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Apples Never Fall Book Review Liane Moriarty

hi my name is laura and thank you for,joining me for todays video im talking,about the book apples never fall by,leanne moriarty it was released a couple,of weeks ago now and so i will start out,giving a spoiler-free review and then i,will move on to my thoughts about the,plot and i will have spoilers but ill,give you a heads up before i get into,that,so to start my biggest complaint with,this book,was that it was just a bit slow moving,at times,and i am a huge fan of the anne moriarty,i have read all of her books,and one reason i love them is because,she is great at character development,and you,she just shares,so much like so much of the inner,thoughts and feelings about these people,and their past,memories and whats currently going on,and their opinions and she just gives,such a well-rounded,picture of these characters and you feel,like theres someone you actually know,and,this book and her,second most recent which was nine,perfect strangers,she does that but she,like is giving too much information,though whereas in her past books i never,got bored with all these details i,enjoyed it,whereas with this one she kind of just,goes on and on a bit too much and,just kind of wanting her to get to the,point basically,also maybe,in non-perfect strangers shes like,sharing the inner thoughts of like 11,different people and this one,its like five different people so its,not like its as much,but i think thats why nine perfect,strangers was a bit of a,could be tough to get through at times,is because were having to just hear,these pointless details about so many,people and,i know even though they seem pointless,they do,contribute to the character,but sometimes you just want to hurry and,just get the plot going you know and,thats how it felt with this book,which by the way the story is about the,delaney family and their mom goes,missing,and for the first like quarter of it i,just had a hard time caring what,happened to the mom even and it was just,a bit slow going to start however once i,got a quarter of the way in i became,more invested and more interested in,what was happening and like all the side,stories too,and moriarty also does a great job of,like giving you little bread crumbs as,to something that happened in the past,but its still super vague but theres,like something some kind of drama about,something that happened but we dont,really know the full story and,so it keeps you interested wanting to,know what the drama was and what,happened,and even though it does pick up like,like i said it was somewhere around a,quarter of the way through i became more,interested again,and so it picks up the pace and then you,know the climax of the story happens,and then after that it kind of,just slows down again and this is,another complaint of my,another complaint i have of moriarty,books is she gives too much detail after,the fact,like after the main event happens she,just kind of goes on and on and telling,you what happens with the characters and,what theyre doing now and,and sometimes its interesting but at,the same time its like you know i dont,need to know all the little details like,i you can just end it soon after the,climactic moment happens,and i can use my imagination to think of,what the characters are up to later in,life you know so she just kind of goes,on a bit too much with that afterwards,including bringing kovid into it because,the story takes place in like february,march of 2020 and so by the end of the,story covet has hit and theyre talking,about lockdown and masks and i i dont,know i dont im still trying to decide,how i feel about code becoming part of,movies,and tv shows and books or whatever like,i watched this as us and they made covid,part of the storyline which i thought,was kind of annoying,and then even in this book when she,started mentioning covid i like it,bothered me,but then i dont know like this was a,global thing and it was huge,so of course shes gonna mention it if,its taking place in the same year itd,be like like if a book takes place in,1940 im not going to be annoyed that,they mentioned world war ii right,because that was a huge thing that was,happening then,so i guess i just need to learn to just,get used to it and not be bothered,because,of course theyre going to bring it up,because it was such a huge event,but now that ive said more than my,negative thoughts on the book the,positive is that it is a story about a,family and siblings and like the family,dramas and secrets and relationships,and i love books like that,especially books about like,dysfunctional families which this one,isnt dysfunctional,i mean they have theyre just more like,a normal family that has their normal,family drama thats going on and so i,find that really interesting,and as someone who has a lot of siblings,that im close to i enjoy books that,show the sibling relationships,and moriarty does a really good job,about this like theres one scene,at christmastime in particular well,theres a few scenes,theres like two different christmases,they talk about and,you just get that,family feel,and just the closeness of the siblings,and so i really enjoyed those parts and,then another cool technique she used is,that there would be a number of times or,as far as the plot is concerned bits of,the story and the conversations are,overheard through people in the service,industry so like a waitress or an uber,driver or receptionist or at one point,its a customer but i thought that was a,unique take how,just getting bits of the story based on,what people overhear when theyre at,their jobs from their customers so i,thought that was cool and i worked in,customer service for a really long time,so maybe thats also why i liked it,but this is like overall this is a,well-written book and even though it,took me a while to be interested it did,get to a point where i did care and i,was curious although,even though the whole thing is about joy,delaney going missing i never found,myself actually like trying to figure,out what happened to her i just kind of,was reading the book and going along,with it,so i dont know if thats a good thing,or a bad,thing but i think if youve never read a,book by moriarty before you should not,start with this one some of my personal,favorites of hers are of course big,little lies which is an amazing one and,ive read that twice now and i loved it,both times,whereas nine perfect strangers i tried,to read that a second time and i,couldnt get through it,and this is another one that i dont,think i would be able to read a second,time because,reading it the first time you have the,curiosity of wanting to know what,happens that keeps you reading,but since i already know,what happens i dont think i would be,able to enjoy it and get through it a,second time similar to nine perfect,strangers but big little lies its a,great one read it multiple times enjoyed,it,and then i also really like the last,anniversary which is one of her not as,well known books but i really enjoyed,that one,as well as what alice forgot thats a,good one,and the husbands secret i also enjoyed,that one too,and the hypnotist love story that was i,i like that too,so most of her books i have liked,just some more than others,so i,so i would recommend one of those first,especially big little lies i mean,theres a reason why its so famous is,because it is an amazing book,and it sticks with you whereas this one,after i finished it like,just kind of out of my mind like it,didnt stick around with me and just,i finished it and then i moved on to,other stuff,so overall,i i didnt love this book it was,entertaining and if youre a big fan of,moriarty then i would recommend reading,it,but,if youve never read her books dont,start with this one and only,i would only recommend people reading,this if theyre just a big fan of,moriarty in which case theyre going to,be reading it anyway i dont need to,recommend it,but,it was interesting and i enjoyed,you know i enjoyed it for the most part,but it just i dont know it als

Apples Never Fall by Liane Moriarty | Rant Review / Book Review

hi im christina and this is a book,review of apples never fall by leanne,moriarty so this is a contemporary novel,with mystery elements and it was,published in 2021 now this is my fourth,book by this author and i have to say,shes a bit of a hit-and-miss author for,me so the very first book that i read by,her was big little lies and i absolutely,loved that book its one of my favorite,books of all time,definite five star read just absolutely,wonderful and then i read the husbands,secret by her which i enjoyed i gave,that one three stars it was a good read,and then i read nine perfect strangers,by her and i really really disliked that,book i just,i just thought it was awful and,in a similar kind of vein i didnt,really like this one unfortunately now i,have to say for the first kind of half,of the story i was really enjoying it it,was going to be a three-star read,perhaps a four-star read depending on,how it all kind of turned out but oh it,just really kind of fell off a cliff for,me at the end this one to be honest so,let me tell you a little bit about the,story,we are focused on the delaney family we,have husband and wife joy and stan joy,is 69 and i think stan is 70 and they,have four adult children they have amy,logan troy and brock and the entire,family is heavily involved in tennis,theyve all been competitive tennis,players and the husband and wife duo did,run delaneys tennis academy for a very,long time and tennis really underpinned,the entire family it was their hobby it,was their passion it was their career it,was their livelihood and their business,so it was everything so this book is,very very heavy on the tennis which i,thought was quite interesting and all of,the different characters are very,interesting you see lots of different,perspectives throughout this and there a,very kind of,complicated family dynamic to follow so,that was very interesting and all the,characters felt very believable,very real they just felt like a normal,kind of family that could exist,somewhere in australia,running this tennis academy,so the premise of the story is joy the,mother goes missing and the question the,children have to ask themselves is would,you report your mother missing if you,thought your father might have murdered,her and thats kind of the central crux,of this story that is the mystery,element to this story and it started,okay it started interestingly enough and,she goes out on a bike to buy some,apples and she just seems to disappear,after that and we dont quite know what,has happened to joy and a lot of the,story is going back in time to see what,actually had gone on and another kind of,central character in this story is a,young woman named savannah who one day,just knocks on their door and just turns,up out of thin air and she kind of,becomes a part of their lives after that,so the first kind of mystery element is,what did happen to joy and the second,kind of mystery element is who is,savannah where has she come from and why,is she here essentially and i think both,of those questions,were really,really really disappointing once we,found out the answer to them now its,going to be very difficult for me to,say so much why i didnt enjoy this,without going into spoiler territory and,i never normally talk about spoilers at,all because i dont want to ruin the,book for anyone but i think that this is,more of a rant review so im going to,actually talk about a few spoilers in,this one just because i cant explain,why i didnt like it without without,kind of explaining what actually happens,so,if you do want to read this book please,do just stop the video now so i dont,give anything away,so if youre still here im going to,start talking about some spoilers so for,me im just going to give this one a two,star it was going to be a free star for,a lot of the time and then i just bumped,it down to a two star right at the end,and i think that is mainly because i,just found this so unbelievable there,were so many things in here and i was,just like really is that is that how,were gonna explain that away and i just,i just didnt enjoy the kind of twists,and turns and where theyve come from so,some of them were just implausible a bit,silly a bit ridiculous and i will give,you some examples so,joy is actually alive thats the main,first big spoiler so really not very,much had actually happened at all the,whole kind of central question was what,has happened to joy and and shes okay,shes alive and,shes basically um just gone away for,three weeks on a spontaneous holiday,with savannah the woman who basically,blackmailed them she said that,her husband stan had been sexually,inappropriate towards her and then she,lied about a few other things and then,she also blackmails the the song with,the most wealth to,get something out of the family and,anyway joy decides to go on holiday with,this woman after that and what she does,is she doesnt tell anyone specifically,that shes going on holiday but she does,send a garbled text message to her four,children but she doesnt put her glasses,on when shes doing this so the text,doesnt really make any sense and then,to tell her husband where shes going to,go she decides to write a note and put,it on the fridge but what she does is,she use a fridge magnet that is too,heavy so the note slips off the fridge,and then they have a dog who eats a lot,of paper because hes very anxious and,then the dog eats the note,so the major crux of this story is what,happened to joy and why does nobody know,where she is has she disappeared has she,been murdered was it stan was it,somebody else,no she just left a note on the fridge,which fell on the floor and got eaten by,the dog,oh it was a bit weak and i didnt really,like it and the other kind of terms of,evidence that was a bit silly so at one,point they have found her favorite um,t-shirt with some flowers on that her,sons,girlfriend has purchased for and its,one of her favorite t-shirts,anyway that t-shirt is found covered in,her blood like drenched in her blood,buried um in the woods outside their,house which sounds like pretty damning,evidence to be honest that someone has,hurt joy and shes not okay and the,answer for that is when they went to the,beach one day joy caught her foot on a,shell and so she used this t-shirt to,kind of get rid of the blood and then,she decided to just throw this t-shirt,in the bin and now the next-door,neighbor has a cat that notoriously,steals clothes and items of underwear,and the cat steals this and then buries,it in the house but in the woods behind,the house so weve got one big twist is,the dog ate the note and another big,twist is next doors cat,stole and buried the top,oh it just seemed a little bit unlikely,and the other kind of big thing that was,kind of like oh evidence is that the,next door neighbors cctv camera has got,stan on footage,rolling something very very large into,his boot to dispose of it turns out its,not a body its just the purple carpet,that joy had always hated that was,actually his mothers carpet that shed,chosen and he decided to just get rid of,it one day a couple of days after she,disappeared and in a similar vein he,also spent 400 cleaning the car a couple,of days after her disappearance which,sounds really really guilty obviously,but the story behind that was,not too long before then joy had bought,banana milkshakes and theyd gone on a,drive and um stan had slammed the brakes,on banana milkshake had gone everywhere,and the whole car smelled like sour milk,and shes been banging on about it for,ages and she wanted him to clean it and,then he finally does so all of these,things that kind of have been built up,to be something just kind of turn out to,be nothing silly little ridiculous,little things when when i was just,sitting down and thinking so the major,kind of crux of this story and the,things that you really think are you,know shes disappeared about a trace,theres no note somethings happened to,her thats because of the dog oh the,t-shirt that was

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Apples Never Fall REVIEW | CMAC Reviews Books

hey guys see mac from the bull crabs,here ready to do another quick book,review with you,so today we are going to review,lan morettis apples never fall,if you are like me youve never heard of,this author before but if you were to go,to the also by section you might,actually know some of her work um,i have watched big little lives and nine,perfect strangers on hulu kinda wanna,made it a big deal so you might you,might know her work um but heres her,newest book apples never fall now,this book is not about apples well there,are apples in the story and spoiler they,do fall but this book is about tennis,and ive played tennis on the playground,before the playground tennis courts um,but i dont follow it and i dont care,and i,its not really about tennis its really,about murder potentially,drama family drama yadda,and all of that,it should really be made into a really,good story i should love this thing,and i didnt um it just,its a big book,a lot to read here and,it nothing clicked for me the characters,were fine they were unique there,it was,just nothing worked and i think,the slow burn of this book could have,been worth it if the ending was worth it,and the ending was an absolute dud,so,its uh do not recommend for me um but,id like to still talk about it liam,already did something very interesting,ive never seen an author do before,she did this thing where some of these,chapters can be kind of short which i i,find exciting,its like weird commercials in between,each other um did this thing where she,took a strangers point of view she took,a character that was a complete stranger,that the reader doesnt have to care,about and had them view the main,characters so like a waitress,eavesdropping a client coming in,listening to,the siblings so,it was very interesting,ive,but it also didnt add anything to the,story there was nothing that they found,out,that i didnt know and i was like oh,good thank goodness we had that other,angle to better understand whats going,on,um so interesting,but kind of a moot point um and then,the last thing i wanted to mention,so you get you read all of this,and you get to the ending and you got,this much left,and youre like what else should could,she reveal,maybe its a new book thats a lot of,pages left,and then its,all of these,chapters and pages about how the,characters are handling,the pandemic,but the book isnt about the pandemic,so again its just,its just words,shoved in this book and it just didnt,work for me and i know a lot of authors,wrote some good books during the,pandemic i mean it was every or,everythings locked down and so they can,just sit there concentrate and crank,some good stuff out,and,but if but those books if the story,isnt about the pandemic or set during,that time,please authors leave it out let me,transport my life to 2019 and beyond and,not have to,hear about this i im living it i dont,need to read about it,and i definitely dont need it added to,a story that has nothing to do with kova,19 and anything like that so,again,this was a dead for me i did finish the,whole thing so it earned it two stars my,rating system is one star if i picked it,up got pretty far,at least 50 percent and couldnt finish,it um two stars if i at least,somehow finished it um but again,this is a do not recommend,um i might be in the minority here,because you know she,ive watched her hula show she knows,what shes doing so do you disagree with,me was this,was this a good thriller mystery for you,um,let me know anything else i should be,reading i do have a pretty large tbr,pile that im trying to chug through now,but again thats obviously im still,picking up books so let me know what i,should re review later on and what are,you reading what have you read that i,read head over to bullcrabs.com to see,what im up to and what im reading love,to hear from you there i love to discuss,further and thanks for getting this far,in the video bye

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Apples Never Fall & Wish You Were Here | Book Reviews

hello im lucy from book shanks and im,here today to review two books that i,have recently read the first of which is,wish you were here by jody pickle and,apples neville full by leanne moriarty,two authors who um i both have,historically quite enjoyed um or quite,enjoyed actually ive historically,really liked both authors and the books,that ive read of them on this occasion,i did like one much more than the other,so im gonna go quickly over the one,that i didnt quite like as much,um,just because,you know then we can get into the good,stuff but you know you know what its,not necessarily bad stuff its not bad,stuff by any stretch of the imagination,wish you were here,um is a coveted novel fundamentally and,i thought i was ready for covert novel,but you guys in the end i really dont,think actually i was quite ready um,its follows a young woman um who is,living basically her life as shes,dreamed it you know shes got the,perfect job shes got the perfect,boyfriend whos very nearly perfect,fiance,um shes living in the perfect city,shes shes basically got her life,on track um and then the pandemic hits,and the pandemic hits just as she,um was about to go on holiday with her,fiance to the galapagos islands now he,is a junior doctor and decides that he,should stay,um in new york and you know treat the,patients and do what needs to be done,but at that point everyone still thinks,its kind of gonna blow over they cant,get their money back on the holiday and,so she decides to go anyway,and what unfolds is sort of her starting,to wonder kind of inevitably,whether this perfect life that she,thinks she has and really is what she,wants,now this book,is really hard to review,without spoilers um,and,then something happens in the middle a,massive twist,like the massivest twist that i think is,gonna divide people um into two camps,its marmite youre either gonna love it,or youre really not and unfortunately,the twist was not,for me i think it will be for lots of,people and you know this is definitely,not a review of me trashing the book,because i just its one of those ones,where i was like its really well,written the characters you know actually,are well drawn i have no qualms with it,there is nothing bad about her writing,whatsoever it was just this twist in the,middle that i was like oh,no,i cant get on board with that im,afraid so you know if you are ready for,a pandemic novel and youre up for,finding out what the monster twist of,all monster twists is then absolutely do,give it a try you know if you like,pickle,i never know how to say her name how do,you say her name guys is it pickle is it,piccolo i dont know im sorry jody i,think i said that on the last book of,yours i reviewed still dont know um but,you know if youre a fan you still might,like it just unfortunately it wasnt the,one for me,the second book that um i read i liked a,lot more apples never full by leanne,moriarty and it is really on brand,moriarty ill talk about that in a,minute um its just you know pretty,classic you know what youre gonna get,this is the story of um the delaney,family there are four grown-up children,um theres the two parents who are kind,of borderline elderly but not really you,know that time of life,where their children maybe view them as,a little bit elderly but theyre not,quite ready to accept it yet,and um,they are visited by,a stranger late one night and which sort,of throws that sort of happy family,dynamic and outward sort of perceptions,a little teeny tiny bit into disarray,and then joy the mother in the family,goes missing and the story is basically,then thrown up in the air as two of,these grown-up children,think that their father may possibly,sort of have been maybe involved and two,children who are much less sure that,that that would ever happen,this is fundamentally a story um thats,talking about memory so how memories are,subjective,um how we,can construct them ourselves when we,look back um how we can alter them,either consciously or subconsciously to,sort of protect ourselves and cocoon,ourselves from things that have happened,in the past,and to justify our actions and,all the different roles i think that,memories can play in your life to form,your adult character i guess really um,and i loved how it looked at that and i,loved how the theme,ran through it really really strongly i,said that it was um on brand moriarty,and it really is because its got loads,of different viewpoints and it flicks,through them at pace and sometimes its,a little bit hard to like remember whose,voice youre in,and theres so much detail,that you,wonder,which details i guess are significant,and which you have to hang on to and,theres a lot to keep in your head and a,lot to remember but its really well,written its really clearly written,um its got a lot of humor and warmth in,it did i say that already i dont know,its got a lot of humor in it um and i,like sort of the internal monologues,that the characters have um like that,all moriartys um characters have in all,of her books thats sort of like that,voice,is like pervasive i think so you know,kind of what youre gonna get,i like um i like the apple motif that,runs through as well you know apples,never fall far from the tree how close,are we to being our parents um,and you know how our families form us i,really like that and the like the image,of an apple crops up again and again for,example right at the beginning the,mothers bike is found um and it and it,has these four apples like spilled out,of the basket,um you know representing like the four,children and how far theyve gone from,her in life but in a much less,pretentious way than ive just described,um and yeah it was just a thoroughly,good read i mean it looks quite beefy,doesnt it but its big print and you,know i tore through it in just a few,days and its definitely one that i,would recommend particularly if you like,um you know,nine perfect strangers big little lies,you know youre gonna get the same sort,of thing um and unlike this one it,doesnt mention covid until like the,very very end and i had this moment when,i was like oh no shes going to end it,by just killing everyone with covid and,were going to get no emotional closure,whatsoever i thought that that was,coming i said to scott like halfway,through like no shes just going to kill,everyone with covert not halfway through,like literally at the end and but,actually,completely from that side um i think i,was a bit traumatized by that one um,the ending was so much more satisfying,than i thought it was going to be um,even ignoring that covert ramble um like,i thought we were headed in one way and,then suddenly i was like ah,that is a good ending i am extremely,satisfied so yeah its a good read and,a solid read and you know i was going to,say two goodreads or two solid they are,they are i feel like ive been mean,about this one its just a classic knot,for me so there you go,those ones you guys if youve read them,id love to know what you thought if,youre planning on reading them if,youve read a covered novel that has,not left you feeling,like to know that too because i feel,like we should be ready to to talk about,it now and theres gonna be a flood of,covered fiction coming through um but,yeah so thats what ive been up to id,love to know what youve been reading,too please do talk to me in the comments,below and thats it ill see you next,time thank you for watching

Apples Never Fall by Liane Moriarty | Book review

hi my name is irene and today i want to,talk about the book that impressed me,the most in 2021 so far and this is,apples never fall by leanne moriarty i,like this book very much its five easy,five star and i think the best book ive,read this year this is very new book,its hits the shelves only a week ago i,think and,you know liam moriarty for uh big little,lies and also my husbands secrets and,other lots of other novels,shes mystery murder thriller writer,this book i think is more like,psychological thriller,um this is a book about delaneys family,stan and joey delaney are now in their,late 60s early 70s um they have four,kids for growing up kids emmy brooke,logan and troy delaneys were tennis,players their whole life stan and joy,are one of the best players in australia,and they hold a lot of years this tennis,school which was very successful and,there was one star of the school who,become one of the most important tennis,players in the world but he left stan,many years ago for another coach,and,all four children,of dalani,all four children played tennis uh,semi-professional to professional,um their whole life,but none of them was too successful so,now all of them have different other,careers,and none of them do anything with tennis,stan and joy um sold to their school,last year and now theyre retired one,day joy disappeared and she sent their,kids this message going off-grid for a,little while i am dancing daffodils 21,dog champagne to end czukoslovakia,spangle mood love mom,it makes no sense to any of them and,they didnt hear from her for the whole,week so they become really worried and,theyre even more worried because stan,is not nervous at all so they begin to,suspect what happened with her mom,does their father made something with,her,they did quarrel a lot so maybe there,was something there and few of the,siblings went to the police and so we go,from here but there is one more timeline,previous september a stranger knocked on,the delaneys door,and her name is savannah she is,a victim,from abusive relationships who flew from,the her house,with bleeding face and all the stuff and,she supposedly randomly choose their,house and knocked in the door for,shelter so stan and joy,took her and took care of her and,she cooked for them she lived with them,for a few weeks,their kids were not very happy about,this and all this tension,who is savannah what does she want uh is,her story true,the kids begin to investigate and,to no there is also this psychological,tension why these strangers living with,our parents why,do they love her so much uh why do they,pay so much attention to her when there,are we and we also need the attention,and all the stuff,also all of these people are very good,like delineates are very good people but,sometimes they do very bad choices,and,this,make these books more intense because,you grew fond of all of the characters,you want good for all of them but you,suspect that one of them may be a,murderer,and also maybe another one is covering,him,or whatever what happened to joy what,happened to stan is stana murderer,um what will the police find,and also who is savannah and what,happened last september,i like this book very much,its intense,but also its heartwarming,its,a book about family,and i,my thoughts about family life about,mother life about woman life are very,close to lean mariarty thoughts so,almost,every time i just,told myself yes she is right i like her,thoughts and you know thats this is the,kind of the book which i begin to read,to my husband from like,listen to this i think shes right and,ill read some passage and,um yeah i like this very much,i,dont think its a little bit longer,than it,maybe need to be but i wanted to stay,with these characters for as long as i,can so,i do not mind and i do think that the,ending is very,uh,very good,very timely for this year in 2020 i need,more i need a book like this,um who will like this book i think,everyone who likes celeste inc,and her exploration of the family this,book is very close to big little eyes so,if you like that liam mariachi book you,will love this definitely i do think,that lyanna mariachi did something in,this book close to what jonathan franzen,made in the corrections,of course these are very different,calibre of the books and over the,writers but i do think that leon,marietti did a very good job,of dipping inside the psychology of the,family of different people in the family,of the childhood and how the child could,influence the whole life after that,also this is book i think for all,parents who,want their kids to play any sports,competitive sports and for kids who did,anything competitive from tennis to,football to ballet in their life because,the psychology of this tension,of this,wanting to be the best and to prove,their parents that you can that you are,the best to prove yourself and maybe,failed and what happened to you after,that,also to all parents who wants the best,for their kids and who are trying to,find the best part the best pass for,them,what happen if the kids will be not the,best in there what happened if kids will,be the best in there what happened if,the kids are not,happy with your choice of activities and,all this stuff its all here,um,and again,i think the ending will be,um,not i think not all the people will be,happy with the ending but i liked it,very very much it trapped right up to my,alley and yeah i think its wonderful,the things that are lacking in this book,its a book about wealthy white people,its supposed to be that way,but you need to know that before,starting it because if you want to read,only people only books with good,representation its not one of them,there are only wealthy white people in,here,i think it was good,nevertheless,but yeah she could have better,representation but definitely its the,best book ive read this year uh its,brought me lots of joy,lots of interesting thoughts,there are a lot of quotes i want to,write down and there are characters that,i will not forget in,some months i think,i highly highly recommend this book its,very new its just hitting the shelf you,need to read it,okay,this is wonderful wonderful,psychological thriller about,functional and dysfunctional family i,liked it very very much

30 More Reviews In 30 Days: Apples Never Fall by Liane Moriarty | RunwrightReads

hi friends welcome back to my channel,today were here for another review it,is my goal to read and review 30 books,in october,today is the first of those hopefully 30,reviews,were getting off to a bit of a late,start but ive been reading so i have,started some things and so im poised to,finish some things and share them with,you so i think were actually right on,track but today were here to talk about,apples never fall by leanne moriarty,which is womens fiction,the author is from australia shes,published now i think about eight novels,and ive read all of them shes one of,the first,no not first shes one of the only,authors that i have read all their works,and so every time she publishes another,book i eagerly snap it up because i want,to keep that to say that theres an,author that ive read everything that,shes published,i dont just read the books to complete,a challenge i read the books because i,really really enjoy liam moriartys,writing,she is,the master of red herring writing,her books are not necessarily thrillers,theyre a little bit of a mystery,theyre a little bit of a,suspenseful delightful jaunt through,someones life or familys life,and,she tells stories in short chapters and,each chapter is being written from,someone elses viewpoint,were seeing the story being told by,different people as they kind of,pick up where,the story has been reported by the,previous character,and giving a little bit more information,so,in this story,apples never fall were reading about a,family of,four adult siblings and their parents,and the parents are,now almost 70 years old they have been,married for about 50 years they ran a,very successful tennis coaching academy,for most of their lives and the four,siblings the four children as they were,growing up they all played competitive,tennis they all were really good,but just never,quite good enough to be like a champion,so they never went to the australian,open they never went to wimbledon even,though that was their dream,but,for all intents and purposes the parents,as coaches had other opportunities,because they did have this one really,good,player,who eventually left them,and theyve never quite gotten over it,theyve also been ruining the fact that,their four children,didnt quite make it either so theres a,little bit of a simmering tension in the,family and the children the the siblings,are all really competitive and then one,day,well two things happen,the first is that a young woman,she seems to have been,coming out of the blue she turns up on,the parents doorstep she says shes,been a victim of domestic violence,and the parents,you know theyre mired in this estate of,were retired we dont know what to do,with ourselves and so they take in this,woman shes a she seems like shes a,project,and she moves in with them,and then,they find out that shes not quite,a stranger,and then a few months later,the mother the mother to these four,adult siblings the mother disappears and,because if because if youve read or,watched,when a woman disappears,and is presumed dead,its always the husband right so the,husband is now their prime suspect and,the two the their two camps either you,believe the husband did it or you,believe that he didnt and so the,children the siblings are now separated,in their support of their father,antolia mariarty is writing the story,about this woman whos disappeared but,we are learning about her because we are,reading from a little bit in the past,to back when this young woman showed up,and,the turmoil that just erupts with her,presence,the jealousy all the old issues that you,think you left behind in your childhood,or you think you left behind decades ago,because youre now focused on other,things,all those things keep crashing back,because,heres this young woman,who has taken up residence in your,parents house and is doing the things,that you wanted to do but never did the,things that your parents wanted you to,do but never did and so theyre all,these family secrets theyre all these,family issues that are coming back to a,head and then the mother disappears and,yeah so the story is about a,disappearance of a woman its about,sibling rivalry its about sibling,love,its about family unity its about,family secrets its about competitive,competitiveness and competition its a,little bit about tennis its actually a,lot about tennis but you dont have to,be a tennis fan to enjoy this story it,is delightful it is,did i mention leon mariarty is the,master at writing red herrings,ive read all her books i only own one i,should have picked it up the husbands,secret i think is the one that i own big,little lies is one of my favorites,youve heard about it they made a,miniseries i think ive never watched,the adaptation but yeah so this story,she gives you all these different,little snapshots of people,from their lives people from their,community each one of the siblings,everybodys telling a little bit of,their,thoughts about what happened why this,woman has gone you know everybody is now,looking at the husband and thinking,about all these things in the 50 years,of the marriage 50 years of knowing,these people you know can you really,believe that this man would be so,violent has to murder his wife,and,do you have you know cc do you have,security footage from your from your,house that maybe showed something,happening like do you remember what,happened at this point,its a fantastic fantastically written,story,and,it addresses so many things but does,them so beautifully and what i really,love about the layering that leanne,moriarty puts in her writing is that you,get all these little interesting,side stories theyre not,theyre like theyre not distractions,even though they are,and you may be thinking that theyre,supposed to be distractions but are they,really and then she keeps addressing,them as youre moving through the story,the other thing that i really really,love about this book,is that there is a possible,explanation or there could be a possible,explanation,for,what happened to this woman joy,except in the very first page i think it,may even have been a prologue,um she explains why that explanation,isnt gonna go anywhere,and you keep returning to it like,suppose it wasnt quite like that,because you know over the course of the,story you get these little revelations,that things werent exactly what you,thought they were and these little,people who keep coming back and,propping up popping up,like,you know are they meaningful or arent,they are they red herrings are they,distractions,or are they going to be the key and i,loved i love this book i love her,writing,because this is a current book did i,mention theres a new release i dont,yet have a copy um i dont have a,physical copy i read this as an e-copy,from my library thank you so much to new,york public library,for not just i mean new york public,library is fantastic let me just add,this here as an aside im going to talk,about it in an upcoming video but they,just announced that they no longer,charge fines,late fines on books or any kind of,material that they lend out so all the,fines that people have owed have been,wiped clean im gonna talk about this,but yeah,new york public library is awesome and,so i have this,uh,free e-copy from the library,but its,loving this book so much makes me want,to do something that i said i wasnt,going to do because i am trying to,lighten these shelves like you can see i,dont have room like things are getting,double and triple and quadruple stacked,i just dont have room for the books,like i finished reading those books last,month and i dont have anywhere to put,them,so i keep saying im going to just read,books from the library and im not going,to buy them i used to do this thing,where id read free copies of books and,then i buy a copy from my library like,doesnt make sense doesnt make sense,i just i cant store all the books that,i love i cant but this makes me really,want to reconsider that i want to buy a,copy of apples never fall,because,i love

“Apples Never Fall” – Book Talk

hi this is beth blake arrington and im,a part-time library assistant at the,carter county public library here in,beaufort,and this is book talks,today ive selected a book on the best,seller list,you can see i couldnt get an actual,book i had to turn it back in,and its apples never fall its a,mystery by leanne moriarty,the author is australian,and the book is all about family,a missing person,and secrets,the story reminds me of an onion,moriarty peels back layer upon layer of,each character,as memories are triggered and as one,character states in the book,the past could look very different,depending on where you stood to look at,it,so heres the story the delaneys are a,husband and wife team,stan is 70,and joy is 69 and theyre both former,australian tennis stars,theyve been married for 50 years,theyre a great couple both on and off,the court,after selling their tennis academy,theyre a bit at a loss fan watches a,lot of tv and joy flits around the house,with lots of energy but appears to lack,some purpose,they have four very tall children,none of whom has provided the grandchild,that joy yearns for,stan has been disappointed as well,all played tennis,where he was a coach,but none made it to the big leagues,and theres some underlying tension as,well something to do with stans former,protege harry haddad,hes a grand slam champion now making a,comeback,and hes about to release a memoir and,no one in the delaney family appears to,be thrilled with the prospect,harry was a rival of the younger,delaneys taking their fathers,attention off and on the court,but then he quit the delaneys academy,at the age of 17 to train at tennis,australia,stan was shocked and he was deeply hurt,so then comes the central theme of the,book,just before her 70th birthday,joy goes missing,her bike is found abandoned her cell,phone is in the house and no one has a,clue except theres a garbled text,message to the kids,and,they dont quite understand it,stan of course refuses to have a cell,phone he doesnt want to be part of that,and so he didnt get the message,well,mori already lobs the story,excuse the tennis,reference from present and past,from the search for joy because,now,uh theyve had to contact the police to,find out where she is,to several months prior when a young,woman showed up one evening at stan and,joys front door,and she had a cut on her forehead and,she had this story about this abusive,boyfriend,well the delaneys not only take her in,that night they move her in theyre,quite bespotted with all the attention,that she delivers their way,the story,is less the investigation into the,disappearance of more the family drama,the kids arent thrilled with obviously,with,savannah being part of their parents and,taking one of their rooms uh theres,jealousy theres skepticism theres,concern,theyre just a little clueless about,whats going on here,mori already develops each of the,sibling characters,uh whether it was amy the artsy one troy,the successful businessman brooke whos,starting her own business and logan who,seems like the nice brother who just,simply doesnt get it together,but savannah is a bit of enigma,she raises the fur on the back of my,neck and that instinct proved correct,meanwhile moriarty shows that apples,can fall far from the tree,oh as a little ps,the audiobook of,this one,is receives really good ratings and its,read by an australian so it might be,well worth trying that as well if youd,like to try that,we hope you enjoyed it come by and see,us we have lots of bestsellers and,especially lots of other things for you,to do and see at the library have a,great day

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