1. PPP Stuck Processing or Secondary Review? Watch This
  2. Held for secondary review? Duplication? Get behind the scenes of the YPP application process
  3. Womply Application Secondary Review Update – what to do to get out of this status and get PPP loan?
  4. whats the deal with secondary apps?? | applying to med school
  5. Probability Secondary Review Problems
  6. filling out secondary applications! (interview invites, deleted essays)
  7. 5.1 Using Secondary Data In Your Research

PPP Stuck Processing or Secondary Review? Watch This

more and more people every single day,are being funded by the paycheck,protection program and,sending me messages which i am,absolutely humbled and grateful about,saying,they wouldnt have applied if it wasnt,for my videos and content its literally,heartwarming whenever i receive any of,these messages,but the fight is not quite over because,certain other people are,still getting stuck in the application,process getting various,error codes like secondary lender review,or stuck in lender funding,or just any other issue that theyre,running into so the fight is not over,and i wanted to address those various,error codes,where those applications stand right,right now and that way we can have,a realistic expectation as to what to,expect here is are you going to get,funding in two days or is it gonna be 20,days im not here to promise,i promise anything crazy were here to,have some realistic expectations,and actually dig into whats going on,now on my channel,many people who watch this channel,applied through womple so this is going,to be kind of wobbly specific,as far as the application process goes,but a lot of the sba guidance and the,error codes,doesnt really matter who exactly you,applied through,also if you havent applied yet you,still want to apply as soon as possible,because weve learned above all else,this can easily take 10 to 35 days for,the entire application to go through,so you really just want to apply as soon,as possible if you need a lender i have,one,linked in the description below that,ive been working very closely with and,a lot of my content directly applies to,their application process so youll have,a wealth of information,to go off of so the first thing i want,you to do is log into your wompley,application it should look something,like this,and we can see here this is a very very,common,code that were seeing however there,could be about 10 or so different,status updates here if youre curious,what your status update means ive made,a video on that as well but that i will,link above,so you know exactly where you stand we,can see here with the secondary lender,review this application is undergoing a,secondary review by the lender,this may indicate that a problem was,reported by the sba but what does that,even mean a problem,is this a fixable problem is this a big,problem small problem what does this,mean,but the first thing i want you to do is,make sure all of these have green,checks if theres anything missing here,make sure you fill that in if theyre,requesting,additional bank account information make,sure you upload that if theyre,requesting a full tax return make sure,you upload that as well,because thats going to just help your,application process now if we go over to,the top three issues you can avoid,the first one is stuck in womply,processing this happens when theres an,issue,with your tax documents in most cases so,common issues here,are you uploaded the wrong tax document,maybe its the wrong year maybe its the,wrong format it needs to be in pdf,format,maybe your tax id or your social,security number isnt at the top of that,thats one that a buddy of mine actually,ran into they uploaded and theyre like,whats going on here and there was,actually xs instead of their actual,social security number on the top so,make sure you check for that,it could be a situation where you just,havent uploaded the additional request,information certain people,are getting requests like hey upload a,bank statement upload your full tax,return instead of just the schedule c,so thats why you want to log in and,double check that basically,logging into your account would resolve,like 50,of the questions that i see because you,can take a lot of actions there you can,retrigger your docusign you can do a lot,of things in there so,click through that and become familiar,with it if youre kind of wondering what,exactly is going on,but if your social security number on,your application,is wrong but your tax documents are,right you can actually fix that as well,which is kind of a common issue here,i wouldnt worry about it if if youre,not sure,but if you need to fix it you can go to,update application,after you log in and then update basic,or tax information,and you should be able to change your,social security number there,the second issue is stuck in lender,secondary review which this one is,beginning more and more popular that,people are kind of stuck here and,theyre not sure how long they have to,wait,so we kind of have some some good news,and some bad news here so this happens,when the application was flagged by the,sba,that could mean like 40 different things,so thats why its a little bit,confusing,but its probably because you have a,duplicate ppp loan,now this doesnt necessarily mean you,did something wrong because a lot of,people just simply applied it more than,one lender theres nothing wrong here,but what,can happen is if the lenders get to the,same process,at the sba at the same time there can be,some potential flags thrown,and this can put you in the bucket of,applications that need another review,and then unfortunately need a little bit,more processing time,because of that or it could be any other,disqualifying factor which were going,to cover a lot more factors,in a second here now what can you do,about this,unfortunately all you can really do is,wait at this time the suggestion right,now is to,not apply through another lender because,youre just going to bog,down that a little bit more most likely,so you kind of have to wait,the good news is the sba is expected to,release many of these hold codes,automatically in the near future so,probably within the next couple weeks if,were being realistic here i dont know,what,near future means exactly and wompley,will also start exploring ways to fix,some of the hold codes,with some of the information they have,on hand so a lot of the hold codes can,be fixed simply with like a tax return,an id uh bank statement,theres various things for various hold,codes and then finally,stuck in lender funding so lenders,actually have 20 days,to fund your loan so if youre stuck in,lender funding its kind of a non-issue,because chances are it hasnt been 20,days yet but i will say,the average time it says five days here,but i actually just recently read the,average time is only 4.1 days right now,between signing your promissory note and,its in lender funding,and actually receiving the funding but,they can spend up to 20 days,however you want to know that lenders,have a big incentive to fund your loan,as soon as possible because they dont,get paid until you get paid,so theres an incentive there to pay as,soon as possible so your lender,is trying to get you funded so you dont,have to worry about that lender funding,is basically a non-issue but,to cover some more of the sba error,codes we have this document,that i wanted to cover as well if i can,scroll the top here,and this has probably been the biggest,issue with the paycheck protection,program since it started in the second,round,since it started error codes have been,extremely,opaque theres so many of them and,theres theres more than ever,so the problem here arose with the first,round of paycheck protection funding,the first round the sba had an automatic,process where,your application was submitted to them,and it was pretty much approved or,denied,right there on the spot but then there,was a ton of fraud,in the first time people buying lambos,buying rolexes,getting away with it and you know being,all over the news plastered about,rampant fraud in the paycheck protection,program,so they received a lot of flack and they,had to change,their process and now its much more,rigorous and theres multiple checks,along the way,but along with a much more rigorous,system,is much more delay so thats why its,taking longer to process and thats why,theres certain people getting placed in,buckets of loans that need,additional reviews and additional action,taken and thats basically what the,beginning o

Held for secondary review? Duplication? Get behind the scenes of the YPP application process

Hello Insiders.,We have been getting a lot of questions about the YPP application process,secondary review, rejections, duplication, all sorts of those things,so this video is hopefully going to be answering all of those questions.,My name is Barbara and we have a special guest here.,Thanks. Im Harris. Im a PM for the YouTube Partner Program,and Ive seen lots of those questions on this channel and on social,and wanted to make sure people had some good info,so went and talked to the team that owns our policies,and is doing all the application reviews and all that stuff,and Ive got some good info to share with you today.,Lets start with the one everybodys asking.,What is the status of our YPP application process?,Yeah, so as a lot of people know, we started a process of reviewing,all the channels that are already in the Partner Program,as well as all the new applications of creators wanting to get into the program,and its really all about making the program stronger,so that its more productive for creators who wanna earn money.,Weve gotten to kind of a milestone where weve now responded to everybody,who was waiting at least 30 days for their application to be addressed.,Exciting thing is weve welcomed lots of new creators to the program.,Thousands of channels from hundreds of different countries covering,all kinds of different topics.,Politics, sports, religion, law, yoga.,Channels teaching you how to play guitar.,Theres even one that we found about the sport of jai alai.,Do you know that sport?,Not at all.,Point is, there isnt any particular genre or topic,that were looking for or not looking for.,We really want it to be a diverse program thats there for lots of different creators.,The main thing though is just making sure its viable and strong.,I like that these niche categories are getting in there.,Now, what happens…,Some folks have been asked for a secondary review.,Talk to be about that.,We know there are many questions on it.,For certain channels, we wanna be really careful that were not,making an incorrect decision, so for certain kinds of content,that might be kind of on the borderline, were putting extra resources,into reviewing that multiple times.,So we have told some creators that its gonna take a little bit longer,for us to do a second review.,And do we have a rough ETA for how long that secondary review might take?,Were hoping most will be done within the next couple of weeks,so well keep you updated and well communicate as much as we can.,Were working hard to get through that.,- Absolutely. – Yes. OK.,What types of things could get your channel held for secondary review?,Were being really careful about this process.,I mean, again, the point is really just to make sure that all the content,in the program is really adding value,and that creators who are putting a lot of work in,to do really creative, interesting stuff are getting rewarded.,But in this process, weve come across stuff,we didnt necessarily anticipate or know about in advance,and so we really are careful about trying to figure out whether these new things,really meet the mission of the program that I was just talking about, so…,So lets get more concrete. Do you hard examples of this?,One category that comes up a lot is stuff that doesnt seem to be original,thats maybe been pulled in from other places.,Its not always obvious whats going on.,It could be sort of an auto-generated voice,or videos that are just text and were not sure where that text came from.,Weve seen stuff that seems to be auto-generated animation,or just a really basic kind of kids game being played or something like that,without a lot of additional content or narrative around it.,And so, it can be a tough analysis.,Is that meant really just to kind of in a spammy way just sort of make money?,Or is there kind of a genuine creative thing going on?,Again, were really careful about it. We dont want to say no to stuff,that actually does have a genuine creator behind it.,We just go through a lot of analysis to try to figure out whats going on,and make a call.,Alright.,So were going through with a fine-grained, fine-tooth comb—whatever—to really make sure,that were letting the right things in.,- Right. – Now weve discussed all the reasons,why we might require a secondary review, could you cover why we might say no?,Sure, yeah. So there are two primary areas that the team is coming across.,One is maybe a little more intuitive.,Its just looking at whether the content on the channel is appropriate for ads.,Obviously advertisers have a lot of concerns about what their brand shows up next to,and if the majority of a channel contains content that isnt brand-safe in that way,likely we wont accept it. So thats the first.,- OK, yeah. – The second major area,thats less well known, so its important we talk about it,is where you get a response that refers to duplication.,Whats going on there is we wanna make sure that creators can get rewarded,where theyre really putting their creative energy into their content,and that theres really quality stuff for the audience.,So this other category, if you hear about duplication,a lot of the time that refers to content thats coming from other sources,where the creator really isnt adding much to it.,So that could be videos from other platforms or it could be TV content.,It could be other stuff like that.,Or even, you know we talked a little before about auto-generated stuff.,We see some of the in this category too.,What about reactions or offering commentary?,Because thats something that at least I personally have seen,all over YouTube.,How does that fit in with what youre saying about duplication?,Absolutely. And that stuff is super-important to YouTube and really great for the audience.,So if creators really are adding that value—theyre adding a narrative,theres commentary, theres discussion around it,thats coming from them—then thats OK.,OK, good. I love me a reaction video.,Now, what can you do if you get rejected from YPP?,You can re-apply in 30 days and…,We generally give you sort of a reason that the application wasnt accepted.,You can think about changing your content strategy a little bit,so that it kind of meets the requirements the team is applying.,Ive had a lot of questions about this specifically,so Id love to get more information about how we are making these decisions.,Machine-learning systems, people?,Give me all that information.,Absolutely. So I know a lot of people ask questions about this,and theyre concerned about decisions,that might be made automatically or what have you.,- Yes. – In this case, the final calls always made,by a human being.,We use all kinds of systems, machine-learning stuff of course,to give those people information, to give them signals about whats going on,with a channel, but a person makes the final call.,OK.,Now, once youve made it into YPP, youve made it through,this application process, are you in it for life?,Are you golden? Are you good to go back to doing what you were doing before?,Well, generally, if you keep doing stuff consistent with what got you in,you should be in good shape, but we do have the team re-review everybody,in the program periodically, just to make sure things havent changed,and make sure theyre still meeting the requirements.,OK. And finally, where can I go to get more information about our YPP policies,guidelines, ads-friendly guidelines— all of those?,Tell me about all the things that, as a creator, I should be aware of.,You got it. So we do have Partner Program policies in the Help Center.,A lot of good insight on the stuff weve been talking about,could come from the AdSense policies, actually.,- OK. – And we can provide links,to those maybe in the description.,I think there was also a previous Creator Insider,that was relevant to a lot of this.,Yes. I filmed an advertiser-friendly guidelines video,which we will also link to below.,We walked through the entire ad-friendly policies doc,and talked about whats go

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Womply Application Secondary Review Update – what to do to get out of this status and get PPP loan?

hey guys welcome to my youtube channel,lets talk about warm play lets talk,about people loans and,this time were going to talk about,people who have status that says,application secondary review,or wont play processing or one player,review or application,review or something like that so what,you should do in order to get out of,this,annoying status because i know that most,of you been,in this status for months or even two,months and these questions appear pretty,often,under my videos so thats why i decided,to make this video,to make things clear first of all you,should clearly understand what status,secondary review mean,and what actions you could do in order,to get rid of these status and go,to lender funding borrower funded and to,actually,receive funds from your lender on,oneplus website if you check status,detail it says that,application secondary review means that,this application is undergoing a,secondary review,this may indicate that a problem was,reported by sba,so basically something isnt right with,your applications that went to sba,and sba not accepting the application,and thats why oneply gives you these,status,and basically if you do nothing in that,case nothing will change,it is very important that you do,something in order to,get rid of this annoying status,something that i know for sure,is that you shouldnt use the help of,all these helpers from comment sections,that,uh telling you that you can get help on,instagram,on facebook or even on youtube,because all these helpers they just want,your money because,they want access to your account and,when they will receive the access to,your,account they will just update your bank,information and they will,receive your pip belong which is the,worst case,uh the words that actually could happen,with your people on what you really need,right now is the help of real sba,agent and in order to find your local,sba agent you should use the official,website of sba which is,sba.gov on this website there is a page,that says local assistance,and on this page you can find the maps,that you see on the screen right now,in this map you just put your business,zip code,you search for sba local offices,and youll find the list of the official,local sba offices with phone numbers,so you should call to the nearest sba,office and,ask them what actually happened with,your ppp application,because if youre in status it says,secondary review it means that something,isnt right with your pp application and,maybe,there was some kind of an error maybe,you have two,pp applications and you need to withdraw,one of your applications,and all is going to be good because only,sba agent can help you in this situation,right now,and because they have all information,about your people application,they know what kind of an error appeared,and what you should do in order to fix,this error so please dont follow any,spam from comment section,from twitter instagram and facebook,and just follow instructions from,official sba agents and im sure,that you will receive your people on and,that all is going to be good,i hope that i helped you in some way and,that you,really will find solution for your,problem i wish you a good day i hope,that your small business will thrive in,these difficult times,i wish you a good luck with it and,goodbye real

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whats the deal with secondary apps?? | applying to med school

hey everyone if youre new here im,marley im in,m1 m2 first second year med school limbo,and,loving it its great if youre a med,student or youre applying this cycle,then youre probably familiar with,secondary applications you know that,seemingly endless onslaught of,school-specific essays that comes,after you take the plunge and submit,your primary application through amcas,aka the one with your,personal statement and experiences and,mcat scores and,grades and all that other like general,information about you basically after,your primary application is verified,and your letters of recommendation are,submitted usually each of the med,schools you apply to will send you back,their secondary application to fill out,which,this is done on their own timeline like,some schools do this earlier,or later than others earlier as in like,june and later as,in like august and this is also assuming,that your primary application is,submitted and verified,in good time and i say usually here,because there are some schools that have,mcat or gpa,score cutoffs like for example okay,theres school that has a,505 mcat cut off minimum and so if you,have,less than a 505 its probably best just,not to waste your time and money,on applying there theres really not a,good way around that,especially since not only do they charge,a ton and remu up front for the primary,applications,but also each school has its own,fee for secondary application submission,oh and that ranges anywhere between,fifty dollars and a hundred and fifty,dollars its,and it just goes up every year its,insane this is where things get tricky,the,average number of med schools that,somebody applies to,these days is between 20 and 25 schools,thats a lot of schools thats a ton,and think about it each secondary app,asks for between,two and six essays and sometimes more,than that some schools have even more,than six,so multiply that out and youve got,anywhere between like 40,and over a hundred essays to write for,all of those secondaries assuming you,get all those secondaries back to fill,out this is a setup for,burnout before you even start med school,its insane,i dont even hate writing and that is,just too much for me which is why i only,send secondaries to nine schools whats,nice is that many schools,reuse their secondary application,prompts year after year so you can,easily just google,reddit sdn student doctor network,you should easily be able to find,previous years prompts and then it,might,be helpful to pre-write some of those,essays so you can spread out the,workload,and not have to write a hundred essays,in like,three weeks you know although theres,always the risk that prompts will be,changed and so if you pre-wrote a bunch,and then they changed all the,prompts then youre left with these,essays that you,wasted time on you cant even use but it,could be worth it for schools that,consistently do,reuse their prompts and a lot of people,out there will say like oh just,pre-write a bunch of generic-ish essays,that,you know respond to common questions,asked on secondary apps and then just,like,change the name in a couple of little,details and,and submit them no thats a terrible,idea that is a horrible idea do not do,this,because what you think that an,admissions committee member,who goes through hundreds if not,thousands of applications,isnt going to be able to see right,through that and pick out,yeah this person spent literally zero,time on this essay you can tell,that this is just copy pasted you think,they cant tell of course they can,and in this super competitive process,all it takes is,one red flag to show that you are not a,totally dedicated applicant,and for them to have an excuse to toss,you in the reject pile so,dont give them that easy out obviously,its okay to repurpose bits and pieces,and certain stories,in different school secondary,applications but just be sure to really,tailor it,to the schools specific mission values,highlights of their program give each,essay on your secondaries its due,diligence let the admissions committee,people reading your stuff know that you,really did your research thats,impressive i talked more about this,in my what i wish i had asked before,applying to med school video which ill,link above,now something i wish was talked about,more is the fact that it is,okay to just not submit secondaries,to a school like youre not obligated to,send in a secondary just because you,sent in a primary i sent primaries to 11,schools,and i sent secondaries to nine why,because when i got the secondaries from,a couple of schools,i realized that their prompts were,different because yes i had googled them,before and seen what their previous,years prompts had been and,you know yeah anyway i realized that,their prompts had changed,in such a way that it reflected a shift,in,the kind of student that the schools,wanted to recruit if that makes sense,for example there was one school that,asked me to,list my research publications,and it was a big answer box and it,wasnt phrased like a question like do,you have any publications,its like they assume that i must have,not just one but several,like a lot and then the next question,asked after that,was how my research experiences were,formative in my decision to become a,physician,and i was sitting there i was like wait,but,but they werent i mean they were a plus,and great in lots of ways,but i wouldnt by any stretch of,imagination,call them formative in my decision to,become a physician,and the fact that they like wrote the,question the way it was and like,clearly they were looking for you know,people,with these much more robust researching,backgrounds didnt ask anything about,like,community involvement service um stuff,that i you know other things,i place a lot of value on they didnt,ask about any of that,i certainly didnt have like a list of,publications to just whip out,i have like one and a half maybe,at the time so right there im reading,these questions and im just thinking,you know what,theyre clearly shifting their,priorities and what kind of student they,want to recruit and,im not going to bend over backwards,just to try to fit this mold thats,really not me so i didnt submit the,secondary boom hundred bucks and a few,hours of writing,saved bottom line dont try to be,basically somebody else just for the,sake of medical school applications,quality always always always beats,quantity,in med school apps ive said it before,and ill say it again forever and ever,do your research on schools like deep,dive,showcase that due diligence in your,secondaries and the outcomes will love,you for it plus youll be more prepared,for interviews when they inevitably,invite you over,because duh you have these amazingly,researched wonderful secondaries,and at those interviews its really,common to get asked,what do you specifically like about the,school so you do your due diligence,you write out awesome secondaries and,youre gonna be more prepared for those,interviews anyway winning,all around so i hope this information,was helpful to those of you who are,applying currently or applying soon let,me know that it was by hitting the like,button down below,subscribe if you havent already thank,you so so much for watching,love you all hope you have a fabulous,day and catch you next week,[Music],you

Probability Secondary Review Problems

all right so heres the first problem,again just listen so you understand a,bate contains a total of 48 marbles the,marble colors are red blue and green if,you randomly choose one marble from the,bag the odds of you drawing a red marble,is 1/4 and there is a 50% chance of,drawing a blue marble how many green,marbles exist in this bag so what heres,lets write down just the facts we know,that there are 48 marbles and all we,know the colors are red blue and green,the odds of you drawing a red marble is,1/4 and the chance of you drawing a blue,marble is 50% and the question says how,many green marbles are contained in the,bag so how do we do that well we know,that the bag contains a hundred percent,of marbles so if I shake one force on,the calculator if youre not familiar,with what 1/4 is a percentage take 1/4,on your calculator and your calculator,should say point two five which is 25%,so 25% plus 50% is 75 100 percent minus,75% leaves the green with 25% 25% of the,marbles in this bag are green please,take 48 times point two five,48 times 0.25 and the answer is there,are 12 green marbles in the bag,going on to the second question,according to last years data taken from,the five sections I taught in algebra,for the chance of passing,tomorrows probability test is 89% what,is the chance of a student not passing,tomorrows probability exam turn to your,partner go ahead,and the answer is 11% we know in all,theres a hundred percent Hunter Pathan,students are considered eighty nine,percent is the pass rate so if eighty,nine percent of students pass that means,that 11 percent of students did not pass,last year so your chance of not passing,is 11 percent okay Im moving on to the,next problem so this is a review from,yesterday please write this down so Im,going to give you a universal set and,the universal set is all integers from 0,to 13 all integers from 0 to 13 and Im,going to let you know that within the,universal set we have set a which is 0 1,3 4 & 7 set B is 2 3 5 7 8 and 11 and,set C is 0 3 5 7 8 11 and 13,the first one we are going to the first,set we are going to find out is I want,to know this statement so first you have,to go what does that mean so we have to,know what is a compliment,and then well take the intersection,with set B so a compliment how do I get,a compliment it means I look through all,of the integers 0 through 13 but I need,to eliminate the integers that are other,ones included in set a which would leave,me with so I cant use 0 1 I have to,okay cant use 0 1 3 4 5 6 cannot use 7,8 9 10 11 12 and 13,theres the complement of a now I want,to intersect that with B so Im gonna,put B right below it because it was,facing off to the side 2 3 5 7 8 11,intersect means what do they have in,common,they both contain twos they both contain,fives they both contain eighths and they,both contains 11 the answer to this is 2,5 8 and 11,okay next up were gonna do a union Im,so sorry,a union C and then youre gonna see a,complement of this a union C with a,compliment lets first figure out what,is a union C remember the union is were,pushing together but were not going to,repeat numbers so Im pushing a and C,together okay we have a 0 we have a 1 I,dont see a 2 and either set a or set C,there is a 3 and a 4 a 5 I dont see a 6,in either one we do have a 7 and 8,notice Li if theres a 7 in both but Im,not gonna repeat it theres no 9 or 10,there is the 11 and a 13 well I do the,second part of this problem Id like you,to do it with your partner and talking,please find the complement of this set,does anyone have questions about this,they may have questions okay we have one,more type were gonna do with this one,before we move on heres your last one,Id like you to do B Union C and then,Id like you to intersect that with a,compliment remember theres three,different ways ways to write compliment,line above the accent symbol or the,small C so lets push a and B together,oh thank you a B and C B and C so I have,0 2 3 dont repeat the threes or the,fives or 7s 5 7 8 11 and 13 and Im,going to intersect that with the,compliment of a so everything in 0,through 13 excluding these values 2,okay so what do these two sets have in,common thats what the intersection,means they both dont have a zero zero,but they have a – no threes we have a,five no six is no sevens we have an,eight eleven and we have a thirteen so,this answer is the set to five eight 11,and 13 and were done of that section,what if I asked you this I tell you that,the probability of event B occurring is,zero point five nine nine one what is,the probability of B complement with,your partner you have five seconds begin,so remember really when you say a,hundred percent thats really 1.0 as a,decimal so youre going to take one,point all minus the probability of a and,the answer is point four zero zero nine,just so Im aware were done with one,page so Im aware on a one through five,what is your comfort level so far with,these problems most of us are forced in,five lets go into the next part okay,Im going to tell you,whoops one second here Im going to tell,you that we have P of a is equal to zero,point two P of B we do not know and the,probability of a and B is zero point,seven its my Kobalt point zero seven,two point zero seven two so what do you,have to know in order to solve this you,have to know that when you have an N,statement and youre by the way youre,also told that a and B are independent,events when you have an end statement,you are multiplying so P of a and B and,knowing that they are independent is a,probability of a times the probability,of B I know this answer is point zero,seven two I know this answer is zero,point two I dont know this answer so,lets call it X if we want to solve for,X lets do the inverse operation and,divide by 0.2 please do that for me on a,calculator and your answer is 0.36,problem done,if you have it packed out from yesterday,please clip to the back okay so this,time we are gonna do a problem let me,zoom in here so everybody can see it,give me one second here so its visible,to people in back thank you so we have,two different containers both containing,peppermint and butterscotch candies,container one contains six peppermint,and four butterscotch and container two,contains five butterscotch and three,peppermint my question for you is what,is the probability of first choosing so,the probability of choosing a peppermint,from the first container and a,butterscotch from the second now before,we do anything else we have to ask,ourselves this do we consider these two,events to be independent or dependent we,want to choose a peppermint from the,first container and then go to the,second container and choose a,butterscotch they are considered,independent events because the,probability sorry via the first event,has no impact on the second event so,thats why they are independent so how,many peppermints do we have in the first,one Stix humming total okay and means,were gonna multiply we know theyre,independent so how many do we have in,the second one we have butterscotch is,five out of eight lets pretend the,problem said that you had to reduce your,answer as a fraction or write the,fraction in lowest terms so we are going,to go ahead put it as a fraction and,then math fraction and gender and the,final answer is three-eighths,couple important things for this problem,that you have to be aware of aware of is,one can you determine if there any pet,energy pendant and then how do you write,your statement proving again these two,are independent events because the first,event has no impact on the second event,okay lets do another problem like this,but now lets say that we only have one,container so this time we only have one,container and Im just gonna go over the,top of this and lets say that this,container is the one described as the,first container okay so you have one,container in that container is how many,six peppermint and four butterscotch so,heres my question for you what is the,probability of choosing

filling out secondary applications! (interview invites, deleted essays)

– Whats up, guys?,It has been so long since Ive made a video.,I have been meaning to update you,on how secondary applications have been going,,but Ive been working at the bagel shop, full-time.,Im actually in my uniform. I just got home from work.,I have also been doing this Snapchat deal,with Brat TV, where I have to post every day.,So thats been taking up a bit of my free time as well.,Ive been trying to work out,because Ive been so stressed about secondaries,,and thats been helping with my mental health.,And Ive also been prioritizing my sleep schedule.,Because of all these things,,I have not been prioritizing YouTube.,But I will always come back. Dont worry.,I know Im not the most regular poster,,uploader, or whatever, but Im gonna work on it,,especially when Im done with these secondaries,and I have a little bit more free time.,Its kind of ironic.,Its like the more I have to talk about,,the less time I have to talk about it,,but Ill figure it out.,Someone asked on my last video,if I found out what quartile is scored in the CASPer yet.,I actually still havent gotten my CASPer email yet,,saying that its been graded.,Its weird though, because when I go on the website,,it says that its been submitted to schools,,but I never got an email telling me,and Ive looked through all my emails,,so I should probably send them an email and figure that out,cause I wanna know how I did.,And once I know, Ill tell you.,I have run into a couple problems,while filling out secondaries,that have made my life very stressful.,First of all, when it comes to AACOMAS,,I realized that I had never,,I had never officially sent my MCAT score.,You have to go into AMCAS, find your MCAT score,,and send your official MCAT score to AACOMAS.,I found this out because I got an email,from a DO school saying,,”We need a verified MCAT score.,We dont know that you took the MCAT.”,And I had, this is another story,,accidentally written my name, Sally,,into AACOMAS, I had put my name as Sallly with three Ls,,which made a lot of my information invalid,because my name is Sally with two Ls, not three.,So I thought it had to do with that.,But I went in there and it turns out,you actually have to send your MCAT score.,You go to where your MCAT score is on the AMCAS,and then you send it to AACOMAS.,So thats an important thing to do.,And thats different,than just seeing what your MCAT score was,,or whatever, something like that.,Another mistake that I have been making with applications,,Ive made this mistake so many times,,I keep filling in the essays,on the actual secondary application portals for schools,,and then getting up to, like, get water and forgetting,,and then the session timing out and deleting them all.,I know that I could just open up a Google doc,and copy and paste my answers,,or like, yeah, copy and paste the questions,into the Google doc, and then my answers,from the Google doc into the application portal.,And I know this sounds weird,,but I feel like I just write so much better,when I do it directly into the application portal.,When Im doing that, I dont know what it is,,I just feel more official, I love what Im writing.,I love the little smiley faces from Grammarly that show up.,I dont know what it is. I just love it.,So Ive had to redo a couple of different applications,that I had written actual essays for,,and then they all got deleted and I had to write them again.,When that happens,,the good news is youve already thought of your response,,but its still so frustrating,to have to go back in and rewrite it.,But Ive made that mistake multiple times,during this application cycle.,I talk a lot on this channel,about my approach as a pre-med student,,how I have wanted for so long,to make sure that med school is right for me,that I focused less on being right for medical schools.,And during the application cycle,,this has scared me a little bit,because while filling it out,,I realized how atypical of an applicant I am.,Even though I do have the stats of a good applicant,,experiences that Ive pursued outside of academics,,they dont line up with being pre-med very well.,And I am doing my best to spin this as,,not spin it cause I really do think its true,,that I will bring something new to the campus,,that I have worked so many jobs,and interacted with so many different people,and that I love interacting with people,,but I still wanna be a doctor,and I wanna be a leader of a medical team,and, you know, all that stuff.,But when it comes to filling out these essays,,I meant to be smart about it,,like I meant, when I first started filling out secondaries,,to work smarter and not harder.,And by that, I mean I meant,to make lists of common questions,that were being asked, write perfect essays,,and then send them all to, like,,send the essays by changing little things about them,and sending them to schools,that were asking the same questions, stuff like that.,But doing that just made me feel unhappy,,and it made me feel really fake.,No shame to anyone who does it that way, like, thats great.,Maybe even you have more patience than I do.,I dont know what it is.,But after being pretty unhappy for a couple of weeks,trying to do it that way, like the smarter way,,I have shifted to just, when Ill get back from work,at like two or three in the afternoon,,Ill get home, take a shower, eat something,,and then Ill sit down,,and I will just do an entire application for one school.,Ill read their questions, think about it,,and put a thoughtful answer,that I think shows good qualities that I have.,And you might think that its kind of inefficient,because sometimes I end up saying similar things,,and, like, why not just reuse essays,that Ive already written?,But I dont know what it is.,Im way happier filling this out.,I think that theyre gonna be able,to, like, sense that enthusiasm.,And I just feel like my essays,keep getting better and better.,So I dont know.,Its making me enjoy the process more.,I think that that is good, because at the end of the day,,if I, hypothetically, were to not get in anywhere,,at least this means that I had an okay time,filling out the applications.,And if youve watched any of my videos,,you know that number one thing thats important to me,is I want to, I do wanna be a doctor,,but I also want to enjoy little things about my life,on that journey,,and this is something thats helping with that.,So this is the way that Im liking to do it.,And I will let you know if it ends up working out,and if I get in somewhere.,Some other updates are there are some schools,that I have decided not to move forth with secondaries for.,And this honestly has to do with money.,I realized quickly,that I cant afford to apply,to the 31 schools that I wanted to apply to.,Im actually, like, almost out of money,,so Ive actually stopped filling out applications,just for the next half a week.,And then Im gonna get paid,,I think on Monday or Tuesday of next week.,And then Ill start filling them out again.,Im not, like, worried about it.,Its just like it is what it is,,like this is kind of what its like,if youre applying by yourself and if youve already used,most of your savings for undergrad.,Thats my situation, so it is what it is.,Thinking about that though is that I,,when I first went to send out primaries,,I sent out all of my MD school primaries.,For DO schools, I chose three to send out.,And Ive been planning on sending out,the rest of my primaries throughout the summer.,But if Ive already run out of money,to send out the secondaries for MD programs,,like, I cant afford to send out the primaries,or the secondaries for most of the DO schools,,so Im just gonna kinda see how the cycles going,and then see what I wanna do.,I dont want to go to MD school,more than I wanna go to DO school,,but DO school is objectively less competitive,,and I think I can afford to save my money now,and then submit those in early August.,So thats probably what Im gonna end up doing,,but I will update you.,Okay, so that is mostly ev

5.1 Using Secondary Data In Your Research

welcome to the last module of the course,where we are learning how to write a,proper research thesis or we are just,getting ready for the exam in research,methodology now we have already gone,through a lot in previous modules we,have made our choices when it comes to a,research strategy research design,research nature all of these,methodological choices we have already,made now we came to the point where we,are deciding about our data collection,and in the upcoming videos we are really,going to discuss data collection methods,and there are going to be three of them,observations interviews and,questionnaires but all three of these,are data collection methods that will,generate us primary data thats the data,that we have really collected with our,research but there are also other there,is other kind of data that we can use,for our research and that is called,secondary data and so in this video we,are going to discuss secondary data and,in the upcoming videos in the rest of,the module we will discuss primary data,as there is much more to talk about the,four secondary data I am pretty sure,that one video will be enough so lets,go for it,so the definition of secondary data is,very clear,secondary data are data that have,already been collected for some other,purpose than your research so the,definition is super clear but I see,often students misunderstand it a bit,when it comes to use of secondary data,for the research the first question that,might arise what I would or why should,we use data that have been collected by,someone else for some completely,different purpose well the idea is that,data or data collection is an expense it,is sort of expensive to collect the data,lets say that you have to travel so we,are going to have some travel expenses,of course you are going to help time,expenses so collecting data is an,expense if you use data that have,already been collected well you will,save these costs now the other question,that matter,why would someone allow us to use his or,her data obviously this person had some,expenses and now it should be us who,will use these data well also the data,analysis is an expense so great example,is a government government is collecting,these demographical data about the,population like what is the average age,of the population what is the occupancy,where are people in Inc and so on so,government is more than willing to,collect this data and healthy expense,with the collecting of these data and,now they will sort of give it out for,free for people and researchers to use,these data for their analysis because,government just do not have the,capacities to analyze these data so this,governmental demographical data are a,great example of us most of my videos,are available for free on YouTube if you,would like to check out full research,methods for business students course,which is almost four hours long please,check out the link in description where,you will find a special discount code,[Music]

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