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Optimum Nutrition Essential Amino Energy REVIEW

hey whats up guys todays video I want,to do a quick little review on this,stuff that Ive been using for a little,while probably three weeks maybe a month,and Im loving it so I just want to,share it with you guys so it is amino,energy and it had a B C Double A so,branched chain amino acids so its,supposed to give your body all the,essential vitamins and minerals or,nutrients whatnot that you would need it,also has some caffeine in it so Im kind,of using this instead of drinking coffee,all the time Ill flip this around and,show you guys exactly whats in it I,picked up from Costco because it was on,sale at the time but I ended up stocking,up on quite a bit of it so just want to,share this thing with you guys its kind,of cool because obviously you can get,cold so a lot of times to get me through,the day and keep me you know full of,energy and going for the day Ill end up,mixing up a bunch of this taking it with,me I can take it on the road or wherever,I happen to be and Im always just kind,of sipping on this stuff all day so its,good for you know if you work out and,youre active I guess you could probably,drink this even if you werent active,but Im always running around and then,Im going to the gym and stuff like that,and its kind of like pre and post,recovery to also says you can just use,it for a pre-workout let me flip this,around Ill show you guys alright so,heres what it looks like amino energy,essential amino energy and this is what,it says about it supports focus and,energy support some muscle recovery,caffeine from natural sources so I,usually put if this is just one of your,typical shaker cups by Blender Bottle so,Im gonna put the lid on it but it is,all really good you dont have to like,shake the crap out of it it just kind of,does its own thing and this is Concord,grape which actually tastes really good,and heres a few more things about it so,it says amino acids for faster,absorption its micronized supports,recovery before during and after,exercise caffeine from natural sources,which we went over and you can kind of,as you can see the more scoops you put,into the more intense you make it it has,a really strong grape free flavor but I,do actually really like it so it says,you know when you can kind of use it in,the morning when you wake up,post-workout recovery pre-workout energy,after,noon pick me up so it kind of shows you,all the different things you use it but,check it out you guys try it Ill link,in description below if you guys want to,check this stuff out but this is,something that you just get me through,the day and instead of you know drinking,coffee all day long or something like,that or drinking like a monster energy,which probably isnt as healthy for you,as something like this and its pretty,good but let me know if you guys have,any questions on this stuff like I said,Ive been drinking it for about a month,now and I I do like it like I said its,better than drinking like a monster or,an energy drink with a bunch of junk in,it and I find it works quite well as far,as sweeteners and stuff like that it,does say as sucralose in it so but I,dont see any artificial sweeteners in,it which is probably a good thing at,this point so I dont see any,fan potassium in it like that artificial,sweetener so maybe a little bit better,but Ive been kind of on a little bit of,a health cake if you guys want more,information on that you know summer is,coming up and stuff like that so Ive,been doing a lot more healthy stuff and,kind of doing some cutting at the same,time so you guys can see Im wearing a,Fitbit which maybe Ill do a review on,since Ive been wearing this for,probably almost about a month as well,kind of ran them around the same time,that I started getting this stuff so,this thing is super cool Im not really,I have big face watches like huge face,washes actually and I like this thing,because its kind of just like a,wristband I know I was thinking getting,it like the Apple watch which is a bit,bigger but I dont really like things,that limit my wrist when Im just doing,stuff all day every day because this is,something that you wear all day every,day and even when youre sleeping and,tells you if you got a good nights,sleep and all that stuff so itll do a,review on this next let me know if you,guys have any questions on this stuff,and Ill answer them down below or Ill,do another follow-up video on this stuff,as well but also on the Fitbit and a,bunch of other health stuff but any,questions asking below see you next one

Optimum Nutrition Naturally Flavored Essential Amino Energy Watermelon Flavor Review

hey whats going on everybody hope you,having a great day and it was about a,month ago when I picked up this optimum,nutrition amino energy naturally,flavored its the essential amino energy,it is the watermelon flavor I am a,watermelon flavor fan obviously and was,looking for something as I have shared,my other videos I like to try new,products and especially try and find,healthier ways to give me energy,especially on the pre-workout so I came,across this one and they also have ones,that are not naturally flavored but I,thought lets just see how it works so,before I share with you about how its,worked for me you know show you how well,it dissolves,its a essential amino and acid,delivering muscle recovery energy and,focus no artificial sweeteners or colors,it also has green tea and green coffee,extract this is a 25 serving container,and it says here that one scoop is 2.5,grams amino level caffeine which is 50,milligrams 2 scoops is 5 grams of 5,grams of amino level and 100 milligrams,of caffeine and three scoops seven point,five grams 150 milligrams of caffeine,it says occasion a a.m. wakeup post,recovery pre-workout energy afternoon,pickup and it says for pre-workout,energy take two scoops 20 30 minutes,before training naturally flavor natural,source of caffeine color colored with a,vegetable extract sweetened with stevia,leaf extract mechanize micronized with,freeform amino acids for faster,assumption supports recovery before,during and after actress absorption so,that will give a little idea when you,click on the link it will take you to,the product where you could learn more,about it theres a lot of reviews on,this product and you know depending upon,your body it will,and upon how you react to the product I,would say for me it didnt give me the,level of energy that I was really,looking for her in any way I was trying,another pre-workout now its not,naturally flavored but it was this just,really wasnt even coming close to a,level of where I thought it would take,me when Im getting up early in the,morning to work out maybe I need another,scoop but nonetheless its a its got a,very sweet watermelon flavor and you,know it gave me a little bit of boost,but again not nearly what I was hoping,for so let me show you this is the,scooper thats the scooper size so its,small actually I might be able to get,one more after today out of use out of,this so let me scoot this out so thats,one scoop and I get a little bit more,and its theres not a whole lot left so,unfortunately Im struggling here to get,it out of the bottom of the tube so Ill,do half and then maybe Ill do another,half that would right make it a whole,lot easier and there we go alright so I,may just pour a little cuz its not,coming out so easy into the container,into the scooper so there you go and the,the big plus to the product that I think,is it does dissolve quickly and easily,the flavor doesnt bother me it is,although it is very sweet,it is very sweet so shake it up and,there you go you know it is very sweet,but its got a nice watermelon taste to,it so again its got healthy ingredients,and probably some other products out,there I tried some of their other,products on the market but as far as the,energy level that I was looking for just,doesnt give me enough for what I was,personally looking for so again you know,leave your comments questions or,answer those quite a number of,ingredients and you could read that,there on the on the webpage there and,see what other people have to say so,Cheers,maybe this might work for you I hope,this review will at least give you some,sort an idea maybe if youre worried how,it dissolves about the flavor you know,some sort of capacity that this video,will be of help to you so have a great,day stay healthy stay energized and if,you have a product by the way that,youre taking as a pre-workout product,Id love to learn what one you like that,works well for you for me I do some,weights and then I do some cardio and,then on the weekends I generally either,amount now that the weathers change I,go hiking up the mountain quite often,and also swim or anybody have a great,day stay healthy well see you on the,next video take care

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Amino Energy Review | Tiger Fitness

boom whats up everyone Marco blunder,Tiger Fitness calm alongside Dirk,shuttle boy the swan hammock duo such a,great were going to roll with that one,because you lost your nickname yeah Im,gonna return the beast yeah were going,to just go with swole Namek duo Im,gonna retire machine after after the,universe its go wait its the name of,the company anyway,so check it out amino energy by optimal,nutrition honestly its one of the most,consumed amino acid products on the,market we get a ton of people buying,this ton people asking about it now,Derrick when do you see the application,for amino energy well basically um amino,I dont use a combination of two,categories amino acid supplementation,and energy supplementation so this is,not a true pre-workout formula in my,opinion I would use this more as you,know someone once replaced their morning,coffee with it an afternoon pick-me-up,or they could use a pre-workout if they,wanted to now the reason I really like,it is because in the in the afternoon or,something youre like hey you know Im,feeling kind of sluggish you have your,water waters plain it doesnt do much,like oh I got this going on right here,and the caffeine content isnt crazy,its in the hundreds its it what is it,160 milligrams and the thing is is that,even if you want to take it as a,pre-workout some people are really,sensitive to stimulants but they still,want just a little boost and 160,milligrams of caffeine will not only,give you that boost but also add the,benefits of all the amino acids in there,definitely no 160 milligrams is a decent,dosage of caffeine for someone whos,used to taking you know pre workouts on,the market that have 200 300 or more,milligrams this is definitely more mild,energy boost and its absolutely,delicious amino energy is known for,their flavor systems now just to go over,whats in it now the calories are at,five with one carbohydrate thats pretty,much from the flavor system trust me,five calories 1 gram of carbs less than,one gram its not going to affect your,diet one bit so you could use this I,wouldnt even count it you mix that with,10 to 12 ounce of cold water youre good,to go,ask for the amino acid blend its 5,grams starts with Tory now you might,note Orion as the energy,its found in like those mainstream,energy drinks then you have glutamine,micronized arginine Lucy now just add,glutamine that also has an alkalizing,effect in the body which is good thats,a good thing to have floating through,your body leucine beta alanine,micronized citrulline all these are,micronized which means its a small mesh,size which means it blends up well it,also arguably will digest easier within,the body wont sink on your in your cup,you know all that good stuff,tyrosine histidine lysine phenylalanine,threonine and methionine and of course,the energy blend is 160 milligrams of,caffeine from green tea green tea,extract and green coffee extract so,theres a reason why this is such a,great seller and thats because its,simple its to the point has benefits of,aminos plus it has that energy kick,which people are looking for yeah yeah,no its a very straightforward product,like you said I mean those plus energy,hence the name you know again use,occasion in the morning to replace your,coffee pre-workout if you wanted or is,just an afternoon pick-me-up is a very,versatile product and of course is going,to be linked down up down below you can,buy that at Tiger Fitness calm of course,we have it there so Ill mark low,bladder alongside Derick strong wood,swole Namek duo thats not a game

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Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy Review | Kettlebell Workout

you know hot do you want to get a,slushie,but heres my uneducated ignorant stupid,opinion on pre-workout if it works,really well its probably really bad for,you and if its not really bad for you,it probably doesnt really work that,well at least thats it makes sense to,me whats up guys its Mike and this is,hard to hurt a channel dedicated to,fitness and self defense where we cover,fitness tips self-defense techniques as,well as review fitness and martial arts,related products including supplements,including supplements Im not big into,pre workouts I dont really like the way,they make me feel but Im also old and,slow and weak and shitty so I was,looking for something to give me a,little boost but wasnt you know like,basically meth enter amino energy by,optimal nutrition I used their protein I,eat their cake bites Im a big fan of,optimum nutrition full disclaimer I,dont get paid by them to say any of,that but Im gonna put some links in the,description below to the optimization,products that I currently use let me get,to small strawberry slushes yeah can I,get a pickle slush a small one,so what is this basically its a,complete amino acid blend and caffeine,Ill explain to you what amino acids are,amino acids are a thing that you need,and it helps you absorb protein and Im,not gonna get into all the science for,three reasons,one Im not qualified to I dont know,any of that to its super boring,and three theres tons of other,resources where you can look the up,for yourself you shouldnt listen to,people on YouTube about this stuff,anyway you should listen for the rest of,this I wont talk about the amino acids,but I will talk about the caffeine and,caffeine kind of gets a bad rap anyone,that knows me knows I drink a ton,of these a lot of places will tell you,that up to four hundred milligrams of,caffeine a day wont hurt you on this it,says dont exceed ten scoops a day which,ten scoops of this is 500 milligrams of,caffeine so optimum nutrition with all,their resources of research and,knowledge says that 500 milligrams of,caffeine a day is okay pickle juice,No,now on to what this did for me Ive been,using this for about three months now,the first time I took it I hid pads with,my coach and then later held pads for a,client and my client was like dude what,is up with you youre like all over the,place and normally I am destroyed after,a pad session with my coach but I didnt,even realize that I was like jacked up,it felt even and natural it was a really,good energy this has me like going Im,not really like bouncing off the walls,but its a smooth like natural amount of,energy as if I were a younger fitter,better person now the taste is it good,its a,its edible its its not like real,pickling,its kind of sweet but its not great,and if Im gonna have that much sugar,then Im gonna really like whatever it,is Im eating the taste is great Ive,only tried the the blue blue and then,when I read it I ordered more I,recommend you get it in this big 65,serving tub as opposed to a thirty,serving tub because you go through it,kind of quickly I dont use it for every,workout I mainly use it for workouts,where Im gonna be either rolling or,sparring with other people or where my,coach is holding pads for me basically,where you know time is is of the essence,when someone else is counting on you or,youre spending a lot of money for where,youre training the only other time I,use it is if Im gonna work out here and,then I have more clients coming in and,afterwards I dont want to be like dead,we run a personal training studio and at,least seven of my clients have started,using this or using this Ive seen,improvements in all their performance,when theyre using it,I feel great using it this stuff is the, now the packaging recommends two,scoops for recovery four scoops for a,pre-workout weve been using four scoops,with like 16 ounces of water for what we,mix it in we use an actual Blender,Bottle brand shaker cup its the easiest,to keep clean theyve added this little,ring with a pleasant little rubberized,nobuhle,you put your four scoops in there and as,always when you use it in a blender,bottle you shake the out this, thank you get the baby,lets go work out,[Music],after nutrition amino energy its the,only pre-workout Im currently using,its the only pre-workout I foresee,myself using for a long time and its,the only pre-workout that Ive ever been,able to recommend to clients and,overwhelmingly theyve all loved it,now if you want more fitness tips,self-defense techniques gear reviews as,well as concepts and principles that,make you hard to hurt make sure you,click that subscribe button right there,Ill put some more videos over here and,if you want to get with me in the,comments what kind of pre-workout do you,use what have you been your experiences,with pre workouts have you ever used,this pre-workout lets talk pre workouts,in the comments below peace


whats up guys b rob here and today im,doing an update review on optimal,nutrition amino energy,its been like almost four years since,my last review ill be right back,so before i go any further i do want to,tell you that my goal for you is to eat,as natural as you can eat natural foods,and things like that,but i do understand sometimes you have,to supplement,so i do these reviews because i actually,use supplements but i try to eat as,natural,as i can um one thing that i do want to,let you know is that this is for your,information only im not saying that you,should go out and purchase this they,dont pay me for this,also make sure you check with your,doctor before you use any supplements to,make sure that they want to,adversely affect your health because i,want you to stay safe and i want you to,keep coming back watching these videos,matter of fact go ahead and subscribe,right now because i tell you i got some,good,information coming your way in the form,of just,supplement reviews and research stuff,things like that,but back to this right here um again,its been like three,and eight months almost basic lets call,it four years been four years since my,last review,and i did have a question uh reid dallas,thank you for,asking the question hey what do you feel,about this after so many years,and that sparked me to go ahead and do,this update video,so for that last video if you want to go,watch that and see,a younger b-rob you know ive looked,so much smaller to me but i still said i,was 300 pounds then and im 300 pounds,now,but i dont know but anyways that video,should go ahead and uh,that should pop up like right here so,go ahead and click on that and um,hopefully actually it might be on this,side,i dont know but anyways itll pop up,here go ahead and click on that,if you want to see that old video if not,watch this video and go back and check,it out later you can do the comparison,but this stuff right here like i said,back then,this still is my coffee replacement i,was suffering from acid reflux back then,i still kind of do now when i drink a,lot of coffee,and so i throw this in there it helps,with it gives me the,the energy that i want that i try to get,the caffeine,alertness and things like that so over,the years,not much has changed with this ive seen,some new flavors,and so they actually have some new,flavors for me,what has changed is my favorite flavor,um you know this peach lemonade was my,favorite flavor back then,as as well as i think strawberry lime or,something like that,strawberry lime not so much for me now i,do like,the peach lemonade i like the strawberry,actually a juicy strawberry burst this,tastes just like,a starburst so thats good,also like watermelon melon flavor,and they have this pineapple flavor too,that i like now,something that i like to do i dont know,if youre you know you get a little,courageous and want to just you know try,to try stuff out i actually did that,so what i did is i took um,so for for this i i do a different the,way i do things right now is,uh depending on the time of the day i,may have three or four scoops of this,so what i did well if i have three,scoops and what ill do is ill take,put two scoops of the pineapple and one,scoop of the,um the juicy strawberry burst and i mean,it makes a really good,uh combination you know if you do four,scoops you may want to do two and two or,three of the pineapple point one of this,if you do just two scoops you can do one,and one,if you want to try it if you come up,with other combinations please go ahead,and comment leave me a comment and let,me know what they are i may go ahead and,try those too and uh hey if i,try them and theyre really good ill,make a video ill give you a shout out,in that,so i appreciate that um so,here i did so my last video something,that always plagued me,and i was talking about scoops right now,is what plagued me,is uh when you look at the back you have,here,you have the um the,you know it says the energy blend is,160 milligrams but then when you look,on the side here it says basically one,scoop is like,50 right so uh and i i think i told you,in that last video and ill tell you,here too,i always go with the higher number so if,it says that,it says two scoops is 160 then just use,that two scoops is 160,which divided by uh two that means that,one scoop is 80.,so i would use that what i did notice is,like on this pineapple,you see that also on,this peach lemonade,and these are fairly new,you see it there still says 160,milligram there but i did notice,that on this juicy strawberry,burst that they actually did break it,down so it says 100 milligrams of,caffeine 50 of like green,tea leaf and then 10 is green coffee,bean,extract so they they break down the 160,so hopefully,all the newer ones will go from there,but what i really like about this and,and since the last video i have more of,a template for my supplement reviews so,im gonna,i havent really you this is an update,video so i havent really stuck to my,template for this but im gonna go ahead,and get back on,onto my template here so um,so what was i looking for when i got,this i was looking for a replacement for,coffee because of acid reflux and just,have the,the flavors if you like you know those,kind of tangy,and strawberry or just fruity type,flavors things like that,this is this is good if you just dont,like taste of coffee this is really good,what attracted me to it what attracted,me to it is that its got really good,flavor,of course i had to try in order to,figure that out find that out but also,i like the fact that it has a full,profile,for amino acids so i like that it has,glutamine leucine arginine,and you know its just i like the,profile there,what else do i like about it how much,should i pay for it so,it depends what i do is i usually shop,around bodybuilding.com does really well,with it you know theres a lot of,um a lot of times theyll have some,sales where you you know,specials buy one get one fifty percent,buy two get one free,things like that so i look for those i,go to amazon.com,and i look you know those or i go to my,local gnc or vitamin shop,too right so i know which flavors i,usually like and i i try to keep,quite a few as you can see here so i may,have somewhat of a problem im sorry,but anyways um so i think i told you,where you can buy it,um so if you want to see the product,uh demonstrated im sorry i didnt do,that i already had it,so before i made this video which is why,i prom why im so amped i guess,um the three best qualities i would have,to say the flavors,i really like the flavors i also like,that this has a full,profile of of,amino acids branch sheet amino acids i,love that,and i also love that it gives you a good,pep from an alertness standpoint,um i dont use it for pre-workout i use,another product for that,and i switch and you can see those,reviews ill probably have those pop up,here too,so i use other another product for me,this is not,that strong or maybe just mentally for,me i just,i just have it in my head that this is,like my coffee replacement because i,dont use,ive never used coffee for pre-workout,too ive been working out for a lot of,years using a lot of pre-workout over,the years and,so i dont know maybe maybe im just uh,i just need a little more,um so this has got good flavors got good,good alertness if youre comparing it to,coffee um,i love the branched chain amino acids,those are my three it has glutamine like,glutamine as,i love that as a as a supplement and i,dont think,you know we get it we really get enough,of it in some of these other supplements,three downsides of this product is,so you know i count this as a downside,because,everything cuts sugar and,im not one of those people that sugar,is like the devil,but this cuts sugar so they have,sucralose in it,so if you do the if you do the math and,i wrote to them to try to find out how,much sucralose,is safe and i didnt get an answer back,so optimal nutrition if youre watching,this,please answer my email how

Product Review- ON, Amino Energy

hey guys welcome back this is Tyrone,welcoming you back again with the,products review so yes today we do a,product review because weve talked,about training weve talked about were,gonna work out together I hope you liked,my back workout I hope that workout,helped you because this will be more of,instructional based videos guys so that,you can incorporate some of the best,practices that I may have acquired with,my little tiny experience so you can,probably use them in your workout too so,today were talking about something,which has really really helped me with,my transformation well as the,transformation guys the video is about,to come out shortly you gotta stay tuned,for this my before and after and you,exactly know how I look like earlier and,now you can actually see the gains,anyways so one thing that has really,really helped me in my transformation,which is actually started using it in,about two weeks is something I wanted to,share with you and and this I thought it,would be a good idea for me to review it,as well because Ive been using it for,almost two weeks now what am I talking,about Im talking about on amino energy,and I actually posted something on,Facebook too as part of my daily feed,and you know it got some great comments,you know people actually liked it so,this I asking me is it better in a in a,powder form as a better than a capsule,form so guys I will be talking all about,it,so if youre new to my product reviews I,pretty much review BC doubleas or whey,protein powders on on 4 variables number,one being the taste how good does it,taste though I mean some some people you,know say that you know its got to be,tasty,but lets see how how the taste is Im,going to talk about that number two is,the mix ability so mix ability something,when you actually put a scoop in water,doesnt mix this up really well or you,have to have a tough time shaking and,shaking it of how well is the mix,ability part of it third is the,effectiveness effectiveness is something,that after taking it for weeks days,months you see any results number four,is the best part its value for money,you spent an X amount did you get that,money in return in terms of value so,these are the four key parameter so,lets start so number one taste so the,one Im using the one I got is called,Concord grape forget,what Concorde its as complicated as,cream its just about okay,taste-wise I would give it a pout you,know I usually wait all these products,on the scale of five five being the best,one being the worse so on a scale of,five I would give on a taste we give,about 2.5 to 3 I mean honestly I really,didnt like the taste as much that could,be because you know it has caffeine a,little bit about amino energy guys you,know this is this has BC SS it also has,caffeine so its a blend of two items,put together which is actually a great,combination so what it does for all of,us is that you know it could be used as,a pre-workout because most of the pre,workouts have caffeine in them so you,can use it there plus it has bcw so you,can use them in your intra workout so,intricate you really dont have to get,elsewhere to actually buy that product,number three which I use it you know,Ive started using it is you know,usually in the afternoons or late,evenings when Im actually thirsty and,Im running out of options what do I,drink I need something healthier I dont,want to gulp on sodas or diet cokes or,Pepsis of the world you can put like a,scoop there and its a healthy drink on,the go so theres so many uses also you,can use it you know first thing upon,waking up it will really wake you up,itll serve as a coffee because of,caffeine in it so these are some of the,uses of this so you just need one scoop,of it,boom youre good to go so you talking,about the taste so in terms of taste I,would give it about a two point five to,three cause it tastes bad okay it has,that great grape ish color the same,color but you know I really dont like,grapes yeah I dont like grapes you know,though they are sweet thats the only,sweet thing I dont like maybe because,of that but hey you know I can I can,manage Im just okay but there are lot,of people out there who love grapes so,probably try it out on scale of five or,get about 2.5 to 3 mixability it mixes,really well so you know probably just,have to take like a 400 ml or a 500 ml,or even a liter up of bottle of water,and put like a scoop there or two scoops,depending on you I can probably get good,mix ability in about you know about four,five or seconds itll mix it mix up,really really well I like the mix,ability part of it so I dont know scale,of mix ability I would give it a power,of four four point five it mixes really,really well number three is the,effective,a icing from effectiveness perspective,it has really helped me recover you know,Im one guy especially when youre,dieting when you want to stick that,which you will get to see as part of my,transformation series you need things,which can actually help you recover,faster glutamine is one of them bcw is,another and caffeine will actually help,you work out when youre not eating too,much when your calories are little less,compared to usual so this these things,really really help so I just in terms of,effectiveness guys I think its its,pretty effective it has really done,world of good to me in the last two,weeks so I would kind of I I would kind,of recommend it,number four is value for money so this,has about 30 servings and it costed me,about 1900 to 2000 ordered rupees so you,can imagine it lasts you for a month or,more than a month if you were actually a,month if you were to take one scoop a,day less than a month if you want to,take it to three in 15 days twelve days,youre done but here from value,perspective I think the scoops the,servings are little less in terms of the,value but what it can do to your body,the results are different I think you,actually save up a lot just imagine,youre youre saving money on your,caffeine which is your coffee you know,youre saving money on your intra,workouts youre actually saving money on,your pre-workout shoe so you can use,this as a pre-workout too so a job of,three is being done by one and then at,the cost of at the rate of rupees 2000,so I think I think its its just about,a good deal I think already from Amazon,anywhere else you would like to I think,is selling it for about the 2100 2200,just check it for yourself and youll,figure it out I usually order it from,Amazon or my other retail providers that,I have it works and you keep asking me,that then how do we figure out if the,supplement is genuine of its fake Im,going to do a different video on it guys,Ive actually done it if you have not,seen it Im going to put a link in the,description box but again you know I,will do another video an extended video,for you to figure out how you can see,the difference between a fake and,a real one so I hope you liked this,product review but I am my,recommendation is you you must use it in,your daily arsenal of supplements mm,peak as if you have the money why not,but remember its not an essential its,not something that you do need it its,its a good to have so there two kinds,of supplements one is good to have one,doesnt need to have so this is a good,to have need to have is your whey,protein this is just like you know,something that is going to give you some,kick some energy you know before your,workout boom its thats what itll do,for you so hope this review helps you,anyone if you have any questions around,amino feel free to reach out to me on a,whatsapp YouTube or Instagram Ill be,very happy to help you with your fitness,queries or can something on amino Im,just about to add more people on my,whatsapp so you will get a notification,to Im also going to be doing another,Q&A series on my Twitter all you have to,do is just go on to your Twitter handle,and this type hashtag ask them Gil you,can put up your question short and sweet,170 characters you get to have a short,question I get to have a shor

2020 Optimum Nutrition Essential Amino Energy Review (Best Amino Acids?)

so welcome back to the challenge 2.3 my,body and a spirit and Im back with a,banger you hurt hey its another product,review for yall so youre gonna jump,right into it before I do that drop a,like drop a sub you know Im saying if,youre freaking with me and other than,that we trying to get started yeah time,on time on time on time on time on,someone Before we jump into any of this,man I just want to let yall know that,God is good and God is great all the,time and uh you never I you dont hear,too many youtubers talk about God Im,one of the few and I just want to say,that man if you dont believe a guy Id,be praying for you and if you do believe,in God,god is good all the time and I just,aint God for everything,I hope youre slow sailing man,[Music],BAM baby aint for todays review you,feel me we got optin electricians,essential me no plus the energy you,dont say one of my favorite the best,hands down no page sponsorship this is,just telling yall how it is all right,before I get to start talking about you,for me you know the Optima Trish is you,know essential amino acids I gotta let,yall know and they show you for me with,the information with amino acid is like,what do they do with do Brenda man you,know except BCAAs you for me amino acids,you dont say what is it what they do,alright so amino acids are like the,building blocks of protein you for me,they help promote you know protein,synthesis finally youre saying I,appreciate youre right protein,synthesis you feel me but amino acids,cant improve your exercise over time it,may promote weight loss it also can help,not lose your gains when you you know,take it to break off or something you,pop some amino acids and stuff like that,you for me it promotes like less muscle,loss if that makes sense you feel me but,you can if you cant find amino acids,like naturally in food like me seafood,eggs poultry dairy products you feel me,so you have to take the product if you,already eaten a lot of that stuff you,should already get enough amino acids,but theres people like me to only eat,chicken and beef our ground beef you,show me I need the amino acids Im not,getting it elsewhere the reason I take,amino acids you for me is the help with,soreness like amino acids help with,sword so names and they also help,protein synthesis so helps your body to,rebuild itself so thats why I take you,also take amino acids you feel me could,help reduce your tea and I have a,problem of a problem with cramping my I,crap all the time I drink a lot of water,a lot of electrolyte and I still cramp,so I take this to help prevent cramps,because Im freaking hate cramps I get,cramps when I ran track and I played,football when I live ways when I just,sleep in bed I get a cramp leg right,come on dude alright so now on to the,product review I tried tons of amino,acids I tried JCs brand and got no I,have some meat GNC go added man GAC,brand stuff kind of sucks man I dont,really know what to tell you about GNC,products but um I tried GNC products I,tried B on Raw try all kind of amino,acids man enough I tell you what this by,far is the best obviously they have tons,of flavor bro they have tons of flavors,I like watermelon I like all the flavors,they have bro even great bro they just,have a great variety of flavor thats,just one of the reasons number two,reason this optimal nutrition is one of,the best recommended brand for anything,protein,BCAs man Oh everything bro just a great,great great company if you check the,back of the label online or buy a bottle,yourself youre gonna look at everything,they have in here but this by far is the,best amino acid I ever tried I can,actually feel this work about any other,amino acids I dont really feel honestly,but this one I feel it broke and I gave,it a 10 out of 10 with taste performance,or whatever you however you want to say,it right this is the one recommended by,your boy 3 you did and I know for a fact,it Hey,all right know for a fact that it works,you need I suggest you guys to go out,and pick up optimist riches essential,amino acids I highly suggest it if you,do drop a comment let me know what you,think about it if you like it if you,dont you know always stay open to,trying new things I have to learn that,over the years and man take me about,three or four amino acids but man I,found though thats pretty much it for,the video just something quick just to,let you guys know just do my product,review all everything that I get my,hands on so Ill let you guys know how,it works for me and hopefully I can help,some of you guys in the process made us,thats what Im here for Im here to,help yall it helped you out being on my,journey as well and just show yall what,worked and what didnt work for me hey,hopefully it works for yall so we can,make these games together Im a little,slim right now but it should wait three,I thank yall for watching man I really,do thank yall well for real I just want,to continue to grow as a person continue,growing the Lord and uh I appreciate you,guys man for everything hey its your,boy three and Im gone thats done we,[Music]

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