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Allbirds Shoes Review – 6 Months Later

Allbirds has become one of the most successful shoe brands of the past five,years and theyve exploded so much in popularity that now even Amazon is,ripping them off. In this review what Im going to do is Im going to go over my,favorite features of the Allbirds shoes, how my pair of Allbirds have held up,not only over the past six months, but I also have a pair that are one year old,and another pair that are now two years old, so well be comparing and,contrasting all three pairs to see how these shoes hold up over a very long,period of time. Ill then take you through some things I dont like about,Allbirds and then finally my recommendation on whether or not you,should buy yourself a pair of Allbirds. Lets dive in. I tend to hate,uncomfortable shoes and Ill typically value comfort over style most of the,time, heck Im, right now, trying to figure out how to work Allbirds at my wedding,much to my fiance and familys dismay, so when I finally found out about Allbirds,,I was so happy that I felt like I finally found this pair of shoes that,were comfortable that I could not only wear into the office but I could wear,outside, I could wear for a walk, I could basically wear them for almost any,occasion. I got my pair of Allbirds in 2017 soon after the brand launched. They,have a variety of colors and styles and even more so now than when I first got,my pair of Allbirds and they come in size 14 which is great since thats the,size I wear and not everyone who makes shoes makes them in that size. My first,impression of the shoes when I first put them on was that wearing them was like,walking on clouds/ I didnt need to wait to break them in, they were just,instantly comfortable from the moment I put them on. The thing that really blew,my mind about my first pair of Allbirds was these were wool shoes, like you know,wool? The gross material that you make Christmas sweaters out of, its not a,great material, well at least here in the United States, wool as a material is,something that most people try to avoid, they dont go towards it. But, it turns out,that the wool most of us here in the US are used to is,not the same type of wool that Allbirds are made out of. Allbirds uses a,proprietary blend of merino wool for their shoes that is breathable so your,feet wont get super clammy, but also insulating, so theyre okay for wearing,during the cooler months. Now these arent boots, so your feet are going to,get cold when you start wearing all birds in below freezing temperatures,,however I will say that these shoes are much more insulating than your,run-of-the-mill sneaker, like a Nike mesh sneaker now when I first got my pair of,Allbirds, I started wearing these things everywhere. I wore them to the office, I,wore them taking a stroll in downtown Raleigh, I took them on trips to,Australia, New Zealand, San Francisco, and Austin Texas. I wore these things,everywhere and in every single scenario they were great and especially on,airplanes. You know when youre on an airplane, this is a situation where,youre going to want your feet to feel as comfortable as possible,and because Allbirds are the types of shoes that your feet are really never,gonna feel uncomfortable in, they are perfect for traveling on an airplane.,Another cool thing about Allbirds is they can be worn barefoot and have,properties that fight foot odor within the wool material. Theyre also washable,so if they do start to smell you can just throw them in the washing machine.,In the two years Ive had my wool runners I cant recall situation where I,felt like these shoes didnt meet my expectations. Now after two years of wear,though, I will say that the treads on the bottom of the shoes have worn down quite,a bit to the point where I can no longer were these shoes on slippery surfaces,Allbirds just recently released Mizzles, which are made for performance,in the rain not only are the Mizzles water repellent, but it looks like,Allbirds has improved the treads on these shoes as well,to give you better grip. So after I got my first pair of Allbirds I ended up,getting another pair the next year and this year I got my first pair of the,tree runners. Instead of using wool, the tree runners are made using a,proprietary blend of eucalyptus pulp. Theyre just as comfortable as the wool,runners I wear, the only difference being that theyre a little bit more airy and,breezy, so theyre perfect for situations like walking in a downtown environment,when its 90 degrees outside and humid. Alright now lets dive deeper into the,durability of these shoes. After two years of wear, my wool runners do look,worn down compared to when I first got them. The rubber at the bottom of the,shoe definitely wears down over time at least for my original wool runners so,that the grip is not as good and the cushion of the shoe has been reduced as,well there is also an occasional popping,noise on the heel of my right grace shoe now and I think that the heel support on,it has finally started to give way. For my second pair of wool runners that I,got last year, the material doesnt pop as much as it did when I first got them.,I think the gray blend color actually looks a bit better over time than my,blue wool runners do. After six months of use, my blue tree runners still look,great and I think this material in general will hold up a bit better than,the wool material they also seem to have an improved heel support system so Im,hopeful I wont run into the same issues with my original wool runners with the,tree runners. Now lets talk about some things I dont like about Allbirds and,the first being the price. At $95 a shoe, $95 a shoe, that would be expensive…at,$95 a pair these shoes are just out of range for so many folks out there who,typically only spend about $40 to $60 per pair of shoes that,they typically wear day in and day out, I really would like to see Allbirds try,and make a shoe at a lower price point in that forty to sixty dollar range,especially as they continue to hit economies of scale with their production.,I think one, it would hedge off a lot of these low cost knockoffs that youre,seeing come onto the market right now and two, it would just open up the Allbirds,brand to many more people so they can experience for themselves,what its like to wear the worlds most comfortable shoe.,Another thing that Ive run into with my tree runners that Ive disliked slightly,is actually the new heel design, it incorporates merino wool into the heel,but for some reason I find that this material pills quite easily which can be,slightly annoying when rubbing against my heal. The tree runner material also,shows cutouts in the material so you can see the area of protection for your big,toe and its slightly a different color than the surrounding area of material.,Im not sure why that is but it is slightly noticeable. Now the last thing I,dislike about my pair of Allbirds is the treads on the bottom. I think they,wear a little bit too quickly and overall I think these could be designed,to grip surfaces a little bit better. The newly released Mizzles should improve,that grip design and I hope thatAllbirds takes the learnings there and,improves the treads on all of their shoes. Alright so to wrap things up, do I,recommend getting a pair of Allbirds? The answer to that question is yes,,even with all the downsides to the brand, the pricing, and the shoes themselves,that I just mentioned earlier, most of those I thought were minor and that,still doesnt erase the fact that these are the most comfortable pair of shoes I,have worn thus far. I can wear them into the office, I can wear them for pretty,much any occasion except perhaps my wedding, I can wear them with socks,,without socks, and theyre machine washable very breathable and just,all-around great shoes. Plus, one thing I havent mentioned so far is that Allbirds,are made using sustainable materials which is actually something,that sets this brand apart from most other shoe brands out there.,Sustainability i

Allbirds Shoe Review | Why you should buy them

[Music],do you have a secret that you dont want,anybody to know,well all birds does and they gave it,[Music],away,[Music],as an owner of four pairs of albert,shoes i can proudly say,that theyre one of my favorite shoe,companies and im gonna tell you exactly,actually im gonna show you exactly why,i like these,my first reason for liking these shoes,so much is that theyre very comfortable,when i go for a jog or a walk the tree,dashers have me covered,with flexibility that conforms to your,movements and durable breathable tree,material,you can tell they designed these shoes,keeping us runners in mind,when i need a sharp pair of shoes to go,out with on the weekends or a comfy feel,to my foot,on any other day of the week the wool,runners are my top choice,these things are made with the softest,merino wool and are so,cozy you can almost feel comfortable,wearing them in bed,oh and for those of you scared to wear,your shoes in the rain,theyre moisture wicking too my second,reason is that theyre affordable and,conveniently priced,in my opinion all birds are a very fair,and affordable price,starting at only 95 dollars theres a,wide selection and a wide variety for,you to choose from,also did you know that aubridge is,collaborating with adidas to make a shoe,with the lowest carbon footprint ever,ill tell you more about that in a,little bit,my third reason style,you can wear these shoes with almost any,outfit one of the main things i look for,in a shoe,is how its going to match my wardrobe,can i wear it with what i usually wear,on a day-to-day basis,usually as my shoes get dirtier and,dirtier i feel the need to buy another,pair of shoes,my oldest pair of these shoes ive had,for three years and with all birds,theyre incredibly easy to clean,just follow what they say on the website,remove the insoles and laces,and brush off excess dirt with a towel,or soft brush,throw the shoes in the washing machine,on a wool delicate cycle,with cold water,now whenever you wash shoes you dont,want to throw them in the dryer because,then theyll get all torn up and ate up,and probably shrink a little bit,after the wash just leave them out to,air dry once theyre all dry you can put,them back together and re-lace your,shoes,and youre all set to go the fourth,reason is the message behind our company,all birds have always tried to have a,positive impact on their environment,from their approach of making shoes from,wool,to now creating shoes from trees,although their newest approach could,negatively impact their business,they are willing to risk it to bring,more awareness to the environment on the,creation of fashion products,they gave their carbon footprint away to,the entire fashion industry,big companies like gucci north face levi,and more than ill link down below a,carbon footprint is basically a precise,measurement of the amount of carbon,emission put out by each product made,like a nutrition label they hope to,bring awareness to the impact of the,fashion industry on the environment,reason number five if youre one of,those people that likes the ear on the,spontaneous side with your shoes,youre in luck alberts has multiple,limited edition colored shoes you can,pick up at all different times of the,year,i want to share my reasons with you on,why i love all birds so much,if any of these reasons pushed you to,want to know more about the shoe company,click the link down below and itll take,you to their website im not sponsored,in any way by all birds i made this,video out of pure enjoyment for you,and to share the reasons why i think all,birds are an awesome shoe company thank,you all so much for watching this video,and i will see you in the next one,[Music],yeah would you ever give a secret of,yours away oh for the climate,for the climate no that makes you have a,secret that you dont want anyone to,know do you have a secret that you dont,do you have a secret that you dont want,anybody to know auburns done they gave,it away,[Music],you

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Allbirds vs Atoms 000 vs Suavs 247 shoes

okay so in this video Im going to do,something a little bit different and,its just because I couldnt find a lot,of information about some of these,things on the internet,um also Im getting over being sick so,my voice is a little froggy but,um I am going to Europe,um in the coming year and I wanted some,really good shoes to wear like while I,was,um you know walking across cobblestones,and just doing tons and tons of walking,every day so for years now Ive been,wearing Suave zilkers and theyre like,digitally knit theyre just super,comfortable and flexible,um but I knew that they wouldnt give,enough support uh,walking around on like cobblestones,because you get theyre very thin,theyre like good if you kind of hate,wearing shoes and you just like being,Barefoot because you can wear these and,it barely feels like youre wearing,shoes at all,um so I ordered three other kinds of,shoes so I ordered the all birds wool,um I think these are,the wall runners,I ordered the new suavs they have like a,new one with a digital knit top but a,little,um uh like kind of harder stiffer bottom,the two 47s I think,and then atoms,a-t-o-m-s uh which is kind of like a,smaller company than all birds but,theyre kind of competing with them,so theres all this like technical data,that you can go in terms of like to,their website like which one weighs the,most and which one weighs the least,uh I just wanted to talk a little bit,about how they feel,so first of all in terms of kind of,their thickness the wool Runner which,you can see actually I mean I do like,the wool I find that I put these on on,cold days because it is fall now but I,do have a dog with long hair and it does,definitely stick to the wool so just,know thats another thing that youre,gonna have to clean off if you have a,dog or a cat with long hair,um but uh uh I just want to kind of show,you the chunkiness and the thickness so,thats the wool Runners and then here,are the atoms which are actually a much,much lighter kind of shoe feeling but,theyre still kind of puffy here which,is really comfortable,um but they give an overall kind of,chunkier appearance then the third,option which is the swabs,um,the new ones the 247 which I think just,came out like last week or something,so uh how am I finding this well I would,say actually the wool runners,have a lot of kind of Bend and flex in,them,um I wore these one day when I had to,drop off my car and I would just kind of,walked around the neighborhood and I,kind of made a point to walk over some,like Rocky areas and whatever they did,okay but I could like kind of feel,um through the bottom,like some of the rocks and stuff but not,so bad not like definitely not as bad as,if Id been wearing the zilkers,um,and and I do find that Im like grabbing,these to like walk the dog when it is,kind of colder out and stuff I think,that they would be too warm for going to,Europe next year so I think I would want,to maybe get if I if I decide to use,these the like,um tree version or whatever that kind of,lighter material,these,like somehow feel lighter and feel,really good and theyre actually stiffer,and I think that this bottom would be,like the most kind of comfortable for,walking around in Europe,um so I think Im actually going to take,the atoms and again I know theres not a,lot of YouTube videos or anything they,have these like elastic,um,uh what are these called shoelaces Im,sorry I am getting over being sick and,still my brains not working quite right,yet,um and so they feel lighter than the,wall Runners yet they are stiffer and,give a little bit more support and it,this cushy like I dont love how much it,Puffs out when Im wearing it but that,is a very common like look these days,and they just feel light on top and,theyre very like breathable,and what I thought I was going to love,the most,is the 274 because I love these so much,so when I love this with like a stiffer,Sole and I do actually like that its a,gum sole instead of the white sole,um so those are all pluses and I wanted,to love these so bad uh and and they may,work for you but for some reason I think,theres kind of some cushioning here in,the back at the bottom and I think they,did that to make it like a little bit,more substantial which the zilkers like,dont have that at all sorry these are,very old so theyre gross inside,and so I understand why they put it in,and it may work for some people but for,me my heel slipped a lot its like very,kind of slippery back here and just,something about it like this heel cup,didnt fit my heel but I probably have a,little bit more of a narrow heel however,I will say that my heel does not slip in,either the atoms or the all birds,um so yeah I thought these were going to,be perfect because theyre the digital,knit top so you get that kind of no shoe,feeling it is a thicker digital net knit,its like kind of lined as opposed to,maybe the zilkers,um and I thought these were going to be,perfect they are actually a little bit,more flexible,than say the atoms,um but I am returning them because my,heel slips and I cant you know walk for,10 miles a day with my heel slipping out,but if my heel didnt slip these may be,I I would I would definitely recommend,them maybe not for like going over,cobblestones as much though they could,be fine,um but uh theyre kind of the least,puffy looking and I think they look the,nicest on so,thats basically kind of looking at all,of these different ones I would if I,were you check out this Adams brand,um and all of these I would say they all,cost around like,a hundred something you know 100 120,um two tricks you can always just like,go online and search for like you know,Adams coupon or all birds coupon or,whatever but the other thing is if you,go on Instagram and you go to like,Adams shoes or hashtag all birds or,whatever and then click on recents so,that youre looking at the most recent,feed sometimes theres like people,sharing coupon codes and stuff so read,the comments in,um,in the post containing these shoes,because again theres a lot of either,their influencers or everyday people,just trying to get like the referral,code or whatever,um but you can usually get like around,10 or 15 off so I highly recommend that,and most of these I think you can use I,know for the atoms and the all birds you,could actually wear them for 30 days and,still return them if you want to Im not,sure about the Suave to,47s or 20 yeah 247s,um did I say 27 4 before anyway 247s,um Id have to double check on that uh,and again you can like go,and look,um,and see,like online about like what theyre made,of and all that kind of stuff but,theyre all pretty like sustainable and,stuff Im just showing you this so you,can see how thick this area is and the,difference between the three so you know,theres not a lot out there oops I hope,this has helped and uh if you have any,questions just let me know

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My Allbirds 2 Years Later! (My Honest Review)

so these are my two-year-old all birds,and,honestly theyve they have seen better,days,hey team welcome back to another episode,today we are going to be talking about,yes,the old all birds shoes these are the,ones that i made a video about,in the past you can watch that full,video linked down in the description,and this is sort of a follow-up because,as great as any brand can seem,on that first impression i think its,important to do these kinds of,follow-ups to see how,the product lasts into the future yes,im sitting on,our bed um and no these shoes arent,just like sitting on our mattress ive,like put,a little thing underneath of them that,was dirty before so im not,like putting dirty shoes on our mattress,anyway before we talk about anything to,do with these shoes you have to know a,couple of things about me first of all,i have an affiliate link down in the,description where if you decide to,purchase all birds i get a small,kickback so im biased in that sense two,i was sent these shoes from all birds so,i didnt actually pay for the product,right off the top with all that in mind,though lets take a look at these shoes,after two years of wear and tear,so yeah these shoes have not exactly had,an easy,life but heres some more details to,give you an idea of what this wear and,tear,came from so i only wear these shoes,half of the year because honestly,theyre not even kind of waterproof and,it rains a lot here in the pacific,northwest,but i do wear them about six months of,the year and theyre probably my most,worn shoe leah and i also walk a lot we,live,in an urban downtown area and we dont,own a car so we walk pretty much,everywhere,in fact as you can see from my pedometer,app,we break the 10 000 step mark,almost every single day and often way,past that to give you another comparison,these are leahs all birds we received,them at exactly the same time but,she wears them considerably less because,theyre kind of a,loafer style shoe leah,yeah can you give an opinion so,these are your all birds have you,enjoyed them,theyre so cute and theyre like soft,and comfy,and okay so these ones you dont,normally wear socks with and im gonna,be honest right now,i have stinky feet like no one can be,perfect so obviously,i have a flaw and its sticky feet so,the great thing is,you can take these out and wash them,right,uh so i dont feel bad about my stinky,feet because i wash it,thats actually a great point um were,gonna talk about,cleaning in a second because we are,actually gonna clean up these shoes and,see what they look like after a bit of a,refresh but i wanted to talk about,repairability first,also its like a socially acceptable way,to wear slippers in public,its fantastic very true very true,yeah can i wear them now no im gonna,model them some more oh okay thank you,dylan no worries,now if you saw one of my more recent,videos i talked about,heel guards these little pieces of,plastic that you can mount onto the,bottom of your sneakers to make them,last longer this is because often people,will walk,landing on their heel repeatedly which,wears out this little patch here,and your shoes might be in great,condition but because of this little,heel that wears out,you end up throwing them away this is a,really common problem with sneakers in,general because theyre not designed to,be repaired if you think about,my most popular video ever on this,channel which is about birkenstocks i,talk about the importance of,repairability like,my birkenstocks which still exist and,are still going,strong are still in my closet because i,can repair them,now i gotta be honest these shoes are,not repairable as you can see,theres obvious wear and tear going on,around these shoes and if you take this,to a cobbler theyre going to laugh you,out of the room,but as leah mentioned all birds has made,their shoes completely,washable and that is something that,really helps,extend the life of your shoes and im,gonna show you by washing these shoes,right now so lets hope we can uh bring,them back from the dead shall we,okay so theres a whole bunch of ways,that you can clean your shoes,um one of the most simple that ive used,in the past is,basic laundry detergent or dish,detergent,its just soap it does the job im going,to be using,um an old scrubby that we had and a,toothbrush to kind of get into the edges,of it,and a little bowl to mix up all the,stuff,okay lets do this okay so if youve,never,cleaned a pair of your shoes before,theres a lot of awesome tutorials,online on how you can do it depending on,what kind of shoes you have but,general rule of thumb is to take the,insoles and the laces out and put them,in some hot soapy water,after ive rinsed the shoes off a little,bit just to kind of get this initial,dirt off i then go ahead and scrub,the whole thing just with the scrubby,its not that complicated i feel like a,lot of people avoid it because they feel,like its gonna be a lot of work and,really it just takes a little bit of,elbow grease theres something to write,home about,so nasty okay has the shoes basically,cleaned and now were gonna hang them up,so that they can dry,so now that ive got those hung up its,probably gonna take a day or so,to drip dry which is what i prefer,rather than putting them in the dryer,because thats super energy intensive,and also its harder on shoes and,clothing to go through the dryer process,just across the board,now were going to jump forward in time,here in a minute to check out what,the shoes look like after they have been,cleaned which im kind of curious to see,the before and afters but i wanted to,talk about all birds in general,these shoes are the standard wool,runners and,honestly theyre a pretty specific shoe,if i could buy it again,i would probably get the tree runners,which are a little more breathable,less warm for those summer months and,not that ive worn them but i think they,might have a bit more stability,see these wool runners are probably some,of the most comfortable,shoes i have ever worn and still to this,day,even in the sort of disrepair that,theyre in right now,but you do sacrifice something when you,have shoes,that feel like slippers largely,stability of any kind,these are not going to be your long,long-distance runners,these are not going to be anything that,you use for,basically anything other than walking,around town and thats fine as long as,you know that thats what theyre for,now as you may have seen from my,previous video,about all birds they are a pretty,outstanding company when it comes to,those third-party certifications,i wish that their shoes were more,repairable or they had made more steps,towards a fully,circular system maybe taking shoes back,after their end of life or recycling of,some kind,but honestly theyre one of the most,innovative shoe companies on the market,today when it comes to sustainability,but without having a naturally,repairable design,in a sneaker something that i have,literally never seen to this day,the fact that theyre really easily,washable is a huge plus,in my book and hopefully they turn out,pretty well because im saying this,having not,seen them cleaned up so lets,jump forward in time and see how that,all turned out,all right here we go so it has been,about 24 hours and now its time to put,them back together,[Music],[Music],so bit of side by side comparison what,do you think,honestly i have cleaned these shoes,three or four,times since ive bought them and every,time i am blown away by just,how much life it brings back into a pair,of shoes,i think its really easy to get,disheartened when you see that big,stain on your shoe or you know theres a,little rip,in the fabric somewhere and immediately,your brain kind of goes uh well okay i,didnt care about them that much anyway,and you start,mentally preparing for the next pair of,shoes that youre gonna buy but look at,these things,basically from a distance they look,almost,brand new so yes i have put some paper,bags in here to kind of,pop them up a little bit so they look,

ALLBIRDS: Are Wool or Tree Runners better?!?! A Review

[Music],we are so comfortable so I am so excited,today because Im going to be talking,about a brand that I love a lot all,births I have two of the classic pair of,shoes here the wool runners and the tree,runners which I have linked below lots,of people I feel like when theyre going,for all birds they are deciding between,these two pairs so today Im just going,to be breaking it down for you what are,the main differences between the two,pairs and which pair might be better for,you so Im going to be looking at the,look the material temperature regulation,how easy it is to clean them,what are they smell do you need to wear,socks when youre in them everything,really so hopefully that could help you,make the best decision so the first time,I have ever heard of these shoes is from,a New York Times article titled if you,want to fit into Silicon Valley where at,these shoes and at that time I was,studying at Parsons for fashion design,and the fashion snob and me was like,this is so nerd calm but as I looked,more into the shoes and a brand and I,saw these shoes more Mila Kunis has,warned them Jessica Alba Obama Leonardo,DiCaprio has invested in them I started,to warm up to these shoes I dont like,buying much stuff at all and I have been,observing these shoes from afar for a,long time and finally I got my hands on,a pair of wool runners last December and,then soon after the tree runners I have,been wearing them for the last few,months so Im just going to be talking a,little bit about what I think about them,and actually which pair I like more but,first of all a little bit about all,Brets at the company because I think,that they have a super interesting story,once upon a time so it was back in 2012,and Tim Brown who is from New Zealand,was playing professional soccer for his,home country and by professional soccer,I mean he was the flys captain of the,team and he actually went to the 2012,World Cup so he had a total of eight,years playing soccer I think and towards,the last four years he noticed that like,all the brands that were sponsoring his,team with the big brass you could think,of in sports they all have like really,low code shoes lots of bold colors and,there werent a lot of well-designed,shoes out there which are just,minimalistic and simple plus all these,shoes are always made of plastic,at the same time being from New Zealand,where there are more sheep than human,for every human there are actually six,sheep he always has known about the,magical properties of merino wool they,are breathable temperature regulating,moisture wicking so he thought to,himself why dont people make shoes out,of them thats not what would occur to,me but you know good for him so he,started playing with this idea of shoes,being made out of wool in March 2014,with prototypes in hand Tim launched a,Kickstarter campaign the campaign,described Alberts asked woolen shoes,specifically designed for sockless where,the main selling point was that they,were super comfortable you dont need to,wear socks and then and that theyre,machine washable the point of the,campaign really is to test out whether,there is a market need for the shoes and,I completely get it as a designer or an,intrapreneur sometimes youre up there,working on this idea or product for so,long then you forget that do people,actually want this or need this tim was,looking to raise $30,000 but four days,later the campaign had to shut down,because they raised nearly $120,000 from,selling over a thousand pairs of shoes,and thats all the material Tim had to,produce them and soon after he met Joyce,Willinger who was an engineer and,renewables expert who brought in,experience from the supply chain area,and together they formed the perfect,dream team and thats how all birds came,into the public landscape and became,known for their comfortable shoes four,years later they launched the tree,runners and now Im going to compare and,contrast the two for you so first of all,the look I love the look of these shoes,because they are so minimally designed,you can barely see the logo and really,you could recognize that these are all,birds from afar just from looking at the,style its kind of like they Eames chair,you dont need to see the word Yves to,know that its the Eames chair so if you,recognize someone wearing aalberts its,not because you saw the logo and you,feel like youre kind of in the know,like youre both in this secret,comfortable shoe club so from the,profile you could see that these shoes,have a low toe box and I personally like,this because that doesnt make my feet,look bulky and actually makes my legs,look more slender and longer the wool,version has a matte felt like fabric,look while the tree version has a more,Keiths fabric look so for the tree,runners you could say that they look a,bit more sporty and the wool runners,look a bit more smart but that also,depends on a color you choose for the,ones I have here I could pair that with,a dress and I feel like I dont look,like I came from the gym actually I take,it back absolutely nothing wrong with,looking like I came from the gym so next,Im going to talk about the material,which really determines all the,differences in other properties about,these shoes the wool ones are made out,of merino wool while the tree ones are,made out of eucalyptus tree fiber that,is just the difference between the shoe,body but actually there are lots of,similarities as well the midsole here,for both shoes are made out of sugar,cane the shoe laces are made out of 100%,post-consumer recycled polyester and the,Enzo which Im going to take out right,now is made out of castor bean oil this,is the part which makes it so,comfortable – which Im going to talk,about in a bit so I didnt know about,all birds and a beginning because of,their sustainable material choices I,know about them because of the comfort,and the style aspect so when I learned,about all this Im just like so I just,talked about the on paper differences,between the materials of the two shoes,but next Im going to talk about the,biggest difference in experience in my,opinion that these two shoes provide,temperature regulation the fact is no,matter how good wool is a temperature,regulation it is still the same material,we used to make sweaters during winter,so the wool shoes are going to be warmer,I also think it really depends on the,feet you have I have a good friend who,loves and swears by her wool shoes she,wears them in the winter in the summer,personally I feel like Im the type that,loves airing out on my feet whenever I,get the chance so for me the wool shoes,tend to be a bit warmer in fact at the,launch of the tree runners in 2018 Tim,Brown gave an interview and he said that,when it gets really hot the wool runner,is not as good so we tried to find a new,material that worked when the weather,was warm so for me when I wear the wool,runners after a few hours I feel like it,does get quite hot but for the tree,runners I feel like I just forget about,them and thats a good sign shoes if I,forget about you youre during your job,so to choose the right shoe for you I,think it really depends on your own,personal feet did I get hot and sweaty I,know it sounds,but necessary discussion the climate you,usually live in or wear these shoes out,and what activity youll be doing when,youre wearing them which leads to me to,talk about comfort so some people wonder,if you get the tree runners are you,sacrificing comfort over the wall,runners to that Ill answer,not really I dont really feel a,difference in comfort level between the,two shoes because they have the same in,so and the same midsole and that is this,part of the shoe you could see that its,really thick and foamy and its this,part the mid so in the shoe as well,together they make for an experience,that feels like youre walking on the,clouds you could kind of say that for,the wool runners it makes me feel like,youve put on a nice cozy pair of socks,but to me I dont think it makes a big,difference in the c

Why are Allbirds so popular?

This video is sponsored by Skillshare.,If hang around til the end, I’ll give you a link to try 2-months of Skillshare for free!,Imagine for a second that you’re a soccer player.,And yes I mean soccer, because in this particular case you’re living in Wellington, New Zealand.,It’s 2012, and you’ve spent the last five years playing professionally for the Wellington,Phoenix.,You’re ready to retire and find something new, but instead of continuing on in the realm,of sports, you launch a kickstarter for a shoe idea you’ve been kicking around: wool,sneakers.,You manage to raise $119,000 in just five days and go to found one of the fastest growing,shoe companies in March of 2016.,This atypical path to creating one of the most popular shoes on the market is that of,Allbird’s co-founder Tim Brown.,Alongside his co-CEO Joey Zwillinger, Brown has managed to transform the simple idea of,a casual wool sneaker into a company that’s valued at 1.4 billion dollars.,So, what is the reason for Allbird’s tremendous success?,What I really want to know is whether Allbirds are popular solely because they are comfy,,or whether they’re growing rapidly in part because of their environmental practices.,Sheep.,That’s where all this starts.,Sheep’s wool is the cornerstone of the Allbirds supply chain, and is the epitome of Allbird’s,successful innovations with sustainable material.,In a way, Allbirds’s approach to building their shoes is what drives their success.,When creating their brand Brown and Zwillinger identified the unnecessary traditions of a,stagnant shoe industry, and not only changed their approach to crafting a shoe, but did,so in a way that stands by an environmental ethic.,They essentially had the courage to imagine a shoe that could be both chic and sustainable.,And their use of high-quality materials is a perfect example of this.,Allbird’s flagship shoe, the wool runner, uses merino wool for the upper, recycled plastic,bottles for the laces, and castor bean oil for the soles.,The common saying goes that there are more sheep in New Zealand than people, and Allbirds,relies on that massive population of fluffy animals to create their shoes.,The company only sources their wool from a collection of sheep farmers certified by ZQ,,a New Zealand based company that holds its farmers to strict environmental and ethical,standards by routinely auditing farms with third party certifier AssureQuality.,Ultimately, ZQ supplies Allbirds with sustainable, ethical, and traceable wool for their shoes.,And yes, traceable means ZQ has a map of over 400 farms on their website so you can see,exactly where each fiber is coming from.,In addition to wool, Allbirds is trying to shake up the sneaker industry by creating,a shoe made out of TENCEL lyocell, which is essentially eucalyptus tree pulp spun into,fibers.,Not only is this fiber biodegradable, but the chemicals used for creating the actual,Tencel can be recovered time and time again.,According to the Austrian based Lenzing Group, which produces the Allbirds tree fiber, they,are able to recover and recycle 99% of the chemical solvents used during the Tencel creation,process.,Lenzing has perfected its eco-minded process to such a degree that they are now Forest,Stewardship Council certified and even won the European Award for the Environment from,the European Commission in 2002.,According to the Allbirds website, the eucalyptus fiber is sourced from fast-growing tree farms,based in South Africa that minimize the use of fertilizer and rely on rainfall, which,means that 95% less water and half the carbon emissions are needed when compared to a material,like cotton.,That being said, some have pushed back against Eucalyptus tree plantations in South Africa,as invasive species that might harm or crowd out native plants.,But on the whole, the Allbird tree shoes are one of the most eco-conscious on the market,due to their high resource efficiency and comparably low environmental impact.,Despite all of their efforts in procuring the most renewable resources for their shoe,,Allbirds does still have a carbon footprint.,Granted, the emissions associated with producing an Allbirds shoe is relatively small at 10,kg of carbon (according to a self-conducted life-cycle assessment) When compared to the,50kg required for a shoe made by Everlane, a company that prides itself on its environmental,ethics, Allbirds production practices seem pretty lo -carbon.,Recently, Allbirds has announced that they are going carbon neutral in 2019 by purchasing,carbon offsets, which they admit is a temporary patch and claim that they are committed to,decarbonizing their supply chain by inventing new carbon-free processes.,They use their sugarcane based SweetFoam sandal as an example of this, explaining that every,tonne of material they use pulls 2.5 tonnes of CO2 out of the air due to sugarcane’s,carbon capture properties.,So, Allbirds is clearly trying to work many angles to reduce their environmental impact.,But are people buying their products because of their sustainable practices or just the,comfortable design of the shoe?,After looking behind the scenes of Allbirds, I think that question misses the point.,The meteoric rise of the Allbirds is the product innovative thinking, especially when it comes,to sustainability.,Co-founder Tim Brown continues to emphasize that the three pillars of their company are,deeply connected.,Claiming on their website that “comfort, good design, and sustainability don’t have,to be mutually exclusive.”,And I think it’s this both/and mentality that’s driving the Allbirds hype.,Allbirds shows us that a path towards more sustainable products requires imagination,,flexibility, and creativity in order to truly push the boundaries of what a sustainable,shoe can be.,Because often, sustainability and environmentalism deal in the business of less or giving up,comfort, but Allbirds shows that that doesn’t have to be the case.,A sustainably sourced shoe can also be a very comfortable shoe.,That might seem like a simple statement, but that’s a remarkably creative approach to,stagnant shoe market.,This, then, might be the key to their success and popularity: dreaming up and actually creating,an environmental ethic that’s central to making a shoe which Time magazine deemed the,most comfortable in the world.,When I started making YouTube videos, my motion graphics were terrible.,I had teach myself basically everything and it took forever.,Luckily, you don’t have to go through that, because now you can learn about animation,and video editing all in one place: Skillshare.,Skillshare is an online learning community with over 25,000 classes covering topics like,motion graphic design, video creation, and much much more.,Skillshare has been an essential way for me to hone my motion graphics skills and ultimately,create the highest quality Our Changing Climate videos possible.,I especially love the course taught by Sonya from Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell, which shows,you the essentials of creating, rigging, and animating figures in After Effects.,Above all else though, Skillshare is affordable.,Their Premium Membership gives you unlimited access to high quality classes for under $10,a month if you sign up for an annual membership.,So, join the millions of creators and learners on Skillshare today with a special offer just,for you: If you use the link in the description below you can get 2 months of unlimited access,to Skillshare for free.,Hey everyone!,Charlie here.,Before the video ends, I just want to give a quick shoutout to my Patreon supporters.,They are an amazing group of folks who support me month-in month-out on this wild videomaking,journey.,So thank you for your support, and I will see you in two weeks!

Allbirds Tree Flyer | FULL REVIEW | The Best Allbirds Shoe Yet (And Yes, It Can Run)

before you watch this video just make,sure you subscribe to our channel like,this video because youre going to like,it,and yeah thanks for doing that all right,this is megan with leaving the run is,robbie with bleeding run and today we,are talking about all birds,flyer flyer youre the flyer she called,it the flyer i think it is the flyer,okay its all birds of the flyer i think,sorry,all right,anyways so we dont know the name of,this shoe,[Music],im gonna call it the,tesla cyber truck of shoes as you can,see from this amazing geometric design,i gotta say its pretty cool looking i,dont i dont hate the look well like a,tesla thats supposed to be sustainable,good for the environment and whatnot so,yeah you think they maybe theyre gonna,do a partnership at some point,i can see elon musk getting behind this,i mean you buy a tesla get a free pair,of shoes with your car yeah all right,do you know theyre like charging for,like,the,the charger that you like used for your,car to charge it no its like a portable,charger where you can like plug it into,an outlet and theyre like charging,people for it now anyway,lets go ahead and talk about the flyer,from auburn yeah all right were,starting with the upper yeah i want to,give a little background can i get a,little background all right give a,little background so ive been reviewing,the alberts shoes just out of curiosity,and,because its a running shoe that i,thought we should make a review and its,kind of a lifestyle more yeah yeah so,its always interesting to me when,theres like lifestyle brands trying to,make a running shoe and seeing if it,works so alberts has released the tree,dash from tree dasher two um and by the,way i did not really,like like those shoes they were shoes,that you could maybe wear for a couple,miles but i think the last tree dasher i,got some,pretty bad hot spots after like three,miles but yeah but now we have the flyer,which is like their whole new,actual running shoe yeah they theyre,promoting it as like a 10k like up to,the 10k distance shoe its definitely,intended for performance and less of,that lifestyle yeah so and i gotta say,they made some change of the shoe by the,way i do like them so,lets get into it yeah this was my first,experience with the all birds and,right on step in i was like expecting,not greatness from your past review and,i really liked it i was like this is,comfortable the upper fits well i just i,really enjoyed the step and feel even in,the past the tree dasher was super,comfortable but it had some huge issues,as a running shoe mainly because the,upper was like the same as their,lifestyle shoes so as you can see the,tree dasher was like wider had like a,lot of room in this upper had these,cheerio lacing thing i dont know what,what you call it,cheerios are like,life preservers they didnt preserve my,feet so i guess theyre cheerios,and so they made a lot of changes to the,to the upper for for the flyer so,instead of the cheerios you get like a,flat reflective,thing,eyelets i believe theyre called,whatever yeah things,um you have flat laces now instead of,the brown laces which by the way what do,you think about the laces uh,they dont say tied whatever this lace,fabric thing they use was a mistake ill,say that yeah i double knot all my shoes,and on every single run i was stopping,to re-tie them and and tighten them up,however this upper super comfortable and,very very stretchy so like i have a,wider foot no issues here now the upper,is made from a eucalyptus tree fiber so,all the koala bears out there,youre gonna love this shoe to eat you,might not be able to run in it because,you will have eaten the upper,and its an expensive meal at 120,dollars,this is the first time,i did not notice that,all right,carry on anyway so then you do have like,some support in the heel here which is,pretty sturdy and firm and i was kind of,worried i might get some rubbing there,but i actually didnt have any issues i,i thought the same thing i was like,thats a pretty firm piece back there,the overall fit of the upper again,really nice i loved it lets move on to,the midsole,so this is a brand new foam and its,called,swift foam apparently its 30 lighter,than the previous foam they were using,in the tree what the tree tree dasher so,its lighter i found it to be actually,surprisingly bouncy and uh kind of i,wouldnt say light but you know it,didnt feel like real real heavy,underfoot and it was just it was way,more responsive and enjoyable than i was,expecting yeah and as a past tree dasher,were coming to this shoe again a bit,skeptical this the tree dasher fell a,little flat it was like okay but,um but i was pretty surprised at how,much i like this midsole especially,because it is made from castor beans,its you know all birds and their,sustainability and a lot of companies,try to do that and really,dont do a great job with it,and i i found this to be really nice to,run in yeah i mean i did feel like,it feels like you have one slab of foam,underfoot but you do,um and but its its not that bad and,yeah i think especially if youre,talking,five even up to ten miles maybe no more,than that in this shoe its it works,fine yeah and you have a pretty decent,amount of foam here so you have 30 and a,half in the heel 20 in the forefoot for,an eight and a half millimeter drop 22,in the forklift 22 in the forefoot,ground good math,thanks for helping out there yeah,yeah and i also like the uh outsole,traction on this thing i i can tell you,its good because i was chasing my kids,around uh,like a ramp staircase the other day in,these shoes and running as fast as i,could and you didnt eat it no and it,actually didnt roll my ankles either,which oh,um but it actually has pretty good grip,like cornering and turnings and im,taking 180 degree turns in these um it,does add to the weight a little bit so,this is not the lightest shoe in the,world my women seven and a half came in,at eight point seven five ounces close,to nine ounces which is fairly heavy for,a womens daily trainer thats 248 grams,yeah mine uh mens seven and a half was,eight point nine ounces and 252 grams so,but thats actually i dont think thats,too bad i think its in the range of,like,the,pegasus like i think thats the same,like close to it you got a lot of,sustainability in this shoe auburns,doing its thing actually,making a shoe that,like you really theyre going in the,right direction yeah yeah and if you if,you like all birds you still get that,same exact comfort that you always get,from your regular auburns but this is,like by far the best running shoe they,made,i can commonly say if you want to take,this on as a travel shoe which its a,great travel shoe it packs down really,light this is a solid all-arounder pick,for yeah do it all stuff yeah so this,shoe will be launching on may 17th you,can get it for 160 dollars which,thats i dont know thats a lot i gotta,say i thought it was i think the other,ones are i think like 120. okay um it,could be wrong but i when i say the saw,160 i was like okay thats its getting,up there but i guess you can feel good,about your purchase because youre,saving the world or something yeah all,right robbie what do you what do you say,about this whats your final my final is,it is it green oh,my game for the earth do you agree its,green,see what we did there its green shoe,for green light ill have to agree with,you i mean this is not going to be my,pick of its not going to make the top,daily trainers list but its a decent,shoe yeah and i would like to frame the,green in a more lifestyle shoe convert,it to a running shoe category yes thanks,for tuning in if if uh if you havent,yet make sure you like this video yeah,subscribe to us you can also find us on,instagram facebook or sometimes on,twitter sometimes strava club yeah we,have a couple podcasts uh the drop and,fuel for the soul so check those out all,in the description and you can pick up,the shoot in the description as well all,right anything else,all right fly away,hit th

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