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  2. Miracle or Fraud? Green Mask Stick | 208SkinDoc
  3. Does this miracle Green mask work?????? …shock ????
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Anewoo Review (Jan 2022) – Is This A Legit Or A Scam Website? Check It! | Scam Inspecter

hello everyone hope you are all doing,well,so do you want to know about any woo,review,so we are going to update you with this,unbiased review in this video so please,stay connected with us,and guys if you wish to buy any product,from this site then please do watch this,video and if youve already experienced,any fraud over this website or if you,have not received the product or got,damaged product then please to watch,this video till the end to find out how,to get your money back,and guys people from the united states,are very curious to know about this site,so make sure to watch the full video and,do not skip any points so first of all,we are going to check the websites type,and the products they offer,so guys this website is an online,shopping store which deals with clothing,products and skin care product so if you,want to check this products out you have,to visit to their official site next,guys well check the other details of,this site so first of all well check,their payment method for that scroll it,down and here theyve given it,so guys you can be through amex apple,pay the google pay mastercard paypal,shop visa and many more,now if you want to know about the,shipping timing go to the shipping and,tell repaid section,and here they have given the dispatch,timing and also detailed retiring,so the dispatch timing is within 72,hours and in the united states and,canada understand that you get secured,shipping,it takes two to four weeks for the,delivery and in australia new zealand,under standard check secure shipping and,insurance it takes two to four weeks for,delivery for in-stock items,and in other countries under standard,secured shipping it takes two to five,weeks for delivery so you can check this,out,now guys before going further it is,requested from you all to like share and,subscribe to our channel and also please,do share your viewpoints the comments,section so now well talk about the,legitimacy factors for the help of which,you can judge whether this website is a,legit or a scam site so this website is,protected through https protocol and ssl,integration to keep the details and,transactions safe which is a good sign,of this website and guys about the,domain information this website was,registered on 7th of january 2022 and,expired on 7 of january 2023,which means this website was created few,days ago and instead cant be trusted as,it is very new,now lets check their bodice details go,to the about a spade section,but guys when it comes to their about,its details this website has given their,business establishment here so this is a,positive sign but they have not,mentioned about the founder identity,so you can check this out next well,check the contact details,and here they have given their,contact number the email address and the,physical address but guys we have,checked the physical address and it is,not their general address at all it,seems like it is a fake address so you,can check this out,but the email address name does match,the domain name which is a positive sign,of this website now talking about their,social media presence we have checked,but this website does not have any,social media presence so this is also a,drawback next well check the written,under fund policy,so first of all starting with their,written timing they have mentioned that,if you want to written the product you,have to return it within 14 days and,about the refund so they mentioned that,depending on the method you have used to,pay returns may take up to 7 to 14,working days,and they mentioned that once your return,is approved they will immediately notify,you via email and will initiate a refund,to your original payment method,so do comment about your experience and,written refund of the product for,written rf fun issues check our,description area there you will find the,link through which you can solve your,money issues so now guys talking about,the anivo review though there are not,customer review on any other genuine,website but there are some reviews in,their particular website as you can see,and there are some evaluation based,review as well about this website but,there are no customer review available,in other genuine websites so this is a,negative sign,now guys about the trust core we have,checked and the trust core of the site,is one percent and the trust ranking is,14.1 percent and their content quality,is also plagiarized so in the conclusion,of the annual review this website,appears to be a scam website this,website was created just a few days ago,it does not have any reviews or any,social media presence also it has got a,short life expectancy and they have not,given their genuine physical address and,the trust score is very low so all this,point indicates was the fact that this,website is a scam website but we also,recommend you to make a right decision,after exploring well,so guys if this review is helpful for,you then please to comment your thoughts,about this video we are always active in,answering your comments so guys thats,all for todays video also do not forget,to like share and subscribe and have a,nice day

Miracle or Fraud? Green Mask Stick | 208SkinDoc

hey guys i had a ton of fun making this,content all about the green mask stick,which is something that went viral on,tick tock a while ago and then,i called them out as well as a few other,dermatologists for blatant false,advertising and then they got back at me,in a way that i absolutely found,hilarious i couldnt believe anybody,would fall for it but somebody must i,want to show you what they did after i,called them out on social media so lets,jump into these videos,[Music],first up the green mask stick i ordered,it after seeing all these go viral on,tick tock with blatant false advertising,videos and its a small box,comes just like that i cant read,anything on it because i dont,understand chinese but it comes from a,company called,median which is there on the box i think,i paid somewhere around 24 25,i think that included shipping and it,took,i would say at least six to eight weeks,to get to me it took a long time,i suspect probably because it was coming,from another country plus i think they,sold a lot of units because they went,viral on tick tock and i think that,somebody must have fallen for their,false advertising but its just a small,stick it almost looks like,a stick of deodorant,and it just pops up this ones been,sitting around a while so its a little,gunky on the inside and i used it in a,few videos but,it doesnt really have a strong,fragrance to it i couldnt tell you,whats inside of this but it just goes,on,kind of thick and goopy doesnt rinse,off really well and so i tried this in,my video to show that it doesnt work as,advertised i want to show you what their,videos look like first so you can get an,idea of how ridiculous these videos were,i cant imagine why anybody would fall,for it but heres the first video,so theyre putting it on you can see the,quality of his skin before,they wipe it off,and its just perfect,so lets watch that one more time i want,you to see just exactly,what his skin looked like before,they put that stuff on and then these,little black dots pop up on there and,then they wipe it off and it looks,perfect here it is one more time,lots of acne there,they rub the stick on,little dots pop up out of nowhere,and then the skin is flawless afterwards,as they put out this video and theres,definitely more egregious examples a lot,of them have been taken down off of,tick-tock but theres some that were,just the worst textured skin ive ever,seen like horrible acne scarring really,felt bad for the individuals who had,that but it made me wonder if they were,even doctoring the videos the photos,before so that the before looked even,worse than they really were so they,could really augment the after but then,they put like chia seeds on the skin or,some other black dots and i think thats,supposed to simulate like this product,is pulling out all this stuff from your,pores it comes up to the surface and you,wipe it away and you have perfect,flawless skin now this takes place in a,period of like 15 seconds for this video,i think that the little glitch is,supposed to illustrate a time lapse,other videos indicated that you should,wait like 10 minutes with the product,and,theres nothing thats going to change,your skin that much in 10 minutes i,dont care who the company is or what,they promise nothing is going to change,your skin like that in 10 minutes so if,you ever see anything like that it is,definitely too good to be true seeing,all of those videos i bit the bullet i,paid for it myself and i did a little,test i want to show you the video that i,did let you check that out and the,moment youve been waiting for,dermatologist reviews the green tea mask,get a look at my skin before got up,close to the camera,thats the stick i just showed you put,it on,make sure i get good even coverage,wouldnt want to mess up,and were going to wipe it off,no change,no change but i realized what i did,wrong so bear with me while we try to,get on my nose i want to get a good even,application on there because thats,where my pores are most apparent is on,my nose and were going to add cheese i,added the cheese seems to be an,important step in all of the videos,sprinkle a little bit of chia seeds on,there now lets see what happens well,see what happens on there were just,going to wait a little bit of time gotta,give it time sure it can do its magic,and,the big reveal,shoot it doesnt show any changes is,anyone surprised 0 out of 10 stars would,not recommend,do not recommend this product in any way,so this was clearly false advertising i,did a test and proved that it didnt,work as advertised but they persisted,they continued to put out their videos,so i had to answer back with another,video or two of my own this time i,enlisted a little bit of help so lets,check that one out,does it make you look younger,lets see we put it on,get ready to wipe it off,whoa what a transformation,much younger,[Laughter],thank you to my son for helping me out,with that video obviously the product,does not work like that it doesnt work,the way that they advertised it but i,wanted to give an extreme example just,to really poke fun at the company that,theyre using false advertising its not,going to make you look younger or change,your skin radically in the period of a,few minutes,so given that they continued to post so,i answered back with another video here,lets check that one out all right were,back with the green mask stick lets see,if you can spot the mistake in this,video,of course theyre gonna put it on weve,got the chia seeds there go the chia,seeds here it is watch it again if you,missed it but they forgot to photoshop,the upper lip so they got the product on,the upper lip,and then they didnt photoshop the upper,lip so for some reason it didnt work in,that area so i had to point that out,this is total cap this product doesnt,work if you havent figured that out by,now i dont know how to help you now i,dont know if they were just trying to,take videos from other dermatologists or,what it was or if they were particularly,mad at me because i was going after them,with several videos but,after a little while i started getting,tagged in this video,and i couldnt download the original,because it got deleted because it was a,blatant copyright violation so what they,did is they stole my image from the,original video that i did about it,then they they basically edited my video,they photoshopped my video to make it,look like i was endorsing their product,and that it worked on me this was,i was so mad when it happened and then i,actually kind of found it funny,i want you to take a look at that and,then see what you think,okay guys this is amazing,i bought the product and i used it so it,doesnt work and they used my video and,added in the blur effect couldnt,believe it it worked on me,i have to say i got beat on this one,but please dont bite the product they,edited my video they took away all my,facial hair in that area they took away,the moles and freckles that i have they,eliminated everything,in my own video,into one of their videos to make it look,like i endorsed the product and that it,worked for me so whether this was them,trying to just use a dermatologist or,pick on me particularly i dont know,after this happened i reached out to a,couple of attorneys because i was like,can i sue them like this is clearly,copyright violation this is using my,name my image without my permission to,sell a product that i know is garbage i,would never want anybody to buy this,and theyre like trying to find the,company,in another country and then suing them,and then winning in another country and,then actually getting them to pay you,theyre like youll spend thousands and,thousands and tens of thousands of,dollars to make that happen and youll,probably never get anything for your,trouble,and so,i didnt pursue it i just would report,the videos for copyright violation when,they would pop up and thankfully tick,tock would take them down when they,would happen,but since i couldnt sue them i decided,to completely em

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Does this miracle Green mask work?????? …shock ????

[Music],just like this,[Music],hi guys hello and welcome back to my,youtube channel so guys today this is,actually i was supposed to film this,video for a longest time but something,came on my head i dont know so anyway,welcome back to my youtube channel and,today were going to be review reviewing,this green ma,green green tea is a green,mask still this is the one let me first,show you what it does before we actually,go in,[Music],this is you know this is how it looks,like so let me first show you what it,does and what it claims to do most of,you have been seeing it on tick tock on,facebook,everywhere like on youtube and all that,so i decided to get it and i would try,it out,so basically this mask this one what it,does sorry guys,this is not covered this is not covered,but i have tests for food,anyway so what this mask does is that,you just put it on your skin and then it,blurs your skin so you basically have a,skin that looks like a snapchat filter,although i dont wear them but you know,yeah for those who wear them so you,dont need makeup you dont need nothing,for you to beat up like this first of,all this product is made from china so,if youre this kind of person,that are coming in from china,get out,most of the products most of the,skincare products are made in china most,of the makeup they are made in china so,please please stop having that mentality,okay lets get started,okay so i got it from amazon im going,to try and link the price right here i,dont remember but this is how it comes,so,when you open it up like this,its like a roll-on okay looks perfect,looks good from outside okay,[Music],first of all the first thing that you,need to know is that its not written in,english so whoever was manufacturing,this he actually made it for only people,who can understand chinese okay so its,not made for people who and who dont,understand english who dont understand,chinese so its basically written in,chinese,like that so dont expect to read any,precaution or what,anyway,since we want to look good,this,okay oh you just opened its like a roll,on it okay okay,okay so you remove this,it doesnt smells like it smells like,medicine,okay i dont have a good smell but,okay it smells like medicine doesnt,have like a you know like um,a perfumey like it doesnt smell like,any sort of like a good scent or what it,smells like medicine basically so this,is how it looks like,okay,okay its big i think this one can take,you for almost 30 years,okay so let me put it back,[Music],okay so were going to start with the,application,process so usually here i usually have,the beauty mod on so that it can kind of,make me look,smoother than that so you have to see so,let me zoom in,yes this is the true skin,youve been saving me from a fly you,thought i had the best skin no idea,sometimes i also have black spots like,like a normal human being so,let me show you what it does so,basically when you look here you just,apply you just apply apply apply apply,and then you wipe off the moment you,wipe off everything is like perfect,everything is perfect your skin is,blurred first protect my hair because i,want to,okay,okay all right so im going to begin,with the application so basically apply,it on the face and within some few,okay within some few few,[Music],when,you like,do you see how its revealing my skin,like,okay,[Music],let me apply it all over my face,okay the moment you apply it youve seen,like this part are you seeing the,okay you see that so within like um,few few minutes youre going to see all,the black black stuff popping out of my,skin let me reduce in the zoom,[Music],yeah right there,eddie,what is wrong,mommy is doing something okay come here,come here come here come here,sit ready okay,im beginning to get sort of like a,burning sensation that is what im,feeling right now but anyway its okay,let us continue,since i want to build on my face,[Music],guys,im beginning to get sort of like,something burning me,in my face,anyway,anyway its not good to have a filter,yeah well this place is not futilized so,im also going to bring it here,this is 20 21.,need a good filter,[Music],doing no makeup,okay like that,okay,hmm,beginning to kind of get like,burnt a bit,okay its okay so what we have to do is,we have to wait for,okay let me put it back inside,we have to wait for some few minutes for,it to kind of like bring out all the,blackheads that are inside your skin so,were going to wait for like you know,like a few minutes when we see them,popping out and then i come back okay,so let me wait a bit,[Music],so it has been more than,10 minutes me waiting to see the black,black stuff but actually dont see them,yeah you see that i thought they are,going to get out i thought theyre going,to be like plenty right here on my cheek,as they already show us on tick-tock,these people they scammed my money they,just calmed down money i thought i,thought its going to come out i thought,its going to pop out and im going to,be like satisfied to kind of like you,know because i havent actually like how,is it called exfoliated my skin i,havent exfoliated my skin at all so,lets try wiping it off and see maybe,theyre inside you might not know uh you,might be here when the black stuff are,inside your skin ah let me get a wipe,let me get,unscented wipes,okay the only thing is that i feel,burning i dont know they havent even,changed the color of my room i dont,know i feel a lot of burning not too,much but you feel like,your skin is under something okay so,lets wipe it off okay,[Music],nothing is coming out nothing,nothing is coming out,because if you just apply the mask on my,face and thats all nothing is coming,out,let me remove the whole of it,okay,[Music],stole my guys,they stole my small money oh lord the,father,may you punish these people who lie to,us that these things work huh,nothing is coming out nothing its just,your skin its just a must that is,coming up but nothing else is coming off,[Music],okay,let me first skip quiet,do you see a difference,[Music],do you see a difference in my skin,[Music],i think any difference,[Music],let me finish and then i bring,the before,and after so that you guys can really,see what is going on in my life,okay i like this,hold of it,did i just get a blonde skin and i just,gotta feel bad,im lying im lying these people,scrubbed my money,because what are you saying do you see,any difference or what,do you see me sort of like an instagram,filter a snapchat filter,[Music],do you see that,on my face,[Music],nothing you know one thing i expected it,i expected it to kinda oh but im seeing,my face brighter,is it me seeing it alone or,anyway i expected to have these black,things coming off my skin like i,expected it to come up but i dont see,anything,but the first thing is let me first wash,my face because,im not feeling well with my face i feel,kind of like tingling at this as if,youre having butterfly inside your skin,yeah that is me when im back from the,shower you actually do youre not going,to see anything,just that it feels like a face that has,been washed as you know when you wash,your face it kind of becomes like bright,or when you wear a mask definitely it,will look like this but let me make a,closer look,nothing changed at all like nothing,changed all these things that still had,sort of like to be pop popped out i will,definitely pop it out but it dont do,anything with my skin nothing at all so,definitely please please dont waste,your money with this internet things i,guess the i guess,this thing doesnt work at all i dont,know if it works with consistency or,what but for them what they advertise,they show when you put it like in just,few seconds you get to see the blood so,please dont dont waste your money my,sister so this one is going in trash and,i dont have any reason why i should,even keep it i would return it but,personally i just felt you know what let,me let me just let it go let me just let,it go so dont bother buying this,product just stick to your daily routine

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CRAZIEST SKIN MASK EVER!! *Green Mask Pore Cleansing Stick*

yeah thats crazy look at that so this,things called the green mask stick,supposedly you rub it on your face it,sucks out all your gunk,like deletes your face whats it pulling,out what is that stuff its always a,good sign when,nothing on the box is written in english,oh oh its actually very refreshing,its like youre coloring your face it,is a big marker how long do we wait for,uh what get it all up in there you want,everything oh my god every nook and,cranny,so basically i want to delete my whole,face i think your face is swelling,why is it is that not normal,hello i dont think this is working oh,you went around the sides i should do,that too,huh i wouldnt do anything that im,doing oh sorry im starting to melt,oh its starting to work oh my god i do,i see little black things can you see it,im not gonna lie lance my vision right,now whats going on right here,um some sort of reaction i dont know if,its good or bad but its doing,something what are you,why are you opening my business this,supposed to get hard,yeah i dont know im putting way too,much trust in this stuff,you probably should have tested a small,area to see if you were going to break,out,good idea lets see if it comes out of,your hand though,no no wait wait wait who am i smoking,i know somebody stop me there it is,no really somebody stopped me im doing,way too much of the stuff,we look like knock off sesame street,characters kurt and emmy,kurt and eddie get it,no i dont get it bert and ernie kurt,and emmy,im a girl wow missed that one look like,the incredible hulk,if you were to do drugs live under a,bridge,i think we just let this dry for about,10 minutes are you guessing uh yes i,dont know,well be back,crazy look at that oh my gosh so,disgusting look at her report this is so,fake so we left this on her face for,about 15 minutes,and uh nothing happened nope just made,us look like idiots yeah,yeah so we went downstairs we got some,chia seeds and threw them in our face,thats exactly what they do hollywood,magics it is,well lets whip it away lets lets see,what our pores actually look like,super smooth that didnt even come off,oh wow your face looks the same,it looks red are you allergic to chia,seeds or does fake knock up chinese,products i think that and,that might be it im kind of digging,this beard though,what yo like ultimate warrior,okay i look like a totally different,person,oh yeah oh yeah brother are you done,im done youre over it i quit,what are we what are we doing

I Tried The Viral GREEN MASK STICK So You Dont Have To | Testing + Review Honest Opinion

hi everyone and welcome to my channel my,name is madalina and in todays video,were gonna try the famous,green stick face mask im talking about,this guy over here so this is gonna be,the first time im,trying this thing on my face i hope im,not allergic to it because my face is,really sensitive to everything so,lets just hope its gonna be okay as,you can see i have,no makeup because theres no use on,using makeup and you can see my face,with my imperfections and my pimples and,my blackheads,and everything because we are here to,test review this product and i want to,be honest,because i saw a lot of videos on the,internet on youtube,on tiktok that this product is it,its amazing but most of them are fake,so i just wanted to,see it for myself lets just put it on,my face and then,see what this product can do it has here,instructions,how to use rinse your face with facial,cleanser first i did that already,because i just woke up and thats,what i did apply appropriate amount of,this product evenly on your face,avoid eyes and lips leave for 10 to 15,minutes allow the mask to dry,and rinse off with clean water okay,so lets do that,its actually it smells really nice,i didnt expect that usually these masks,they smell horrible lets do first a,close-up,of my face to see how it looks like,before and then compare it with the,results,after,and now im gonna get like really close,to you guys show,everything i hope this is not like,very weird for you but uh we need to see,if,this is doing something with my black,spots,okay so lets do this i didnt bring a,mirror,so im just gonna use my uh screen from,my camera,oh it feels really cold,for a stick when you put it on your face,it goes really smoothly its like almost,transforming this,in water,i kind of like it,it looks like i have a beer now,just gonna go like all the way,okay now i just look like a sad person,it used quite a lot of product though,and you can see like on the edge because,it,just turns to water-ish,when you apply it on your face it just,has a lot of smudges on the edges whats,the time,10 39 i will uh turn on,my alarm lets say,for 15 minutes,now that we wait we can see what this,product,actually does because i didnt say a lot,in the beginning,the green stick is an oil control clean,mask,deep cleansing pores and shrink pores,i need because my pores are really big,and then on the back it says,oil control and moisturizing the product,is,40 grams inside hopefully and not with,the whole,package and like i said you,have to clean your face first apply it,evenly on your face and then leave it,for 10-15 minutes,and then it needs to dry and rinse off,with clean water,lets read a bit on the back it says,green tea cleansing solid mask contains,choline cleanse excess oil on the,i dont know what the colonies cleanse,excess oil on the face and improves dead,skin on the,skin improves dead skin on the skin,thats thats a weird thing to say,contains a variety of natural plant,extracts such as,enzyme the glassy butter,whatever while cleansing the skin it,deeply,moisturizes and refines pores,leaving the skin moist smooth and,refreshing,now you can see a lot of ingredients,that i have no clue what they are,because i,when it comes to like face care body,care and,all the care im really bad at it so i,saw the other videos,and a lot of them are fake they just,put this chia seeds or some seeds on,their face and,it looks like their black spots are,coming out,yeah i think thats both thats,clickbait i just thought im gonna film,here today,because i really like this plant i,really like it,and its real and its thicker leaving,my arm all the time,i also got the eggplant mask stick,but i will review this in another video,because,now i am working full-time again,im not a cabin crew anymore my,company moved to germany and its quite,a far,drive for me and to be honest in german,you have to pay a lot of taxes and,then my salary will be really low and,its not worth it so,i found something else but my point is,working full time from nine till five it,doesnt give me a lot of time to film,so its kind of hard to post videos,every week,anymore thats why im gonna make two,videos out of this instead of one,okay so now lets fast forward to the 15,minutes and,in the meanwhile im gonna take some,thumbnail photos,oh my god i look so weird,you know what i just realized i kind of,look like a joker or something because,all i can see is like a green face and,like a big mouth oh no not the joker,what was that series with the whether,with a jim carrey,jim carrey is that that i cant remember,with the green face,i think its called the green face all i,can see,its the screen of my camera which is,tiny,and all i can see is green and a massive,mouth,is it drying already i cant see but as,expected there are no like,black spots coming out of my face even,if i have a lot,so all those videos on tik tok and,youtube are,fake yes they are fake,i dont understand i mean i kind of do,why people are faking this,just because like they need to sell this,product,and the other people they need like,click bait and stuff to watch their,videos,which i kind of understand because as a,youtuber you want more views and,yeah subscribers and stuff but i dont,know,i would say i wouldnt do this hey,oh is it outside good,its time im gonna go and take this off,how do you say to take it off rinse off,with clean water,okay so lets go and do that,a while to move,[Music],okay so let me get a closer look i dont,think it did anything to my face,maybe my face is just a bit smoother now,but thats kind of it,so this product its fake,dont trust everything that you see on,social media because its not,true the only thing that i noticed its,that it made,my face a bit softer,but thats it it didnt do anything,about my acne my black spots,nothing that was it for me i hope you,enjoyed this video please give the,thumbs up,if you liked it and if it helped you,subscribe if you want to see more of my,videos and i will see you guys in my,next,videos i said too many videos,[Music],bye

The Magic Green Tea Mask Is A Scam (I NEED YOUR HELP!)

all right i am back and if you wondered,where i have been i got covered im,gonna put a picture on screen of what i,looked like after laying in bed for a,week i was miserable but im finally,back just got my hair cut and im,feeling relatively better just a little,bit tired but the thing that is not,making me feel better is that the amount,of these scam companies using my videos,and my photos to advertise their magic,green tea mask has only increased,exponentially and its really annoying,and i really need you guys help okay im,gonna get into all the nitty gritty,details but let me start by saying this,i do not 100 do not endorse the magic,green tea mask it does not work it is,not something i recommend and it did not,work for me so if youre here because,you see me one of those videos just know,that i have not said yes to any of these,companies using my videos i do not,endorse this product and my personal,opinion is that this product is,completely crap and complete waste of,your money if you are looking for,something that i actually do recommend i,recommend my acne program that i,actually worked on for over a year its,called the acne method and its only 10,bucks and its helped countless people,actually get rid of their acne unlike,this mask which they use fake filters,where they wipe the acne off their face,which is literally impossible but its,still confusing and and and tricking,people into buying this terrible product,okay so lets slow down lets back it up,a little bit for those of you who,havent been following this saga the,last two videos ive made about this,theres a product out there called the,magic green tea mask its basically just,one of those masks you put on your face,its supposed to be like a charcoal mask,it dries it out you wipe it off and its,supposed to be good for your skin the,only thing is that with these companies,what theyre doing is in the videos,theyre manipulating it to look like,youre literally able to wipe off severe,blackheads severe cystic acne all it,takes is one mask you wipe it off and,your face is literally non-humanly clear,and what theyre doing is theyre using,that filter that youve seen on,instagram and a bunch of other you know,content sources where peoples face,looks like glowingly butterly smooth,thats not realistic thats what theyre,using on these people who really have,severe acne and its totally this,deceitful snake oil salesman type thing,where theyre taking advantage of people,who desperately want to get rid of their,acne and theyre making 15 20 25 30,bucks off those people now i saw this,product and i said okay im gonna jump,on this im gonna do a review of it and,in the review im going to tell people,that this is all crap its not real it,doesnt work and i put it on my face and,i wiped it off just to show that there,was actually no difference i still had,the you know acne scarring that i have,on my on my temple area i still had a,couple blackheads that i was pointing,out that were still there after the mask,now the thing that happened was i was,looking at some of the other reviews and,a couple of these people had put the,mask on their face and then they went,off screen put a bunch of stuff on their,face to make it look like a bunch of,black heads been pulled out of their,face so in that first review video i did,i did the same thing but to make fun of,them and and then i immediately pointed,out okay look i put charcoal clay mask,on my face on top of this tt mask to,make it look like i had blackheads being,pulled out but thats not really what,happened this is what other people are,doing to you and this is the scam in,these videos right so i was making a,point then these companies started,clipping just that part where i have the,charcoal mask on top of their tea mask,and then showing my after photos of my,normal face which is pretty clear and,people are being deceived into thinking,that i really use that product i endorse,it and now im getting messages,literally every single day its about,one a day and its a different company,so i wish i would have started,screenshoting them earlier so id have a,bigger bank of them ive only done it,over the like the last couple of days i,have eight screenshots already over a,million views have been viewed on these,advertisements using my videos and my,likeness to sell this stupid product i,cant even keep track of how many,different companies have used my videos,to promote their scam product its over,20 at this point and im collecting more,and more as we go but all this is is,defamation of of my character my,reputation using me to sell their,product and then scamming people who are,susceptible to buying anything that will,promise to improve their acne because,theyre in a spot where they really,desperately want to improve their skin,and that is where this takes this evil,turn from just normal scamming to,manipulating and taking advantage of,peoples true fears right that theyll,never be able to get rid of their acne,and then they sell them this and say,this will this will do it for you and,they know that thats not gonna actually,happen all right so i said i need your,help and this is this is where i need,your help now at first i was kind of,annoyed,one company used my video i i reported,them i try to get them take down,whatever it happens but then another one,and another one and it keeps happening,and at this point im pretty pissed off,ive actually contacted a few different,lawyers about starting cases against,these companies and unfortunately i have,not made any progress on that i dont,know if im just not emailing the right,lawyers or anything like that but what,you can do and this really cant help is,when you see a an advertisement for,these green team masks with my videos in,it you can one this is the most,important thing report that post on that,post whether its on facebook or,instagram or youtube wherever you should,be able to click report and then you can,report for whatever different reason you,think is appropriate but basically,lying or using someone elses character,who didnt use the product whatever way,you want to report it please report,those and second off screenshot those or,copy the link and send them to me on,instagram so i can collect these pretty,much the situation that we find,ourselves in like ive reported all of,them on my own like i said i tried to,contact lawyers theres really nothing,else that i can do other than making,these videos because i keep getting,people who either already follow me and,they say did you really endorse this or,people who have never seen me before and,they come to the channel and say hey,arent you the guy from those green tea,masks ads and,just,chats my hide so i wanted to make this,video for new people who are coming in,to see that i do not endorse that,product i think it is terrible and what,really happened is kind of this,accidental experimentation where by,putting up that clip i didnt realize,this was going to happen but it just,exposes that the companies that are out,there just because they sell skincare,products doesnt mean that they have,your best interest in mind or your best,skin in mind a lot of these companies a,huge portion of the skincare,you know industry is just there to take,advantage of your emotions so that they,can make money and this whole experiment,kind of it turned out to be an,accidental study of showing that they,will clip illegally videos from somebody,and steal their image befores and afters,and they will use it to sell you,something that the person has never,actually endorsed and a lot of times,things that the person has never even,used in my case before this whole green,tea mask thing so many times it still,happens people will use my before and,after photos of my acne because i used,to have really severe acne so my,transformation is pretty you know its,pretty striking and so a lot of these,companies will literally just use my,before and after photo put it on their,website put it on their advertisement,and say

Green mask stick????on my brothers acne prone skin????????

[Laughter],[Music],hi guys you cant hi guys whats up,so you always complain that i use the,green,mask stick on my very smooth skin right,here so i have mama this is a loss,already if it has fallen okay so i have,my brother right here who has,some unstable skin today youre my model,yeah so were going to try out and see,if its going to work for him okay,so i hope it works out for them that,youre happy,so were going to set the application to,see if this whole like,the acne and all that yeah turn around,uh-huh yeah yeah you see that,its because he began doing bad manners,that is why hes developing this okay so,yeah its bad man,out of five so anyway lets get started,with the video,you let me,but you its as if youre sad,no im not excited okay lets see,yeah,lets see open it just do it like this,okay open it uh-huh i start no wait we,need to cleanse fast we need to clean,first okay chew come on,okay so were going to cleanse first the,first rule is to cleanse fast easy,yes,you have to cleanse fast,okay so were cleaning first oh my god,hes getting a vip okay look up,[Music],[Music],okay,all right okay,turn this side oh this is where it is,more severe so i expect to get lots of,like white like are we going to say the,white head,okay anyway,mamas a great head,do you get,close your eyes okay so im applying it,where it is,super severe,okay also right here,[Music],okay if it burns you its your problem,its not mine,[Music],this is,okay so guys we have to wait for it to,kind of dry for like 30 minutes and then,were going to come back let me apply,more and then were going to come back,and see okay,30 minutes and then its going to be dry,currently its still wet and we havent,seen any reaction yet so yeah,[Music],is it bunny,[Music],baby,hey guys its time to wipe it off today,ahead,[Music],[Music],so were trying to wipe it off but,are you seeing any changes,are you seeing any changes,dont you suck,are you seeing any changes okay lets go,here why it is so severe,okay i dont want to damage his skin,yeah i dont want to damage his skin,[Music],okay,[Music],[Music],um,[Music],[Music],that is how hes looking like honestly i,did not see anything coming out of his,skin yeah,i did not see although hes looking cute,[Music],yeah definitely i did try it on him i,dont know if its going to work with,consistency or what but it did not work,and this is how this mistake is looking,like what is your id,thats great thats great okay so yeah,hes amazing you can follow him on,instagram instagram twitter facebook,yeah but he has been a model although,the green matchstick did not work yeah,you follow my social media handles,your mind,see you,see your peace one love peace and unity,okay,[Music]

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