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I have an inside secret that could,forever change how you shop on Amazon,[Music],hello I am the YouTube deal guy Matt,granite from Matts daily deals.com and,I am an Amazon insider for those of you,that might not have noticed I actually,work as a show host for Amazon and I,broadcast live to millions of people,from New York City almost every week and,Im not an employee of Amazon Im an,independent contractor and Im not,speaking on behalf of the company I just,want to let you guys know sometimes when,I feature something more than once you,told me Im biased and all this I am NOT,I am a person and I am a consumer,analyst and I work toward saving you,money thats the most important thing,for me and thats why I want to do this,piece today and Im sure you know that,reviews on any web site can be fake but,theres a whole world of fake reviews on,some of your most popular websites and I,think Walmart is actually way worse on,some of these than what Im gonna get,into for Amazon but Amazon is so popular,I want to talk about a tool I use to,determine when reviews are fake possibly,altered and not and then also show you a,little bit about this back world of,people actually buying a product for,real where theyre purchasing it but the,reviews not real now Amazon is obviously,doing a lot to block people where there,are brands compensating other people for,their purchases thats kind of gone to,the past but there was this article on,BuzzFeed not too long ago in it ties in,to someone whose identity has been,blocked where she purchases products,from Amazon is making thousands of,dollars a month in fact jessica has,spent well over fifteen thousand dollars,on Amazon this year purchasing,everything from Halloween decorations to,queen-size inflatable mattresses shes,purchased over 700 products but shes,posting photos shes posting video shes,actually buying the products on her own,credit card and then shes recompensate,abbreviate products where in many cases,shes not testing them shes not trying,them and I know this might not be a,surprise to you but a way to find out,whether or not a review is real and to,analyze,in just a few seconds is something I can,share with you right now no on math,daily deals.com I review my own products,and yes I use affiliate links so I am,compensated when you use a link by a few,cents or a couple dollars thats how I,make money thats how I buy food but Im,not receiving money directly from brands,in exchange for my reviews and that,means I favor a lot of brands often,because you see repetition I like a,brand you see time and time again but,with that being said I want to show you,some brands you may not know of where,this is happening anchor as an example,as a brand I love featured a lot of,their products in the past and if you,look at the review they have a,designation of Amazons choice which,means the reviews are good the quality,of the reviews according to Amazon is,high and its very well rated in fact,youd probably say why wouldnt I just,buy this Powerbank over a decimal or,something else that I featured in the,past I want you to see what happens when,I go to fake spot comm and I paste this,review into here it receives an analysis,grade of D that means the fake spot,engine has detected that Amazon has,altered modify to remove reviews tied to,this listing the company as a whole has,many reviews where its not quite,possible that these are authentic or,that they are coming from real people,even though some of the reviews are,verified so fake spot com does a good,job yes its robotic yes theyre using,an algorithm but theres a lot of data,to try and make you a better shopper and,you cant just look at positive reviews,and say okay theres too many positive,reviews this isnt real oh theres so,many negative reviews this is fake I,want to show you this as an example,right here so take a look at this Im,gonna post in this virtually unknown,brand and it had a prior review of a the,company as a whole doesnt have enough,data to really give a huge analysis tied,to this product line but alp atronics is,in this case posting some real reviews,which is good to know and then of course,youre gonna have brands that you see,time and time again on the channel,because I happen to like the stuff their,major brands and I featured them in the,past,now this pillow for $14 awesome the,listing that went live for Black Friday,tied to this product was a new listing,so the merchant created a page which,means it doesnt have a history of,thousands of reviews and the reviews,that it accumulated were real but you,might look at the,Paige lets look at this for a second,and say to yourself oh well this looks,kind of fish a only c-17 reviews this is,a newer listing so you see few reviews,on the page but lets just analyze this,as an example and youre going to see,that this has an A rating in fact the,company has an A rating so there are,reasons why I feature certain products,from certain websites and just because a,website doesnt have a lot of reviews or,just because it has thousands of reviews,doesnt mean that those reviews are as,credible as youd like to believe also,one of the things that goes on on,Walmart and Target and the other website,is competitors of products will post,negative reviews just to lower the,rating so 5 people come on they say I,hate this this is the worst thing ever I,found a better pillow where I didnt,like the way the pillow smelled when I,opened it that lowers the review of a,product very quickly so yes,reviews are important fake spot com is a,great tool you need to use your own mind,which you all do is conscientious,intelligent shoppers and if you depend,on people like me to do some of those,reviews and test products for you were,all there were all in this together but,just keep in mind when you are spending,thousands of dollars on a purchase like,a new iPhone or if you are really,excited about something like the air,pods Pro which actually have less of a,battery life in them than the,pre-existing air pots you might not know,that right you think youre spending,more money youre getting a better,battery life youre not theres so many,different factors that go into play,behind the sexiness of a product and,theres a whole community of fake,reviews and paid reviews and reviews,that look verified that actually arent,that exist out there and Im only,sharing this information with you so you,may be feel that you have another tool,at your disposal as a consumer so thank,you thank you for making me feel like,less of a tool by watching this video,and if you are not yet subscribed and,you want to see more content like this,in addition to the deals please let me,know you guys make me better at my job,and Id love to have you stick around if,youre not yet subscribed just click on,my oversized head right here that will,hook you up and if you need help turning,on your notifications or leaving a,comment click here and the last big,round of the deals I did over here thank,you for watching

How to Spot Fake Reviews on Amazon & Flipkart | The Quint

online shopping is a tricky space which,is why most of you read customer reviews,and look at star ratings before clicking,on the Buy Now button but did you know,that many are being paid to write all,the good stuff about products get this,the most sales or positive views you get,for your product the more are the,chances it will be on the top listed and,the top recommended products on the,website thats how the algorithm works,on most of these ecommerce platforms the,problem is to battle the cutthroat,competition sellers are not willing to,resort to unfair means of making their,products shine out among the rest,basically fake reviews a source who,tipped us about such a scam Center,screenshots of hundreds of messaging,groups which are operating as hives for,people who offer to write product,reviews the description clearly reads,that it wants people to write a good,review of the product and attach,pictures as well only then do they,qualify for a reward which is mostly,free products or cash backs its pretty,simple after you receive the product you,have purchased send a screenshot of the,review you have posted on the sellers,platform and then claim your reward now,it has been estimated that fake reviews,make up to almost thirty to forty five,percent of the overall reviews on,shopping sites there are also people who,give bad reviews to products just to,make the other products in the lineup,look better its like killing the,competition you see now I really dont,know how one would sign up to do,something like this professionally but,there are job listings for a product,reviewer on fiber which is a part-time,job hunting website according to a half,Post story favela and heme debarred,based biomechanics start-up offered,customers hundred rupees Paytm cashback,when you dropped a review for one of,their products although the message did,not read that the product had to be,reviewed well but just imagine why would,anybody pay anyone for a bad review now,we reached out to favela about this and,the company representative said that the,HuffPost claims are false,so the hose line fake will,Jews have been pervading shopping,platforms for a while now from books to,bars from a zoo motto to a Trip Advisor,every platform has its bad apples we,spoke to flipcard about how an,e-commerce platform would tackle such a,problem it says that it adopts both,systemic and manual approaches to,identify counterfeit reviews and ratings,on its site Amazon has over 1.8 million,sellers nearly 600 million items on,display and is also host to a lot of,these fake reviews the company didnt,speak to us on what action it currently,is taking against such problems although,it has penalized and at times sued such,reviewers and sellers in the past the,moment these platforms find something,fishy,they either blacklist such sellers or,remove the review completely even,Facebook isnt an exception to this as,its marketplace has also been in the,news for letting fake reviews make it to,its platform since this is a vast,network its stuff flushing out all the,violators not to mention its really,difficult to spot whether one is being,genuine or not while writing reviews so,how can you stay away from the fake,reviews moreover how can you spot one,firstly if the product review for a,smartphone reads something like awesome,product fits well create quality please,stay away from it you can also head to,websites like fake spot calm and even,review meta where you can paste the URL,of a particular product and analyze the,authenticity of product reviews its,authentication is based on what grade it,gets between A to F its free and its,the closest to anything you can find to,spot genuine reviews online you can also,look for the verified purchases tag on,products which often authenticate the,quality of any product ok ok I get it,the lure of attractive discounts and,cashback always gets you shopping mode,online but my advice dont believe,everything thats written on these,platforms and always put in a little,more time and review the products,thoroughly through different sources,rather than just believing what,customers have to say,and its your hard-earned money,[Music]

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Dont buy from Amazon without this FREE tool!

im gonna show you a tool that will,ensure that you never get scammed on,amazon this tool is completely free and,has saved me thousands of dollars on,buying absolute crap products so heres,what typically happens you go into,amazon you do a search for the product,that you want to buy you kind of narrow,down that search based on price and then,theres a couple of competing products,which are similarly priced you click on,the first one and you look at the star,rating you look at the number of reviews,that its got you typically would go and,read the one star review see what the,complaints are all about you read the,five star review and see how recent were,these reviews did someone buy it,recently and love this product whats so,great about this now based on the,product information the price and the,reviews you then start making some,decisions is this good for you or are,you going to move to the next one right,so heres what youre basically doing,youre subconsciously looking for,something called social proof you feel,better about buying a product that other,people have bought and other people have,liked and that makes you feel nice and,comfortable to also buy,that is why when you see a product with,zero reviews it makes you feel very,uneasy so you continue and find another,product that actually has reviews there,could be nothing wrong with that product,but zero reviews uh somethings weird,now sellers know this they know that in,order to sell their products on amazon,they need loads and loads of reviews,from happy customers the more reviews,they get the more social proof they get,the more likely you are to press that,buy button and therefore the industry of,fake reviews was born check this out,just google get paid to write reviews on,amazon and see what comes up loads and,loads of websites offering exactly that,typically what happens with these,websites is somebody signs up they,select the item that they want to review,they then purchase the item and leave a,very positive review since they bought,the item themselves from amazon amazon,gives them a verified purchaser label so,heres the dodgy bits after the review,is posted they not only get money back,for the product that they purchase but,they also get bit of extra money for,their time for leaving that review what,are the odds of someone leaving a,genuine two or three star review knowing,that theyre gonna get paid for it lets,be honest not much so how is this even,legal well the way some of these,websites promote themselves and position,themselves is saying that the seller is,giving the stuff away for free because,they really want to improve their,product and they really get take your,user feedback seriously and your review,helps that,sorry so now you as the buyer goes and,sees four and five star reviews how do,you know whats fake and what is legit,well this is where this tool comes in,handy its called,reviewmeta.com right this is,reviewmeta.com where it filters out fake,reviews based on unnatural behavior,check how you use it go to amazon.com,find the product that you are interested,in go to the link at the top and then,right click on that and then choose copy,open up reviewmentor.com and simply,paste the product page in there and then,click on go and look what it does it,will then look at the amazon rating and,then it will analyze all the comments,all the reviews and then it will give,you an adjusted rating they even offer,the scorecard so you can actually go,down and identify what did it find that,was failed what did they find that it,passed and why that actually happened,now of course everything with a pinch of,salt reviews are just one indicator,whether a product is good or bad and not,all these amazon sellers rely on these,fake reviews most of them are genuine,good people so make an informed decision,now that youve down there to check out,this video over here how i caught,someone trying to scam me out of my own,cell phone number crazy also check out,this video over here that youtube thinks,you should watch hit the head somewhere,on the screen down here or down here i,never remember and i will see you in,this video or this video ill see you in,both lets go

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What It’s Like To Be A Professional Amazon Reviewer

So what is the best video editing software?,In this video Im going to share with you…,If youre looking for cheap video cameras…,So what are the best ways to make money?,In this video Ive got three of my favorites and were going to jump into,that right now.,Another day in paradise.,My name is Sean Cannell and I make a living as a professional reviewer,,especially on websites like Amazon.com, and I do so on YouTube through my,channel Think Media.,So lets jump into it right now.,I live in Las Vegas with my beautiful wife, Sonja, our chihuahua Sophie and,our baby on the way.,I made videos probably for around a year without getting any money at all.,I remember my first Amazon affiliate commissions paycheck, which was back,in 2010, and it was for two dollars and 12 cents.,Ten years later, in April of 2020, we almost hit $40,000 in profit from,just the Amazon Associates program, which was nearly $1 million in sales,for Amazon.,I really like to take my mornings to study, to kind of do spiritual,practice and to do a couple of laps in my neighborhood.,Got to stay fit, keep the mind sharp and keep grinding.,Its typically more flattering to go a little bit higher with the camera,and angle down rather than go lower and shoot up.,But why should you even care about my opinion when it comes to cameras?,I guess because Ive been doing this forever it seems.,Back in 2003 is when I got started.,I just started volunteering at my small church an hour north of Seattle in,the youth ministry, and I started making weekly video announcements for,the youth group. I took out a loan to buy a DSLR and buy some lenses.,That also gave me the opportunity to start a YouTube channel called Think,Media where I started to talk about how to use the cameras I had just,purchased. Recently hit a million subscribers on Think Media.,Kind of crazy because Im just a small town kid, college dropout.,Started to shoot videos in my bedroom and now Im actually still just in a,bedroom here in Las Vegas.,Really you are doing the work of at least four to six to 10 people, and,thats what it is now. Were like a team of eleven.,And now Think Media is actually multiple personalities and its more of a,brand with multiple content creators.,But it certainly was built on my personality and me as the lead reviewer.,From my lifestyle channel Sean Thinks.,Going to be doing a review and kind of more of a tutorial on this Samson,Q2U, a super budget podcast mic.,Im going to tell you a little bit about it just to hook you up with,something cool.,If youve never heard about the Amazon affiliate program before, to me its,just a cool way to get a small commission when you share or recommend,products that you love and use on the internet In a way youre a,salesperson thats like, hey, welcome to the internet.,Youre thinking about making a purchase?,Well Ive tried both of these.,I recommend this one. If you want to check it out, theres a link below.,About to do a livestream in our YouTube Influence Facebook group.,Im actually going to be unboxing the Q2U.,This is the Q2U.,Its prepare and get ready in the morning, shoot for a couple hours, edit,all afternoon, get everything optimized and edited and uploaded to YouTube,at night, and then get up and do it again.,All right its 3:00 p.m..,I just got done with some meetings.,Got done with that livestream where I was talking about that Samson mic.,But its a little after 3:00, just now getting to lunch.,Super hungry. Not entirely uncommon.,And lunch is the time to catch up on your YouTube subscription feed.,And now youre also just getting started.,Answer the comments.,Share it on social.,Answer them. Then come back hours later.,Answer them more.,Email the brand back.,Promote, promote, promote.,You can look up about YouTube creator burnout.,And its massive.,Its everywhere. When possible, I like to take a couple skate breaks to,get out of the office from sitting at the desk and just creating and,meetings. I think having structure, having discipline and focusing on your,health in this career is important because I will say the demand is,endless. Theres always another video to make.,Theres always another product to review.,Theres always another brand to email.,I pretty much work seven to seven, five days a week and plenty of,weekends. Im happy to grind 10 to 12, 14 hour days dont intimidate me at,all. But I think its all about rest and run.,I pretty much check in on my Amazon earnings every single day.,So yesterday on Amazon, across all of our properties, we earned,$1,411.,Whats up, guys?,Sean here with Think Media. So on average per week we are posting probably,around 10 videos across all of our brands.,I just shoot a video for YouTube talking about the product.,And in the video, I would say something like, “And if you want to check,out this product or see more about this, theres a link in the YouTube,description below.” If someone goes to the YouTube description, clicks on,that link, it takes them over to Amazon and then their behavior is tracked,for 24 hours.,If they do make a purchase within that 24 hours of anything on the,website, even different than what I recommended, that is credited to you by,the next day.,Categories like luxury beauty can be as high as 10% and then categories,like groceries are like 1%.,And our biggest category is photography and cameras and thats 4%.,Amazon by far is absolutely the biggest source of revenue for us.,Again, April 2020 making nearly $40,000 in profit, which was a record,month for us by far.,Right in the middle of Covid-19, Amazon,released an announcement that they were slashing commissions in a lot of,categories. Amazons demand was just shooting through the roof and they,needed to manage that.,And we saw 50 to 80% cuts in that percentage.,Fortunately at Think Media, we saw our 4% in cameras stay locked in and so,we feel like we kind of dodged a bullet there.,But thats sort of the nature of this industry in general, is a lot of,these online things can change.,You are your own boss so its all on you.,And thats a pressure to carry, that you cant just lean on your employer,through good and bad times.,It feels like, oh, cry me a river, youre a YouTube influencer with a,seven-figure business.,How could you possibly have hard days?,But the truth is, were all humans.,I think my hardest days come from some of the messaging and response that,can come from people on the internet.,Usually in the evening Ill go into the comments section and answer lots of,comments, as many as I can get to.,I end up with constant inspiration and a list of what products and videos,to review and create next.,You feel accountable to your audience, accountable to brands, accountable,to keeping up the momentum.,There is no 401(k) baked into this thing.,There is no consistent paycheck if you stop.,And then try to spend five minutes with Sonja before I fall asleep with no,energy left at night and then get up and do it again.,One of the interesting things that comes up when reviewing products is what,do you do if you talk about a product thats not good or what if a brand,sends you something and you feel almost pressured to say good things about,a product that maybe isnt great?,Were not afraid of offending one brand.,And we care about our audience most of all.,I mean, if the autofocus sucks on the camera, the autofocus sucks on the,camera. It kind of has a hunting and general loss of focus and at times it,sometimes just loses it completely and still wanders off even with the new,firmware update.,When we say best budget camera for YouTube, we mean it.,I want to scour the ends of the earth to find the best answer to the,question. I think that the Mark II to this day is still a great camera to,invest in. Amazon never sends me free products to review.,The ways that I get the products are either number one, I buy them and we,buy a lot. Second way of getting products, though, is getting products,typically directly from the brands.,So somebody like Rode Microphones might send us their

Why Amazon Has A Fake Review Problem

From counterfeit goods to fake N-95 masks, price gouging to disappearing,orders, shoppers on Amazon have a growing need to proceed with caution,before clicking Buy Now.,Since Amazons early days, reviews are the one big metric customers rely on,to determine the quality and authenticity of a product.,Turns out many of those reviews cant be trusted.,The review system as of today is broken.,Before the pandemic, the usual benchmark around our average fake reviews,was 30%.,The norm has now become close to 35%, 40%.,In recent years, thousands of fake reviews have flooded Amazon and Walmart,,eBay and others, just as sales numbers have skyrocketed.,And as shoppers stay home, online orders are up 57% since the same time,last year and the number of reviews is up 76%.,Theres an element where you simply want to trust those stars and you want,to trust the numbers, because if you cant trust that, how do you know,what youre buying? From Facebook groups where bad actors solicit paid,positive reviews to bots and click farms that upvote negative reviews to,take out the competition, fake reviews have boosted sales of unsafe,products, caused huge brands to sever ties with Amazon and hurt business,for legitimate sellers.,We cant compete. We cant surface our products that are new and innovative,and truly valuable to consumers because other products that arent so,great are playing this game of review manipulation.,We decided to find out why fake reviews have infiltrated Amazon, how,customers can spot an unreliable review, and what the trillion dollar,company and others are doing to stop them.,One big draw over competitors like Walmart, Target and eBay is that,Amazons listings often have hundreds or even thousands of reviews instead,of just a handful. Its so easy, no matter what site youre on, to simply,say the most reviews with the most stars means the most level of,happiness. Its just simply not the case.,If those Amazon customers arent really customers or if theyre an,organization of paid individuals who just sit there and go five star, five,star, five star, that doesnt really tell me anything meaningful about the,product. Review software company Bazaarvoice did a study of 10,000,consumers at the end of last year.,42% of consumers are saying that fake reviews from the brand itself would,cause them to lose trust.,82% of those consumers are saying that would cause them to never buy that,brand again. The problem is fake and real reviews are getting harder to,tell apart. When you have no reason to think its a fake review, thats,when the consumers in the most danger.,And as shoppers increasingly turn online for things theyd normally want to,shop for in person, like the nursing bras made by Simple Wishes, theres a,higher chance of serious repercussions from the purchase of a counterfeit,or low quality product.,And if the products Amazon page is filled with fake positive reviews,,shoppers wont know to steer clear.,We see reviews of people saying that their breast tissue was torn and,irritated and bleeding because of irritating seams.,And, you know, we see things like this or like this product broke or it,tore after I wore it three times.,You see those real reviews surface and then all of a sudden therell just,be massive positive reviews.,A high rating can also trigger the coveted Amazons Choice badge, although,Amazon did say it will delete the badge if a product isnt adhering to,policy. Amazon prohibits any attempt to manipulate reviews and told CNBC,it will suspend, ban and take legal action against those who violate these,policies. For any review, even the most genuine, it always is worth asking,why is someone writing that review?,What is the incentive to write that review?,Free products and payment are increasingly common incentives.,Sellers solicit pay-for-play reviews through popular Twitter accounts and,Facebook groups with thousands of members.,So I joined some of these groups just to kind of poke around.,And the first groups I joined, there were five different postings from our,competitor asking for a review.,I felt like I just struck gold finding my competitor there, reported it to,Amazon and nothing happened.,UCLA and USC released a study in July that found more than 20 fake review,related Facebook groups with an average of 16,000 members.,In more than 560 postings each day, sellers offered a refund or payment,for a positive review, usually around $6.,Amazon told CNBC it works with social media sites to report bad actors who,are cultivating abusive reviews outside our store.,And weve sued thousands of bad actors for attempting to abuse our reviews,systems. The FTC requires reviewers to disclose any payment or connection,to the product being reviewed.,On some sites like Fiverr and Freelancer, users get around this by,advertising marketing services, a thinly veiled reference to pay-for-play,reviews. Theres also the more direct approach where sellers include a,note inside a package asking for a review in exchange for a discount or,other compensation. Its hard to keep on top of five million sellers and,600 million products.,Theres always a few bad seeds in the mix, and its the bad seeds that get,the attention. Its not that Amazons sitting back doing nothing.,Its that the scope of what were dealing with is so vast.,There are legitimate paid reviewer programs like Amazon Vine, Early,Reviewer and Amazon Associates, which require reviewers to disclose that,theyve received a product for free in exchange for whats supposed to be,an honest review. But Amazon has little way to detect a compensated review,when deals are made outside these programs.,Theres a Velcro panel in the back so you can constantly reset the size and,its always the proper support.,Sisters Joy Kosak and Debra Abbaszadeh designed a new type of hands-free,pumping bra and started selling it on Amazon in 2009, where sales took off,quickly. But for the past three years, sales have been flat, dropping off,after Amazon started to openly court Chinese sellers to join its,marketplace. Cheaper bras with an exceptionally similar design to theirs,started popping up, getting hundreds of five star ratings seemingly,overnight. When that happened, we saw a pretty immediate race to the,bottom in terms of pricing.,The sisters have been tracking review activity on listings from competitors,like Momcozy and sharing the data with Amazon.,Our best seller, where we used to be number 25 in baby, we over the past,ten years of being on Amazon, we have collected a little more than 10,000,reviews. It took them a couple of months to to increase by 4,000.,Big brands like Nike and Birkenstock have been so burned by competitors,selling knockoffs with thousands of five star reviews that they stopped,selling on Amazon altogether.,Although Nikes landing page still appears active on Amazon, the items,there are being sold by third-party sellers.,Theyre fake, theyre counterfeit.,Theyre either bought from Alibaba or eBay and then theyre resold on,Amazon. So a lot of these sellers are actually ruining Nikes reputation,and theyre putting in all the reviews into the official listing for Nike.,At times, big brands themselves are soliciting fake reviews.,Last year, for example, skincare brand Sunday Riley settled with the FTC,after it was caught encouraging employees to post fake reviews on,Sephora.com. On Amazon if youre not doing some sort of, you know, tricky,technique, its at least one hundred orders for each review that you get.,Bernie Thompson sells about 120 consumer electronics products on Amazon,from his warehouse outside Seattle.,Competitors have tried to undermine his sales with fake review tactics.,Weve had people take our most negative review, the one thats most,embarrassing, and weve had competitors vote up those negative reviews.,Lets say your competitor has a one-star review on the first page, you can,buy 100 helpful votes.,When theyre considered most helpful, they show up at the top of the,results. And so you can really harm your compe

I Review Amazon Self Defense Products

youre under attack from me whos,protecting himself,from you and youre about to be,destroyed,except you got me on your side and on my,side,our discount amazon self-defense weapons,because when i think about self-defense,i think of bargains good value is where,i put my,life in and if i can get a discount on,ending someone elses life,you know im gonna take that chance so,what can amazon offer in terms,of self-defense well number one not guns,uh so what about non-lethality,you know for some people non-lethal,options are going to be the thing they,go for,instead of lethality,why occasionally you dont want to,maim the person that youre trying to,stop from attacking you,for one reason or another you just want,to,get the equivalent of a harshly worded,letter in the palm of your hand,and then deliver that immediately to the,skull of your attacker,self-defense is very important the,worlds a dangerous place,so what better way to secure your,safety then with amazon amazon is coming,in every other part of our life,why not go with this one so i have here,a box,an amazon box that ive hopefully rubbed,out the address of but whatever,oh its not,where was i did i have a sensible intro,the answer is no,but in case i didnt im going to,summarize,i bought on amazon all of the best,best rated and most affordable,self-defense items that i could find,so that can tell you what you need to,trust your life in because you never,know,the world is a dangerous place and you,could find yourself in a situation,where you had wished you watched this,video and remember,bookmark this video dont like it dont,subscribe ring the bell,bookmark it put it in your bookmark bar,i know that youtube premium has an,option to download videos but forget,that you cant count on that,you gotta keep your countessable,so you are in a dark alley you see,me coming at you really fast with anger,on my face,i dont want to paint this picture,because it makes me sound like a maniac,thats going to,attack people in a hallway so forget all,of that that i just said and go to,camera b,hi camera b this well theres nothing,right now,bit can you even see that zenframe this,is what is going to be a test dummy,because i could not test all these,things on myself,because number one that would hurt and,number two people might mistake me for,some kind of a masochist,which isnt true and would be ridiculous,for people to think about and im not,going to do that,so i paid a lot of money to,buy this dummy that is not assembled and,i think theres,[Music],people might mistake me for some kind of,a masochist,i guess i should have built this,beforehand,it goes there okay okay okay were,making,okay so if that goes there then,this goes right there,oh not yet miss you you,wake up oh god no ah let go,what the hell,okay um i,spent a lot of money on this thing,looks like im gonna get my money worth,out of it but in a different way ah,your name steve steve say hi,help all right so this went really,poorly right off the bat,i am not joking i cant get that off,i cant get steve off i just cant do it,i have a backup plan um,but it was really meant for a one-off,thing this is,tough guy inflatable,oh let me go down,[Music],its just like not letting me blow,enough,goddammit tough guy,you [ __ ] okay you know what,its fine im gonna go back to steve,is that not working this goes through,this,too god damn it,[Music],does this at least go in this is this,how this go,this is correct wow that goes down but,okay,i guess,okay all right its fine its done great,how long have we been,doing this now for this is dead,why no how long has this been dead for,is you gonna stay record why would you,turn off randomly,oh my god hey we ran into some technical,difficulties,you dont need to worry about a thing,everythings fine im happy,and im here to tell you all about,self-defense which is what i talked,about before,unless i didnt talk about it and then,it doesnt exist and everything is,topsy-turvy,and are we still rolling yeah we are,okay,good lets focus,the frustration and channel it,so that it can be outlet in a healthy,productive way,we have many tools with which,you can defend yourself and you know,what i was gonna save it,for the end but you know what i gotta go,firsties this,is a combination self-defense tool this,was gonna be the big mama jamba you know,me i like to bring out the big mama,jamba at the end,but im bringing the big mama jamba out,at the beginning i dont know why its,got a,uh,well it done anymore its got a keychain,hook this,this was supposed to dangle on your,keychain so you got your car keys and in,the end of it you got this,this is a big old beady bat i hate this,thing get off of here,this is a big old beady bot beady bat,you can,whump it you can whack it but in,addition to that,its also a taser it,oh there my god its also a taser,so im going to test this out on good,old bob,here and to see what kind of pain,this is going to prevent him from doing,to me oh no you aint getting my wallet,today,[Music],[Music],and hes not dead hes been subdued,this was the most expensive self-defense,tool that i found besides just a,straight-up taser,and i feel like this is innocuous enough,that you could,hide this down your pants not that youd,want to remember,its taser so if you put it down your,pants youre gonna be in trouble,also apparently its a flashlight its a,flashlight,so big finish out of the way i shouldnt,drop that this feels like a bad idea,so weve all calmed down this is off,when its on theres a light,a lot of things i was supposed to talk,about number one its got,three switches you got flashlight mode,which is only half the switch its a,very fiddly switch if you go onto,full-on,tase mode and then you turn off the,flashlight,like okay so you confirm who it is,youre like oh [ __ ],go engage mode and then youre,theyre gone i dont know how bad that,hurts im not gonna test it,dont play with this this is not a toy,this video is not about toys,this video is about very important self,defense so you can stay safe out in the,real dangerous world,with discounts from amazon,now the real reason for all of this,literally the only reason that im,making this video is because i saw,a video about this exact product,this is called a tactical,whip and you know,that i love tactical anything,and if its a tactical whip then im,very,interested in seeing what kind of,tactical situations i could utilize,this device in,so,[Music],we still recording everybody at home,should know that i am an absolute,professional and you should not try this,there is no reason for you to be playing,around with this,in your spare time other than preparing,for when you know that youre going to,need this,in a dangerous situation so this is a,tactical whip it can it has a nice,little belt clip its got a little holdy,hand like a wiimote remote so that when,youre whapping or bowling,you dont lose it and break a tv or,someones,eye it was uh pretty pricey but this is,a nice braided cable covered in a,plastic sleeve,ah its so whip not very long but you,know,frankly if i had a long long whip i,might whip myself in my ass,so im not going to try to do that,because i like my ass the way it is,and i dont need it whipped for any,reason whatsoever,period no further discussion needed shut,up,but lets test this out and see what,steve thinks hey steve,oh you want to try round two of my,wallet taking business huh,well too bad [ __ ] how dare you,that does look like it hurt people might,mistake me for some kind,oh that ramps up in pain quick,[ __ ] ah go im gonna hit,myself ah im a professional the,professional self-defender,enter the whirlwind of pain all right so,its basically a whip its also got a,oh a rubber tip on it remove and then,use as a,eye gouging or if your car is going,under water break your windows so i,could,keep that right there its called a,stinger because apparently,[ __ ] stings,it ramps up real quick in pain i would,rate this in terms of like,whap ability i kind of prefer the,reliable whap,of a s

Automating WebScraping Amazon Ecommerce Website Using AutoScrapper

[Music],hello all my name is krishna and welcome,to my youtube channel so guys today in,this particular video,we are going to do an automated web,scrapping using auto,auto scrapper for the e-commerce,websites like amazon,and flipkart now in this example ill be,taking amazon,and this will be an assignment to you,just try to do the similar thing with,respect to the flip card,now if i go and search for the amazon,dot ins website,right and probably if i search for,probably ill just write it as,headphones,okay ill just write as headphones now,when im searching for this,i should now these are all the,information that im actually getting,and my aim is basically,to take out the title probably this,amount information how many number of,stars,you know so all these particular,informations i actually want,so how can i do this with the help of,auto scrapper now what is,this auto scrapper if i go and show you,it is an amazing librarian yesterday,also we discussed,about this one video id actually,uploaded it is a smart,automatic fast and lightweight web,scrapper for python,its pretty much awesome guys and just,tell me which all web scrapping two,libraries you used to use before,okay but this is pretty much amazing,when compared to the other one so lets,go ahead,now first of all what we are going to do,over here is that we are just going to,import from,auto scrapper import auto scrapper but,before that just try to install,auto scraper right so pip install,auto scrapper okay,so scrap im making a spelling mistake,okay,so this probably requirement is already,satisfied because i have done that,particular installation now quickly let,me,make some cells also now im just going,to import from auto scrapper,im going to import this auto scrapper,itself this is the class that we are,going to use,now lets consider the amazon url first,of all which url i want to search,and remember guys i am actually making,this pretty much generic,right now ive just searched for,headphones you know now ill be taking,all the necessary information like title,probably price probably uh how many,number of ratings are there with respect,to each and everything,later on you search any kind of products,you will be able to get the similar data,through the web scrapping technique so,im just going to take this entire url,okay im going to paste it over here,perfect ive done this now from that,what all,what are the important information that,i want to recreate,so ill just create this kind of wanted,list let me consider one product at,least,okay suppose i want to consider one,product so im just going to copy this,paste it over here okay i really want,the price,definitely price is important lets take,the second information,probably my title okay so,the second information will basically be,title so im just going to copy and,paste it again over here,perfect now the third information that i,also,want is basically my information,regarding to stars,okay so i hope i was taking this right,so you can take any it is not like,you have to take that on me so this is,all information i actually want from,this,ill just execute this so this is my,amazon url this is this,now lets go and try to build an auto,scrapper,with respect to this specific url okay,now first of all ill just try to,initialize scrapper is equal to,auto scrapper and here im just going to,use this,and then ill go to say result is equal,to scrapper,dot build and the first parameter that i,have to give is url,and the second parameter is my wanted,list now from the wanted list im,actually taking out three main important,information,the price the title and the third more,information is something called as,uh the star ratings okay so this will be,my,lets print my results okay,and lets execute it okay url deny not,executed sorry,okay sorry it is not amazon url i just,wrote it as url okay,so just execute this now here is the,entire information that we are actually,getting,right we are getting the entire,information now,let me do one thing quickly now i will,oh i know that im getting the price,information im getting the title im,getting the,star ratings over here you can see these,are the very star ratings that i am,getting two six one six one seven,six eight and all okay so well try to,group this lets see how to group it,now in order to group it what well be,doing is that and just,observe this particular information,initially we had 799 2490,lets see so uh we,had 799 to 2490 2499 different different,prices are here automatically,and from that you are actually able to,get that information right,so just try to see which all information,are coming out okay,two four nine zero four nine nine one,four nine nine everything is there,now we are going to use this scrapper,quickly,and then im just going to search for,get result similar,okay scrapper dot,this is a function which is called as,get result similar again im going to,use,this particular amazon url and i have to,make,is that theres one more parameter which,is called as grouped grouped is equal to,true because,i am taking out three main important,information,so it should be grouped based on that,okay so once i execute it,youll be able to see these all prices,are my one group,uh these all prices are my another group,see theres different different prices,we are actually able to get,and we are able to get this information,see different different prices why,probably because here,youll be able to see there is another,sponsored ad then there is one more this,kind of ad,okay and then here you can see that this,way also the product is,right so different different products,you will be able to see in different,different way,and it is actually able to take out,those information okay,and remember guys if probably it is in,this way youll be getting multiple,groups of prices,okay that also may be there but let me,just see what ill do is that guys,quickly,from this i really want to take out my,uh,the title of all the information,probably i i really want to get the,title of all the products that i,actually have,and remember sometimes this may also not,work,that much well you know me you may have,some kind of problems let me just show,you some more things suppose i am going,to search for,iphones okay because there you are not,able to get,all the products in a proper way this,page looks pretty much suitable because,all the products are listed in this so,im just going to use this particular,url,okay let me make some changes because,previous one,had too much of extra information okay,so im just going to copy and paste it,over here okay,and then uh probably i will just go and,pick up one information like this,so this will basically be my title okay,now im just going to put this,information over here as my title,and remember guys your page needs to be,really really kept well it should be,all the products needs to be seen in a,proper way then only,it is better that will be able to,extract that particular information okay,and uh probably ill go and pick up this,particular information,58 400 lets see this is basically my,price,okay and then i also have one more,information which is like,24 406 ratings so ill keep this,information now lets try this,probably this should work well okay now,here,i am able to get some better information,when compared to the previous one but,here,again some problems are again there but,let me just execute this now,okay now here you will be able to see,with respect to the groups,i think uh this also has multiple groups,of pricing but this is pretty much,better than the other one,now let me do one thing let me just take,the allies and save all the information,of the title together okay so what im,going to do over here is that im just,going to copy,some code so instead of copying what,ill do ill just write scrapper,dot set underscore rules,sorry it is single scrapper,dot set underscore rules underscore last,now lets take my alliance information,in the form of key value pairs,now suppose i want to take this rule of,

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