1. Review: George Harrison All Things Must Pass-50th Anniversary Edition
  2. Is George Harrisons 50th Anniversary All Things Must Pass Remix worth the Money? Should you buy it?
  3. George Harrison ALL THINGS MUST PASS – 50th Anniversary – Super Deluxe 8LP Unboxing!
  4. All Things Must Pass 50th 5 LP Box Review
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  6. All Things Must Pass 50th Anniversary Review
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Review: George Harrison All Things Must Pass-50th Anniversary Edition

hey there everybody pete pardo here from,city tranquility welcome to another,episode of whats hot with ca,tranquility yes,new album review day lots of them in,fact it is wednesday we do this every,wednesday here on the channel today,were going to take a look at something,im probably a few months behind in,reviewing,but the truth of the matter is i only,just got this not long ago right so uh,better late than never i always say this,happens to be the third album released,by this guys third solo album first,though that he released after the,breakup of the beatles,released november 27 1970 for the apple,label produced by himself as well as,some help late in the sessions with phil,spector from phil spector i should say,all things must pass,the 50th anniversary release of this,which came out officially earlier this,year,and uh yeah i mean i base theres,all sorts of variations on this you can,get these you know big uh,loaded,vinyl sets theyve got like these you,know multi-pack dvd sets i mean cd sets,uh all trying to get like a list of all,the different uh variations here that,you can get um,yeah i mean you know,the most extensive edition contains 70,tracks across five cds eight lps which,has outtakes demos jams uh standard,vinyl standard cd uber deluxe edition,box set all sorts of uber duper super,duper versions of all things must pass i,opted to just go with the two disc set,two cd set which basically gives you all,of the tracks,from the original three album set,released in 1970,all remixed in 2020 okay its got this,new mix so lets uh before we get into,talking about the album lets take a,look at the artwork so here youve got,uh you know its kind of like,interesting uh the way the art the album,cover is presented here its kind of in,this like black and green hue,so to speak right theres the back,okay the,track listing,oh its kind of,kind of blurry there but you get the,picture uh and then we open it up and a,listing of all of the musicians who,appeared on the album which ill get,into in a second and then you open that,up,okay,and then weve got here,all right two cds are both in cardboard,sleeves on the inside of there,and then weve got here this kind of,little fold poster,of course,theres mr george,late mr harrison there and on the other,side some information about the 2020,mix,of course with uh all sorts of,uh commentary from uh donnie harrison,and paul hicks of course paul hicks,excuse me is the guy who uh did the,remixing all right,2020 remixed and produced in stereo by,paul hicks,executive producer donnie harrison and,uh produce product producer david,zanshein,and uh yeah all sorts of,interesting information coming from both,uh donnie and paul about a lot of the,different tracks and what they unearthed,and you know doing these new mixes and,what have you so pretty cool stuff i,think its an,interesting read and of course,appearing on the album for those of you,who dont know i mean this is a classic,album uh drums of percussion ringo starr,jim gordon and alan white,okay,bass guitar klaus voorman and carl,rattle,on keyboards gary wright bobby whitlock,billy preston and gary brooker weve got,legendary names everywhere here pedal,steel guitar pete drake,guitars george harrison eric clapton and,dave mason,tenor saxophone bobby keys trumpet jim,price,rhythm guitars and percussion bad finger,the whole band is here right uh what,else,mile evans t sympathy in tambourine and,introducing the george ohara smith,singers orchestral arrangements by john,barham,recording engineers ken scott and philip,mcdonalds package designer photography,tom wilkes and barry feinstein for,camouflage productions produced by,george harrison and phil spector for,apple records uh yeah i mean it goes,without saying that this is uh,not only perhaps george harrisons,finest moment as a solo artist but its,also considered by many to be perhaps,the greatest solo album or one of the,greatest solo albums by,all of the uh the beatles themselves so,theres the,cd inserts with the tracklist on either,side,and the other basically looks,pretty much the same except you gotta,the gnome is,obviously a different position there,so for those who are maybe not that,familiar with this album,again originally a three lp set,right,if you had the main album double album,and then you had the apple jam stuff uh,you know which is,basically what they are apple jams right,a lot of the musicians getting together,in the studio and jamming and doing all,sorts of fun stuff but the main album,has got some really cool songs i mean,this is basically a rock out but theres,some definitely some a little bit of uh,folky stuff theres some you know,its hard to describe the music of this,album to me its its not,at times its kind of beetle-ish but not,really,uh you know george is really big into uh,spirituality stuff at the time so,theres definitely a spiritual feel to,much of the lyrical content and the feel,of the album theres some real fun songs,on here theres more kind of more,acoustic bass stuff theres just some,good rock and roll on here as well uh,you know the first cd which contains the,first couple of lps on here its uh id,have you anytime my sweet lord that was,pretty big single great slide guitar on,that uh wawa is definitely fun okay uh,isnt it a pity version one what is life,another big huge hit i absolutely love,what is life its my favorite george,harrison so its so much fun thats like,one of those songs i dont think its,long enough i listen to it i want to,hear it again and again and again i just,keep apparently playing the replay love,it uh if not for you behind that locked,door great song let it down run of the,mill all right over on side on cd2,youve got beware of darkness great song,all right i always love this box beard,version of the song but this is the,original original kills uh apple scruffs,ballad of sir frankie,uh battle of sir frankie crisp literally,sorry are waiting on you all another,really strong song though the title,track all things must pass absolutely,beautiful uh i i dig love art of dying,is great got some great clapton guitar,work on that uh isnt it a pity version,two hear me lord and then youve got you,know the apple jam stuff out of the blue,its johnnys birthday plugged me in,i remember jeep and thanks for the,pepperoni out of the blue and plugged me,in a really cool a lot of cool gems good,guitar work and all sorts of stuff,people just having fun playing together,which is pretty neat uh and i will say,uh the mix sounds pretty spectacular i,have also the uh,the last reissue that came out these i,dont even remember sometime in the mid,2000s something like that came in the,kind of brown box kind of ugly little,packaging had like no no right no uh,stuff on the side so you know when you,throw it on the shelf you dont know,what the hell it is unless you go and,actually pull it out,but this is a nice neat little two-disc,package has all that stuff i dont need,all the extraneous uh,alternate takes and just you know,theres all these other jams that are,available and just all the stuff that,was kind of left off the album right i,dont ive heard it all i have it on the,other version dont really im not,really that interested in that i just,like the regular 3lp set the original,album the way it is and it sounds,spectacular on here,really sounds good they did a really,nice job with this remix and just it all,just sounds,i mean this is always a pretty good,sounding album anyway but its just man,everything is so clear you hear all the,little all the instruments all the,little nuances are there to discover uh,a really really good album you know for,many many years i always thought,man everybody talks about this as being,this like absolute absolute masterpiece,and yeah i like a lot of it but i i was,never like always thinking im missing,something its like yeah i like it but,i think im starting to im starting to,finally understand what everybodys been,talking about all these years like i,said i always liked a

Is George Harrisons 50th Anniversary All Things Must Pass Remix worth the Money? Should you buy it?

hi everyone im steve welcome to the,audio files glad you can make it today,now i want to review,george harrisons all things must pass,50th anniversary box set i have the,5lp box set,i also have the original from 1970 here,a little beat up,this one ive played a lot ive had this,one for years as well,this one co-produced by phil spector of,course you guys know the wall of sound,now,the 50th anniversary theres been a lot,of controversy controversy so its like,should i buy this one should i waste my,money so,lets find out right now lets get this,started,here it is,all things must pass 50th anniversary,deluxe 5lp box set,now,a lot of controversy on the different,forums out there online,um some of the forums on facebook,is it worth it is it worth buying for,the price i mean theres a few different,options you can get the uber deluxe in a,big crate um or you can get like the 8lp,set the 5lp set with the in with the,outtakes or you can get obviously just,the the normal 3lp uh remix as well so,is it worth it well i want to do a,little bit of a,history on the this album and then i,want to then discuss,my findings of the way this sounds and,you know how i compared it to my,original 1970 album so,this is george harrisons third studio,album it was released in november of,1970,now all things must pass had a very,eclectic array of musicians i guess,amazing musicians working on this album,such as ringo starr,wright,billy preston as everyone knows from the,let it be album the fifth beatle on that,did the keyboards uh kloss vormin,who was the bass guitarist and also,known for uh his artwork on the beatles,album revolver which is one of my,favorite,albums of all time by the beatles,we had bad finger on percussion who was,also signed by the apple label owned by,the beatles at that time as well,and on guitar,eric clapton,and of course,phil spector co-producing with george,harrison and we all know phil spector,using his wall of sound technique as,well,so thats a little bit of a background,on,the album,so the 50th anniversary remix of this,album was remixed by,paul hicks a three-time grammy winner,who has a long history in collaboration,with danny harrison and hes also worked,with the likes of coldplay,paul mccartney and ringo starr so,does have a lot of experience,in the remixing,in the remixing industry heres a little,fun fact his dad,is the hawleys guitarist tony hicks did,not know that,now,paul hicks also worked closely with,giles martin in remixing and remastering,the entire beatles catalog,and,danny harrison who also collaborated,with hicks on a number of other,projects they also are in a band,together which i thought was really cool,and of course danny harrison georges,son,was the supervisor and co-producer of,this album,now on some of the,mofi mofi sites on facebook,someone mentioned that the actual dead,wax of this album im going to show you,here,does not have the mastering engineers,writing in the dead wax normally you,would see if it was you know miles,showwell from abbey road studios it,would say miles and the half speed,mastery and theres nothing here,i think it was michael firmer who,mentioned that in his uh his uh,piece on the review of this album as,well so,yeah we dont even know who the,mastering engineer is on this album,which i find very strange it was brought,up like i said in one of the posts on,the mofi forums i just wanted to let,everyone know that thats very,interesting ive never seen that before,as well so michael firmer,thank you for that thats uh interesting,observation there so is it worth it to,buy the,brand new 50th anniversary remix or do,you just stick with the old faithful the,original 1970 and i havent um looked at,it yet but the 30th anniversary all,things must pass which uh george,harrison personally signed off on,again i havent heard it um could be,according to some,people that i speak with,some members of the different forums say,thats the go to,the go to album its the 30th,anniversary so its almost one of those,things im gonna have to uh,buy one uh they are on disc cogs um you,know anywhere from i think its like 80,bucks all the way up to 400 so have a,look there if you are interested in that,one so is it better is the 50th,anniversary better than my 1970 re my,1970 album well,ill tell you,the vocals georges vocals,they sound more more in the front,they offer a lot more clarity,um you know the sound is cleaner but of,course because of that because of the,sounds cleaner the guitars sound,a lot better its more compressed okay,so that being said um i feel on this,remix theyve ramped up the mid bass,and uh you know really theres areas,where theres it does sound outstanding,some songs and outstanding compared to,the original and others sound really,muddy and flat so it really is i mean,this album uh the 50th anniversary is a,its one of those things if youre a,true george harrison fan and fanatic,obviously buy the album,its definitely worth it the outtakes,are worth it alone,but i mean compared to my 1970 original,you know theres theres uh there was,more low end on the remix and my,original,like i said the vocals were clear the,guitars were clear but i mean thats,compression right there thats doing,that,so they cleaned up the vocals,my original has more of that of course,the wall of sound that,in a way that echoey feel to it but i,found out too that uh phil spectors,wall of sound one of the reasons why he,he came up with the wall of sound was,was strictly for fm radio play as well,he felt the wall of sound sounded a lot,better when it was played on,fm frequencies back in the 70s so i,found that interesting as well so i mean,by compressing,compressing this album the way it did to,bring the vocals more up front and the,guitars more up front it does,you know bury,other instruments itll bury the string,the string section um you know thats,really prevalent in this album as well,so thats you know the give or take as,well so all in all it does sound great,um but its one of those one of those,albums where i mean should you waste,another 100 or whatever dollars on it,id say,dont run out and get it if you dont,have to maybe stream it,use the apple,lossless streaming service or amazon hd,have you know just to listen to it and,see what you think but all in all i mean,it is a great album if youre a fan im,happy with it um im not gonna never,play my original ever again i mean,theres definitely uh you know with a,remix you cant really compare it apples,to apples but i think i am motivated to,have a look or to have a listen to the,30 30th anniversary all things must pass,so i might have a look at that one next,uh which is uh i i think will be an,interesting comparison as well well,thats my review of the 50th anniversary,all things must pass george harrison 5,lp box set or at least mines the 5lp,box set i really enjoyed the outtakes,thats worth the price of mission alone,and like i said,it does sound great my original sounds,fantastic as well if you are a true,george harrison fan and enjoy his canon,of work then just stick with the,original um at this point,or um like i am going to try as well i,want to i want to test out the 30th,anniversary because that was signed off,by george harrison himself before he,passed so,yeah that would be an interesting one to,have a look at next and review so guys,if you havent already subscribe to my,channel you can see it down there um,once i get to a thousand subscribers,ill be giving away the 50th anniversary,abbey road beatles box set im excited,to do that thank you for everyone who,has subscribed to date once we get to a,thousand youll have a one in a thousand,chance to win the box set so ill be,excited about that until next time guys,thank you again so much i hope you got a,lot out of this,this video today in this review today,keep turning that music up loud spin,those records unseal some of your,records if you want if you can,and enjoy the music until next time,well see you again

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George Harrison ALL THINGS MUST PASS – 50th Anniversary – Super Deluxe 8LP Unboxing!

[Music],hey guys welcome back to the pressing,matters,today im going to take you through the,george harrison box set,and i decided to do it in my own little,fryer park back here,um among the uh the leaves which is a,a theme of this uh set because george,was so into gardening,you know ive watched too many unboxing,videos already,and,oh wow this is pretty heavy this is the,8lp,set so were going to lay this carton,out,and then take a look at it that way so,as i was saying,um you know theres a million unboxing,videos out there,and a lot of them have commentary you,know i,im not gonna do too much commentary on,the situation if you know what im,talking about,uh that is,the reactions to the box set um,sonically and the controversy,surrounding its release,but uh there is the box its,quite substantial,okay theres the back,comes nicely packaged in this uh,foam which is great,let me fold this away,okay,okay so looks pretty good,and then on this side you see the three,elements of the package,lets see i hate to run a knife through,here but,do it gently nothing really to save on,the shrink wrap so im going to,pull it all off,i will save this hype sticker though,super deluxe vinyl mixed by paul hicks,60 page book etc,okay so so this is sit up set up like a,slip case,the um photo is smooth its not matte,like the uh,the original and,going with the,the um gardening type thing its green,here instead of black and white,and lets take a look at the book first,lets take it all out,okay,carefully,okay so heres the book wow,its um solid,hardcover nice quality printing,very nice,seems to be,wow this is really nice i can only,imagine the uber set book,looked even better but this is,this is very uh very nice,im so glad i got this,okay beautiful,great okay and then,this is wow this is cool because it,looks,it looks like uh it is the vintage tape,box which is pretty cool,and then this is the the main piece,the remix its set up,pretty much like the original box which,ive always loved,here weve got the poster,huge nice,i still have my original poster,and then we have im sure youve all,seen this already but,see a ribbon would have been nice to,lift this stuff up,lets take it up like this,nothing too surprising here the sleeves,the original sleeves a little different,material than the original,but still nice,the discs um polyline sleeves,no half apple on them theyre full apple,label,orange,another,same here,absolutely no complaints about the,presentation its beautiful,beautiful so that is the main remix,im gonna when i do the,review im gonna approach it,as if i havent heard all the noise,about,this and that because im excited about,this this has been one of my favorite,albums for,ever if you go to steve hoffman forum,youll find,me under vinyl fine co,and uh i always talk about this for,years,how ive been waiting for this oh this,is nice okay so this is the outtakes,um theyve done a black interior with,with orange print which is gorgeous,bring it over a little bit like that,again we have to take this out,looks like the same same basic setup,these are new sleeves naturally,and they use the acetate label for these,outtakes,and the gnomes of course which are a big,part of the set,not this set the uber set,i saw mazzys unboxing,great job mazzy um beautiful,beautiful uber set and,trying not to be jealous but,um im gonna be happy with this i think,i already am,beautiful great,i mean the production of the box,the labels everything is,top-notch absolutely,absolutely top-notch its gorgeous,great okay so those those are the three,elements of the box set,so thats the unboxing im going to um,do this in two parts,um i think its only fair to really give,this a good listen,um itll be a couple of days before i,get the second part up,but really looking forward to this um,ive been waiting for this for,a decade or two so i hope i can bring,some fresh perspective to it thanks for,watching,well see you next time,[Music],you

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All Things Must Pass 50th 5 LP Box Review

hey everybody can you believe it two,videos in uh the span of two days thats,right well since i made the let it be a,box set video uh and,so many of you watched it and some of,you were so kind in the comments and,said welcome back and youre glad to see,im making videos again uh it really uh,inspired me to now make a video talking,about another box set that came out,recently,and it is the george harrison all things,must pass,50th anniversary box set and i happen to,pick up the uh,5lp,uh box,and um,i gotta say that this one ive been,listening to this for quite a while now,this came out i dont know i guess like,a month ago maybe maybe a little bit,more than that i picked it up the day it,came out,and um,this one is was a bit of a struggle for,me i gotta say um,when i first listened to it my opinion,of it was very very poor is what i will,say i was not impressed at all upon,first listening um and then,over the last couple of weeks i gotta,say ive warmed up to it a bit more and,ive taken it for more for what it,actually is which it is just its a,remix um and,if i,take it as a standalone,uh so its its own thing compared to the,original this is a us pressing,or this is my favorite pressing this is,a german pressing uh from the early 70s,um,if i take it as a separate thing,compared to these,ones that i love then i appreciate it a,lot more but let me go a little bit more,into detail here,and kind of tell you,just give you my overall thoughts about,this new box now im not going to do im,not going to show you every single thing,thats inside this box because im sure,other people have made videos,that are much better uh than than i,could possibly do,so ill just ill just say this is the,5lp edition so with this one you get uh,the two original um,lps that have the remix on it and then,you get of course the apple jam uh,record which that was not remixed that,was just remastered so those are all uh,just the original mixes there,and then you get uh two lps of,the sessions uh session outtakes which,is the set that i was really interested,in now the thing that was kind of a,bummer about,the 5lp edition of this box is you dont,get all of georges demos that come with,the,cd box and like the uber,box set that was the thousand dollar box,uh that you got the gnomes and all that,kind of stuff with uh i was not gonna,spend a thousand dollars on a box set i,dont care,what it is who it who would buy or,whatever thats just never gonna happen,so i opted for this edition of the box,now um lets first talk about the,the remixes here so,the remixes like i said at the beginning,of this video when i first heard them,very first time,uh i gotta say i didnt like them uh,right away,the vocals were really really loud um,and the low end was extremely extremely,boosted as well so the bass and like the,kick drum and stuff like that was just,overly bloated is how i would describe,it uh and it just,it was just so different uh just,drastically different is what as i would,say drastically different than the,original,uh mix from 1970. now,ive always been in the camp where i,actually have always liked the way the,original mix sounded um a lot of people,think that it has too much reverb and,its to fill spectre still spectorized,or whatever,and,that georges vocals were buried and all,that kind of stuff ive always loved it,i always thought it was great this is,has always been one of my favorite,albums of all time by anyone uh,definitely definitely my favorite album,by george um ive always loved it so i,didnt have a problem with the original,mix,so maybe thats why when i heard this,new remix and how,and how its just so drastically,different why it affected me so much,so,right away i,i was listening to it and i just kind of,in a weird way for the first time ever,with these beetle-related remixes i was,really happy finding myself having a,hard time and i wasnt really enjoying,it all that much um,but i did listen to um i listened to the,whole album the regular album all the,way through,and got to the end of it and then i,listened to the apple jams and i have to,say the apple jams sound,absolutely fantastic in this box ive,always loved the apple jams i know a lot,of people dont care for them i think,theyre amazing,theyre really really fun to listen to,theyre theyre a fun theyre a fun,record to put on uh kind of in the,background while youre maybe doing,something else like studying or reading,or i dont know something like that but,i personally really enjoy the apple jam,and it sounds great on this box and,thats because its just remastered and,not remixed um and then the session,material the session outtakes also,really really fascinating uh uh on here,and they sound great as well,so,love those also,gotta say um,the actual quality of the vinyl itself,is a little bit on the not so good side,is what i would say um kind of noisy,vinyl is is,all all the vinyl is consistent i will,say and its all consistently noisy,thats not really a good thing of course,um i know that it was it was made by a,company i can be getting this wrong but,i think its by gz is the company um and,i think its made in the uh the czech,republic,and unfortunately i think a lot of the,quality control out of that company this,company uh is just not all that great,and it does affect some of the vinyl now,all my all the records in here were very,flat no warping or anything like that um,there was a little bit of inner groove,uh distortion going on with some of the,discs i dont exactly remember which,ones i should have written that down but,uh i know uh,some of the some of the especially the,actual album remixed there was some,intergroup distortion going on there not,terrible but a little bit was happening,um,so i think what i really want to say,though about the remix is,upon first listen i didnt like it and,then i i think i took a couple days away,from it and came back to it and i found,myself,enjoying it more because i was,approaching it in a different way and in,that different way i was approaching it,like okay this is a brand new listening,experience im not going to,think about the original mix at all im,just going to take it for what it is,which is a brand new thing kind of like,how i approached listening to the,beatles love album for the first time,um and,when i did that i did find myself,enjoying this the remix a lot more,and i was hearing things that i had,heard before i was hearing parts that,were coming out that i didnt even know,existed uh so that was a lot of fun it,was like experiencing all things this,past uh,in a brand new way uh which is kind of,cool,in a in a sense um,but,after doing that after that second and,third listen uh where i did enjoy it a,little bit more um i was able to kind of,pick out certain tracks that i thought,did sound really good and maybe even,sounded better,than their original mixes uh,on the original album,now when i say that of course thats,just my opinion the ones that i think,sounded better or have improved with,remix are the more uh acoustic based,ones like if not for you,uh behind that locked door apple scruffs,those,really really shine on this remix uh and,i think its just simply because of the,way they were recorded originally which,they didnt have a lot of the phil,spector um you know everything with the,kids kitchen sink thrown into them they,were more of simple recordings,and they really benefit from this remix,because you can hear the acoustic,guitars theyre so crisp and clear and,just beautiful georges voice sounds,great on those songs uh the pedal steel,by p pete drake,excellent so those those tracks really,really shined on this remix for me and i,actually really enjoy listening to those,the tracks that i felt um,suffered the most,in a bad way from the remix uh were,tracks like isnt it a pity isnt it a,pity to me all of a sudden just sounded,so different um,there was backing vocals during the fade,out the long fade out that id never,heard before that i actually dont think,were all that great,that

George Harrison All Things Must Pass 50th : Remix & Music Review

hey its mazzy here and welcome back and,uh this is my take on the 50th,anniversary all things must pass,uh the wonderful george harrison debut,solo album aside from wonderwall,and um electronic sounds,three record set originally in 1970 one,record of jams and two records of music,cold produced and produced by a phil,spector,there is a companion video ill link,below if you havent seen it you might,want to watch,in that video and take a look at the,overview of the uber set i really,kind of should show the packaging and,thats the big giant humongous,wonderful over-the-top box set so the,links below,that i think thats kind of a fun video,to watch whether you think its overkill,whether you appreciate it whether you,like the artistic uh,and packaging merits of it but um you,know,i enjoyed and its a fun set and i was,able to get it so check that video out,the link is below but on this video i,want to talk about the music,i want to talk about the remix i want to,talk about the outtakes a little bit,im not going to go cut for cut for cut,but instead i think i what i want to do,is just do,an overview and a feeling how it,works or doesnt work for me so um,lets dive into this all things with,pass,1970 this is my original copy from 1970.,i absolutely love this album i,absolutely love the feel of it the vibe,of it,pretty much when you think about it stop,and think this is george harrisons sort,of,gospel record of course harrisons,a very spiritual uh,gentleman rock and roller musician,and uh you know wore his religion and,wore his spirituality on his sleeve,and even though he pontificated and,expressed these things,he didnt push other people into,believing it he didnt,knock on your door selling that his,religious is better than others it,worked for him,he presented it he sang about it,he was proud of it and its all over,this record and,the more i thought about this for this,video and even the last few years,i want to talk about a couple other,records that came out around this time,in 1970,i did a video on the gospel,according to rock and roll and,that really kind of started out with,delaney and bonnie and friends,this is the live album came out in 1970,delaney and bonnie and friends with eric,clapton on tour george harrison,played some of these gigs dave mason was,on part of the tour,and theres a real soul rnb coming out,of the stacks,delaney and bonnie came out of the whole,stax thing obviously they went to,electro records they went to,this album also came out in 1970 except,no substitute,and the genesis of all these records the,nucleus i should save all these records,i would say are delaney and bonnie and,friends delaney,bonnie jim gordon the great great,drummer dave masons on here,carl rattle on bass bobby whitlock on,oregon and vocals um,then jim price and bobby keys on,saxophone,singers like rita coolidge and the like,and all over this theres sort of a,gospel feeling a rock and roll that i,really like and,obviously eric clapton got turned onto,it and george harrison got immersed into,it and really,influenced and that can go back to,the band,this album came out in 69 of course and,theres that rootsy,thing that i think a lot of these,british artists were kind of getting,back into obviously eric clapton gets,turned on to music from big pink,george harrison kind of gets into this,and of course with his friend,bob dylan and if not for you which is on,both uh,all things must pass and um new morning,just you feel that vibe and i think its,really,an important these are important records,to talk about when were talking to all,things business past,because again as i listened to it and i,listened to the remix i listened to the,outtakes,probably about six times including at,home in my stereo,my main rig upstairs which is somewhat,of a bright room,a bright system down in my office on my,vintage jbl l100 from the 70s,which is more of a a darker system more,of a,a muffled room in you know quite a dark,quiet uh room which brings in a whole,other sound to these same records i also,listened to it in my car,the cds and i listened to the blu-rays,so,i kind of want to talk about that as i,get into this but heres another one too,and ringos country album clues uh,beaucoups of blues because all things,past has this,underlying country sense to it the,gospel country music when you strip,everything back,when you get rid of phil spectors,production,and even within that theres a lot of,these great songs like,let it roll if not for you,apple scruffs that have this really kind,of,country flair to it and obviously with,the addition of the great steel guitar,player pete drake who,is on this with the ringo star it just,adds something thats,pretty uh wonderful in my book and then,just again to give you a few others,in the same nucleus of the musicians on,here liam russells,album his debut album from 1970 as well,and of course theres eric clapton,ringo starr chris stanton delaney and,bonnie,and so on so theres a theres,definitely,a nucleus and almost like a a club,and we all know of bangladesh all these,musicians that played on,bangladesh another album alone together,from 1970 dave mason,same thing same feel in certain ways,obviously every musician,you know did their own take on it and,ran with it and of course a lot of the,nucleus of the band,that was you know really put together,from delaney bonnie,through all things must pass became,derek and the dominoes with the great,again jim gordon on drums call rattle on,bass,the great keyboard and organist uh and,singer bobby whitlock,and of course eric clapton and part of,the jams that came out of um,all things this past were really kind of,this band getting ready and phil spector,started producing uh the first singles,off this,uh with george harrison and derek and,the dominoes so,lets get into the music ive been,having some conversations with friends,about this record uh for the last,you know year or so because weve been,leading up to this,50th anniversary delayed by the pandemic,and im on the forums quite a bit,the hoffman forums and several other,beatle forums and we debate people,debate and talk about it,and theres this whole what i see as a,revisionist,view of all things must pass where all,of a sudden or at least in the last,maybe 10 20 years,for some people they dont like the phil,spector production they dont like the,wall of sound they think its over,wrought they think its bombastic,especially with songs like um,wawa and um and,waiting on you all which i think make,those songs,i love the intense sound of that i,listened to the,original lp vinyl lp recently and it,sounds,fabulous its really good now,lets start with the remix just because,paul hicks and donny harrison worked on,this remix,and the whole thing was trying to maybe,pull back,the spectralization which is pretty much,impossible,because a lot of that reverb was,embedded in the in into these recordings,and,how i feel about it thats what is magic,about this record,all things pass is a magical record its,its its it it is the godlike,uh small g capital g however would you,want to,talk about your religious uh interest,and spiritual interest,it is george harrison expressing all,this pent-up,uh intensity musical uh songmanship and,writing,just and its bursting out over three,records,a poster jams and and,it just i mean my sweet lord alone when,that came out,is such a dramatic single its a joyous,single again,he gets sued because of hes so fine but,he really is influenced by edward,hawkins oh happy day,and um i think its a fabulous single,now,having said that the remix,on the whole i like the remix i think,the weakest link,for me personally is my sweet lord,because the whole idea is bringing,georges vocal up trying to suppress,maybe some of the horns,bring back uh low some of the echo some,of the reverb,make georges voices drier well george,doesnt have,the same type of voice as a john lennon,or paul mccartney having said that i,love georges voice,and it really works for him and he knows,how

All Things Must Pass 50th Anniversary Review


hello everyone,ive decided to do occasional in-depth,reviews of albums i have in my music,collection,and with november upon us ive decided,to start with an album thats,celebrating its 50th anniversary this,month,all things must pass by george harrison,by 1970 george harrison had accumulated,quite a backlog of songs that have been,offered to the beatles to record and,release,only for the songs to be rejected,largely due to unwillingness to give,george more than an average of two songs,worth of space per album,the quality of his songwriting had,improved greatly over those years,in addition georgia had taken up several,other opportunities to demonstrate his,abilities as a songwriter and musician,and was the first beatle to release solo,records,first with the wonderwall music,soundtrack in 1968,and again with the experimental,electronic sound in 1969,with the occlusion of something and here,comes the sun on the beatles abbey road,it became apparent that georges,songwriting abilities had grown to a,point,that he could rival his band mates john,lennon and paul mccartney,in addition harrison had been given a,fresh perspective on performing music,thanks to opportunities he had taken to,act as a guest musician with other,musical acts,such as delaney and bonnie and friends,as well as his then uncredited guest,appearance on the creamsong badge,despite having already recorded and,released two solo albums already,georges attitude towards what would,become the all things must pass on was,that,in his opinion it would be his first,true solo album,having introduced producer phil spector,to the group first via inviting him to,participate in the recording of the,plastic ono bands instant karma,and later enlisting his aid and,salvaging the leaded bee tapes for,commercial release,georgia later demoed a massive backlog,of songs to spectre at his home in friar,park in early 1970.,some of the album tracks were clearly,influenced by bob dylan and the band,while others revolved around harrisons,working relationship with the beatles as,they began to drift apart,starting with an outtake from the album,that is now available on most cd prints,as a bonus track,i live for you as a strong folk country,feel to it,and is generally seen as both a love,song and a devotional piece,the majority of the release track was,actually recorded in 2000 with both,george and his son donnie on guitars and,other instruments,only salvaging georges lead vocal and,pete drakes,pedal steel guitar from the original,1970 backing track,george often spoke fondly of drakes,work on the album calling the pedal,steel guitar,the bagpipes of country and western,music most reviews of the song have been,very positive,now onto the album proper,considering the expression of friendship,between harrison and co-songwriter bob,dylan,i have you anytimes lyrical structure,consists of harrison penn versus in a,gentle tone,asking that dylan let down his guard,with the dill and written refrain,responding positively toward these,overtures,when recording the song george played,the acoustic guitar part,while guest musician eric clapton,performed the lead guitar,class of ormond filled in on bass and,future yes drummer alan white handled,the kit personally id have to say i,like the relaxed feel of this song a lot,harrisons versa lyrics are a gentle,reassurance rather than a loud plea for,openness,and set a calm opening mood for the,album,a foray into country music behind that,locked door was written as a request to,bob dylan to overcome his anxiety,prior to a performance at the isle of,wight festival,it also acknowledges dylans strong,influence on harrison as a musician and,songwriter,while the isle of wight performance and,its aftermath would further feed dylans,unease about performing music,efforts by harrison to provide comfort,such as this piece of music,would convince him to return as,evidenced by his last minute appearance,at the concert for bangladesh the,following year,more melodic and less spontaneous than,bob dylans original,harrisons cover of if not for you was,well received by the music press at the,time,among the personnel for the studio,recording were gary wright ringo starr,and billy preston,dylan himself would perform the song at,the concert for bangladesh,and harrison revisited the song in a,1992 set at madison square garden,carrying a strong dylan influence apple,scruffs was a wholehearted salute to all,the various people who would hang around,outside frequent beetle gathering spots,such as recording studios for a chance,to meet and chat with members of the fab,four,despite his aversion to fan worship,george had developed good friendships,with a number of the scruffs,the song was a late addition to the,album and was recorded almost entirely,solo,saved for a few percussive taps by,longtime beatles associate mal,evans harrison jokingly credited his own,backing vocals to the george ohara,smith,singers and had to coach himself on the,harmonica part due to having difficulty,playing the part,while sporting a thick beard upon,completion of the track he invited the,present scraps outside abby road studios,to come in and listen to it apple scraps,is one of my favorite songs off the,album partly due to how much it stands,out,born out of harrisons early,experimentation with open e tuned slide,guitar,i dig love is widely believed to have,also grown lyrically,from georges time touring with delaney,and bonnie and friends,at which time several witnesses are said,to have seen him quote letting his hair,down,on tour despite the pro-abstinent stance,of the hare krishna movement he was,strongly associated with,his growing interest in the slide guitar,also took form at the same time,as he was asked to cover the slide,guitar parts dave mason had played prior,to quitting the tour,while its unknown which other musicians,played on the song there are conflicting,stories regarding this with several,songs on the album,its widely accepted that among the,possible musicians were ringo starr,dave mason klaus warman billy preston,gary wright and future derrick and the,dominoes members eric clapton bobby,whitlock and jim gordon,while i wouldnt go so far as to call it,a favorite off the open mind do enjoy,the freeform feel of the song,largely inspired by the bands music,from big pink,which harrison credited with renewing,his interest in the guitar after a,couple years of wanting to focus more on,the indian sitar,the albums title track was written,initially with having banned drummer,levon helm as its singer,the song was written in late 1968 during,harrisons stay in upstate new york,rekindling his friendship with bob dylan,which also yielded the song id have you,any time,harrison offered the song to the beatles,during the get back sessions,in early 1969 and the song was worked on,during the first four days of their stay,at twickenham,studios the song was rehearsed some more,after his brief departure from the,beatles in return,but like many of the songs he offered at,this point it was passed over,with encouragement from john lennon and,yoko ono on the possibility of recording,a solo,album george recorded demos of several,of his rejected,songs including this one one take of,which would be released on anthology 3,in the mid 90s,after producing a version of the song,with billy preston george recorded his,solo version of the song shortly,thereafter with guest musicians jim,price and bobby keys on horns,and pete drake on pedal steel guitar in,addition to its spot as the title track,i feel the song serves as an emotional,anchoring point for harrisons music at,the time,with the realization that his,relationship with the other beatles had,reached an unfortunate,but inevitable turning point its a sad,but beautiful reminder that all good,things end eventually,written in january of 1969 amidst the,tense get back sessions,and during a brief time when georges,then wife patty boyd had left him after,discovering hed had an affair with a,house guest,hear me lord c

George Harrison All Things Must Pass 50th Final Verdict

hello its john heaton and today im,going to give you my,more or less final verdict on the george,harrison 50th,edition,i have only picked up physically the 3cd,edition which comes in this nice box,with the replication poster and,one cd of extras um,so the rest of the extras ill have to,continue to listen to on spotify,a minor gripe with this package is,that the,apple jam has been incorporated into the,the first two discs and then the third,disc with the bonus tracks is actually,called apple jam,with an identical cover to the original,apple jam and thats a bit confusing,and,but i know george did the same on here,he put the apple jam and,incorporated them into two disks,i guess for cost reasons but,i would hate people to get the,impression that i know,theres a guy who keeps on commenting,defending the apple jam and i fully,respect your opinion and,you say its like criticizing it is like,criticizing the last five tracks from,wings over america so,okay its only my opinion but i think,the first four sides,are significantly superior to the apple,jam and i think it should be packaged as,such but thats only a minor gripe,i really enjoyed the outtakes listening,to on the the full,stereo as opposed to spotify i think the,outtakes are the highlight,of the set so,but i must say the original album ive,been trying to compare and contrast my,all the various versions ive got this,is the version i first acquired in the,late 70s uk,apple,and then,i had the original dual case cd which i,no longer have i gave it to a friend,when i picked up,this in 2000,which was george harrisons personally,supervised remix stroke remaster of this,classic album with the,very amusing front cover,it colorized and,with the buildings,um in the background culminating in this,fly over here so i thought that was a,nice touch and um,sleeve notes from george himself in this,edition,and,talking about,you know how he wanted to re remix it,and he has remixed it to some extent,here,which makes all subsequent remixes,arguably a bit redundant so there have,been a couple since then weve had the,24 i think there was a 40th anniversary,which i didnt pick up and the 2014,cd version i was noticing noticing paul,hicks is involved in this one as well um,so im not sure why they need to do,another one but obviously for the 50th,they had another crack and ive been,listening to the three cd versions,and i even put on my vinyl just to see,if it was as um,you know,if the sound would and i dont think i,have a good enough record player to pick,up vinyl and proper quality so,uh unfortunately uh unlike you paul um,these other hi-fi bods out there who had,this amazing system i dont think my,hi-fi does justice i i,end up having to crank up the vinyl,pretty loud and turn up the bass to get,to get the same kind of listening,experience as a cd um,particularly on the older vinyl maybe,some of the,newer ones would be different but i,dont have them,so,ive been trying to see whether this mix,is any better and i think my first,reaction was,theres a couple of things i like,such as the clarity i can hear things a,bit clearer and the guitar solo on,wah-wah has been increased in volume,which is a highlight for me,but then theres other things which,annoy me a bit like the ringos bass,drum entry on isnt it a pity,the big boom when it goes into the,heavens with the drums and,thats been muffled or reduced in,in volume,im pretty sure my ears arent deceiving,me which was a big highlight of the song,so,i think ill try and persevere with this,for a few more listens but i think im,going to end up going back to either,this one,um,or indeed this one because i was,listening to this the other day and its,its pretty amazing um,and i cant you know,well maybe i dont have enough,good enough cd player to tell the,difference but i i dont think,you know,theres too much difference between the,three i get the criticism of this one,apparently the vinyl sounds,substandard on the cd it sounds fine to,me just with those minor criticisms that,the vocals have been raised a bit,and,the drums and the bass have been brought,up in volume,and somehow the other instruments have,got a little bit lost not on all the,tracks some of the softer tracks it,works quite well but for example,on wawa,i think a lot of us were expecting,okay,what would it what would it have sounded,like without,the so-called wall of sound and we dont,really get that we get,the wall of sound but in a more muffled,sense with georges vocal brought up in,the mix and as a couple of people,pointed out,bringing georges vocal up in volume yes,it makes it more audible but it also,exposes his,slightly uh weak voice when he reaches,for the high notes and thats a great,voice and it did improve over the years,but i think one of the reasons specter,didnt,mix it too high,is because,you know he he does struggle a bit to,hit the notes and that was noticeable on,the out turkey boiwa take one where he,hasnt got the backing vocalists,backing him when hes singing the,original wildwood chorus its just,george on the vocal and he seems pretty,exposed so,anyway its still very enjoyable to hear,those demos as i say those are the,highlights especially the session,outtakes you know the extended version,of hear me lord,the demo the extended,outtake of id have you any time the,outtake of wear of darkness with a,slightly tentative solo in the middle,just being worked out and im not even,sure played by george sounds more like,eric maybe having a run through,um,by the way i i know someone said i,should be able to tell the difference,between george harrison and eric clapton,solo but,you know i think i can for the obvious,ones when its a slide guitar but if,its kind of not quite slide im not,quite sure to be honest with you and it,would have been nice,to have had detailed sleeve notes on who,plays what on each track um which is,going to be my next point actually,as i go if i had to rank,this 50th anniversary i think the the,remix of the original album is hit and,miss at best,and probably mostly miss,because im going to end up going to,going back to the previous versions i,think,the outtakes are a joy and theyre the,highlight of the whole release and,theyre available on spotify if you,dont want to spend any money and its,great value for money because spotify is,you pay a monthly sub and you get all,this stuff more or less for free so no,compen complaints there,where i do have the complaints uh is on,the price the pricing in not,particularly the package i bought but,the five cd with the blu-ray,is a lot more expensive 110 quid i think,150 dollars and,im not sure if i can speak for many but,a lot of us dont really need the,blu-ray i dont have the facility to,play 5.1 surround sound so,we just appreciate having the five cds,and you have to jump from 25 pounds,for the 3cd set to 110 pounds for the,five cd just because youve got the,blu-ray included and,somehow the pricing is out of whack,though the uber deluxe box set,i think is frankly ridiculous a bit of a,sick sick joke pulling that one out so,and pricing it behind beyond most normal,people,the other gripe ive got apart from the,pricing is the research,that could have happened for a big,release like this if theyre going to,charge money for you to buy this album,for what would me me,if you include my two sons copies,its i think its the sixth or seventh,version of this album that i will have,bought that i have bought,and for a 50th one expects a little more,in terms of research,and to speak to the people who are still,with us for example on the john lennon,plastic owner band they interviewed,richard lush phil mcdonald,klaus ringo,and the people who were,who were there,yoko obviously john no longer with us,but some archive interview from him,um,in this,version this 50th i think theres a,discussion between danny and paul hicks,and i cant well certainly in in this,edition theres no other people,contributing maybe in the deluxe edition,a couple of people have been asked but,like i thi

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