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MuscleTech Pro Series Alpha Test Fitness Supplement Review – メンズフィジーク – Gymshark

we ready to test your alpha,[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],hey its bright and light back with a,review you can use and here we have from,MuscleTech,pro series an alpha test this approach,supposed to be a testosterone booster,this is max strength 30-day supply,you know rapid release bio capsules I,think if I remember to add a its got,the zinc its got boron citrate and a,bunch of other crap again,broccoli powder fenugreek extract this,is I know I took this not long after Id,taken some other cellucor products and,this wasnt bad it wasnt great it was,its more economical you know new look,capsule its not you know some of those,testosterone boosters are pretty,expensive this ones not too bad in,price but its not as it not that great,performance I did notice a little bit of,relaxed way basically it had some,testosterone booster I ran out of it I,went a few weeks without anything I,could tell the difference and so I,picked some of this stuff up I dont,remember how much this was its been a,while but it some days I felt good some,days it felt like my testosterone was,dropping my workouts were okay and I,thought maybe it was just me maybe I was,being a little overly sensitive but,after I was done with this and I went,off and I went on to another product,that it was noticeably better now that,mother product was a little bit more,expensive but it wasnt significantly,more expensive so really for me this is,about a 7 out of 10,and if its the only thing you can find,and the only thing you can afford you,need testosterone booster I would say go,Id say go ahead and pick it up give it,a try now,this is not if you have pretty high,testosterone under your young this is,probably not youre not even notice,youre taking anything I know some guys,at the gym talked about various,testosterone boosters and theyre in,their 20s theyre like why are you,taking anything at all and theyre like,well this didnt work of course its not,gonna work your tester awesomes already,pretty high its already pretty high and,this is gonna add a few points its you,know its such a low percentage get the,drops and add the same amount of points,higher,youre going to notice and my,testosterone is known to be low I am 50,so you know it goes over time so then,thats the only reason I would buy this,is if you really needed something and,and this is after making dietary changes,and you know your testosterone is lower,than you want it you know and this is,all you can find didnt sure go ahead if,not if you can find other things and a,little bit more expensive I would say go,with that its not a full pass,its a reluctant try it if you have no,other options because I was just,unimpressed with the results I mean they,were better than nothing but just by 10,bucks more I had something that it was,much better for me so its kind of a,semi-skilled so there you go so seven,out of ten is when I get alpha test from,a muscle tech its okay but not great,like a lot of things from muscle tech -,okay but not great theyre better than,other store brands but theres other,brands out there so there you go all,right so have you tried off a test it,like it not like it I know I keep saying,every time I do it out testosterone,booster I really need to do this with,labs I dont have the time to be poked,all the time but I do have to get a,physical suit and well find out what my,testosterone levels are naturally all,right so thanks for stopping by thanks,for subscribing thanks for clicking,light thanks for sharing the videos and,hello to all new subscribers been,picking up more subscribers here and on,Twitter more followers theyre more,Fitness oriented videos coming around,and well get more done all right thank,you very much and goodbye,all right testing where we are,you know laughing over there I can hear,you well theres the computer theres a,laptop place just down the street from,the gym call them up of course then they,are max they may be confused by mill,computers

Urologist explains risks of testosterone boosts

youve probably seen the commercials,about testosterone and how it can give,guys the boost they need but there are,risks here to explain what you need to,know is dr. Koscheck Shaw with the,Austin neurology Institute good morning,to you,hey good morning Erin so first off do a,lot of men have low testosterone levels,well its such an interesting were,talking about this at 8 oclock in the,morning because interestingly mens,testosterone levels yours to David is,that highest early in the morning so,so we peak in the morning and we drop in,the afternoon but interestingly because,of ads that we see on TV because of a,lot of the whats in mens magazines and,things like that there is more and more,interest being focused on low,testosterone why would one need a,testosterone boost what does that help,well so interestingly the the symptoms,are very nonspecific meaning to say is,that we feel tired throughout the day to,meaning to say that we have a decreased,libido that were gaining weight that we,have maybe symptoms that might be of,like a low depression so theyre very,nonspecific but they can also overlap to,low testosterone as well but you say,there could be issues with taking too,much,right right right so first of all you,have to make sure you have the right,diagnosis of low testosterone so as I,was kind of you know alluding to earlier,is that diabetes can you know cause,similar symptoms depression can lack of,sleep stress a lot of those things can,overlap to low testosterone so you need,to make sure those arent issues first,but then if you do have low testosterone,surely it can be treated if appropriate,and the popularity of the testosterone,boosters has led to pop-up clinics,right right right so first of all you,know as I mentioned if you talk to a lot,of men and if you catch me on the wrong,day I might say that I feel tired or you,know I cant exercise or things like,that but because we see these ads and,come see us and all of a sudden youre,gonna feel like a million bucks and,youre gonna have the libido and the,stamina and exercise and all of those,things feel like a new man,sure Ill go to one of these places and,because of that weve seen a lot of,these pop up places show up and many are,good but unfortunately you know,many of them also on the same token,arent doing all the due diligence to,screen out all the other diseases or,other issues that we mentioned prior to,starting low testosterone treatment and,youre right its not for everybody and,in fact for some people it could cause,harm and they may not be tracking your,usage of the testosterone boosters more,like here you go right right right,so you know so theres two types of,people who really should be cautious or,maybe not be on it were seeing a lot of,young men start testosterone treatment,and in fact if theyre on the wrong type,of testosterone replacement therapy it,can actually decrease sperm counts and,actually render you infertile so it,actually be dangerous on the flip side,there have been some studies that show,that older men may be those with cardiac,disease who start on testosterone,treatment those people actually can,increase their risk for for heart,disease potentially or rather cardiac,related side effects good information,stuff you dont see,in the commercials right right so see,your doctor get a thorough treatment you,know a you know plan but also kind of,rule out that there is an another issue,like thyroid disease and before you,start on testosterone treatment you know,look at your diet go out and exercise,these are many of the things work on,sleep and stress reduction before you,start on medical treatment for sure dr.,Shah thank you so much for coming in,this morning,if you missed any of that were gonna,have it on our website at kxan.com

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hi waking nation this is coach March for,another informative topic about,testosterone boosters there is no right,age everyone is different and there is,nothing magical about suddenly turning,an age overnight that makes you an ideal,candidate most testosterone boosters now,contain other compounds that aid in,performance and recovery which can be,benefited from a pretty much any age or,height unknown it done so should you be,taking testosterone boosters what are,the testosterone boosters many of lifes,finer things get better with age no,sadly youre not one of them a big,player in this is your panting,testosterone levels which drop by one,percent per year so bumaba basha by one,percent per year,from the age of 40 so just like me Im,already 47 oh the stove stirone boosters,are a class of legal supplements that,may increase your tea levels via a,combination of herbs that stops your,body converting testosterone to estrogen,now how do testosterone boosters work,boosters often contain a cocktail of,ingredients so including Longy tribulus,popular young fenugreek the aspartic,acid NCMA so a couple I own you know so,the first three have the least,scientific backing not while the,aspartic acid did increase testosterone,by 42 percent when taken in 3 grams per,day doses found in a study know in,reproductive biology and endocrinology,the last ingredient on the list is zma,is a combination of sync vitamin b6 and,magnesium which your body needs for,maximal testosterone production and to,get a better nights kit the cornerstone,of any healthy hormonal system so when,do I use it not Canon but I think and,Im committing and always follow the,advice on the path but the timing of,these supplements can be crucial,so those containing CMA you me CMA need,to be taken at night so gabay with,research in Journal of exercise,physiology so support intono finding,that when a college,and football player did this they,increase testosterone by 30% and,experience and 11.6% jump in strength so,participant pollinated avocado so see,how amazing testosterone is no its,worth cycling a testosterone booster for,three to four weeks then taking two,weeks off so your body doesnt get used,to its okay now and matrix of bio ha so,what are the side effects of,testosterone boosters increasing your,manliest hormones oh man im eduardo,then accentuate the young elements of,your personality of course that means,hype sexual desire increase aggression,and more strength which can lead to,improve muscle gains if your resistance,training regularly so Nina moon happy,Purim partner in your white new or,girlfriend in your diva so since these,supplements wont hike your tea levels,beyond the level that could be classed,as natural youre unlikely to experience,the rampant acne so if you earned the,stickler shrinkage and infertility that,hardcore juicers risk a team of Muhammad,and stuff if you know what I mean so you,just wake up with a bit more glory to,your mornings,so what else our testosterone boosters,saved similar to pre-workout supplements,and fat burners tonalá testosterone,boosters dont always have a sterling,reputation however this doesnt mean,that the stas Tyrone boosters are unsafe,it just means you need to be your own,best advocate so always read reviews no,lucky Jana before purchasing and choose,its testosterone booster from a,reputable established supplement company,so only take the recommended dose now,and keep your doctor in the loop about,what you are taking so log in that,element of karate policies now you know,also dont expect a saw sternum booster,or any supplement to solve your health,and fitness for you how you eat exercise,has a bigger impact on your testosterone,levels No,so if you want your best quest to be,both safe and effective you need to take,both into consideration so what else do,testosterone boosters help you build,muscle in short yes they can however a,crab diet and,the upper training program will,certainly decrease the effectiveness of,your testosterone booster so before you,take a single serving of your test,booster make sure youve got yourself,set up for success exercise consistently,with a well designed muscle building,program and make sure you are taking in,adequate protein and overall calorie,space on your body weight focus on,eating right and training high and your,testosterone booster will be worth more,so thats it making nation if you,enjoyed watching this video please give,it a thumbs up and if you have any topic,you want us to discuss just comment down,below and dont forget to subscribe this,has been coach March again signing out

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whats good everybody its a boy j-rock,over here,j-rock Fitness Oh dumb as hell,oh yeah its a rock over here at Jay,rock fitness and I have another separate,review for yall okay,to be honest I have multiple suppler,reviews for yall to be honest and just,see you boys been slacking okay,your boys been slacking mainly because,Ive been waiting to to get this light,this bright ass like thats behind me,Ive been waiting to get this so uh also,very what we all trying to find a best,spot to put it through you know to have,the best lighting for my videos so give,me a couple of times you know you know,to find a best spot for it are so this,is blonde and new I apologize okay look,at me,and dont look at the light okay stay,away from the light so lets get into,this review uh it Boyd just recently,10:30 getting no one up in here and I,decided to try a different test booster,okay so I was that Walley world okay he,all know I [ __ ] with Walley world,excuse my language and Ive seen this,right here its called hold up alpha,test by MuscleTech okay and make sure I,get this right because this would,probably be my there we go my thumbnail,alpha test by MuscleTech all right I,seen this okay I didnt buy it right,away okay I decided to go home first,check out some of yous about it see you,know some stuff about it first okay and,then go buy it okay so I wait check that,reviews and I seen a lot of positive,reviews when it comes to this stuff okay,a lot of great reviews okay a lot of,great videos a lot of great reviews so I,was like [ __ ] let me go try it out,alright so I went to Walmart,I bought this it was only 20 bucks at,Walmart 2021 after-tax okay at my,Walmart alright,decided to try lets talk about the,supplement facts and then lets get into,the meat and potatoes and let me tell,you if it worked for me or not,all right here we go so some FX okay,number one right off the bat serving,size is to rapid release bio capsules,okay you have to take that twice a day,okay so serving service per container is,sixty okay all right uh theres ink in,here seven point five milligrams,there is fenugreek extract Ill probably,butcher net but uh I am NOT a supplement,scientist okay and sometimes when I look,at supplements okay this is one of them,it makes me wondering if I take this,something my oh my kidneys gonna fail,and as terrible as that sounds thats,what I think sometimes when I see some,of the stuff in these uh supplements and,just makes me wonder and thats why Im,so like different when it comes to the,way I take my supplements again yall,most of the time I take my supplements,on a days that I train just to keep me a,little extra boost I dont go freakin,crazy,most of the time I dont take some,attalos recommend it because I dont,want my kidneys to fill and I want to be,pissing on myself at the age of 40 okay,its just just play this for me okay so,it was something it works the way I take,it for me that means my body reacts to,these two things two things one my party,reacted to it into it must be a damn,good supplement okay alright sign it,lets just get back into this fenugreek,okay extract again Im probably,butchering that but whatever its 300,milligrams net in here the main thing,that Ive taken before okay before this,supplement just tribulus extract in here,Ive had positive reactions to tribulus,okay Ill say that its 250 milligrams,of that in here Im gonna wash the,tongue tied today just such a call Im,probably gonna put you this to see legit,extract I probably put with that but,okay,theres a hundred milligrams of that,then here is also boron boron citrate,okay theres a hundred milligrams of,that and theres also some broccoli,powder in here okay,fifty milligrams of that okay so thats,everything thats in here whats cool,about this a container is that it also,takes everything into like a bigger,understanding for you okay so it just,breaks down like what everything does we,youre a testosterone right here on this,side so for zinc it says zinc helps you,maintain optimal testosterone levels,okay so thats you back up a little bit,like there we go dosterone levels okay,the Burrow on citrate it says it helps,boost your free testosterone okay see,legit just for a boost okay broccoli,powder just another boost and the,fenugreek extract okay its also they,have theyre saying they have more of,that in here compared to their,competitors which gives you more of a,Star Trek boost of course this is a,testosterone booster okay so lets just,get into the meat and potatoes of it,theres a real quick theres 120,capsules in here as well okay but,anyways did this product work for me and,I want to say yes and no okay yes and no,it gave me a more intense it gave me,more intense workouts okay Ill say that,when it comes to like making me more,effective during my workouts it,definitely did that,Ive been anti thats what youre,looking for when it comes to a test,booster then give it Ill give it an A+,for that and you should give it a plus,and you should try it if thats what,youre looking for then you should try,it pretty much Ill give it a plus for,that but as far as anything else like,like I cant really say anything else,about it it didnt really affect,anything else for me okay to be honest I,could have just,spent ten bucks okay and got a tribulus,supplement and nobody gave me the same,effect thats what Im trying to say so,I cant really give this like its hard,for me like its harming just like this,is a great [ __ ] product excuse my,language because I could have got the,same results from a ten dollar tribulus,supplement I said it just by nest for 20,bucks,now I have seen a lot of reviews and,stuff that you you should stack this,okay with the two other things this is,like one of the three things you should,take ok stats to get absolute best,results which again yall like I said,earlier in this video I watch how I take,supplements I do not want my kidneys to,fail at the age of 40 okay so I will,never stack any product ever so no I did,not stack this okay if youre very if,youre really interested in this and you,think hey let me try to stack and go,ahead if it really thinks youre,suffering when it comes to stas Trobe,testosterone II really have some,testosterone problems okay you want to,do it the natural herb way instead of,going to doc okay and get that shot then,try doing the stack okay I would never,do a stack unless Im really really feel,like crap I just decided to try this,because your boys 30 and I watch see if,I get a little extra boost in the gym,and thats what it gave me so as far as,that goes Ill give it a plus its just,for me all around and I have to give it,a D because I can get the same result,from a tribulus a cheaper supplement,which is just tribulus okay again my,body reacted tribulus i taked it ive,taken look in tongue-tied I do it all,the time whats that caffeine he starts,hitting getting in my system Im like,okay cuz again yall I do my videos,pretty much right before I workout,alright its just convenient anyways,yall tribulus Ive taken tribulus years,ago years before okay Ive tried this,and Ive got positive results from,taking tribulus my workouts were more,intense so in my mind for me just to be,more cost effective I can go get a,cheaper I can just go get a tribulus,supplement and get,the same results that I got from this,okay so thats why I all-around I have,to give it a D but as far as I can,crease in my performance and making me,feel good making my workouts more,intense Ill give it a plus its just,like I just said I can go get a tribulus,and get the same results and it would be,cheaper okay thats it so if you I say,this if you want to try this out and,youre really like struggling which to,start for on levels maybe just really,give you a super boost in all kinds of,ways okay I know a lot of guys take,testosterone boosters to get that a,little extra in the bedroom but as far,as that goes to me this didnt do,anything for me in the bedroom was just,saying no it was one date so I was,really you know

Muscle Tech Alpha Test Wrap

[Music],hey whats up guys its your boy david,crosby back at you live with another,video,listen listen first of all let me say i,did a video back in 2018 about muscle,tech alpha test to see,if it was going to help me,perform better if it was going to get me,bigger,go and get me shredded whatever the case,may be,i did for 30 days and,i guess,i guess a couple people have wondered,how that test went,i forgot to make a follow-up video,im sorry,so to hear shifting,and,today my guy henry ewald hit me up and,said,well,what happened,im sorry i forgot,so i figured i would get on here and,just an issue a formal apology and,kind of go through the things that i,went through a few years back when i did,that test,now,um i know i said,theres a couple of caveats here i know,i said i wasnt going to change my diet,uh besides you know uh normal food i was,gonna eat my food i wasnt gonna go on,any special,atkins or yeah and i didnt,but i did cut out all my sugar i cut out,drinking uh i cut out the little debbies,i cut out,juice i only drank water with every meal,so,i cut out a lot of processed sugar a lot,of processed carbs and a lot of,processed crap okay um,so i did that at the same time as the,muscle tech test,um so its kind of hard to gauge,if the muscle tech,itself gave me results now i did,get good results out of that 30 days,but i think it was because,i cut out sugar,got out liquor i cut out juice you know,saying i cut out i cut out crap i cut a,lot of crap,okay um,and,ill show you some pictures cause i took,a lot of pictures during that 30 days uh,to kind of like chronicalize you know,the journey,i think i look good you know i was cut,up you know your boy boy has some,visible abs visible chest you know im,43 now im 28 its 2021 and that was,back in 2018 so its not like i was a,youngster you know what im saying i,wasnt walking around here at 18 you,know high metabolism your boy was just,cut because he was young he always cut,because he worked for it and,that is kind of where im gonna get to,where,answer your question is did it work i,think,ive done this long enough that,ive,gotten every supplement under the sun,the muscle techs the hydroxycuts,uh the slim fasts all that stuff okay,and i kind of feel like none of that,works to the to the point of,yes go buy the slim fast go buy the,hydroxy cut go buy the muscle tech alpha,test and youre going to get your,results im not going to say that,no,but,how do you get those results im gonna,say the same thing that every trainer,says every good trainer at least um you,gotta work out hard but you gotta eat,right you gotta eat better okay and then,you have to be consistent thats the,thing so like me,um,that 30 days of the test you know of not,drinking not eating any uh of the foods,that i love the drink all that good,stuff not going on i was going out to,the bars but i was the designated driver,and that sucked you know im saying but,my friends loved it but,do what,what you can do,for your life,that works,you know because theres some people,that have to compete they go on stage,they compete their bodybuilders they,look fantastic whatever the case may be,they cant do what i do because i dont,have that kind of dedication you know i,like little debbie i love little davey,you know i love alcohol i love,cheeseburgers i like pizza you know what,im saying so,they cant do all that,man,man,not all i just i just kind of think they,are but,for the most part,i eat healthier,so i can eat,not so healthy sometimes,okay,but,one thing that is consistent and has,been consistent for,years,as i always will go work out,not always as in monday tuesday,wednesday thursday friday saturday,monday tuesday wednesday thursday friday,saturday you know like mondays and,wednesdays i dont do it like that if if,i want to skip a day i skip a day i kind,of think of working out as like a job,its like a second job or a third job,how many jobs you have its the next job,because if you want to get paid,you got to go to work,if you dont want to get paid,stay home,get fired,dont go to the gym,dont eat right,and you wont get paid,but,most of us want to get paid,so were going to go to work,going to work in the fitness world means,being consistent,monday tuesday,wednesday you know what i got to pick up,the kids from school it messes up my gym,time okay im gonna skip wednesday but,im going thursday friday and im gonna,make it up on saturday for wednesday,consistent,monday,wednesday friday take off the weekend,monday wednesday friday take off the,weekend monday you get it you got to,stay consistent and you got to work hard,so,without that,part without that portion of the recipe,your fitness dreams will not work,you dont need alpha testing you dont,need,oh my god you dont need,pre freaking workout leave that stuff,alone,you dont need anything besides,consistent hard work,you need to eat better,your body is fuel this is people people,always say i dont know what he better,means i dont know what he listen im,gonna tell you what eat better means,right now,if you go to the grocery store everyone,goes grocery if you dont shop,and someone else does shop for you you,need to go with them,let them know i am trying to get in,shape lets buy the right foods,now whats the right foods whats eating,better eating better means if youre,shopping through the aisles,a lot,only the aisles,if its meant to sit on that walmart cup,foods target,hyvee,whatever shelf youre going to,if its made to sit on a shelf its,going to sit in your body,plain and simple,preservatives and fillers,all right pumped full of that velvet,cheese how the hell is velveeta cheese,sitting on the shelf and good for three,four five six seven eight nine months,before it go bad cheese is supposed to,go bad if its left out,think about that so thats what that,means,buy your food from fresh aisle buy your,food from the frozen aisle because all,that food once made or wants sitting in,the refrigerator or if left out its,going to go bad,if it goes bad in there its going to,leave your body,not as fast you know how meat is meat,sits in your colon and all theres,theres little arguments there but im,talking about in general your breads,your pastas your cereals,carbs that are just made to sit on a,shelf and that includes,protein powder,pre-workout part,any powder thats made to get you in,shape but it sits on the shelf forever,thats bad for you,okay,drop all that,as much as you can i aint gonna sit,here and preach to you and act like i,dont do that wrong today just today i,had a gigantic bowl of fruit loops with,marshmallows always delicious oh its,delicious,almond milk,you know,vanilla almond milk at that,so it was sweet it was sugary,uh it was delicious but it was just a,snack,but you know what i did today i did,sprints i went hills i did gallops i did,backwards walks backwards runs i did,legs in the gym,and then i did about an hour and a half,on my roller blades,so,i put in a lot of work and my body is,requiring a lot of energy,i should have given it more fresh foods,and all that good stuff but i gave it,some fruit loops because,they were there and i was hungry,but,for the most part if you could stick to,the 70 30 rule,70 clean,30 percent bad,consistent hard work,youre gonna be all right and then as,you get better 75 you know 25 and then,80 20.,you know in the 90 10,and if you ever want to go past 90 10,more power to you all the people that,that compete on stage and and,mr america and mrs america and worlds,and olympias and all that all yall,people yall are at 100 clean eating and,i salute you,i cant do that i dont have that,dedication i dont have that drive i,dont have that want you know what im,saying i like food too much,if i struck that delicate balance you,know you got to find your own delicate,balance as to what you want,and what youre willing to give to get,it,if that makes sense,so,lifes give and take,ive realized that,i do like,to drink alcohol i do like my sweets i,do like everything i ever just said so,im gonna,take 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MuscleTech testosterone boosters quick review.


so this is going to be a quick review on,the,uh,alpha test muscle tag,testosterone boosters,now,you can see right here,theres obviously a lot of branding on,it,thats cool you know were trying muscle,tech is trying to grab their products,by the way i dont keep um,i dont get any monetary benefit from it,i dont claim responsibility,for anything,that involves must take them also,to avoid any copyrights however,this is,now,heres a seal of authenticity,like certified items attack,expiration date,march 14 2024 im actually going to,start with this,camp,one serving of these is actually uh,that gets to focus its actually two,capsules,as you can see right here,you take it twice daily you have to take,four you cannot exceed four,im gonna be honest with you,these testosterone boosters,are a good bang for your,buck i repeat these testosterone,boosters are a good bang for your book,now theres a common misconception that,just because youre young or youre the,average male,at certain age producing certain,hormones,void all that,bs straight bs,no,dont go for average you know remember,that,remember that any supplement,its to help with your overall,performance not to differentiate between,your age,thats what thats the common,thats the psychological side of,bodybuilding and supplements,now,all testosterone boosters are different,now some truly um,dont work i havent tried anything i,havent and im not throwing in the,brand,but there is some that are kind of weak,also make sure that youre avoiding a,placebo effect its not just all mental,but im going to be honest with you for,the males,when you take this you will feel it,because you will feel the production,right you know like,you will feel,more semen,you will,have an increased sex drive,will also,um,youll tend to get harder,more harder than often,you might even feel it you know like,if you take too much,of it,it could even lead to like progression,you know but its different for growing,range,remember these are not steroids,testosterone boosters,are is exactly what it says right here,its a booster,its its meant to help the overall,blood flow like the overall flow,not blood flow,just the flow,of the way that their testosterone is,produced you know,do i recommend this for the old absolute,do i recommend this for,middle age absolutely do i recommend,this for,the not too young not too old of course,do i recommend this through here of,course it means to anyone who feels like,they need it,dont forget also to get them some daily,exercise too you know because thats,also a natural way to boost it every,night with testosterone boosters but,remember this is a review on these just,a quick review on it,i got these for about 20 bucks on amazon,theres a lot of shade there,oh amazon sells all this crap you know,and this and that or,the supplements in regards to the sub,events at least you know im not,throwing on amazon by the way so,you know,im not cleaning im not clearing,ownership over that day i well i dont,get no benefit from it you know so,trouble what i mean infringement i need,legal action,but ill be honest with you these 20,bucks,these 20 test boosters,really surprised not because i,underestimate lots of tech ive actually,used their protein powders as well,or i dont remember if it was a protein,powder but i have used supplements by,muscle tech in the past,now the effects of testosterone boosters,are different,and because,some are more give more they elevate,others have a gradual increase others,have a slow you know,slow process,theyll boost it,but,in regards to what i just mentioned with,elevation this low process and,the gradual movement you know like,its the style in which they float well,these personally when you take them,theyre gonna youre gonna feel almost,like,i would say,an elevation but,not like a harmonized elevation you get,like the feeling you can only take them,is,how can i explain it in simplest ways,its,its like when you ingest its like when,you actually have them in your system,its like its like a sh its like they,shoot you know,like they shoot,and then once they do shoot they begin,to slowly eliminate,and trust me youll begin to feel it by,the time you go to sleep youll feel it,its not for sure the next morning,youre gonna feel,youre going to feel different youre,going to feel,youre just going to feel it youll know,what i mean i cant really explain it,because everyones body reacts to it,of course when youre looking,uh for all these products,you also want to pay attention to,the ingredients you know if you dont,want to take certain things some of you,have specific goals to me,regards to your fitness needs and,they will vary from person to person,but i give one good review to these,muscletech,testosterone boosters

Muscle Tech Alpha Test review COMPLETED CYCLE

what up fam is your boy Asian sensation,and today Im gonna bring to you some,alpha test by muscle take his boring,side trade brought the powder great,extract sink its pretty overall this,was a pretty good product man it was,about nineteen dollars in one more Ive,taken a different tables turned to past,it was a set of core black stream that,was the last one I took in 2015 and it,was amazing man honestly for a,twenty dollar testosterone booster this,is great man overall Im 25 years old by,the way right now my bridge is coming up,in October again,and the reason why I took this was,because I was always working man I was,fatigued I was coming out I didnt,breathe he and brother persona reasons,as well this is really really good in,and outside the gym it will actually,make your nuts start hanging again man,no live and you know youre not gonna be,able to sleep on your stomach for a few,days out of the month that youre taking,this so the way I took this I was taking,two in the morning two in the night and,I had so much energy man inside the gym,I was my my benching increased by 20,pounds this whole month so,that was amazing man it was a plus and,also I was getting a lot of energy man,honestly sometimes I wasnt able to,sleep at night so I had to take night,boil or something like that melatonin is,well I was using so thats one side,effect of this and not being able to,sleep by your stomach but yeah guys as I,was saying I was taking two in the,morning two in the night for about two,to three weeks after that I started,having a little chest pain right here in,my carotid brain this wall started,feeling pressure so before taking this,if you have any heart problems or,anything like that just make sure you,consult it with your doctor or if you,fitting any sighted fixture so it just,tarp the stop taking for a day and just,go for two and itll work out the same,guys and I actually recommend this,barrel for twenty bucks,it makes a huge difference man huge,difference is amazing actually safe to,for you guys so you get two capsules,oh this was gonna look like,[Music],but yeah guys I recommend this was,overall great experience was worth 20,bucks you cant beat that got a lot of,energy got a lot a lot a lot of energy,and strength man I recommend this bro,its awesome guys

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