1. American Auto NBC Review – Pilot – Season 1 – Episode 1
  2. Ep. 20 The Malaise Era Part II: The Darkest Hour of the American Automotive Industry
  3. Ep. 20 The Malaise Era Part I: The Downfall of the American Automotive Industry
  4. American Auto S1 (2022) – Wasteland TV Review
  5. American Auto Review
  6. American Auto – behind the scenes
  7. We bought a rickshaw in the USA (is it street legal though?)

American Auto NBC Review – Pilot – Season 1 – Episode 1

hello youtube its your boy mike the,pilot coming at you again with another,tv show review and the tv show today,that i will be reviewing is called,american auto,it comes on nbc at 10 p.m on mondays,and its mainly a comedy and um,its a pretty pretty good show you know,from what ive watched and the other,thing is,stars a lot of well-known you know,well-known comedians,you know um,you have uh harriet dyer you got michael,benjamin,ty white,uh this ex mayo you know so theyre not,you know so,theyre pretty good cast they do you,know really good job they have some,really good time when it comes to like,the comedy a lot of people might not,know them as much theyre not you know,you know obviously like dave chappelle,you know mar lawrence or a big name like,that however they do have like a you,know a pretty pretty good edge,um i dont think youll be disappointed,for example if you like to show parks,and recreation if you really like that,show youll definitely like this show,its its set up very similar,uh humor is the same,uh you know whereas in parks and,recreation they kind of got things done,but it was always like um,i dont just half put together but its,kind of comical you know just seeing how,they kind of go about,you know their solutions and that kind,of thing it kind of does the same thing,with this with this show they have a uh,its the show is basically about,um,you know a group of sales people that,are selling the latest car that work for,auto you know for auto company,and um,and within this auto company they make,different designs for cars and that kind,of things you know on the surface it,would sound kind of boring because,youre like i dont want to watch a show,just you know a bunch of sales people,selling cars anything like that but you,got to see it once you see it youll,definitely be hooked um is definitely,entertaining parks and recreation i,think i believe that show win a few,seasons so im pretty sure this that,this,show can go you know can go to distance,um also for example the other thing,about it too was um,it you know if youve seen the show,modern family,it kind of has that same type of humor,although a modern family you have some,bigger known well-known you know,comedians and that kind of thing and,actors and people know that kind of,thing but however um this show will not,disappoint if you like minor family i,definitely think that youll like this,as well,um pretty funny,um,you know the,you know main like you know,um,the main premise of the show you know as,they is i dont want to,i dont want to spoil anything but they,do really its really really you can,tell they did a really good job writing,just coming up with all the different,um plots you know throughout you know,the episodes and the other thing too,that was pretty cool about this is that,um it started at 10 p.m but it actually,did back to back so actually see,actually episode one episode two,came out,uh in the same night on monday they both,came out back to back so you got to see,two episodes not just one,um and i thought that was you know,pretty cool because you know because in,general each episode is about 30 minutes,but i guess they figure since it was,gonna premiere they would go ahead and,just use the whole hour to kind of give,you a good sense of what the show is,about they might even technically its,possible that maybe those two episodes,actually went together but they just,broke them up and they decided to play,them both but either way i think nbc did,a really good job and i really think,they have a,pretty good hit on their hand,uh i dont you know you know,i would give it about,um,this one is pretty good im gonna say,about a four out of five mcflurries,only thing that kind of takes away from,it is that like i said some of the,actors in it are not that well known so,you know a lot of times when people you,know watch comedies or dramas they kind,of like to see faces that they kind of,know a lot of these people are,um,im sure like they had they had some,pretty good you know um,you know things on a resume as far as,you know other roles and gigs but,nothing thats just really huge so so,for that reason a lot of people when,they bro theyre going through the,channels they might not really notice it,or take the time time out to kind of,check it out but i i really really,recommend that you you do that this be,the one one of the few shows that even,though you might not know a lot about,the cast you just take,take one episode take 30 minutes out of,your monday watch this show i i think,youll youll definitely like it and,youll probably become a fan you,probably become a fan they probably,recommend it to other people as well,so um i definitely looking forward to,this you know,um you know im not the you know i dont,watch too many you know sitcoms that,kind of thing but if i did as far as you,know as far as like comedy sitcoms that,kind of thing but this one definitely,would be one that i would definitely uh,check out on a weekly basis especially,if i have free time you know after work,that kind of thing so um either way um,you know i dont want to hold this video,up that long i just wanted to give you,guys you know tell you a little about,this new show that i watched on nbcs,again american auto,comes on mondays 10 p.m on nbc you,definitely need to check it out and um,and dont forget to like the video,scribe,leave comments,and until next time you youtube this is,your boy mike the pilot signing off,thank you

Ep. 20 The Malaise Era Part II: The Darkest Hour of the American Automotive Industry

[Music],the 50s and 60s were the golden age of,the american automotive industry in the,50s you drove a rocket ship on wheels,and in the 60s a powerhouse on wheels,but in the 70s it suddenly went all,downhill,and by the later 70s and early 80s the,american automotive industry,suffered from the effects of oil crisis,safety and emission regulations,and shifting public opinions better,known as the malays,era what happened what caused this,and did the industry finally lost its,worldwide dominance,welcome everyone to episode 20 of the,automotive history series,devoted to the malays era and this,is part two the darkest hour,of the american automotive industry,[Music],welcome to part two of this three part,episode in the first part we discussed,the cause of the malaise era like the,oil crisis,surging gas prices and as a result the,rise of foreign imports,and the immediate reaction of american,car makers namely,the try at making compact economy cars,but there was a lot more going on than,just an oil crisis and growing foreign,competition,the cry for more safe and economical,vehicles that were less harmful to the,environment became,louder and louder people like ralph,nader already criticized american car,makers as early as the 60s,saying that american car manufacturers,were aware of the safety equipment and,emission controls,but did not put in the effort to develop,it and implement it in the cars i mean,if it was not needed or mandatory,then why do it right ralph nader was,kind of like a lone wolf in this,but as the 60s progressed and the,youthful counterculture began,more and more people became aware that,something had to be changed,by the late 60s and early 70s the u.s,government and related automotive,organizations and agencies,stepped in to set up laws rules and,regulations concerning vehicle safety,crash worthiness and emissions and,forced car makers to put effort in it,because what is it that threatened the,average american land yard in the early,70s,quite a lot actually like five mile per,hour bumpers catalytic converters,unleaded fuel safety equipment lower,emissions increase fuel efficiency,and the switch from growth to net power,output,we can separate them into two groups,vehicle safety,and vehicle performance lets first have,a look at vehicle safety,the first attempt to create cars that,were a bit safer,were forced by the national traffic and,motor vehicle safety act of 1966,this resulted in shoulder belts front,head restraints,energy absorbing steering columns,ignition key warning systems,padded interiors and then some by 1972,five mile per hour bumpers were,introduced the idea was that cars from,now on would feature bumpers that could,absorb,minor bumps at a maximum of 5 miles per,hour or better known as parking speeds,before that car bumpers were really more,like a decorative piece than anything,else and,certainly did not protect you in the,event of a crash what followed were cars,with city,block sized bumpers making cars even,longer,and rather clumsy looking luxury cars,like lincolns and cadillacs took them,quite well as the big bumpers somewhat,complemented the already formal and,stately look of their front ends,especially smaller sized and more sporty,looking cars looked clumsy with these,glued on bumpers but its the radical,looking exotic sports cars that were the,real victim here,cars like the lamborghini countach just,destroyed their cool looks with these,bumpers but hey,they were mandatory so what you gonna do,and then,there is the other group vehicle,performance in the 60s you had the,horsepower wars with almighty engines,and even more almighty power outputs,300 or 400 horsepower were pretty,healthy numbers but,plummeted in the early 70s how so,introducing the clean air act of 1963.,throughout the 60s this act became,stricter and stricter with new,amendments every couple years or so,and in the early 70s especially after,the fuel crisis,american cars tried to combine lower,emissions,with higher fuel efficiency but never,let these two into the same room,because in an effort to make cars less,harmful,the power output also dropped resulting,in engines that could not keep up with,the cars weight,finally resulting in cars that were even,less fuel efficient than the year before,it made matters worse and then there is,the case of leaded gasoline,up until the 70s engines ran on a,mixture of gasoline,and lead as an additive to prevent these,high compression engines from knocking,but the lead-based additive was deemed,toxic,bad for your health and had to be,reduced in order to keep up with the,change in fuel mixture and still keep,engines from knocking the big old v8 got,a reduced compression ratio which,resulted in lower horsepower numbers,and on top of that manufacturers switch,from gross to net power output,you think your muscle car v8 back in the,60s made 400 horsepower,yeah right more like 300 see the power,output was measured at the crank under,the most,ideal circumstances possible every,possible component that could,potentially restrict the power output,was removed so yeah,the engine made 400 horsepower during,testing but,no way they could achieve that in the,real world this resulted in cars with,big engines and pathetic power outputs a,golden example is a car like the,cadillac eldorado with the 8.2 liter or,500 cubic,inch v8 engine which made 400 horsepower,in 1970,but a meager 190 horsepower six years,later,and on top of all this you had cafe and,im not talking about a cup of coffee,here,cafe stands for corporate average fuel,economy,introduced in 1975. what this meant is,that a car maker should achieve,a certain level of fuel efficiency,across their entire fleet of models,whether big or small,each year the level would go up and if,you could not meet this level,then youd be awarded with penalties,forcing car makers to actually do,something about their fuel efficiency,so now that we got that out of the way,what cars suffered the most from all of,these regulations,what was the male easiest of the malays,with an emphasis on laziest,what was the car that suffered the most,performance-wise was it the 8.2 liter,cadillac i just mentioned,nope when it comes to performance this,was,the winner introducing the 1975,ford granada one sad excuse of a car,the fine gentleman over at curbside,classics a,beautiful website an automotive gold,mine just check it out links in,description,had a little contest to find out what,was the car with the worst performance,numbers,and as it turns out it was the granada,the granada was available with an,optional 250 cubic inch or 4.1 liter,inline six guess how much power this,engine made,wrong it was a lot lower it was wait for,it,a whopping 72 horsepower and a 0 to 60,miles an hour time of,about 23 seconds now this is downright,an achievement like,it would require actual effort to make,an engine,this pathetic these are performance,levels not seen since the 1920s to put,it into perspective,in 1975 you could buy a,nissan or detzen 810 the base engine was,a 1.6 liter four-cylinder,making 96 horsepower so nissan offered,27,more power with an engine two-thirds of,the displacement and two-thirds of the,cylinders,of the fort and then i havent even,talked about fuel economy here,the author of the article described the,granada as a 1961,fort falcon because it still shared its,underpinnings all the way back to the,early 1960s for falcons but,he described it as a 1961 ford falcon,with,50 percent more weight 25 percent less,power,and 100 more fluff and that is what i,meant,with luxury is king in the first part of,this three-part video,practically every american car with a,big or small,became a lounge on wheels to some degree,this,now this is the embodiment,of mid 70s american motoring,hiding your shortcomings behind a shiny,grown grill,and a big upright and proud hood,ornament that says,absolutely nothing and people fell for,it as the car sold quite well,but im not done yet oh no to make,matters worse,ford had this weird ad campaig

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Ep. 20 The Malaise Era Part I: The Downfall of the American Automotive Industry

[Music],the 50s and 60s were the golden age of,the american automotive industry,in the 50s you drove a rocket ship on,wheels and in the 60s a powerhouse on,wheels,but in the 70s it suddenly went all,downhill,and by the later 70s and early 80s the,american automotive industry suffered,from the effects of oil crisis safety,and emission regulations,and shifting public opinions better,known as the malaise,era what happened what caused this,and that the industry finally lost its,worldwide dominance,welcome everyone to episode 20 of the,automotive history series,devoted to the malays era and this,is part one the downfall of the american,automotive industry,there was a time when american cars were,regarded as the leaders of the world,what was considered a standard feature,for an american was considered a luxury,option almost anywhere else,everything was big comfy luxurious and,with plenty of power,here in europe you had your standard car,your european luxury car,and then you had an american car even if,it was a base level fort,you still drove something from america,the land,of good and plenty this resulted in the,fabulous rocket ships of the 50s,and the muscle car powerhouses of the,60s see,the big american car is built on the,premise,that gas prices were low or will always,be,lower a dangerous bet and a shocking,short term vision instead of long term,especially,if your whole range of models are just,big cars with gas guzzling v8 engines,this is a fundamental problem in short,it comes down to this,congratulations general motors hello,i like money what inspired you to create,even bigger and less fuel efficient cars,than the year before,money jokes aside american cars grew,in the 60s with even bigger engines and,i can understand never change a winning,team if people want big cars,why not make them bigger than the year,before an often quoted example is your,standard chevrolet caprice of the early,70s,the standard engine was a 350 cubic inch,or 5.7 liter v8,and the largest engine available was a,454 cubic inch or,7.5 liters over at cadillac you could,get a,500 cubic inch or 8.2 liter v8,8.2 liters each cylinder,is larger in displacement than the,entire engine block of a basic mini,how big is your engine 5.7 liters,7 litre v8 motor 160 horsepower in the,buick,its 200 horsepower okay how do they get,so few horsepower from a v8 motor,well thats what were going to find out,the early 70s land yachts were the,ultimate result,of a loving relationship between,consumerism and low gas prices,but what if and maybe im saying,something utterly crazy here,but what if suddenly the gas prices,werent so low anymore,introducing the oil crisis of 73,the oil crisis was set up by opec an,organization of,arab petroleum exporting countries among,other reasons they were not all too,happy about the current fuel price and,decided to cut back oil production,and as a result gas prices skyrocketed,especially over in america,the oil crisis is what kick-started the,whole malaise era,but it was already a long time coming,the later 60s were tumultuous times in,many aspects,back then with the student and hippie,protests the public image slowly shifted,and more and more people became,concerned about such vulgarities like,vehicle safety and emissions,by the early 70s the happy hippie 60s,were over,and the gloomy 70s were the new reality,the oil crisis was the wake-up call,and boy were american car manufacturers,in for a ride,because where as an average american,consumer are you going to get a,fuel-efficient car,which you desperately need oh yeah from,the rest of the world,look the oil crisis also had an effect,on european and asian countries,my country had carla sundays as a,drastic measure but european and asian,cars,always had been a lot smaller and fuel,efficient especially compared to,american cars,they never suffered as much as american,cars did with the volkswagen beetle,the symbol of counterculture and the,exact opposite of a standard american,car as their captain,foreign imports started to trickle in,more and more,not only from europe but also from asia,one news report shows that a man traded,in his,big chrysler station for a much smaller,mazda station wagon,with the promise that the mazda cuts the,fuel consumption,in half this process had to stop,as american car companies started to,lose money left and right,something had to be done,luckily i set up a guide of 5 steps the,american automotive industry took,to combat the foreign competition on all,these sudden changes and to survive,the malaise era step number one,if you can join them beat them the first,step the american auto industry took,is to offer competition to the,ever-growing foreign import,market by launching their own compact,cars,they thought well we pulled this trick,from 10 years before with cars like the,chevrolet corvair and the fort falcon,we can do this again but the compact,cars of the early 60s had grown,into mid-size models by the early 70s,and this is american mid-size were,talking about for european standards,its still huge so a new generation of,compact cars,were created and these cars really show,that americans and small,cars a rocky relationship,to keep things simple these are the,players in the field you have general,motors,ford motor company and the chrysler,corporation and these three are better,known as the,big three and then you had amc the last,independent car maker,lets have a look we start off with,chrysler,and were done interestingly enough,chrysler did not come up with an,in-house compact car,mostly because of financial reasons in,fact they kept on making full-size cars,all throughout the early 70s like there,was no tomorrow or,no fuel crisis to begin with crisis,still had the plymouth valiant and the,dodge dart but these were,mid-sizers and not true compacts but to,be fair,they saw quite well chrysler called in,cars from overseas like the british,hillman avenger,or avenger or whatever which was,re-badged and sold as the plymouth,cricket,dodge did the same thing with the new,dodge colt a rebadged mitsubishi,cult but more on this later in the video,next up is ford ford came up with the,fort,pinto initially a great car it really,was the type of car american consumers,were waiting for until they got roasted,literally see the fort pinto was a rush,job,through time and cost cutting measures,the car had some design flaws,like it could explode if it was hit from,the rear at a certain angle,the gas tank would rupture and the,leaking fuel could ignite,and burn the movie top secret made a,joke out of this but when you see the,footage from actual testing,it becomes a lot more disturbing but,wait it gets worse,ford had two choices to fix this problem,they could spend some extra dollars on,every pinto to reposition the fuel tank,and add some protective rubber lining,solving the problem of sudden combustion,or,they could keep the cars the way they,are and just pay the money of legal fees,because of the lawsuits of some of the,burned victims,guess which option they chose,congratulations ford motor company hello,i like money what inspired you to not,fix the pinto,and let people burn and die instead,money,thats right ford calculated that the,total cost of legal fees,was a lot lower than the total cost of,modifying other vehicles,you know ford some days are about making,money and then there are some days about,business ethics,next up is general motors and general,motors came up with the chevrolet,vega and later on the chevrolet chevette,if mediocrity was a car,the vega would be it the car started out,with some good intentions like being,technologically a little more advanced,than usual with an engine block made,from aluminum,mm instead of good old cast iron and,sure enough,it received some awards from the,motoring press but after like one or two,years,the endless stream of problems started,to pour in,ill give you a moment to take a look,by 1972 two years after the introduction,six out of seven vegas were subject of a,rec

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American Auto S1 (2022) – Wasteland TV Review

[Music],so,[Music],hello everyone its shane canto your way,slam reviewer and im here to review the,first season of american auto which is a,new nbc sitcom which is its latest,workplace sitcom you know in the vein of,the office and parks and rec and now at,an automotive company and this focuses,on the auto industry theres a lot of,different kinds of commentary on,you know,uh,companies being responsible for,like defects and trying to find like you,know cars that drive themselves um doing,advertising and commercials,and trying to make sure that they have,the right balance of diversity um,trying to,deal with labor unions and all these,different kinds of things that they,leverage uh,trying to have,all of these kinds of things that are,relevant things when it comes to,industry and especially automotive,industry and trying to lampoon them in,this show,and theres a lot of modern satire um,one of the funniest jokes is right in,the first episode,with this,you know self-driving car is not able to,identify people of color and the car,happens to be white,and its just a perfect storm of,ridiculous jokes and,they have some quality situations here,that they poke fun at,its definitely over the top,not not many of these characters really,grounded the ridiculous,kinds of characters that are just turned,up to 11. and you throw all them into,the mix this is a pretty over-the-top,show theres not a whole lot of time,where it like takes it in a really,grounded approach to things,but heres the thing,not many of them are very likable all of,them do a lot of terrible things,but they all have these insecurities,that make them kind of relatable and we,can relate to you know,basically you have catherine whos,running this place was the insecurity of,like,in posture syndrome does she really know,enough about cars to really be in charge,of this company you have sadie played by,harriet dyer whos basically like the,main character here and she keeps having,this insecure that shes in love with,jack played by ty white who worked in,the factory and then gets brought up to,the executive level and theres this,will they wont they this whole entire,first season you have wesley john,berenholtz who is,one of the,actual payne family who,founded this company and he is a lot of,insecurities because hes just trying to,be so big and obnoxious about everything,and so self-righteous and so,self-important but really nobody takes,him seriously uh,you have,michael benjamin washington who plays,cyrus who is trying to make up for the,fact that he has a lot of check boxes,against him in terms of not being a,white straight man in the automotive,industry and also probably one of the,smartest people in the room but you know,trying to,do his best and sometimes most of the,time things arent succeeding you have,humphrey kerr whos elliot whos the,most obnoxious just british caricature,and hes just so ridiculous him wesley,and,elliot are like the two like,most flanderized characters that are,just so ridiculous comic relief and then,you have,ex mayo who plays dory whos the,administrative specialist whos,probably like the most knowing common,sense person in the room and gets to,have fun with all the other characters,you have this ensemble the sadie and,jack things probably the most grounded,part of this show,theyre well they want a relationship,and its not the most interesting but,like theyre fine together but i just,feel like the rest of the goons who i,like to call them on this team like,elliott and cyrus and,wesley,theyre just so much fun and so,ridiculous and then you have katherine,in the front whos just as funny as,anybody else because you just have this,whole group,of actors who are really doing their,thing its just crazy fun time its an,enjoyable show and its delivered on a,solid entertaining first season and i,look forward to more but those are my,thoughts on american auto let me know,what you think and lets talk some tv,but thank you as always for tuning in,supporting your waste slam reviewer

American Auto Review

good morning everyone so theres this,new show on the peacock network called,american auto and im nine episodes in,and ill just give you my review over it,so far first ill start off with the,main characters and then ill go with,like the storyline of the show,so american auto there is a fake car,company called payne motors is based in,detroit michigan i think it might kind,of be like similar to ford just because,its based out of detroit,but this show follows the oh also i have,my notes here,as a little cheat sheet,but it follows the story of an executive,team of this auto company when they have,their new ceo so the first ceo,is katherine hastings she is from,the pharmaceutical company and she knows,nothing about cars she says that on the,first episode her only goal is to make,money she even says that she doesnt,know anything about cars on the pilot,shes obnoxious self-centered does not,care about the staff does not care about,safety features she just wants to make,money for the company and for herself,and keep a job,next we have sadie shes kind of like,the administrative assistant,kind of like the secretary shes rather,soft-spoken there are lots of times,where sadies at a disadvantage because,she does not speak up to herself,maybe because shes kind of scared about,keeping her job and were following her,journey throughout the show,next we have wesley who was the heir of,pain motors,he got his job strictly through nepotism,he makes very inappropriate jokes any,other joke any other job that he worked,at if he was to make these same jokes,and these comments you know he would,have gotten fired a lawsuit against the,company he got his job only through,nepotism as i mentioned he doesnt hell,show up to work now but he wont do,anything productive he thinks people,like him but they really dont,next we have jack he is considered the,office eye candy now on the pilot,episode jack starts off on the,production floor and then later will,find out how he ends up being a part of,the management executive team of payne,motors,next we have,corporate thats the best way to put it,next we have dory she is like the office,assistant similar to a role like sadie,the best way i can describe her is if if,you remember girl could and guy cut off,the mtv she gives very strong nicole,byers vibes thats just the best way to,put it,next we have cyrus cyrus is the engineer,you know he goes directly by the books,hes very straightforward hes very,mechanical about everything that he does,and he doesnt really have a lot of,personality and hes very similar to,elliot who is the in-house lawyer,um elliot is from great britain i dont,know if it was england or ireland so,ill just say great britain,he tries to be funny but nobody really,likes him,um he makes like some jokes hes not,people dont not like him,they just dont think hes that funny,and well see his journey throughout the,show as well,now there are a couple of main story,lines that id like to mention so pain,is not doing so well,right now,and theyre considering finding another,ceo,and the ceo catherine as we saw in the,last couple of episodes shes having,some issues with her husband and were,just waiting to see how this plays out,if um whether people are leaving the,company as well so whether they will get,a new ceo or whether catherine would do,something to make her stay,now also,before the first episode its alluded to,the fact that,sadie and jack and jack is from the,production floor you know they had a,little fling maybe a one-night stand,and you know by the end of the first,episode everybody pretty much figures,out what happens but we see their,journey from you know just a little,fling to you know slowly them by,actually liking each other,now one episode that i just thought was,interesting was that jack who came from,the production floor he had to go back,down to his department and you know,because jack is from the production,floor that blue collar work he does have,that experience and he does bring some,of those points of view to the table,whereas these other people who were in,the executive position and corporate the,full time might not have that point of,view,so what do i rate this show imma give it,a seven and a half and let me explain,why every show that is new does not have,to be revolutionary it kind of gives me,even though i did not watch that much of,it just like with my sister or something,it gives me kind of like the office,vibes but every new show does not have,to be a revolutionary it is not to be,groundbreaking it can just be a decent,show,now why this show is not getting a,perfect 10,is because,you have to watch it from the first,episode to truly understand,all the characters and the dynamics that,happened throughout the show,unlike a show like full health and dont,cance me for saying this like the cosby,show or you know shows like that where,you can just watch that episode and kind,of gauge where everybodys personality,is at and get a gist of the show you,have to really watch this show from the,first episode to get all the characters,personality like if i was just to turn,on the tv and just turn onto this show i,would not really understand what is,happening in the development between all,the characters so the show is definitely,worth checking out though its not,necessarily maybe an emmy award-winning,show but its definitely something that,you know if you have some spare time on,tv its worth checking out so feel free,to like and comment on this video and,let me know if you have seen pain not,pain if you have seen american auto and,what you think about it

American Auto – behind the scenes

take one,sure yeah,jack,you are caroline,yes,hey all right so give me a hand,just real quick,yeah what do you need uh just hold this,while i bolt it please,yes yeah just um just hold right hold,here yeah on both hands please,i got it you got it yep,uh nothing yeah just,its not lined up,there we go,so um,in retrospect i think talking about what,your day shes looked like,hey hey hey whats up it should go,without saying but dont bang in here,now no no no no no no we werent ready,well you can bang in here later if you,want just were really short on time so,dont,theyre just asking me,i heard she only got the job because,shes a woman its like winning the,freaking genital lottery these days hey,theres a power struggle the factorys,team wesley right you know we just uh,punch in and i wont get involved in,that type of,[Music],roger eight take one great,[Music],hey,whats up,hey see our new overlord catherine,sounds like someone who uses a catheter,sick burn,i heard she only got the job because,shes a woman its like when the,freaking genital lottery is,hey theres a power struggle factorys,team wesley right,oh well you know um,we just punch in and now we dont get,involved in that type of thing got it,neutral respect,you old payne would not have wanted that,woman running his company,why she jewish or something,no not,because,sorry just shot at you im sorry,yeah

after a month in mexico and a month in,brazil were back in the u.s of a and,were ready for a summer of adventures,our first adventure of the summer season,is one that we werent even expecting,when we logged onto facebook and we saw,this beauty listed we knew she had to be,ours let me go ahead and explain why we,decided to spend our hard earned money,on what might be the most ridiculous,facebook marketplace purchase ever a,tuck talk or its known in the other,parts of the world as an auto rickshaw,we came home to crazy gas prices and,considering our only car as a diesel,guzzling van we decided to consider,buying a second car problem is,we dont really have anywhere to store a,normal sized car because our garage is,so tiny not to mention were rarely home,between travel so it doesnt make that,much sense for us to spend a lot of,money on a car so when we saw this,little tuk-tuk online we knew that she,was exactly the car,for us,shes small great on gas,cheap and best of all bright yellow,okay okay okay we know shes not the,most practical automobile ever,but isnt she adorable i mean you know,us were always looking for a new,business opportunity and something as,unique as a bright yellow auto rickshaw,holds a lot of possibilities the exact,business venture has yet to be decided,but for now were having fun learning to,drive her all around our neighborhood,and not only making ourselves smile but,just about everyone else who sees her,smile too,okay without further ado meet the newest,member of the family who also happens to,be the craziest thing weve ever,purchased online,what we up to,getting a tuck tuck,just pulled up to the guys house hes,selling it,just text him i hope this is the right,house,im not going to say that this was an,impromptu purchase,we thought about it we did,its definitely the weirdest purchase,weve done in a long time its so cute,got a little bit in the back but we knew,that yeah,it sounds like a lawnmower,i cant believe we just bought that,its a little dirty obviously but its,its just so cute we just keep thinking,about it and it brings a smile to our,face so like you know you know im,telling you itll bring a smile to,everybody who sees it yeah,im gonna go ahead and put this up yeah,lets go ahead and do that go for a,drive in it or no do you want to,now you wanna put it in first,and as you really as you release the,clutch you wanna give the throttle okay,moment,[Laughter],okay,its our yellow too,im so happy it rained today because im,matching okay,[Applause],[Music],take a little practice yeah its going,to take us its going to take some,practice getting this,all right ready,yes,first,bye,she just showed me up,look at her,got more than one gear,look how smooth i am now,get in,im scared,it wasnt there yeah i was concerned,home sweet home,from the back it looks like one of those,cars you drive at the fair or something,you know an amusement park like the,old-fashioned cars doesnt it it does a,little bit,its our yellow,oh my gosh im kind of nervous now i,thought i was just gonna like,feel so comfortable on it immediately,driving and i dont its gonna take a,little practice like we did it we both,did it,its gonna take some practice to like,gear up i havent gone past second gear,ill be yet,my best life waking up with this,with sunrise best friend its the best,that it has been for a long time,its the best that it has been for a,long time,[Music],living my best life,[Music],[Applause],[Music],weve been driving around the tuck tuck,were still stalling out,but were trying to get better so were,gonna practice again today by this time,we have some help,brought in a professional,hello,maybe you remember josh,hes been in several of our videos some,of you even call him the chicken man,[Music],youre gonna pass out man were gonna go,drive around the uh tuck talk,its going to be fun you want to drive,uh,i might stall it i probably will stall,it okay,everybodys stalling it all right lets,go,lets go,you feel like youre on display,yeah a little bit,oh my gosh,were getting better chris,what am i doing wrong,i dont know,oh my gosh whats my problem smile,cameras on,[Music],i shouldnt have parked you this close,to the curb,so,now that,ive embarrassed myself around the,neighborhood were gonna let josh do the,same josh is gonna get a chance to try,but you know how to drive the manual,well the thing is i dont know any of,the locals here so ill be flying out,tonight,so theres if i embarrass myself,its all good,oh,oh uh turn the key make sure the keys,on gunter,[Applause],he did it on his first time,a,jerk chris and i have been struggling,for a week now,hows that lets try,put it in neutral and then like yeah,youre good,[Music],[Laughter],its cheaper than any car we could have,bought right now and its more fun its,crazy,may not be reliable but,i love it,wow,just go,so close i believe in your credit,can you see,uh did we push you up a little bit,yeah push me up a little bit,our hang on for dear life when he hits,it,all right,ready this is your break i think this,is ready,all right ready here we go,all right here we go,all right here we go ready,get in get in get in hurry ready,get in ready here we go,if im not on just go okay all right,here we go ready wide open,[Applause],[Music],ready right here,again,grammar you have yet to go on the tuck,talk im scared im scared to death,about putting him on the tuck,[Music],theres something about,stalling out on a hill with traffic,coming and people are stopping and,staring at you,like its funny but in the moment,it is not funny its stressful and,if youve ever driven manual give us,your tips and tricks,manual tuck tuck i dont want to hear,about the stick in the car like we get,it but its,yeah we need some tips right now,[Music],meet little mary gold shes a 2018 tvs,king tuk tuk or auto rickshaw as they,call him in india and she is,indian shes straight from india well,actually not straight from india she,went from india to mexico and new mexico,to the u.s and then we bought her in,atlanta shes had quite a life this is,her and a lot of you guys have asked if,shes street legal shes 100 street,legal uh you could take her pretty much,everywhere you can take a moped shes,199 ccs so shes registered as a,motorcycle but we went through the whole,dmv we passed the written test i passed,the driving test and then when i went,inside to get my motorcycle license to,get the picture taken it said actually,you are classified as a golf cart so i,thought we were gonna get our motorcycle,license for it and we dont have to i,went through all that for nothing but,shes registered as a motorcycle come on,in ill show you a little marigold,all right so,she does have a little tiny key,to turn her on,its got an emergency break a manual,crank start which weve never had to use,that this is the clutch and you shift,and change gears here and then this is,the throttle to give it a little gas,she has a blinker a horn,headlights windshield wiper wiper one,singular fun little thing she has a,radio and an mp3 player and she can,charge your phone via usb but shes,simple but decked out all at the same,time,it does have two cup holders so weve,got this is my iced coffee one and then,down here is usually my water bottle one,she i think the fastest weve taken her,is about 35 miles an hour thats about,the safest i feel driving her shes not,interstate legal by any means that on,usual like on regular roads she does,totally fine the top does come down so,she becomes a convertible all you have,to do is unscrew it and then it comes,back and you can hire the topless so it,does take gas you can get them in,electric theyre very hard to find,electric theyre stronger if they are,gas still the electric engines arent as,strong but the gas tank,in this thing is like,less than a gallon so it takes next to,nothing to fill it up,and then well get like 45 miles on a,tank its,for being such a small automobile,automobile motorcycle whatever you want,to call it it doesnt get awesome gas,mileage

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