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Obituary Writing with FCAofCNY

give you a little bit of more background,on me,since im going to be a talking head on,your screen for a while today,im jan lane as a little disclaimer i,have no affiliation with any newspaper,and ive,never written obituaries professionally,but my,obituary writing um interest sort of,assisted the cross-section of my,personal and professional lives,so im a personal history enthusiast and,i majored in english and college and so,i have a profound love of stories and,not necessarily just the stuff of,fiction,i really believe strongly in the power,of personal storytelling,i think everyone has a story to tell and,everyone has a story worth telling,and i think we all have so much to learn,from each others,lives and lived experiences and i think,those stories are all the more powerful,when told by the people who who lived,them,also in my role at the community,foundation i work as a development,officer,i assist uh individuals with charitable,legacy planning,so this involves documenting their,wishes for,how theyd like their charitable legacy,to benefit the community after their,death,and also defines how theyd like theyd,wish to be remembered,so in many ways obituaries are all a,part of,you know this legacy and end of life,planning continuum,and while theyre not memoirs or,complete biographies,i personally believe they can be so much,more than a death resume,um your obituary really can be whatever,you make it,as long as youre the one who writes it,so thats why were here today,um we are going to spend,some time today um a lot in time for you,to actually,start writing a draft of your obituary,and were going to be using the,worksheet for that as nancy mentioned,but first im going to share just some,tips and some guidance for you to,consider,as you begin writing your own obituary,so im going to pull up,a powerpoint were going to review some,of those slides first,all right can everyone see that maybe a,thumbs up,okay great and,as i said i already disclaimed that im,uh a reformed english major so,i uh pardon the any of the the puns that,you might find,uh throughout this presentation i,sometimes cant help myself,um okay,so um there are many cases for writing,your own obituary,not the least of which um no one knows,the facts of your life better,than you um but i always like to kind of,um share this slide um which speaks to,um sort of the way that family history,transfers from one generation to the,next uh or not,um so what you see here um are actually,the results of um,a survey published through ancestry.com,which pulled uh north american,respondents on,um their uh knowledge of family history,again going some generations back,and as you can see here just sort of a,snapshot one-third couldnt,name any of the great grandparents so,think about how this may apply to you,you have eight great grandparents and,maybe you can name some or a few or,maybe none at all,um generally 40 percent know the main,names of both grandmothers,nearly one quarter dont know what their,grandfathers do or did for a living,and 27 percent dont know where their,family lived before they came to america,but the majority are interested in,learning more so,um i share this with you because um,you know obviously were living in a,time where um,through dna testing you know its its,possible to,um you know uh track down some of this,information,that you know may have been lost to time,but its the details that often,um still get lost so,the details of ones life and so this is,an opportunity to kind of be aware of,you know what you would like to live on,um and,your obituary can can be one way,of making sure that the information that,you would like,to be preserved for your loved ones and,for future generations,is,um i also want to just share a quick,story,about alfred nobel so you may know him,as a chemist an engineer an inventor,and perhaps most notably as a,philanthropist,but alfred actually uh had the rare,opportunity to,uh glimpse what his legacy would be when,a french newspaper,accidentally published his obituary,following the death of his brother so he,got to read a premature version,of his obituary as written by someone,else,and he didnt like what he read the,headline ran the merchant of death is,dead,and it generally condemned mr mr nobel,for,profiting from his role in developing,arms and dynamite and military,explosives,so as the story goes he kind of used,that,experience as an opportunity to sort of,reassess what he wanted his lasting,contribution to society to be,and he arranged through his last will,and testament to bequeath,most of his estates to establish the,nobel prize institution,so this of course is an extreme example,um but it speaks to the value in writing,your own obituary and reflecting on what,you want your legacy to be,thinking about how you want to be,remembered in the future is also a good,opportunity to assess,how you want to be living in the present,moment so,if you had an opportunity to read,through the worksheet that,also was provided with the announcement,about this workshop,you may have read an example um,obituary that was provided at the very,end of that worksheet and that was,my own self-written obituary and when i,sat down to write my own obituary a few,years ago,after my first pass i realized that i,had written a work of short fiction,um because it was something that,um you know i was projecting years into,the future,um and im sort of filling in the blanks,with all of these things that,you know i wanted to eventually do and,see,um but nothing that i had in fact,actually done,at the time that i was writing the,obituary so i had to kind of go back,and revise it and write a version that,you know was appropriate and and,truthful,given what i experienced you know up,until that point,but it was also helpful exercise because,for me it kind of clarified all the,things that you know i still want to,accomplish,before i die,okay so enough about mr nobel,and and about me um the rest of the,workshop is going to be focused on you,um and your obituary so im going to,outline some,um basic questions and and,considerations for you,um and then were going to move into,actually tackling um writing a draft,so first you always want to kind of,consider the basic questions,um so the who is really um kind of about,who its for,um think about who is going to be,reading your obituary,um and how so right now were sort of,living in a time where,we kind of have this sort of bridge,between the analog,and the digital and online obituaries,are becoming,more and more common um but uh,its its still common for obituaries to,pure,appear in prints as well so think about,who you want to be reading your obituary,and how they normally receive their,information,and that might influence your decision,about where,um and how the obituary gets published,when you think about the what that,really comes down to the content,what is going to be included and again,um if youre thinking about multiple,formats both in online format and,perhaps a more truncated format that,would appear in print,you might consider multiple versions so,you might have something that,is pretty brief and succinct,and that might be a version that would,appear in a newspaper,with a lengthier version perhaps,appearing online,and well go into the actual um you know,the standard content that typically,appears in an obituary a little bit,further on,again the how how,it will appear um its always a good,idea to kind of research,your newspapers and kind of see what,their,policies are and most of that,information can be,found online but those policies are,always kind of being,updated as well so its a good idea to,kind of do your research and just,check in to make sure that youre aware,of what is currently accepted,um where and then when so so when really,more corresponds to,um if youre printing your obituary in a,newspaper,um the frequency um so is it going to,appear for multiple days,that can affect the cost and also,sometimes the specific day of the week,whether

RIP 2022: Celebs Who Died | Year in Tribute | Part 1 (Jan-Apr)

in 2022 weve said goodbye to so many,familiar faces Im Stephen Siegel with,legacy.com where families everywhere go,to publish their obituaries in the local,news,and Im lynnea Crowther legacys news,editor join us now as we honor and,remember some of the most beloved public,figures whose thefts have made headlines,so far in 2022,actor Max Julian starred in The Classic,black exploitation film the Mac,he also wrote the screenplay for,Cleopatra Jones and starred in such,movies as thomasine and bushrod,he died January 1st at the age of 88.,Hollywood Legend Sydney Poitier became,the first black actor to win the Academy,Award for best actor for his performance,in Lilies of the Field,he also starred in classic films,including Guess Whos Coming to Dinner,to serve with love and In the Heat of,the Night he died January 6th of heart,failure at the age of 94.,comedian and actor Bob Sackett became an,icon of TV sitcom dads when he starred,as Danny Tanner on Full House,for years he also hosted Americas,Funniest Home Videos,meanwhile his hilarious life stand up,was 10 times raunchier than his,wholesome TV Jokes,he died January 9th of a head injury at,the age of 65.,[Music],actor Dwayne Hickman starred in The,Classic sitcom The Many Loves of Dobie,Gillis one of the first TV shows to,focus on the lives of teenagers,he had roles in such movies as Cat,Ballou and How to Stuff a Wild Bikini he,died January 9th of complications from,Parkinsons disease at the age of 87.,football player Don Maynard was a Hall,of Fame receiver who helped lead the New,York Jets to victory at Super Bowl III,[Music],when he retired in 1974 he was the NFLs,all-time leading receiver with 633,catches he died January 10th of,complications from dementia at the age,of 86.,[Music],singer Ronnie Spector was called the,original bad girl of rock and roll as,the lead vocalist for the legendary girl,group The Ronettes,their 1963 Smash Hit be my baby is,widely considered to be one of the,greatest pop songs of all time she died,January 12th of cancer at the age of 78.,actress Carol speed starred in the 1970s,called classic the Mac alongside Max,Julian who died just two weeks before,she did,her other notable movies included the,big bird cage and Abby,she died January 14th at the age of 76.,[Music],disc jockey Ralph Emery hosted country,music radio and TV shows for nearly 60,years earning the nickname The Dick,Clark of country music,he helped launch the careers of new,country artists as well as helping break,the genres color barrier he died,January 15th after a brief illness at,the age of 88.,actress Yvette mimieux was the breakout,star of the classic sci-fi movie The,Time Machine,her other films included where the boys,are light in the Piazza and Toys in the,Attic,she died January 17th of natural causes,at the age of 80.,foreign,Leon Talley spent decades writing about,the latest Styles at Vogue magazine,rising to become its editor at Large,known for wearing voluminous capes and,caftans tally was a judge on several,seasons of Americas Next Top Model,he died January 18th of a heart attack,at the age of 73.,[Music],actor Peter Robbins was the original,voice of Charlie Brown,playing the Beloved comic strip,character in cartoon specials such as a,Charlie Brown Christmas,as a teenager he acted in TV shows,including Blondie and My Three Sons,he died January 18th by Suicide at the,age of 65.,singer and actor Meatloaf was known for,operatic Rock epics including Paradise,by the Dashboard Light and Id do,anything for love,he also had memorable movie roles in the,Rocky Horror Picture Show and Fight Club,he died January 20th at the age of 74.,comedian and actor Louis Anderson won,Emmy Awards for his work on the animated,series Life with Louis and the dramatic,comedy baskets,[Music],he was also known for his stand-up and,for character roles in movies like,coming to America,he died January 21st of large b-cell,lymphoma at the age of 68.,hockey player Clark Gillies won four,consecutive Stanley Cups with the New,York Islanders in the early 1980s,he was a Hockey Hall of Famer and his,number nine jersey was retired by the,Islanders,he died January 21st of cancer at the,age of 67.,Buddhist monk tiknit Han was a pioneer,of mindfulness,he helped spread the practice to the,Western world,he was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize,by the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr,he died January 22nd of complications,from a stroke at the age of 95.,[Music],actor Howard Hessman was known to,Millions as Dr Johnny Fever The Rock,music loving radio DJ on the hit show,WKRP in Cincinnati,he also starred on Head of the Class and,had recurring roles on one day at a time,in That 70s Show,he died January 29th of complications,from surgery at the age of 81.,model and television personality Chesley,Crist was crowned Miss USA in 2019 at 28,she was the oldest woman ever to win the,title,she was also a lawyer and after her,pageant win she became a New York,correspondent for extra she died January,30th by Suicide at the age of 30.,actress Monica Viti was known as the,queen of Italian Cinema starring in,dozens of films throughout the 1960s and,70s,in the English-speaking world she was,best known for the 1966 spy comedy,modesty Blaze,she died February 2nd of complications,from Alzheimers disease at the age of,90.,basketball coach Bill Fitch guided the,Boston Celtics to an NBA championship in,1981.,he was twice named NBA coach of the year,and he was elected to the Basketball,Hall of Fame,he died February 2nd at the age of 89.,singer Betty Davis was called the queen,of funk her best-known songs include the,r b hit if Im in luck I might get,picked up,she was jazz legend Miles Daviss second,wife and her influence helped fuel his,musical experiments in the 60s and 70s,she died February 9th of cancer at the,age of 77.,filmmaker Ivan Reitman brought us one of,the most fondly remembered comedies of,the 1980s when he directed Ghostbusters,his other popular movies included,meatballs stripes and twins,he died February 12th in his sleep at,the age of 75.,[Music],journalist PJ ORourke was a foreign,correspondent for Rolling Stone and,wrote political satire including his,best seller parliament of Horrors,a Conservative Republican he enjoyed,poking fun at both sides of the,political Spectrum he died February 15th,of complications from lung cancer at the,age of 74.,singer and songwriter Jane marcheski was,better known as nightbird when she,performed her original song its okay on,Americas Got Talent,she inspired viewers and received a,golden buzzer for her performance before,she had to withdraw for health reasons,she died February 19th of breast cancer,at the age of 31.,[Music],they are Charlie Taylor was a wide,receiver for the Washington Redskins and,an eight-time Pro Bowl pick,he said an NFL record with 649 career,receptions and he was elected to the Pro,Football Hall of Fame he died February,19th at the age of 80.,[Music],singer and songwriter Mark Lanigan led,the early grunge band Screaming Trees,known for their College radio hit nearly,lost you,he was also a member of Queens of the,Stone Age and worked with such great,musicians as Kurt Cobain,he died February 22nd at the age of 57.,comedian and magician John zealous was,better known as the amazing Jonathan as,he performed the stage show that earned,him the nickname the Freddy Krueger of,Comedy,hes chaotic and often gruesome Act was,featured on late night TV and in popular,Las Vegas shows he died February 22nd of,heart disease at the age of 63.,foreign,actress Sally Kellerman was nominated,for an Oscar for her performance as Hot,Lips Houlihan in the original movie,version of mash,[Music],her many films included the player and,back to school,she died February 24th of heart failure,at the age of 84.,actor Conrad Janus was best known for,his role on the classic sitcom Mork and,Mindy as Mindys dad,he was also a jazz trombonist who played,several times on The Tonight Show with,Johnny Carson he died March 1st at the,age of 94.,actor

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Obits & Omits: Meet Some of the Women Overlooked by The New York Times Obituaries Section, Until Now

AMY GOODMAN: This is Democracy Now!,I’m Amy Goodman.,As the world marked International Women’s Day Wednesday, The New York Times began a,new project highlighting the lives of remarkable women who never had an obituary in the paper,,until now.,The list might surprise you.,It includes the pioneering anti-lynching journalist Ida B. Wells; the writer, the poet Sylvia,Plath; Qiu Jin, who was known as China’s Joan of Arc; the groundbreaking photographer,Diane Arbus; the woman who helped engineer the Brooklyn Bridge, Emily Warren Roebling;,Charlotte Brontë, who wrote Jane Eyre; Henrietta Lacks, whose cells led to a medical revolution;,Ada Lovelace, who is considered to be the world’s first computer programmer.,None of their obituaries appeared in the Times.,The New York Times is calling their new project “Overlooked.”,It’s part of an effort to make up for the paper’s 167-year history of focusing largely,on men—overwhelmingly on white men—in the obituary pages.,We’re joined now by Amy Padnani, digital editor of obituaries at The New York Times,,who came up with this idea.,Well, the good news, when I read The New York Times obituaries over the years, when I’ve,read them, is that it just seemed like women and people of color rarely died.,AMY PADNANI: This was some feedback we frequently got from our readers: “Why don’t we see,more women and minorities in your pages?”,And that was something that bothered me personally.,I just joined obituaries in early 2017.,And as you know, the national debate on race was heating up, and the conversation about,gender inequality was starting to take hold again.,And it really got me thinking, as a woman of color and as an editor at The New York,Times, “What can I do to advance this conversation?”,All of these people were coming out of the shadows to tell stories of injustices, and,it really resonated with me.,So, I came across, in my day-to-day research, a woman who had been credited with bringing,tennis to the United States from Bermuda.,Her name is Mary Outerbridge.,She started the first tennis court on Staten Island, of all places.,And I used to live on Staten Island.,It’s a place that’s near and dear to my heart.,And I thought, “What a neat nugget about history!”,So, I checked to see if we had done an obituary on Mary Outerbridge, and we hadn’t.,So, I kind of tucked that away in the back of my mind.,And through my research, I started coming across more and more names like this.,We, as you noted, came across some really surprising ones, like Diane Arbus and Sylvia,Plath.,AMY GOODMAN: So let’s talk about who they are.,AMY PADNANI: Sure.,AMY GOODMAN: Diane Arbus.,AMY PADNANI: Sure, the brilliant photographer Diane Arbus.,She was known for photographing people kind of on the outskirts of society, sideshow people,,dwarfs.,Some wondered if she did it for attention, in a way, but others really thought the photos,were remarkable and artistic.,And she had a lot of fame in her own lifetime, so we were surprised when there was no obituary,about her death.,AMY GOODMAN: And Ida B. Wells.,AMY PADNANI: Same, yeah.,She was—as you noted, she was a pioneer in the anti-lynching movement and a journalist,who was one of the first to produce a newspaper by a black person for black people.,And in her lifetime, she also was extremely famous.,We even had a little front-page blurb about her marriage, but we didn’t have anything,about her death.,AMY GOODMAN: I want to go to my colleague Juan González, who wrote about Ida B. Wells,in his book News for All the People: The Epic Story of Race in the American Media.,He talked about her on our show when his book came out.,JUAN GONZÁLEZ: Ida B. Wells was one of the early muckrakers, that is not known as a muckraker,in the official histories.,But in the late 19th century, she was the editor of a paper in Memphis, and three of,her friends were lynched by a mob.,And she began a crusade against that lynching.,And her newspaper was burned down while she was out of town.,And she then went across the country, exposing the epidemic of lynching in America of African,Americans, and became a really crusading, the first crusading journalist on this issue.,And she’s known, again, in the histories of the black press, as one of the giants of,the press, but is, again, rarely mentioned or talked about in official histories of the,press in America.,But she was a key figure, and not only was involved with the NAACP later on, met with,presidents over issues of racial discrimination, was a major figure in the late 19th century,and early 20th century.,AMY GOODMAN: But her obituary didn’t make it into the Times.,What about Sylvia Plath?,Tell us who she is.,AMY PADNANI: Sylvia Plath, the famous poet who wrote The Bell Jar, she also was extremely,famous in her lifetime.,She committed suicide at a fairly young age.,And we also—,AMY GOODMAN: In 1963.,AMY PADNANI: That’s right.,And we were also really surprised to learn that there was nothing.,We had stories about her writing, but we didn’t have an obituary covering her death.,AMY GOODMAN: American poet, American novelist, short story writer, born in Boston.,I wanted to go to a clip of Sylvia Plath reading from part of her very famous, painful poem,,“Daddy.”,SYLVIA PLATH: You do not do, you do not do Any more, black shoe,In which I have lived like a foot For thirty years, poor and white,,Barely daring to breathe or Achoo.,Daddy, I have had to kill you.,You died before I had time— Marble-heavy, a bag full of God,,Ghastly statue with one gray toe Big as a Frisco seal,And a head in the freakish Atlantic Where it pours bean green over blue,In the waters off beautiful Nauset.,I used to pray to recover you.,Ach, du.,AMY GOODMAN: And I want to turn to that documentary, Going Where I’ve Never Been: The Photography,of Diane Arbus.,In this clip, we hear Arbus’s friend Mary Claire Costello reading Arbus’s musings,on photography.,Diane Arbus also committed suicide, is that right?,AMY PADNANI: That’s right.,MARY CLAIRE COSTELLO: “If I were just curious, it would be very hard to say to someone, I,want to come to your house and have you talk to me and tell me the story of your life.,I mean people are going to say, ’You’re crazy.’,Plus they’re going to keep mighty guarded.,But the camera is a kind of license.,And for a lot of people, they want to be paid that much attention and that’s a reasonable,kind of attention to be paid.”,AMY GOODMAN: And that was reading the words of Diane Arbus.,Nella Larsen, Amy?,AMY PADNANI: So, Nella Larsen was a literary star during the Harlem Renaissance in the,1920s and 1930s.,She wrote a couple of books, that are still discussed in classrooms today, addressing,issues of race and pressures that middle-class black families would feel.,And when—so, she was accused of plagiarism later on in her life, and she eventually withdrew,from the limelight.,She died alone in her apartment, and her body was found days later.,So she kind of died in obscurity.,AMY GOODMAN: Explain this—I’ve got the section that’s coming out on Sunday.,The New York Times, the front page, it’s almost white, but it’s got the photographs,leaching through from the inside, of these 15 women, to the outside.,AMY PADNANI: This was a concept we came up with.,We wanted it to have that feeling of: These women are no longer overlooked.,They’re now coming out of the woodworks.,They’re coming out of the shadows, and we’re finally giving them their due.,AMY GOODMAN: What percentage of people in the obituaries are still white men?,AMY PADNANI: About four out of five obits are on white men—are on men.,AMY GOODMAN: What are they?,AMY PADNANI: Sorry, on men.,I don’t have the figures for people of color.,So, yeah, about 80 percent of our obituaries are about men.,AMY GOODMAN: So, how will this affect the obituaries, going forward?,AMY PADNANI: Well, I’m really hoping that it will help raise awareness and continue,the conversation.,We also recently hired our very first gender editor, Jessica Bennett, and we have a race-re

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Starrcade 83 – Vince McMahon Tries To Destroy The NWA | War Stories

[Music],[Applause],they call it,the granddaddy of them all while the,original starrcade was hardly the first,professional wrestling supercard,its name endured becoming the sort of,annual destination that promoters and,bookers anchor their calendars with,to kick off the starrcade timeline in,1983,jim crockett promotions intended to have,the nwa world heavyweight champion drop,the 10 pounds of gold,to a younger star a torch passing from,the established old guard,to the ace of the next generation,champion and challenger were each,masters of their craft and the months of,build to the title fight,had been impeccable the only thing that,could ruin this historic encounter would,be if someone with more than a little,sway,managed to steer the champion away from,doing the honours,[Music],[Music],sixteen months before the very first,wrestlemania beamed out from madison,square garden,crockett booked the very first starrcade,to be held on thanksgiving night,1983 at the greensboro coliseum and,broadcast before a regional close,circuit viewership,an eight match card was assembled to,showcase the top stars and most,compelling angles from the territory,leading to a main event designed to set,the table for the nwas future,among the three championship bouts was a,title vs mask showdown matching up,reviled television champion the great,kabuki,against the mysterious charlie brown,from outer town who was actually a,barely disguised jimmy valiant,kabuki had sent valiant packing that,summer in a loser leaves match,leading to valiants return under the,mask which did nothing to hide his,signature features,though the audience merrily played along,with the gag kabuki wanted to prove that,the hooded intruder was indeed the,boogie woogie man,and wagered his belt against browns,mask and if brown was revealed to be the,previously exiled valiant,then valiant would be suspended from the,nwa for one whole year,also at stake were the nwa tag team,titles pitting champions jack and jerry,briscoe,against two men that theyd turned on,earlier in the year ricky steamboat and,jay,youngblood that match would have former,wrestling star and gridiron great angelo,mosca,as guest referee,in what promised to be an especially,brutal encounter united states champion,greg the hammer valentine,was set to wage war with a man hed,battered in grisly fashion months,earlier,rowdy roddy piper valentine had won the,championship from piper that spring,after using the ring bell to badly gash,pipers ear,leading to a referee stoppage this,rematch wasnt for the championship,however as all piper had in his sights,was revenge,thus the two were linked to the next by,a large unforgiving chain,in what would become a legendary dog,collar match,while the undercard looked plenty,captivating most of the focus was on the,dramatic build-up to the evenings main,event,the nwa world title was up for grabs in,starrcades finale,its champion was an nwa institution,the bellicose an unyielding harley race,at the time of the encounter race was in,his seventh reign as an nwa world,champion,and had recently passed his 40th,birthday the proud and boastful race was,still very much the greatest wrestler on,gods green earth that hed claimed to,be,and had the hardware to prove it for a,challenger race was opposed by the very,man hed won the title from,that june 34 year old ric,flair the nature boy went on to build a,world title count that might comfortably,number well into the 20s depending on,ones interpretation,but at this point flair was merely a,one-time champ,he defeated dusty rose for the gold in,somewhat unceremonious fashion in,september of 1981,and if you dont count the three ensuing,phantom title switches that occurred,outside the mainland us,went on to reign as nwa champ for 21,months,while flair today is revered as an,undisputed legend an,irreplaceable figure in pro wrestling,lore the truth is that his first world,title run was far from a smashing,success,the seemingly random title win over,roads kicked off a reign that didnt,fully cement flair as an unquestioned,top guy,not every promoter on the nwa board of,directors was enamored with the choice,of flair as champion,with some feeling he was too small or,too unestablished to carry the torch,fans in certain territories didnt warm,to the upstart champion so easily back,then which flair acknowledged later,writing,if the fans werent interested in my,opponents we werent going to draw money,when race defeated flair for the,championship in june of 1983,the idea was to have flair win it back,in grand fashion,after months of build to come flair,would defeat the long presiding race,before as large an audience as possible,firmly crystallizing him as the man,there was apparently some reluctance at,first from board members who still,didnt see it with flair,and even from race himself ultimately,though everyone got on board with the,plan and the build to starrcade kicked,into high gear,through the summer months in on,televised bouts throughout july flair,proved unsuccessful in world title,rematches,either defeating race by,disqualification or going to double,count outs with the grizzled star wart,the idea with these narrow escapes was,that race feared flair had his number,and eventually sought to have him taken,out of the equation with that,race offered a 25 000 bounty to anyone,who could eliminate flair,putting the pesky challenger out of,wrestling permanently,in late august flair was battling race,for the championship and had the title,holder snared in his figure four leglock,thats when he was suddenly attacked by,two men dick slater,and bob orton the latter of whom had,been portrayed as one of flairs best,friends,money truly was the root of all evil as,slater and orton waylaid flair with a,vicious spike pile driver and the toll,looked to be severe selling a serious,neck injury from the attack flair,subsequently retired from wrestling,spurring a jubilant race to pay out the,promised 25 large to the assailants,but weeks later as slater and orton,competed in tag team action,and netbrace wearing flares stormed the,ring wielding,a baseball bat after running off both,mercenaries an irate emotionally charged,flair made it clear that he wasnt done,after all and promised race that he was,coming for his precious,championship the match was set for,starrcade,race versus flair for the world,heavyweight title to be contested,inside of a steel cage with former nwa,and awa world champion gene kaniski,presiding as guest referee two years,after flares first world title victory,underwhelmed,fans were rapidly anticipating the,nature boy making this trek back down,the golden mile and exacting brutal,revenge on route to his triumph,but would the champion show up,less than three months before starcade,world wrestling federation owner vince,mcmahon withdrew his territory from the,national wrestling alliance,shortly after a highly contentious row,at the annual nwa convention in las,vegas,applying the term territory to the wwf,at this point however was an exercise in,antiquated thought,as mcmahon had already began making the,move to take the wwf national,dropping his allegiance to the nwa was,butter formality,onward and outward the new york-based,world wrestling federation roamed,promoting events in ohio that october,with saint louis and detroit joining the,touring circuit before the years end,it wasnt just territorial boundaries,that mcmahon unflinchingly crossed,he began signing up the best and,brightest stars from around those,territories to work exclusively for the,wwf,before 1983 came to a close the likes of,paul orndorff david schultz dick murdoch,and mean gene oakland,all debuted for mcmahon while the iron,sheikh adrian adonis and other names,that passed through in prior years,were settling into mcmahons domain for,the long haul,this was merely the first wave of,fortifications that bolstered the wwf,and showed the other promoters that,mcmahons goal of national expansion,was a deadly serious one the biggest,

Goatwhore “Angels Hung from the Arches of Heaven” Review

foreign,[Music],whats up everybody its Rose minnow,here once again on the Croc now Im jam,and John and we have an album review for,you so one that it was definitely on our,radar because were both big fans of,this man for the week of the 7th of,October was the latest offering from,goat [ __ ] Angels hung from the arches,of Heaven what a wonderful title so,clearly this is Christian rock,um its absolutely transparent there so,again this comes out on the 7th of,October on Metal Blade records its been,formed in 1997 in good old Nola this is,their eighth album overall and this is,blackened death rash and thats pretty,much I guess a roundabout way describing,goat [ __ ] also features for those that,dont know Ben fagost formerly of or,actually currently of Soylent Green,because it still says theyre active,even though they havent put out an,album in a while and Sammy deway,formerly of Acid Bath on guitars this,Duo has been pretty much ripping up [ __ ],for a while now in the course of eight,albums and after hearing the leadoff,single born of Satans flesh,yeah yeah uh I was excited and I,apparently had great reason to be,excited because this album flat out rips,yeah this album pretty much is just a,Non-Stop Fury of punches to the throat,we jammed it twice and it was even,better the second time around and it,really whooped ass the first time around,so it is a Relentless listen for the,most part on here now their last album,vengeful Ascension I thought they,embraced a little bit more atmosphere in,that and granted it still had their,token punch of just fast gnarly evil,sounding songs but there was a little,bit more Melody and atmosphere to it and,that does show up on here but this,definitely comes off as a more,aggressive just gnarly album from start,to finish pretty much the Run of tracks,from Death from Above All the Way to,voracious blood fixation is a Non-Stop,pitch churning Affair DB driven Sammys,guitar work on here is some of his most,vicious I agree I agree its top-notch,well I know Sammy is capable of writing,really nasty heavy riffs every song is,one awesome riff after another and his,guitar tone is,even when he gets like the just the,chugs dude its so well pronounced and,gritty and filthy and theres only some,reasons for that one the fact that both,Ben and Sammy are rooted in the sludge,scene and Sammy has not abandoned any of,that sludgy grit in his guitar it,actually kind of makes goat [ __ ] stand,out in a you know bunch of like black,and thrash or black and death metal,bands and the fact that you know it has,that sort of sludgy chunky sound versus,like kind of more gamey black metal,sound or even like a more chunkified,death metal tone like it is kind of,unique and the other is the production,on here which we had both Jared,Pritchard and Kurt Balu contributing in,terms of the mix of this and it is mixed,to be absolutely snarling like you you,can definitely tell especially on the,drum production that this is a Kurt,Baloo blessed sort of uh sound here its,just monstrous everything is very thick,and very pronounced but the levels in,here are great Bens vocals Ive always,been one of my favorite things about,godor and man he delivers a vicious,vocal performance but the really cool,thing is it kind of Embraces more deep,vocals on here theres a lot of death,growls which you dont typically hear an,overwhelming amount in most Kotor,records he typically has that kind of,mid-range to high register I would call,even his death growls in um born of,Satans flesh reminded me a lot of Sven,from aborted yeah well pronounced and,just another like level there because,you know hes got his well-pronounced,sort of like mid-range growl where you,know again everythings well enunciated,so you can hear all the fun Blasphemous,stuff that hes saying and then playing,off of Sammy who does his black and,shrieks as well to complement it the,vocal Dynamics I think on this kind of,stand out a little bit more from other,goat horror albums just because I think,the low growls are used much more,effectively and I think more often now,another thing because we could talk,about production all day long but I want,to talk about about lead work oh my God,uh and and while the Sammys leads are,typically great they have a lot more,feeling in here and a lot more Dynamic,you get a lot of like atonal things a,lot of very like shreddy but clean tone,still things he uh finds pretty much the,right sound for each song and I think,there is a little bit of that,atmospheric stuff from the last album,still kind of on here especially in the,title track and the bestowal of,abomination these song titles are,[ __ ] awesome but good horse song,titles are generally pretty [ __ ],awesome but those actually kind of,embrace a little bit more of the cold,black metal theres not necessarily,solos as much as there are like really,atmospheric lead sections like dreary,tremolos they kind of make the song,sound a little bit haunting but you have,that kind of pivoting back and forth,between their token flat out [ __ ],aggression and I dont know it just,makes for like a really interesting,lesson like its not just that full,force primal thing like theres really,cool nuances in them uh like in the song,weight of a soul is heart this is,particularly dark and Melody it actually,reminded me a lot of like revocation,meets a blackened Mastodon its there I,I 100 hear it the interesting crawling,atonal dissonant riffs yep theres a,certain amount of like creepy atmosphere,to it groovy is [ __ ] downright chuggy,and chuggy rips of course are all over,this because it is go [ __ ] but it is,kind of cool to see them kind of pivot,from like you know thrashy chuggy to,death metal chuggy the devils Warlords,especially has a more death metal bite,to it but again this whole middle,section,Death from Above ruinous liturgy Victory,is the lightning of Destruction and,voracious blood fixation holy [ __ ] these,songs are pitch churning [ __ ],monsters like if they play these songs,live at a venue I hope the venues,insurance is paid up yep yep watch out,uh of course you know we will be old and,standing back oh yeah but uh I mean I I,foresee broken Limbs and and teeth yep,are these your teeth sir like no I,stayed out of it thats that guy thats,clearly bleeding from the mouth Yes and,something thats kind of been a part of,their sound but I think kind of played,up a little bit more on this is punk and,hardcore especially on songs like again,ruinous liturgy and the short but,Furious Banger Nile yes oh my God that,song just has a lot of punk energy to it,but its kind of like hardcoreish it,kind of sounds like one of those quick,vicious songs youd hear from a band,like misery index albeit with like more,you know blackened atmosphere to it that,song in particular has one the nastiest,breakdowns in the entire album too like,thank you hits and you get a triplet,chug break down and its crushing,is flat out Relentless anyway like the,speed and aggression behind it is what,really drives it Sammys guitar work the,drum work on here is non-stop there are,no [ __ ] breaks yeah nothing the only,break in the album really is the uh,intro where there are no drums but,thats it which I I didnt get a chance,to [ __ ] about it from the start but Im,a [ __ ] better now its just its,Halloween noises and groans and uh hey,whatever yeah but honestly when you get,down to the Ballgame album you kind of,forget there even was an intro like I,think we skipped it the second time,around because yeah I didnt even play,it the second time around because I mean,its an intro its an intro its a,typical intro everyone knows I love,intros theyre my favorite [ __ ] thing,he goes to sleep with them in his ear I,have compilations of all interests and,theyre amazing he plays them in the car,every time we go to a show its just,hours of,um lock the doors crank the heat in the,summer and listen to interest because I,hate myself yep yep thats when I fart,in his car the most is when the windows,

Full Speech: King Charles III Gives First Address After Death Of Queen Elizabeth II

I speak to you today with feelings of,profound sorrow,throughout her life Her Majesty the,queen my beloved mother,was an inspiration an example to me and,to all my family,and we owe her the most heartfelt debt,any family could owe to their mother,for her love affection guidance,understanding and example,Queen Elizabeth was a life well lived,a promise with Destiny kept,and she is mourned most deeply in her,passing,that promise of lifelong service I renew,to all today,alongside the personal grief that all my,family are feeling,we also share with so many of you in the,United Kingdom in all the countries,where the queen was Head of State in the,Commonwealth and across the world,a deep sense of gratitude for the more,than 70 years in which my mother as,Queen served the people of So Many,Nations,in 1947 on her 21st birthday,she pledged in a broadcast from Cape,Town to the Commonwealth,to devote her life,whether it be short or long,to the service of her peoples,that was more than a promise,it was a profound personal commitment,which defined her whole life,she made sacrifices for Duty,her dedication and devotion was,Sovereign never wavered,through times of change and progress,through times of joy and celebration,and through times of sadness and loss,in her life of service,we saw that Abiding Love of tradition,together with that Fearless Embrace of,progress,which makes us great as Nations,the affection admiration and respect she,inspired,became the Hallmark of her reign,and as every member of my family can,testify,she combined these qualities with warmth,humor and an unerring ability always to,see the best in people,I pay tribute to my mothers memory,and I honor her life of service,I know that her death brings great,sadness to so many of you,and I share that sense of loss beyond,measure with you all,when the queen came to the throne,Britain and the world were still coping,with the privations and aftermath of the,second World War,and still living by the conventions of,earlier times,in the course of the last 70 years we,have seen our society become one of many,cultures and many faiths,the institutions of the state have,changed in turn,but through all changes and challenges,our nation and The Wider family of,realms,of whose talents traditions and,achievements I am so inexpressibly proud,have prospered and flourished,our values have remained and must remain,constant,the role,and the duties of monarchy also remain,as does the sovereigns particular,relationship and responsibility towards,the church of England,the church in which my own faith is so,deeply rooted,in that faith and the values it inspires,I have been brought up to cherish a,sense of Duty to others,and to hold in the greatest respect the,precious Traditions freedoms and,responsibilities of our unique history,and our system of parliamentary,government,as the queen herself did with such,unswerving devotion,I too now solemnly pledge myself,throughout the remaining time God grants,me,to uphold the constitutional principles,at the heart of our nation,and wherever you may live in the United,Kingdom or in the Realms and territories,across the world,and whatever may be your background or,beliefs,I shall Endeavor to serve you with,loyalty respect and love,as I have throughout my life,my life will of course change,as I take up my new responsibilities,it will no longer be possible for me to,give so much of my time and energies to,the Charities at issues for which I care,so deeply,but I know this important work will go,on in that trusted hands of others,this is also a time of change for my,family,I count on the loving help of my darling,wife Camilla,in recognition of her own loyal Public,Service since our marriage 17 years ago,she becomes my queen consort,I know she will bring to the demands of,her new role the steadfast Devotion to,duty on which I have come to rely so,much,as my Heir William now assumes the,Scottish titles which have meant so much,to me,he succeeds me as duke of Cornwall and,takes on the responsibilities for the,duchy of Cornwall which I have,undertaken for more than five decades,today,I am proud to create him Prince of Wales,the country whose title Ive been so,greatly privileged to bear,during so much of my life and Duty,with Catherine beside him our new Prince,and Princess of Wales will I know,continue to inspire and Lead our,national conversations,helping to bring the marginal to the,center ground where vital help can be,given,I want also to express my love for Harry,and Megan,as they continue to build their lives,overseas,in a little over a weeks time we will,come together as a nation,as a commonwealth and indeed a global,community,to lay my beloved mother to rest,in our sorrow,let us remember,and draw strength from the light of her,example,on behalf of all my family,I can only offer the most sincere and,heartfelt thanks,for your condolences and support,they mean more to me than I can ever,possibly Express,and to my darling mama,as you begin your last great journey,to join my dear late Papa,I want simply to say this,thank you,thank you,for your love and devotion,to our family,and to the family of Nations you have,served so diligently all these years,May flights of angels sing thee to thy,rest,thanks for watching our YouTube channel,follow todays top stories and breaking,news by downloading the NBC News app

My Review Of Incinerate “Eradicating Terrestrial Species”


whats up everybody Josh Armijo here,hope everybodys doing getting lawn,stuff I got an album review to do for,you and Im gonna show it to you right,now this is the new album from the band,incinerate entitled eradicating,terrestrial species this is released on,comatose music now if youre not too,familiar with this band they are based,out of Maplewood Minnesota and the best,way to describe the sound of this band,would be a very technical blasphemous,and brutal style of Death Metal this has,been a band that has had a pretty,tumultuous run over the course of the,last ten plus years or so when it comes,to releasing music band member lineup,changes and a whole nine yards of other,things but in that amount of time,theyve put out some pretty solid music,this is one of those bands that,definitely represented the early era of,the brutal bands label of course a,record label that you would beaten bet,best be synonymous with bands such as,Emma gorgeous devour mint guttural,secrete abominable Putridity and of,course the first couple of releases from,incinerate I mean their 2002 debut,dissecting the Angels had a bit of a,blasphemous deicide ask sort of quality,to their lyrical content and visual,aspects music wise I thought it was,pretty decent nothing too special but I,thought it had some pretty good songs to,go along with it but then in 2008 this,band definitely got a lot better with,their album anatomize I thought that,album had some much better things going,for it better artwork better visuals,better music better songwriting and of,course ever since this the release of,those records theres been a lot of,lineup changes and a sort of other,things going on with this band I mean I,even have the privilege of getting to,see these guys live in last year at,building samples from death best I,thought they were absolutely awesome but,now going into this album this is their,first album in almost seven years and,theres a pretty much revised and,revamped lineup of sorts of course this,pretty much includes people from all,across the country the US and Canada to,be specific and we now have the third,full-length from incinerate entitled,eradicating terrestrials,species its nine tracks and the clocks,in and around 30 minutes in length and,pretty much this is the incinerate album,that I believe many fans of this band,were meant to hear for a very long time,this album definitely is a reawakening,of sorts for the band musically,lyrically professionally I definitely,think that there is a lot of great,things going for it especially when it,comes to this albums concept of course,the concept seems a little bit tried and,true going towards a more,science-fiction sort of territory when,it comes to the lyrical content and,ideas I mean you get the the audio,samples the little bits of atmosphere,and noise to be heard in certain bits,and pieces in this record but once you,get to the actual music I definitely,think its very much the most,entertaining aspect of this release and,musically I think this is a total barn,burner I love the way the music is being,handled here I mean take the tracks,inhuman inoculation and from distant,worlds just the technicality going with,the guitar work just really sounds,amazing,I love the greatness of the riffs I,definitely appreciate the attention to,detail being presented here I definitely,think it sounds awesome and has that,nice little that nice little crunch and,bit bite to it especially when it comes,to the more brutal sort of slant ask,sort of parts where it begins to take,different twists and turns throughout,the release I definitely think these,riffs sound awesome the bass work is,great too I definitely think theres a,little bit of a technical prowess being,presented when it comes to the to the to,the bass work very audible and clear not,too audible to where it seems overly,dominant but I still think it gets the,job done very well here throughout this,entire album and definitely lays a very,smooth foundation all the way throughout,drum wise I definitely think this,drummer puts on a clinic here I,definitely love how fast this drummer is,and definitely maintains a great pace,all the way throughout lots and lots of,usage of blast beats and fills and rolls,lots of great syncopation and creativity,very great pace all the way throughout,this entire record,I think this drummer definitely knows,exactly what hes doing once again going,to tracks like inhuman inoculation and,then tracks like unable to ascend some,of the lengthier tracks on this album,definitely bring out the best in Darren,seskas drum work and I definitely think,that he does tremendous work here with,this album delivers a very awesome,performance and when it comes to the,vocals I definitely love the vocals that,Jessie brings here he has been one of,the soul and and founding members of,this band and I definitely think his,vocal delivery is very entertaining you,do its mainly more likely than anything,pretty much guttural a guttural tone all,the way throughout very low very booming,but yet you can definitely understand,what he says there are moments where it,does feel a little bit undecipherable at,times but yet the moments where you hear,his vocals begin to enunciate a little,bit further and then you get a little,bit of a scream going in certain aspects,I definitely think his willful sound,really awesome here I and I believe,theres some stuff to be found towards,the end of this record I believe on the,track what do you call it,I believe the closing track [ __ ] the,rotting nun that is a song that I,believe was on the first album,dissecting the angels but I think it was,redone I think it seems a little bit out,of place I dont know about you but I,think that it kind of seems out of place,in the grand scheme of this album sci-fi,sort of concept I think its a great,song I think its a great riri reworking,but I definitely feel its a little bit,out of place but I dont know thats,just my crazy opinion on things and,theres a special little cover at the,end of the of the album you may want to,keep in here and ear out for it towards,the very end I think its pretty cool I,would say so,overall if youre a fan of what,incinerate has put out previously if you,are a fan of brutal technical death,metal with sci-fi blasphemous sort of,themes,I definitely think incinerate have,returned and returned with the sound,that they were meant to sound like I,definitely think that this is a definite,step up over previous releases I,definitely think its a fun little album,to listen to its short paced it doesnt,go on too long and I definitely think,that anybody who is a fan of incinerate,will find something to,with this album so if I do pick any,favorite tracks I would definitely have,to say inhuman inoculation from distant,wounds unable to ascend cultivation of,human offspring and the Berserker so Im,only disciplines in the description box,on how you can get a hold of this album,and listen to it I will link you to the,comatose Web Store where you can,purchase a physical copy of the CD its,only ten bucks,there are also t-shirt and excuse me,tank top options combo deals whatever,you want to get there are many ways to,get a hold of this CD and if you happen,to live in the Netherlands from April,17th to the 19th you can definitely,check out and sinner eight as they will,be playing neurotic death fest in the,Netherlands they are going to be joining,a whos who of great death metal outfits,broken whole dead congregation emulation,cardiac arrest obituary the list goes on,and on definitely check out incinerate,if you intend on going to neurotic death,fest so let me show you again this is,and by the way John cig did the artwork,for this and I think its a great piece,of art to look at again the album is,eradicating terrestrial species by,incinerate this is released on comatose,music definitely support this and,fourscore Im gonna give this a pretty,solid 8 out of 10 I definitely think,that this is one of the best things,incinerate has do

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