1. SteelSeries Arctis 9X HONEST REVIEW 1 Year Later…
  2. SteelSeries Arctis 9X Wireless Xbox One Gaming Headset DETAILED REVIEW
  3. NEW Steelseries Arctis 9X Wireless Headset Review!
  4. SteelSeries Arctis 9X vs Arctis 7 (2019 edition) – RTINGS.com
  5. SteelSeries Arctis 9X Review — Good, with Disappointments
  6. SteelSeries Arctis 9X Review: Almost Perfect!
  7. Xbox SteelSeries Arctis 9X – More Than A Gaming Headset

SteelSeries Arctis 9X HONEST REVIEW 1 Year Later…

what we do here is go back back back,[Music],hey whats going on guys welcome back to,a brand new youtube video where today we,are going to be doing one of the most,requested videos on my youtube channel,and if you guys dont know what that is,it has to do with these bad boys right,here these are the steelseries arctis 9x,wireless headset and i filmed the video,on this approximately one year ago when,i first got them ive probably seen over,50 comments talking about are these,headphones after having them for so long,are they still as good as you said they,were in the video so in this video were,going to talk about are these headphones,as good as i said they were one year ago,first off i want to say if you guys have,not seen the video of me unboxing and,reviewing these bad boys a year ago id,have to say go ahead and check it out,now links in the description down below,or you can just look up steel series,headset review youll probably find mine,its got 43 000 views but yeah so i want,to get into the reason that i originally,wound up buying this headset right here,the reason i got this was because i was,a big gamer i was a live streamer i,played call of duty a lot and i wanted,to be able to have a wireless headset,that i was able to listen to what was,going on on my computer and my xbox all,at the same time and this was a wireless,headset that does that and it still does,that and it works amazing but there is,problems with the headset and theres,one major one that everybody should know,especially if you are a live streamer,you need to know about this because it,will piss you off and youll be very,unhappy with it so that being said i do,want to first say that this headset,quality is amazing very comfortable,especially with the support band up here,very very comfortable it feels like the,headset is floating on your head its,awesome also the sound quality is,absolutely amazing its comfy every hit,every single thing and it also does work,by allowing you to hear whats going on,on your xbox as well as on your computer,its awesome the main problem that i,first noticed is when i started the live,stream for the first time i had my,headset hooked up to my xbox so i could,hear what was playing in my xbox which,is awesome and then i also,had it hooked up to my computer so i,could hear the music that i was playing,in the background in my live stream but,when i live stream i use a platform,called streamlabs obs if you guys dont,know what that is,you must get streamlabs obs and honestly,theres a software version that you can,upgrade to called streamlabs obs prime,you get streamlabs prime youre gonna,your streams are gonna get so much,better i i dont even know what to say i,i made a video about that as well its,going to be in the link in description,stream labs prime,really really good thing that you can,get and itll help your streams out,guaranteed i also have an affiliate code,with it that you guys get 10 off if you,buy a full year worth or you get 9 off,per month so check out that link in the,description down below very very very,good but to continue i stream with,streamlabs obs prime so i use the,software and then i have my music,playing and then i have my xbox with the,game so its all connected to these,headphones,now the only problem i ran into which is,the most frustrating thing ever is when,you know when somebody follows or,subscribes on twitch and it pops up on,their screen and it plays a sound its,like you know a clapping or cheering or,whatever it is and it says this person,subscribed as soon as that thing pops up,on your headphones and you hear it this,person subscribed right in your ears,it immediately only picks up,whatever goes into streamlabs obs sun,for the rest of time until you reset,your headphones or go to your output on,your computer and select like different,speakers and then go back to these and,then itll reset it and youll hear the,music again on your computer so,basically all im trying to say is that,it literally picks up one output at a,time on your computer if youre,listening to music on your youtube and,then you go ahead and watch a video on,like a windows player on your computer,it literally will stop picking up the,sound of your music and only play the,windows player until you reset the,headphones by turning them off and,turning them back on or you have to go,ahead and switch the outputs and switch,them again and like i said it is the,most annoying thing ever steel series,almost got these headphones perfect,besides for that one thing that,absolutely makes these headphones an,absolute nuisance if you are just a,person that likes to play xbox and,listen to your computer at the same time,these are great pair of headphones,theyre really really good sound quality,you can you can sound people which,if you dont that means i mean you,listen really really high volume to,people coming around the corners and you,can easily hear them coming before they,get there so you can be ready for a,gunfight its a really really really,good headphone the microphone quality is,awesome as well it has this microphone,here i dont know if you guys know but,it pulls right out and it goes right,back in but its really really good,headset the only problem like i said is,that one thing also something ive,noticed if you like to play with people,in-game call of duty or in-game any game,on xbox as im talking for xbox because,these are xbox and uh pc headphones but,if you like to talk to people in game,and youre a live streamer their voices,their voices that theyre saying your,stream will not be able to hear reason,being for that is because these are,wireless and your sound that comes in,from your xbox and these headphones will,not go,into your computer theres probably ways,that you can work around this im not,100 sure myself i think you could,probably use like the elgato uh chat,thing stream chat or whatever um but i,ive had a super difficult time getting,these to be compatible with live,streaming very very very difficult and,im just going to be 100 honestly,because theres nothing better than just,a wired pair of headphones that go to,your xbox and they also go to your,computer you get a pair of headphones,like that youll never have problems the,only thing is that these are wireless,and i thought theyd be super nice,because its wireless and its supposed,to do everything and it just didnt work,i still use them on live stream every,single day i still use them all the time,because thats what i have and i got,them,if i could go back i would not get these,again because im a streamer if i was,just a gamer and i just played video,games or i just play competitive call of,duty or whatever,great headset go ahead and get it if,youre a streamer i recommend or even if,youre a streamer or even a youtuber i,recommend just not getting these because,it just doesnt work so everybody thats,asked in my last youtube video would i,get these headphones again do i think,theyre as good as i thought they were a,year ago i love them but they do not,work for what i tried to do,and thats being a live streamer thats,being a youtuber it did not work being a,gamer,hell yes get these things theyre great,i cant reiterate it enough youre gonna,run into some major problems on your,computer mainly when youre live,streaming that will irritate you to the,point of insanity i im telling you it,drove me nuts i spent days,weeks trying to figure out how to make,these things work and nothing and im,telling you guys dont even try to,search up how to fix them i tried,everything in the book and it will not,work if you guys did enjoy this video it,is a hundred percent the truth make sure,you guys hit that subscribe button also,turn on my post notifications so you,guys get notified every time i upload a,video hit that like button also leave a,comment down below if you had any,experiences with the steel series arctis,9x or maybe you have a mysterious fix,that i just cant find for the last year,on how to fix this issue that ive

SteelSeries Arctis 9X Wireless Xbox One Gaming Headset DETAILED REVIEW

hey everyone Tecna here finally with the,review on the SteelSeries Arctics 9x,here now we have done every other,Arctics headset here – the three,Bluetooth which I will not be doing but,again we have done all of the other ones,right there so if you want to check any,of those that as well Ill leave the,link to the playlist of them right there,but thats right now lets go check,these out,[Music],are so as far as those close-ups right,there into the design and the style of,this headset,yeah looks just like all the other art,Dicks head says right which is a great,thing because its a really awesome,designed very comfortable design pretty,slick and just to the point it doesnt,really scream gamer you know dont think,only 9x that might scream gamer a little,bit more than the other ones is how you,got the green up there you know what I,mean but it really looks sharp its not,overdone its pretty crisp and it,honestly looks pretty stinking nice so I,want to start off a little bit different,compared to my other headset reviews,usually I start off in comfort right but,I want to start off with a 9 X here is,what makes it different from the other,steel series headsets right Im not,gonna turn this into a massive,comparison I know people dont like,whatever Id do that right but it was as,far as the 9 X obviously its built for,Xbox right pretty much all the other,wireless Arctics headsets been built,for PlayStation 4 now finally we have a,wireless headset for Xbox from,SteelSeries but again as far as build,and basic features on this guy,I pretty much compared to a spittin,image of the Arctic sevens right with,actually some of the features of the,arctics pros which were gonna talk,about here but anyways never got that,out of the way lets go to talk about,that comfort so again were gonna see a,lot of similarities here and again start,with comfort as far as these ear pads,right theyre still using that very very,nice soft sports material right theyre,very breathable but its really nice,because it locks in the sound as you can,see right down here you have that little,pleather bit on the inside but again the,rest of it is breathable right there,extremely soft and very very cozy on the,head so using that elastic ski band,adjustment right here so when you put it,on your head it pretty much just floats,on your head right there as you can see,we have the gap up there and a scheme,and just adjust if you want them to be a,little bit shorter on you BAM just up,upper that and attach it up there no sit,on your right there but again you dont,really have any massive pressure points,or anything they feel like theyre just,floating on your head as far as the top,and your ears right here again as far as,every headset in the Arctics line I,mean they are so stinking cozy you dont,get all this excess sweat or anything,like that its just Im a top notch as,far as comfort right here now one thing,I want to point out here that I never,really gave attention in any mother,SteelSeries headset reviews this is,really cool latias might be thinking,well adjust that headband right there,its gonna be an absolute pain whole,thing is gonna come out that I got to,get in there and kind of hold both ends,and attach it its really cool as you,see this headband will not come out,right there we have this steel series a,little rubber logo deal right here and,it wont pass right there I mean you,gonna pull on in and definitely get it,out of there if youre gonna wash it or,something but again just basic,adjustments you cant get it out right,there babe just bring it through attach,it and youre good to go so again as,cheesy as that sounds right there really,helpful Ive never kind of thought that,logo as you know useful for anything but,it really does because an adman doesnt,just come on and fling out on you now as,far as the build here were going from a,metal headband into a plastic bracket,then into this plastic arm which goes,into the plastic ear cups right here but,as far as the build I mean these things,are stinking solid I never worry about,them again you stretch them out Im,theyre perfectly honor you have,complete swivel on T the ear cups right,there so you never really have one set,pressure point going on it again its,just perfect and like I said it of you,so many other steel series headsets,before and Ive never had one break on,me it is just a perfect build again nice,and fairly lightweight I mean it got a,little bit of weight on could I have you,by any means you know what I mean but,they feel incredibly durable alright so,now what Id like to do is kind of talk,about the sound and the features and Im,gonna mix them up a little bit here,together because again theres so many,different variations to use this for and,I tested them out on all of them as well,so again Im gonna show you and talk,about some of the features and Ill also,talk about a sound within them or so as,far as features on the headset as you,can see you have your volume wheel here,mic mute and mic active button nice and,big by the way then you have your,Bluetooth button your power button your,charge port and then your 3.5 port right,over here now on the other ear cup you,have game to chat volume all right now,talking about all those features right,there,especially the Bluetooth and the,wireless and everything number one,obviously the headset is built for Xbox,right obviously but I did test this on,many different platforms from switch the,PlayStation and PC as well,but first off were gonna focus on Xbox,because I think that is the selling,point of this headset so the really,really cool thing with this headset,which I absolutely love for Xbox is this,is all you need,I love it you dont have any extra,dollars no extra wires,you gotta charge them right you know by,the way you get twenty hours of battery,life with this but other than that,thats it you hold the power button down,you hold your controller sink on the,console just like if youre syncing up a,new controller right you hold the button,on a console then you hold it on your,controller thats the exact way these,connect hold that can that console down,hold that power button down BAM and,youre synched up thats it done and,youre the really cool thing about this,as far as syncing up to your xbox just,like a controller its really cool,because whenever you hold this power,button down and power the headset on,itll actually power on your Xbox as,well and as far as the sound on Xbox Im,youre straight out the box box Xbox so,many boxes but anyways the sound was,fantastic you had these very nice hard,hit and lows right there but the lows,the base never overtook the highs the,highs were extremely crispy and by the,way with your power button here you have,four presets and then you just press the,button and youll hear tone within the,headset itll beep once one two three or,four times as far as which preset you,have in there now you can also go in as,soft were gonna just that saved into,the headset and actually save those,presets within their off PC if youd,like which Ill show you later whenever,we do the mic test but again straight,out the box I missing sounded awesome,now something that is really cool on,this headset which a lot of people kind,of ask about some of the other headset,reviews Ive done before and Ive never,really kind of dabbled into that but now,that a lot of people has asked for us,said you know what Im gonna start,testing with all of my headsets from,here on out and the cool thing here,again this connects straight to your,xbox right BAM just like a controller,and lachchi showing your Xbox that way,as well but the other cool thing yes you,can sync it up to bluetooth right here,to your phone PC whatever device has,bluetooth you can sync it up right there,with it and you also have that 3.5 so,yeah youre catching right now,youre gonna have three different,devices hooked up in this thing at once,so for example you can be playing your,game on xbox BAM hit up your Bluetooth,right you have Pandora some mu

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NEW Steelseries Arctis 9X Wireless Headset Review!

whats up guys Im random Frank P and,today were gonna be reviewing the,SteelSeries arc this 9x following up,from the 3 v 7 pro 1st gen 2nd gen now,we have the 9 X and the X stands for,Xbox I assume this is a completely,wireless Xbox headset no dongles no,adapters if youre interested in,checking it out well go over the pros,and cons talk about my experience in,this review the arctas 9x just came out,and you dont often see you know,completely wireless products with,Microsoft through their limitations and,stuff so happy we finally have something,like this although heads up SteelSeries,having an IGN cool in your box isnt,gonna mean that much when you first get,it out of the box youre gonna notice,right away that its still gonna follow,that exact same design language from the,previous arctas headsets not too much,physically is being changed and honestly,thats a good thing because I was always,a fan of the more simple look to their,headsets this is gonna follow right in,suit its lightweight you have the,controls in the back of the ear cups,theres no RGB lighting and Im all for,that I said it before but RGB on,headsets is just pointless in fact the,only color on this headset is gonna be,the green color on there sort of like,prism design on the top of the headband,and on the inside here check it out the,controls on the backside of the left ear,cup is a little volume wheel for,balancing between the game audio and,your chat audio and the majority of,everything is gonna be on the right ear,cup you have your general up and down,volume wheel a mic mute button below,that you have your Bluetooth button and,the power button for turning on and off,and pairing the microUSB port for,charging and a 3.5 millimeter headphone,jack if you want to use these wired then,on the front of the left ear cup you,have your retractable microphone which,you can extend and move it around in,front of your mouth kinda like a,gooseneck design when you hit that mic,mute button you can see itll light up,right let you know its muted then were,not using it if you want you can just,fold it up and retract it right back,into the ear cup so like I said before,no wireless dongles no adapters nothing,like that,this pairs through Xbox one one s1x,completely wirelessly and its actually,pairs to your Xbox just like you would,if youre connecting a brand new,controller you press the pairing button,on,Xbox do the same thing on here with the,power button you hold it down itll sync,and then youre connected literally that,simple just takes five seconds and just,lucky controller you can actually turn,on your Xbox just from powering on your,headset,thats definitely pretty cool then going,right along with that when it comes to,Bluetooth so you want to connect this to,your PC or your smartphone you connect,this to two devices at once you could,have crossing your audio between your,phone and your Xbox with it being paired,to your Xbox and then over Bluetooth to,your phone thats what that left volume,wheel comes in hand and what are the,benefits of this you might ask well say,youre playing on xbox and you have a,pair into your phone you get a phone,call you could still take your phone,call have the audio from your phone and,still be playing at the same time or say,youre playing xbox and youre talking,to your friends well were a discord on,your phone balance the audio there have,both over the same time play Spotify,from your phone be playing a game you,have both those options and its being,paired wirelessly to your headset and,you can control the audio balance it out,definitely pretty cool and that means,yes even though its marketed as like an,Xbox headset you can still pair this,over Bluetooth to your PC and use it,just like you would any other wireless,headset all right now next up is gonna,be the overall comfort level of the,headset and I think out of all my years,of testing headsets this is probably the,most comfortable out there and thats,saying a lot,and even when I reviewed where I was,testing out the arctas Pro a few months,ago I dont know if that was heavier or,something but it would always tend to,slide and try to fall off the back of my,head but with this extremely comfortable,no pressure points anywhere and with,that without a headband up top and just,adjust naturally very very comfortable,even for you guys at that you know I,wear glasses so for you people who wear,glasses out there I got you although I,got LASIK coming up soon hopefully even,with glasses on still very very,comfortable I dont feel any pressure,points with this either so extremely,happy with you overall comfort and you,know they can revolve to lay flat on,your dasker flat around your neck,anything like that,next we,going to move into the sound test,portion so the mic youre hearing right,now is completely raw and unedited and,from what Ive heard I think it does,sound really really good now this is,just the native this is the mic right,here not over bluetooth so if you have,it you know Wireless over your Xbox this,is how its gonna sound so what your,friends are gonna be hearing you for,challenge them on Xbox Live and stuff,and also just very very impressed and I,mean what else its its you dont,really see my quality like this from a,wireless headset so SteelSeries man,theyre theyre doing some good work but,now were gonna switch it over to the,Bluetooth mic all right so now youre,hearing the mic test over the Bluetooth,connection as you can see I have it,paired to my phone recording all in real,time so you can definitely hear a major,difference between the native you know,wireless support that has versus the,Bluetooth quality definitely not as good,but just as a reference point and want,to give you guys a mic test between the,two so you could hear and compare not,that good for Bluetooth but I wouldnt,really use this as a Bluetooth mic stick,to that Wireless support now in terms of,sound quality obviously the most,important part about a gaming headset,these sound really really good I was,definitely impressed and I gotta keep,bringing it up before a wireless headset,typically you have some sort of loss in,quality but there really wasnt anything,like that here at least it wasnt,noticeable its sound fantastic you even,have a few different eqs built into the,headset that you can cycle between by,pressing the power button just once you,could cycle between four different EQ so,you can kind of change that out,depending on what kind of game youre,playing if youre watching movies,listening to music thats pretty cool,and even if you plug it into your PC and,have the prism software download you can,go in and customize those eqs and save,them to your headset so I really really,like they have that something in a game,like Battlefield you know Im a big fan,of those games and their sound design is,always top notch everything just sound,very clear precise directional audio is,always spot-on as well gunshots off in,the distance grenades explosions really,great stuff it really brings a sense of,the world,being more alive in like firestorm when,youre running around or a game on often,you know talk about with headsets is,like GTA where youre in this open world,one of my favorite Xbox games even still,I know its all at this point but skate,three going back and playing that,however the music going it just really,gets you immerse and locked in I cant I,cant stress enough how good this sounds,are being a wireless headset its even,compatible with the Windows sonic,surround sound if you want to kind of,get a feel of you know emulated surround,sound you know me Im more of a stereo,kind of guy but it is built-in,alright so wrapping it all up with the,pros and cons everything from the,lightweight very comfortable design has,been great get that crystal-clear,microphone here the theres no RGB,lighting which Im a fan of the great,sound quality all over wireless with the,built-in EQ you can customize very very,happy with this even the battery life,thats where youd adapt I b

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SteelSeries Arctis 9X vs Arctis 7 (2019 edition) – RTINGS.com

Hey guys, Marc here from Rtings.com and today we will be comparing the SteelSeries Arctis,9X to the Arctis 7 2019 edition.,SteelSeries makes great gaming headsets that typically work best with your PC and PS4,,but there are some round about ways to get them working on your Xbox One but it’s often,a hassle and only has partial support.,However, the Arctis 9x are specifically made for the Xbox and shouldn’t have this issue,so how do they stack up to the rest of the series.,Also, we’ve tested the 9X with the Microsoft Wireless Adapter on PC since we cannot plug,our Xbox One directly into our testbench set up for now, but we expect very similar results,since the adapter uses the same wireless technology as the Xbox’s controllers.,With that being said in this video we will be comparing their design, sound quality,,microphone, isolation, leakage, active features and connectivity options to see if there are,any major differences apart from console support, since this may be especially important if,you also game on PC or use them with your phone.,But as always let’s start with what’s in the box.,So for the 9X you get you don’t get much just a micro USB to USB cable to access the,app on your PC, the manual and the 9x headset.,However as mentioned we also go the Microsoft wireless adapter so we could test it on out,testbench PC.,However, this is sold separately.,As for the Arctis 7, you get a USB Dongle, a Proprietary USB audio cable, a 1/8” TRRS,mobile audio cable, the Manuals, and the Arctis 7 headset and that’s it now lets get the,boxes out of the way and compare their design.,For their build quality, there’s essentially no difference between the Arctis 9X and the,Arctis 7.,They both have the same design, with a metal frame and the ski-google like headband of,the rest of the series.,However, unlike, the lower-end Arctis 3 and Arctis 5 the elastic band goes around the,frame instead of having hooks inside the headband, which should last a bit longer.,The earcups, the padding and retractable mic all look practically identical and both the,Arctis 9x and Arctis 7 do not have removable backplates like the higher-end Arctis Pro,,Pro Game+dac and Pro Wireless.,Also, no RGB lighting which will be a little disappointing for some since the Arctis 5,has it, but it does save a little on battery life at least.,The yokes are also pretty much identical which is the weakest part of the Arctis design overall,,but the 9x and Artcis 7 still feel like well-built and sturdy gaming headsets that should last,you a while.,As for comfort here too, there’s basically no difference between the two models.,They have the same type of pads on both headsets and the ear cups are the same size, so there,won’t be any significant differences when gaming on PC or either consoles.,The fit of the Arctis line up however is not for everyone.,Since the metal frame itself does not expand, the only way to adjust the fit is with the,elastic band, and there’s not much room or position to set the band to for a better,fit on your head.,This tends to make both headsets feel tight on head, especially for those with bigger,head sizes.,They won’t be the most comfortable headphones to wear for very long gaming sessions but,if they fit you well then the soft decently breathable fabric of the pads, and the relatively,large opening or the cup will be good enough for most.,Also, the mic being very malleable does come in handy in the overall ergonomics and comfort,of the headsets.,Lastly, for their control scheme.,For gaming both headphones are about the same with slight aesthetic and design differences,that shouldn’t matter much.,But for casual use the 9x are a lot better.,Since one of the key differences between the 9X and the Arctis 7 is that the 9x also Bluetooth,headphones, at the bottom of the right ear cups you have you have a Bluetooth pairing,button that doubles as the multi-function play/pause and media management control when,paired to your phone.,So, two presses to skips tracks and 3 presses rewind, like most Bluetooth headsets.,This makes them a lot better for casual use than the Arctis 7.,However, for gaming, they are about the same with very slight tweaks and design differences.,They both have their power button on the bottom of the right ear cup but the 9x’s volume,control and mic mute are also on the right cup instead of the left like the rest of the,series.,The mic mute button is slightly larger and easier to use than that of the Arctis 7, but,not by much, and the chat mix dial is flipped.,So for the 9x it’s on the left and near the top of the ear cup and for the Arctis,7 it’s on the right and closer to the bottom.,It doesn’t make a big difference since you get use to the set up rather quickly the only,issue would be if you have other Arctis headsets and often switch between them and the 9x.,Overall, all the button are easy to use and provide good tactile feedback for both headsets,making them some of the easiest gaming headsets to use for most.,In short design-wise the Arctis 9x seem to be a copy of the Arctis 7 2019 edition but,for the Xbox.,They have the same build quality comfort and overall button design but the 9x being Bluetooth,ready makes them more practical for casual use with your phone.,however, the tight headband of the steelseries design in general won’t be for everyone.,Ands that’s it for their design now lets compare their sound quality, isolation leakage,and microphone quality with sam.,Both the Arctis 9X and the Arctis 7 are very good and accurate sounding headphones, with,a similar sound profile.,However, we found the Artcis 9X to lack a bit of sub-bass and our Arctis 7 test unit,had slightly mis-matched drivers.,But before discussing their sound in more detail, let’s listen to a recording we have,made with these headphones, so you can get an idea about their differences for yourself.,Just keep in mind that this is a relative comparison, and not an absolute one.,So it is good for seeing which headphone has more bass or treble for example, but you won’t,be able to judge their actual sound profile.,And if you get one of these headphones and listen to the same track that we’ve used,here, you most likely won’t hear the same thing.,Here we have the frequency response of the Arctis 9X on the left and the Arctis 7 on,the right.,As you can see they both lack a bit of thump and rumble in the sub-bass region, but this,is more pronounced on the Arctis 9X.,The good news here is that lack of sub-bass is not very noticeable on headphones and most,audio content doesn’t have much sub-bass anyway.,The mid-bass region, which is important for the body and punch of kick drums and bass,instruments is reproduced accurately by both headphones, but high-bass is overemphasized,by as much as 3dB.,This makes the overall sound a little boomy and muddy.,The mid-range on the Arctis 9X is nearly flawless, and the Arctis 7 doesn’t perform too bad,either.,So they will reproduce vocals and lead instruments accurately.,But as you can see we measured a bit of mis-match between the drivers of our test units, especially,on the Arctis 7.,This will have a negative effect on the imaging of these headphones, but this could be unique,to our test unit and they one you buy may or may not have this issue.,These headphones perform similarly in the treble-range too and they do a pretty good,job.,So cymbals and other high-frequency sounds will be reproduced accurately, but some people,may find the S and T sounds a little bit too sharp on these headphones.,In terms of frequency response consistency, they seem to be quite sensitive to positioning,especially the Arctis 9X and their bass and treble delivery can vary significantly across,users depending on the shape and size of their head and whether they wear glasses.,On the upside, these headphones come with a decent EQ, so you should be able tune the,sound to your liking and to compensate for these variations.,Now for isolation and leakage, we have also recorded a comparison,

SteelSeries Arctis 9X Review — Good, with Disappointments

hey guys hope all is well with you,really quick gonna have to forgive me,for the terrible background i am doing,this in my garage as i currently dont,have anywhere better to record,but i will hopefully be getting a area,to do that soon,anyway jumping on in,today im reviewing the steel series,arctis 9 x which is simply the xbox,version they use xbox wireless to,connect,so they would be the same as just the,regular nine other than that,starting off with comfort,i mean,amazing every time i put them on just,like wow blown away they are,quite possibly some of the most,comfortable headsets on the market,clamping force is like super light,um,the headband disperses the weight so,nice,the earcups,they are very plush,real soft not too much though of course,like they dont just like flatten out on,you,they arent the thickest however so if,you have big ears they may test the,drivers in which case you might want to,upgrade um,the headband is not the most adjustable,so if you have a bigger head or a really,small head,these may not fit,which,does suck it isnt the greatest design,but when it works it is really nice just,the nice,if theyre always theyre always set to,your size you know its not like the,ratcheting kind where,whereas sometimes they can get bumped,theyre nice,um,moving on to the controls on the back,right we have your volume wheel,your mic mute button which does come out,so you can feel when its muted but it,also,on the microphone theres this light on,top that will turn on so you know for,sure that its muted,in case you get a yellow kit or,something,and then on the bottom youve got your,bluetooth pairing and power,power button also pairing,in between the two is an indicator light,i dont know if you can see it there it,will tell you what youre connected to,so flash is white connected to your xbox,blue,connected over bluetooth so i believe it,flashes white and blue really quick,um,and then ill tell you battery level,when you turn it on and off so green,yellow red,and below that you have your oh sorry,you got your charging port and then your,3.5 mil port,which,that is awesome thats part of the,reason why i originally got these is,because i wanted to be able to use them,with corded accessories or if they were,dead or something,because,you dont have to have them turned on to,use that they can be powered by whatever,theyre connected to,so that is really awesome and i use that,a lot,um on the left ear cup you got your game,and chat wheel to adjust that,and then of course your microphone which,microphone the tracks,and its pretty pretty bendy,its not the best but i mean it will go,where you want it to,so thats pretty nice,um moving on to the sound quality,thats a hard one for me guys,they sound nice they do,but i love bass,so take that into account when i tell,you,that the bass sucks,it is,some of the worst ive ever heard,if you dont,mind not having bass then these sound,nice but,i love having bass,and,not having that really bugs me,like my bows are better which bows by,all means are not known for their base,the sonys are better than bows even my,little,earbuds with six millimeter drivers,whereas these are 40,are better,so the base is quite disappointing even,when i go into the steel series engine,and turn it up all the way,its pretty disappointing,um,which a little side note these are,bluetooth but they dont have a phone,app so you do have to plug it into your,laptop,via the usb to adjust settings and then,take it back to your xbox and then if,you dont like how it sounds take it,back to your laptop so,thats kind of a bummer um,i know apps for a lot of headsets are,typically trash,but they do make it easier they work,theyre just not great so they do make,it easier it would be nice steel series,would,adding that of course the higher end,ones like the nova pros or,have the,game deck so you can just control it,just right there but,maybe consider making an app steal,series,um,overall these are nice i like them,i probably wont be keeping them,purely because of the base,i,need to have the base,i know i know it sounds whiny and more,like a creature comfort but i watch a,lot of movies with my headsets so i like,feeling explosions and like in star wars,the when the ships fly over the planets,and its got that rumble i like feeling,that so,im maybe replacing these,overall though they are nice,if i had someone looking for a headset,on xbox of course or not,these are just the xbox specific model i,would suggest them,depending on what theyre looking for if,they didnt care about bass and,were just looking for really,comfortable i definitely suggest these,these are probably some of the most,comfortable ones out there,but,i most likely will not be keeping them,ill hold on to them but i most likely,will,stop using them,well see though never know,maybe ill,change my mind or something but,if,you were looking at these and werent,sure i hope this video helped and if you,think it deserves the rating go ahead,and hit that thumbs up for me and leave,a comment down below on future video,suggestions or things that you would,like me to include,thanks

SteelSeries Arctis 9X Review: Almost Perfect!

[Music],whats up guys,hope youre doing well so today i have a,review of the steelseries arctis,9x for you guys so these are a premium,set,of wireless gaming headphones designed,to be compatible with xbox and pc,and they have actually said that it will,be compatible with the new generation of,xbox series x and xbox series s,so if you are thinking of buying one of,the new xbox consoles and would like a,sweet pair of headphones to go along,with it,then i think you should keep watching,now the headphones have been out for,well over a year now so,im late to the review party as usual,but i have been using them consistently,ever since they launched so i think i,might have a few extra insights for you,guys,as opposed to reviews when the product,first launched,so lets get into it starting with the,design and the build quality,so as you guys can see this is quite an,understated pair of headphones,theres no flashy rgb theres no crazy,colors,and to be honest thats how i like it,im going to be wearing these headphones,most of the time so i wouldnt get to,see those lights anyway,plus they just drain extra battery the,materials that are used are high quality,so its a mixture of metal around the,band at the top,and most of the body is made from,plastic but,everything feels really nice to the,touch and you can bend it different,kinds of ways and it doesnt make any,crazy sounds,which is more than can be said for most,of the headsets that are out there on,the market,the earcups can rotate to make it a,little bit easier to wear around the,neck,but unfortunately they do not fold in,which is going to make it a little bit,more,difficult to travel with because its,going to take up more space,the microphone is built into the,headphones and is retractable which in,my opinion is a very nice feature,and it is also very easy to adjust into,different kinds of positions,i am a fan of the controls as well so,most of the action happens,on the back of the right ear cup so,going from top to bottom you first got,your,volume slider then youve got the mute,button which when you press it theres,actually a small red light,on the microphone itself that lights up,to let you know that you are muted,youve then got your bluetooth pairing,button and then youve got a,indicator led which shows you when you,are pairing bluetooth its,it flashes but also when you turn the,headset on it shows you roughly what,kind of battery percentage you have left,and ill,talk about that in just a minute um,moving further down you got the,power button on and off and then youve,got the charging port which is,unfortunately micro usb i really wish,that it was usbc,and to be honest for a 2019 product,it really should have been but its not,the end of the world,and finally youve got your line in so,that you can also connect an auxiliary,cable theres not much happening on the,left side the only thing you have,at the back here is this uh little,scroll wheel which you can use,to adjust the balance between the game,and the party chat,sound levels which is actually a very,useful feature,comfort is a huge deal for me its,probably even more important than sound,quality,so if im going to be wearing a pair of,headphones for an extended period of,time,i want to know that when i finally take,off my headphones i dont have a,headache or i dont have any pain around,my ears,and that is the reason that i actually,got this headset in the first place,because i read some reviews and people,said it was very comfortable,before that i was using the hyperx cloud,alpha which is a really nice headset in,itself,but unfortunately it just wasnt very,comfortable for me,but im happy to report that this is the,most comfortable headset that ive ever,tried,it fits perfectly around my ears the,headset itself isnt too heavy,so my head doesnt become uncomfortable,and theres no strain on my neck even,after,hours of using it the strap at the top,does a good job of keeping my head in,the place so that its,not sliding around and finally the ear,cups themselves,luckily they dont clamp onto my head,with the force of a thousand suns like,some of the other headsets ive tried,once you turn it on the good news keeps,on coming sound quality,is solid especially for gaming after all,that is,what it was designed to do you can,listen to music on it as well,ive done quite a bit of testing before,making this review and i would say,its possible that said ive had a lot,of really nice headphones over the years,so im a bit of a snob when it comes to,listening to music but i would say that,the sound from the 9x is,quite balanced nothing is really,overpowering,its clean theres not much distortion,but i would say its lacking a bit of,sound stage for me,and music just doesnt really pop like i,would like it to,but at the end of the day like i said,this is a gaming headset and in that,area,it delivers i can easily hear footsteps,around me and call of duty,even with explosions and other sounds,going on,at the same time i really appreciate,this slider here so you can adjust,between party chat and game audio it,just makes life a lot easier so you,dont have to go into your console,or your game settings and start messing,around with things there,i also think that the microphone is,actually really good on this device,generally speaking even headsets that,claim to have good microphones with,noise cancellation,end up sounding a bit meh but ive,received several compliments from,various people that ive played with,and theyve all said the same thing,which is that i sound loud and clear,so to give you guys an idea of what the,microphone sounds like im now actually,talking to you through,the microphone of the steelseries arctis,9x,so what do you guys think i think,overall it sounds pretty good obviously,its not a studio microphone but for a,gaming headset,its better than almost anything else,ive tried personally you want to have,the microphone at least a few inches,away from your mouth i have noticed that,if you,get too close to your mouth the audio,starts to clip and distort,and it starts to sound worse but all in,all i think it sounds pretty great,battery life is particularly impressive,steelseries says that you can go for up,to 20 hours,of listening on a single charge and,although i havent gone out and tested,that,specifically i would say that i go at,least,one week in between having to charge,this which is perfectly fine,for me the led indicator is useful it,lights up green when you have 100,percent,down to 50 percent battery it changes,then to solid yellow,if its 49 down to 20,solid red is 19 down to 10,and blinking red is nine down to one now,theres,one thing about this headset that im,not really a big fan of,you see i use this headset both on my pc,as well as my xbox and while it is,possible to do that,there are a few things that you should,know first of all if you do want to use,it on pc youre going to need,the xbox wireless adapter for windows,and thats going to cost you,around an extra 20 on the already,quite high price tag of these headphones,but its also a bit of a pain to switch,between pc,and xbox so each time you want to switch,over youre going to have to pair it,again with the new device and you do,that by turning off the headset,and then you will hold down the power,button and also hold down the bluetooth,pairing button of,either the xbox or the wireless adapter,until it syncs up note that one of the,features,that you can do with this and the xbox,is when you turn this headset on it can,actually,automatically wake up or turn on your,xbox,and although that does sound like a nice,feature when you want to then move over,to pc,and pair it with that when you turn this,thing on its going to turn on your xbox,even if you dont want it to also its a,bit of a tedious process,at least for pairing with the pc i,sometimes have to try several times,before it finally works,even though ive been doing the same,exact thing on the previous attempts,which were,unsuccessful so for me this is the,bi

Xbox SteelSeries Arctis 9X – More Than A Gaming Headset

when it comes to xbox gaming headsets,there are a ton of options to pick from,at a variety of different price tags but,one headset that recently caught my mind,was the artist 9x from steelseries this,headset is actually slightly more,expensive compared to other headsets on,the market retails for about two hundred,dollars but can usually be found for,about 188 dollars and in this video,were going to be taking a closer look,at the headset and reviewing it in,detail so lets get started,[Music],whats going on guys michael here from,the tweet and tech youtube channel and,today we are gonna be taking a look at,that steel series artist 9x i hope im,saying the name right there were gonna,take a closer look at it and see if its,worth your hard earned money so lets,jump into it right away with the design,gotta say right away taking a look,around the headset this is one of my,favorite designed gaming headsets that i,personally ever saw it does feature a,very sturdy steel band that kind of,wraps all the way around the headset,itself youll also notice a strap with,green lines on it this is actually how,you adjust the tension on the headset,itself its actually woven ski goggle,fabric which is pretty unique to see on,any type of headset let alone a gaming,headset and to adjust it you just pull,up on the velcro and make the strap,either longer or shorter and that will,adjust the actual tension when you put,this on your head now before we move on,if youre looking at this headset and,youre already thinking about maybe,wanting to purchase it ill leave an,amazon affiliate link down in the,description below if you are interested,in purchasing this headset please use,that link it helps me continue making,these videos and do what i do now moving,on to the ear cushions they are made out,of a fabric with kind of like foam on,the inside and theyre,theyre just okay i personally prefer,much prefer leather or even fake leather,kind of on the ear cushions of gaming,headsets but these again theyre okay,the fabric ear cushions on the steel,series headset can get a little hot,after an extended period of use,something that doesnt necessarily,happen with other gaming headsets so it,wasnt really that big a deal just,something to note if youre considering,purchasing this they are removable and,replaceable as well which is really nice,you know if they get scuffed up or,ripped or something and when you do,remove them youll see the 40 millimeter,driver inside of the actual headset,itself the rest of the headset is pretty,much plastic all around plastic ear cups,plastic buttons overall its a really,nice design only thing i dont love is,those fabric foam ear cushions really,wish those were more of a leather or,like fake leather material but overall,really nice design here a few other,quick things to note about the design,just so you know on the left ear muff we,have the microphone the game and chat,mixer not the volume keep in mind here,this is the game and chat mixer so you,can make either the game volume louder,or your chat volume louder on the right,side is where you have the actual volume,dial that will increase or decrease the,overall sound on the headset a,microphone mute and unmute button the,power on and off button which also,serves as the eq button which you can,adjust different presets for a micro usb,input for charging the actual headset,itself and a 3.5 millimeter headphone,jack to connect this headset to various,devices that accept 3.5 millimeter,headphones so thats a look at the,actual design of the headset lets move,on and talk about some of the features,this headset offers first this is,actually a fully wireless headset so it,connects to your xbox using a 2.4,gigahertz connection so you wont need,any cables running to your xbox and you,dont need a usb dongle either and,unlike some wireless headsets that ive,seen advertised on the market this one,is fully wireless meaning you do not,need a cord connected from the headset,itself to your xbox controller in order,to chat with people online in order to,chat with your friends online its fully,wireless there are no wires now those 40,millimeter drivers on this headset do,use windows sonic you can get dolby,atmos to work i was able to get it to,work but i couldnt really tell much of,a difference with dolby atmos compared,to windows sonic and i do believe you,have to actually pay for dolby atmos i,think its like a one-time 15 or 30,charge so just keep that in mind if you,havent already purchased the dolby,atmos app on your xbox again though,there wasnt really much of a difference,when i did select dolby atmos versus,just windows sonic so lets talk a bit,more about the actual audio quality on,this headset and unfortunately its its,not the best quality that ive,experienced on a gaming headset now you,can set different eqs on this headset it,comes with preset eqs that again you can,adjust with the actual power button but,no matter what eq i was on it kind of,all just sounded flat keep in mind im,comparing this to some other gaming,headsets ive used so,for me it wasnt bad sounding it just,there were other headsets that sounded,better and cost less so ive used the,turtle beach stealth 700 gen 2 gaming,headset really like that headset the,audio sounds much better on that headset,in my opinion ive also used the xbox,wireless headset which is about half the,price of this steel series headset and,the audio on that one also sounds a bit,better in my opinion it just doesnt,sound as flat so just something to note,the audio isnt bad its just not good,and theres other headsets that have had,better audio in my opinion if you are,interested in some of those other,headsets that i mentioned ive actually,done a comparison video on the turtle,beach stealth 700 gen 2 versus the xbox,wireless headset so ill leave a link to,that video in the description below you,can kind of watch that video if you want,and then you can compare all three,headsets to figure out which one might,be best for you moving on to the battery,youre gonna get about 20 hours of,battery life and i had no issues with,this if i was using the headset for an,extended period of time it lasted the,entire day,20 hours is what most gaming headsets,give you so good battery life on the,steelseries artist 9x now the only issue,i have with this and if you watch my,videos before you might know where this,is going its not necessarily with the,battery itself but its with the,charging port were in 2022 and steel,series has put a micro usb charging port,on this headset all of the other gaming,headsets that ive used use usbc because,that is the cable the port that makes,sense to use i personally have a,rechargeable battery pack in my xbox,controller that uses usbc so when youre,using the steel series headset if you,have a rechargeable battery pack youre,now going to need two different cables,which is really annoying they should,have just made the charging port usbc,would have made a lot more sense i get,really frustrated when companies do this,overall though not that big a deal just,something that is a little annoying,bluetooth 4.1 is also in this headset,and thatll allow you to use the headset,from about 20 feet away from your,console of course bluetooth will allow,you to connect to your phone or really,any device that accepts bluetooth so a,tablet your phone a computer and the,nice thing is you can actually use,bluetooth while youre connected to your,xbox and chatting with your friends or,listening to game audio so if youre,playing rocket league for example and,youre chatting with your friends you,can actually connect the bluetooth to,your phone and you can listen to music,while youre playing rocket league and,chatting with your friends so thats,kind of nice if thats something you,want to be able to do if you do connect,it to your phone you can also take and,make phone calls on it so that makes,ordering pizza on a friday night much,easier moving on to the microphone,itself it does use something calle

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