1. Apple Arcade REVIEW 2021! IS IT WORTH IT?
  2. Is Apple Arcade ACTUALLY Worth it? AWESOME Gaming on your iPhone!
  3. Is Apple Arcade worth it in 2022? What to know before you subscribe
  4. Top 10 Apple Arcade Games
  5. Top 10 Apple Arcade Games with the best graphics 2022 [4K]
  6. Apple Arcade Review – Wie gut ist es?
  7. Apple Arcade Review & Test – Does It Worth 4,99$ per month in 2022?

Apple Arcade REVIEW 2021! IS IT WORTH IT?

Apple arcade is Apples very own video,game subscription service and its a,very interesting concept for mobile,gaming but is it actually worth it for,five dollars a month well find out,hey whats up everyone my name is,feather and welcome back to another,video and today were gonna talk about,Apple arcade and if its actually worth,it so lets get to a point let me start,by saying that I love video games and I,have loved video games my entire life,and I will love video games until the,very end of time that is why I was super,excited when Apple announced arcade back,in 2019. so what does Apple arcade has,to offer well when you sign up to Apple,arcade you get access to a library of,over 180 video games with no annoying,in-app purchases or ads plus a bunch of,other cool features like being able to,play across all your Apple devices like,your Apple TV your Mac iPad or iPhone,but even with such a cool concept not a,lot of people was very interested when,it was launched when it was introduced,it was a cool concept and it had some,good titles that were actually quite,impressive like ocean horn 2. and when,Apple added third-party controller,support like the Xbox One controller or,the Dual shock that was game changing,and it made the service much more,interesting but overall it wasnt,compelling enough to keep your,subscriptions for longer than a couple,of months now lets talk about the games,it doesnt matter how cool the service,might be if the game Library sucks well,its not gonna work out fortunately,thats not the case with apple arcade at,least for the most part apple is,reportedly not happy with the amount of,Engagement the games are getting that,might be the reason behind the latest,shift interaction on April 2021 Apple,arcade got a massive injection of new,titles the headliner is fentation which,is the latest release from the creator,of Final Fantasy and it is joined by,other titles like NBA 2k21 which to me,personally is going to make me keep my,subscription and as part of the update,the service is getting two new,categories of games which Apple calls,Timeless Classics and App Store greats,for the greats Apple added a number of,high-profile mobile heads to service,including threes love it Fruit Ninja and,a remaster of Cut the Rope which again,is great this new category is the,perfect chance to relive the good old,days on the other hand Timeless Classics,refers to iconic games like backgammon,Solitaire chess and Sudoku most arcade,original games are great not only are,they beautifully made and creative,theyre also games that you wouldnt be,able to play in any other mobile devices,of course not all the games are the best,but theyre theyre really good there,are some hidden and not so Hidden,Treasures in apple with a cape that are,a must to play even if youre not an,avid gamer games like the Charming and,Pokemon Snap like Alba a wildlife,Adventure the south of the circle which,offers a Hollywood production,disassembled into a point-and-click game,that tells an incredible story unlike,anything else you can play in apple,arcade it might be the best mobile,exclusive game I have ever played Yaga a,folklore is 2 detail that combines,beautiful art intelligent controls and a,great story to make one of the,platforms best examples of a,role-playing game Ive ever seen theres,also other games like marble Knights,that show you how powerful your device,really is and that you dont need a,console to enjoy high quality games the,biggest downside of Apple arcade is that,you dont own any of this games and,theres no option to buy any of the,games so if you decide to cancel your,subscription you wont be able to play,any of these games but it would be great,to have the option to buy a game you,like like for example Xbox game pass you,can buy any game that you want now I,dont know if this will ever happen but,I wouldnt want to love a game and,subtly lose all of my progress because,the game was removed from service that,hasnt happened so far though,so far so good arcade offers all the,great features such as family sharing,offline play and the ability to play in,any Apple TV Mac iPad or iPhone that you,own you can start a game on your Apple,TV and you can continue playing on your,iPhone if you have a plane to catch or a,bus to catch or youre just gonna leave,your house all that for just five,dollars a month even if all the Apple,arcade games were available to play in,other platforms the ability to play them,from your iPhone wherever you are,without compromising any quality or,performance is just something,exceptional,is it worth it the truth is this service,isnt for everyone but if you were to,ask me if its worth it I would say yes,of course its worth it apple or Kate is,worth every cent the price is Affordable,the games are great and catered to just,about every kind of gamer and the fact,that a single subscription can be shared,with up to five people across multiple,devices is a game changer if youre a,hardcore mobile gamer and youre always,looking for something new to play on,your iPhone you will love arcade not,only will you find new games quite often,but youll also get a chance to play,some classic app store games another,thing that I love very much about Arcade,is no ads and no micro transactions and,you can feel this translated to the,games theres no annoying unnecessary,waiting times and no ads popping up on,every move that you make and it makes,the gaming experience so much better the,good news its that you can try Apple,arcade for free for one month which,should give you enough time to try it,for yourself and see if its actually,good fit for you and another option,which is what Ive done in the past is,to subscribe whenever theres a game,that youre dying to play and once,youre done playing you can cancel your,subscription and wait for another,release to subscribe again but with the,constant updates I dont think theres a,need to do that anymore so yeah apple,arcade is worth it and on that note its,time for me to go I really hope that you,guys enjoyed this video thank you so,much for watching for being here for,being awesome being beautiful and,friendly and letting me know your,thoughts in the comment section down,below let me know if you like apple,arcade I would really like to know,anyways I hope that you guys are all,doing great and Ill see you on the next,one,foreign

Is Apple Arcade ACTUALLY Worth it? AWESOME Gaming on your iPhone!

im someone whos always been a little,bit skeptical of mobile gaming whenever,people ask me what mobile games i play,or recommend ive never really had an,answer aside from a brief stint where i,was totally obsessed with geometry dash,when i was 13 definitely my favorite,games over the last few years have been,pokemon legends bloodborne and the old,favorite super mario 64 on the original,console which fun fact i actually speed,run all of these factors was why i,didnt really pay that much mind to,apple arcade when it was initially,announced i even got the free,three-month trial that i just didnt,activate,until recently see i found that as of,late especially on the ipad side of,things the mobile gaming experience just,has got better there are many more,actually decent games with things like,controller support so with that i,activated my free three-month trial and,got to testing some games today i want,to explore what this newly refined,experience is like what its like to,play games on this service check out,some good ones and find out whether or,not i actually think its worth it i,dont know maybe by the end of this,video ill be converted ill be a mobile,gamer probably not but maybe first off,lets talk about what games i actually,like to play and how ive been playing,them for the most part its been my ipad,or iphone with a playstation 4,controller which is actually my personal,favorite just after the switch,controller however i also did try just,using the touchscreen along with,plugging it into my lg usbc 4k monitor,as this can provide charging along with,display shout out to canopy for showing,me that thats possible the games i,initially installed were ocean horn 2,skate city the last campfire and the,pathless im a big fan of adventure,games with nice graphics so these fit,the bill nicely i put these on both my,ipad and my iphone and then got to,researching all this difficult research,i deserve a break,all right so first of all we have the,ipad experience now this was initially,what got me interested in apple arcade i,thought that the nice big screen great,battery life and overall pretty awesome,performance would lead to a pretty,decent mobile gaming experience,and i must say,yes it does so before this point while i,had played tablet games before again,most of these were very much post flash,games if you know what i mean none of,them were particularly all that,impressive but here i actually got to,play some pretty decent games on a,device that just feels right one thing i,will say though is that actually using,the touchscreen especially with two,hands can be a significant challenge in,certain games it can feel just a little,bit clunky but as were going to talk,about in a minute the controller support,for the ipad is excellent and so,performance was great the screen looked,great the games look great overall this,was a pretty pleasant gaming experience,as i said i particularly enjoyed ocean,horn 2 seriously the game mechanics on,that game just blew me away that did not,feel like a mobile game especially with,the addition of a controller so yeah i,must say using a controller the ipad,experience was excellent but what about,the phone experience well as i said i,loaded exactly the same games onto my,iphone 13 mini again this didnt,struggle with performance whatsoever and,of course well it does have to control,the options like the ipad i actually,found myself preferring to play games,where a controller wasnt necessary on,the iphone to be totally honest,connecting a controller to an ipad is,fine connecting onto an iphone,less fine especially if you are in,public one of the main things that i,really liked about the iphone 13 mini is,how small and travel friendly it is when,you add a controller to that it becomes,less so so playing games like ocean horn,2 or the last campfire on your iphone,not exactly ideal but i actually found,that i enjoyed playing skate city more,without a controller just on my phone so,yeah ive personally found that with,apple arcade i preferred playing the,touch based games on my phone and the,more controller oriented games on my,ipad and speaking of controller support,it is awesome connection is very simple,and once you are connected you can just,turn on your controller and get right to,gaming pretty sure in the new ios update,they also just added support for the ps5,controller thats awesome if you like,that and overall well its not gonna be,like using the controller on its native,console it is really good for mobile,controller support most games do have,simple easy to understand bindings some,even had playstation ones by default,which was cool and yeah overall again,controller experience phenomenal all,right so as some of you who have been,around for a while may remember this,might be a bit of a familiar shot to you,despite now working from a studio this,is still where i edit all my videos and,its also where i do all my gaming,behind me is my ul 2788,something its a usbc monitor that i not,only use for editing but also all my,gaming one thing i really like about it,is again that its usbc and seeing as my,ipad pro is usbc i thought itd be fun,to test it out while this does certainly,get the experience closer to gaming at a,traditional tv console setup as you can,see it doesnt unfortunately fill the,whole screen which is a little bit of a,shame especially when it comes to gaming,other than that its a really great,experience obviously you get the bonuses,of a bigger higher resolution screen,than you typically would get on a,standard ipad along with the fact that,it also charges it typically this wasnt,how i was testing apple arcade as i said,most of the time i was just using the,display on whatever device i was using,however,it was fun all the same and as i said it,really did get you just that much closer,to the traditional gaming experience,that said though im not totally,convinced this is where apple arcade,shines i actually really enjoyed most of,the games i played from the casual,puzzle solving of the last campfire to,memories of playing skate 2 on the xbox,360 with skate city to my personal,favorite which was ocean horn 2. all of,the games that i tried were actually,really fun which is not something that i,have typically found with mobile games,especially in recent years in my opinion,the recent experience of mobile gaming,has mostly been pointing clicking and,then watching an ad to double your,productivity for the next four hours so,while it is certainly a,subscription-based model towards apple,arcade i honestly dont think this,trade-off is that bad ad-free games with,no micro transactions or hidden costs,and in my opinion the gaming experience,on the apple arcade side of things has,actually been fantastic as i said one of,the only games ive actually enjoyed on,mobile was geometry dash and that was,several years ago so to me this is a,huge upgrade to mobile gaming alright so,after all of this do i actually think,apple arcade is worth it quickly first,of all i want to have a word about,subscription services ive always been,much more of a fan of buying things up,front and then being able to play them,whenever i want versus having to either,watch ads pay micro transactions or,subscribe to a service hence why i still,have the most basic version of nintendo,switch online despite that being my most,used console reflecting on the time ive,spent playing through apple arcade ive,actually had a lot of fun honestly for,5.99 a month this is a pretty good deal,full games no micro transactions or ads,which for me in the past as i said have,made my mobile gaming experience pretty,crappy in the past and with great,controller support on all devices this,actually does make for a pretty nice,mobile gaming experience and it is,something that i intend to keep some,negatives are as i said a lot of the,controller support for these games does,feel virtually compulsory again going,back to ocean horn 2 i did struggle to,play this game without a controller so,

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Is Apple Arcade worth it in 2022? What to know before you subscribe

just last week apple released a heap of,new titles to apple arcade,giving iphone and ipad users who are yet,to check out the service,another reason to do so but is the,gaming subscription service worth it at,7.99 a month,yes definitely but there are a couple of,catches,gday youre watching tech finder as,always there are plenty of links down in,the description if you want to know more,about apple arcade if you want to keep,up to date on tech and gaming in general,well consider subscribing because we,have new videos coming out,every week when i say mobile gaming,what do you think of i think a lot of us,think of micro transactions,timers ads unwelcome notifications,for a lot of people mobile gaming has,kind of been written off as a,cesspool of crap games and,most of us have just written it off,completely its a real shame because a,lot of really good and creative,mobile games have been made over the,years unfortunately theyre just not the,type of games that make it to the top of,the charts and get put,in front of users eyes when theyre,looking for a new game to play and it,means a lot of really talented,developers and the games theyve made,dont really get the attention that they,deserve apple arcade is apples response,to this problem,its a game subscription service that,allows users to download from a library,of over 180 games,all of which are more akin to indie,console titles they all feel like,polished and complete packages,with distinct art styles and gameplay,apple have invested,millions of dollars into many of these,titles too ensuring the developers have,enough time and resources,to make games that really showcase how,good the iphone and ipad are,at gaming now the biggest trade-off is,that some of these games are only,accessible,through apple arcade more on that soon,at its core for 7.99 a month you are,getting over 180,premium mobile games with no ads and no,micro transactions,for all of your ios devices the question,here is,are the games good enough to make it,worth it,yes there are some truly great games on,here in fact i found some of my,favorites of all time on apple arcade,im going to give you a quick rundown,now but please hit subscribe if you want,to know what my top,five games on apple arcade are ive,played a lot of stuff,on this service and there are a lot of,good games to talk about so please hit,subscribe if youre interested in,knowing,exactly what you should download if you,pick up apple arcade,the first thing you may notice when,flicking through the current lineup is,how kid-friendly it all looks,theres nothing overly violent sexual or,controversial in any way,its all pretty bright and colorful and,its full of really cool ideas that,dont involve shooting stuff,i actually see this as a really good,thing if youre the sort of parent whos,worrying about what your child is,downloading on your or their phone,well this kind of solves that problem a,little bit its a really well curated,space to let them explore and download,whatever they want without the fear of,unsuitable content or accidental credit,card charges,if youre an adult looking to pick up,this service and youre not solely,focused on playing,big cinematic blockbuster games shooting,games or fighting games,i feel pretty confident saying theres,something for everyone here,theres sports games racing role-playing,games lots of puzzlers,lots of interactive novels and if youre,an old-school iphone 4 gamer like me,theres even some throwback stuff like,fruit ninja now youll certainly find,titles that either let you down,or arent as good as you first thought,they would be but thats kind of the,beauty of subscription services you can,download those games play them decide,theyre not very good,and then go download something else and,it doesnt cost you any extra money,from my experience on apple arcade there,certainly arent any,terrible games but there are games that,probably wont keep that many people,occupied for very long but thats fine,the next game that you download might be,one of your new favorite games of all,time and,that actually kind of leads me into a,few of the cons here,the first con is the full list of,available titles,dont update a whole lot last week apple,dropped a big new batch of titles which,is why im so excited about the platform,today,but if we scroll down through the list,of new titles its been pretty slow,going,with only a couple of new games every,month for most of its lifespan,this is not a huge issue for new,subscribers because youve got this,whole back catalog to go through and,play but once youve gone through and,found what you like,youre not really paying for a service,that gives you new games every month,youre actually just paying for the,privilege to play the games you enjoyed,and that actually leads me to the second,con,you cant buy a lot of these games,separately from apple arcade,theyre exclusive if you do find that,new favorite game that you love and,want to keep playing it you have to pay,up every month this kind of model is,fine if youre the sort of person who,picks up a game,finishes it really quickly and then,moves on to the next one but if youre,like me,and become obsessed with arcade style,games for months where they never really,end and you just want to get that little,bit better,youre going to end up paying a lot more,for a game that would normally only cost,5 to 10 bucks standalone,i would at least like the option to buy,apple arcade games that i really like,so i dont have to keep paying for the,service but i do understand why thats,not a thing,as an example i have mini metro by dino,polo club on my android phone,and ive had it on my last three,basically ive made sure ive had access,to it since i paid my five bucks in,2016.,i definitely dont play that often,anymore but every few months i get that,itch,and i can just pull out my phone and,start playing it when im bought,because its always been there in my,pocket its one of my most cherished,games of all time,dino polo clubs second game mini,motorways is,for now exclusive to apple arcade and,although i love it as much as their,first game,im not able to just play it whenever i,want i have to pay another,7.99 to resubscribe to apple arcade,first,so many motorways probably wont ever be,as important to me,as mini metro even though i kind of wish,it could be,essentially youre just renting games,from apple rather than owning them,once youve gone through the back,catalogue and found the games you want,to play over and over again,you may find yourself just wishing you,could buy the damn things,the third con applies a bit broader to,games as a service overall,its a weird concept to me especially as,someone who used to collect,old video games and old consoles as a,hobby i still have my 20 year old,gamecube with all my favorite games,sitting meters behind me at all times if,i wanted to,i could just plug that straight into a,tv and start playing them all over again,and thats from a 200 purchase that i,made when i was in primary school,using my pocket money from doing the,dishes every night i saved hard and,bought that thing what an investment,with games as a subscription service,that same 200,will give you two years and one month of,apple arcade,over those two years you can play over,180 games,and you may even find a couple that you,cherish as some of your favorite games,of all time but the trade-off is this,those games that you came to love and,cherish you have to keep,paying for the privilege to use those,titles they wont be sitting behind you,in 20 years time,for some of them eventually they might,get taken off the app store,and you just wont be able to play them,anymore maybe im just becoming,old-fashioned i feel like,as we have more and more games available,to us they become a bit more disposable,and we dont have to focus on playing,one or two of them,but i do feel like if this is something,you value and you want to spend your,money on tangible things,it is worth considering before you sign,up to a subscri

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Top 10 Apple Arcade Games

[Applause],hey guys back at it again with another,gaming video to celebrate another,milestone from my first video you guys,know i make other content right,its across the street doesnt ring a,bell its on the back of the phone book,come on i paid a lot of money for that,ad,never mind never mind today i thought,itd be fun to go over the top 10 games,on apple arcade you should definitely,check out and if youre new to apple,arcade i cant think of a better game to,start off than number 10 what the golf,this is a perfect way to get yourself,familiar with apple arcade and a great,experience to get started with not to,mention the very concept of the game,itself is actually hilarious just about,every time you think youll know whats,coming next the game will turn a,complete 180 and take what you thought,was gonna happen upside down once you,start playing you really cant put it,down number nine sneaky sasquatch having,a very creative premise and one of my,wifes personal favorites you explore,campsites around a park looking for,something to eat but it doesnt end,there you can actually explore the whole,city outside the campgrounds and work,undercover as a,well,whatever you want to be really it,admittedly gets a bit fetch questy but,overall id say i really found myself,enjoying it just dont get caught number,eight discolor another creative premise,are you seeing a pattern here you go,around a diner finding any and all,colors of light you can find to,investigate what caused the colors to,disappear in the first place whats not,to like about this one really a bit,confusing at times but overall a very,immersive experience number 7 shinsekai,into the depths im actually still,currently playing this one as we speak,to be honest with you it would be ranked,way higher but using it with a,controller can be a bit cumbersome and,unless you know what youre doing it,could be really difficult at times hence,why i still havent finished it but its,very unique not to mention its made by,capcom so if youre into that kind of,thing id highly recommend checking it,out number six spider i mean its pretty,self-explanatory you play as a robot,spider controlled by spice hence the,name spyder its a pretty simple game on,paper but in practice it can honestly,feel like its above its own pay grade,the graphics are surprisingly good even,though for an experience like this it,really doesnt have to be a really fun,experience that i can see myself playing,again number five hitchhiker i actually,just finished this one the other day and,can honestly say its a blast you wake,up with amnesia in a strangers car and,interact with everything in front of you,to communicate with the outside,surroundings to figure out what the heck,is going on there are times it becomes,very difficult to tell fantasy from,reality and thats the best part about,this game it keeps you on your toes if,youre a casual gamer with two and a,half to three hours to spend i think,this will be right up your alley number,four ocean war ii if you played the,first game then youll absolutely love,this sequel and even if you havent id,still recommend giving it a try,beautiful visuals that rival the legend,of zelda in a gorgeous world to explore,this game has it all but id highly,recommend trying it with a controller on,an ipad for the absolute best possible,experience especially if you dont have,a game console this game alone can,sometimes make you forget you dont have,one if you dont they couldnt make this,game more enjoyable if they tried number,three fantasion made by hironobu,sakaguchi creator of final fantasy this,game offers an incredibly immersive,experience and if youre wondering how,parts in this game look so real its,because,well they are real they actually created,dioramas by hand photographed them and,added 3d characters experimentation and,attention to detail you still wont get,on most aaa titles today whether youre,a final fantasy fan or not this game,will keep you entertained for hours,number two beyond a seal sky guys i was,so freaking close to making this number,one and i still wonder even as i record,this whether or not that was the right,choice but yeah this game is the bomb if,youre a hardcore console gamer looking,for a narrative driven experience that,rivals real aaa gaming titles this is,the one my only complaint would be that,i wish the graphics were just a hair,better than what they are but to be,honest with you i actually think that,might play in this games favor it makes,for a very stylized look that adds to,the feel of this game seriously guys i,cannot recommend this game enough,especially on ipad with controller,support alright alright you know the,drill its now time for our honorable,mentions,hi,im tara wilde i own the farm down the,mountain path just some girl from the,city until i became,[Music],theyre taking over,theyd washed up alone,some were very unfamiliar,[Music],[Music],hmm,[Music],all right guys this is as far as im,concerned the quintessential apple,arcade game especially if youre a,sucker for imaginative easy to play,narratives like me and that game is,without any doubt in my mind little,orpheus,please play this,play this now winning awards left and,right this game serves as a testament to,what we can truthfully accomplish in the,gaming industry if we just put our minds,to it this game can be just as easily,controlled with touch as it can be with,a controller which is something i dont,say lightly it has an absolutely,beautiful atmosphere with an even more,engaging story after descending into the,center of the earth via a defunct,volcano i even become separated from,little orpheus the atomic-powered rocket,drill entrusted to him by the soviet,union in a crash you must recall what,happened to the ill-tempered general,before he loses his patience and more,importantly,where little orpheus is i dont care,where you lie on the gaming spectrum,this game is just as enjoyable as it is,charming and even if youve already,played the game all the way through its,so damn likeable that i can see myself,replaying it a thousand times over i,cant recommend it enough please please,please support titles like these because,you wont find experiences like this,very often and with all that said if,youd like to support the channel head,on over to our merge store i left a link,in the description speaking of which we,now have new merch apollo holding a,falcon while riding a dragon comment,below if you get it thanks for watching,and have a better day than yesterday,[Music]

Top 10 Apple Arcade Games with the best graphics 2022 [4K]

[Music],here is my 2022 list of graphically,intensive Apple arcade games,number 10 we have gear Club stradale,gear Club stradale is the most realistic,racer on Apple arcade in fact its one,of the best looking games on the service,to some degree dont expect a triple A,Racing Experience like grid Autosport on,the App Store but its a Fun Arcade,racer that will show the GPU power of,your Apple device sure some of the,background elements across locations,look low in quality especially trees and,grass but the cars are well detailed and,the locations you drive,often do you feel quite alive,recently added to the game were new game,modes Maps environments new cars new,camera interior options and most,importantly three different Graphics,preference configurations,[Music],number nine is air twister,recently showcased at the Apple iPhone,14 September event air twister is a 3D,fantasy adventure and endless shooter,saw through the sky battling against,Invaders across 12 stages be immersed,across visually impressive locations,from water Landscapes filled with giant,mushrooms,deserts filled with very strange,creatures and scenery,luscious forest with colorful vegetation,two cyberpunk stages with high-tech,equipment scattered across the map,while the game is wet down with low,quality textures for face models and,some rocks the overall environments in,each stage do look pretty good the game,runs on Unreal Engine 4 which has,allowed it to support Advanced graphics,and post-processing effects and up to 60,FPS on most new Apple devices I strongly,suggest playing this one on Apple TV for,the best console type experience or on,Mac where it supports custom graphic,options,number eight we have Horizon Chase 2.,Horizon Trace 2 is a next-gen version of,the original arcade racing game it is,now in beautiful full 3d and the art,style takes inspiration from vintage,racing posters from strong brush strokes,and a super colorful atmosphere Horizon,Trace 2 combines those Design Elements,to create its unique 3D look,it also includes a new Dynamic climate,system,highly detailed original cars and the,game is now running on Unreal Engine 4.,sure it has a cartoony look most of,these games do but its hard to deny the,games beautiful Graphics while still,adhering to its classic 90s signature,gameplay from the original Horizon Chase,2 also supports new car customization,possibilities you can go into the new,garage shop there are new locations you,can play against others in online,multiplayer and local multiplayer will,be added to the game in the upcoming,months,number seven is hitchhiker,hitchhiker wont be for everyone as,there is minimal gameplay here you just,listen to stories while you travel on,the road and you can sometimes interact,with certain elements in your,surroundings that being said it has some,seriously gorgeous Graphics powered by,the unity engine albeit presented with a,cartoonish perspective it reminds me of,The Telltale series or the life is,strange series it has fully 3D animated,models made possible with motion capture,the backgrounds are incredibly detailed,too from the Outback highways cafeteria,or going through the suburbs it also has,great Shadow and lighting techniques,that are shown on every device it,appears the iPhone iPad and Apple TV,version run at a stable 30 FPS but the,Mac version gets up to 60 FPS,number six we have the gardens between,and the guidance between you dive into a,single player Adventure puzzle game,about memories friendship and time when,Apple arcade the game matches the next,gen version on PS5 Advanced graphical,effects are being used here for,Reflections Distortion effects depth,textures stencil rendering and post,effects from grain Bloom vignette and,dynamic Shadows the game even runs at,Native resolution on M1 iPads and,supports 60fps on new iPhone and iPads,going further is one of the few games on,the service with controller Rumble and,adaptive trigger support and full,keyboard support on iPad the major,downside to the arcade version of the,guidance between is that it is only,available on iPhone and iPad it,unfortunately offers no Mac or Apple TV,version,foreign,number five is Lego Star Wars Castaways,you might not think it but Lego games,have always pushed the possibilities of,graphics on any platform its the same,story on Apple arcade,it has some of the best Lego Star Wars,cutscenes out there on the level of the,Skywalker Saga and it has rich and,detailed worlds to explore on foot,Castaways also received the 2022 apple,design award for visuals and graphics,the games reverently rendered,environments and smooth animations,instantly immerse you in a galaxy at,action mystery and the occasional dance,party and with endless customizations,and characters to meet the adventure,literally just goes on and on on forever,it just Builds on itself,oh,[Music],number four we have world of demons,world of demons is brought to you by the,people behind Bayonetta near automata,and the wonderful 101 it is currently my,favorite third person action game on,Arcade and if you love ocean horn 2 or,Samurai Jack you must check out this one,its art style is terrific and evokes,direct parallels to the 2006 game akami,the art is drawn from a few different,traditional art styles Sumi e which is,an ink wash painting style uses monotone,and bold brush strokes and Yukio e is a,wonderful wood block art design I may,have said those incorrectly both of,these Styles have been presented in a,hybrid Fusion here the 3D stages are,absolutely stunning and any given moment,if you take a screenshot it will be a,fantastic wallpaper,the monsters are incredibly grotesque,and frightening too however they are,very detailed the game targets 60 FPS on,everything you can also change the,graphics quality from low medium and,high,number three is wonderbox the adventure,maker,wonderbox gives off massive Nintendo,Vibes not just in terms of its graphical,style but also its approach to combat,and especially multiplayer the game was,created in Unreal Engine 4 which allows,the detail of environments to look,extremely extremely,gorgeous,the lush green grass waterfalls hot lava,snow and so on are really saturated and,pop on your displays especially on new,devices like an apple silicon based Mac,iPad Pro or iPhone 14.,plus the effects for creating your own,levels is really well done here,the game has two graphic modes battery,saving which lowers the fps to 30 and,high quality which raises the FBS to 60,and has better quality textures,oh my God,number two we have fantasian,I mean how could you not include iconic,RPG fantasian on this list after all the,game was made using real sets that were,scanned into the game as 3D background,Assets in fact there are over 150,different handcrafted dioramas here and,the amount of intricate detail on each,one is out of this world sometimes I,just stop and look at my surroundings,and there is so much to see and you have,to think to yourself holy moly,a lot of this is real in in some sense,some background scenes look a little low,resolution sure but I can forgive this,as missed Walker brought a complex 500,gigabyte Masterpiece to a,mobile-friendly four gigabyte version,with automated scripts and tools thanks,to Unity its definitely the best RPG on,Arcade and lasts for a massive 60 to 90,hours,number one we have NBA 2K 23 arcade,edition,I know sports games are not for everyone,but we cant deny NBA 2k23 arcade,edition offers the best and most,realistic graphics on this platform on,offer a highly detailed players you can,see individual strains of hair dimples,blemishes eyes blinking and moving left,and right and so forth furthermore it,has advanced Shadows for player models,support for up to ultra high textures,you can see Reflections on the court,from the lights and player models there,is time mapping and decent animations,and motion capture are here new devices,support 60 FPS and up to 120 FPS in iPad,Pro and apple silicon based Max sure,sometimes the body movement is

Apple Arcade Review – Wie gut ist es?

hallo leute willkommen zu einem video,über apple kate dem gaming dienst von,apple ich habe ihn jetzt einige zeit,lang getestet und wer durch in diesem,video alles zeigen als über apple angeht,wissen ist das heißt wie genau sieht,dieses aber aus was hat das alles zu,bieten ist es seinen preiswerte und im,anschluss zeige ich euch dann noch meine,persönlichen top apple hat spiele die es,aktuell für mich gibt,[Musik],als erstes möchte ich mal erklären was,apple arquette genau ist es ist ein,gaming dienst also ein spieler aber wo,er für eine monatliche abogebühr zugang,zu über 100 spielen bekommt dafür dass,er da monatlicher das bezahlt haben,diese spiele dann auch keine,in-app-käufe es gibt keine zusätzlichen,abos die in spielen abgeschlossen werden,können oder müssen und die spiele,beinhalten noch keine werbung diese,spiele können offline und online,gespielt werden das heißt es gibt einen,multiplayer wo er mit anderen online,spielen könnt und die spiele werden auch,komplett auf euer gerät heruntergeladen,so wie man es eigentlich von normalen,spielen aus dem app store kennt,applegate ist auf iphone ipad mac und,apple tv verfügbar auf dem ipad benötigt,er mindestens ipad os auf dem iphone,mindestens ios 3 10 auf dem mac,mindestens mac os katharina und bei,apple tv mindestens tvs 13 spielstände,werden dabei zwischen allen geräten,synchronisiert aus erfahrung kann ich,sagen dass trifft meistens zu bei dem,ein oder anderen spieler ist mir,aufgefallen dass das nicht der fall ist,aber bei den meisten eben schon da habe,ich dann zum beispiel auf dem iphone,irgendwas gespielt und konnte es auf,apple tv,genau dort fortsetzen wo ich aufgehört,habe den apple ipad bereich findet ihr,auf den jeweiligen geräten immer im app,store im bereich paket kosten tut das,ganze entweder 499 im monat oder 49 99,im jahr,das heißt ihr habt die wahl zwischen,einem monat und einem jahresabo des,jahres aber ich den summe etwas,günstiger denn wenn man diese 49 99 auf,zwölf monate theoretische aufteilen,würde dann sind das rund 4 auf 16 pro,monat bevor das ganze aber in dieses,kostenpflichtige abo über geht könnte es,das erste monat kostenlos testen,da habt ihr vollen zugriff auf alle,spieler könnten herausfinden ob das was,überhaupt für euch das gefällt wenn,nicht dann könnt ihr das aber noch,beenden bevor sie diese kostenpflichtige,phase übergeht so einer abo bietet aber,nicht nur zugang für eine einzelne,person sondern für bis zu sechs,familienmitglieder,das ganze läuft über die familien,freigabe funktion durch auf den ganzen,apple geräten zur verfügung steht und,bei dieser familien freigabe funktion,kann die person die das aber,abgeschlossen hat zu ihrer apple id die,apple id von anderen familienmitgliedern,hinzufügen und die können dann eben,apple geht auch mit benutzen,an der stelle möchte ich aber noch mal,betonen vergesst nicht dass es dieses,kostenlose erste monat gibt wo man das,ganze mal eben testen kann und,herausfinden kann ob das überhaupt das,für einen ist und ob es einem die,abo-gebühr wert ist dann möchte ich euch,noch die möglichkeiten der steuerung,zeigen die es in den spielen gibt da,nämlich das spiel vorher denn da wird,das so schön nebeneinander aufgelistet,bei iphone und ipad kann ich natürlich,den touchscreen benutzen und darüber,spielen bei apple tv kann ich die,fernbedienung nutzen bei einem mac,natürlich tastatur trackpad und maus und,was auf allen geräten möglich ist ist,mit einem controller zu spielen das,heißt ihr könnt iphone ipad mac und,apple tv mit einem controller verbinden,inzwischen gibt es doch schon,unterstützung für xbox und ps vier,controller,ich zeige es euch hier mal anhand meines,ps4 controllers ihr geht auf dem,jeweiligen gerät ins bluetooth menü und,müsst jetzt eben zum beispiel dem ps4,controller in den koppelung modus,versetzen,dazu hat der dps und die share taste,gedrückt so lange bis es hier hinten,blinkt und ihr seht das wird dann schon,sofort hier ein bluetooth menü angezeigt,ich muss es nur auswählen und der,kontrolle wird auch schon verbunden,mehr muss man nicht machen und dann kann,ich auch schon mit dem controller,spielen das heißt erst an die wahl und,könnt euch entscheiden wie es euch am,angenehmsten ist das spiel zu spielen,wie ich bereits gesagt habe findet ihr,im app store eben diesen apple arquette,bereich und da findet ihr verschiedene,bereiche zum beispiel die top arquette,spiele der woche oder neue spiele die,vor kurzem hinzugefügt wurden dann,werden noch diverse andere dinge hier,hervorgehoben und es gibt auch,kategorien das heißt sie könnte jetzt,überlegen auf welche kategorie habe ich,hier lust zum beispiel ein,strategiespiel und dann sehen wir die,ganzen strategiespiele und wenn ich,etwas auswählen dann sieht das,eigentlich wie bei einer ganz normalen,app aus oder wie bei einem spiel bekomme,dann all die informationen die ich,brauche und wenn controller,unterstützung dabei ist dann wird man,das hier auch so entsprechend angezeigt,ich habe hier auch noch einen tipp für,euch wenn ihr auf der hauptseite ganz,nach unten scrollt und dann auf alle,spiele anzeigen geht dann werden euch,hier die ganzen spiele chronologisch,geordnet angezeigt das heißt ihr könnt,genau sehen waren welches spiel,erschienen ist vor allem,welches jetzt die ganz neuen spiele sind,und wenn man sich das mal genauer,ansieht dann erkennt man dass in den,letzten monaten immer so zwei bis drei,neue spiele im monat hinzu gekommen sind,ja damit habe ich euch jetzt mal schön,kurz und kompakt alles gezeigt was wir,bei apple arquette wissen müsst und die,restlichen minuten dieses videos werde,ich euch jetzt noch meine persönlichen,top apple arquette spiele zeigen die es,aktuell gibt dabei werde ich eher kurz,auf die spieler eingehen denn wie gesagt,man kann es ja sowieso kostenlos testen,und man auch selber ausprobieren,das erste spiel das ich euch zeigen,möchte ist lego builders journey und da,geht es darum dass ihr mit den,legosteinen hier einen weg baut um,dieses kind zu seinem elterntag zu,bekommen das kind bewegt sich dabei nur,auf diesen gelben lego bausteinen nach,vorne und ihr müsst ihr gesagt dann eben,einen weg finden wir es dann hier,vorankommt das ganze erzählt auch so,eine kleine geschichte und die level,sind doch ganz nett gestaltet finde ich,dann haben wir hier das spiel mini motor,race und da geht es darum ein straßen,netzwerk aufzubauen und dafür zu sorgen,dass autos aus gleichfarbigen häusern in,die gleichfarbige garage fahren können,oder ins parkhaus versieht jetzt noch,relativ einfach aus das wird aber mit,der zeit noch schwieriger und,herausfordernder man kann dann auch zum,beispiel autobahnen bauen man kann,ampeln bei kreuzungen hinzufügen um,staus zu vermeiden und es kommen vor,allem auch neuer farben hinzu und so,wird das dann mit der zeit immer,schwieriger das spiel wertvoll ist zu,einer art puzzle spiel wo es darum geht,dass ihr eure spielfigur einfach durch,diese welt voran bekommt dass es immer,weiter kommt die schwierigkeit und im,spiel sind dann gewisse situationen in,denen ihr euch eine lösung überlegen,müssten wir da eben vorbei kommt oder,rauf kommt da könnte diese karten dann,zb irgendwo hinsetzen und das dann so,öffnen dann kommt eben an dieser stelle,weiter das spiel erzählt auch eine,schöne geschichte finde ich und,natürlich wird das spiel auch,schwieriger das ist noch der anfang denn,ihr seht dann haben wir das spiel die,verzauberte welt auch das ist so eine,art puzzle spiel wo eben auf diesem weg,durch die welt gehen müsst und dann,zwischendurch rätsel lösen müsst oder,super artikel stellen habt zb hier müsst,ihr dafür sorgen dass sie den weg,korrekt hier zusammensetzt um dann hier,direkt vorbei zu kommen auch das spiel,finde ich ganz nett vor allem weil es,auch ganz liebevoll gestaltet ist dann,haben wir das spiel aus horn 2,vielleicht kennt ihr den ersten teil das,war vor vielen jahren mal ein sehr,bekanntes beliebtes spiel das gibt es,auch immer noch zu haben war ein großer,auf,deswegen gibt es jetzt einen zweiten,te

Apple Arcade Review & Test – Does It Worth 4,99$ per month in 2022?

its no wonder that the App Store is now,visited by over a half a billion people,each week,now the most popular category on the App,Store is games,in fact,iOS has become the largest gaming,platform in the world,we want to make gaming even better,we call it,Apple arcade,Apple arcade is a gaming subscription,service from Apple that exists for a,couple of years now if Apple music is,used literally by almost everyone who,uses an iPhone Apple arcade is something,very weird and I dont know even a,single person who is using this service,so I decided to subscribe myself to,Apple arcade and find out if gaming from,Apple for 5 bucks per month is any good,my name is Arthur and in this video Im,reviewing Apple arcade if you want to,support me please subscribe to my,YouTube channel and check out my other,videos as well without losing more of,your time lets go straight to the topic,of this video Apple arcade offers around,200 titles for iPhone iPad Apple TV and,Mac the library is a mixture of,exclusive games developed especially for,Apple arcade and popular games available,in the regular app store and on other,platforms there are no ads or in-app,purchases and games that actually,contain them Ed free with extra content,unlocked so thats the good point,finally you will be able to play games,on your iPhone without being asked for,in-app purchases golden coins and super,diamonds to unlock some extra features,every 5 minutes or so well the idea of a,gaming subscription service from Apple,sounds like some interesting but is not,as good as Apple music and it doesnt,work the same way let me explain you why,if for 5 or 10 dollars per month we,would have access to all games in the,App Store it would be nice and everyone,would definitely use this service like,apple music you pay a monthly fee and,you have access to millions of songs and,artists but in this case we have a,selection of around 200 games that are,more or less the same I mean there are,maybe 5 or 7 interesting games but the,rest is just a garbage made for,kindergarten age kids probably the only,title I liked is hot lava it is indeed,quite an interesting game where we have,to jump through different obstacles and,avoid touching the hot lava its a nice,Runner style 3D game hot lava transports,you back to your childhood imagination,relieve those moments of excitement joy,and Chaos run jump climb and surf in the,first person across nostalgia-packed,environment floated with hot molten lava,the second game I liked is called spider,save the world with agent 8 in spy on,the wall Adventure set a red or Universe,British spy agency the most,sophisticated miniature robot spider on,Earth this tiny super spy is equipped,with all the gadgets and gizmos youll,need cut through panels overload,terminals flip switches and open Wells,as you score about sabotaging the,heinous plants of evil doors the only,objective here is to save the world,subscription model versus single,purchase I actually dont like the,subscription model I prefer to pay once,and be the owner of the game Forever by,the way I made a couple of videos about,the top 10 selections of paid and free,games for iOS check it out if youre,interested the links will be down in the,description of this video Lets Talk,About Numbers according to public,information from Apple currently Apple,music subscription is used by over 100,million users a Apple arcade counts,around 30 million active users well,obviously Apple music is quite an old,service and it is already has a huge,base of users and usually more people,are interested in music than in Mobile,gaming if you have a look at the Google,Trends data about Apple arcade we can,see that the interest in the gaming,platform from Apple is not growing much,and is rather mediocre Revenue,estimation with apple music Apple made,over 10 billion dollars per year with,apple arcade around 2.6 billion dollars,per year take in mind that for Apple,music the approximately 70 percent of,every dollar that is paid to Apple goes,to the content creators which means,Apple makes around 2.8 billion dollars,per year of profit on Apple music and,around 1.4 billion dollars on Apple,arcade it means that gaming service is,actually quite a profitable business for,them with more than three times fewer,active users they make only two times,less money despite all the numbers Apple,arcade sucks with such a big amount of,money Apple could offer us a much bigger,variety of games but they dont,pros of Apple arcade non-intrusive and,uninterrupted experience the main value,proposition of Apple arcade is that it,allows subscribers to access a dedicated,library of games titles that are free of,ads and in-app purchases,cross-platform access and playability,note that the service can be accessed,using several Apple devices such as Mac,iPhone iPad and Apple tv most game,titles are playable on either of these,platforms inexpensive and flexible,subscription plan another advantage of,Apple arcade is that the subscription,fee cost is 4.99 per month the entire,subscription cost for a year is equal to,one console game one subscription gives,you access up to six family members the,servers can also be purchased for 15,dollars per month via Apple One bundle,alongside Apple music Apple TV and 50,gigabyte of iCloud,expanding game Library the service was,launched in 2019 with 71 games it now,has over 200 game titles and the library,is constantly expanding jars include,role-playing action adventure puzzle,racing and strategy it also has a good,selection of multiplayer games cons of,Apple arcade Apple arcade is targeted,toward casual gamers and families,considering this you should not expect,consoled grade titles on this service,Apple arcade is not ideal for hardcore,video Gamers remember that this video,game servers lacks AAA game titles or,hardcore video game titles available for,PC and Top Tire consoles such as,PlayStation 5 or Xbox One the servers is,marked primarily toward average or,casual mobile video Gamers or even kids,playability limited to Apple ecosystem,another disadvantage of Apple arcade is,that the service is only accessible via,Apple devices is that means that games,can only be played using devices such as,Mac iPhone iPad and Apple tv verdict at,4.99 per month it is not very,interesting as a service especially for,someone who is older than 5 but when,purchased with the Apple One bundle at,14.95 per month Apple arcade provides,good value for money this video game,service is ideal for habitual causal,Gamers or families with kids who are,into casual Mobile gaming thanks for,watching I hope you liked this video,please comment below what do you think,about the Apple arcade service is there,someone who actually plays these service,and enjoys thanks again for watching and,see you next time on YouTube bye bye

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