1. Amazon Halo View review: A $80 Fitbit competitor
  2. Why Im BLOWN AWAY by the Amazon Halo | Honest Review
  3. Review: Amazon Halo View. #1 problem. #blackfriday #sale#Broken. 2023 redo
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Amazon Halo View review: A $80 Fitbit competitor

amazons newest fitness tracker the halo,view is a worthy competitor to fitbit,its not perfect but it has everything,youd want from a basic fitness tracker,but to unlock its full potential youll,need to subscribe to amazons digital,wellness service which is also called,halo so is the whole package worth it,lets find out,[Music],this is the halo view and amazon sells,it for 80,it comes with a one-year membership to,the companys digital wellness service,which usually costs four dollars a month,if youre familiar with the original,wristband that came out last year youll,notice this new one doesnt look,anything like the original halo band,thats because the halo view has a,screen while the original band was,mostly just a bracelet with sensors,inside amazon made a few other changes,too theres no more microphone inside,the band for analyzing the tone of your,voice which was one of the biggest,features on the original band instead,youll need to use the app on your phone,if you want amazon to tell you how you,sound but just like the original its,really amazons digital wellness service,thats at the core of the halo,experience thats why amazon is also,launching new fitness and nutrition,programs to go with it the halo view,checks a lot of the boxes youd want,from a basic fitness tracker especially,for less than a hundred dollars,but the big question is whether youre,willing to commit to paying four dollars,a month for a halo subscription since,many of the fitness bands best features,require a membership amazon is also,entering a really crowded space and its,going to be hard to make the halo view,stand out,other than its cheap price im still,waiting to be wowed by amazons approach,to fitness tracking when i tried the,original halo band one of my biggest,complaints was that it didnt have a,screen the idea was that you wouldnt be,burdened with distractions from your,phone while that may be true i feel like,anything worn on the wrist that isnt,jewelry should at least be able to tell,you the time,thankfully amazon changed that with the,halo view theres a color amoled touch,screen that shows the time fitness stats,and text messages you can also set,alarms timers and stopwatches the,interface itself is pretty basic and,easy to navigate from the home screen,swipe to the left or right to check your,heart rate activity points steps,calories and sleep quality swipe up or,down from the home screen to access the,settings menu set alarms or timers view,more details about your health data take,a blood oxygen reading or start a,workout you can press the home button to,navigate backwards or end a workout,overall this makes the halo view feel a,lot more useful i do understand the,appeal of not being burdened with,notifications from your phone all day,but for me being able to check my heart,rate and calories and the time during a,workout are much more important and,since you can only receive text,notifications i feel like this is the,right balance of still being more useful,without being drowned in notifications,my only complaints it took a little bit,of fiddling around before i realized,that the rounded rectangle below the,screen was actually the home button that,made it hard to end workouts and get,back to the home screen at first and,text can sometimes be hard to read since,the font size on the screen is small in,terms of design the halo view looks like,a basic fitness tracker its light and,sleek enough to comfortably wear all day,but its not going to win any points for,style however its really amazons app,and four dollars a month service thats,meant to be the star of the show in the,main feed of the app youll see the most,important information at the top like,your health stats and reminders tied to,any programs youre enrolled in im,trying out two programs right now one to,help me stop snacking at night and,another to help me cut down on carbs,there are also more insights about your,data and information about how amazons,features work as you scroll down,in the data tab which is the home for,all of your health data there are tiles,for each metric at the top and you can,tap in to see more information and you,can also find new workouts and programs,in the discover feed im not sure how,amazon curates the discover page but so,far the feed seems to be personalized to,my own experience in a few ways you can,see there are sleep meditation,suggestions at the top since my sleep,score hasnt been so great lately,theres also a section down here for no,equipment workouts which falls in line,with the types of workouts ive been,doing so far through the halo app,now lets talk about a feature thats,unique to the halo,in the live tab of amazons app you can,analyze the tone of your voice to see,how you sound when youre speaking to,others simply press this button to start,and amazon will analyze how positive or,negative you sound and how much energy,is in your voice when i tried this,amazon told me i sounded curious and,interested but also skeptical this isnt,a new feature this was also on the,previous halo band but the execution is,a lot different this time around,in the old band there were microphones,actually located inside the band itself,so that you could have the option to,have amazon passively monitor your voice,throughout the day to tell you how you,sound i think this is an improvement,thats really going to make people feel,more comfortable from a privacy,standpoint but at the same time i can,see how it can make the feature a little,bit less effective since you have to,make the conscious decision to analyze,your voice in the app that means youre,aware when the analysis is happening and,you might not speak as naturally as you,would without knowing you can also see,battery life manage notifications and,download or delete your health data in,the settings tab,now that youve seen the app and the,kinds of metrics that the halo view can,track,youre probably wondering how it,actually holds up during a workout but,first its important to understand,whats included with the membership and,whats included without the membership,without a subscription,you can track basic metrics like steps,heart rate calories burned activity,sessions and sleep duration but you need,a subscription to unlock deeper insights,and more features that includes amazons,full library of fitness workout and,nutrition programs and some of the halo,views best features,one of my favorite things about the halo,view is its weekly activity score,instead of setting a daily goal like,apples activity rings amazon challenges,you to meet a weekly objective this is,great because if there is a day where i,feel like i need to recover or maybe i,didnt get enough sleep i can still do a,light activity like going for a brisk,walk and i still feel like im,contributing to my goal whereas with the,apple watches daily activity rings if i,only go for a walk im not going to,close my rings and it almost feels like,a waste if youre hoping to take,advantage of amazon specific features,like its body fat estimator tool or the,voice analysis feature that we mentioned,earlier youll also need a halo,membership the good news is that the,halo view comes with a free one-year,subscription so you can try all of these,things out before deciding if you want,to commit and at four dollars per month,amazon service is a lot cheaper than,fitbit premium or apple fitness plus,both of which cost ten dollars per month,amazon is also adding a lot of new,content to its halo service and one,example of that is its new fitness,videos in addition to aggregating videos,from partners like aptiv and orange,theory amazon is also now making its own,studio workouts which makes it more,competitive with apple and peloton,ive been trying out amazons hit and,core workouts and so far they seem well,produced the trainers are energetic and,the workouts themselves are challenging,there are a few areas where apples more,expensive program outshines amazons,apples workouts have more of a focus on,modi

Why Im BLOWN AWAY by the Amazon Halo | Honest Review

whats up guys welcome back to startup utv before  we start reviewing the amazon halo make sure to  ,like this video hit subscribe comment below uh  as you guys know i talk a lot about biometric  ,devices i think its the business owners best  friend its like having gauges in your car when  ,youre running full speed and youre a type a  entrepreneur you need to know whats going on  ,you need to know youre running low on fuel and so  im always trying new devices i want to see whats  ,out there whats the latest and greatest ive done  a lot of those videos so if you want to check more  ,of those out make sure you do so on this channel  but you can only do that if you subscribe and hit  ,that bell for notifications all right so lets  talk about the amazon halo so first impressions  ,holy wow uh this thing im very very impressed i  just did a review on the whoop so i would compare  ,it its most similar to the whoop strap theres  a couple things that i can tell already that  ,i can tell im gonna like this better and then  theres some things that are kind of concerning  ,like this thing is listening to me and telling  me what my tone is so were going to get to that  ,stick around early impressions are one of the more  modern ones i just talked about the garmin fenix 6  ,crazy old school right the thing was like from  the 80s its ridiculous the interface just  ,everything about it connecting it i love garmin  i wasnt completely overwhelmed with this product  ,im very impressed so far with halo and getting  it started and getting things going on this  ,thing its extremely modern its going to be a  super super easy process for you to go through  ,take it out get it hooked up get it connected the  app is extremely seamless you download it and its  ,simple it walks you through the process they send  you kind of instructions but its pretty much just  ,download the app and go from there thats about  it and thats pretty much all you should ever need  ,with devices nowadays theres no reason you should  need any more than that and this is the case  ,for this as well now i did uh take note of this  charger uh and i mentioned in the whoop video that  ,i didnt like there were multiple components to it  i like being able to plug directly into the device  ,to be able to charge it because i dont want to  have to lose or have to track down a device and  ,then go have it replaced some of the devices  ive used before uh the way you charge them  ,again multiple components or you have to take it  apart and then you kind of like just let it sit in  ,the charging port and it falls out or it gets lost  and all these various things its just kind of a  ,pain in the butt and you got enough stuff to track  right so why have another thing to track this is  ,like a little clamp its pretty interesting  its like a like a you could literally use it  ,you could double it as a potato chips right put  on your potato chips when youre not charging  ,your device uh its pretty much  what it is right so its got the  ,the sensor in here kind of connects and charges  the wristband and thats pretty interesting so  ,pretty cool im gonna see uh were gonna do like i  do with most of these videos im gonna do part of  ,it like my initial impressions and im gonna wear  it for a few days and then come back and review it  ,and tell you guys what i actually think but so  far one thing i loved about the whoop is the  ,comfort this is more or less the same uh it kind  of feels like one of those old-school like wwjd  ,bands you know like used to wear back in like like  grade school i dont know if youre familiar with  ,those or not but anyways thats kind of what  the material feels like its super lightweight  ,ill give a slight edge and im gonna do a  comparison versus uh the halo i would give a  ,slight edge to the whoop in terms of comfort but  overall i think its great its small i do prefer  ,a little bit of an interface on these specifically  if youre running or doing some kind of exercise  ,i like that my garmin does have a watch face so  i can see what time it is quickly without having  ,to look at my phone or if im running i can see  how many steps that i took without having to go  ,and go into the app doesnt have that it just  records data im going to see how much i enjoy  ,that or how much it bothers me and then in terms  of the app itself so once you get everything  ,connected one thing that i really liked and i  honestly give them the edge over all devices  ,like any device ive ever tried before they do a  phenomenal job of walking you through the process  ,theres interactive videos theres animations  it explains things to you it tells you whats  ,available its its a very interactive experience  in fact im actually going to show you a clip from  ,that first part when you first sign up because i  think its gonna be helpful to help you kind of  ,understand what this device brings okay and then  in terms of actually going through the device so  ,youll see uh its across the top when you first  come in youve got a feed uh and its gonna give  ,you just quick at a glance view so uh heart rate  or i guess its points okay i see what this is  ,this is activity points so its going to tell you  uh how many intense moments you had moderate light  ,and then how much you were sedentary thats a  really big thing it looks like they also give you  ,points for activities youve done and stuff like  that im unsure and im going to find out if this  ,records activities automatically or if it kicks  in after a certain point most devices do that  ,so ill keep you posted on that uh a lot of  really cool things they provide here in terms  ,of additional resources is pretty cool um so its  its gamified its probably the best way to say it  ,across the bottom you can click over to data  so they have something thats cool and this is  ,really important this is something i think is  a real winner with this device in comparison  ,to others and im going to talk more about  this as we continue to go through this video  ,but functional movement is a big deal and we dont  talk about that enough with any of these devices  ,or maybe even at all as a conversation doesnt  happen much functional movement is fantastic  ,movement is is one of the most vital parts of  energy breathing and movement are huge in terms  ,of energy production but also as we get older  we need to be stretching and maintaining good uh  ,functional movement it prevents injuries theres  a plethora of things thats really beneficial for  ,and this actually uses in on how you feel about  this but it uses machine learning over time to  ,take you through some a series of movements  and then give you a score based off of how well  ,youre moving ive worked with functional  medicine practitioners and and this is we  ,do this these kind of things together so the  fact that youre getting that with this device  ,thats really intuitive thats so far advanced in  comparison to the devices that ive tried thats  ,a real real plus as far as im concerned you go to  the discover tab across the bottom and youve got  ,a variety of different things i really like this  and this kind of makes it worth it potentially  ,meaning the way this is set up you pay  a hundred dollars up front and then its  ,a few dollars a month i think its like a 1.99  or 2.99 or something like that you know im gonna  ,look in and make sure there might be tiers im  gonna as i go through this im gonna research  ,a little bit more so ill fill you in on that but  what i love is that there are programs you can go  ,through and looks like theyre adding new stuff  all the time so theres workout programs theres  ,stretching programs theres uh sleep programs  you can listen to headspace has a soundtrack  ,on here which is really smart i saw orange theory  they have a program on here theres hit workouts  ,so theoretically speaking i know a lot of people  struggle with this because theyre like i dont  ,have a gym membership or some

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Review: Amazon Halo View. #1 problem. #blackfriday #sale#Broken. 2023 redo

okay today guys were gonna be,unboxing the Halo view so Ive had the,regular Halo,um for about a year now I think I got,that one right away,this just came out I think last week and,had a few features that if you watch,this,um if you watch the review on the,original Halo a couple of the features,that I mentioned that I would like to,see the big one was a a watch face right,so we can know what time it is instead,of wearing this thing that doesnt tell,you anything,so so far I know you can at least do,that I dont know what else they did as,I havent opened it yet,so,nice looking watch,see what the box says small steps big,goals you got this okay oh theres the,directions welcome to Halo a couple,things it says on the box uh tracks your,activity movement get a personalized,plan designed to improve the way you,move so thats one thing that Amazon has,added in the last year is that uh Kelly,starrette hes a movement specialist he,had the,uh mobility wad was the name of his,program from Crossfit San Francisco and,it was a lot of mobilizing fixing the,way you move to reduce pain injury all,that good stuff so now they have if,video your positions and then they give,you a personalized,um mobilities to help you get a little,better which is pretty cool analyze your,sleep patterns theres tons of different,programs on there to change that as well,and then a ever-growing library of,expert-backed workouts for us theres,tons of workouts if you dont have a,workout program,they have it all covered and you can,watch some of that stuff in the original,view uh the original Halo,um,review,Im not going to get into that today Im,just going to more were gonna more look,at like whats new with this one,all right so well take the little time,sticker off,hopefully this things charged,probably not,so they give you a band its more of a,sport band so I bought the sport band on,the uh original,Halo,so right off the bat its about,ah,a couple millimeters thinner than the,old one I dont know if,you see that there you go,thats kind of nice so its even already,smaller,the band has a bit of a taper as well,this ones just a straight band so a,little more a little more stylish band,here,looks pretty good okay what else we got,in here,the charger,so these Chargers are cool they clip on,so this ones going to clip on like this,and so it holds it while it charges,um makes it super easy to put it uh you,dont have to plug it in or anything,like that just Clips right onto it,little stickers that say you got this,small step,Big Goal start here keep going,I dont think I dont think anybody is,going to stick these on anything just,saying kind of silly,all right directions barely meet Halo,first things first using Halo view ways,to get started,and welcome to Halo membership so they,give you a free membership for I think,six months when you buy these,um theyre not that expensive I think,this was 69.99 I dont know if theyve,stayed with that price lets find out,because I know I bought mine uh,right when they made them available the,day they made them available on Amazon,yeah 79.99 okay,accessory band you can buy different,bands uh 14.99 so thats,looks like thats the only accessories,right now,for The View,there were three colors you could get,pink black or green I really like this,green one its pretty cool definitely a,fun color,all right so were gonna plug this thing,in let it charge and well be back all,right weve let this thing charge for a,little bit it did power up while it was,charging,not sure if its on now,there you go so you have to,give it a couple Taps and it says C app,for setup,so,I went into this I went into the uh Halo,app just to see I want to see how,accurate they are how how um,similar they are,and what Im gonna do is check the heart,rate on this one then we can kind of,compare with the heart rate on that one,lets see Im gonna start an activity,live the nice thing I think this things,going to show your heart rate,um while youre wearing it which will be,very nice its actually what what I,really wanted,and,come on,start an activity here,Live start,so talking and whatnot Im at 66 beats,per minute roughly 70 somewhere in that,neighborhood just under 70.,so were gonna have to put,I think Im gonna have to deactivate,this band,go into the app and change the actual,band I have to remove my previous band,and add this one so lets see where that,gets us were going to go to settings,Halo band and were going to deregister,that band remove band,and sign out so hopefully I dont lose,all my info,okay Im gonna go set up our band I have,no idea,I will go with that there we go,so its asking us all the stuff how tall,are you whats your weight so hopefully,this things not gonna make me,its not gonna clear all my my data,hopefully I could just change into this,other one,sending me a code,verified,ah okay,so its showing Halo view or Halo plug,charger in,close the clip its telling me prepare,ah okay,request,says do not pair through your phones,Bluetooth setting,all right so this thing is going,link Amazon Halo view yep,its working updating updating welcome,to Halo membership this includes 12,months of membership so its a free year,so my guess is theyre going to come out,with one of these every year I aint,probably never gonna have to pay for it,uh when you do have to pay for,membership,unless they change it it was three,dollars a month which is awesome,um and,you dont need membership itll still do,your heart rate your sleep all that,stuff I think its just you dont you,cant get the programs that they offer,like youre not going to get the uh,Mobility work customized probably the,access to the many different programs,fitness programs and whatnot,diet programs all kinds of stuff,its just installing updates,says it could take up to 10 minutes,so well see,all right it is done loading I took,about I dont know maybe 10 minutes I,doubt it though so now is this place,band around blah blah blah,asks which um which hand youre placing,it on so Im doing my left,I dont really like this type of clasp,with the button thing on the bottom its,kind of weird,I feel like I cant really tighten this,down very well,I really really dont like this,maybe Im just stupid,there we go okay I am just stupid all,right,there it is so were on,and it tells you exactly how to do that,for idiots like me that dont know how,to put one of these wristbands on,because I dont own an Apple Watch okay,finish setting up,yeah we got you,it is sinking,it is saying its 351 hopefully that,changes,that is not the proper time,lets go 351 you give it a couple Taps,to wake it up,and,everything looks good here lets see,well go live,uh we dont want tone we dont want tone,I dont want tone,set up later there we go skip setup,yeah come on now,data discover,maybe live is only tone Now set up tone,continue,read out loud Im not reading no I dont,want to do that okay were gonna log out,of there,okay its syncing uh the dates right,except the time is incorrect so I have,to figure out how to change the time,settings,were going to assume that its going to,fix that eventually,all right it is synced all right I cant,go live on that so lets see lets see,what the options are here,okay so we just double tap it the screen,comes on and then we could swipe,to the side if we swipe to the left once,weve got the heart rate,lets say its at 74 beats per minute,lets see it just disappeared,ah hit right here ah okay swipe wants 76,beats per minute thats probably about,right its dropping pretty quick right,now,and lets see Ill sit still,was pretty calm before,right now Im not as calm okay I just,touched it and it came back up to the,heart rate screen so thats good if,youre going quick check,and Im sure that kind of keeps the,battery from dying,just trying to get this to drop down to,where that one was,you know were down into 66 65. okay so,that seems pretty good,its got your points for the day,its got your steps for the day,calories burned thats good,um thats going to be huge having it on,the watch,

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Amazon Halo Band in 2022

thank you,[Music],welcome back it is,late 2022 and I am,late to this party but I thought I would,review the Amazon Halo band because it,was on a steep discount and,who doesnt love a bargain especially in,the fitness Realm if youre new to the,channel my name is Jesse and here we,review Fitness tools for graybeards and,the soon to be gray beards and I do mean,tools because you know in your garage,maybe your Matco guy or maybe youre a,Milwaukee guy or a Hitachi guy,and with your Fitness tools maybe youre,a Garmin guy or a Apple guy or gal,maybe youre more like a Harbor Freight,or a hyper tough,and in that vein,here we go,Amazon Halo band this ones going to be,fun,[Music],were going to talk about the hardware,were going to talk about the software,were going to talk about some of the,unique and interesting and novel takes,on Fitness that this band has,the tldr is theres some really neat,things in here buried in a pile of with,that in mind if youre finding this,entertaining or informative or helpful,please go ahead and hit that like And,subscribe button itll help this channel,grow itll help me to do more of these,things help me to provide you more,valuable information on Fitness tools,which ones are the right ones for you,and how to use them on the hardware note,this is a reasonably compact band,let me try and get this thing off of,here I have a sport band that I put on,it,Ill show you some,little close-ups here,but it has the optical heart rate sensor,on one side a button on this side some,LEDs as well as some microphones for one,of those unique features were going to,talk about,its lightweight its compact if youre,looking for something like this youre,specifically looking for something that,does not have a screen overall that,parts pretty good there were some,questionable Hardware choices like the,charging mechanism you have to clip it,in this,little thingy,oops didnt mean to do that,if I didnt know better I would think it,was a,pulse oximeter or something and its a,pain to get seated,dont really care for that,so really,I dont,yeah thats what I think about that,charging thing other things on the,hardware it came with it comes with the,kind of velcro loop I have wide palms,and it really is hard for me to get one,that will get around my palms and then,still cinch down on my wrist so I got,one of these,they sell them extra,and its kind of a weird proprietary,connector why do they all have to do,that I dont know,you just know you get that in the Box,your charger a couple of documentation,so Hardware lets talk about battery,life with the tone feature which is one,of those things were going to talk,about turned on you get maybe two to,three days,with it turned off youll get probably,closer to a week of battery life which,isnt too bad for this kind of device,could be better considering it doesnt,have a screen now lets talk about the,app because really the experience with,this device is well the app and all the,features that Amazon is trying to throw,at you honestly if Weight Watchers was,going to build a wearable and provide a,wearable app,I think you find out what it would look,like real quick it has tons of stuff in,there it is very Amazon they throw,everything in the kitchen sink in there,its like the everything store of an app,and thats the real problem its got a,couple of neat ideas but it is totally,lacking in focus,so you come into the feed page,and its just its its recipes its,workouts its meditation its it theres,just its just its too much you know,what why dont I just get in this app,and I will show you kind of what Im,talking about here,so when you first get into this app,heres the feed page,uh,save your favorites I dont know,insights yeah thats kind of nice uh,okay inside its my resting heart rate,recipes featured workouts okay okay,more recipes,um okay thats for sure Ive got some,quick information across the top,we go to the data page okay so heres my,data,um,oh its not going to give me a bunch of,crap right here unless I go into lets,go to my activity let me delve into the,activity oh more stuff,there is more,feed stuff okay create why is that here,I dont know I can of course then,theres a discover so isnt the feed the,Discover theres a discover and theres,a feed feed discover,are you with me here,then theres live so if I want to live,track,so heart rate and tone now that Ive,talked about the hot mess of an app for,the most part one more thing on the hot,mess of an app so you remember how I,said if,Weight Watchers made a,Fitness tracker well if I go to my,settings and then I go through,let me find it here,tone goals heart rate account linking,Ive got Weight Watchers John Hancock,vitality and go 365. I have no idea what,the other two are but I do know what,Weight Watchers is,I dont do points folks I dont do,points,so,app hot mess tone we were just talking,about a little bit more on the tone,so the general idea is you read a,several passages you know,it was the best of times it was the,worst of times blah blah blah and it,kind of gets a tone map of your voice,and then the microphones are listening,and well provide you some feedback on,how you potentially sound to other,people now I do think its targeted to,people like me,you know its kind of the,digital Nanny about hey dont be a dick,so lets try a a positive tone so you,know I think this is pretty good advice,I like it I like it its uh its reading,me uh its,its not giving me anything right now,what if I say that this is kind of sad,and sorry and I dont know now its,failing oh,but maybe if I really like it and I,think its really cool there we go what,if I said it was bad,if it worked I know this can be a creepy,function for some people but if it,worked it would be pretty nice,so last weekend over the holiday weekend,lets just say it wasnt a nice weekend,in the cleaver household,we had to put a dog down for Behavioral,issues and it,you know thats not a fun time if if,youve been through that and so there,were some heated discussions over the,weekend about whether we should or,shouldnt,and it didnt pick up,any of them but,it didnt pick up,you know what it should have picked up,and,reminded me later about hey dont be a,you know so theres that,the other novel idea that this might,stick around in my toolbox for is the,body mass index in the body fat tool so,you can use the app and a camera on your,phone and it will ask you to kind of set,it down on a,surface roughly waist level pointing at,you and allows you to take some pictures,in a couple of poses,front back and sides and it purports to,provide a better more accurate body fat,measurement than a scale with that built,in,that you would you know a consumer grade,scale that you would have in a home,it did measure a few percent higher than,my Withings body fat scale so I would,rather go by the Withings number but it,was higher,and its got this neat function where,you can kind of use a slider to go back,and forth and see how you might look in,a digital rendering with more or less,body fat so thats pretty cool so thats,one of the novel takes the tone is a,novel take if it works another one of,the neat features is the movement score,and it is meant to assess your,flexibility or your Mobility,Again by setting the camera down and,pointing it at yourself while it directs,you through some movements which I will,show you here,and while youre doing these movements,its doing whatever it does to assess,your overall strength flexibility,Mobility whatever that might be in your,shoulders your hips your knees Etc,and it told me the lowest area or my,weakest point was my hips which is,actually pretty spot on because Id been,doing a lot of running and I was very,tight in the hips and,so I it was there it was right that was,pretty cool so I do like that part,whether you do or dont like some of,those other features thats a neat thing,and it gives you some exercises that you,can do to improve wherever your weak,point is,so we talked about the hardware which is,okay its not ba

Amazon Halo View Review. It’s cheap AND GREAT???

im not gonna waste too much of your,time im just gonna come out and say it,i really like this device i will say,that this is going to be an excellent,wearable and fitness tracker for a lot,of you out there but not so much for a,few of you are you really serious about,your fitness,your resting heart rate your hrv your,recovery is of the utmost importance to,you or are you maybe an avid runner,somebody that needs to track a lot of,miles have pace time and gps well this,is probably not the device for you but,if youre focused on improving a wide,range of health metrics this 89,follow-up to the original halo might,just be perfect its an incredible piece,of technology with very little downside,so lets take a deep dive into what,makes this budget friendly piece of tech,so cool,i believe a good piece of technology,should make your life better and the,data it provides should not get in your,way and if that data is coming from a,wearable thats supposed to help you,make healthier choices well then that,data has to be easy to understand as,well i tested the fitbit sense a while,back and for 300 plus dollars at the,time,i was disappointed to say the least the,app was cluttered and unintuitive the,watch itself was clunky and unresponsive,i would have to tap tap tap or swipe,multiple times for my gesture or action,to be registered thats what im talking,about the device shouldnt get in your,way i felt like the device was a,bottleneck between me and improvement so,when i saw that the amazon halo now had,a screen and it was only 89 bucks i,thought there was no way it could be any,good but i was wrong other than my,iphone and maybe my ipad pro this is the,most responsive touch screen ive,probably got in my house every tap and,swipe does exactly what its supposed to,do the first time the screen is bright,enough the icons are easy to understand,and the animations are nice there are no,physical buttons on the halo view but,still navigating your way around the,menu and the device itself is really,easy to understand you can either tap on,this button on the face or raise to wake,the halo view from there its just a,matter of swipes left or right and up,and down to navigate the menu all of the,most important metrics you would want to,see while on the go are right here,lets quickly dive into that menu,swiping left we have sleep calories,steps activity and heart rate swiping,down you have data,exercise,tools,and settings,each of these categories have subfolders,in which you can access things like,measuring your blood oxygen saturation,you can start and specify a kind of,workout youre going to do different,alarms your stopwatch sync your data,turn on night mode change your watch,face and check your battery life there,are more too thats actually just a few,of them speaking of the app its,honestly one of the best and easiest uis,for fitness tracker ive ever used,everything is simply laid out theres no,clutter and its very easy to navigate,and understand i wish all apps were more,like this okay so even though its,simple it is expansive there is a lot,going on here and amazon has put a lot,of thought into the features and info,that you would want to see most when,trying to make some healthier choices,not only will you get all of the info on,your activity for the day week and month,including calories burned steps taken,points earned well get more into that,info here in just a bit but youll also,have access to features no other,wearable is offering like real-time tone,analysis,body composition measurements and,movement assessments plus with your,membership youve got an entire,dedicated section to nutrition meal,planning and a plethora of workout,programs now the feed is where youll,see all of this data the top row will,have your points for the day thats your,activity along with your points for the,week right underneath it then your steps,calories burned for the day and your,prior night sleep score out of a hundred,in the top right hand corner youll see,your battery life so heres the deal,with the points amazon is making,exercising and fitness a whole lot,easier by simplifying the process,for every bit of activity no matter how,easy or intense its accounted for and,given a point value with the goal of,hitting 150 points for the week think of,it like the 10 000 steps in a day metric,only a little better and each intensity,zone is given a point value intense,getting two points per minute moderate,getting one point per minute and light,getting one point for every 20 minutes,but you can also lose points for being,sedentary so if youre not doing,anything for too long it will deduct a,point why because being sedentary and,leading a sedentary lifestyle increases,your chance for things like heart,disease essentially,amazon has turned exercising and fitness,into a game and anytime you can gamify,something uh youre going to increase,the likelihood of you sticking with it,and making progress are you trying to,find more inspiration for getting out,and exercising well scrolling a little,further down you can access a,smorgasbord of fitness programs based on,your likes and needs so if you want to,do a bar program you can do that heres,a three-week program for an intermediate,level person,or heres a 30-day lengthen and tone,program do you got some tight tissues,and need to improve your mobility great,there are three related mobility,programs right at your fingertips lets,say i find a strength program i like,when i select it it will bring up an,introductory video that gives me an idea,of what i can expect if i were to do,that program lets check out focus,strength everyone welcome to this focus,strength program im michael hildebrand,and im sarah wolgelmath lets get our,new year started off right building,strength through healthy habits and new,routines sarah and i are going to,alternate weeks where well be coaching,you through strength workouts that focus,on specific movement patterns in each,workout together michael and i will,teach the new years day workout which,is arguably the best workout of the year,as you can see,just the content alone for increasing,your activity is incredible i have been,a health and fitness professional now,for man nearly 20 years currently right,now im running my 10-week coaching,group thats where i work with,individuals one-on-one in all aspects of,their life to help them make more,healthy improvements a critical focus,and foundation of this program is,improving their sleep you see sleep,regulates nearly every function in the,human body both mental and physical halo,view understands that and actually gives,you a lot of useful tools to make,positive change if we click on sleep,youll see your sleep score thats the,big number and to the right of that,youll see your actual time of sleep,your time to fall asleep or sleep,latency and your time spent awake now,below that is a hypnogram thats simply,a diagram that shows you how long you,were in each stage of sleep below that,youll see how it works so what your,sleep score means what makes a good,nights sleep how to interpret your,hypnogram and programs to help you sleep,better lets check out the wide array of,sleep programs scrolling down you can,see a ton of different meditations and,programs to improve your relaxation,each of these have a program length in,the top right hand corner at the bottom,of the description youll see what the,program improves,some help you fall asleep faster while,some just improve the overall quality of,your sleep lets click on the nightly,meditation program ive already started,each day has a video and once youve,watched the video entirely the program,and its progress will automatically,update scrolling down you can set a,reminder notification so you wont,forget and below that are all the,details to the program and finally what,the program impacts,improving your sleep is going to lead to,better cognitive and physical,performance its going to boost your,immune system regulate your hormones,better which are

The Amazon Halo | BEST fitness tracker of 2020/2021!?

[Music],[Music],this,is the amazon halo and it could be the,best fitness tracker of,[Music],2020.,[Music],whats up superhumansbt here if you are,new to this channel,first of all welcome i am stoked to have,you i like to create content thats,going to help you move,feel and perform better both mentally,and physically,so if youre into that sort of thing if,that you know floats your boat hit that,subscribe button,well amazon finally threw their hat into,the fitness tracker ring,by introducing this the amazon halo it,has some of the same,old flavors and features that youre,used to but,it also comes the table with some really,interesting new,features and tricks,the amazon halo does track your activity,and it does so,in the same ways that your whoop your,apple watch or your fitbit would,it uses a three axis gyroscope and,accelerometer,in conjunction with your bmr or your,basal metabolic rate,right when you set up your amazon halo,for the first time its going to ask you,for your height,your weight your age and your gender,the halo measures your steps your total,calories burned,your resting and max heart rates but,its also going to measure,how long or how much time you spend in,each,intense uh intensity zone so anything,from,extremely intense all the way down to,sedentary time,and it gives you a point value depending,on how long you spent in each of those,zones,so these intensity ranges are as,following you get two points,for every minute you spend in the,intense activity zone,you get one point per minute for,moderate activity you get one point for,every 20 minutes for,light activity and you subtract a point,for every hour that youre in the,sedentary zone,with a 150 point daily goal,they came to this daily goal via the,recommendations of the world health,organization,the american heart association and the,cdc,now it detects all of this activity but,for whatever reason if you dont have,your amazon halo on you can manually,enter,the activity and if you need ideas for,staying more,active click on the labs section of the,app,there youll be taken to a plethora of,movement styles,all based around things that you are,interested in yoga from open fit,cardio from orange theory and many many,more amazon halo also tracks your sleep,here in the sleep section you just click,on that and its going to give you,a score out of a hundred this number,takes into account,total sleep time the time it took you to,fall asleep,the amount of time that you were awake,and,how much time you spent in each stage of,sleep,a score over 85 typically means you had,a great nights sleep,and anything under 70 you might want to,look at and maybe make some adjustments,have you ever thought i wonder how i,sound to the people i talk to,well now you can amazon halo introduces,tone and tone helps you understand how,you sound to others,when we better understand what makes us,sound the way we do we can make the,choices that improve our relationships,and our relationships have a big impact,on our overall health,amazon halo has a built-in mic and,during the setup process,amazon halo walks you through a set of,six paragraphs that you read,so it can understand your tone and how,you speak,and then it creates a audio profile,it was the best of times it was the,worst of times hes not afraid when it,faces danger true courage,annual an it had no pictures or,conversations in it,then during the conversations that you,have throughout the day,it breaks down those conversations into,tone,categories those categories are amused,excited or delighted content,appreciative,and caring reserved discouraged or,worried and finally,displeased irritated or enraged you can,see here,the conversations today it actually,breaks down the amount of time,i spent in each one of those tone,categories so i spent,one and a half seconds and angry 1.9,seconds in,sad 1.5 seconds and affectionate 7.6,seconds,in condescending 14.1 seconds sounding,irritated,1.5 seconds being uncomfortable 3.5,seconds,and amused now tones aim is to help you,better understand,important trends in your daily,conversation do you consistently wake up,irritated and speak to those around you,in an irritated fashion are the emotions,youre trying to convey being,received accurately this is the first,time ive ever seen,anything like this introduced in a,fitness tracker,and i actually think its really cool,and im excited to see,my trends over the next few weeks and if,youre worried about privacy,and your voices and your voice and your,conversations floating around on the,internet,as a trainer i try to get my clients to,steer clear,from poor ways of measuring health,improvement,[Music],weve been using scales for thousands of,years,but when it comes to measuring our,health weight doesnt tell the whole,story,how do we know if that weight is made up,of muscle or fat,thats where body composition comes in,its clinically proven to be a better,measure of health than a scale alone,body fat is widely considered a much,better barometer,of health and fitness than weight alone,the trick,has always been how do you measure it,accurately and cheaply,using computer vision and advanced,machine learning,amazon halo is actually the first app,based tool that can accurately measure,your body fat,all from the privacy and comfort of your,own home theres no need to schedule a,bod pod or an expensive dexa scan,and no need to have some random person,prodding and poking you,with some calipers yuck heres how it,works,when you click on the body section of,the halo app youre going to be prompted,to use your phones camera to take,several shots from various angles,then the apps machine learning actually,compiles all those files and gives you a,completed scan in about 30 seconds,along with a personalized avatar so you,can track bodily changes,over time how accurate is it well its,twice as accurate,as the smart scales you might have in,your home that use bioimpedance,and its definitely comparable to things,like a bod pod or a dexa scan,also very important these images just,like the,voice scans can be deleted off your,phone and you can also select that you,dont have backups,made and sent to the cloud heres some,other features you might enjoy,that i also found really beneficial,amazon halo does not have a screen so,its battery life can last up to a week,its water resistant so you can take it,in the shower,and its water resistant up to 50 meters,so you dont have to worry about being,in a pool,or anything like that it has a one year,warranty,and as of making this video it was 69.99,with a 399 monthly membership so much,cheaper than almost every other fitness,tracker ive personally tested,and the first six months of that,membership for free alright so,personally,i think the amazon halo is going to be a,home run i really think,its going to be probably the biggest,fitness tracker of 2021.,it does everything i need it to with the,exception of a few things,it doesnt as far as i know it doesnt,measure hrv,and it doesnt measure respiration rate,but if you can get past this,its really well made its super cheap,like its the most affordable fitness,tracker ive personally seen,and it introduces two very cool very,interesting features with,tone and body fat measurements i would,say its form and its function,most closely resemble loop and you can,bet your ass that ill be doing a full,blown comparison,and if thats something you want to see,make sure you hit the subscribe button,if you like this video and you think,others would too please hit the like,button,it makes this video much easier for,others just like you,to find plus it also lets me know what,kind of videos you want to see more of,thats it thats it for now thanks again,for watching i will catch you on the,next one,[Music],peace,[Music],you

Amazon Halo vs WHOOP | Which One Should You Buy?

halo versus whoop lets talk about it,what up fam welcome back to the show make sure  you guys like subscribe leave me a comment below  ,if you are here we talk about tools resources  strategies that help business owners perform at  ,their best get more conversions get more sales  build their companies and a big part of that  ,for me is talking about biometric devices i love  data i love numbers thats how i run my businesses  ,however in my life and its how i run my health  you need to have big energy to do big things in  ,the world and it all starts with knowing what  the heck is going on under the hood of your car  ,meaning your literal car your body alright so ive  done two separate videos on these individually  ,go more in depth so if you want to check those  out ill include those above here it also be in  ,the description below but im going to give a  rank on certain criteria the first thing to know  ,is is that you really need to assess and thats  why i recommend watching those videos you need  ,to assess what you really need out of these right  they accomplish totally different things as i see  ,it one is more just general health and wellness  better if you just want some advice like its like  ,a personal trainer on your wrist the other one is  like im doing crazy wild stuff and i want to know  ,what that data indicates right that thats being  the whoop so halo more health and wellness coach  ,uh whoop more i want to measure the intensity of  stuff that im doing were going to get all that  ,but lets first break down each category and then  were going to declare an ultimate winner at the  ,end with some caveats okay so the first is boxing  uh and i honestly i gave this a tie i think the  ,boxing for these is its pretty similar its very  modern very sleek and its very few components  ,that come with it so i gave this a straight up  tie i dont think theres any real difference  ,it is something you want to consider or think  about because if you do travel and you need to  ,take some of the accessories or what have you it  is an important thing to have that box maybe you  ,save it for you know those those situations  where you are in that that you know capacity  ,uh but i gave it a tie overall very sleek very  modern very small very practical size boxing so  ,not a real real difference in  terms of how this comes packaged up  ,okay set up so and ill be totally candid  with you halo wins by a long shot and thats  ,like really saying something because i dont think  the whoop on boarding process is bad at all i  ,think its actually really good it uses technology  theres no you know having to scroll through  ,millions of pages of setup its a big issue with  the garmin its a all the garments its the garmin  ,connect app is really wonky as i see it its its  buggy it feels both these are great but man i have  ,probably never experienced a better setup process  than what i experienced with the amazon halo it is  ,amazing theres interactive videos its its just  its very very seamless its super educational  ,they do a fantastic job of showing you how to use  this device what it entails how to get going how  ,to get started it works as its supposed to right  out of the gates you feel like you already know  ,what youre doing and thats great because some  of these devices you buy them and you find out  ,six months later you werent using like half of  what it actually is designed to do its not gonna  ,be the case with a halo and again that says a  lot because i didnt feel like the onboarding  ,process for the whoop was bad at all but i give  the nod to halo and a huge kudos to amazon because  ,it is a fantastic system okay so next we have  comfort this was really tough because i feel like  ,theyre both really comfortable however theres  a little bit of a lighter fabric that comes with  ,the whoop that i preferred but a little bit of  a caveat with this one though and thats my next  ,category which is durability this whoop although  i think they sacrifice a little bit for comfort  ,uh they sacrifice a little bit on the durability  so sometimes when i wear this thing this band  ,kind of just comes off and its flim it just  its kind of counter-intuitive for what its  ,intended to accomplish its for intensity  of training swimming hiking biking climbing  ,whatever right water sports you name it these  are all things that i engage with and i just  ,kind of noticed that it kind of was not coming  loose or coming off but this the band is such  ,lightweight fabric which i appreciate it is  very comfortable you can barely tell its on  ,thats a huge deal right i dont underestimate  i dont understate that thats a huge deal  ,but i feel like amazon did a good job uh  accomplishing aesthetic accomplishing comfort  ,but also making sure that it is indeed durable so  i was really impressed with that so this is like  ,a one for a one for whoop but also one for halo so  i give a point for overall comfort but durability  ,ill give one to halo so comfort whoop durability  halo okay so next we have charger and ive talked  ,about this before the charger with the whoop its  weird right its its kind of like a transformer  ,right i talked it was like like its morphin  time right you gotta like build your megazord  ,you gotta like slide this thing on to here and  its not bad like im im really overstating  ,that but at first it was kind of like i feel like  i was gonna break something like it really was it  ,doesnt feel like the best system right ive used  a lot of these devices and it just doesnt feel  ,like the best system i i i think they over thought  what they were doing i dont like that it requires  ,extra component and even if it did require  next component i dont like that the cord isnt  ,attached right now its just a general micro usb  like i could find any micro usb and use it with  ,this i just i like as few accessories as possible  to make the thing work just because you know  ,youre keeping up with stuff you have laptop  chargers and phone chargers and all kinds of  ,stuff that youre youre taking with you if youre  traveling i just dont like the capacity of losing  ,something that just kind of hangs out like this i  like you can plug directly into your actual watch  ,and this doesnt have that so uh in terms of just  overall function i really liked so the the process  ,uh with the halo is just a clamp its really cool  its really easy and one of the cool things too is  ,ive had devices like my biostrap where like the  truck the the actual unit sits in this little pod  ,and sometimes like somebodyll bump into it it  flops out over the floor or you know it its not  ,ideal uh so this i love that it clamps on there  you could i guess you could probably i joked  ,about this before you could probably use it for  dual purposes you could use as a potato bag chip  ,or a chip clip or you could use it to charge your  halo im obviously joking but that really is what  ,it is its like a its like a chip clip that  goes on the band itself and i just feel like  ,its one component feels durable fastens on there  maybe its a little bit bigger than id like but  ,overall ill still give the nod to halo okay so  lets talk about im talking about charger lets  ,talk about battery life thats important theres  nothing worse than having to charge your devices  ,now i will say this garmin with the phoenix  and with the vivosmart 4 which is what i have  ,youre talking multiple days right even up  to a week i think i think the garmin fenix  ,goes like two weeks almost its incredible now  its big and clunky and so thats kind of what you  ,get as a trade-off but these with the whoop and  with uh with the halo theyre kind of on the lower  ,end uh i got about four or five days out of the  whoop thats not bad thats about it similar to  ,what i have for the garmin vivosmart uh the halo  was much shorter right so its about 48 hours is  ,what youre gonna get now the caveat to that  is thats with the tone feature t

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