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As Above So Below movie review

if youre gonna go looking for a house,make sure its not Satans house,distortive advice might keep you alive,as above so below size above so below is,a found footage movie I know what youre,thinking youre like Ive seen it all,before and you have seen it all before a,lot of it before but it does have some,really cool elements in it that make you,go oh thats cool doing as above so,below theres this absurdly perfect girl,I swear to god she was like five PhD,speaks five languages and shes you know,twenty-something shes really attractive,they have to do that for a plot,convenient so shes really efficient and,she can get this guy to go with her to,these creepy ass places shes searching,for the philosophers stone so they make,a plan to go to Hogwarts and knock out,Harry Potter and take that [ __ ] dad are,the gates of hell yeah depending on who,you talk to its the same names Harry,Potters is the devils books to this,girl and her nomadic kind of boyfriend,love interest isnt really her boyfriend,but you know theres something and a,crew of a few Expendables going to these,catacombs looking for this treasure in,these catacombs of course go deeper and,deeper and deeper and they ultimately,its kind of like the game genre which,is very very bad for them this movie has,its cliches for sure other than the main,girl and her kind of boyfriend and the,main tour-guide guy wouldnt call him a,tour guide hes their main guide hes,taking them into these catacombs other,than then this movie has a fully,expendable cast is like hey read Star,Trek shirt people start dying the devil,really wants to kill the black guy in,this movie the guy narrowly escapes,death a few times youre like man,Satans really out for that dude the,cool thing comes when they start seeing,really creepy things there are really,cool visuals in this movie and the sound,is really eerie and thats the key right,there,Eli Roth has this quote Im not even the,biggest Eli Roth fan to be honest with,you but this quote is so perfect for,horror movies that I got to give a guy,prize I love the quote so much Im about,to misquote it right here but I,apologize but the quote is something,like if you want to make a horror movie,not scary cover your ears not your eyes,and thats so perfect it is the sound,that makes a horror movie creepy and,this movie has that element in it you,hear kids cackling you have really,creepy imagery going along with the,sound really cool edits that add effect,again youve seen it in horror movies,before youve seen it and found footage,movies definitely theres something,really claustrophobic and vulnerable,about this movie this movie does a good,job unlike a,a lot of other found-footage movies is,putting you in the first person of these,people who are going through these,catacombs couple times it was the view,of the helmet-cam and I was like I feel,like Im running from these things right,now and thats really awesome,found-footage movies generally speaking,have a slow build-up this movie is no,exception but this movie does have a leg,up on other found-footage movies in that,department and that is the fact that,while this movie is going through its,slow build-up phase before like the,demons and [ __ ] or chasing them down,before theyre hallucinating and seeing,things theyre going through catacombs,or solving puzzles and ship theres,booby traps like Goonies and whatnot,when youre going through catacombs and,there are booby traps and their,hieroglyphs on the wall in the reading,it thats a lot cooler than camera,number three in the guest bedroom,showing you something in the closet a,ghost in the closet oh here to scare you,and when the [ __ ] goes down in this,movie this [ __ ] really goes down in this,movie and it was really intense and I,liked the ending I feel like as above so,below was a found footage movie made for,fans of found-footage movies theyre,fans of the genre they know what theyre,getting into they know theyre gonna,watch this movie and see things theyve,seen before it has enough cool elements,in it to where theyre gonna be like oh,I hadnt actually seen that before so,although this movie does have a slow,startup and predominantly a cast you,dont give a [ __ ] about youre there to,watch them die or suffer or some [ __ ],youve seen a lot of things in this,movie before I did find enjoyment in the,movie because I liked me some good,horror movies and the found-footage,genre has been pretty stale lately know,what youre getting into when youre,going into this movie if you dont like,found-footage movies at all youre not,gonna like this movie if youre a fan of,the genre but you feel like theyve been,lacking lately Id say give it a try I,will say as above so below is a good,time no alcohol required sighs above so,below have you seen it what did you,think about it whatever you thought,comment below let me know and as always,if you like what youve seen here and,you want to see more click right here to,see more,you

As Above So Below – Movie Review

as above so below is a new found footage,horror film and I know the majority of,you just went I dont give a crap Im,done with these things Im done theyre,just movies that are really cheap they,cost like two dollars if they make ten,dollars the box office we have ourselves,a profit a young girl whos incredibly,smart shes an explorer,she has like a billion degrees she knows,a billion different languages including,dead ones and she just taking a whole,bunch of people that we know will more,than likely die because we dont give a,crap about any of them,down into the catacombs of Paris because,she is looking for the Philosophers,Stone thats right the Philosophers,Stone thats what she wants to look for,she really wants that thing man,her father went nuts and killed himself,searching for it so she does have an,emotional attachment to it and now were,down there and things are happening,theres all these inscriptions and they,seem to hint that theyre going,someplace metaphorically but theyre,actually there and some serious stuff,starts going on I gotta be honest this,movie started out so incredibly awful,that I was like this is the worst movie,of the year I would say this movie has,one of the worst setups of this entire,year like this really strange thing,happens at the beginning thats never,really explained it doesnt really seem,to have much connection to the story,either and then she just goes around,picks up some random people and almost,as like theyre just like improving the,entire script theyre like heres this,yeah thing and theres a catacomb and,were gonna go there but I will be,completely honest I would say the last,20 minutes of this movie actually did,scare me a little bit and I have to be,honest about that I got to give the,filmmakers credit there was some,legitimate scary imagery that did,creeped me out and there was some good,use of sound despite the fact theres,overuse of the jump scare element which,is so incredibly annoying because there,isnt actually any real tension to that,youre just anticipating a loud and,hoyes that will eventually occur and so,youre just waiting for this boom when,there really isnt actually some tension,in the air because you dont give a crap,about anys characters because the story,isnt interesting when did horror films,stop giving us cool stories and just,become obsessed with loud sound effects,also get to film this the actors arent,doing a bad job performance,in this movie are not terrible also the,film has what I call the excuse where,you put your characters in a place you,say this is where they are maybe and if,theyre there we can just do anything we,want and if someone says what was that,can you explain that all you have to do,is say the excuse whatever your excuse,is this is where they are and now,anything can happen we can show this if,someone goes what the heck just happened,you just say your excuse of where they,are and everything is okay the director,of this movie directed the Pope hypsi,tapes devil and the American remake of,wreck quarantine wreck was a fantastic,French found footage film quarantine was,literally just a copy of it so he has,had experience with found footage films,but I dont really feel like theres,anything here thats too different from,all the rest its just sound effects and,some creepy stuff that happens in the,last 10 to 15 minutes of this movie and,I was like okay that was some legitimate,scary stuff but up until then I was,incredibly bored it was just a whole,bunch of sound effects theres even a,part where the ceiling is cracking above,them and a guy looks up and goes thats,not good is it thats thats bad right,thats Im like yeah thats pretty bad,you might die why are you asking if its,bad the ceilings about the collapse on,you and kill you Im gonna give it as,above so below a d-plus it has some good,performances it does have some creepy,moments but for the most part its a,found footage film with a whole bunch of,jump scares and I couldnt really get,into it guys what are your thoughts on,this film if you have seen it whats,your favorite found footage film there,are a lot of different kinds Im curious,to know what your favorite is as always,guys thank you so much for watching and,if you like this you can click right,here and get stuck nice,you

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AS ABOVE SO BELOW (2014) Ending Explained + Analysis

hey guys welcome to found flakes in,another edition of ending explain this,time wed be looking at as above so,below as so many of you out there wanted,to see thanks so much for voting guys I,love hearing what you guys want me to do,and Im more than happy to oblige so why,not go for it again so vote for what I,should do for my next inning explain the,first choice is nocturnal animals,starring Amy Adams who discovers a,mysterious manuscript that forces her to,examine her past or good night mommy,involving twin boys that begin to,suspect the identity of their mother,after she returns from a surgery cast,your vote on which one youd like to see,in the comments below and for any video,suggestions whatsoever Im all ears so,send him over to me on the social media,platform of your choosing at found flix,thanks so much guys,as above so below is a found footage,style horror film that has a bit more,going on with it that might seem on the,surface the journey of a group of,explorers into the catacombs of Paris,follows the same structure as a classic,piece of literature Dantes Inferno in,the book the protagonist descends into,hell in an effort to save his lover,making his way down nine separate,circles each with a specific theme they,represent and it is this same essential,journey to hell that these explorers are,going through in the catacombs in,modern-day Paris not every circle they,visit ties directly into Dantes Inferno,but those that do bear a striking,similarity that is certainly by design,but before we get into their journey,lets back up a bit because theres,another important element that is at the,heart of the story the Philosophers,Stone this elusive substance was a,concept hypothesized by alchemists or,ancient scientists who thought the stone,to be able to turn base metals into gold,and has the power to grant eternal life,the stone was merely a concept until six,hundred years ago when it was believed,that alchemists Nicolas Flamel developed,the philosophers stone granting him,wealth and eternal life and that brings,us to our Opie lead protagonist Scarlett,who has a million degrees and could,speak five languages and of course kick,some ass too shes on her way to a,location of tunnels that are soon to be,destroyed that housed a clue to the,stones location just as the tunnels are,about to be destroyed she breaks through,a wall uncovering a statue with aramid,symbols covering it known as the Rose,key which reveals Flamel x tombstone,location and home to the stone she,barely makes it out with the tunnels,collapsing all around her but right as,she exits the Rose key area we catch a,glimpse of a man hanging this is an,apparition of her dead father who hung,himself driven to madness in his search,for the stone its not until later in,the tunnels that we understand more but,even before entering the catacombs to,hell we see that as soon as Scarlett,discovered the Rose key grander things,have already been set in motion after,heading to Paris to translate the,symbols with assistance from her friend,Jorge they head to a museum deciphering,a riddle on Flamel stoom stone it tells,them that Phil Mels tomb is halfway,between the location of Earth related to,heaven and hell The Alchemist calls 741,the number of the devil and this,indicates that Hell itself is located,741 feet under the earth so if lamellas,tomb is halfway between then it is at,370 point 5 feet beneath the earth and,of course right underneath them are the,Paris catacombs a very real place known,as the largest grave in the world were,under the streets of Paris our house,miles of tunnels containing the remains,of six million corpses so the group head,into the catacombs with a tour guide,stumbling across the street where Flamel,cemetery was but its completely blocked,off but fortunately a random guy hears,their plight and offers them some advice,telling them to look for a man called,Papillon well thats lucky thanks random,stranger but when they were called back,to the tour group he disappears as he,too is another vision created by the,catacombs the man tells them to seek out,Papillon specifically because his story,is tied to him it wants Papillon to,enter the catacombs for a specific,purpose,well see what thats all about in a bit,on the way to meet Papillon at a club we,see yet another vision this time a woman,in a white dress who also disappears,here but shows up several times later in,the film Papp is an expert in the,catacombs and has knowledge of ways to,access those specific restricted areas,at first hes hesitant to take Scarlett,but she convinces him saying they found,a hidden tunnel and believed that it is,filled with treasure thats enough to,get him on board and he and the rest of,his crew head into the catacombs and,into the gates of hell after making,their way through the tunnels a bit they,come across another group of people down,here there,wearing white involved in some kind of,ritual and their leader is the same,woman we saw previously at the club they,chalk it up as no big deal but Im,pretty sure thats not a good sign,further in the caverns they come across,two different paths to take PAP insists,on one way while Scarlett says another,which is much more direct to where they,are headed PAP reveals thats a bad way,to go as people who go that way dont,come back so they take the way PAP,indicated but after making their way,through find themselves back in the same,spot they started somehow having gone in,a circle now out of options they take,the other path removing the stones that,block it now on the other side they have,officially entered the first layer of,hell limbo here we also see the first,clues hinting at the deeper journey that,the group now unwittingly finds,themselves on now that they have entered,into hell their souls are being judged,and they each have some major event they,have to rectify in order to survive for,Scarlett it involves the death of her,father she didnt answer the phone call,the night that he died and it was after,this that he committed suicide hanging,himself and the catacombs start to,reveal this via visions to the group the,first thing they hear entering the area,is a phone ringing Scarlett finally,tracks it down to an old looking phone,answering it and she is greeted by a man,that says why wont you talk to me,Scarlett this indicates her personal,conflict feeling guilt over not being,there for her dad and feeling some,responsibility for his death we then,start to see Georges story when they,come across a piano which looks exactly,like one he and his brother played as,children even down to the out of tune a,four key Georges little brother drowned,when they were kids and he was unable to,get him help in time thusly George feels,guilty about not being able to save his,brother,so both Scarlett and George must deal,with these personal sins rectifying,their souls in the process but they,dont figure that out until way later,since theyre only on level one of their,journey limbo is where the souls that,dont go to heaven or hell are trapped,for eternity and the way we see this is,represented is bile atop a friend of,paps they suddenly come across on the,other side of the wall he knew the,tunnels better than everyone else,but one day disappeared never to be,heard from again he must have entered,and then became one of the souls damned,to be trapped here as we see he can,teleport as well as being able to see,and come,darkness this isnt the same person that,came down here but they dont know this,and Lata guides them towards another,drop going deeper into the earth telling,them the only way out is down just as in,Dantes Inferno once you enter into hell,the only way out is via a door at the,ninth circle and bottom of hell they,rappel down into level two known as lust,the only real way this ties in to,Dantes Inferno is via the deafening,rumbling sound that is heard when they,enter the area which is the same sound,described on a level in the book they,come across an area that contains a,r

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Halo Halo selamat datang di ngalor,ngelabu marore Hah kenapa jadi kayak Mak,Lampir Ke telur sehat-sehat kabeh yo Lur,balik mana yang diakui Cang seperti,biasa setelah kemarin kita ngidul font,Picsay nah kali ini juga sama font putih,tapi horor dan ini sesuai salah satu,request and dari kalian berjudul es,above so below tahun 2014 hati-hati,cukup banyak jam scary film ini es above,so below bercerita tentang seorang,Profesor muda yang mencari keberadaan,batu bertuah batu Keabadian bersama,timnya petunjuk demi petunjuk didapatkan,dan lokasi diperkirakan berada didalam,kuburan bawah tanah di kota Paris yang,sudah jelas sangat tidak nyaman didalam,sana ya kan yowes kita langsung Tonton,aja yuk tak Abdullah ngombe es buah,Monggo sekecakaken ah segar juga nih,sebuah ya,Hai lo curhat di awal film terlihat,seorang wanita bernama Mbah Scarlet yang,sedang berada di Iran Dia adalah seorang,Profesor arkeolog muda yang ingin datang,ke sebuah gua di sana Scarlet percaya,gua itu menyimpan petunjuk penting untuk,menemukan batu bertuah sampai-sampai dia,rela masuk ke Iran secara ilegal sebelum,pemerintah menghancurkan jaringan gua,tersebut Scarlet memiliki kawan disana,bernama Reza yang bersedia membantunya,agar tidak ketahuan pemerintah Iran,mereka masuk melalui tembok salah satu,rumah warga yang bisa langsung tembus ke,arah gua mereka harus bergerak cepat,karena sebentar lagi pemerintah akan,menghancurkan gua tersebut Scarlet,menjebol ukiran itu karena tahu masih,ada rahasia lain di dalamnya dan,ternyata benar ada,sempat Um dengan ukiran lain yang,disebut dengan kunci Rose sebuah,petunjuk yang selama ini dicari-cari,oleh ayahnya dan juga dirinya Reza,terpaksa meninggalkan Scarlet karena,sebentar lagi gua akan dihancurkan lalu,ketika Scarlet selesai merekamnya,Scarlet berhasil selamat Reza mengatakan,jika kedepannya Scarlet harus lebih,berhati-hati karena siapapun yang,memburu batu bertuah pasti akan mati,seperti ayah Scarlet singkat cerita,Scarlet sudah berada di Paris dan akan,meneruskan pencarian batu dari petunjuk,dikunci rusdia mendokumentasikan,pencariannya dengan dibantu seorang,Kameramen bernama Benji meskipun Scarlet,masih sangat muda tapi dia punya banyak,gelar pendidikan dan fasih dua bahasa,kuno itu semua karena didikan dari,ayahnya Scarlet dan ayahnya sama-sama,seorang arkeolog dan sama-sama ahli di,bidang alkimia apa itu alkimia alkimia,adalah protozoa menggabungkan,judul kimia biji udah orang-orang,alkimia memang percaya tentang adanya,sebuah batu bertuah yang bisa merubah,logam menjadi emas dan juga memberikan,manusia kehidupan yang abadi ternyata ya,Scarlet tewas dengan cara bunuh diri dan,dia akan melanjutkan pencarian dari,mimpi ayahnya untuk menemukan batu,bertuah sekarat pun sedikit menjelaskan,tentang Nicholas flamel seorang alkimia,hebat yang hidup Nam ratus tahun yang,lalu orang-orang meyakini bahwa Nicholas,flamel ah pencipta batu bertuah tersebut,ini emang ada sejarahnya lur dan sejarah,ini dipakai juga ya kan di filmnya,reporter Nicholas flamel membuat suatu,ukiran di mana Ayah Scarlet percaya,bahwa dengan suatu cara akan ada,petunjuk lokasi batu bertuah di ukiran,tersebut arti simbol-simbol di ukiran,ini bisa diartikan menggunakan kunci,Rose Tapi sayangnya Scarlet tidak bisa,menerjemahkannya karena itulah karet,akan menemui temannya yang sekarang ada,di sebuah Gereja Tua hobi temennya ini,emang suka menyusup ke tempat-tempat tua,dan bersejarah cuma buat memperbaiki,barang-barang di dalamnya luar biasa di,Ia bernama George awalnya jeruk nggak,mau bantu tapi karena Scarlet bilang,sudah menemukan kunci hrus George pun,mulai tertarik dan setuju untuk membantu,tapi hanya bantu menerjemahkannya saja,bukan ikut pencarian batu bertuah nya,jurus akirnya berhasil memperbaiki jam,besar di gereja tua itu yang sudah tidak,pernah berdentang selama 284 Tahun,Lamanya saja mulai menerjemahkan sekarat,menyadari jika petunjuknya ada di,belakang ukiran itu dengan campuran,beberapa zat cairan pembersih lalu,dibakar muncullah ukiran lain yang,tersembunyi dari kata-kata ukiran itu,dikombinasikan dengan catatan milik ayat,Scarlet mereka berkesimpulan harus masuk,ke dalam 370 kaki atau sekitar 100 12 m,ke dalam bumi untuk menemukan batu,bertuah dan satu-satunya jalan adalah,melewati katakombe katakombe itu kuburan,bawah tanah gitu loh jadi ada banyak,lorong-lorong panjang,jika dibawa kota Paris dengan enam juta,mayat didalamnya ketika peta Paris dan,peta katakombe dibandingkan mereka,menemukan kejanggalan bahwa mungkin ada,ruangan dan terowongan rahasia dibawah,sana lalu mereka bertiga mencoba,mengikuti kelompok pemandu wisata di,dalam katakombe mbak-mbak turunnya,jelasin tuh bahwa katakombe di Paris,adalah pemakaman bawah tanah terbesar di,dunia dan lain-lain Scarlet dan,kawan-kawan berkesimpulan mereka memang,harus melewati jalur lain jalur yang,ilegal untuk pergi ke tempat katakombe,yang terlarang lalu tiba-tiba seorang,remaja bilang jika mereka harus bertemu,dengan pria bernama Papillon di sebuah,klub karena dia bisa membantu tapi abis,itu ilang dong orangnya sesekali script,ini help saat mereka bertiga sudah,sampai di klub ada mbak-mbak yang,lihatin mereka tapi nggak bisa nyantai,dan horor lalu mereka akhirnya bertemu,Papillon sekalipun meminta bantuannya,masuk kedalam terowongan rahasia di,katakombe tapi Pak,yakin tidak ada terowongan di area yang,dimaksud sekalipun bilang jika,Terowongan itu memang dirancang agar,tidak terlihat karena didalamnya ada,harta karun Papillon akhirnya mau,membantu asalkan Dia mendapat setengah,dari hartanya ya Sekarang s77 aja karena,tujuannya bukanlah harta tersebut pabilo,membawa dua tim yaitu z dan seksi kini,mereka berenam harus bergerak cepat agar,polisi tidak melihatnya sebelum masuk,kedalam terowongan mereka wajib memakai,senter lampu yang sudah diberi kamera di,dalamnya kecuali George karena dia masih,nggak mau ikut pintu masuk ilegal,ternyata melalui lubang kecil di dalam,selokan saat mereka mulai masuk dan Jos,Tetep nggak mau ikut tiba-tiba mereka,berhasil kabur dari polisi ternyata,alasan jurus nggak mau ikut karena dia,trauma dengan gua yang sempit adik,kandungnya bernama,Kenny pernah tenggelam di dalam gua saat,mereka masih kecil chest lebih terlihat,pilox inisial nama Papillon di dinding,dan mereka harus terus melanjutkan,perjalanan yang cukup jauh melewati,genangan air nunduk berdiri lagi roll,depan lompat harimau sampai akhirnya,Papillon menemukan lilin yang masih,panas karena memang di dalam sana sering,dipakai perkumpulan orang-orang aneh,kata Papillon dan sekte itu dipimpin,oleh mbak-mbak yang tadi ngelihatnya gak,nyantai PDH merekapun sampai disebuah,persimpangan Papillon bilang jalan,satu-satunya adalah dengan merangkak,melalui celah kecil di atas tulang,manusia karet menunjukkan peta bahwa ada,jalur pintas di sebelah kanan melalui,Terowongan itu tapi Papillon nggak mau,dia bilang tidak ada satupun yang,menggunakan Terowongan itu,karena didalamnya adalah tempat yang,sangat mengerikan siapapun yang masuk ke,dalamnya tidak akan pernah bisa keluar,Papillon z dan subsidi punya teman,bernama letup-letup tinggal,bertahun-tahun di bawah sana dia,mengetahui setiap sistem setiap koridor,kecuali Terowongan itu sampai akhirnya,karena penasaran latop masuk kedalamnya,dan enggak pernah kembali mereka,bersetuju untuk melewati jalan di atas,tulang manusia zat mendemonstrasikan,cara merangkak agar tidak terluka lalu,saat giliran Benji yang merangkak hey,hey,Kyuhyun mulai jujur kok bisa bener sih,saat sudah keluar jalan itu sudah runtuh,tapi ternyata mereka kembali ke,persimpangan yang tadi Papillon pun,bingung dengan apa yang terjadi karena,biasanya enggak seperti itu tidak ada,pilihan lain lagi dan mereka semua harus,terpaksa melewati terowongan tersebut,Anehnya di dalam sana ada inisial nama,Papillon Padahal dia nggak pernah masuk,ke dalamnya Selain itu ada sebuah,piano-piano yang sangat mirip dengan,punya jurus dan adiknya Deni saat mereka,masih kecil dimana salah satu tutsnya,rusak dan anehnya piano itu juga,memiliki k

How to Beat the HELL CAVES in “AS ABOVE, SO BELOW”

If your friend wanted you to join them to explore the gates of hell underneath the catacombs,,what would you do?,In this How to Beat video, we’ll follow the characters, see if we can make better,decisions, and ultimately attempt to beat the hell caves in, As Above So Below.,If you think you have a better way, let me know in the comments!,If you like these how to beat videos, consider subscribing.,Before we ridicule the characters for being morons for the next 20 minutes, I want to,say thank you to everyone for being a part of this channel.,I love talking about this stuff, and it’s cool to see that so many other people do too.,So yah, thank you!,Alright, let’s get to it.,We start out following a wannabe Lara Croft who trespasses into an Iranian cave in search,of historical treasures.,Apparently these treasures are worth dying for, because the Iranian military is just,about to demolish the cave she’s going into.,The timing works out though, because in mere seconds, she finds the lost satanic statue,that her dad was looking for his whole life.,She’s forced to retreat when the demolition countdown draws down.,In her escape she runs into a random dude hanging from the ceiling.,It’s pretty creepy.,Before she can process what the fuck is going on, the cave starts exploding.,Scarlett makes it out of the cave just in time, narrowly avoiding being buried alive.,Thanks for telling me that now.,And if that’s the case, why are you putting on open tours to what is essentially a map,for finding the stone?,How do you even know that everyone who chased Flamel’s stone died.,Have you already shown this map to lots of other people, which led them to their deaths,,if so, why are you putting on open tours to it?,Then again, if everyone looking for it is as reckless as Scarlett, i’m not sure it’s,a mystery why everyone’s ending up dead.,We cut over to a much more cheery Scarlett, being interviewed at an archaeological dig,site in Paris.,I guess seeing the apparition of a dead guy hanging from the cave ceiling where she found,a mysterious satanic statue was something she didn’t feel the need to reflect on at,all.,I’m gonna fast-forward through a lot of Nicolas Cage National Treasure stuff here,,but basically Scarlett is still hunting for the philosophers stone, which is a mythical,substance that was said to turn base metal into gold and grant humans immortality.,From all the raging clues they have, they deduce where the stone might be.,Naturally, it’s in a pretty inconvenient location.,They’d just need to go down into the catacombs, hop over the off-limits barriers, crawl through,some bone-filled corridor, slip past the gates of hell without anyone noticing, and carefully,snatch the stone while tossing a bag of sand in its place.,Personally, if I was looking for the immortality stone, which our previous tour guide said,is a death sentence, then I started seeing apparitions of dead people, and the next step,in the journey was to enter the gates of hell, I think Id take a knee, grab an eclair and,visit the Eiffel Tower instead.,But Scarlett’s not going to be phased by this, I mean earlier she jumped into a cave,that was about to be demolished in minutes.,Scarlett and Benji, her cameraman do some recon by joining a tour of the catacombs.,A stranger that’s kickin it in the catacombs overhears Scarlett, and tells her about a,group that can help them into the off-limits area.,Sounds legit.,The tour guide distracts them by urging them to stay with the group, and when they look,back, the guy had Jason Bourned out of there.,In the time before they looked back he definitely could have left through that right corridor,,but he’d have to be really quick and sneaky, which is odd because he was originally just,chilling with his Etch-A-Sketch.,Even if I wanted to continue to find the stone, I don’t think Id want to take the advice,of some sneaky strange dude in the catacombs.,That sounds like a good way to get Taken, and Benji doesn’t seem to have the very,particular set of skills needed in that situation.,Bringing in outside help and leading an official expedition to find and excavate the philosopher’s,stone from deep inside the catacombs is unlikely to be approved, so going in secretly is their,only real option.,They hit up the club to find Papillon so he can help them enter the off-limits area.,What the fuck is up with that chick.,There must be some good shit at the party.,Okay, shes obviously infatuated with us, but why.,No random girl at a club is going to check you out like that unless you’re Magic Mike.,It’s probably a good idea to keep an eye on your drink so you don’t wake up in a,bathtub with a kidney missing.,Lara croft finds her new tour guide to lead them into the gates of hell, oh wait, she,didn’t mention that part to Papillon, oh well.,Only George, Benji, and Scarlett know that they are headed towards the mythological gates,of hell, but Scarlett is the only one that has actually seen a ghost on her quest to,find the stone.,Nobody but Scarlett has any reason to believe that there might be terrible things awaiting,them, and she might just think her mind played tricks on her.,Considering the stone and treasures would be a huge discovery, and there’s not really,a strong reason to believe they will actually enter hell, calling the hunt off is not reasonable.,It is dangerous though.,While they prepare to enter the catacombs, Benji asks one of Papi’s team members a,quick last minute question.,I’m glad safety is coming first.,This stone has never been found, and I don’t think anyone else is hot on Scarlett’s trail.,I think they can afford a few days to mull over the plan.,I’m no Les Stroud, but I am known for my pro Wiki-how survivor tips.,Seriously though, this knowledge is 100% relevant to the crews survival as you’ll see later.,The Paris catacombs is a nearly 200 mile long maze of pitch black tunnels that are easy,to get lost in.,In 2017, two teenagers got lost, and it took a whole Fire Brigade and cataphile operation,to rescue them 3 days later.,Cataphiles are people that frequently explore the off-limits areas.,Not to mention the area the teens got lost in was considered to be a very “touristy”,beginners area of the off-limits zone by the cataphiles.,I know they expect to only be down there for a few hours, but with what they are doing,,they could easily end up down there for multiple days if something goes wrong.,Here’s what I would bring:,Basic stuff like a First-Aid kit, and extra food and water.,Waterproof headlamps with spares and extra batteries.,Miners lamps for backup light and a heat source.,A helmet is pretty much a no brainer.,Thermal blankets because at 55 degrees down there, it‘s cold enough to give you hypothermia,if exposed for over a day or two.,Wetsuits and goggles, waterproof boots, and waterproof bags to hold their gear and spare,dry clothes because they might have to go through tunnels that are flooded with freezing,water.,Freezing water pulls heat from your body 25 times faster than air, so if you don’t stay,dry you’re looking at hypothermia in hours instead of days.,Abrasion resistant caving oversuits for crawling around.,Since they will probably need to go up or down shafts, bringing multiple ropes with,harnesses and gloves, as well as other proper cave rappelling gear including ascenders,,descenders, and rope protectors.,The ropes need to be placed in waterproof bags, because a wet rope can be 40-70% weaker,,and is much more likely to be sliced through by a jagged edge.,Line markers to know your way back, but also for rescue teams since you’re going into,an area that’s designed to not be found.,Other good precautions to take would include making sure everyone in the search group is,aware of all the dangers and conditions.,You can’t have phobias of confined spaces, rats, or cobwebby bones, because you can’t,exactly leave whenever you start feeling sick.,I know they’re trying to be secretive, but telling a trusted friend beforehand, that,you are going in

I Watched AS ABOVE, SO BELOW For The First Time! – Horror Movie Reaction

youtube whats up just like the old,times today im gonna be flying solo,because mr ramen noodle decided to go,out and contract,the rona but hes all good hes just,waiting for the test to come back,negative now so today im going to be,checking out as above,so below this was voted for by my,patreons on get this at patreon.com,forward slash the mic loss,if you would like to watch this movie,along with me and get some exclusive,perks you should head on over there,because it supports the channel and,allows me to keep on making these sort,of videos and if you could take your,three seconds and hit that like and,subscribe button it helps us out in the,youtube algorithm and with all that out,of the way,enjoy the video chicken,bro what what is going on well fully,knowing that the punishment for,trespassing here is burial up to your,neck and sand,and having a rock wall pushed on top of,you all right like,the the sad part about that is theres,actually people,in real life who would be willing to,risk those type of repercussions for,like,nothing,[Music],there it is just got the hole in his,wall,this dude just had the hole in the wall,to this whole network of caves,what the hell its a ball,i have a family i know its okay bro if,you have a family dip who cares about,her,shes the one risking it over a bull who,cares leave her started running,its our fault as i think i said already,i dont know maybe i was just thinking,it but,its her fault 100 everyone who wants,for flammable stone,is crazy stone they all wind up dead,dude its like a hawk crocs this chicks,on the hunt for the [ __ ] hawk rocks,is dude take out he who shall not be,named,why is this why is this like a shot from,the office right now,around this area here dude even the,camerawork what the hell,we have to get down there you have to,get down there,i dont go underground whatever please,see bets now,whats gonna happen im betting they,awaken,some crazy like demon paranormal thing,and then,it obviously doesnt end well,sorry hows this guy,oh no dude hes like a,what the ghost dude,what the hell is wrong with these people,what the hell thats weakened out what,is up with this,tweaker check who the hell is that so,youll take us,yes i said okay try this,just meet some sketchy guy in a,nightclub,to take you through the catacombs what,meet my team hi,this is ed our climber and this is tsuxi,its a lie,sexy whats she saying dude george is,definitely gonna end up being part of,the team dude roping his ass back in,benji did anything happen if anything,bad happens to benji im out,automatically giving this movie a four,out of ten wait hes coming im not,going,oh what the hell is that oh no,dude george oh no george got roped in,smoke out oh my god this guys an animal,dude,the police will never catch papillon,im gonna put that in a shirt the police,will never catch papillon,what a legend dude i like this guy still,a little sketched out by him and his,team,by the way they were acting but i hope,theyre good,the only people im rooting for are,benji george,and my boy papion only ones are moving,for,i hope nothing bad happens to them,[Music],there is always some weird people down,here what the hell,oh its that chick oh no dude you know,theyre probably gonna come back,were talking about some kind of urban,legend or something,this could save us hours youre talking,about an urban legend dude shes the one,chasing the sorcerers stone,oh my god because there is rats are you,[ __ ] serious man,no no no what do you think is in the,catacombs benji what do you think its,not like i mean benji thought he was,getting into like a five-star vacation,uh no no i think im uh i think im,stuck oh dude thats one of my worst,fists no,no no im just like im sucking no dude,no no no,what a great scene what a great scene,that encompassed like exactly what i,think most of us would do in that,situation that was good acting too,everything,ah dude im excited to see what it is i,wanna know if its like demons or if,its gonna be a cult,i hope its not like i dont know i want,something,grounded i dont want like paranormal,stuff,i really shouldnt be jolting around i,dont like this chick,i really dont something about her just,like,ugh this is the krusty krab,thats far it looks deep it looks deep,dude,[ __ ] person eyes can tell you its,deep dude the space that were looking,for the hidden chamber,the chamber of secrets,oh just give roper in the whole way dude,benjis just getting destroyed,what the hell is a kid down there,dude theyre all bugging out now its,like this isnt what i signed up for,dude as soon as like we ran into that,cult,i would have been out of there theres,zero reason oh boy here we go,is the treasure really going to be worth,it when youre stuck down there for the,rest of your life or the cult rips you,apart,i dont know you decided,why is she shes always in such a rush,like take a second compose yourself,this might stare,shes using the chaos emerald,dude this chick is on it im perk 30. oh,my god she pulled the [ __ ] chaos out,of the wall she thinks shes god now,dude it is a chaos emerald holy [ __ ] it,really worked,dude that means you can carry cancer,with that problem,this is the journey to the center of the,earth now lets get it send yourself,another 300 feet down and see how well,it goes for you,thats the inscription over the gates of,hell,this is gonna be bad like what,what outcome is she hoping to find,going into the gates of hell im just,[Applause],curious,dude hes tweeting out,that thats the definition of zero to,100,holy [ __ ] oh,benji dont ask questions get the hell,down there with the team now,oh my god,get him over get him get him over,he didnt deserve any of this [ __ ] bro,its because of this stupid [ __ ] going,for the chaos emerald,like is it worth it but my father said,theres a chaos and well do the same,earlier,oh is it [ __ ] worth it now dude,youre all going to drop like flies,yo no dude papa papaya,whatever his name was dude save him i,like him,i want to know what it is i was going to,say whatever it is its like festering,off their fears but,benji and uh the other chick didnt die,by something from their fizz,dude screw that,know what they are,[Applause],come on dude george didnt want to be,there,oh what the hell jesus christ just domed,him,this is like tomb raider now what the,hell oh benji dude fly high benji,saxophone lady what the hell is that,hes got a napkin on his head oh man,hes hot dad oh,i knew that aaron how do you know its,dad what do you mean,dude is she actually the quote-unquote,stone,come on thats [ __ ] stupid if thats,the case,oh please come on,like the movie was like doing good why,did it have to take a stupid turn it was,doing good hello,oh i knew it was going to be inverted,thats cool,thats cool as soon as she pushed it i,thought that it might have been its,going to have,ptsd the rest i mean i think they all,might but,zeds is that the brain is fried,okay so right off the bat im gonna,assume a lot of this,ties into real mythology and that sort,of stuff,because im gonna assume a lot of it you,cant really pick up on,without knowing a lot of this sort of,like i said mythology involving,hell and the gates of hell and all that,sort of stuff so since im not really,well versed on it,i i think a lot of it kind of a lot of,the themes and stuff went over my head,so what i got out of it is it seemed,like,they had to confess to confess to like,their,inner demons or sins or something along,that lines,at least at least scarlet zed and and,georgie boy actually i just realized,that probably does actually make more,sense because when,pilla pope and whatever his name was,whatever the dude was that was in the,fire in the car,papaya on whatever his name was im just,going to call him a poi but poi knew who,it was and what,circumstance was being presented to him,but he denied it,as soon as he saw it he kept saying it,wasnt my fault it was my fault so i,think thats why it inevitably killed,him and yet again i dont know if its,like actu


hai hai,Hai Vierra,Hai Samarinda,the Pain,detik-detik,[Musik],hihihi awug-awug,sign.out rasain Ungu yang artinya helor,banners dimanapun kalian Berada,Bagaimana kabarnya Kembali lagi bersama,saya John still in house sebuah film,horor bergenre footej atau dokumenter,palsu memang menjadi daya tarik,tersendiri karena kita bisa merasakan,ketegangan serasa berada di filmnya itu,sendiri dan sesuai judul dan tahun yang,tertera di awal Jadi langsung saja pesan,handsfree simetriskan seserahan,Kencangkan celana anda Selamat menonton,dan Jacky cerot kiriman,[Musik],the diawali dengan memperlihatkan,seorang Profesor arkeolog muda bernama,Scarlet tidak pakai Johansson ini,parasnya dia secara ilegal masuk ke,suatu wilayah di Iran untuk mendatangi,sebuah gua yang dimana dia percaya bahwa,disitu terdapat sebuah petunjuk untuk,menemukan batu bertuah alias batu,keramat yang memiliki kekuatan,supranatural,Oh ya Allah,masalahnya adalah Scarlet harus,secepatnya masuk ke gua tersebut sebelum,diruntuhkan oleh pemerintah untuk suatu,alasan tertentu dimana dia memiliki,seorang kawan yang bersedia membantunya,masuk melalui tembok rumah salah satu,warga di sana,[Musik],setelah berhasil menemukan prasastinya,Scarlet pun langsung menjebol nya karena,dia percaya bahwa masih ada rahasia lain,yang tersimpan di sana dan benar saja,disitu terdapat sebuah patung kepala,banteng yang dinamakan dengan Roads key,atau kunci Ros Namun karena Hitung,mundur sudah dikumandangkan si kawan pun,memilih untuk kembali duluan sementara,Scarlet masih sibuk merekam ukiran yang,ada di sana dengan kameranya yang ini,Gan tiba-tiba sweet,[Musik],Ya,udah punya jodoh,beruntung Scarlet masih selamat dan,berhasil merekam keseluruhan dari ukiran,tersebut Namun Fisikawan memperingatkan,agar Scarlet hati-hati untuk depannya,karena siapapun yang mengejar batu,bertuah itu akan mengalami kematian yang,mengerikan seperti apa yang telah,dialami oleh ayahnya sendiri,singkat cerita Scarlet pun sudah berada,di Paris untuk melanjutkan pencarian,batu bertuah dengan modal petunjuk dari,kunci Ros yang ditemukan dan tak sendiri,Scarlet juga ke ditemani oleh seorang,Kameramen bernama Benji ini bagusnya,sedikit penjelasan tentang batu bertuah,yang menjadi tujuan Scarlet dan sesakti,Apakah betul tersebut sampai-sampai,membuat Scarlet rela mempertaruhkan,nyawanya sendiri ya menurut riset IMEI 7,batu bertuah tersebut dipercaya sel dari,abad ke-17 diciptakan oleh seorang,alkemis bernama Nicholas flamel yang,sempat masuk dalam salah satu episode di,film Harry Potter Alchemy sendiri adalah,seseorang yang mempelajari ilmu,pengetahuan alkimia yang intinya beliau,menggabungkan unsur-unsur Kimia Fisika,astrologi seni mistis supranatural,kedokteran Rawa Rontek dan agama menjadi,satu ini seperti anda mengkombinasikan,kan iPhone dengan pocong yang dengan,kata lain Nicholas flamel dipercaya,telah berhasil menggabungkan science,dengan Ghaib yang akhirnya menghasilkan,batu bertuah tersebut entah bagaimana,caranya tapi anda akan sangat-sangat,dibuat tertarik dan nelayan ketika,mendengar tentang keistimewaan yang,dimiliki oleh batu bertuah ini karena,katanya batu tersebut mampu mengubah,logam menjadi emas menyembuhkan segala,macam penyakit dan memberikan awet muda,yg membuat seseorang bisa hidup Selama,ratusan bahkan ribuan tahun OTG Jack and,the,free download Scarlet pun menunjukkan,batu nisan milik Nicholas flamel yang,dibuat olehnya sendiri dimana disitu,terdapat gambar yang menjadi petunjuk,utama Dimana lokasi batu bertuah itu,berada namun masalahnya adalah Scarlet,harus bisa memahami simbol yang ada pada,kunci Ros yang nantinya akan digunakan,untuk memecahkan rahasia yang ada pada,gambar batu nisan tersebut ini badan,Hai Lagi lihat new Brides untuk itu,respon menemui seorang teman lama,bernama George ini orangnya Dia,merupakan semacam ahli bahasa yang,memiliki fashion unik yaitu memperbaiki,benda-benda bersejarah yang Sudah usang,seperti bergerak Sasa yang sedang,diperbaiki dia sekarang dimana bila yang,sudah lebih dari 200 tahun tidak,berdentang pun akhirnya berhasil,diperbaiki dalam waktu kurang dari 24,jam,[Musik],Setelah jot menerjemahkan tulisan yang,ada pada kunci Rose Scarlet pun berhasil,memecahkan misteri pada gambar di nisan,tersebut yang ternyata petunjuk untuk,menemukan lokasi batu bertuah selama ini,ternyata berada di bagian belakang batu,nisan itu sendiri,Hai tepung,dengan sedikit eksperimen menggunakan,cairan pembersih Scarlet pembakar batu,tersebut kemudian muncullah sebuah,tulisan yang ternyata batu bertuah,tersebut berada dibawah kotak Paris,lebih tepatnya di sebuah pemakaman bawah,tanah yang kita kenal dengan nama,katakombe bukan yang ini ya oke,di dekat games Subway,the Scarlet Android pun melakukan riset,dengan meneliti peta katakombe dan kota,Paris dimana disitu dia akhirnya,menyadari bahwa ada sebuah jalan rahasia,yang bisa membawa mereka ke tempat batu,bertuah Itu disimpan,engkau Anugrahmu untuk membuktikan,hipotesisnya Scarlet pun bergabung,dengan kelompok wisatawan yang berkarya,wisata di katakombe dimana disitu dia,bertemu dengan seorang pria yang,mengatakan agar Scarlet menemui,seseorang bernama Papillon di sebuah,klub malam jika ingin mengetahui dimana,jalan masuk menuju terowongan rahasia di,katakombe ini dan anehnya adalah pria,tersebut Pun tiba-tiba Menghilang ketika,Scarlet ngabalieur dan gliocladium,sehingga Scarlet Sempat berpikir jika,pria barusan adalah jelmaan siluman atau,mungkin saja Jurig baik yang berniat dan,tulus untuk membantunya,Hai tanpa banyak pikir Scarlet pun,langsung pergi ke Club dan bertemu,dengan pria lain bernama Papillon ini,bagusnya entah apa profesinya tetapi,saat Scarlet mengatakan ada harta karun,di katakombe Papillon saat itu juga,langsung setuju untuk ikut dalam,ekspedisi ini,kybord ya kasih oke Papillon punobo dua,anggota timnya ada zedan soksi mereka,berdua semacam pendaki berpengalaman,yang sudah sering melakukan petualangan,sehingga diharapkan bisa membantu,mempermudah Scarlet dalam misi menemukan,batu bertuah tersebut,hai hai,Hai Tu yaar Gua,benci si Kameramen pun memasang kabel,kecil di lampu kamera mereka semua untuk,mendokumentasikan petualangan ini,sekaligus supaya kita semua bisa,menonton film ini secara utuh karena,jika tidak ada Kamera apa yang mau,ditonton Teh Yuli hehe,George yang sedari awal tidak berminat,untuk ikut pun seketika berubah pikiran,ketika tiba-tiba,ia seorang polisi bermaksud untuk,menangkap aksi ilegal mereka tetapi,karena sudah keburu masuk kedalam,terowongan akhirnya mereka bisa lolos,dan JORR tidak memiliki pilihan lain,selain menyelesaikan petualangan ini,mereka pun mulai berjalan menyusuri,terowongan sempit penuh genangan air,untuk kemudian mendengar suara,sekumpulan orang bernyanyi yang kata,Papillon itu adalah suara dari kelompok,aneh semacam Hai yang memang sering,melakukan ritual di tempat tersebut,[Musik],sampailah mereka di jalan rahasia yang,tertutup oleh tumpukan batu dimana,disitu terjadi sedikit perdebatan antara,papilo dan Scarlett tentang jalan,tersebut yang Scarlet sendiri yakin jika,Terowongan itu jalan menuju tempat,tujuan mereka tetapi Papillon yang,mengenal betul tempat ini pun meyakinkan,bahwa Terowongan itu adalah jalan jahat,yang siapapun berani masuk sana tidak,akan bisa pernah kembali lagi kecuali,pakai GPS,akhirnya Scarlet pun mengalah demi,mengikuti jalan yang ditunjukkan oleh,Papillon Dimana mereka harus merangkak,diantara celah sempit yang dipenuhi,dengan tulang belulang manusia giliran,Benji yang merangkap diapun sangat,kesulitan untuk bisa bergerak yang mana,ukuran celananya semakin lama kok,semakin mengecil yang membuat Beji,akhirnya terjebak diantara,tulang-belulang tersebut dan tiba bohong,kamu industri website will have same,atau manusia kebutuhan gue juga ya,Mereka ternyata Kembali ke tempat yang,sama sebelum mereka masuk memang tidak,masuk akal tapi itulah yang terjadi,sehingga tak ada pilihan lain selain,mengikuti jalan yang Scarlet Tunjukkan,yaitu melalui jalur rahasia yang ada,pada peta buatan Nicholas fla

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