1. American Horror Stories is The Worst Thing Ive Ever Watched
  2. The Season That Killed American Horror Story
  3. Tóm Tắt Chuyện Ma Mỹ (American Horror Story) | Season 2
  4. Every American Horror Story Season, Ranked from Worst to Best
  5. American Horror Stories Is REALLY Bad…
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  7. Every American Horror Story Season RANKED

American Horror Stories is The Worst Thing Ive Ever Watched

great news everybody if you werent,already aware theres a spin-off,american horror story show on hulu named,american horror stories with an s and,its basically just a small collection,of short stories think black mirror but,instead its just a bunch of shortened,american horror story seasons and,theyre all pretty bad like im pretty,sure this is just a bunch of throwaways,that they didnt want to make into full,seasons and if this is the case then it,surprises me because it would be quite a,chore to make anything worse than,apocalypse i am currently watching their,newest season season 10 double feature i,might share my thoughts on that later,but for now i want to talk about,american horror stories because oh boy,one of them is about a girl in her,family that move into the murder house,dont you just love it when they just,recycle old ideas,another one is about a forbidden film,that kills whoever watches it oh my god,it was okay nothing special theres one,about douche tubers like jake paul,pretty much getting hunted down by santa,while the idea is hilarious the,execution was horrendous and i hated it,theres one about a stereotypical demon,very boring and another about cannibals,that live in the forest while all these,are pretty bad the last episode is so,egregiously terrible that its funny the,episode is called game over and its,about a video game and not just any,video game a video game about american,horror story and yes its just as bad if,not worse than youd imagine i told you,dumb [ __ ] youre gonna die in here it,starts with noah cyrus and her boyfriend,being dropped off at the murder house by,steve harvey,its not actually steve harvey it just,looks like him apparently these two are,big american horror story fans and they,rented out the murder house because i,guess its an airbnb now yeah its,really weird in this universe the show,exists alongside the actual events of,the show so like the murder house exists,and the show about the murder house,exists its super meta and i hate it so,they enter the house together and the,obligatory creepy stuff starts to happen,just feel the energy of the house,these people are american horror story,fanatics the guy even caused plays as,one of the characters and it makes noah,cyrus really horny great,leave it on,kinky,so they bang,but the guy comes immediately right,afterwards some weird stuff starts to,happen and they think theres a ghost in,the house so noah cyrus delivers this,very amazing line maybe i could find a,ghost that will last more than two pumps,they then start to see a lot of,references from past seasons lots and,lots of references dont you love it,when writers of a product do nothing but,rely on references from their past,products,so they eventually meet three women,caged up in the basement it turns out,there were three random,trick-or-treaters that wanted to have an,orgy with the guy from murder house you,can give us some candy but you can also,just invite us in for a treat so they,entered the home and immediately were,killed its so weird these women are all,in like their mid-20s and theyre,trick-or-treating and theyre just what,looking for a guy to bang or something,are they all on molly whats going on,why is it whenever women like this,exists in a show its almost always a,man that writes it,can you imagine brad and ryan sitting in,a room like and then these three,horniest [ __ ] girls go to the murder,house they knock on the door and they,just really want to [ __ ] this guy right,they are so horny so they go in and,theyre murdered oh no,that would be cool people would love,that so then noah cyrus and her,boyfriend get attacked by a bunch of,random ghosts a dude with a machete,swings too hard and flings himself off,the stairs,the boyfriend gets shot in the face and,then eventually twisty the clown kills,noah cyrus and guess what it was all a,video game,yeah so everything you just saw was a,video game,and it was all developed by this woman,so i guess she wrote in these three,horny trick-or-treaters thats,interesting and she also made the murder,house into an airbnb wherein the ghosts,kill everybody that stays there so i,dont think that would last very long oh,oh so theres this woman whos a game,developer and her son whos an american,horror story fanatic because of course,he is and shes having her son test the,game these controls suck because i guess,shes making the game for him or,something she wants to become closer,with her son so shes making a video,game,like thats a lot of [ __ ] work just,to get closer with your son just go on,vacation you could have just watched it,with me and the best part is she doesnt,know anything about the show she hasnt,even seen it before she just knows her,son likes it so she just decided to make,a video game and then she goes on to say,that she quit her job mortgaged her,house and put all of her money into this,game what its insane youd assume if,someone put their entire livelihood on,the line it would be towards a passion,project of theirs or something not just,to become closer with their son she,could have saved herself a lot of time,and money if she just sat down and,watched the show with her son,its so bad imagine being this far into,the game development process and you,dont even know the source material,its almost comparable to netflixs iron,fist find your own interest lady jesus,her son starts complaining that none of,the stuff in the game makes sense a,bunch of the characters are kind of,random and they shouldnt be in the,murder house for the mother to have made,this game she must know something about,the show did she just google it,and then decide just to like throw a,bunch of random characters into the,murder house and thats your game the,game is like in its alpha stages right,now so now she decides to watch the show,and take notes then we get a look at the,shitty game during the title screen come,on the graphics are amazing arent they,i have a theory that ryan murphy and,brad feltrick rely almost entirely on,their catchy theme song to get people to,watch their stuff their show was pretty,fun in the beginning but now theyve,kind of run out of ideas so now theyre,just recycling their old content and,using their actual show in their content,and play their theme song non-stop in,order to trick people you know make them,feel some nostalgia for when the show,was actually fun,so the murder house exists in the same,world as the show even though were,outside of the video game the murder,house still exists in the actual world,alongside the show its so weird so the,mother has the wonderful idea to go to,the murder house and i guess its for,sale and she uses her last 100 000 to,buy the house,so she can learn more about american,horror story to make her game better i,guess okay cool but like why isnt just,watching the show enough you could just,take an afternoon and visit the house,and take some notes you dont have to,live there,some weird,she could have saved a lot of money that,way this woman is kind of strange shes,a little bit cuckoo but then i get a,little sugar in me and i start to go,cuckoo this woman is stupid in every way,i dont feel bad for her at all thatd,be like if han solo was watching star,wars in his free time in a new show,called star wars stories doesnt that,sound so stupid that sounds worse than,the star wars holiday special so this,woman visits her ex-husbands house,obviously shes divorced because shes a,lunatic she goes there to give her son,some extra clothes because shes going,to be away for a while she tells her son,that shes going to an american horror,story convention to ask the creators all,about murder house again why is she,doing all this research after shes,already made the game it makes no sense,her ex-husband tells her that shes,delusional which she is and she returns,fire by saying and if i were man that,would be called drive,admirable ambition even uh no actually,itd be called lunacy go mentally,deranged yeah itd be called,homelessness,rega

The Season That Killed American Horror Story

today we are going to be looking at,American Horror Story more like American,horrible story,gotem this is kind of like my Game of,Thrones video because I really liked,Game of Thrones I really sucked making,that video and I also really liked,American Horror Story this one season,though its awful oh my god its so its,so bad American Horror Story is,legitimately terrible now and this is,coming from someone who once enjoyed the,show I didnt think it was the greatest,thing on earth but it was fun,you know the acting was good the twists,were fun it was just a fun show before,and now its a stupid show I will,probably make some hardcore fans really,mad at me in this video so Im sorry but,just hear me out okay before we get into,the main course heres some little,appetizers for you this is what I,thought of all the seasons prior to this,one just to be clear its been a while,since Ive seen some of these seasons so,I might not be remembering them all,correctly and feel free to let me know,your opinions of these seasons in the,comments down below,because I know youre going to do that,anyway and Im probably wrong about,something in this video so please let me,know what Im wrong about hey Elvis your,opinion suck this is why yeah opinion,time no but for real its fine,I think its fun seeing all these people,tell me what they think about a certain,thing because ultimately thats why Im,doing this you know its a discussion if,the discussion was me saying something,you replying and then me never saying,anything back,I liked Murder House I thought it was,fun I loved Asylum I dont know why I,just remember really liking it for,whatever reason I thought it had an,interesting story the characters were,good the acting was good kept me engaged,the entire time,I thought coven was pretty good I,started to get bored about halfway,through but I think its still a solid,season freakshow is excellent at least,for like the first five episodes and,then it plummets drastically Im not,sure which episode it is but once twisty,the clown died the season died with him,they introduced a new bad guy and its,just like why you could have just kept,twisty till the end because he was,literally the only interesting thing,about that season I guess the writers,didnt know that,so hotel starts out pretty good but then,the third act is extremely boring and I,felt like there were a lot of moments in,that season that were just kind of dumb,Im not sure if this is an unpopular,opinion or anything but I kind of liked,Roanoke I thought it was a clever take,on the whole reality show thing thought,it was pretty good,cult I thought was a little bit too,heavy-handed with its politics and then,it becomes super predictable its,basically the tale of like a modern-day,Charles Manson if he had blue hair and,he really likes Trump and as for,Apocalypse Wow the show had its up and,downs you know but this season went so,far down that it went to visit Satan and,Im not even joking this season is about,Satan let me get the one thing that I,liked about apocalypse out of the way,the acting for the most part was pretty,decent for the most part there are some,scenes that make me want to drag my,teeth across concrete but you know for,the most part I havent seen this newest,season 1984 yet but if its anything,like apocalypse I just dont care about,this show anymore and its a damn shame,because they had some pretty creative,ideas in the past Apocalypse is so weird,because it comes across like a love,letter to all the American Horror Story,fanatics out there if the letter just,had a bunch of references to better of,seasons and it was covered in [ __ ] then,yeah thats what you get thats what,apocalypse is if you havent seen any of,the other seasons and apocalypse is,definitely not the season to start,watching or to watch at all in my,opinion,but and its not even like the Star Wars,thing you know how like the force,awakens was basically a new hope but,just a new version for the new,generation well apocalypse didnt really,copy any of its previous work instead,they take the characters from previous,seasons and they tried desperately to,kind of like piece some of them together,in order to form this new season and it,doesnt work at all because all of the,previous seasons you can watch them by,themselves and they all make sense by,themselves theyre all standalone yes,some of them have little Easter eggs,here and there being like oh hey,remember this season that that was a,pretty good season remember this one,like the clown doll from cult but they,never really did like a full crossover,until now and I definitely think they,shouldnt have done that the first,episode is called the end which is kind,of ironic because it probably should,have ended here I dont care enough to,remember these characters names and its,kind of funny because the show doesnt,care about these characters either and,they proved that like three episodes in,but Im getting ahead of myself,so Ill be giving these characters my,own names so starts with this woman,getting a haircut Im just gonna call it,barb thats a shortened version of,Barbara by the way I just feel like she,looks like a barb I dont know and shes,getting her haircut done by a Fieri a,warning comes up on Barbs phone telling,her that theres an inbound missile,crisis what the [ __ ] its [ __ ] barb,says oh its probably just a hoax but,then her dad facetimes her and tells her,its real and when shes talking to her,family she holds her phone out at arms,length which doesnt look very,comfortable,hey mom yeah okay yep who holds their,phone like this no one thats who her,dad says your mother and I love you very,much,but then this guy comes into frame,he just kind of came out of nowhere and,he doesnt look very concerned about his,imminent death instead he looks like he,has a stomachache so her dad tells her,that there are four spots available for,them in this underground bunker,somewhere that he paid for just in case,of a disaster thanks dad and hes giving,them all to her because its too late,for them then you hear the bomb go off,and they die barb doesnt really seem to,care that she just watched her family,get eviscerated which is I dont know,thats kind of strange I think most,people like even Hitler would care if,they watched their family get blown up,but not barb,so then barb her assistant gay Fieri and,his grandma,all go to the airport you would assume,that the airport would be mobbed with,people right now that the traffic would,be absolutely insane if he will found,out that there were bombs heading,towards them,most people will be trying to fly out of,there but they get there just fine so,thats kind of weird I mean yeah they do,run into someone but the cracked,windshield didnt seem to impede their,driving at all and apparently people are,just killing each other on the streets,because thats what people would do if,they had like five minutes left to live,Barbs random boyfriend was left behind,and she has no soul so she calls him up,and shes like yeah well Im just gonna,break up with you sorry,lets go and they all fly away and then,we get this random scene of like these,men in black snatching up this guy,because he has a good genetic makeup for,survival,whatever that means and they know about,this because he gave his DNA to an,ancestry website okay that I guess that,works and apparently the men in black,could only snatch up two people Im just,gonna call them Jeff and Jess it seems,to me this whole ancestry.com scheme,wasnt all that worth it if you just got,two people out of it so they bring Jeff,and Jess to this underground bunker,where all the other people are so then,they meet this woman named William Ben,about em all will have been a minimal,will have been a minimal I will I mean,available,welcome to outpost three what is it,Russian Asgardian what is what a,nightmare her life must be when she has,to give her name to like a customer,service representative somewhere hello,my computer isnt working Im calling,because I

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Tóm Tắt Chuyện Ma Mỹ (American Horror Story) | Season 2

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Every American Horror Story Season, Ranked from Worst to Best

[Music],Ive got dibs on this one Iris,I havent seen one thats that smile,welcome to Miz Mojo and today were,ranking all the American Horror Story,Seasons from worst to best so is this,all of you at the moment,Cordelia Fox,head mistress for this list were,looking at the first 10 AHS seasons and,breaking them down from scary bad to,scary good since its still airing as of,this publication NYC wont be included,which season is your favorite let us,know in the comments,number 10. double feature this 10th,season of AHS has a lot going on split,into two parts red tide and Death Valley,double feature is hard to follow,ultimately confusing and disjointed part,one follows talentless artists who wind,up being successful thanks to a magic,pill which also has a pesky side effect,that turns them into vampires,yeah,part two introduces a four episode,premise surrounding aliens impregnated,men and strangely enough President,Eisenhower Im the president of the,United States,this world its trying to destroy itself,for as long as I can remember and we,dont need any more help so,Im asking you,Stop The Killing the historical figures,in,jection was likely an attempt to,Intrigue the audience but it really just,added to the errant strangeness though,certainly not simple or boring the,seasons disconnect and complexity left,us mostly disappointed there is nothing,more tragic pathetic and sad than a,person with no Talent trying to make it,in the world number nine Hotel Lady,Gagas portrayal of the Glamorous,vampire-esque Countess is pretty much,the one good thing to come out of Hotel,what brings you to the Cortez similar to,Double feature many plot points and,story lines make the season feel like,too many ideas to keep up with inspired,by real life Horrors associated with Los,Angeles hotels the season is especially,dark with portrayals of Infamous Killers,like Jeffrey Dahmer and John Wayne Gacy,you see Jeffrey,dont I always take care of you the,subsequent intensity resulted in mixed,critical reception with many arguing,That season 5 is more ostentatious than,it is scary not to mention this was the,first season missing AHS favorite,Jessica Lange likely contributing to its,perceived inferiority ignore her she,drinks but the law requires a witness,and Ive witnessed plenty number eight,cult drawing inspiration from the,controversial 2016 U.S presidential,election cult is the topical AHS season,that addresses current events in America,Above All Humans love fear,the fear that over time we have honed,and Polished and built up Brick by Brick,until it stands before us every day,as tall as the Trump Tower at the center,of the story arcade Anderson and Ali,Mayfair Richards politically inclined,individuals on completely opposite ends,of the spectrum Kai is a radical,far-right cult leader and Ali is a,progressive lesbian spiraling as extreme,ideologies surround her,the seventh season does well in terms of,building suspense and giving us some,creepy clown scares but the political,generalizations were not the most well,received given the fact that cult was,released so soon after the real election,the inclusion of politics was bound to,generate a negative response I cant,imagine the depths of Sorrow you must,feel right now,incredible sorrow number seven freak,Show after three widely celebrated,Seasons season four was the first that,seemed to disappoint more of the AHS,fandom clowns and cupidos,maybe thats what youre used to,but youre in a real freak Show now my,friction living up to its name freak,Show is all things crazed and unhinged,as a circus troop struggles to survive,desperate times and Terrors inevitably,the portrayal of the so-called freaks,all of whom have distinct attributes can,be easily considered insensitive and,stigmatizing what do you want,well this is the diner aint it,were hungry,and we want to be served though the,season started promisingly a multitude,of emerging threats and simultaneous,storylines take away from whatever,message freak Show is trying to convey,however the season does give us Twisty,the Clown one of ahss most memorable,and terrifying antagonists,[Music],number six Roanoke are you all right it,are you hurt no no no please stop stop I,have to get you to a hospital I didnt,understand what happened I still dont,now this one is tricky AHS Seasons,always take us on a roller coaster,Journey but as weve learned its,sometimes just too much Roanoke is the,best example as its essentially a show,within a show that confuses us with a,switch from depicting the making of a,paranormal documentary to a found,footage format sweetheart dont change,the subject there was a shadow you have,to tell him,yes yes Im like God despite its,intriguing concept of a couples haunted,Farmhouse experience the sixth season is,not as riveting as others inclusion of,the piggy man seemed to be added for the,sole purpose of shock value rather than,advancing The Narrative often leaving us,wondering what exactly were watching,[Music],number five 1984 with classic horror,flicks serving as Source material 1984,is a tad predictable hey way too late,wide load you totally missed it they,were so freaking scared set in the,titular year at a summer camp the ninth,season takes us back in time but with a,fresh lens extensive inspo to draw from,makes the episodes pretty chaotic but,the slasher scenes are done Justice I,wish I never give this,dont worry Brooke,youll be leaving soon as per usual the,casting is right on point as evidenced,by Billy Lords portrayal of the manic,Montana but we must admit that Sarah,Paulsons and Evan Peters absences were,felt 1984 is also thus far the only AHS,season set in an alternate universe,making the 80s homage nostalgic viewing,for those who appreciate the slasher,genre nobody knows exactly why he,snapped,but one random night Mr Jingles grabs a,knife,and Slaughters an entire cabin number,four apocalypse,season 8 immediately caught our,attention thanks to returning characters,from Seasons past whose story lines we,were already invested in Surprise [ __ ],I bet you thought youd Seen the Last of,Me theres definitely a noticeable,deviation from the typical horrific,scares of AHS as focuses more on,exploring the inter-season crossover but,this,long awaited and delivered in terms of,engaging viewers in a way we had not,seen before How can any of you defeat me,when Ive already won,you havent won perhaps you havent,noticed the state of the world its,almost as bad as your dinner jacket but,at least the world can be saved the,returning characters their continued,stories and their connections to others,were equally compelling and entertaining,this may have missed the terror invoked,in scarier Seasons but we think covens,witches trying to stop murder Houses,Antichrist from ending the world is a,respectable swap I told Cordelia what I,was going to do to all of you,deaths to avenge,number three Murder House the season,that started it all remains one of the,best the world is a filthy place its a,filthy goddamn Horror Show,theres so much pain you know were,first introduced to a seemingly,predictable premise surrounding your,usual haunted house but we quickly,realize theres much more to explore and,digest in a lavish La Mansion a newly,moved in family unwittingly discovers,years of horror pain and Trauma that,former residents and victims endured you,think I want to stay,in this world of death and rotten regret,try to find some dignity in the,situation,move on Missy I cant I want to but I,cant ridden with ghosts one of which,hilariously takes the form of a maid the,murder house is filled with,chill-inducing frights emotional turmoil,and a slew of riveting historical,accounts there will be no funeral,the baby is upstairs,and waiting for you in the nursery even,if you think later Seasons Trump the,premier installment there is no denying,that season one is the one that got us,hooked number two coven Sarah Paulson is,a standout in each season she appears in,but her performance as Cordelia in this,wo

American Horror Stories Is REALLY Bad…

the highly anticipated american horror,stories is the spin-off that american,horror story fans,like myself have long been waiting for,and with that anticipation comes a lot,of pressure for the show to be,everything that everyone wants it to be,the first episode dropped in its two,parts this week and let me say,it is not what i was expecting nor what,i want,as an american horror story fan or even,a horror fan,but before we get into it if you want,videos on the latest movies and tv shows,delivered straight to your subscription,feed,be sure to spank that subscribe button,and ring that bell to not miss,a single thing im matt rogers and join,me today as we take a look at the rubber,woman,and how bad it really is now a big,spoiler disclaimer for this as im going,to be talking about the first two,episodes in detail,but if youre watching this youve,likely seen the two-part premiere or,dont care enough to,but you have been warned for those of,you who arent familiar american horror,stories,is the first spin-off series based on,the anthology tv series american horror,story,stories consist of individual stories in,each episode,the original american horror story is of,course known for individual seasons,concentrating on their own themes,so in theory stories is a great,opportunity for the producers to explore,horror themes that they didnt wish to,dedicate a whole season on,but lets get into the first episode and,where else to start but at the beginning,the episode opens with a very familiar,scene a young family driving towards,their new home,of course a callback to the very first,season of american horror story,this being the first of a few callbacks,which well get into later,but already at this early stage of the,episode i had concerns that they were,going to rely on their tried and trusted,formula that they know worked previously,instead of taking a risk something i,will give them props for is keeping the,opening theme song that song is so,iconic and never gets old,i didnt really like that they started,to remix it in the later seasons of,american horror story but,its back and nostalgia temporarily,clouded my judgment,but then the characters started,conversing so ryan murphy obviously,loves a good amount of campiness in his,shows,glee of course being one of his breakout,shows and the campiest of them all,he then surprised us all and got,everyones attention when he created the,polar opposite of glee,american horror story but he obviously,missed the lighthearted content and met,us halfway with scream queens,the perfect combination of horror and,comedy the first season of that show was,so good and the campy dialogue felt,right at home but i digress my point is,that the lines in this show from the,very start feel so campy and thats not,what this show is,or what the majority of fans want either,just listen to this conversation,what do you think baby oh i havent seen,any ghosts yet,and you wont because ghosts dont exist,uh-uh hey,dont ever say that again lets talk,about the characters now,matt bomer i can handle he is a talented,man,the daughter scarlet and shes alright,probably doing the best you can with the,script shes been given but,god the other dad is the worst and i do,not say this lightly,so one of the scenes scarlett puts on,the rubber suit and scares her dads,after theyre already concerned about,her dark characteristics,but then she accidentally cuts the,annoying dad with a knife,and this is how he reacts i think,theres an urgent care nearby let me,come with you,no just go to your room you can come out,to throw away that awful costume but,that is it,and please be aware young lady i will,not be talking to you for weeks,what what kind of a line is that i guess,in defense of the actor gavin creel that,was again just the script he was given,but get this,creators ryan murphy and brad folchuck,wrote this damned episode and they,created the whole damn franchise so they,should know by now what theyre doing,at first i found the daughter,interesting as she had some violent,sexual tendencies so there was some,depth there that wasnt obvious at first,i also appreciated the characters,confidence telling paris jacksons,character about her kinks and dark,secrets speaking of jackson shes not a,bad little actress,the daughter of michael jackson is more,known for her modelling career but,i see some great potential there and,this could prove to be a launching pad,for,her so jacksons character maya turns,out to betray scarlett by live streaming,her spilling her dark secrets,reminded me a little bit of carrie,actually which isnt a bad thing,but after this scene the episode kind of,shifts and,scarlets darkness goes from mysterious,and complicated,to a more shallow teenage angst and she,gets suicidal and kills everyone,or did the rubber man do it either way,it doesnt seem to matter nor do i care,because it doesnt contribute,to the overarching story speaking of,which what was the point of the,therapist being killed earlier in the,episode,as it sure didnt add anything to the,plot except maybe to squeeze a kill,scene into the start of the episode in,an effort to hold your interest sloppy,writing,on the topic of kills is that supposed,to be the horror here the only arguably,scary scene was the girl group being,murdered but,was it really that scary would you call,it a horror story,hardly but im not done with the,criticisms yet all,far from it as then the second episode,starts and we are blessed,with this interaction before i show it,just take note of the acting the,dialogue and even the editing,youre not gonna do [ __ ] i know her,shes a ghost here shes shes mean,so what so are we not like me,we should go and that was supposed to be,a tense moment,scarlett this time around has lost all,mystery and intrigue,basically becoming a character tour of,herself from the first episode,with some really on the nose lines you,dont feel,all the pain thats been inflicted here,of course i do thats what i like about,it,the annoying dad did the same he became,a sociopathic manipulator which he,showed no signs of in the first episode,its like brad falchuk who wrote the,episode decided to change his mind in,part two,this episode notably didnt have ryan,murphy on the writers table,i will give it a rest for a moment,though they didnt rely on callbacks as,much as i first thought they would and,neither on fanservice with probably just,the right amount of minor references to,the first season,like the twins in the basement or dylan,mcdermott being referred to as the other,dead therapist stuck in the house,but lets fast forward the easily,forgettable storyline of this episode,which focuses on the naivete of scarlett,and her new found girlfriend,who wants her to kill herself so they,can live together forever,but speaking of naivety after all the,attempts to kill scarlet and the girl,groups exacting their revenge for what,happened to them in the first episode,everyone just forgives scarlett at the,end oh well i guess we were pretty mean,and deserve eternity in this house as,long as you dont die here and stay with,us,and apparently the dads dying solved all,their issues and they live happily ever,after,i get that the story only being two,episodes long they dont have an entire,season to flesh this thing out,but at least write a story that can be,wrapped up quickly and doesnt wrap,everything up in the last five minutes,on a small yet notable positive point,the music and sound design was great,from start to finish for both of these,episodes,the contrasting happy music used,throughout the violent killing of these,characters and,even down to the subtle squeaking of the,rubber suit,very well done now i know ive gone,super hard on this but im just so,disappointed,a self-contained episode focusing on one,aspect of horror had,infinite possibilities but they did,nothing to surprise or,even scare the audience mind you there,is still a whole season to follow,but the wind has officially been taken,out of my sails,which has me t

AHS: NEW YORK Ending Explained!

well another season of American Horror,Story has ended and this one well have,you saying Im looking for something,that says,dad likes leather something that says,leather daddy season 11 titled New York,will have fans of the show divided with,the bulk of its horror manifesting not,in a monster slasher or Supernatural,element but the AIDS epidemic thats not,to say the season is without its,trademark Killers well definitely get,into that but those take a back seat as,the characters face a far more vicious,and unrelenting foe so put on your,leather outfits lets take a look at,what New York has to offer the year is,1981 Im not even born yet and New York,is under attack bodies of dead men have,been springing up around the city their,corpses chopped into various pieces and,no one seems to be doing anything about,it NYPD officer Patrick Reed has noticed,a pattern all these men are gay but when,He suggests the department look into it,hes dismissed the force cant be,spending all its time and money on men,who are runaways getting caught up in,drugs and illegal activities so,Patricks boyfriend and I should mention,Patricks still in the closet a man by,the name of Gino Borelli decides to take,matters into his own hands he runs a gay,paper called the native and wants to,bring attention to this killer whos,targeting their Community what well,find out is that there are actually two,killers one will come to know as the Mai,Thai killer aptly named since he would,buy his victims my ties and the other,big daddy at the end of episode 1 Ginos,investigation leads him to a bar where,hes drugged by the mai tai killer but,when the killer finds out Gino was in,the military he spares his life he wont,kill a fellow brother in arms it isnt,until episode 7 that we find out what,the Killers true motivations are why is,he targeting gay men and chopping them,into pieces the identity of the killers,discovered when it turns out one of,Genos sources a gay Hitman by the name,of Henry used to employ him to dispose,of bodies when he worked for the mob the,man goes by Mr Whiteley a male nurse,ex-vietnam vet with a penchant for my,ties when Gino and Patrick go to,investigate theyre captured by him and,are shocked to discovered the Sentinel a,Frankenstein type monster sewn together,by different parts of gay men he killed,to create a quote Beacon of Hope for the,gay community like Gino and Patrick the,Mai Thai killer believes the plight of,the gay community falls on deaf ears no,one cares about them so in order to make,people care he must show the world their,suffering by killing over and over again,and constructing this gruesome creature,he wants to show the world how theyve,been treated The Sentinel is our,Salvation he will save us he will show,the world our suffering and will redeem,us this is how the Mai Thai killer,justifies his murders he believes them,to be necessary sacrifices in the,greater fight for justice but his plans,are foiled when Patrick is saved by Gino,and Henry you see the Mai Thai killer,had no use for Gino and Henry and had,them locked in another room Patrick,whoever was wanted for his quote Brave,heart you see the Sentinels composed of,only the very best parts of his victims,beautiful parts for the outside and,Noble parts for the inside Patricks,heart will be the last part needed to,create the mai tai Killers Masterpiece,but on getting free Patrick Ames is,gonna the killer where we can see the,host of victims he killed behind him the,Killer is shot ending his Rampage at the,end of the episode Gina writes that,within the gate community lies a monster,one built up by societys expectations,on who and what they are if you believe,the gay community to be criminals,deviants and monsters thats what youll,become so He suggests to throw away what,Society thinks and be proud of who you,are and only then can you become your,own Sentinel with the Mai Thai Killer,dead youd think the killings would stop,this is American Horror Story and there,are three more episodes to go throughout,the season many of our characters have,been stalked by this Beast of a man,known as Big Daddy his first appearance,is in episode 1 when a character by the,name of Adam finds him in Central Park,but as the season progresses and more,and more care characters have run-ins,with him some more deadly than others,but big daddy isnt real at least the,physical manifestation of him hes,rather a metaphor for the AIDS epidemic,which was first officially reported in,the United States in 1981 the same year,the show is set in episode 1 we meet Dr,Hannah Wells whos investigating an,unknown virus affecting deer on Fire,Island her suggestion is to kill all the,deer so the virus doesnt have the time,to LEAP to humans Fire Island also,happens to be a favorite spot for the,gay community to party the deer,therefore become a metaphor for the,lives slaughtered by HIV AIDS Dr Wells,also meets with a woman claiming to know,the origins of the virus this is Fran,she worked as a lab assistant on Plum,Island where she claims doctors mixed,animal diseases with human ones to,engineer a virus that could Target,specific people ticks then would become,this delivery mechanism and since AIDS,was first reported rumors circulated,that the virus was created by the CIA to,wipe out sexuals and African,Americans back on nearby Fire Island,Theo Graves is killed by Big Daddy as,his Fallen Brothers to the disease and,meet him in death in fact almost every,character who doesnt die to the Mai,Thai killer dies to Big Daddy Dr Hannah,Wells the person who first tried to,raise alarm over this new virus,contracts it while using her best friend,Adam Seaman to conceive using a turkey,baster no less dont ask me how that,works its implied Adam contracted it,while being visited by Big Daddy in,Central Park but there are two,characters who are seen by ghosts of,ex-lovers while dying to the virus the,first is Sam played by Zachary Quinto,hes a high-end art collector in love,with Theo Graves a star photographer,whose work brings out the beauty in the,ugly Sam is haunted by Theo who shows,him dying alone in the hospital all his,money and wealth mean nothing now Sam is,obsessed with giving people pain and,this stems from his childhood as a child,he was abused by his father and as a,young man even though he worked hard,harder and faster than any of his,colleagues he was overlooked for,promotions because he was gay thus he,spent his life hoarding art and money to,stick it to the Wall Street Boys in his,final moments Sam is confronted by Big,Daddy but when he takes off Big Daddys,Mass he turns into a beautiful man,remember Theos artwork centered around,finding the beauty in the ugly and,thats what Sam is finally doing here,hes turning something ugly and making,it beautiful before he dies the second,person to be visited by a ghost is,Patrick his ex-wife Barbara who he,unknowingly gave the virus to acts as a,sort of Ghost of Christmas Past showing,him how the trauma of his life made him,who he was and only by confronting it,can he truly move on Patrick had to hide,who he was at work and even turns,against his gay partner his father,despised him for being a wussy who,couldnt fire a gun and this pain Barber,says it broke into pieces just like the,mai tai Killer cut up his victims into,pieces Gino is the only one there for,Patrick in his final days Patricks IV,hasnt been changed he hasnt gotten any,food more evidence to show that these,patients were seen as Pariah even in his,death Patricks family snubbed Geno and,closed the casket even though he and,Patrick wanted it to be open so that the,world could see what he died from Adam,Carpenter who had been helping Geno,expose this killer among the community,continues the investigation as Ginos,illness worsens at every corner Adam,learns the hard truth that no one seems,to care the doctor at the morgue refuses,to believe any of these deaths are,related and Pizzazz the bathhouse owner,says shes contacted Public Health about,her pa

Every American Horror Story Season RANKED

just when you thought anthology shows,were dead Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk,reinvented the concept for a golden age,of television welcome to watchmojo.com,oror story and ranking them from worst,to best were basing our picks on which,seasons took the most chances which had,the most memorable ensembles and of,course which offered the most jump out,of your seat moments well try to keep,spoilers to a minimum for those who,havent seen the show but we will have,to delve into a few key plot points they,didnt die in here anything today number,eight,Roanoke season six every single teaser,leading up to season six is premiere,left the plot not to mention the theme,clouded and mystery with such ambiguous,advertising we anticipated something,completely different when Roanoke,finally hit the airwaves as it turned,out the season revolved around a fake,documentary series entitled my Roanoke,nightmare complete with interviews and,reenactments and inspired by the fabled,Lost Colony of Roanoke,although the seasons found-footage,approach was new to the AHS universe,weve seen much of this style before in,the Blair Witch Project and Paranormal,Activity even a meta twist halfway,through the season is reminiscent of,horror satires like scream well it,didnt exactly live up to the hype and,ended on a disappointing note Roanoke,deserves points for trying to shake up,the formula and Adina Porters riveting,performance I killed daddy,thats how be it be alone no one else,helped me this nobodys fault except by,number seven,Hotel season five Hotel marked the first,season not to feature Jessica Lange it,was also the first not to be nominated,for Outstanding limited series at the,Primetime Emmys AHS was starting to get,a bit too familiar leaving viewers,desensitized to its shock value in gore,Lady Gaga was the primary selling point,of this season but she divided audiences,while Gaga did win a Golden Globe for,her campy performance as the countess,some critics felt the singer was still,coming into her own as an actress the,seasons real star was the hotel Cortez,which encompassed a chilling atmosphere,and unnerving presence the setting,provided an eerie backdrop for several,fun and horrific set pieces most notably,a deliciously devious dinner party,lucky you youve been invited number six,apocalypse season 8 apocalypse was built,up as a crossover season between Murder,House and coven in the long run though,it was more of a sequel to coven with,much of the focus centering on The,Witches of miss robichauxs Academy,while the season does pick up where,Murder House left off with the birth of,the Antichrist characters like Constance,Langdon and the Harmon family have very,limited screen time that said the,episode returned to Murder House is the,seasons finest hour and easily a series,highlight for fans although we would,have liked more interactions like this,apocalypse did deliver a refreshing,change of pace and nicely tied up,several lingering plot threads from past,seasons above all else it expanded upon,the shows mythology in ways that had,only been touched upon before remember,the prophecy,youre talking about the alpha the,warlock who becomes the Alpha will have,power beyond comprehension his magic,will exceed that of the witchs number 5,cult season 7 when Donald Trump pulled,off an upset during the 2016 US,presidential election the nation was,split down the middle with one half,being overwhelmed with fear,AHS took that paranoia into overdrive,with cult which ditched any supernatural,elements in favor of psychological and,real-world horror cult was not only,timely because of Trumps presidency but,also due to the rise of right-wing,terrorism and the Charlottesville,tragedy that occurred a month prior to,the seasons premiere episode granted,occasionally the season went a little,overboard with its dark humor and only,time will tell how its political,commentary will age however the seasons,biting satire and Evan Peters unhinged,performances cult leader Kai Anderson,helped make American Horror Story great,again what was that,I said there is nothing more dangerous,in this world than a humiliated man,number four coven season three coven was,a bit like Harry Potter meets x-men but,with a much more demented edge just like,rogue from the x-men Sony Benson learns,that she possesses supernatural powers,after getting too close to a boy The,Witches thus sent to a school for,exceptional young ladies where she meets,headmistress Cordelia Mean Girl Madison,and the supreme which clinging to her,glory days season three isnt without,narrative issues as it kills off,multiple characters only to resurrect,them later nevertheless coven makes,impeccable use of its New Orleans,setting with the Salem witch trials,laying the groundwork for multiple,well-crafted storylines it also proved,to be one of the shows best ensemble,pieces with Jessica Lange and Kathy,Bates both winning Primetime Emmys are,you a witch or something well I was,hoping you were and maybe youd know how,to kill me oh I may kill you yet but not,today but you run away again and its,back in the box for you understand,number three freak show season four as,its title suggests this season owes a,fair deal to the cult classic freaks,freak show is every bit as disturbing as,the 1932 film but turns up the blood and,gore as weve come to expect the season,hit at just the right time in the,cultural zeitgeist when evil clowns,suddenly peaked in popularity making,twisty the clown an instant star the,real scene stealer though was Finn wit,Rox dandy a spoiled rich boy ready to,dive off the deep end into insanity even,in a season that gave us a two-headed,Sarah Paulson dandy stood out as the,real freak this was also the first,season to experiment with the idea of a,shared universe with multiple callbacks,to previous plot points,number two Murder House season 1 one,major advantage season one had going for,it is that nobody knew this would end up,being an anthology series while we,werent sure what to expect,viewers generally figured that the,Harmon family would be mainstays so,imagine our surprise when several key,characters met grim fates even with the,knowledge that Murder House is a,standalone season it still functions as,a genuinely creepy ghost story the debut,season struck an ideal balance of,supernatural and real-world horror with,Tate Langdon sharing many parallels to,infamous Psychopaths,however the glue that holds it all,together is Jessica Lange who swept the,Primetime Emmys the Screen Actors Guild,Awards and the Golden Globes with her,wicked performance as Constance Langdon,Im a good Christian but jesus H Christ,you know if they did invent it some of,those tests a few years ago Id wear how,did you get into my house he left you,back door open before we continue be,sure to subscribe to our Channel and,bring the bell to get notified about our,latest videos you have the option to be,notified for occasional videos or all of,them if youre on your phone make sure,you go into your settings and switch on,notifications number one Asylum season,two although the alien plotline still,hasnt scratching our heads Asylum,otherwise fired on all cylinders never,before has the series taken us to a more,dreadful claustrophobic or sinister,location than the Briarcliff Manor every,cast member hit their stride with,phenomenal performances from Jessica,Lange Sarah Paulson Zachary Quinto and,James Cromwell the latter of whom won a,Primetime Emmy in fact Asylum dominated,the Emmys that year with a total of 17,nominations more than any other show in,the midst of all the shocking twists and,gothic characters this season even made,room for a musical number thats equal,parts infectious and deranged,like the best Twilight Zone episodes,Asylum told a human story about,prejudice where true madness stems from,do you agree with our picks check out,this other recent clip from watch mojo,and be sure to subscribe and ring the,bell to be notified about our latest,videos,[Music]

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