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  4. Archive 81 Netflix Series Review
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  6. Archive 81 Netflix Series Review
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Archive 81 (2022) Netflix Series Review

if you cant tell from the thumbnail i,am really excited to talk about archive,81 a new series on netflix which is also,based on a popular podcast so lets dive,into why you should be binging this show,[Music],an archivist takes a job restoring a,collection of damaged videotapes from,1994 while reconstructing the work of a,documentary filmmaker he is drawn into,her investigation of a dangerous cult he,slowly finds himself obsessed with,uncovering what happened this,supernatural psychological mystery stars,mamadou atier dina shahabi and martin,donovan addis has some mild feels of the,oa mixed with some x-files and then,maybe a tiny bit of rosemarys baby,thrown in for good measure the setup,presents us with dan a technology,archivist who specializes in restoring,films and videos and after completing a,job hes offered a very lucrative deal,to restore a collection of videotapes,that were recovered from a mysterious,apartment fire in the mid 90s dan,accepts and is taken out into the middle,of nowhere to this lavish if not,sparsely modern house and then facility,to work there he begins his restoration,and the more he dives into the process,the more he becomes sucked into the,mystery of what happened at the,apartment building and then also sucked,into finding out what happened to melody,the filmmaker who recorded it all this,has so many elements that work together,to build out a very compelling and,engaging show so in order not to spoil,it though here are several possibilities,of what this story can contain just in,an effort to give you a broad idea of,what to look forward to now there most,certainly is a deep mystery here helped,along by missing people and then the,possibility of secret societies crazy,architecture cults strange neighbors,aliens hallucinations demons gaslighting,secret passages and potentially,unreliable narrators now this first,season is eight episodes and i was,instantly hooked the episodes are each,close to an hour long but this is such,an easy bench the mystery and intrigue,are created almost from the very start,with just these teases of imagery i mean,like well see the beginning of a video,that dan is restoring and it will,provide some very creepy content but we,dont get to see all the climax or,resolution just yet so it just whets our,appetite for more the aesthetic is,wonderful in this combining a stark and,drab modern feel with a slightly gritty,and drab look to what we see on the,videos from 1994. now i know found,footage has been done a ton and not,always effectively but i love how in,this the story will transition back and,forth between dan watching the,restoration on a monitor and then us,following melody and watching the action,play out right in front of us the found,footage actually enhances the,storytelling rather than feeling like an,overused gimmick because there is a,certain tediousness to dans job we also,experience some of that tedium and,repetition there are many and i mean,many times where we watch dan unscrew an,old and damaged videotape pull out the,tape itself clean it then screw it all,back together in a new case this,repetition can become a bit stale but i,think its also needed to show us the,process other than that first or second,time watching him do the entire task the,majority of the actions are done in,pretty quick succession because of all,the different elements that are used,within the story this has times where it,gets very disturbing and even unsettling,i think it was episode four that made me,uncomfortable and squirmy for an,extended portion now there was a bit of,violence that was shown but thats not,why i was squirming the content and,especially the way that it was delivered,created such an oppressive and,disturbing atmosphere that i had to take,a break after that episode im saying,all of this is a massive positive for,the show the fact that it was able to,elicit such an emotional and even,physical response shows how effective,all of the story elements were i love,all the suspicion that is raised by the,characters too in the present we have,dan whos watching all of these past,events play out and because of where,hes working he needs to inhale list the,help of his friend for some,investigative work as items are,uncovered and information is found out,pieces of the mystery begin to seemingly,fall into place but this also creates,more questions and even mistrust then,were also following the mystery that,melody is uncovering and this leads to,its own set of questions as she,interviews residents of the building and,then inserts herself into situations,that arent necessarily her business the,tension raises and becomes exciting and,then even nerve-wracking and what i,really appreciate about this show is how,they dont just leave a ton of stuff,dangling out into the ether with no,answers i mean much of what we see get,some sort of resolution even if its,only the beginning of one now the pace,of this is steady and driving but its,not fast theres an urgency thats,created not only by dans employer but,also because dan himself becomes so,invested in what he watches that he,needs to figure it all out and all of,this anxiety and pressure translates,through the screen to us and i loved how,effective it is in engaging us with the,story this is a mix of sci-fi horror,drama and mystery and all of these work,together to create a foreboding,atmosphere thats enticing strange and,surprisingly captivating there is the,use of special effects but the show,doesnt rely heavily on them i really,like what we see because for the most,part theyre subtle and just enhancing,whats already occurring in the scene,there are a few scenes towards the end,of the season where some bigger effects,are utilized and i did think that those,were handled pretty well also it also,made for some convincing imagery and,then there are also some practical,effects that are just outstanding,because they made the scenes all the,more engaging now probably the biggest,and maybe the only negative for the show,is that this ends with sort of a,cliffhanger some items are resolved but,new questions and complications are then,created would this have been an amazing,limited series well absolutely but even,though i say that it could be a negative,i am fully invested in the story and i,am in love with the characters so i am,then fully on board to see where this,goes in another season so overall,archive 81 is a well-crafted dramatic,sci-fi mystery with some very,captivating characters who are thrust,into compelling situations the story is,engagingly told through a determined but,not rushed pace allowing urgency and,anxiety to build up to breaking points,all the while continuing the narrative,and not getting distracted with,unnecessary side quests mamadou attier,and dina shihabi are outstanding to,watch as they create central characters,that can be sympathetic and frustrating,theyre also supported by a wonderful,cast who continually add intrigue and,mystery to the story the atmosphere,captured in this tale is disturbing but,also thrilling with each new discovery,deepening the storyline and compelling,me to binge more theres no sex or,nudity a lot of profanity and some very,brutal and unflinching violence i give,archive 81 5 out of 5 couches do you,have any favorite mysterious shows id,love to know what makes your list in the,comments below if you enjoyed this,review please give it a like also dont,forget to share and subscribe im chris,this is movies and munchies thanks for,couching with me

ARCHIVE 81 (2022) Netflix Horror TV Series Spoiler Free Review | Spookyastronauts

hi my name is emma and lets talk spooky,stuff,[Music],archive 81 hit netflix last week and,honestly i had no idea what to expect,the series was promoted as a james 1,production but in reality he was just an,executive producer and although james,won,you know hes been a little bit,unpredictable lately dont worry i love,it i think its plain unfair marketing,to put it down to just his name archive,81 is an electric drama horror mystery,that blurs the line between supernatural,and technology its where,reality-bending films like censor meet,the dark investigation of the empty man,i hope i just got your attention because,its unique and charismatic characters,will really keep you hooked until the,final episode in this series we follow,dan turner a video archivist and,restorator whose life revolves around,tape from finding hidden gems sold on,the street to his professional work,dans passion for the craft is quickly,apparent so when dan is offered a,ridiculous amount of money to restore a,series of damaged tapes it seems pretty,straightforward i mean he is the best of,the best but his new job comes with some,conditions he must move to an isolated,location without wi-fi and of course no,phone signal this is a horror after all,what could go wrong but its not the,conditions dan is worried about its the,content on the tapes that start to,unravel a narrative of a woman who is,investigating strange occurrences in a,building this may seem like a lot of,information but i promise i havent even,started to skim the surface archive 81,is a deep dive into a twisted mystery,that was so complex i even had to start,taking notes lucky for us it does an,amazing job of wrapping up the enigma in,something that the audience can digest,no matter how wild it may get its,hypnotic themes and characters give the,series a really unique structure even,though it may be similar to themes we,have seen before its presented in a,fresh and alluring way once you start,you may not be able to stop until you,get to the bottom of the mystery dan is,played by mamadou archie who is an,absolute star ive always found archer,to have a very distinctive demeanor he,is rigid in his mannerisms and often,softly spoken his demeanor is perfect,for techwiz whose curiosity gets the,best of him it feeds into his character,arc of a man being stuck in his safe,space which in this case is a video,archivist in this position he just,watches on passively this changes into,him being first curious then he becomes,part of the mystery and then eventually,he is the assertive lead who is willing,to do anything to make things right for,example at the start of the series he,asks little questions about his,strangely unusual job and by the end he,is the one knocking down doors and,determined to find answers his casting,in this series was perfect and i really,hope that he does a little bit more,horror and thriller i know he was in,underwater and he was also in black box,which you can check out on amazon now,the other stand out for me is matt,mcgorry who played mark higgins as i,said before this story has a lot of,familiar themes that we love in dark,mystery horror but its setup is very,unique and mcgorry plays dans best,friend mark who has his own mystery,paranormal podcast because dan is so,isolated mark works as not only his,sounding board but hes outside help in,unwinding the moving parts of the story,he is a charismatic essential part of,what makes this series so fun hes used,as a plot device in an interesting way,to discuss the problems but hes just so,damn likable sometimes thats just nice,to have in a show a character thats,really reliable but lets talk about the,stylization because a lot goes into the,amazon scene of this series first the,color palette has a beautiful modern,feel with contrast rich blacks and jewel,tones its slick but it isnt too afraid,to play with vibrance because of the,themes of the videotapes of course we,dive into an array of glitches and of,course you know im a fan of that,interesting enough because dan is,watching these tapes that lead into,another narrative we dont actually see,it all as found footage which is what,with the title and the whole idea of it,you would be led to believe that youre,watching a found footage product but,thats not the case once theyve,established that were moving into the,other storyline we actually go fully,into that world at first i thought that,this was really weird and interesting,because i am a fan of found footage but,then i got how alluring it was because,once you pull out of the story that dan,is watching sometimes you forget that,dans even there and it really shows you,the power of this story and how,captivating and hypnotizing it is its,like youre switching between dimensions,its a very layered story but with the,stylization of course comes my favorite,atmosphere and sound and the building,dan is isolated in is an architectural,wonder this has limewash its like an,industrial warehouse modern dreamboat it,could use some landscaping but hey who,am i to judge its clean and its crisp,it breaks the stereotype for the normal,isolated haunted location which again,proves my points that this is the same,kind of themes that were very familiar,with in horror but its told in this,completely unique way that really shakes,it up and makes it feel fresh and the,sounds match the surroundings the cold,crisp echo of that building you got some,rhythmic whooshing which david lynch,would be so proud of and theres even,some musical pieces that match up with,the core mystery its the perfect,marriage of modern tech and paranormal,and i mean paranormal in the broad sense,beyond the scope of normal scientific,understanding if i havent convinced you,yet let me say that this series has so,many surprising themes is gonna send,your head spinning this series like any,good mystery starts slow and rapidly,reveals all the pieces of the puzzle but,dont worry our friend mark helps us to,wrap up any odd ends lingering so,everything comes together in the end,really nicely but i will warn you its a,short and sharp ending for me the,downsides of the series were the fantasy,elements not because i didnt expect,them obviously with something paranormal,going on theres gonna be something and,i mean you can just look at the cover,and expect some kind of,fantastical,moments but i felt like the elements of,cgi uh in these moments and in these,scenes werent really matching with the,ominous tone at the start of the series,and the dark mystery it began a little,bit more reserved and of course when the,floodgates open for any mystery a lots,gonna come out but i didnt feel like,the stylization of these more fantasy,elements fit the original,scenes,not giving anything away and of course,the other thing was the rushed ending i,liked how it ended dont get me wrong i,just felt like i was looking at the,clock as it had 15 minutes to go and i,couldnt believe there wasnt another,episode coming the way they wrapped it,up so quickly i wasnt upset by how they,finished it i just thought they could,have pulled it out a little bit longer,because you know you spend so much time,trying to figure out all the pieces of,the puzzle you just want a moment to,breathe but the show is definitely worth,your time particularly if youre into,dark mysteries like i said before i,would describe this tv show as,sensor meets the empty man,very much so and i think if you liked or,you were just interested by those kinds,of themes and subjects i would highly,recommend this one it is streaming on,netflix so its very accessible for you,right now im gonna rate this one a,personal score of seven out of ten i,really think you should check it out,its very binge worthy with only eight,episodes averaging around 45 minutes to,50 minutes per episode for scare i,didnt think it was that scary but there,are some really fun surprising gory,scenes so im gonna give it six out of,ten and for originality im gonna give,it seven out of ten like i keep harping,on abou

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ARCHIVE 81 Ending Explained | Full Season Breakdown And Spoiler Review

welcome to the heavy spoilers show im,your host paul and the mold never,bothered me anyway cringy intro out the,way throughout this video were going to,be breaking down archive 81 the new,camera based horror show thats designed,to make you shutter the season is packed,with a lot of cool reveals as well as an,ending that deals with some tiny wimy,wibbly wobbly stuff that you might not,be able to get your head around fear not,though weve gone through the tapes and,are here to bring you everything you,need to know about it bulls spoilers,from here on out and if you enjoy the,video then please hit that thumbs up,button and dont forget to subscribe to,be filled with a world full of spoilers,every week without the way thank you for,clicking this now lets get into archive,81.,okay so archive 81 is based on the,podcast show of the same name that,involves characters cataloging the tapes,of a missing filmmaker initially we,follow dan an employee of the museum of,the moving image whos tasked with,restoring severely damaged tapes that,were recovered from a building known as,the visa the job is given to him by a,man known as davenport the owner of a,dna ancestry company called wellspring,which was about bringing people together,much like the motto of that organization,davenport says that he wants the tapes,restored so that he can bring some,closure to those that were lost in a,blaze that burned the apartments down,however this is revealed to be a lie and,it turns out that devonports brother,samuel was actually the leader of a cult,that wanted to bring a demon known as,kalego into our world thus he hires dan,and plays on his heartstrings because,dan shares a lot of similarities with,those caught in the blaze when he was,very young he too lost his family in a,fire and thus it seems like the perfect,job dan is somewhat of a recluse that,doesnt want anything out there online,about him and the archived building,which is located in the wilderness will,allow him to get away from it all,however as he starts to wipe away the,black mold from the tapes he discovers,something far more sinister whilst,watching them we learn the story of,melody a young filmmaker who documented,the visit and in doing so she honored,samuels cult which lived there melody,was abandoned by her mother when she was,very young and its revealed that this,is because she actually carries the,bloodline of a group of witches known as,the baldung coven they possess the,ability to thin the veil between,dimensions which will allow kallego to,come across and thus her mother left her,in a church so that she would be spared,this fate however samuel learned of this,and through melody psychiatrist steve he,lured her to the apartments now how this,connects to dan is that steve was his,father and he too learned of the cult,from melody he attempted to hide her,tapes away in storage but the baldung,coven ended up burning his house down to,stop the secrets of calego getting out,its revealed that part of a comet known,as caron crashed on earth millions of,years ago and that this is named after,the ferrymen of hades who carried souls,across the river styx the comet passes,through our solar system every 70 years,and when this happens the walls between,our dimension and kalaegos thin which,allows the portal to be opened during,the middle ages the baldung witches all,got together and came up with a way to,trap kalego inside a statue and after,giving up their magic theyve done,whatever they can to stop the entity,from getting out we learned that in 1924,a ritual to bring the demon across was,also carried out by a woman named iris,who used spirit photography to film the,presence of collago his prime vessel is,the statue that brings infectious mold,with it that has hallucinogenic,qualities this allows one to catch,glimpses into other domains where the,demon resides and it exists not only on,the tapes but also in the walls of the,visser itself when iris had the ritual,film she carried out a sacrifice and,this opened the veil between worlds that,allowed her to travel across into,kalegos domain its said that tapes,films and photographs can capture things,invisible to the human eye and since,then the cult has built up around iriss,teachings in which theyre trying to,bring kalego back through the use of,technology they want to use melody to,open up the doorway and having this,somewhat documented will create a guide,so that others can do the same now,mirroring this as dan starts to watch,the tapes cleaning the mold from them it,also thins the veils between realities,and hes able to connect with melody,across time and space just as he dreams,of her she starts to dream of him and,the pair become connected because its,all connected i keep telling you all the,time every single video so sorry i had a,i had a bit of a thing in my throat,there now this mold also allows those,from the other side to somewhat,communicate with those in our world and,this is why those who are trapped there,are often brought across in art by those,who have come into contact with the mold,dans sister plays the demonic prayer,known as purgatory on the piano and,melodys friend annabelle starts to,paint not only iris but also melody the,both of which we learn are trapped in,kalecos dimension also i feel like,annabelle might be james one planning an,easter egg in the show but let me know,below if thats a reach either way,though the prayer purgatory of course,ties in with the timeless void that,kalego lives in and the rituals were,also somewhat shown in an unheard tv,show that dan restores known as the,circle this was actually created by a,man who found iriss footage and this,snuff film inspired him to make the show,though it wasnt ever released now the,symbol from this appears on the visa and,we learned that this was actually based,on the rituals of the cult carried out,by iris the vessel was actually built on,the ruins of her mansion which too,burned down during the ritual in which,they tried to bring kalego across the,room in which it was carried out in was,the only thing that survived and samuel,wants to do the ceremony once more in,order to finish the job with his,followers they slowly sink their teeth,into a young girl called jess who melody,wants to save from the building and,though steve tries to hide her away,whilst the sacrifice is carried out she,eventually returns to the visa in order,to rescue jess now they could all have,their different motives for summoning,kalego whereas iris wanted a child,theres others who want powers and,samuel ultimately wanted the demon to,reside in jess this is why one of her,helpers cassandra fed her mold and the,frequent seizures that she had were,actually caused by it in the final,episode we discovered that in the,basement of the visa a fire broke out,melody and samuel ended up entering the,other world where they have remained,trapped since now in the present dan,along with the help of his friend mark,track down annabelle who we learn was,given tapes by jess that no one knows,about dan uses these to bribe davenport,into letting him back into the compound,and here he and mark knock him out and,travel into the basement in order to try,and find a way to open the door to save,melody we learned that one of the,mysterious figures that had been on the,ground is actually melodys mother julia,and that shes spent 25 years trying to,get her back shes dreamt about melody,every night and has used davenport and,dan to thin the veil by playing the,footage so that the doorway can be,opened she uses her blood and a key to,open it once more sat down can travel,into the other dimension we discover,that kaleigo is mr lonely and though,people have tried to summon him all he,really wants to do is keep those that,enter his realm trapped there with him,in the void dan comes across an illusion,of his family and its said in the,season that kallago can bring back the,dead and give you your hearts desire,which for melody is being reunited with,her moth

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Archive 81 Netflix Series Review

i love a good mystery a little bit of,horror and drama in there as well but is,archive 81 worth a bench were gonna,talk about it what is up flick fans,welcome back to my channel as you all,know i like to talk about every netflix,show and movie i can and todays series,is archive 81 a series that i believe,will continue to make a splash and well,get into why this is a spoiler free,review if you guys have any thoughts,feelings or questions please leave them,down below and if you want to support,this channel be sure to drop your thumbs,up on this video lets get right into it,an archivist is hired to restore a,collection of tapes but he finds himself,reconstructing the work of a filmmaker,and her investigation into a dangerous,cult and this brings him into this,series of mysteries and so many webs,that are continuing to untangle,themselves up until that final episode,and the journey to that point is what i,want to start with because its a,journey that not everyone is going to be,on board with when it comes to the,pacing especially within that first,episode it is a slow moving series of,events as we get an idea as to what he,does what these flashbacks these videos,from 1994 will entail and the found,footage format that comes from that see,our character of melody shes trying to,unravel this mystery herself where shes,going around this building and,interviewing the residents to somewhat,uncover what we perceive to be this,cult-like activity going on now we dont,know the true nature of everything until,we get a bit further down the line and i,dont want to talk about that,in this video but what we perceive it to,be at first is at least,engaging engaging enough for us to stick,around even during the slower moments of,the show those moments of build up and,be on board with her story but then we,see this normal feeling guy in dan,played by mamadou athe who is just,so good i love him every time i see him,but im always like he needs a role he,needs a starring role in a show or movie,that gives him the chance to kind of,flex his acting chops and i think i,think this might be that role but hes a,very normal guy who is doing this very,tedious and repetitive series of events,unscrewing old videotapes cleaning them,we see the process of this happening,over and over and over uh following him,around new york as hes going to,purchase these tapes and just stumble,upon things hes never seen before and,whether he finds them at a flea market,or an estate sale doesnt matter hes,going to do his best to restore them and,this brings him to the character of,virgil who hires dan to salvage some of,these video cassettes that were almost,completely destroyed in a fire a few,years earlier because these tapes are,being held in a remote compound dan,decides to move out there get the job,done hes by himself exploring this,really weird looking old house so that,gives us a bit of a an edge of your seat,type feel in the present series of,events but hes trying to figure out why,was he hired in the first place and to,point out the obvious we have two,narratives going on in archive 81 they,just look at the poster and you can kind,of get a sense of that so as were,unfolding through everything in the,1990s were also seeing how dan is,responding to melodys actions while,watching but it turns out that dan,actually plays a bigger role in all of,this than first imagined well i guess we,could have imagined him playing a bigger,role but he is completely unaware as he,is watching how this is all going to,culminate and come together and thus we,have our series of mysteries and events,and a series that like i said takes a,couple of episodes to really get going,to really rev up its engines or,rewind its tape,that doesnt even make sense in context,the word to use here and the word that,im going to leave you with in this,review is disturbing this is a a very,disturbing series and one that plays,itself out in such a way that is so,unexpected now the beautiful thing about,it if you can get to this point again,you have to be on board with the pacing,but if you can get there it plays itself,out in a way that really ties off a lot,of the loose ends established outside of,that main purpose that main focus and we,dont often get that in shows like this,so i appreciate that a ton then you have,the filmmaking the fact that you can,give us this feeling using that found,footage look and have everything,happening in the 90s but then we come,back to present day with a very,normal feeling character of dan but we,are placed in his shoes and were,following in his footsteps as he moves,through this mystery and um all of that,being said i,eventually got locked in again,personally it took me a couple of,episodes to get there i wasnt entirely,sure if this was going to work or not,but after about episode three and maybe,even the beginning of episode four i,said you know what im actually really,intrigued with where this is going to go,and i love the beautiful balance of two,drastically different story lines,culminating and coming together and even,though its tying off those loose ends,even though were getting,some resolutions for things as we go,there is,one cliffhanger at the end that will,have fans wanting more and i believe,this is going to find its audience and,push us,push netflix into giving us a season two,because there is just enough there to,continue on with and i love the fact,that this series can provoke a plethora,of different thoughts as youre watching,its like the most minut and small thing,that really carries,no weight can hold this evil and,malevolent force behind it or a story,that he is uncovering as we uncover it,as an audience and uh the word,disturbing comes back into play because,theres something more to this whether,it be the cult-like behavior of all,these interviews that she is gathering,or where this progresses to and the fact,that it makes me feel like im watching,something produced by james juan or,were always getting a great mike,flanagan series this is you know they go,about it in a very different way in this,show but i just like the fact that it,gives me that very disturbing and,haunting feeling a bit later on and uh,thats exactly what it was going for so,in that way it honestly nailed its,target audience now i wont say it,nailed the finale like i said there is a,cliffhanger of swords and i would say,the final episode or two is not quite as,impactful its one of those series that,im gonna say its more about the,journey than the destination but the,destination in itself is good just not,as high quality compared to the build up,all in all i really enjoyed this show i,just think the writing is there that,slower pacing slower build up ended up,being the right decision in my opinion,to get us thrown into it and at the end,of the day archive 81 is one of those,series an anxiety inducing series that,continues to build on this mystery in a,way that keeps you wanting more before i,give you guys my score i want to say,thank you so much for tuning in and uh,supporting this channel but my score is,an 80,uh for this very intriguing and,one more time disturbing netflix series,dont watch this in the dark dont watch,it if youre young dont watch it with,your kids,but definitely watch it if you want,something with that vibe not really jump,scare heavy but more so just kind of,like chill inducing if thats what you,want to show thats what youre going to,get you guys are the best come back for,more we got a lot of great videos coming,soon im going to be ranking all of the,screen movies to go along with my screen,review that dropped just a day ago ill,see you later,you

Heres Why Netflix Cancelled Archive 81

[Music],hello fellow archivists welcome back to,small screen we have a quick video here,for you about why archive 81 season 2,was cancelled,if youre a regular here then you know,we keep in close contact with our,sources at marvel dc netflix amazon and,others to bring you the inside details,of whats going on with your favorite,movies and television shows so when we,heard that archive 81 season 2 was,cancelled we had to do some digging,especially since we just released a,video last month about season 2 of,archive 81 being renewed and boy did we,get some good info on what happened,were going to get right into it now so,if you could like subscribe and quack,that notification bell that would be,great right our source that we contacted,has a very high up position in the,production of archive 81. heres what we,asked and heres the answers we got back,could you maybe explain what happened,why didnt netflix renew season 2 there,were a lot of issues mostly numbers,based it was so close to getting renewed,we were days away from going into,pre-production scripts had been written,and were being worked on in the end it,all came down to numbers both money and,views on netflix season twos budget was,a sticking point and people at netflix,felt the show didnt bring in enough new,viewers the show did well and,considering it was made on a tight,budget it did really well but netflix,has what we like to call cutoff points,as far as views are concerned we just,didnt make it into the renewed bracket,were pretty thrown by the whole thing,because it was a great show to work on,and had so much potential this is a,shame as the source is indeed correct,the show had so much potential the extra,salt in the wound here is that they were,merely days away from going into,pre-production so it looks like they,were indeed ready to go ahead with,archive 81 season 2 however like most,cases at netflix they crunched the,numbers and felt it wasnt viable their,cutoff point as the source stated is a,well-known factor over at netflix we,then asked about the future of archive,81,could the show ever be brought back to,life would another network want to pick,it up as it stands no archive 81 is dead,as a dodo given the deals that were,signed its highly unlikely that another,network would want to pick it up netflix,is the only real platform that saves,shows and they decided to kill ours,whats next for the archive 81 team,honestly we dont know yet we would love,to work together again but wed have to,find the right project its still very,fresh and were just processing things,right now thank you for your interest in,the show it means a lot to us thank you,to our source for the info on why,archive 81 season 2 was canceled its,nice to get some clarification on what,happened to season 2 and why they,stopped the crew from moving into,pre-production what are your thoughts on,netflixs move here do you think archive,81 should have been renewed for season 2,let us know in the comments and we do,read all of them and as always if you,enjoyed this video please like subscribe,and quack that notification bell we put,a lot of work into these videos and it,really helps us get the word out plus,its free thanks for watching and well,see you next time,you

Archive 81 Netflix Series Review

and welcome to the ruby tuesday my name,is ruben and this is my review for,netflixs original limited series i,believe archive 81. let me know in the,comments below have you heard about this,one are you excited when you watch the,trailer or the teaser where youre like,um that has me intrigued this looks a,bit weird a bit wacky kind of up my,street let me know your thoughts down,below dont forget to like and subscribe,but for now lets jump in an archivist,high to restore a collection of tapes,finds himself reconstructing the work of,a filmmaker and her investigation into a,dangerous cult so theres eight episodes,theyre about 50 minutes a piece,depending on the episode and i have to,say you kind of need to pay attention to,whats going on its not one that you,can just let seep past you where you can,be dawdling on your phone because i feel,like if you do that youre gonna miss,some really important puzzle piece it is,absolutely one thousand percent a puzzle,piece that by the end you understand but,by the beginning first five episodes,probably and theres only three left,youre still going to be asking yourself,what on earth is going on however it is,one of the best,eight episodes of tv ive seen in a long,time because it keeps you,so much guessing as to whats going on,but enough to keep you invested so,theres storytelling that is kind of,divulged to you in a way that keeps you,interested but doesnt let you know,whats going on it also has a seriously,freaky underlining tone that is there,the whole way through regardless of,whats on screen theres this,score mechanic that they use like a,piano piece tone theres a boom boom,boom,and it also,there is the sound where it is out of,tune like a tape thats been stretched,one of our main two protagonists dan who,is a archivist deals with tape and,restoration of that and so as we follow,dans story of archiving these tapes,that hes been asked to in this really,secluded building where he has to just,kind of be there he finds out about this,building called the viscera and the,cultists that were kind of in that,building and then we follow melody as we,see melodys story come to light as dan,is looking at the footage and once were,looking at the footage we kind of go,into her timeline its separate ones and,90s ones now and so were watching these,two timelines coexist within each other,it feels like theyre bumping heads a,lot of the time without doing spoilers,it feels like you cant have one without,the other and so the more you find it,sorry im doing my best not to do,spoilers because it is definitely one of,those that you can spoil but im going,to skip around the edges to kind of get,you really,understanding what it is youre in for,really if dave and kernerberg had some,drugs and then went up to the creators,of the oa thats kind of what youre in,for,here it is mind-bending but uh,like the oa but more supernatural-esque,although you kind of dont know whats,going on rarely until the end whether it,is or whether it is not visually its,spectacular and it will freak you out,theres those slight,things that you see in the corner of,your eye and then you add another layer,of really skewed,music score pieces or that piano tone,that carries the whole way through it,and then you have dialogue that doesnt,reveal much or characters that just seem,weird and wacky they never quite feel,right all the characters in the viscera,building seem like that theyre a bit,weird theyre bit not wacky like oh,look at me im weird working they just,feel off from their clothing to their,mannerisms to their demeanor of how they,carry themselves to to how they respond,to our main protagonist dans what,looking at the screen and he looks at,something its like that cant be real,melody is looking at something and shes,finding out whats going on because,shes documenting whats going on in the,building it is quite an interesting,juxtaposition of also telling the same,storyline,once you get to the end i feel like,youre going to have your mind blown,some of the times but also go,what on earth did i just watch its,brilliant and i think the acting is also,fantastic our two main protagonists they,hold the presence on screen for their,timelines most of the most the time you,also have some side characters that i,guess would be portrayed or being the,bad guys or bad girls no one is really,what they seem in this and so we have,the very authentic costume design from,the 90s and the set pieces and then we,have the weird contrast darkness of the,building that dan is in,and everything just leans itself more,into just making you feel uneasy if,youve ever watched a series that makes,your hair stand up on your arms its,that sort of series i will be talking,about the ending in a separate video i,just really kind of wanted to to get you,guys excited for this if you love the oa,a real mystery a supernatural sort of,mystery then i think youre going to,love this it is weird you do have to,concentrate i would maybe suggest,try not to,watch it all at once i mean if you have,that amount of time spare and youre,going to watch it over the weekend on,the saturday or something and you want,to put yourself in that kind of moods,that kind of zone for the whole day go,for it if thats your thing but for me,bite size chunks like two episodes here,three episodes there until weve you,know watched those eight that kind of,worked for me because i felt like i,needed to stew,on the visuals the storytelling the,really creepiness its straight up,horror in places and then a straight up,thrill it in places its gory in places,i cant remember that there was any,sexiness but there is moments that is,its basically a mature series i,wouldnt watch this with the younger,ones,made me feel all creeped out on a lot of,episodes,there were some people that were,chanting saying stuff that made me go oh,yeah i dont know what theyre saying,but that,like,that doesnt feel right that makes my,tummy go oh weird uh so yeah if thats,your cup of tea you might find this,really really creepy but also really,great,phenomenal acting phenomenal story im,giving this my first five nicholas cages,out of five this year thoroughly enjoyed,every episode i think that some of the,whole parts makes this rather than the,ending so you get to the end the reveal,is great but the story the journey of,the story is what i was enjoying most,about it,find me in the ending explained once,youve watched the episodes thanks so,much for watching this but most of all,until next time remember live long and,tuesday,[Music],you

ARCHIVE 81 Netflix Review (New Horror Show!)

hey guys welcome back we watched movie,mike here with the review that weve all,been waiting for scream,[ __ ] thats later today but im very as,excited as i am for that i do want to,tell you guys about the show archive 81,if you havent heard about it its an,eight episode horror mystery show thats,coming to netflix tomorrow,were looking for an artist,someone who can restore a recently,acquired collection of damaged,videotapes where this dude played by,mamadou athey i hope im saying your,name wrong uh i mean right,god damn im glad i caught that what an,[ __ ] i would have seen like hope i,got your name wrong dickwad mcgee his,job is to restore old damaged vhs tapes,and like media and [ __ ] like that for,this museum and this mysterious dude at,this this mysterious company hires him,to restore these tapes that were damaged,in this fire,but he pays him a [ __ ] ton of money to,go live in this big house in the middle,of [ __ ] nowhere with no goddamn,internet and to restore these tapes with,this big huge nice awesome setup and,its cool you actually watch him take,the tapes piece by piece and like get to,watch him transfer them from tape so if,youre into like,vhs tape [ __ ] oh my god this show this,show is for you theres just one hitch,because the materials are so fragile,they cant be moved so youd be doing,the work at our remote research facility,whats on these tapes that he was,restoring is a piece by piece story that,was put together by this woman uh played,by ariana neal whos filming this weird,ass building with these weird ass shapes,on it and the weird ass tenants that are,inside of it and this weird ass cult,[ __ ] thats going on in inside of it,just,a lot of weird [ __ ] so like well be,seeing it from her,perspective while shes filming all this,stuff happening and then theres an,in-between area where sometimes you get,a little bit of found footage like you,watch the actual footage hes watching,and its like from that shitty old,school,camcorder,im melody pendress its march 11 1994,10 32 am,this is day one of the oral history,project on the vista apartment building,and they go back and forth between these,three and that thats something thats,really neat and its all based loosely,on a podcast of the same name that i,didnt know existed but if youre into,weird [ __ ] its probably a weird [ __ ],podcast for weird [ __ ] people like you,and me so thats all ill say about the,plot of the show because its a mystery,i dont want to give anything away about,it i want you to be able to watch it for,yourself and enjoy it but is it good,is it scary,would you like to have pizza with me,today,so the first thing ill say about it is,that the whole look feel and aura of,this show is amazing if youre a 90s kid,if youre into a vhs aesthetic if youre,into stuff like that like watching him,take the tapes apart and put them back,together like the,the sounds of like the clicking on an,old school tv when youre flipping the,channel the static from a 90s show i,mean just like all of those things those,little sounds or those little nostalgia,touches,its done here so damn well and its a,great place to spend time in that aspect,because and im not talking about some,[ __ ] like we made a shitty vod,horror movie a lot of eod horror movies,are great but im saying its not one of,those we made a shitty vod horror movie,and we just threw a synth track over top,of it and put some kids on bicycles so,you have to [ __ ] like it now right,even though we made a shitty product,sort of thing uh its not like that its,its classy you know it makes me want to,[ __ ] smoke a pipe and maybe make a,meal instead of eating at mcdonalds,again tonight but it has like this david,fincher-esque,cinematography to it the way its all,done and the sound [ __ ] the sound is,so good in this thats amazing,so,despite what im about to tell you,if youre really into that stuff in that,world what im about to tell you,wont matter as much if that stuff,doesnt get you off,you know what i mean you know if thats,not your type of thing,this might not be the show for you,because what im about to say next is,not a good thing,you hear it,hear what,theres something,in this place,this show gets really [ __ ] boring,i mean it gets painfully [ __ ] boring,at least for me it did some people who,are really into mysteries and stuff like,that might dig the over-exposition,but sometimes man i mean the first,episodes great the first episode hooks,you in and gets you going and they all,have the same vibe to them but there are,entire episodes where i swear to [ __ ],christ on a popsicle stick nothing,[ __ ] happens you know so youre,watching and youre like god damn it and,then something cool happened you go okay,im in again and by episode 5 im like,this ending better [ __ ] rule because,its eight episodes long and well get,to the ending but,without giving it away but yeah its,just painfully full of a lot of,exposition and like some of the,characters,at times are really smart and then other,times youre like just [ __ ] leave you,know what i mean like i i cant explain,to you what im talking about but,sometimes youre like why just [ __ ],get up on your own two legs erect and,walk the [ __ ] out you know and theres,little reasons but theyre not strong,enough to get like you know what i mean,like oh the character did it because,this im like ah thats [ __ ] lucy,goosey artichokey lets talk about the,end real quick i promise theres more,positive to get to but the ending that i,was hoping would be this big huge like,[ __ ] reward,you know uh theres always free cheese,and a mouse trap though and no its its,its the ending was underwhelming uh it,wasnt a bad episode but where it lands,off on and ill be careful not to say,anything because anything i say i dont,want to give any kind of thing away,about it you know i i just its its,its just underwhelming its one of,those shows where youre watching it you,go,i better not see [ __ ] credits right,now i better [ __ ] not and then boom,the credits come on and everybody you,and everybody youre watching was just,like god damn it are you [ __ ] with me,you know and it wasnt like a crazy,shocking ending it was just like a oh,this is interesting i wonder whats,going to come next oh my god its,[ __ ] over,that calls to you,hello,hello,they did pack some stuff up,uh and explain it and finish off the,story line some stuff was left hanging,in the wind offensively like a dirty,goddamn diaper,at your neighbors house why are you,hanging diapers youre not gonna reuse,that diaper and if you are i should call,cps throw that [ __ ] thing away in a,scented trash bag like a goddamn grown,adult let me put it this way theres,gonna be a lot of archive 81 in the,explained videos from youtubers uh,because its just one of those things,that and it just didnt do it for me uh,that being said is it scary,yeah,yeah there are moments where it is uh,and thats the thing so the whole vibe,is creepy you know theres a lot of uh,theres a lot like its like debonair,old ladies creepy [ __ ] twin peaks,feeling,characters walking around and theyre,creepy and the vibe is creepy and if,youre scared of cults if youre into,cult [ __ ],its [ __ ] creepy some of the stuff,they do with the cult stuff uh got me,pretty good i was like oh damn thats,weird why are you going,you see this show youll know what the,[ __ ] i mean but theres some cool,[ __ ] quarter deals type [ __ ] going on,there and that and a little bit a little,bit freaky uh and the show goes into,other territories that i will not,[ __ ] talk about because i dont want,to [ __ ] ruin it for you but its not,just cults and its not just this other,stuff theres a big long overlapping,story to this [ __ ] but sometimes youre,like just get to the [ __ ] point,what is going on in this building,but,there are little moments specific horror,scary one moment that ill just say,that scared the living potato sauce out,of my butthole like that was so [ __ ],scary it got me because i was sitting,there like

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