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  2. Archer vs. Uworld! Which NCLEX Program Is Better?
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I PASSED THE NCLEX-RN: Archer Review l Mark Klimek l Simple Nursing | NCLEX Tips – 75 Questions

hey guys its paul and welcome to my,vlog first of all i would just like to,greet my fellow nurses a happy,international,nurses day so in this vlog i will be,sharing with you guys,my tips and preparation on how to pass,the nclex examination,using just the five weeks schedule,its just a brief background first so,hello everyone i graduated at the,university of santo domas with a,bachelor of science degree in nursing,class 2019. on the same year i also took,my philippine nurses licensure,examination in the philippines,and became a registered nurse and then,on february 3 2021,i took my nclex rn examination in the,state of hawaii with my five-week,schedule,and the materials that i am going to,share with you guys,so let us begin with this five-week,schedule of preparation,you have to strictly follow the schedule,on your first week of this five-week,schedule you will just have to focus,first,on the concepts why the concepts because,these concepts,are your foundation in answering the q,and as your nursing concepts is really,important for you to be able to answer,the different levels,of difficulty that nclex might be able,to give you,most especially on the basic principles,and the basic concepts,that they might be able to throw at you,during your examination,so i will be mentioning the following,materials that you could use,to familiarize yourself with the,concepts once again,first is the simple nursing youtube,account simple nursing is a youtube,channel that talks about the different,topics that you might encounter,during your nclex examination simple,nursing youtube account,talks about the different medical,surgical conditions,psychiatric conditions and the like what,i like most about whenever i am watching,simple nursing youtube videos,is that at the end of their discussion,they always give you,sample questions for you to analyze and,these questions,are focused on the nclex style which you,can really use,when answering the practice questions,second source per concept,is the archer review youtube account,with their youtube account they will,give you free discussions,such as the prioritization and,delegation pediatric conditions,cardiac conditions and even pharmacology,among these topics that they have,discussed what i like most about is,their discussion of the prioritization,and delegation which is the number one,focus of the nclex,since they are testing if you are a safe,nurse,the third source for concept is the mark,limit audios,i think most of you have heard already,about the marklemec audios it is also,available in youtube but then,for legal purposes of course you have to,enroll i think in this class,but you know we find ways now,fourth and my last source for concept is,the racial island notes with the racial,allen concept notes,you have to enroll in their program to,be able to receive their notes,so i enrolled their program last 20 20,so its been a year,before i even took my examination but,then its a good concept since it is,concise,and you can really use it for work and,even if youre done already with nclex,you can still browse these concepts,whenever youre going to work if you,need,some refresher thing you know whenever,you encounter different diseases new,diseases something like that,and thats it for the concepts guys so,for one week you should be,able to at least familiarize yourself,with the diseases and basic concepts,you dont really have to memorize,everything you just have to familiarize,yourself so that whenever you encounter,that disease,youll know whats in that disease what,are the signs and symptoms,management and complications those are,the three things that you really have to,know,on your second and third week it is now,time to apply the concepts that you have,learned,on your first week this time you should,be answering,the charity prioritization and,delegation,book i think they also have a soft copy,of this one,just search it online its available,everywhere even if you just join a group,on facebook you will find this one,groups such as archer review new world,review,all the groups wherein there are a lot,of nurses helping each other,but then if you can find it just order,online in the philippines i think its,available with,shapi or lasada just if you want a hard,copy you can just,order there i think i know someone who,bought there,with the charity prioritization and,delegation you will only be answering,that book,until chapter 22. why because after,chapter 22 it will all be just case,studies,and nclex is not like that nclex is,about,simple and direct to the point questions,wherein they are going to give you some,basic questions but then you,are going to feel like the,like that so yeah you will be answering,that book for your second,and third week make sure to answer at,least two to three chapters per day,with the charity question bank guys if,ever your scores are not that high,please dont lose hope because when i,when i was answering that book my scores,was just,average and then sometimes i feel like i,am just lucky to get a high score on,certain,uncertain chapters of the book so,whatever scores you will get please,dont focus on your scores and dont be,so hard on yourselves,please focus on the rationale your,rationale is the most important part,of your q a aside from answering it,because whats the point if ever youre,getting a high score but then you do not,understand,the rationality of your answer so during,my lacharitic q,a practice these are my two pages of,papers,its back to back guys youll see this,course in here,its just average course and then youll,see i have a lot of writing here on,on the sides since i really love to read,the rationale im telling you do not,focus on your scores,just read the rationale and then once,you understand it,youll see why the answer was like that,and now on your fourth,and your fifth week of preparation you,should be answering the archer and flex,question back,now why am i promoting the archer nclex,question back first of all this is not,sponsored okay,i just want to help you because with,this question bank i got used,on how to answer and analyze the nclex,style questions,with archer review question bank of,course it is not free,nothing is free in this world but it,is the cheapest i mean this guys,it is the cheapest question bank that,you will ever get,that has the assessment the shooter mode,and now they have the c8d the computer,adaptive,thing just like in the nclex exam so for,archer question bank they have a,subscription thing,so for one month for two months or for,six months,if im not mistaken ill just show you,here guys so after your subscription,youre gonna,practice answering with the archer cuba,when i was using the archery cue bank,i didnt use the tutor mode i only used,the assessment mode,all throughout the fourth and fifth week,and just recently they added,a city button with your archer account a,c80 is a computer adaptive test,wherein it is like doing the nclex exam,itself,wherein you will be assessed if you pass,or fail just like nclex,but i cant talk so much about that,since i didnt experience that firsthand,but then you will see it now if you,subscribe to archer,if youre the kind of person who is,scared or does not really,know yet on how to properly analyze the,select all that apply,questions archery is good for you i,swear theyre going to give you a bunch,of select all that apply questions in,every assessment,how about the drag and dropper,procedures archer can also give you a,lot of that in,every assessment so every day starting,your fourth week you should be able to,answer at least,two to three assessments per day,according to archer most of their,students does not,really perform well on their first few,assessments,but then as you go further and as you,take more tests,or at least have answered at least half,of the cuban already,you will start having a continuous high,or very high scores,what i like most about the archer,assessment mode is that it is limited to,75 items,meanwhile in n

Archer vs. Uworld! Which NCLEX Program Is Better?

hey guys welcome back to nurse shanks in,this video were going to take another,look at comparing archer review to you,world so we made a video like this a,long time ago when archer was first out,and at the time it was a free service,they were very new to the market i think,they were giving it away for free,because it wasnt quite polished enough,yet probably not ready for prime time,but theyre essentially beta testing it,giving it away for free in the meantime,which in my opinion was probably a smart,idea because of course youre going to,find out what the bugs are what needs to,be improved and nobodys really missing,out because its free so since that,initial video that we made a lot of,changes have happened behind the scenes,at archer review theyve done a ton of,work and theyve really fleshed out,their product to the point where now,its one of the best products that ive,seen especially when you look at the,value proposition because the prices are,absolutely ridiculous so i wanted to,take another look at comparing archer,with you world and see whether or not it,makes sense for you guys to choose,archer or uworld if youre trying to,decide between the two right now so,looking at you world nothing really has,changed youre still just getting,practice questions so youre going to,get 2150 plus practice questions it says,you also get two self-assessments but,thats only with select packages so for,30 days youre not going to get any,self-assessments youre going to have to,go up to 60-day access to get one,self-assessment and that is going to,cost you 159 so when compared to some of,the numbers at archer were already,seeing a difference here archer has 2,500 practice questions so they have more,practice questions than you world youre,also going to get self-assessments so,for 60-day access which is what we were,looking at with u-world right its only,29 versus 159 dollars you also just get,one self-assessment over here at uworld,but archer is going to give you multiple,self-assessments guys theres a really,big difference here though with the,self-assessments archer is giving you,computer adaptive testing built in so,its essentially mimicking the nclex,that is extremely valuable and not a lot,of programs are offering that url,definitely does not have this feature,and its extremely helpful because this,is a very unique style of testing that,you guys probably arent used to so if,you guys can get some practice using,this style of testing its going to help,prepare you a lot better for the nclex,versus just taking a bunch of practice,questions out of the pool and giving it,to you randomly archer is actually going,to give you the computer adaptive style,testing that you guys are going to see,on the nclex this is extremely valuable,and at 29,it is just unheard of that a program can,be so cheap now look thats just,practice questions so if we wanted to,include content review which you could,buy separately over here at archer or,you can get the discounted combo which,is my preference basically you get,everything for one price so for 79,youre going to get 60 days access to,the question bank youre also going to,get all of their content review now,were essentially taking uworld adding,in some hearst and now we get this for,79 bucks for 60 days compared to the,cheapest program here at uworld which is,129 youre still saving 50 bucks just,going with archer and youre going to,get way more,not only do you get all the practice,questions with computer adaptive testing,but now youre getting content review i,cannot fathom how uworld can compare and,ive been asking my audience people who,have used both right what do you prefer,a lot of people are saying they really,think that archer is better even at,practice questions right because,specifically because of the computer,adaptive testing its just not a fair,comparison anymore because a question,bank to a question bank maybe u worlds,is better right maybe archer has more,questions but maybe u-worlds questions,are still a little bit better i dont,know theyre probably pretty much on par,but the fact that archer has computer,adaptive testing and url doesnt just,completely obliterates the argument now,all of a sudden archer is the only thing,i would consider looking at especially,considering that the price is so much,cheaper if you guys have watched this,channel for a while youll also know,that i really like when programs have,100 money back guarantee to me it,signifies that the company is standing,behind their product so does your world,have a money-back guarantee no they do,not does archer have a money-back,guarantee yes they do now it only,applies to this one right here which is,the surpass combo so if you guys get,that one that says sure pass you know,that youre going to get your money back,if you fail this is actually a really,good money back guarantee too because,not only do they have a 99 pass rate,which is also higher than new worlds,which is around 96.4 i believe they will,let you use your money back guarantee so,long as you are using this combo right,here with the sure pass so long as,youve also used the program its,entirety that you have gotten a pass on,four readiness assessments but they will,let you use this if its not a first,attempt now that is very different than,most everyone elses money back,guarantee everyone else pretty much says,this is only valid for your first,attempt but for archer it doesnt matter,what attempt youre on so if youve,taken the nclex three times archer will,still honor the money-back guarantee if,it doesnt work for you thats,incredible so 99 passing rate for a,repeat test taker is ridiculously,awesome and if you guys are repeat test,taker i mean this is probably the only,program you should be considering right,now because its probably the only,program thats going to actually give,you a money back guarantee at this point,its also coming in at the cheapest,price point and it has everything you,want it literally checks all the boxes,its got the practice questions its got,the content review its got the high,pass rate its got the money back,guarantee its got computer adaptive,testing guys if you want to save even,more off the already cheap price of 99,for this or any of their combo programs,you guys can use our discount code nurse,jinx at checkout just give you a little,show of this you apply the code and,youre going to take off 14.85,its going to bring it down to 84.15,i dare you to find another program that,has all these practice questions 99 pass,rate 100 money back guarantee computer,adaptive testing youre not going to,find it right for this price its its,unbeatable guys so in conclusion they,have come a long way since they first,debuted back about a year ago and i,suggest you guys check them out,especially if youre a repeat test taker,i would put them at the top of my list,if you guys have any questions about,archer leave them down in the comments,ill try to get back to you guys if you,liked the video please give it a big,thumbs up subscribe to our channel for,more videos and well see you guys next,time take care,[Music]

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Growth and Development Part I – Infants – All you need for NCLEX – Archer Review

welcome everyone today we are going to,talk about growth and development this,is the start of my series on growth and,development we will begin with infants,and work our way through all the,developmental stages talking about,growth motor skills both fine and gross,motor skills psychosocial development,language all of that good stuff you need,to know for the NCLEX lets start with,growth in infancy very very rapid growth,occurs a birth weight of an infant,should double by the time they are 6,months old and triple by the time they,are 12 months old infants also have,those nice fontanels both anterior and,posterior you can see these little,triangles over in the photos you need to,know when those close the posterior will,close first between 1 and 2 months of,age and the anterior fontanelle will,close between 9 and 18 months of age we,want those to be nice soft and flat you,should always assess fontanelles when,you have a patient that is under 18,months of age next for development will,start with gross motor skills that are,developed in infancy here are four of,the major ones youll need to know for,the NCLEX child should be able to sit up,without support between 6 and 8 months,of age,rollover around 6 months of age stand up,without support between twin and 12,months of age and they should take their,first steps around 12 months of age,milestones like these are ones that,parents get really caught up around so,as a pediatric nurse you need to know,when about the normals are so you can,help reassure parents and give them,advice oftentimes if were not meeting,these milestones though physical therapy,or occupational therapy will they be the,experts that we get involved to help,evaluate the infant next thing to go,over instead of gross motor well talk,about fine motor skills these are the,four Biggies for the NCLEX we want to,see the development of a polymer grasp,around six months of age thats in this,first photo on the Left where an object,is in the palm of the infant and their,fingers curl around it to hold it the,pincer grasp,its a tad more complicated and should,be accomplished by nine months of age,that is when you can see in the right,photo the thumb and index finger can be,used to pinch or hold on to an object,that is the pincer grasp the child,should also be able to bring objects up,to their mouth like their toys or maybe,a spoon or fist full of food by 4 months,of age and they should be able to,transfer objects from hand to hand,between 6 and 8 months of age,another big developmental thing is,language we have tons of language,development going on in infancy their,first words should be said around 12,months but they should be able to,understand what no means by 11 months,they should also be able to follow some,super simple directions around this 12,month milestone so most of those big,language milestones occur at the very,end of infancy the beginning of infancy,of course theyre not going to be doing,much as far as language goes that we can,see all the development is whats going,on inside of their heads theres a lot,of growth and just crazy cool,development stuff thats happening but,we start to see it towards the end of,infancy okay next up is psychosocial,development I know that not everybody,gets very excited about this you dont,like Ericsson and Piaget but the NCLEX,actually has a pretty strong focus on,this growth and development so you,really need to know the stages and some,basic terminology to be able to ace your,NCLEX Erikson stage for infancy is,described as trust vers mistrust so this,will be what is occurring between birth,and 12 months of age the infant is gonna,be very focused on their mom and father,as caregivers and their needs being met,so whenever those basic needs are met,they feel trust if theyre left crying,and crying in a wet or dirty diaper for,hours on end they would develop mistrust,because their needs are not being met as,far as Piaget stages of cognitive,go in infancy we are in the sensorimotor,stage so Piaget describes that in this,stage children gain knowledge through,their senses and motor movements so,theyre taking it all in,theyre touching everything putting,their mouth on it and theyre gathering,information about the world around them,a few psychosocial development,milestones that you need to understand,terminology for kids should have a,social smile by six to eight weeks so,this does not mean that they understand,you they recognize your voice they just,hear comforting sounds and should have,that social smile they should kind of,smile and responds to cooing and talking,to them object permanence should occur,around nine months that term is used to,describe a childs ability to know that,an object continues to exist even though,that can no longer be seen or heard this,is where peekaboo comes from they know,your faces behind your hands even though,they can no longer see it because your,hand is covering it up so child should,have that sense of object permanence by,nine months this would also follow that,if you hide a ball behind the couch they,should know that that ball continues to,exist and go look for it stranger,anxiety should also develop around nine,months I know you all understand that,one people who arent mom dad close,family they should start to be wary of,them younger than that a four or five,month old you can just pass them around,to anybody they dont really care whos,holding them around nine months of age,is when kids start to develop that,anxiety with strangers last thing I want,to quickly touch on before we get into,our NCLEX questions is therapeutic,communication of course we need to know,how to communicate with all of our,patients and this can be especially,difficult with infants because theyre,not doing a lot as far as communicating,with you really what you want to know is,to just speak in a soft voice and do,everything you can to promote that,trusting relationship for example warm,your hands up before you touch the,babies so that you dont touch them with,cold hands and startle them take care of,their needs change their diapers,promptly,just attend to them always speak with,them dont ignore them you also want to,always involve caregivers if one is,present caregivers are going to be doing,most of the communicating as far as,verbal communication so you want to,explain everything youre doing to them,have them hold the infant to promote,that trusting relationship parents are,often your best team member with an,infant because they know how to keep,their child happy and calm and trust me,its very hard to auscultate lung or,heart sounds when a baby is screaming so,a parent will be your best friend when,theyre a participatory member of the,team that does it for all of my points,about infant development lets wrap it,up with an index question to test your,knowledge you are assessing a nine month,old infant in the clinic which of the,following findings requires follow-up,select all that apply a infant sits up,with the help of mom B infant is rolling,over from front to back C infant holds a,cube in the palm of his hand and closes,his fingers around it D infant cannot,bring toys to his mouth,correct answers here were a and D a was,correct because that finding does,require follow-up at seven months of age,and infant requiring the help of his,mother to sit up at nine months old is,not normal at around seven months the,infant should be able to sit up without,any support so without that growth motor,skill achievement the infant requires,some follow-up probably further,evaluation by physical therapy do you,was also correct the infant not bringing,toys to his mouth the inability to do,that is not normal at nine months old,that milestone should be developed by,four months of age its an important way,for that infant to explore the world,around them especially with PJs sensory,motor cognitive stage of development so,the nurse should follow up on that,finding chat with mom about if this is,normal behavior if he does this at home,an

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Electrolytes and EKG changes – NCLEX Questions – Archer NCLEX Review

all right this lecture is going to focus,on EKG changes that occur with,electrolyte abnormalities many things go,awry in the body when your electrolytes,are out of whack and the heart is one of,the most important to remember three,electrolytes that affect the heart in,particular are calcium potassium and,magnesium so we are going to review the,abnormalities that occur in an EKG when,you have too high or low of each of,those electrolytes lets get started,with calcium alright hypercalcemia what,happens when you have too much calcium,in your blood this will cause shortened,QT intervals lengthened QRS duration and,if very severe bradycardia so too much,calcium shortened QT interval length and,QRS duration and on the flip side if you,dont have enough calcium hypocalcemia,instead of a decreased qt you will see a,lengthened QT interval and instead of an,increased QRS you will have a shortened,QRS duration so exactly the opposite of,the changes we saw with too much calcium,too little calcium lengthened QRS and a,shortened QRS duration so lets see what,this looks like on an EKG tracing here,obviously not a real EKG tracing but,this will give you the best picture we,have our normal complex in the middle,you can see our P wave our QRS complex,in our T wave very simple now to the,left we have too much calcium,hypercalcemia so were seeing a,decreased QT interval its much shorter,there that QT interval between the big,spike and where that T wave comes and,then on the flip side for hypocalcemia,were seeing that QT interval is much,wider theres a lot more space after the,QRS complex and before the T wave starts,so hypercalcemia decreases the QT,interval and hypocalcemia increases the,Q our,excuse me QT interval the other change,we mentioned was with the QRS complex so,big QRS complex in the middle its kind,of hard to see on this picture but in an,actual EKG tracing with hypercalcemia,the QRS complex would be lengthened and,with hypocalcemia it would be shortened,just a little more narrow with,hypocalcemia and a little bit wider with,hypercalcemia but you can see in this,photo really well the change in the QT,interval how its much shorter with,hypercalcemia and much longer with,hypocalcemia so lets move on to our,next electrolyte potassium there are a,few very distinctive EKG changes that,occur with hyperkalemia too much,potassium one of the major side effects,of too much potassium is the EKG changes,you will see tall peaked t-waves,a prolonged PR interval and a widening,QRS complex the tall peaked t-waves are,known to be an NCLEX question because,they are so distinguishable lets go,ahead and take a look at all of these,changes with hyperkalemia on an EKG,tracing so at the top you see our normal,Im at p2 rst with normal potassium,levels this person might have a,potassium of for 4.5 nothing too high,yet so dope going down and maybe we,starting to have a potassium of 55.5,immediately you see the tall peaked,t-waves you see how distinguishable that,is um it jumps right up there and you,know oh my patients potassium is getting,high if you note this on the tele,monitor you should immediately check a,potassium notify your health care,provider and see what interventions need,to take place you got to catch this,stuff early as we go down and look at,the next EKG tracing maybe this,patients potassium is more like 66.5,you still see this tall peaked T wave,but youre also seeing a longer PR,interval yeah you see that first red,between the p and the r is really,lengthening and that p wave is kind of,flattening out a little bit this,patients potassium is at a dangerous,level we should have already caught it,with the tall PT wave but now we see a,long PR interval and we know this,patients potassium is really getting up,there moving on to the very very last,picture is when our potassium is at near,fatal levels going on seven or eight we,still see the tall piece to wave our PR,interval is so so so long its not even,really there anymore the P wave has,almost disappeared and our QRS is much,widened you see that first red arrow,where its really widened out much wider,than the previous QRS complexes that you,see above so at this point we have,really dropped the ball we should never,let anybody as potassium get to that,point if theyre in patient being,monitored now that doesnt mean somebody,wont come in as a trauma or very very,ill and you see this rhythm on the,monitor but we know at this point we,need to address their potassium level,very quickly because it could become,fatal here is another EKG photo just so,that you can kind of see each aspect,really pointed out well you see the,widening flattened P wave there first,then the prolonged PR interval the,widened QRS and the tall peaked T waves,are all of the hallmark signs that you,want to watch out for,given the widened QRS and the tall Peaks,T wave you also have kind of a depressed,ST segment that you can see there we,didnt mention that before but with this,diagram pointing out that part you can,see that as the QRS widens that s drops,lower the T wave is very peaked,so that ST segment is depressed I,believe those are all the major changes,you would need to know for the NCLEX on,hyperkalemia and EKG changes tall peaked,T wave is definitely going to be like,your buzz word for hyperkalemia but,lets look on the flip side at,hypokalemia all right so several,noteworthy changes here with hypokalemia,remember,is a potassium less than 3.5 you are,gonna have a widening T wave with a,lower amplitude ST segment depression,increased P wave amplitude increased P,wave duration increased PR interval and,u waves thats a new one for us a lot of,these changes are the reverse of what we,saw in hyperkalemia so instead of the,tall peaked t-waves,you have widened T waves with a lower,amplitude you have the ST segment,depression you have increased P wave,amplitude and duration whereas with the,hyperkalemia we saw a flattening P wave,until eventually the P wave just,disappeared um you have the increased PR,interval and the u waves is something,new for us lets take a look at what all,of this looks like on an EKG here we go,so you have the slightly prolonged PR,interval here and that comes after its,a slightly peaked T wave that is the,opposite of what we saw with,hyperkalemia remember that was,flattening out in the P wave with,hypokalemia were seeing a slightly,peaked T wave and then that PR interval,is a little bit prolonged um you have,the ST segment depression after that QRS,complex that thats coming down part,before the T wave it gets kind of low,and then the T wave itself is very very,shallow with hyperkalemia you had the,tall and peaked T wave but with,hypokalemia you have a very shallow T,wave and then heres that new wave that,last marker of hypokalemia and just like,tall peaked T P wave um excuse me,tall Peaks T wave was a buzzword for,hyperkalemia u wave or prominent u wave,is going to be a buzz word for hype oka,leimia if the NCLEX throws you a,question that says your patient is,presenting with promise,you waves which electrolyte,abnormalities,your answer will be hypokalemia that is,the only electrolyte abnormality that,presents with you waves all it is is a,wave following the T wave thats,generally a nice u-shaped its normally,not tall peaked SuperDuper long but it,is a wave that occurs after the Chi wave,and importantly before the next P wave,it can be very easy to mistake a large P,wave for a u wave if youre not counting,your QRS complexes but a u wave is a,separate entity so to really see,somebody with that abnormality you,should be having P waves QRS complexes T,waves and then a prominent you wave and,then this whole thing starts back over,and this really only happens with,hypokalemia as we said so theres a good,full picture of the electrolyte changes,with hypokalemia we see the slightly,peaked P wave the prolonged PR interval,the shallow T wave the ST depression and,of course the prominent view wave,remember that one alright we will move,on to

REVIEW | Archer Review 2022: Pros, Cons, My Scores | Can I recommend Archer?

hey there Im Justine Buick the NCLEX,tutor where I help nursing students pass,the NCLEX and their nursing exams,through private tutoring Im a,registered nurse and my background is in,med-surgent nursing and Ive been a,clinical instructor so today Im going,to be talking about Archer review and a,lot of students have used it a lot of my,students have used it and so I wanted to,find out if it was a good resource to,use was it worth it to spend your time,and your money so lets find out,foreign,review started off as a medical test,prep company and then somewhere around,2019 they started doing NCLEX a lot of,my students were using it and so I,wanted to make sure you know it was a,good resource so I ended up doing all 2,800 questions a little bit more than,that it took me three months to do and I,spent,138 dollars for it so Im going to start,off with the pros of Archer review the,first thing is it definitely looks like,the real NCLEX when youre doing the,practice questions and its affordable,at 89 for 60 days I spent a little bit,more because I did not finish my,questions on time so I had to add some,time in and also its really easy to,break up how you want to do your,practice questions so they have it by,the different sections and then you can,get a little bit more specific if you,want to do a certain topic the second,thing that I thought was a nice touch,about Archer review is that they offer,private tutoring and some group courses,now I have no idea what these tutors are,like or what theyre teaching or what,theyre doing in these group classes but,I did look up to see if one of the,tutors was a registered nurse and they,were and so thats really important if,youre going to work with a tutor or go,to a class especially online because so,many people can do it you just want to,make sure that that person is a,registered nurse and so the third thing,that I thought was good about Archer,review is that the overall nursing,content that theyre testing you on is,adequate so I dont think theyre asking,too many crazy things or too many,obscure things it seems to be pretty,much basic nursing content that theyre,asking you about and the NCLEX says,thats what theyre going to to ask you,is that kind of basic stuff and one of,the reasons that I know that is because,because I wrote a book that NCLEX,nursing nugget pages and what I do when,I do all of these questions I take a,note and in my nugget book and I make a,little uh a little line can you guys see,that little line right there and or I,have to write notes so this would be the,prenatal maternity thing and you can see,you know theres a lot of yellow lines,on there so I do a little tick mark or a,little note to make sure and so that,book when I wrote it I looked at lots of,different resources I went through the,NCLEX test plan just to make sure that,it would be the things that you would,get asked about on the real NCLEX I also,noticed that they offer computer,adaptive tests which probably they just,use the questions that you have left,over and theyll make a test for you I,didnt actually use those I just went,through all the questions through each,topic okay so now Im going to talk,about some of the cons or the negatives,of Archer review,the first thing is that I noticed the,rationales are very inconsistent so some,are really short and they dont give you,a lot of information and then some are,longer and theres also no images or,very few images for Learning and I love,images for Learning and so I thought,that there needed to be more work on the,rationales for sure and you know when,they call themselves a review you know,Im looking for Content review so Im,not sure if they mean the tutoring and,the group courses like thats part of,their review or the rationales but they,need to add a little bit more to the,rationales be a little more generous,with those all right so the second con,and this is kind of a big one is that a,lot of the questions were not written in,the NCLEX style and so it actually,happened so often that,it would be really hard for me to,recommend Archer to my students so what,I mean by what they werent written in,the NCLEX style is that it would say,what would the nurse not do,so they give you a scenario and then say,what would they not do and then give you,the options well NCLEX doesnt write it,like that they dont say what would they,what would the nurse not do they think,thats confusing and so and I do too and,so that was really kind of unfortunate,because it happened a lot throughout,these questions,also I noticed with how the questions,were written they would use,patient instead of client so theyre,supposed to write client they would use,a doctor instead of healthcare provider,it didnt those kinds of things didnt,really make a difference to for choosing,answers you know if like they use,patient instead of client but I know,thats not NCLEX so that would,definitely need to be fixed I also,noticed that there was no nurse in the,question so every question theres,supposed to be a nurse in a situation,and so a lot of the times there was no,nurse so that also would not be NCLEX,there were some other issues with how,the questions were written there was,like unapproved abbreviations there were,typos,and so there was just to me a lot of,problems with how the questions were,actually written that I cannot recommend,Archer review to my students,the thing is if youre using Archer,review you know can you still pass,definitely people have used it and they,have still passed but to me theres,other resources out there that are,better and me personally for my students,I would tell them to use a different,resource so what I would say is Archer,really needs to take the course on how,to write an NCLEX question and Im,actually being serious theres a class,that you can take through the ncsbn the,National Council State Board of Nursing,who runs the NCLEX and Ive taken it,twice,just because I want to make sure that I,know how these questions are supposed to,be written and really understand them so,I would suggest that they go do that and,if they can fix all their questions then,it could be a much better resource and,its possible that I could change my,mind about it all right so lets go look,at my scores so Im logged into Archer,review and this is my dashboard with my,statistics and as you can see I did a,hundred percent of the questions and my,overall score was 65 percent,so thats actually not a good score for,me I typically get in the 70s and the,80s but one of the reasons why my score,overall was so low was I knew early on,that the questions were not formatted,for the NCLEX style and then there was a,lot of problems with how they were,written so I just didnt try as hard and,because of that I went probably too,quick and Im going to show you one of,my tests and how quickly I go through,these questions,and thats one of the reasons why my,scores werent High because I just when,it said What would the nurse not do I,just didnt take those questions as,seriously I mean I still did them but,just not as seriously as if I was knew,it was like a high quality set of,questions,and I also I will admit it I am careless,I know this about myself when I would do,a select all it apply I would not see,that it was a select all that apply and,I would just pick one answer so I did,that like way too many times and thats,because I was just going way too fast,but there would be things like what,would a nurse not do and then of course,Im just like oh its another one of,those questions not written correctly,along with other problems with the,questions too by the way okay so for my,overall uh statistics for each topic so,theres adult health and I got 63,percent and then it looks like you can,break it up by the different topics here,on the right side,for child health I got 64 percent,critical care I got 68 percent,fundamentals with 65 percent,leadership and management was 72 percent,this is actually the biggest section of,the test plan and I typically do pret

DETAILED Explanation of ALL Archer Reviews NCLEX Programs

hey guys welcome back to nurse janks in,this video we are going to be going over,the entire product lineup from archer,review so archer has a lot of different,programs out there and the good news is,that they have a program for pretty much,anyone with any budget the bad news is,it can be a little bit overwhelming to,decide which ones right for you and,thats what the whole point of this,video is for so ive outlined everything,into this table here so you can kind of,have an overview of everything at the,same time so as we move left to right,the programs are going to get more,comprehensive and more feature-rich but,theyre also going to get more expensive,so pretty much everyones familiar with,what a qbank is at this point basically,youre getting practice questions the,good news about archer is that theyre,going to give you unlimited readiness,assessments and they also will give you,access to computer adaptive testing with,their qbank their cube bank starts at,only 39 so its definitely one of the,most affordable q banks on the market,and it really does give you a lot for,the money the next step up here is,content review and these are both,actually kind of just standalone,services so the qbank literally is,nothing else just questions the content,review is another standalone product,from them it doesnt give you anything,else except for content review so i,guess you would buy this if you already,had a qbank from somebody else and you,didnt really need to double up on that,because you already have one then you,can just purchase content review here,this content review is only going to be,on demand meaning you can just use it,whenever you want but its not live and,it starts at 59 now lets talk about,their combination program so archer has,three different main ones theyre the,on-demand or the rapid prep surepass,which starts to get into that live,content review and then intense prep,which is their most comprehensive,program and it has live tutoring so,starting on the left here rapid prep is,going to be their most basic combo,program basically youre getting the q,bank and youre getting the on-demand,content review the price is going to be,starting at 89 so as you can see with 89,starting price its going to be cheaper,than trying to just add the qbank with,the content review since you buy them,together youre gonna save some money,another good thing is i do have a,discount code that will work with all of,these discounted combos here so you guys,can take an additional 15 off,unfortunately i cant offer that for,their qbank or content review their,margins are just too low so if you guys,want both a qbank and content review,youre definitely better off going for,their combo program because not only,will you save money just to begin with,but you can also use that discount code,and save even more their next program is,sure pass and this is something that i,would compare to hearst live or hearst,end stream the big differentiator here,is youre gonna get a live review for,this course so its actually a two day,live review i know hearst is a three-day,but its not too different youre also,going to get a 99 passing rate with an,actual guarantee associated with this,program or you guys could use a program,extension if you would prefer that so,the criteria that you need to meet in,order to get the money back guarantee or,the extension is you need to score a,high or very high on at least four,consecutive readiness assessments and,the good news is like i said they give,you unlimited readiness assessments so,as long as you can achieve that youre,going to be able to get either your,money back or program extension because,they are going to stand by that product,this is a very solid program it does,start at 139 that is a three-month,option right here and once again you,guys can use that discount code to save,15 off on that program so like we talked,about earlier intense prep is going to,be the most comprehensive program that,archer offers it is going to give you,the cue bank on-demand content live,content a 99 passing rate and access to,personal tutoring the big differentiator,here is obviously the personal tutoring,and the amount of live interaction that,you get with this so over here with sure,pass this is a two day live review for,intense prep youre actually going to,get four live sessions per week for six,weeks so theyre gonna have two live,content review days per week and youre,also going to have one small group,feedback session and then another small,group session and both of those either,the feedback or the small group theyre,both capped at 20 students a piece so,that you guys are going to have a lot of,personalized interaction with the tutor,they dont want you to have like 200,people in there because then its really,hard to get to everybody youre also,able to email your tutor at any time,during this program and you can get more,information about anything you need they,can give you recommendations and things,like that the most comparable program to,intense prep that i can think of is,going to be virtual ati with board,vitals and that program is starting at,525 dollars so as you can see at 399,dollars it is much cheaper than board,vitals once again you guys can use a 15,off coupon code nurse jenks that check,out with this program which is going to,take your price down even further so now,lets probably talk about who should get,which program like i said i really think,that discounted combos are the way to go,i think most people agree that content,review is extremely important and of,course practice questions are a,no-brainer as well you really do want,both in that point youre just going to,want to go for the combo because why,bother just getting one of these by,itself unless youre in the unique,situation where you already have either,a cue bank or content review and you,only need one thats the only reason i,would recommend either of these,standalone products for everyone else i,would just recommend go for a combo,rapid prep may be good enough for,somebody whos a real good,self-motivator and doesnt need any kind,of live content review you know you can,start there save a little money if,youre going to go that route if you,guys want the guarantee and the 99,passing rate youll definitely want to,upgrade to surepass and then youre,going to get that live review as well so,thats really great for most people as,well because that live review is going,to have you guys be accountable its,going to let you have questions with the,instructor and its just going to be,overall a little bit more comprehensive,of a program if this is not your first,attempt taking the nclex that means,youve failed at least once already i,would definitely be looking at intense,prep just statistically speaking your,odds of passing the nclex on a second or,further attempt is actually low so i,think you need pretty much all the help,you can get at that point and i would,definitely push you towards intense prep,i think its going to be a better,program its going to give you pretty,much every resource that archer can,think of to make you guys have the,highest chance of passing possible that,access to the personal tutoring may be,the make or break point between passing,and failing and so i definitely think,you guys should look at intense prep,alright guys i hope this video has been,helpful to kind of see all the products,from archer review and decide which one,may be best for you if you have any,questions please let me know down in the,comments if you like this video please,give it a big thumbs up and subscribe to,our channel for more videos and well,see you guys next time take care,[Music]

Passing NCLEX On 2nd Attempt | UWorld vs. Archer | Caitlyn Monae

whats up whats up whats up its your,girl katelyn monet,back with another nursing video,poking out in the back so you may see me,looking down i am im trying to like,follow all the different,points and stuff yo lets get into it,right away i know how some people are,just like get to it get to the facts,doing that,now okay so first time around i use you,world second time i use archer,alright so the pros and cons of you,world,pros let me just get those two out the,way i would say they had,great in-depth rationales and,it gave you a likelihood of whether or,not you will pass the nclex,cons of europe first off its expensive,uh i believe the package that i got it,was around,150 to 170 dollars and that was with the,the qbank one self,i dont understand why that is i feel as,though if you get more assessments as,youre practicing as youre doing,questions to get used to the type of,questions i feel like you need more than,one or two assessments to let you know,whether or not,you are doing good or good enough to you,know pass the inflex,and that was it like it really wasnt,nothing,it wasnt nothing else with that um so,yeah very expensive,i will also say they dont utilize,a cat format and what i mean the nclex,uses a cat format when doing testing for,all of us which is the computerized,adaptive test and i will also make a,separate video on how the nclex works,because i feel like,my first time around if i would have had,a video or someone explaining how the,nclex works,i probably would have been better off my,my first time around but,thats a separate video i just felt like,when i went in my first timer i was,sitting at the screen like what,what are they asking me what is this,why are the questions so vague like when,i tell yall the in-class is vague its,straight to the point,so thats what i was used to with,practicing and when the real thing came,up,i kind of freaked out and yeah so that,was my first time,i wouldnt say you world for me was,beneficial obviously because thats the,only thing that i use um i also used,mark k,audios a lot of people talked about,market a lot of people talked about you,world,especially when i was in my last,semester and in clinical everybody was,like usual,um youre going to do good youre going,to pass i passed the 75 questions you,wrote as grace the best thing ever is,the,same as nclex and no,it it is not for me it,absolutely not no,no it may work for some people but for,someone like me,who has horrible test anxiety who,overthinks who just kind of is like,all over the place you real did not help,me with that and,learning test taking strategies was,something i had to prep myself up and,practice doing,during my time of studying for nclex,first time around i use you wrote in,market,i felt like mark k was beneficial for me,my second time,did give a breakdown on how to do or how,to answer questions using those test,taking strategies,and again my first time around i didnt,really know how to apply,what he was saying um because again i,just i feel like i just wasnt in a,clear head space and i,freak out i have horrible test anxiety,and it just it just didnt happen for me,my first go around,fast forward to my second attempt your,girl passed,and i switched up my whole study,study schedule actually it took me a,minute to figure out what i wanted to do,or like how i was going to go about,studying so,once i got the email that i passed and,im going to put up,a picture of something that they,will send you if you dont pass the,nclex which is a candidate progress,report or performance report or,something like that,and it will basically let you know the,areas where you probably need to focus,on,areas where you need to brush up on,theres a 45 day mark,between when you fail your nclex so i,failed my nclex march,3rd i was not able to test again until,after april 18th and yeah they kind of,just gives you the breakdown of the,nclex which is something i wish,i knew about but hey steven here there,im a nurse now it doesnt matter,that was my cpr report i got that and i,was like okay,i guess it makes sense basic care and,comfort i need to review that,pharmacology you need to review that,management of care needs to review that,so i reached out to one of my nursing,friends who had passed her nclex maybe,like a year or so ago,and she told me about kaplan she said,she used kaplan so she sent me a picture,of the book i actually read,that entire book within a week i would,say kaplan was very very useful,with telling me how i need to,break down the questions so,if you have a question you need to read,it and put it in your own words once you,put it in your own words then you need,to,look at the situation and see what it is,exactly that theyre asking you and then,do process of elimination and you know,just kind of giving us an in-depth,strategy on how to answer the question,so i felt in that sense that book was,helpful for me,and im trying to think what else did i,find so the way how the cpr,report was broken down thats how the,kaplan book was broke,broken down for me too um and i also had,practice questions as you kind of go,through the book which was pretty cool,but i felt like the way i think they,have like kaplan has this decision tree,or something like that,and i feel like the decision tree was,actually making me,more confused so i stopped using it like,i stopped trying to use kaplan,i stopped answering the questions um on,the,website that i was using at that time,but i did finish the book again it was,very helpful in the sense of showing me,how i need to go about answering the,questions but,as far as their decision tree wasnt for,me,didnt work so then moving on to my next,thing um i learned about nurse achieve i,am on like instagram looking at,different things,im on different nursing facebook groups,learning about different things so,facebook i learned about nurse achieve,people was saying like oh my god nurse,achieve is similar to nclex you know,that whole thing that people were,talking about with you worlds im like,i dont know so i did my own research,looked into nurse achieve,and id seen that they utilized the cat,exams which is something that enclosed,uses so im like hmm,this should be interesting let me you,know tap into it and see what its about,so i did their 30-day trial,i did their cat exams and i got to pass,pass on both like i think if i still,have the screenshots ill post that up,too but,um i i really like that it kind of gave,me the feel of how it was,my first time around and i think for,my first one i think i actually had,passed that cat exam in like 75,80 questions and then my second time i,passed in like 90 or 100.,like in time i i had all the questions,yall i had all the questions both times,so,failed in 145 past in 145,doesnt matter how many questions you,get as long as you,even if you pass that 75 mark do not get,discouraged because i feel like that was,me,both times um dont get discouraged,youre still in the game the computer is,just trying to figure out if you are,above that passing line,or if youre falling below it and i,again i will talk more about that,in my how does inclinex work video back,to nurse achieve so yeah,i utilize their 30-day trial,they only offer two cat exams and like,maybe 10 quizzes,so i think i did about like eight,quizzes and then i did use the two,uh cat exams after that i didnt really,use it i didnt use it for content or,anything like that it was just to,practice getting in the habit of doing,those type of questions and,test taking strategies now as far as the,questions on nurse achieve,uh i guess it was like so so,kind of that kind of not i would say it,was like a mix of those type of,questions,so then i seen someone talk about like,the saunders book and how they broke,down,all the different systems gigu,pharmacology obp obp,obp oncology all the different systems,that you need to know for the nclex,right,so im like oh that sounds like a great,idea maybe i should kind of do that,so this is the saunders book here i kind,of w

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