1. Apple Card Review – Worth It in 2022? (The TRUTH)
  2. Apple Card Review – Still Worth It in 2022? (Watch Before Applying)
  3. Apple Card Unboxing & Impressions!
  4. Apple Card Review 2022 (Is It Still WORTH It?)
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  6. THE APPLE CREDIT CARD RUINED MY CREDIT! | The truth about the apple installment program!!
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Apple Card Review – Worth It in 2022? (The TRUTH)

hey everyone so the apple cart has been,arguably one of the most popular credit,cards to get since it was released back,in 2019 but now that its been widely,available for about three years now and,millions of people have it i wanted to,ask the question in this video is the,apple cart still worth it in 2022. now,the quick and easy answer for most,people could be yes because after all,the apple card is a no annual fee credit,card and it can also earn unlimited 2,cashback on everything when paying with,apple pay which is pretty good but even,if this card might be worth it not,everyone should be using it so thats,what were gonna be talking about today,in this apple card review were gonna go,back and forth between some of the,positives and some of the negatives of,the apple card and then well talk about,the different types of people who,actually could find some good value from,having it so lets just get right into,it here make sure to go ahead and tap,the like button and subscribe down below,to help support the channel but to start,off like i said the apple card has no,annual fee which is the first positive,feature about it now the fact is that,annual fees on credit cards just dont,appeal to the majority of people out,there and since apple wanted to draw in,a very large potential customer base for,this credit card it just made sense for,them to keep that annual fee out of it,however on the flip side of that unlike,many other credit card companies like,chase american express capital one city,and others the apple card is not going,to be offering any sort of welcome bonus,when you sign up and i know that to some,people the fact that this card does not,have a welcome bonus is not gonna be a,deal breaker on the surface but let me,quickly explain why getting some sort of,welcome bonus on a new credit card is,actually very important so if you,compare the apple card earning two,percent back on everything through apple,pay with no welcome bonus to something,like the no annual fee chase freedom,unlimited that gets 1.5 back on,everything with a 200 welcome bonus that,0.5 difference in cash back might not,seem like a big deal at first but then,when we factor in getting 200 up front,with the freedom unlimited we can start,to see why a bonus is so important the,reason for this if we take a look at,some simple math on the screen right now,you would have to spend forty thousand,dollars on your apple card to earn eight,hundred dollars in cash back compared to,spending the same forty thousand dollars,on the freedom unlimited to earn six,hundred dollars in cash back before you,could say that using the apple card was,worth it by an extra 200 to account for,that extra 200 bonus on the freedom,unlimited now of course 40 000 is a lot,of spending to put on one single credit,card no matter how you look at it and,even if this was going to be your one,and only credit card that you use i,still think that for most people it,would take several years to put 40 000,of everyday expenses on this credit card,just to pay for things that you would,normally use a credit card for and a,quick side note here that freedom,unlimited card can actually be combined,with other chase credit cards so that,the 1.5 back really turns into three,percent back or more on everything as,long as youre redeeming those earnings,on this credit card for things like,travel i know that might sound confusing,if youre not familiar with this so go,check out some of my other videos after,watching this one where i explain all,that in much more detail and ill link,that stuff down in the description below,all right now that weve addressed the,apple card having no annual fee which i,think is a positive along with having no,welcome bonus which i do think is a,negative lets next start talking about,some of the main features and benefits,of this credit card starting with a,little bit more details around that two,percent back on everything so this is,one of the main selling points of the,apple card and like i said before two,percent cash back on all purchases is,only available if you use your apple,card through apple pay on your apple,iphone or some other apple product now,clearly this was a very intentional play,by apple here to keep their credit card,users within their overall ecosystem and,it really shouldnt surprise anybody,because apple has such a huge following,and has been so successful with a market,cap that is now around three trillion,dollars but from a general credit card,user perspective two percent cash back,on all purchases is decent if you do,find yourself using apple pay on a,regular basis the real downside here,though and the part thats frustrating,to me and many other people out there is,that if you use the actual physical,apple credit card that you can receive,in the mail which apple is constantly,marketing on its website is this very,nice metal titanium credit card with,this clean look that people like to show,off if you use that actual credit card,youre only going to be getting one,percent back on everything which is not,good at all thats basically just what,any starter credit card out there can,offer you so in order to maximize what,the apple card can earn for you you,really should never even take it with,you in your wallet but people really,like to show it off and look at it,because it is a nice metal credit card,so its a weird little dynamic that this,card has and its another negative in my,opinion because with other two percent,cash back credit cards out there youll,get two percent cash back whether youre,paying with apple pay or just by swiping,that physical credit card but i get it,apples just trying to push apple pay,out there and this is kind of just a,smart way for them to do it now,regardless of how youre using the apple,card to get either one percent with a,physical card or two percent with apple,pay apple is going to pay you out those,earnings in the form of what they call,daily cashback so daily cashback is,another nice positive feature that i do,like about the apple card but its,probably not nearly as important as some,people think it is what apple does is,instead of waiting until the end of a,monthly billing cycle to pay out any,credit card points or cash back in one,lump sum payment like many other credit,card companies do apple card is going to,pay its users that cash back on a daily,basis as they accumulate it through,their daily spending that way whatever,daily cash back you have in your account,is available right away for you to use,it however you want but honestly this,feature to me feels very similar to,receiving your paycheck two days early,which many newer bank accounts are,offering because it sounds nice on paper,but does it really matter now i get it,theres this whole idea about the time,value of money where a dollar today is,worth more than a dollar tomorrow,because with a dollar today you can,invest that dollar sooner so that it can,grow in value for you but realistically,the amount of daily cash that youre,going to be receiving that much sooner,is not going to be anything thats truly,meaningful to impact any of your planned,spending or investing and if you really,do want to invest whatever small amounts,of cash back youre earning each day or,each week you dont need the apple card,or daily cashback to do that because you,know with other credit cards out there,even if youre getting that cash back at,the end of the month or something like,that you still can see the amount of,cash back youre accruing in that,account so if youre sitting on a cash,reserve and a separate account you could,just take an equal amount of that cash,and then dollar cost average into the,market that way again i really dont,think that many people out there think,about cash back with the apple card like,this but i just wanted to mention it so,ill say that daily cashback is another,positive feature because its always,nice to see that cash back in your,account sooner rather than later but,its really not a feature

Apple Card Review – Still Worth It in 2022? (Watch Before Applying)

since its release back in august of 2019,the apple card has seen over 6 million,holders in under 2 years time but why is,it so popular when in my opinion there,are so many better cards out there well,in this video well be breaking down all,of the cards features because they are,pretty unique how the card stacks up,against some of the other cards out,there and if you should sign up for this,card so lets get started with the first,major point of the card which is having,zero dollars no annual fee and apple is,smart to do so because one study found,that 60 of people think having no annual,fees is a very important factor when,choosing a card but you and i know that,having annual fees on a card isnt in,and of itself a bad thing especially,when you can get even more value than,you pay for the annual fee like if,youre paying zero dollars but getting a,hundred dollars in value versus paying a,hundred dollars but getting 500 in value,youd probably choose the latter,although i wouldnt say the zero dollar,annual fee is a bad thing at all mainly,because apple just wants to get as many,people into their ecosystem as possible,but what is a big downside is that the,apple card has no welcome bonus when,compared to other cards like the chase,freedom flex or the freedom unlimited,both giving two hundred dollars a bonus,and a five percent in a certain category,or even the city custom cash card with,this 200 back the apple card really does,not stack up one popular comparison that,ive seen other youtubers make is,against the chase freedom unlimited with,this 1.5 back on all of your spend,although the apple car does have two,percent back if youre paying with apple,pay more on that later and it is 0.5,higher youll need to spend 40 000,in order to make up for the 200 in bonus,you get from the freedom unlimited and,for most people you probably arent,spending that type of money on this card,and if you are youre using the wrong,card my friend but what most dont,notice is that from time to time apple,does have some limited time sign up,offers for the card like getting 75,dollars to spend on nike within the,first 30 days or 50 dollars when you,spend 50 dollars at panera bread but,even with those offers a theyre kind of,hard to use and b its still nowhere,near say the 200 you can get from the,other cards you mentioned so the welcome,bonus is a major weak point of the apple,card hey real quick if youre enjoying,credit card content like this remember,to tap that like button for the youtube,algorithm because it will help a lot,thank you so much now onto the cashback,you get for spending on this card which,is where things get more interesting for,the majority of people with this card,youre probably using apple wallet with,an apple device which is good because,youll be getting two percent cash back,on all of your spend when youre paying,through apple pay and only when you use,apple pay yes most places take tap,nowadays but if you are thinking of,taking out that titanium card to pay and,show off to all your friends youre,doing it wrong because if youre,thinking of using the physical card to,pay youre only getting one percent,cashback that basically means you should,never use the card by itself and because,its likely loaded into your apple,wallet anyways you probably dont even,need to carry it around knowing apple,and the walled garden theyve built up,this is not surprising because its just,another way to keep people in the,ecosystem two percent on a credit card,isnt even that special so by using,apple products youre getting a decent,return to two percent but if youre not,using apple products and getting the one,percent cash back its a really mediocre,card now more on what makes this card,unique is that youll be getting three,percent cashback whenever you spend on,apple products including apple services,like the app store so if youre,transacting within the apple ecosystem a,ton then it comes in pretty nice,although personally id probably open,another credit card like the chase,sapphire preferred or reserved and use,my apple purchases to hit minimum spend,in order to get the sign up bonuses on,those cards that are worth so much more,than the extra one percent cashback you,get aside from that youll also get,three percent back when youre spending,in a specific few places like panera,bread uber and ubereats walgreens and,more note that although this card has no,foreign transaction fees if youre,spending at these locations outside of,the us youre not getting the three,percent back although there has been a,time where apple has given three percent,back on all apple pay purchases for a,certain limited time which would make,this a pretty compelling card during,that time speaking of cashback another,unique feature is that youre getting,daily cashback that means the cash back,you get from the card is given out daily,compared to most other cards that will,pay you out at the end of each month for,most people this probably isnt a big,deal though because the cash back you,incur every day its probably small,enough that you dont desperately need,it the next day so its a nice sounding,perk but its not actually that useful,in my opinion alright so far the card is,pretty mediocre unless youre spending,within the apple ecosystem and this,theme continues throughout the rest of,the features we already talked about,getting three percent back when paying,for apple products and apple services,but you could also pay for apple,products over time with no interest,while still getting three percent in,daily cashback yes money now is worth,more than money later so as long as you,stick to the payment schedule its a,pretty nice feature to have but i,wouldnt solely get this card to use,this feature mainly because if you cant,afford to buy out the product all at,once anyways you probably shouldnt be,buying that item but if you can there,are other better cards out there to hit,minimum spend with like we talked about,with the chase staff i preferred or the,reserve however whats not talked about,a lot is that apple sometimes runs more,promotions like getting six percent back,on apple purchases which was run near,the holidays in 2021 in that case it was,an amazing offer if you had a lot of,apple products to buy all right next,apple is a major software company and,their amazing user experience carries,throughout how you use the card one of,the cool features is getting real-time,interest calculations depending on how,much youre paying off your bill every,single month this is something that will,encourage people to pay less interest,which i applaud apple for doing so but,in general remember that when youre,using credit cards you should never be,paying interest anyways and you should,be paying off your bill in full every,single month another thing is that apple,will let you create an apple card family,where you can see and manage your family,on the account like helping build good,spending habits for your kids theyve,also baked a pretty seamless signup,process for the card too the process to,see if youre approved is pretty simple,and does not require a hard pull that,could drop your credit score a few,points but if you choose to accept the,offer and actually apply for the card,knowing youve already been approved,then it will still hit your credit score,then when you sign up and because they,encourage you to use apple pay anyways,you could use the card right away,instead of having to wait for the card,to arrive so when they had the offer of,six percent back on apple product,purchases they probably got a huge,influx of new customers and with the,actual card itself apple design never,ceases to amaze me its a nice minimal,and sleek titanium card that claims to,be more secure given that the card,number is nowhere on the card adding to,the premium look i know a lot of young,adults nowadays love this type of,aesthetic so apple definitely knows,their crowd and with anything apple,their customer service is amazing and it,extends to this

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Apple Card Unboxing & Impressions!

[Music],hey what is up guys mkbhd here so if you,remember that services apple event back,in march that weird one the one actual,piece of hardware technically that was,announced at that event was this shiny,new titanium apple credit card called,apple card well now its august,and,actually have one now here so we have to,answer the question what would it be,like,if apple,made,a credit card,[Music],so this is the card itself like i,mentioned its made of literally,titanium uh all matte white on the front,and the back super clean as youd expect,from apple hardware and its got this,precise laser cut out with your name on,the front and the apple logo and the,chip of course and then on the back is,the magnetic stripe and a goldman sachs,and mastercard logos so the issuing bank,and the card provider for this guy and,right off the bat i know there are other,metal credit cards but i dont have any,so this is very different from the rest,of what i normally carry its the same,thickness as a normal card but quite a,bit heavier being metal and also way,less flexible feels more durable im not,going to try to actually break this,thing but it flexes way less its more,solid and then theres this sort of,chamfer that goes all the way around and,gleams and catches in the light as youd,expect from a solid block of metal this,uh this is the wallet i carry right now,its made by trove ill link it below,since people always ask about it but i,dont carry cash i just have a couple,cards with me and the card key actually,to get into the studio literally wrapped,in a dbrand skin so i dont have to look,at the brown color that it actually is,but uh the apple card would fit right,into a normal wallet its the same size,as every other card not too much thicker,the only thing that actually concerns me,here is the white finish,like how does it wear does it start to,chip off or does it start to discolor,over time,not exactly sure but it does look super,clean right out the box so to activate,it it comes in this colorful packaging,with instructions wake iphone and hold,here so i just touched the top of my,iphone right to the bottom of the card,right around here and it comes up in ios,just like any other pair of airpods or,something to pair,you activate the card here and it adds,it to your wallet app and youre,officially good to go this is,essentially a credit card,for iphone users,like thats just thats what it is,meaning its basically an extension of,the apple pay that you could already use,but now in a physical credit card form,so all those places that dont accept,apple pay but you still want to use,apple pay so it shows up in the wallet,app you have a physical card to do it,and then on top of that there are a lot,of legitimately nice features in the,wallet app that you may already know,since its a credit card this time there,is a slider to show how much interest,youd be paying versus different payment,schedules,with this really clean intuitive ui the,red color like actively discourages you,from making the minimum payment and,racking up more interest so thats,pretty cool and then fun fact so neil at,the verge actually tweeted that he,noticed in the app the color gradient of,the card,actually means something so it starts,off completely white like mine before,you spend any money on anything with the,card and then anytime you spend money at,a different merchant or category it adds,colors to the gradient so i wanted to,test that out for myself so i went to b,h and literally i pre-ordered my galaxy,note 10 with the apple card and sure,enough instantly like literally a half a,second after i pressed the buy button on,b hs site my app populated with that,purchase and added the color to my card,so im starting my gradient of colors,now,so yeah i can confirm thats whats,happening here it was really,impressively fast and then it gives you,a purchase history where you can dig,into each purchase every transaction and,see it on a map so if you dont,recognize it you can look up exactly,where it came from honestly a lot of,stuff that i wish my current banking app,also did and then i guess one of the,most underrated pieces of it is its all,secured with face id so even if someone,finds your card or someone steals your,card they cant use it because they,dont have your iphone or even if they,do have your iphone they dont have your,face you can also remotely deactivate,the card from the wallet app which is,also where you can grab the card number,if you want to pay for things online,using a form like i just did with b h,and then of course its just also very,clean theres no card number on the card,thats a little more secure i guess and,theres no signature since thats not,required anymore its in the app so you,just get this,nice,super clean look its pretty nice,actually now to be honest as a credit,card its actually not that amazing of a,credit card interest rates are okay you,know 12 and up depending on your credit,score if you get approved but like you,know you wont see this on any best,value cards lists anytime soon the one,cool thing is instead of giving you,points that build up over time it just,gives you straight apple cash the next,day so you can spend it 24 hours after,youve earned it you get one percent,cash back on everything so like that,note 10 i just bought on b h with the,card i got one percent cash back i get,two percent cash back on everything that,i use apple pay for,and you get three percent cash back on,everything you buy from the apple store,from apple i dont know whos spending,that much money in apple that that would,be a thing youd care about but hey,thats what you get i dont know i kind,of just see this thing as a status,symbol slash,flex of the decade honestly this is uh,very,gratuitous that thats just what it is,one thing i do have to say though just,because the features are so good and so,intertwined with the wallet app on the,iphone,beware,of the ecosystem if you thought the,walls of the the garden werent high,enough already just because people dont,want to leave the iphone because of,imessage and the green and blue bubbles,people dont want to leave the iphone,because they have all the storage and,icloud already imagine trying to switch,to an android phone but you dont want,to now because you also have to give up,your credit card,like thats nuts so beware this is,obviously another tool that can be used,to sort of trap you in the apple,ecosystem but you already knew that,right anyway thanks for watching this,quick one just figured id give a quick,update since there is technically,actually new hardware around but uh,thats just about all there is to it,also shout out to the waveform podcast,is now officially,launched ill have a link right below,that like button if you want to check it,out episode one is up,and uh well have more info on that,coming soon either way thanks for,watching catch you guys later,peace,you

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Apple Card Review 2022 (Is It Still WORTH It?)

quite a few significant events took,place in 2019 our president was,impeached everyone started to catch a,weird code but most importantly Apple,released their apple card this was a,revolutionary release because Apple,Fanboys everywhere including myself were,excited to see a brand new titanium no,annual fee credit card that earned up to,three percent cash back but fast forward,to today and I think that the Apple card,fell short for me and my standards to,become a solid credit card rest assured,though as I will be doing a full review,of this credit card talking about the,good things the bad things and the three,reasons why Im not using this card,today at the end of the video Ill also,be going over who the Apple card will,work really well for and who should get,another credit card instead its a lot,of exciting stuff to go over today and,be sure to slap that like button and,subscribe below to help support my,channel to start things off lets talk,about probably the most controversial,part of the Apple card which is the card,itself in classic apple fashion they,created another piece of art it just so,happened that this one was made out of,titanium Ive handled a few metal credit,cards before like the AmEx Platinum Amex,gold and Chase Sapphire preferred but,nothing comes close to the feeling of,the Apple card its not as heavy as the,other credit cards that I just mentioned,but it does feel 10 times stronger than,any of them in fact people were,sharpening the edges of the Apple card,and making knives out of it to take,things further Apple also kept the,actual design of the card to a bare,minimum leaving only a few logos and,your name no credit card number no,security code nothing the lack of,numbers meant you have more protection,and its now harder to steal your credit,card information of your Apple card that,means whenever you whip this bad boy out,and slam it in front of the cashier not,only will you look super cool doing it,but youll also be safe except I forgot,to mention one thing that you might want,to remember every time you do take out,your app Apple card to pay you are,losing value thats because the Apple,card will earn you two percent cash back,on any purchase if you use Apple pay and,if you insert slide tap or Bop your,physical card you will only be earning,one percent cash back yes I could see,why Apple decided to go this route they,wanted to make a push for people to use,Apple pay but at the same time it sucks,that they give you such a nice card only,to incentivize you not to use it thats,probably why people were making knives,out of it because they had no other use,for the actual card itself that means in,order to take full advantage of the two,percent cashback that this card gives,you youll have to add your Apple card,to your Apple Wallets on your Apple,device to use Apple pay all this really,means is that youll be keeping your,Apple card at home because it makes no,sense bringing it with you of course,this is just another clever method that,apple is using to keep you in their,apple ecosystem lets talk more about,the cash back this card gives you,because you could also receive three,percent cash back on any Apple purchase,that includes things such as app store,purchases Apple music MacBooks and so on,you could also receive three percent,cash back on purchases at select,retailers such as Nike Uber T-Mobile and,more but even though this car does not,have any foreign transaction fees you,will not receive three percent cash back,on those select retailers at locations,outside of the United States that is all,the cashback categories that the Apple,card gives you which is one of my,problems with it I wish there was a,cashback category that I could use daily,on this card like gas groceries or,dining yes you can get two percent cash,back on all purchases but other credit,cards can do that too and have better,reward programs along with it that,brings me to my second gripe with the,Apple card because youll receive your,cashback in the form of daily cashback,daily cashback itself is a cool concept,that Apple has successfully implemented,basically instead of having to wait,until the end of the month or the end of,your billing cycle to receive your cash,back the Apple card gives it to you,every day even though its a cool,concept Im not sure how useful it is,yes it is nice to receive your cashback,essentially immediately after earning it,but you probably arent earning a lot of,cash back to begin with remember the,cashback categories that come on this,card imagine you using it for your daily,purchases and you might end up with,under a dollar of cashback every day I,understand that some people love to use,cashback anyway with their credit card,points but not me I prefer flexibility,and different Redemption options that,come with other credit card reward,programs again this is a personal,preference because you might spend a lot,of money in the Apple ecosystem and,could benefit from the daily cash back,and speaking of other credit card reward,programs usually those credit cards come,with a sign up bonus whereas the Apple,card does not yes it is nice that the,Apple card has no annual fee but it,would be slightly better if it had at,least a small signup bonus like the two,no annual fee Chase Freedom cards each,come with a sign up bonus that is easily,worth at least two hundred dollars even,the no annual fee Discover It cash back,card comes with an intro year cash back,match offer this means every other no,annual fee credit card with a sign up,bonus will give you more upfront value,at least for the first year than the,Apple card at this point the Apple card,just seems like a boring no annual fee,cash back credit card with nothing,special going on but as much as I dont,love this credit card it does have some,unique features that people can take,advantage of one of them is a feature,called Apple card monthly installments,which allows you to pay for new Apple,products over time interest free,normally I am really against taking out,loans for anything besides a Car Loan,mortgage Etc but in this case it does,help that you could pay off certain,Apple devices over a period of time,without having to pay an interest Im,not recommending you to purchase things,that you dont need or cant afford but,at least you have the option with the,Apple card monthly installments feature,sure you could buy things such as an,iPhone Mac iPad Apple watch and even,airpods you also still have the option,to trade in your current device to pay,even less per month and surprisingly,even though you are paying for these,products over time you still get your,entire three percent daily cash back all,up front just be mindful that each Apple,product has a different payback period,for those monthly installments for all,iPhones and apple watches your loan term,will be 24 months iPad Mac and displays,will be 12 months Apple TV airpods and,beats will be six months and accessories,are 12 months the Apple card also makes,it super easy to keep track of your,monthly installment progress and how,much you have left to pay you also do,have the option to pay in advance in,order to pay off your entire loan ahead,of time at the end of the day though you,need to make sure that this feature ends,up helping you and not hurting you like,do you really need to have that brand,new Macbook or iPhone do you have the,money to pay it off in full right now,out or is it a bad idea to add another,payment to your already current monthly,expenses even if you use this monthly,installments feature it will still count,towards your credit utilization of your,Apple card that means if your Apple card,credit limit is five thousand dollars,and you take out a loan for a one,thousand dollar iPhone your credit,utilization is now 20 initially it will,hurt your credit score but your credit,utilization will drop little by little,as you continue to make your monthly,payments and pay off that loan another,good thing about the Apple card is that,it i

Apple Card Review 2021 – How is Apple Credit Card Two Years In?

hey im adam jusko and this is strictly,credit cards where we talk about,strictly,credit cards subscribe why dont you in,this video were going to take a look at,the apple cart its been out on the,market for about two years,we are going to see what has changed,what hasnt what we think of the card in,todays,marketplace if you find this video,helpful and youre logged into your,youtube account we just got this new,thing called,super thanks and if you hit that thanks,button down there you can give me a,couple bucks if youre so,inclined or maybe more if youre so,inclined anyway apple card,has been out for about two years now and,theyve kind of tinkered around the,edges but it hasnt,changed a whole ton unfortunately,because,it is an okay card but it is not a great,card however for some people it is going,to be attractive obviously if you are a,big,apple fan youre probably going to like,it also if youre someone that is maybe,newer to credit or maybe has a little,bit lower of a credit score,apple has some transparency around its,approval process,that would make you think that maybe,this is a card that you could go after,as well so well talk about that as we,go along,so apple and their card issuing partner,goldman sachs would like you to think of,the apple card as your everyday credit,card that you use,across the board on all of your,purchases but,apple being apple they cannot help,themselves but put roadblocks in front,of you that in my opinion would stop you,from making this card,the one card that you use for everything,and i will tell you what i mean so the,apple card,is a no annual fee mastercard credit,card,that gives you rewards using the,following formula you get three percent,cash back on your apple purchases when,you pay with your apple card,you get three percent back on purchases,at a list,of about a handful of retailers when you,pay at those retailers,using apple pay so you have to use your,apple card as the payment method,in apple pay the apple pay software on,your iphone and then use your phone,to make those payments at these,retailers and so those,include uber panera t-mobile,exxon mobile nike walgreens,dwayne reed there may be a couple others,that im forgetting in there but there,arent that many of them theres like,seven or eight,places where you could get three percent,back when you use apple pay,to pay at those locations anywhere else,that you,make purchases and use apple pay you,would get,two percent cash back so those are,pretty good numbers but it sort of,assumes that we live in a world,where apple pay is available everywhere,and thats just not the case,apple says that 85 percent of merchants,accept,apple pay and maybe if you count you,know a zillion,online merchants maybe thats mostly,true but i dont believe that 85 percent,of actual,physical locations are going to accept,apple pay and so what theyve done is,theyre giving you that two percent,on all those apple pay purchases and,then three percent on some of those,other purchases,but everywhere else you either cant use,the card because it is,expected to go through your phone and,use apple pay,or you could get the physical apple card,but when you actually use it you sort of,get,penalized in the fact that you only get,one percent cash back,on all of those purchases and apple sort,of touts the look and feel,of their physical credit card and then,they sort of penalize you for using it,one percent cash back,not very competitive in todays market,so they dont want you to use that,physical card they want you to use apple,pay theyre trying to force you into,using apple pay,if you want those greater rewards but,then they hurt you,when you try to use the card at places,that dont accept apple pay,there is not any sort of new card holder,bonus opportunity on the apple card so,if youre comparing this card to other,cards,out there on the market that do give you,potentially 150 bucks or 200 bucks,on the front end if you spend 500 or a,thousand dollars within those first few,months of having those cards,you dont have a comparable offer here,and so that obviously is to,the apple cards detriment now like i,said apple likes to run everything,through,your iphone so the cashback you receive,on this card is going to go into your,apple cash account,in your apple wallet on your iphone from,there you can use it to either pay off,part of,your apple card balance or you could use,it for other purchases as well but,youre not going to get that cash back,in your hand its not going to go,into your bank account now the way apple,gives your money,is a little different than other cards,you get it on a rolling basis so when,you make purchases pretty much the next,day,you are getting the cash back into your,account so you can see,how much you are earning on an ongoing,basis and you can actually use that cash,back,quicker than you could with other cards,where theyre not going to give you the,cash back until the end of a billing,cycle,and oftentimes they are going to have,some sort of redemption,threshold that you might have to hit,before you can actually get the money,oftentimes 25 bucks,with a lot of cards out there so thats,a little nicer its fun to see it,accumulated it is nice that you could,use it on a rolling basis whenever you,wanted to instead of,waiting to hit whatever that threshold,is now before we look at the other,features of this card,lets dissect those rewards real quick,and see what we think of them three,percent cash back on apple purchases,obviously is a good thing if you buy,from apple often well then thats going,to be attractive to you beyond the apple,purchases that is a big,question how does apple pay fit into,your lifestyle or how does it fit into,the lifestyle you are willing to have in,terms of how you make payments do you go,to a lot of places that are going to,accept apple pay is this something that,you see as something,simple in your life so you have those,three percent categories with certain,retailers and you have two percent,everywhere else,well if you could get two percent or,three percent on almost all of your,purchases you were always using apple,pay,almost everywhere well then i could see,how that would be pretty attractive,because that is fairly,competitive with other cards that are,out there on the market,however if you cant use apple pay all,the time well then you have the physical,card,use that card youre only gonna get one,percent again youre sort of getting,punished,whenever you use the card somewhere even,if apple pay is not accepted its not,your fault apple pay is not accepted,and the thing is there are plenty of,other two percent flat cash back cards,out there on the market where you get,two percent on everything that you buy,and you dont have to go through a,certain pay wallet in order to do you,just have the card thats good,everywhere the credit cards are accepted,so apple is sort of,hoping that you will buy this vision of,a world where apple pay is everywhere,even though most of us know that it is,not everywhere so im not thrilled with,that reward structure but if you are,someone that is very into the apple,ecosystem i could see how potentially it,is something that you would think is no,big deal,and you would like those rewards as they,stand so now lets look at some,some of the other features of the apple,card and then well also talk about the,approval process,which i find pretty interesting and much,more transparent than most other credit,cards out there on the market,as an apple card holder you not only get,the cash back on all of your purchases,but,for those apple purchases you can also,get no interest financing so if you buy,an iphone or other apple stuff,you can choose to pay over time without,any interest so depending on what it is,youre buying you could have six months,12 months or 24 months to stretch,out your payments you would pay in equal,installments over whatever that period,is,until you have paid off the item without,paying any interest so that is pretty,nice and you

THE APPLE CREDIT CARD RUINED MY CREDIT! | The truth about the apple installment program!!

hey guys whats up welcome back to my,channel we talk about all things,money finance and entrepreneurship guys,in todays video were just gonna talk,todays video is gonna be another,chit chat because recently i got the,apple,credit card not recently like back in,november and its february,but over the past couple of months i,have learned a couple things about this,card and i made a couple mistakes along,the way and so,in todays video im just going to be,telling you all what i learned,so hopefully you do not make the same,mistakes i did,but before we jump into todays video,make sure you give this video a thumbs,up because it tremendously helps out my,channel,make sure you follow me on instagram and,twitter because im active there almost,daily,and without further ado lets jump into,todays video,okay so lets talk about why i got this,card in the first place because if it,was up to me,i would have never got this card if i,would have had it my way,i would never have this card so recently,i got,the canon m50 to start recording higher,quality videos for my channel,and i was recording videos on the canon,m50 and trying to edit them,on my iphone xr and it just was not,working okay the camera quality was,compressing,because im guessing that this is like,an hd quality and i was trying to edit,videos on my phone and this was not,working,so one day i woke up this was very,impromptu,one day i woke up and my phone was just,not having it guys it was just not,having it i could not edit videos on my,phone,so i was like boom this is it i need a,computer,so i always knew that i was gonna need a,computer,but i i it was kind of one of those,things that kind of kept you up at night,like,i need a computer but you dont really,have a plan so the day i,bought my computer i was not planning,on buying a computer so i knew that the,computer was gonna cost me some money,because i was not just gonna buy some,random cheap computer that i knew that,was gonna have to replace within a,couple months or a year so if i was like,if im gonna buy a computer,im gonna get my moneys worth im gonna,go all in so i had been doing,research on different ways to get a,computer i had been like,budgeting out some savings plans i did,research on the apple credit card,on the apple credit card itself and the,installment plan,very like basic minimal research just,like reading over it when its like when,the ad pops up just to see,how the apple credit card and apple,installment plan,works i dont have a problem going into,debt or like taking out a loan as long,as i know that im able to pay it back,because at the end of the day i know,that it will help my credit and like,being 20 years old and not having a lot,on my credit,i thought that this would really really,help out my credit by taking out an,installment loan,so normally before i take out any type,of credit before i do any type of,installment,plan before i do anything finance,related i do,extensive research i do a deep dive i,know the ins and out before i do,anything,but because this was so impromptu i did,not,im gonna admit i did not really have a,clear understanding of how the,installment program worked,i didnt i knew apple credit card i knew,it was a credit card but i didnt,understand,how the installments i didnt understand,how it works im just gonna be honest,and so apple has this thing where you,apply for the apple credit card,where it will tell you how much you,approve for and how much your apr is,while doing a soft,pull so it does not do a hard pull on,your credit so youll know how much you,get approved for and you can accept or,deny it and when you accept it it does,the hard pull and if you deny it,then it doesnt reflect on your credit,so i had done that before,and it had said that i had got approved,for a thousand dollars and i didnt want,that,so i denied it so the way they have you,do the apple credit card installment,plan,financing i dont know what the overall,term is for it the installment plan,on the apple credit card is they have,you apply for the apple credit card as,normal,inside of the store and i was really,nervous because i had only got approved,for a thousand on the soft pool,but they approved me for 1600 when i was,applying for my,for the installment program for my,computer so with that being said with me,having just a very surface level,understanding,it wasnt until i got the card and,started,reading through the app that was like oh, i messed up,so what i thought what they were going,to do,i thought was going to happen i dont,know why i thought this okay you guys,can drag youd be like yeah you should,have known better but this is what i,thought was going to happen,i thought they were going to give me a,clean credit card a clean credit card,and every single month,they were going to charge okay lets say,the installments for the card are 180,for the computer,or 187 dollars a month what i thought,they were going to do,was charge 187 to the card every single,month,and then if i didnt pay it then it,would just keep building up building up,187 187 187 but no thats not what they,did thats not what they did,when i went and looked inside of the app,the card was maxed out the card was,maxed out,to the card had a limit of sixteen,hundred dollars and the total price of,the computer,came to one thousand five hundred and,eighty eight dollars,and at this point it hadnt been,reflecting on my credit report,that this card was even on my credit,because it hadnt been sent to the,credit bureaus yet so,i will admit i kind of panicked,and apple has this you can apple is so,tech savvy where you can just,text somebody and theyll respond to you,so i,texted the number and i asked the lady,you know,is this gonna reflect on my credit,report as a maxed out credit card,and the lady told me im not a credit,consultant so i cant tell you,which you know its fair youre not a,credit consultant you dont want to give,me a definite yes or no,thats fair but i lowkey feel like she,knew that it was going to report back to,my credit,that it was a maxed out credit card and,that is exactly,what happened it reported back to my,credit that it was a maxed out,credit card on my credit report and i,know what youre thinking,i know what youre thinking jaya just,pay the card off early,then it wont be maxed out and i i,understand im way ahead of you okay,but thats not the point the point is,that i did not know,that i was going to be handed a maxed,out,credit card and the reason why one of,the reasons why i say it ruined my,credit,because i dont know if you guys watched,my,video of how to apply for your very,first credit card with the chase freedom,flex,but you know in that video i did not get,approved for that card,so im going to do an update on why i,think it didnt get approved but when i,called them,and one of the reasons why they were,reading off to me why i didnt get,approved,is because of the fact there was a maxed,out credit card on my credit report,now you can drag me you could say i,should have known better,you could have been like jail what else,did you think that were gonna do but,i really did not know that they were,going to do that i thought that they,were just going to continuously,charge the installment balance to the,card every single month i didnt know,they were going to give me,a maxed out card and that i was going to,have to pay it down,because thats gonna mess up my credit,score thats going to mess up,anybodys credit score thank god by the,grace of god i always keep all my other,credit cards at a very low balance,so overall it looked like my utilization,it didnt affect it,that bad it put my utilization at,probably like a 20,when its supposed to be at 10 because i,keep all my other cards,paid down its the lack of transparency,for me,like i just feel like that should have,been communicated,i do i just i dont understand,why how the credit card affects your,credit report,wasnt like communicated especially,especially,because this installment program is,advertised to,everybody

Why You Need an Apple Card in 2023

its been three years since Apple,launched what might have been one of,their weirdest products to date no Im,not talking about an iPhone nor am I,talking about an Apple Watch or a Mac or,even that iPad with all the weird,adapters now I am talking about this the,Apple credit card and I have been using,the Apple credit card for the past three,years and it has quickly become my,favorite credit card that I own not only,because of its ease of use but also the,elimination of almost everything you can,think of and an excellent reward system,and to make it even more apple-like the,robust amount of updates that this card,has received since I applied for it way,back in 2019. so in this video I want to,tell you my experience of using the,Apple card after three years things I,like about it things that I might change,about it how much daily cash Ive earned,in total since using this card in three,years and why I think you should apply,for one right now so first lets talk,about the rewards this is probably the,main reason why I continue to use my,Apple card as my main credit card and,that is because of the reward system it,doesnt matter how easy this card was to,use or how cool the physical card is if,the reward system wasnt good I wouldnt,use it thankfully I found the reward,system overall to be one of the best out,of any of my credit cards and that is,including ones I pay a yearly membership,for now to get the most out of this,credit card,uh you kind of dont want to use this,you dont want to use,that physical card and what I mean by,that is for the best rewards on the,Apple card you need to be using Apple,pay which when you apply for this card,it will defaultly set up on your iPhone,as an Apple pay method this is because,when you use Apple pay with the Apple,credit card it gives you two percent,cash back anywhere when you use Apple,pay whether thats in the store at a,payment terminal or for online purchases,now I wouldnt say Im a credit card,expert I have a fair bit of cards but,this two percent cash back on every,purchase made using Apple pay is the,most straightforward reward system that,I have on any card and it beats out,other simple cash back cards that I have,like my Capital One Quicksilver card,which has an easy to understand cashback,system where you get 1.5 percent back on,every purchase but thats just 1.5 not,two percent now there is another card,called the city double cash Rewards Card,which does give you two percent cash,back but theres kind of a catch there,you get one percent cash back at the,time of purchase and then another one,percent cash back once you pay off your,credit card statement again provided you,use apple pay the Apple card is the best,out of these three credit cards because,it not only gives you that coveted two,percent cash back on everything but it,also doesnt hold it behind any bars in,fact the Apple card is also the quickest,at actually letting you use those,rewards with a system called daily cash,which basically gives you the rewards as,cash on a separate Apple debit card as,soon as the transaction clears so you,could literally earn cash back in about,a day or two while the other credit,cards will have you waiting until next,month for the full credit card statement,and in the case of like the city card,another month after that for your full,reward once your payment clears so since,Ive owned this apple card in 2019 the,prospect of two percent back on Apple,pay purchases may not have seemed like a,great deal and thats because in the,before times it wasnt a guarantee that,you would see Apple pay accepted at,every single store that you visited and,not even a lot of major retailers had,tap to pay or an Apple pay system at,least in the US however hey the world,changed in 2020 and one of the benefits,of going through that awful time period,is that stores in the United States,quickly revamped their payment systems,to support tap to pay and as a,consequence Apple pay which means I can,maximize my two percent cash back when,using this card now I focus so much on,two percent cash back because this is,the most common scenario where youll be,able to maximize your earnings in your,daily life but that isnt the highest,reward you can get from the Apple card,of course since the beginning the Apple,card gave you three percent cash back on,all Apple store purchases in fact,because I run a tech Channel and buy and,review a lot of Apple products this is,where I have earned the bulk of my daily,cash rewards which well talk about in,just a second naturally if youre,applying for an Apple credit card you,own an iPhone and you probably buy a,fair bit from the Apple store or from,Apple services like the iTunes Store or,other services like apple music Apple TV,iCloud or apple arcade or anything that,really Apple sells so you get that three,percent reward if you use your Apple,card for all of those service services,and also in addition to their store and,since 2019 Apple has even added more,Merchants to this list that net you that,higher three percent reward that,includes stores like Ace T-Mobile Nike,Panera Bread Walgreens gas stations like,Exxon and mobile and services like uber,and ubereats in fact when I look at my,recent three percent cashback activity,Ive seen a lot of those benefits from,using services like uber and ubereats,now while this expansion into other,three percent rewards Partners has been,good I do wish the list was a little,bigger it would be nice if there were,more stores on here that accommodated,for a larger spectrum of General,spending clothing stores and grocery,stores being a pretty big exception,where you might find some occasional,higher limited time rewards from other,credit card companies alright so how,about me how much have I earned in Daily,cash since opening my card in August of,2019. well in total you can see Ive,received around 3,438.20 since opening my car card now,that is not a small lump of change and,thats probably paid for most of my,iPhone since opening this card now to be,fair Im an apple reviewer so if you,look at where the bulk of my money is,earned its in that three percent,category and that three percent category,is largely made up of Apple purchases,for the past three years I really hope,that wasnt on ubereats because that,means Ive been eating way too much now,my main issue with the Apple card is the,card itself Apple ships you this really,cool titanium card that feels and looks,impressive and youll without a doubt,want to use this card everywhere however,you never should and thats because it,only has one percent cashback when you,use the physical card there are some,exceptions like if you use this in an,Apple Store apparently you still get the,three percent cash back but everywhere,else its its just one percent now,listen I get why Apple simply tied the,two percent rewards using Apple pay as a,way to speed up Apple pay adoption and,this combination with other external,factors I guess the ploy actually worked,like Apple pay adoption in the US has,definitely sped up however the US,believe it or not still does things a,little weird with credit cards and that,is like at restaurants where your server,physically takes your credit card with,them to the payment terminal rather than,bringing the payment terminal to you,Ive noticed a lot of these restaurants,actually are equipped with terminals,that do accept Apple pay but theres no,way Im handing my phone over to a,server to use Apple pay with so your,only option is to use your Apple card,and then you only get one percent cash,back and if youre like me and have,multiple credit cards youre never using,the Apple card for date night like I,like the reward system for that isnt,good enough so while I wish Apple would,let the reward system on the card be two,percent cash back as well,um I understand why they didnt do it,but Im kind of hoping like in the,future maybe theyll like roll out and,an update I guess they wouldnt have to,roll an update whatever maybe theyll,let this

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