1. Asana Rebel Yoga App Review
  2. I TRIED ASANA REBEL FOR A MONTH | yoga workout, body transformation, is it worth the hype?
  3. [EDITED] I tried Asana Rebel for a month | yoga workout, body transformation, is it worth the hype?
  4. Kick Ass Asana: Total body yoga workout!
  5. Asana Rebel Spring Detox Collection Review
  6. 15min Full Body Beginner Workout | Low Impact Training (LIT)
  7. Why you should get the Rebel App! | CDU Med Student (Philippines)

Asana Rebel Yoga App Review

whats up guys its your boy Mike and,welcome back to sixty Seconds to fitness,now I know its been a minute its been,a while since I said that Ive been busy,with different other things I cant,procrastinate but you know what Im back,were gonna be looking at a lot of apps,now today Ive tried at my first ever,yoga app which is called a center rebel,it was my first time trying oka,definitely something interesting that,you guys should check out now were,gonna be reviewing this app going in,debt now also for those of you who are,new to this channel what we do here is,that we review different kind of fitness,apps make sure that you hit that,subscribe button if you have any,comments or suggestions make sure you,leave that below and hit the thumbs up,as well so lets get into it all right,guys so this is what you get when you,open up the app you do have a seven days,free trial which was not there in the,past I have to mention but its really,interesting that they finally decided to,add that good job on that and after you,decide to keep the app after seven days,at is sixty eight ninety nine if you,want to do to their membership now its,not so bad considering the fact that,taking yoga classes is a lot more,expensive so this is just one charger,for the entire year so its not so bad,now if we look over here if you do have,one free workout that is included before,you even take the trial right if you,want to do other types of workouts of,course youll have to take the trial or,pretty much sign up to their near the,membership if we do go a bit lower here,we have their future collection so,featured workouts on the topics based,based pretty much on what youre looking,to do and you do have the trending,workouts also one thing that I do find,really cool is that you can choose the,types of workouts that benefit your body,the most you have strength flexibility,you have relaxation workouts and you,also have cardio based workouts as well,you can focus on different parts of the,body whether it be total body upper core,lower body and core the duration of the,workouts you can have long workouts,choose the intensity so theres really a,good amount of things that you can do,with this app I want to say theyve,covered a lot of things which I find,very very useful especially for,beginners who dont know which direct,that they like to go towards so someone,thats beginning at least they know they,can choose low intensity and people that,are really advanced can choose high,intensity or they can pretty much choose,the types of different workouts they,want to do it then when they do strength,or flexibility whats good about this,thing is that it shows you the time of,the workout and the,intensity so its based on three dots,three being the highest intensity right,so thats one thing that I do find very,very useful now just to give you guys an,example if I run through this workout,you do have the instructor that guides,you throughout the entire workout so you,if youre not really experienced you,could pretty much follow what shes,doing on your foot on the screen right,or if youre either if you experience in,any way you could pretty much just,listen and go through the entire workout,so now if you decide to pause the,workout you can change the music or,simply completely remove the music and,when youre done with the workout you,could just do council workout so you can,head over to library temp writi much,look at the workouts that you saved if,you go over here you have access to the,calendar now the workout calendar pretty,much tracks the white house that youre,completing and measures of streaks how,many days in a row that youre out here,doing these workouts the workout history,now my drug heres this app in awhile so,its not really showing up its not,really showing my history but yeah the,app has changed like I mentioned really,cool thing is that they did add the,seven day free trial so you guys thats,it for the ascent of rebel app review if,you guys have any questions you can just,leave comments down below or you could,just make me slide in my DMS I might,answer am i not answered well see but,anyways make sure you leave a thumbs up,subscribe share the video if you can and,hope you guys enjoyed this review Mike,out,a good one

I TRIED ASANA REBEL FOR A MONTH | yoga workout, body transformation, is it worth the hype?

whats up guys its Madeline and welcome,back to my YouTube channel,[Music],so,I just did a 28 days challenge of Asana,Ruble its an app that my mom got me so,that I could try yoga and you know like,yoga workouts really and to really just,get more active,and Ive been doing it for 28 days and I,wanted to see if it did anything for my,body,so I filmed a little clip of my measures,and I dont know if I told my weight but,I waited 100,121 pounds in the beginning so but yeah,Ill let you watch the videos of me,doing some workouts how I looked almost,every day and just so that,[Music],foreign,[Music],foreign,[Music],[Music],foreign,[Music],okay so I just finished the first day of,the six-pack challenge of the,essenorable I may do like another one,before I go to bed tonight but,for now I feel super good and yeah Im,very proud of myself it was quite,difficult like I tried it before doing,this 30 day challenge Non-Stop and I,really liked it but it wasnt at all,like a cardio strengthening thing so it,was very nice and I do feel,um like it it has worked my abs,and yeah,but overall it was challenging but a,nice challenging that I want to kill,myself I cant do it anymore like I,could do every exercise,and like,the 30 seconds it needed it to be like I,didnt have to stop and,take my breath it was,very very nice but yeah,[Music],please,foreign,[Music],foreign,[Music],[Music],foreign,[Music],[Music],foreign,[Music],foreign,[Music],[Applause],[Music],foreign,[Music],and right now,this is,how I look and I still have the 21 days,to lose weight to finish and the seven,day bikini challenge so,Im going to finish that,[Music],so this book workout was a difficult,workout for the ABS and my arms,but I feel good so,[Music],day 16 of the 21 days challenge to lose,weight and day three for a beach body,done,okay so I did the as an arable this,morning but I also did,um naerobic class like my PE class so,yeah I do move,and do other workouts,during my week,um,with school its mainly just as,Honorable in my PE class but my P,classes is quite intense so,it does help to get me back on track and,also I wanted to say that I did not,change the way I eat or anything for,the video I still eat like,I ate so bad this last week I ate,probably like three mac and cheese,and eight cheese fondue so,I didnt take any vitamins whatsoever so,it was really just,my normal,lifestyle with exercise,[Music],thank you,foreign,[Music],both of them actually were hit workouts,so Im,actually dead but yeah and I also just,started my period this morning,help so Im super proud of myself but,Im still like,my tummy is still aching a bit so I,think Im going to do like one of the,challenges workout that Im at and it is,the a 10 minute twist detox so I think,it can really help my tummy but yeah,[Music],thank you,foreign,[Music],foreign,[Music],so I started out with a an 88 breast,flake size and Im now at 86 and I just,want to say like remind you this is a 28,days its a month so I lost two,centimeters of my breast,on my arms I went from 26 to,25 so they are smaller I thought they,were going to get bigger but,they got smaller,I think its just because they got on,but muscles didnt have time to,um,create,then on my waist,here I lost two centimeters I was at 68,I went to 66 which is very good because,I was starting to get a bit,self-conscious about my waist and my,tummy like I have some loose skin when I,started this Challenge and,like this may not seem a lot or,something but I have always been the,girl that was struggling to gain some,weight and now I was gaining some but,its it was not like the weight I wanted,to gain it was just,unhealthy food getting stacked in my,tummy so I lost 10 centimeters there and,my tummy got done like I got,ABS which I didnt have when I started,the challenge,my hips stayed the same,[Music],um,yeah,90 centimeters,so thats,okay,um what I saw is I have like hip dips,like my hips are not perfectly rounded,but they are a bit more full so I dont,have that huge,um,lack of muscles or,thing here and now its a lot less Fair,like its not too bad,but it didnt change my,hip size,my legs I lost one centimeter so I went,from 51 to 50 and thats good because,they were getting a bit big for my,structure but,yeah I think Im going to do that and,you know like restart the challenges,because you work out towards super fun,and I really like them my body is a lot,more toned I feel a lot better and I,like to exercise and,I was doing like two workouts,of 20 25 minutes a day and,like the second week and right now if I,only do one workout I do not feel,satisfied with myself so thats a huge,Improvement so as I told you it has,already been 28 days I didnt work out,every day so I started February 1st and,we are now we are now March 9th and I,just finished the 28 days workout,so my review about the app I really,really loved the app its such a great,way to do exercise and to really learn,to love exercise learn to love,um sweating and just getting stronger I,knew I had struggled with loving to work,out and loving to make my body look more,more toned and I always felt that it was,like an obligation and I was like oh I,need to go work out its pissing me off,but the Asana Rebel app really did help,me to,learn to love that and to love making my,body more tone to take care of it and,now as I just said,I am not satisfied if I only do 20,minutes a day of a workout like I need,to do my hour,also what I loved about the workouts,they were proposing is that its not,workouts that would kill you and that,after that you dont know,um like youre so exhausted you dont,have motivation to do anything else like,you finish your workouts after an hour,and youre like Im ready to start my,day I am energized and I dont know how,they do it but its such a great feeling,to you know move your body a lot and get,muscles get your cut your cardio up,and still feeling like you can smash,early after that that was,so nice so like I said I started the,workouts I started the challenge I was,waiting,um 121 pounds and you just saw how much,like my measure,um reduced,and yeah how much I lost I lost like two,centimeters of bread,thats huge,and now after a 28 days challenge not,doing it every day I did take like,breaks of,sometimes two to three days,um,yeah,but I wasnt doing it thats a mess,also I didnt do workouts every day for,28 days as I told you I started February,1st and we are now March 9th so that,means that throughout the 28 days,challenge I took nine,um a total of nine days of break and,yeah but you know like I wasnt over,questioning myself I was still being,very realistic and achieving a goal that,I know I could maintain after the,challenge and as I told you I was,waiting,um 121 pounds,before starting the challenge and I lost,three pounds,I lost three pounds,its huge like,like a like,37 days ago,I was three pounds heavier and thats,that might be like little but for the,amount of workout I was doing and if I,take until I come the fact that I didnt,change the way I was eating so very not,well,um thats huge for me and Im so proud,of myself and Im and Im definitely,going to continue doing these workouts,doing this challenge I think Ill just,start them over again because it was,making me feel so good and I just loved,it so much so thats it for todays,video I hope you liked it it took me a,month to film and yeah I hope it,motivated you to maybe get the US,honorable and that you know you want to,get more active during this kind of,weird period we are in but yeah,thank you so much for watching if you,like the video dont forget to like,subscribe and comment it would make me,so happy and with that said Ill see you,next week

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[EDITED] I tried Asana Rebel for a month | yoga workout, body transformation, is it worth the hype?

whats up guys its madeline and welcome,back to my youtube channel,[Music],so,i just did a 28 days challenge of asana,rebel its a nap that,uh my mom got me so that i could try,yoga,and you know like yoga workouts really,and to really just get more active,and ive been doing it for 28 days and i,wanted to see if it did,anything for my body,so i filmed a little clip of,my measures and i dont know if i told,my weight but i weighed,121 pounds in the beginning so,but yeah ill let you watch the videos,of me doing some workouts how i look,almost every day,and,just so that you can see a difference,when i was doing it,and yeah,okay guys so day one of a month of,assemble and what im going to do is,just starting by taking like my breast,size,some sizes,and,just to compare with the beginning and,the ending so im going to do that,before anything,okay,so,i have my measurements,here if it interests you in,any way,um,for so for my breasts im 88 centimeters,my arms 26,my waist 68 my hips 90,and,my legs like,this,51 so lets see in a month if asana,revolted anything to my body,[Music],okay so i just finished the first day,of the six-pack challenge of the,ascendable i may do like another one,before i go to bed tonight but,for now i feel super good and,yeah im very proud of myself it was,quite difficult,like i tried it before doing this 30 day,challenge non-stop and i really liked it,but it wasnt at all like a,cardio,strengthening thing so it was very nice,and i do feel um like it it has worked,my abs,and yeah,but overall it was challenging but,a nice challenge in that i want to kill,myself i cant do it anymore like i,could do every exercise,and,like,the 30 seconds it needed it to be like i,didnt have to stop and,take my breath it was,very very nice but yeah,i am,excited to do the second one tomorrow so,yeah,[Music],okay guys so its day three of the,challenge well technically day four,because,yesterday i went skiing and i didnt do,a workout because i couldnt feel my leg,and when i could they were shaking like,chicken legs,so yeah but now im going to do the day,three of,six,six pack workout,of asana ripple so yeah,[Music],okay so fortunately for me,this was a,super super slow,flow,so it was just like,stretching and everything so it was,really nice because,even today i am so,not able to support my own weight,so yeah it was nice but maybe ill do,like,a five minutes,stretch but more for the legs and less,for the upper body so,yeah,day three was super smooth,take my hand and,hold it tight,look at the paintings ill,be your guide,dont stop looking in mine,just finished day four it was,quite something like it was cardio and,muscles and,yeah,but it was a nice,training and so what i like with asana,rebel is that it has a warm-up at the,beginning and some stretching at the end,so,in the beginning you dont start the,workout,not being,warm and your muscles ready and at the,end you have time to stretch which is,something that,i dont usually do when i work out or i,forget to do and get lazy and im like,nah,so thats honorable do that and its,really nice so yeah day for complete,yesterday i did have,my pe class where we did like,extreme,cardio,and,yeah so that,worked my body too,so,yeah,okay so i just did the ascendable day,five but its not why im all red i also,had to do the test cooper,for pe class and i give myself 200 so,thats why,im just just,a tad red so yeah,but,overall,i feel good,now,oh but please,[Music],just finished day six of the six pack,workout it was a really nice and long,stretching,workout,and it was so appreciated because,i have been feeling sore for like four,days,because i went snowboarding and after,that i,did like at least one workout,every day so i havent had time to,fully stretch,and it was so nice,so yeah now im going to start the,21 days to lose,weight challenge day one and i think day,one is actually,a workout and not just stretching so,yes,lets go to another museum,[Music],i know you dont get it but theres no,need to fret it its like a gift its,about the thought,my name might be too much and van gogh,might take a while,but thank you for coming and thank you,for trying to do anything,tonight,okay so i finished the 14 day challenge,of asana rebel,and,right,now this is,how i look,and i still have the 21 days to lose,weight to finish,and the seven day bikini challenge so,im going to finish that,[Music],so this,workout was a difficult workout for,the abs and,my arms,but,i feel good so,yeah,day 16 of the 21 days challenge to lose,weight and day three,for a beachbody,done,okay so i did the ascendable this,morning but i also did,an aerobic class like my pe class so,yeah i do move,and do other,workouts,during my week,um,with school its mainly just as adorable,in my pe class but my p class it is,quite,intense so,it does,help to get me back on track,and also i wanted to say that i did not,change,the way i eat or anything,for,the video i still eat like,i ate so,bad,this last week i ate probably like,three of my kimchis,and,eight cheese fondue so,i didnt take any vitamins,whatsoever so it was really just,my,normal,lifestyle,with exercises,and yeah just wanted to,make that clear so,[Music],so i just did a an hour of a central and,and it was,super tough it was two workouts and the,both of them,actually were hit workout,so im,actually dead but,yeah and i also just started my period,this morning,help,so im super proud of myself but im,still,like,my tummy,is still aching a bit so i think im,going to do like,one of the challenges workout that im,at and it is the a 10 minute twist detox,so i think it can,really help my tummy but yeah,[Music],so,[Music],[Music],so,[Music],so,[Music],so here are the results,so i started out with,a,an 88,breast,like size,and im now at 86 and i just want to say,like remind you this is a 28 days its a,month,so i lost two centimeters,of my breast,on my arms i went from 26 to,25 so they are smaller i thought they,were going to get bigger but,they got smaller,i think its just because they got toned,but muscles didnt have time to,create,then on my waist,here,i,lost two centimeters i was at 68 i went,to 66,which is very good because i was,starting to get a bit um self-conscious,about my waist and my tummy like some,loose skin when i started this challenge,and,[Music],like this may not seem a lot or,something but i have always been,the girl that was struggling to gain,some weight and now i was gaining some,but its it was not like the weight i,wanted to gain it was just,unhealthy food getting stacked in my,tummy so i lost two centimeters there,and,my timing got done like i got,abs which i didnt have when i,started the challenge,my hips stayed the same,um,yeah,90,centimeters,so thats,okay,um,what i saw is,i,have like hip dips like my hips are not,perfectly rounded but they are a bit,more full so i dont have that huge,um,[Music],like lack of muscles or,thing here and now its a lot less,like its not,too bad,but it didnt change my,hip size,my legs i lost one centimeter so i went,from 51 to 50,and thats good because they were,getting a bit big for my structure,but,yeah i think im going to do that and,you know like restart the challenges,because the workouts were super fun,and i really like them my body is a lot,more toned i feel a lot better and i,like to exercise and i was doing like,two workouts,of 20 25 minutes a day,and,[Music],like,the second week,and right now if i only do one workout i,do not feel satisfied with myself so,thats a huge improvement so as i told,you it has already been 28 days i didnt,work out every day so i started february,1st and we are now we are now,march 9th and i just finished the 28,days workout,so my review about the app i really,really loved the app its such a great,way to,do exercise and to really,learn to love exercise learn to love,sweating and,just,getting stronger i know i had a struggle,with loving to work out and loving to,make my body like more more toned and i,always felt that it was,like an obligation and i was like,i nee

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Kick Ass Asana: Total body yoga workout!

what up guys welcome to kick ass the,sunnis im the downward duck and today,were combining yoga moves the tabata to,make something pretty awesome ive just,done the workout myself,its a stinker its good it gets,everything going but its doable all,right its 15 minutes thats all you,need 30 seconds on 15 seconds off and,youll be done before you know it so,grab a mat meet me out there and lets,get going,[Music],all right guys get on your mat get ready,to go were due to fog style training,about ten seconds before we start some,limpid get yourself ready feet together,and stall the chance once which looks,something like that,ready one lets go all right so theres,a squeeze in together at all times keep,the weight in the heels as much you can,pause this up the way that comfortable,dont stray too much just really focus,and sweet Joes mix together as you dip,your bum down so were sitting into,seats or a chair which Im sure your son,can see the genius of that right as,Websters,suite makes together pushing through the,seals,next next slide onto the flow let me try,to rocket star push-ups so make sure to,clean the cord comes to that nineteenth,push up then lower no deeper if you need,option to bring these down like this is,just fine just make sure you get that,same connection with the elbows all,right and lets go again keep on you to,control up that breathing as we go,through focus one with those elbows,point you see Im trying to keep a 90,degree a little time slight pause at the,bottom push back up were gonna Griego,to its four rounds of this today guys,to keep strong its not a long time see,what I mean were ready out of that one,this is next next up and thats an easy,down dog flowing through the planet,all right five seconds,Chris lets go we really work on that,slide forward get a nice strong plank,position forward push through the,shoulders can go from here,knees can come down board and if you,really need to do it all,[Music],plank back down and back forward all,right,as you need guys next one three-legged,dog need to notice through the dog you,need to notice get out right three,seconds one right leg up meat to those,really squeeze it together down,[Music],Im I can slow you down you decide,always work out it should be competing,custom to you these moving keep those,eggs abs engaged,boss one cast on the cardio exercise,youre jumping forward and back putting,the legs between the head to look,something like this put through the,middle jump back right foot to the,middle no tricks to me apparently lets,go one to load back bent knees is if,youre going to spring forward keep that,going should start to feel a lot of work,through the shoulders,[Music],[Music],[Music],to back down,chaturanga push-ups you know were going,options beyond the knees if you need,just make sure you got a nice strong,core position enemy right lets go,remember keep that 90 degrees keep the,core engaged,dont let desk stomach fault in the,middle keep it nice and zipped up one,long line of energy the whole time all,right keep it going guys halfway done,here we go halfway through these on to,our next exercise and three two one,great nice guys,with maybe you can do this in childhood,to plank if you want this like me one,final option for the rest of us really,articulate lets fight back and forward,back and forth feel like a wave of,energy coming from the heels up to your,torso all the way back very subtle,movements which should be quite engaged,throughout the entire body,all right shoulders giving the wrist,whats the next one its really a dog,need to knows squeeze the sentence more,schools you can make your second here to,really squeeze feel those ABS working,again these are really good when we want,to step through its flexibility and also,pot shredded small bold and you make,yourself give you more room step through,whether jumping its worth working,please the shoulders whats the next one,forward and back nice Claudia one make,little ropes almost stepped on my foot,loves time leave back we jump one,back-to-back three four five six guys,hump right through this and thats two,of about four rounds done so keep it,going keep it snug back to keep,balancing trap blend bubbles of the beat,and not let put it alright to go back,into everything,squeezing towards the midline farmers,working wide legs working hard shoulders,lets go down see if those make sure the,weight is rocking back to heels keep,strong coming down into a chaturanga,push-ups now be ready deep breath dig,deep and lets go one two lets go keep,the weight pouring food going to be back,here come forward you know chaturanga,soft so any real weight you get 90,degrees in the elbows you need any help,with these will still go to the tutorial,below make sure to check that out thats,my little plug mid work out here Ill,tell you know how much your professional,ready and were done right hope you guys,we want to float plane pilot from,childhood really really up to you like,thats fine so if you see him roll it,forward strong plank keep the shoulder,separated on the back more and more high,plank not a rest position should be,still active back lets get your plank,zip up everything bum spice and glutes,run forward press rock it back rocking,forward ready lift up through the center,[Music],press likes it jumpers thats really,will get you through right lets go,small small bowl nice and close up you,know stretching man bring that knee up,need to go so you can actually touch,[Music],[Music],coming in oh my god,one weight class of this round we want,to dig deep seven seconds to go,were gonna be ready all right get a,month or something because all right,lets go jump through hoops down dog up,and then keep on those totes alternating,foot that comes through each time spring,loading those legs,youre not slowed and spring half way,through keep pushing guys a long time,very exercise so try giving everything,as we get towards the end try to pick up,that pace a little bit busting bit,harder give it everything,dont leave anything on the map of in,your swing its going for seconds to one,weight in the heels one two little bit,deeper we got that face moment in – here,we go,dont compromise that holding course a,face the whole time were done with the,bumps to get out too much keep the navel,visit in ten seconds,you got this lets go four three two,one trained our staff against the floor,lets get on again chaturanga push-ups,to look for that 90-degree all right,knock back here it support your weight a,little bit forward here we go either on,your knees before thats really push you,can really get good pace of this core,stays engaged nice long line of energy,through the body one long straight line,like youre doing plank on your,differences bending your arms saying,take us to go guys one there we go into,this last ten just like to feel that now,[Music],[Music],keep that nice shape down the role for,high plank actor back go forward high,plank active back well it forward high,plank brother back high plank active,like I said push into the ground which,subway really nice moving through the,shoulders yep should be something work,like you stood to yoga we can always,work okay coming down,median make it nice and tight small,school you can lets go one two three,weeks hold you have one two three back,and one two three back up again three,one two three one two three,ABS really hard to work the track to,keep this yeah back and one two three,back all right,good you guys lost one right sequin,lets go,one old seven eight the feet coming in,spring load yourself back on this into a,puppy press puppy press rather puppy,position copy press version 15 lets go,double time back poured back board keep,that rhythm seven seconds,[Music],- what whoa that is all she wrote,people well the gas works up a hot soup,to sell water little wrist pictures,cooldown blueprinting stretches cooled,up again check the link below that,remembers the day,Im telling you all,[Music]

Asana Rebel Spring Detox Collection Review

hello Mike Ivey guns thank you so much,for joining me in todays video I will,be reviewing for you us and a rebel the,workout app that you can get on App,Store or Google Play,[Music],even before the quarantine I never,really liked going to the gym I dont,like the smell of it and Im a little,bit of a germaphobe where when people,touch things I tend to not like touching,up I also have hyperhidrosis and you can,probably kind of see it right now my,hands are sweaty,so its very hard for me I really have,to clean the equipment and some people,dont so dont like the gym now,especially with the quarantine you cant,even go to the gym so I decided that Im,going to look up different workout apps,that can help me and teach me different,workout techniques if youre anything,like me as well I get bored easily I,need to have different workouts all the,time or else I would not do it one of,the reasons why I cant run I get a,little bored in the last 10 years I have,gained 50 pounds partly due to my,depression so now that Im feeling a lot,better I want to work on myself again,and get to the and get to my ideal,weight before all of this craziness,happened for many many years I have,played golf so I did endure some,injuries due to the sport I know some,people out there say Golf is not a sport,but believe me its hard on your body,due to the twisting motion of golf I,have had sciatic on my back and I have,had a lot of aches and pains especially,in my lower back,and I also developed a pretty bad,tendinitis on my right leg which hurts,from my hips down to my right ankle so,pretty much my right side of my body is,shot because of golf not only that Ive,also been working in front of a computer,for the last eight years for long hours,where I dont get to stretch there was,one time I was working where I would get,in at 6:30 a.m. I wont get up from my,chair until 1:00 p.m. because thats how,busy we were so that was really bad and,because of that I did,developed a really bad shoulder where,you can see I dont know if you can see,right now but apparently I have to go to,PT for this but apparently this shoulder,is going forward about an inch compared,to my left shoulder so my right shoulder,because of all the mouse and keyboard,work that I was doing got stuck well I,dont know if its stuck thats not,really a medical term but thats how I,think about it it got stuck forward,because of that I have a lot of pain,that I feel on my shoulder joint,sorry shoulder joint yeah this part so,back of the socket of my shoulder,something like that,I apologize Im not a doctor Im just,trying to describe all this TIA um my,elbow and my wrist so a lot of it is a,pain thats coming from my neck because,of this little thing that happened now I,am really focused and getting better,getting rid of all these aches and pains,that Im feeling I was very determined,to get my weight back on track and take,away the pain that I started looking at,different workout apps on my phone the,first thing that I saw was the often a,rebel workout and so I decided to,download it and check it out asana rebel,is a health and fitness app where it can,give you different workouts meditation,as well as food recommendation while you,set up your daily goals it is very easy,to set up after you download this app it,will ask you a few questions so it can,build a daily plan fit for your goals,after to set up the apples build a daily,plan for you that you can follow very,easily asana rebel has hundreds of,workouts including strength training,yoga flows and hit it all so the app,also includes meditation and sleep,assistance so you can have a very,restful night of sleep to review us and,a rebel I picked the spring detox,collection which I think is very,relevant to this day because one its,spring spring detox says that,well help you release tension from your,muscles and increase flexibility doing,various relaxation and breathing,techniques so the three different,workouts that I picked is rice and shine,essential flow and sweet dreams the,first workout that I tried from the,collection is the rice and shine,all three workouts are twenty four,minutes long which includes warm up and,cool down rice and shine is a yoga,inspired cardio workout that increases,your flexibility it is a good way to,start your day and its also a great,wake up and warm-up for your muscles,after my workout I felt great because my,muscles are warmed up Im stretched out,and I was like oh Im not sore so I was,a little worried because I didnt know,if I did the workout correctly because I,did not feel any spinny soreness and I,havent really worked out for a very,long time before I started this app so I,was very concerned that I didnt do the,right things but as the day went on,little by little I felt the soreness in,my body which made me feel good I like,soreness after my workouts because it,tells me that I did something good and I,was working out the correct parts of my,body the next workout that I tried was,the essential flow we have been working,on our house if you follow me in,Instagram youll see a lot of the post,that Ive been doing weve been painting,carrying things changing the floor we,removed the carpet so its a lot of,strain on my body especially if you,dont workout often its a lot of,physical work aside from that Im still,working and in front of a computer for,long periods of time the essential flow,workout is the variance of the vinyasa,yoga and they put a little bit of a,modern twist to it,it helps shrinking your muscles and,build up elasticity I found it very,helpful because as I mentioned I do a,lot of physical activity during the day,working out with essential flow before,we work on our house,has helped warm up my muscles so that I,can avoid injuries while Im painting or,lifting stuff also this workout has,helped me work for longer periods of,time because I wasnt feeling aches and,pains immediately so thats the,essential though the last workout that I,tried from this collection of sweet,dreams sweet dreams encourages restful,sleep through gentle yoga poses it was a,great way to end my day as I mentioned a,lot of aches and pains due to the amount,of physical activity that we do during,today with this worked out theres not a,lot of further strained and I was doing,to my body it was more stretching it out,so that I can remove a lot of the aches,and pains that Im feeling also theres,a lot of breathing that is included in,it and relaxation so that by the time I,get to bed I was ready to fall asleep so,that was a really good workout to end my,day for my workout reviews I have 5,different criterias that I will be using,to review different workouts that Im,going to be doing the first criteria is,equipment second one is space third is,muscle soreness fourth is intensity and,five the sweat factor now to review,asana rebel spring detox workout,collection rice and shine essential flow,and sweet dreams,first category equipment all you need is,a yoga mat and if you dont have one you,can use a towel or a rug or if your,floor is carpeted you can also do these,workouts right there right then and,there second category space because it,is a yoga routine you who need very,minimal space all I use is about six,feet by three feet space and I was able,to perform the circuit so very minimal,space required number three muscle,soreness a little bit of soreness which,is good as I mentioned before I havent,really worked out for a while before I,tried this work,collection so it was good to know that I,was working out muscles that Im,supposed to be engaging rather than,hurting myself with pink soreness is,good,aches and pains not so good number four,intensity for me because I have yoga,experience and Ive also been an athlete,so Ive done a lot of strength strength,training throughout my life this was a,good intensity for me it wasnt too easy,it wasnt too difficult I was able to do,the yoga routines and I was able to,follow them with the time that I needed,to do so fifth category is the sweat,factor

15min Full Body Beginner Workout | Low Impact Training (LIT)

hey guys this is cass and welcome to,your first basic full body,workout so nothing too intense here,were going to be focusing on the basics,more on how we execute the movements a,lot of beginner friendly,workouts along the way and all you have,to do is to get ready with just a few,things,your mat your water bottle your towel,and yourself,once youre ready ill see you in a few,[Music],so were now ready for our full body,quick,basic workout so lets start off with a,quick warm-up,so start setting yourselves up by,bringing your feet hip width apart,shoulders down and relaxed,were going for lateral step outs first,from left to right there we go,so you want to take a bend in one leg as,you step out to the left side,just a slight bend in the knee there,just to really wake,up our leg muscles all right,now were going for our front leg raises,hands on your hips,feet hip width apart lets go ahead and,lift one leg up,one at a time staying nice and strong,and grounded on your standing leg,if you need a wall for support feel free,to grab on to that wall,just imagine theres a wall here or like,a chair just lift,one leg up opposite left and right,all right there we go now were going,for our marches next,were just walking in place here just,trying to wake up our body,from head to your toes before we start,off with our,exercises for today,stay here for about 10 more seconds if,you want to pick up the pace,feel free to do that that is up to you,dont have to lift your knees all the,way up here,all right three more seconds two and,one stand back in place reset,in here start opening up our hips,starting with your right leg first,so you want to drive that knee all the,way up rotating it,over to one side before dropping it down,feel free to grab on to a chair again,or a wall if you need further assistance,for this one,there we go go ahead and go for those,knee rotations,switch it over to the other side hands,on your waist,or on the wall or on your chair,whichever works for you,best opening up the hips getting,ourselves ready for todays,basic full body workout,there we go we got three more seconds,two,and one we are ready now were gonna,start off todays workout with some,squats and leg lifts,so bring your feet wider than hip width,apart shoulders are down and relax,chest wide open you come down into your,half squat,and go ahead and make that lift as you,come up to standing,35 seconds of work lets go so come down,into your half squat,stand up go for that leg lift,there we go just halfway down,you want to break the movements down one,at a time,as you come down into your squat stand,all the way up,and go ahead and lift one leg all the,way to the side here,staying here for 15 more seconds so,focus,on your form as you squat all the way,down you want to make sure that chest is,nice and proud back is straight just,three more seconds here,two and one,rest it out 25 seconds of rest so that,is,timing for todays workout we got 35,seconds of work,25 seconds of rest plenty of time to,catch our breath in between,sets here all right were going for your,shoulder taps for the next one,so slowly make your way down to the,floor we start in five seconds dont,worry,so knees on the floor and together start,bringing your legs up from here,lets get started so you want to tap,your shoulders from,left to right you want to make sure that,your wrists are stacked,underneath your shoulders from here you,dont want it too,forward so you want to set yourselves up,nice and strong before you start moving,here,so try to engage your core throughout,the way here,minimal movement in your hips were,gonna stay here for 10 more seconds so,just a few more taps,stay with me last five,three two and one,all right flip over were gonna lie down,this time,we got your frog pumps coming right up,working on our booty for the next one,so i want you to bring your legs,together,bend in both knees here bend in both,legs,and then start opening up your knees,over to,opposite sides we start in five seconds,here feel free to plant your hands down,in the floor,and start lifting your hips up from here,and slowly bring it down,so i want you to focus on that good,squeeze at the top of the movement,before you rest your hips or your bums,back down on the mat again there we go,we got 20 more seconds here so again the,first round is,all about familiarizing yourselves with,the movements that we have lined up for,you today,focusing on your form on your breathing,pattern here,we got five more seconds last three,last lift and one,rest it out okay we have your russian,twists next,so for this one i want you to focus on,straightening your back from this one,feet are on the floor,knees are glued together here,bring your hands together we start in,five seconds were gonna twist from side,to side,are you ready in three two and,one wanna go for that twist,if you can manage to tap the floor from,here,feel free to go for that as long as you,are twisting your torso,from left to right keeping that back,straight,taking it nice and easy for the first,round this is already the fourth,exercise that we have for today were,gonna reset back to the very first,workout that we did,after 10 seconds if you want a bit of a,challenge feel free to lean back,but if you want to stay all the way up,here,perfectly fine we rested out for 25,seconds now everyone slowly start making,your way up again,round two is coming right up in 15,seconds so breathe with me,inhale through your nose exhale through,your mouth,were going for those squats and lifts,in five seconds left or right side,doesnt matter as long as you get to do,both sides in the end in three,two one lets go squat all the way down,stand up go for that lift so remember,you wanna take your time with the,movements here,keeping your gaze forward like i keep,saying nothing to see on the floor here,need you to keep your chin up hands,close to your chest as you come down,into that half squat,lifting one leg all the way to the side,now as you go for that leg lift you,dont want to shift the weight of your,body,over too much on one side try to keep,your body vertical here,as you go for that lift squat down,last one and we rest 25,seconds everyone down on the floor again,great job you guys were gonna start,setting ourselves up for our shoulder,taps,so bring your legs together for this one,drop your knees down,feet are off the ground we start in five,seconds just a quick,check here wrists are stacked underneath,your shoulders,and lets get started start lifting,one hand up to reach for your opposite,shoulder,going for both sides eventually starting,with the left,finishing with the right resetting,repeating,the pattern all the way through were,already halfway through the set,so we need you to keep going focus on,keeping your back straight,if you feel that your spine is rounding,a bit i want you to take a break first,to roll your shoulders to the back,make sure that posture is nice and,upright before you start again,and we rest okay,time to lie down on your mats we got a,few seconds,to start setting ourselves up for our,frog pumps,now bend both legs here feet are,together,start opening up your knees over,in both directions hands down on your,mats,we start in three seconds are you ready,in two,and one and from this position again,were gonna,lift our hips all the way up you should,feel that nice good squeeze in your,glutes,at the top of the movement again before,you slowly,rest your bums back down on your mats,great job you guys now start lifting,all the way up slowly going down,be in control of your movements here we,got,10 more seconds just a few more reps,stay with me we got a long rest period,after this,last one and we,rest it out all right roll yourselves,back,up into your seated position,quick reset roll your shoulders to the,back deep inhale through your nose,exhale through your mouth 10 seconds,before we start again so i want you to,bring your feet down in the floor,knees are glued together this time chest,upright,we twist from

Why you should get the Rebel App! | CDU Med Student (Philippines)

hey guys whats up this is beya and,today we are going to review the rebel,app,hey guys its veya again being a,physical therapist and a busy med,student we want a quick app,a quick workout because of course we are,sitting all day every day five days a,week,and one of the very underrated apps i,would say,is rebel app ive been seeing the rebel,app on the apple store,i follow joe sebastian i follow irwin,and i do see,the rebel app peeking through in their,stories and i got curious maybe i should,try the rebel app,what is in the rebel app so here is,a quick guide and of course a little,review of,the rebel app so first of all,you have to download it on your app,store i did download it on my ipad so i,have the rebel app here,the first thing that you do when you,download the rebel app is of course you,have to sign,in you have to give all of your details,and whatnot and that is what i did,i did put um my specific goal they asked,you about that and i think thats a good,starter its a good thing that they ask,you what your goal is because i know a,lot of us,have different fitness goals and that is,great that they,right off the bat just like other,fitness apps such as fitness pal and,whatnot,when you open the rebel app you will see,a bunch of,trainers some familiar faces like irwan,nico bozico,for me arnold aninyan is a familiar face,and also vince and jo,the others i dont really follow them so,i dont know anything about them but i,did,do a lot of the peoples workouts here i,didnt want to be biased just doing one,workout from one person because of,course there is a team a rebel team,and i know they they are physical,trainers there is a nutritionist,im not sure there is a physical,therapist as well i did a bunch of their,workouts,actually their workouts are quite,beginner friendly there are also some,workouts that are,hell just like arnold and ninons,workout,but so far i think this is underrated,and you should really,check it out and download the app the,rebel app actually has a seven days plan,to lose weight and if you really want to,follow that you can also do that or you,can do free style and just choose,different,videos from here and there there are,different videos from specific people so,if you want to do yoga sometimes,karla does yoga if you want something,like to the beat,i think hans is the one that does it and,if you want something that is like high,powered um,arnold and neons work out our hell and,i did do a bunch of that workout so,were gonna look at it together,but yes on day one i did do a full body,with,carla and also a vinyasa yoga flow i did,like their vinyasa yoga flow,and both workouts that i did i burned,around,300 calories so i think that is already,a nice gauge of how many calories you,are to burn,so one workout is around 150,calories burned and i think thats,already quite a lot of calories burned,for a 15 to 20 minute workout,i do recommend it to beginners because,there are moves that are friendly to,beginners and if you cant do it they,sometimes,give you a regression or an easier,version of the move that they are doing,dont be intimidated by these people who,have abs because i dont personally have,abs and,of course we want to look that way,someday but you know,going on a weight loss journey is not,just about having abs having toned,everything its like your,overall health its not only the,physical health but your mental,well-being as well,so if you are trying to work out and you,are punishing your mental,and emotional health then that is not a,good,healthy lifestyle for a second day i did,a workout,i did cheerleading arms so as you can,see i have,really weak arms and that was that was a,good,workout i it burned me around 100,calories,and after that one i just felt so strong,on my upper body so i do recommend that,work out from the cheerleading 101,you know i also did nico balzigos,exercise i did,his 10 minute abs and of course he is,really funny,so while you are doing the ab workout,you will laugh quite a bit,but it it is actually not the,hardest ab workout so i do recommend,that you guys check it out,um the workout from nico bozico is just,a few,like five exercises for two rounds,and it was easier than hans hansen ab,workout they didnt even film because i,know i was just like making a fool out,of myself,i also did arnold and ninons workout,and damn,that was hell i burned around 250,calories just doing his 20 minute,workout guys,i was like gusto but girl,and doing his workout that full body,workout i was like,okay it girl because hey man,here happy workout yeah okay,you know workouts yeah,its heavy youre gonna sweat youre,gonna pant,theres burpees there lunges there,whatever and i was,like my heart rate was up 170 beats per,minute,and i was just like,actually arnold and ninon you did a good,job i would say,that was the most that was really the,high intensity training that i was,looking for,but it was too intense for me that i,had to stop on the at the last round,because i dont break in between um,there are like there are three exercises,that you have to do four times and then,theres like one little break in between,and i was just like,okay if you guys want to be challenged,dont forget to check out,arnold and inions workout with the rebel,app of course there is a nutrition,part of it and that this is where erwan,and joe sebastian comes in,they do talk about myths about nutrition,or one gives you recipes,i havent tried any of the recipes here,but i would want to do a separate video,about that,attainable recipes because of course a,lot of the ingredients and these recipes,are not really um palanque friendly i,would say,like here in my province we dont really,have tofu in,in the palenque so i have to order it,from my tahoe vendor,and as much as i love tofu its quite,hard to order,a pack of it like arugula asparagus,and i know thats not really a,philippine,vegetable so i would have wanted a lot,of vegetables that are,easily available but there is like your,usual your toyota long,and whatnot they do also give,recipes for that i do appreciate all of,the people,that are part of the rebel team not a,lot of people use the rebel app,or so i would think and now that i have,discovered the rebel app i know i would,want to use it more,of course support local guys,and the trainers here are not that,pretentious they really,they give you regressions it feels like,you are working out with them because,they are,very um engaging they do say like good,okay,nice work what not they also have the,rebel 15,if you are short on time of course in,this busy life,sometimes you only have 15 minutes to,work out and they also have that option,for you,so basically you know this is not a,sponsored video but i just wanted to,let it out there rebel app easily,download the nike training app,nike club youve even given the game,before and now finally there is a,filipino app,about a filipino made up for us,for us and with the hand gestures so,if you want to start working out it is,not too late july nion,its not too late to start your fitness,journey in july if you want a good team,you want to be inspired to work out you,can,download the rebel app today and enjoy,because its free,the revlon is free you know sometimes i,cant believe that the app is free,like i get enough its not sponsored i,just really want to get it out there,and yes overall i do recommend the rebel,app,especially if you are starting to work,out if you still dont know the moves,that youre supposed to do,they actually give you a bit of feedback,here and there like,how to do a proper how to do proper form,because we know,form is very important when you are,working out to avoid,injury okay that is a tip from a,physical therapist me,but make sure before you try to lift,anything heavy,that you do proper form first so when,you,lift weights you wont injure your back,you wont injure your knee you wont,injure any part of your body,and you wont have to see me a physical,therapist to treat you,typical again guys anyway,downlo

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