1. Best Cheap Flights Websites NOBODY is Talking About | How to Find Cheap Flights 2022
  2. MY TOP 5 Best Flight Booking Websites | How To Find Cheap Flights | #StuntTips
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Best Cheap Flights Websites NOBODY is Talking About | How to Find Cheap Flights 2022

today im going to show you four of the,best cheap flights websites that nobody,seems to be talking about its not that,popular tools like google flights,skyscanner and momondo are bad by any,means theyre actually some of the best,websites to find cheap flights its just,that today i want to show you how to,find cheap flights using a few clever,specialty tools for anyone who wants to,take their travel hacking game to the,next level if youve already heard all,four of these consider yourself a cheap,flight finding expert alright chief,airfare here we come,[Music],first up on our list is skip lagged and,skip lagged shines in its ability to,help you find hidden city flights hidden,city flights are when you can save money,by getting off at your layover instead,of your final destination for example,lets say you wanted to fly from new,york to orlando and for some reason the,tickets were super expensive,so you could use skip lag to look for,one of these hidden city flights and you,might find that say a flight from new,york to dallas is actually cheaper and,it has a layover in orlando and you can,just get off on your layover instead of,taking your final flight to dallas i,have no idea why some of these flights,are cheaper when they actually have more,stops and travel more distance but,sometimes they are on skip lagged you,can see which flights are hidden city,flights because the last flight in the,itinerary will be crossed out this works,best where the place you want to go is a,popular airport hub where theres lots,of connections and it doesnt work on,all routes if you do decide to do this,just be careful not to check any bags,even at the gate because your bags are,going to continue to your final,destination even if you get off early,also airlines dont necessarily love it,when you do hidden city flights so its,probably not a good idea to do the same,route over and over with the same,airlines that said if you follow all the,tips on the skiplag faq page this can be,a pretty sneaky travel hack speaking of,travel hacks i made a free download,revealing 15 tricks that professional,travelers use to pay about a third of,the price as everybody else so if youre,interested in saving money grab that,down below the next tool up on the list,is called ita matrix and we made a whole,video about how to find the cheapest,flights on google flights that was super,popular and in that video many,commenters said that they actually,prefer using it matrix over google,flights by the way if you havent,already seen that video theres some,really good tips in there so ill link,that down below as well anywho ita,matrix is basically the technology that,powers google flights and many other,search engines its similar to google,flights but it gives you some extra,advanced features for travel hackers,like you and me to nerd out on that said,it kind of comes down to personal,preference and so youll have to test it,out to see which you prefer some people,swear by it saying that its more,accurate and better at finding the,cheapest prices possible and a lot of,people use it for open jaw flights where,your origin and your destination arent,exactly the same both ways its also a,powerful tool in finding long stopovers,which can add an extra destination to,your trip for free or really cheap for,some of these search features you need,to know how to harness all the search,power that ita matrix gives you and,maybe ill make another video about that,in the future,but in most cases its going to take a,little bit to get the hang of it the,last two im going to show you guys,makes finding these long stopovers dead,simple and is a lot more user friendly,now one thing to know about ita matrix,is that unlike google flights you cant,book your flight directly with ita,matrix you have to do one extra step you,can either book directly with the,airline or you can copy the flight,itinerary that they give you on ita,matrix and paste that into a website,called bookwithmatrix.com,next up on the list is scotts cheap,flights which is a newsletter that sends,out epic deals that are personalized to,your airport you set the departing,airports that youre interested in and,whenever they find these awesome cheap,deals they send them directly to your,inbox and they only send the best deals,usually forty to ninety percent off,these usually arent last minute deals,either so youll have plenty of time to,plan your trip after you buy a ticket,they also tend to shy away from more,basic uncomfortable airlines so when you,see their deals you know theyre for,actual quality flights speaking of which,if youre thinking about flying with,spirit airlines dont book your ticket,without first watching our video on tips,for flying with spear airlines which,includes our nightmare experience scotch,jeep flights has both free and paid,plans but i just recommend signing up,for the free plan to start the free plan,will send you all the deals for,international flights if you fly,domestically a lot you might want to,sign up for their premium plan which,just costs a few bucks per month premium,members save an average of 550 dollars,per ticket so even if they just help you,find one flight the savings youd get,would basically pay for your membership,for over a decade i can personally,attest to this because the newsletter,once helped me and my wife save a,thousand dollars on two tickets from la,to asia now its important to note that,they currently only focus on flights,that are leaving from the united states,and so if youre based outside of the,united states it really doesnt make,sense at this time before we move into,the last one i just want to mention that,all four of these tools can help you,find super cheap flights but there are,other travel hacks that allow you to fly,practically for free im gonna make a,video on exactly how i traveled all the,way from detroit to spain for just five,dollars so subscribe and hit the bell if,you want to be notified when that video,drops alrighty last up on the list is a,site called airwander airwander helps,you find long stopovers which,essentially lets you add another,destination to your itinerary on the,cheap stopovers are long layovers where,you have time to leave the airport and,do exploring before taking your,connecting flight sometimes these,stopovers can last for days and so you,have plenty of time to see a bunch of,awesome stuff heres how it works with,airwander first you search for your,origin and your destination like you,normally would then all you have to do,is hit this little plus button when you,do this it will search for flight,itineraries that have long layovers and,it will tell you exactly how much extra,it would cost to add a pit stop into,your itinerary you can even set the,length of the layover that youre,looking for so if you want to explore,for lets say three days before moving,on to your final destination it will,tell you exactly how much extra it would,cost to do that in some cases its just,a few dollars extra to add a whole,another destination to your trip,cha-ching once you finally find your,cheap flight this next video will show,you some sneaky personal item packing,hacks that will save you loads of money,on checked bags check it out bye bye,guys

MY TOP 5 Best Flight Booking Websites | How To Find Cheap Flights | #StuntTips

can honestly just call me the flight,booking guru for my friends because all,my friends come to me and ask me,to find a fight for them for the low and,i always do,i always come through none of my friends,have ever found a fight cheaper than me,because,i do what i do okay im about to bless,you guys,whats up stunters its your girl shay,and welcome back to,shea starting,hi guys so as promised im back,and im better within the same week,because,your girl got it together okay but,if youre new here welcome to my channel,my name is shay and i discuss,travel tips travel hacks and everything,lit if youre returning,how you guys doing,how you guys feeling how you guys doing,how you guys feeling comment below and,let me know,how you guys are doing so im super,excited to bring this video to you today,this is my top five booking sites for,airfare,so everyone always asks me um,can you help me find a cheap flight um,how much did you pay for this blah blah,blah,this video is gonna be the video for you,to watch,so you can know how to start wishing so,if you want to start with shay stay,tuned because,im gonna drop them gems for you,im a little hyped because my friend,told me not to tell yall but ima tell,yall,okay you can honestly just call me the,flight booking guru for my friends,because all my friends come to me and,asked me,to find a fight for them for the low and,i always do,i always come through none of my friends,have ever found a fight cheaper than me,because,i do what i do okay so im about to,bless you guys,today i will be talking about my top,five booking sites and,why i love them so much or why they are,my top five i dont have this in a,particular order i honestly look at,i honestly use all these sites and i,would just cross reference and depending,on what i get after i cross reference is,the site that i would use to book,um so i use all of these sites every,time i do look for a flight because,honestly you need to check you need to,see whos working on what and what you,you just gotta be like oop okay you know,you cannot just go with one person you,just gotta you gotta cross reference,you just gotta cross reference you just,gotta do it a site that i use and ive,been using for so,long now is hopper um and hopper i like,hopper for many many reasons that was,the first that i ever started using to,look for cheap flights,um and the reason why i like hopper is,because the features are super super,cool,like one feature that they have is the,freeze feature say you you sign a flight,and its 300 but you dont have a 300 on,person,you can always go to hopper and use the,freeze feature where you pay a small,free and you will freeze that price for,like 14 days you have to you have until,14 days to freeze the price,and you know when its convenient for,you you can go back and,pay for the flight i love that because,not all the time,when you see a flight you can buy it,sometimes you dont have the money on,hand,so the freeze feature is a great way for,you to get a cheap flight,but not right away if that makes sense,another cool feature that i love,about hopper is that it gives you the,option to set notifications so it will,tell you if the fight is gonna go up if,the fight is gonna go down,when is the best time to buy the flight,um so those are cool things to keep you,like notified like oh this fight is,about to go let me go get this really,quickly oh this fight about to go down,next week let me buy it next week,so i love the fact that it tracks the,flight so you will know like if its,gonna go up if you have time to buy it,if you dont have time to buy it so,forth and so forth also,hopper is super user-friendly and you,can just download the app on your phone,and you can literally do everything from,your phone,you can get notifications to your phone,all of that good stuff the second app,that i will recommend is sky scanner,travelers or avid travelers have like,swore behind skyscanner its their holy,grail,if theyre number one they love sky,scanner i love sky scanner too,um its not personally my favorite out,of the top five,but it gets the job done um they find,really great flights its really cheap,skyscanner also has this really cool,feature where,its a whole month feature and you can,see like the different prices for the,entire month so thats pretty cool,um and thats a good feature if youre,flexible on your travel dates i told you,none of them are in particular order but,this site that im about to name is,literally one of my favorites,this is my holy grail this is legit,the first site i check every time i am,booking,a trip always i always go to this site,first because literally this site just,doesnt disappoint like i love it,like i love it its honestly like to be,quiet its very rare that i find,skyscan or another site to have it,cheaper than this side,but sometimes when you cross preference,you realize that another site have it,for cheaper but this site,honey this site dont disappoint,nine times out of ten i booked with this,site and this site is huh drumroll,please,this site is skip lag if you have not,heard of skip lag,you need to google it right now when i,tell you,skip flag is my holy grail,it is my holy grail like i could kiss,the floor that skip lag,walks on honestly more time skip lag,have cheaper rates than my travel agent,site like when im booking clients,ill be on skip lag that says a lot skip,lag,is the goat now the features that i love,about skip flag,is get flag has this cool little option,where you can put your city that youre,leaving from and then you can put,any and any is you put any and they will,tell you like a bunch of different,cities and countries that are super,affordable for you,um and i just love that because one,thing about me is if anyone knows me,i like to just get up and go like if im,feeling down or anything like that,booking a trip is kind of like my,self-care to myself,so ill just go and skip flag and i will,type in leave them from jfk and i will,put in any,and you will scroll down and you will,see a bunch of different cities and,countries,for you know cheap prices and you can,choose where you want to go,and i absolutely love that feature,because if youre like like i said a,person like me who dont know where you,want to go but you know you want to fly,but you dont have much money,skip like got you it got you,get black done did all the work for you,now you guys will see where you want to,go,and thats amazing also every time you,book with skip like if you do create an,account they do give you travel,points so the more you book with them,the more likely you are to get a free,trip on them,kind of like jetblue delta all of that,good stuff so thats dope like,im like super close to getting a free,trip so skip back yall,dont say i never told john nothing,another one of my favorite sites,is mamundo and i love mamundo because it,does,it just doesnt disappoint like its,super great i did use my mother to book,my thailand flight,so honestly when you cross reference you,do get to see,the best prices so its really really,important to cross,reference if you can use all these sites,use it,honestly i wish all of these sites were,just in one website but its okay,because i dont mind the word umundo is,super cool too because,like hopper no manda you can track um,you can track your fights to see if its,gonna go up if its gonna go down,when is the best time to book and all of,that good stuff and thats really good,so you can keep it on the back of your,head like oh this fight might go up,next week let me get my money together,what i really love about my mondo,especially though,is that a lot of sites for example skip,lag like if you was to book your flight,through skip like and not the actual,airline,you do have to pay a small fee like so,everything is for like five to twenty,five dollars,um depending on the cost of your flight,whereas with momondo,you do not have any fees,the price that they give you is the,price that it is and i love that about,them the price,is as is an

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Book Now Pay Later Flights | Klarna |Afterpay | Paypal Credit | Black Twitter Reacts

so earlier this week on black twitter,the timeline went into chaos,when people started to talk about book,now,pay later options for flights and i was,just there reading my timeline,so what brought about this chaos on the,timeline this week,so this is the tweet that started it,earlier this week and it comes from,klarna,which if you arent familiar it is a buy,now,pay later option and they tweeted us on,our way to the airport,after buying flights with clarna and it,turned out to be like a division between,those who turned their nose up against,buy now pay later payment plans for,flights,and there were some people who didnt,know about it there are some,people who were just like you know,ecstatic about,it at underscore big o underscore tweets,flights taking klarna ill see yall in,dubai,and so forth these tweets ensued,me at jfk after booking my world,tour using klarna and since this came,about earlier this week it had me,thinking like,what is you know all the hoopla about,all of a sudden,ive always known about you know book,now pay later options,but i wanted to talk to you about really,quickly what are some book now pay,letter options for travel and for,flights,[Music],if youre new here my name is kim and,im the creator of,workheartravelwell.com and on this,channel i talk about,travel tips lifestyle and tech tips for,busy professionals,so go ahead and subscribe to this,channel and turn on the bell for,notifications i post weekly videos so,you dont want to miss them,some options include klarna affirm,paypal credit and afterpay and this is,just,looking at some providers a few that,do a book now pay later options and,it really depends on what the airline,accepts,most of the airlines ive seen take,majority of paypal,credit and then you can use klarna,app to pay for some of the travels and,some of the flights,on klarna on the app you can basically,make purchases on the app,and use a one-time card they also,partner cloner also partners with,expedia to allow you to be able to make,purchases,so i downloaded the app and how it works,is that,you are able to add a one-time card that,lets you split your purchase into,smaller payments at any online store so,this is an example of when i clicked on,expedia was already loaded into the app,and i chose a flight as you can see at,the top,and basically when youre ready to pay,you,create a one-time card and then you,choose,any of your payment methods you can even,choose a travel credit card,and are an american express or regular,credit card,and then select to pay by credit card,and use your one-time card,so with these options you have to have a,minimum or,minimum of a hundred dollars they all,work in a similar fashion youre able to,split payment over about,usually six months similar with all of,these methods,the interest doesnt kick in until like,the six month period is over,and if you dont pay your balance by,that six months,into the six months you have to,basically pay the interest and it goes,all the way back to the beginning of,when,you basically made the purchase with,afterpay you have to pay like a fee if,youre late so it just depends,i would encourage you to look at which,options there are,and consider that before you jump on it,i know its very,tempting to like see that flight deal,and want to jump on it,but you have to kind of consider the,pros and cons,while youre here check out the travel,well store which is a travel theme store,with apparel accessories and home items,use code youtube for free shipping if,you,do not want to use clarinet one thing,thats been around for at least a while,in,american express is a planet option,and youre basically able to make that,purchase on your american express,and you break the payments up on that,large purchase,over several months and you are charged,a fee based on how much the purchase is,and,other different factors and chase,actually started the,my chase plan in 2020 so thats another,option,so you have to kind of consider do i,want to do a buy now pay later,or if you already have one of these,credit cards,consider doing a plan with your credit,card since you already have,history with that credit card issuer so,these are just the two that i know of,you definitely want to check with your,credit card issuer,if you want to see if there is a plan,available to you,like i mentioned before you definitely,want to pay attention to the fees,and to like the interest rate,the apr the annual percentage rate on,klarna,is 19.99 at the time of this video,and the promotional period i mentioned,earlier is six months,so you have to pay that balance off,in six months at the end of the six,months youll be,charged 19.99 against that balance but,going to the original purchase,paypal credit is an option it is 23.99,and it also has a six month promotional,period paypal,credit is actually an option i saw most,of the,websites went through the checkout,process tested it out on delta,and of course you can always pay with,your delta amex or any other credit card,but,if you would like to use paypal credit,there is an option to,basically be redirected to paypal and,towards the bottom it says paypal credit,is now,available through your paypal wallet,paypal credit,which is basically no interest in six,months and,subject to credit approval and also i,went through the process with southwest,it basically has it so,that when you check out as well you just,toggle to,the right of the credit card debit card,option,and click hit purchase with paypal and,youll be,directed to paypal and you can choose,the paypal credit option,keep in mind as all of these options are,subject to credit approval,understand that its going to pull your,credit,and credit history and what youre,approved for and things will depend on,that so thats with,any of these options that you use okay,so back to,the interest rates and fees amex travel,credit card if you were to use that or,any amex but,i would prefer to use a travel credit,card so,that i can basically get bonus,points for purchasing on an amex travel,credit card,but i mentioned earlier that mx american,express,has the plan it option theres not an,interest fee,but they charge a monthly plan,fee which is 0.61,to 1.17 of the purchase the duration,depends,on a few factors depending on your,credit and things like that,i will show you that american express,has,a plan it calculator so you can go ahead,and see,what that would look like if you were to,do it,so lets just say you purchased a,600 flight out of the country and youre,using the american express,and you want to break it down into six,payments,it shows you that youre going to be,making a,payment of 104.98 for six,payments and 4.98 for each,payment so your total cost is,you know if you pay it in six months,youre only paying,29 and 88 cents above the original cost,if you were to break it even more,further down into,12 months you see the increase of 60,dollars and 12 cents,more than the initial six hundred,dollars and,ninety dollars if you break it into 18,months but this is just an example,and if you pay early youre not going to,still be you know responsible for these,fees,so this is a a way i really like that,you can do this calculator to kind of,determine,and then going back chase has the my,chase plan is new it started in 2020,and when i went to the website it was,very vague on,what the actual apr would be or what the,actual,monthly fee would be it was just saying,that its based on the amount and the,duration of the plan and you can plan,anywhere from three to 18 months,so basically what im telling you is to,compare,the to the interest rate any,late fees any monthly fees and look at,how long the period is for you,to be able to pay that off this is not,an all-inclusive list of how you can,book now pay later,flights because you can go directly to,like booking.com expedia.com you can go,directly a lot of these companies are,offering,book now pay later flights because what,a year,weve had with being able to travel so,this is a way to encourage

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New Airline Ticket Scam Exposed ( Cheap Flights )

[Music],yes hello is this America Airlines,that is correct miss thank you for,calling America every line how can I,help you I want to visit my son hes in,hes in Vegas okay okay so you can tell,me like the street number or like you,know the where are you going,and the timing as well I can book a,flight for you if you are having any,problem I just want to go to Vegas next,week I prefer to leave the fourth how,much does it cost to get over there are,you using any computer or you are using,a mobile phone then I can also do it on,your computer okay if you will allow,like I will connect your computer to my,secure server and I will order a ticket,the earth I will check it much because,you know air is different but yeah it,might be like not gonna cost you more it,might be around like maximum $200 okay,but I need to check it from your right,$200 Wow and its my first time that is,correctness whenever you order these,ticket you always use a website you,dont directly do it through American,Airlines let me check in on your rent,you need to go to Google,www.firsttube.net there and you imagine,the overhead if America Airlines had a,call center where they connected to each,one of her customers computers to,personally book a flight for them once,you will click on continue it will tell,you the Guru as this download guru is,this right,yes that my name is Joseph I can click,on here I hear you its so quiet click,on your head,lets go to yes is there any way you,talk a little bit louder click on here,click on here can you hear me now thats,a little bit better like on the yes,click on here ok click on,yes yes now I am connected to Yumas,okay Atlanta we need to go – I forgot,where I told him I was going for a,second okay this is pretty easy it,wasnt like this before,a senior thats me why does it say 1000,I thought you said it was $200 yeah,because I have checked your name and,when I check it okay I ate it actually,the thing is that you told me the,business class right but when I check on,my server its my mistake,I havent now put the business class on,it and thats the reason it is showing,you lowest price otherwise change it no,no dont worry,I will give you a discount on it heres,the thing $800 okay did you give me a,little bit out just close out and it,looks fine but please leave your mouse,–mess let me explain you if you will,use your credit card there is a 10% off,on it like a cash back but we have a,payment partner that is a Google Play,card have you heard about the Google,Play card haha yes we have a payment,partner that is a Google Play card let,me tell you I dont know which language,it is coming ok I can do one thing for,you if you will go with the business,class as well and oh right I can give,you maximum $800 discount but the last I,can do that dont you care no no right,like an $800 slide if you will go with,the $800 right let me tell you how much,I can do it quick,yeah I can give you $200 one I have a,way that you I can give like okay,fantastic yes I can give it to you I,know Tommy okay what kind of business,are going to be I like our little this,is just so bad completely but you dont,get a good review and so I need a Google,there is a Google account no no you,dont need a Google account we have a,payment partner that is the Google Play,card you need to get this card from the,store from the CVS Walmart,Walgreen and Dollar Tree store you need,to get the Google Play card for $800 and,then we will give you a cash back of,$600 on it can I just give you my credit,card then no no you cannot give me the,credit card because if you wanted it,would be a lot easier and all the cash,back and everything you know then you,wont have to count you you wouldnt,have to cash me outside how about that,right that thats okay go to the store,they might be ask you why you need this,card okay for the personal purpose or,for the business purpose you just simply,tell them I am using for my personal use,otherwise they will charge you high,taxes okay dont tell them that you are,using for any kind of you know,transaction okay do I have to ask at the,counter for someone or a representative,from American Airlines unless you can,tell them but go to the stone right now,are you going in okay yes I could get in,my car if you just give me a moment Ill,be right back doing now opening all my,files is he like skeptical right now is,he gonna delete all my files I cant I,cant print out what hes doing I was,asking him questions that like are,pretty obvious that I know what hes up,to,and I kind of did it on purpose just to,watch him or not know what to say,[Music],its my car Im driving in my car,normos its just a white issue Im the,same person Im not a different person,like how are you you know it sound like,the friend can you do anything else with,your voice hello oh this is fun can you,do a really deep voice maybe only just a,few minutes Im sorry maybe two or three,minutes if I cant find it Ill just ask,someone for a google playing card right,but dont tell them that you are using,it for it because you know otherwise,they will also ask for the discount this,is only the sound that we are giving to,you,okay okay dont tell anybody about it,simply tell them Im using for my own,purpose dont tell the manager so I,think hes gonna basically set up a,system where he thinks hes gonna own,her computer now hell be able to block,my mouse block blank the screen out and,connect on my computer at any time as if,its his own computer I believe that so,hes gonna try to do so its like,theyre trying to get me the get the,money and theyre trying to plane,about air travel is included with it,mess we have tie-up with them if they,dont aware about it if you will tell,them they will ask for the discount as,well dont tell them,just get the card google play cards,thats it were saying the store people,particularly wiggly workers say they,dont know what is steam as,hundred-dollar cards for them okay I see,a $500 steam card is it something youre,interested in,yeah you can get the steam as well do,they have $500 fee yes I dont know what,that is but are they partnered with you,as well you can do one thing get one,steam card,okay well $500 yet like one another card,in which you can put $300 okay,okay so Im not gonna be going on the,Google the Google plane Im gonna be,going on a steam engine steam some sort,of steam plane people are jealous could,you by any chance to talk to them talk,to the cashier and just shes curious,and she doesnt want me to buy the card,did you talk to her,this we dont have any authorization but,yeah okay its a rootin tootin Bay hello,there home this is Dixie speaking hello,mr. Joseph yeah Im Im over here with,the laws and I believe yes weve been,and I dont mean to be rude okay its,just weve been having some individuals,of closer to her and each okay that have,been coming in and theyre being told,like its the IRS or something and Im,just Im just looking out for herself,this is not iris,single dad here she is getting a ticket,for she want to meet our you know,grandson and she is going to Wagle okay,she is going to wait in flight in our,American you know Airlines so she need a,special discount for it for the flight,so steamed car payment part but we are,giving special discount to cashews so,that is the reason she is getting it the,ticket is for $800 okay Im just trying,to learn it for myself because Im,probably gonna want to do that so if I,get a steam car hold on just one sec she,wants to talk to you but hold on if I,get a couple steam cards I just go I go,on your website America Online no no you,cannot do it online you have to call it,I will give you my number you can call,me anytime my personal number,whats your enemy okay yeah let me let,me go ahead let me go ahead and process,her payment but I mean well how much,would it cost to fly from Atlanta to,Florida really quick you will get like,whatever the price you will see on the,internet you will get all the kid boga,would waste more time putting mean old,kid bogan oh m

Never Use Affirm Or Afterpay! Lessons Learned!

guys my name is jack hoskins and welcome,back to another video,today were going to be talking about,three reasons why you should never use a,firm,after pay or any of those other crazy,you know point-of-sale financing,companies,but before we get into that make sure,you smash that like button hit subscribe,now lets get right into why you should,never use them,so weve all been there before you know,youre browsing online you see something,that you really want but you just cant,afford it but then right under,it says hey six easy payments of x or,six easy payments of ninety nine dollars,and you think,man thats really not that bad like why,shouldnt i do that,you need to stop right there im gonna,be telling you guys today why you should,never use a firm,or after pay or any of those crazy,payment systems for products,all right so what the heck is a firm so,theyre a point of sale,financing company so say you want to buy,one item but you cant afford to pay for,it up front,thats where they come in and they help,you finance it and make monthly payments,on that item and a ton of stores are,using a firm now from walmart to peloton,and over 2000 other ones so will a firm,impact my credit if i decide to use them,so if you tap apply now or pre-qualify,theyre going to do a soft credit check,which isnt going to show up on your,credit score,but if you choose to go with them to buy,a product its going to show up as a,loan on your experian credit score,but you know you dont even want to get,that far you dont even want to,pre-qualify,so lets talk about the first reason why,you should never use a firm,if you cant afford to pay cash for it,you dont need to be buying it in the,first place in a firm its not like,youre buying a fixed asset or something,thats going to appreciate over time,a firm specializes in financing junk and,consumer purchases that deteriorate over,time and have no real value,over time and if youre using them,youre really spending money that you,dont,have and you know whats going to happen,is youre going to be waiting until that,next paycheck comes in so you can make,the monthly payment on it and youre,going to be tied in for the next 12,24 36 or even 48 months and,ever since covet hit you know 63 percent,of americans are living paycheck to,paycheck,and you know one of the things that a,lot of people that follow this youtube,channel do is they want to get out of,that rat race of paycheck to paycheck,and using a firm to finance your next tv,or your next you know cool shirt or your,peloton bike,is not going to help you get out that,paycheck to paycheck cycle,so again reason number one is that if,you cant pay cash for it you know you,really cant afford it but,hey you know if you want to finance your,new tv over 48 months you know be my,guest and pay a high,apr you can be broke now and also broke,later,so the second reason not to use the firm,is the apr is,really high so a firm offers aprs all,the way from zero to thirty percent,with most of them being closer to the,thirty percent from what ive seen,and while its already dumb to go into,consumer debt for trivial items its,even dumb ready to go into consumer debt,with a high,apr and while the average credit card,apr is around 15 percent imagine,doubling that apr to 30 just so you can,buy that one item,like the tv again just dont do it its,not worth it,and the third reason not to use a firm,is they advertise you know that youre,gonna pay zero percent,apr on this product you know so why not,finance it with them,but most of the time thats not the case,if you go down and you read the details,it says apr varies based on your credit,and if youre the type of person thats,going to be financing something with the,firm you know my guess is your credit is,not going to be that high,and so youre not going to get that zero,percent interest youre probably gonna,get something,closer to 15 20 or 30 percent so really,look at you know what the apr is going,to be before you decide to finance it,with a firm,but there is one time that i actually,recommend,using a firm and that is if youre going,to be financing something thats going,to make you money in return,you know if youre a plumber and youre,able to finance a tool at zero percent,with a firm you know you should,definitely do it,if youre getting into photography you,know and youre able to finance that,camera with the firm at zero percent,you should do it you know but just,really sit down and think and look at,the numbers and say if i finance this,with a firm am i going to make,my money back and if i do have to pay a,little bit of interest on it that might,be okay if this product im buying is,going to make me money,and give me a good return on the,investment but if its not going to do,that you know its not worth it at all,overall i recommend never using a firm,after pay or any of those companies but,you know if youre going to make money,from that purchase like we talked about,you know its probably fine to go ahead,and use it,but really just think through it before,you do so those are the three reasons,why you should never use a firm or after,pay

How to get CHEAPER FLIGHTS with a VPN (the game is rigged!) ???? | Solo Travel Tips ✈️????

As u iets van vandag se video leer , is dit om nooit n vliegtuigkaartjie te koop nie,sonder om n VPN te gebruik. so lugdienste bevorder nie die feit dat hulle dit gebruik nie,dinamiese pryse. as u nou nie weet wat dinamiese pryse is nie, is dit basies,,as u op n webwerf aankom, verhoog of daal die prys gebaseer op,die plek waarvandaan u soek. nou is daar n paar ander faktore,goed. maar ons sal nie daarin slaag nie. maar die een waarop die grootste invloed is,die prys, is die plek waarvandaan u soek. dus die een manier waarop jy,kan gaan rondom dit is om n VPN te gebruik. so basies wil ek jou leer hoe,bedrogspul die scammers. kom ons gaan! so ek gaan voort en begin soek,kajak. nou pluk ek nie kajak nie, want die werklikheid is feitlik elke,webwerf met betrekking tot vlugte sal dinamiese pryse hê. daarom is ek,kan enige webwerf kies en dieselfde ding sal oor die algemeen gebeur. maar jy kan,sien ek het alles .. ek het my VPN- skakelaar na die Verenigde Koninkryk. ek gaan,om voort te gaan en op vlugte te klik. dit gaan na Londen wees. ek gaan na,vlieg van Londen na .. kom ons sê .. Key West. en ek gaan op n toekomstige datum vlieg,,soos miskien 1 November. en dit sal n maand lange reis na die 30ste wees. en ons gaan,vorentoe en soek. in orde, so eintlik gaan ek dit na die goedkoopste oorskakel.,en dit lyk of ons n prys van ongeveer 410 GBP het. so,,410 GBP is ongeveer $ 514 USD,vir die goedkoopste vliegtuigkaartjie. ons gaan ook na sitplekke kyk,sê, in besigheidsklas. koel. so hierdie een lyk soos die goedkoopste prys,ongeveer $ 1,961 GPB. dus een, nege, ses, een. en dit lyk asof dit gelyk is,$ 2,460 USD. dus wat ek nou gaan doen, is om alles uit te sluit. Ek gaan eintlik,na .. Ek gaan my blaaidata skoonmaak. Sommige mense redeneer dit basies,die skoonmaak van u blaai-data kan verhoed dat die lugdienste weet waar u is,gewees, dus verander die prys nie … of dit kan nie styg of nie,verlaag u prys, of wat ook al. dus is daar n debat oor hierdie onderwerp. Ek dink,Ek gaan die versigtige kant uit en vee net my soekgeskiedenis uit. dus daarom,,as hulle my dophou, het hulle nie nou n opsie nie. laat ons maar in elk geval teruggaan,kajak toe. voordat ek dit doen, wil ek my VPN na die Verenigde State oorskakel. en,let op dat ek dit oorskakel na die gebied wat die naaste aan my bestemming is, dit is,die Florida Keys. laat ons nou weer kajak toe. klik op vlugte.,gaan van Londen … na … waar? Key West.,Key West. en dan gaan ons dieselfde datum kies, wat 1 November was,deur die 30ste. Ons gaan op die goedkoopste klik . en dit lyk soos die goedkoopste,vlug is ongeveer $ 531 USD. en nou gaan ons eintlik na sake kyk,klas ook. die goedkoopste vlug wat ek nou beskikbaar het, is,$ 2.591 dollar. so toe ek die Verenigde gebruik … die,VPN in die Verenigde Koninkryk, vir besigheidsklas , het dit geblyk dat die prys was,$ 2,459 USD. en dit toon $ 2,591 USD,dus het ons twee, vyf, nege, een, minus twee, vyf of twee, vier, ses, nul.,twee, vier, ses, nul, is gelyk aan .. dus $ 131 USD. so in hierdie spesifieke scenario is dit,eintlik goedkoper as n Amerikaner in die Verenigde State was en hul VPN verander het,na n bediener in die Verenigde Koninkryk en dit sou hulle eerder die prys gegee het,dan hierdie prys. en dit sou u 131 dollar bespaar deur letterlik op a te klik,knoppie, wat ongelooflik is. en as ons na hierdie geval kyk, $ 514 USD,vir vliegtuigkaartjies in die algemene klas met die IP van die Verenigde Koninkryk,adres. so 531 – 514 is ongeveer $ 17. dus sou u ongeveer $ 17 USD bespaar,deur net weer op die knoppie te klik voordat u n vliegtuigkaartjie gekoop het.,so redelik gaaf, nie waar nie? u bespaar net $ 17 op n gewone ekonomievlug of $ 131,as u n sakeklasvlug gekies het. ure gisteraand en dit,oggend het ek soveel vlugte oor die hele wêreld deursoek met behulp van tallose VPN,adresse in verskillende lande. en eintlik het ek uitgevind dat daar geen is nie,magiese IP-adres of geen magiese land nie. vir voorbeeld jy kan nie net draai die VPN om,hierdie bediener in hierdie land en dan kry u die beste prys. helaas, dit is,nie hoe dit werk nie. as dit wel gebeur, sal almal daarvan weet en dan die lugdiens,sou verander. u moet aanhou klik en u moet voortgaan om u IP te skakel,adres om die stelsel te mislei. en in hierdie spesifieke scenario lyk dit of jy,is in die Verenigde State en u skakel u IP-adres na die Verenigde Koninkryk,,jy wen. as ek aanhou om hierdie spesifieke video te soek en te soek, kan ek,kon n ander IP- adres vind wat n beter prys opgelewer het. Ek,wou jou net n vinnige voorbeeld gee. die pryse wat ek vandag hier gespaar het,spesifieke video is heeltemal normaal. dit gaan oor die normale besparing. kan u red,meer as wat ek jou vandag gewys het? hel ja! albei gisteraand en dit,Ek het oggend meer as $ 1.000 dollar per kaartjie bespaar toe ek verskillende IP-toestelle gebruik,adresse van regoor die wêreld. die werklikheid is dat IP-adresse,verander die prys van die kaartjie absoluut . jy hoef net aan te hou klik,bestel een wat regtig n goeie prys toon. n ander kantnota wat ek het,om dit vir jou te sê, is eintlik as jy op soek is na n spesifieke kaartjie en dan,u verander u IP-adres om na dieselfde vlug te kyk, soms die,prys verander nie. okay soms doen dit soms nie. maar ek wil,sê jy, jy moet na die groter prentjie kyk. die groter prentjie is daar,was soveel vlugte dat ek op hierdie IP-adres gesoek het en toe ek dit gebruik het,verskillende IP-adresse met n VPN, die ligte van,die aanvanklike soektog het nie verskyn nie. jy kon hulle nie vind nie! dit maak nie saak nie,hoe ver ek onder die loep geneem het dat hulle nie hiermee kon koop nie,verskillende IP-adres. en dit wys jou dus regtig dat die hele algoritme is,verander op grond van waar u soek . sommige lande kry hierdie pryse,,sommige lande kry hierdie pryse. sommige lande kry hierdie vlugte, ander,lande kry hierdie vlugte. nou was die meerderheid van hulle beskikbaar op albei.,maar oor en oor het ek vlugte gesien wat hier was, maar ons is,nie hier nie. so dit laat my glo dat daar baie aan die gang is agter die,tonele. lugrederye sê die vlugmeta-enjins moet voorkom word,sekere lande kry toegang tot sekere vlugte. as daar n rede is,dit, ek is nie seker nie. maar as u die geld volg, vind u dit waarskynlik,antwoorde. my beste raaiskoot is dat dit met kommissie te make het. ja? die lugdiens doen dit,of wil nie n sekere bedrag van die kommissie aan hierdie spesifieke betaal nie,metasearch-enjinonderneming. en dit raak net vreemd agter die skerms. so dit is,basies al wat ek daaroor weet. die algoritme verander bo en behalwe die,prys wat verander. daar is nou gratis VPNs wat u kan gebruik. doen ek,beveel hulle aan? geen! ok bly weg van hierdie dinge! om n paar verskillende redes.,hoofsaaklik sekuriteit. nommer een is daar klein klein VPN-ondernemings,gratis basies. en as u dit soms gebruik, word u met n gebombardeer,advertensies. ander kere is die kodering nie baie sterk nie. of dit … hierdie mense kan,tik die sleutel in om toegang te verkry tot dit wat u op soek is,internet omdat niemand hulle beheer nie. hulle word nie deur iemand beheer nie. Dit,kan n ou in sy kelder wees en net almal se internet kyk,verkeer. dit is regtig vreemd. bly weg van gratis VPNs. maar die groter prentjie is,dat as u n gratis VPN gebruik, onthou, u gaan uitcheck,binnekort, reg? jy gaan sensitiewe inligting gebruik. jou naam, jou,adres en u kredietkaartinligting. wil u regtig n gratis gebruik?,Skynprivaatnetwerk wanneer iemand eintlik in u geïnkripteer verkeer kan inbreek en toegang kan verkry,tot al u vertroulike inligting? geen! bly weg van hierdie ondernemings soos die,plaag. u het n maatskappy nodig waarvan die vaste vaste liggame is. dus, om die maatskappy te gebruik wat,Ek gebruik al n lang tyd, en het eintlik in hierdie spesifieke video gebruik,,gaan na SoloTravel365.com/vpn. dit sal u eintlik aanstuur na hul bladsy,sodat

The Early Show – Save $$ over holidays: Fly alternative airlines


if you still havent booked your holiday,air travel thats a good thing because,we have some alternative airlines for,you not household names but they could,be big money savers travel editor Peter,Greenberg is here to tell us a little,bit more about airlines that are flying,under the radar right in the pie and,they really are me theyve been around,for quite some time over about 15 years,but have you heard of allegiant air or,Visionnaire or porter air they fly all,over America up to north north america,including canada but people arent aware,of them because of where they fly,because of where they find meaning they,fly places that are not convenient a lot,of American communities either dont,have very good air services i dont have,it at all and thats what they picked,out as their targets who flies from,Champaign Illinois who flies from,allentown PA who flies some myrtle beach,or even places like Grand Rapids thats,where Allegiant and vision have targeted,and thats where theyre flying so,thats seemed so obviously for this to,work for you need to be in areas that,they serve but for areas near with this,or areas near when they serve but also I,mean is this the kind of airline we,dont hear a lot about because its not,convenient in terms of flight times our,flight availability well they got smart,about this they know they couldnt,compete by flying five times a day or,even five times a week so Allegiant may,fly from from Grand Rapids to Las Vegas,thats what thats where theyre based,in Las Vegas maybe twice a week but,those are the people who want to fly it,and they take that flight because you,can save money so give me an idea how,much can we say well for example if,youre going from orlando to to,Allentown Pennsylvania not that youre,going tomorrow but the point is on delta,airlines its like six hundred and ten,dollars with with the with Allegiant,its 304 or yeah or your grand rapids to,las vegas four dollars on us they are,two hundred and seventy dollars on,allegiant thats amazing especially if,you have an entire family be applying,for the holidays right now Louisville,Kentucky to a Labatts out to Atlanta,359 dollars on Delta because Deltas,based in Atlanta but vision 238 dollars,so and there are savings in there are,savings theres also one airline in,particular you like I think you,mentioned earlier but you like this,specifically for business travelers,thats Porter yes theyre a relatively,new airline theyre based in Toronto but,they fly to Boston they fly into newark,and they fly to chicago they fly to 16,other cities in Canada but if youre,going lets say from New York to Toronto,thats a 600 our airfare which averages,out on airlines,American as low as 200 forty-eight,dollars on Porter but heres the coolest,part of this they fly to one of the,coolest urban airports in the world they,dont fly to Pearson which would cost,you two hours in traffic to get to,downtown Toronto they fly to this little,Billy Bishop Island Airport next to,downtown Toronto you literally land at,the airport and three minutes later,youre in town thats fantastic you,cant beat I have to actually before we,go so the deals sound great in terms of,the airfare what about when youre in,the air because we talk so much these,days about what you dont get when you,fly what kind of amenities do they have,or not have onboard amenities Im just,checking people always wanted to whats,your definition of a great flight you my,answer is when you landed the point is,theyre flying state-of-the-art,airplanes this is nothing like,fly-by-night stuff Porter actually gives,you a meal on the flight to Toronto,which is amazing when you consider its,a snack but the point is its only a,30-minute flight when you actually have,the real our time in there so bottom,line is its its basically good service,its going to places that most people,cant get to but need to go and the,price is right all right well take it,Peter thanks always good to have you,you

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