1. Goblin mode: Word of the year: BBC News Review
  2. 15 Stunningly Beautiful English Words YOU Should Use More Often! (+ Free PDF & Quiz)
  3. BBC News Review: Plastic-eating worms
  4. Another Word For Review In Mahamas Dictionary is Cancellation – Yaw Preko
  5. SYNONYMS for Kids – What are synonyms? – Words that have the same meaning
  6. DO NOT say “how are you?”! Ask the question in a better way!
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Goblin mode: Word of the year: BBC News Review

Are you lazy, greedy and selfish? Then you need to learn goblin mode,,Oxfords 2020 word of the year.,This is News Review from BBC Learning English,,Im Neil. And Im Beth.,Make sure you watch to the end to learn vocabulary to talk about the story.,Dont forget to subscribe to our channel, like this video,and try the quiz on our website.,Now, the story.,What word describes lazy, greedy, shameless behaviour?,Its goblin mode and its word of the year, according to one,UK publisher.,Since the pandemic,,some people have realised they dont want to go back,to the lifestyle they had before. They want to stay in goblin mode.,Oxford University Press chooses a word each year that reflects the mood,of the past twelve months.,Youve been looking at the headlines,,Beth. Whats the vocabulary?,We have speaks to, over and unveils.,This is News Review from BBC,Learning English.,Lets have a look at our first headline.,This one comes from the Guardian.,OK. Well, first of all goblin mode.,A goblin is a small, ugly, possibly dangerous creature -,a fictional one. Mode is a way of doing something. So, together,,goblin mode describes a way of doing something in a,kind of unpleasant, slightly embarrassing way.,So, for example, Beth.,Im sure you never did this,,but working from home, wearing pyjamas in bed.,No, never did that. No.,OK, thats goblin mode.,Were looking at the expression speaks to and in the headline,,its speaks to the times. What does it mean?,speaks to the times is a reflection of the mood of the people at that time.,So the times referred to in the headline is talking about this current time,,so the post-pandemic world. During the pandemic when,,obviously key workers who had to do really essential jobs were very, very busy,,but a lot of other people were forced to be lazy because there was nothing to do.,Exactly. They enjoyed wearing their pyjamas, didnt wear make up,,they didnt care about their appearance as much, so they went goblin mode.,Yeah. And so goblin mode speaks to the times.,It means it reflects the times as they were.,Now, is this, is this common?,It is in American English and it is becoming more popular,in British English.,So, for example, we could say,that the climate crisis speaks to a failure of governments for decades.,Yeah, it means it reflects a failure.,Lets take a look at that again.,Lets take a look at our next headline.,This is from the Huffington Post.  ,So, the headline says,that the word of the year sums up,how we feel – sums up means summarises. We are looking though at,over and that seems simple,,I know over. You go over a bridge, the bridge goes over a river.,Is that what were talking about?,Well, in your examples youve used over as a preposition, but here,,its actually an adjective.,Right, OK. So, what does it mean?,Well, if youre over something,then you are tired, bored and unenthusiastic about something.,So, maybe initially, at the beginning,,you were quite enthusiastic,,but now youre ready for it to finish.,OK, so youve had enough of something, youre fed up.,Yeah, exactly. So, the World Cup.,I was quite enthusiastic about it at the beginning,,but now, I feel like its been going for ages.,I am over it. Oh really?,Im still really into the World Cup and thats the opposite of over,,isnt it? It is,and we very often use,so with this.,We say I am so over it.,Now, in the headline,,it refers to how unenthusiastic people are about everything.,And when they say everything, they mean this year –,all the negative events going on.,Theres a lot of bad news around. This use of over,is quite informal, isnt it?,Yeah. Its very often used in spoken conversation.,So, I might be having a chat with you and say I am over working from home,,I want to be in the office five days a week.,Well, here we are.,Lets take a look at that again.,Lets take a look at our next headline.,This one is from Fox News.,We are looking at the word unveils. It makes me think of a traditional wedding,where a bride wears a veil over her face and then its removed –,everyone can see the face.,Yeah. It helps to think of it,in this way because that is the literal meaning of unveil but here,,its metaphorical and it just needs to reveal or uncover.,You can imagine, you said its metaphorical,,that Oxford have this word goblin mode with a little curtain over it,,they open it and we can all see it.,Yes, exactly.,This word is also used when something like a new exhibition,or a piece of art, is uncovered or revealed.,And politicians use it as well to talk about their plans.,But is it used in everyday conversation?,Can I say to you Id like to unveil my Christmas plans?,No, not really, because its quite a grand thing.,It might be that a company or a celebrity might unveil something,so youd probably just tell me what your Christmas plans are.,OK, lets look at that again.,Weve had speaks to – reflects,,over – bored of something,that has been happening,for a long time,and unveils – shows for the first time.,Dont forget theres a quiz on our website at bbclearningenglish.com.,Thank you for joining us.,And goodbye. Bye.

15 Stunningly Beautiful English Words YOU Should Use More Often! (+ Free PDF & Quiz)

[Music],welcome back,to english with lucy today i am going to,teach you,15 beautiful english words,that i think you should use more often i,think we should all,use them more often ive selected these,words because i find,that they roll off the tongue well at,least some of them do,and others just have really beautiful,meanings,to help you with your english learning,journey even more,i have created a free pdf that goes,along with this lesson,and i have created a quiz i know,you all love quizzes you always request,quizzes,if you would like to download the free,pdf and the quiz,all you have to do is click on the link,in the description box,you enter your name and your email,address you sign up to my mailing list,and i send the pdf,directly to your inbox before we get,started i would just like to thank the,sponsor of todays video,it is lingoda europes number one,trusted language school,with their language sprint with the,sprint you can learn to speak,english confidently in just three months,gain 100 of your money back,and gain free access to the cambridge,online speaking test,you just need to take one of their 24 7,classes,every day for three months and get your,course fees,completely refunded click on the link in,the description box to check the dates,for this sprint,but be quick because if the deadline has,passed or the spaces are filled,you will miss out the super sprint,offers a 100,refund but there is also a lighter,regular sprint,option which offers a 50 refund,you can join the sprint in english,business english,french german and spanish from beginner,to advanced,level im really excited to share this,opportunity with you because i have a,first-hand experience,of how amazing and effective these,lingoda challenges can be,theyve transformed so many of my,students lives they love lingoda because,they can,interact in intimate small group classes,with amazing qualified teachers,anytime any day anywhere,over 40 000 people have participated in,the previous lingoda language,challenges with many of them becoming,able to overcome their fear of speaking,and get new jobs i actually joined one,of lingodas,student facebook groups and i was blown,away by how many students,were celebrating their refunds and their,fluency transformations,so how can you participate sign up,before the deadline,and pay the deposit to secure your spot,you can use my code,change 50 for 10 euros off lingoda will,refund your tuition fee,in full together with the deposit if you,attend,the agreed number of classes within each,sprint month,by following the contest rules remember,spaces in the sprint are limited this is,a language school,and places fill up so you have the link,in the description box,you have my code change 50 for 10 euros,off,what are you waiting for lets get,started with,the lesson the first beautiful english,word that i think you should use,more frequently is number one,appealing appealing i,love the long e sound this,means attractive or interesting,an example his rich vocabulary,made him sound so appealing this is a,word that my mother,uses quite a lot if she sees something,delicious,or smells some nice food shell always,say oh,that looks so appealing it appeals to me,its appealing number two is,ineffable ineffable,this means too great or beautiful,to describe in words something so,wonderful,that you cant express how wonderful it,is,its ineffable an example when i heard,of their pregnancy,i was filled with ineffable joy,number three is nefarious,nefarious i know a lot of learners of,english,struggle with the air sound,now we are always taught to pronounce it,as,e er together air,however lots of my students find it,easier,to think of it as an extension of an e,sound air air nefarious,it might not be what you find in a,pronunciation book,but if it helps you then thats fine by,me,now this might be a beautiful word in my,opinion nefarious,but it doesnt have a very beautiful,meaning it means,criminal or extremely bad,i like this word because i find it very,expressive,an example they hacked into my bank,account,and used the funds for nefarious,purposes,criminal extremely bad extremely bad,number four is ethereal,ethereal this means extremely,light and beautiful seeming to belong to,another,more spiritual world,i think the word sounds beautiful but i,think the meaning,is amazing an example at sunrise,the london skyline almost looks,ethereal number five,if you know me well then you might,understand why,i love this word so much it is,epiphany epiphany,can you guess why i like it it means a,sudden and surprising,moment of realization i chose to name my,pronunciation course,after this word epiphany language,studios,this is because i want my students to,have,an epiphany a moment of realization,and understanding when it comes to their,language skills,and their pronunciation an example,when she took the course she had an,epiphany,and everything became clear number,six short but sweet angst,angst its a feeling of great worry,or concern about your situation,or your life you often hear teenage,angst i wrote emotional poetry,when i was full of teenage angst,number seven is euphoria,euphoria this means an extremely,strong feeling of excitement or,happiness,that usually only lasts a short while an,example,after receiving the letter of acceptance,i was in a state of,euphoria number eight,is cherish cherish,this is a verb meaning to love someone,or something,very much and wanting to protect them or,it,an example i will always cherish the,letter he wrote to me,before he moved away number nine,is eternity eternity,this simply means time without end,for example a mothers love lasts for,eternity,number 10 is quintessence,quintessence you may have heard its,adjective form before quintessential,which is also very beautiful but i think,this one is used,less frequently and i simply believe it,should be used,more frequently its a very good word,quintessence,it means the perfect example of,something,an example it was the quintessence of an,english country cottage if you see a,perfect,country cottage with beautiful light,stone and roses up it you can say that,is the quintessence,of an english country cottage english,country cottage thats a hard thing to,say,try repeating that three times number 11,is plethora plethora,this one does roll off the tongue,plethora,it means an amount that is greater than,is needed,or can be used for example the article,contained,a plethora of information were implying,that theres,slightly too much information,maybe in a good way just so much,information,more than i could ever take in a,plethora of information,that might be one of my all-time,favorites actually,or this next one number 12,pristine pristine oh i love this word,its so expressive it means,fresh and clean as if new her house was,pristine,its another that my mother uses a lot,her house is always,pristine and that is true of my mother,you could eat of her flaws number 13,is surreptitiously surreptitiously,it means in a quick or secret way,so that people dont notice an example,she,surreptitiously slid the check under his,napkin,napkin is another word for serviette,number 14 is dulcet,dulcet this means sounding sweet or,pleasant and its often paired with,tones if youre talking about somebodys,dulcet tones it means their sweet,voice an example i can always recognize,her dulcet tones i can always recognize,her lovely voice and number 15,the last one is docile,docile this means quiet and,easy to control we often use it to talk,about,animals that are very sweet natured an,example,the puppy is calm and incredibly docile,said no puppy owner ever,my puppy was docile for the first week,and then,it was chaos for nearly a year and now,hes completely docile again,not completely right thats it for,todays lesson,i hope you enjoyed it and i hope you,learned something,dont forget to take the quiz the link,is in the description box,you sign up to my mailing list and i,send it directly to your inbox,you can share your scores in the,comme

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BBC News Review: Plastic-eating worms

Could plastic eating worms help the worlds pollution crisis?,This is News Review from BBC Learning English.,Im Neil. And Im Beth.,Make sure you watch to the end to learn vocabulary to talk about this story.,Dont forget to subscribe to our channel, like this video,,and try the quiz on our website.,Now its time for the story,Getting rid of plastic with worm spit.,Spanish scientists have discovered something in wax worms saliva,which helps them eat plastic.,Its hoped the breakthrough will be an effective and natural way,of reducing plastic pollution.,One researcher suggests, in the future,,plastic-eating worm kits could be used in the home.,Youve been looking at the headlines,,Beth, whats the vocabulary?,We have gobbling, lowly and humble.,This is News Review from BBC Learning English.,Lets have a look at our first headline.,This one is from France Twenty Four.,And so the headline is saying,something useful has been found in the spit of a certain kind of worm,,and its the enzyme in the spit.,Enzymes are things that help chemical processes happen more quickly -,in this case, destroying plastic.,But the word that were interested in is gobbling.,And gobbling is the word connected to the noise,a turkey makes.,Yes, youre right.,So, when a turkey gets its food,,it eats very quickly and loudly and we say this is gobble.,And the headline writer has turned this into an adjective,,just like the noise gobble, gobble.,And weve got a new word – plastic gobbling.,Gobble is a funny word in English,because it sounds like the thing,it is describing.,And, we have a lot of words like that. For example,,what noise does a cat make?,Miaow. So, the noise is like that.,And the word to describe that is miaow.,What about chickens? Cluck, cluck.,The chickens make a cluck cluck noise and the word,we write down and say is cluck.,So, the headline makes you imagine a worm noisely eating plastic.,Just like a turkey gobbling it.,Now, of course, this is an exaggeration,,but its quite entertaining and it gives you a strong mental image.,Yeah. Can you give us some examples of other words connected to eating,and the noise involved?,Yes, so we have gulp. OK, so that is gulp.,And that is about eating food and drinking quickly and loudly.,And we also have guzzle.,But thats only really used for drink.,Yeah. And we have a word not connected to sound,but its got an animal in it, to wolf something down,,means to eat it really quickly.,Lets take a look at that one more time.,Lets take a look at our next headline.,This one is from Reuters:,The headline is saying that the saliva -,thats the spit -,another word for spit – of this certain kind of worm,might boost – that means help – the attempt to reduce plastic. But the word,were looking at is lowly.,What can you tell us about lowly?,Well, theres a clue in this word lowly – low.,It means low in position or importance.,So, for example, Neil,,when I started in my career,,I wasnt presenting News Review for the BBC,,I was in a lowly position.,OK, so you mean that you feel that the job,you were doing wasnt as important as the one,youre doing now. It was lower. Exactly.,OK. Now we have heard that this worm is actually really important -,its eating plastic.,So, why are we calling it lowly?,Well, wax worms arent really high up in the animal kingdom. Theyre a little bit dirty.,Most people think of them as pests and they dont really like them.,And so the headline writer uses the word lowly,because even though this worm doesnt seem that important,,its actually doing a really important job.,Now, do we use this word much in our everyday English?,Well, yeah.,When we use it, its always in a humorous way. Were kind of saying,the thing were doing, isnt very important.,Like, I used to be a lowly tea maker in the office.,Well, you call yourself lowly,,but just like the worm,,youre performing a really important task.,Everybody loves tea.,It may not be the most glamorous job in the world,,but it is very important. OK, lets look at that again.,Lets take a look at our next headline.,This one is from the BBC.,And so the headline is saying the saliva of this type of worm,,this wax worm, can break down, which means destroy certain types,certain types of plastic.,Tough plastics – ones that are difficult to break down -,difficult to destroy.,We have another adjective that were looking at the which is humble.,What can you tell us about humble?,So, humble can have the same meaning as lowly, meaning ordinary or not important,,but it has another meaning too.,So, it can describe a person who isnt proud,,doesnt believe that theyre important,,even if they are. So, imagine someone wins an award,,they get on stage to give their speech and they say this isnt for me,,its for everyone else.,Thank you everyone who helped me.,They are humble. What a humble person,and its a positive thing to say about someone, isnt it?,So, in this headline, using humble about this worm is a positive thing.,Exactly, because even though this worm maybe looks just like a worm,,its really special and important -,it has plastic-eating abilities.,OK, lets look at that again.,Weve had gobbling – eating quickly,and loudly like a turkey.,Lowly – low in position and importance.,And humble – not proud,,but often important.,Dont forget theres a quiz on our website at bbcearningenglish.com,Thank you for joining us and goodbye. Bye.

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Another Word For Review In Mahamas Dictionary is Cancellation – Yaw Preko

Miami – nah media – suela me oh boy,education so Anoka education same one,and a motor purrs a modem an abacus,education annawadi,but em say encoder una una pareja be,busy so I can free SH a census MEA nah,nah nah say oppa kaya oh yeah,oh man pnina nara danke ocupado nadaya,sue ellen s radio fine feebly say Sade,Anita yep Athenian and pen pencil yeah,Gina I met Megan Kanka Ruby Arkansas man,for nozomu Nina a be here said the human,capital debate develop on a nearby wall,mind,yeah Burma yeah near Pune panel,yeah well kappa da da ba da ba ba ba yah,yah and yeah my iguana material my magic,a circus enemy craft Iran but so is,animal in Enid when algo para change,except I say a new kusa Nippon see a per,se,yeah Manfreds will be bad Nippon I hope,on the Italian a one you meant me at one,a man Francois Basu its yeah goodness,idea where my Polina Duncan Fargo Sabri,no position no dearly moved in I wont,when I worked in a 100 BC say about to a,benign we are you crying now yeah yeah,yeah yeah 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this,Fiamma,yeah oh yeah pyaara at Novartis naboombu,debía medias Emporio McKenna was say,yeah yeah say Zambia co-conspiracy Ababa,Mathias ETA satellites build what,rebuilding cuckoo mafia my aunt ail,epidemia that will be about assuming,mere anniversary as I was cool about you,soon I am ia Orana electricity fabric on,Canyon because the Entenmanns are want,me interfere for neuroanatomy and John,phobia Domino Eddie Tran yakusoku Karim,no to second resolution Umbra Norma,amateur yeah no fewer,enchantra me a know what you see,antonyms yeah yes your side you can see,they got more PR say yeah oh man no be,affable Putin when youre in India grab,your guitar so fun to see ya wouldnt be,me circus I am so bourgeois kakano,cydia bernie is a pioneer some possible,opportunity sorry SHS another second,education in quei no purse or said he,fat Moussa Sukeena technical vocational,education no open source and samokhina,suddenly puppets many insanity moments,me and India what about Bonnie Brahma,wanna 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badly to be Benoit,Miami and said Wow,thats our in with him yes its a gonna,hang or consider sober if you pay unless,his training allowance or baby you teach,at renal I was in fact or no let me,review what is another word for him in,his books a cancellation any allowance,more review or counsel does it Jenny,allowance more review they say what many,except ESS also be review I am she said,yeah apart I now wanna say OPA what,country and painter or review teacher in,yellow us or if you necessary allowance,now KOCO reaction I akan solution,so the country and cross was not good,yeah no buckram one all the areas you,being one hold for my sauce Seca but I,really should might be my gonna wanna,say and you know KOCO 5 the anybody know,I felt lost on a diagram I justify [ __ ],him what see so whats it in 1 min my,own core muscle and since then I would,get my middle,so whats it won me my own call tonight,say nothing so gamma for staff good,[ __ ] now sunny diet what any fear,success Appa so I bet 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SYNONYMS for Kids – What are synonyms? – Words that have the same meaning

[Music],smile and learn,hello,everyone,how do you like my new bike what is it,oh right i see,yes i know,im big,in fact im not just big,im huge,enormous,many would say,gigantic,see how many words ive used to describe,myself,big,huge enormous,gigantic all four words have the same,meaning,do you know how we call words that mean,the same or are very similar to other,words,we call them synonyms,you can switch one word for the other as,often as you like but you should always,make sure to spell them differently no,matter how similar they may,be hello,mr hippo,i heard youd be explaining synonyms,today so i came straight away to listen,sorry im so late i think i have a,question for you,why do we learn synonyms mr hippo,thats easy my friend,we learn synonyms to express ourselves,in more ways than one can,to make our writing more interesting and,lively,like painting a picture in the mind of,the reader,instead of paint brushes and colors we,use,words,[Music],let me try,so i could say that,im not just small im so,little,and tiny,teeny tiny actually youre really,getting the hang of it arent you,you described yourself so nicely,good job my friend,lets play a game,you say a word and ill give you a,synonym okay,incredible,fantastic,[Applause],pretty,beautiful,oh,[Music],ancient,[Applause],one more,happy,glad,[Applause],[Music],good job my little friend,i know what ill be doing for the rest,of the day,munching on my favorite cheese and,practicing my synonyms,i see youve got big plans,make sure you remember,yeah yeah i got it to spell them,differently no matter how similar they,are,and,and to use as many synonyms as i can to,make my writing lively and fascinating,thats right,see you soon friends bye bye,[Music],weve learned so much in just one video,did you know there are many more videos,imagine how much you could learn,subscribe to the smile and learn,educational channel to learn and have,fun at the same time,[Music]

DO NOT say “how are you?”! Ask the question in a better way!

(upbeat music),- Hello everyone and welcome back to English with Lucy.,Hey, how are you?,Yeah, Im good thanks.,How are you?,Yeah, great, how are you?,Good, how are you?,How are you drives me insane.,Its so boring, its so overused,,its just this automatic filler phrase,that we use to acknowledge people nonchalantly.,It needs to go.,It sounds so insincere, how are you?,Im not actually expecting an answer.,Thats something I said in my,50 Weird and Confusing Facts About Britain,and British Culture video.,How are you is a question,that we dont really expect an answer to.,So, in this video Im gonna give you loads of alternatives,to how are you.,Ive broken them down into three sections.,Im gonna give you casual how are you alternatives,for friends and family, formal ones for work situations,and emails, and then also some fun ones,which you can choose if you use or not.,So this video is going to be perfect,for improving your vocabulary,,but if you want to improve your listening,and your pronunciation even further,,I highly recommend the study method,of combining reading actual books,with listening to audio books on Audible.,Let me explain this method.,Take a book that you have already read in English,or a book that you would like to read in English,Ive got loads of recommendations for good books,for different levels of English,in the description box down below.,And read this chosen book while listening,to the audio version.,Its got to be at the same time.,Reading alone will not help you with your listening,or your pronunciations skills,and thats because English in not a phonetic language.,If you hear and listen to a word as you read it,,your brain will make a connection,and the next time you see that word,,you will know how its pronounced,and the next time you hear that word,,you know will know how its spelled.,By reading and listening tat the same time,,youre essentially training your brain,in loads of different disciplines.,Its such an effective method,and the best part is that you can get one free audiobook,,thats a 30-day free trial,if you click on the link in the description box,and sign up to Audible.,Then you can download one of my audiobook recommendations.,Give it a try, it really, really works.,Right, lets get started with the lesson.,So, lets start with casual alternatives to how are you.,How are you, oh, I hate it so much.,Number on is, how are you doing?,How are you doing?,And you would reply to this by saying,,Im going well, thanks.,You might hear some people respond with,,Im doing good, but thats actually grammatically incorrect.,When responding to a how are you style question,,you do well or you are good.,If I say Im doing good, it could mean,I am doing charity work or doing something positive.,Number two, how have you been?,How have you been?,This is a very warm and friendly one.,I really like it.,Yeah, Ive been great, thanks.,Or, Ive not been so good, actually.,Three, this ones slightly more American,,whats going on?,Hey, whats going on?,A very common answer to this is nothing much,,no much at all.,Number four, whats new, or even, whats new with you?,This is more asking for updates,or if anyones been doing anything interesting,in their life since you last saw them.,You could say this to someone that youve seen recently,and you just want a short update.,Number five, I wonder if youve heard this one before,,its whats up?,Hey, whats up?,Traditionally very American,,but now used much more in Britain.,Number six is a very British one, its what are you up to?,Now this comes from to be up to mischief.,which means youre doing something mischievous.,Its a very friendly and endearing question.,What are you up to?,It implies mischief, but in a friendly way.,So if I say what have you been up to,,or what are you up to?,Im kind of saying, what mischievous things,have you been doing?,What trouble have you been making?,Its very friendly.,Its also something I say to my dog,if he looks suspicious.,What have you been up to?,What mischief have you been causing?,Thats a really, really good one.,If youre gonna take one thing away from this lesson,,make it that.,Number seven, how are things going?,This is very general.,Things, I mean, it couldnt be more general than that.,Its a great one to use if you cant quite remember,what someones been doing for work,or in their personal life, so how are things going?,Its a very non-specific.,Number eight, how are you feeling?,How are you feeling?,Yeah, Im feeling great.,Or, Im not feeling so good.,This implies that you know something about their health.,Maybe they were ill a short time ago.,Maybe theyre overcoming an illness.,Adds a layer of familiarity because youre implying,that you know something wasnt good before and so youre,wondering how theyre feeling now.,It could also be used if you know the person is nervous.,Maybe its before a big meeting or a speech.,How are you feeling?,Are you feeling all right?,10, I would say this is slightly more American than British.,Hows it going?,Hey, hows it going?,We do use it a bit now.,You would say, yeah, its going great.,Yeah, everythings good.,Number 11, very similar, how is everything?,Very general.,Maybe implies that you know that everything,hasnt been so great or theres been a problem,in their life.,The most general of all, number 12, is hows things?,Hows things?,I remember boys at school texting me asking me hows things?,I just remember thinking thats such a cop out,because now I have to create a conversation.,Id just reply like, yes, things are good.,How are your things?,Number 13, a very casual one, this is great if you,havent seen someone in a while, hows life?,Hows life treating you?,You can say either/or.,Number 14, this is very warm and friendly,,hows your day been, or hows your day going?,Now, in American, this is used more in customer service,positions, they always want you to have a great day.,I just remember going to America being surprised,at how many people wanted me to have a great day.,After everything it was, have a great day,,you have a great day.,It was like, okay, I will try and have a great day,,thank you.,No ones ever told me to a great day so many times before.,But in British culture, we mean it more when we say it,because we say it with less frequency.,And number 15, I must say Im not a huge fan of this one.,This is all right, or are you all right?,This again is another one we dont really expect,an answer from, its just hey, how are you?,Yeah, Im fine, you all right?,Its very casual.,Right, lets move on to formal ways to say how are you.,A very formal way is, how do you do?,Hello, how do you do?,And you would normally say this when youre greeting someone,or meeting someone that you dont know so well.,How do you do, how do you do?,Normally said while shaking a hand,and we dont necessarily expect a response,in the UK from this one.,We would normally just repeat, how do you do.,The next one is, are you well?,And posh British people just love to use the word well.,Are you well?,Im well, I hope youre well.,Is he well?,Are they well?,Are we well?,Honestly, they use it so much.,When I go to the occasion of posh event,,I have a lot of internal laughter by the amount to times,that well is said.,Are you well?,Is your family well?,These are all fairly formal ways of asking, how are you?,Number three, now this one is almost too posh for me.,Its, how do you fare?,How are you faring?,I must say I havent heard this said in a long time,,but if you want to seem uber, uber posh, be my guest,,as long as youre well.,The next few are more business-related.,Theyre things that your boss might say to you.,Number four is, how are things coming along?,And this implies that there is some sort of progress,to be made.,Maybe youre working on a project or youve got a big job,going on.,How are you getting on?,How are things coming along?,How much progress is being made?,Number five, very similar, how everything coming together?,Implies that maybe there were implies that maybe,there we

SYNONYM vs ANTONYM ???? | Whats the difference? | Learn with examples

synonym,antonym in this lesson i will go through,the difference between these two words,synonym a synonym is a word or phrase,that has the same or exact meaning as,another word or phrase,therefore these words or phrases can be,used,interchangeably if you want to improve,your vocabulary,then you may look up the synonyms in a,dictionary,here youll find different words that,have the same or similar meanings,some common examples are,big the synonym is,huge so these two words have the same,meaning,smart intelligent,alike same,small tiny,begin start,rich wealthy,scared afraid,now lets look at some example sentences,the house is big,she is smart,we look alike,the dog is small,lets begin the class,they are rich,im scared of spiders,now lets put the synonyms into the,sentences,and youll see that the sentence has the,same meaning,the house is huge,she is intelligent,we look the same,the dog is tiny,lets start the class,they are wealthy,im afraid of spiders,antonym an antonym,is a word or phrase that has the,opposite meaning,as another word or phrase,so these cant be used interchangeably,as it would have the opposite meaning to,what is intended,some common examples are,big the antonym is small,tall short,fast slow,early late,old young,always never,loud quiet,now lets look at some example sentences,elephants are big,the building is tall,the car is fast,i arrived early to class,my grandma is old,she always looks after me,the music is loud,now lets put the antonyms into the,sentences,and youll see that the sentences will,have the opposite meaning,elephants are small,the building is short,the car is slow,i arrived late to class,my grandma is young,she never looks after me,the music is quiet,you

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