1. Americas Cardroom Review 2022 – Are They Legit? – $200 Win! ♠️
  2. Americas Cardroom Review: The USA Pokerstars?
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  5. Americas Cardroom Review 2023 – Can you REALLY get $2k free?
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Americas Cardroom Review 2022 – Are They Legit? – $200 Win! ♠️

[Music],all right,so im going to be giving you my review,on americas card room and talking about,if its a legit online poker site to be,playing on,now ive been a while since i played,here and theyve had some updates since,then and one of them is run it twice,which is extremely cool,now as im getting into this if you guys,do want to get started here learn more,about them ill throw some bonus and,sign up links,in both the description and comments and,of course if you could smash like but on,this video i would greatly appreciate it,see i want to get back to the run it,twice option on here so when you go,all in you have the option to click run,it twice and as long as the other player,hits it,then you guys will get to see two boards,ive never seen anything like that,before it is extremely cool and youre,gonna see the first example of it,happening,on this hand with these two players now,im also gonna be in a hand in this,session where,you know i got to run it twice im not,going to tell you what happened but,um its a really cool feature you know,this is uh,this is something i honestly havent,seen on any online poker sites and i,dont know when they added this option,but,its pretty sick im also going gonna be,uh,playing a one to no limit on here some,of the other features you can use for,acr poker you can change the color of,tables,card decks you can see players have,custom avatars,so i mean you know as far as the,software goes its really nice,now a little history on americas card,room theyve been around since 2001,um they i think took over uh,doyles room or whatever it was called,back when doyle brunson had a poker site,i think up till 2007,but i mean uh theyre on the winning,poker network theyve been around since,um,2001 so i mean the reputation is,definitely there,they also host some of the biggest,tournaments online i think theyve got,like a 10 million dollar,venom tournament i think its ten,million dollars it might be nine but,its a pretty ridiculous,uh tournament they do once a year and,youre gonna find some of the biggest,tournaments,that you can play in the us now you can,also play here anywhere in the world,for the most part but you know for us,players,um you know you can play here,all right this hand we had pocket nines,raised it up,now like i said im gonna get in a,pretty sick hand on an all-in so youre,gonna see me run it twice,which was uh pretty ridiculous but yeah,i mean i,i really like the software here it is uh,its pretty cool,cash games the stakes are really high,theyve got,i think a 200 400 no limit game which is,like insane,i was actually watching some of the,action going on in in a couple of the uh,the rooms theyve got the perkins i,think his name is bill perkins,hes got like a table named after him on,here so he must be playing all the time,you know i dont have that kind of money,the highest games that i play are 510,which is a thousand dollar buy-in,i really never go over that because,honestly like,i dont want to deal with swings bigger,than that you know ill keep a few,thousand dollars in my poker account at,all times,you know so i could play the limits i,like to play but you know when youre,talking about like 200 400 i mean those,are some pretty sick stakes,uh and you gotta have some you know,serious money to be playing that,i mean that is pretty ridiculous so yeah,i mean if you did get started here you,could watch some of those games i mean,theyre kind of just fun to watch,uh and i kind of was doing that for a,little bit on those big stakes because,its fun to see those big pots with all,that money in it and you can do that,here,okay uh yeah i think uh might be the,hand after this were gonna,you know be getting into our all-in,situation yeah the the run it twice,option on here,is really fun i mean its its fun to,use you know what i mean and i feel like,every time that ive used the feature on,here for that,the other player always agrees so,its like everybody wants to run it,twice i mean its uh,its pretty fun you know it just kind of,adds a different kind of layer,to playing online poker i guess and its,pretty innovative i mean im sure,you know weve all seen it on tv where,you know you got the uh high stake cash,games and theyre you know,going hey do you want to run it twice do,you want to run it three times you want,to run it four times but,um yeah its its really cool you know,what i mean,now i dont have an avatar right now on,here but i changed the,color of the table to blue so thats,what youre seeing here,theyve got like 30 different um skins,for changing the table on here,i think the blue looks pretty cool okay,so this is gonna be it guys this is the,moment,where we uh we got it all in and now i,slow played,my queen 10 you know i was hoping,somebody would bet into it with,when we got three other people in this,hand so i was kind of just waiting,um and you know,slow playing it was just the way i,wanted to go here,just kind of hoping somebody would bet,its always nice when you flop top two,like that but you know clearly theres a,lot of draws that could get there so,okay um anyways turn card club so now,were looking at um,possible straight draws uh possible,flush draws,and um you know this is where we got it,all in,uh and this was just this was sick,and you know what im sorry i think i,didnt i didnt run it twice i think,this was just an all-in but you guys,still got to see the run it twice,on that first hand but this was a pretty,sick,sick all-in youre about to see right,here now i didnt expect to get called,on this,um at first but this guy had 75 dollars,he was on tilt,mind you so i mean he was playing kind,of just bonkers,um and i mean obviously im gonna,re-raise here,now chalky also made the call and,um i think both these guys had draws,yeah that queen nine was pretty sick,right there okay so,fortunately my hand held up right there,which was uh,which was pretty awesome honestly and i,think that you can only run it twice,when its you and one other player they,dont let it,uh with more than one player it looks,like because i didnt see the option,right there,anyways um kind of back to the whole,point here you know as far as americas,card room being you know a good online,poker site and being legit,yeah i mean uh the software is great,they got some great bonus options on,here theyve been around since,2001 so its been a really long time,theyre part of the winning poker,network and,i like some of the innovative features,they got on here im probably gonna be,doing some more game plays,um in some of the cash games here just,because it is really fun especially when,you get those uh,those all in situations on here for sure,good news i hope you guys enjoyed this,video if you have any questions about,playing on americas card room,aka acr poker feel free to message me,below in the comments,smash like button subscribe to the,channel for more poker content well see,in the next session

Americas Cardroom Review: The USA Pokerstars?

Americas answer to PokerStars,when Black Friday happened back in 2011,American players pretty much got the,shaft when it came to online poker,however along comes Americas card room,as part of the winning poker Network and,they basically just copied almost,exactly copied the VIP program of Poker,Stars giving people the option of,continuing to play in the United States,and it continues until today in this,video Im going to go through all the,major details of Americas carbon and,tell you everything you need to know to,decide whether this is the place for you,to play or whether you should look,elsewhere so Im going to focus on the,things that are most important in your,decision-making process for the vast,majority of players first of all is,Americas card room rigged no no online,poker room is rigged except the fact,that the worse you are as a player the,more money youre going to lose right,online poker sites no matter how many,you argue that people try and argue this,with me its just crazy man what is an,online poker room have the gain from,rigging the games and who specifically,are they rigging it against are they,bringing against the good players well,why would they want to run off the best,players theyre the ones that generate,the most rake why would they want the,worst players to do worse so why would,they rig it against them because then,you dont have people depositing so,theres absolutely no reason for the,games to be rigged and you could just,take my word for it if you have any,doubt that the games are rigged or not,and you want to complain about it its,probably because youre on a downswing,or having a bad streak and you just,youre seeing so many hands per hour and,you see all these bad beats you think oh,it must be rigged no its not rigged,youre just on a downswing or youre not,a winning player its just that simple,so basically when you play on Americas,card room youve got two options you can,either choose the direct rakeback route,which is 27 percent right back or you,can go with the PokerStars old,PokerStars,style VIP system now Ive done the,research in order to make the most photo,quote effective right back you would,need to rake at least a,seven hundred dollars a month in order,to overtake the direct rate back system,so if youre a low volume player and you,rate below seven hundred dollars you,will want to go with the rakeback system,take the twenty seven percent rate back,if youre a high-volume player you,definitely want to go with the VIP,system let me put it in perspective,though for you if youre playing ten and,L you know Ive sent ten cent you would,have to play about a hundred and,eighteen thousand hands in order for it,to make sense for you to be on the VIP,system if youre playing twenty five and,L you need to play forty-four thousand,hands a month 15 L you only need to play,twenty five thousand hands so if youre,a serious player and youre playing,fifty and L and above you probably,theres probably a really good chance,you would be much better off in the VIP,system so the way it works is you gain,ranks as you gain more VP PS or VIP,points you started lieutenant and once,you hit 750 you hit captain then you hit,major then you hit colonel then you hit,general as you can see its a military,theme and five-star general is the super,nova elite equivalent you also gain,medals of achievement as you go first,you start out getting these $10 rewards,then you start getting $50 rewards and,then you get 100 and finally to a $200,reward once you hit the supernova,equivalent of general at 100 thousand,rate our piece I guess is what they call,it but its basically its basically VPP,points dislike Poker Stars also higher,volume players can take advantage of the,Beast which is basically just a rake,race its a glorified rape rake race now,this can be a significant increase your,effective rake back so if youre playing,high-volume you want to at least get,that last place because itll make a big,difference as far as your rate back is,concerned or the burden of rape that,youre paying so basically you gain one,beast point for every two cents that,isnt put into the pot or whatever and,of course Americas card room uses the,weighted contributed rape method,Achille its rigged so the more rake you,contribute the more beast points you,gain it used to be where if you just set,out you would be gaining these beast,points for being on a table but thats,no longer the case so the higher vpip,players will gain the more beast points,per hand per hour right that makes sense,and if you happen to be a single player,theres also something called the sit,and crush and you know theres different,tiers I think for tiers payouts range,from anywhere from $50 all the way up to,like $1,250 and for the sit and crush,you need I believe every dollar you pay,in fees you get about five reward points,that go toward your leaderboard ranking,and now that were talking about rewards,and things like that,ACR or Americas carga room the winning,poker network has definitely the highest,and best rewards you can get in the u.s.,no other site is giving people these 27,to 50% rakeback effective rate right,back from either VIP system or direct,rate back if you want to get those kind,of numbers you have to play an Americas,car room however keep in mind that that,means theres a lot more good players,that go to this site to get these,rewards which makes the games a heck of,a lot tougher than sites that dont have,these VIP systems so its kind of a tug,and pull either you want to play a lot,of tables or play a lot of volume and,get your win rate from rigged back or,you plan a softer side and like ignition,poker for example and you try to get,your you just have a higher win rate and,not need the right back so you have to,just decide what style do you want to,play if you like getting a lot of,rewards and playing a high volume and,playing with better players then,Americas card room is probably a good,place for you now lets briefly just run,through a few aspects of Americas card,room that you might have questions about,one thing I hear is what is the traffic,well the ACR traffic is about the same,or a little bit less maybe than the,other number one site in the u.s. its,probably almost a tie by now its,difficult to say for different reasons,how many players actually play on these,poker sites but ACR is going to have,enough,at least at the low micro low and mid,stakes gonna have enough games rain to,keep anybody happy just about 24/7 the,peak time to be playing on ACR is,between 9 p.m. and about midnight this,is when youll see the most traffic,usually theres between 1000 and 1500,players playing on average during the,24-hour peak on this side and the,maximum tables you can play in cash,games is about I think its 24 tables so,if you really wanted to play you can,definitely get 24 tables and at peak,times probably 24 tables of 50 or even a,100 and L so if you miss the old days of,Poker Stars where you were able to fire,up just a ton of tables and just grind,it out and build some right back this is,the site for you now lets talk a little,bit about banking its most people know,what the banking is like on most poker,sites but its just the normal stuff,Bitcoin is the major way to get money on,and off poker sites now and if you dont,have Bitcoin I recommend signing up at,coinbase just go to the link in the,description below and youll get freaked,bitcoins for signing up through my link,I think its ten dollars so its,definitely if youre gonna sign up for,Bitcoin go to my description click on,the coin base link and sign up and get,your free money the other deposit,options are the typical Visa MasterCard,American Express they will often get,declined so its not the best way to,deposit but if youre putting a small,amount of money on the side it can be,still a decent option otherwise there,are some other crypto currencies you,could use if youre into that you can do,even Western Union money Graham type,stuff or if you have a friend

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Americas cardroom CAUGHT CHEATING BEST VIDEO!! more videos coming SUBSCRIBE!

alright check this out Americas card,room I can prove you theres cheating,right here this guy pay or leave this,guy Australia one love and miss Bahamas,these three for sure our bots I can show,you how I know if I were to sit out at,this table right now all these people,would leave very quickly watch this I,will join a table that has nobody in it,I promise you at least one of these guys,will join immediately immediately along,with a couple more so here we go,Im gonna leave this table all right,were gonna find a room a high-limit,room all the bots love three six rooms,lets see lets try amt2 four,heres one this room has one person,sitting it all right now watch this as,soon as I join,boom-boom-boom miss Bahamas pay or leaf,instantly were gonna leave this table,watch this,you know what no watch us were gonna,sit out if I sit out in this room these,bots will go away,Im going to shrink this room well let,this player see,do this again,theres another two floor table see this,once again watch this watch the BOTS,come watch how fast these BOTS come they,love these high dollar tables where they,make their most money,look at this sitting out on the bot,sitting out look at this,sitting out miss bomber sitting out,player leave will be sitting out to,watch this heres another table nobodys,here,just one person watch how fast these,BOTS come here we go,watch s ready boom-boom-boom,here comes the bots boom player leave,where I go they follow Miss Bahamas when,she was just sitting in active on the,other table but as soon as I move boom,watch this leave this table lets go,find another table again,Ive got cheated out of thousands before,I realize,you said they like the three six games,empty table ready for this one more time,lets see where Miss Bahamas is that I,cant wait till the money refreshes,oh there you go,boom boom Miss Bahamas Australia one,love hes another one player Leif BOTS,they cheat,Americas card room cheating at its,finest this isnt proof I dont know,what to tell you

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Americas Card Room review & withdraw in 4 hours using BTC to BlockFi showing receipts timestamps

hey youtube wanted to make a quick video,on americas card room here,we just did another video about block fi,and doing cash outs from americas card,room,and the cash out already hit our account,within,an hour maybe an hour and a half so i,wanted to do a quick video a shout out,to americas card room,its where we play poker online live on,the stream,twitch.tv backslash randcorp were live,five days a week seven a.m to noon,eastern standard time we play on,americas cardroom americascardroom.edu,were going to put a link,down in the description if you want to,sign up for both americas card room or,block fi and go ahead and do that down,in the description really helps out the,channel i appreciate it,also smash that like button hit the,thumbs up down there,go ahead and hit the subscribe button we,really appreciate it thank you guys so,much,so americas card room is the us poker,players find the biggest tournaments,here,theyre going through the 7 million,dollar guaranteed prize pool venom right,now the last venom had 9.6 million in it,um lets see here what else they have,turning players into champs since 2001,so theyve been around for a while,easiest deposits and withdrawals via,cryptocurrency we use bitcoin all the,time,uh were going to show you here how that,works,uh what else we got if you want a piece,of millions right now,game selection they have so many,different games of poker on here this is,the actual client right here logged in,as rand corp,uh you can play cash games they have,omaha and stud cash games,blitz poker which is fast every time you,fold a hand you you automatically move,to a new table and get another hand,theres no waiting,jackpot poker this is where youre on a,table of three players you buying for,two dollars that table could pay out up,to five thousand dollars buying for five,dollars that could pay out up to a,million dollars,regular multi-table tournaments here,these are multi-table tournaments that,last,hour some of them have anywhere from two,hours of late registration to five hours,of late registration and could take,anywhere from four hours to,12 15 hours depending on how big they,are in players,you have quick sit and gos that are,just single or double table tournaments,you can always do the casino if you want,you can always do the casino,and they have sports betting as well,really easy to click through tournaments,here,all or all you could go to guaranteed,you could select your different buy-ins,that you want if you only want to play,micro buying tournaments or if youre a,high roller hey,im not judging anybody if youre a high,roller out here and you want to throw,around 2 000,on a poker tournament you absolutely can,lets show our cash out here,see if we can show our financial history,here without doxing ourselves,just want to make sure im not going to,dox myself real quick,payout here it is,we requested a payout,at 16 32 so thats what,4 30 we requested a payout at 4 30. it,is 8 30 p.m so it took four hours to get,that pay out,heres our bitcoin account on block fi,here,we currently hold about 3 500 of it 3100,of it is in bitcoin and as you can see,here we already have the deposit pending,from acr,within four hours same day within four,hours acr is cashing out your money,you can see the other video that we just,posted where we did the acr cash out,four hours ago here on youtube,um also if you want we store all our,cryptocurrency on block fi,you earn six percent interest annually,if youre holding bitcoin,five percent on aetherium and if youre,using,uh usdc or any of the us stable coins,you earn eight point six percent that,they hold,they also hold pax g so if youre,holding gold um and litecoin,so this is where we hold all of our,cryptocurrency on block five were gonna,put the link down below this is uh,another american,american based company here financial,institution a great place to hold your,cryptocurrency they have amazing backing,going on here,theyve got backing from coinbase,susquehanna,galaxy winklevoss morgan creek,valor capital is all invested in this,um they do they have a ton of different,stuff not only they have the interest,bearing accounts they have trading,accounts,um and cryptocurrency backed loans,we just traded our bitcoin uh we did a,fine trade for our bitcoin into one,ethereum on friday and were already,earning,interest on our ethereum as it sits in,the interest bearing account here we,have one ethereum,since friday today is monday so thats,friday to saturday sunday monday and,three days here weve,earned point zero zero zero four two,zero,three zero ether that comes out to about,17 cents in interest on our,approximately 390 dollars in ethereum,thats one whole,ethereum token there um so we did the,trade you can also borrow you can take,out a loan,using your cryptocurrency as collateral,if you dont want to sell your,cryptocurrency uh but need some cash now,you can always do a crypto,loan on block fi and thats how they pay,out their interest so,i just wanted to make this quick video,here we got that withdrawal from,americas card room within an hour so i,wanted to show people how quick,americas card room was on withdrawals,please hit that thumbs up leave a,comment hit that subscribe we got a long,road of subscriptions to go,we appreciate you checking us out check,all the links below,check out the twitch channel live five,days a week seven a.m to noon est,we appreciate you being here have a good,one

Americas Cardroom Review 2023 – Can you REALLY get $2k free?

hey guys welcome to this review of,Americas card room in 2023. Im,cheating a little bit it is almost,December of 2022 but uh hopefully youll,forgive me for being a month early,so I do want to direct your attention,below if you dont want to just watch,the video all the way through uh and you,just want to see specific parts that,apply to you you can find the time,stamps in the description below as well,as a link to Americas card room that,will provide you with a sign up bonus,for up to two thousand dollars which I,have used myself I think I got an extra,like thousand dollars out of it so go,ahead and check that out so Im just,going to be going over some uh main,points that I thought of and I also,found in comment sections of other,YouTube videos that people were,wondering about Americas card room so,uh just some very brief history on me,Ive been playing on Americas card room,for about three years now off and on uh,and a lot,um you know last year so Ive been,playing on there for hundreds of,thousands of hands probably approaching,a million hands and Ive never had any,problems with them so Im gonna start,with bullet point one here which is,um are they trustworthy can you withdraw,uh yes you can absolutely trust them and,you can absolutely withdraw,um I currently pay my bills with poker,and I withdraw using Bitcoin and I have,a Bitcoin address that I send to,coinbase and then I withdraw from,coinbase to my bank account uh the whole,process probably takes less than three,days and you do pay a fee if you would,withdraw through,um Bitcoin like I do its like a its,like a one percent fee or something Im,not sure but you can absolutely trust,them Ive withdrawn and deposited uh you,know thousands and thousands of dollars,going both ways the next question is is,the sign up bonus real is it legit are,you actually going to get paid yes you,will like I mentioned just a few moments,ago,um I I dont remember how much I got my,bonus for but yes I absolutely got paid,for the bonus and uh it lasts for 60,days thats something important to,remember you do have to use up your,bonus in 60 days but thats the only,limitation on it,um of course you cant abuse it by,making multiple accounts but um yeah,youll get paid for the bonus which,again you can find below if you want to,sign up right now,next are there a lot of players yes so,I actually made a video comparing,ignition and Americas card room if you,want to look you know above a link to it,but,basically,um as someone who plays in the states,um,yeah youre gonna find uh more players,here than on something like uh ignition,that has been my experience,um I do find that the competition is a,little bit tougher but thats not to say,that there arent plenty of people that,um like casually so if youre a pro you,can,um you know make money if thats your,concern or if youre just a casual,um especially at the lower Stakes,um you know there there arent going to,be people just like trying to like abuse,you,um now I will say you know to be totally,straightforward if you want uh less,competition you should probably go to,ignition I find it is tough for on,Americas card room but,um thats just in the games that I play,I primarily play um 10nl Blitz and 50 in,El blitz so if you play something like,25 ml uh cash games uh competition is,very easy there full ring cash games,very easy there and thats probably,going to be true all the way up until,200 NL so if you play Blitz its going,to be tougher but if you play the normal,cash games or tournaments youre gonna,have plenty of casual players,is there Zoom poker so uh thats,definitely one of the most popular games,to play these days and the answer is yes,its called Blitz uh one thing worth,noting is that I couldnt access Blitz,for a while because I had my filters on,from playing on the regular cash tables,so if youre trying to access uh Blitz,on Americas card room make sure you,have your filters off so you can see the,games,next question can you play in every,state of the United States so yeah every,state in the U.S can play,um Im not sure about the legality but,Ive withdrawn and deposited several,times as I already mentioned Ive never,had any trouble so the only list that I,found that included banned uh countries,I will show right now,and it is not very extensive and if,youre in the US uh youre cleared is it,rigged so I know that a lot of casual,people,um you know you take some bad beats a,few times in a row and you start to,think like man theyre just trying to,get my money but I promise you its not,rigged um Ive like I said in the intro,Ive played you know something like 500,000 hands on Americas card room,and no pointed I think it was rigged you,know sometimes it feels like its rigged,in your favor so it goes both ways you,youre gonna deal bad beats and youre,gonna take bad beats it really does go,both ways,is it buggy so hows the interface um,the interface itself in my experience,has been very nice,um again the main site that I compare it,to is ignition and ignition is a lot,buggier to me ignition has a lower time,bank it doesnt have custom sizes when,you want to adjust your sizes,um its less laggy,um so for for several reasons I do quite,enjoy the Americas card room interface,as well as it has like customization,with the avatars and you know username,and deck and card styles that I quite,enjoy,its also worth noting that about every,week or so or every other week,um there are software updates that I see,um,so lets just show that you know they,care about the software theyre not just,squeezing money out of you,um they they want you to have a good,experience and like I said the,experience has been great for me,next is um Avatar and table,customization I did just touch on this I,I got ahead of myself but yes you have,avatars with a lot of variations a lot a,lot of ways to express yourself,um you can also on the cache tables they,added the feature that I think,PokerStars probably innovated where you,can you know throw items at your,opponents its pretty funny,um and table customization like I said,theres all sorts of table,customizations Ill show you mine right,now and Ive changed it several times,throughout you know the last few years,and Ive enjoyed it next,um are there tournaments you know is is,it a good tournament scene and the,answer is absolutely yes,um in terms of like playing against,casual players again this is relevant,for people who are you know professional,poker players or casual yourselves if,you want to play against other casual,players uh tournaments are the way to go,um especially the smaller binds its,like its full of just people just like,messing around not taking it too,seriously if thats what youre looking,for also youre gonna get to pick big,payday if you can finish in like top,three or something so,um the tournaments absolutely do run and,on top of that they have several,tournament promotions they actually just,had a tournament promotion like last,week,um and for some reason I dont know why,they gave me a one thousand dollar free,roll and entry into a tournament and I,actually got a bounty worth uh 250 bucks,so that was pretty sweet but,um you know that point aside,they have tournament series,like different sort of tournament series,is I dont know,uh quite often,maybe every once every one or two months,it seems uh they have like the Venom,they had this like big aggressive,knockout series that just went by last,week like I said so if youre a,tournament guy or girl,um Ericas card room is right you know,totally right on track for that and then,uh the last thing Im going to talk,about which is actually one of my,absolute favorite things about the site,I like a lot of things about the site,but,um one thing I like the most is the uh,the reward system so,as a cash player myself primarily,um I do sometimes benefit from the Beast,Progressive right back leaderboard,um if youre not familiar just to,explain it really quickly,um they have about I dont know maybe,two or three hundred spots,an

Americas Cardroom Rigged 2020 | Super User Exposed

yo what is going on everyone earn what,Todd here and Im back with another,Americas card room review video and in,this video Im going to answer the,question is Americas card room rigged,and just to get right into the meat and,potatoes of this video yes absolutely,Americas card room is rigged only in,the urn with Todd private home game and,I just want to warn you if you do not,use that bonus code run a good thats,down below in this video description,when youre creating your new Americas,card room player account well you know,what youre gonna see nothing but quads,youre gonna get boasts over boats and,youre just not going to run good Todd,your home game is so rigged man so in,this video Im gonna go ahead and show,you some clips of the earn with Todd,private home game but get ready youre,gonna see nothing but pure rigged nests,and by the way if you dont want to,watch all the way to the end just check,out all the badass links and bonus codes,in the video description youre gonna,see a bunch of other Americas card room,videos that I have created but enough of,that lets go ahead and dive right into,this screen what I have up here right,now is a clip of the final table of the,urn with Todd a private home game if you,want to join this game every single,Tuesday go ahead and join me on Twitch,but I just want to let you ladies and,gentlemen know anytime I clap you will,see quads Americas card room is,extremely rigged for the earn with Todd,home game lets see his grips going to,call it off to send us to forehand and,player any calls ace Jack classic flip,oh my God look at that,I mean you flop quads like okay its,like that in my game right we got a flop,quads yes Todd from the past it is like,that now this clip were gonna see its,not quite quads but it is still pretty,[ __ ] dirty lets take a look ace 10,verse jacks jacquard oh these short,stacks these short stacks dont want to,go away so here in this hand grips,actually has pocket aces and lets check,out what mr. ninja real house remember,earlier in the video,ninja real already flop quads with,pocket tens lets see what happens now,again scripts Im going to min raise two,[Music],aces versus Kings what a cooler well oh,my god this guy quotes it again through,quasi that one final table oh lucky so,here in this one were gonna see some,more crazy [ __ ] but the blinds are gonna,make everything what does the blinds go,Jack Im telling you so many boats like,its not gonna stop its not gonna stop,so in this clip grips is gonna tell us,why we should use the run good code when,were creating our new Americas card,room player account any night you tell,people like use code run good design up,because then you will run good like this,guy there you got massive video tag me,and stuff if you want I mean if you,dont want it its just like itd be,cool since they gave you the idea if you,could like at least tag me in the video,or something if you use code run good,you get to suck out like 2% more than,average so I mean would you rather be 2%,luckier or 20% more skilled your choice,hey whats going on grips yeah see that,hand right now like I dont know what,happened her in that hand because I,ended up pushing the wrong button on the,RNG generator because you know they gave,me super user access and accidentally,hit the wrong key and it gave ninja real,quads when you had a stack and were,actually supposed to have the jack hit,on the river but for some reason I you,know you know man like I said I just hit,the wrong button I apologize what no no,no man you dont you dont need to,cancel your million-dollar game and just,because that happened were gonna get it,taken care of just chill out okay have a,shot of whiskey whatever you like to do,it was an accident next Tuesday at 9:00,a.m. Pacific will get you back in my,game Ill actually Ill stake you this,time grips do you know because that was,pretty dirty you know we were supposed,to have you flopping quads but yeah yeah,yeah just chill out well get it taken,care of,yeah you gotta take care of these,players and just get pissed off when you,hit the wrong buttons and you just make,the rig nests not be on their side so,thank you for watching this video,everyone dont forget to use my bonus,code run good and I will see you at the,tables click the links if you enjoyed,this video go ahead give me a,subscribe to this channel if you got,questions leave comments and I will get,back to you thank you for watching erm,etat is signing off

Americas Cardroom Review Should You Play in 2021? | $16,132.50 Cashout Proof

켜와 마이 fr 정보 처리 후에는 데스 베리 엄마에게 비말 코언 타프,뷰어 어느 마크 타는 분가를 차기 밤 it 분야 별 스페인 짧을 싸이,poi 마크 800 말 to operate,써버린 루프랙 대한 앱이 테마파크 자 일어나 쏘아베 랜스 베리의 not,over 통원 2통 1,9 이션 이화외고 듀얼 스틱 슈팅 다 웃음 가을 선언 마을 사람 n 통한,2톤 이어 가운 바쳐 쇼코 앱 pd 를 사이트 조회 말 급한 앞으로 와,채 눈썹이 요건 이거 해야되는 크리크 언어인 때문에 너비 이런 스크랩,실행된 원씩 때 한 of 스파이 루이 스탬프 이 공원의 팩토링 유비케어,쌤 v4 능률 이 매우 크라운 램프 아너 소낙스 이번엔 툴의 6 4 멘,에스프라드 형 포항의 비용 원화 켄 at 5% 파서 방어 이렇게 를 겨우,해야하는건 find 카오루 라는 끝 에 초 4 있다 어제 한 뒤 우 스타,2 perf 아동과 막히고 note 튜브 어플 사이트 파스 repute,france 필요 esp 오펜스 예 보스 open 한 5% 파서 벌써,양말 퍼플 맡은 튜브에 들어 & 파 상납 스타일로 매스 때 폭리 컬,벽화는 cn 덩어리 타 싸움 서고 까맣게 라비 포인터 팩토리 오버 화면도,파서 않으나 두 팔은 이 우승컵 칸씩 등짝 리뷰 서로 섹시 데스크 램프,1 gdp 라운드 사이드 유저의 콜 for over 와 너의 아빠인,나쁘다고 하는 게야 말 팔은 보다 복음이 쇼 아이오페는 편으로 자우라,너네 쌀 에 계열에서 함수는 습열이 원화 to vent 토니토니 되며,많은 힙합 유베이스 있는 습열이 여부는 소바 이 파스 에서 개통 통행,하는거 1,아 이게 우리가 처음 더없이 iraq 않으면 세계를 파이 넓혀서 배울,매크로 스프 암막 플러스 t1 라울 평할 수 일째 거인 9개 띠 일이라,올 경우 조리해 먹을 쓰기로 final 보안위협 tv 에 나올 줄 아는,경우는 그 하루를 힘들게 하는 꼴이 개개의 인디 브랜드 – 색상을 롤바,향 섹시 낸 파일 승 휴가 at el vino 어디 2 답은 하늘보리 에,울안 라이너 sex 알파일 개개 멀티 있어 비켜난 라인을 scm 이 푸,애니 없어 값인 포유 vs 앵거스 4l 세임 땐 략 번의 태보 스틱,파인드 유 에브라 이남 민어회 교환될 좌파 숲에 있는가에 ndsl 스토리,펄스 켬 0,저희도 말 브래들리 펜스 그러리라고 아마 결국 이 아빠의 다 올수 빼는거,이걸 어떻게 뭘 명인 라울 스팀 때부터 패팅 가을 제 불모 brown,뛰다 어렸을 때는 것은 내 앞으로 유쾌한 캠프라인 win 괜히 브라이덜,샤워 탭 옵 g p 있어요 안 닿을 인도 4 stupor 게다가 타볼까,호수라는 쎔 d-51 때 ton 어,배구 조선 프리픽스 약실 디스 식스틴 케이스 mf 태보 우승 언어 선업을,피팅 kors 덱 씰 4l 불쾌함 게임 은 하 거야 뭐 파운 파일링 이제,보수라는 a 분풀이 마이콜 코넬대 권세의 특성에 개발 폰이 탭 올 레디,회와 베타 보험 하나 안 쓰 따라 앞선 헤렌하우스 회음 챠카 oo,tower 게임으로 에너지 on 허위 티크 파이렛 있어서 박신혜 돈이,파이프 있어요 왜 벌을,통이 버퍼 여정 네로 라이트 le rose sent 뻐 bose m2 의,술이나 카톡에 어케 쏘나 와 uc 널리 5 앞 sor 마크 팔로마 플스,그 외에는 버프 태 볼쇼이 하고 4 프랑스 2박스 교에 면화 비어 및,리트윗 아 올 방향 토니 8km tools 패션 sde 아비 제공을 너가,거야 걔는 내 스켈 맥 80화 이 쓰기로 페어 월이 파일만을 빡 3 캠퍼,있어 부터 뭐니 하는 라울 * 파이스토리 따운 써 플립 fifo 패널들이,8 8 에서 뭐 개패듯 너스 덜 내는 보내온 햄 프랑스 써 회를 사오는,것 해머 썩 애니 굉 장 품 최 행주 도마 없어서 애널 소파 여섯째 *,퇴보 탬퍼 슈퍼 only 키에 소비 우아함에 더 마우스로 리더 최 pom,에 피크 안했던 100번 도표에서 프리 코피 필요할 때 이런 가루 교사에,대한 찰진 수막 을 쌓아 폴 대응을 냈을 때 댄스 2 그 기술 야밤,209 한지가 ifc 니퍼로 나 프라이트 그대로 빽보 한 사람은 켜 봐,또 최 편 썰어 쌰 이화원 더 뭐 tools 표현처럼 땐 s 데이 토니,8 pe 상태 복 아주 바랑 섹스 gerson 퍽 악보 한쪽 스윙 기록,피어가 받아서 앞으로 4,no – qm 조합은 펄 바이커 딩 1 m 2 l,내가 어 과연 짜증을 해볼 닿을수 지수란 미팅 처음 서페이스 같이,vios color 때 논할 때 빛을 srs cr-v 노회는 파이드 샘,로코 액티브 이스 답 틔운 해야 백봉 틔우는 꼴로 그램을,n 하면서 이렇게 보험왕 조스 up co2 약시 여러분 임해야 한다 이런,갔어요 102 아펙스 웩,다운 시야로 레이스와 울 초월해 눈썹에 do no 2 헴 펌프스 섹스,복돌이 섹스 스타 2 피트 색 봄 팀 빨,묘미가 브라운 wot mode 벡의,이를 통해 무시하게 빼야 이후 라비스 길었고 써 이나 펀드에서 m 나,번씩 이불 감이 오죠 라인업을 섹스 킹 타 웃음 땋은 마크 스파이더맨,토니토니 여왕을 너무 아퍼 없음이 메어 삶을 셜리와 더 풀기가 갈라도,있나 한번 원 때 응답이 보았나 os 짜서 마이크 파일은 패야 n 햄치즈,lasers 덴마크 파는 대한 스펙이 아빠 때 아라카 point set,no 빅볼 esl from nx 파티 초 이렇게 압수하고 나 비스타 정비,카스를 어떻게 법대생 d 라디 그 사출 파프 rider 베케이션 사우스,웬 펌 아이 며 앤 샤워 이와 어드 풀 법률조항이 from me i,마우스 카리스마의 샤이 opera 2호 초라고 압승 덕배 코엔 예비 퀘벡,to 쓰기에 뭐니 초향 슬램 gnd 아씨 해 앞에 부추 약값은 카페 부착,못해 턱으로 라고 한걸 앞으로 쓰는 마블이 스피커에서 싸기 게임 머니,아이템 qfii 성 타임스 는 my lovers 쇼핑 디카가 이 두 야,맵 보행자 블루 안 하우 디드 파서 이 스냅백 02 나오나요 스파이더 3,pv roll 앞서기 그 뉴스 섭외 있어 뭐 플러스 벨벳 xq 없나 크,랩 페어 뉴스에서 뜨리섬 면이 면이 때 폰 아프면 지키고 들어와봐 썬루프,더마이 명한 alex 말 10월 7 다운 a ten 에서 인수 학대,ipl 사인 더불어 나비 스타일 그럼 뱀파이어는 프로를 틔운 해요 요즘,옆엔 나 페이스 잉어 계시오,야옹아 쇼프 rer 섹스 틴 다 우선 w 스파르 인 토니 통한 이길환 배,베네통 왕의 파이프의 말버릇 졸업후 슈팅을 어떻게 2 라울 옛날 만약,좋은것은 멀티 peter 을 le 라울 n 헬 ster 택가 봐야 그,야노 더말 스파는 뭐 없이 mt 대표는 a6 땅을 고쳐 라고 헬시 팬캠,소피카 해볼까 안 듀벨 middle 케이션 서버를 사회성 낳고 또 아끼는,지 말 milly sna 유튭 입 용어 사선 대해 됐나 해부 파운 밴 빠,이미 다 2 3 4 lew 월풀 되면 에폭 통해 알제리 색 4 4 4 올,것처럼 메이 떨 알게 되면 따온 싸움을 것처럼 밤에 총리 뺄 때도 있나를,완쾌 어서 얘는 헤라 셜 윤 백용호 쫄아서 불통이 8채널 wax to,spatter 우리 두 팀을 다음을 배너에 통이 떨어지는 납을 티카 선을,다 오고 줘,서천 오섹스 킹이 따져도 많게 서점을 본 있더라면 설대 가 어느 둘이,따서 간만에 케어 앤 덴 언터쳐블 폴 아주 스위스 위젯 납을 주니까 사는,라고 초 월 top 5 ost 다운 원하는 별이 듀라 울 m 베티스 꼴통,토니 & 히얼 쓸데없는 알아요 그래서 후 약간 비인간 납을 백현은 만날,그 습하면 답안 파일 or her 세럼 을 지원해야 필요한 8,스마토 할 수 없다 헤이 4세트 rfid 대학 선배 공원 태어날 흘러서,made 토니 통원 앞 오빠 언니 삥 에이스 섹스 팩 1 스포 롤 서버,sm 죄없는 호브 양철 훨씬 수바 음악파일 엄 data 앞서 versed,패야 온 하루 펄스 교수인 아프게 튜브 l5 엘페 케이션 배정표 님 땅,쉐어 익산이 아빠는 서머나 쓰는 하는 기생의 데커 라카 미트 할 수 있는,와 10 판정 메이 비스 다카마쓰 ixus 맥 쇼 이사 이너프 qna,미카사 선봉 의결해 앞둔 썸머 또 아 킴은 헬기는 이름 앞에 듀얼 된 뒤,서버 에 선점한 허윽 투쓰리 op 웬디 사이딩 예쁨 마크 프라이어,wrap 그중에 힐 페럿 했다 와이프 암스 프라이드 발췌한 어,라디오만 퀘 딩크 125 산에 어서 비교하면 죄와 보아 뭐 – 파울로,미디어 스페셜 her 뜻은 없고 알수 id 폐암의 했을땐 페이지 카테고리,돼 못함 쏟아 샌더 회사인 from us in 한번 스톤 on 그 튜브,밖에 나튜 옆에서 & 파서 버너 마크 사랑해서 펜웨이 아웃은 t 자 우선,on tomato old norse oslo 오빠인 리 – somi,탈렌트 빼앗기 막 스타일 하루에 싸맨 명인 다 올 때는 빈 배너 wick,final at of if 없나 인포 on 섹스의 이놈 다올 스쿠터 본원,넘긴다 올 경우를 볼 거야 썰 원대 수화 순수 베리어 겨우 해 컬트,홍익대 없는 너비 있듯 캡슐 10k 로마인 퍼팅 스캔을 못한 마크,스파에는 퀘스트 사이드 에러를 투 내야 비율 새겨 샤벳 플러스 대비 원

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