1. Why Choose Armstrong HVAC Equipment?
  2. Know which Furnace is Best or Worst! 3 HVAC Ratings for Comparing Against Models/Brands
  3. Best HVAC Air Conditioner Brand
  4. Every HVAC contractors always think their brand is best. Wrong!
  5. Which HVAC Brand Do I Prefer?? | HVAC Business Owner
  6. Best Gas Furnace 2022 | Latest Reviews of Top 10 Best Gas Furnaces
  7. Should I Buy a Single Stage, Two Stage, or Variable Speed Air Conditioner

Why Choose Armstrong HVAC Equipment?

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Know which Furnace is Best or Worst! 3 HVAC Ratings for Comparing Against Models/Brands

hey guys before we get to the video for,more tips and tricks in the heating and,air industry,please click that subscribe button thank,you,hey guys joshua griffin here and the new,hvac guide,and wanted to do a video if youre,comparing furnaces,i i did a video on compressors and,inverter systems and things like that if,youre comparing,different heat pumps or ac condensers,and i wanted to do a video kind of,piggybacking off of that where if youre,comparing furnaces,how you can kind of see whats what you,know if youre comparing,apples to apples which ones better are,you getting what youre paying for,is one worth the extra investment and so,on were going to break it down into,three different ratings,that most gas furnaces have now were,not talking about,oil furnaces or any other type of heat,were only talking about,natural gas or lp or propane gas,furnaces and so lets start with those,i did a video talking a little bit about,motors,and when youre comparing variable speed,versus single speed and all those types,of things,and so that would probably be the first,thing youll notice when youre,comparing furnaces,and theyll talk about you know what,type of motor is it is a,psc or ecm or a variable speed motor,which ones better,depends on your home and i would ask,your pro which one makes the most sense,i think there are some homes that it,makes complete sense to go up to say a,variable speed blower motor,and then there are some homes that it,would not make sense so depending on,your zoning and the type of house you,have how old it is,all that good stuff ask your pro ask,your contractor,what their thoughts are on that im,going to focus more on the other two,ratings that if youre comparing the,furnaces that you should be getting,first lets talk about the afu ratings,or sometimes its afue,and afu and afue are the same things,so sometimes people will just call it,the afu sometimes theyll throw the e in,there,its the same thing so if youre,comparing apples to apples what those,numbers are,and what it stands for is annualized,fuel,utilization efficiency all that,basically means is,the higher the number the more efficient,the system is the more of that gas its,burning and the higher that number,is the more efficient the system is so,they actually compare it to a percentage,meaning if its an eighty percent,furnace then its burning,eighty percent of the fuel and twenty,percent of the,fuel or the heat is actually going out,through your flu,and most eighty percent furnaces are,going to have,a metal type flu vent its going to get,really hot to the touch,and that is energy thats escaping and,going out your house,and the old days thats all they had it,was only,non-condensing furnaces and they were,all 80,or somewhere in that neighborhood 80 82,85,whatever these days we have condensing,furnaces and youre going to see higher,numbers youre going to see anywhere,from 90,all the way up to ive seen some,furnaces all the way up to 98,and again thats how much of the energy,its burning and youre going to usually,see some sort of,plastic flu pvc or another type of,material,thats because it burns so much of the,gas that the flu,is not going to remain hot going out of,the house so if you imagine where hot,meats cold things condense,theres actually water droplets that,will form inside the flue and drain back,down into the furnace,meaning it will need a drain to get that,out of the house you still have to have,a flu,you still have to get rid of the carbon,monoxide but its a,condensing furnace meaning it will,condense,it will have moisture and will drain,back down to the furnace so again if,youre comparing,apples to apples the higher the afu,rating,the more efficient it is the more its,burning that gas,and the more its heating your home,without having to burn more gas if that,makes sense the last thing,when youre comparing the three so we,talked about the blower motor weve,talked about the afu,and the third one of those is going to,be your,gas valve weve talked about it in other,situations but im going to just make it,really easy,basically if youre comparing two,furnaces and one says,its a single stage valve or its a,single stage furnace,usually that means the gas valve is,going to either open or close,theres no in between its going to,either open and blow fuel into that heat,exchanger and heat your home,or its going to be off okay then youll,see multi-stage,two-stage gas valves things like that,and all that means,is theres gonna be some in between so,youre gonna have a first stage thats,gonna burn,at a lower percentage and then your,second stage is gonna burn at a hundred,percent,the idea is if its only burning in,first stage if your first stage kicks on,its only going to heat the home burning,less gas,and hopefully save you money and the,last of those three,would be a modulating gas valve or a,modulating furnace,and basically all that means is the,valve can modulate it can,open close theres a lot of in between,based on what it needs to do to heat,your home,its not going to burn any extra gas,that it doesnt need to burn,and so its a more efficient gas valve,so again,if youre comparing apples to apples if,youre comparing two different furnaces,i would say the top of the line furnaces,if you want the cats meow if you will,youre looking for one thats going to,have a very high afu,youre looking for one thats going to,have a modulating gas valve,possibly a communicating system with a,communicating thermostat,not the old school 24 volt low voltage,stuff,and then finally youre looking for a,variable speed blower motor,so i hope that helps as youre comparing,furnaces youre looking to heat your,home,and those are the ratings that youre,usually going to be taking peaks at,theres other ratings too theres hspfs,and all kinds of different other numbers,that you can take a look at when youre,comparing hvac systems,but i think if you take a look at those,three numbers it will help you decide,what exactly are you looking at what,exactly is the system,better or so on please hit that,subscribe button,comment down below if you have any,questions thanks for watching the last,thing ill say,is if youre in the market for a new,heating and air system,and youre in virginia and the middle,peninsula or the northern neck,give griffin air a call well give you a,free estimate and the best warranty in,the area,but if youre not in our coverage area,check out my new website ive even got a,little banner up here,new hvac guide dot com check out that,site because weve put so much,information on there,its as if i wrote a book telling folks,hey,heres the good and the bad avoid this,or that ive even got a whole page,called no knows,things to stay away from and so before,you,spend thousands check out that website,and finally,for more tips and tricks in the heating,and air industry,click that subscribe button thanks for,watching,you

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Best HVAC Air Conditioner Brand

hey guys jay here with word of advice tv,on many of my videos in the comments,sections,people have been asking me for furnace,and air conditioner what brand,would i recommend what is the most,reliable what is the best brand out,there,to get for a new air conditioner or a,new furnace and my answer,always is dont get too caught up on the,brand for your furnace or your air,conditioner,the brand doesnt really matter because,the truth is,a handful of companies a handful of,mother or parent companies,own all of the brands so my,recommendation is,just go for the best deal whatever costs,you the least amount,because most air conditioners and,furnaces will last on average about the,same amount of time,and its really hard to say which brand,is the best because theres a ton of,variables that come into play,like how big is your house what is the,layout of your house,was the ductwork sized properly in your,house do you replace the furnace filter,regularly what kind of furnace filter do,you use,do you ever host down your outside unit,do you ever do any kind of maintenance,and etc etc etc,and of course that is just my opinion,but consumer report did a survey,on over 20 000 homeowners where they,asked them what brand of,ac or furnace they have how often they,had to get it repaired,when they had to get it replaced and,would they recommend that unit to a,friend,and here are the results that they got,theres five brands,that they would not recommend they got,the lowest ratings and those five,were coleman frigidaire luxaire,maytag and york so those five apparently,you should avoid because people have,been having the most problems with those,five brands,and then there was five brands that got,the best rating of,excellent for satisfaction and those,were,lennox american standard train,carrier and bryant so those five were,the highest rated,and i right here have an american,standard and its been going great,this thing is 19.99 so its 20 years old,now and its been running like a champ,hopefully itll run for another 10 years,before i have to replace it,well and thats what consumer reports,had to say about which brand is best for,ac or furnace,and i just want to briefly come back to,how i said that a handful of companies,pretty much own all of the brands and i,just want to break that down for you so,you know,who makes what or who owns which,companies the biggest,mother company out of them all is united,technologies,and those are the guys that own carrier,bryant,payne day and night and they also own,icp which stands for international,comfort products,and those guys make arco air keep right,hale,tempstar and comfortmaker next up we,have linux international,and linux international makes lennox,ducane,armstrong concord allied air ease and,airflow,and then theres reem which also makes,rude and those are the only two brands,that they have,the next one is daikon global those guys,own,dyken goodman amana and janet troll,next we have johnson controls those guys,own,york luxaire and coleman next we have,ingersoll rand,they make american standard and train,after that theres nordtech global hvac,they make frigidaire and maytag and,lastly theres wolf steel,they make napoleon and continental so,there you have it i think that kind of,helps paint a picture,so people understand that behind every,single brand,there is not an individual company for,example united technologies,which pretty much owns half of those,brands that we just listed,those guys um carrier thats pretty much,their beta version whenever they launch,their carrier,they wait for a year and if theres any,bugs in the carrier units that they,launch,for their air conditioner or their,furnace they fix those bugs,and a year later another one is launched,under the name bryant,and any bugs that were there they fixed,them for the bryant but,essentially a lot of times there is no,bugs the insides of,for example of carrier bryant and payne,are all the same the labels change you,know one will say bryant,other one carrier other one payne but,once you open them up,the insides and the components are all,the same and united technologies is the,most notorious for that,and frankfully they do own a lot of,those brands,comfortmaker tempstar they all look,pretty similar to each other as well,and the whole list that i went over by,all means that is not an exhaustive list,theres a ton of brands out there the,ones that i went over are just the more,common ones that you see out there,so after hearing all of that of course,there will still be people thatll ask,me jay,we understand all of that we get it but,if your air conditioner or your furnace,dies,which brand will you get for yourself,and yes i do work on a lot of units,and i see which ones break more often so,personally even though i would just go,for whatever is the best deal,if i had to choose i would probably,choose either a train,or a lennox those to me seem like,theyre the most reliable out of all the,units that i see,and i also want to mention when i get,myself a new unit i,personally will avoid anything high,efficiency or variable speed,just because if i ever have to replace,those parts,for example a high efficiency or a,variable speed inducer motor for a,furnace,would cost about four times as much,as a regular inducer motor on the,furnace and also,high efficiency furnaces they have two,heat exchangers,instead of one and thats pretty much,the guts of the unit,so the second heat exchanger it,condenses it has water in it that flows,through it,and that just adds more chances that,there might be some rust there might be,some corrosion that happens because of,that,if something was not installed correctly,or if its not pitched correctly at,install,down the road there will be problems i,know carrier had problems a chronic,problem with their heat exchangers,the secondary heat exchangers but thats,a whole nother topic,for air conditioners you know the more,high efficient the air conditioner is,if its a two-stage compressor if,theres control boards in there,thats just that much more opportunities,for something to go wrong,and those parts are much more expensive,than anything that a basic air,conditioner would have,so are those units a lot more efficient,yes the answer is definitely yes,they do save power they do save you on,the energy bill they are a lot more,efficient,but if you have to do any repairs on,them thats going to cost you more and,theres a good chance that that unit,will not last as long,so in my opinion the energy savings are,not worth,the expenses incurred but of course all,of that is just my personal opinion,and everybody is entitled to their own,opinion of what they think is best for,them,which brings me to ask this whole time,ive been talking at you,but whoevers watching me right now what,do you think what is the best brand air,conditioner out there,what have you had good luck with what,lasted a long time you barely ever,had to repair it or anything like that,or if youre an hvac technician,what do you think whats your opinion,you see these units every day furnaces,and air conditioners,which brand do you think is the most,reliable which one is the best,which one would you get for yourself so,please do share your opinions if youre,a homeowner or if youre a technician,with everybody else,in the comments below a lot of times the,stuff in the comment section,the content or the value of that is,almost as good as everything in the,video,so the more comments the merrier thank,you so much for watching this video,dont forget to mash that like button on,the way out and well see you next time,and if youre still here and not in the,comment section below,then ill leave you with this challenge,right here try to find 10 differences in,these two pictures within 30 seconds,the time starts now,[Music],me,[Music],you

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Every HVAC contractors always think their brand is best. Wrong!

hey guys Joshua Griffin Earhart field,Virginia serving the middle Peninsula,and the Northern Neck and I want to do a,quick video because I just talked to a,customer about you know what theyve,been hearing about you know heating and,air brands from other contractors and I,just wanted to a quick you know rant if,you will because just because somebody,says that their brand is better you know,the brain that theyre trying to sell,you is better doesnt make it so,Ive always been careful about bashing,brands we service all brands and I got,to get parts for all brands but you know,if somebodys uh you know trying to sell,you that Ford Pinto just because they,say its better than the Mercedes,doesnt make it so you know Im not,gonna go into all the reasons why we,sell what we sell on this video Ive,done other videos but you know you know,these guys telling customers you know,well that brand is horrible and our,brand is the best you know why you know,tell give me ten reasons why I can give,you ten reasons why we sell what we sell,and you know its just its its,frustrating talking to customers who are,misinformed about that and you know,theres a reason why we sell what we,sell and you know Im not one to if you,have a brand that youve had a good,experience with Im not going to say to,you hey you know drive my Ford when,youre happy with your Chevrolet you,know if youre happy with that you know,wed love to earn your business Ill,sell you you know the brand that you,want to you want you know that you want,to drive if you will so its just uh you,I talked to a customer and they said,well I got a better brand at a better,price and I said well a better brand you,know the brands that we sell have been,ranked number one by Consumer Reports,they also come with a 10-year parts and,labor warranty so why is your brand,better why is the brand you went with,better well they told me it was better,well they told you wrong so anyway if,you have any questions if you want to,know why the brands that we sell are the,best wed love to earn your business,give us a call eight oh four five oh,five zero two four seven thank you,[Music]

Which HVAC Brand Do I Prefer?? | HVAC Business Owner

whats up guys and welcome back to the,channel if youre new here my name is,zach desjardins and im an owner and,operator of a small hvac company based,out of nashville tennessee,now i like to make videos on service,maintenance installs,really anything that has to do with,heating and air conditioning so if,thats something youre into consider,subscribing,this video is going to be about more,like a q a now i reached out to you guys,and said hey,give me some questions what do you got,for me what do you want to know about me,and im going to go through and just,answer these questions one by one,now i think the way im going to do it,that way i kind of put out more content,for you guys,im just going to answer one maybe two,questions per video,and just kind of dive into it go in a,little bit more detail on each question,and that way i can pump these things out,for you and you guys can get some more,content throughout the week,thats kind of what my goal is so this,series is going to be more of a just a q,a,style series now the first question that,ive got for you,came from tuff ram and his question was,what is your preferred hvac brand for,residential,and since you live in the south do you,prefer heat pumps,or like a 90 plus furnace with ac,thats a really good question so,first off brand now ive installed,heil ive been a heil dealer ive been a,rude ream dealer and now im a train,dealer,ive installed various brands of,ductless,equipment as well to be honest with you,um,and actually i started out as goodman,when i first started my company,i was a um i wasnt really a dealer but,i just installed goodman equipment,now over the years kind of what ive,found is,all of the equipment you know its not a,huge difference,now im not a fan of certain brands like,goodman right i mean,probably a lot of guys out there that do,like that equipment but i just never,liked it i just thought the quality,wasnt to my standard the sheet metal,was really thin you could easily script,strip out screws you know with a,freaking nut driver so,i just didnt like the quality of it i,didnt feel good about the machine,so i didnt want to you know continue,with that,but anything really above that you know,heil equipment any icp,product uh rheem rood carrier,york all of those to me train those,all fall into basically the same,category i dont think that one unit is,really that much better than any other,brand,especially with split systems it really,boils down to,the quality of the install right if,youre doing things right youre doing,things correctly,thats what makes the unit last and you,know,normally thats what keeps the unit from,breaking down prematurely,and package units same thing if your,duct systems arent sized right you know,that sort of thing,but im not really you know just so,loyal to a particular,brand just because of its name or,anything like that,i would say ive chosen a brand over,others because i just personally like,them like trane,i just like their equipment theyre very,sturdy theyre stout,i like that theyre packaged units,because here in the south we do a lot of,package units,for residential and their package units,have the same,chassis depending if theyre doing a,heat pump or gas,i like that i dont want to have a brand,that has one chassis,for a heat pump and then a different,chassis for a gas pack and then,the gas packs are like really big so,thats one thing i really like about the,train equipment,but going back to the reason the main,reason why i stick with a certain brand,its mainly because of the relationship,that i have with the supply house with,that vendor,now are they staying on top of things,right do they have parts in stock when i,need them,or if they dont are they getting them,overnighted to me very quickly,now thats really what it boils down for,me because,at the end of the day the equipment,its a machine its going to break down,at some point right i want to have,a service to where im not having to,tell my customers oh its going to be,two weeks or whatever for a certain part,to come in and ive had that happen on,other brands before,and thats just not something that i,really want to get into i dont really,care for that,but and again it goes back to that,supply house you know those vendors,the guys at the at the counters um you,know,having the equipment in stock when you,want to install it um,you know just being on top of everything,so thats kind of what i,prefer more than anything other than,just the brand itself,so i mean ive enjoyed installing rude,equipment i just didnt like how their,heat pumps,uh package units were one size and their,gas packs were another,now they do have them where you can,theyre the same size but theyre really,really,big and i didnt care for that so ive,installed some york equipment,that was fine um so when it comes to,brand again,um its really about the relationships,with the guys at the supply house,you know my salesman you know that sort,of thing so,and now you know one thing i do like,about trane that i have not,experienced with any other brand is you,can really get into more customizing,um with options right i mean if you get,a train book,theres you know theres tons of,accessories that you can get,for the train equipment now this may be,true for other brands and i just havent,experienced it,but just for an example,im a big fan of having multiple returns,in a residential home,now instead of having a filter at every,single you know location,in the inside the house with a train,package unit they literally sell the,door,so you remove the the side door of the,coil is with the screws,and you put in a new door and all it has,is two little hand turns,quarter turns theyre on hinges the door,just opens up,and you can either put a one inch or a,two inch filter in there which i always,go with the two inch filters,now just that in itself i mean thats,phenomenal,i love that thats one reason why i love,trane,so again you know i think the quality is,good,theres other brands that have just as,good quality as well,but if you are a homeowner or,or if youre looking at what brands,should i get,and then youre not the actual,installing contractor i would say whats,most important is not the brand right,any brand is probably going to last you,quite a while as long as its installed,properly,so that is probably 90 of,all the failures that you hear that you,that you read about online,it goes back to that install and i,guarantee you,the contractor whoever installed it did,not do a good job,they werent thorough with their process,and thats the reason why we see,so many failures especially in the,residential split system side of things,so,and then the other half of that question,was do i prefer heat pumps or,90 plus furnaces being in the south now,being in the south,that thats key right there because we,dont,really get super cold winters not like,up north where its like,common to see 90 plus furnaces only um,and you know if you go even more farther,south like florida,youre not going to see any gas furnaces,right everythings pretty much heat pump,or not even a heat pump they just have,some electric strips,and straight cool so that being said in,tennessee,we dont have a whole lot of heat im,sorry a whole lot of cold winter months,so to me a heat pump does just fine,now especially when you start getting,into the variable speed,the inverter style heat pumps and which,im starting to get into im really,liking the bosch,i installed a couple ids 2.0 split,systems,um a week or so ago and actually,uh the day after tomorrow im going to,be installing my first bosch package,unit,thats a inverter so thats some really,cool technology i think,full electric is the future,im without going into too much crazy,detail because im not like super,expert at it but i believe that some of,the research that ive found,is that in the hvac industry it seems,like,everything is heading towards full,electric or getting away from,fossil fuels and that sort of thing so,again youre able to use that,refrigera

Best Gas Furnace 2022 | Latest Reviews of Top 10 Best Gas Furnaces

[Music],find the best gas furnaces on amazon,we analyzed consumer reviews to find the,top rated,products find out which product i scored,and buy,i am going to review top 10 best gas,furnaces on the market,10. aprilaire 700,last but not least we include the upper,layer 700 to our best home furnace,humidifier reviews,as it excels in all areas it offers,around the clock efficient performance,with next to no noise and little to no,need for maintenance,so you get the most value for money,this upper layer furnace humidifier is a,fan based variant so the hat air from,the furnace gets pulled in to get,humidified,then it is delivered across the house,through the ducts,it delivers 18 gallons of moisture,within 24 hours,so it can efficiently humidify insulated,homes sized,up to 4200 square feet,and for old homes that arent properly,sealed,the furnace humidifier can provide 2,100 square feet worth of moisture every,day,not bad however the aprilaire 700 needs,to be equipped with drainage to siphon,off any hard water deposits,so mold and bacteria growth wont be a,problem,this also minimizes the chances of leaks,and the filter remains clean so it can,flawlessly perform for,up to a year out of the box you get a,saddle,a solenoid valve a water panel,an installation guide and a 24 vac,transformer the featured digital,humidistat,is easy to use thanks to the,comprehensive display screen,you can let it run 24 7 and the,humidistat will power it up when there,is a change in the assigned humidity,level,9. goodman gmh8o604bn,powered furnace if you desire a warm and,cozy environment,you should acquire this gas furnace from,goodman,i have mounted it in many places and it,always delivers good service,the heat distribution is excellent,operating it is easy,and it doesnt produce lots of noise,many customers agree that,it occupies a minimal space and is well,built to deal with regular operations,due to the simple and seamless design,cleaning the furnace is straightforward,and with an efu rating of 80 percenter,and btu,of 60k you can count on it to deliver,good performance,8. general error 1000 a,if you make calculated investments and,want to ensure that your asset remains,safe for years down the lane,we recommend you to go with the general,air 1000,it comes with a generous 10-year,warranty,it is rated as one of the best,fan-powered furnace humidifiers,and known for a uniform spread of,moisture in areas,as big as 3000 square feet,as a fan based unit it doesnt depend on,the furnace for much,instead it uses the built-in motor to,pull in the warm air,which gets moisturized when passed,through the evaporative vapor pad,then this moisture-infused air is blown,out from the ducts across the house,the solenoid collar doesnt come,pre-tightened,so it would be best to involve an expert,when installing,otherwise you may face leakage thanks to,the humidistat,you just have to pick the right settings,on the general air 1000a,and it monitors and keeps the humidity,on the assigned level,the featured sensor also monitors the,outside temperature,and adjusts the humidity accordingly,7. goodman gms 80804bn gas furnace,80 000 btus 80 percent aifu,i couldnt agree more that this is one,of the best gas powered furnaces in the,market,it produces optimal heat but keeps the,energy consumption very low,it doesnt suffer from heat loss and,this is evidenced by the cool sides even,after running continuously for a long,time,the accessory can be fitted in many,points including small,and tight spaces thanks to the small,size,you can mount it with the horizontal,facing right or face left or an up flow,position,it is very compact solid and should,tolerate vibrations and shocks,from the manufacturers description the,furnace is,80 percent a foo and 80 000 bt use,6. apollo 800 steam,if you have an ample space humidifying,it end-to-end is no job for a,stand-alone humidifier,you need something way sturdier like the,aprilaire 800,steam it features a heating plate to,produce moisture instead,of the evaporation method and we feel,that it is the best furnace humidifier,for large homes,it is rated to thoroughly moisturize,homes up to 6200,square feet in the most efficient manner,as it can produce a maximum of 34.6,gallons of humid air per day,which is beyond impressive for best,results,this upper layer furnace humidifier,should be connected to a 240 volts power,outlet,but it can also work at 120 volts if the,need by,although not as efficiently the reason,it deserves a spot,in our best home furnace humidifier,reviews is that,as a steam-based unit it produces much,more humidity than an evaporative unit,it uses a fill valve to bring water to,the featured leak-proof,electrode canister then the provided,heating element heats the water till,its boiling,this is where it derives the moisture to,make your air more,humid though a bit heavy the,5. goodman gms 80403 in gas,furnace with 80 percent agu 40 000 bt,use,fitting this gas furnace from the,goodman was very easy,i give credit to the simple design that,doesnt require many screws or brackets,it is also lightweight and carrying or,adjusting it,isnt hard due to the lightweight,chances of it ripping the partition,or siding are minimal its very,effective in heat distribution and will,heat up in no,time the unit also maintains the,temperature to prevent the environment,from becoming too hot,it is perfect for a small to,medium-sized space and is also regarded,as one of the most energy-efficient,accessories,4. honeywell home he 368-1075,if you live up north or anywhere where,climatic conditions are dry,you better invest in a humidifier a good,option would be to go with the,flow-through model that does an,excellent job and doesnt cost a lot,per hour research the best flow-through,furnace humidifier is the honeywell,home heat 368-1075,this honeywell furnace humidifier also,checks,all the right boxes as it can moisturize,a well-insulated area of up to 4500,square feet,but it has to be installed correctly so,it would be best to call in an expert,technician,this is not one of those units you,should fiddle with unless you have a,good,idea of what you need to do if you plan,to diy the installation,please check how to do it online and,follow the directions that,come with the unit this whole house,furnace humidifier does not feature a,water container,which isnt much of loss as you no,longer need to worry about,hard water deposits or the formation of,bacteria,however you may notice a slight hike in,your water bill as,some wastage may be involved,3. mr heater natural gas furnace,despite a name that doesnt immediately,suggest high quality,the mr heater big max 80 000 bt btus,furnace is an effective option to safely,and reliably heat a barn,garage basement or other warehouse type,environment this garage furnace is rated,to heat a space up to 1000 square feet,in size,although local codes and regulations,will determine your individual setup,this unit is generally very simple to,install,2. goodman gms s960603b,and single-speed gas furnace installing,the goodman gms s960603bn gas furnace is,not,only easy but also straightforward you,can manage to it solely using basic,tools since its lightweight and,carrying or adjusting it wont be a,problem,like most types from the manufacturers,it can be mounted in several ways,upflow horizontal left or horizontal,left,it effectively distributes the heat,thanks to the single speed motor that,has good blowing power,other than being silent and easy to,operate its also very energy efficient,one suburban nt30 sp 2453a propane gas,furnace,30000 bt use if you want to keep your,surrounding warm and cozy without,blowing your budget,then this gas furnace will serve you,right you probably have seen it in many,places and got,wondering how a small unit can be that,effective,well it all has to do with the advanced,technology,and effective design it conserves most,of its heat to prevent heat loss,and redirects it to the desired zones,the smart technology,helps to maintain the temperat

Should I Buy a Single Stage, Two Stage, or Variable Speed Air Conditioner

The single-stage option has the simplest form of technology, is the lowest in price but,the lowest in value.,While they are UL Listed and safe to put in any home, lower-end models have more vulnerabilities,than higher-end equipment.,Almost every part of these single-stage systems can be repaired with universal parts.,Meaning you don’t necessarily have to go through the distributor to get the replacement,part.,Single-stage motors, compressors, control boards, pressure switches, and gas valves,are everywhere and readily available.,Very likely even on your technician’s van right now.,Two-stage systems have better technology.,They run more efficiently and control the temperature in your house without fluctuating,as much.,The main feature of a two-stage system is that they all typically run at around 70%,capacity in the first stage and 100% capacity in the second stage.,These systems will run the majority of the time in the first stage, which is where you,start seeing the money savings.,Two-stage systems are great for two-story homes that have two thermostats or zoning.,These systems can be set up to run in the first stage when only one floor is calling,for air.,The second stage will only come on when both zones are calling for air.,This is how I have it set up in my house.,When it comes to salespeople pitching you systems, a lot of them will say, “oh, but,our system is an 18 SEER, not 16 or 17 like the other brand.”,I tell my customers not to get too caught up in SEER ratings and focus on the technology.,Any two-stage system is going to outperform a single-stage system.,And when youre comparing two-stage systems, the minuscule savings you’ll receive by,going with an 18 SEER two-stage over a 17 SEER two-stage is trivial.,No matter what brand system you buy, two-stage motors and compressors needing repair will,have to be ordered from the warehouse near your town that distributes them.,There aren’t a lot of universal parts available for two-stage systems.,Capacitors, contactors, and some other parts are universal.,But with higher-end equipment, you see safety components like special pressure switches,to protect the furnace or air conditioner from damaging itself.,These parts have to come from their factory.,With Trane, Carrier, Lennox all the way “down to” Goodman and York, I’ve never had a,hard time getting these replacement parts.,And I can’t say I have seen any price difference in the cost of these parts from brand to brand.,At the most, we’ve had to wait for 5 to 10 business days for a part to come directly,from the manufacturer.,There are always exceptions to this, but, honestly, it would be the same for any brand.,Remember how two-stage systems have a 70% and 100% capacity?,Variable speed systems can adjust their capacity levels from about 25% to 100% in 1% intervals,at a time.,They maintain even lower temperature swings in the house.,These systems can keep your home to within a half degree of the temperature you want,it.,These are the quietest systems too.,Because they typically run at a slower speed, they require less energy and create less noise,with less vibration.,There are a variety of SEER ratings when it comes to variable speed systems.,Once again, I would encourage you to focus on the technology and not the SEER ratings,claiming high numbers.,Systems you install today will always be way more efficient than those of 20 years ago.,All of these variable speed systems have WiFi capabilities, are communicating systems, and,ultra-quiet.,When it comes time to repairing these variable speed systems, only their proprietary parts,will work.,With such intricate technology comes priciness and a higher learning curve for who can actually,make the repair for you.,Trane, Lennox, Carrier, and other brands with variable speed lines will usually only make,these parts available to respected dealers of those brands.,The skill it takes to handle inverter-type systems is next level.

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