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hey everyone Sylvia here welcome back to,my channel guys and welcome to my profit,Alliance Review,so profit Alliance is the latest launch,by Michael Cheney and it was released,yesterday launched yesterday on Warrior,Plus on the 8th of November,okay I have purchased this product,myself I have finished going through,um all of that it comes with,I mean all of the tutorials is like a,training course,um with a guaranteed approval,to his previous launch okay and,in short okay as you can see here or,there I am right inside of the members,area of profit Alliance okay and as I,said its going to give you a guaranteed,approve to his previous launch called,seven figure system or affiliate system,something like that well check Ill,show you what I mean in a sec and,um you would also get a hundred percent,uh commission across the whole funnel,for promoting his previous product,okay now theres a way more that comes,to it guys to understand what you would,be getting yourself into and whether,youd be making any money with it or not,so well go through everything Ill give,you my like personal opinion on that,so lets jump in and go through all of,it all of it bit by bit okay,so this is the members area and just to,hold on okay here we are on the sales,page well check everything out,um including the the upsells as well,okay so this is Michael Cheney now the,thing about Michael Cheney obviously,hes a multi-multi-millionaire okay hes,been around the block in this affiliate,marketing industry for decades so,obviously and hes the hes got the like,a few upsells here okay,so now here let me show you his previous,products and what kind of product you,would be,um,approved automatically,um is this one okay so if you buy profit,Alliance I know its kind of like funny,and hes already made like over 500,sales it launched yesterday it is kind,of funny because this product is just,giving you like um,okay approval to promote his previous,product okay and if you promote this,product seven figure launches launch,system okay,Ill show you this product as well,I have a members area so Ill show you,which product youd be going like,automatically approved to guaranteed,okay as an affiliate and you could,promote and get 100 commission across,the whole funnel but what Im saying,its kind of funny because,its like yeah it does come with,um the training okay this profit,Alliance on how to get the traffic and a,bit more outgoing more into detail,once we go through the once I give you,the walkthrough,um the members area,but the point Im trying to make is like,you know this if you promote this,product,let me show you if you promote the seven,launch something okay as an affiliate,you get a hundred percent commission,across the whole funnel anyway let me,just prove it to you but thats the,thing okay as in UB you would you would,not necessarily get approved to promote,this product so this seven figure launch,system let me show you because you see,now if I promote it as an affiliate and,its not because I bought the profit,Alliance,uh its not because I um you know got,his latest knowledge thats why I have,100 commission across the whole funnel,no if you have like generally if you,promote this seven figure uh launch,system,you get 100 commission across the whole,funnel anyway but thats the thing I,guess like um he he would be quite,selective as to whom he would approve or,not because he want quality Affiliates,and people who will send quality traffic,to his uh to this funnel I guess thats,the thats the idea and thats thats,his point here okay and I as I as I was,saying Michael Chaney has been around,the blog for quite some time and as you,can see he he has not launched many,products,a few okay hes got uh three over three,uh 0.5 score so thats decent it says I,like it and you know hes this this is,the um the popular one seven figure,affiliate system okay hes got a lot of,um offers at his like back and offers as,well guys,so um,Im just gonna like give you as unbiased,and objective perspective to it as I,possibly can because on one hand yes if,youre a new beam okay you get started,with Michael Cheney and I mean you can,learn a lot from him because his,training courses are really good quality,and as guy as I was going through this,you know for the members area of profit,Alliance okay and just to like prove to,you I dont have to but let me show you,I did buy it if I go to purchase history,on Warrior plus you see that thats the,one profit Alliance so its 10 bucks,okay its 10 bucks in my opinion its,well worth the money,but I would hold if I was you I would,hold your horses okay I would hold my,horses if I was you especially if I was,a newbie as to buying more like upper,upgrades you can if if you want if,youre serious about it but bearing in,mind that you know Michael Cheney has a,lot of uh back end offers I mean some,some of them are like you know thousands,of dollars so youre getting on his list,obviously and you know you will be his,Target so to so to speak,so its hard to like give me uh give you,give you like a straightforward advice I,dont know where you are on your,affiliate marketing Journey for example,I know as I was going through this,training I did find out still you know,um some things that I wasnt aware of,obviously and some good like pieces of,information because here in the main,training,um he will,let me just maybe okay show to you the,kind of videos he makes its all very,beautifully edited and I mean he talks,fast okay this is just getting started,but grab your link is all about,um its all about,you see here let me just play this video,I muted so thats Michael Cheney and he,talks fast I was like oh okay like my,ears were shaking when I was listening,to him like his videos are anything from,two minutes to 10 minutes long but like,the amount of information he gives you,in in these videos is is quite so like a,lot because he talks so fast,uh so you see as you can see the videos,have been beautifully done I mean its a,very experienced guy we are dealing with,super experience affiliate marketer,okay and let me perhaps go show you the,members area that the sales page there,isnt much to go through okay I will,attach the link to this sales page just,in case you want to grab it because at,the end of the day is a training course,guys,and you know Im not gonna claim they,will it will make you money it will be,up to you how you will bring traffic to,his previous product and this is the,product okay the seven figure launch,system thats the members area so you,know you would be automatically approved,to promote even as a newbie okay to,promote his previous product and 100,commission across the whole funnel of,course at the back like you know Michael,Cheney will have his back end offers and,he will invite you to webinars and all,of that so you know thats thats how he,will make his money as well because,otherwise what would be the point of him,giving you 100 commission across the,whole funnel and hes making no money,yeah you go on his list and your clients,the people you would sell this system to,would go on his list too and he would,ultimately want them uh invited to the,webinar and and that would like lead,them to his high ticket training course,of course and thats how it works,so,um yeah briefly Ill explain to you,um what you will find inside of the,members area so here you you know if you,dont have a warrior Plus account you,would,um you know get signed up from here and,then you know if you go from here,Michael will explain to you how to get,automatically approved for,promoting again seven figure launch,system okay and then he will and here,you have the option to download this as,MP3 audio download the transcript,download the video okay,uh well he gives you the these fancy,options okay so and then,um you have the uh get ready made promos,okay so they are ready,um so the tools are already made,for you here,okay let me just open this one up and,okay you have all of the like all of it,ready for you to send traf

???????? Profit Alliance Review – What Is It And Is It Worth Your Time?

In This World review were going to be,taking a look at a product called profit,Alliance from Michael Cheney here now,this product claims that uh well,basically say hes going to show you the,secret of this 8600 blah blah per day,work from home information business,something thats made him Millions okay,looks like hes doing it for 9.95 when,you get six bonuses as well uh so this,is actually at the top of warrior plus,thats the network that its on right,now uh number one product under at the,moment uh heres a little history on,Michaels other products on Warrior plus,he has had other ones on jvzoo Im not,sure about WordPress I think he had that,other ones as well as you can see hes,had a four star three and a half three,and a half in the three out of uh you,know a bit of reviews but uh Im gonna,go pick it up look at the members area,you can look at the product itself and,uh kind of give you an overview of what,I think about it okay all right so first,thing I got hit up with was with a,little bump offer so basically this is,sneak in the back door of my seven,figure business uh 274 000 per week,campaign show you inside of it is 274,000 per week campaign,um see every step blah blah blah and,its a one-time deal for 17.95 I am just,getting the front end offer thats it,and uh well see what the funnel looks,like here as I go through it okay okay,so after purchasing the front end offer,uh you go to this page this is the first,upsell basically I noticed this is just,like some kind of email thing if you go,up here and try to leave itll kind of,give you a summary I kind of like that,he does that because he has this long,form sales copy here a big old long,sales page right and then just,testimonials all kinds of stuff when,this is really what it is uh total email,automation as a profit class just a,bunch of a big old package of stuff,right,um for 98.50 if you go to the bottom of,the page basically itll be 197 for,instance if I collect this go down here,itll be 197 but if you leave the page,then you it gives you the option of,paying 98 two payments of 98.50 so if,youre considering that and Im not,looking into this because Im not buying,this um basically you know I mean you,know why not pay the 98.50 instead of,197 up front,um so yeah uh lets see what happens,when I reject this page okay let me,reload it real quick,and well go ahead and,skip this go up here,hit no thanks go to the next thing,probably have to pause it as well there,we go uh would it change your life if,you start off with the next week making,one thousand dollars per day this is,probably a program where he sells,something for one thousand dollars today,maybe,um just a thought uh its got a bunch of,bunch of sales copy again I imagine its,going to be the same kind of deal except,lets see what it says down here,its going to be another 97 here maybe,two payments of 48.50 of a period I,dont know could be the case no oh it,looks like its just 97 straight up okay,so were gonna go ahead and go down,there and say no thank you I dont know,what this is see its right here the 10x,profit launchers uh make money with,instant proven money makers fight a,thousand per day and less time I dont,know if thats really gonna happen but,thats what he has hes gotta all right,uh where is the no thank you on this so,all right yall so I found it I had to,literally type uh Ctrl F to look for,this no thanks its right here so lets,see what happens next another video,course uh how to easily double your,affiliate traffic without doing any,extra work blah blah blah blah blah,lets see what were looking at here,um theres a no thanks button again 97,as well the traffic automator,nope doesnt doesnt pull anything up,automatically lets go down here and,just say no thank you,basically 100,200 Sales for days what hes saying and,oh my goodness another another one uh so,its just the actual thank you page,maybe okay so I didnt see whats going,on with this page so this is an,introductory video to the product,basically here you can see how to go,ahead and go to the warrior plus to,access your product uh but its also uh,a little video where Michaels saying,like Okay thats step one step two is to,to you got something sent to your email,which is this your registration into the,uh members well this is the members area,sorry thats actually incorrect so,basically hes telling you that uh,youve already been,pre-registered to a live onboarding,session on November 15th,um which is just another way he said,theres nothing for sale in this video,by the way but I mean really thats just,like an invitation to a webinar which,theyre saying the best way to get,started and all that stuff but just know,what to expect with these kind of things,of course is probably going to be some,kind of upsell to a high ticket coaching,kind of thing where hes going to walk,you hand to hand for 99.97 1997 whatever,it is okay but just expect that okay uh,but yeah cool its still not bad he,shows you where to go to support how to,get into your product and all that stuff,and then of course hes upselling okay,uh so here we are in the members area of,profit alliances see here theres the,register for the profit Alliance,onboarding session of course this is,going to be basically uh well and then,they say get started with the program,join the Facebook group uh basically,its going to be where theyre going to,invite you to the onboarding slash,webinar pretty much and then you got,your getting started grab your money,link program ready made promos uh again,not into content good traffic its sales,and then over here are the bonuses uh,live onboarding sessions not recorded so,it may you know maybe there is more to,that I dont know a little guy fires,response Plug and Play promos you know I,do like Plug and Play promos Ive Ive,had other products that I bought from,Michael Chaney Ive used them in,promotions to actually helped me made,sales,um I I want to tell you one thing guys,you know just knowing uh what I know,about buying products and and uh and,such from painting in the past Michael,Cheney in the past is that uh basically,you know he does have some pretty good,copy and what I mean is like copywriting,like emails he send you can be kind of,funny he calls them edutainment,education education and entertainment in,other words and uh basically it can be,kind of funny but he just emails way too,much for my taste I can never stay on,his list because he just emails the heck,out of you and it just gets annoying,after a while okay uh over here the,upgrades is going to be your you know,where you go and make a little bit more,money as an affiliate if youre,promoting uh so behind us 274 000 a week,premium profit event and I dont even,know the difference between any of these,they all look the same to me to be,honest uh but I would look to the,training and see how it goes and uh and,then uh well talk about it here in a,little bit all right yall so after,going through the product,um I just wanted to talk about something,because basically on this sales page,its kind of like very very blind copy,right its for like telling you uh going,into the problems you know things that,keep you up at night results before Ive,gotten in the past from other products,that theres you know from Michael,Chaney uh stuff that people are,struggling with heres what to expect,what to get in the product but its kind,of like a little Vegas to what it is so,what I want to clear up for you is that,this is an affiliate marketing related,product okay uh basically here at the,top step one they got you onboarding for,they got to registering for an,onboarding session thats really what,this is all about its trying to get,people on here to a live onboard,Association Im sure theyre going to,have some kind of uh you know big upsell,for or a high ticket item between the,Facebook group get started with the,program but it looks like he is trying,to help you get started with the program,right,um over here in the main course you got,getting started whic

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Profit Alliance Review: With My Exclusive $700 Profit Alliance Review Bonus

foreign,hey guys I have to tell you one thing,and I know that this one thing can help,you change your mindset now I have to be,honest with you guys making money online,is all about selling something youre,gonna make money online if you dont,sell something I cannot think of another,race or another method to make money,online without selling anything even a,scammer sell something online can be,services or product you need to start,selling something for you to be able to,make money online now some of my,subscribers theyre asking me in my,email how you can start making money,online and I ask them if they sell,something online and their answer is no,then how you can make money or how they,can make money online if they dont sell,something now their answer or their,response is they dont know,what product to sell they dont know,where to begin they dont know where to,start and they dont know how to sell a,product right and this is where traffic,Alliance comes in now essentially guys,with profit Alliance you will be given,access to it done for you business in a,box right youll be giving access to a,done Brio product that will pay you 100,commissions on the entire funnel youll,be giving access to a high quality done,for your product that you can sell,online and will pay you 400 per customer,right,and apart from that you also be given,access to undone for you promo materials,that you can use for your promotions and,if you are worried about you know how to,sell your product or how to sell this,product they also going to show you guys,how to sell a product how to get an,audience how to get a Content how to get,a traffic and how to make sales on how,to make money or how to get that sales,or how to make your first Sales Online,right,so thats exactly what profit Alliance,is all about now before Im going to,walk you through inside of this members,area right here so as you can see Im,inside of the members area now let me,show you first my bonuses that way when,you guys pick this up through the link,down in the description of this video,you will get access as well to,additional value that will really help,you get start Sure Fire your success,with profit Alliance actually custom,crafted all of these bonuses to really,help you guys out right when you guys,click the link below this video it will,bring you to my bonus page right here so,this is my bonus page for fluffy,Alliance which scroll down at the bottom,portion of this page youll get access,to all of my bonuses right here,right,so my bonus number one guys I will,personally set up an automated selling,system for you now this selling system,is ready for you to make money now all,you have to do guys is to copy and paste,your money link inside of your profit,Alliance account because youre gonna,make money with your money link if you,dont set up a an automated selling,system or a funnel right and this is,where this bonus number one comes in Im,gonna personally set up a done-for-you,funnel,that will you know sell that will do the,selling for you on autopilot now let me,show you this the preview of this right,so this is the exact preview of that you,know,selling system that I will personally,set up for you know just like I said all,you have to do is to copy and paste your,money link right here and replace your,affiliate link inside of this uh done,for you funnel that I will set up for,you and then this automated selling,system is ready for you to make money,right so that is my bonus number one my,bonus number two,I will show you guys how to use Facebook,to make commissions to make big,commissions and build your email list,completely for free on autopilot right,this is really powerful guys and this is,the exact method that I used to also,build my email list on autopilot now,inside of,property Alliance theyre also going to,show you how to get traffic now in this,section right here I didnt show you how,to get traffic from Facebook this is,super congruent because this is this,will give you an additional tactics and,Method strategies and hack for you to be,able to you know make big commissions,using Facebook and build your email list,on autopilot right so that is my bonus,number two I bonus number three guys Im,gonna show you a copy and paste method,to create a Content without writing a,single word this can save you hours of,work and you can also use this method,guys in your promotions to make money,right so that is my bonus number three,my bonus number four Im gonna give you,guys access to a 500 voucher or coupon,that you can use for paid ads now this,is guaranteed right if you wanted to get,fast result and you wanted to drive page,traffic into your you know money link,then you can use this ads or you can use,this voucher or coupon for paid,advertising for Microsoft ads Bing ads,Google ads you know YouTube ads Facebook,ads link egg Link in ads all right you,can use this voucher or coupon to,whatever Marketplace or advertising,platform you want right so that is my,bonus number four my bonus number five,Im gonna give you guys access to the,affiliate marketing course that I,created,now this is going to show you guys how,to 5x or 10x the conversions of your,traffic to make more money and this is,the exact method that I am using as well,in my day-to-day affiliate marketing,business guys right and of course you,also get access guys to all vendor,bonuses okay so those are all of my,bonuses if you guys would love to pick,up Rafi Alliance through the link down,in the description of this video when,you guys click the link it will bring,you to my bonus page right here and when,you guys click any of these buttons,right here it will take you this to the,sales page that looks something like,this the headline says new blueprint,reveals exactly how my simple side,business predictably puts 249,7001 a month of pure profit in my,account while I sleep like a baby now,let me take you inside of the members,area or profit Alliance right here all,right guys so once you log into your,profit Alliance account that all you,have to do guys is to follow the,step-by-step instructions inside of the,members area right here so step number,one guys is the Flappy Alliance,onboarding session now this is not,recorded this is a live onboarding,session right here so all you have to do,is to register for the live onboarding,session step number two this is where,you access to the main training modules,number one is getting started video,number two is this is where you grab,your link or grab your money link,this is where you create your wireless,account if you dont have a wireless,account yet and then apply for the 100,commissions of the entire funnel of the,product and guaranteed approval of the,product all right and then number three,is this is where you access to it done,for you promos and materials that you,can use for your promotions right here,all right and then number four is this,where you get an audience so Michael is,going to show you how to get an audience,number five is this where you get,content number six is this where you,send traffic and they have some other,tools right here that you can also use,as well theres uh Central list Builder,thumbnail Blaster and this link locker,and shorter right here and then module,number seven or number seven is how to,get a sales so,Michael is going to show you a,step-by-step process on how to get sales,right here all right and then theres,also a bonuses section right here,and then theres 24 7 support right here,and you can also chat use this chat box,right here to get access to a 24 7,support So if youre stuck youre,confused then you can just you know,message their support right here and uh,there will be a person 24 7 that will,respond to your questions inside,of the property alliance members earlier,writer so thats pretty much it guys,thats pretty much what you can expect,inside of the profit Alliance,members area and if you have any more,questions about this please let me know,in the comment section below and just,like

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profit Alliance Review gday its John,Newman here from make money online,affiliatemarketing.com and welcome to my,profit Alliance Review so here I am,inside of the profit Alliance member,area and during this review were going,to give an inside look about what profit,Alliance is all about and also let you,in on all the details of my insane bonus,bundle so,um what is profit Alliance all about,well this is a product thats releasing,on the warrior plus affiliate Network on,November 8th at 9am Eastern Standard,Time and this is the latest Blockbuster,by super affiliate Michael Chaney and in,a nutshell what Mike was giving you in,this course is basically a business in a,box where hes going to allow you to,promote one of his previous products and,also give you all the tools and,resources and know-how on how to do that,successfully now Michaels done,something similar to the list with one,of his recent products partner and,profit theyve done the same sort of,thing and weve got a lot of really good,feedback on that so this is really good,for newbies in particular Olympic is,they really struggle to get approved to,promote on Warrior plus so hes going to,give you guaranteed approval to one of,his previous products but hes also,going to give you the tools and know-how,and resources on how to promote that,successfully so youll be able to make,some really good affiliate commissions,and theres also some really good,trading in here as well you know if,youre a bit more of an experienced,marketer as well so you know in in Hull,its a pretty quality training so if,that sounds like something thats going,to interest you stick me in in this,review because as I said before Ive got,some really good cool bonuses chucked in,here if you buy this link if you want to,pick this up at any stage during this,review just click on the first link in,the description there and youll come,over to my bonus page here youll be,able to click on any of these buttons,throughout the page and youll be taken,over to the sales page well be able to,click on any of these buttons throughout,the page there and youll be taken to a,secure Warrior plus checkout but you,will need to do that before my bonus,bonus page here the timer on my bonus,page expires because as I said before,Ive got to put together a really,awesome bonus package if you pick this,up follow my link but if you wait until,this timer counts down to zero then all,my bonuses will disappear I dont want,that to happen because I said before I,put together a really awesome bonus,package for you so before we have a look,inside the member area Ill just run,over what all my bonuses are so as I,said before put together a really,awesome bonus package here with over,fifteen thousand dollars so Ive,included some of my top quality courses,uh profit force is one of my best,courses and youre going to get all the,upgrades on that so Im chucking that in,there Supreme paydays which is another,one of our top courses actually buying,Warrior plus deal of the day and youre,gonna get that plus all of the upgrades,there as well Ive also included some of,my friends really cool training plus all,the upgrades so Ive included Exodus,plus all the upgrades they have included,method X plus all the upgrades theyll,include infusion plus all the other,roads there included Phoenix plus all,the upgrades theyve included the,breakout code plus all the upgrades so,these are all quality training programs,plus all the upgrades on that and Ive,also pulled Michael Chinese arm to allow,me to get access to some top quality,bonuses hes allowed me to give away,some of his previous previous work so,hes actually giving me 10 bonuses here,so I asked for Fiverr to give me ten so,thanks very much Michael for that so,hes given me six million in six minutes,the one secret the change everything,three ways to get rich millionaire cheat,sheet how to turn three dollars into,three thousand five hundred per month,how to mean for money three little known,cash tactics one thing you need to be,successful on anything how to leverage,others talent to Skyrocket your business,and why tactics are not enough in,internet marketing so these are all,quality trainings and resources there,and Michaels giving me access to give,you,um this give to you if you pick up just,the front end of this product so Ive,also included a few other bonuses here,included the Lost Code which shows you,how to make high ticket emissions zero,to 124 hours which is this is actually a,course on how I actually started out,with free traffic to get my first,hundred dollar days online so youre,going to get all those bonuses for,picking it up through the front end but,as I said before you all need to do that,before the timer clicks down to zero,then they will just disappear now the,front end pricing of it is only 9.95 so,its only ten dollars to get all of,these bonuses here so but as usual there,are some upsells as well and Ive,actually in included some extra bonuses,if you decide to pick up all the full,upgrades on this so Ill just run,through what they are so youve got this,one here behind the scenes of a 247k,week launch and that will actually be an,order bump when you pick up the front,and I think its about 17 so if you pick,that one up there and then there are,three otos only and theyre all quality,trading theres no down sales on any of,these so youve got the premium profits,pack which is 197 youve got the 10x,profit launches which is 97 and the,traffic automator which is 97 seven,dollars so thats all there is theres,no and Ill actually show you whats,inside and when we look in the memory,Ive got access to all the upgrades as,well to show you,um but if you decide to pick all those,up you know if you pick up one or two,that you know thats fine its up to you,if thats all you can afford or thats,all you want thats fine but you wont,get all these bonuses extra bonuses but,if you do pick up all these full,upgrades um you know Ive made it,worthwhile if you decide to do that so,this is what you get on top of that if,you do pick up those for upgrades so,exclusive bonus one youre going to get,direct messenger access to me for 12,months now I normally charge 197 dollars,per month,um you know I dont answer my message,anymore like I get all this crap in,there I just delete delete but if youve,got access to that you know ask me any,questions there personally Ill get back,to you in a reusable time frame and help,you out personally if you ask me any,questions there just you know be direct,you know dont boot around the the bush,you know if you really need help Ill be,on there and help you as I said before I,charge 197 dollars per month thats you,can get 12 months of that as well you,also going to get access to my secret,traffic role of it Rolodex or traffic,vendors that are working for me now,these are what you know I use to get,traffic to my offers and make you know a,lot of money online a lot of affiliate,commissions so youre going to get this,now this one here is absolutely gold Im,actually going to give you a two times,blast to my 10K buy list whats actually,20K by this now Im going to get that,there so what Id advise there Ive had,people do this before and they put an,offering you know they made a couple of,sales,um but what I would actually advise you,to do is get an opt-in there and then,youre going to get quite a lot of,buyers on your actual email list that,you can promote to over and over again,so this is absolute gold if you do that,so thats a bonus there Im also going,to give you the ultimate reseller which,is a hundred percent commissions on all,19 of my and my business partners,previous products so if youre promoting,these guaranteed approval youll get and,you know you can promote them at 100 so,youre going to make far more profit,whereas the upsell is only 50 you get,100 so you can get that there Im also,going to give you access to all 14 of my,previous launch products Im going to,give access to them we do all quality,training um cool stuff

Profit Alliance Review

hey its Phil Weatherly here welcome to,my profit Alliance Review what I want to,do is have a quick look at my written,review take a look at the headline head,on into the members area show you around,and then return to my blog look at the,upgrades as well as the bonuses that are,put together for those of you who pick,up profit Alliance through my link now,before I get into my review I do want to,mention a special launch only bonus that,Ive actually never offered before and,that is being able to get coaching with,me just by picking up the front end,product you dont have to pick up any of,the upgrades what Im going to do is Im,going to offer you a week of email,coaching work out any problems that,youre having with your business so this,is just for the launch period it is,going away at the end of launch because,I know theres a lot of you out there,you need some help you have some,stumbling blocks youve got some things,in your way in your business and I can,definitely help you get through some of,those things and so this is a great,opportunity just to go ahead and grab it,through my link so that I can go ahead,and help you with whatevers going on in,your online marketing business Market by,Michael Cheney it goes live on November,8th at 9 00 a.m EST so we can see the,headline attention want to break out of,the salary rut for good without risking,your present job new blueprint reveals,exactly how my simple side business,predictably puts 249 701 a month of pure,profit in my account while I sleep like,a baby hands-free formula means youll,never create a product fulfill Services,run ads or touch customer service only,requires 30 to 60 minutes a day limited,time offer so what youre going to get,here with profit Alliance is of course,an information products and beyond that,youre going to have everything you need,to create a business in a box this means,that all of these promotions that,Michael Cheney has worked on over the,years youre going to have access to,some of them his best ones this means,that you dont have to create your own,youre going to have everything that,hes done to help you with as far as,content that you can use on social media,and so this is really great value for,only,ten dollars this is actually going for,9.97 so youre really getting a lot of,value here were gonna go inside the,members area and Ill show you around so,you get an idea about what youre going,to get now what I mentioned in my intro,there is something that you have to keep,in mind when you purchase profit,Alliance because with my bonus my,special custom bonus here this launch,only bonus which is one-to-one coaching,via email with me for a week and also,you have the option to get on a Skype,call with me and Ive never offered this,before and this is really unique because,youre going to have the ability to ask,any questions of me that you want if,youre having any kind of technical,problems if youre having any kind of,issues Im going to solve the problem,for you and Im going to help you move,forward in your business wherever it is,that youre stuck okay so this is really,going to help you and I am limiting this,to the launch period because I can only,have a certain number of people that I,work with of course but if you have any,issues in your business and if you are,stuck or if you have any problems this,is what you want because Im going to be,here to help you for a full week to get,you up and running what I want to do now,is head on into the members area,so once you land on the dashboard of,profit Alliance youre going to have,step one over here which is,registering for the profit Alliance,onboarding session so this is really,something that youre going to want to,do because youre going to learn from,Michael Cheney what this is all about,and also youre going to be able to get,into his Facebook group and ask any,questions that you have about the,program and so on so its important to,go ahead and join here then youve got,the main training here which is Step,number two getting started grab your,money link get ready made promos get an,audience get content get traffic get,sales and then youve got bonuses over,here these consist of nine different,bonuses that are all high value and then,youve got behind the scenes of a 274,thousand dollar a week case study youre,gonna have access to help and then want,to add an upgrade to your membership and,then you can go ahead and access that,over here so this is the training,section if you want to go ahead and,reach out to support you can do that,over here here if you want Live support,you can go over here to this red button,and they actually have 24 7 support,which is very unusual for any product,Creator to have 24 7 live chat support,now this is usually only available,through the top autoresponders and so on,so you really get the advantage here of,having any questions answered when you,need to by having this round-the-clock,support and I really like that it really,gone beyond the ordinary type of support,that you get you can also reach out you,can create a ticket and then you can,also have someone who is part of Michael,Cheneys team answer more specifically,more in depth but if you have a general,question you can get it answered over,here with this Live support so thats,what youre getting here with profit,Alliance its really great value here,theyve got some upgrades which were,going to look at back on my blog Oto,number one is premium partner pack here,youre going to get lifetime recurring,commissions consistent commission system,total email automation seven figure,affiliate formula ultimate profit Master,Class High ticket license pack and then,a 1 000 per day case study,oto2 is called 10x profit Partners,point-and-click profits 10x profit,program Precision profits program rapid,profit plan bulletproof bonus bundle and,then ultimate profit planner,Oto number three is called scalable,traffic Secrets rapid traffic machine,ultimate Authority engine total traffic,takeover marketing money Matrix secrets,of a scale now as far as my bonuses I,mentioned my launch only bonus which is,so important to get through my link,because this is going to help you in any,area of your online marketing wherever,you are Im going to be working with you,via email and then if you want we can,hop on a Skype call and then work out,whatever you need worked out in your,business then youre also going to get,my custom bonuses underground social,media platforms to get free traffic from,and these sites have already been,researched they get a lot of traffic,despite not being big name platforms so,these are some underground social media,platforms how to find underground,unsaturated sites to post on my personal,Vault Ive done for you ads and subject,lines all my SEO social media marketing,case studies the double game which is my,full course on how to use a WordPress,blog and medium at the same time my full,Accord strategy includes two of my,best-selling courses on quora profit,code and warlord Secrets underground,video sharing platforms other than,YouTube how to leverage Authority,content to promote anything Vault of,high converting swipes and headlines,method X and exodus and email marketing,assassin as well as Avalanche list,building youre also going to get these,exclusive vendor range bonuses that I,worked out specifically with the vendor,for this launch to give to you the,customer magnet by Michael Chaney,accelerate your commissions sell sell,sell where the millionaire money is,three little known cash tactics funnel,profit Secrets epic promos six million,in six months the one secret that,changes everything three ways to get,rich millionaire cheat sheet why tactics,are not enough in internet marketing so,if youre on my blog what you can do is,you can go ahead and click any of these,buttons here where it says click here to,get profit Alliance plus all relevant,bonuses thats going to take you to the,sales page and then when you check out,all of my bonuses well be waiting for,you if youre

Profit Alliance Review ⚠️ WARNING ⚠️ DONT GET THIS WITHOUT MY ???? CUSTOM ???? BONUSES!!

hey whats going on everyone its jono,here from jono hyphen amazon.com welcome,to my profit Alliance Review now Im,here inside the members area of profit,Alliance and during this video Im going,to give you a step-by-step walkthrough,of exactly what is inside this members,area so you know exactly what youre,getting when you choose to pick this up,now in a nutshell profit Alliance is,basically an all-in-one done for you,training course that comes with all the,resources and materials that allows you,to promote one of Michaels previous,launches and he gives you 100 Commission,on the front end and the whole funnel,meaning all you need to do is get,traffic to these pages and resources,that hes giving to you and you you get,to make potentially four hundred dollars,per customer that you get into his,funnel so hes giving you all of the,things that you need to do this and hes,training you on how to put all of the,things together as well which is a great,opportunity especially if youre a,newbie and you just want to start making,some fast money this is going to get you,there so Im going to go into more,details on this members area inside this,video so stay tuned Ive also put,together a ton of custom bonuses a lot,of custom bonuses that are really going,to help you out with uh really going to,help you out with this,and you can check those bonuses out by,clicking on the link Down Below in the,description of this video when you click,on that link its going to bring you,through to this page right here which is,my bonus page and these bonuses are,going to expire when this countdown,timer runs out so make sure that you are,aware of that uh these are all exclusive,bonuses theyre exclusive to me theyre,not going to be available for anybody,elses link apart from mine so make sure,that if you do want them that you pick,them up from my link which is down below,in the description of this YouTube video,if you watch on YouTube or if you come,through from my email youll already be,on this page in which case you just need,to click on any of these yellow buttons,that will take you through to the sales,page that will look like this we can go,ahead and pick this up and get all of my,bonuses thrown in completely free of,charge,so Im just going to blast through my,bonuses one by one so you know what,youre getting completely free from me,as part of this bonus number one Im,going to give you access to my exclusive,High ticket funnel this is only going to,be available for the first 48 Hours only,okay please bear that in mind when you,think about picking this up now what,this is is its access to my Ministry of,Freedom funnel so what Ill give you is,just a simple page with your affiliate,link already embedded in that and Ill,show you how to send traffic to that,page using YouTube ads which is the same,system that Ive been using when Ive,been promoting this this has made me,Millions upon millions of dollars Im,giving you exact set and giving you,access to the exact same resources and,everything that Im using for this I do,all the selling on the webinar you dont,need to do anything apart from just set,these ads up in your account and send,traffic to it so thats bonus number one,bonus number two Im gonna give you,access to launch Jacker because inside a,profit Alliance the theres a whole,section on getting content and getting,an audience and getting traffic and I,think definitely the best way to do this,is by making a review video so Im going,to show you exactly how to make a,professional review video just like the,one that Im making right now and you,can do this using launch Checker I show,you step by step how to do that now on,top of that later on Im going to give,you a bonus where I give you access to,the exact resources the exact pages that,I use when I promoted the product that,youre getting access to inside a profit,Alliance here and it made me thousands,upon thousands of dollars Im giving you,the exact same pages and resources that,I used on top of all the stuff that,youre getting inside of the members,area too,all right on top of that bonus number,three Im going to give you access to,all of my products since 2019. now,inside of this bundle theres probably,over 20 products that consist of,different traffic softwares training,courses exclusive done-for-you products,youre getting everything inside of this,exclusive bundle every single product,that Ive released since 2019 you will,be able to get access to inside of this,bonus completely free of charge when you,pick up profit Alliance through any of,the yellow buttons on my bonus page,bonus number four Im going to give you,access to Gemini Pro Gemini is an,autoresponder which you can use,completely free of charge and it also,comes with a bunch of email tools so you,can put videos inside your emails,clickable buttons countdown timers its,all included inside of Gemini why am I,giving you access to Gemini because,profit Alliance gives you access to a,ton of different resources that you can,use to promote including emails if you,dont have an autoresponder youre going,to have to go out there and get a third,party Ultra responder which is going to,cost you at least 15 a month with Gemini,you get an autoresponder completely free,of charge okay bonus number five Im,going to give you access to,uh an exclusive bonus which is not okay,my VA hasnt put this together properly,but Im going to give you access to a,bonus that Ive just made uh just now,fresh from the oven which is going to,give you access to the exact resources,that I used in my review video when I,promoted the product that you will get,100 commissions on inside a profit,Alliance okay is going to give you,access to the exact bonus page that I,use you get access to all the bonuses,that I used as well you even get to use,the video on the bonus page that Ive,already created which is going to put,you Leaps and Bounds in front of anybody,else that is promoting the product that,they are showing you how to use inside a,profit Alliance okay bonus number six,Im gonna give you access to two,different softwares that are going to,get you free traffic the reason why Im,doing this is because inside a profit,Alliance inside the get traffic module,theyre showing you how to get traffic,using stuff like Facebook which I dont,think is going to work that well okay,but instead Im going to give you access,to these two traffic softwares which,will get you traffic traffic from,Twitter for free and also get you,traffic from Instagram for free as well,so you get access to those too and then,finally bonus number six theres a ton,of bonuses from the vendor that you will,get access to as well these are going to,include 6 million in six minutes,the one secret that changes everything,three ways to get rich millionaire cheat,sheets how to turn three dollars into,three thousand five hundred dollars per,month how to mean for money little known,cash tactics one thing that you need to,be successful on anything how to,leverage other peoples talents to,Skyrocket your business and also why,tactics are not enough in internet,marketing okay so those are all the,bonuses that youre going to get for the,vendor on top of all of my exclusive,bonuses I just mentioned to you just now,you get all of these bonuses completely,free of charge all you need to do is,pick a profit Alliance through any of,the yellow buttons on my bonus page when,you do that itll take you through to,the sales page it will look like this so,you can go ahead and pick this up as,soon as you pick this up you simply need,to go into your Warrior Plus account the,top right hand side youre going to see,your username click on purchase history,uh click on profit Alliance and that,will bring you through to your receipt,page it will look something like this,one right here where youll find a blue,button that says access affiliate bonus,when you click on that blue button you,get instant free access to every single,one one of these bonuses I just,mentioned to you just now com

Profit Alliance Review And Bonus | ????My Bonuses Are INSANE!????

hey whats going on Padre Jeff amen here,and Im here with a profit Alliance,Review and a profit Alliance bonus for,you,um profit Alliance has a brand new,product that just came out from Michael,Chaney Ive actually spent the last,several hours going over the entire,program I have access to the front end I,have access to every single upsell Im,going to walk you through it all,um Im going to give you every single,bit of information about profit Alliance,that I can and Im also going to give,you,um what I think is by far the best bonus,package out there because its going to,complement profit Alliance perfectly I,only promote probably one product one,launch per month,um if that these days because theres,really just not a lot of products out,there that,um get me excited about promoting but I,am extremely excited about profit,Alliance because it goes hand in hand,with what I personally teach to my own,subscribers to my own students,so before we get into profit Alliance,first of all let me just show you the,back office here Im going to walk you,through everything guys Im going to,walk you through everything here is a,sales page here make sure to go to the,sales page read through it but what,youre going to get in a nutshell with,profit Alliance is a,um,gosh business in a box is completely,overused but what it is its a franchise,thats thats better because youre,going to be able to get 100 commissions,on one of Michaels biggest selling,products its done now close to I,believe 500 000 in affiliate sales,youre going to be able to get,guaranteed access now Affiliates usually,with Michaels products especially if,youre brand new its hard to get,approved to promote any of Michaels,products on top of that youre going to,get automatic approval for seven figure,launch system but what is really really,cool about this is that youre going to,get 100 commissions on the entire funnel,on the entire funnel the front end the,upsells the down sales everything youre,going to be able to collect a hundred,percent commissions and Ive got some,bonuses that are going to go hand in,hand to help you turn those 100,commissions into a ton of money and,were going to get into that in just a,minute,real quick read the read the headline,new blue blueprint reveals exactly how,my simple side business predictably puts,249 000,um dollars a month of pure profit in my,account guys Michael Cheneys the real,deal hes been doing this for a long,time 249 000,um in one month is pretty darn good all,right I think you would agree and and uh,hes got tons of success stories,including myself in fact back in 2016 uh,2015 I actually made my first hike,ticket commission cell ever promoting,one of Michael Chaneys products over on,JB zoo I made a thousand dollar,commission and that really opened my,eyes,um,to the possibilities about making money,online so Im a success story of,Michaels hes been around forever and,he puts out some incredibly valuable,stuff profit Alliance is incredibly,valued uh valuable all right just check,out all the uh check out the sales page,check out all the testimonials they are,100 real this is not one of those sales,pages that is full of fluff and full of,fake testimonials and all that,this is the real deal Michael Taney is,the real deal all right so lets go,ahead real quick let me show you my,bonuses before we get into,um into the actual modules here inside,profit Alliance once again Im going to,take you through everything because I,have access to everything,um lets go ahead and take a look at my,bonuses if I can find them all right so,the first bonus that youre going to get,is huge because as I said youre going,to be able to go out and get your money,link for seven figure launch system and,youre going to be able to get 100,commissions with that product,um and what that adds up to is each,customer can be worth over four hundred,dollars per sale so if a customer comes,through buys the front end and buys all,of the products in the funnel you can,earn over four hundred dollars per,customer that is huge,um so its just like having your own,product at 100 commissions its a,franchise system so the first bonus that,Im going to give you is access to a,done for you capture page literally done,for you that you put into a free,platform this platform is free Im not,talking about a free trial talking about,free for life so youre going to be able,to take this share code plug it into,this platform instantly have a capture,page that you can put in front of this,um seven figure launch system where,youre getting 100 commissions start,building your email list while making,100 commissions at the same time youre,also going to get a plug and play done,for you bridge page with bonuses so this,is going to help you get even more,conversions with your seven figure,launch system franchise system let me go,ahead and show you that all right,so this is the capture page I made you,in the bonus Im going to give you a,share code Im going to show you how to,plug it into this free for Life platform,and youre going to get a page that,looks like this then you can go out and,you can promote this page and you can,build your email list once again with,this free platform that Im going to,show you you can also build free,autoresponder lists so you can build,your list with this page and you can,send emails with this platform as well,once again 100 free for life Im going,to show you how to do that so here we go,this is the page that I uh custom built,for you just for this bonus in addition,youre also going to get access to this,bridge page so Ive already got the,bridge page video there for you and what,a bridge page does is it Bridges the gap,between the offer,and,um between you who is promoting it the,marketer and the offer and so when,people opt into your list youre going,to be able to introduce yourself while,selling the secret seven figure launch,system and of course all the emails are,going to be provided for you theyre all,provided for you in the profit Alliance,so Im going to show you also how to set,up your list with all the emails that,are already given to you done for you,that way you can come in you can put,your face here you go Im going to show,you how to edit this you put your seven,figure launch franchise money link right,here with 100 commissions and then what,is really cool is Ive got bonuses that,Im going to give you done for you,bonuses so when people opt in youre,also going to be able to offer people,these bonuses and Im going to show you,how to deliver these bonuses,automatically through the warrior plus,system,um on autopilot so you dont have to,worry about fulfilling these bonuses Im,going to give you the link so you can,actually download these bonuses too and,enjoy them but Im going to give you the,link to give these to your customers Im,going to show you how to plug it into,Warrior plus so its delivered to your,new customers of the seven figure,franchise system automatically all right,how cool is that so done for you capture,page done for you bridge page with,bonuses that you can offer that is,um going to,substantially increase your conversion,substantially increase the amount of,money that you make with a seven figure,franchise or a seven figure launch,system,um in making those hundred percent,commissions so this is I built this all,guys from scratch all right so youre,gonna get access to this once again Plug,and Play put it into this uh free,platform that you can use for life and,um youre gonna be set up ready to go,all right bonus number two Ive only,shared this one other time,and youre gonna get an,over-the-shoulder look at my personal,six figure business Im going to show,you how I generate 80 to 120 leads per,day and make dozens of sales on every,single day on autopilot and a couple of,these traffic sources are gonna blow,your mind Im going to show you exactly,how I have my follow-up sequences set up,exactly what traffic sources I use,um everything its a complete,over-the-shoulder look that way you can,

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