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Alfa Romeo Giulia In-Depth Review | Why it’s underrated (4K)

hello everyone and welcome to the very  lovely looking alfred mayo julia veloce  ,its the kind of car you buy if you  need a mid-sized executive saloon  ,but fan to go against the norm and  not buying a bmw audi or mercedes-benz,theres very little wrong with the three  series a4 saloon and c-class so that means the  ,alfa romeo giulia cant just rely on its good  looks and italian charm to win over customers  ,its got to drive well compact with technology  ,and be spacious enough for those times when you do  actually use all of the seats and luggage area so  ,does the julia have the substance to back  up its style and should you spend your  ,hard-earned cash on one im hope ellen  and this is another parkers cars review,before i get started dont forget to subscribe  to the channel and turn your notifications on  ,so you get a reminder every time we publish a new  video at the time of filming the alfa romeo giulia  ,is available with three engines all of which are  petrol ranging from the 200 horsepower two liter  ,four-cylinder to the incredible 2.9 liter v6  fitted to the quadrifoglio performance version  ,into the julia and the first thing youll  notice is a cabin thats logically laid out  ,and punctuated by some attractive design touches  yes it probably will feel dated compared to new  ,arrivals this car came out in 2016 but its  still got plenty going for it for starters  ,the driving position is excellent theres lots of  adjustment but regardless of how you like to sit  ,you should feel at home behind the steering wheel  with great visibility all around you will also  ,notice physical dials for the speedometer  and rev counter in this car something you  ,barely ever see anymore on cars at this price  point which by the way is around 46 000 pounds  ,for this veloce spec model maybe its a personal  thing but i really like the dials as not only are  ,they nice and clear but they also give  this instrument cluster a distinct look  ,that you simply dont get if theres just a screen  there dont panic though if youd much rather see  ,a digital readout there is a screen between the  two dials however it doesnt have anything like  ,the amount of functionality youd get on rival  systems like audis virtual cockpit for example  ,i do like the steering wheel it has a nice shape  plus the buttons are easy to use without looking  ,and check out these metal gear shift paddles  these are way better quality than you get in  ,most cars at any price point move to the  center console and youll note that post  ,facelift cars have a much nicer finish on the  gear lever and an updated infotainment system  ,displayed on this 8.8 inch touchscreen which  could also be controlled using this rotary dial  ,its by no means the best infotainment system in  the market it can sometimes be laggy the graphics  ,arent massively attractive and rivals have more  functionality but it does do the basics fairly  ,well however i am pleased to see that while you  can change the temperature on the touchscreen  ,youve also got these proper physical  chunky dials right here lovely  ,interior quality in the julia is much better  than you might expect most of the materials feel  ,nice to the touch while even after 12 000 miles  this car still feels very solid with no annoying  ,squeaks or rattles if you want to know more about  this car and what its like to use every day then  ,check out our video diary series with the julia  veloce as for storage space its about average  ,the door pockets could be a bit bigger as  could the space under the armrest but theres  ,a hidden compartment here plus two usable  cup holders and another space forward of that  ,the julia is available with a straightforward  selection of trim levels including sprint  ,veloce a stremmer and quadrifoglio all models  come as standard with adaptive cruise control  ,wireless phone charging keyless entry and front  and rear parking sensors with a rear view camera  ,climb into the back of the julia and practicality  is surprisingly good considering this cars sleek  ,looks from the outside theres a decent amount of  head and leg room for average size adults and you  ,could get a middle seat passenger in for short  journeys i say short journeys because there is  ,this central tunnel for them to contend with  it is a bit disappointing however that theres  ,no separate climate control zone back here or  even any usb points boot space is 480 liters  ,with the rear seats in place which measures  up well compared to the bmw 3 series and audi  ,a4 its not the most practical shape if you  want to get awkward shaped items in but then  ,thats normal on saloon cars handily though  the rear seats fold down in a 40 20 40 split  ,as standard which does create extra flexibility  when you fold them down its time now to see  ,how user-friendly the julia veloce really is and  were going to do that with a quick usability test  ,its called hopes car olympics now against the  clock ive got to fold down the rear seats sew  ,their flats tune in the radio to absolute fm and  set the sat nav to take me to buckingham palace,lets go right so ive got a sneaky suspicion  that ive got to start in the boot oh is it  ,going to open its going well so far hey there  we go i was pressing the wrong one uh right  ,weve got these two levers here give them a pull  come round so that has actually like unlocked them  ,but ive actually got to pull them down myself  start this one up two down there another one  ,here thats complete jump in the front jump in the  front oh very windy day today right so navigation  ,nice and straightforward first thing on there  um search would be oh come on i have no idea,ah continue browsing no i dont want to browse  i want to get to a point get me to a point  ,navigate to this point here we  go so then you can go to here,no this is confusing this is really confusing i  ,dont know how to actually enter a  uh place in am i just being a donut,its not navigation no its just ah there we go  there we go there we go i couldnt tell you how  ,i got onto there it was just a bit of a pressing  around and a bit of guessing buckingham palace you  ,can see its a bit laggy as mentioned earlier  but its not doing a bad job press it on there  ,its loading loading loading its giving me  different route alternatives which is good start  ,navigation so thats happening then were gonna go  home the last piece of the puzzle go on to radio  ,uh theres a list along here of favorites that  i imagine is the full list yes absolute radio  ,boom heres the proof oh its a cheeky advert  so there we go then weve just seen how the alfa  ,romeo has got on with hopes car olympics and i  will say the most challenging part of that was the  ,navigation whether that was just a me thing rather  than the system im not going to admit to just yet  ,in terms of folding down the rear seats it would  have been nice if you could just pull those levers  ,and it automatically goes down but it wasnt too  much hassle and finding the right radio station  ,using the rotary dial was super duper easy its  now time to take this baby out on the road and  ,to do that weve got a special guest joining us  now hes been using this car as his everyday car  ,for the last seven months so he should know a  thing or two about what its like on the road  ,so presenter james youve been driving  this car a lot longer than i have  ,so what have you got to tell me about it well  i can probably tell you a lot about the sat nav  ,because you really seem to struggle in the hopes  car olympic section and i know its not as good  ,as a bmw on audi as you quite rightfully  pointed out but its not that hard to set  ,the sat nav to take you to buckingham palace i  mean what was going on there you say that think  ,back to way back when when you first jumped in  this car was it easy then because there was no uh  ,magnifying glass to search yeah okay i mean its  not as straightforward as perhaps it could be but  ,still wha

Alfa Romeo Giulia 2018 saloon in-depth review | Mat Watson Reviews

this is the new Alfa Romeo Giulia and,its absolutely blooming beautiful but,then what did you expect the Italians,are famous for beautiful things theyve,got beautiful buildings beautiful,artwork beautiful women and beautiful,men hey this car is stunning and the,best bit is that it isnt the high,performance version this is the diesel,in the trim level that everyone will buy,and it looks this good now the price is,pretty good as well you see it starts,with just over 29,000 pounds but if you,click up there to go to the car while,kody at UK you can compare offers and,buy a price youre confident in the good,news is this car isnt only gorgeous on,the outside its also gorgeous here on,the inside as well absolutely love the,interior design of this car first thing,to note is the steering wheel its like,I have a sports car youve even got the,stop start button on it as well I mean,its lovely,this ones got a Grady paddle shifters,and theyre solid aluminium theyre the,kind of thing youd find in a Ferrari,and then theres the design itself so,its all sweepy and lovely their,instruments are like angled towards you,it feels very very sporty no equipment,levels are very good as well so the,entry-level car gets stuff like cruise,control you get climate control theres,three years B ports in the car you also,get auto emergency braking normally you,get a six point five inch screen but the,next level up this one the super gets an,eight point eight inch screen and look,at it I love the way Alfa integrated,into the – its just seamless whereas,rival cars seem to just have an iPad and,plop it on the top of the dash in terms,of the entertainment system itself well,its not too bad at all its easy to,whiz through the different menus the,only drawback with it is the display,itself I mean its just its a little,bit low res and I think the processor is,slower than you might find in the,upgraded systems that you can get in,German rivals but on the whole its,alright now if you click it there you,can see my full in-depth video review of,the infotainment system now the super,model also gets a 7 inch TFT screen for,the driver which has various information,for you and even the directions for the,sat-nav the super also has part leather,seats which are pretty nice and that,brings me on to the quality so yeah all,the stuff that you touch is pretty nice,some of the materials a bit lowdown are,a bit on the cheap side and maybe fit,and finish isnt quite there with the,very best in class,its not far off what is the problem,though is in car storage which isnt,very good so the glovebox is a bit on,the small side you can fit the manual in,there and probably nothing else then,theres the door bins so you might want,to carry a bottle of San Pellegrino with,you because it will go nicely with your,Italian car but no no its not going to,fit in there but how about the door bins,in the back wall or somebody see,actually first thing to note is this,wheel arch is really intrusive when you,get it in the back and its gone then,hes slumped over it,so yes the door bin in the back thats,not gonna fit in there at all in terms,of space back here well its actually,pretty good,so Im sitting up dead-straight got lots,of knee room head rooms all right for me,but people over 64 might find it a bit,on the tight side terms of carrying,three its not that great because youve,got this absolutely massive hump in the,floor so the middle seat is a little bit,uncomfortable and theres not much room,in the footwell for everyones feet see,this moving across and on this,particular car Ive got a fold-down,armrest with a couple of couples in,there which is handy now that brings us,onto the boot so the capacity is pretty,much identical to its main German rivals,and on the whole is easily good enough,for most people there we go to get that,out of the way and youve got a little,bit of extra storage here and here as,well you can fold down the rear seats,need to carry longer items however the,shape of the boot means you cant quite,cram as much in it as you can in an Audi,a4 but its close its a bit like the,back seats you know its not the best in,class but its good enough they can see,more on this cars practicality by,clicking up there to watch my detailed,video on it where you can see how much,stuff we can fit in the boot just how,easy it is to fit a child sit in the,back of this car and what its like with,three people in the back seats right,then thats all a sensable staff dealt,with hit the road now I think you need,to know about this Alfa julia is that,its the first,Alfre mayo saloon in 25 years to be,rear-wheel drive now the benefit of it,being rear-wheel drive is that yet a,sensation of it pushing you along rather,than pulling you along what youre doing,a front-wheel drive car and that just,makes it feel more,sporty and I like it for that in terms,of the handling yeah it handles very,well if theres no car in this class,that has such a sharp steering I mean,you turn the wheel a bit its just,darting into a corner its really quite,lively I dont think it has quite the,finesse as a Jaguar XE but its not far,off and its easy on a par with a BMW,3-series,it is the right quality well even though,it handles well the suspension doesnt,feel overly firmi does absorb bumps well,its also good at though is the small,imperfections in the road you you feel,it constantly kind of fidgeting and,adjusting all the time it just doesnt,seem as composed as something more,sensible like an Audi a4 speaking of an,Audi a4 I dont think its quite a,travel in either get a win whistle here,but fortunately theres not too much,tire rule on the whole for a relaxing,cruise up it does a pretty decent job,terms of engines youre going to be able,to get a 2.2 that it deals with two,power outputs 150 horsepower or the one,in this car which is a hundred and,eighty horsepower its got plenty of,shove nought 67.1 seconds economy well,Alfa says 67 miles per gallon trick,computer says 41 miles per gallon there,is one thing about this Steves although,it is quite noisy when you rev it act,then theres the gearbox theres,automatic gearbox got eight speeds on it,its nice it responds when you want it,to I like putting it into paddle shift,mode because I just love using these,paddle shift thats like I said before,they like those in a Ferrari theyre,really nice that upgrade in terms of,other engines you about to get 2 litre,petrol with 200 horsepower or with 280,and then theres the 2.9 liter v6,Quadrifoglio with over 500 horsepower,yeah that should be pretty mental and,that little noise there was collision,warning because I go around a corner it,thought I was gonna hit a van that was,part of the side of the road but I,clearly wasnt so calm down dear its,gonna be all right,finally we need to talk about the,visibility and on the whole you know,its alright if you have the back,windows pretty good there arent huge,rear pillars the only issue is the,pillar here that is quite a bit of a,blind spot there now if you want to see,for yourself you can click up there to,watch my 360 degree passenger right,video as youd imagine with,not everything is perfect heres five,annoying things about the new Julia it,doesnt appear to be a very strong,correlation between the number of the,chronic control phase and a temperature,you actually feel the emergency braking,hazard lights are just a bit too,sensitive they come on even if youre,just breaking enthusiastically its a,bit embarrassing so that as the parking,tents are going off picking the wind,were not actually there any obstacles,at all it looks as though the control,wheel for the infotainment system as a,touchpad on it like in rival cars but it,doesnt also the whole thing is a bit,flimsy and theres no shortcut buttons,for things like navigation this alpha,key isnt necessarily family look at it,compared to one of its rivals,I mean it takes up a lot of space in the,pocket its really heavy as well how we,use it as an effective weapon,thankfully its not all ba

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2021 Alfa Romeo Giulia Review // Handling Italian style

우리 카피 9 서버 매 온 지우야 임해야 내내 쓰던 팀은 자왈 노 미터,야드 시대 ob 옮겼고 처음 수건 내버려둔 유야 초암 익사이트 ur,됐어요,아 뭘 & 듀 우리야 버프로 벨 에셔 헤어 숟갈에 그래서 요거 쩔어 덜,앓지 하의를 쳐보고 춰 벌써 먼 내용인지 헬멧 nh version 슴에,셴 치환 군인이 허스트 타워 nv 향균 섹스 병실이 초월 깨끗이 10월에,섹스 m,아이폰과 4 싹은 쇼 피워라 하여 호시 파울 튜브 뽈 소망교회 음중 뉴스,펄 비비 우애 블럭을 원 폄 잉어 펜 폴리오 킹스 레이 션 날 국가라,하차 100화 50 스카 pence ryon 서버 yein o 웨딩 1,벌써 얘 나온 말 없이 자 멀리 나오지 터 한 100번 이런 머리에 끼야,묻듯 유용,헤드 디자인을 뒤 줄 수 없는 주어야 함 a4 2 4 이렌지 자축 은행,이자 낙화암 서버 로 2아웃 캠 초안 에 7m 죽어 캉골 인수 마크와,시절 아포 카포 ann 조 에러,dr.lee ir hd 여행 웨어 오히려 파김치 안수 s1 파우치 절,엔시아 면치 ngo 에어 20 같기도 하고요 써서 디 언 a 라인의 함을,빙어 건너가 꼈을 때 앞으,오르비 니조 포르르 이웃 카르 펄의 라는 값을 쓰니까 아이언을 기억해,냈던 여러 페이셜 9,여긴 노래 파일이 있는데 디얼스 라벨링 큰 무안타 뭐 속 윗 ud 스타벅,허구의 bus 토박이 소고기 구이 퍼터 쉬고 나온 웬수 대학교는 의,조합은 야들 카포 카울 미원 쌀을 대 엄만데 soic 5개 출구 하셨네요,진세 이미 오브 이삭 을 템페 헤쎈 1 free for 터가 초보 컷,테니까 업무일기 로퍼 입니다 oe 브리오슈 아피스 doo noon 쓰,거에요,머리로 마우스만 주로 쓰고 앵두야 아처 이게 쭉 화 시킨 치유 벤,team 오르막 만족하시고 바로 뺀 who 바이크 악화 스캐너 라켓,드디어 water and 스캐너를 진출 수도 있겠죠,ex 플러머 타올 롤 마우스 디카 만에 엑스포 멤버 and ios,uses 육신도 o no 벨브 빙빙 덧셈,뭐 해 뭐 아주 넣었어 웹서핑 때부터 53 타요 머리가 되게 라고 해야,될 수가 싹 째 싸우 조임이 아멘 or,s 악어 아유 암즈 비스크 잘하고 구요,아 155 쓰인 출 g20 나인틴 솔잎 우월 내지 주인이 뽑을 때 예을,집에 미인 스스로 쉬어 될 자 왼 하나의 스팅의 o 엑센트 가스 ws 저,x 칼럼 iwa 신규 인 바깥 자 밖에는 다 돈이 컴파일 냐고 때 선,그어 줏은 지우의 브레스 수단으로 뜻이잖아요 펜더 무기 5센트 스 데이,오브 유스 커버할 수 있고 조력을 거야 뭘 봐왔던 ce 아오 oa 개업할,std now and lcd lsc 5원 3가구 제거해줘야 뻐 인접 딱,펄감 달 진에어 컴 워치는 수프 rotor 100 미디어데이 법이,붙여있는 그걸 것이 한 이것이 액자 아크 2 과잉 오라비 좋아 병원 n,i 세인트 살수 들어보면 밴 시작한 없다 케어 mars 6m yp 늦었을,우리도 없다 있냐면 에피 하드 코아 족보 요오드 백정 할 수도 없습니다,옷 그 너희는 웹사 군이 호텔비 m 자 보이겠어 없는 밖에 안된 이브나,우리 이제 워커 엑스포 안 4n 쌀 sein icom 에이션 다툼이나,100 빵 고욤 하고 있으 이 단어가 예수 좋아해서 우시 기르고 사업성,험 해요 자하가 쓴 법랑,ucb no 압소바 속행 이유 유발 게 아 이새끼 클립 요법에 뭐냐면,에리오 extend 눈썰미 칼스 아마 이수희 널어 펜 엎드 스카라 부,할꺼면 모베이스 범 맥 거울 인출 걸쳐 것 바우 터치다운 위해야 다음,얼음 얇을 있어도 옆에 스텝과 갈 불 야 3살 때 수저를 보이고 온 쉬고,와 루피 버킨 겨울 내 볼모 to 영희는 채비에 차연 3매입 이유로,성하다 하는 비유로 허가와 얼굴만 보고 미워한다는 싹 ndr 아아 진짜,sider 아내 고 3 9월 취해서 제안해 내 우리 구입은 뭐 인순이,합니다 3 가 및 장애인 쓰여 하룻 메이크업 누아 다오 위치 링스타,qoo 플러스 베네 스노우 풀 치수 행위 3 4 캐나 하우스 에 더 쉬,ver – 아니라 우리 철저히 유쓰,ole 앞 아리아 잡듯이 다요 병세가,어업 쇼쇼쇼 표출 화면을 즐길 수 있을 때도 미오 로코,매체 생새우 나 그거 아세요 없어요,아이페이스 2gb e 의 감추어 구리 철 아키버드 스포츠 emg 오브 유,블리스 함,테스한테 케이스 데서 아이크 처우에 이 책 비싸나 원죄 펜 bd 의 각,좀 아베스 피스 울 2 의 나이스 털을 좋아 해볼게 웨어 이 괴 위크,업계 먹어 날 듀오 open to use on laser sensor,the teaser 스포이드 좋아 이거 언어가 이하면 멍이 너 not,하버 얻은 줄 알 거 좋아 이 롤링은 해부터 9화 개체 스피어 쏜 야초,늪 벨소리 드시고 알드 스토리 엔딩 1 페이스 배우 엠마 슈얼 bmw,알베스 페이스 어느새 인간 어퍼와 소비 수 워낙 cd 조명 데코 yg 리,유 미 너와 네 웃음 훨씬 더 바디 겠어 갖게 된 지고 있네요,저희 내 앞을 구할 순 스카우트 이런걸 수,6호 아쉬운 스프와 mens 거에요 데스크 l 아 케 있음이 앞에 나이,우여 악사 5 지우야 어댑티브 hancom bm 잡으세요,엄정화 킹캡 아웃 라스트 알빈 단야 박성미,추위를 불성은 들켜 밥 햄,exp mtv 에코 아주 퍼 거에요,지우야 비유가 on 슐츠 펌 월 스 데스크 해서 뭐 하는 버퍼 스타일의,7km 아이템 프랑스 와인이 10번 붙어 앉아,예 닐스 거 아세요 왜 앞 시대의 너 xr 은 눈썹을 폴샵 우리 아 파,했냐 라고 비교 있어요 그래요,and i 를 골라 오잉 곳이 말기 진숙 # 모호한 브레이커 않으면 에게,cells to ours lo diro 이세나 oma 억울 서의 특히,모인 잉,반면 반차 아무 첨엔 youre 거 너 뭐야 알게 a 펜 드로잉 1차,오토 그 거야,다우리 such as 스포츠 제한 하하 수지 2 3 대한 파일은 조합과,없지요,숭 to our series 와 이런 5.14 얀센 wr g,nsi 캠 power a 와 b 콱 모호한 어디 압구 a with,over to oversee 감 디자 학생증 부터 수제비 요즘 먹 속엔,치유 아이아크 a 뜻으로 커서 이스턴 쥐고 워킹,가스 및 악바르 100원이 수인소 체인 면 스프 이냐 also a 시킨,조선의 였죠,이아,아 leave 있어요 초 암스 과 밤 싸면 작 보 와아아 ox 아니지만,어 작 conn 감시 대한 될듯 e4 2 4,소유 과 무엇이 대로 들이 좋으신 야 online rx lcd a 앞날,잘 못 봤음 좋아해 볼 수 있겠어 소재도 진짜 옵 무엇이 해도 뒤 조율도,10조 나오나 w 낮춰 갈 수 있느냐,페어웨이 딘 치열 매치 5 요조 안 볼 때 놓아 시켜주고 이뻐요 하빈,여울 s 다이 hd 개수 늦은 제어 스압 추수 나 부트캠프 a 수북한,1차 수전 a 뺀 or 실현 무한대 인내 숫자 3 is woven 캠,팔에 로서 다음 못 water expo 비염 잡을 수 있어요 있잖 스카,움직 얘들 곳은 이번에 림 스크린 버 유쾌한 압구 at 500 요 수도인,운이 못 해볼 수 일이 집엔 술취한 4n 나씨 카스에서 어 네 좋아요,일 어 베리 하수 징을 차례 코 링 시찰 쉬고 있는 초보 포인트 왜인지,줄어 인수 중 알코아 2,아내나 * 생살 냐 우 산 초입에 프 란 치 터 말 한번 케이브 wii,큐브 뷰 유진규 쓰이면서 메이션 유저수 메이커 4 맥 10,yu 기후도 퍼온 이기우 cooler op 와 2 수행 crete 아이노,마우스,아 나 숨어 있어라 많은데 놈의 치료 중 해외 예수도 유제품 버릴게,없습니다,1 ost mc 딩동 보도와 될수 일이 뭐예요 spm 자 ver 3 2,리스판스 가 슈퍼가 그,에나 우리 하소 아들 c 링 시작했어요 그래서 뭐예요 그냥 마치 떼시스,정말 처럼 약화시키는 going 많게 거예요 라는 피오레 결코 ii n,con 해서 모르 밤 되시고 예,* 기교도 밀 수 있겠지 다 이 부분이다 이거 i,[음악],위키 뭔 퀄 슘 대학 총괄 신스팝 인가 음색 식당에도 않으리 좌초 아베의,쿼츠 손에 르 아,9 싸 지원할수 맘 예 어느 스카웃이 담,텐시 마블 볼지 게임음악 뻔 봉하고 아버지 were surly 쿠이,아우와 베이크 어웨이 슌 체모 싸워 벤치 5 my 페이스 워치 tools,와 맥의 합의 라이팅 까지 야구 새끼 누구야 무엇보다 없네요 owen 싹,뜻을 떼라고 페인,후 아실 slope 아까부터 페인트 알루미 줬어 얼 뭐 해요 죽 에러,엎드려 써 말 주어 그럼 좋아해서 좀 그만 듣고 건 럭스보이 그는 10살,첸 축의 썸 페인 웹 이하 비니거 박혀 드디어 를 모아 파는 6월 벌써,요 왁스 여 쓰냐,소프트 삭 미래 눈매로 바스 더 페인 4r 흄의 즉석 이우영 핸드폰 락을,썸 페이는 올해 주게 또 발로 다시 오르골 감상 써봐서 o 아저씨는,들까지 정회원 외산 용 lc 있으며 3,지오 야 언니야 그해 한데 간 3대 신수 때 빨 원담 싸긴 와 아이,paths 마 이 크 업 악평 보와 홈 쉬우 111 인스 스커 야 행,계란을 요 시킨 푸셔 흡수 물이 너 쉴 여유를 퍼머 스 알 수 있을 때,뭐 원을 헬스장 해야 할 것이다 고 얇 배나 커 이거 마이는 주 헌옷 l,관 # – 진희 하라고 학교폭력 쓰다 오게 어 좋아 피우 unesco 의,쉴수가 됐죠,아기 너와 제가 o a 프레스기 서하 읽다 버 ip54 2,리노스 의무의 디스 2골 캠의 그걸 시기를 굉장히 하는데 골 수 있게,lc 피부를 성인들 수 있으니까 머라 봐 쏙 드 폴딩 메이드인 다화 좌백,5r 스,우리 ser 컴퓨터 뒤 요철 이 앞에 4 2월이 뒤 팩 갤넥 샌들 뭔지,앞둔 아예 poi 아바 or 베리 kdr 쌩 애쓰던 즈음엔 아이포드,안보신 rca 아파 구매해야 5짜 즌 지우 is pleased 을 어스,스팟 늦으면 뽀얀 쓰겠다고 일이나 wonder 엑세스 is 현주 에니악,요에 튀어 와 찧어 속 also 오일이 한밤 으 어떻게 되요 모르던 바로,수다 쫓는 신코 링크 고압 얻을 수가 없어 베이스 뭐 로디 우 야 or,ice 됐지 1n 하하 in w 는 go 예지원 스프볼 sos 베티스,rowe 아샤 3,ceo 이따 우선 괴협 le roc 뜰 진용 왜 이래 왜 제일이 봐와서,4종 아니죠 안희환 멀어 restoring 네오 퍼그 로메오 줘 야 너,무,were for only to rely please i called a,song 우위에 몹을 체인,월이 쌍포 울산의 배치 다행히 합격 바위에 유쓰,캐릭터 po 부터 바람이 그 주어야 o 줄 알겠지 템포 이 파일도 이루고,싶어 가르켜 거미류 선별 세리 시작은 포인트 샵 은 언어 하 왜 같이,초원이 쏙 뭐요 싶은 게 암은 쓰리 스토리 원 마우스 폴 걍 은 dry,또 원칙에 수 볼 이루어져 4일이 사우스 은 기업 미래 로 조모 ktx,아주 좋아요 있습니다,ive ever fci cdn 어느 r 와 있다 틀 썼어,펜스 락 만나는 cd5 있네요 아이템팩 단점 웰빙라이프 잡지 & 중요한,째인데 철 링거에게 쓰디쓴 딱 뭐 않아 서비스 mafia 암 나 쉬운,보아 이 발생의 기우 집이 nsd 위험을 취업할 수 107 있어 덧신,탱구 도피와 될꺼예요,쓰다 비로 우려도 결 해도 굉장히 내 하면 4 싹 is 초 인물 rp,오케이 왜 비껴서 발각되고 있는 파우더 아아 너무 네스타 음수의 싸는,튀는 초 6 cd 에는 위 함량 t1 s 펜 6 요런게 초안이 온천이 뭐,ing n 생각해볼 정확히는 바 없다 이 지닌 주고 옆엔 낫 미 by 에,가격 bo 써온 그 아래 한동수 대응과 5,9 목 19 이라는 아이템으로 배교의 로 스피커 쏘서 오븐,아 역시 팬 차 3 바꾸겠다 컴프 mis 해도 잉,n 조합인데 않으면 싼 업계 깔구 도 프로톤 이를 통해 권을 줄어드는,골밑 유튜브,msc 우위를 켜고 출시 렌즈 니스 취하신 추후에 셈,1 쫑 웨이 xp 용 확 양초 않은가 볼 수 없는 대화처럼 서버 에듀 야,없이 오카모토 쉬 아트 box 당 웨딩 어웨이 기업이 아파 인 초 6이,a 초밥 존 288 lope 레즈가 청초 번갈 원 치우기 아들 아빠 we,die ich mein 수량의 저희 색상 웨이 쉔 찾은 있으니 야외와,앞문 훨씬 애써 바텔 승촌보 아라비아의 아스펜 훌리오 막스 위처럼 썼어요,2팩 미국은 오빠로 뭐 하셨나 보다 저 이해할 수 없어 해 i cant,지원 거 뭐,스피킹 엿볼 수 없는 좀 교범 소량 스키니 봐요 부유 급수로 6 9,허페이 코스프 유품 술 올 캠페 우월성 을 초보 쓰지 않 스포츠 cd,아베스 이 아우디 a4 on 에너지 즉 의미를 정보처리 주얼 쌍을 won,ho lee seo tools delete letters exo 비스트,bob 스위스 lee 아이 러브 유 치 우리를 출범 폴 서만 조회수가,영어보다 enteritis 맥신 치과를 뉴스에 디파이 of,in-store 프라이스 mt sweet 지 우스운 르,지 않아 쓰지 싹 웬디 하드 지금 이를 춰 고쳐주고 wherein,gye those poor so if i consider as extra,칩 홈 위 1회 해서 no 넣으실 싶어 있으면 q4 e7 5 일으,처음 하옵소서 먼 여행 50 1 챈 수비로 아르메 아래 qna 50 스윙,하루는 좋으니 팔고 18 store free forex 하우스인 w 소드,후 55세 댄스로 이유를 경수를 써서 악화시키는 위암 앳 문제 빵에 관문,지금 제이크 같이해야 써니 앞서 매년 주어야 잘 보고 에버 오기도 합지,길 욕하면 쓰라린 레이싱 웨일스 도 이러니까 5 축제 퓨처 오우 쓰,애니가 창이 뇌를 초회 했어요 ns 표입니다,그 질문이 sr 7인 게이 주행 양화 고의 스포츠에 대한 알면 힘주어,이랑 타이머 3편 라헬 수조에 아 아퍼 같네요 sei 쫌 헤헤 수족이 왜,일요일 로 정할 때 넌 뭐 하루 예수도 2nd 앞 or outer,food diet oxide fan 은 게임 피부도 체크 채 w x,1.4 카우스 줄 아느냐,who knows where to store from 워크아웃 롤 마우스,비교하면 explorer and exposure to send 스크랩,신부가 5

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Alfa Romeo Giulietta. Youve been warned… | ReDriven used car review

gday and welcome to redriven now,bloody italian cars my issue with,italian cars is that i love them so much,i love the charm i love the charisma i,love the entire vibe,but the problem is as we all know,italian cars have a pretty horrific,reputation when it comes to reliability,like even when i mentioned to a few,friends that were going to be featuring,the absolutely gorgeous alfa romeo,giulietta they all said in their own,unique way oh what an awesome car but,what a complete piece of crap but like,is it like is this hot hatch just a,complete hot mess or is it actually,quite a good thing like what actually,goes wrong with them what do they cost,to own and operate what does what do,they like to live with on a daily basis,but most importantly should you ever buy,one lets find out,[Music],now guys as you can probably tell from,my harsh and nasal accent i am,australian which also equates to the,fact that im most likely going to,murder many of the wonderful italian,pronunciations in relation to this car,and i apologize profusely look id love,nothing more than to have you know the,beautiful rhythm and melody of an,italian accent but instead were going,to be stuck with this being an alfa,romeo,julietta quadrifoglio verde im so sorry,speaking of countries of origin we are,going to be focusing on the australian,variants of the julieta range but no,matter where youre watching this from,everything that were going to be going,over should relate to julietas in your,local market,now obviously this is alfa romeos small,five-door front-wheel drive hatchback,but and maybe this is at least here in,australia beyond that australia,australia but beyond that this thing,becomes like a complete mess of variants,and updates and options and a whole,bunch of stuff,but lets try and make sense of it all,okay lets start with the simple stuff,first the juliette was available here,with either a 1.4 litre or a 1.7 litre,turbocharged 4-cylinder petrol engine or,a 2-liter turbo diesel engine we should,mention that that 1.4 it has been,available in various different levels of,power output but well get to that in a,second the transmission of choice was,generally a six-speed manual but an,optional six-speed dual clutch unit was,also available in terms of the,generations and the updates the julietta,was initially available as the mark one,while the colorway featuring here is a,mark ii but short of revisions to the,variant range and some minor equipment,updates not much change between these,two generations but just to confuse,things and completely defy any sort of,conventions of numerical sequencing the,series one julietta was released late in,2014,remember the mark one and the series one,theyre two different things the series,one which is technically the first major,update brought with it some subtle,exterior changes updates to the dash and,interior design and upgrades for the,levels of tech and features the next,major update called the series two again,remember the mark ii and the series two,again theyre two different things its,stupid arrived in the second half of,2016 while the series 3 appeared in 2019,with both updates bringing their own,subtle design changes inside and out yet,more revisions to the lineup and extra,equipment and features then we come to,the range of different variants and,additions and to put it politely its a,complete show were talking no less,than 15 different permutations from the,entry-level tb to the tb multi-air which,is then available as either a,progression or a distinctive or then,later in the life cycle as a super,through to the hot hatch variants which,are known as the qv then the,quadrifoglio verde then the quad verde,and then finally the veloce then youve,got all the various limited and special,editions but honestly its also,completely confusing if we even,attempted to go through it in this video,it would go for hours and youd get,bored to pieces so instead of doing that,in this video we have grabbed all of,that information and weve stuck it in,our incredibly handy and completely free,re-driven cheat sheets our cheat sheets,are invaluable as they provide a full,breakdown of the cars model range its,common problems what you need to look,out for before handing over your,hard-earned cash how much of that cash,you should be handing over and so much,more check it out at redriven.com or in,the link below now i should mention look,our goal with three driven is that this,is to become like a community driven,platform of information on all these,used cars and we generally find its,those that own these cars that are the,real experts so if youve noticed that,weve missed something major in this,video please let us know in the comments,below so we can we can all learn from,your knowledge and expertise,[Music],okay so hows the exterior,guys its italian there arent there,arent very many unattractive italian,cars like design wise the julietta has,been inspired by the absolutely gorgeous,alfa romeo 8c and it does share some,design cues with the 4c but it all just,equates into this thing looking,absolutely beautiful i adore the alfa,romeo v grill here i love all these,crease lines that lead to it,its just its bloody stunning but my,favorite angle of this thing is actually,from behind,i honestly love everything going on back,here i love the taillight design from,directly like from behind it looks just,so squat and tough and i havent almost,like an unhealthy love for door handles,that are hidden like this that i just,just looks fantastic now even these like,these signature you know alfa romeo,wheels are gorgeous but even the like,lower spec model juliettas on like the,smaller wheels even they look good now,look as attractive as these cars are,there are a bunch of really important,things you need to check out before you,actually go buying one not just for the,alpha but for really any used car and,hence why weve made the ultimate used,car buyers guide the link for which is,just up here or down in the description,below actually guys i cant stress this,strongly enough please watch that before,you spend money on any used car honestly,watching it it could save you thousands,[Music],okay so hows the interior well you know,what like the outside design wise,spot on in here like youve got to,remember,this things pushing 10 years old some,of them are older than you know 10 years,old but you never know from the from the,design in here its like timeless its,fantastic even the materials used like,yes theres some some hard scratchy,plastics but because its got like a,texture on it,it feels more expensive than what it,actually is so the whole car feels way,more expensive than what it actually,costs i should also note speaking of,materials used and whatnot what,materials are used in the interior of,these its going to vary depending on,the year model and the trim spec as well,this is now one of the top line top line,spec cars so you know theres some nice,bits of leather and whatnot as far as,the wear and tear goes the owner of this,thing clearly looks after it because it,is,near perfect in here like all the the,leather on the seats feels fantastic,even on the steering wheel it hasnt,gone too glossy it is wearing the,texture is wearing on the steering wheel,here but thats being very very picky,theres some slight tiny scuffs on the,inside of the door handle here but,overall like everything you touch,feels right like the gear change feels,great everything all these knobs feel,good all the buttons feel good,its bloody delightful but,the ergonomics will for me at least are,a little bit odd like i just i i cant,seem to get comfortable in this seat and,also being like the hot hatch variant,the seats arent all that supportive,either um yeah its just i dont know,also there are,quite a few owners have complained that,the the vents or the the fins on the uh,air vents are a bit light and flimsy in,this car not at all they feel fine but,yeah just sitting position i just its,never quite right okay in the

Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Review By Jeremy Clarkson

[Music],hello and welcome to wales where ive,come with all of our film crews and this,the brand new alfa romeo giulia,cuatro from agile,i think,whatever,lets get on now and see whats what,now for this to be a proper romeo there,must be,something wrong with it,think about it person whos kind to his,mother and punctual and sober and,well-dressed hes an audi and nobody,wants a friend like that,if youre going to form a relationship,with a car if youre going to develop a,bond its got to have human qualities,and if its going to have human,qualities,its got to have faults,and this car im delighted to say has a,big one,i dont know quite how theyve managed,this but its not very easy to get out,of youve got this pillar here and then,the wheel here and there isnt enough of,a,of the gap between the two,now hang on a minute come,on how alfa romeo is that,they put the door in the wrong place it,should be it should be further back,that is brilliant,theres more too,its not a particularly handsome car the,wheels are too small and for some reason,theyve chosen to make the front,look like a woolsey,now in the recent past james is quite,right alphas have had their faults and,then no good bits to compensate theyve,just been wrong-wheel drive fiats with,the word fiat crossed out and alfred,mayo written in in crayon,that though,thats a very different animal,[Music],[Music],this is a fabulous car an epic car,probably because its the love child of,the same man who engineered the ferrari,458.,[Music],hes given it a carbon fiber prop shaft,a carbon fiber roof a carbon fiber,bonnet a proper limited slip,differential telepathic steering and a,clever gearbox,but the most impressive bit of this car,is its turbocharged 2.9 liter v6 engine,an engine that wobbles when you close,the door,its brilliant look at that,you dont get that sort of thing from an,angry do you,ferrari which of course is part of the,same company as alfa romeo is very keen,to point out that this is not the engine,they use in the california with two,cylinders removed they say its a,complete coincidence that both engines,have the same ball stroke and the angle,adamant that this is all alfa romeos,own work,so there we are,it is then,and what work it is,you get,503 brake horsepower,that is,60 more than you get from a bmw m3 60.,its,175 more than you get from that jag that,james would be droning on about now had,i not,stepped in and saved the day,and then theres the way it revs,most turbocharged engines are a bit,wheezy at the top end but,because the twin scroll turbo in this is,mounted in the v of the engine,just like it is in the ferrari,california coincidentally,the rev counter is still a blur right up,to the red zone,[Applause],this engine is,its a masterpiece,an absolute gem,so while this may look like a wolseley,it certainly doesnt go like one,it has a top speed in fact of 191,miles an hour,what this car is,is a ferrari,wearing four-door scentsy panties,and that brings me on to this cars,party piece,at normal speeds its very quiet and,very civilized and even though its,running on wheels that appear to have,come off the bottom of a sofa,its very comfortable even if you push,this and put it in bumpy suspension mode,the setting i havent yet tried is this,one race,but i think i should sadly however,before i found somewhere to try it out i,received a telephone call,[Music],oh no,what,have you got a film crew somewhere,yes i have are you using them to film an,alpha,yes i am where are you whales,whales,cant just arrange that to go to,scotland and disappear off to wales i,didnt tell you to go to scotland you,decided to go to scotland on your own,[Music],weve come all the way to scotland to do,this with the these two cars this is the,test you trying to shoe all this never,helping its nice that there are alfa,romeos in the world thats a lovely,thing that we can all carry on with the,it doesnt matter how good you think the,alfa romeo is this is a car program,concepts dreams imagined and,they were still shouting at me as i,arrived with all of the film crews at,our track,i think youve managed to scratch over,the last ten years effectively i dont,know how why are you,race mode,here we go,[Music],[Music],in race mode everything is in a ten stop,state the throttle response the gearbox,the steering,and the traction control,is off,[Music],[Applause],this has now been transformed from,something that was brilliant,into something that is,sensational,[Applause],[Music],[Music],of course youd never drive in race mode,on the road in the same way youd never,take your wristwatch into space,but its nice to know that it would,still work,if you did,this does,oh boy this does,ive always said you cant be a true,petrol head until youve owned an alfa,romeo and the trouble is ive always,known,theres no alfa romeo a true petrol head,who would actually want to buy,there is now though oh there is now,[Music],and so i decided to do something ive,never done with any car ive ever filmed,in my entire life,i decided when the test was over to go,to the nearest alfa romeo dealer,and buy one,you

Alfa Romeo Giulia 2021 review | you must test drive this BMW 3 Series rival | Chasing Cars

im tom baker this is chasing cars and,today were reviewing this,beautiful green overtan alfa romeo julia,aside from being painted in instagrams,most popular combination,this particular julia is actually a,really special car and in todays video,im going to be explaining why,if youre considering a bmw 3 series,audi a4,or mercedes-benz c-class you should at,least take this vehicle for a test drive,before you sign on the dotted line no,this isnt sponsored no im not an alfa,romeo shill,im not even that much of now feasty i,just think,this is a really lovely small luxury,rear-wheel drive car,now when it comes to the julia the,tospec quadrifoglio is the variant that,gets most of the headlines and i have,driven the updated 2021,julia quadrifoglio and you can watch,that video by clicking up here,this one is the two-liter turbocharged,four-cylinder,in veloce trim and in some ways this is,a really lovely car on its own merits,for sure the 2.9 liter twin-turbo v6,that you get in the quadrofolio is a,very very special unit,but weve got so much less weight over,the front wheels here,in the veloce weve got an lsd on the,rear end weve got 206 kilowatts of,power so this car is hardly slow,and its also softer and more livable,than the quadrifoglio,plus doesnt it just look gorgeous in,this vicanti green,over a tan interior this veloce is,fully optioned so weve got things like,the five hole wheels which look pretty,cool in that dark grey,weve got optional black calipers which,just give it this really nice aesthetic,when viewed,from side on and inside we of course,have that gorgeous tan interior,and a bunch of other premium options,that make this car feel really,quite complete for the price so lets,start todays video,by jumping inside the julia jumping into,the alfa romeo julia we find one of the,great driving positions,of any new car you sit low you sit,into the alfa romeo julia and your legs,stretch right out in front of you like a,proper,rear wheel drive car with a long front,end just like,this one is then you find that this,lovely steering wheel is sitting at just,the right place,youve got these tactile paddle shifters,you can rest your arm if you need to,on either side theres nothing about,this driving position that makes you,feel uncomfortable or that they havent,thought it out really well,and thankfully the julias cabin goes,well beyond,that simple fact or at least it does now,when the julia,and stelvio first came out five years,ago or so,their cabins were just a little bit,ratty in terms of materials and build,quality you know if you got into one of,those and then,went down the street to a bmw dealer and,sat in a 3 series,it was very clear that bavaria had its,quality control standards to a slightly,higher level,that distinction is no longer anywhere,near as evident,in the julia the facelifted cars are,built better,they have less rattles in fact this,particular car okay its only got 2000,ks on the clock but this particular car,feels fantastic,and just you know theres no more,shifting plastics in the cabin,not just that but things like the,damping on the controls and the buttons,have been changed to be heavier and that,reminds me of the old w204c,class where all the controls were just,supposed to be four newton meters if,anyone cares but,you know heavy enough such that it felt,like you were in something human from,granite,and here in the julia you now kind of,get that impression and i love that,theres also been some updates to the,infotainment its got more processing,power,some of the software has changed its,still not as,intuitive as audis mmi system or the,bmw i drive but its completely,acceptable,and we have a rotary dial to control it,which is fantastic,when youre on a dynamic bumpy road,which this car deals with so well,then its also a touchscreen and its,got like a matte coating on it so it,doesnt pick up your fingerprints,we do have wired apple carplay and,android auto and this car has the,grand or so optional harman kardon,stereo,which is cool and has nice little,speaker grilles on the doors,weve also got the optional dual pane,sunroof which i think a lot of people,will want,and someone with great taste went for,this tan interior for this press car,which is,absolutely the way i would have it i,would have it just as you see it here,it looks perfect it looks so much more,special than any,a4 c-class 3 series just by virtue of,this,standard color combination you know this,isnt a special order,you can buy it just like this like you,would any other julia,thats fantastic weve got the afromeo,crest,up here in the headrests weve got,gorgeous tan stitching on this,leather dashboard it all looks apart it,feels the part,lovely analog gauges sure theyre not as,cool and sophisticated as,an a4s digital gauge cluster but for me,i actually prefer them this way on an,alfa romeo,so you know now that the quality is,improved and some of the fittings and,fixtures have really taken a step up,theres nothing huge to complain about,here sure wireless carplay and stuff,would be great,but you know as it sits ill take it,here in the back of the julia you find,that this alpha is perfectly adequate,for carrying two more adults in the,second row which is really all this car,has to do,because theres not going to be too many,people buying this as their only family,car,but if you do that youll see that even,for someone six foot like me,theres just enough head room with the,dual pane sunroofs,leg room behind my own driving positions,fine toe rooms a little tight,but i could certainly put up with it you,will notice this middle seat is a perch,and really emergency use only because,theres no floor space,and headroom would be seriously,compromised,but i guess the point is is that you,dont have to go for the stelvio suv,which is sort of the,lifted wagon version of this car i,suppose just if you think you need,backseat space because theres enough of,it here in the julia,in terms of amenities weve got air,vents theres cool aviation style things,sure the trend is dating a bit now but i,still sort of like them,heated rear seats as well as up front,which is nice two more usb ports here,map pockets flip down armrest with,cupholders,very nice and still that lovely,leather-lined,trim up here on the doors here around,the back of the alfa romeo julia and,again,in my subjective opinion this is a,handsome vehicle,styling is always subjective and you can,let me know down below the video whether,you,like the julia because it is a little,bit polarizing but for me,it just wears this green paint so well,and the veloces,dark gray like gunmetal badges look,really good on it,as well now weve got these twin outlets,here around the back for the veloce,weve also got a q2 badge,which means that this car has the,limited slip differential,on the rear axle now the boot itself is,manual which is fine i dont really,understand small sedans,with power tailgates and that boot opens,up to reveal,a 480 liter boot which is about par for,the course,for this segment and as you can see we,can get the three chasing cars suitcases,in here just fine you dont really need,to go up to the stelvio suv now,getting these cases in here requires,kind of like the vigor of,a i dont know al italia,flight attendant on a friday night roma,2,milano but you can get them in there,youve got remote releases for the 60 40,folding back seats,but underneath that boot floor you wont,find a spare on this car so youre going,to be,taking your life in your hands going,country touring in this thing but for me,i think id probably take that risk,because as well find out shortly,this thing is brilliant to drive on a,country road now so far so good on the,julia there must be a catch right well,there sort of is,and it comes along in the running costs,point of view or the general ownership,proposition of this car,and that begins with the warranty which,is three years 150 000 kilometers here,in australia,now rivals like the mercedes-benz,c-class give you five years wi

2023 Alfa Romeo Giulia Estrema – POV Review

ladies and gentlemen tonight were,driving the alfa romeo giulia estrema,this model of car slots in between the,veloce and the alfa romeo cuadrafolio,ive always wanted to do that with an,alpha tonight were driving the new,julia estrema and like i said this hopes,to bridge the gap between the veloce and,the cuadrofolio,we still have a 2-liter turbocharged,4-cylinder it makes 280 horsepower we,have an 8-speed automatic a limited slip,differential in the back adaptive,suspension and lots of carbon fiber and,a very nice interior,lets start this up well walk you,around this new julia show you what it,looks like inside and out and talk about,what its been like to live with this,week,lets start with this interior this is,an absolutely gorgeous space we have,lots of leather beautiful seats carbon,fiber trim,contrast red stitching lots of beautiful,alpha romeo accents,this interior feels very european its,very nicely appointed and beautifully,designed a very nice place to be,we have nice clear sharp analog gauges,for our tachometer and speedometer as,well as our fuel gauge and temperature,gauges and then here in the middle we,have a digital information display which,shows us a number of things like our,safety systems our speed trip computers,and,long-term fuel economy,heres our infotainment pretty,straightforward setup no big surprises,here we have apple carplay and android,auto connectivity some performance pages,a menu to show us our climate control,vehicle information,we have three different drive modes in,this julia d for dynamic n for natural,or normal and a for all weather dna and,in dynamic mode you can change the,adaptive dampers to soft or just the,default setting which is a little bit,stiffer but still,pretty has pretty nice ride quality,lets walk you around this outside well,show you the exterior and then well,talk a little bit more about this car,and take it for a drive,this is actually the first alpha romeo,press loan weve had in a i think ever,that i can remember maybe back in the,whiney road days we had one a long time,ago weve driven a few julias since,then,mostly the quadrifoglios but ive been,actually really excited to get into this,julia with a four cylinder ive heard,really good things about the veloce and,this extrema just takes things up a,notch,we have beautiful 19-inch alloy wheels,wrapped in 225 40r19,uh pirelli tires,nice looking brakes too,you have this extreme badge here on the,side carbon fiber mirror caps,a dual,sunroof setup one for the front seat,passengers one for the rear seat,passengers,nice looking back seats too,this julia competes with the likes of,the genesis g70 the bmw 3 series,i think it is a beautiful beautiful,little car love this red,its called alfa rosso,some more carbon fiber accents here and,the front end beautiful alfa romeo badge,lets show you out back in the trunk,heres what the key looks like,double press to pop the trunk,about an average amount of space back,here for a vehicle this size,do we get a spare tire,i dont believe we do,still 60 40 folding rear seat you can,fold those down with two levers back,here which is,nice little grab handle to close the,trunk,dual exhaust with black tips,oh yeah this julia estrema in rear wheel,drive starts at around 56 000.,all wheel drive is an option,seated behind myself at five foot ten,i have enough space back here its,definitely a little bit smaller of a,vehicle but ive always thought that,sport sedans in this class are just,about the right size not too big not too,small just enough and their driving,dynamics benefit from that,lets pop the hood,this is a two liter turbocharged four,cylinder its rated for 24 miles to the,gallon in the city 33 miles to the,gallon on the highway pretty efficient,paired with this eight-speed automatic,it makes 280 horsepower and 306,pound-feet of torque,a little bit of plastic up top but i,still appreciate that alfa romeo makes,their engines look like engines,you can see the connections here for the,adaptive dampers,nice lightweight hood,beautiful beautiful sedan especially in,this red,this is a very unique looking interior,all alpha switch gear no fca no,stalantis parts this is all alfa romeo,and i love that,really nice quality buttons they have,kind of a rubber outline here physical,controls a very simple easy to use,interior very driver friendly,the only con,is theres no traction control off,button anywhere in this car not in the,menus not in here not hidden on the side,you cant disable traction and stability,control unless we have a wonderful,chassis to play with,i dont think thats a huge issue for,most drivers but for the purist for the,enthusiast that could be a deal breaker,that said lets take this for a drive,and see how it does on the road,love the little italian flag colors here,below the shifter,tiny little reverse camera with parking,sensors,still shows you what you need to see,you can see,those work,pretty good visibility all around too,nice lightweight steering at low speeds,the steering wheel is,perfect oh and we have these,absolutely fantastic metal paddle,shifters that are fixed behind the wheel,look at that,stop start well turn that off,[Music],so well start out,in natural mode,[Music],this is a nice everyday driving mode,shifts from this 8-speed automatic are,pretty smooth,the engine is still responsive,suspension is nicely tuned a great ride,handling balance,i love the steering in this alpha its a,pretty quick rack,but theres a lightness and a nippleness,to this car,that is really pleasing,the 8-speed does a great job utilizing,the torque from those 2-liter turbo as,well,makes excellent shift decisions,lets go into dynamic mode use these,wonderful paddle shifters,pretty quick shifts,nice and responsive,[Music],thats very good very satisfying,you have quick access controls for apple,carplay,i found this infotainment to be a little,bit laggy on first startup but once it,warms up once it kind of begins to wake,up after youve been driving for a few,minutes,it seems to respond quick pretty quickly,the display is really nice really sharp,i love the design of all the menus,everything in here is very cohesive,from a design perspective,even in dynamic mode,ride quality is excellent,alpha has done a great job tuning these,adaptive dampers to still be comfortable,while providing excellent,cornering grip and balance,all right first corner,chucking this in,its so neutral,wonderful lightness to the steering,such a good chassis with us julia,ive heard a lot of people,who i know have driven the standard,julia and just,praised its chassis to high heaven,and uh ive gotta say im not,disappointed,aside from the fact you cant turn off,traction control,well go back into n,and set cruise control,super simple button layout on the,steering wheel everything is very,straightforward clearly marked physical,controls known as haptic nonsense,you can easily adjust your cruise,control settings skip five monitor,increments with a double press of this,toggle switch or one mile an hour,increments with a slight press,you have three different following,distance settings,adaptive cruise seems to do a pretty,good job,doesnt linger too long when passing,slower vehicles,very comfortable car here on the highway,wind noise is kept to a minimum,i love these seats they feel about as,good as they look,we have a classic little crumb collector,down here excellent bolstering,im five foot ten about 150 pounds and,they fit me perfectly,all right lets switch back into dynamic,mode,im going to put those active dampers,into soft see how that feels,brake pedal,is kind of the only place where im a,little bit disappointed with this car,it takes quite a bit of pedal travel to,actually get some braking force to,happen but once you get into it the,pedal is nice and firm and its pretty,good modulation bites a little bit low,but also this car only has 600 miles on,it brakes might not be completely,embedded in yet,i love that alpha maintains the proper,shift pattern,forward for d

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