1. Anova Precision Oven Review | Kitchen Equipment
  2. 2 Year Review and Details of the Anova Precision Oven – Why You Need One.
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Anova Precision Oven Review | Kitchen Equipment

[Music],[Music],now today i have with me something that,ive been wanting to get for a very long,time and lastly when they had their,black friday still i decided to go ahead,with the purchase and this right here is,the anova precision oven a home combi,oven for the home or professional cook,now anova as a brand has been pioneering,the whole sous-vide arena primarily with,their immersion circulators which i,myself have found to be very useful,but more so for higher and precision,style cooking where i want absolute,control over a cooking environment for a,particular ingredient for the record,combi ovens are not cheap theyre,generally for commercial use and its,name suggests its an oven with a,combination of different functions so it,got me really excited that i could,potentially get a home sized combi oven,with a precision of a sous-vide tool at,a fraction of the price of a commercial,combi oven all right quick rundown this,oven here pushes 220 volts and comes,with a uk plug so suitable for many of,us in southeast asia theres two heating,elements one at the top and one at the,rear with its fan each pushing out about,1600 watts each now it also has a,detachable five liter water tank over,here and a steam boiler to produce steam,for humidity control based cooking now,the oven features a touchscreen display,for settings alongside an app to do it,remotely now the touchscreen display is,all right but it does get a little,annoying when youre trying to press,short or long presses but you just miss,your target and when you turn your dial,back it just doesnt respond sometimes,to take out the air to do that kind of,setting for a short cooking is a little,bit troublesome and i think something,like analog or something a bit more,receptive would have been much better,the app is not too bad but it is a,little cluttered there are a bunch of,recipes inside there but i just dont,intuitively want to use them the ad does,come with some presets for dehydrating,proofing braids air frying baking,broiling you name it right but,personally i find those presets,redundant in an oven like this where,youre supposed to dial in the exact,temperatures and settings that you want,now the stage cooking function in the,app is quite useful if you need to cook,something with different temperature,processes like maybe a chicken at 65,degrees celsius first and then,subsequently roasting it at 250 for a,crispy exterior skin now the oven comes,with two different racks and a single,tray,you can also add on a steam tray from,their website as well but you can just,get any perforated trade and that would,work the oven also comes with a prop,thermometer which you can connect into,the oven and perform core temperature,based cooking to a specific final,temperature now personally this is,something i dont really use but i can,definitely see people enjoying using,this function for something like a roast,chicken right the anova precision oven,covers all the traditional settings you,will find in an oven like roasting,baking broiling but with additional,features like sous-vide convection,baking air-frying effectively reheating,and more as a result of humidity plus,precision temperature control in my user,tests and experience it does a great job,with temperature control and serving as,a decked out oven right the oven,preheats really fast and gets to the,desired temperature really quickly it,just took me around five minutes to,reach 250 degrees celsius from room,temperature the great thing about the,oven is that i can perfectly set,temperatures of the cooking environment,within the oven and cook foods to exact,temperatures that i want now this,coupled with sous-vide cooking youre,creating a fixed temperature environment,which the food in question slowly,reaches the target temperature creating,an edge to edge consistent finish in,terms of tennis whether its roasting a,leg of lamb making egg custards or just,reheating food the oven really performed,well based on the exact settings that i,know i want the other novel feature with,the anova precision oven is the humidity,control setup now this allows you to,create a humid environment to minimize,water loss or even steam foods now,higher humidity also speeds up the rate,of heat transfer within the oven itself,mainly because its just more particle,density within the cooking environment,itself now for those of you who bake,breads this also helps with oven spring,and the rice in breads in the baking,process now in my test the humidity,function here does not work the same way,as a steamed oven would in traditional,steam ovens it automatically goes to 100,degrees celsius and it splits out steam,which by the way the anova app has a,preset for,but if youre trying to set a low,temperature and a specific humidity,dont always expect steam or moisture to,be splitted out inside the oven so the,way the oven actually works is that it,compares the internal humidity and if,the internal humidity is already at or,above a set humidity level it will not,produce any additional moisture now this,is going to be a bit more tricky for,people who stay in a tropical climate,like me where humidity is already at 81,at any given moment so while comparing,it to a traditional steamer its not,really an apple to apple comparison but,this humidity setup is great for breads,cooking rice and reheating foods if you,know the exact temperature of the fish,in question that you want to get done at,right soviet cooking you can also kind,of do like a hybrid sous-vide steam mode,within this oven itself which ive,tested to work out fantastic,[Music],in short this is a great combi oven its,fantastic for those of us who know,exactly what temperatures we want our,food at,but thats the thing if you are not that,kind of a cook this really isnt the,oven for a young novice beginner cook,who dont really know exactly what,temperatures you want to play with your,food at right and understandably not,everyone wants to cook their chicken to,exactly 65 degrees celsius so in that,sense this oven is a poor smart oven it,cant auto detect the food that youre,cooking and it cant automatically set,or finish the dish to a preset doneness,that some of these smart ovens in the,market can actually do now one of my,biggest gripe with the oven is the fact,that it doesnt automatically shut off,with this oven so when your timer runs,out the oven doesnt just turn off it,continues running at the same,temperature you left it at so if youre,not careful this can lead to food,burning or scorching unknowingly and,that has definitely happened to me now,like i mentioned sous-vide with this,oven is great but for foods with a lot,of fat like lamb i still would prefer to,use a standard sous-vide set up with a,water bath especially for items that,will be sous-vide for more than 24 hours,i sous-vide a leg of lamb in this oven,for 24 hours and it took me forever,to get rid of the smell of lamb fat from,the oven but for small items like fish,or chicken its nice to be able to not,you know set up an entire water bath,with bags and what not now speaking,about cleaning cleaning the oven really,isnt that difficult all you got to do,is just open the oven up get a cleaning,agent of salt whether its a sprayer,whether its just typical soap all you,got to do is just soap it around give it,a wipe right and then turn on the steam,function for a bit and just let it steam,for good five to ten minutes to get rid,of the excess soap and let it pool at,the bottom and then you just follow that,up with wiping it down and then just,finishing it by roasting it now if,youre trying to get rid of odor from,the oven from a previous bake,youre gonna need to have time with this,but a good way to get started for most,of the smell is to just to get it on 250,degrees celsius and bake it for 45,minutes to get rid of most of the,volatile compounds one big major,question i got was is this better than,an air fryer and honestly,no its not a great air fryer there are,just too much intern

2 Year Review and Details of the Anova Precision Oven – Why You Need One.

hell Im Darren Wilson I am from Fire,and Water cooking and welcome to the,international sous-vide associations,2022 virtual Summit and I am honored,today to be asked to go over the Inova,Precision oven Ive had this probably,almost two years now I think I got it uh,its a couple months after it first was,released and so far I mean Ive had a,couple issues here and there and Im,kind of got to go over with you but I,actually,um use this uh probably a lot more than,Ive used any other Appliance in my,kitchen or you know in the in the house,so Im going to tell you why theres a,few reasons a few things that this thing,can do that,um you know I was kind of surprised,myself how much I would actually use,this and some of them are not what you,would think but Im going to get into,that first of all I just want to say,thanks for having me and Ill get into,this in just one second Ill be right,back,spoken,hot and hotter,[Music],from fire and water,okay first of all if you guys are not,familiar with the Anova Precision oven,um hopefully you are but if not this is,pretty much a countertop home-based,Combi steam oven now you know a lot of,people will say its really not quite,that uh you know complicated or or you,know its not quite as good as one of,those big commercial type Combi or steam,Ovens that you see in the high dollar,kitchens well thats true but thats not,what its supposed to be its supposed,to be actually something that you can,use at home thats not going to,overwhelm you but it does some things,that a regular convection oven or your,regular oven at home cant do and its,actually very affordable some of the,steam Ovens that you can buy for your,kitchen you know the full size ranges,and all that are actually very expensive,theyre six seven ten twelve thousand,dollars the combi steam ovens from,restaurants or anywhere between twenty,thousand to seventy thousand dollars and,up so what this is actually meant to be,is something that can give you very,similar results do very similar things,and those ovens can do but to also be,able to sit on your countertop and do,some other things that maybe those ovens,couldnt do as well so were going to,get into that a lot of people get kind,of confused thinking that this,particular oven was meant to replace,this the sous-vide bath which,I guess you could say it does function,to some extent as you know does some,sous-vide type cooking but as far as Im,concerned it really doesnt replace this,because I still use this quite a lot but,what this offers it offers you some,options that you dont have with this,and that you dont have with your,regular oven and were going to go over,that in just a minute but first of all,you know if youre not familiar this,does comes with a probe theres a probe,Jack inside the oven that you can,actually monitor the internal,temperature of your food now thats one,thing you cant do with the regular,Anova or the Anova Pro now there are,some sous-vide circulators on the higher,end that have uh you know thermometers,that you can use to stick in your food,to monitor the internal temperature of,the food while its in the water bath,but this actually will let you do it,without having to be in a water bath so,since this does have the ability to use,Steam and cooking and it does have a,mode that is considered sous-vide or,its called sous-vide for this,particular oven Im going to tell you,what that actually means and I had Scott,heimandinger the one of the main,developers of this oven on my podcast,and we discussed it in detail and if you,look up fire and water cooking podcast,you can look up that episode and we went,in pretty good detail of this particular,oven,so I suggest you do that as well so all,right guys Im going to be right back,and well get well dig a little bit,deeper into this and kind of show you,one of my top three things that I use,this thing for all right Ill be right,back,all right guys so first off one of the,things I do like about it is I can,actually use my phone to control this,oven you know in my house or when Im,out of the house so thats a real,benefit to me because a lot of times,I want to start my cook or finish my,cook while Im not in the house give you,for instance I do a lot of church,get-togethers and usually we have them,right after services on Sunday and in,order for me to actually have something,ready when I get home,I cant I cant really do that in my,regular oven unless I set some kind of,complicated timer or uh you know just,kind of wait till I get home to try to,cook it and get it heated up,um in time for the guests to start,arriving what the Anova Precision oven,lets me do is I can actually take out,you know cold food and put it in the,oven,and have the timer set to where it goes,off and starts cooking but I can,actually control it from my phone while,Im sitting in the pew at church to uh,set that up I can set up all the,different functions I can set it in,sous-vide mode I can just set it to uh,you know warming mode you can use a,lower temperature or a higher,temperature I can adjust all the,humidity levels I can set the timer I,can use I could have the probe in the,food and use the probe temperature to,control the cook so thats what I I,actually use this a lot for that so,believe it or not I dont use it a lot,for sous-vide type cooking I do use it,occasionally for that but I use it more,for the ability to control the entire,cook when Im not around or not at home,or if Im in another room I can control,it and watch it and follow up on my,Cooks without having to get up and check,the oven every 10 minutes,so,thats one of the things I love about it,but if you notice here this has got a,big water tank on this side one of the,first questions people ask well how much,water does this thing take I dont know,if I want to go out and buy distilled,water you know every other week to fill,this thing up well fortunately this,thing sips water very very lightly I,mean it doesnt take you know,doesnt use water quite as much as you,would think it does it doesnt need a,whole lot of water to create the steam,that it uses because remember its not,creating steam to fill the whole entire,thing with 100 steam all the time,sometimes youre using it for Less,sometimes youre not even using the,steam but it really doesnt need a whole,lot of water to create the steam that it,needs so so get that out of your head,you dont have to worry about you know,you want to use distilled water because,you want to make sure the uh the,internal,Machinery doesnt get all gunked up with,all the minerals and all that but it,doesnt cost a whole lot I mean you can,get a bottle of distilled water for a,dollar and that really will last you two,or three months you know maybe even more,I hardly ever have to put water in my,tank so and I use it quite often I use,this probably three to four times a week,for various things so,um yeah I mean dont even worry about,that they do uh continually uh update,the firmware and theyre all always,tinkering with it and changing the,firmware trying to improve some of the,software control issues on this oven so,its not something that,theyre not just leaving you here with,this oven and then you know youre,pretty much done with it you know,theyre constantly working on and,improving the firmware software for this,oven I use this like I said with Wi-Fi,all the time and the Bluetooth you know,for the controls,the app Im going to go over the app in,just a minute well go over some of the,functions of the app I dont use the app,100 of the time for recipes but they do,have plenty of good recipes on there so,let me go ahead and open you show you,here that does have the readouts on the,uh,door panel here and you can actually,change change some of the things on here,you can use the change the different,um,elements so you got a top and bottom,element and a rear element so you can,actually change how those elements work,you can also change all that as a lot,more functionality on the app itself you,can actually change y

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Anova Precision Combi Oven Review – Is it Just a Fancy $600 Toaster Oven?

from the same company that has brought,you the precision cooker sous vide this,is the anova precision oven everyones,been dying to know whats it like well i,have my hands on one by the way this is,an unsponsored review i paid for this,like everybody else ordered it from the,website so more in the precision oven,coming up right after this,[Music],hey,[Music],so what is this anova precision oven is,this just a real glorified toaster oven,or is it something that you really need,in your kitchen,well first of all what is a combi oven,well its a regular oven just like your,one you have in your range or in your,wall it has a bottom element has a top,element and then it also has a rear,element with a fan so its convection,oven as well so it blows all that hot,air around it works like an air fryer,and it also has a steam generator which,allows this to do a whole bunch of other,things not just steaming but for,proofing breads doing sous-vide and it,does all this while sitting on your,counter now this is not the very first,combine theyve been around for years,and years mainly in commercial uses,check out this picture i took at a,restaurant supply store the other day,thats right thats 23 000,for that oven,thats right these things are not cheap,and you can get combi ovens for your,regular household use as well but even,those ones cost several thousands of,dollars this one goes for just six,hundred dollars and it has a ton of,features,i remember a decade ago when sous vide,was just starting to become a thing,however,it was gonna run you five or six hundred,dollars for a unit they were used in,restaurants and then companies like,anova came out with their own,precision cookers their sous-vide sticks,and it made it so accessible to the,masses made it accessible to everyone,and i think this is what theyre doing,with this precision oven so lets have a,look at it now,first thing you notice when you take it,out of the box this thing is no small,toaster oven and it weighs quite a bit,its 50 pounds and the exterior,dimensions is its 22 inches wide and,the depth is they say 17 inches but,thats just basically right to the edge,here if you include the handle you can,consider that 20 inches for the actual,depth and its 14 inches high so this is,a pretty big unit and you have to make,sure you do have a little extra space,for venting,above the unit and on either side,as you can see on the handle here are,all your controls,lets start from the left side you have,your wi-fi symbol then you have your,selector for which burners you are going,to use so you have a regular top bottom,your bottom you have just your top and,you have your rear,and you can do some other combinations,like lets say having the rear and the,bottom but you cannot do that through,the manual controls on the handle you,can do it through the app which well,talk about in a second then beside that,you have your temperature control if you,hit that thermometer you can see it goes,into sous vide mode and hit that back,into regular oven mode you have your,timer we hit that again thats going to,also give you your probe this comes with,a temperature probe and thats going to,give you your your food internal,temperature,and of course the steam symbol you can,adjust how much steam or relative,humidity that you put into that oven,and then beside that you have your on,and off button as well by the way this,is by no means a technical review of,this oven there are pages and pages and,pages of information on the internet for,sous-vide for combi cooking theres a,lot of science involved to it,the nice thing is is that innova has,done a lot of the homework for you,theyve created an app and if you go and,scroll through they have all sorts of,recipes that you can experiment with and,with the app you can actually control,the oven and all you have to do is hit,the corresponding start buttons on the,app and it will set everything for you,in different steps even,the combi oven is definitely not as,simple as the anova precision cooker,sous vide that one you just put it in,the water you seal your bag and you just,set your temperature forget about it and,just come back and take it out,there are a lot more variables to a,combi oven,anovas done as much as they can do to,help you out but there is a little bit,of a learning curve so be aware of that,lets take a look on the inside,when you open it up it has a nice,positive feel to when it closes or when,you open it,so open it up,it has been used for almost a month now,so it is not pristine and clean it comes,with,a pan were going to talk about that in,a second here,and it comes with two racks there are,five positions on the racks and on the,left side youll see there is a rubber,stop and you unplug that and thats,where your temperature probe plugs into,if you choose to use that overall you,have quite a bit of room 1.2 cubic feet,to be exact which is just a little bit,smaller than one that i was looking,online a bosch unit and thats 1.4 so a,very very good size check this out here,is a 14 pound turkey and it will fit in,this oven which makes this a perfect,candidate if you have a smaller kitchen,or maybe you want something for the,cottage you dont have a range there and,you want something that can do it all,well this is going to be your guy right,here and it doesnt take a lot of,electricity either beside the oven is,your water reservoir it holds 1.3,gallons or 5 liters of water they,recommend distilled water so it doesnt,scale up the internals too bad it just,keeps things a little bit cleaner nice,thing about it this will run for 24,hours of steam if youre steaming,something for that long thats a pretty,pretty long cook anyways itll do that,and if you run out you can actually just,go and open this up and just,pour more in unlike some other ones that,have the reservoir built in on the,inside where you have to open,your oven door to get access to the tank,to fill it up which youre going to lose,all that heat and that nice steam this,one you can just keep that door closed,and then fill it up by the way this has,excellent excellent insulation it does,not get that hot on the outside,whatsoever and it holds the heat very,very well making it very efficient so,whats a big advantage of using steam,when cooking well there are a lot of,advantages first of all if you just,regular steaming it is healthier first,of all but also if youre using it in,conjunction with lets say the,convection so you can go real high heat,482 degrees this will go up to and real,high heat and you can adjust how much,steam that you put into it it can,actually cook things on the outside a,little bit faster,think of this steam transmits heat much,more effectively than just air,so lets say you have a an oven and its,at 212 degrees and you put your hand in,it and say yeah no big deal meanwhile if,you put your hand over a pot of boiling,water which is at 212 degrees and that,steam what does that do to your hand,yeah youre going to pull that away,pretty darn fast because that,heat transfers so fast and you get the,same type of effect when youre using,steam with this oven another nice thing,is for baking using that steam for,baking bread or buns ive been doing,that a lot and,without this team a lot of people that,you can do it in your oven but youre,youre using a spray bottle and spraying,all the time and youre putting a water,bath underneath well this one just does,it all for you get that really nice,crust it just does it all you can proof,in this and you can also sous vide if,you dont know what sous-vide is check,out anovas website but im pretty sure,if youre watching this video you know,what it is and you probably even own a,sous-vide yourself so anything you can,do with your immersion circulator you,can do with this oven so you set your,temperature lets say we want 135,for our steak that were going to make,and were going to go to,100 percent,now when youre in sous-vide mode this,is different this steam is,actual relative humidity,so its n

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Anova Precision™ Oven Tutorial

The Anova Precision™ Oven has,many modes for perfect results.,Choosing the right one for the food,you’re cooking,is critical to taking your meal,from good to great.,Lets take a look at the different,cooking modes,offered by the Anova Precision™ Oven,,how they work,,and some examples of,when youd want to use each.,The Anova Precision™ Oven measures,wet bulb temperatures,,making bagless sous vide,cooking possible within the oven.,The wet bulb sensor measures,the surface temperature of your food,,so when you set your target temp,,it will be,the same,as what your food is experiencing,,just like in a sous vide water bath.,You can also speed up the sous vide process,by using the included probe.,Just set the probe temperature,to your desired doneness,and then set the oven temperature,slightly higher than that.,We call this mode sous vide express.,When you hit your target temperature,,youll be alerted,and can remove your,perfectly cooked food.,You can also use sous vide,mode without steam.,This is useful for cooking proteins,that have skin like chicken or fish -,when you want to keep the skin dry,and ready to brown.,Keep in mind that cooking sous vide,without steam takes a bit longer, as steam,increases the efficiency,of heat transfer.,When setting your oven up for sous vide mode.,Youll want to use the rear heat source,,100% steam for skinless proteins or,0% steam for skin on proteins,,high fan, and have sous vide mode turned on.,Keep in mind,that oven temperature,cannot go above 212°F,or 100°C,when sous vide mode is turned on.,Using high heat and the convection fan,is a great way to quickly roast,foods like chicken,,where you want a crispy skin,and a perfectly juicy interior.,The Anova Precision™ Oven,is a true convection oven,,wtih a heating element,surrounding the fan,so that heat is generated,and forced out and around your food.,To set convection roast,,make sure sous vide mode is turned off,,and either the rear or top+rear,heating elements are selected.,The fan is automatically set,to high to circulate the heat.,When in doubt,,just reference,one of our many convection,recipes at oven.anovaculinary.com,If youre using your favorite recipe,,reduce the cooking temp,by 25°F,or 12 to 13°C,and keep in mind,the food may cook more quickly.,The food probe makes tracking,the internal temperature,of whatever youre cooking a breeze.,To use it, just insert,the probe,into the thickest part of the raw food,,making sure,more than 1/3rd is in the food.,Before you cook,,attach the loose end of the probe,to the port inside of your oven.,Once your meal’s cooking,,youll be able to track,the internal temperature,from the oven interface or app.,Multi-stage cooking refers to any recipe,where you use a series of different,oven settings,to achieve your finished result.,You can cook a multi-stage recipe,or create,one on your own directly in the app.,After youve added the oven settings,for your first stage,,click ‘Add Oven Stage’,and fill in the settings,for the next stage.,You can choose,for the stage transition,to proceed automatically or manually,,depending on your recipe.,Sous vide mode,and browning,is the most frequently,used multi-stage cook,,and for good reason.,Its amazing for things,like skin-on poultry or larger roasts.,Stage one cooks your food,to the same perfect level of doneness,all the way through,,while stage two brings color,and texture to the outer layer –,the best of both worlds.,Just like traditional sous vide methods,,you can pasteurize proteins,,making them safe to eat,,by holding them for a long enough,period of time,at your desired temperature.,Stage one brings your food,to the internal doneness,youd like, and stage two holds,youd like, and then stage two holds,the oven at that temperature,until the food has been pasteurized.,Multi-stage cooks are also great,for preparing,multiple components of a dish.,A great example of,this is making the mac and cheese,from our oven recipe collection.,First, cook the pasta in the oven,using steam.,Then drain, mix with your cheese sauce,,return to the oven,,and use convection roast for,a crispy finish.,You can,also use multi-stage cooking,to replicate a professional bread oven,by injecting steam in stage 1,to start the baking process.,This encourages maximum oven spring,and a nice airy crumb.,Dry heat in stage 2 browns the bread,and gives it a beautifully crisp crust.,Steam-roasting quickly and efficiently,transfers heat,,adding a nice char to,the exterior of your food,while maintaining a tender interior.,To set your oven for steam roasting:,turn on your top+rear,or rear heat sources,and have sous mode turned off.,The fan is automatically set,to high to circulate the heat.,In general,,we recommend using the middle oven rack,and 10 to 50% steam.,Also use a slightly lower,oven temperature,about 25°F,,or 12 to 13°C,lower than youd typically use,because steam transfers,heat much more effectively,than dry roasting.,A variation of steam-roasting is steam-broiling,,which uses the top element,for a blast of heat to quickly,and very effectively brown,high-moisture, quick-cooking foods.,To set your oven for steam-broiling:,turn on your top heat source,and have sous vide mode turned off.,The fan is automatically set,to high to circulate the heat.,When steam-broiling,,it’s best to use the highest or second,highest oven rack position,and to set the steam percentage,between 10 and 50%.,You can also use the steam function,to prepare foods,that youd normally steam on the stove,like vegetables or frozen dumplings.,You can even go a step,further and steam dishes,that would traditionally,be boiled in hot water,like rice and grains.,If you have a perforated pan,,use it for steaming vegetables.,For dumplings, bao,and other steamed breads,,a bamboo steamer will work best.,For larger items, like artichokes,,you can steam directly on an oven rack.,To set your oven to steam:,use the rear heat source,,100% steam,and make sure sous vide mode is turned off.,The fan is automatically set to high,to circulate the heat.,General guidelines,for steaming,are 213°F,or 101°C,oven temperature for vegetables and rice;,at least,220°F or 104°C,for thicker foods like dumplings,,bao and tamales.,Professional level features.,Countertop size.,Perfect results, every time.,The Anova Precision™ Oven.,The Anova Precision™ Oven.

Anova precision Oven HONEST initial review

right so this is going to be a short,video at the moment,um as you can see weve got the new oven,the new Anova,um,our Precision oven anyway Ill get the,right title soon so that arrived a,couple of days ago so what weve just,done is reorganize the actual um Kitchen,in a sense because initially we thought,that that was actually too wide and Too,Tall,um so we had to actually move,the microwave over to there and over to,there and then we just found out that,this can actually fit over there which,is good,so the initial,um,Overview at the moment its not my full,review its not my full overview but,its just a tiny bit of comment for my,um sort of backlog of videos,um really nice looking,um,so nice clear sounds,thatll probably get a little bit,irritating if youre doing a late night,and someones trying to sleep,um I dont know how its going to sound,when its actually on,um Im not actually going to be doing,that right now,um,this,is flexible,same as I saw it in same as this side,thats a bit concerning,Im only saying its concerning because,of our previous experience with that,heap of crap which is the Biko which we,actually stopped using and within about,three months of trying to cook with it,because the extra the actual body was,made up of thin material which allowed,the heat to come out and it was just,dangerous and Ill actually State the,model in the description,um with this it actually was so bad that,there was,um many hundreds of bad reviews saying,how bad it was anyway,thats the concern I have with this,um Ill be quite surprised if he doesnt,actually pour out the Heat and if it,does that means that obviously the,heating side here wont be contained and,it wont actually give good enough,um,good enough cooking temperature that it,would take longer to cook anyway so as I,said since I dont actually know this I,since I havent experienced it thats,just my um pre-thought before actually,using it completely,um handling it is actually quite nice I,actually like it,um it feels good quality in a sense,except from obviously the top section,thats got a good connection I like the,fact that the actual light comes on,this is actually a lot bigger than our,previous,um device which is that over there again,I will be doing another review like I,will be doing a review on that one and,this ones a lot smaller I believe,that one comes to run about here,um it is actually shorter in height as,well and this one has about two I think,two extra layers um levels or of height,compared to this one,um this by the way,doesnt do CV doesnt do anything like,that it primarily does induction,induction and convection cooking,um which is pretty much okay for single,households not only for family Etc so,because we had so many issues with that,one down there this is why I purchased,this um about I think it was six weeks,ago taking such a long time to actually,get here,um which is a quite a bit of a,um its quite a bit of a issue with a,lot of people that have purchased it,um because its its been such a delay,in actually getting here so,I,wanted to get hold of this because I,wanted to improve my cooking I wanted to,improve the quality and I felt like I,was more confined cooking with this I,was spending a lot more time cooking,with this and it was just making the,cleaning of it is also far worse in this,and I believe this also has Auto,cleaning Im not too sure but it does,actually appear because theres is there,yeah theres no bars so theres no bars,to actually cook and with this which,means its going to be far better for,easier to clean,um the only downside at the moment I can,see,when I originally had it over on the,other side is this door when I opened it,up,its kind of just keeps going,um a little bit of an angle coming,down,um I dont know if thats going to be,able to cope with any weight,um but that that kind of does concern me,you would think that that would actually,be,at a level and I dont think is a level,thing is actually dipping down a bit,um its nice clear and depending on,actually if its going to stay clear,given how when you do cook sometimes,just like with the typical oven you get,the marks and steam and everything else,and Im wondering if thats actually,kind of easy to clean,um,I havent actually looked at the manual,yet,um oh there we go right so where I was,saying about the The Buzz,theres actually the typical,um what I would say old-fashioned,um bar there,so Im hoping that that actually doesnt,become a nightmare to clean,and weve got one single light there,um,so yeah its going to be take a bit of,time to learn,especially with the programs,yeah,so it should be good to actually get,used to,um and I guess Ill get right back to it,um,this is going through the first stage,um of the cleaning,its on the rear heater element,certain degrees,Centigrade 15 minutes 15 minutes and,then itll ask you I just finished to,bring down the door lets eventually,shut it set it again do it on the second,time youll be pressing that,okay so the first cycle has been cleaned,what I had noticed,down there,something along there I think anyway,what I had noticed when I came down,is that before I turned it off via that,the actual,um clock had gone down it hadnt sounded,off as far as I could hear because I was,upstairs,but the temperature here,kept hanging around,um the the 100 oh well,the temperature that Id set it at,it was going in between,um one and two along here so that tells,me that its still holding the,temperature,whilst its finished cooking now I dont,know if thats going to be happening,when you cook stuff,um,or if its just a cleaning situation,because I would think that if its still,going to be holding the temperature,after you cook something then its going,to overcook it even when its finished,the cooking cycle which I think might be,a bit of a problem,right second stage,okay how do we do this,turn that on,oh okay all right I think youve got to,make sure thats closed right,Im a novice,there we go so you have to make sure,thats actually sealed up,so that that the,um,Im going to fast,what I have something thats,um instantly came to me when I was doing,all these settings,um it goes from the temperature and it,also goes with,um this item here,um,I personally get really irritated when,you have to use these buttons,um even if its even if its fast,progression,I find it so much better if you just had,a wheel you could just go to it and be,done otherwise you can be spending too,much time getting to the number or two,and to the number of the timer or too,much to the temperature that could be,just mean but that is how I feel right,there we go,so again just like the previous as you,can see when the actual temperature,dropped,um it dropped down to 135 degrees,um,okay so Ive stopped the second cycle,simply because I,didnt follow the instructions,um fully it does say allow the actual,oven to cool down,which I presume means completely cold,and then we do it now because as you,just noticed as I was telling you its,135 degrees,because I want to do it properly Im now,going to just give it 20 minutes to cool,down,um and Ill come back and Ill redo it,okay so lets try this again so its,cool to the turtle pretty much,um so its pretty much safe,so close to the top,turn it on,180 get again,so its either,doing that or doing this but then it can,go just way too fast which means that,you have to come back down again and,keep doing this,thats why I say the the turn knob can,be so much better,um,180.,and that selection all damn,and,so as you can see its telling the,temperature of the internals already,its 39 degrees,so it was pretty not pretty much cool,enough it was 130 yard beforehand so now,Im going to leave it,to do its thing for the next 15 minutes,what it probably what it will do before,it starts the 15 minute countdown is,climb up to the 118 and then itll climb,down in 15,um down to 15 minutes okay,okay so this is finished,um I didnt hear anything chime off so,come down here to find its not finished,as you can see the timers o

Anova Precision Oven – Unboxing And Review Countertop Steam Oven

welcome to another season 1.5 episode of,the tiny nigerian kitchen the not so,tiny nigerian kitchen,and we are nearly at season two which,will be featuring,travels around southern and west africa,and recipes,inspired by that trip but today,is another unboxing episode i am super,super excited ive been waiting almost,five months,for this new piece of kitchen equipment,and that is of course,the other the anova precision,steam combi oven,now as well as unboxing it and reviewing,the features of this oven,ill be putting it through four,challenges the first will be a broiling,test,the second will be testing out the,sous-vide features of the oven,the third will be a low temperature test,and finally ill be baking,a loaf of bread using the steam features,ive read quite a few reviews that say,that this oven is a large and if this,box is anything to go by,this oven is going to be pretty freaking,huge,okay so while i get on with unboxing,this beast of an oven please go down,below and,smash that like button to show support,to the channel and if youre not already,subscriber then do consider pressing,that subscribe button while youre at it,okay so weve got a probe,weve got the,scratch myself some shelving,and a,pan,use a guide,some plastic thing,some plastic thing i think these will be,for the water tray insert ah,yeah so this is,the insert for,so this is what the water will go in to,provide,steam to the oven,[Music],i have been expecting you this thing,is beautiful,oh yeah so,the water tray slides on,i guess like so,yes there we go top looks like itll go,on there,im sure ive done something wrong,because im not sure what this piece is,nice,is to figure out what this thing is,so i guess i will read the instructions,okay so i gave in and read instructions,its a drip tray so that goes in,the bottom right there perfect,whoa there we go and were good to go so,lets read the instructions properly and,put this thing to the test,so im going to start by introducing all,the other features that are accessible,via the handle display controls,first on the bar youll notice the wi-fi,connection indicator that allows you to,connect your phone,to the oven next comes the heating,element selectors,so the oven has got an exposed upper,heating element,a rare heating convection fan and a,lower heating element,so the top element is great for searing,or toasting while the bottom element is,better for proofing fermenting,and dehydrating and finally the rare,element is great for air frying,baking or browning and seved mode next,is the section for temperature settings,first youve got the little thermometer,icon which you press,to switch on and off the sous vide mode,the temperature of the oven can be set,with the plus and the minus buttons,and if you actually need to change the,temperature from celsius to fahrenheit,then you simply long press on the,thermometer icon,[Music],the next section is for the cook target,settings,the cook target selector lets you change,between a timer or,probe mode so if you want to set a,certain amount of time for the oven to,be,on a particular mode then use the timer,mode whereas if you want the oven to,cook up to a certain temperature of the,food then you would use,the probe mode inside the oven there is,a food probe,port where you plug in the food probe,and you put this into your piece of meat,and you leave it in the oven and it will,alert you when the meat has reached a,certain internal temperature,the next section is for the steam,settings so you can switch steam on and,off,and you can dialing how much steam you,want,when cooking below 100 degrees celsius,then the steam percentage youre dialing,is interpreted as a,relative humidity if however youre,using the oven above 100 degrees celsius,then actually the oven just puts out,steam constantly,so the first test is the even grilling,or broiling for my american audience,and the aim of this test is to see how,evenly,the oven grills food so i laid out a,rack full of bread,and put it in the oven and then switched,it on and as you can see,parts of the heating element actually,heats up much quicker than other parts,so,the bottom left a relatively dark and,right over on the right you can see the,parts of it is still,just only slightly toasted so,i decided to actually flip the bread,over and put it back in,on the shelf too so not as close to the,heating element,and now the oven is already heated up to,see the difference it makes,much better so when using the anova oven,like most other ovens with this kind of,heating element it is best,to preheat the oven first and try not to,place your food,too close to the elements,the second test is the low temperature,test so my main motivator for buying a,new oven,was the fact that i discovered that my,old oven did not work properly below 180,degrees celsius,i tried to make meringues on several,occasions and,burnt each time and i realized okay i,think its time to buy a new oven,so i was very keen to make sure that my,anova could handle,and make meringues well,and it does it perfectly,it was actually while running this test,that i discovered that the anova does,have one little quirk,with timers when you use a timer to cook,your food,the oven doesnt actually switch off at,the end all it does is alert you,that your timer is over so you have to,make sure you actually go and,physically switch off the oven at that,point,the third test is the souveed mode test,now id say this is one of the features,that really sets the anova precision,oven apart,and thats because it uses,state-of-the-art wet bulb sensors,to constantly measure the temperature,your food is experiencing,to just a couple of degrees now for this,test i actually pitted the oven against,the traditional method of doing souveed,which was,with a immersion hand stick in water,and then one breast was placed in sous,vide mode inside the anova oven,and this is because anova claims that,using the sous-vide mode and,food probe you can actually sous vide,food much faster in the oven and i found,this to be the case,i was able to reach the same internal,temperatures much quicker,in the oven,secondly you get the advantage that you,dont have to mess around with,putting things into bags vacuum sealing,or,you know filling a tub of water so i,will say from now on the anova oven will,be my go-to,for sous-viding food and when i check,the edge to edge,doneness on the inside of the two,breasts,you can see that the anova is just as,good as your traditional method of,sous-viding,now the fourth and final test was using,the steam mode,for baking now if you look you can see,the steam coming out the front of the,oven and when this first happened,it scared the living daylights out for,me i thought there was a malfunction,then i read the instructions and found,that theres actually a stinging vent,and so that is actually meant to happen,again this means it will affect the,placement of your oven in your kitchen,to allow for this now the idea of using,steam,in baking bread is that the steam is,supposed to help,the bread form a nice thick crunchy,crust now for my test with the anova,ill sound pretty impressed im no,professional baker by any means,but i was able to turn out a pretty good,loaf with,a good crust,so that would be a thumbs up in terms of,the steam feature,for baking bread with the anova oven,now guys again dont forget to press,that like button,if youre enjoying what youre watching,so far,okay all well and good i can hear some,of you saying but why do you need a,wi-fi connected oven for goodness sake,well let me tell you a little story so,recently i went to the gym on my way,back i popped,into the supermarket and i saw they had,some corn in the cup for sale,so i bought some whipped up my phone,searched for recipes for corn,on the anova app found one bang got the,oven going so that by the time i was in,it was already preheated i quickly,prepped my corn,following the recipe popped it into the,oven and would you believe,20 minutes or so later i had a fab

Equipment Review: Smart Ovens

(upbeat music),- Smart countertop ovens use advanced technology,to take over cooking for you, or guide you step-by-step,,while promising to replace a bunch of other appliances.,From air fryers, to slow cookers, toasters, to dehydrators,,indoor grills to sous vide, pizza ovens and more.,Now, this sounds like a tall order,,and each oven takes a different approach.,So are any of these worth buying?,We tested five smart ovens.,Now, in every oven, we made four standard foods,to compare how they performed,,and how easy they were to use and clean.,We roasted chicken, baked biscuits, made toast,,and barbecued ribs.,So let me introduce you to the five ovens we tested.,First up, the June Smart Oven.,It uses radiant heat from six quartz heating elements,to cook food.,Now this updated model includes some new abilities,and new accessories.,The basic oven costs about $600.,Next, Tovala. This compact oven uses steam,,in combination with regular radiant oven heat.,It also has an optional meal-kit plan,for dinners designed to cook in about 20 minutes,after you scan the code on the package.,Tovala costs about $300.,Next, Brava. It cooks using powerful infrared lights,on the top, and bottom of the oven.,Its cool feature is that it lets you cook,up to three different ingredients, like salmon, green beans,,and potatoes, to each ingredients perfect done-ness,,on the same baking sheet at the same time.,This oven runs about $1,000 for its baseline model.,Now heres the Panasonic HomeChef Four-in-One,countertop multi-oven.,It can air fry, bake, roast, broil, and microwave.,Its the only oven we tested without its own app.,This is also the only smart oven that has a trim kit,,so you can install it as a wall oven in your kitchen.,It costs around $530.,And finally, we have the Anova Precision Oven,,which uses radiant heat and steam,from the big tank along one side.,You can set the percentage of steam to be used,,and you can customize how it cooks.,Steam cookings designed to keep food moist as it cooks.,Its especially helpful for baking,,like bread, cake and biscuits,,so they come out tall and moist, with a crisp crust.,This ovens priced around $600.,Okay, so thats the theory of how all these work.,Heres what happened in real life.,The Anova, Ive gotta be honest, it was a pain.,Everything took forever to cook.,And the results were not worth the wait.,Chicken and ribs were still a bit wet and rubbery,after hours and hours of cooking.,The only exceptional foods we made were cake and biscuits.,But I really cant see buying a $600 oven,to make slightly better biscuits and cake.,The app was not very intuitive to use.,And escaping steam bleached the wooden countertop,under this oven.,Its not my favorite smart oven, and its not recommended.,Brava is another story.,It made a few things exceptionally well,,including great roast chicken.,And that trick of cooking different foods at once?,Fantastic idea, and it does work.,But, you have to follow a million rules for success,,including cutting all of the pieces of food, very specific,,small and uniform sizes.,And keeping each food in its own zone on the tray.,And not putting too skimpy a layer,,and not too piled up, et cetera, et cetera.,Gonna be honest, this oven was just too fussy and bossy.,And by the way, never open this oven while its cooking,,or youre gonna damage your eyes.,So naturally, theres also no window,to watch whats happening.,You can check progress on the little video screen on top.,The Panasonic HomeChef was okay.,It was basically a very big microwave oven,with some extended capabilities.,It defrosted ground turkey really well.,Biscuits baked decently, and it air-fried okay.,But it couldnt make toast.,We had to use the broil function instead,,and then watch it like a hawk.,Roast chicken had a very specific program,,where you had to enter the weight of the chicken,,down to the ounce.,And it was supposed to cook automatically.,Well, it smelled amazing,,but it overcooked that chicken badly. Not so smart.,And we actually really like Tovala.,It functioned well as a countertop oven.,And its programmed recipes also worked.,Both the oven, and its app were intuitive to use,,and the oven only took a cup of tap water to generate steam.,Not the gallon or more of distilled water,that you need for the Anova.,But its major flaw was that its a little bit small.,We could only fit half a rack of barbecued ribs.,A whole four-pound chicken barely squeezed in.,This oven is best for one, or two people.,Its also pretty affordable. So we chose it as our best buy.,And that brings us to our favorite by a landslide.,The June oven just continues to astonish us,with its abilities.,It actually makes cooking easier and simpler,and more reliable.,Now here are some of the things we really love about it.,First, the app and the display,are exact mirrors of each other,,giving you full control and the ability to monitor progress,with either one at any time.,Its display always tells you whats happening,,in multiple ways, with graphics, words and numbers.,And theres a big, clear window,,so you can actually just watch.,Plus theres a camera inside the top of the oven,so you can even check progress by video on the app,from another room.,The app notifies you whats going on,,and it pings you again when its finished.,And it gives you graphs of food and oven temperatures,so you can get as nerdy as you want.,It even saves video history and cooking details,of the last 10 things you made, so you can check back.,What else can it do?,It can identify hundreds of foods in seconds.,So if I put a slice of bread in to make toast, boom.,It asks if its this or that.,It gives instructions for where,to put the rack, and other tips.,If you decide to add time,to get the right done-ness for you,,it asks if you wanna save your preferences for next time.,For more complex foods like meat, poultry or fish,,theres an attached temperature probe,that lets the oven keep track of done-ness.,so food never overcooks.,A new cast iron pizza stone and grill pan,made gorgeous pizza and grilled chicken breasts.,The air fryer baskets worked really well.,Ribs came out fall-apart tender,,and a whole chicken on a bed of vegetables,roasted to perfection.,On the other hand,,if youre interested in super convenience,,it can also recognize and cook many packaged foods,from Trader Joes and Whole Foods.,Now, with this oven, we could just as easily,manually cook our own recipes, use pre-programmed settings,,or follow the step-by-step guided recipes on the June app,,which were well designed and nice and clear.,The oven was easy to keep clean,and all the accessories were sturdy and well made.,Plus, because the June is Internet connected,,the company releases periodic software updates,,keeping the oven improving and adding features over time.,You know, to be honest, I cant even get into all the things,this oven can do.,Youre just gonna have to explore for yourself.,But the bottom line is,,we found it was actually relaxing to work with this oven.,Because we quickly learned to trust it,and its cooking results.,And thats why June is our new favorite smart oven.

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