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  3. Arlo Pro 4 Review!
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EVERYTHING You Need To Know About The Arlo Essential, Pro 4 And Ultra 2

arlo has been quite busy in the last,year theyve come out with a ton of new,cameras,weve got a new 1080p camera a new 2k,camera,and a new 4k camera in todays video im,going to be comparing all three of these,cameras together,so you can see the difference between,video resolution or the quality,and the audio difference were going to,be going over some of the other features,that each one of these cameras offer,and see what comes in each of the boxes,so stay tuned,hey everybody welcome back to another,video just for reference we are,taking a look at the arlo essential the,arlo pro,4 and the arlo ultra 2. if for some,reason you want to see the older models,i did do a video on that i can link it,above for you guys to check out,but right now were taking a look at,some of the newest stuff,in addition to showing you guys the,demos of these cameras i want to try to,also,answer as many questions as ive seen,pop up ive been covering arlo cameras,for quite a few years now so i got a,good pretty good handle,on questions people have and things that,are coming up now we are covering a lot,in todays video so im going to be,using timestamps to break it out into,different chapters,so if theres something you want to see,or something you want to skip its all,going to be in timestamps down below if,you guys are watching this on youtube,so before we get started dont forget to,subscribe and hit that notification,bell so you dont miss out on future,videos like this one now,lets take a look at what comes in these,boxes okay so here is what you get in,the box,with the arlo ultra weve got the ultra,camera weve got a,decal weve got our magnetic power cable,and our power brick weve got our,battery weve got our mounts,and then weve got the screws and,anchors,for the mounts now if you want to know,what comes,with the arlo pro 4,there it is all the exact same stuff,comes with the arlo pro 4.,now its going to be a little bit,different with the arlo essentials so,lets take a look at that now,all right here is what you get with the,arlo essential which is,basically the essentials weve got our,1080p camera right here weve got a,different mount so this is a,wall mount that comes with it it is a,hard plastic but,it is still plastic weve got our,anchors and screws here,and then we have got a micro usb,charging cable this does not come with a,power brick,so micro usb is going to plug into the,bottom here,no magnetic charging which is,unfortunate because that is one of my,favorite things about the arlo cameras,is that magnetic,charging but thats essentially it that,is all you get in the box with,the arlo essential now as far as the,hardware goes,the arlo pro 4 and the arlo ultra 2,are pretty much the exact same camera,they have the same,shell they have the same placements they,take the same batteries,the only difference is that one is a 2k,camera and one is a 4k,camera the cool thing with these cameras,is they have something called a,catch so if your camera is placed up,somewhere high and you need to take this,out,there is a button on the bottom you can,push and its going to pop the camera,out just a little bit,enough for you to then grab it and pull,it out they call that a catch,so that way you dont have to worry,about the camera falling on the ground,this shell stays,in place so that way your positioning,of your camera is still in the exact,same positioning,when you either replace the battery or,get the battery charged up you can then,put it back in,push it in tight till it clicks and you,are good to go if we take a look at the,bottom of these cameras they have,something called,magnetic charging and this is by far my,favorite thing,about pretty much any security camera,out there,and it is exclusive to arlo their,charging on the bottom is,magnetic so what youre going to do is,youre going to take the magnetic,charging cable and its going to,automatically,connect to the bottom and the cool thing,about this is that it is,weatherproof so it doesnt matter if,water gets in there or dirt and,anything like that now if it does get,dirty you may want to clean it out,just so youre getting a better charge,but you have the magnetic,charging on the bottom which is just so,convenient,you can either get this in the cable,that comes in the box you can get,big long 25 foot cables or you can get,their solar panels and i recommend,picking up their solar panels it just,makes these so much more convenient,because typically a battery on here even,though on the box this has six months,i would realistically say that is,probably about three to four months and,that just depends on how much activity,so,if you have a ton of activity and youre,recording long clips,or you have maybe a windy area that is,recording a lot of,branches blowing or something like that,it may only be a month,if you put this in an area where you,have,no activity or barely anybody is walking,by,yeah this might last six months and its,also gonna depend on the settings that,you set up if you have it on,best battery life and well take a look,at that in the app in a second but you,can adjust certain things in the app,to give it a better battery life for the,sake of these demos that im going to be,doing in a little bit,i have everything maxed out so weve got,the max resolution for each of these,cameras,i want to show you the best of the best,of what these cameras offer now if we,take a look at the arlo essential this,is where things are going to start,getting different first off,this does not open up you cannot take,this battery out,which at first kind of seems a little,worrisome i mean if you cant take the,battery out if something happens to the,battery youre just,chucking this camera because you cant,get into it and essentially yes that is,what youre going to do,but i think they guarantee these things,to be rechargeable,i think 300 times something like that so,by the time you go through 300 charges,uh this things gonna be so outdated,anyway and youre probably gonna be,chucking it but,if you want to charge on the bottom you,do have to pull back this flap,and there is a micro usb charger,underneath so to charge up this camera,if youre not gonna do solar panel,you will have to take this camera down,charge it up and then put the camera,back,taking a look at the front of these,cameras right here they all come with,spotlights on the top,which is pretty cool youve got your ir,sensors your microphone your speakers,and everything one good thing about,pretty much all of these cameras that,were gonna be testing is that they all,have pretty good mics,back when i was testing out like the,arlo pro 2 those mics were horrible they,were they were awful these are all,pretty good mics that they have in here,now,now the one thing that i want to bring,up is that previously if you are,familiar with arlo in their past,with the arlo pro twos and older cameras,they came with seven days of free cloud,storage,these new cameras nowadays do not you do,not get any,free cloud storage with these so that is,something to keep in mind,that you do have to take a look at their,subscription service which well take a,look at in a second,oh and one thing that i forgot to,mention is that the batteries inside of,the arlo pro,4 and the arlo ultra 2 are the same,batteries that are with the arlo pro 3,and arlo ultra so pro 3 pro 4,ultra ultra 2 all have the same battery,so theyre,interchangeable if you guys do have,older cameras and want to be able to,swap batteries uh between those,and id recommend that if you are going,to be getting maybe some extra batteries,uh having the cameras that all take the,same batteries is pretty beneficial now,another thing to mention about these,cameras,is their notifications so if you do sign,up through the arlo smart subscription,service,you will have the option of picking,different notification categories,so you can either say notify me if it,detects a person a vehicle,an animal or just all other motion,now i do also want to mention that arlo,has a web porta

Arlos New Security Camera Goes BUDGET | Arlo Essential Review

arlo has just recently released the new,arlo essential,this is a 1080p camera that does not,require the base station to connect to,this will connect to your wi-fi router,but,how well does it perform that is what,were going to be taking a look at in,todays video,so stay tuned,[Music],hey everyone welcome back to another,video my name is steve from the youtube,channel steve does and i want to thank,you for joining me here at reviews.org,so today were taking a look at the arlo,essential something that arlo is calling,their affordable,camera which is pretty nice because arlo,is typically known,for overpriced hardware but now weve,got this little guy right here,arlo essential this is a 1080p camera,thats going to differ from the arlo pro,3,which is a 2k camera and the arlo ultra,which is a 4k,camera the nice thing about this one,right here is it also does not,require it to connect to a base station,like the other cameras do,this one can connect directly to your,wi-fi so if you dont like the idea of,having extra hardware in a base station,for your cameras to connect to this is,going to be an ideal one to take a look,at,however it is 1080p so im really,curious to see,what the quality is going to look like,now if we take a look at the box we can,see some of the features that this,camera offers,weve got the 1080p video it is weather,resistant,two-way audio color night vision so this,does have a spotlight built into it,which is,awesome great feature of theirs weve,also got,weather resistant clearly hear your,visitors so its got an improved mic and,speaker,you receive alerts when motion is,detected capture clear,full hd definition easily recharge your,camera and use the built-in siren to,detour,unwanted guests alright so now that,weve gone over some of the features,lets,take a look at what comes in the box but,before we get started dont forget to,subscribe and hit that notification bell,so you dont miss out on future videos,like this one with that said,lets get started all right so inside,the box weve got the,camera itself taking a look at the front,of it weve got,the camera here weve got ir sensors on,the side this ones got the spotlight,weve got microphones below a speaker,down here on the bottom we have,the charging port now unfortunately this,is not,the really nice magnetic charging that,the arlo pro 3 and ultra come with i,really enjoy that one,unfortunately this is going to be the,micro usb,port so that is unfortunate right there,if we take a look at the back we have,got,the quarter 20 mount on the back so,thats going to be for their mounts and,this thing does not open up the battery,is built inside and you do not take this,apart now in addition to the camera,weve got,the quick setup guide now this is pretty,much just going to force you to the app,to go through the setup so it says,download the app and start the setup,weve got the mount right here so this,is just the cheap,plastic one that they started going with,i hate these right here i wish id go,back to the metal ones,here is the charging cable this thing is,pretty small but thats the charging,cable,and then weve got anchors and screws,for the mount,all right now that we have seen what,comes in the box lets get this thing,set up in the app im gonna go ahead and,grab my phone were gonna load up the,arlo app right here,were just gonna scroll all the way to,the bottom add new device,and select cameras were gonna click on,essential,and this is interesting right here,because we have two options for,essential weve got just the,standard essential and then essential,spotlight camera,which is what i have and the essential,xl spotlight camera,which im actually not aware of so,thats interesting right there,but let me just make sure spotlight,camera okay so weve got the essential,spotlight camera,im gonna click on that now we have the,option,that we can connect it to a hub if we,have a hub or we can just do the,no hub so were gonna do this one,without the hub because i want to test,out those features right there,were going to get a message popping up,here saying that its going to be better,if we connected to the hub,says that were going to be able to get,better bandwidth and able to use,local storage if we actually use a smart,hub and ill tell you right now,local storage is not that great at all,but better bandwidth using a hub thats,interesting anyway we are going to,continue on anyways,not setting it up so im going to go,through the rest of the steps right here,get this thing set up and then well,take a look at some of the features in,the app,all right the setup is now done firmware,has now been updated,so right here at the top you can see,ive got the arlo camera loaded up,clicking on the play button is going to,bring up a live,view of the camera now one thing arlo is,notorious for,is there are long load times and,notification times,you can see the camera has now brought,up the live view but that did,take a while not as quick as some of the,other cameras that we have seen out,there,but below that you can see some of the,quick references weve got,battery levels weve got signal strength,levels for,wi-fi and then weve also got this,little circle down here,now when that does turn orange or yellow,that indicates that it is detecting,motion,and right now it is not detecting motion,next to that weve got the number three,thats going to be how many,notifications it has or recordings that,it has and then weve got the gear,box next to that so clicking on the gear,is going to bring up the different,settings,from here we can turn the device on and,off we can see the battery level,what wi-fi its connected to time zones,we can do flicker adjustments,camera leds so for the camera led thats,just going to be the,leds on the front of the camera letting,you know if the battery is full or not,in,device utilities you can do camera,positioning and motion detection,testing if we go down to video so weve,got video settings,so in here you can adjust the brightness,of the image that you are seeing,we can rotate the camera 180 so if you,do put your camera upside down for some,reason you can flip,the image in the software here weve got,low light settings so this is where,youre going to control the spotlight,if you want the colored night vision on,behavior for that light,so behavior would be either having it,constant,flash or pulsing light weve got,brightness,set to 100 and then weve got night,vision turned on,power management best video optimized,and best battery life,for the sake of the test i want the best,video possible so were gonna select,best video back out of all of this right,here,and then weve got activity zones that,we can set up so if you want to set up,different activity zones youre going to,click,on the plus button up here create,activity zones on where you want,motion to trigger a recording im gonna,go ahead and delete mine,and then weve got audio settings below,that so this is gonna be if you want,your mic,your speakers on and then what you want,your speaker volume to be,now that weve taken a look at the,features of the app lets get this thing,set up outside and start getting some,demo shots,alright so here we are testing out the,quality of the,1080p image from this camera im about,six,feet away from the camera right now got,bright sun,on me but i wanted to give you guys an,idea of what the quality,looks like im going to back up here to,about 10 feet,so about 10 feet away maybe about 15,feet away,but this is what it looks and sounds,like,on this bright sunny morning lets take,a look,at what its going to look like once the,sun goes down and get a better idea of,what the quality,looks like all right not as bright as it,was,this morning but i just wanted to get a,different shot of what the camera looks,like,when it sun has gone down and it looks,just a little bit better,light wise out here now that youve seen,what the light looks like,right now and what the quality looks,like lets take a look at some night,shots of what this

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Arlo Pro 4 Review!

hey folks this is gabe security.org and,today i want to talk to you about the,arlo pro 4. now arlo has been putting,out top-notch home security cams for,years and i want to talk about this one,that does not require a hub so lets go,ahead and jump into the arlo pro 4.,all right so lets start with what we,like about the arlo pro 4. right off the,bat has to be that resolution,looks gorgeous i mean were going to,dive directly into the video quality in,a moment but i just have to say that i,was a really big fan of how things look,with my iowa pro 4 it does seem likely,that i might just keep this up in my,home second thing i really liked is how,easy it was to install i basically put,it up in about 10 minutes so i,procrastinated far longer on putting,this up than it actually took me when it,came down to setting this up in my,backyard and when it comes to what i,didnt like i guess the only real thing,is like its a little spindy uh these,days for 2k outdoor cameras you dont,really have to spend that much money so,the arlo pro 4,when it first came out was a little,spinny but honestly its gotten even,more affordable since then so,you know if you really want to spend the,bare minimum you can but if you can,afford it maybe you go up for the arlo,pro 4 but just know its gonna be a,little pricey all right so lets talk,about the video quality because thats,why you got a camera you want to see,whats going on you want to see it,really well and thats where arlo has,always excelled when it comes to the 2k,vision its excellent its 160 degree,field of view so its capturing so much,theres a 12 time digital zoom and you,also have hdr so high dynamic range so,it can see things really well when its,nice and sunny now that weve gone over,the video quality i think we have to,separately kind of talk about night,vision i know its a part of video,quality but its pretty solid i mean you,have a couple options you can do black,and white because theres two infrared,led sensors that are gonna make it,really easy for you to see in that black,and white and yes thats a great part of,it but you know if you want to have fun,with it you can get that color night,vision because it has that,spotlight and that spotlight is bright,when you look at this arlo pro night,vision shot you can see that im pretty,clear im wearing a chelsea european cup,jacket i believe and you can see the cup,you can see the insignia you can see,whats going on pretty well lets just,talk about the design on the arlo pro 4,so when it comes to design its,basically,not anything different than what weve,seen from arlo maybe a little slimmer um,it looks pretty good black,spotlight here you got your infrared,leds uh youve got your lens on the,front of course theyre gonna say arlo,on both sides so you never forget where,you got it from this device does charge,from um the bottom so theres a little,piece actually i have it in my pocket,actually right now when you want to,charge youre basically going to take,your arlo,here and also and then youre going to,place it like that boom,super easy um and i know im jumping,into the installation kind of in a sense,but this is the design and this is,really straightforward i like it uh,i i dont want to think about this i,want to basically put up the charge they,say like every six months or something,thats not really gonna be the case for,anybody its gonna be more like three,months or two months but its so easy,that im not even worried about it you,have a little piece that i have set up,out back youll see,that allows for you to just throw it,back on that magnet when youre done,easy peasy lemon squeezy really like the,design element of the arlo pro,4 and thats something ive never,felt was like a misstep by arlo all,right so we talked about the design what,about the actual hardiness of this,device now you know it can look great,look good be easy to charge whatever but,if you cant actually use it um in,elements its not gonna work well it is,minus four to 113 degrees fahrenheit,weather rated uh now they havent given,us this exact ip weather rating but i,can tell you that so far its handled,everything in new york finally when it,comes to the physical aspects before we,jump into everything else this thing can,do lets talk about the installation,which was great its literally one screw,so i went in the back i didnt even,record it because it was so fast but i,simply went to the back uh put in one,screw put that screw onto the back of a,magnetic base and then i just throw this,base on whenever i uh throw this camera,on the base whenever i need um so the,installation process is really,straightforward um and again you dont,need a hub which really facilitates it a,lot of those early rlos required a hub,and you dont have to have one for the,arlo pro 4 which im really grateful for,now well review this a little bit more,when we get into the mobile application,but i do want to go into state that if,you dont have a smart hub i can pay,2.99 a month i get arlo smart and i get,a pretty,nice number of things i mean 2.99 three,bucks half a coffee not even half a,coffee i paid eight dollars today for a,latte i know youre gonna make fun of me,im in brooklyn but i really like this,one specific latte now three dollars a,month and with that im going to get uh,2k recording im going to get,intelligent alerts im going to get,advanced object detection so that pec,detection that i love so much im going,to get you know instantly notified,when motion happens so i can look at,that,basically you need to have the arlo,smart,with your camera these days if you,really want to be up to date and you,dont want to see the recordings later,youre going to have to go ahead and put,that you know three dollars on it but,remember if you have a number of,different cameras like i live in,brooklyn i can cover my entire backyard,with the one but you know my parents,would probably need a few of these,you can get five cameras for 9.99 so,its a decent saving you know,you know five times three would have,been fifteen dollars but ten dollars a,month not too bad and for that ten,dollars you get five cameras and you,know the all those smart features are,great i mean i understand that we just,seem to be expecting to get,subscriptions for everythings in our,lives but you know thats just how,everyone kind of makes their money to be,completely honest with you so that is,the necessary evil of sorts when it,comes to arlo that arlo smart um and,its it is great i mean i like all those,feature sets i like having access to it,and if i didnt have that i dont know,if i want a camera at all so here we are,checking out the arlo mobile application,now pretty easy to dive straight in as,you can see just tap on the button and,were ready to go if i go to the bottom,right you can see uh the various things,i was moving it around these are motion,detections that ive seen i can go from,the day before you get animal,notifications which i think is really,useful right there,um and i can get a personal notification,so you can see me here,theres just my dogs from the animal,animal animal animal animal,so i really appreciate getting these,different modes now going back,go directly back into a live footing,live live footage once again,straightforward quick connection,um now,again it looks like someone just let a,dog out excited in this moment because,you see how emotional it works its,actually really cool now i can mute,notifications i can uh activate the,siren or i can do an emergency response,right here from the drop down,10 of 10. maybe i should mute,notifications for now because im sure,my dogs gonna be out for a minute so i,meet those notifications for the next 30,minutes,now until 807. now if i go back to my,library you can see all right thats,whats happening now you can see these,are 2k so weve got that 2k footage a,little button there on the right so,lets just go ahead now and just dive,into our settings so you can see my,various devices i got an arlo essential,setup along

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Eufy & Arlo in-depth comparison | Watch this video before buying your Eufy or Arlo security cameras!

hey guys Mikhail here for another device,deal video today were going to be,looking at security cameras and were,going to be doing a bit of a deep dive,comparison today between the Arlo And,the yuffie brands as theyre pretty much,the the two biggest in the market right,now and we get an absolute ton of,questioning from customers about these,two,so to start with well take a look I,guess at the the range that these,cameras have so both have a lot of,different options in Arlo youve got a,quite a nice extensive range where,youve got cameras starting from you,know all the way down at an entry level,point at 1080p all the way up to a top,end range at 4K resolution when youre,looking at the U fees for example at the,moment I believe the current models that,you can get like available would be are,the 2K models primarily with maybe a,couple 1080p not really too many and,Ive noticed only just very recently at,the time of this video is being recorded,a 4K option has just been launched so,got a lot of similarities going on that,end now if were going to do some things,looking at the field of view the field,of view I think just from the cameras,that Ive seen Arlos probably got a bit,of the upper Edge so this camera weve,got here is the the Pro 4 camera which,can have a field of view of 160 degrees,the equivalent camera in resolution for,the UV cam M would be the 2C Pro or 2,Pro which goes at like 130 or 135,degrees so you do get a nice kind of a,little bit of a wider field of view with,the Arlo cameras,so on top of this there is a lot of,overlap on top of the other main,features so you know both the cameras,all have two-way audio theyre both all,made to be weatherproof so it can you,know can get rained on theyve got,different RPX ratings theyve both got,alarm systems in them with the Arlo its,in the cameras with the you feeds in the,base station and you know youve got,different things like like Advanced AI,detection to you know detect if its a,person or not you know youve got a lot,of these overlapping things that kind of,cover both brands,so when it comes to the batteries what I,believe Arlo has kind of a little bit of,an upper hand with with a lot of their,models is the fact that theyve got a,nice modular design and the cameras or,sorry the batteries themselves are,removable so to show you here you know,the case comes off really nice and easy,and then youve just got the battery,that comes out like this nice and easy,and this can actually be replaced so you,know I feel like that can give you an,overall longer lasting time frame,whereas if youve got some of these UV,models the cameras cant be or sorry the,batteries cant be removed so,essentially once the camera dies or the,battery dies like thats it you have to,replace the camera and youve got you,know a nice kind of magnetic charging,point which makes it a bit easier to,charge just versus a micro USB on on,this model here,so we want to take a bit of a deeper,diet now in the actual security of these,cameras itself you know its the whole,reason youre getting these to begin,with you know whether you want to be you,know monitoring your home or maybe,checking up on a pet or relative or just,keeping yourself safe in general or,keeping a lookout just to make sure,nothing no Mischief is going up now you,may or may not have known but in the,news quite recently the UV cameras were,actually kind of put on blast as people,were able to access other customers,footage without their permission so,essentially imagine opening your phone,wanting to see whats going on in your,own home and youre randomly seeing,someone elses bathroom or someone,elses Warehouse you know and have no,idea whats going on or even the fact,that once you found that out to know,that someone else has got that access,its a it can be a little bit scary so,thats something that I think goofy,probably needs to work on a little bit,whereas Arlo has a really well secure,privacy policy and theyre extremely,transparent about it as well,so now Im going to go into probably the,two most sought after questions that we,get here at device deal regarding these,security cameras is about the storage,and subscriptions so to start with well,look at the storage so the storage,options for both of them actually are,the same as far as the options of local,storage or cloud storage for both these,options cloud storage is covered by a,subscription which Ill get down to a,little bit later but for now I just want,to focus on the local storage so,so with the yuffie cams the current,models like the 2C Pro and the two pro,will come with a base that has 16 gig of,built-in storage and you cannot expand,on that on those current and thats for,the 2K camera models,um if you decide to bring out a new base,or something where you can maybe replace,it and expand that that would be pretty,handy but at the moment I personally,find that to be a little bit of a,limitation that you kind of got a fixed,limit on the base station storage with,the UVS they do have other options of,like Standalone cameras which use like a,Micro SD card that you can expand up to,128 gig but you know were talking more,about just the popular models at the,moment with the ILO I think theyve got,a kind of a nice handy feature where you,can use the base station for storage as,the optional choice and you can have up,to two terabytes of either a Micro SD,card if youre using the 4k camera,because that base station uses that,particular type of storage versus the,the essential and the Pro 4 option which,then that base station will use like a,USB port so you could put in an external,hard drive so on that front I think,thats pretty handy to have for local,storage the the big thing is about,accessibility so this is something where,a lot of people think ufe actually have,the upper hand but theres some things,you need to consider and know that Arlo,actually do have those features as well,but they just do it in a more secure way,so its to do with the remote access,mainly with these cameras so with the UV,cameras you can remotely access your,footage wherever you are as long as your,phones got internet so thats why you,dont necessarily need a subscription,and thats why they advertise I said you,know no subscriptions are required,however you do need to acknowledge that,if you are accessing anything thats on,a local Drive remotely it has to be,going through some kind of service,especially if theres nothing in between,so,um you know like a VPN or something like,that so there must be it has to be going,through something thats probably going,through their their service down in,China or something like that,um you know its its not got that I,guess,um that pure pure like safety that I,feel like Arlo makes themselves more,transparent about when it comes to the,Arlo the Arlo storage now you dont,really get that just as a you know,straight out the box so I know thats,kind of the first difference there where,yuffie gets a bit of an advantage its a,lot more simplistic as far as that,remote access of local storage however,with Arlo they have a feature called,direct storage access this actually does,allow you the way to access locally,stored footage on your phone remotely so,it does have that feature however they,like to try and do it in a bit more of a,safe way because how they do it is they,would firstly highly recommend that you,use a VPN router because that allows you,to be on the same Wi-Fi network as the,cameras but remotely and you can keep,that all secure so that means youre,doing stuff on the same network so,thats again its just to do with that,safety element there otherwise they say,that you can do port forwarding as well,but they do give you that warning that,because port forwarding is where you,could start to get potential security,risks this is what I personally think,yup is probably doing with their side,they must be doing some kind of port,forwarding but you know they dont,mention it I dont know exactly how,theyre able to do it but yeah theyre

Arlo Essential Spotlight Camera Review – Unboxing, Features, Settings, Installation, Video & Audio

this is our Lowes $130 stand-alone,spotlight camera is it worth it,lets find out hello guys lifehack,stirrer here are the released their,essential camera and this is only $130 I,say only because our Noyes notorious for,releasing overpriced cameras once in a,while they will release a product that,is justifiably affordable like their,video doorbell and today we will see if,this 1080p spotlight camera is worth it,we will do the unboxing,check out these features set it up check,out the settings do the install and,check out its video and audio quality,and run some tests and see if this stand,alone no need for home base Wi-Fi camera,from Arlo will find its way to your home,lets check out its features this camera,records a 1080p resolution and has a,hundred thirty degree diagonal field of,view and it records at 24 frames per,second it has night vision of up to 25,feet with dual eight 15 nanometers,infrared LEDs,it has 12 x digital zoom it has to wait,talk it has PIR motion detection of only,up to 23 feet you can get email alerts,and push notifications and it has an,operating temperature of negative 4 to,113 degrees Fahrenheit it has a built-in,siren which can be activated manually or,when it detects motion it has a built-in,rechargeable battery that is not,removable or replaceable so you have to,charge it with a micro USB cable or it,can be connected to a solar panel please,note that it doesnt use the magnetic,charging system like the ultras or the,pro threes lastly one thing unique about,this essential series camera when,compared to the our low pro 2 trees and,the ultras aside from the Arlo 3,floodlight is that this camera can be,connected directly to your Wi-Fi and,doesnt need and rely on a home base but,you have an option to connect to one if,you need to if you want to use local,recording or to backup your footage,which means you can use this as an and,on camera if you already have the system,and for the price its only $5 more than,an add-on Pro to camera and you get the,built-in camera siren and the spotlight,which the pro 2 doesnt have time to do,the unboxing this is the essential,spotlight camera 1080p full-hd weather,resistant two-way audio caller night,vision and has an integrated spotlight,also just like with the newer camera,releases from Arlo you will need to be,subscribed to the Arlo smart plan if you,want advanced AI detection a 9 on one,activity zones rich notifications and,cloud storage for 30 days you have an,option for local recording when paired,with a base station but will not get a I,know activity zones and no rich,notifications,Arlo smart plan starts at $2.99 per,month per camera or $9.99 per month for,up to five cameras what is inside the,box we have the camera itself front and,center we have the spotlight camera lens,light sensor mic and infrared LEDs in,the front we have the PIR sensor here in,the bottom and we also have the speaker,we have the AR lo branding on both sides,of the camera on the bottom we have the,setup button and also a rubber flap that,covers the microUSB port for charging at,the back we have the quarter twenty,thread to mount the camera what else is,inside the box we have the screw in,adjustable mount mounting screws and,plastic anchors and we have a short,microUSB cable to charge the camera and,a set-up guide time to set this up,download sign up and log into the our,new app click add new device choose,cameras click on essential you can set,this up using a base station if you,already have one and Arlo does recommend,it but with this setup Ill set it up,directly to my Wi-Fi which you will get,a prompt stating that you will get,better bandwidth and access to video,stored to local storage if paired with a,smart hub Ill click continue directly,connecting to Wi-Fi it uses 2.4,gigahertz and make sure your phone is,connected to it before clicking continue,type in your Wi-Fi password and click,continue press and hold the sync button,for one to two seconds and click,continue,your phone will generate a QR code that,you need to show to the camera wait,until your cameras found name your,camera which Ill name mine are low,essential update the firmware if needed,time to check out the live view it will,have the usual five to eight seconds,delay in the up it works also to show,you that the Arlo app and it is not,there cameras because with homekit the,Arlos loads up quick there is a,significant lag on the Arlo app Im,really hoping Arlo will fix this lets,do a quick overview of the settings in,the app on the main app page you will,see the last screen shot of the camera,clicking it will get to live view which,takes some time to load up even when Im,on the same network as the camera click,the speaker to mute the camera we have,the mic to start two-way audio which is,full duplex then you can record the,current live view and this will be saved,in your artists library we have the,camera to take a snapshot then we have,the spotlight control turn it on or off,and you can change the light intensity,you can click expand to view the footage,in landscape mode click the red alarm,icon to call a 911 call a friend or,activate the siren click on the gear,icon at the lower right corner to get to,the camera settings you can turn on or,off the camera battery life Wi-Fi,information time zones flicker,adjustment camera LED device info and,device utilities and we have video,settings where you can adjust the,brightness rotate the image 180 degrees,low light settings where you can turn on,or off the spotlight camera to record in,full color at night behavior if you want,the spotlight to be constantly on flash,or pulsate spotlight brightness and also,toggle night-vision on there off we have,that TV zones if you are subscribed to,the smart plan you can add up to five,zones on the bottom on the main app page,we have the library where your recorded,footage is stored and this will be on,our loose cloud and we have the mode in,which you can set the camera to armed,disarmed scheduled arming and,geofencing you can edit the armed mode,where you can set the rules on how the,camera will record and notify you and an,option to turn on the siren when it,detects motion time to do the install,which is pretty easy just screw in the,included screw and mount screw in the,camera and adjust the position and,tighten this thumb screw to lock the,position in place time to do some,testing but before that Im going to,shout out my sons new channel and this,is a fitness channel and Ill be on it,too because I do need to exercise but,Ill be doing modified workouts so no,excuse guys these are follow along,workouts so please visit his channel and,give it some love and dont forget to,subscribe and this is where todays,giveaway is about first to comment below,how many rest breaks we have total in,seconds on both exercise videos will win,a $25 Amazon gift card one user one,guess no multiple guesses and no editing,of comment good luck essential camera so,this is the video clarity test for the,our low essential,so this is the video quality of the,Arnold essential camera and just with,its spotlight on and this is at 10:30 so,this is the video quality of the Arlo,essential camera and this meter,spotlights on and all my lights are on,and this is at 10 feet 15,so this is the video quality of the our,low essential camera and this with its,two infrared LEDs on and this is at 10,feet 15 so we are going to test the,motion alert notification speed of the,our low essential camera and Im on my,LTE connection and it is 426 so lets,check it out,and theres a little bit of delay there,you go,I got a notification and when you press,and hold you will see a thumbnail with,the with me highlighted and you can have,the notifications or activate the siren,and that little play button when you,click on it it will go to live view,which has a delay also okay unable to,play camera open the app and try playing,it from the app so we are going to test,the cool off period of the our low,essential camera and as you can see

Arlo Pro 3 | Smart Home Security | Best Features & Full Tour

if youre serious about home security,then nothing delivers pop a piece of,mind better than a dedicated camera,setup and the ala pro 3 wireless,security cameras are among the very best,options out there offering super smart,features powerful 2kh to your video,record an impressive night functionality,and full weather resistance so lets,take a proper full-on tour some of the,best bits of the ala pro 3 home security,system and see it all in action and one,the latest greatest tech news do POC,subscribe ending that notifications bell,Cheers,now first up like previous all our,cameras these are very easy to set up,thanks to their Wireless design the,cameras communicate with a bundled base,station of your home Wi-Fi so theres no,need for cables trilling through holes,in the wall or anything awkward like,that you get two kinds of mountain,bundled in the box to suit your own,particular home setup youve got a,magnetic mount and also an arm mount,both of which allow easy repositioning,of your other pro 3 cameras at any time,something you can busily get a perfect,view no matter the circumstances,these cameras are pleasingly discreet,thanks to their compact form factor but,if you do want to position them in plain,sight,they should fit in with any kind of,style thanks to their sleek design any,visitors and more importantly any,criminal sorts will definitely think,youve got a proper Buck Rogers home set,up and dont worry about leaving these,cameras out in the open 24 hours either,because theyre fully UV and weather,resistance or even the most in Clement,of British winters who wont take them,out of action theyll happily work in,everything from 45-degree heat waves,down to minus 20 degrees snowstorms and,lets face it even most dedicated of,burglarizing miscreants will have given,up at those extremes once the cameras,are in place just connect them over,Wi-Fi to the beer station and then set,them up via the app which takes no more,than 10 to 15 minutes and with that done,you can check out the view from the,cameras at any time with just a quick,glance in the app while theyll also,play nicely with the likes of apple,homekit,and Google home as well whatever you,prefer using the brought three cameras,serve up a wider viewing angle than ever,before affording you a full of 160,degrees slice of the action of course,you dont need to just sit there,constantly staring at your camera,feeding kids some dodgy character with,ill intentions happens to stroll,interview the Olaf will immediately,notify you whenever something suspicious,is detected so you can check out whats,going on straight away now sign yourself,up for an all or smart subscription and,your long,a whole host of worthy bonus features on,top subscriptions cost from just two,pound fifty a month so less than the,cost of your average half a pint of,bitter from a London pub or a small,Frappuccino from your local caffeine,depository one of the best subscriber,features is the ability to set up action,hotspots via the app so the camera will,only kick in the life when someone,actually approaches your house rather,than every time someone just wanders on,by the olive Pro 3 can even cleverly,tell the difference between humans,animals and vehicles only giving you a,pop when absolutely necessary so you,want end up checking your phone every,time that meow Calise or Cyndi Lauper,drops by your doormat to leave you a,little present and you can get although,to give you a nudge whenever it looks,like a parcel has just been dumped on,your doorstep as well in case you need a,friend to come and collect it a,subscription it also gives you up to 30,folders of cloud storage for all of your,recorded clips so you dont have to,worry about losing anything important or,your verge is right there and easy to,access when you need it and as far as,picture quality goes the ala pro 3,cameras can impressively capture up to,2k HDR quality video thats 80 percent,more pixels from the previous generation,some visuals are nice and crisp even,when viewed back full screen on a tablet,or laptop you can zoom into the image up,to 12 times and add image stays sharp,enough to easily identify anyone caught,on camera,meanwhile the HDR smiles deliver sharp,contrast no matter the lighten while,colors are accurately picked up even in,tricky conditions thats even at night,when using the built-in spotlight that,means the older pro threes can pick up,on little details like the color of,somebodys hair or their clothing which,can really help out the police theres,an infrared mode as well so your cameras,can also pick up fine detail even in,complete darkness but the quality of the,pitch when using that spotlight is,seriously impressive you can activate,the pro to use powerful light at any,time with just a quick tap in the app or,you can have it flush on automatically,whenever motion is detected so any,snoopers know that theyre being watched,as if that wasnt enough of its time to,get them to sling their rock youve got,a bit of two-way audio support as well,so you can blast them with a good bit of,verbal reckoning and theres even a,really bloody loud built-in siren that,would scare the pants off of a grizzly,bear let alone some thievin chancer,whos finally think dodgy just give this,a like on up here a tap you can activate,that siren and scare the buggers right,off,one last up iphone users can access the,siren or even call a friend direct from,their smartphones lockscreen courtesy in,the personalized notifications so you,can deal with any situation instantly,nor hanging about its alright there is,my tour of the very best Olive pro 3,smart security system features a lot of,really clever stuff in there to keep you,and your home safe all year round you,can grab yourselves an ala pro 3,security system right now from Amazon,with packs of two three or even four,cameras available for complete home,coverage check out the video description,for full links and all you need to know,just for watching please do put,subscribe ding that notifications bar,and have yourselves a lovely week does,everyone love you,[Music]

Arlo Pro 4 – The Best Home Security Camera

if the security of your home is your top,priority then you have clicked the right,video,here we will give you a full and,detailed review of the arlo pro 4 and we,will assess together if this model is,the best home security camera on the,market,so before we get going please like our,video subscribe to our channel and hit,the notification bell,the world is now normalizing students,going back to school workers reporting,back to the office and running your,errand without having to seek the help,of delivery services and carriers,with this often times our homes will be,left unmanned,thus with a dependable security camera,you will keep your minds at ease without,having it to wander around as to what is,happening at home,the arlo brand is known to be one of the,best manufacturers of reliable security,cameras,its different models have always been,included in the list of top security,cameras on different review platforms,what makes arlo stand out is its passion,for innovation,with every new gadget that they issue,and introduce,new features additions and improvements,are always offered arlo products often,look alike,in fact the arlo pro 4 looks quite,familiar because it resembles the arlo,ulta and arlo pro 3.,however despite its uncanny resemblance,with its predecessors the arlo pro 4 is,all new and improved,unlike the arlo pro 3 this version,allows you to connect directly to wi-fi,we cannot do that yet in pro 3 which,requires you to have a security hub,however if you already have an arlo,smart hub the pro4 can also be easily,connected to it,the pro 4 also has the features packed,in the 3 but improved,in addition this model also comes in,cheaper at only 200,now lets dig into the design and setup,the arlo pro 4 is cased in a uv and,weatherproof enclosure,the white color of this case lets it,blend in with the walls outside of your,house and is also very clean looking,when placed inside,within the slide in camera is the,lithium polymer battery pack,it is rechargeable and is built to last,up to 6 months,included in this camera is the magnetic,mount so wherever it may be that you,decide to place or reposition the camera,you can do it with that mount,the enclosure is 3.5 by 2 by 3 so it,wont take up a lot of space,setup is also pretty easy,from unboxing to mounting it would only,take you about 5 to 10 minutes,and it wont even take you an hour to,test out the different features of the,camera,to test out your brand new arlo pro 4,you can install the arlo app and try the,different features in the app or,manually switch the camera and the,spotlight,adjust the brightness of the spotlight,check the volume of the siren test the,zoom capability and the motion sensing,features,moving on to the performance and,features,hdr or high dynamic range is used by the,camera plus the 4 megapixel sensor to,give you an output video with a 2k,resolution,the field view can extend up to 160,degrees,it also has a 12 times digital zoom,for the night vision the camera is,packed with two infrared leds giving,black and white footage,however you also have the color night,vision mode which allows you to see,colors even during the night,those significantly different than the,footage in the daytime as to the,brightness of the video you can control,the brightness in the camera setting,this comes in handy when wanting to see,clearly in low light spaces,the 160 degree view allows you to have a,very wide field of vision on your screen,this angle probably is enough to see,your entire yard,the motion tracking ability of this,camera is also up to a range of 130,degrees,the arlo app comes in pretty handy and,it boosts this camera with a whole lot,more features,the ultimate thumbs up of the app is,that it is simple,it is very user friendly because the,contents are straightforward letting you,easily maneuver through,this camera has five recording modes and,you can toggle through them using the,app,first is the disarmed function where the,recording is turned off what resumes,when the live stream is viewed,second is the armed function where,motions trigger the recording of the,camera,third is geofencing which is based on,location,fourth is the schedule function where it,records for certain times that you set,and the custom mode another feature of,this camera is the auto zoom and,tracking,this may come in handy if a person tries,to get into your property in this,situation the camera once it detects the,person,zooms into their face,with the high quality resolution of the,videos it will surely be easier to,identify the in shooters face in,addition the camera also allows two-way,talk,thus when placed indoors the arlo pro 4,lets you talk with your family in real,time,if you have friends family or peers,standing in your doorway and youre not,home or too busy to come to the door you,can talk to them,plus when you have parcel deliveries it,is much easier to give messages to the,courier,the speaker of the camera is loud and,clear enough to hear audibly and the,microphone is noise cancelling,the siren is loud enough at 80 decibels,to scare off pests or animals,like the siren the spotlight can also be,motion enabled,what brings out the best ability of the,arlo pro 4 is getting the arlo premier,smart plan subscription,for only three dollars per month and 10,dollars if you have multiple cameras,you will make the most out of this smart,camera,first you will get a months worth of,video history,all activities now will be cloud-based,so storage would no longer be a problem,motions that are detected will show in,your notifications,but with the subscription when you,receive the notifications you will get,video previews,with this plan you also have the,advanced object and package detection,in this case the camera is able to tell,people from cars,objects and animals eliminating the,unwanted and unnecessary motion,detections followed by their,notifications,if you have existing smart devices such,as alexa,google and siri voice commands the plan,also lets you sync with these devices,and you can even integrate it into your,home automation kits,activity zones can also be set,thus you can position it away from areas,that usually have more activities such,as the pathway or the sidewalk so thats,unnecessary detections wont happen,aside from the siren that alerts you,when an intruder is detected this,subscription also carries with it a call,or friend feature,youre allowed to input up to three,contacts you are automatically called,whenever the button is activated,hoping that you wouldnt have to need it,but in case you do the single button,emergency response will come in handy,moving on to the cons considering the,free features that come in after,purchase the arlo pro 4 is quite pricey,there are security cameras that come in,with the same features but come at a,lower price,however if you decide to bump up to the,subscription plan which is reasonably,built,then this camera will become worth it,that is the other disadvantage that you,have to subscribe to the plan in order,to make the arlo pro 4 an extremely,smart camera,also there is no video storage capacity,you can either have a hub or subscribe,to the plan which will give you 30 days,worth of video history,lastly the camera when used in wireless,connectivity has a noticeable delay in,the live video stream especially when,the connection is quite slow,however this can be eliminated by a,stronger connection or connecting it to,the hub,those are the full details that we have,observed with the arlo pro 4.,from the pros to the cons we have given,an in-depth overview of the new features,of the pro4 from the previous models,the design and setup the performance and,features as well as the added,capabilities using the arlo app and the,arlo premiere smart plan subscription,all in all because of arlos capability,to cut the price from the pro 3 to this,arlo pro 4 without having to trade off,quality and even adding new abilities,plus the fact that it is very versatile,and can perform well all around bot

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