a caramel apple flavored,drink,wow its spot on that taste in your,mouth is I just bit into a caramel apple,I love caramel apples,dang,like I have like I said Ive seen these,in the store not these flavors,and Ive just been like ah you know what,are these whats this brand,Ive asked them up and the only reason I,got this is I was like oh which is Brew,thats cool Halloween time Ill do a,Ill do an energy drink then I saw wow,rocket pop and then I was like,screw it if Im gonna get up I might as,well get all the ones that have there,dang man,these are crazy good now Im like yes,Im probably gonna start picking these,up and have them in the fridge I,again as far as what its supposed to be,I mean obviously it says which is Brew,it doesnt really tell you the flavor,but I mean right there as a,caramel apple,its caramel apple flavored 10 out of 10,both these are exactly what they say,they are,now Im trying to sit here and decide,which one do I like more,I mean theyre completely different I,mean are you in the mood for a caramel,apple are you in the mood for a rocket,pop,man wow now that Im,Im thinking Im liking this one better,just right now but,I could drink these whenever and Id be,happy with either one of these These are,absolutely amazing they are up there,with some of my top energy drinks now,like I said rise,my top three were the Sunny D,the Kool-Aid,and the Ring Pop flavors because they,taste especially the ring pop one it,tastes exactly like a ring pop these,are right in there and its probably,just any given day which one I think,will be my Top flavor of what Ill go to,but these will start showing up in my,fridge hundred percent guarantee,these are good really good,Im drinking them,um,leave in the comments Below have you,tried them what do you think of them and,if youre gonna I hope theres nobody,hits this Comics Im like my Trident it,doesnt taste like caramel apple it does,wow I dont even need to sit here and,have a caramel apple to taste next to it,because after you take a sip of that,youre like man its like I was just,chewing on a caramel apple these are,absolutely amazing Alani which is Brew,rocket pop Im excited Im gonna shoot,the next video right after this it will,come up maybe a day or two later Im,excited to go try those uh snow cone,flavors see if theyre as good as these,ones so there you go if youve enjoyed,this video smash that like button,subscribe you havent already subscribed,foreign,[Applause],[Music],[Applause]

Taste Testing EVERY SINGLE Alani Nu Energy Drink! (Including the BRAND NEW BREEZEBERRY FLAVOR!!)

hey guys its erica welcome back to my,channel so for todays video im super,excited to say that we are going to be,taste testing the ilani new energy,drinks i found out that they are now,available at target,and that is amazing because the first,time i did this video in order for me to,try a lot of different like products,from milani new it was online only,i think they had it at gnc but they,dont have a gnc next to me so im super,excited now that,target has a lot of new products so i,can just go there pick up some,products and not worry about like having,to get a whole like six pack,of energy drinks i think they sell them,like individually so im super excited,to try those,i am going to try and do this video on,different days,at least if i do try different drinks,the flavors arent going to clash,because im gonna try them at different,days and then those,tastes wont clash does that make sense,im gonna go to target right now,and were gonna go pick up some snackies,not snacks,i dont know if they have their snacks,there i know they have like gummy bears,and like protein bars but i dont know,if they have them at target i will check,for you guys right now but yeah i hope,you guys enjoy,this video if you have any questions,please leave a comment below um and yeah,i think thats,everything i wanted to say okay i love,you guys im gonna go to target okay bye,alrighty friends the goods are secured,theyre in my bag right here i got,the tropical the new packaging are you,kidding,this is so freaking cute i thought the,first packaging,was so beautiful and so simplistic,and just lovely these are so freaking,cute,mimosa so ive had mimosa before,hawaiian shaped eyes yall know i did,not,like the hawaiian shape dyes i didnt,like it i thought it was gross um,but im gonna try it again got the,watermelon wave,last flavor i got is arctic wave this,one im the most excited to try,anything white like white air heads,i think its like super cool see i got,this one its super pretty so im gonna,taste test this one,first because im the most intrigued,about this one i havent,like checked any reviews or any taste,testing video so i have no idea what,this one is it is now like 11 30 and i,havent had,anything like no food nothing so nothing,is like,like gonna mess with the flavor oh shoot,okay so the liquid is just like clear i,dont know if you guys can see it i,dont want to spill can you see that,akiko,smells like i dont know actually just,smells like syrup,what does this one taste like tastes,kind of like a sprite,its good though um it just tastes like,like a sprite its just super neutral,but like it has a flavor but super,neutral,i like it though because its not like,sweet like you know sometimes you just,want a neutral,energy drink you dont want berry you,dont want blueberry you dont want,watermelon sometimes you literally just,want a plain,energy drink i would go for this one,this ones actually pretty good,citrus but its not lemony,it literally tastes like like a soda oh,im gonna look it up someone reviewed it,and they said flavor is great arctic,white is a citrus sweet drink without,being overly sweet and so flavorful,yes absolutely agree 100 this one is i,really do like it,its like so plain and subtle but like,in the best way possible all right guys,so it is the next day,and then what im gonna try right now is,going to be the tropsicle,im super excited about this one i feel,like its gonna taste like,like an orange popsicle but im also,thinking of like a creamsicle like,orange and cream i dont know if thats,right it might just taste like an orange,popsicle because theres orange,popsicles all over the thing i wonder,how this one is going to compare to the,mimosa one,because mimosas orange,smells like oranges and,i guess its like kind of an orange,color in there,oh wow,[Music],oh thats good,yeah it tastes like an orange popsicle,this ones good i like this one a lot,okay so im tasting this again theres,pineapple on the thing,and i didnt realize yeah you could,taste the pineapple tastes like um,orange yeah orange and pineapple mixed,together,like a soda kind of like an orange soda,with pineapple,its really good its been quite a few,hours since i had the energy drink,earlier im gonna try the watermelon,wave now kinda scared because,i dont know if its gonna taste like,artificial,or what but im gonna try it,oh its just a clear liquid,oh that ones pretty good actually,watermelon,i dont really taste watermelon so on,the can,it has watermelon cherry and like,oranges,and that is what it tastes like actually,mixed together,yeah it actually tastes like watermelon,cherry and oranges,mixed together this ones pretty good it,tastes very like summery,i dont really know exactly what it,tastes like but yeah it tastes like the,watermelon,orange and cherry i like it,hi so my cousin just picked me up and we,both,have the mimosa flavor,and ive tried this one before you,havent tried it huh,so i want her to give her opinion,on this one oh its like orange on the,inside and im gonna drink mine,cheers,its really orangey yeah really orangey,like an orangina izzy yeah,like it tastes like a carbonated orange,juice i dont know if i like it or if i,dont,um i guess arctic one is way better,oh she really likes the arctic white one,i guess if you like orange,like just orange then that would be this,one,like its just orange yeah like theres,nothing else nothing else yeah,this ones oh yeah i wouldnt buy this,one yeah no,i wouldnt recommend buying this one,unless you really like orange yeah but i,dont think i really like orange,i dont think we really were not orange,people,yeah i dont like this one okay look at,this girl she,loves the arctic white students its so,good,shes getting a whole case of arctic,light hey guys whats up,so today im going to try the hawaiian,shaved ice,you all know i dont like this flavor i,did not like it when i initially tried,it but im wondering if its because,like i had,so many different flavors like on my,palette that day but,im gonna try it again and see i hope i,like it,because i feel like it would taste,really really good oh and its also cold,i put it in the fridge yeah i dont know,if that makes a difference i feel like,drinks are just better cold,so im gonna try this one im like,nervous,oh and the same thing as the last time,it has like that little like purpley um,color,oh its not bad,oh wait this ones not bad actually,still not my favorite but i like it it,says it has like strawberry,and theres like watermelon and coconut,i dont actually taste the coconut this,time,but it does taste like a hawaiian shaved,ice like it does taste like its,strawberry and watermelon mixed together,okay this one i dont mind it actually,its not too bad,i mean i dont think i would personally,grab this one like if im gonna pick any,of the flavors i would not go for this,one,but if its all i had i would drink it,hey guys whats up okay,so remember how i said that at target,they didnt have all the flavors of the,energy drinks,well i went to g and c and i found the,whitney simmons blue slush the cosmic,stardust i believe its called,and the carnival candy grape and i think,those are all the flavors,im gonna try the cosmic star dust,because this one just looks,so good like well the packaging looks,really cute,its purple on the inside,this one tastes similar to,like the rainbow candy one like it,tastes like candy,this ones good okay this ones really,good all right guys so the lighting is,kind of weird because the sun is at a,weird angle,but im gonna now try the elana new blue,slush all of a sudden i dont know what,this one is gonna taste like i really do,like blue slushies,so im hoping thats what it tastes like,oh,its blue oh my gosh,actually blue im so excited,okay this ones my new favorite one,[Music],oh my gosh it literally tastes like you,know when you go to the movie theater,you get like a blue icy,oh yeah this one tastes exactly like a,blue icy blue slushie just as if it was,like melted obviously because theres no

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Alani Nu Breezeberry Energy Drink Product Review. Whats a Breezeberry?

hey everyone caffeine man here and today,we are going over the ilani new breeze,berry it,is the newest flavor from milani new and,even though its the newest,it still is its a couple of months old,but but thats still considered new,at least to me but it is difficult to,stay on top of the new drinks especially,when they keep coming out with so many,of them,and some of them are like exclusive to,certain stores like i just did a review,recently of the g-fuel,red licorice which was a sheets,exclusive and these ilani new breeze,berries,were a target exclusive originally a,target exclusive,they eventually expanded out more on,that coming right up,[Music],hello again everyone thank you so much,for joining me today and if you want to,stay informed on all things caffeine,related feel free to hit the subscribe,button i post new videos,every tuesday night and usually a bonus,video on the weekends,start your weekend off right you know,also even though campus protein doesnt,have a lonnie new we have lots of other,pre-workout drinks that you can save 10,off your entire order using coupon code,caffeine man 10. just use the link down,below to get there,check out what they got and in todays,video you know what were going over,were going over the yelani new breeze,berry and,as of today i will have reviewed every,single ilani new that they have besides,maybe a couple here and there that might,have been discontinued before i got to,them but out of all the ones that ive,really i gotta say i really have enjoyed,most of the flavors that they came out,with i mean,a couple of them i really liked that,rated in the nines but but i dont think,ive rated a single,aulani new lower than eight so they,definitely do a solid job with their,flavors,they have great ingredients it is a,great pre-workout drink,and at 200 milligrams in this 12 ounce,can youre getting nearly 17 milligrams,of caffeine,per ounce so youre definitely gonna,feel that for your workout and like i,said ive reviewed most of the ilani,news so if you want to know more about,the ingredients,and the company you can check out my,very first review that i did where i go,over all that information,therefore theres only one thing left to,do lets taste it out,but before we taste it out i just want,to give a huge shout out to energy drink,josh who sent me this drink,as mentioned this was a target exclusive,when it first came,out and even though it was a target,exclusive and you could only buy it at,target i couldnt find it at target i,got lots of targets around me,none of them carried it not only did,they not carry the breeze barrier they,didnt carry a lonnie new it all,therefore its not only exclusive to,target its exclusive to like,certain areas how can you have a store,exclusive and not send it to all the,store i i dont know i dont get it but,josh contacted me and said hey you dont,got to get a target anymore,you can get a kroger now i said well,thats great but i dont have any,krogers name,either and he said all right i can send,it to you i said,thanks bud appreciate it so if you,havent done it yet,definitely check out energydrinkjosh on,instagram post pictures almost every day,lots of different energy drinks youre,bound to find one you havent heard them,before,lets taste it out just need to grab it,from my zero pack fridge,zero pack is a sugar-free energy drink,box program where they send you five,different sugar-free energy drinks,every month and theyre usually some of,the newest drinks on the market the,aligning new blue slush which came out,just before this one was in one of the,zero pack boxes so if you want to know,more about this program ill have a link,down below,that will take you to their website but,i also have a link down below that will,show you the first eight months,worth of boxes that they had so you can,actually see everything thats been in,these boxes,and not only that but i do a live stream,unboxing once a month,to go over these drinks with you guys if,youre interested you can save,20 off the retail price using coupon,code,caffeine man and here is the can theyve,recently done a repackaging of all their,cans some of the old cans are still,there,while theyre selling down out of those,im sure theyre going to be replacing,them all they are really nice graphics,i really love the colors on this one,they give you lots of different blues,im a fan of blue if you couldnt tell,by my wall,lets go ahead lets taste it out,here i was gonna say its clear color,but uh im glad you guys convinced me to,use clear cups because uh,thats got a little bit of uh can you,see,a little bit milky i mean im sure,theres not milk in it but,but you know what im its a little,cloudy how about that is that better,okay im definitely curious what flavor,it is i mean with breeze berry you know,they actually have some,pictures of raspberries on the can its,a blue can so it might be maybe a blue,razz,although i dont actually see any,blueberries on here,but they always make it interesting when,uh i reviewed the watermelon wave one,that they had,wasnt over watermelony and they also,come up with unique names like mimosa,tropsicle cosmic star dust so sometimes,theyre not even really clueing you in,too much as to what the flavor is,and you get something unique i mean i,would like to think that this is a blue,razz but they did just come out with the,blue slush flavor which is sort of like,a sweet slushy blue razz,but i guess theres only one way to find,out lets taste it out,oh hey what are you doing to me,oh thats a surprise,they should put that on the label,breezeberry my,behind my goodness oh,let me go in for that second sip first,surprise in here my goodness im gonna,have to go in a third time but i wont,right now,ill talk about it a little bit and then,tell you why i got to go in for a third,time,so for your carbonation you got kind of,a medium carbonation i believe most of,them are usually medium i dont think,they had medium to high,because um they understand that youre,going to be working out using this as,pre-workout you dont want to be burping,at the gym or on your elliptical,or on your stairmaster or whatever you,do for exercise you dont want to be,burping you want to be breathing,because youre working out hard why,wouldnt you work out hard to work out,like youre just going to relax the days,to go running get that heart going,my hearts going i already did a review,before this one so your sweetness youre,actually getting a medium to high,sweetness,closing in on high but being pulled back,by that flavor that surprised me its,actually a sour flavor,you should tell people that you got a,sour drink i mean sour patch kids from,ghost,you know its sour sour chug rug from g,fuel,sour heads most of your sour drinks tell,you that theyre sour,breeze berries did not tell me its sour,im gonna look at the can to see if,theres any other hints on there that i,might have missed i saw that theres,raspberries on there,but i didnt see any sours what would,sour even look like i mean,what would it look like they got these,little things on there that look like,splashes or drips maybe thats what sour,looks like when you squeeze a lemon or,something i dont know,tricking you putting a sour in there i,mean they dont have a sour in their,line right now anyway,i thought from the color and from the,smell that it was going to be maybe an,icy glacier kind of feel too and it does,have a little bit of that just a touch,of it but once you get to that little,bit of a,ice kind of flavor to it you get that,sour which,which is sour is a strong flavor and,then the sweetness,complements it a bit i would like it a,touch sweeter maybe but then youre,really getting into that sweet and sour,like the sour patch kinds of flavors,im not sure if they wanted to go that,sweet and sour but like i said theyre,giving you a medium to high sweetness,theyre giving you a medium to high,sour as well and i and even though i,know its raspberry,i have to go back in that third time,flavor profile,i would

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Healthy Energy Drink Product Review. Alani Nu Energy by Personal Trainer Katy Hearn

hey everybody caffeine man here and,today I got another healthy energy drink,for the books and its actually a,pre-workout drink as well Ive actually,had a lot of requests for pre-workout,drinks since a lot of my subscribers,came from my bank videos so Ive been,trying to get you guys some good,pre-workout drinks but Im still gonna,mix in other videos for all the non,workout people and the one that I have,for you guys today is alani Nu and all,the information that you need to know,its coming right up,[Music],hello again everybody thank you so much,for joining me today in todays video,were gonna be going over Aulani nu they,contacted me several weeks ago and asked,if I do an honest review for them if,they sent me some free products then,after reading the ingredients online I,knew it was something you guys be,interested in because its got some good,ingredients for pre-workout as well as,energy so they sent me four flavors and,Ill be trying out those four flavors,with you today,first Ill briefly go over with the,person who started the company then Ill,go over the nutrition facts as well as,the ingredients in here and thats,probably gonna take up a large chunk of,time because theres a lot of good,ingredients in here then as always Ill,finish off with the taste test Ill,include timestamps down below so that,you can go where you want to go and as,always if you want to stay informed on,all things caffeine related feel free to,hit the subscribe button I post new,videos every Tuesday night Id love to,have you guys there with me also feel,free to share me on social media,everywhere Im on Twitter Im on,facebook Im on Instagram Im on,LinkedIn all at caffeine Man 1 and feel,free to share me with your friends as,well Im sure theyll like me I mean um,Im a likable guy right yeah I think so,Palani new was started by a personal,trainer named Katie Hearn from reading,her website theres a lot of useful,information on there and I love her,story back in 2012 when she was 21 years,old she had seen some pictures of,herself and she wasnt happy with the,weight that she had gained she had,realized that she had gotten lazy and,those are her words not mine and decided,that she wanted to be healthier she had,started partying a little bit less I,started focusing on her health more then,she jumped on social media and started,meeting people from all over the world,who were also health-conscious then she,met her husband and they began doing,fitness challenges online with others,and they grew in popularity fast she is,so popular that she had a lot of,companies approaching her for,sponsorships but she wanted to start her,own company him boy has she she started,a meal prep company called bite meals,and she even opened up,own gym and then began her supplement,company Aulani knew theyre mostly a,supplement company but they recently,came out with these pre-workout drinks,and they sound really good,Aulani new was originally marketed,towards women since she primarily worked,with women but trust me there isnt a,guy out there so it shouldnt be that,would be ashamed of holding this,feminine-looking can not bad because of,whats inside it I mean this stuff is,amazing not just for women so lets jump,right into these ingredients because,theres a lot of good ones Ill put the,nutrition facts up here for you guys to,take a look at and then Ill read some,of the ingredients while you take a look,at that now because theres so many,ingredients Im not gonna read them all,but Im gonna mention most of the good,ones first off is a rift at all Im a,huge fan of erythritol because it tastes,just like sugar without any negative,side effects its a great sugar,substitute that being said for,additional sugar substitutes they use,sucralose and a sulfone potassium,otherwise known as ace cabe I the cool,people you know who you are a ski to me,is a great starting hand in Texas,Holdem thats for sure and even better,if its suited sweet get it sweet,it also has fruit and vegetable juice,which is interesting because I recently,did a video on VA energy drink which is,primarily fruits and vegetables if,youre interested in that feel free to,go check it out with my channel,Aulani nu also has some of the most,common ingredients and energy drinks,including taurine niacin and 100 percent,or more of your B vitamins it does have,five grams of carbs but no sugar and,only 10 calories now some of my favorite,ingredients are no no no not doing it,you guys always trying to trick me not,doing it go away shoo ah you guys not,doing it that stuff that stuff has been,known to boost energy lessen sleepiness,and increase alertness and reaction time,studies have also shown that that stuff,positively impacts mental performance,and mood when taken with Tory in,caffeine both which are in this product,that stuff killing me,pre-workout drinks panax ginseng root,extract PNX ginseng is also a favorite,of mine it has a,lot of health benefits to it its used,for depression anxiety general fatigue,and chronic fatigue syndrome as for why,its in this energy drink physically,helps physical stamina prevents muscle,damage from exercise and athletic,endurance mentally it helps improve,thinking concentration memory and,working efficiency,l-carnitine l-carnitine is an amino acid,that helps boost the metabolism,it helps burn calories studies have,shown that helps the body produce energy,boost endurance and is important for,heart and brain function as well as,muscle movement since it helps boost the,metabolism and burn calories a lot of,people use it for weight loss Guana seed,extract,how many huge fan of this one even,though its really hard for me to say,guarana or rana the guarana guarana see,I can say it perfectly now but sometimes,when Im talking too fast Im like wah,wah wah,but anyway guarana seed extract provides,a natural source of caffeine and,provides a slow release in caffeine what,do I mean by slow releasing caffeine,just as it sounds it slowly releases the,caffeine in your system so that theres,no jittery feelings and the effects of,the caffeine last longer long lasting,caffeine Im a fan guarana seed extract,also helps sustain energy and endurance,and stimulates the body to help burn,calories as well l-theanine this is the,top favorite ingredient of caffeine man,even though its not known to give you,energy it has amazing mental properties,as I get older I need it its most,commonly found in green tea and black,tea which help people relax and it can,also be found in certain types of,mushrooms whats so good about it its,one of the top ingredients for mental,focus and concentration as well as many,other brain functions research has found,that people that take 100 milligrams of,theanine made fewer errors and tasks,that needed attention on its own,l-theanine may improve someones,attention and reaction time but in,combination with caffeine it can lead to,improvements in their focus and,alertness caffeine is a stimulant,therefore helps people stay focused and,alert in adding just 50 milligrams,caffeine to l-theanine can greatly,improve a persons focus and its great,for students studying for exams Sian Im,a graphic designers or whenever I see,something starting with cyan I pronounce,it cyan Im not sure if its pronounced,cyan or not we look at all those letters,to me it looks like cyan cocoa BOM which,sounds like a great product I,probably by it its this nice blue lip,balm that you put on your lips that,tastes like cocoa but its also kind of,like a blue lipstick maybe I wouldnt,buy it I dont really wear lipstick not,this weekend at least cyan cocoa balm is,a man-made version of b12 in this use to,prevent entry low blood levels why dont,they just say its b12 in pre workout,reviews killing me every time making me,look up stuff like cyan cocoa bomb when,they could just say it to b12,pre-workout this product also has biotin,in it oh I see this is why its for the,ladies its used for hair loss which Im,sure theyre concerned with its used,for brittle nails which Im sure

BEST ENERGY DRINK REVIEW | Bang Energy vs. GHOST vs. Alani Nu vs. Guru

we back and were kicking it off,with an energy drink review,i know about everyone that watches this,video,is doing some form of caffeine many of,us are doing energy drinks,i get questions about these all the time,what do you think of the new ghost,what do you think of the bang and i,brought a couple others in here what do,you think of energy drinks,and how bad are they for my health,because man,im doing two a day ive seen up to four,a day you guys that blows,my mind were gonna do a quick review,im actually gonna taste them,the main two here are the two,that you see on instagram if youre on,instagram you see bang and you see,ghosts,alright lets go ghost the youngins,they told me about this one never tasted,it im gonna be honest,it looks like a hot [ __ ] mess were,gonna do this [ __ ] all right,all right solely based on taste all,right well you taste first,sweet holy its been a long time since,ive had a sour patch,um wow all right that that is there is,absolutely no [ __ ] way that i could,drink a whole can of that,too sweet for me now my palette is much,different than most i get it but that is,just like a,shot to the gut its no go all right,next one color,the color im gonna have to drink that,because i only got one cup,okay small amounts michael colors okay,when i look at the back of the can i,dont,see any red or yellow dye,which is a good thing all right so color,check,oh okay ingredients all right if im,looking at this,its got 200 milligrams of caffeine,touring some decent ingredients i dont,know the quality its,certainly not organic when i look at the,front of the can its got natural and,artificial flavors you guys know how i,feel about artificial flavors like do,your own research but i dont believe,in artificial flavors sweeteners i dont,believe in dyes i dont believe that,those belong in the human body,if i look at this its not terrible,some things that stick out are the,artificial flavors,and the sucralose so you look at the,ingredient deck,and its got only one carbohydrate zero,grams of sugar,zero protein zero cholesterol you look,at it its got five calories here so if,youre,into macros or calories youre like [ __ ],okay yeah four five,five calories i can get a pretty sweet,drink it says no,sugar im good its healthy its not,that right its,its way off the beaten path of healthy,artificial flavors,sucralose is in there which is an,artificial sweetener which is what,the sweet is so it says zero grams of,sugar but they put this artificial [ __ ],in it,and a ton of it and thats why you get,the sweet so for me,the overall rating is is like a,[ __ ],im gonna say point four,i know you want me to be nice i know,hes like like be real im serious its,starting to hurt,all right next one bang another one,to me like cant you start to see like,the market the marketing,you know disaster right like bright,the girls are using it the influencers,are using it like whatever they use just,dont use all right now were gonna try,some rainbow unicorn,what is going on in this world why are,we doing this to ourselves,all right so went from sour patch,to rainbow unicorn what is going on all,right,how about some [ __ ] water im just,kidding were doing an energy drink,review,all right here we go solely based on,taste i gotta start pouring,smaller tastes ugh okay,so i like to taste more i like to taste,more because i like the fizz theres,more fizz in this one,and while im doing this like which one,which one do you do and im gonna give,you which one i do at the end i actually,dont do energy drinks but ill give you,what i do because i love really,i love good energy all right lets see,here so this one until,theres some vitamin c in it,[Laughter],yes i dont have to take my vitamin c,im just kidding all right so lets just,see,uh zeros right total fat zero calories,like,its got its basically nothing its,basically a drink so,again if your goal is fat loss and if,its,youre following macros or calming,calories youre like yeah you get,excited youre like yeah i get a drink,and i get energy and i dont,you know wont gain any weight and then,you look and theres this thing in here,called sucralose and theres a couple,other ones the deck isnt terrible,its got some decent stuff in it,but its also got sucralose and yes in,theory theres zero grams of sugar but,when you take into consideration the,artificial,sugar that still wreaks havoc on your,gut its still not good for you your,body doesnt process that [ __ ] its a,toxin,overall raven 1.3,1.3 twice as good as this were gonna do,this one,lets see here ive never seen this one,before the team just brought this in,carbonated water citric acid caffeine,its got sucralose in it so this,heres one of those things that it looks,healthier right lets talk about,marketing for a second it looks,healthier this looks like,oh its clean its pure its organic but,its not its got sucrose in it theres,some good stuff theres some bad stuff,theres artificial flavors,all right lets taste this one,arctic white all right,clear theyre all clear theyre getting,nah thats a no-go,lets give this a a a a 0.8,all right now this is the one that,if i drink an energy drink which is out,which is really really rare really rare,i drink the guru i drink the guru light,10 calories,organic natural energy 3 grams of sugar,3 carbs sweetened with stevia nothing,artificial,no dyes no color this still,like these energy drinks its starting,to bubble up in my stomach [ __ ],taste sucks honestly its not that great,its not that great,you drink it for the energy color,awesome,ingredients the best its like if were,looking at ingredients here,its like here is best and there is no,second third or fourth,its here and here good,bad dont do this do this if you have to,overall rating im going to say out of,10 just because i dont love energy,drinks,if they could make that [ __ ] taste good,it would be a 10.,so a 5 because,taste is important best case scenario,all right,best case scenario and many of you have,gotten off of these,since following me and are now addicted,to coffee,best caffeine organic,fair trade buy it locally if you can,organic coffee,thats the best have that many of you,are like oh but i dont love that,i dont like the way that tastes i love,the way this [ __ ] tastes of course you,love the way that [ __ ] this should taste,this is scientifically manufactured so,that it hits your taste bud and you,become addicted just like a soda,youre addicted to the [ __ ] on purpose,by design so you keep drinking it,and i dont know look at it,i feel like [ __ ] after four sips but,thats because i dont drink it,regularly your body adapts,and it is conditioned to just take the,[ __ ] punishment,every day youre giving it like bam bam,bam,pretty soon some shits gonna start to,break for those of you that are doing,this,every single day one two three even four,a day ive heard which is,blows me away i dont know what happens,after 10 years times three to four of,these a day think about that [ __ ],so i need to know what am i reviewing,for you comment below,like this make sure youre subscribed,im back on youtube im excited because,gordons behind the camera i got scotty,like weve got a team were gonna,produce some great content,and the goal is just to support and love,on you and just give you a little bit of,information,to bring into your awareness to help you,make smarter decisions around your,health,so that youre in control and you stay,in control no matter how old you get i,love you guys,take care


good morning today is going to be a very,cool video let me just put you guys,right here i have a little mess in my,room,my hair is up because its very hot,today in puerto rico super mega,super mega hot let me see,hey alexa,whats the weather today in aguadilla,im not sure where you are,for future reference you can enter your,address in the device settings in your,alexa app,for now weather for what city aguadilla,sorry i dont know that one,oh you know shes very intelligent lets,go ask because i have alexa my room,lets go ask siri,in the living room,hey siri,whats the weather today,its currently clear and 88 degrees,expect thunderstorms starting in the,afternoon and clear skies tonight with,mixed conditions for the rest of the day,temperatures are heading down from 88,degrees to 79 tonight,thats how you know apple,is better than everything okay,so its 88 degrees right now where i,live i am,literally literally sweating okay,the point of the video of today is,that i,am going to do an alanine taste test of,all their energy drinks okay,i went to gnc yesterday and i got all,the energy drinks that i could possibly,get from alami literally all each one of,all the flavors they had so i could do,the taste test,but heres the thing you know guys,heres the thing,i dont want to die in this video,because you know each,each can has 200 milligrams of caffeine,so like i dont want to die what im,going to do is im going to drink a,energy drink in the mornings when i work,out and then in the afternoons,today i already worked out in the,morning and i didnt drink any,any pre-workout any nothing with,caffeine because the only things that i,had were the,energy drinks and i had to do this intro,first i had to tell you guys and show,you guys all the flavors that i got im,gonna do now im gonna show you each,flavor i already have one flavor that,im,dying,to drink so its in the freezer getting,very cold,and im gonna show you all the flavors,im super excited because you guys know,i love all nutrition and,i always talk about this,i always talk about their products all,the time i use their pre-workout i use,their energy drinks i use their protein,bars and their protein shakes,so if youre interested in trying just,keep on watching so you know which,flavor is for me the best,oh also i got a new tattoo yesterday,right here,i dont know you can see,it says trusty process trusted process,and everything in life,that can be,physically if youre like wanting to,gain,have a certain goal physically trust the,process sometimes you know youll feel,like youre stuck,but just trust the process it could be,academically also or any job related,always trust the timing trust the,process,everything takes time,so,after that ted talk ill show you all,the energy,theyre all here baby,look up in here and then ill keep,showing them to you,okay so first i got the,arctic white,i hope you can see,let me change the lighting,maybe,here you can see better arctic white,is 10 calories and 200 milligrams of,caffeine theyre breezy berry,so excited so excited jeremy musa,her hawaiian shaved eyes,cosmic stardust,personally this is one of my faves you,know i love it here blue slush,that this blue slush is a collaboration,with whitney simmons,you know,its not like its a collaboration they,did and they have kept it so long,because its so good watermelon wave,which is cool because i put i dont know,why i put it in the freezer,and the one that im dying to drink,right now that i put in the freezer,dropsicle,i have tried many of these before oh oh,i forgot,and then theres this new one,thats a trippy hippie it says pina,colada,thats cool right,ive tried these before,i got nine energy drinks,today i wanna try,im gonna try the chopstick oh,today but its not fully cold i like my,energy drinks to be really really cold,so im gonna wait a second until im,gonna put these all in the refrigerator,and then ill be taking them one by one,remember im not gonna do them at the,same time just because im gonna waste,angry drinks because i have no one else,to drink them with me because my,boyfriends working most of the time,and i want to get a heart attack okay,you know so lets just lets just you,know try them separately i think thats,a good idea i think thats a good idea,today were going to start with,this is this one its one of my,favorites i have tried this one before,so i may be cheating so im gonna try,im gonna let it,like be in the fridge for a tiny little,bit more and then ill catch you guys,later so we can do that it says on the,first one,i love this one so i think youll love,it too,lets do the taste test i have to bring,a knife to open the can because i have,fake nails and,i dont want to break my nails,so,were trying the tropical one,im so extra im getting a yellow straw,okay just to match the aesthetic,yellow,its my favorite i love this one so much,it is very refreshing its super,refreshing,hints a very hint of pineapple,but at the same time,its like,you know,those popsicles you you buy in the,grocery store you know that they come in,different flavors,something like that,i dont even know how to explain it but,it does have hints of pineapple as you,can see because the little,pictures they show pineapples so it does,but its not a strong flavor its,its,like a splash of pineapple,its very tropical its like a,it has like,strawberry,its delicious i cant even explain it,but its really really good,im refreshing,you can feel a pineapple so i think,thats the first like,the first taste youll youll the first,taste the first flavor youll taste is,going to be pineapple,so if you like pineapple then youre,gonna like the chopstick one its really,really good,its my favorite one its a 10 out of 10,for me you know,oh oh have you have you tried the like,pina cola you know the soda pina colada,has almost that exact,taste,so if you like that soda youre probably,gonna like this one but this one is,much more lighter and not that sweet,if it makes sense,that was the first one ill see you,tomorrow with the second,the second taste good morning youtube,its currently 5 8,5 8,am and im gonna try,right now the arctic white,is this one right here,ive tried the arctic bite in,pre-workout form and it tastes good,tastes like a sprite lets see how it,tastes energy drink,excuse my face i just literally,15 minutes ago i woke up,so,i may be puffy,you know thats all,lets right,this one tastes completely different,as the first one that i tried,this one is very refreshing,it has like let me try again its just i,have the flavor of pasta,of pasta toothpaste,its very its good its refreshing its,very,different its not sweet,but its its not sour its,its like,its like like a cocktail,it kind of tastes like a monster kinda,not the same but kind of i,chopsicle is still my number one,um of these two its chapstick chopstick,gives like fruity vibes this one,its more like,neutral you know it doesnt add,too much flavor its good its,refreshing,but it doesnt have you know if youre,looking something with lots of flavor,the arctic white doesnt have it but,its good good morning youtube so today,im going to try two flavors of ally,nutrition because im gonna give one to,my boyfriend so thats what im gonna,try two because he doesnt know how to,describe,flavors,so the first time the first time the,first one and this this one really quick,because i have to go to work in like 15,minutes,but the first one im going to try today,its gonna be the alani new cosmic,service i have tried this before in my,channel and you guys know its one of my,favorites and almost,favorites of almost everybody in work,and here my boyfriend loves it,dont have like the aftertaste it it,tastes like like grape it does have,no it does have grape you can feel the,grape,its like a,have you tried a soda uva colony,its like that it has that,same kind of,aftertaste its sweet but not too sweet,and its very very refreshing this is,one of my favorites and i know its one,of the favorites of many many people,so this one is the,cosmic stardu

????Alani Nu Energy Drink Review!????

im samantha im russell and,welcome to our youtube channel im not,already subscribed,go ahead and hit that subscribe button,today,we are reviewing the lonnie nutrition,energy drink line we have,five flavors here today yeah we want to,do a,taste test and also to look at the,design of the energy drink itself,and what else,thats pretty much it thats pretty much,it yeah those are the two,things you can also get them from gnc,and target from gnc yep thats where we,got,yeah we did get these from our local gnc,so,yeah were uh were excited to try them,out and,kind of let you guys know what we think,of them,all right all right so well were gonna,go ahead and try the,white arctic whites yeah that sounds,pretty good,uh these are all also only 10 calories a,piece which is pretty good,and theres you know quite a few,vitamins in them,yeah its not not a bad line itself so,all right i like the packaging too yeah,thats kind of what drew me to,yeah let me try it but look how pretty,the bottle was,yeah samantha shes actually followed um,the lonnie nutrition line for quite some,time so yeah,shes pretty familiar with it but yeah,we want to try it out so,all right all right ill go first go,ahead okay,i dont know what to think its really,good,but the name is arctic white but i dont,i dont know what the correlation would,be its kind of like a,just a crisp i like it yeah that ones,okay,that ones okay and again this is the,arctic white,yeah its pretty yeah its pretty good,it i yeah,its yeah its okay,where did you rate it,out of 10 i would say uh,maybe a six yeah a six,yeah id give it about a seven and a,half,seven and a half yeah okay its,different its so,sweet that it just makes my jaw clench,its so sweet but its good i like,sugary things so,yeah i like that one ill give that a,seven and a half,all right and the next one we have here,is the blue,slush this one is i like the design of,this one,um its kind of i mean its got like a,slushie,so i dont know how well you guys can,see them have smith,open it okay let her try it first by the,way were gonna,were gonna have all of these and then,at the end were gonna say which one was,the best,and i do like that all of them are only,10 calories,yeah so thats really nice and they all,have 200,is it milligrams of caffeine so not bad,let me try something good,i like that it tastes just like a blue,slushie its good,i like that thats what its called yeah,this ones more sweet where its like it,makes my jaw clinch and this ones more,smooth,that ones but its sweet that ones,good so i like that one,yeah that one ill give a nine out of,ten,thats definitely a nine this is,definitely fine,and i like that they have little quotes,that says its a beautiful day to be,alive,i dont want does art take white does,that one no this one doesnt have it but,this might be just a special one so yeah,that is the best one so far so yeah,i like that one too so far seven and a,half for me,i say a nine out of ten for this one,yeah i said six and nine,and this one now i think im most likely,gonna like this one because i do love,watermelon,its yeah its got watermelon on the,label itself so it looks like oranges,too,yeah its kind of like a yeah kind of,like a fruity blend but im gonna go and,let smith,open that and try it out first this is,watermelon wave,im not really a big fan of grape and,orange,and cherry like he is so well see how,much i like this one,no im not a fan,its like so many flavors mixed in one,yeah actually i dont um i like,watermelon,but im not a big fan of like the orange,and grapes so i think thats whats,throwing me off on this one i would say,a four,its so many flavors built in ones yeah,yeah i would still drink it if i,thats the only one i had,ill give it a four ill give it a solid,solid yeah watermelon,okay thats the watermelon wave one well,not too bad yeah next next in line we,have,uh the chocolate,[Laughter],its like a popsicle but its a tropical,popsicle,so yeah and its yeah pretty pretty much,what its got for the label there so,yeah no no little motivational quotes i,think this one was special,um i think it was partnered with someone,so thats why like on the front whitney,simmons,so okay so i think shes the one who,helped i guess develop,this flavor so thats why i probably,quit on that one but i really do like,that one that ones really good,okay well i dont know about tropsicle,im not a big pineapple person either so,i do like pineapples as well so im,hoping this,is better than the watermelon yeah but,the packaging is really nice so lets,see,oh its pretty good its very pineapply,very tropical its not my favorite but,it is really good,so,good that ones good really good,actually,yeah i would say thats a thats an easy,eight,yeah i would say about an eight two,i mean im not a big pineapple person,but it was actually pretty good so,i would drink it again me too me too i,like that one,okay next one we have this is our last,one this is the,cosmic star dust yes yeah as far as,really cool it does yeah and as far as,as far as the label its pretty,uh yeah it kind of matches the the name,of it so,im excited for that one yeah im gonna,let samantha open this one again okay,its really cool and all their packaging,of everything is so nice,its really cute its eye-catching,so that was a big reason i wanted to try,them as well so,which should it be but but if you look,at the ingredients too theyre not bad a,lot of other energy drinks had a,lot of horrible ingredients so yeah that,was the big,that was the big thing for me it was the,ingredient so,i like this one really good okay,i like that that one i would say is my,favorite,i dont even know how to explain it its,like more ones good its wrong,yeah yeah yeah thats rock candy,pop rocks yeah kind of taste its really,good,it is its its really really good,okay well i think weve tried them all,at least the ones that we have here in,front of us i think we need to make a,decision on which one is the best,i know i think im gonna go with the,cosmic stardust,love this one its super good its,very sweet which i like and i just like,the flavor,its really good i think im gonna go,with the blue slush,yeah this this one is is really good i,think that this one is actually sweeter,than,than that one so a little yeah and its,smoother that one is smoother,it is smoother yeah it is smoother i,think that this is actually the,smoothest one,out of all of them so yeah yeah,cheers to lonnie because yeah this ones,really good,i like that so we also wanted to talk,more about the ingredients,and im going to let samantha kind of go,through the nutrition label,or nutrition facts so what i love about,it is that it is vegan,which kind of caught my eye its,gluten-free im trying to,be more in a gluten-free diet so this is,great,and a great alternative and im also,trying to cut out coffee so,this has been really nice so i know ill,definitely be buying these for work and,drinking them on the days that i need,them but i noticed that theres no,sugars in here,in any of them yeah theres no sugar so,zero grams of sugar theres no protein,um and yeah so theres a lot of vitamins,in here which i thought was great,so if im drinking these im getting a,few vitamins in for the day,yeah and i do i do like that that,theres i dont see any red,40 or any of them the coloring so,thats pretty good as well um,considering,ive had other brands and yeah they do,have coloring in them so,yeah cheers to lonnie for not using any,of those dyes,red 40 the yellow blue lake yeah all,those like horrible food colorings that,we have in a lot of our food so and i,like that it doesnt give us the jitters,that was a big thing yeah im not im,not feeling anything at the moment but,i think after i drink a full can of this,ill kind of,see where im at with that but well,thanks so much for watching our channel,we appreciate it and yep we will see you,guys in the next video,bye

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