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Annette – Movie Review

good evening its the oscar expert here,at the cannes film festival its time to,review,the festivals opening night film,annette this is the latest film from,leos character starring adam driver,and marion cochiard as well as simon,hellberg and ever since i heard that,leos karax the director of holy motors,was doing a musical i mean who wouldnt,be excited that sounds absolutely,bonkers,the story and screenplay were done by,the sparx brothers who you might be,familiar with have you seen edgar,wrights recent documentary they wrote,all the songs they composed the whole,thing,and their unique sort of zany style here,is a perfect match,for leias characters filmmaking,somehow,maybe its just the level of bonkers,that,both the music and the filmmaking are,and their level of commitment to that,and that completely delivers on being,absolutely nuts but its also a,movie thats really difficult to kind of,wrap your head around,its a whole lot to take in on one,viewing the thing is,140 minutes long its tough to tell,where you are in the films,ever-evolving plot and even if you are,understanding what,is going on with the plot you might find,yourself asking why,is this movie existing what is it trying,to communicate to me,and why is it so goddamn weird and i,wouldnt necessarily want a movie,thats going to give me easy answers to,all those things but it is a really,challenging movie and its obviously,going to be,very divisive for audiences for a lot of,the movie i didnt really even know what,to make of it but,this much i can say for sure the movie,is unlike any musical,or any movie for that matter that ive,ever seen,and adam driver is absolutely amazing in,this,marion cote art and simon helberg are,also very good,but it really is adam drivers show here,what makes adam drivers performance,work is that hes able to match,the insanity and the bonkers vision of,laos carax and sparks here like the,filmmakers hes constantly making these,bold strange choices but,hes doing them with such intensity that,you kind of have to buy into them,and that type of commitment i think is,what makes the movie work for me,ultimately even though i think i might,need another viewing to,wrap my head around the entire thing and,say definitively,what works about it and what doesnt,work about it i cant help but to,admire and be in awe of it and i dont,think that leos correct even really,cares if,youre getting the movie or if youre on,its wavelength i think he wants to make,you kind of drop your jaw and raise your,eyebrow at it its difficult to put a,finger on what exactly is weird about,the movie i think everybody singing,doesnt even feel that weird just,because its,part of this entire strange odyssey,youre not really going to get many,songs here that you could throw on to,a musical movies playlist a lot of times,the movie is sort of drifting,in and out of like how much of a musical,it is sometimes the characters are doing,this combination of like,speaking and singing where its not,quite one or the other and sometimes,there are pretty distinct songs,most of the highlights in the film were,these musical moments,and the sparks brothers bring in their,elements of rock opera,so just the sound of the music itself is,different than other musicals,and its not necessarily that the movie,doesnt make sense like the plot is,sort of easy to follow its about a,celebrity couple a stand-up comedian,played by adam driver and an opera,singer played by marion coteyard,who are in a relationship together and,they have a child who,is a puppet and not in the way where the,people in the movie,acknowledge that the child is a puppet,its kind of hilarious and unbelievable,but the movie,does ask you to take it seriously on,some level,even though it really does challenge how,seriously,youre willing to take it as an audience,member ill give you an example of how,this film feels like,its in just a different category than,reality there are,scenes where adam driver is doing,stand-up and you might think well that,sounds pretty straightforward,but its not even just that theyre kind,of singing throughout this whole thing,its like,nobody does a show like this and,audiences,dont react this way to these kinds of,things,and the cinematography is always,throwing in like weird flashes of green,and other colors,its a really beautiful looking movie,and the production design,is occasionally like kind of abstract,the only way to know what to expect,even a little bit going into this is to,just be familiar with anything that leos,carax has done,but even then hes doing something very,different its just that level of,commitment to the absurd and like,throwing off the audience that is,similar to his other work as far as ive,seen ive only really seen holy motors,but i think where the film might falter,is that being 140 minutes and being,a little more plot heavy than something,like holy motors the film,does want you to be invested in its plot,and its characters,and sometimes its a little bit hard to,do just because of the absurd,nature of it all like its hard to take,it very seriously,to a point where youre emotionally,invested in these characters journeys,and for a movie that ends up kind of,landing as a character study,im not sure that i felt as invested in,adam drivers character,as i would have liked to be the movie,ends up taking sort of the angle that,adam driver is like this toxic,despicable person,a route that began around a third,through the movie and i was like oh is,is this what the movie is about like is,this where were going but the end is,very definitively like okay like thats,thats what that was that was like a,character study about like this,toxic guy who was struggling to love or,something and i really liked the end it,did make some things click for me about,what the movie was going for all along,and so i do think that if i watched it,again knowing the angle that it was,trying to give me,i think i might be able to appreciate,some things that left me scratching my,head a little bit,and at the same time im not sure that,even on repeat viewings,id be able to overcome that a lot of,the middle is just,tough to stay invested in in fact its,such a weird movie,and its so bonkers that i became a,little more jaded than i wanted to be,to the movies own absurdity there are,scenes in this movie that are so like,visually amazing,and just so odd in terms of like the,performances and the direction,that if you showed me a clip of them id,be like holy a net is gonna be, nuts,and it is but in the context of the,movie i dont know if i was as,taken with all these impressive elements,because,like i said i felt a little jaded to the,whole thing after so long,and if it wasnt obvious theres no,route for this movie to get any awards,love,its just not made for the academy plain,and simple it would be like the weirdest,thing theyve ever nominated if they did,even adam driver as great as he is like,im just not seeing any of this staying,in the conversation maybe like,the original song and then we start some,people are gonna be really really into,this movie and,theres probably gonna be some people,who come out saying like its a,masterpiece,and there are gonna be some people who,definitely hate it i think a lot of,people are going to be in the middle,where they really admire the bold crazy,vision,a lot of the scenes are just undeniably,highlights and its a fun movie to watch,but i think audiences are going to vary,and how invested they are as they go,deeper and deeper into this plot,a lot of this is impressive and bold and,wacky,but why is it happening what exactly is,it communicating and,is it the best way to communicate a,story like that maybe this movie will be,looked upon pretty fondly in a few years,maybe not,i cannot say i had no idea what other,people and critics were gonna think,about this movie coming out of it,even as i had just watched it im not,really sure i want to rate the movie,its,maybe somewhere around like a seven or,an eight for me,cant really te

Annette reviewed by Mark Kermode

yeah so annette which um uh music book,by sparks directed by theres carracks,uh open the can film festival,carricks one uh best director and they,won uh best i think they call it best,composition or best music,an extremely strange and rather,wonderful film adam driver and marian,cotyar are henry and anne henry is a,very very kind of cynical comedian whose,act the ape of god um is basically,embittered and you know kind of,traces of bill hicks anne is an opera,singer beloved soprano everyones,sweetheart and so,the media world is set ablaze when they,start having a romance because its kind,of a beauty and the beast thing going on,you know hes this beastly character and,shes this beautiful much loved singer,and,the the whole the whole of the world,cant quite believe that theyve fallen,in love in the way they have but they,have and they sing about how much they,love each other heres a clip,[Music],i love each other,[Music],[Music],hard to explain,[Music],i have to say that song is a real ear,worm as is the opener um so may we start,which really i mean it just it gets,under your skin and you hear a couple of,times and you just keep playing it over,and over again anyway,they have a child annette little anne um,who is portrayed on screen by a puppet,and the puppetry is,fantastic i mean i know it sounds like a,kind of kooky idea but its actually,rather brilliant,and annette inherits her mothers,singing voice following a tragedy i,dont give away too much of the plot,but the inheritance of her mothers,voice also becomes like a,a reminder,of henrys darkest,guiltiest secret,now the thing is that when you describe,and i mean yes there are things about it,that are you know crazy and fanciful and,like i said in the middle of this drama,you have a you have baby annette singing,star baby annette who is played by you,know marionette,and this sounds like it could be,terribly arched and terribly knowing,particularly because the film is shot,through with that kind of humor that,always underwrote,sparks music,which is that you know ron and russell,may have a very wry sense of humor,but the thing that really works for me,about net and ive seen it a couple of,times now,is,how heartfelt it is carrix has dedicated,the film to his daughter who makes a,brief appearance,as does he,and,it is i think at heart a film about,father-daughter relationships,and,about,a world in which,a world which is kind of haunted by,horror frogs eyes without faces is kind,of you know cast a long shadow as it has,done in characters previous filming,particularly holy motors obviously,and,for all the quirkiness and the,strangeness and the weirdness there is,something of truth and beauty at the,heart of it that makes it work because i,think the thing is,you couldnt do a film like this if all,it was,was a kind of arch gag,and the thing that surprised me most is,that there is a moment in the film in,which essentially there is a scene of a,puppet,levitating above a vast crowd,singing,its fairy tale lament and i burst into,tears and it had caught me completely no,i know,yes i i know thats the kind of thing,mark cries at a film,but what that means is that on an,emotional level the film really touched,me and you know you can make comparisons,with you know it owes a debt to the rock,operas of ken russell so ken russells,tommy for example in fact theres,theres a bit of it as well which is,not a million miles away from a key,scene in in great rock and roll swindle,and,you can you can look to the,you know the the obvious inspirations i,mean i think that character cited king,vidor and uh umbrellas of shiva and a,whole bunch of you know,of inspirations but at the heart of it,if you dont believe in in the central,you know baby annette thing the film,doesnt work so actually the the thing,thats behind it all is pinocchio,its the you know wanting to be a real,boy,because annette is as far as im,concerned in the film a real girl a real,presence a real beating heart,so i thought it was i thought it was,rather wonderful i think its not for,everybody and i think that if you have a,even the mildest aversion,to the musical format you know,things in which people can sing you know,we love each other so much we love each,other so much we love each other so much,i think you might bridle at it i also,think that,its quite its a film which you know as,always happens with musicals it takes,its time because songs take to take a,time to play out i remember talking to a,director who was planning a musical and,ended up dropping four of the songs,because he just hadnt realized how much,time they took up,but,i thought it was really,rather wonderful and you know carrax,makes so few features and sparks have,tried for so long you know their,collaborations with with tati which,didnt happen and with burton which,didnt happen because they made roller,coaster but,then this comes along and you think okay,this could go one of two ways and ive,now seen it twice and i am completely,completely set on it its strangely,lovely and charming and funny and right,yes but never post modern or sneery and,the tunes as you would expect from,sparks are absolutely ear wormtastic

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Annette (2021) Amazon Prime Movie Review

annette is a new musical drama that had,a limited release in theaters and is now,coming to amazon prime it premiered as,the opening film for the khan film,festival but is it worth the watch,[Music],[Applause],a stand-up comedian and his opera singer,wife have a two-year-old daughter with a,surprising gift this stars adam driver,and marion catillard and is a rock opera,that was written by ron and russell male,better known as the sparks okay this is,a bizarre movie we watch a passionate,and even dysfunctional romantic,relationship between a stand-up comedian,played by driver and an opera star,played by catillard while the story does,give some prominence to tillard the main,focus of the narrative follows driver we,watch his stand-up routines where he,interacts with the audience and they,seem to be part of the performance the,interaction between driver and the,audience is odd almost like,participatory performance art in one,sequence the audience responds to,drivers jokes and his setups almost,like theyre ultra fans who have seen,his show thousands of times and know it,all by heart the first time it happened,i was trying to figure out what was,really going on but ultimately decided,that were just hearing drivers inner,thoughts as the audience sings back to,him whether its what he wants to hear,or its the responses he has received in,the past all of it works to stroke his,ego driver is over the top and fully,invested in his performance during the,entire movie and i wouldnt really,classify him as sympathetic or even a,character that has positive charisma but,he certainly is a considerable presence,in every scene that hes in now driver,and catillard have a child and the,visuals for their daughter are very,intriguing the way the film represents,her on screen works to illustrate how,driver truly sees her i really do,appreciate the commentary that is,attached there it looks at not only,fatherhood but also how an already,famous person sees their offspring and,the potentiality attached driver isnt,what id classify as a loving father,either but instead i saw him as a man,consumed with fame and acceptance,theres almost an exploitative feel to,portions of the story especially in the,last act of the film which i believe is,the point this story is dark unsettling,and even creepy at times and i,personally found it rather depressing,its also very stressful to watch this,theres an unraveling of nerves that,just got under my skin and it created a,large sense of anxiety and discomfort i,think some of that is due to the,uniqueness of the story but a large,portion also comes from driver now the,cinematography is spectacularly executed,there are several very long and,continuous takes that work to really,draw us into whatever is happening on,screen there is a scene with a conductor,whos giving a monologue during a,rehearsal as he directs the camera just,spins around him in a continuous take,and it is simply stunning and i was,spellbound as it occurred because he,gave his lines and then break with and,excuse me as he directs a particularly,emotional moment of the song and then,went right back to speaking to the,camera it was emotive and compelling now,like i said before this is a rock opera,and i can see how this could develop a,cult following its quirky enough with,the great acting but i dont think all,of the songs have great hooks which,helps them with being memorable while it,could have a cult following i dont see,it reaching the level of the rocky,horror picture show and while not all of,the songs have great hooks there are,some that did resonate and connect with,me even if it was only during that,performance the song paired well with,the scenes and i am impressed at,drivers voice its not polished and,sometimes he was doing more of that sing,speak type of delivery but he still went,for it and he gave it his all kitillard,has a beautiful voice with impressive,range and she captures the opera vibe,perfectly its risky that all of the,songs are captured live especially given,one scene in particular but they pulled,it off with great form the last song,between driver and his on-screen,daughter annette is haunting it was,definitely melancholy and effective i,dont think this movie is going to,resonate with everybody the filmmakers,take a chance and they craft a unique,film that screams art house but also,contains characteristics that are going,to entrance and develop a small if not,strong following the story takes two,hours and 21 minutes to tell and for me,it was just too long and it lingered too,long in certain spots scenes with,drivers stand-up routine felt longer,than necessary and it didnt keep the,story flowing the latter half of the,film did pick up the pace and i actually,enjoyed it more even though the entire,thing provided spectacles with varying,engagement now the good thing about this,coming to amazon prime is that you can,watch it in the comfort of your own home,and if you find youre not connecting,you can take a break and come back later,if the mood strikes while the visuals,will be good to see on a large screen,because i had a hard time connecting,with this on the whole its hard to,recommend shelling out the cash to see,it in the theater overall annette is a,bold rock opera vision with some,wonderful visuals committed performances,and an original story unfortunately not,everything is engaging and the story,does take too long to execute i think it,does have some relatable messages within,but the pace and storytelling work,against the messaging to make the,delivery hard to embrace theres sex,nudity a ton of profanity and some,violence i give a net two and a half out,of five couches have you been looking,forward to seeing this one id love to,know what you thought of it if you check,it out if you enjoyed this review please,give it a like also dont forget to,share and subscribe im chris this is,movies and munchies thanks for couching,with me

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Annette (2021) Movie Review | Amazon Prime

i can promise you right now whether you,loved or hated this movie you will not,see anything like annette this year what,is up big fans welcome back to my,channel annette has been in limited,theaters over the past couple of weeks,but its finally coming to amazon prime,this weekend and today im gonna give,you guys my review and tell you how this,movie uh just had my jaw on the floor,while i was watching but is that a good,thing lets get into it right now,spoiler free so a stand-up comedian and,his opera singer wife have a,two-year-old daughter with a surprising,gift,and,i guess i wont get into specifics about,the two-year-old daughter but i will say,the surprising nature of that character,is something that i dont think a lot of,people will expect going in uh but,really the film as a whole and if youre,going into this movie blind and you just,know that its called a net adam drivers,in it marian cotiard is in it well then,youre probably thinking its going to,be,a musical from the trailers but this,isnt just a musical this is a full-on,rock opera that never breaks stride it,never tries to be anything other than,what the director intends on it being,leos karax is our director here and i,hope im kind of pronouncing that,correctly uh a very polarizing figure,behind the camera and his films arent,for everyone but the audience that,receives his movies in a positive light,are normally obsessed with his very,artistic and independent style of,filmmaking and thats brought to life in,this movie even though there is much,more of a,broad appeal here because you have stars,like driver and coatiard and coatiard is,incredible in this film uh her voice is,amazing drivers a really good singer,but sometimes you can hear the the,strain in which he is trying to sing,with and thats fine i like the the,natural aspect of what he was giving us,and of course throughout the film they,are actually singing what we hear and,what we see is what is happening not a,lot of this is uh dubbed over and i,think thats really impressive but,kotiard absolutely has the best voice of,the two but i look at drivers,performance in this movie and um the,emotional range that hes trying to show,us not only that but also the kind of,the torment that hes going through,and the torment that hes bringing other,people what his character has to deal,with in this movie and the first time i,saw it im like oh my goodness okay so,thats what this is about and hes going,through a lot hes also causing a lot of,harm on other people so,all of that being said i think driver,has to do a lot in terms of his,performance here and this may be one of,his best performances weve ever seen,now well get into the entirety of the,film and im not going to sit back and,say i loved every ounce of it but hes,incredible and i think his performance,is worth watching alone and if you love,musicals and movies like this in which,the entirety almost maybe not 100,but most of the film is,singing,and songs of various genres and types,and uh drivers character is a comedian,so hell get up on stage do his routine,but the audience in his crowd is singing,back to him and when i first saw that,because its almost at the beginning of,the movie im like okay is this,something thats actually happening or,are we to interpret that this is his,response mentally uh how his audience is,receiving his performance and thats,kind of where i fell at the end of the,day when we see everyone around them,engage in the music and the songs that,theyre singing sometimes it fits right,at the beginning we get an opening,number where driver and coach are,walking out of the theater people are,following and and kind of joining in on,the song,and it was so odd because you know i,wasnt expecting that not very familiar,with the directors work i wasnt,entirely sure what this movie would be,and i wasnt really on board with it at,first it took me about five to ten,minutes but once i accepted what this,film was um and tried to get invested in,the characters and at times its hard,because you know the music tends to,overpower the story itself throughout,the film and there are scenes that go on,too long well get into that here in,just a second but once i accepted what,the movie was,i was kind of transfixed you know again,i did have my issues but,i was locked in even though i feel like,a lot of more general audiences are,going to watch this and say well that,was a waste of time or that was,extremely weird and youre not wrong i,guess the word to use here is weird or,odd but,its such an artistic vision and,something that is coming to life as,were going throughout the movie that,ive never seen before you at least have,to respect it and appreciate it even if,you dont love this movie and if you,think the style is a bit too strange i,think the respect is going to be there,from a lot of people and this is,definitely a movie that i appreciate,maybe more than i actually love and,again we know driver can sing we heard,him just that one song in marriage story,and we understand his range as an actor,is incredible but his voice works kind,of the raspiness of it all at times and,then you combine that with cotijards,incredible voice and the story and the,actual character of annette the daughter,how she comes about and what drivers,henry is going through in the midst of,that process now the first half of the,story is oddly paced and i do think that,gets in the way of the progression of,the story i also had to spend a lot of,time trying to figure out exactly what,the meaning of all of this is again the,audience responding to driver as hes up,on stage as a comedian and,just the interpretation of oh this is,kind of what he sees and how he is,seeing the fans perceiving him,and really everyone around him,throughout the movie and if youve not,seen this film youre like austin what,do you talk about none of this makes,sense but if you see the movie uh its,just something that essentially you have,to be ready for right i have a feeling,this movie is going to have a passionate,following absolutely passionate and,because it is such a distinct style its,going to have that appeal to a very,specific audience but if youre amongst,that audience and youre in love with,the pacing and the way the story,progressed i think that was my big issue,was the pacing at times the style is,focused on maybe over substance the film,is beautiful the cinematography is,incredible love the color correction,that was a standout for me in the,trailer,but certain scenes they go on a bit too,long the scenes where driver is up on,stage,you know at times it just kind of feels,like hes rambling its important to his,character to a degree but i feel like,there could have been a cutoff and the,second half of the movie i think the,pacing works a lot better than the first,half we continue to have these,interruptions once annette shows up,as creepy as certain moments are oh my,gosh as creepy as certain moments are,once she shows up theres a lot to the,story that becomes a bit more intense,and really important so,it is a movie that you just kind of have,to be in the right mindset for visually,i wish i could have seen it on the big,screen it is striking on a visual level,story wise my investment could have been,a bit better but again the appreciation,is there so before i give you guys my,score if you want to support this video,and you like this review be sure to drop,your thumbs up down below for more,amazon prime original reviews the,offbeat rock opera makes its presence,known by providing two outstanding,performances and an original story the,bold storytelling often gets in its own,way but there is plenty to admire here,its really hard to score a movie like,this but im going to go a solid 68,i was,invested in the experience more so than,the story but its so,distinct compared to anything else ive,watched this year i appreciate the,artistic vision so those are my thoughts,on annette but let me tell you,this movie guys,its unlike anything you just have

Annette movie review – Breakfast All Day

hello welcome to breakfast all day im,matt,uh here with alonzo and christy,annette opens in theaters it was uh,getting a lot of buzz at uh the khan,film festival,uh its going to be on amazon in a,couple of weeks but its in theaters,this weekend,its a musical uh and one of my,compatriots will tell you all about it,i will im going to try really hard to,explain a net,to you without spoiling anything,because theres so much to discover here,and its so strange,as a film from laos carex tends to be,uh and this was written by russell and,ron male,the sparks and they did the music for it,so,lots of singular and strange and daring,artists coming together here to make a,singular and strange and daring film,so adam driver plays a stand-up comic,named henry mchenry who has,a very specific brand of abrasive,and kind of verbally abusive humor,and his whole bit is that he comes out,on stage in,like a boxing robe and hes smoking and,hes,ki hes kind of an insult comic i guess,but hes also just making like,barbs about society in general its not,really,funny and thats confrontational yeah it,is its provocative hes a [ __ ] stir,um and he is famous and infamous and,hes a very loyal following,when we see him hes playing the orpheum,this is an la,movie somewhat it gets the geography,right kinda,um hes playing the orpheum to a very,appreciative crowd,um also downtown his his soon-to-be wife,his soon-to-be fiance wife and mother of,his child but by marion cody yard,is the celebrated opera soprano,and shes performing at the walt disney,hall,and they have very different careers but,theyre both on the rise and they get,together,and the tabloids track their every move,and they have a little girl and her name,is net,and then when shes like two two-ish,something happens with her where its,clear that she has this incredible,talent and its what happens with her,and her talent and what happens with,this marriage,and with fame and its a musical,but not in a way that is particularly,joyful no um or,like celebratory or catchy um you wont,be humming,these songs at all and although a lot of,spark songs,can be very catchy i dont feel like,that is their intent with this,its intended to be off-putting and the,thought-provoking,im guessing about and id love to hear,what your theories are you guys,um the nature of fame and ambition,and being creative and the,difficulty in maintaining both a,fulfilling creative life and a nurturing,personal life,which again is a theme weve seen,millions of times,throughout film and tv but this is,through the bizarre,prism of leos care acts and the male,brothers,what do you guys think yeah its very,much,you know its an la movie not only in,geography but i think its its sort of,like,you can see karax kind of having fun,with the idea of like the hollywood,story,whether its something fictional like,sunset boulevard or,genuine real life tragedies like you,know the natalie wood,death um there you you there are moments,in the film that you can tell are meant,to sort of call up,these sort of you know grand sort of,hollywood,tragedies you know in the telling of,another grand hollywood tragedy,basically,and yeah youre right the songs are its,not,as far as like it doesnt go to the,extent of something like the umbrellas,of cherbourg where every single line is,sung,but the songs do feel conversational,and more about like plot or character,than necessarily,expressing emotion or sentiment you know,that theyre more about just sort of,like pinpointing where these people are,and why,and whats happening to them and and and,and how and so were,were trying to sort of talk around the,the the the the places this movie goes,because theyre,i went in knowing nothing and i was,caught by surprise,on more than one occasion um you know i,i think,like driver and cotyar are are terrific,and,uh they they ground a material that,could very easily just feel,very abstract which is a thing that,performers have to do in carax films you,know,holy motors doesnt work unless danny,levant is somebody that you can totally,like,land on and understand as a human being,even as hes,transforming him transforming himself,into all these other people,over the course of the film um you know,its sort of the same thing here,and you know this is one of those like i,saw for the first time yesterday,i need to sit on this one for a while to,really get it i think you know like a,and and i have a mixed record with car x,i cant stand pola x i never want to see,that movie again,but i loved holy motors you know um and,this one i think is one that im going,to want to come back to,and sort of like you know go in now,knowing what happens and seeing what,that what i can spot in the early,scenes that might sort of foreshadow or,foretell or whatever,but yeah i think if youre up for the,challenge of a movie that is not,gonna go in any way that you expect or,be told in any way that you expect i,think theres a lot that you can enjoy,here,yeah i found this to be very operatic in,a lot of places,um and i like that or you know,it its,this is a movie i havent seen anything,like this in a while thats the best,thing i could say,is you know theres this movie goes in a,lot of places,where you dont expect um,but its not ever hard to follow uh,you know is it is it,kind of heightened in certain you know,its its,its tough to call this realistic but,there are places where its definitely,grounded,um it also winks at the audience more,than a few times but in a good way like,theres a song you know kind of the love,song,that uh henry and ann have first of all,almost sounds like,a dirge like its its not particularly,joyous,right but then when theyre doing that,during their sex scenes,um its bonkers uh,and you know i and i think its meant to,be funny,uh yeah this is a movie that is gonna,stick with me,like alonso ive seen it i actually just,watched it this morning,so um you know i probably need to think,about it i,but i did like it i think its got you,know,an interesting look at just a tragic,figure,um that driver plays i also think its,one of the best performances i think,weve ever seen at adam driver,that hes got amazing hes hes amazing,in this in that hes got to do,you know what is ultimately this very,i mean the idea of musicals anyway like,people just singing their way through a,scene,but he just the way he,hes able to communicate what hes doing,and keep it,relevant and again grounded i was very,very impressed with,and its tough technically im sure too,because so much of it is sung through to,also then,convey the emotion required of those,songs,and like hit all your marks i forgot to,mention the beginning of this is this,one,spectacularly long tracking shot oh yeah,yeah,a lot of stuff is going on of like,taking off and putting onto clothes and,getting in and getting out of cars and,walking through doorways and going down,stairways its,really complicated and ron and russell,mailer in it as is leias care actually,theyre all in it like kind of,its almost like a the greek kind of,tragedy quality to the,artifice the self-aware artifice of the,way they set the stage,for this and then later and theyre,singing theyre singing like,so now we are so can we start so can we,start so thats,right its like the chorus comes out and,starts the show very aware,that whole tracking shot sort of put you,in the mood of like,putting you on edge yeah in the very,beginning and also providing you with a,little distance in that you are about to,see a filmed drama,like if the these are the performers who,are about to perform this,this story for you you know um also,later in the film theres an amazing,sort of circular,tracking shot with uh uh simon,uh um,uh you know and and its like and they,they might have fudged it like because,it seems like this uninterrupted like,triple thing but its really impressive,and it really captures this moment for,that character in a really exciting way,so and wait shes having,yeah and hes great because he keeps,going like uh pardon me and hes g

GEORGETOWN | Movie Review | Christoph Waltz | Vanessa Redgrave | Annette Bening

uh its its what you think but,its not uh on film thread reviews,im alan ing im with zorina kid and,today we review,georgetown uh be sure to hit that like,button let us know that,you support film threat and our efforts,to support independent films,all right georgetown uh is the story of,ulrich mott,an ambitious social climber who marries,a wealthy widow in washington dc,in order to mix with the powerful,political players of the time,its directed by christoph waltz stars,christoph waltz,uh vanessa redgrave and annette benning,um,yeah this is we we had a little,discussion about this,movie beforehand because you know its,its one of these,theres a lot of spoilers but at the,same time were kind of able to figure,out the,the real story fairly easy or right off,the bat,um i liken this movie to an onion where,uh,there it its told in fragments uh,flash forwards flashbacks you know uh,this timeline is kind of out of whack,but done in a really good way and i,i describe it as an onion being peeled,back layer by layer,and so um yeah we have an interesting,interesting discussion about this,what did you think of georgetown well,first of all,this is the feature directorial debut of,christoph waltz and,kristoff has ever since coming to,american audiences in and glorious,bastards uh,you know hes kind of mastered that,uh those those types of characters that,are are,you know at once sinister but theres,something,um uh,comedic charismatic about them and hes,really kind of,really made his mark on playing those,types of characters,so this is uh this is a variation,on that type of persona that he has,cultivated on on the screen,so i mean uh ill mention i kept,thinking about big guys,when i saw this movie its a very,similar character and,and uh like you said hes hes sort of,mastered it and hes,kind of i wouldnt say grown comfortable,with this uh persona but,hes very good at it he is very good at,it so,i personally im a fan of christoph,waltz and so,this what drew me to this movie is,seeing him,and from that standpoint i can say i,thoroughly enjoyed this movie,there were other reasons to enjoy it and,other issues to maybe not enjoy it so,much but,but just just right off the bat if,youre a fan of his or his character,you will enjoy this movie its very,entertaining,very yeah i mean i i enjoyed it i,i like the unfolding aspect of it and,and then theres theres you know not to,get into spoiler territories but you,know theres something off about the,character which,i think once you see kristoff walsh you,youll automatically assume theres,something,wrong with the character and um and,so hes hes basically a guy who uh,marries uh,an older woman whos whos kind of have,her,has her foot in the political realm and,hes trying to,uh to basically uh become like a,diplomat in,in a way and that woman is played by,vanessa redgrave and,and and her daughter is annette benning,and she uh,she dies at the end at the beginning of,the movie,and the movies kind of a a,investigation of that,and when they find out that its murder,and guess who the main suspect of the,murder is,well the but the thing i want to mention,is i was thrown off for a while because,um vanessa redgrave she she plays her,character,i think within a 15 year span and in,that 15 year span,she ages 15 years from,from a an older woman to a to you know,91 year old woman,and that threw me off because when they,went back in time to her younger self,her,how she looks today um i thought that,was a second timeline,and i got a little confused until i,realized no this is all,this is not him being this serial,marrier and,killer of old women this is the same,woman and,he was married to her for several for i,think a decade and a half,um i dont know were you as confused as,i was,uh you know i i i was not um,for whatever reason i wasnt but i know,that there are others,um like us who uh you were not the only,one that,was a little bit confused because its,not told in a linear,timeline but i do have to say vanessa,redgrave,is so brilliant in this movie in real,life she,is in her 80s um and,and the age difference between these two,is is,you know sh she is unnaturally old for,his,age i mean its definitely may december,uh and in a borderline on inappropriate,so you can only imagine,her daughter played by annette benning,completely you know,is disapproves of it and completely,understands that her mother is being,taken advantageously they,de-aged her in this movie as well,um but vanessa redgrave is at once,you know a washington powerhouse,who also is mourning the loss,of her first husband and,uh wants the love and companionship,of christoph waltzs character she,encourages him,becomes kind of motherly towards him,but you know they have their own,dynamics where they have fights and she,let,know that its her house and he cant,smoke in it and,hes not allowed to do these things they,uh openly sleep in,two separate bedrooms uh and you,mentioned,you know he is kind of a grifter in this,and it should be noted that she kind of,created the grifter in him as well yes,exactly so the dynamic between the two,of them is,very interesting and so the cast that,christoph waltz assembled for this is is,incredible because,you watching vanessa redgrave you just,youre just in,awe at how how she still has it at her,age and shows,no signs of slowing down and we fully,expect her to carry on,delivering magnificent performances for,at least another 10 years hopefully,um but but really the center,here is christoph waltzs character we,dont really know his past,we dont know what brought him to,washington specifically,we dont even know what his goals are,what does he want does he want to be,a policy maker does he want to be,a a an important well-liked person does,he,does he want us does he want to scam,people like is he there,simply to scan and con or does he want,to,put a perception of himself and earn,some type of respect,that part is never explained yeah you,know,okay yeah no i was gonna say that um i i,kept,going back to the documentary we work um,you know a guy i dont know that hes,um that hes trying to be a con man um,i i think theres this fine line he,draws between,you know the the um you know the,overconfidence,in titles he gives himself versus you,know actually trying to be malicious in,some way he,he in a way starts to believe his own, for that matter,yes he he he has these delusions of,grandeur,uh hes got his you know uh,before he goes out in in public to these,functions he,he puts on very specific,clothing to convey a very specific,image of status or rank and things like,that so he,he kind of gets more and more delusional,in,his his capabilities or even his own,stories i mean he goes to,great lengths to mastermind these things,that that it you know hes so convincing,but,the the film is um interspersed with the,overall murder trial of his,his uh wife and of course,uh him being the main suspect and even,the two attorneys that hes assigned,you know they cant even discern whats,real,and what is it and and just like us they,have moments where,theyre just like this story is absurd,like how i mean is this guy delusional,what,i mean theyre kind of laughing but,theyre also very frustrated and,its kind of how we feel too because,theres so much absurdness yet the,character,theres a possibility to them and that,that goes to the types of characters,that christophe,walls plays so convinced of this that,you either join them or youre against,them,uh well go back to the the wework,documentary um,you know the subject adam there he uh,you know it to me it was just amazing,the level in which his deception,reached to where the the level of people,that he fooled,and and the exact same thing happens in,this one the when you find out,just the people who were who were buying,into,and and intrigued and engaged with this,story,the the level that it went to in,politics,is is amazing to me and scary to me at,the same time,well heres the thing although the movie,doesnt offer,a lot of insight into christoph


[Music],annette is a 2021 film director by leos,car x it centers around a celebrity,couple played by adam driver and marion,coltiar the film is currently playing on,amazon prime so i suggest you check it,out and come back to this video im,gonna be going over some of the,symbolism and hidden messages in the,film so spoilers are ahead if you enjoy,videos like this please give me a like,and subscribe to the channel i really,appreciate the support thanks the film,follows anne and henry two celebrities,who are successful in their respective,fields and is a world-renowned soprano,while henry is a raunchy stand-up,comedian it explores their journey as,they have their first child together in,the pitfalls that follow first lets,focus on anne whos played by marion,coltiar the name anne is a symbol of,grace or someone who is favored by the,lord her most prominent color is red,which is shown through her hair and some,of the outfits she wears throughout the,film red symbolizes blood which is,something her character is associated,with in multiple scenes shes also,heavily associated with apples which i,believe is a callback to adam and eve,this leads me to believe that this,character is a symbol of the biblical,aspects of life next up we have henry,who is played by adam driver whose,primary color is green the name henry is,a symbol of the ruler or the lord which,explains why anne is heavily favored by,him the color green is a symbol of,freedom of bondage it also represents,greed which is a characteristic we see,in him read later on in the movie,another prominent color we see,throughout the film is the color yellow,i believe this represents anything that,henry has a dominant control over we can,first see this as he eats a banana,before he goes on stage to perform his,comedic act this is also shown through,the name of his stand-up show which is,called the ape of god this is why i,believe that henry is a representation,of the primal aspects of life focusing,on the color yellow we can see that anne,is wearing it multiple times this can be,translated into henry seeing her as his,possession or something he has a very,high interest in as we see with other,things throughout the film the same,thing goes for apes as this is their,daughter annettes favorite stuffed,animal and this is also how henry sees,himself once she is brought into the,world in the beginning they appear to be,a very happy couple they are adored by,the media as they move on to marriage,and then eventually parenthood after the,birth of their daughter annette we can,see that the umbilical cord appears to,be a cross another biblical reference,when henry looks at his daughter for the,first time she has the face of a clown,or what can be perceived as a sacred,clown which is a symbol of chaos,preceding creation this also represents,the reverse of normal order the daughter,of ned is portrayed by a puppet which in,annes eyes is seen as very playful but,yet with henry this is viewed as a prop,that at some point he can control this,theory becomes even more evident later,on in the film by this time everything,is going well for the couple and their,new addition to the family but then,things start to take a turn after anne,sees a news story of the wildfires in,california i believe this is a symbol of,hell beginning to break loose within,their relationship as the story is,followed up by another story of six,female accusers accusing henry of sexual,assault these six female accusers are,representation of the six of crows which,symbolizes impending death although anne,questions that she should end her,relationship with henry she struggles to,follow through this is shown as she,walks through the house depressed by,herself as we can see she is wearing a,yellow towel meaning that she is still,henrys possession like a banana to an,ape although the color red symbolizes,blood and love when its used in the,context of annes character it has a,completely different representation when,its used for henrys character we can,see this with the red lighting draped,upon him right before he goes up for his,next stand-up comedian show the first,time we see henry perform earlier in the,film he has complete control over the,crowd he owns everything however in this,performance it seems like everything is,working against him in his first show,hes able to use his microphone as a,prop that helps him amuse his crowd,however in this show its seen as a,nuisance whether he struggles to have,enough slack on the microphone cord or,the audience simply complain that they,cant hear him through it the,accusations against him are causing a,lot of stress and its the first time,where we get to see henry where he does,not have full control of the situation,this is the tipping point when henry,starts to descend into madness with his,reputation in question we start to see,the downfall of his career his shows are,getting canceled while annes shows are,still selling out its at this point,that the family decided to take a,vacation to get away from the world and,hopefully work on their relationship,while the family is at sea its here,that we not only get one of the most,crucial scenes in the film we also get,one of the most beautifully shot scenes,in the film i really enjoy how these,freakish ocean waves surround them as,they travel through the storm its,almost unrealistic i think its the,perfect representation of the imbalance,in their relationship throughout this,point in the movie with the ocean waves,appearing as walls surrounding them it,also feels very biblical in a moses,party in the red sea kind of way henry,instigates a fight with anne leading to,him to push off the ship causing her,death the ocean sinks the ship however,henry is able to save himself and his,daughter the cause of annes death is,called into question however due to a,lack of evidence that cant hold henry,responsible henry is haunted by his,guilt as he continues to see visions of,anne we also see him sleeping in a fetal,position which represents a protection,of oneself he gives his daughter a net a,nightlight of rotating stars which,encourages her to showcase her amazing,singing voice with stars representing,faith and hope henry uses this as an,opportunity to exploit his daughter to,the world he contacts annes former,conductor to help him showcase annettes,newly found talent when the conductor,arrives to the house he does so in a,yellow cat which represents that this is,a situation that henry plans to control,although suspicious that henry had,something to do with annes death the,conductor does decide to help out of,love for a net she quickly becomes a,sensation and they begin to travel the,world on tour at some point the,conductor does admit having an affair,with anne shortly before she met henry,he also explains that a net could,potentially be his daughter afraid that,he might lose his cash cow henry decides,to kill the conductor by drowning him in,the pool the pool being lit up by green,lighting this represents henrys,constant greed this is also how henry,killed anne by drowning her with,drowning being a symbol of loss of life,or emotions but because its not henry,drowning its him drowning other people,i believe this represents his lack of,sympathy for their life and emotions,henry then goes upstairs to see his,daughter annette who is well aware of,his sins she pushes the nightlight of,rotating stars off the shelf symbolizing,that she has now lost all faith and hope,in him he promises her that he wont,make her sing anymore but only after one,last performance in this performance a,net is propped on a platform surrounded,by a crowd of fans shes dressed in a,yellow gown signifying that she is,someone that henry feels he has control,over the platform she stands on changes,from green to yellow signifying that she,is still within henrys world and his,possession however if you pay attention,you can see that the colors in the,platform are starting to dim the only,true dominant color is the color r

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