1. Youve NEVER Seen An Amp Like This Before! (Its So AWESOME!)
  2. Best Tube Guitar Amps For Home Use
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Youve NEVER Seen An Amp Like This Before! (Its So AWESOME!)

hey guys John here from Sonic drive,Studio I hope youre all doing well and,welcome back to the channel,my heart is pounding so hard inside my,chest right now I am so nervous,genuinely Ive been waiting for this,moment for a while,and it has finally arrived,were gonna do an unboxing and this can,be a very special one for me because the,guys from Red 7 amplification you guys,know who you are from Italy sent me this,amplifier and its a very unique piece,its a one of a kind piece theres only,one of these in the world and there only,will be one of these in the world its a,very unique piece and Im very excited,um,and genuinely nervous lets just unbox,this thing and then talk about it okay,and Ill give you my first genuine,reaction as well okay,got my box cutter here,Im gonna be very very careful,[Music],I havent been this nervous for unboxing,a piece of gear forever probably never,so bear with me,oh my God Im almost shaking,Im just very uh happy and grateful,and uh yeah here we go,Im gonna open the box,lets see lets see,we have a certificate of authenticity,I can already see oh my God it looks so,crazy,oh my God oh my God thats crazy,a certificate of authenticity thats,great,for John Simons Sonic drive Studio,Red 7 amplification,creation series amplifier number four,signed by the guys from Redstone,amplification,oh my God,Im shaking,oh my God oh my God this looks crazy,oh,what do we have here a foot switch,awesome were gonna look at that uh in a,minute,the cable,a guitar cable,all of this for the foot switch I guess,oh my God,oh my God this looks amazing,okay okay,oh my God,the guys told me that they put a lot of,work into this and I can already tell,that this is a really Unique Piece,oh my God its crazy were gonna take it,out of the box right now you guys ready,you guys ready you guys ready,oh my God,oh my God,wow wow,wow,check this out,oh my goodness oh my God whoa,check it out guys this is,a red seven amplification,Leviathan,customized,Joker Edition,check this out oh my God,wow,oh my God the back is some cool stuff as,well,oh my God Im gonna put this on the,cabinet right here and then were gonna,take a look Ill film some stuff up,close,wow,oh,okay let me put this up a little closer,this thing looks so cool oh my God,this is unbelievable guys,oh,okay Im gonna film some close-ups for,you guys,take a look at this beautiful amplifier,a leviathan by Red Seven amplification,but,customized Joker version,look at this beautiful graphic oh my God,thats so cool,I love that Joker movie by the way Im a,huge Batman fan and the Joker is one of,my favorite characters and this is,amazing look at this,and check this out too,why so serious,oh my God this is so rad,I love the front as well the white Ive,never seen a white Leviathan before,oh my God its so cool,oh awesome,and on this side as well,why so serious,take a look at this thing man oh my God,oh that looks so cool now lets take a,look at the back,oh wow,dont you just love that,oh my God and check this out,theres a little Joker figure dangling,there,oh thats so cool,oh my God the attention to detail,Im blown away Im absolutely blown away,oh my God,I couldnt be happier and more excited,about this,and thats just the looks alone because,this amplifier is gonna sound amazing,wow Im absolutely floored Im blown,away Im so happy with this,oh man and this is one of a kind,I mean there is no other Joker amp in,the entire world as far as I know and,look what I have here,and check this out,Im a Batman fan Im not going to be shy,about it,so lets take a little look at the,amplifier itself so this is the,Leviathan theyre High Gain amplifier,and uh yeah we got two channels,weve got this uh channel one over here,which supposedly sounds kind of like a,hot rod at jcm 800 type thing so great,for crunch tones and even High Gain,stuff,weve got a bright switch,and a hot switch for adding more gain so,thats already very versatile right,there,and then on this side Channel 2 this is,like the super high gain Channel,I guess,um its I I heard in another video that,its Loosely based off an Uber shell,kinda but really their own thing so its,very unique aggressive tight very modern,sounding,and then two master volume controls as,well oh look at this white front its,amazing,wow,and then when we go to the back again,weve got an effects Loop,MIDI,and then,um,whats that foot switch,present and depth amazing,4 ohm 8 ohm 16 ohm a line out line out,level cool,and the power switch right there oh this,is so awesome,oh I cant believe it I cant believe it,so yeah thats the details of this,amplifier,look how beautiful this is oh man,I couldnt be more excited,just awesome,and here we have the foot switch as well,simple and classy you got your hot,switch option,and your Channel and master option cool,and then of course I shouldnt forget,that this channel also has a bright,switch I just love that functionality,love that so thats the red 7,amplification Leviathan custom Joker,Edition for me,oh man I feel so privileged grateful and,happy that uh that they uh wanted to,build this for me,oh man Im gonna do so many videos with,this thing and I have a very good,feeling about the sound of this,amplifier as well I think its gonna,blow me away on many levels,uh one thing thats cool and unique,about this amplifier when you compare it,to other amps in my collection is that,this one has KD 88s in the power section,I believe which Ive never had before in,an amplifier so thats really cool,um yeah what Im gonna do now is uh work,on a review and a demo which Im gonna,Im gonna take my sweet time for that,write a bunch of cool riffs and then uh,hopefully within a bunch of weeks Ill,release the review and demo video for,you guys so you can hear it in action,and then after that I have a bunch of,other cool videos in mind as well so,its going to be a lot of fun so you,guys need to stay tuned on the channel,for all the content related to this very,unique amplifier made by some very nice,folks the guys from Red 7 amplification,in Italy,oh man you guys know who you are thank,you so much uh this is amazing Im,completely blown away,and Im gonna yeah Im gonna rock the,crap out of this amplifier its gonna be,so much fun now I dont want to leave,you guys hanging without any musical,segments,so Im going to give you a little bit of,a preview with a couple of riffs of how,this amplifier sounds and then were,going to end this video so thank you,guys so much for watching I really hope,you enjoyed this as much as I did I just,so relieved that it looks so amazing,because I havent seen this amp prior to,making this video so this is the first,time of me,looking at this amplifier and,it looks so amazing oh man it looks so,classy too because I told the guys like,I I want a a custom Joker version and it,could have gone,in a lot of directions but they kept it,so classy,oh man they they made all the perfect,little touches and the tolex looks,absolutely amazing so yeah I could I,could go on about this thing for a long,time,right now Im going to end this video,and thank you guys so much for watching,and I hope to see you very soon uh yeah,subscribe like and comment and let me,know what you think of this beast and,Ill see you guys very soon thanks and,cheers bye-bye,[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Music],thank you

Best Tube Guitar Amps For Home Use

okay so I love guitar amps I dont know,why exactly but theyre one of my,favorite parts of being a guitar player,specifically tube amps now if you follow,this channel you know that I play,everything I play tube amps modelers,hybrids amp modeling pedals I like it,all if it sounds good I like it but,theres something special about tube,amps specifically I think its the sort,of mechanical nature of them its the,tactile nature of them they get hot they,smell when theyre warm and the sound,theres just something about playing,through an amp thats got tubes and,transformers and its moving a speaker,and moving air in the room that is,proven really really hard to replicate,in the digital realm not impossible but,really hard now the current kovat crisis,and everything else thats going on most,of us guitar players are stuck playing,at home whether you are a hobbyist or,someone that just plays for fun playing,at home recording your own stuff or,someone who is used to gigging and,touring and doing session work whos now,stuck at home and so I started thinking,about what are my favorite tube amps for,home use what are the best tube amps out,there in my experience for home use so,in todays episode of gear talk were,going to talk about that,[Music],now before we get started this is by no,means a comprehensive list Im gonna,stick to amps that Ive personally,played and used and owned Im not gonna,take a look at the entire guitar amp,market that would be way too long of a,video and Im not going to talk about,amps that I havent personally used an,experienced first hand the other thing,is some of these amps in this video were,given to me but I was not paid by any of,these companies nor was I asked by any,of these companies to feature any of,their gear in any of my videos,everything I say in this video is my own,personal opinion based on my experience,my air conditionings kicking on and if,you want information about any of the,amps that I talked about they will all,be linked in the description box down,below,those are affiliate links so if you buy,something through one of those links I,make a small Commission which really,helps me out in making these videos so,with all that out of the way lets jump,into the video so before we start,looking at actual amps lets talk about,what makes a tube amp a good candidate,for home use first of all the power,rating I think any amp over 15 watts,that doesnt have a power scaling,feature or a master volume or anything,to tame the output of the amplifier is,not a good candidate for home use now if,you come from 50 watt amps 30 watt amps,or even 100 watt amp so you may hear 15,and think well thats really low power,why not go for a 20 watt amp 15 watt,amps are actually incredibly loud and if,you live in an apartment or townhome or,have neighbors close by you can,absolutely piss a lot of people off with,a 15 watt amp if its really pushed so,personally I think amps that are in the,5 to 10 watt range or ideal but I would,not recommend going with something,larger than 15 watts of output unless it,has some kind of power scaling or,attenuation or master volume feature,built in the next thing is size most of,us dont have a ton of space to devote,to a home studio or a music room setup,now while we all love Marshall stacks,and half stacks theyre great on stages,and to take on the road I think a good,home,guitar amp is gonna be on the smaller,side oftentimes this means 112 combos,but they dont have to be combos Im a,big fan of head and cab setups because,you have more flexibility in what you,can do with the amplifier you can have,the head sitting next to you on a desk,and the cabinet in another room miked up,or you can utilize something like a,virtual cabinet or a 10 you ATAR or ir,loader to simulate the cabinet a little,more easily with a head set up and the,third thing I like to consider is number,of speakers and size of those speakers,the more speakers you have the more,surface area of speaker you have moving,the air effectively giving you more,volume output again the idea here is to,get great tone at a reasonable volume,thats not going to make your spouse or,your neighbors hate you for playing your,guitar so generally I would stick with a,112 or smaller set up maybe a 110 or no,more than a 210 cabinet just my opinion,also the feature set of an amp is really,important like I mentioned a moment ago,does it have a master volume or power,scaling or attenuation feature built in,or like more modern amps does it have,some kind of virtual cabinet or IR,loader or direct to recording software,solution so you can bypass a speaker,cabinet altogether the feature set of an,amp can really affect whether or not,its a good candidate for home use so,with all that in mind what are the best,guitar amps for home use first off the,fender blues jr. this is the mazda miata,of guitar amps this is the amp that I,always recommend to people who say I,need an amp for home use thats not,gonna break the bank fender blues jr. I,want to be able to gig with it too and,play small to medium sized clubs fender,blues jr. I want to be able to modify it,and make changes and kind of make it my,own sound fender blues jr. it needs to,be reliable and not cost that much,because its going to be used in bars,and get drinks spilled on it fender,blues jr. this is one of the best amps,on,the market for a budget tube amp home,friendly gig friendly modding platform,amp out there theyve been around for,ages I think the first generation came,out sometime in the mid to late 90s and,Ive owned this one since 2011 this is a,blues junior 3 they since have a new,version out the blues junior 4 Ive,never played it I dont know how it,compares but as you can see I have used,the crap out of this amp Ive done all,different types of mods to this thing,including a presence control a bias trim,pot a filter cap mod a tone stack mod,Ive swapped the speaker out Ive,deleted the reverb added a 3-way power,switch with a standby position,its then had a second filter cap mod,now quick disclaimer amplifiers are,incredibly dangerous do not crack open,the back of your amp and start messing,around in there unless you are,absolutely sure you know what youre,doing amp circuits can hold enough,voltage even when theyre turned off to,kill you if youre not careful so do not,watch this video and think youre gonna,jump straight into modding your,amplifier I would highly recommend you,taking your amp to a certified amp,technician to have your mods and all,your work done rather than trying to,figure it out on your own now the Blues,jr. comes in right around 15 watts,its a 112 combo and its powered by a,set of el84 power tubes which if you,know anything about fender amps and el84,is not typically the Fender amp sound,were all used to traditionally thats a,6 v6 or 6l6,power tube but this does the fender,clean to edge a break up sound really,well and it can get into boxy territory,now mine does not sound like a stock,blues junior as I said earlier Ive,modified the crap out of this thing to,make it sound bigger and more open and,less boxy that is one of the downsides,of these when theyre new at least the,version three they had a really boxy,sound they sounded like they looked,which is a small box but the tone stack,mod and the filt,cap mod really cleared that up the best,thing you can do to one of these though,is swap the speaker out its easy to do,theres plenty of options this has a,warehouse ET 65 and thats the best bang,for your buck in terms of upgrades for,the Blues Judy,[Music],the next up on the list weve got the,rev D 20 and the g20 now Rev sent this,amp out to me late last year and Ive,really enjoyed using it I think this is,where the future of tube guitar amps,especially for home players and home,session players are headed this is a,completely tube analog amplifier circuit,with some really cool digital features,built in its got an impulse response,loader its got a virtual cabinet,built-in hold virtual cabinet system and,you can swit

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ToneWood Amp Review! – The Magic of Effects Straight From Your Guitar!

hey guys welcome back to the channel i,hope youre having a fantastic day today,well in the studio weve got the very,popular tonewood amp,now the guys from tonewood sent this,into the channel for me to check out,so were going to find out what its,good at what it sounds like and,if its worth the money now for those of,you guys who dont know what the,tonewood amp is,well its a really interesting unit it,works in a couple different ways,number one its kind of like an effects,unit for your acoustic guitar,as you can see im plugged from my,guitar into the tonewood amp,and from there you can take an output go,to your computer go to a pa system go to,a di box,and have all of those effects come,through so from that standpoint its,kind of like a multi-effects unit,but the real magic is you dont need to,plug it in at all,and you can get all of those effects,straight out of,your guitar so that means you can be,anywhere in the world and still get,reverb delay tram vibrato all those,effects,coming straight out of your sound hole,without plugging in now ive got this,one mounted in my furch guitar,well its actually a stone bridge but,its the same company and its a fairly,high-end guitar so we also need to talk,about,well does this permanently mod my guitar,how easy was the installation can,anybody do it how long did it take,all of those things well talk about,that at the end but for now lets talk,about the tones,so were going to go through the tone,list and just show you guys what it,sounds like,now im going to be just miking this,straight up so no extra effects on the,computer or anything like that,its going to be just the sound coming,directly,from the guitar and as i mentioned its,not plugged into any external source,other than the tonewood amp all right,you guys its time to check out some,tones on the tonewood amp,im going to go through a few of my,favorite if you want the full list of,effects and all the specs on the unit,and all that stuff,i will link to it in the video,description below you guys can check,that out there,other than that lets start with the,first three sounds now theyre all verbs,weve got a hall,weve got a room and weve got a plate,so for the whole verb im going to give,a long spacious delay,for the room a shorter one more you know,probably useful for like rhythm playing,and then well check out the plate here,we go lets check out those clips,[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],do,[Music],[Music],do,[Music],next up lets check out one of my,favorite settings on the tonewood amp,thats a nice clean and crisp delay,lets take a listen,next up weve got some tremolo lets see,what that sounds like coming straight,out of an acoustic guitar,[Music],now theres also a leslie setting which,is kind of a rotating speaker kind of,thing lets see what that sounds like,[Music],[Music],[Applause],[Music],so heres what you get when you order,the tonewood amp you get the main,effects unit,heres the the side where you make all,the adjustments and heres the side,that interacts with the guitar body to,create,those effects so very simple unit,basically what you have,is your main effects type so you just,dial it in and it gives you the,different effects,here is the main parameters and here is,the overall volume,now every guitar will react differently,so very easy but theres also a few,different things,theres a parameter if you click the,button in so you can access some,second level kind of adjustments and,then the third one is when you press,and hold so the default is just rotating,and then theres a couple other,parameters i didnt even dive in those,when i use them but you could definitely,you know you know do the eq and really,kind of tweak it but just for the basics,very very easy and then theres a,readout screen right here,and the main power right there so thats,the main unit,you also get a patch cable to go from,the main unit into your guitar so that,it takes your guitar signal,and knows what to you know do with it,and then this is the internal brace,so lets take these uh components and,install it on my guitar,all right so lets install this tone,mode amp on the acoustic guitar,so im just going to loosen off the,strings it might be easier if you just,like remove the strings but ill show,you you can just do it by,you know completely loosening your,strings off you dont have to change,them,unless it needs it so basically what,were going to do is take that,x brace and its got some powerful,magnets on it,so were going to try to just get it,depending on the bracing of your guitar,kind of in this zone right here so im,kind of feeling for the back of the,guitar,and once i can feel that that brace is,pretty close to the back there,im just going to take the tonewood amp,and,put it on the back and theres some,pretty powerful magnets,so right away you should feel it clamp,down so ill show you guys on the back,where its at so i got pretty close,here ill just slide it over actually i,got really close,because as i said the sweet spot on this,guitar i tried moving it around a few,spots was about two inches from the back,maybe an inch and a half,but i dont have it quite centered as,you can see the center line,is right here and probably for optimal,tone transfer,i should have it something like that,and the tonewood amp is ready to rock as,you can see,maybe the last setting i was using was,the leslie,and yeah were ready to go and then you,can just kind of click through,there we go ottawa tram delay,plate verb room verb hall verb so there,you go,its installed and uh yeah like i said,it only takes a couple minutes,uh if you were gonna use the adhesive on,the back of the,the magnets and kind of leave it,permanently on a guitar you might want,to kind of take,a little bit more time to get it perfect,so here are my final thoughts on,the tonewood amp now this thing retails,for about 250 bucks u.s,and you know when you think about how,much guitarists will spend on their,pedal board or,even on a single boutique pedal its not,too bad for what it offers so 250 bucks,and if you want those extra internal,braces so that you can just pop it off,and put it on another guitar,those retail i think for about 30 bucks,so if you have a nylon string or,you know a jumbo and you know something,smaller and you want to use your,tonewood amp on all of them you just buy,those internal braces,pop it off put it on a new guitar thats,the advantage of the tonewood amp over,something built in,now it does take double a batteries and,it chews through them,pretty quick so i would recommend using,some you know rechargeable batteries,it is a shame they dont have a model,that you can just plug in with the usb,or something maybe thatll be coming in,the future but for now its,double a batteries and i think i know,why you know if your,your internal battery dies right before,youre supposed to play somewhere or,like at a coffee shop or something like,that or at a gig,uh you dont want to just have to plug,it into the wall and,wait for your gig to start or whatever,you just pop in a new set of batteries,so i understand why they did it but it,does chew through batteries pretty quick,so itd be nice to have the option now,beyond that as you guys could hear,well the effects work exceedingly well i,captured it with just a single,microphone in front of the sound hole,so you guys were hearing pretty much,exactly what i was hearing,and its easy to use youve got your,overall volume youve got your parameter,setting,and then youve got your patches so,three knobs thats all you need,and you know finding the sweet spot on,your guitar might just take a second or,two,you know sliding it forward or back,because every,guitar shape will resonate slightly,different uh in this concert shape,pretty much like an inch and a half from,the back was just,perfect so you might just have to you,know move it forward or back depending,on the shape of your,your guitar but yeah once its there,its there,you know its not going anywhere and if,you uh although it does add

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Harley Benton Tube 15 – Affordable Valve Amp Review – Monoprice Stage Right Euro Version

[Music],what well do,today well well play some guitars,really,this is 1974 telecaster standard,probably my most favorite,affordable guitar this epiphone,sg special,ive just noticed,going from an sg straight to les paul,how uncomfortable it is in this sitting,position,[Applause],all eqs on noon,in all those modeling amps,theyre all very good but i mean get,yourself a decent little tube,its a living breathing thing,it does just what i want it to do anyway,surprising,surprisingly good,for 211 pounds,hello everyone thanks for joining us,welcome to the guitarists so today as,promised were going to take a closer,look at this,the harley benton tube 15.,so this is its a budget amp,super value budget amp that i bought a,week or so ago,uh when i went on the tourman website to,buy the harley benton mr classic guitar,that were reviewed last week,a lot of you will already be familiar,with this its been around for a couple,of years now sales in the states,as the monoprice stage right,sells for around about 250 dollars i,think 270 dollars,this is the,rebranded version for europe so got,different power supply,and the harley benton badge on it sold,through the towman website,as i said i think i said if i didnt im,going to say it,or if i did im going to say it again,anyway 211 pounds i paid for this,already,i saw today that its,selling for 209 pounds so yeah again the,prices of these things fluctuate,according to,some algorithm or something but uh look,its dirt cheap i mean,in the tube amp world,this is a this is a quite a,thing,as a 15 watt,12 inch speaker tube amp,for just over 200 quid this is a,this is a bit of a bargain compared to,the competition,assuming of course that it is any,competition for the others but well,well make a judgment call on that when,weve heard it,but compared to say the defender blues,junior that sells for still around about,550 600 quid,vox ac 15 again thats a 15 watt 12 inch,600 quid you know around about that,the cheaper ones are the marshall dsl,that only comes with a 20 watt now,thats,about 400 quid i think,the laney,super cub i think its called the super,cub,15 again thats around about 400 quid,and thats relevant as well because,theres,been,i think theres a suggestion that this,is the same circuit as the laney super,cub,okay,im not sure if ill be able to verify,that today i might try and take the back,off and see but apparently on the,circuit board it says laney super cub so,its got a lot of similarities and and,its half the price its not short on,features either its got an effects loop,its got,a spring reverb a real spring reverb,its got a one watt switch attenuator as,well thats here,so the specs of this preamps got three,uh,12ax7,preamp tubes,and the power tubes its got two el 84,power valves,celestion 12 inch 7080 speaker,as i said spring reverb,foot switch socket but no foot switch,included,whole thing weighs 11 and a half,kilograms,uh its got a three year warranty,its quite impressive its its a its a,nice looking thing,i think youll agree i love the cream,look at that real nice cream leather,handle,nice cream toe licks,good looking amp,what well do,today,is,well well play some guitars really,through this,and well twiddle some knobs,and well well see what it sounds like,guitars ive chosen today are these,before we start with,probably my most favorite,affordable guitar this epiphone,sg special,which i love and this cost me about 319,pound and obviously got a pair of p90s,and then the tock i love rock um but you,know not not any old love rock ill have,you know if you saw the upgrade series i,did on this youll know that this is now,loaded with,what we call the mad murrays,boutique pafs uh made by murrays,pickups of course,and um weve got the bridge with the,weve got a faber bridge with brass,saddles and an upgraded,lightweight hardware on this so,its um its kind of a,well youll hear it in a minute,and for,single single coils,of course we need a telecaster because,theyre better than strats,and,this is um this is my 1974,telecaster standard so i thought wed,ever have a little blast on that as well,today while we can,so thats what were going to do today,were going to play those guitars,through this and were going to twiddle,some knobs and see what sort of sounds,come out of the speaker before we do,that though,weve got one thing to deal with you,will see that its got a lovely its got,a lovely,mirror finish,chrome,uh,panel,control panel yeah thats what it is in,there and you cant see you cant see,what anything says,you can in a certain light but i can,just about see it from here if i if i,peek at a right angle but you know,youve got gain volume tone bass middle,treble reverb,and a one watt 15 watt switch,um but you wont be able to see what im,playing with so,what ive got is this,ive got a label maker so im going to,make my own little labels stick them on,there somewhere so we can we can see,what were up to really,see in a minute okay were back and as,you can see ive put some,put my labels along the top there,a bit of a bit of insulating tape,so um,youll hopefully be able to see,what im doing when i when i do my knob,adjusting,and also well find out if,insulating tape is going to mark the toe,legs when i when i take it off later,okay so actually lets just,zero all the knobs,to start with,there we go,and then what well do so youve got,gain,volume,tone,and this is i suppose i,you know like,i a,like a low cut on,on a vox or an isf,on a,black star sort of thing thats a you,know,plus or minus tone,onto the plus side for a little bit more,top and onto the,the minus side for a little bit more,base,and then youve got your base,which were going to start with on noon,and middle on noon and treble will start,with on nude so,all eqs on noon,verb,says i said spring reverb so well start,with that on well about three,so yeah,actually special with p90s,im starting with the p90s because,thats my go-to pickup so,what ill try and do is dial in the,sound thats in my head to start with,so obviously obviously ive used this so,i kind of got an idea where that is,to start with whoops,im going to start with a volume,just on about two,and then when we bring up the gain,[Music],so lets start with going on three,[Music],hmm,[Music],so pretty,quickly,ive been able to dial in,to sand in my head so im looking for is,is,just a bit of,[Music],that,[Music],but that you know you can clean up with,your picking,[Music],[Applause],[Music],or roll off the,roll off the volume,[Music],maybe a little bit more top,i like my sound toppy,as much bite as i can get,tone,the middle,[Music],so,[Music],foreign,[Music],um,[Music],[Applause],[Music],um,[Music],wow,ive just noticed,going from an sg straight to les paul,how uncomfortable it is in this sitting,position,got a hunch over to kind of,get a grip of it,wow,so this is the tokai with the humbuckers,these are what i call the mad murrays or,somebody else called the mad murrays,actually and i,i adopted that name for them because i,think its brilliant these are,boutique pafs wound by murrays pickups,ben murray there,and uh around them,with with my sound in mind so theyre,very bright and bitey,i love them and they sound like this,lets start on the bridge,just rolled that volume off a little bit,[Music],its a quite p90 like really,which i think is great,um,anyway were not showing off because,were showing off the amp sounds great,didnt it,[Applause],[Music],[Applause],a lot of people will want more gain than,that so lets try and dial in a little,bit more gain,roll off the volume a bit its less than,two the volume,and there we go,[Music],full whack,[Music],[Music],its my version of chugging ive never,done it before in my life,[Music],[Applause],dont even know what it is its too much,game for me so i would,maybe dial it off to there,lets try this,[Music],um,[Music],[Music],[Music],yeah but i like it about here,[Music],[Applause],[Music],okay,[Music],[Music],so this is this is 1974 telecosta,standard which im very lucky to own and,it sounds

Fender Mustang Micro headphone amp | First Impressions & Review

welcome back to the channel im rj,runkelio if youre new here thanks for,joining me,today i received something new from,fender its the mustang,micro guitar headphone amplifier and in,this video i wanted to do an unboxing,kind of give you my first impressions,plug it in and really,try to figure out how this works without,even having to use,a manual but some of the features of,this real quickly it says on the box,25 amps an effects rechargeable,headphone amplifier,with four plus hours of continuous,battery life jam along with your,favorite songs or videos wirelessly over,bluetooth thats pretty cool,and record directly to your mac or pc,via usb,connectivity so other than being a,guitar headphone amp you can actually,use this kind,of like a audio interface for your,recording software on your computer,which is pretty cool i should point out,that i do have some familiarity,with the mustang line i have two,of the mustang amplifiers and i know,that they,have some great amp tones and effects,built in so,thats kind of what im expecting with,this all right lets open it up,voila nice packaging its smaller than i,expected,its kind of hard to believe that,theres a bunch of amps and effects,models,in this little device so we got four,switches here for,amp model eq effects,and a modify which im assuming is to,modify the different effects,eighth eighth inch eighth inch headphone,jack as well as a,usbc looks like a usbc port,on and off button as well as the,bluetooth,i guess thats the pairing button i like,this design the way that the jack can,kind of rotate like this which means you,can plug it into,basically any kind of guitar base and,its not going to get in the way of,anything what else is in the package,we got the usbc cable owners manual,available at fender.com,i dont think i need the manual today,okay so theres a card here that kind of,lists all of the amps and effects,as well as what the modify button does,theyre all kind of color coded,youve got everything from classic,fender amps,to british style amps to high gain amps,as far as effects theres some reverb,chorus flange tremolo,vibratone which i like harmonic tremolo,slap back delay tape delay,basically all of my favorite modulation,and time-based effects,and im going to assume that the eq,button basically goes from,darker to brighter tones depending on,your flavor like i said before,this is not only a headphone amp but,its also a recording device so a way,for you to,input your guitar audio into your,computer via usb,cable and for the sake of this video,since it wouldnt make sense for me to,plug in headphones and then maybe,mic the headphones with a condenser mic,like this,im just going to plug this in usb to my,computer,and see how it sounds that way its,going to sound the same probably through,the headphones so,you guys can get a good idea of what,its like,now depending on your setup with your,computer,uh the included usb cable might not be,long enough but youll probably want to,get some sort of,uh usb extension or coupler,or just a longer usb cable which i have,boom lets get my favorite fender tele,so just going to plug it in like so,which this design is cool so you can,plug it into a strat,its not going to bend or anything its,actually pretty comfortable i like how i,can,easily read and see the lights and the,buttons,as well as reach down and control the,volume all right so the unit is,activated,uh all the lights are clear so we are,dealing with,the 65 twin uh plus comp,which i guess is a compressor uh and,then a little bit of hull reverb so im,just going to hit record,play around with the sounds and give you,my commentary,[Music],i can definitely hear the compression,[Music],[Music],so lets play with the eq a little bit,because i want to see what this does,[Music],thats all the way down,so there seems to be five levels of eq,dark to uh brighter and um,the clear is probably right in the,middle so ill just keep it there for,now,[Music],and hit the modify on the effects to see,if it does anything,[Music],reverb oh thats nice,[Music],im going to go quickly through all the,amp settings before i check out the,effects,red is the 65 deluxe,[Music],next green is the 57 twin,so really nice fendery cleans uh to,choose from,[Music],okay next is 60s british,some nice chiminess,now i should point out that the amps,dont have their own controls you cant,control things like,gain or specific eq settings,but there seems to be enough amplifiers,uh you know preset so if youre looking,for something with a little more gain,its just,really a matter of finding the right amp,preset for that,all right moving on to the 65 deluxe,plus green box oh okay im assuming,greenbox is like a,overdrive style pedal thats green,so this is,[Music],[Applause],[Music],theres your gain,[Music],i really like the sound thats coming,out and,being recorded,it almost feels like its already you,know eqd properly,and compressed for recording,theres no frequencies that are harsh or,really jumping out which i like,and what youre hearing is straight out,of,the mustang micro into my recording,software im not eq,adding extra compression or anything all,right 70s british,oh yeah,now moving on going all the way to the,90s,with 90s american,[Music],okay base breaker 15. now im not sure,if this is a guitar amp,or a bass amp lets see what this sounds,[Music],like,[Music],dig that fbe 100.,[Music],metal 2000 um and were almost at the,at the end,im playing a telly so forgive me,[Music],[Applause],[Music],next is uh uber this is not the car,service,uber metal,[Applause],[Music],so this last one i guess is studio,preamp,so its just kind of like a basic preamp,this might be cool,with an acoustic guitar,so this might actually be a way for you,to just get a basic guitar sound into,your recording software,and use whatever plug-ins that you like,to use all right so im going to scroll,back down,to the 60s british and im going to just,take a look at all these different,effects so weve got,the hall reverb,next is the spring reverb,turn it up a little bit,modulated reverb,[Applause],oh thats cool,very nice and its also got this like,stereo effect,which is going to probably sound really,cool with your headphones,course and reverb,now the modify will control the course,depth so lets turn it up all the way,[Music],this is the flanger and reverb now,[Music],hmm,next weve got the vintage tremolo and,reverb,oh i love that,modify makes the uh tremolo go faster,[Music],[Applause],vibraton and reverb so the vibratone is,kind of a fender-y thing,[Music],ooh i like it,[Music],next harmonic trim,[Music],next is one of my favorite combinations,and thats slapback delay,and reverb,[Music],that is my favorite so far a couple more,here tape delay and reverb,now the modify controls the delay,level,which is cool i like you can have it,just be kind of like,in the back kind of ambience delay,[Music],or you can turn it up and really get,that more prominent,delay,[Music],next chorus and delay,and reverb three-in-one here we go,[Applause],and the last one is 2290 delay and,[Music],reverb,now with this one the modify button,affects the delay time,thats stereotype,yeah its its the repeats are panning,slowly from left to right thats pretty,[Music],awesome,[Music],wow so my first impressions of this,little device,extremely impressed with the sound,quality thats its equally,as good as through your headphones i,love how simple it is to use,i didnt have to look at a manual i did,have to look at this card to figure out,what the different uh amp and effects,models were i could see myself kind of,favoring certain uh amp and effects,combinations and kind of memorizing you,know the color,scheme but more than anything i think,im extremely happy with the way,it sounds the one thing i did want to,try is,the the bluetooth uh feature so my,understanding is the bluetooth feature,isnt so you can,plug in bluetooth headphones but its,more so you can use,something like your phone or tablet to,stream audio,through the must

Are Hifi Companies Lying to You? Ampapa A1 Phono/Headphone Amp Review

big shout out and thank you to todays,sponsor Squarespace squarespace.com is,the easiest way to start a website thank,you Squarespace a 130 dollar phono,preamp with tubes thats claimed to be,designed in the US is it I dont know,what are we talking about today,um Papa,or ampat amp Appa,A1 so sit down grab a cup of coffee and,lets talk about this 130 phono preamp,that may or may not be designed in the,US,[Music],so the A1 is a phono preamp with tone,controls its a headphone amplifier and,it has tubes and it comes with GE tubes,these are the GE I guess its 56 54 W,says theyre made in the USA they look,legit they look like isnt it a terrible,time when we have to be like hey is this,a fake tube or not do people fake tubes,are there counterfeit tubes anyway it,comes with GE tubes which is a nice,touch,thank you,so this is what it looks like it,actually looks pretty cool on the top,there you have the tubes obviously over,here you have the main volume control so,I dont think theres a fixed gain on,this obviously,theres a volume control which means,variable gain so it means theres not,going to be like 42 DB set gain or 46 or,48. its all going to depend on this I,was a little bit concerned that if I max,out the volume here whatever gain that,is that there could be some clipping and,Distortion I didnt really notice that,but for me personally if Im running,this as my main phono preamp Im,probably not going past eight,foreign,space Squarespace is the easiest and,probably the cheapest way to start your,own website if youre not a crazy,internet website expert like me I was,able to create a website in less than,three hours and this was before,Squarespace ever even sponsored the,channel so I was using Squarespace even,back then if youre a photographer or,videographer dont put your portfolio up,on Instagram or Facebook put it on your,own website,jacksoldtirephotography.com or net they,have dozens of templates that you can,choose from that do most of the heavy,lifting for you the only thing you have,to do is go into the text box change the,text drop in your own pictures and Bobs,your uncle so go to squarespace.com,cheapaudium in and use the code cheap,audio man to get 10 off your first order,heres the cool thing about Squarespace,they have different support videos,different support articles that help you,do anything if you want to do an email,campaign no worries you got email,campaign videos and support articles if,you want to open an online store well,Squarespace has you covered they have,videos and support articles for your,online store Squarespace does everything,you could possibly need from a website,it makes it way easier to do it anybody,and I mean anybody could design their,own website in a few minutes depending,upon how complicated you want it to be,so go to squarespace.com cheapaudoman,and use the code sheep audio man to get,10 off your first order or domain,reservation thank you Squarespace,then the tone controls treble right here,and bass right here if you want no gain,you got to keep it in the 12 oclock,position so heres the problem with this,stuff and this isnt its not just,unique to am Papa and Papa,I love this am Peppa I love this name,its not unique to just am Pampa,depending upon where the knob sits is,going to be where 12 oclock actually is,so if you look at this when I go down to,zero on treble its actually below zero,so if Im going up to,12 oclock or 5 right here Im actually,too high so I need to come back one,click the good thing is this is clicky,clicky so there are I guess divisions in,the span of the knobs now the base that,ones pretty good so that comes down and,it lines up right there with zero what,you can do though is you can take off,the knobs now these knobs are really,good they are knurled metal I think I,know they feel kind of like metal I put,a magnet up to these but I couldnt,really figure out if this is plastic,this is one of the best plastic jobs,Ive ever seen anyway theres a set,screw right here so you have to put in a,little allen wrench loosen it up and,then you can probably line this up back,to zero so where the arrow actually,points at zero instead of kind of,below zero so its a its one click if,we can get that click right then were,actually at zero is that a big deal not,really if you know,if you know how off you are then you can,just compensate for it here but I would,rather that you know it was lined up so,right there you got the ampap and paper,Um Papa,logo right there on the front now around,here you see these holes Ill get some,uh other shots of it but these actually,light up so theres two colors of LEDs,right here theres an orange and a green,and not only does it light up the tubes,that color but it also lights up the,exterior of the enclosure the controls,right here are just this simple on off,toggle and these toggles are nice then,you have line in or phono and then down,here you have the color of the LED and,you can actually turn it off if youre,in the middle right there its off and,right here you have your 3.5,millimeter headphone jack on to the back,you have phono in with the ground right,there and then over here you have a line,in so if you have lets say a DAC or,something like that you can put it in,there or anything with a RCA analog,connection and then over here you have,the RCA out its powered by 12 volts and,the power supply is 12 volt 1.5 amp I,was a bit impressed with the wall board,simply because it was actually branded,and papa so a lot of times these power,supplies are probably the same power,supply but some companies go to the,trouble of actually having a sticker,printed up that has their manufacturer,logo on it or something like that this,does so it means there was some care,taking in the design of this and that,leads me to is this designed in the U.S,foreign,if you go to the Amazon listing it makes,it pretty clear and I think its one of,the selling features of this amplifier,that it is designed in the US however,Im not questioning,I kind of amp because the verbiage the,wording on their listing on Amazon and,even on their packaging here seems a,little bit off says designed by and papa,in Washington us usually its Washington,State or its Seattle or whatever I,looked up their address they do have a,Seattle address but then over here,theres something in here that talks,about the UK about,Eva tossed Consulting Its Curious to me,I dont know what this means and then,theres another address for Germany so,we have a Wales address we have a,Frankfurt address in Germany and then on,the website or on Amazon it let me just,tell you what the wording says I dont,know the wording seems off Advanced and,considerate design concept A1 is the,first product carefully designed by our,senior audio experts in Washington after,lots of researches,who are always devoted to exploring the,design and craft innovation of Hi-Fi and,providing extreme listening experience,experience one for audio files via our,Top Class audio devices,okay then it says unprecedented surpass,in functions and looking,Advanced design and high-end components,to build low noise integrated circuit,and ensure clean sound solid aluminum,knobs unique shell made of aluminum with,whole die casting molding and CNC,machined all styles of desktop space can,be decorated perfectly with a a1s warm,orange or cool green lights so,I get what theyre saying but theyre,not saying it like an American would say,it or at least any American that I know,so Im not necessarily putting that as,like this is a bad thing what I am,saying is if youre going to use,designed in Washington,USA as a feature or as a reason to buy,this amplifier somebody should probably,I dont know re-read the product listing,on Amazon to make it a little bit,I dont know theres no way that,somebody from Seattle wrote that,description okay so is it designed in,Washington USA,maybe overall the build quality,actually pretty good Ive got no real,complaints about this headphone amp a,little bit underpowered but its m

????EVERY Headphone Amp I Reviewed in 2021 _(Z Reviews)_

people like tier lists,i dont like tier lists because tier,lists indicate my,favorite my s-class my a-class and then,people who look at it go well i wouldnt,buy something in the b-class because,obviously,zeos didnt put that high enough for me,to consider thats [ __ ] because,whats in my b class might be in your s,class and i wont do it however,because of the dakone video if you,didnt see the koni put out a video,where they took a bunch of youtubers to,talk about headphones and ask them to do,like one headphone,the for the best headphone or one of the,most stand out headphones for 2021 and,talk about it and submit a one minute,clip,my clip,included 13 headphones five iams,and i did it in 60 seconds so ill link,to that video below somewhere um the,company should pay me for that but,theyre not going to because im a good,guy well work with that later they,still send me pads now today,is when i made that one-minute clip and,i was [ __ ] it took me like 15 tries,to get it done so now i said you know,what i got my own channel no ones got a,time limit on zeoss channel,lets look back at all the amplifiers,that ive used in the last year ones,that were on my review channel from,2021 to the end of 2021,and lets discuss and see how they,stacked up because this is most of them,this is most of the amplifiers im,talking about pure amplifiers not amp,dac combos,not not headphone and speaker amp combos,thatll be a whole separate other one of,these videos if you guys like it but,lets just look back at,amplifiers that i have you know reviewed,this year,look at my rack my rack is abysmal ive,yanked most of them out to put them here,because im pretty sure the a90 was a,2020 baby,so i i dont know where to begin i guess,the singser sa-1 was like the first,hiaska was like the first,holy [ __ ] amp of the year do we agree,that i think i think i sold more of,these than volkswagen sold beetles in,the 60s because,its not pure class a but it is very,very biased class a it says class a full,balanced and it is fully balanced and it,does sound like a class a and the,switches are on the bottom and im im,not going to look at prices for every,one of these though just take me too,long in pregame,but i think this runs around,650 bucks,and,when you switch the uh the bottom,switches to high gain which theyre all,pinned to high gain um you get enough,power for like 90 percent of headphones,on the wall,and you get this like warmth and,subtlety,that i really,contrasting against the topping a90,which is the,the poster child of good headphone,amplifiers im gonna have to link that,one in the description even if it came,out last year because the a90 still to,this moment stands vertically right,there,with its anime wifi on it and its like,everything must be now be judged is it,softer than this is it more critical,than this its like,the its the line in the sand,and the sings it was the first one to,show up,with its mechanical switches just like,that has which i like i like old school,mechanical like i want to pick things,and not wait for a menu which is why the,sankas sga,shja1 amp will not be attending this,this thing because i [ __ ] sold that,um,but yeah this amp,i i think i told more people to buy this,than i told people get [ __ ],vaccinations like no no no you can get a,vaccinated or you can get an sa1 it was,usually the sa1 so yeah this is,nothing to be snarked at and well go,back right on the rack right there,theres only one or two amplifiers that,compete with this level of like,soft yet smooth like it does something,to the sound that i i,have a hard time,um,disagreeing with,this,the gesheli uh,its not a j2 its not a j knock its an,e2 because its the arish 2. so this is,gashelys and you dont have to get in a,wooden case i love it in the wooden case,but you dont have to get it in there a,little bit of a damage there of course,just this is like their first and its a,another balance heres the thing this is,only balanced only balanced in,only balanced out so this is a very its,ready like limiting whos gonna look at,it,but you should probably look at it,because this doubles the power of the,previous uh that one right there,actually heres the original erish,doubles the power,and,it adds um,what the hell is the [ __ ] every time i,need to say the words and describe the,the power output of this i just forget,like phase coupled,whatever,the point is it stays here in fact it,isnt on my rack i havent moved it,because theres a matching wooden dac,that goes with this and the stack just,looks so pretty i cant separate the two,so yeah this,current mode,current mode amplification i remembered,i remembered this uses current mode,amplification which is weird in the way,it delivers um,essentially the harder your headphone is,to drive the easier this thing has,easier time this has which is backwards,usually you put a hard drive headphone,in something and its like oh its,struggling but a hard drive headphone in,the current mode amplifier and its like,end,yeah im better at this im better at,this,so the fact that its only balanced the,fact that its only balanced the fact,that it can come in wood and the fact,that its so [ __ ] cheap compared to,like,almost everything on here theres a,couple decent like cheap buys here but,this i love gushely and i love the way,that thing sounds,and everyone who hears it goes oh,maybe i should take them seriously so,should i just work up the stack or,should i like move over,lets go out here,topping a50s i did this at the beginning,of the year and in last years theres,actually a 2020 a headphone amp roundup,or i just did i just called it that and,it was like 3 amps its like 100 000,views so lets just pull this one off,marketing,this is,pretty much the smallest,high-end amplifier you can buy,look at this [ __ ] thing,this is this is minuscule,youll note the power cord i havent,unplugged it because its a very,specific power cord its a 15 volt that,runs to that,giant honking power brick if you want in,case you wanted to use the linear power,supply but this thing is like a solid,block of aluminum,high low gain balanced output with 4.4,um when you see rcas in the back of an,amp,but then you see a balanced output that,doesnt make this a liar its not not a,balanced amp,you dont have to have xlr connectors,into an amp to make the amp itself,balanced everything internally,is balanced its two separate amplifiers,running to the front,youre just feeding it with a lower,voltage signal thats the only,difference and,this,if you want to talk about the a90,this was like if you took the a90 and,said,im scratching my beard you cant see,can we minimalize that into like,something that i could take on the space,shuttle boom although i would make it,out of like,whats the lightest metal somebody in,chat whats the lightest metal,because this is [ __ ],this is,if you needed to take an amp to be if,youre like gonna bludgeon someone,not to death but like [ __ ] them up real,bad in in a bathroom and you used a,topping a50s the cops would never be,able to figure it out until they see,like the button and the nice build and,then the,right on their face this thing,just for its size,if youre going for super minimalism and,you want an a90,here you go,things powerful too its a couple couple,watts per channel i dont remember this,specifically its like 3.4,out of the balanced so that cant be,denied a spot here in this video in this,highlight video put you down and well,go to another topping well just keep,topping it up,if you have uh tryptophobia the fear of,holes its a thing i used to there was a,picture of boobs years ago and someone,had edited like,wasp holes in it it was [ __ ],nightmare inducing and i never look for,that [ __ ] again but that actually looks,kind of nice it looks like,sort of like the panel you see in like a,sci-fi movie like if youre walking,along the starship enterprise and its,like you just did just be holes in a,panel for venting and i like the,randomness of it anyway this,gets away from,that

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