1. Asana Review + Demo: Top 5 Reasons Asana Is The Best Project and Team Management Tool
  2. Monday.com vs Asana Review (in 2022)
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  4. Asana WARNING! Top 5 Reason NOT To Use Asana For PROJECT Management! – Asana Review
  5. Asana Review 2022 | Honest Asana Project Management Review
  6. Asana Warning! Top 5 Reasons To Avoid Asana Project Manager (Before You Buy Asana Review)
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Asana Review + Demo: Top 5 Reasons Asana Is The Best Project and Team Management Tool

Hey everyone!,Jason here, digital marketing consultant.,And in this its Asana review and demo, were going to be walking through the top five reasons,,you should be using Asana to manage your business and make sure you deliver all of your client,work on time.,Make sure you check out the links in the description, to a timestamp table of contents, along with,some other helpful videos to keeping you organized, including a video on exactly how our team,uses Asana to make sure the videos go out on time and client work is always delivered,,when its supposed to.,So with that, lets go ahead and dive into my screen here.,And Ill walk you through these top five things.,And the first thing I want to talk about is the, my tasks section.,Now there are four main sections here, new tasks today and later, and as I open each,one of these up, whats great is, everything that is assigned to you on all your projects,and all your tasks even if you have multiple organizations or you have multiple clients,who use Asana, everything is right here on this page.,Its very, very powerful.,So when somethings initially assigned to you, which happens a lot for me, itll show,up in news tasks and Ill be easily be able to click through and see the details of what,needs to be fixed.,If theres anything that its been attached, as you can see here, theres a file thats,been attached.,Its very easy.,It integrates with Google drive, Dropbox box, Box and Im sure theres a much longer laundry,list of things that it integrates with.,You can of course, click and drag files directly to the individual tasks.,But what I really like about this, is we can click and drag it and to say, okay, were,going to work on it today.,Or we can come over here and Mark it for upcoming or later.,So if I Mark it for upcoming, maybe its going to be done tomorrow.,I can scroll down to the upcoming section and youll see that account access has now,been moved to upcoming.,Now, something that Ive personally done inside of my upcoming section, is Ive created Monday,,Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, because what Asana does in this, is anything thats,due within a week, will automatically show up in your upcoming section.,So its very easy to see, what tasks you have on deck, so you can easily plan your week.,So Ill scroll back up here.,You can see account access is due tomorrow.,So Ill take care of it tomorrow.,Im recording this on a Tuesday.,So Ill click and drag and create it for, say that Im going to take care of it on Wednesday.,And you can actually create as many unlimited of these as you want.,So maybe you dont want to be super granular like I am.,We can just go and delete this.,And now upcoming is just a laundry list of upcoming.,If I want to create another section in my upcoming section, I can say Monday, and then,use a semi colon and now it is a section.,Now this my task page, is probably the number one reason that I think you should have switched,to Asana, because it just makes it so easy to see everything thats assigned to you in,one place.,If youre more of a visual person, you can click on calendar and then use the calendar,view to easily see everything that has been assigned to you, ends up coming and of course,,you can click and drag around calendar so you can change your due dates.,So that does it for the, my tasks section and how to create subsections in there.,So you can really stay organized with everything that youre working on.,Now number two, comes to the Trello killer, and this is something where you can now actually,have the ability, to create boards inside of Asana , just like you can with Trello.,So I just pulled up an example here.,I personally dont use boards.,Im not a very visual person.,I like the long to-do lists, but as you can see from this example, you pretty much have,all of the functionality you would have in Trello, inside of Asana . So whats also really,great is, you can actually have the same task inside a board like this and inside of a list,as well.,So if you have people on your team who like seeing it visually like this, or you have,people on your team, whod rather have it in a list style.,You can actually do the same thing, because tasks can be in multiple projects.,And just as an example here, if you click on the task, the task pops up.,Youll notice with this, the task takes up the whole screen, which is why I dont really,like using this view.,Whereas you saw earlier, when I clicked on a task, would still see everything on one,screen.,Now, reason number three, I think Asana is the best project management out there, for,freelancers and entrepreneurs deals with the ability to communicate right inside tasks.,So to illustrate this, Im going to come over to inbox.,And inbox is something that is like a giant activity log for everything that youre connected,to.,So it will tell you when projects have been completed, if youre following a particular,project and it will also tell you if theres been a comment on a project.,So if I scroll down here, someone on my team has commented on the YouTube video ad rank,test, that were about to do.,So I can click and read through the content, or if I need to respond to the comment, I,can click on the actual task.,I can scroll down to the comment section and say, “Hey”, and then you can use the ad,name and type in the team member so that it shows up in their inbox.,“This looks great.,Lets do it.”,And then when I click comment, everyone whos following this particular task, will be notified,that Ive put in comment.,And this just, it pretty much eliminates all internal email.,Using this function inside of Asana, weve cut our internal emails by over 99%.,Pretty much we just use email, when new people are coming on board and then eventually everyone,is able to communicate inside of Asana.,Its very, very easy.,Asana also has the ability to post updates and communications to everyone on the team.,So it makes it very, very easy to do all of your communication inside here.,And the reason that I like it so much, is because conversations are always tied directly,to the tasks or projects.,So we never lose any communication.,And communication typically doesnt slip through the cracks.,Now this next one might be a drawback for some of you, but this is team transparency.,So Ill go ahead and click on my sidebar here.,I can click on another team member and then I can see all of their tasks.,So if youre a team leader or your project lead, its very easy to make sure that youre,not overwhelming people and quickly reprioritize some peoples tasks.,If they have been overwhelmed or you need to switch around due dates, its very easy,to see everyone here.,So everyone on my team can do that to me.,And I can do that to pretty much everyone else on the team as well.,So I see that as a huge plus because it adds transparency to the workplace and it kind,of removes the typical top down structure.,And I think its just a great way to encourage a lot more collaboration.,Now, the final reason, I think Asana is awesome for you as an entrepreneur, a freelance or,a business owner, deals with the organization.,Now I tend to be quite OCD and Im extremely granular with how I like to organize things.,And Asana over-delivers in this regard.,So Ill go ahead and click on my new task here.,Thats onboarding.,So whats great is, you can have projects and then you can have tasks and you can have,sub tasks, you could have sections and you can have even more subtasks.,So to illustrate just how granular you can get, lets go ahead and go through this template,for onboarding a new video editor.,So Ive done the first part, which is hiring.,And now I can see theres a sub task for the actual onboarding process.,Its assigned to me, its due next week.,So I can click through to this sub task.,And now I can see tasks inside of the subtests.,So were in hiring the video editor, were in the task of onboarding, and now we have,subtasks underneath that.,So were three tasks deep right now.,And as you can see, you can act

Monday.com vs Asana Review (in 2022)

in todays video were comparing,monday.com versus asana,they are by far the two most popular,online project management tools,available today,but both monday and asana have similar,concept and functionality with monday,being more modern in its layout,but asana offering features better,suited for larger teams what well,discuss in the video are questions you,need to answer before choosing which,project management tool to use,things like adoption tendencies team,size and the type of projects youre,working on,asana was created in 2012 and monday in,2014.,monday has rapidly gained the upper hand,over asana as demonstrated by its higher,number of users and popularity on social,media platforms but sometimes the most,popular isnt necessarily the best,or perhaps thats something my mom told,me in high school so i wouldnt feel,like such a loser,ill make a quick mention that i wont,be discussing pricing in this video,because that is something,that can easily fluctuate and its easy,to compare on your own but i do have,links in the description of this video,that will take you to the pricing page,for both services,i appreciate using my links in the,description below because itll help,support my youtube channel at no,additional cost for you so now lets get,back to the review,lets first talk about adoption,tendencies one thing to consider is how,well your team tends to adopt new,software procedures,some people are more change resistant,than others and wont put the work into,learning something new the user,experience and layouts with monday are,much cleaner and more simplistic while,asana looks more technical in its layout,both allow you to create kanban boards,in which you can visualize tasks,projects and deadlines on a single board,this method of visualization became,popular with trello and is adopted,nicely into both platforms,however if you have a complicated,project with many team members and a,hard deadline you may prefer the use of,a gantt chart if youre not familiar,with gantt charts they are used to,create a visual layout of the timeline,of an entire project heres an example,of a gantt chart on monday.com,the list of tasks is laid out in the,left hand side and is created into a,visual on the right side,this is really helpful when you have a,team collaborating on a project with a,hard timeline,the length of the bars on the right are,indicators of how much time it takes for,each of those tasks,so its easy to see the progression of a,project with estimated timelines for,each task,now asana doesnt use gantt charts but,they use their own versions called,timelines,heres a visual from their platform,showing how collaboration works in their,timeline feature,its not terrible but its also in my,opinion just feels less clear and a,little more chaotic when you compare it,to the gantt chart of monday now lets,talk about team size,when your business grows in size so does,the complexity unfortunately,things just get more complicated and,harder to manage the larger you get,so with that being said monday is better,suited for teams of 20 or less,while asana is geared for teams with,over 20 members the reason for that is,asana allows you to create more,complicated organizational charts with,restricted access permissions,you just need a shared company email,address with asana to create your team,within the platform heres a visual of,how that looks in asana,but what were looking at on screen is a,document just for managing the,organization itself and asana let alone,an,actual project you can see this is a lot,and it isnt something you just jump,into lightly,to make an analogy of this monde.com is,more like the iphone where the design is,simplistic and its easy to use and,asana is like an android phone where you,can have more control to dial the phone,into your preferences but its easier to,get lost in the sauce,ones not necessarily better than the,other its just whats a better fit for,you,so lets take a moment to discuss what,type of project youre working on,both asana and monday offer agile,management which is great for dev,projects,but asana is a little weaker when it,comes to creative projects,the reason for that is the size of the,files youre working with monday offers,5 gigs of total file storage on the,basic plan and goes up to 20 gigs on,standard and 100 gigs on pro,asana has unlimited file storage but,your file size is limited to 100 megs,i mentioned this because the file size,on monday is limited to 500 megs so this,really depends on the need of your,business what i would suggest is to go,into your file section on your computer,and look at files you may be,collaborating on,and what size they are if youre going,to be uploading files larger than 100,megs,it might make more sense to use monday,for me my typical video file is larger,than 100 megs but this depends on what,type of work youre doing,personally i prefer monday because the,tool you end up using is only as good as,your ability for your team to adopt it,with monday your adoption rate tends to,be better because the tool is built,around simplicity and ease of use,ive worked for a company that tried to,use asana and the team members were,constantly confused by the layout,it never really got off the ground but,we also didnt have a professionally,trained project manager that was,managing the tool for us,we kind of just dumped it on the office,manager and it didnt pan out well,id only recommend asana if you have,someone in-house and it will be their,main focus to implement and educate your,team on the tool you can get more into,the weeds with asana and this is great,but only if you have someone willing to,manage the process for you again i,appreciate you using my affiliate link,in the description below,so lastly on the screen here youll see,tutorials for both monday and asana,and im going to walk you through both,of these tools so that you can make the,right decision for your business,ill catch you in the next video

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Get Started with Asana in 2022

hey everyone welcome back to my channel,in todays video i thought i would share,with you an updated tutorial on how to,get started with asana asana is my,favorite project management system and,it is going to help you seriously up,level your organization productivity and,your business as a whole so in todays,video im going to walk you through how,to get started and share a few of my,favorite features as well if you are new,here hi im louise here on this channel,i put out videos to help you create a,simple and efficient online business,that supports you your life and your,biggest dreams so if you are down for,that definitely hit subscribe down below,first things first whats really,important for you to know is that asana,is not just your to-do list it will,actually be your to-do list your,calendar its where you will template,all of your workflows and set up systems,and automations to really up level your,productivity so lets dive in and get,started so the first thing youre going,to want to do is go to asana.com and,sign up for an account but lets talk,pricing first asana has one of the best,free plans out there its called their,basic plan and as you can see you get,unlimited tasks projects file storage,its really amazing so i would recommend,just getting started with this one and,as you get more advanced with asana you,can then upgrade to the premium and,business plans both of which i think are,really well priced as well so to set up,your account youre going to click get,started and you just need to type in,your email address and follow the signup,process when it comes to your email,address i would say that you want to use,an email with a custom domain so for,example rather than doing louise,gmail.com,instead it would be better for you if,you have it to use your custom domain,which for me is louise,louisehenry.com okay so i own this part,and set up an email address using the,tool,google workspace okay so if you dont,have one yet,you can do it with google workspace,what this is going to do is give you,another level of organization inside,asana its called teams and it just is,going to allow you to organize your,projects even more,so if you do have it i would recommend,using that one instead here okay so once,youre signed up this is what its going,to look like and if you are coming from,using something like a physical planner,and now moving to a digital system,i am so excited for you you are going to,be able to do so much more with your,digital system than you would be able to,with your planner so the first thing i,want to draw your attention to is down,here where it says create a project so,this is how youre going to organize,your work and if you do sign up with a,custom email address you will also see,the option of teams which is how ive,split this up here so really i have,teams and then underneath it i have,individual projects but lets just get,started with creating a project so im,going to click create a project so here,you can either start with a blank,project or you can use a template which,is really cool so this is going to help,give you,guidance on how to organize your,projects if you are an online business,owner and you join me inside my program,up level with asana ive created all,these different templates for my own,business and i can actually give those,to you in the program that you can use,within your asana so its super super,cool but lets just keep it simple and,start right now with a blank project,youre just gonna click on that and give,it a title so lets say that you were,organizing your marketing calendar so,think of your projects as larger,containers of work it can either be a,fixed project with a start and end date,or something ongoing like your marketing,efforts so im just going to default,this to the list view but what is,fantastic about asana is that you can,actually switch between the board and,calendar view and the timeline if youre,on the premium plan or higher,but i will demo all of this so you know,exactly what i mean so lets hit,continue,and then go to project,okay perfect so this is where youre,going to add your individual tasks so,lets say that you had a certain,marketing campaign coming up such as a,launch so im going to add a section and,im going to type in my lets say a,course launch,perfect then just hit enter on your,keyboard and then you can start adding,individual tasks so for example lets,say that you needed to create a landing,page and then you needed to create a,thank you page and then you needed to,write sales emails okay so youre,writing in all of your individual,to-dos but then what you want to do is,you want to go over here to where it,says assignee and with all of your tasks,you want to make sure to click on it and,assign it to yourself okay so im,assigning all these and no you do not,need to do it one by one you can do it,all at one time okay so youre going to,do that and then you are going to set,due dates so im going to just click,here and im going to choose exactly,when im going to do each one of these,tasks,okay perfect okay so this is just the,beginning though you can get much more,organized than this so for example if we,click on this landing page and we click,on details this is going to pop out a,panel where i can provide even more,details for how to accomplish this task,so i could put any,links any instructions that i need right,in here,and i can also add subtasks so if i,click on this i can add the little mini,steps so i could say you know im going,to write the copy,then im going to design the graphics,then im going to actually create the,live page so this becomes tremendously,helpful for your planning and also for,any time in the future that you need to,do this you can actually create,templates within asana so you dont have,to hold all of those steps in your mind,so it really does free up a lot of your,mental space okay so weve organized,like this we can also do things like add,tags so if you hit tab t on your,keyboard youll see tags and we could,tag this as you know super important for,example,and assign a color for that,and then if i go back here if i close,this panel,i can click customize and i can turn on,the tags panel,which will add that right here to my,list so you know what i mentioned those,different views that you have this is,the list view so if you love like the,standard type to-do list youre going to,love this view we also have the board,view so if you love kanban style project,management then you can switch to the,board view and what you can do is you,can drag this in between sections,which is really cool so a lot of people,use this for like their marketing,calendar for example and they will set,up the phases such as ideas,and then to edit to film and they drag,the different tasks as it goes through a,particular process so thats pretty cool,and then you have the calendar view,which is one that i use all the time,this really helps me visualize and plan,out projects,and on the premium view you also get the,option of a timeline which looks,like that okay so lets go back to the,list so weve written down our to-dos,one thing you want to do with every,single one of your projects is you want,to go up here to this little arrow,and set the color and icon so this is,nice but i could have chosen pink,instead okay great so youre going to,organize all of your to-dos underneath,projects okay so lets go down here and,create another project now so im going,to click on the plus sign then blank,project and im going to do this again,so lets say you want to develop a new,product so im going to create that as a,project,perfect so im going to follow that same,process,and add individual to dos,okay and again im going to,assign to myself,and set due dates that im going to do,those tasks,perfect okay so again go up here to the,arrow and make sure you have a color,that you like,so im going to choose this i dont even,know what we would call that color okay,so im choosing that one its cute great,and i could choos

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Asana WARNING! Top 5 Reason NOT To Use Asana For PROJECT Management! – Asana Review

hey there guys marcus and in this video,im going to present a few reasons why i,shouldnt recommend,for you to use asana now,im not paid by the competitors you,wont find any affiliate links down,below in description of the competitors,that oh my god dont use asana,use this software im only trying to,help you so if youre not satisfied or,if you dont want to use asana,i will give you some lets say examples,lets say,a competitor names that you can try out,but im not paid by them,this is just like to help you on your,project management journey,personally i use asana so im going to,be a little bit even biased,so first im going to share with you for,who i would recommend using asana,then i will talk about the positive,sides of asana i see,and then uh the third thing i will talk,about are the cons,so asana is a wonderful wonderful tool,for everyone,who likes to have a simple project,management tool,i mean yes you can make it a little bit,complicated lets see,so when i come here and lets say im,going to click plus here and i can use,template or blank project,and i will go with the list youtube,channel,create a project i can really create,just with a free account i use it for,free account,and its going its enough for me i only,get i dont need anything else because,with my employee,i just uh giving him a list what kind of,youtube videos he needs to make,then what task needs to be done on every,single day,and i have like a lot of good lists here,what needs to be done,in that way it can be really good but,lets say if i would have a much more,complex project,in that regard i wouldnt personally,recommend using asana it will get,overwhelming,but if i have like few people in my team,and,uh at the every list a person is what,knows what he needs to do,in regard asana is perfect,so thats for who i would recommend,using asana for simple project,management,now what are the positive sides of asana,its,clean its really easy to understand,from my perspective from my experience,then also like,you just have everything what you need,and also the positive side,is asana pricing,that with asana pricing when i come and,click here,let me show you you see that basic,premium business the basic account gives,you unlimited everything,and you can collaborate with 15 people,for free,and have a good effective project,management too but yes in a premium you,get custom fields free guests,timeline rules everything if you,need it too,now what are the cons of asana thats,the question of why you,click on this video right the cons i,even like wrote them here,so let me show you budgeting and time,planning,budgeting is a main thing that if youre,looking that you need to,use a lot of numbers and you need to,have a lot of data i would use,reich or i would use monday.com or,smartsheet for it,also with time planning mainly budgeting,asana is not going to be good enough,like i dont need budgeting in my,type of business on youtube like okay i,have the calculations on youtube,for like for my employee how much money,is going to make based on the,revenue the videos are going to generate,i dont need asana for it,i can literally see it in youtube but if,i would need,numbers i would go with the right,smartsheet i wouldnt use,asana thats what i would like recommend,for you to do,and for you to how to act right so,uh thats the first thing with the time,planning of course,for complex projects inca it can get,overwhelming this is the second topic,that i have here,which is also really important is that,using asana for complex project you will,get lost there,with the tasks or who needs to do what,money.com i believe a teamwork,and also airtable are much better,options in this regard,and i would recommend definitely,checking out that,comparing to using asana for it,then i wrote here that you dont have,really good hierarchy here,chiarki i dont know how to read the,name but you know what i mean so,like i dont know if i understand it,correctly but with a click up okay lets,say i have click up open here,and then i can click a new space i can,enter a space name,and lets say im going to create a,space this is a space i have here i can,click plus here,i can add a new list,or i can add a new folder or new sprint,folder,so voila right and in folder i can have,lists,here in asana you have like your own,workspace which is called marketing1,then i can click plus here and i can add,spreadsheet i can add a blank project so,i have project here,which is going to be the view of the,board list timeline calendar,you see that hierarchy is not that,complex so this is why,if you can have like complex projects it,can get really overwhelming right,so project and you see right here so,this is my project and im going to have,a list here and sections,and i can have in a tasks subtasks,and sections so this is how it works,right,and,thats pretty much it so,yeah and i dont know what else to show,you so this is pretty,much what is really important for me,its a good ar key but,in my type of business maybe you need it,in my type of,business its not necessary because how,it works in my,type of business is that okay im going,to have a monday what needs to be done,lets say 10 videos or like five videos,whatever,and person needs to like okay,its done,right and you got it,so thats pretty much it,and when we go further no offline mode,this is the one thing that i personally,find frustrating,that if you click up has the option to,use offline mode,and asana doesnt have it so thats,another thing thats really important to,understand that you dont have italy,offline mode,and then time tracking you need to have,you dont have like integrated app with,the asana you need to use extension most,extensions are free for time tracking,but still its something that would be,great if asana would have,so these are the things that you have to,keep in mind if using asana,so yeah thank you very much guys for,watching to summarize this whole video,let me read those budgeting and time,planning,for complex projects it can get,overwhelming you dont have hierarchy,here,not not like a huge hierarchy for more,like bigger projects you dont have,offline mode and you dont have time,tracking,so these are the five things that i,personally see,that are lacking in asana maybe you,would find more,i dont even know if asana has a,dark mode maybe they dont have it but,yeah this is pretty much it how it works,and what i always see personally in,asana as kind of like problems and,negative sides but again for simple,projects for myself,its really effective to use it and i,would recommend everyone to use it right,so,yep have a great day and goodbye,see ya

Asana Review 2022 | Honest Asana Project Management Review

asana review 2021,hi guys in this video im gonna be,giving you an honest asana project,management review after watching this,you will know exactly what asana is used,for and how you can use it in your,workflow so firstly come on to asana.com,so guys when you come on to asana.com,now from over here click on the top,right or click on this particular button,where it says get started now once you,click on get started now from over here,simply type in your business email and,sign up and then after that you will,have the asana project management in,front of you now coming back i have,already signed up so im gonna simply,log in from the top right now once i,click on login im gonna simply put in,my details and i will catch you guys in,just a second so once you have logged in,successfully you will be able to see,this dashboard in front of you now guys,asana is a very very versatile software,you can do a whole lot of different,things using asana if you just know how,it works now basically this is a project,management software so over here you can,basically see all your different,projects i have one project called video,production and then we have other,projects over here as well so im going,to simply click on next project and then,after that i want you to simply like you,know use a template or import from a,spreadsheet or click on blank project,im gonna click on use a template,because that really saves a lot of time,and then from over here you have a list,of different templates that are present,for you guys you have agency,collaboration you have campaign,management you have creative requests,you have editorial calendars and like,you know there are just so so many more,and you know like there are just so many,more options that you can choose from so,im gonna basically like you know choose,a particular theme from over here or,maybe im going to go for a blank,project because like i really want to,design from the scratch so im going to,click on blank project and now from over,here i am supposed to put in the project,name so for that im going to basically,put in video,production asap after that i wanted to,simply like click on the privacy and,then from over here i wanted to choose,private to project members or public to,marketing now the most ideal thing is,usually to like choose the second one,which is private to project members,because that way all of your projects,are really really confidential so now,from over here you can either choose a,list view board view timeline calendar,and you can simply create a project guys,note that you can always change these,things later on from your software as,well so like nothing too much to worry,about right now click on create project,and now your project is gonna be created,now once your project has been created,you will see this dashboard in front of,you now up top you have a list of,options you can either like view this by,list by board by timeline by calendar by,dashboard by messages unlike there are,just so many more options and apart from,that you can even like you know add,tasks add many different things like,basically tasks names task details and,stuff like that so now im gonna click,on board view so once i click on board,view i have this in front of me i can,like it up basically choose this to be,script writing so once i type in script,writing over here after that over here,im gonna basically type in video,production now once i type in this over,here im gonna wait for a couple of,seconds and now over here we have a,basic dashboard and im gonna add,basically one more which is gonna be,final video now in the script writing,section im gonna basically type in a,topic over here um shiba inu versus,polkadot so once i basically put in my,title over here after that i can also,like you know basically have my team,work on it so im gonna click on this,and then from the right side i can,basically assign this to anyone in my,team and then once i assign this to a,person in my team theyre gonna get an,email that you have been assigned to the,following project and they can simply,react to that then we even have an,option to like you know choose the data,as well like basically when do i want,this project to be done i want this,project to be done by the 18th im going,to click back and then i can basically,add dependencies over here as well and,also like add in a description we need,this script to be,really authentic and not plagiarized so,like once i type in this stuff,now we can basically see that we have,ourselves a basic description now from,over here i can even ask a question or,post an update if i wanted to and i,cannot simply click on back and then i,will have this tool assigned to that,particular person now once that,particular person completes this task,what hes going to do is that hes going,to simply click on this task and then,hes going to add a label as well from,the top right so like theres an option,over here for labels so that you can,even add labels because they really help,you like you know keep everything,organized and like once thats done he,can simply move it around by simply,dragging and dropping it now once thats,done the video production guy can start,and once he completes it he can simply,attach the file link from over here to,either dropbox google box onedrive or,any other platform and once thats done,you can simply move this over here as,well so like that is basically how easy,it is to get started with the basic,setup now from the left side you have,all the different options like the my,tasks inbox reporting portfolios and,goals im gonna click on my tasks now,once i click on my tasks i can basically,see all the tasks that i have for myself,so i can assign myself tasks from over,here or i can have my va or do these,things and then i can basically do like,you know different stuff from over here,i can basically do these things next,week as well and then after that as well,so like definitely the options are there,and i can using the very same method,create cards by simply clicking on the,plus button simply type in a name and,then after that im going to simply like,you know click on this and i can simply,add it to my projects after that i can,add dependencies descriptions and like,all in all and nothing too complicated,so guys that is the basic setup now,lets take a look at the inbox so over,here in the inbox you can actually have,a one-to-one conversation with your team,members so like for example now from,over here if you were to like comment,something over here and a person was to,reply well then you and that person can,basically keep your conversations,organized over here in the inbox section,and then you even have an option for the,reporting as well so like basically,using this particular reporting section,you can basically like do all of these,things like the resourcing the work,health the progress um we have the,recommended stuff we have the work,health the progress the like all of that,stuff is going to be present over here,and you can do all of those things from,over here then we even have some more,options from over here like basically,adding goals adding portfolios like all,of these things are important when you,have a big team and you can even get,access to your basic projects from the,left side where it says star projects,for easy access so like guys definitely,this is asana nothing too complicated,all in all this is very very easy then,you even have the option for calendar so,like you can basically assign tasks from,over here using the calendar as well so,like for example lets say i want to,like you know buy a kick on the 18 so,im going to type in buy a cake on 18th,and then after that i can simply like,you know click on this add people add,dependencies add priority from over here,as well add a status add a description,and then basically have my va manage all,of that so like guys definitely very,easy to get started with nothing too,complicated and honestly anybody can get,started with this asap so im

Asana Warning! Top 5 Reasons To Avoid Asana Project Manager (Before You Buy Asana Review)

Hey everyone!,Jason here, digital marketing consultant.,And in this Asana review and demo, were going to be taking a look at the darker side of,Asana.,Specifically the top five reasons Asana might not be the best task manager and project management,system for you and your business.,Make sure you check out the links in the description to other reviews, where we talk about the,top five reasons that Asana is great, along with other things to help you get organized,and streamlined with your business processes.,So lets go ahead, dive right in.,Number five is price.,Now whats great about Asana is that its free for up to 15 users, as of the recording,of this video.,So you and your small team can pretty much use about 80% to 90% of Asanas features,,without ever having to pay a dime, which is pretty cool.,However, if you have a team thats larger than that, or you want some of the other things,were going to talk about later in this review and demo, then the price tag at 9.99 per month,,per user, can add up very quickly, especially if youre paying for something like Google,drive or Dropbox or Box to manage all of your files.,And you wind up paying anywhere from 15 to 20 dollars per person on your team, those,costs just mount very quickly.,Now at 9.99 a month, its comparable to Trello, which costs the exact same amount and monday.com,,which is another popular one, thats gaining popularity that comes out to about $7 per,user, but you have to purchase them in packages of five.,So if you have a larger team or you want some advanced features, and youre trying to really,cut down on your costs, then youll actually want to check out Basecamp as an alternative,,because for a hundred dollars a month, you get unlimited access to everything Basecamp,has, and theres no per month, per cost, per user.,So its a great alternative.,Now, reason number four Asana might not be for you, is the Gantt chart feature is locked,behind the paywall.,So youre going to need to pay $10 per month, per user in order to use Gantt charts.,So if you like using Gantt charts, then a Asana probably isnt for you.,There are much better tools out there, that are significantly less and I mean Google sheets,and Excel.,If you really want to go bare bones, but I think its kind of odd.,I understand why they did it, because Asana does need to make money.,But if you are a Gantt chart person, then Asana probably isnt for you because of the,hefty price tag youre going to have to pay, just to have access to that feature.,Now, number three deals was with communication.,And these last a couple of ones are just going to deal with your personal style.,Now with communication, whats awesome about a Asana is you can mention people and directly,talk about a project or task, right on the project or task.,The downside to this though, when compared to something like Basecamp, where the focus,is communication, is it can be very easy to lose track of conversations, especially if,the task has been marked complete, and youve already archived it from your inbox.,So its kind of frustrating, if youre trying to go back and find conversations, from completed,tasks, its very difficult to scroll through all of the tasks you have, trying to find,those conversations.,Whereas Basecamp makes it super easy, even in completed tasks to see every time you were,mentioned, or every time a message was sent to you.,Now, reason number two, Asana might not be for you, deals with the visual representation,of Asana.,A lot of people like Trello because its very visual.,You have all these boards and Asana introduced the same feature, but inside of Asana, you,can actually cant right now move from a board to a list view.,So you kind of have to choose one, or you have to create a task and then apply it to,two different teams, or you have to create a task and apply it to two different projects.,So you can see it in a board view and a list view, which I find very cumbersome and not,very user friendly.,So if you are a visual person and you like the way Trello works, then just go start with,Trello.,They wind up costing the same.,And even though I think Asana has more features than Trello and is much more advanced.,If youre a visual person, all those features, arent going to matter because theyll most,likely wind up getting in the way, of you being successful and actually completing your,tasks.,Which leads me into reason number one, Asana might not be the best solution for you.,And that is the endless to-do lists.,One of the biggest criticisms Ive had from other entrepreneurs not myself, cause I’m,a to-do list person, but from other entrepreneurs, is that Asana tends to overload them and their,teams, with tasks, where its very easy for, to-do lists, to become this super long list,that never seems to end.,And in some cases, Ive heard its wound up causing less productivity because its so,hard to prioritize sometimes.,Now my hack here is once a quarter, I actually go through all of our Asana projects, and,I put a double slash and a not, so everyone on the team knows that those projects or tasks,or something were not going to be focusing on within the next three months.,And that way we can have these massive lists of all these things we want to do, but then,we go through and say not, so we know what specifically to focus on.,And I found a couple entrepreneurs found that helpful, but if endless to-do lists, dont,sound cool to you then Asana might not be the best solution.,So thank you so much for watching.,I hope you got some value out of this video.,If you did, go ahead and hit that like button and subscribe for more helpful videos, just,like this one, to help you figure out what the best software is, to be successful with,your digital business.,So comment below, if you have any questions.,Hit that like button, subscribe and as always, keep building the business you love.

Notion vs Asana vs Monday

so welcome back to another keep productive  video today well be exploring notion versus  ,asana versus monday.com and weve partnered today  with leading software comparison and review site  ,captera to help you make informed decisions  on what software you choose so you can use  ,captains wide variety of reviews and insights  to help you improve that decision that you make  ,and its great to have them on as a partner  in todays video im bringing together my own  ,knowledge so lets review these applications and  dive in so all of these applications are project  ,management based so theyre really going to be  used inside of a team um and i love to start with  ,the availability on these devices so the first  thing that a lot of people need to know is these  ,applications are available on all devices across  the board now whats great is especially having  ,these on mobile because teams are able to access  them as theyre on the go whether its even just  ,changing one thing maybe moving to something to  another board or even just communicating through  ,it through a comment thats very useful to have so  the great availability across all of these devices  ,so pricing so naturally notion is known for  its reasonable pricing of eight dollars per  ,user per month so you do have a free plan and  you can upgrade to an enterprise plan but that  ,is a little bit steeper and includes more sort  of detailed security functionality inside of it  ,when you look at monday.com it is nine pound per  seat and thats for the basic standard pricing um  ,but there is a pro pricing which is 18 and its  billed monthly uh so its a little bit steeper  ,in terms of pricing um and also if youre looking  at the annual plans they tend to be cheaper across  ,the board now asana does have a similar setup to  monday.com with the fact that youve got premium  ,and a business plan premium is priced at 11 pound  59 per month and thats without the annual fees  ,included if youre going with the annual pricing  it is actually cheaper i think at nine pound 49  ,per month and the business plan per month is  25.69 so its a little bit more expensive for  ,that business plan but again you do get different  packages with this so its worth checking out  ,what you actually get against each other so lets  look at features notion to begin with is a little  ,bit different from these two because its mainly  a wiki application its its taking the market by  ,storm as not just a wiki application but allowing  you to manage projects youve got gantt view now  ,with the timeline view they more recently released  and youve also got boards calendar table and also  ,more and theyre also introducing something  called group by recently which helps you to really  ,improve the sort of stacking of how you organize  a project so a lot of people like this although it  ,does take a little bit of education to learn this  application in my opinion compared to monday.com  ,and asana because theres that slight sort of leap  that you need to take and it normally has one or  ,two employees who sort of um embrace this and  then teach other people but there is that initial  ,learning curve in comparison with the other two  applications so if you look at monday.com you  ,probably know it from the ads because its so  popular um as a sort of youtube pre-road but  ,theyve got uh really known for the tables and  also the views people like that you can organize  ,stuff inside of a table and its not like your  traditional excel table but you can also change  ,the views into a board view or even a view that a  dashboard that you and your team can access even  ,on whiteboards and things like that now monday.com  does have some automations theyve more recently  ,been pressing on and youve also got quite simple  onboarding with templates and also i feel like  ,there is quite a good a range of resources with  monday.com and even other applications like click  ,up when it comes to educating on you on how to  use them so thats a really uh important thing  ,especially when youre in your team trying to  get up on these applications fairly fast now  ,looking at sana its much more of a traditional  experience youve got boards and timeline as the  ,main experiences although i believe timeline is  actually locked under the premium account but  ,these boards and timelines help you to organize  a project in one view its really nice to use  ,i would say that the experience of being able  to comment collaborate with other people is very  ,nice and i would say asana really puts time and  attention into how they produce an application  ,obviously the others do but i just personally  think they have a real attention to detail in this  ,application they also have a feature called goals  which are essentially like okrs where you and your  ,team can set up some of your tasks or projects  to aim towards goals which a lot of people like  ,because it sort of centers a team in a sort of  dashboard approach youve also got workflows much  ,like automations in monday.com workflows help  you to set up systems so that certain actions  ,can happen whether thats interacting with slack  or interacting with another application you use  ,when something happens so youre not switching  applications all the time so its much more of a  ,traditional setup but lets dive into whats best  recommended for teams so lets start with notion  ,i feel like i always say this but this is best  suited for those who are sold on wiki experiences  ,and as you can imagine uh theres a whole lot  of education when it comes to starting it but  ,actually quite a lot of build time the great thing  about notion is naturally like theres this uh  ,ability to do whatever you want its very much  like lego you can build it to whatever structure  ,you like and modify it to whatever structure you  like and some people like being able to do that  ,and some people come up with systems to be able to  organize that however there is that natural time  ,period of being able to do it learn it and set  it up and for some people it might literally save  ,them hours in the future from you know being able  to get the perfect tool for them but at the same  ,time just being aware that it does take that sort  of step further monday.com is more suitable for  ,flexible teams and those who use dashboards quite  regularly theyve recently released a feature  ,called workdocs which actually helps you to sort  of do the sort of wiki experience inside of apps  ,like notion um and that has sort of bridged the  gap between the wiki experience and a project  ,manager and its super customizable as well not  as say customizable as notion because thats  ,pretty much a blank canvas but it definitely  does have its ways you can set things up and  ,triggering workflows for the next time you do  something now if you look at the sauna its very  ,much traditional in my opinion it takes a lot less  legwork out of all of these options to set up and  ,if you passed it round around a team i think  the majority of them would be able to get  ,going on it its got a lot of simplicity focused  around it and the integrations are quite deep  ,um theyve got one of the best integrations sort  of libraries out there so much more traditional  ,for marketing and sales but again it can  be used by a wide variety of teams and its  ,really good for onboarding anyway folks those  were our opinions on the notion versus monday  ,versus asana you can check the links out in  description below but a big thanks to cap tara  ,remember you can use the reviews and capture  to really dig deeper see what people think  ,really get an idea for how theyre actually using  it maybe the flaws or the pros of each of these  ,applications to really give you a better and  stronger idea of of how they work anyway folks  ,a big thank you please do hit the like button  and also uh subscribe if youre new itd be  ,honestly great to have you but a huge thank  you for stopping by today

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