1. APUSH Unit 1 REVIEW (Period 1: 1491-1607)—Everything You NEED to Know
  2. APUSH Review Unit 2 (Period 2: 1607-1754)—Everything You NEED To Know
  3. APUSH Unit 4 REVIEW [Period 4: 1800-1848]—Everything You NEED to Know
  4. APUSH Unit 3 Review (Period 3: 1754-1800)—Everything You NEED to Know
  5. APUSH Review: Period 1 (1491 – 1607) In 10 Minutes!
  6. APUSH Exam Review: Entire Course in 15 Minutes
  7. APUSH Periods 1-5 Final Exam Review

APUSH Unit 1 REVIEW (Period 1: 1491-1607)—Everything You NEED to Know

hey there and welcome back to heimlichs,history in this video im going to teach,you everything you need to know about,unit 1 of the ap,u.s history curriculum so if youre,ready to get the brain cows milked,lets get to it now you should know that,this video is part of a larger set of,review materials called the ap us,history ultimate review pack its a,resource i made to help you get an a in,your class and a five on your exam its,got note guides its got two full ap,practice exams its got multiple choice,questions for you to practice its got,everything you need to feel confident in,this class and on your exam so if you,want it,link in description below lets go so,the big picture of unit 1 is to,understand the societal makeup of the,americas before the europeans arrived,and then once the europeans did arrive,how did that affect them so lets begin,in the beginning and talk about how the,native societies existed before the,arrival of the europeans and the big,idea you need to get situated inside,your brain fold for this section,is this that the natives of the american,continent were a diverse,people that had diverse societies based,on the kinds of environments in which,they lived now we tend to think that the,native americans were sort of a,monolithic group that sort of roamed the,planes hunting buffaloes and then,returned at night to sleep in their,teepees now the truth is,some of them live that way but the,native american cultures were much more,diverse than that native americans in,coastal regions constructed fishing,villages there were other groups who,lived more hunter,gatherer nomadic type lifestyle and,still others congregated in magnificent,cities and built,massive empires so lets do our best to,come to terms with the diversity of the,native american cultures that existed on,the american continent before the,europeans arrived and will do so by,looking at them each in turn lets begin,in what is today utah and colorado and,let me introduce you to the pueblo,people,the pueblo were farmers which is to say,a settled population who spent their,time planting and harvesting crops like,beans and squash in a corn like crop,called,maize and frankly their maze was amazing,dont act like thats not funny and,within these farms theres evidence of,advanced irrigation systems which just,means they were able to take river water,and divert it so that it watered their,crops and they also built small urban,centers made out of hardened clay bricks,and perhaps theyre most famous for the,magnificent cliff dwellings they left,behind okay now lets go a little to the,north and what is now colorado all the,way up to canada this is known as the,great basin region in the great plains,region of the continent and the folks,who lived here were nomadic and they,were more hunter-gatherers than their,neighbors to the south,they wandered the great plains hunting,buffalo and gathering enough food to,live now these groups didnt build,cities and towns but they did organize,themselves into small egalitarian,kinship bands,and if you want a name for one of these,groups a good example is the ute,people over in the northwest and on down,the pacific coast you had native peoples,who developed permanent settlements,because of the abundance of,fish and small game and a diversity of,plant life for example in present-day,california you had the shumash people,they built villages that were capable of,sustaining nearly a thousand people and,they participated in regional trade,networks up and down the coast up in the,pacific northwest youve got the chinook,peoples who lived in similar ways to the,chumash except they built extensive,plank houses,which housed whole families in kinship,groups and now if we fly across the,continent to the northeast i can,introduce you to the iroquois people,like the pueblo they were farmers who,planted some,amazing crops second time still funny,they lived communally in what are called,long houses which i maintain is a pretty,good name because they were long and,they were houses which would be very,confusing if they were actually short in,tents,i was cracking myself up over here it,was great anyway the point is they lived,in long houses that were constructed,from the abundant timber that was,available in the area,lets move westward a little and meet,the folks who lived in the mississippi,river valley,the groups who lived here were again,farmers because of the rich soil found,in the region,they also participated in trade up and,down the main waterways found in that,region and probably the most famous and,certainly the largest of these groups,was the cahokia which was a civilization,boasting somewhere between,ten thousand and thirty thousand people,and this civilization had a centralized,government led by powerful chieftains,now the point of this survey of all,these different peoples is to get you to,understand,one thing the natives of america,developed distinct and increasingly,complex societies and those societies,were affected and,shaped by the environment in which they,lived and not only that they utilized,vast trading networks that stretched all,the way from south america all the way,through north america and hark,what doth my eyes behold upon yonder,shore,white people but wait lets back up and,try to understand,why europeans were arriving on the,american shores at all,first of all its going to be very,important for you to know that from the,1300s to the 1400s european kingdoms,were changing significantly they were,going through a process of political,unification and were developing stronger,more centralized states that were,governed by monarchs one of the,consequences of all this was a growing,wealthy upper,class who developed a taste for luxury,goods from asia but there was a problem,muslims controlled many of the,land-based trading routes that stretched,from europe to asia and that means that,europeans in general were unable to,establish trade with those regions on,their own terms,and that led them to seek out sea based,routes for trade now the first european,mover in this respect was portugal and,they established a series of trading,posts around,africa historians call this a trading,post empire,and eventually gained a strong foothold,in the indian ocean trade network now,one of the chief ways they were able to,do this was by deploying new maritime,technology and adapting old technology,and stop for a second if you dont know,what the word maritime means it just,means having to do with the sea so lets,get some examples of these new and old,technologies that the portuguese used,they made use of updated astronomical,charts which helped them with their,reckoning as did their use of the,astrolabe they also experimented with,new ship designs which were smaller and,faster and more nimble upon the rivers,in the seas and they were devoted only,to trade and on those ships they used,borrowed technology like the latin,sail and the stern post rudder all of,which helped the ships navigate more,accurately now after seeing the success,of portugal had spain went ahead and,jumped into the maritime game too,during this time spain had just finished,the reconquest of the iberian peninsula,from the north african muslim wars and,this had a couple of important,consequences,first the reconquest led a fire in their,bellies to spread catholic christianity,far and wide,second the new power which the victory,brought led them to seek new economic,opportunities in the east,and now enter christopher columbus he,was an italian sailor who showed up to,the spanish court of ferdinand and,isabella seeking sponsorship in order to,sail west in order to find new wealth in,asian markets when he proposed this plan,to ferdinand and isabella and showed,them the kind of massive wealth that,they could gain as a result,of it their response which when being,translated was uh,duh and so columbus set out from spain,and sailed west across the atlantic,ocean in 1492 and a few months later he,and his men ran into a gian

APUSH Review Unit 2 (Period 2: 1607-1754)—Everything You NEED To Know

well hey there and welcome back to,highlanders history now in this video,were going to review every dang thing,you need to know about unit 2 of ap u.s,history time period is 1607 to 1754. now,the major themes of this unit have to do,with comparing the different motives and,methods that europeans use to colonize,the americas why dont you go ahead and,crack open them brain folds because im,about to dump some learning into them,lets get to it now before we get,started just so you know this video is,part of a larger,ultimate review packet for ap us history,its got everything you need to get an a,in your class and a five on your exam in,may so,if youre interested in something like,that link in description below okay so,the last unit dealt largely with the,societal structures that were in the,americas before the europeans showed up,and then we saw how the europeans namely,the spaniard,showed up kind of accidentally and got,their conquistador on and this unit is,going to deal with the black friday sale,of all,european colonialism in the americas as,the french and the dutch and the british,all begin clamoring to stake their claim,in the americas but each of these,european states implemented their,colonial project just a little bit,differently based on their colonial,goals and their regional circumstances,so lets look at each of them first,lets remind ourselves about how spain,colonized the americas now we talked,about this in unit 1 but just for the,sake of comparison lets remind,ourselves the spanish established,colonies in the americas in order to,extract wealth both in the form of,valuable cash crops and the actual,digging of gold and silver out of the,ground and they subjected the native,population to this end,they tried with mixed success to convert,them to christianity and introduced a,caste system,that reorganized society based on racial,ancestry okay now lets have a look at,how the french colonized the americas,french colonial policies differed from,the spanish colonial policies because,the french were more interested in trade,than they were in conquest especially,the fish and fur trade compared to the,spanish and the english of whom i will,have more to say in just a moment there,were relatively,few french people who showed up on the,american shores now despite the first,permanent french settlement in quebec,mostly the french established trading,settlements around north america and in,order to further advance their economic,goals some french traders married,american,indian wives which kept kinship ties,alive with some of their more,significant native trading partners i,dont care who you are thats romantic,hey honey i just want you to know that,the last week has been the greatest week,of my life and there was nobody whom i,would rather marry in order to firm,up my trading relationship with your,people than you,so will you marry me,is that a yes anybody understand this,language and yes while these marriages,may have been a little transactional for,our taste that doesnt mean that there,wasnt some mutual benefit that occurred,out of these alliances for example the,french fostered some alliances with the,ojibwe indians and there was some mutual,cultural exchange the indians benefited,the french because they could prepare,beaver skins for sale at market and the,french benefited the indians by,introducing iron cookware and,manufactured claw all right now lets,look at the dutch and their colonial,goals,in 1609 the dutch established a fur,trading center on the hudson river which,is in present-day new york and their,goals for colonizing were mainly,economic like the french,now the dutch were altogether protestant,but unlike the spanish they showed very,little interest in converting the,natives to christianity,by 1624 they had established new,amsterdam which facilitated and advanced,their economic goals and this became a,hub of trade that attracted large,populations of traders and,merchants and fishermen and farmers okay,now we need to turn our attention to the,british and their colonial project and,arguably its the british and their,colonial goals that are the most,relevant for united states history so,first lets talk about the motivations,for british colonization and then well,compare the different kinds of colonies,that they set up on the eastern coast of,north america now economically during,this period britain was to put it mildly,a hot mess the colombian exchange was,changing the economy wars with france,and the conquest of ireland were costing,them a fortune and as a result of all,that,inflation began to take hold of the,british economy if you dont know what,inflation is it just means that prices,were rising and that means their money,was worthless it just wouldnt buy as,much and this was particularly grievous,to the noble class who could see their,wealth vanishing before their eyes,additionally the lower classes were,enduring hardship,as well the land which had always been,available to them for farming was,rapidly disappearing due to the,enclosure movement so take all of that,put it in a pot,baby you got a stew going therefore the,motivations pushing the british to,colonize the americas were new economic,opportunities and,lands on which they could seek those,opportunities there were others in,britain who wanted to venture across the,atlantic in order to seek religious,freedom and improved living conditions,and as it turns out in america,they found what they were looking for,okay now lets look at each of the,british colonial settlements in north,america and just for poops and giggles,lets start with the chesapeake region,in 1607 the british established,jamestown which was their first,permanent colonial settlement in north,america the founding of the colony was,financed by a newish economic model,called a joint stock company a joint,stock company was a private business,entity in which several different,investors put money into a pot and then,collected profits,when the entity was successful this is,different than say in spain whose model,for financing colonization,was strictly through the state anyway,that model of financing gives you some,sense of what jamestown was all about as,a colony,jamestown was purely a profit-seeking,venture colonists basically divided,their time between searching for gold,and silver and building military force,to defend the gold and silver that they,did fight but the beginnings of that,settlement to put it mildly,were in the first two years disease and,famine killed nearly,half the settlers it got so bad that,some of them resorted to cannibalism,just to survive,and by 1610 seven out of eight of the,settlers were dead so the cannibals were,well fit,sorry too soon are we laughing about,this yet but in 1612 they stumbled upon,a miracle columnist john ralphian,experimenting with tobacco cultivation,and that led to a complete reversal of,their fortunes a huge influx of,investment game when tobacco,was found to be marketable now i should,say that most of the people doing the,work on the cultivation of these crops,were indentured servants which was the,major labor system in the colonies at,that time now indentured servants were,just people who in general couldnt,afford passage from britain to the new,world and so they signed a labor,contract that paid for that passage and,they agreed to work for,usually seven years and then after that,they would go free so as the demand for,tobacco began to increase there was a,corresponding demand for the land on,which to grow that tobacco and when,white folks needed more land they had a,habit of taking it from the native,populations and needless to say that,increased the tension between the two,groups this increasing encroachment on,their land and the violence that came,with it led indians to retaliate in raid,colonial farms,these raids of course infuriated the,british settlers and they appealed to,their governor william berkeley,to send troops to keep them safe and,when berkeley refused we get a li

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APUSH Unit 4 REVIEW [Period 4: 1800-1848]—Everything You NEED to Know

well hey and welcome back to heimlichs,history now in this video im going to,review everything you need to know about,unit 4 of the ap,u.s history curriculum and we aint got,no time to waste so lets get to it now,before we get started i need to mention,that this review video is part of a,larger set of review materials that ive,made for you,the ultimate review packet for ap us,history its got everything you need to,get an a in your class and a five on,your exam in may so if youre interested,link in the description below all right,so lets get down to reviewing unit four,the time period that were covering is,1800 to 1848 and the main themes are as,follows first the expanding role of the,united states in world affairs,second the transformation of the society,and economy in the early years of the,republic and third were going to see,how americans came to terms with all the,growing democratic impulses going on,during this time now we left off the,last unit with the election of thomas,jefferson in 1800 and now were gonna,pick it right back up so youll probably,recall that during this time there were,fierce debates between the democratic,republicans and the federalists on dang,near everything those debates just,continued right along into this period,two of the main debates being,about american relations with foreign,powers and the scope of federal power,back here at home so i reckon we ought,to look at both of them in turn now with,respect to americas relationship with,foreign powers a good example of the,debate during this period has to do with,the troublesome americans were having,with a group,of folks called the barbary pirates,since the 1970s the u.s government had,paid tribute to the barbary states of,north africa in exchange for their,protection of american merchant ships,and this was a policy put in place by,prior federalist presidents washington,and adams but our boy jefferson was,morally opposed to paying bribes in,order to engage in trade and so he,ordered those payments to cease so the,barbary pirates lifted their protection,and began attacking u.s merchant ships,and at this,jefferson sent the u.s navy to retaliate,but as things began to escalate towards,war,jeffersons administration negotiated a,reduced payment to the barbary states,and maybe even more divisive during this,time with the debates about the scope of,federal power back at home democratic,republicans as you may remember were all,about restriction of federal power and,that was the exact,opposite of the federalists the,democratic republicans championed a,strict constructionist view of the,constitution what this means is that,they believe that the federal government,was only able to do what was explicitly,written in the constitution now,federalists on the other hand were loose,constructionists this meant that the,federal government had a lot more,flexibility with the written word of the,constitution and therefore they could do,a lot more that wasnt explicitly,written in the constitution but as with,all things in history its a little more,complicated than that case in point the,louisiana purchase,you might recall that france had a,colony in haiti and that starting in,1791 the haitians rose up in revolt,against the french and won their,independence in 1801 as a result of that,jefferson saw an opportunity to gain,navigation rights on the mississippi,river in new orleans which was squarely,in french territory,in north america and so we sent james,monroe over to france with two million,dollars in his pocket to secure those,rights from napoleon but now that haiti,was lost napoleon had little use for the,louisiana territory and so he went ahead,and told monroe that america could have,all of louisiana for 15 million,now monroe couldnt exactly call up,jefferson for advice so he went ahead,and took the deal now that seems great,and all but when monroe came home,heralding the good news that sent our,boy tj into kind of an existential,crisis remember he was a strict,constructionist and there is nothing in,the constitution that gives the power to,the president to buy land but there was,nothing he could do the deal was done,but jefferson justified the purchase to,himself by arguing that by owning the,new land indians could be removed,further westward and it would cut off,european influence in the region and,open up trading and bonus this land,would offer the potential to further his,agrarian dream for a nation of yeoman,farmers rather than the trade and,manufacturing nation that federalist,which is to say hamilton,envisioned so in this way jefferson who,is a strict constructionist actually,violated those principles and acted like,a common dirty federalist loose,constructionist now after the purchase,was complete congress appropriated funds,for a core of discovery led by,meriwether lewis and william clark lewis,and clark began the exploration of the,vast new territory beginning in 1804 and,they traveled thousands of miles up the,missouri river until they wound up on,the pacific coast the southern part of,the territory was explored and mapped by,zebulun pike in 1806 and the travels of,these two expeditions led to more,accurate mapping of the territory,greater geographic and scientific,knowledge of the region,and further diplomatic relations with,the indians who lived there now there,was further expansion of federal power,during this time and this happened as a,result of supreme court decisions and,for that we have our buddy chief justice,john marshall to thank and the first,case you need to know in this respect is,marbury versus madison in 1803. now its,not that important that you know all the,details of this case but ill tell you,the story just so you have some context,just before jeffersons election the,federalist dominated congress passed the,judiciary act which created 16 new spots,for federal,judges in the united states and on his,way out of office john adams appointed,federalist judges to fill,all those spots and one of those,appointments was to go to a judge named,william marbury i dont care how you,slice it that was a shrewd political,move because both the congress and the,presidency were changing over from,federalist to democratic republican,dominance,and this move was a way to ensure,continued federalist influence in the,courts now as it happened jefferson was,none too happy about this and so his,secretary of state james madison refused,to deliver some of those appointments so,the conflict wound,up in the supreme court and led by chief,justice john marshall the court decided,that under the judiciary act,marbury did in fact deserve his,commission well thats what im talking,about so thats the story but here comes,the sauce in this decision the court,also proclaimed itself,to be the final interpreter of the,constitution and that the judiciary act,itself was unconstitutional and the term,for this power is called judicial review,and therefore marbury would not receive,his commission wait,what so this had the effect of,increasing the power of the supreme,court and this increase in power just,continued in another case in 1819 called,mcculloch versus maryland and i wont,tell you the story here but just,understand that as a result of this case,the supreme court decided that federal,law,trumps state law okay so federal power,is increasing during this time but you,also need to understand that sometimes,regional interests took precedence over,national concerns and if you want an,example,and i know you do lets talk about the,war of 1812. now this is the first,proper war weve got ourselves into,since the revolutionary war so we need,to talk about the causes of this war so,during this time france and britain were,fighting because thats kind of their,thing the us wanted to remain neutral in,the conflict especially on the seas but,france and britain kept seizing american,merchant ships and that to put it mildly,was annoying additionally americans who,were moving westward were having indian,problems as was ou

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APUSH Unit 3 Review (Period 3: 1754-1800)—Everything You NEED to Know

well hey there and welcome back to,heinrich history now in this video im,going to teach you everything you need,to know about unit 3 of ap u.s history,and this ones a ripe beast so theres,no time to waste so if youre ready to,get them brain cows milked,im ready to milk them lets get to it,now before we get started just so you,know this video is part of a larger,ultimate review packet for ap us history,its got everything you need to get an a,in your class and a five on your exam in,may so,if youre interested in something like,that link in description below so the,major theme of this unit is how america,was transformed into a collection of,british colonies into a distinct,independent nation and how we began to,develop a distinct national identity and,just so you know the time period covered,in this video is 1754 to 1800 and the,place will start in 1754 with the french,and indian war which is part of a larger,conflict,called the seven years war the conflict,began at least on american soil because,british colonists were getting a little,twitchy about french encroachment on,their western border specifically the,ohio river valley and he would ask the,french why they were getting a little,too cozy in that region they would have,said they were getting a little twitchy,about the british encroachment on their,territory so the conflict erupted and it,went pretty bad for the british,initially they kept losing battles to,the french and their indian allies so in,light of this the british government,called for a congress of representatives,from several colonies to assemble a more,organized response to frontier defense,and trade and westward expansion now i,mentioned this because it was at this,meeting that our good buddy benjamin,franklin proposed his albany plan of,union which called for a more,centralized government for the colonies,which would in turn better enable them,to,mount a more coordinated effort for,western defense but the taxation,required for raising the troops for such,a plan stunk,powerfully in their colonial nostrils,and the plan was therefore rejected,however,it was an important meeting and an,important proposal because it laid the,mold for the future revolutionary,congress of which,more later long story short despite the,early humiliation the british won the,french and indian war and signed the,peace of paris in 1763 and the results,of this treaty were kind of,mind-boggling to the american colonies,first the french were almost completely,ousted from north america and the,louisiana territory was given to spain,second and perhaps most significant is,that the british more than doubled their,land holdings on the north american,continent gaining all the land east of,the mississippi river now remember were,trying to figure out how the folks on,this continent went from being a string,of colonies to an independent nation,its at the end of the french and indian,war where the dominoes really start to,fall the first consequence of the war,was that colonists hungry for land began,to push westward into the ohio river,valley which not surprisingly,intensified conflicts with the american,indians who lived there for example when,news of the new land arrangement reached,the ottawa leader pontiac he gathered up,some folks and led raids on the,encroaching colonists and the colonists,were dumbfounded at this blatant,indian aggression whats your problem,man we won this land from whom the,french,and from whom did they get it,wait for it uh there it is,you know that makes a lot of sense you,guys must feel entirely,overlooked and taken advantage of said,no colonist,ever anyway the british government,decided to put the kibasha and all this,tension between the indians and their,british colonies and they did this not,only because they wanted to protect the,lives of their colonists but they also,wanted to keep trade relations favorable,to that end they issued the royal,proclamation of 1763 which forbade,colonists from taking land in the ohio,river valley which is to say west of the,appalachian mountains now this,proclamation deeply frustrated the,colonists who had fought in the war and,therefore felt entitled to the spoils of,war,they felt they could improve their lot,in life by moving westward and moreover,they had shed their blood to gain this,land a second major consequence of this,war was that it was,expensive over the course of the war,british debt doubled and the cost of,running the colonies increased fivefold,and so whats the british parliament to,do,taxes and that leads us to the next part,of our story which well call,taxation without representation and so,in order to pay for the french and,indian war the british decided to clamp,down on the colonies and make them help,shoulder the burden of it and that to,put it lightly smelled like a grade a,turd to the colonists and part of the,reason was this although britain of,course had always had political,sovereignty over the colonies they,largely allowed the colonists to manage,their own affairs mainly owing to the,large,distance between the colonies and the,motherland and so even when colonists,flouted laws like the navigation acts,which we looked at back in unit 2,britain largely just turned a blind eye,to it and if you want a term for that,and i know you do it was salutary,neglect and the main effect of the,salutary neglect was that it gave the,colonists the sense that they were,managing their own affairs without much,involvement from parliament but now in,order to pay for this war the era of,salutary neglect was,over immediately parliament enacted a,much stricter enforcement of the,navigation acts that already exist and,this was not great for colonists who,routinely avoided these laws by,smuggling and setting their own terms,for trade,also parliament passed the quartering,act of 1765 which meant that even though,the war was over,imperial troops would remain in the,american colonies in order to enforce,all of these new rules and to make,matters worse the law said that it was,the colonists who were responsible for,feeding and housing these soldiers if,the quarters of the soldiers were,inadequate also there was the sugar act,which imposed taxes on coffee and wine,and other luxury items and you may,rightly wonder why its called the sugar,act then well there was also an existing,tax on molasses which the bridge decided,at this point they were going to start,enforcing perhaps most odious of all was,the stamp act of 1765. theres a tax on,all paper items like newspapers and,playing cards and contracts and it was,especially threatening to the colonists,because during this year they were,experiencing declining wages,and a rise in unemployment it was at,this that the debate really heated up in,the colonies about whether it was,just to tax the colonists if they were,not represented in parliament and,british leaders countered this line of,argument by saying that the colonists,were in fact represented in parliament,by something called,virtual representation the idea behind,this is that members of parliament,represented,all classes of british citizens not,necessarily every locality so in that,sense they argued the american colonists,were represented not surprisingly this,argument wasnt very convincing to,american colonists whod grown a,customized to more,localized representation in their own,representative bodies so groups like the,sons of liberty and the daughters of,liberty sprang up and dedicated,themselves to the repeal of the stamp,act and as tension heated up,27 delegates from nine colonies,assembled in new york in what became,known as the stamp act congress,the result of this meeting was a formal,petition to the british parliament to,repeal the stamp and the chief reason,they gave for such a request was that,taxation without representation was,tyranny however,its going to be very important for you,to know that even as the congress was,rejecting the stamp act they did so as,loyal subjects,to the british crown and to their,cou

APUSH Review: Period 1 (1491 – 1607) In 10 Minutes!

whats going on a push people we have a,push review period one which is from,1491 is 1607 Im gonna cover this bad,boy in ten minutes for you and you will,know everything you need to know about,period one to succeed in a push before,we begin a shout out time this one is,going out to mr. sir Bos class my,comment section was being blown up with,request mr. sir bro to give you a shout,out your students think youre an,amazing teacher so good luck to you all,thank you for your support you are,brilliant and will do great on the exam,all right lets start off talk about,Native Americans pre-contact so 1491 and,prior very important to understand this,time period maize or corn was a,significant food source in present-day,Mexico in southwestern United States,entire civilizations were built around,corn now in the northwestern portion of,the United States President northern,California Oregon and Washington natives,hunted fished and for it so they were,hunter-gatherers and lets take a look,at this one was in the center of this,map we have the Great Plains and the,Great Basin and the Great Plains were,predominantly hunting because there was,a lack of natural resources that,specifically mentioned the new,curriculum make sure you know that in,the northeastern United States you see,over here this area it was a mix of,Agriculture and hunting they had some,maize up there and there was hunting as,well so really that the theme of this,slide is a Native Americans adapted to,their environments,all right European exploration goals,what were some technological,improvements that help promote contact,and trade while we have this extant and,here is a sextant it helped determine,longitude and latitude it pretty much,was a a GPS for its time the SI joint,stock companies which people would pool,their money together and this allowed,them to raise lots of money to pay for,our exploration so what were some,reasons for it well think of the three,geez gold glory and God so we have,wealth many countries sought to seek,wealth and gold many of them also sought,to to achieve power and status and,countries like Spain really focused on,spreading Christianity so three Gs,again gold glory,God or gospel your choice of the last G,alright jump it over to European contact,me at the coaming extreme specifically,mentioned know this bad boy at all costs,it is exchange of goods ideas people and,diseases between Europe Africa and the,America so what is the impact on Europe,and definitely know the impacts on,specific countries well we have an,increase in food going to Europe,specifically corn or maize and potatoes,and every time I look at this picture,just makes me want to have a big potato,it is so good this will be influential,in countries like Ireland and theres,also a shift from feudalism to,capitalism during this time so whats,the impact on natives well diseases,killed many and here is an early drawing,of a gentleman with measles who had,measles and smallpox that natives were,not immune to and sadly for them as many,as 90% of natives died upon contact,horses and guns transformed a way of,life for Native Americans hunting became,easier and warfare became more,destructive and lets jump on over to,impacts on Africans we have an increase,in the slave trade thats a direct,result of the Portuguese and the Spanish,in West Africa alright so looking at,this map this is the Spanish Empire in,the America so what are the impacts of,Spanish contact well theres a new caste,system that emerges and racially diverse,populations you have mestizos which were,people that were mixed Spanish and,native ancestry and you also mulatos,which were mixed Spanish and African,ancestry and one thing to notice that,the Spanish intermarried more with,natives than did the English the in,comiendo system was established and very,powerful throughout the 16th century or,the 1500s these were royal grants of,land from the Spanish crown to Spaniards,and the Spanish settlers promised to,Christianize natives so they were,essentially given land turned the,natives into slaves and promised to,Christianize them and the Spanish gained,tribute or some form of payment from,Native Americans so how are the natives,impacted many were treated harshly as I,mentioned this is essentially slavery,and many of them were forced to do heavy,manual labour building roads and,infrastructure in the Spanish colonies,eventually the system this is a theme in,the Americas Native American labor will,be replaced with African slave labor,alright lets talk about debates over,three million natives we have this dude,bark,do las casas I probably butchered that,he was in favor of better treatment of,natives he was kind of in the minority,of Europeans who advocated better,treatment of natives,so how was treatment of Africans in,native is justified how is this harsh,treatment in this the slave conditions,justified well many different reasons,including white superiority religion in,the view that those groups were quote,unquote,on civilized so lets talk about some,conflict with natives the Europeans,ought to change natives way of life and,their worldview and natives sought to,preserve autonomy its very important to,understand this word autonomy that means,independence or self-rule so natives are,trying to preserve their own,independence while living in this world,with Europeans and Africans are going to,do the exact same thing,so what were waste Africans adapted to,the Western Hemisphere again they sought,to preserve independence or self-rule or,autonomy and they combined Christianity,with African religions and they also,formed maroon communities which were,communities made up of runaway slaves,and they would have their own,communities that they would live in now,lets do a quick recap know the native,cultures prior to contact maize corn,its huge know the impacts of it on,Europe reasons for European exploration,be able to give me a couple be able to,give AP a couple those what were the,goals of Europeans Columbian Exchange,holy cow absolutely know that if theres,anything for period one youre going to,see its probably going to be the,Columbian Exchange and what was the,impact on the three continents how did,your Europe justify the treatment of,natives and Africans what was the in,comiendo system and how were natives,how did natives in Africans seek to,preserve some level of autonomy before,we go if you want to do a quick short,answer practice I came up with this,short answer question really quickly for,you to practice youre going to answer,all three parts European interaction,with the Western Hemisphere drastically,changed life for all those involved I,briefly explained one reason for,European exploration be briefly explain,one impact of European exploration on,the Americas and see briefly explain one,impact of European exploration on Europe,that is basically the Columbian Exchange,here in ladies and gentlemen alright,thank you very much for watching I do,appreciate I look forward to seeing you,right back here for period two in ten,minutes if you have any questions or,comments feel free to leave them in the,comments,in below and please subscribe and share,this video with others if you found it,helpful and best of luck on all of your,tests especially the one in May youre,going to rock it you are brilliant and I,will see you at the next video have a,good day

APUSH Exam Review: Entire Course in 15 Minutes

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APUSH Periods 1-5 Final Exam Review

whats going down everyone welcome back,today were breaking down eight push,periods one through five 1491 to 1877,this is about 50% of the a push exam,youre about to take in May so a push,period one begins 1491 1491 is selected,because its the year before Columbus,got lost,pre-columbian exchange this time period,is about 5% of the a push exam you wont,have to write an essay about it but it,will show up in the multiple-choice,section some key things to know you,better know about these Native American,life pre and post contact how did life,change after Columbus landed in the new,world in 1492 so some examples of this,the Great Plains the nomadic life,amongst the native people the,introduction of diseases and horses and,guns and other things that is the result,of the Columbian Exchange another,important thing to know about is,European attempts at colonization how,did Spain France Holland and England,attempt to colonize the Western,Hemisphere so know about like the Treaty,of Tordesillas between Spain and,Portugal Saint Augustine the first,settlement permanent settlement by Spain,in North America and they in comiendo,system which Spain used in their,colonization efforts those are some of,the things you should also know about,interactions and relationships between,the Europeans the Africans and the,Native Americans youre going to have,the mestizos that are the result of,interracial relationships in the new,world the Middle Passage slave trade,Portugal on the Dutch going into West,Africa and other things this time period,period one ends in 1607 and thats,important because 1607 is the first,permanent English colony it gets founded,at Jamestown Virginia so that leads us,to period – it starts in 1607 with the,establishment of Jamestown this is 10%,of the a.push exam some things you,better know about are the success and,failures of different Europe,attempts at colonization you should know,about the interactions and the,relationships in this time period as,well between the Europeans the Africans,and Native Americans so you know all,these colonies are being formed because,of mercantilism you have revolts in New,Spain the Pueblo Revolt King Phillips,war in the New England colonies Bacons,Rebellion down in Virginia which leads,to the transition of slavery the Stono,rebellion which is a slave revolt in,colonial America and so on you should,also make sure you know how to England,become the dominant power in North,America how did they end up winning what,will become the United States and why,the English colonies develop unique,identities you got the New England,colonies which were largely Puritan and,religiously based motives you have the,middle colonies like New York and,Pennsylvania the so called breadbasket,the Chesapeake Virginia and Maryland,then the southern and the West in DC,that South Carolina Georgia which are,largely based upon cash crop economies,this time period ends in 1754 with the,start of the Seven Years War in Europe,or as its called in the New World the,French and Indian War which leads us to,Period three this is about 12% of the,exam it begins with the start of the,French and Indian War remember George,Washington goes into the Ohio Valley and,you have a war between England and,France and really things you should know,about for Period three why and how the,French and Indian War was a major,turning point between England and the,colonies remember this is the end of,solitary neglect no more the British,going to be leaving the colonies alone,youre going to get taxes like the Stamp,Act youre going to get ideas from,people like Thomas Paine in common sense,and of course the ideas of the,Enlightenment people like John Lockes,ideas are coming to the English colonies,and causing people to want slowly calls,for independence you should also know,about the factors that contributed to,the American Revolution and why the,colonies were eventually victorious make,sure you know about the differences and,the similarities between the Articles of,Confederation which is the first,national government its very weak and,the Constitution which is our second,national government and is a much more,powerful national government so you know,the articles do the Northwest ordinances,you know which allows for the orderly,settlement of that region banned slavery,you have Shays rebellion where the,articles cant stop this rebellion and,then that leads to calls for a new,government the Constitution is able to,crush the whiskey rebellion but the,Constitution is only created as a result,of the compromises such as the,three-fifths compromise the great,compromise keep in mind the Constitution,creates federalism you have a state and,federal government with the federal,government having supremacy and of,course this is done with checks and,balances and separation of powers so,that the governments not too powerful,also make sure you know about why,political parties formed the first,political parties the Federalists and,the Jeffersonian Republicans why they,form as a result of Hamiltons economic,plan the foreign policy things like,French Revolution and how Washington,warned the country in his farewell,address stay away from entangling,alliances and also political parties are,not good Period three ends in 1800 with,the election of jefferson the first,peaceful transition of political power,between different political parties a,push period for is 10% of the a push,exam it begins in 1800 and things you,should know about in this time period is,why the different regions the north the,south the west develop unique identities,and how the market revolution impacted,each region so you have Eli Whitney with,the cotton gin and interchangeable parts,you have a transportation revolution,creating new forms of transportation,such as canals and roads you have,large-scale immigration especially from,Ireland and Germany and increased,nativism and of course in the south you,have support for slavery and growing,opposition to slavery in the north,another important thing with studying,period four is how American society was,becoming more democratic at least for,white dudes in the age of Jackson the,age of the common man and how various,reform movements sought to improve,American society,during this time period you have the,abolitionist movement William Lloyd,Garrison and others you have a religious,reform movement the Second Great,Awakening women are demanding greater,equality at Seneca Falls you have public,education reform with Horace Mann and,many many others the growth of political,parties continues during this time,period we already mentioned the first,party system the Federalists and the,Democratic Republicans they continue to,develop and in this time period you also,have the second party system which is,really the Democrats and the Whigs,so you should know about loose versus,strict interpretation of the,Constitution the opposition to Jackson,creates the Whig party and other things,that led to this growth of political,parties and of course period for would,not be complete without understanding,the growth of slavery issue really you,know you see the Missouri Compromise as,theres a debate about should Missouri,be admitted to the Union as a slave,state and how the movement west brought,the issue of slavery into politics,keep in mind you should also know during,this time period there are other issues,that caused sectionalism such as the,American system Henry Clay the tariff,issue in 1828 with the tariff of,abominations and the bank issue when,Jackson decides hes going to take on,the Bank of the United States and try to,destroy it,finally in period 4 another thing to,keep in mind is how states attempted to,resist federal authority you saw this,during the War of 1812 with the Hartford,Convention the nullification crisis when,the state of South Carolina tried to,nullify the tariff of 1828 but its also,important to keep in mind the supremacy,of the federal government over the,states is established during this time,per

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