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Antakshari Movie Review By Baradwaj Rangan | Vipin Das | Saiju Kurup | Vijay Babu | Jeetu Joseph

[Applause],[Music],hello and welcome to galata plus in this,episode were going to be talking about,the malayalam thriller antakshari,directed by vipindas it stars sergio,guru priyanka nayar sudhi koppa and,vijay babu and it is streaming on sony,live lets first talk about the title,antakshari now as many of you know it is,a game where you sing a song and then,when you finish the song with a,particular letter the person next in,line has to begin a song with that,particular letter so there are two,things structurally at work here one is,the same action is carried out through a,period of time then the action is,singing a song and second thing is there,is an element of unpredictability,because you dont know what song the,other person is going to sing now think,about a criminals actions lets say a,thief or a serial killer arent they,similar to antakshari in a way there is,a sense of continuity because the same,action of killing or thieving is carried,out over a period of time and the second,thing is the unpredictability factor,because,you dont know who the next victim is,going to be so yes that is the,connection between the title and the,theme of crime in this thriller,but heres a surprise in this film what,happens is it takes a very long time for,these connections to become really clear,one of the connections in this film that,keeps appearing throughout almost is the,theme of the film song there is a,yasudas name drop the opening scene is,that of a family watching a film song on,a television set and the name of the,place the film is set in is called,kedaram which is also the name of araga,and the cop character played by sergio,kurup is fond of antakshiri he plays the,game with his family and he plays with,the game with the people hes captured,in a station as well which makes him a,kind of a cheerful eccentric and sergio,kuru captures this flavor beautifully,and slowly the thriller elements start,kicking in now why is saiju getting a,strange call from a strange man who,seems to know about his fondness for,antakshari now this has the ball rolling,and we slowly sink into a thriller where,there is one common motif that many of,the families in this film have a young,daughter there are also abused children,a youth wing leader who issues threats,strangled animals there are also,psychopathic men theres a ton of,stethoscopes and there is also the old,bike that saju owns i mean its not even,second hand its probably i dont know,20th hand or something like that priyank,and i replaced sergio groups wife and,slowly they come to the realization that,they are in some kind of danger but they,dont know why or what and we get to the,middle portion of this movie which is,the investigation whats going on thats,the question we keep asking but even,then the director keeps saying wait now,this roundabout approach has a strength,and a weakness the strength is that the,more you keep the audience in the dark,the more anxious they are likely to get,and the more intrigue theyre likely to,get because they keep asking okay we,know all these story threads are there,but when are they all going to come,together but the weakness is that some,of these story threads never come,together at all they keep flapping in,the wind for example there is a young,engineering student who wants to study,music there is a mysterious woman named,nana there is a woman who is in her,second marriage and thats no better,than the one she had earlier these are,interesting outlines for characters but,they are not sketched out convincingly,there is also a scene early on where a,little boy who belongs to a lower class,and probably lower caste family,and he is told that he is not good,enough to sit on a big shiny bullet bike,so i wondered if class or cast is going,to play a factor in this movie but that,too remains a threat that remains,flapping in the wind perhaps the point,is to lead us all on a really big wild,goose chase but after about half an hour,i began to wish for more focus in the,narrative the last half hour especially,drags on but saiju groups excellent,performance keeps us all together i mean,this is one of his most memorable,performances yet technical aspects of,the film are very good theres some very,evocative imagery for example theres a,scene where a young girl is literally,surrounded by trees and they seem to be,bending towards her threateningly its a,very eerie image and ankit menus music,is very good theres no clutter in the,soundtrack and the way the instruments,are used whether percussion or string is,also very different perhaps its no,surprise then that music is the major,highlight of a film named nantakshari so,thats it about this movie if you like,this review do subscribe to galata plus,and see you soon at the movies,[Applause],[Music]

Antakshari Movie Malayalam Review | SonyLIV | Reeload Media


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Antakshari 2022|MovieReview| SaijuKurup| SudhiKoppa| VipinDas| KottayamRamesh| PriyankaNair| SonyLiv

[Music],hello dear movie lovers welcome back to,your favorite channel drishtikun and,this is your reviewer doctors nikhta,ranjit,how many of you love to play the game,and actually in which a person sings a,song and with the first letter of the,last word the next person has to sing a,song and the game goes on and on till,all the participants are not able to,sing a song with this letter im sure,many of us would have played this game,in our childhood and few of us would do,this when we grow up as well for fun,you would have got an idea on which,movie im going to review today yes i am,going to review,the malayalam movie antarctic which is,now streaming on sony live,the movie is written and directed by,vipindas the producer of the movies,al-jasam abdul-jabbar under sultan,brothers entertainments the,cinematographer of the movie is pablo,aju sound designing is done by arun s,money the cast of the movie include,sajukurup,the movie belongs to the genre suspense,thriller and drama,cia das is obsessed with the musical,game and takshari and he has a different,way of dealing with his culprits using,this game the fun in playing the game,ends as he gets trapped in a,life-threatening game for himself and,his daughter he goes in search of the,killer and the whole story revolves,around the gradual unfolding of the same,a bike and a stethoscope plays a major,role in creating curiosity among the,audience the climax of the movie,portrays the fun game and actually in a,tense and scary atmosphere the pace of,the movie is slow however not boring and,it is capable enough to create some,curiosity among the audience,the performance of the villain character,kishore whos a psychopath though his,screen presents us for few minutes has,done a good job,the child artist who has performed his,shows childhood has done an excellent,job in the same way saya dass daughter,has also done a reasonable good job,priyanka nayar has done justice to her,character sajo kuruk who has got a good,character after a long time has done,pretty well,the treatment of the subject untouchable,game is certainly a noble idea,the plot and the story of the movie are,good and it has dealt with social issues,as child abuse sexual abuse and caste,system,the suspense factor which has been,retained till the end of the movie is,also a good aspect the performances of,the actors were good however felt that,they could have been used in a better,way sound designing and cinematography,were also fine however it did not reach,the level of excellence which is,required for the plot of the movie the,climax was incomplete many stories which,were initiated at some or the other,point in the movie were left open at the,end,the scenes involving child abuse animal,abuse or violence against women are a,bit uneasy to watch hence you can,refrain your children from watching this,movie,now let me share my opinion about the,movie it is a one time watch for those,who love this genre of movies for them,also there are certain parts which are,left unaddressed and the audience is,kept hanging for answers,since the background score is not that,impressive for many scenes i would,suggest you to make use of a proper,sound system if you have one so that you,can enjoy those parts of the movie in a,better way,if the movie would have been dealt in a,better way with a wholesome approach,towards the characters the rating of the,movie could have gone up to 3.5,currently i rate the movie a 2.5 on 5.,average,hope you all are liking my reviews,please do like my video do share it with,your friends family and the movie lovers,that you know i also request you to,subscribe my channel,please press the bell icon so that you,will receive a notification as and when,i upload a new video so see you all soon,with another review till then take care,and stay safe,[Music],you

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Antakshari Malayalam Movie Review | An Incomplete Thiriller | Vipin Das | Saiju Kurup

you know the story of this film is quite,interesting but by the end of it it,feels incomplete hello guys im not,presenting today were talking about the,latest malayalam film antakshi written,and directed by vipin das starring in,the lead saijukuru its a thriller film,available on sony live now if you,havent watched the film yet and youre,not sure you should watch it or not i,would say if you like a good thriller,you can definitely watch it it has some,really solid performances and the story,working or not totally depends on you,its very subjective so you can decide,yourself but moving forward ill be,getting those spoilers so if you havent,seen the movie go watch it and then come,back now i feel technically the film is,really solid it is short really well,its a very different terrain even the,night shots are very well lit and,actually in the climax is a very big,long take which is done really well but,other than that nothing really stood out,for me personally now as you are,watching it on discord with other,viewers if you want to join the future,do join link in the description i was,asking people have they watched dark the,web series on netflix you know the way,that show creates a mood about the place,we are in its very haunting and there,were a lot of dialogues about this place,where the film takes place but i could,never sense that it was only in the,dialogues you know with the use of sound,design and cinematography they couldnt,bring the place alive which was,definitely a bummer because they had an,opportunity its the basic thing you,know show dont tell now the film is,called in tax free and there are a lot,of old malayalam songs which have been,sung throughout the film im sure people,who know the songs it will add more,context to the film but for me it didnt,mean anything i like the use of,antarctica in the film but its not you,know really well used in the climax its,used with the protagonists and the,antagonists you know going one after the,other but watching the whole film it,really feels underused and you know the,premise is really interesting how it all,connected to the bike and honestly until,the reveal i couldnt tell whats the,connection and there was this constant,disconnect with many things happening in,the film and every time i was saying to,myself wait maybe the film will connect,everything it will all make sense at the,end but many things are abandoned and,thats why i said you know the film,feels incomplete now definitely the film,is raising many social issues through,its narrative its talking about,harassment on the basis of caste and,gender and there are some really,disturbing scenes in the film and we see,this harassment throughout the film,first we see what happens to the kid and,his mother then with the girl in the ice,cream cellar you know how a mother whos,married second time is taking all the, from the husband just for the,kids also with the wife shes facing at,her workplace and the film is actually,trying to make a point that how casual,these things are they are part of our,institutions and its trying to show how,this trauma can affect people with our,main antagonist you know what happened,to him he became a serial killer with,the girl whos killing these cats but,the thing is all of this didnt come,together really well there was also a,subplot with the guy who wants to become,a singer and stepdad doesnt want that,and they had only sold the bike to das,and the girl who we thought is mute,shes not mute she wants a passport then,there was this politician angle also in,there and they are the subplots in the,film we are just wandering about and,that starts to drag the film it actually,takes away the tension you know the main,plot is building up now throughout the,film there is a constant build up of the,reveal of the villain until the end hes,masked your building above finally will,get a reveal and when you finally get,the reveal,nothing all of us watching the film were,like wait who is this guy do we know him,so what was this build up for you know,it didnt pay off to anything you have,been building up the suspense and at the,end theres no payoff and it is very,disappointing i definitely felt in the,climax the fight scene could have been,directed better could have been executed,better coming to the acting i think,everyone was really solid seizure group,especially was a standout see the thing,at the end is that what i felt the film,was trying to do was to make us talk,about the atrocities we saw in the firm,thats everywhere around us but what,happened is when the film ended we all,were talking about the plot oh how did,that happen oh how did this happen oh,that okay that was the point you know we,were not talking about the atrocities,what the film is actually trying to say,and even with it ending that it may,continue ahead he will again go after,them it actually takes away from the,main point and i think thats where the,things fall apart definitely not a bad,film it does what it sets out to do but,it could have been way way better,through channel membership you can,support this channel and help me,continue this journey ahead and in turn,you get various perks to know more click,on the join button for more information,check out the community page so guys,that is the video thank you for watching,if you liked it the thumbs up button,share this video in the comments your,thoughts here and subscribe yet check,out the videos if you like them too do,and subscribing and ill see you next,time

Antakshari Malayalam investigative thriller Movie Explained

はいっ,外にあるチャーなんで女ってグラマーや床,の音のはれよデブ訓練のジョンボール黒1,n,あるんだねふぇふぇふぇふぇふぇふぇふぇ,ふぇ4号アディションアーリーポルシェ,ピュアネイルアート frp adon る,あり powered by elle,cafe j beam パリパーラーぬ,哀れ,スパーリングもね,こっシャロ,ランジェリーベルギー,は変わらないナースに戻れインプルソ,ナードビルなじゃあレップ andem 米,のバレエ&音声を殺せレビュー乱闘なろう,usp,どぇ rag 普通プーケットルーム,られるなどになろう,ゲージ ferme レッツスクリーン,プロセス2分オーバーケナームーヴ,this ぼうやカーリングだねーな,飲んでっ,うーん,day 2あれ殺せんせー,バレエな塗りだ,演技んのバラードそうねゲームいろんな,under sea やマン責めことじゃ,ない,アウディプリーテッドエラー,スピネーションアイドルレスポンダーを,専門官レベルにあるそうパイを参るなぁ,これサーブ支援ので,甘えブリッジ後の上デイリーブレイクの,ボレー某なぁステーション,nd 0 anr,エロ,germano ムア pno ヌードル,ダースキュアロン枚プロナードボール,voodooできるアクションマーレ,リングエクスペディションブルーレイ版,ルーム責められポーラ今だねアナベルパラ,ジェンダー7戻さって笑う,ner,perder,アーレぶぱな冷静にブログっているあad,攻め0新たな壁覚えるのあげればバレ,いいかターバー短絡入れるだけ,vale,voodoo じゃあディガールマーレ,ピュアボラ,ティアperl あれちゃまたぱぱなど b,ガールを受けるべきかなきたようなんだ,ブーバジャイロ,セリー,アバでバカなるネイル関連層がんだとの,因縁と書いてにコンピューターある振った,ノーリ goldie 号レイチェル,ボールアウェイ来れるがの店包丁でライン,のだ,ポロロジェンダー,レス pou dou dou,voodoo スプラッシュ撤回ボイヤー,バーバリー not to do,n,re bj ば分ではそれらポリス,アイドルマーケバースの折れちゃったら,ウツボとのいっぱいでロー時給飲んでる,場合死んだ,voodooショルダー,レザーディボ voodooなおさぬ出す,キャップあのなぁあっちゃん,terme さんファイティングならー,シュリーマンですよああああああ,リザーバーたパター例が提案っていうのは,目にあるチャパティ pr フィルダムれ,ちゃったことがあるけど papero,メルパティ,winter れ bgm メイキング,killall 切符を玲瓏細胞の rr,レジャーのパフォーマーる新しい船で,コースターまあ県民 l ブルーレイで,グルーそう結んだよでパティ di,ドロストマイルの頃着描画,ティっ,マティバーガーボールペンっ,選んで良い写真が前から食べれば位

Antakshari Movie Analysis And Review | Saiju Kuruppu | Malayalam | Sonyliv


Antakshari 2022 New Malayalam Thriller Movie in Tamil review by @Review Seekers | Saiju Kurup

Hai selalu berambisi kesini kalau kaca,lupa pernah bertengger Restu nilai lab,new Malayalam terlepas lama Habibie,todays oleh bagian otak sering malam,Happy,socket namun calon,doasync Shalallahu rusak,oh berburu Thoriq incesr biarlah,Bere your kiss under the,water,and support,Hai of Light kode jalan iya Abdul Jalil,lemari pewarna gempa diaduk melepas JC,vergouwen,nih Waduh,anda karena,indah fantashir,Hai Giri hure budaya umrik,hai alignment tapi kalau pengaturan,karena umumnya tidak pernah lepas,dari,orang-orang,kafir,kufur yang,atribut-atribut,musium Marie MP3,lebih ada ilmu Allah rute modern,al-rifaie,ide Indah setelah,ore,waktu,untuk,potong huh weh kalem-kalem,tinggi periode,x-plore podium,klenteng-klenteng kalau ada banyak orang,mulai Burnout bertelur setelah nonstop,kalian on dekat ke untuk Bitung,macet mobile,Hai urikore hari ini Amin Freeport mana,Tolong betul wursitawara udah ambil,oriented and the world hungry amd64,Hai meleleh di mulut anjing beresiko Pak,udah Overkill Yesaya,under water,eh Kemarin dekati level nasional suwe,publik hari kebetulan memang hidup pun,mulai,weh,counture dijual,Hai Yang Udah diobatin al-hira bendera,settings meski udah-udah,[email protected],[Musik],saat,ini kata yang the Palm,Mandeh Pulogadung berikut,Hai saya diburu kerja anda

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